The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 54 - 03/05/2021

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 6 - 11/12/2020

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“The last thing I would have wanted to do, was that to your father. But this future version of your father came to me and said that it had been all my idea. The future me thought if I came back to 2000 then they might be able to change the future. You see in 2014 the world was ending. Now, that we have passed that year, the idea that it would happen is funny but then that was another time. Maybe we did bypass calamity? But anyways, at the time when he dropped into my life, he indicated in the year 2014 that circumstances would bring your father, me, your aunt and Michael into the fight, and we were losing, in the end, your aunt and Michael had died and it was only your father and me,” Liz murmured as she was pleased to see Olivia was now acting up in defence of her father after the standoff over his later conduct.

“You meant that they died in this version of 2014?” Olivia asked wide eyed.

“Yes,” Liz murmured. “According to him that back in 2000 if the timeline went as it was scheduled to, then we would have been on again, and things would have escalated…” she sighed as she sometimes wondered if she hadn’t gone with Future Max mission and she had just kept her world going as it was, and if she and Max had really cemented things, if that would have kept the cataclysmic disaster that would later mess things up. She had been so young, but she loved him so much and she was getting an eye full of in her own daughter’s conduct now that she was the same age that she and Max were once.

“Eww…” Olivia muttered. “You told me that you and Dad waited?”

“We did. Until we got engaged” Liz said as flashes of that incredible moment popped in her brain.

“Then how could it have escalated?” Oliva asked as if she wanted to know, but she did not.

“In this time that Future Max remembered, we did. Despite all of what I believed I wanted for my life at the time, or so I thought. According this version of your father. Because we had escalated our intimate relationship. It would change things for the group. Tess would have become disengaged from the group, because she had been raised by foster father, Nascedo to want your father and to go back to Antar, and this was not happening because your father and I had become official. So, she would have moved away and that meant that she had left their little group. And if she did leave than they would be missing her powers, and they would have needed them 14 years hence, and it would have ended with Michael and Isabel’s deaths. So, he wanted to try to change the future.”

“And you didn’t think it was fishy?” Olivia asked. “Come on Mom. The idea he was asking you to push Dad away, and to push him towards someone else. Shouldn’t that have been a red flag?” he asked. “I mean if he loved you so much in the future, that you had fought to be together, and now he wanted you to allow his younger self to be with someone else?”

“Yes, now, I can look back and wonder but at time I was caught up in the notion that if the future version of your father was correct, and if we were together, and we cost Michael and Isabel their lives if they were without Tess’s powers than I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t have that pressure on my shoulders, and I knew your father wouldn’t want to lose them just because of me, or his love for me, but I also know what his choice likely would be and I didn’t want him to have to choose. To choose me over them. I never wanted that. I knew how close he was to his sister and to Michael, and how they grown up together. I didn’t want to be the one he chose at their expense if Future Max was correct.”

“And if he was bluffing?” Olivia asked.

“I admit the circumstances looked fishy, but I didn’t know to say no, because I loved your father too much to give us that choice, because if I went against it, and if he wasn’t bluffing and the history played and we ended up with the blood on our hands. I could not do it, even if the life I was giving up was something real and would have been something that every girl dreamt of, and I certainly had those fantasies”

“What do you mean?” Olivia asked.

“We would have eloped at age 19…”

“Whoa,” Olivia asked. “So, he was asking you to give Dad up, and the knowledge that you two were one day going to get married?”

“Yeah,” Liz admitted.

“How did you do it then,” Olivia asked of her mother the dreaded question. “If you say you pushed him away, how did you do it?”

“I did the worse thing you can do?” Liz admired as she didn’t relish telling this to their daughter, even if they ended up righting her wrong, and marrying, and conceiving Olivia but she could not deny changing the future meant she gave up on a happy for a path that only brought so much pain.

“What did you do?” Olivia asked with all expectation of what she would hope, and her mother knew it and wanted to slow things down.
Liz sighed as she checked her watch. “Unfortunately, it is getting late, and there is school for you tomorrow. And I have to get back to work, and I think we both need to digest this” Liz mused as she knew she was chickening out and delaying admitting how much she had hurt Max, and led him down the path that would have led to Tess.

“Oh, come on Mom, you can’t stop now?” Olivia protested, not wanting to part from this story. “Don’t I deserve to know everything?”

“You do, but I will tell you, but tomorrow…” Liz murmured. “We both have a lot to do, and you need your sleep.”

“But you can’t stop here, and how do you know I won’t skip out on school tomorrow and go up and get Dad to talk, and something tells me he’ll tell me what you won’t tell me,” Olivia asked as she issued her mother a challenge.

“I don’t think so, because you’re not that stupid” Liz murmured. “And for the simple reason that your father doesn’t like to talk about that time in his life and he won’t be wanting to hurt you.” she mused and he’s not going to want to have you look at me differently.

“So, you’re chickening out?” Olivia asked.

“Maybe for tonight, but I will tell you” Liz sighed. “It’s late. You need time to digest what you heard, and we can talk about it tomorrow…” she muttered. “We’ve been talking a long time, and we’re both tired.”

“Fine, but if you think I am going to school tomorrow without knowing what is going on, then you have another thing coming. How can I go to school and act like everything normal, when you’re holding onto information I so much want” she asked as she had found herself drawn into her mother’s tale “How come you never talked about this?”

“You were too young,” Liz sighed. “You still are, but you need to know.”

“No,” Olivia stopped. “Mom, that is not what I meant. You never talked about Dad at all, period. You always cringed when I wanted to talk about him. He was like a ghost in our family. Unseen and unheard. If I were to believe any of what you have been telling then apparently, you had this amazing life together and an incredible journey to each other, and yet you never talked about him. It was like you gave up on him and didn’t love him anymore because he was in jail?”

“I never talked about your father because yes, we had an amazing journey towards each other. While much as it was angsty, and very overwhelming. Still I loved him, and I still do. I miss him still tremendously to this day. Olivia, he changed my life and saved it in more ways than just healing me. I guess I did not want to speak of a time that ended up with him sacrificing everything to be in prison, and away from me, and away from you. I did not want to color your thinking of him, which is why I never told you why he was in prison. You knew the over-arching of his charges, but I did not want you to know the rest of it. But now, I see that you are old enough to understand, and I don’t want you to hate your father.”

“I don’t know my father…” Olivia murmured softly. “How can I hate a man I do not even know?”

“And I am sorry about that. That is on the two of us. I never told your father about you. You eventually did find out but I did not want you living with the knowledge of being a child of someone who was in prison and having to visit every week as you grew up, to be able to see you father” Liz murmured as her heart broke for the life that her daughter had been force to lead. “You father did not want that either, which is why he kept all of us away, so we would not give up on our lives.”

“He wanted you to give up on him?” Olivia asked

“Yes,” Liz acknowledged. “But I never could. Even if I had to wait until we both died, in separate parts of the state,” she murmured as she knew she was prepared to die loving Max, and knowing he was her husband. “He hated the perception, but I never could give him that request,” she sighed. “So, yes, let us adjourn this until tomorrow?”

“I guess then I don’t have any choice,” Olivia muttered as she got up from the couch and turned back and faced her mother and could see how emotional her mother was because of the trip into the past. She knew she had to say something, and she knew this time, it was going to be from her heart. “But Mom, know I always knew I was special. Not because of my gifts but because I had you. I knew you loved me” she murmured as she glanced at her mother and could tell how much she had sacrificed for her. “I might be ungrateful at times, and unappreciative of what it took for you to raise me, but you have always been on my side. Thank you…”

“You are welcome,” Liz murmured softly.

“But I want to know more about all this…”

“Good night,” Liz sighed as she watched her daughter climb the stairs to her room, and she took a deep breath, and sighed deeply as memories of the incredible rocky journey she had taken with her husband played on loop in her brain. Why couldn’t this be easy?

And why can you Max be here and see how beautiful our daughter is, and how self assured she is despite on track to making some of the same mistakes we made at her age? she asked to herself. You should be here with me for this.

I love you…


Max was tossing and turning on his cold cot in his prison cell. Nearly seventeen years in the same cell did not change the fact it was too cold and too hard, and he missed how warm it was to sleep with his wife, with her body heat next to him. They had only a had a moment of glory together, and nothing could prepare for the last years without the love of his life. And for so long he had been so sure he had been doing the right thing. That he was protecting his family, and Liz.

And he knew he would never choose to turn Michael and/or Isabel over to the government and the fact that Michael obviously had made a life with Maria had told me that he had made the right decision, and he was yet in the know of the life his sister had made for herself. He had known her marriage to Jesse had ended before he went to prison. But he did not want to know what kind of people they were…

And now that was coming back to haunt him because of a brown hair young girl, who was a vision of her mother, and even her father and now he was tossing and turning.

In the recesses of his brain images of a woman who longed for him, just as he longed for her, and he could hear her words…

And why can you Max be here and see how beautiful our daughter is, and how self assured she is despite on track to making some of the same mistakes we made at her age? she asked to herself. You should be here with me for this.

I love you…

And his eyes popped open as he came to realize that this had been the first time in many many years that he had allowed his mind to go there, to Liz, to his wife and let her into his brain. He had become a master at compartmentalizing his life so he could block out the painful so he could make do with the life he now had and was enduring.

It was almost like meeting his daughter had kicked down the barriers, and the wall that existed in his brain. Meeting Olivia had changed everything for him.

Liz, you are my one and only. I love you too he whispered.


Liz, you are my one and only. I love you too came to her as she stood in her bedroom of a house that Max had never been in as she wished for the gods to give her something and then a plea broke through and she still there in wonder as she looked into the mirror. Sighing she went to the cabinet that held her personal memories.

Opening the drawer, she took out a small ring box, and then a bigger one and found the Indian pedant that Max had gifted her so long before, and she put it around her neck. She had long put her keepsake memories of her husband away so not to spark the memories that were taking over her mind as she had recounted her journey to their daughter, and then she went open and saw the small diamond he had proposed with. The
“Superman” diamond. A trick he had picked up from Superman apparently. It had enthralled her at the time, and he had gotten down on one knee, and proposed they run off together when they made a run for it, and then he said the words she had given up thinking she was going to here.

“Then we will take the next 12 days and make 12 lifetimes. Liz Parker. Will you marry me?”

They had stopped along the way and got a setting for the diamond, and she had worn it on her hand for many years until she took it off because the memories got too much for her, and to raise Olivia knowing Max would never come home to her was something she needed to do, and she couldn’t go back to that time.

Which is why she did not talk about Max to Olivia. She didn’t want to give the girl a picture of her father that she could never embrace herself because he wasn’t going to be there for Olivia, and he hadn’t been but now she realized maybe she should have let her daughter in a little and allowed her to know.

So, that she did not repeat some of the same mistakes her parents did.

“Oh Max,” she whispered as she put the ring on her finger, and memories of their wedding day washed over her as she came out of that little church in front of the snowy mountains in her 70’s hippie style dress that she, Maria and Isabel had found at a thrift shop. And she and Max kissed, and they all got into the van and went off together.

Until things fell apart the next day. She had the briefest of happy moments. What else is new, that was our whole relationship. Happiness one minute. Torture the next she murmured as she did not want to take the pendant necklace off nor the ring, and she fell asleep on her bed looking at old pictures in her album.


The next morning Liz had gotten them both out of the house and on the road to work and school, with the promise from her daughter that she would attend her classes and that she would check in at lunch, and would know if she wasn’t at West Roswell High. Olivia agreed, and knew it would not be smart to tempt the wrath of her mother on this day. She already got lucky with her actions the day before that her world was too upside down by the time her mother got a hold of her to give her a lecture.

Liz got into her car and drove to her medical practice. While Olivia walked to the high school. But neither was watching as across the street the same blonde hair young male who was phoning Isabel the day before was now watching them both go off their separate ways.

He walked off minutes later.


“The damage?” Maria Deluca Guerin asked as she met her best friend later that morning for coffee. She ran her own arts and crafts shop. She took it over when her mother Amy retired from the work, and made it her own, and had been quite successful showcasing all kinds of arts and giving classes for kids.

But it meant her hours was more laxed because now she had others keeping an eye. Knowing what her friend was going through, she knew she better seek out Liz, and they made time to meet for coffee at the Crashdown.

Jeff and Nancy were still running it, and it was still a success, and even more so in the wake of all the rumors because of their daughter’s marriage.

The tourists came back in waves, and since then, it had not dissipated. As much as Liz did not like being the reason for the uptick in business, well, she knew for her parents, it was good business.

“I had a restless sleep…” Liz allowed.

“And Olivia?” Maria asked as she saw the ring on her best friend’s hand, and the necklace and knew the past was back in their lives. “She really woke up the memories, huh?”

“Yeah and going through the greatest hits of the past woke them up as well,” Liz admitted. “What, I don’t get is why now?”

“Because the kids are sixteen, or close to it, and coming the age where it all changed for us?” Maria allowed. “It was bound to happen. But that girl did surprise me by how she did it.” she sighed as she thought of her son and Olivia, and their relationship that had gotten too serious in recent weeks. “Has she talked to you at all about other matters?”

“Nope,” Liz shook her head. “We filled our night talking about the past…”

“Do we think we should get them to talk?” Maria asked as she did not relish getting their kids to talk. “Not that I want that, I was to live in denial a little longer…”

“I know,” Liz muttered as she thought of her daughter, and the challenges she will be going through in the coming months. “I think it’s almost something she can focus on so that her mind can be filled with the gory details of our lives, and how things fell apart so dramatically for her father and me”

“It would be helpful if they looked at it with caution, which the stories should be for them” Maria muttered. “Although their lives haven’t been as drama filled as ours?”

“And I can’t see how that will change” Liz admitted. “I wish she hadn’t done what she had done, on numerous fronts.”

“So, do you think you’re going to go and see Max?” Maria asked. “Re-open that door that Olivia already helped herself too?”

“I almost have to, don’t I?” Liz asked.

“You could ignore it like Max has been ignoring you all these years,” Maria mumbled. “You don’t have to poke the bear…”

“I just know him though Maria,” Liz sighed as she thought of her husband. “Finding out about Olivia must be torturing him, and I can’t allow it to continue if I can help him…”

“Maybe he deserves it. He did not allow you in,” Maria asked.

“To protect us,” Liz murmured. “He didn’t want me to put my life on hold….”

“Which is exactly what you did anyways?” Maria asked. “So, what good did it do to keep himself away from all of us…”

“I wish he had let me in,” Liz murmured as she remembered back to that time. “But since everything happened yesterday, it’s like my mind is reopening and memories of all kind are coming back and haunting me. I am hearing things again,” she sighed as she remembered back to those early months when she and Max could hear each other, until he closed himself off, and she did the same to protect herself from the pain she was feeling so that she could concentrate on raising Olivia.

“Maybe he will now…” Maria asked.


Speaking of Max. He had found himself in the computer lab while Maria was visiting with Liz. It took a bit of time to figure out how everything went because the one thing he had not done in these seventeen years was keep up with technology, and therefore there was tiny bit of learning curve.

But he found himself onto the internet and went searching for information. It unnerved him how advanced the internet was compared to his time. Olivia must be having a field day with this stuff he muttered as he found some articles on himself that he did not like how he was presented and were factually wrong. Don’t they do their research? he asked. There were ones he was hated to agree with, and they were right on target.

It amazed him the information he could find with a click of a button. What is with the whole world being accessible on the computer?

He knew being a prison computer lab, there were restrictions placed on all computer usage, but it was not like he was going on ugly sites anyways. He just wanted to engage with the world again.

What did Olivia start?

He found old articles form his hometown paper. The Roswell Gazette. His announcement of his sister’s divorce. With the newspaper glee at stating her ties to him. And their mention that she had changed schools, from the community college she was attending for that first year to Las Cruces with indications that she would be relocating from Roswell to attend the university.

Then five years later, an announcement from his parents, Phillip and Diane Evans would like to announce the upcoming wedding of their daughter, Isabel to the son of the town Sheriff, Kyle Valenti “What!” Max muttered. How did that happen?

Then an article announcing the graduation of Isabel from the law school at Las Cruces, and the acceptance of a job at her father’s firm, and if that was not eyebrow raising for Max, then it was her announcement of the formation of a Innocent’s Project type organization, called the “Sunshine Club” with a quote from Isabel “Everyone deserve their fair shot. I have had people in my life, or they might not even be in my life anymore that didn’t get a fair shake, and they might need my services so I hope that I can provide them the help they so desperately need to get justice. I am not trying to prevent justice, but I am trying to help those who need someone who listens, and who doesn’t judge before hearing the facts of the case and therefore providing a little sunshine to a dark existence...”

“Are you kidding me?” Max muttered as he wrote down the phone number cited in the article, and then saw the wedding announcement of when Isabel and Kyle got married. Then he saw the picture of the wedding party. His parents, Jim, the bride and groom, all smiles. Michael and Maria, and then there she was, and the sight of her caught his breath.

Liz, he murmured.

Then he saw three small kids. Two little girls in small frilly dresses. And then one boy, who had a little tuxedo on. One of the girls looked just like Liz as a child. He knew it was Olivia.

But Liz had his attention. God she is beautiful, and it was a black and white photo with the announcement.

He has missed so much.

Following instructions given to the prisoners, he activated his email account, and set about composing an email. Pressing send, he printed off the article with the photo from the wedding, and then went back to his cell.

“Find out anything?” came the guard.

“Yeah,” Max nodded as she looked down at the photo that had Olivia in front of her mother.


That was now grown up or at least a age where she was following in the footsteps of her parents and acting recklessly as she and Alex made use of the eraser room, and were making out, even more passionate than once her parents did in the same room. Fortunately, or unfortunately in their case, no one was coming to bust their escapades. Kissing, they finally stepped back. “We need to get back to class” Alex muttered.

“Since when did you like school anyways?” Olivia laughed as she wanted to attack him. “I thought I was the only one?”

“Someone will be looking for us,” Alex challenged despite his failure to stop his own behavior. “What is with you anyways. You are into school, but you are here, and not in class” he murmured as he tried to pull back from the passion being unleashed in the room but finding dwindling resistance.

“I rather do this,” Olivia muttered as she pulled him into a kiss, which he responded and endless moments continued to tick by as she couldn’t take her hands of him, and he wasn’t much better but she should know better than this, and so she did stop herself for a moment. “Do you want to stop?” she asked after a seriously hot kiss.

“Hell no,” Alex laughed as they continued to make out as the leaned back against the closet wall and continued to attack each other.

It was ten minutes later, when they heard a knock on the door, and a note put under the door. Alex stopped and picked it up “It’s Amelia. Our absence has been noticed.”

“Figures,” Olivia sighed as she buttoned up her shirt and buttoned up her pants. “I’m more presentable so I’ll go, and I’ll meet you in Biology later...” she spoke of their only mutual class of the day. As they were both on different tracks academically. Or Olivia had been until recent events, and now she was not sure what track she was on.

“Yeah,” Alex nodded as if he was reminded of their troubles “You know we didn’t talk about that stuff you laid on me the other night?”

“Not now,” Olivia muttered as she did not need to deal with this right now, and she rather delay this kind of talk. “We will talk, but not right now…”

“I gather,” Alex said as Olivia let herself of the eraser room. Once out of the room, she noticed her friend Amelia Guerin smiling as she leaned against the locker as the hallway was empty. “What?”

“You and my brother need to slow down” Amelia smiled of her twin who had not yet come of the room. It amazed her to think that her friend and brother were being so blatant, and not carrying about the risks they were taking, which wasn’t like either of them “What is with the two of you these days?”

“We’re having fun,” Olivia muttered as she always wondered what would have happened if her parents had been allowed the chance to be young, and in love and without the pain that would come and separate them. “We’re young…”

“Right,” Amelia nodded. “But the two of you are playing with fire…”

“We’ve already been burned…” Olivia muttered and Amelia’s eyes went wild. “Yeah, you heard that right…”

“So, that is what Mom and Dad have been whispering about all week?” Amelia asked. “They have been trying to keep the discussions from Alex and me…”

“Probably,” Olivia admitted as she did not know if that was precisely the topic being discussed among the parents, but she had to guess it ranked high up there. “I am sure Mom wants to have the same talk with me, but I am not ready to make those kinds of decisions. So, I am delaying and using some other distractions to muddy the waters.”

“Like meeting your biological father, huh?” Amelia asked. “I heard that happened. Which of course opened the past for our parents?”

“Yeah, and I am sorry about that” Olivia muttered as she did not relish what this meant for her mother. She knew her mother’s life had all about her career in medicine, and Olivia herself, and she did not like disappointing her mother. She did not know why she was playing with fire, and getting burned, and yet not wanting to stop. “You can only get burned once.”

“This time,” Amelia admitted as she thought of her own love life. “I must say thank god Greg is overseas with his parents for that exchange this semester,” she murmured of her own boyfriend. Greg Simpson was in England because of her parent’s jobs and would not be back until sometime in the summer. So, they had been dealing with long distance relationship as they left the building. Both knew that Amelia had lied when they had a class to be in because they now were on lunch, and both were now going over to the Crashdown for burgers. The teachers were beyond clueless as whether they were in class or not, and they took advantage. All you had to be in class at the beginning, and then you could go on a bathroom break, and jump your boyfriend in the eraser room.

“Who is the hottie?” Amelia muttered as they looked across the street and saw a blonde male watching them. “I might be taken, but my eyes know a good thing?”

“Who knows,” Olivia sighed as the walked into the Crashdown, and left the watcher to stare at the restaurant. She hadn’t seen him before, but there was something about him that struck her familiar but given the other matters on her mind, she let it fall out of her mind, and concentrated on the massive burger she ordered, and the order of spicy fries on the side.

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 6 - 11/12/2020

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Nov 12, 2020 4:59 pm

Glad Liz now realizes that the whole end of the world deal was a little fishy.
Olivia's visit has certainly opened up old memories for Liz, and she did have to pause the truth a day.
Loved the superman diamond!
I'm happy Max is now curious and went to the computer newspaper archives.
So Amelia has spotted a "hottie"........blonde one that is.

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 7 - 11/14/2020

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 1:20 pm

Meanwhile Isabel had been working in her office all morning. She had delegated her phone messages to her secretary Felicia, and therefore she did not get the message from the young man whose call she had not taken the night before. She focused on her cases of the moments and checking her email and making sure she was caught up because she would out of the office all afternoon, for court, and the following day.

So, this was her own chance. She did not expect to see a strange email in her box, when she came to her more recent emails. It came from an email address that looked new, Flyer1999. It didn’t go to her junk mail, so she was suspicious because certainty she had gotten fishy requests before, and since her name hit the press due to her brother, and later, her legal career and the creation of her organization. So, she did not know what to expect.

Then she opened and got the shock of her life…

Hi sis,

Yeah, it is me Max. This is the first email I have sent from this place. So, I took my name from what they I did, back then, you know. I am guilty on that front. We did go flying, and I will always be sorry I put Liz through that, but they do not know the whole story, right?

I assume you have heard my unannounced visitor. That was a shock to the system. I do not blame Liz, because I gave her every right not to tell me. But seeing my daughter and knowing what I gave up has made me see the errors of my ways, in some ways. And I am sorry for so many things. I hope you, and Mom and Dad do not hate me.

Congratulations on becoming a lawyer. Like Dad. I bet he is happy to know he has one kid to be proud of. Tell him I do not blame him for the evidence. Eventually it would have come to this. They did not find out about Vermont from him. And coupled with my misadventures in Utah, well, my goose was cooked.

But I am thinking I might want to fight to get some freedoms around here. I have lived to many years in the wilderness, and I do not know what I can do, or what I can achieve but I want to try…

Can you help me?

You know where to find me if you want to help me…

Tell Michael, I am sorry too… I am glad you two have gone for your dreams. I wished I could have been there to achieve them with you, but maybe this was my destiny all along.

I love you.

“Oh my god” Isabel whispered Max as tears came down her face as she reread the note, and reread it again, and then she put in a call to Michael to meet her at the Crashdown. She printed off the letter and told her secretary to take any messages.

And vanished from the premises.

As the blonde hair young man came into the office mere seconds after Isabel left, “I want to see Isabel Evans Valenti?”

“Sorry, you just missed her” Felicia Wright murmured. “She’s in court the rest of today and tomorrow. You’ll have to come back.”

“Tell her Zack Mason came by. I need to talk to her because it is important” the mystery young man muttered as she looked around the office. He wondered if Phillip Evans was in his office, but knew he was semi retired these days. A rare case brought him into the office as Isabel had been manning it by herself from his research. He worked from home most days and came into the office when he wanted to get out of the house.

“Any particular case?” Felicia asked as she wrote down. “I can give you an appointment if you can wait until Friday, she’s busy until then”

“It’s complicated, I rather talked to her in person” Zack muttered.

“How about 11 on Friday?” Felicia asked. “She’s headed out of town with her family for the weekend, but I can give you the last slot?” she asked of the young man who seemed familiar, but she could not place him.

“I guess,” Zack muttered as he did not like knowing he would have to wait until Friday do more with his knowledge. “I’ll have to take it. Just tell her it’s important”

“I’ll let her know,” Felicia nodded as she watched the young man leave the office and classified the appointment like any other because she didn’t know how important it would be, and she went back to her assigned duties.


“What are you going to do?” Amelia Guerin asked her friend as they sat in a booth and ate their lunches. After a predictable meet and greet with her grandparents, Olivia had dug into her burger and fries. Spicy was what she was craving. She knew she should not have blurted out her secret to Alex’s sister. But then she let it slip. She wanted to ignore and knew eventually that would be impossible. But it was why she went and met her father now, because she needed to see, him know him, and it helped get her mind off more pressing matters.

Like how she was going to handle the rest of her life. How she handled her latest situation would determine the short-term, as well as her long-term prospects. She knew she had a loving family. But a loving family only supports so much. And coupled with the part of her that she only shared with a very select group of people in this world. She had a lot on her mind. Telling Alex’s sister was not something she knew he would want.
But they had barely begun to deal with it. She had laid it on him the other night before they got into the big fight about her wanting to meet her father. It helped divert from the shock of that other matter, and neither had so much talked about it since.

She knew her mother, and his parents knew. These kinds of secrets can rarely stay hidden in their world. Especially with a mother who had the ability to see facets of your life, and while Liz did not tend to dwell on those abilities, still signs usually did come to her, and keeping such a drastic secret was not going to last long in their group. Only her set of grandparents did not know, and she had yet to fill them in. Still, she did not even have to say the dreaded words, “Mom, I am pregnant.” When her mother seemed to know with one glance at her daughter. Neither had talked about it since that day. But she knew that her mother filled in Maria who then told her husband. Which is why she had told Alex. And then as she said to Amelia. She muddied the waters by complicating their lives by seeing her birth father. Because it was as if she was looking for a distraction from focusing on it. And knowledge of her changing realities had made her seek out the man she did not know, who had helped create her.

“I have no idea,” Olivia muttered. “I know I am not ready. Neither is your brother, but you know, with the lives we lead, and the kind of people we are, how can I handle the situation other to bring it into my life, our lives?” she asked because she knew Alex would support whatever decision she would make. Alex is that kind of guy. Olivia mused. He is not going to walk away. They had talked about marriage. In a fracture way as something one day, in the distant future, and now that this happened, well, it had escalated things. She was barely sixteen, and he was not even sixteen yet, and she did not want to think about what their lives would be like if they were to undertake this kind of role, right now.

“I can’t imagine” Amelia sighed and did not envy her friend nor her twin brother. One more reason she could be grateful she was in a long-distance relationship this semester, although it did cause tension to have Greg so far away, but at least she didn’t have the same worries now being faced by her friend and brother. “I don’t want to even think about it happening to me?”

“No, you wouldn’t” Olivia muttered. “Which us why I used my father to divert to another path…”

“You know you don’t have to, you know, go through with it?” Amelia asked. “You have options?”

“I know I have more than the either, or choice” Olivia sighed because she was not ready for this type of subject. “I guess I don’t know want to regret it one day, what if it was is my only chance?”

“You’re only sixteen. You can’t know that yet” Amelia wondered.

“I know. Sometimes I wish for my mother’s powers to know the future,” Olivia sighed. “I would like to know what kind of future I am going to have…” she asked of the gifts her mother was known to have and while she knew her mother didn’t use them or even try to use them, still it was handy at times and yet she knew that it didn’t prevent disaster Just look at what happened with Dad?

“All you can do what is what you think is for the best today,” Amelia asked. “Because knowing the future can bring its own set of problems even though it would be a blast to know exactly what we could expect in the future. I would rather stake the future on what comes from the present. I don’t know like knowing that anything I might do might change the future, especially if I like the life I have now,” she smiled. “But seriously, if you’re not ready?”

“I am not,” Olivia murmured. “I am not as deluded as to know that Alex and I are forever. We could be for all I know, and we have been together a long time, but who knows what the future will hold, if we get to university. I love him but is that enough?” asked because she seeing doubts popped up now that she was getting more insight into her own parent’s rocky relationship.

“Yeah,” Amelia muttered.

“But then I can’t see myself doing what my dad did, and giving up his kid, knowing the life we lead, and the uncertainty of what that child might be one day” Olivia asked.

“Whoa, you mean the stories, and rumors are true?” Amelia asked as her eyebrows raised at the mere idea. “You have…”

“Yeah,” Olivia nodded. “Apparently a half brother, somewhere out there. Probably about a year or so older than me,” she sighed. “Mom has barely grazed the subject in her path to the past, although I sense she’s getting to that horrible event in her history with my father. But yeah, I do have a brother, somewhere out there”

“That sucks for your mother,” Amelia asked as she knew what it meant for Olivia to have a half brother somewhere out there, and what it meant for her mother. “I can’t imagine loving someone so much and knowing that they have another child out there, with someone else” she asked. “And then settling down and making a life with that person, knowing he had been with someone else.”

“Yeah,” Olivia nodded as she thought of her own situation as she finished up her burger and fries, and milkshake. “Mom hasn’t gotten to it yet, and she tells me there are circumstances to why Dad was with other woman, and I shouldn’t be down on my dad for it because it’s more on her for why he would move on, with someone else. She stopped right when we got to that part, but then I also know how much it does hurt for her to remember that Dad does have another kid out there in the world and had him before me. The stories say he was put up for adoption. Can I do that, knowing what I know about you know…”

“Yeah,” Amelia muttered. “Didn’t they say they though the kid was human?”

“None of us kids are that we know of, right?” Olivia asked as they paid their bill and left the restaurant and headed back to school. “And we have half human parentage, you are even more so. Mom was saved by Dad. Your mother was not but found love with your father. Still, we have gifted abilities. Even our cousins, we know they have them” she said they thought of Maxine and Kate. “We have them, so my dad and this Tess person, how can they have a human kid?”

“I have always wondered that” Amelia muttered. “Even knowing what we know about biology, and human and you know that other DNA mixed together. The idea of a all human creation coming from that…”

“So, how can I do that to my kid?” Olivia asked.

“I guess it would be hard to do?” Amelia muttered as she did not want to even think about having to make that kind of decision, or least not for another decade or more…

“I would be putting him or her out there defenseless,” Olivia muttered. “Aunt Isabel says growing up with the secrets they did was hell, and while they were successful in blending in, still, it wasn’t a happy life” she murmured. “Because they couldn’t tell their parents, or get their support until it was too late, and havoc was created because of their secrecy.”

“It’s not your only option?” Amelia asked. “You do have another choice…”

“I know” Olivia sighed. “Which is why I rather concentrate on my parent’s messed up romance that led to Dad in prison, and Mom raising me alone…”

“I am sorry that was your life” Amelia said relied and a little guilty that she and Alex had the happily in love family with their parents totally devoted to each other, and their two children. She did not envy that Olivia had not had that luck despite having a truly devoted mother who was there for her daughter.

She still did not have a father.


As she and Amelia left the restaurant, Isabel was setting them walking down the street as she across the street to get some lunch before she had to be in court for a simple hearing, but her mind was on the letter she had just received before leaving the office. It was wondering all over the place Max, oh, god Max she murmured as she entered the Crashdown and smiled at Jeff Parker behind the counter.

“You just missed Olivia and Amelia?” Jeff asked as he saw the distance look on Isabel. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, work” Isabel lied. “I am waiting for Michael…”

“Go ahead,” Jeff nodded as she could see something was on Isabel’s mind and could not help but wonder if it related to her brother. While Max was out of the picture these days, he knew little could get Isabel distracted as if she was seeing a ghost. He knew from his own history with his daughter that Max left a long shadow, and all these years later, his presence was still felt. Of course, his daughter had Olivia as a lasting reminder, and a face in the mirror that made her remember those years.

And Isabel was even closer, family. He knew the family had taken it hard. Phillip was still feeling the guilt. Diane concentrated on her grandkids, even if she did blame her husband for making her plant that camera in the first place. But they agreed that it was both of their faults, and they instead spent the time concentrating on their son’s daughter before she was joined by more cousins. They did not take the fact Liz gave Olivia the Parker name personally. Given that she was matter of fact with everyone who asked that her husband was the father, and Phillip and Diane knew it was to protect the little girl as she grew up and gave her distance from the name Evans. Only those who knew of the case and knew of the names in question knew what it meant to have the name, but it allowed Olivia to grow up outside the media glare.

Although there were occasionally media intrusions and they would find her and her mother. But she was generally allowed to live a carefree life, free of association.

But now she was getting to the age where everything changed for her mother, and it led Jeff and Nancy to worry about their granddaughter.
Sighing, he watched the crowd. He did not like knowing the uptick in business had come from the heartbreak of his only daughter’s loss. But knew his daughter did not take it out on them, nor did Olivia.

As he was getting back to work, he saw the door and Michael Guerin walk in, nodding when they saw each other but he was obviously on a mission, and immediately found Isabel in a booth, away from the public at large who were in the restaurant at the moment, and he sat down, and frowning when Isabel handed him something.


“What’s up?” Michael Guerin asked as he took a seat at the booth that sat his long-time friend, and honorary sister. With Max out of commission, it had been his role in life to make sure Isabel was okay. Even though he knew that his friend could handle her life, and had all these years, and she had been able to find love and happiness, something that had eluded their friend and brother who was locked away behind cement walls, and behind bars. He still did not like knowing that Max was paying for crimes they had all done but had gotten away with.

“Read this,” a forlorn Isabel said as she handed the piece of paper which Jeff had noticed before he had gotten back to his customers. “Sorry to take you from the office,” knowing her friend was a private investigator. While he had an office, he only took select cases, very select for that matter. Maria’s store kept the roof over the family, but when he did take cases, they usually paid extremely well. The rest of the time, he spent on a much different case that was personal and so gut punching and one that would not be solved or shelved despite all the man hours put into it as he strived to put his license to use, and so far, it hadn’t given them any answers or success.

“Huh,” Michael asked as he looked down and read a little and his amusement turned into alarm. “When did you get this?”

“A little while ago, right before I was headed here for lunch before court.” Isabel murmured. “It came through on my email.”

“Are we sure this is legitimate?” Michael asked as he assessed the paper in front of him. Of course, the email cited facts only people knowing of the case would know and therefore Michael had to think it was legitimate but why now, and why would Max want to reach out to his sister for help after being so resistant for so long. “Why now?”

“Are you seriously asking me that?” Isabel asked. “How should I know. But all I do know is that my brother is reaching out to me…”

“And you don’t think that strikes you as odd?” Michael asked. “This is a man who has stayed quiet for nearly seventeen years. Keeping all away from him, and not communicating in the media nor his wife, or us”

“Oh, I know it’s weird,” Isabel asked. “You don’t have to tell me it’s not, but this is genuine Michael. This is Max reaching out”

“Why?” Michael asked. “Why now?”

Isabel sighed because she did not know How do I know she mused to herself. “We can only assume it is because Olivia made contact, and it has made him realize that staying behind the scenes is not the answer anymore because he now knows he has more out here, than he knew” Isabel asked. “He’s reaching out because he knows that Liz and their daughter both need him involved in their lives.”

“He should have realized that in the first place, back when,” Michael grumbled. “He knew how much he had out here in the world…”

“I am not going to ask why now, and not then, because this is our chance, for me, at least, I am not going to lose my chance in, are you?” Isabel asked. “This is our chance to get him back…”

Michael could see that Isabel was getting her hopes and he didn’t want to get them dashed, but he also knew he would be the same if the email had come to him, which is why the email had gone to Isabel in the first place because if Max was reaching out, he would want to go to Isabel most of all. He did not take it personal because he always had known how much Max had loved his sister, which made some of his behavior so galling at times. But then Michael knew he was not the model of personal behavior himself because he had actions in his past that he wanted to ignore. Still he knew he had to prepare his friend for the possibility that this could go bad. “Just because he’s asking for help now, doesn’t mean it changes anything about his situation Is,” Michael asked. “He’s still going to be there, today, tomorrow, and who knows, maybe next year. Little is going to change unless we find something that will help him.”

“I am not expecting him to be coming home. He is asking for my help, and I’m going to give it to him” Isabel muttered as she longed to help her brother. “So, are you going to help me, or not?”

“What do you think” Michael muttered having made his mind up years ago that he would do anything to get Max back home for the sake of their group, and for Isabel because he had known how close she had been to her brother, and how she missed him. “What do you plan to do?”

“I have to be in court in thirty minutes,” Isabel muttered as she wished she could call in hooky. “Dad can’t fill in for me at this late notice. But it should be a simple hearing. I can be finished by three if all goes well. Can you drive up with me, afterwards?”

“I’ll check in with Maria. Whether she can handle the home front,” Michael muttered as she knew what his wife would say. That he should take the chance. But it also meant he had to think of someone who mattered the most to Max than even his sister. “Should we be taking Liz with us?”

“Let us see if this letter is indeed legitimate, before we wake up that kind of beast” Isabel murmured. “Plus, she is dealing with the fallout of yesterday with her daughter, and other matters” she sighed and Michael nodded because Olivia’s dilemma had gone down the gossip line, and almost everyone in the family ultimately knew know, and the adults being the first to know. Olivia knew this and that is why she did not want to talk about it, but knew the time was coming. “Call me, or meet me at the courthouse, courtroom 3.”

Michael nodded as Isabel rushed off to make the hearing.

“What’s going on?” Jeff Parker asked as he walked towards the table as Michael finished the fries he and Isabel were sharing. “Why is Isabel so upset?”

“A case,” Michael lied.

“Michael!” Jeff asked. “Does this involve my daughter or granddaughter?”

Michael knew when he was cornered, and he knew he had to fess up. Jeff did have a right to be concerned. “Fine, oh partially,” Michael muttered. “I can’t talk about it until I know more, because there is only so much, I do know but once I am filled in, then yeah, I will tell your daughter because she deserves to know…”

“Does this involve Max?” Jeff asked of his long absence son-in-law.

Michael didn’t respond as he paid his bill, and just walked away without saying anything to Jeff and that is how Liz’s father knew something was up, and he prayed it broke in favor of his daughter because she had experienced too much heart-ache.


“Are you going to tell me the rest?” Olivia asked later that afternoon as she welcomed her mother home from the office. Her medical practice was closed for the rest of the day, but she would have to work later the next night, and on Saturday to make up the changes she and her receptionist had to make up attention to her nonessential patient’s medical needs. But she had known she had to come home and deal with her daughter otherwise Olivia was liable to take measures into her hands to get the full story, and that meant going back to her father, and asking for his take on what she had been told thus far.

“If you want to know!” Liz murmured as she did not relish having to tell the rest to her daughter. The story might be her history, but it was sordid with a lot of ill-considered actions, and consequences. And too much danger, and too much pain, and even some death Oh Alex, how I miss you

“I want to know,” Olivia asked as something was pressing on her and she wanted to discuss with her mother, even if it would open a can of worms that Olivia was ill-prepared to discuss at the moment because it was too raw and too fresh, but time was important. “Can I ask something before we start?”

“Sure, go ahead” Liz asked bracing for whatever she was going to ask.

“Did Dad ever considering keeping that baby?” Olivia asked. “I mean it was his kid, and given the life, he and Aunt Isabel along with Michael. To give him away, did he ever think about keeping him?

While she had been happy not to have to answer the question she was fearing would come in relation to what she had done to keep Max away from him, she wasn’t prepared for the one her daughter did ask her, and she honestly didn’t know how to answer it. But she did know she had to answer, even if it was not the answer she had liked at the time, and still had a tough time processing.

“Yes,” Liz admitted because it was the truth. One she did not like. But she did know Max had been considering it. She had known it for most of that year she had lived in resentment over the tiny baby who should not be blamed for choices by his mother and father. While the baby for much of that time was out there in another galaxy, far, far away from even them. Still, she knew and feared what Max would end up doing. They had not talked about it because she did fear what he might say or want if the baby was ever back in his custody. She feared that he would want to raise the baby. What would that have meant to her, she still did not know the answer and unfortunately that was on her daughter’s own mind too.

“Would you have wanted to be with him if he had decided to raise my brother?” Olivia asked.

“I really don’t know what I would have done honey” Liz said honestly as she did not like the passing thought that her daughter could read her mind. “I loved your father more than anyone. That love was so intense. I did things for him, and with him that I do not think any other boy or man would ever get me to do. Still, I had lived a year without him, and I knew what it meant to have lose him in so many that I thought were permanent at the time. Yet I got my miracle in that I did get a second chance when so many others would not have gotten that chance. So, if he had chosen to keep his baby. I really don’t know what I would have done.”

“So, being a father at 18 would have screwed you two up?”

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 7 - 11/14/2020

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I expect an explosion any minute now.
Email from Flyer1999.
Zack goes to Isabel's law office.
Olivia's visit to Max is really diverting the real problem.
I'm sure Phillip regrets the evidence he made possible to hurt Max.
Michael is wondering why Max is finally reaching out......Olivia of course.
Interest question, Olivia wondered if her dad ever considered keeping his baby??

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 8 - 11/16/2020

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Why me, why do I have to answer this? Liz muttered to only herself as she saw the tension in her daughter’s face and knew more and more sparking the past to come back to haunt her, it was starting to infest her only child’s life, as Olivia couldn’t help but think about her own situation. “I want to say I would have done anything to be with your father,” she sighed. “Because until then, I had basically done almost anything to help or to be with you father. So, would I want to be with him, if he had to raise his son,” she asked. “I don’t know, and I don’t know if your father would have wanted me too.”

“So, you might have walked away from him again?” Olivia asked.

“I took vows before a minister, and before god,” Liz sighed. “To death do us part”

“That was after. This was before you got engaged and even married. Dad had given the baby up for adoption, right?” Olivia asked. ‘So, by the time you got engaged. You know he was free…” she wondered. “So, if he had kept the baby?”

“We eventually were forced onto the road, which would have made it hard to have a kid because we were fearing the authorities” Liz murmured Although a young newlywed couple on the road with a baby would be a excellent cover, as oppose to six recent high school graduates on the road together, traveling, and seeing the sights. “So, it would have been hard, but I can’t say what I would have done because I didn’t have to make that choice” she sighed. “I loved your father. Our situation was so complicated,” she sighed as she thought of her daughter and the franticness of her mood. “Are you thinking about you and Alex?”

“No,” Olivia lied Yes, she mused to herself. “I just mean you and Dad loved each other so much, and here he had a kid with someone else, a fling, right and to be with him, you would have been expected to be his mother?”

“We got back together when we thought the baby wasn’t going to be an issue. We thought he was gone. His mother took him away, and it was not possible for your father to be in his life. Suddenly that changed, and your father made the mature decision because he was not ready to be a father at that time in his life,” she sighed because she knew of her daughter’s situation.

“But come on, I was born less than a year later?” Olivia asked. “Would you two have been too young, then, too?”

“I admit it, I was a little too young” Liz admitted because she had been. Nineteen when Olivia was born, but she had been married. Being pregnant had not been the reason she got married. Because she had not known of the baby at that time. Of course, by then her husband was in prison for a mass killing, and an assault on her when he was literally a different person. So, she had not been the average new mother or newlywed for that matter. “When I married your father, I was prepared for whatever or wherever our lives might have ended up being, and if you had still come, and we were together, we would have loved you, and raised you in that love” she sighed. “Yes, we were young, but we would have made it through…”

“So, Dad would have picked and chose which kid he would have raised?” Olivia muttered. “So, did you?” she asked. “You chose me, but gave away his other kid?”

Hell, Liz muttered. “It wasn’t as simple as that. Your father was told that the baby was human. Which told him that he could be reasonably certain his son could have a safe and danger free with parents who wanted him. It was a responsible decision. He knew what kind of danger we were regularly in the middle of. He could not tell himself that the baby would be safe if he was completely human. His son had a chance at a life with two parents who wanted and loved him. And because we ended up being forced to leave our homes. It was the right decision.”

“So, if he had been special, Dad might have kept him?” Olivia asked.

Liz wanted to curse but she knew she couldn’t because Olivia was voicing reasonable theories, and some of them might have some truth to them, but it wasn’t easy to hear your daughter ask why was she picked to be born and be raised and not her half sibling. “That kind of question is for your father to answer, and they weren’t the facts we knew them to be at the time” Liz muttered.

“So, you believed Tess, even after all she had done?” Olivia asked. “Shouldn’t all of you been wary of anything she might have said?”

“We did,” Liz admitted.

“But she was a liar. So, why would you trust her?” Olivia asked. “How could you be confident that this time she was telling the truth?”

“I never did trust her,” Liz muttered. “But it was not for me to decide whether to trust her on this subject or not, or even to keep the baby or not. Because the baby was not mine. He was your father and Tess’s. It was not up to me what was to be done with your brother. Your father was the one to make the choice and given the facts he knew them to be at the time. Clearly he made the right one”

“Because you were forced onto the road, and then Dad went to prison otherwise you might have had to raise the kid along with me, alone” Olivia asked.

“No, it was the right decision to make because the baby was human, and deserved to be happy, and in a loving family. We did not know what the future was. But we were young, and your father knew it was the only one he could make but then you would have to ask your father, why he made that choice,” Liz murmured. “He chose to believe Tess, and to give your brother a life he knew he couldn’t provide him at that time in his life.”

“I get that it might have been the better for the baby,” Olivia muttered. “It might have the only choice to make given what would happen to you guys,” she sighed. “But you say you didn’t trust his mother, Tess, but you had during this time period had pushed Dad to the point where he eventually went there with Tess?” Olivia asked. “All because a future version of Dad told you too…”

“Yes.” Liz admitted.

“That’s fucked up,” Olivia sighed.


The drive had been long, and Isabel and Michael had finally made it to the prison after stopping for a quick bite to eat at a local diner. Now, they were here for the time in many years. The last time they were here, they had been told Max did not want to see them, and they would be on the “bar from visiting list” at the request from the prisoner.

Isabel had not taken it well. Michael either, but still they abided by it, and now here they were staring at the prison and knowing Max was a prisoner and could not come back with them. Assuming they could see him at all.

“Are we ready?” Michael asked as they parked and stood outside the prison and watched the big building.

“As I ever am,” Isabel muttered because she never had come to one of these places for a client. Roswell was a low crime place to live, or at least the big stuff rarely happened which made Max’s case all the higher profile.

“Let’s go,” Michael muttered and the walked through the door, and was stopped by the same guard who gave Olivia as hard time the day before.
“We need to see Max Evans, prisoner here…”

“Whose asking?” the guard asked as he approached the tall leggy blonde, and the frowning brown hair man who had accompanied her.

“His lawyer?” Isabel answered.

“You don’t look like any lawyer I know,” the guard muttered as he assessed Isabel “We haven’t given any clearance for any new lawyers.”

“Well, I am a new one. Mr. Evans wants to interview me about helping him with his case,” Isabel murmured. “So, can I see him?”

“Name?” the guard asked.

“Isabel Valenti,” Isabel asked as she abandoned her maiden name, and went with her married name because she was well aware that Evans would make her connection all the more clear, and she might get hassled and prevented, and she knew her name should be on whatever list that existed of visitors to not allow onto the premises, at the request of the prisoner.

“And you are?” the guard asked.

“Mikey Gee,” Michael lied, and Isabel smirked at his use of a name once used by Courtney, but he knew he would also be on the “no go” list if they were to check it. “I am helping Ms. Valenti on this particular case, and I figured she would need my assistance.”

“Mr. Evans doesn’t take visitors,” the guard muttered. “If you had only called first, then you would have been told this…”

“We have a personal invitation by Mr. Evans,” Isabel smiled. “A letter personally asking for us to come here and talk to him about taking over his case.”

“Can I see it?” the guard asked.

“Nope,” Isabel shook her head. “Privilege communication, lawyer/client”

“You’re not his lawyer officially,” the guard asked.

“Still he has rights to privacy,” Isabel muttered because she knew she could not show the guard the letter. “So, can we see him?”

“Fine, I’ll check with the warden, and then I’ll see if he’ll see you…” the guard muttered. “It was his choice to take now visitors before now.”

“Do that,” was all Isabel responded. “Given Mr. Evans asked us to make this visit then maybe his feelings of his case has changed, and I would think we’ll need a private room where we can visit with my client and discuss his case” Isabel murmured. “No glass and no surveillance cameras”

“It’s policy to monitor all interaction with our prison population,” the guard muttered. “The warden won’t approve such a request because it for the matter of protection of our visitors. You might be allowed a room, but a guard must be posted or in the room”

“In most cases I would applaud that policy but this my client’s case and it is very sensitive and thus far, it has attracted it’s share of media coverage, fair or unwarranted, that is up for debate but because of the sensitivity of the case and for the safety of my client. We would like to be able to discuss his case without any interference by guards or by electronic tracking or monitoring…”

“That is not the policy around here,” the guard muttered.

“Make it happen,” Isabel threatened, “Or I go the warden and remind them that if I am impeded from client a fair and right representation then I will take matters into my hands, and I will go to court. You might not think he deserves it given the nature of his crimes, but every prisoner deserved rights to the proper treatment of their case. I will not have private matters being released through the media. Or leaked to social media as it will only taint my client’s rights, if we were to pursue his case in court.”

“He’s a mass killer. You’re not getting him out of this place,” the guard gritted.

“You entitled to your opinion, and I have mine. A client is a client. So, let me see my client” Isabel demanded. “And I’ll need the same provisions if I am to see my client in the future,” she said politely. “There won’t be any stonewalling.”

“Very well, wait here” the guard said before disappearing.

“Well done,” Michael smiled. “I’m impressed.”

“It’s not like we can be discussing certain facts in the full view of camera’s anyways, and I know these people. They leak like sieves and it will be all over social media if we do try to bring this court.”

“Let’s pray it works,” Michael muttered.

“Yeah,” Isabel said as they waited.


Muttering and even cursing to himself the guard walked a short time to the Max’s part of he prison after being told to abide by Isabel’s rules by the warden who didn’t like it but Isabel’s reputation as a up and coming attorney for the rights of prisoners, and those who are looking for people to believe them was well known and he knew from other prisons, and other wardens that Ms. Valenti was going to the media or even to court, so it might as well be good to play her game because they all knew Evans wasn’t going anywhere. No judge was going to overturn his case given he confessed in the first place. “Evans, your lawyer is here” the guard said as he stalked over to Max’s cell. “She’s a real piece of work,” he muttered. “Where did you find her?” he asked as he opened the door to the cell, and Max who was staring into space and imaging Liz and his daughter, and wondering what they were doing right this minute, jumped at the change in his day’s schedule.

“You mean she’s here?” Max asked surprised because he did not his sister would be coming this quickly. “I didn’t think she would be here before tomorrow.”

“Well she’s here and she’s making a stink around here, so you might as well get this over with so she can leave this prison because I don’t need her kind today,” the guard muttered.

“What kind?” Max asked as the wording choice struck a chord in him, and he did not like that feeling.

“Someone who likes to cause trouble,” the guard muttered. “She says she needs to talk to you, and to warn you, well, she has someone with her” the guard muttered. “Given the looks of this guy, I amazed he let her to do all the speaking”

“Who?” Max said as he was cuffed, and walked down the hallway, and down the stairs to the where the interrogation room. He wondered if it was Kyle. After all they were married, and would he want his wife coming to this part of New Mexico?

“Someone named, Mikey Gee” the guard muttered, and Max burst out laughing at the idea that Michael try to use that name. “What kind of name is that? Do you know him?”

“Yeah, a long time ago I did” Max muttered reflecting that it had indeed been a long time since he seen anyone of any consequence, who was not prison workers, or the warden. That was until he had seen his daughter.

Making him wake up after a seventeen-year trance. He was not sure what to expect as he was moved into a room, that was just cement. No windows, and no glass. “What no glass?”

“The wishes of your new lawyer,” the guard. “I will be back. No funny business, okay?”

“What kind of funny business can I do, when I am behind bars and security is all over the place” Max muttered even though he knew he probably could maneuver an escape if he truly did want to get out of there unlawfully. After all it was not too different from the army base that he was held in back in high school, and how some high school students of all people was able to disarm the best security of the time to get him free.
But he knew technology had changed. And it was now more dangerous and harder to get out of here, so he did not try.

Although he sometime wished he had, and then he might have been able to see his daughter grow up. And to be with his wife. And now to have her be his wife in his dreams and those dreams were hot he mused.

He had developed quite the imagination in prison he found. It allowed the hours to go by in his self-contained prison, something he had sentenced himself to when he took the blame for something that Tess did to protect his wife, his sister and Michael. Now, he was coming to realize just how much he had missed out on by doing the noble thing. Out of a sincere notion of protection for his family.

He was coming to realization that he had missed out on other aspects of his family, and he did not know what to make of it.

Still he waited for his past to come back into the room.


“I am sorry Mom,” Olivia muttered as she came to her senses and realized she was being too hard on her mother. It was not fair to her mother, and she did not know if she could have done anything different if she had been facing a similar situation to her mother. “I know it is not fair to you to expect you take in some kid Dad had with someone else. It is bad enough you had to deal with it, because if it was me, and say Alex had a kid with someone else, I don’t know how I would handle it, if we were so in love and wanting to get married. To expect me to raise it?” spoke a confused Olivia knew both might have to deal with that kind of scenario one day if they were not destined to be together.

“It wasn’t easy, and sincerely I do not know what I would have done. I loved your father, and during this time, I came to realize just how much I missed out on but then I lost your father, and I got a miracle in getting him back, and it was like clarity that if I wanted him, than I better take my chance when I had it. Otherwise I could regret it and therefore I do not regret taking my chance. I knew he had a child out there when I did go back to him, and I wanted a life to him, but we were both under the impression the child was unlikely to return…”

“Because another planet was involved?” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “If he had been a single father all this time. Would I have gone back to him? I cannot say. Even if everything else stayed the same. If he still died, and came back, it was an eye opener to tell me that I better take my chance. But if Tess were a factor, I do not know if I could have dealt with it. It was a giant mess. So, in a way, and I am not happy to say that by your father putting up the baby for adoption and allowing him to be raised in a happy and healthy family. Something we would not have been able to provide. Yes, it did not force me to choose. I was there for him when he made the choice. But on the other hand, we did little talking once we got back together. We let it all stew, and it almost came to a breaking point, and then he died, and came back, and things were different.”

“If you had a hard time dealing with it. Can I ask, why? Because you gave up on Dad, and you sent him towards Tess. So, it was on you too…”

“Oh, I know that. I am not happy to be angry. But Tess hurt our group. Took someone so precious from our lives. Which is why I did have a hard time dealing with it. I did push your father away and pushed him towards Tess. On some level I know that but love sometimes in irrational. I should not have been upset because I could have moved on, and I would not have expected your father to be the same way if I had. We had our chance, and we blew it, and I pushed him away. Yet he we loved each other. When you love someone so deeply? To watch them move on with someone else. It hurts. But then your father was the same way with me. I did hurt him.”

“Because you did something so bad to push him away?” Olivia muttered. “Which is something you won’t tell me?”

“Let’s say I made sure your father saw that I had moved on…” Liz admitted.

“So, what, you went on some dates, or Dad saw?” Olivia asked. “How is that bad? You say you had been apart for months by that point, and you were not reconciling even though you were almost at the point where you might have taken him back. But it is not like you were dating again, right?”

“No, we were not, and I did not go on a string of dates and force your Dad to watch. The future version of you father told me I had to stop your father from loving me. That I had to do something that would make him so hurt, that he would stop loving me.”

“This future version of Dad sounds like a piece of work. If Dad did love you so much like everyone said he did. That he sacrificed his happiness for you then how could anything of turned off that kind of love?”

“We were young. Sometimes you see something that seems like it is the final straw, and even if your eyes will not believe it and your heart even says that there must be some reason for what you see. You try to tell yourself that yes, there is some explanation. But then you are also being told that what you did see was real, and not some hoax...”

“Jeez Mom, what did you do?” Olivia asked. “You say that you forced Dad to see that you moved on. But what did you do?”

“Maria gave me the idea. At the time she and Michael were going through some turbulent times in their relationship. And there was another girl after Michael. Officially they were not together at the time, because Michael was dealing with some issues that came with some actions that he had undertook for the safety of our group. So, he pushed Maria away and they were not together either at this point. But they were closer to getting over it but then Maria walked in on Michael and this other woman in a compromising position. And she made assumptions of what happened. She misunderstood what happened, but Michael had made it pretty murky for himself and anyone would have probably come to the same conclusion.”

“Are you telling me you forced Dad to catch you with someone else…” Olivia asked, eyes rising at the suggestion that her mother might do that to her father.

“Yes,” Liz said. “I orchestrated a situation where your father would catch me…”

“Doing what?” Olivia asked as shock came over her face as she started to have wild thought that were close to the truth. “Are you kidding me, did you actually have sex with someone else?”

“No,” Liz shook her head. “Your father was my first time. I might not have been his, but he was mine,” she sighed but knew in many ways, because of the mess with Clayton Wheeler. Maybe their first times had been with each other. The baby was wiped away. Tess was wiped away because Max’s physically body had turned into ash. He had taken over Clayton’s body and made it his own What a mess?

“But…” Olivia asked.

“But I made your father have the impression that I might have gone further than I had to that point with him. We had other close calls, but we broke up before we ever got to that point, and as I said, we didn’t go to that level until we became engaged more than a year later.”

“But Dad saw you?” Olivia asked.

“Yes he did, he saw be in bed with someone else, and he assumed what I wanted to him to assume, and then when he had doubts about what he saw, then I lied and told him that I actually had gone there with someone else…”

“Oh my god Mom you didn’t?” Olivia asked appalled and repulsed at the mere idea of such a deception by her mother of all people. “How could you hurt Dad like that?”

“I told you that there were many other options I had. And given I picked the person that your father was the most jealous of at that time. And when I told him that it was true, that I had slept with this person. Your father finally accepted that I had moved on. And things went downhill from there. We were eventually able to become friends again, but he felt betrayed. I hate myself for doing it. I regret it. But I believed this future version of your father. And short time later, he disappeared, and I was led to believe that it worked.”

“Who was this person?” Olivia asked. “Who would knowingly con Dad into believing you had sex with him.”

“Kyle…” Liz murmured. “Because I was dating him first. Your father was always slightly jealous of him and feared that I would wish for a normal life, and go and find someone normal, and who could provide me a life without danger. To him, Kyle represented that kind of life…”

“Uncle Kyle?” Olivia murmured. “Aunt Isabel’s husband?”

“Yes,” Liz said. “And by going along with this future version of your father. I changed the destinies of everyone, and we were all set on a different path”

“One that ended with Dad in prison?”


The wait did seem endless at the prison that Max was housed. Since he had closed himself off to his family and refused any visitors. He had not had to deal with this side of waiting. Still, it was better to be out of his prison cell. Still though he did not know how it would be to see his sister and Michael again, after so many years as he stared at the clock and waited for his guests to come into the room.

Finally, the door opened, and first in walked his sister, and his breath was blown away by the reaction he was having. Then in walked Michael, and the three original musketeers were reunited for the first time in nearly seventeen years.

Ceding to Isabel’s wishes for them to be left alone. The guard closed the door, and they heard the click and the surveillance’s red light went off, to indicate they were not being recorded. Silence enveloped the room.

Endless silence replaced it. Then suddenly it broke.

“Is,” Max said softly, and Isabel flew across the room and into her brother’s arms. She did not care that she was supposed to be the older one, bit this was her brother, and as the hugged. Max looked past his sister to his long-time best friend. Michael almost stood there emotional as well, but tears did not come down his face.

Both Max and Michael exchanged knowingly smiles as Isabel finally pulled herself together as she stepped back. “You have lost weight in here?”

“Not much to do,” Max said softly as they all saw the changes the three had undergone these past nearly seventeen years. “I hate the food.”

“God, Max, it’s real….”

“In the flesh,” Max nodded. “I didn’t think I would see you before tomorrow. I figured you were busy.”

“I am, but I made the time” Isabel murmured with a smile. “We both did” as she looked between her two brothers. With all three knowing that Michael had been more a brother these last years than Max had, and time had changed them all… even if Max had been in a suspended motion these years.

“Michael,” Max acknowledged his friend

“Max…” Michael nodded. “Well, you called… So, are we to presume that you have finally come to your senses and want us to spring you from this joint?”

“Yeah,” Max nodded and added simply. “I am asking you to get me the hell out of here…” Max muttered defiantly as he knew he wanted out of this place to be able to go and be with the two people who next to Isabel and Michael meant the world to him, and who he should have been thinking about in the beginning. Whether they had known about Olivia in the beginning or not. He had been thinking too much about himself, and not enough about what he could have…

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 8 - 11/16/2020

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:37 pm

So emotional....
Liz having to answer Olivia's tough questions
Michael and Isabel to prison......first time reunited in 17 years.
The important thing though, is Max wants the hell out now.

This is so good, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 8 - 11/16/2020

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So glad Max realizes he needs to get out of jail and live his life.

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 9 - 11/18/2020

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This is too surreal Max was musing to himself as they had spent the next twenty minutes talking about the life that he had missed out on, and all the changes among the lives of his sister and honorary brother. “You are a mother?” he asked.

“Yes, two girls” Isabel smiled. “Kyle and I have been married for twelve years, and we did wait, but we got rewarded in the end with Maxine and Kate” she smiled as she showed a picture of the girls to her brother, their uncle, and one who they had never met. She had known them pictures and only Maxine knew where their uncle truly was. Kate is too young to know “Maxine is 8 and Kate is 5.”

“Wow, they are so big” Max murmured as she saw the brunette and blonde in the pictures. Maxine was the blonde and Kate was the brunette as he handed back the pictures to their mother who told Max to keep them. “You know that I am happy for you. I know you always did want to settle down…”

“I did,” Isabel murmured. “It took some time, but I did get what I always wanted.”

“And you,” Max asked of Michael who had not said anything as he observed the reunion between his best friends in silence as that always was best defence for their friend both knew. Neither of knew how Michael would respond, and silence sometimes was his coping mechanism “I know you have a son. Olivia mentioned as much as it seems they are dating, are they not?”

“Don’t remind me,” Michael sighed at the reminder. “It caught us by surprised when they suddenly started. We should have seen the indications, but we didn’t, until they had already started and there was no stopping them, and it’s too late now anyways, even if we did want to” he said trailing off.

“What do you mean?” Max asked, as he felt a sudden entrance to fatherhood. “Is there something I should know?”

“Probably but it’s on Olivia to tell you, or Liz for that matter” Michael admitted because he did not feel like sharing such personal news on the first visit. Maria and I also have a daughter, Amelia. She and Alex are twins?”

“Wow.” Max murmured.

“Yeah, the early months and years were challenge. And sometimes still they can make it a nightmare, but still we know we did get lucky” Michael admitted because for some, life is a whole lot more complicated than early parenthood. “Thankfully, we have a lot of help.”

Max nodded.

“Why now Max, why do you suddenly want action on your case when you didn’t let us deal with it, years ago?” Isabel asked. “Why now?”

“Because everything was so hot back then” Max admitted. “Which is why I confessed because I knew they would have gotten the two of you, and I had already enough of it when they got me the first time. I did not want you to experience any of that. And I feel guilty…”

“Guilty, how?” Michael asked Although you should feel guilty, but Michael was not in the mood to get into a pissing contest over the burden that he knew his friend took on too often.

“I should have seen how bad Tess was for our group. That she was just waiting in wait to strike, and she did too much destruction. I felt like I got too lucky, with Liz. She gave me a chance when she did not have to. She wanted to marry me and did marry me. Still by trusting Tess, I put her in danger and forced her to leave her family.”

“You should not be putting on you because that is on all of us. We should all have a black mark on us for trusting her. It’s wasn’t just you.” Isabel murmured. “I let her in the beginning remember. She started to worm into our group, and I brought her in. We should have known how sudden it was, or how she was raised by Nascedo which should have been a red flag to us?”

“Yeah,” Michael admitted we all should have seen it but we didn’t “But that time was not easy for any of us, so she skated by, and it was when we started to notice.”

“Liz never did trust her,” Max muttered.

“Which was good of her. But at the time it was more because Tess obviously had eyes on you. She didn’t want to lose you…” Isabel sighed. “None of us know what she could be capable of, because we were victims of the fact, we didn’t know much about ourselves.”

“I needed to eliminate the pressure on us,” Max muttered. “As much as I would have been live happily ever after with Liz once we married. We probably would never have been able to go home again if the heat were out there. And especially since they found us. Which put us all in peril. Taking the pressure off you guys because Tess was now dead. There was no proof except a photo that it was her. So, given who we are, and the secrets we held…”

“Still you took an extreme option?” Isabel muttered.

“You guys were able to live a stress-free life, weren’t you?” Max asked. “The government didn’t come after you because they had a sacrificial lamb in me…” he sighed. “Fighting it would have given us headache. I just didn’t expect them to find out about Vermont, which made it angsty…” he sighed as he remembered that nightmare because the memories that came through to him from Claytons’ rampage made him queasy and to know his face was on the tape, and it required the truth to explain why it couldn’t have been him, but then even then he had some culpability in it because he couldn’t keep Liz out of his thoughts. She was his daily dream. Clayton knew to target her because she had been his one. Someone who he could not forget.

“Our lives weren’t exactly stress free,” Isabel murmured.

“I know,” Max sighed as he remembered. “I am sorry about you and Jesse. I know how much you wanted that to work” he asked because he did have a heavy heart that his troubles did keep Isabel back in Roswell and how she couldn’t have gone to Boston to regain her marriage. So, because of him, the marriage died because of his actions.

“I know you are, but I made the right decision for me. Kyle and I are incredibly happy, and we have the kids, and this is exactly where I am meant to be,” Isabel murmured. “I came to a realization that Jesse and I were too different, and we were never going to work, and therefore I am in the life I am meant to be in, with Kyle and the kids” she sighed. “Jesse and I were not going to work, even once he knew the truth, we could never make up for the life we both wished we had, and did not and now I am able to have what I want with Kyle and our girls.”

“I am glad,” Max murmured.

“Did it ever occur to think what your actions might to do to your wife?” Michael blurted out and Max sighed as he took in the blows. Liz, he mused I can never forget about her and how she made my dreams come true by being with me and marrying me “You chose to keep her away from you. I can see how sacrificing yourself helped her, and neither of you knew that Olivia was going even be an option. But she stayed married to you, and you punished her but pushing her away” he wondered as he had to live with the fallout as Maria hadn’t taken it well, and had been a constant sounding board for her best friend. And behind closed doors, Michael had to hear it.

“I wish I hadn’t done it. But at the time I wanted her to move on, and it was only circumstance that kept us married” Max murmured. “I would have wanted her to have a vastly different life. She is the one who chose to stay…”

“Because she didn’t want to screw up anymore that she had. If you had split, they might have nailed you even more…”

“There wasn’t much more they could have done to me, given I confessed to some horrific crimes” Max muttered as Michael’s cellphone rang, which he denied but then a text came through, and he knew he had to return the call. “What is it?”

“I have to return this call,” Michael muttered as he stood up and left the room.

“He’s pissed at me?” Max asked.

“All of us are” Isabel murmured. “We just show it differently, but he hears it at home from Maria, who isn’t exactly your biggest fan, but she doesn’t say or give that opinion when she is in front of your wife or your daughter. So, naturally, it has led to some interesting conversations?”

“Liz,” Max said simply.

“Yeah,” Isabel asked.

“Is there any way you can get me permission to see my wife?” Max asked and Isabel smiled. “What?”

“I figured that was why you were after my presence all of sudden,” Isabel sighed Of course it is Olivia that would get Max back into the land of the living and opening to his family again. “You got a visit from Olivia, and now you have questions?”

“And you wouldn’t, after hearing what I heard, and seeing what I saw?” Max asked as she still felt thrown for a loop by all that he had found when for almost seventeen years he had been living in a cement wall bubble without outside knowledge.

“No, it’s understandable” Isabel muttered. “Completely understandable because I am sure I would be the same way if the situation were reversed.”

“So, will you help me?” Max asked.


“I regret what I did,” Liz admitted to her daughter. “I never wanted to hurt him, but I couldn’t see any other choice. Your father was persistent. I had tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t go away, when I was polite, and he was making me weak,” she sighed as she still remembered the kiss when he realized that she was pushing him at Tess. So, resistant that he tried to get through to her, and for a split second she thought she might crumble, but then she did the unthinkable, and said words she would always regret next to those she uttered after Alex died “I don’t want to die for you” and now she knew Max would die for her. Which made her feel guilty to this day “So, when I talked to Maria, and she told me what she assumed happened with Michael. I knew…”

“And Kyle went along with you. How could you do that to Dad. How could he do that to him?” Olivia asked.

“I didn’t tell him all I knew. He was doing it as a favor for a friend. I wish it could have been different, but it happened. We all make choices we regret. We all make mistakes. I felt I was protecting your Dad if any of what the future version of our father said was true. I knew he could not deal with life if he could have prevented your aunt’s death. And I didn’t want him to have to regret being with me and knowing he could have prevented calamity.”

“But that was such a drastic move,” Olivia asked.

“I know,” Liz sighed.

“Then what happened?” Olivia asked. “And you lied when he asked if what he said was the truth?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “I have come to realize that he never lost his love for me, but disappointment and angst replaced it as the more prevalent feeling and when I confirmed that yes, he did see what he thought he saw. The pain on his face, I did not ever want to see that again. I still don’t”

“How do we get from there to him attacking you, and being not in his right mind?” Olivia asked. “Which I still have a hard time believing, truthfully?”

“A lot of pain, and a lot of trust that was lost” Liz murmured. “I can’t explain it because it was so complicated, and yet I loved your father, and I didn’t want to lose him, and I wanted a chance to love him again” she sighed. “You still have trouble believing when I just told I had an encounter with someone who came from 2014, when I was in 2000.

“Wouldn’t you be in state of disbelief, if you were me?” Olivia asked.

“I suppose,” Liz allowed. “Anyways, your father and I did manage to become friends again. I was support system when he went through some questioning of his powers,” Liz allowed. “We managed to make up some of what was lost during that time. It wasn’t complete, but it was a start, and it was kind of nice and showed how much I missed that with him.”

“And?” Olivia asked.

“We just tried to be friends. He had some stuff he was doing along with his sister and Michael. Michael and Maria were getting closer. I was just there; nothing was really happening and then Vegas happened.”

“Excuse me, you guys went to Vegas?” Olivia asked. “That doesn’t seem your city?”

“It had its moments,” Liz smiled. “I didn’t want to go but Michael had gone through a trying period and he wanted to let loose, and her pulled everyone into a kind of Spring Break adventure that would last not even 24 hours. We sort of skipped the state, and school and we hung out and did our own adventures. Letting loose. If only we had stayed there because when we did come home, we came home to some miserable times.”

“What happened in Vegas?” Olivia asked.

“A reminder of what would have happened if I kept the first timeline going,” Liz murmured.

“What do you mean?” Olivia asked.

“Vegas is where your father and I would have gotten married if I hadn’t listened to the future version of your father,” Liz began, and Olivia eyes turned big. “I know.”

“Vegas?” Olivia asked. “You and Dad would have eloped to Vegas of all places?”

“Yeah,” Liz admitted. “Your father and Michael had gone through some difficult times, and they ended up in jail because they got caught using their powers for underage gambling,” she sighed or Michael did “One more thing I want you not to do, okay. You have some special gifts. Ones that you haven’t even tapped into yet, and I don’t want you to think that you can use them for gain”

“Yes Mom, I heard that the first million times you told me to be careful,” Olivia muttered.

“This time I really mean it,” Liz muttered.

“Fine,” Olivia sighed as Liz just shook her head because she had done that her own parents, and now she was getting paid back tenfold with her own daughter. “So, this new version of Vegas. What did it mean to you and Dad? I assume he got out of jail?”

“Yeah, Maria bailed them out, and your father was planning on leaving and then he had a vision of me, and what our wedding would have been like in the first timeline.”

“But I thought this was a new time?”

“It was,” Liz murmured. “I can’t explain it, and I don’t even think your Dad would know how to explain it but because he didn’t know what I had done with his future self. He didn’t know how to see it…”

“So, he still believed you had gone there with Kyle of all people. Should he not have wondered why you two did not do anything once this encounter was. You don’t strike me as someone who would sleep with someone, and just walk away?”

“I am not,” Liz murmured.

“Adults, I don’t get you at all…” Olivia muttered.

“You’re going to be one all too soon young lady, and maybe before we would rather like you to be” Liz muttered.

“I know,” Olivia nodded but rather go back to the unbelievable tale of her parent’s courtship and how it went so bad. “So, what happened next?”

“Your father and I had a night to remember,” Liz smiled. “One perfect night, which ended way too soon”

“Seems you and Dad had more pain than happiness,” Olivia asked. “Even with this one night. Why do it. Was it really worth it?”

“I got you out of it,” Liz murmured. “And that is something I don’t regret. From all the pain, and all the heartache. I did get a few moments there that were genuine happiness, and you ended up being one of them. Do not think I do not love you, or want another road, because as much as it might be nice to go through a different door. Still, I would not trade the one that led to your father, and to you.”

“And you guys got busted,” Olivia asked. It might feel nice to know your parents loved each other beyond comprehension but then she also grew up without her father in her life, and it was not even a case of a split and different homes. She was completely without her father, and it did not make sense that two people who were supposed to have loved each other, could have so much trouble staying together.

“Kyle’s dad. Sheriff Valenti came after us after he discovered that his son did not make it to detention. Kyle forgot that he was supposed to report there, and so Valenti of course got worried and found us in Vegas. That night I really thought might be a turn for your father and me? It was like the future version of your father was wrong. That your father and I were destined to be together, no matter the timeline.”

“You were…” Olivia asked.

“Unfortunately, it would take a lot of heartache before we discovered that. When we went home, suddenly everything took a turn, a complete turn and nothing was the same. Your father was getting closer to Tess. And I started to get closer to Maria’s cousin, Sean…”

“What?” Olivia muttered. “Someone else was interested in you?” she asked.

“It was more one sided. I used Sean primarily as a diversion tactic because I did not think I could be with your father. Naturally, your father was jealous…”

“He was?” Olivia asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Liz smiled. “Your father vs. Sean Deluca were two vastly different people. You could say Sean was a bad boy. He had recently been released from juvie” she sighed to the raised eyebrows of her daughter “Maria was not happy. She thought her cousin was bad news. But truthfully Sean was a decent guy, misunderstood in a lot of ways and ended up being there for his family in some perilous times. He had a mystique to him that made him an alluring, but nothing could make stop loving your father during that time. But I had to stay away, and as time went on, your father got mixed up with Tess.”

“Which is what you wanted?” Olivia asked.

“Still it was a gut punch to actually watch it happen. For so long after the fiasco with the future version of your father. Your father did seem to resist going towards Tess and instead he was being insistent about wanting me. So, for him to suddenly turn on a dime and to concentrate on her because she was helping him remember more about his former life on Antar.”

“Why would he want to do that?” Olivia asked. “Was he not happy here on earth?”

“He was, but you always want to know where you came from. And Tess knew more because of how she was raised, and she had that to lure him in. Unfortunately, we did not see what was really going on, until it was too late, and we lost someone very dear to us,” Liz gritted through some genuine grief that still was present to her, so many years later. She would never get over losing Alex Whitman I am so sorry

“Alex?” Olivia wondered of Alex’s namesake. She and the Guerin twins had known there was a reason Alex got his name, and it had been because their parents had lost someone truly special to them when they were in high school. She could not imagine losing anyone at his stage in her life. She prayed she did not have to find that out.

“Yes,” Liz sighed. “And because of the time your father was spending with Tess. And in the wake of losing Alex. We were both becoming different people. Acting out of grief, and the burden of what we had been through, and the pressure on your father. Neither of us acted our best during that time, as we both said and did things we would regret. And it unfortunately it led to your father and Tess…”

“But you wanted him to go there with Tess?” Olivia asked.

“I never did actually want him to go there. Yes, I could not be with him. Yes, I had pushed him away because of the what the future had told me. But we were in a new time, and I was hoping he would continue to resist and prove that they were all wrong, and that we belonged together. It worked until it did not work anymore. Instead all we got was misery because in the wake of losing Alex, and with neither of us acting as our best selves” Liz conceded because she had known her behavior had been just as much of am issue as Max’s. “He was therefore getting closer to Tess, and eventually went there, and he didn’t wake up to how his behavior was affecting those around him until it was too late, and neither of us were prepared for what the fallout would be” she muttered a those damn consequences. The consequences of your actions will always get you in the end.

“So, Dad got Tess pregnant?” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Liz admitted to her daughter. “I told you of the deal to go back to Antar with the baby. Anyways, at the time I was trying to solve Alex’s death, which was initially ruled a suicide. I didn’t believe it and fortunately Maria eventually came onto my side, and we started to investigate, and we found out that Alex had been decoding the book that told everything about who the aliens were, and what their mission was, and with the help of Michael, we found the key because earlier that year, Isabel found a spaceship, called a Granolith that would take them back to Antar when it was time. All they needed was the key?”

“And did they find it?” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “In our search for Alex’s killer, we discovered the key and the decoded book, which spelled it all out, and allowed them access to getting off the planet.”

“What?” Olivia asked, stunned. “Do you mean Dad almost left this planet, and you?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “It was within minutes of them leaving but fortunately for us Maria and I gained a clue from Maria’s mother of all people in that it showed Tess’s true motives, and we discovered it was Tess who had killed Alex. Sure, she did not intend for it, and it was unintended but still she pressured him using her powers to get the book decoded, and he crumbled because of two much pressure, and ultimately died. To us, she was his killer, and with that knowledge we got the cave where the ship was to take off, and we were able to warn your father, and your aunt about Tess actions, as Michael had already decided to stay on earth because he had picked his love for Maria over the unknown on Antar, even if it meant staying while Max and Isabel went off, but fortunately, that didn’t happen, as we got there in time, and we prevented disaster”

“Michael picked Maria?” Olivia heart swarmed at the idea of Alex’s father loving his mother enough to stay on earth for her “That is so romantic. Why didn’t Dad pick you?”

“It is,” Liz smiled even though she knew it still was not coast clear for Michael and Maria after that moment. “Your father didn’t have that choice because he was having a baby with Tess,” she muttered because even all these years later it was not any easier to say or believe. “She had made him believe the baby was sick, and that his son needed to return to Antar to be healthy, otherwise he would die if born here on Earth…” she muttered as she thought of her hatred for the blonde that had caused so much pain for their families. “That made it an imperative to solve Alex’s death, so he could leave. Fortunately, we were able to gain the truth about Tess’s actions to be able to tell your father and allow him to choose.”

“Are you sure this wasn’t some television you watched when you were younger?” Olivia asked. “Dad would have left the planet with another women, despite loving you?” she muttered “That is so unfair?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “Because I set it in motion”

“Are you sure this Future Max wasn’t some partner of Tess?” Olivia asked. “Because it seems you had a rather good deal if he hadn’t come to this planet and interrupted things. You and Dad would have gotten married and been together. Incredibly happy, and very compatible. Sure, fourteen years from then, Michael and Aunt Isabel might have died. But then who knows what could have changed in those fourteen years to prevent that from happening. Couldn’t you have stayed with Dad, been with him, and still tried to prevent calamity from occurring in 2014 if you knew to try to keep Tess around or at least prevent things in the future that led to Michael and Isabel dying…”

“I didn’t have that option,” Liz muttered as she did not like her daughter was picking apart Future Max’s plan, and that at the time, she had seen it. “It seemed to be the only plan at the time.”

“Or this future version of Dad didn’t give you that option?” Olivia asked. “And probably only the bare minimum of what you needed to go the direction he wanted. To upend your life and sacrifice your true love. And this new life you created by fake sleeping with Kyle of all people, well, you ended up apart from Dad. Despite a perfect night in Vegas, still, you lost your best friend. He died when he was alive in the first timeline?”

“Right,” Liz admitted. “He would have been at our wedding reception we would have thrown for our friends after…”

“And then Dad sleeps with Tess and gets her pregnant which was the deal set in motion by the Nascedo person. It seems to me; Tess got an awfully lot in this new timeline?” Olivia asked. “And you got jilted?”

“I ended up with your Dad and you” Liz murmured. “At the end of the day, I still ended up marrying your father, and we had you?”

“Tess still took down the army base and forced you all onto the road. Away from those you love. Grandpa and Grandpa on both sides. The government were then hound dogs and was going to get to him again or worst yet Isabel and/or Michael, which made Dad scared enough to get him to sacrifice himself which ultimately destroyed everything. And as a result, well, he’s serving a life term in prison after nearly killing you and it left you and me without someone who would love us…” Olivia asked. “And she made you do the dirty work?” she asked. “So, tell me, that this future version of Dad was a good guy?

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 9 - 11/18/2020

Post by Superman86 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:07 am

Just came across this awesome fic another awesome writing by you. Keep up the good work! Look forward to the next update. I hope Liz get to visit Max soon and Olivia goes back to see and hear Max version of his and Liz past

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 9 - 11/18/2020

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The visit in prison continues.
Michael had the best question for Max......"why now?"
Glad to hear Max wants to see his wife now.
Liz continues to tell Olivia she felt she was protecting Max.
Was FMax a partner of Tess???
I don't blame Olivia for having questions regarding FMax!

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