Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

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Re: Endless Spiral CC, Mature, Part 13 02/25/2016

Post by waneditor » Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:13 am

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on your fic. I think it was a combination of mela3’s recent comment on The Canon/Conventional Couples Fanfic summary page and your intriguing title. As I scanned your story, I came to Chapter Twelve, “Imprévu,” and that – coupled with “Endless Spiral” triggered the memory of a phrase from Critical Theory, Andre Gidé’s Mise en abyme.

So I’m hooked and savoring the start of your post-apocalyptic tale…hoping for more to follow just as I hope you’ll avoid the lurking abyss.


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