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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 25

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:19 am

Oh no.......Khivar is serious.....
Earlier conversations between Jake and Van..........yes, Antar did ring a bell.
But the end game will be worth it and of course Max will do the right thing.
Many things are converging now......Zan's health is a major concern.
I like that Max feels Liz's pull, and hope he will do as she says and trash the phones.

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 25

Post by Timelord31 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:34 pm

how did dave escape.. how did they capture jake.. think theres some gaps

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 25

Post by Misha » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:58 pm

keepsmiling, Max did better than trash it, he disintegrated it :mrgreen:

Timelord, Ah! Well, Dave's escape is described on chapter 9, but in short, he cracked his asthma inhaler, opened his handcuffs, and then got a timely message from Daniel saying, Now Dave!, which let him know to kick his guard's butt. He's been driving around with Daniel since then :lol:

Jake's own capture was summed up in two lines in this chapter, but it's not really relevant to the story. He was found by his phone, unknowingly to him at this point, and that's where we are :)

But ah, so many secrets are being revealed after years of planning! YEARS! :twisted:
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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 25

Post by xmag » Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:38 am

A new part, at last! Daniel is sick? I so didn't expect that. So he's not acting out of his good heart or after learning of much of Dave's operations, for justice and for earth, but to be healed by Max. Sure. Fair. But I can't say I like this guy. Too smug. Dave is very clever but I didn't get that arrogant vibe that Daniel had. He doesn't have all the pieces of the puzzle but still, he judges.

Interesting part between Jake and Van. Could it play a decisive part in changing Van's view about humans?

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 4 /

Post by Timelord31 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 8:04 am

we getting more soon??

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 15 - pg. 13 - 4 /

Post by Misha » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:43 pm

Finally! I'm back! Thanks to the beta for her services. You rock, girl!

xmag, you always bring such interesting insights :mrgreen:

The final part of this chapter is partly in honor to a similar piece from the Future Arc fanfic series of a long time ago. It gave me a great laugh back then and I hope I did it justice now :)

Part 16 : Guarantee
October, 2005 – Panama

1 : Jet

Lightning struck close enough to illuminate the entire road, the trees and bushes on either side, and all the visible occupants of the minivan. Rain pelted the vehicle as if it could crush it to the asphalt, a thought that had occurred to Jet more than once. He'd never seen rain like this before. So violent, so wild, so menacing.

There was little he could do for his Ward on these conditions, especially while invisibly riding in the back. Dave always ensured that they rented large cars, knowing full well that Zan and the others were never traveling alone these days.

Against nature, though, no one was safe—not even the car.

A tire exploded with a loud bang, followed by lightning striking once again. Rath swore as he lost control of the vehicle for a moment, swirling to a stop in the deserted road, inches short of sliding down into a ditch. Both Jet and Violet bumped against each other. It didn't matter that they were shifted and blending into the back seat, it still hurt.

"Hell…" Rath muttered, turning to look at Zan. "You 'kay?"

"Yeah, you?" Zan asked, his hand outstretched on the dashboard, the belt taut on his chest. Up until this moment, Zan had been keeping the rain off the windshield with his powers, gaining barely a few precious inches of visibility.

"I'll live," Rath sighed, staring ahead for a moment. Waving his hand to take the rain out of the driver's window some ten inches, both Rath and Jet inclined to see how bad it was. Lightning struck again somewhere ahead, illuminating the landscape for a moment.

"The left front tire's across the road. You think we can fix it from here?" he asked, doubtful.

"I don't think so. We don't even know what the extent of the damage is. It might be... a lot of things," Zan said, leaning slightly to see from Rath's window.

Rath nodded slowly. "You cover, I fix it?"

They both looked at each other for a moment. "I cover… just—hurry, okay?"

Rath nodded, and got ready to leave the car. For a moment, nothing happened beyond Zan sitting straighter and closing his eyes. The sound of the rain mixed with the wipers as both shifters waited for what would happen. They rarely saw their ward's powers outside Jake's lab or Ray's lessons, and it was always a source of awe.

Something changed in the sound of the rain. It suddenly wasn't so close anymore. Jet turned to look out the window, the darkness the darkness making it difficult to see. The more he looked, the more the night seemed... green.

An ever expanding sphere of Zan's shield was covering the car. If Jet had had a mouth to hang open, he surely would be doing so now.

They've never done anything like this with Jake, he thought, dismayed at realizing the information the Rebellion knew about their powers was off. Way off.

This was good news. This was fantastic news. Their king was stronger than ever. Jet couldn't wait to tell the others. Couldn't wait to tell Van.

"Okay, that's good. I'll be quick."

Zan didn't answer. Rath opened the door to the protection of Zan's shield, kneeling in front of the car in a fluid movement. He looked at the situation, thought for two seconds, and then waved his right hand ever so slowly below the car. His other hand was extended in the direction of the missing tire, which came rolling in a drunken path to his side.

On the front seat, Zan had started to sweat, a thin layer of perspiration on his face. He was breathing deeply, not moving a muscle. The rain slid on the perfectly smooth surface of Zan's sphere, protecting the entire car and then some.

Why wouldn't he protect only Rath? Jet wondered. It would be months before he understood Zan couldn't keep this amount of energy floating around any single person but himself. For now though, Jet's awe turned into concern. It was one thing for Rath to be protected from a downpour. It was an entirely different situation if their King was taxing himself to dangerous levels.

Violet thought the same, as she moved closer to Zan by the passenger door. Maybe all he would need was a distraction to break his concentration. Surely, Rath could live despite being wet.

The door shut closed with a loud enough sound to startle all passengers. The bubble disintegrated. It didn't burst, it didn't shrink. It just disappeared. Rain tortured the car again, swallowing it whole.

"Done. How are you feeling?"

Zan opened his eyes a bit dizzy, but with a smile. "That was a whole three minutes more than my last record."

"Show off. Next time I'll take the rain and you'll dry me off."

Zan chuckled while Rath turned to look outside. "I'm not sure how well the tire will hold. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Just tired. For a moment there, I thought—"

Whatever the thought was, a lightning struck so close Rath swore again.

"Tell me later," Rath said, starting the car. "Let's get to the closest motel. Maybe you should rest, too."

Zan didn't respond. He was already asleep.

Rath's eyes turned to him with concern. "Damn it, Max, I know we need the practice but—" he trailed off, his eyes focused on the windshield as he had to both drive and keep the rain away. Their progress was decidedly slower than before, and after a few minutes, Rath gave up completely. Without Zan's help, he couldn't keep off the rain and steer the car straight on the road. "I've told you not to overdo it," he muttered, giving Jet valuable insight about this secret.

It's not just this trick, and not just this time, he summarized. Whatever Zan and Rath could do, they had talked about it enough to know it could be taken to a dangerous point.

What else could they do?

2 : Jade
November, 2005 – London

Elizabeth Parker smiled as she talked on the phone, rearranging small bottles on a shelf at the same time. Her name plate was on the door, her workstation full with papers, books, and four different colored pens.

If Jade had learned something about their Queen, it was that she liked to be organized. A lot.

Everything she did was a little mystery for Jade. He'd been at his post for less than a month, and he'd learned to sit down and enjoy the show. Especially when that show entailed the presence of the King. Jade hadn't seen him close up yet, but that was only a matter of time. The Royal couple had not seen each other for four weeks, and their encounter was bound to be… interesting.

In his dark corner, Jade also had learned to be patient. There was literally nothing to do but to observe. On Antar, danger would be around every corner, every person a potential threat. On Antar, she'd be guarded by more than one Guard, all her privacy an illusion. On Antar, of course, she wouldn't be human.

Here on Earth, with the Rebellion stretched to its limit, Jade was the only reassurance that their King wouldn't be without his chosen queen. Here on Earth, the dangers were less. She was targeted by a very small group of humans who had been all but wiped out after their execution orders had been carried out. In the lab, Liz Parker had far more to fear from a natural death than an attempted murder.

Here on Earth, Guard duty was boring.

So Jade had learned to sit and watch, protect, and learn. She had a million hobbies, and she had a million hidden thoughts about Zan, thoughts Jade was dying to know of. Surely, the woman Zan loved would know a thing or two about her husband that was not public knowledge.

She hung the phone up and returned to her microscope. Under her watchful eyes, Zan's blood cells revealed to her the secrets of advanced healing, for all Jade had heard, and probably a whole new world of research. She'd been finishing her notes for the past two days in order to present them to her boss, one Dr. Allen. It was downright bizarre to know both his Queen and King "worked" for other people, as if they were commoners and the fate of an entire world didn't rest on their shoulders.

Maybe Jet's right, maybe we're in for a rude awakening.

For all the things Jade and the other shifters had hoped for, nothing could have prepared them for the "normalcy" of their wards. For the way they treated other people. They knew who they were, and yet that had no effect on their daily life. Here, Jade reminded himself, they're not royalty.

From his corner, his shadow was one more among many. Outside, the snow covered the streets and made everything miserable. Jade hated the snow. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

In the lab, Liz had no idea of his discomfort, his thoughts, or what was happening on Antar. She had no worries but getting this done. In another century, maybe the technology would allow her to create shapeshifters like himself. Gene manipulation was in its infancy now, but given how fast humans were to leap on scientific advances, it wasn't such a far-fetched thought. A new race could be produced—another race bred to be slaves.

Jade closed his eyes, the thoughts turning dark and haunting. How many shifters were still back there, trapped under Khivar, trapped in that life? He had the honor of being here, bored out of his mind, when so many others were dying. The thought sobered him up.

When Zan had been King, the Guards were created with useful psychic and special abilities, much like the King and the others possessed now. But after his death—his murder—Khivar had ordered those modifications to stop. Shifters were only able to shift now. On days like today, watching human science evolve, he wondered if Mrs. Evans here would be able to discover the secrets to shapeshifting, telekinesis, and mind reading in those hybrid cells.

The only psychic power left for shifters was their ability to sense each other. Each one of them had a subtle energy signature, distinctive and unique. And it was that signature Jade was waiting for when he saw Liz starting to grin and turning to look at the door.

He'd read about it from Langley's reports, how connections worked between their wards, but to witness it was breathtaking. Here she was, a common human girl who'd fallen in love with an incredibly enhanced Antar-alien hybrid, who had changed her life in more ways than one. Here she was, with the power to know when Zan was near, a power any Guard would kill to have.

Jet came first, his presence anything but subtle, as he explored the room for any enemies, any discrepancies that would alert him of danger to their King. Jet was downright scary when he was in Guard mode, especially after a long trip.

The second Guard to come was a thousand times harder to pin—for a good reason. Back on Antar, the Invisible Guard had initially been literally invisible. The four shapeshifters who formed part of it were never seen, unless the King was in danger. With time, that invisible role had been reserved for one member only, a tradition followed till this day.

Shade had the duty of never been seen. Not a shadow, exactly, but he sure acted like one. Wherever the King went, he went. Sensing Shade coming was like sensing the King himself coming.

A moment after Jade barely felt Shade entering the room, Liz's eyes lit up when Zan crossed the door, the room too small for her to run to him or him to spin her around, but somehow managing it all the same. They kissed, oblivious to their audience, the world, and the universe.

Like his fellow shifters, Jade cringed. Learning of Zan's current love-life was a low blow to their beliefs. Where was Ava, the love of his life? It was hard to not feel betrayed.

In front of him, the kiss ended and they both grinned at each other. Unconsciously, Jade moved closer, almost wanting to touch Zan, to make sure he was real. That he was alive.

"You were away for too long," she complained, her eyes on his chest.

"Won't happen again," he promised. "I have a surprise," he enigmatically said, taking her hand and leading her into the hall, while she laughed.

Alarmed at the abrupt departure, Jade hurried through the walls, his body protesting how long he had had to remain flattened to a surface. By the time he reached the stairs, he'd taken human form—and was promptly stopped by Jet, who'd also taken his own human shape.

"It's okay, he made a garden of snow roses down there. The others will watch them while we join them."


"Roses. He carved them out of snow with a wave of his hand."


"You have no idea how skillful he is. The things we saw this month with the King and his Second, they're light years ahead of what we expected."

"But Jake's reports—?"

"They've been lying to Jake. About how advanced they are, about the things they can do. Man, they've been lying about a lot of things we had no idea about," Jet confessed, both heading down the stairs now.

"What? What are you talking about?"

"All those reports Dave's been sending Van are based on Ray's and Jake's insights. But these past weeks have been an eye opener as to the King's and the Second's tactics. They don't want Dave to know, they don't fully trust him."

"What are you saying? That they're ready to go home?" Jade's heart accelerated. Doubts about Zan's love life seemed so petty when the chance to rebuild Antar was so palpable it hurt.

Jet stopped at that, letting Jade reach the second floor some ten stairs down. "That might be wishful thinking," he said slowly. Outside, they could hear Liz laughing in delight. "But at least, they know how to defend themselves. Let me tell you what we've seen so far."

3 : Max
July, 2007 – The Compound

The purple vessel in Max's hands cracked into tiny spidery fissures. He stared, his eyes gazing blankly past the damage he was causing, oblivious to this world and this life.

"Max?" Jake asked, from very far away.

Max blinked a couple of times.

"Max?" Jake insisted, putting a hand over Max's hand. "You here?"

The lab came back into focus, and so did his doctor. His head felt heavy for a moment, and then everything was back in place.

"I…" Max said, looking at Jake one moment, and then at the vessel. Why was he holding a purple, cracked vessel again?

Jake smiled. "Where were you?" he asked quietly, knowing full well that Max was coming out of a memory.

"My first public speech—Zan's first public speech as a king. It was… overwhelming."

"He didn't like it?"

"I didn't like it," Max said, taking a deep breath. It might had been only a few seconds for Jake, but for Max, he'd spent the last twenty minutes talking in front of a crowd, seeing the words in his mind, words that he had woven into a rather charismatic speech about new beginnings and bright futures. Zan had been trained for years for this type of event, but the words had been his. He believed what he was saying.

"I can imagine…" Jake said, chuckling.

"I don't think you can. I mean, it's like looking at myself from afar, but I'm bringing all my thoughts, all my ideas with me. I stand there, wearing Zan's clothes, talking Zan's words, reliving his life without any control." He sighed in annoyance. "It—it can make you feel helpless—scared. I don't know." He fell silent for a moment, still seeing the enormous crowd in his mind. "He was a really eloquent speaker," he conceded.

"I'd guess he was, if your people still remember him."

Don't remind me, Max thought, focusing once more on the vessel. "What was I supposed to do with this?"

"Max," Jake said, taking a seat in front of him, "it's okay to talk about it. You need to talk about Zan and these memories before they eat you alive, especially if you're scared of them."

Slowly, Max knitted the cracks together, making them disappear one by one. "You were right," he said, still looking at the glossy surface, "there are tons of things to learn from Zan's own life. But some days, I lie awake thinking that these people on another planet engineered their monarchs, stenciled a seal on my brain, and gave me the power to make shapeshifters obey my every command. Who knows what else they encoded in my genes? I mean, maybe one day I will wake up as Zan."

The last crack vanished, as if it had never been fractured to begin with. "I just—I wish there was a guarantee that I’m not going to vanish."

He gave the vessel to Jake. He wished someone could put him together as seamlessly as that.

"When I was eight," Jake said, looking straight at him, "I met a man who made me do terrible things. A man who even after thirty years, still manages to creep into my nightmares from time to time. I had nowhere to go, and no one to help me, and when we escaped from him ten years later, I thought I was free."

In Max's mind, a little red-haired boy looked up at him, with too much knowledge for his age. And beside him, an equally intelligent kid stood by him: Dave.

He'd seen the memory from a flash in Jake's office. From Ray, they knew that Jake and Dave had met when they were kids, in some sort of military program that had exploited them. From Isabel's dreamwalks, they knew that a man had indeed caused an everlasting fear in Dave. They hadn't known about Jake, though. Hearing Jake now brought a strange calm to Max. Like he wasn't alone.

"We never talk about him, or that time, you know," Jake said, averting his eyes to some point between them. "We learned from very young how to keep secrets, and we're terribly good at it. But that man is out there, and we only add to our fear by not confronting him. He's larger than life by this point."

"Even if he's just a man," Max said.

Jake nodded. "Even if he's just a man. Zan is just a memory, but he's equally menacing to you by fear of the unknown. If you share him, you might find out that he's not that bad after all, or that his life has no bearing on yours. In any case, take me as a cautionary tale: don't let Zan grow so big that all you can think about is him. Waiting for the next memory to hit is no way to live."

4 : Jake
July, 2007 - Paris

"Are you even listening to me?" Dave asked, waving a hand in front of Jake's face. It was obvious the answer was no.

The waitress came with their coffees, mochaccino for Dave, espresso for him. Paris in summer had such a spectacular sunset, it demanded to be watched.

"Sorry," he said, "You were telling me about Sybelle?"

Although news of Sybelle's life was always welcome, Jake's mind was on another young person's life: Max. And unlike Dave, Jake could not start babbling about their talks.

"Ray says her latest boyfriend is somewhat fishy…" Dave trailed off, the meaning of fishy vague enough for Jake not to worry just yet. It had been two months since the whole thing with "John" had escalated. It was only a matter of time for Dave to know who had sent the guy who had broken his goddaughter's heart, but until that happened, they were both a little tense about the subject of Sybelle's dating life.

"Fishy how? He's an illustrious member of the mafia or something?" he asked, joking. Dave didn't smile.

"Maybe it's nothing…" Dave amended, trying to change the topic.

"What did Ray say?"

"He said the guy is squeaky clean, which is a first for Sybelle's… repertoire of boyfriends," Dave said slowly, every word painful to pronounce. Jake smiled. If you're worrying that she's finally found a nice guy that might snatch her from you—

"But then Ray saw the guy, and he says something's off. That this guy had a military air…"

—Or maybe not.

"A spy?"

"An infiltrator who's using my goddaughter to get to me. Again."

"But Ray's not sure," Jake pointed out.

"I've tried to keep her out of it, away from our lovely hunters," Dave said darkly, ignoring Jake's words. "Sometimes I think it would be just easier if I put a hit on McKay and be done with it."

Jake looked at Dave, and sighed. Because Dave valued his parents' views too much, he'd never ordered anyone killed. He certainly knew enough people to find a suitable contractor, even had enough people owing him favors to get it for free. But it was against his personal code. Jake couldn't care less if someone killed McKay. He was far more scared of what it might do to his friend's self-image.

"You have to make sure, first. Maybe the guy is military but it has nothing to do with you. He's just some poor devil that has fallen into Sybelle's pretty eyes. She's a beautiful young woman, in case you haven't noticed."

"If he's not, it means someone might know I'm not dead."

"Chances are, this is the same someone who sent the first one, so they already know you're not dead."

The waitress came with their order, chocolate cake for both of them. Smiling, she asked how everything was going.

Well, mademoiselle, we may or may not have a big storm coming our way. Did I mention I'm working with a very confused young man who's dealing with the memories of a long dead alien monarch?

"Everything's fine, thank you dear," he answered in perfect French with a well-practiced smile. He was a pro when it came to hiding anxiety. If he hadn't learned that ages ago, Michael would surely had been incentive enough.

She went away, and so did Jake's smile.

"When will Ray know for sure?"

"He doesn't know. It's tricky to follow Sybelle. You never know when she's just—"

"—being Sybelle?" Jake elaborated.

"—gonna disappear," Dave finished. "She might decide to go to Bariloche in a whim, or go to sunny Cancun. God, I hate summer more than I do spring break…" he muttered, stabbing his cake into little pieces. "She has so much free time on her hands, not even Ray can keep up with her and her vanishing acts."

I wish there was a guarantee that I’m not going to vanish, Max's words echoed in Jake's mind. Jake considered for a second telling Dave about Max's memories… But Dave, being Dave, wouldn't let it go. Besides, it was far more important to keep Max's thin trust anyway.

"So what are you going to do?" Jake asked.

"Lay low for a few weeks to spend time with Sybelle, I guess. Hope Susseth doesn't kill me with her murderous eyes, maybe." There was no joy in those words. Few things put Dave in a foul mood, and their past—especially if it was trying to become their present—was the first on that list.

"How are things going with the kids? Are they making any progress?" Dave changed the subject, leaving the cake alone.

"They're actually making more progress with Ray," Jake said truthfully. "And against all odds, Ray is actually enjoying it." They both smiled at that. "But, you've read the reports. They're cautious with their new found freedom."

"Thank God they're already out. They were Ray's best choice to get Sybelle out of there without no one being the wiser."

"Huh… there's a thought," Jake said, sipping his coffee with deliberate slowness.

"What? What thought?"

"Why don't you let her spend some time with the kids? At least you can trust them and you couldn't ask for better bodyguards. She would have a lot of fun with the girls, in any case."

"Maybe," Dave said, unsure. "She has a ton of friends already."

"And boyfriends you don't approve of."

Dave looked at him with daggers in his eyes. Jake just smiled.

5 : Kyle
September 2007 - Dubai

“Listen, I know you're under a lot of pressure, but why me?” Max asked in a somewhat resigned voice. Kyle ignored him in favor of looking at the sparkling jewelry in front of them. Their flight was scheduled to leave in an hour, and he still didn’t have a present in his pocket.

“Because you’re good at this stuff,” he absently answered, his eyes going from the necklaces to the bracelets, to the earrings.

“I’m good at this stuff with Liz,” Max said, his eyes roaming the dozens of accessories Kyle was supposed to choose from. “This is not something you do for just any girl,” he stated, turning to look at Kyle. “You've been with her practically day and night for the past three months, and picking up a gift should be something personal. I know Liz would love any of this stuff, but she would love a personal, cheap gift even more.”

The salesperson behind the counter glared at Max. Kyle just smiled in apology.

“That’s because Liz grew up in Roswell and is as sappy as you are, but Sybelle’s had Dave all her life. She knows good stuff. And I, for once, can afford to give her good stuff.”

“All I’m saying is, are you sure Sybelle would appreciate this more than anything else?”

“Well, I am pressed for time, what with the airplane boarding already and us still standing here empty handed,” Kyle said, finally narrowing it down to two or three pendants. “Isabel says women love jewelry, no matter what they say. If I had known you were so against it, I would have just come alone.”

Max sighed for patience. Picking gifts at the last minute is not exactly the way to do it, he thought sternly, a thought that Kyle chose to ignore.

“Sybelle's a practical woman, right?” Max asked, finally going somewhere useful.

“She is.”

Kyle reached for one of the pendants.

“How about a sport watch? She does sports, so every time she looks at it, she’ll think of you.”

The salesman seemed to approve, as he hastily went for the watch collection.

“See, I told you you’re good with this stuff. How about a pendant, though? Aren’t they more personal?”

“Yes…” Max said absently, his eyes now roaming the pendant collection, “but I’m buying that one.” He pointed out to a silver, intricate rose.

“Hey! I thought you said Liz would appreciate something cheaper more,” Kyle exclaimed, slightly outraged.

“Our anniversary is coming next week, the day of the shooting,” he said quietly, as the salesman placed the rose pendant on the counter. Kyle opened his mouth, and then closed it.

Max had never been able to replicate the rose he’d lost when he’d gotten sick, and with their lives as complicated as they had become, he wouldn’t really be able to get a chance to breed the roses again. Kyle didn’t know what to say. Was Max frustrated with it? Was it like a dream taken away from him? Was he reading too much into it?

“I’ll take it,” Max said, smiling.

“Okay, Romeo, now help me with mine,” Kyle reproached him. He had the sudden suspicion that Max hadn’t wanted him to buy the pendant because Max had wanted to buy one himself. He'd bet women didn’t like it when they got identical presents.

I swear you’re worse than Michael…

“I heard that…” Kyle warned, his eyes darting between two slender, white wrist watches. Max winced at being caught.

“That one,” Max pointed out to the sales clerk.

Kyle shook his head. “This one,” he chose.

See? That wasn’t so difficult.

Kyle turned to say he’d heard that too, but Max’s smiling, knowing face told Kyle he’d done it on purpose. “Smartass,” Kyle said instead. They paid and left the store, just in time to start boarding first class.

“You know, it could come in handy for you to develop this more,” Max said thoughtfully.

Kyle shook his head. “If this gets out of control, I’ll end up living like a hermit in the middle of nowhere. Plus, Dave might find me a little too interesting…” he trailed off.

Max looked at him seriously. “I'll never let that happen.”

Dave or the hermitness? Kyle thought.

“If it gets bad… like Liz’s power got, I’ll do my best to take it away. You just tell me Kyle. I’ll do it.”

It wasn’t as if Kyle hadn’t thought about it, that Max could potentially “fix” him. It was more like he had never doubted Max would.

I never said I was sorry… Max thought just a second before opening his mouth. Kyle raised his hand to stop him. “You saved my life, okay? If I had known this would happen, I still would have chosen you saving my life. I’ll deal with this, okay? You just be on the ready in case I need your magic fingers again… or if I need to drag you into one of those stores again.”

Smiling, Max said, “Deal.”
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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 16 - pg. 14 - 7 /

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Everyone knows how organized Liz is.....
Max and those two together.
Wonderful new part,

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 16 - pg. 14 - 7 /

Post by Misha » Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:54 pm

I know, right! I love writing Kyle! He brings the snarkyness to sky levels 8)

On an unrelated matter, I've recently published a short sci-fi novel on Amazon. If you'd like to read it and review it, let me know and I'll send you a digital copy. I promise it has aliens :mrgreen:


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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 16 - pg. 14 - 7 /

Post by xmag » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:24 am

So, is that good that Van's clan knows that Max and Co have developped their powers much more, and therefore are, in "their opinion", more aliens than humans? So far, their only knowledge about their powers were from Jake, and Dave but our roswellians kept a backdoor, just in case, and lied to them about their powers.

I wonder how this intel will work, in the future. If it's really important, I mean, or just something you mentioned in passing.

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Re: The Rebel *Sequel* (CC ALL, YTEEN) Ch. 16 - pg. 14 - 7 /

Post by Timelord31 » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:05 am

very nice update.. lots of past stuff coming out.

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