The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 51 - 02/27/2021

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The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 51 - 02/27/2021

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Title: Story of My Life
Author: Parker1947
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They were created once upon a time by Jason Katims and those associated with the writing staff of Roswell and before them it was the esteem creator of the Roswell High series by Melinda Metz book that captured all our attentions for more than 20 years….This story is based on the television show that started in 1999 and ended in 2002. I am just borrowing them for my own fun and imagination.
Disclaimer#2: This story was started in advance of certain events in today’s culture, and while the story is a lot more current than some of my others. Still its existence is fiction and does not reflect certain 2020 events, and any viewpoints expressed by the characters and shown to undertake are purely for the purpose of the story. As it is a fictional landscape, with a glance at today’s world for our characters.
Rating: Mature
Category: CC
Couples: Established: Michael and Maria, and Isabel and Kyle…
Characters: ALL
Synopsis: With her return to town, Tess engineered the ultimate destruction of the lives that the gang knew up to that point. Max most of all. As he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his sister, Michael and especially Liz and they are all forced to live with the results of his decision. Because of the sacrifice that Max makes. The gang is forced to go on with life without him, but the future has a chance to reunite the gang, and to maybe right a lot of wrongs as Max and Liz, Michael and Maria face the new world order and create a whole new future for their families..
Changes from Show: Tess still died. She took down the army base with her, or did she? And the gang did flee Roswell, but cataclysmic actions took place that forever changed their lives, and made their actions to save themselves short-lived but everything story wise and show wise is kept, for good and for bad, as everything is blown up once they leave Roswell…
Song Credits: The title of this story comes from Neil Diamond’s The Story of My Life, and lyrics from the song will be used later in the story. While the song fits the story and Max and Liz like a glove, the story is not based on it, although it could be, I suppose but I am only using the name of the song, and the song itself… And Bryan Adams Everything I Do (I Do it For You) will also be used before the end of the story.

As this story does take a glance at the fallout that no one was really discussing from Season 3, most of all Chant Down Babylon and even Graduation. So, there are nods to the whole series, and of the incredible love and yet mostly rocky relationship of Max and Liz, now seen through different eyes…

There is not much show dialog in this story. But if there is any, credit goes to various Roswell transcripts at



March 15, 2019

The big building sat in front the brunette in the car as she sat there and glanced at it and had for the last twenty minutes as she battled the nerves of undertaking this endeavor. She knew her mother would have a fit, just like a she had a fit whenever his name was mentioned anytime since Olivia was old enough to remember. But she was here because she needed to do this, not because this was a right decision, because to her, it was right decision. Everyone else might have a different opinion on what she was about to do. But she was going to deal with it tomorrow. This was now, and this was what she needed to do.

For the first time since she could remember. She was going to do something she knew her mother would disagree with, and it felt freeing. Too much of her life had been stuck in the confines of her small town. Protected to the edge of rebellion. It is almost felt like her mother did not remember how it felt to be her age, and to want to live, and see the world. Even her boyfriend, Alex would tell her she was being foolish and risking the hellmouth opening again after years spent trying to close it to begin with and he had, and they had the biggest fight of their relationship the night before when she had opened up her mouth and spilled what was on her mind, on numerous fronts. She had ended up at home and in tears. But her mother had not been there, because she was, where she always was… at work.

Trying to provide for the life they were trying to make do because of the circumstance and because as Alex kept reminding her the night before of the sacrifices their parents had made for them, and she was risking it all by undertaking this mission. How can I forget, because I cannot Alex, I am defined by what they have done?

Or the fact it had taken the sacrifice from someone who meant to the world to her, and to her mother. And it was someone she had not even met, because it had happened before she was born. Sixteen years before, when the hellmouth finally closed, and the danger level had dimmed, and sanity was able to reign.

Now she was going to open the pandora box again, and she could not guarantee they would come out of it in one piece. I have my reasons for wanting to do this. Too much of her recent actions have been risking consequences, and not just the fact she was looking up at the monstrous building and knowing what she was undertaking by going into the building and waking the beast.

I need to do this. Mom and Alex will understand and appreciate it in the end… Would they though? Olivia was not going to give up this chance to do what she was meant to do. Especially on this day.

Getting out of her car. She walked the path that led to the building and entered and went through the metal detector. Not like I am not used to this at school she mused. School security had come a long way since her mother was in school. Life had changed on many fronts, and therefore this was not new to her, as she was patted down and allowed to walk through the gate.

Finally, she was stopped. “Name?”

“Olivia Jones” she lied. She gave the request form that was always required when you come to one of these places.

“You are a journalist?” said the guard. “You don’t look old enough…”

“School newspaper,” Olivia muttered as she handed her fake ID to the guard. “I want to do an in-depth report for my newspaper, and maybe sell it to other papers as well, and who knows it might get me into university” which would please Mom Olivia muttered to herself. The university part at least, the other part will spark a major fight, she predicted. But then the way my life is going these days, this interview might be the easiest thing I will face in the coming months…

“The person you want to speak to, doesn’t give interviews”

“I know,” Olivia admitted. “I was hoping he would make an exception. “Tell him I come from his hometown” as if that were going to be a tantalizing piece that would get her the in, she needed with the person she had come to see.

“Where is that?” the guard asked.

“Roswell, New Mexico” Olivia sighed as she nodded to her ID. One especially created with her special talents so that they did not call her mother, or her aunt, or anyone in her extended family and ask permission. Because if they did this, then she knew she would be busted, and prevented from her destination. “I figured it’s been a long time, and he might want to hear the gossip of our mutual hometown?”

“He’s going to be difficult…” the guard muttered because the person the girl wanted to see had long been a problem. While he was quiet, and did his daily exercises, and worked the activities he was required to work, still, he was a hell of a problem, and he didn’t want to give this a girl a in with that kind of person.

“I wouldn’t expect anything else” Olivia smiled.

“I don’t think you know what you’re going to be dealing with,” the guard asked. “You do know why he is here, don’t you?”

“Of course, I would not be here if I did not know who he is, and how he has come to be in this place. I do a thorough investigation, you know Mister. Still, I think I can handle myself, and there will be a guard, right… So, it is not like I will be in there, alone with him?”

“Yes, that is protocol” the guard admitted.

“Then perfect, let me in, and all I want to do is him some questions…” Olivia asked. “And maybe come back another time and get more” she sighed because she knew a return visit would not be in the cards if the truth was allowed out into the open. So, I am going need to get what I need in this visit she muttered to herself.

“Fine, but another guard will be present” the guard reminded the girl. “So, do not think you are going to be allowed to ask anything more than you need to ask?”

“Naturally,” Olivia sigh and she almost took it as a relief that everything would be smooth, and she did not have to have the nerves that were fluttering away.

“Sit over there, and I’ll go and make the arrangements” the guard sighed as he left Olivia to her own devises as she checked her cellphone and saw a message from her mother. You are not home, where are you?

Out she responded.

Another one from her boyfriend, Alex. Has it happened, yet?

“Working on it, now” she muttered and typed back and got back a “Be careful” she sighed, as she waited.

“You can go in,” the guard said but your keys and no pens, pencils, and you will have to leave your phone with us. You only will be allowed to bring a recorder.”

“My phone is my recorder,” Olivia asked. “Really, I am not going to be planning any escape with this individual Mister. He does not know me, from Eve, as you have seen from the logs that this is my only visit until now. If I cannot take notes, then I need something… next time, I’ll be better prepared”

“Fine, you know how to argue. Are your parents’ lawyers?” the guard asked.

“No, a doctor. But my grandfather is a lawyer” she muttered as she followed as she thought of that grandparent and knew she might get some support from that side of the family at least because they were always worried and wanted her to know their son. Now her other set of grandparents were on their daughter’s side and warning her away.

You can guess which grandparent I am doing this for she laughed to her inner self as she was escorted into the visitor’s room where she was on the visiting side and told to wait. She did because she was not giving this chance up.


She waited an eternity or this moment, but it was a reality of twenty minutes. She kind of guessed that the person she was here to interview was being stubborn and refusing to come out of his where he was situated. So, she hoped this would work out and she would not be told by a guard coming into the room to say, her chance was over. That there would be no meeting today. She waited an eternity for this meeting, in more ways than the twenty minutes she was waiting for this meeting to take place. You can say I have been waiting for this meeting for sixteen years.

Just a split second before she was ready to give up and try this tomorrow, or another day when she could get the freedom to mount this exercise, when a door opened and a dark haired mystery man came out of back way, and pushed into the room, and told to take the first booth. She saw that he was arguing with the guard, but she sat and waited.

Finally, the wait ended when the man approached, and sat down in a huff like he did not want to be out of his room. “What the hell is this…”

“That is some greeting,” Olivia cracked as she got the first glance at the man behind the glass as the man gave her a startled glance as if he was finally concentrating on the situation as he went pale at his first true glance at her as if he was looking at a ghost, and in some quarters they might be thinking he was right, that he was looking at a ghost. “I am here…”

“You’re here to do an interview?” the man asked gruffly.

“If you consent?” Olivia muttered.

“What happens if I don’t give you that consent?” the man said equally gruff and in haunted terms. “If that is all you’re looking for then you can go back home. Because if you are really from Roswell, then you can go back to that town because no one in that town wants you here with me…”

“Two people do… at least” Olivia muttered. “You have many people back home who care about you, and would want to know if you’re alive, and if you’re well…”

“You say your name is Olivia Jones?” said the man with an irritated posture that was a mix of indifference and confusion. “I don’t know anyone named Jones and I certainly don’t know of any Olivia’s”

“I lied…” Olivia admitted. “But even if I was telling the truth, you wouldn’t have known of me given you have been in here all of my life” Which is why I am here because you have been absent all my life she muttered to herself. “So, the chances are you really don’t know too many Olivia’s…”

“What are you talking about?” the man asked. “Why would you lie about your name of all things?”

“So, that they would let me in here, and they wouldn’t call the people who would bust me” Olivia admitted as the man had a knack of staring into her soul and seemed to be taken back by what he was sensing.

“And what’s your real name than?” the man asked as he could not take his eyes off the teenage girl who seemed fascinated by him. Which was odd for him since he had crafted a reputation in here by staying away from the general public, and not doing much to engage with the prison population unless he was forced to.

The time has come to reveal all Olivia muttered to herself, and she knew it too. The rouse was up because the way he was looking at her was like he knew she was not being truthful, or the very least he would know enough to pull apart any false identity she tried to muster upon him. Plus, she wanted to experience what it would be like for him to know her identity.

“The name is Olivia…Parker” Olivia revealed to the stunned man whose eyes went wide as if she was confirming what his inner brain was trying to deny. “You know your parents, Phillip and Diane Evans, and most of all you know my mother, Elizabeth Parker. You knew her at one time as Liz.”

“You…. you are…” said the man. “You can’t be…” he whispered in a haunted tone.

“But I am. I am Olivia Parker and I know you to be Max Evans, formerly of Roswell, New Mexico… And I know you also to be my father…” she finally revealed to a stunned and silent room. “Of course, Mom didn’t give me your name. But everyone knows who you are, and that you are my father. They haven’t denied that, or ignored it for that matter, although, oh, how they tried, but they don’t.”

So, can I say, hello Dad…” Olivia muttered with a devilish smile as she gave a nod to the date that she was making this visit. “Or should I also say Happy Birthday Dad…
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The Story of My Life - Chapter 2 - 10/02/2020

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Happy Birthday Dad… played in a loop in the brain of the man who sat on the other side of the glass, holding up the phone, with so much happiness on her face and here he was on the edge of a wipeout if he hadn’t already been sitting as he heard the news. It did not make any sense. Olivia is my daughter. But another part of this was rocking his core being. God, Liz is a mother. Are you telling me, we share this young girl? he mused to himself. It was obvious this girl was so full of ambition, and it was as if he was looking at the ghost of the woman he had and lost once. He knew when he walked into this room and saw Olivia for the first time, it was as if he was looking into a dream. And the bubbly personality was a such a change from the life he had known all these years, and in one minute she had changed his life forever.

He, Max Evans, was a father. And no one had told him.

Of course, he had not allowed anyone into his life back then, so if Liz had wanted to tell him, then he had not allowed her to, but still, he was a father?

He had a daughter he was forced to realize as only twenty minutes earlier when the guard had come to say he had a visitor waiting for him, some student journalist who wanted to hear his story. He had protested, as he hadn’t wanted to do much more than the bare minimum that was required of him, and put up a loud and sometimes disruptive protest when he was forced to do something he didn’t want to do, and then he also realized, he hadn’t had very much choice as they held all the leverage and could deny him if there was something he had wanted, and this time he had a visitor of all things.

He thought people knew not to come here, to see him.

But from the moment he had seen Olivia, he was drawn into the past by the resemblance to the girl he had loved, and then lost, and now she was the reincarnated version of his greatest love only to up the torture but telling him that he was her father…

Of all things, he was a father?

“Happy Birthday,” she said again as it dawned on him if this was god’s way of giving him a birthday gift, then why do it, now, and while he was in this place, and why wait so damn long? So many things might have been different if I only had known! he was telling himself. But would it, would it really Max? Could you not sacrifice your life if you knew Liz was having your child, and they might be in danger if you had fought the government, and have them strike back at you, by focusing on your family?

He did not know the answer, and still stunned him to know it was even a possibility, and he wanted to deny it despite all evidence and looking at the girl, telling him it was the truth.

“Are you sure?” was the first words out of his mouth but he knew the answer. Anyone looking at the girl, saw Liz, and she was such a vision of her mother. It hurt his heart to know how much he, and how much he lost, and at the end of the day, he had done this to himself. I had made this choice. I forced it on everyone else, but I made it…

“I think it’s pretty easy. It is like looking in a mirror they tell me. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I do not. But then I only had photos of you to make any comparison. Most of the time they say I look like Mom. But they do say I take the stubborn part of my personality from both of you, and the fact, I can’t let something go when I have that chance to get answers…” she muttered. “They will hate that I am here, but I couldn’t help it. I needed to see you. I am sixteen years old now…”

Sixteen, I have missed out on sixteen birthdays… Max muttered to himself. “Sixteen?” he asked in a whisper.

“Last month, February 14th, a Valentine’s Day baby. Which is appropriate I take it because Mom hates that day with a passion, so I give her the only reason why to like it, being the day of my birth, after all…” Olivia laughed but then turned solemn when she thought of her mother and how much she had missed out on by being a single mother. “I guess it’s only right I give her something to be happy about…” when I give her so many other reasons to curse it, and me…

“Why does she hate it?” Max murmured as she was struggling to process the revelations that was coming at him from the bubbly teenage girl as memories flooded his brain of years past, when he had his chance to love and to lose his dream girl. Liz was never about hating love. She loved people, and loved giving her all for those she cared about… She always fought the good fight. She always needed answers. Which had led them to the truth on numerous fronts

“I mean, she really hates love. She says, losing you, made her give up on it.” Olivia said softly as she thought of how her mother had invested in only her, and her career. Nothing else even came close except for her friends. “She only lives for her career, and for me, and sometimes her friends will get through to her…” she admitted. “She definitely doesn’t want me to fall in love…”

“This makes no sense,” Max whispered. “Why now, why come here?”

“I have my driver’s license so I can go anywhere I want to go, and Alex and I might disagree on this, but I had to do this for my own sake. I need answers. I needed to know you, and I wanted you to know me” Olivia said proudly as she got out of wallet, her license and placed it against the glass and everything she said panned out, at least in this document. Her name was Oliva Parker – Birthdate: February 14, 2003

“Alex…” Max asked as he remembered back to the Alex he knew, back in high school, and the beginning of the end for Liz and he, and he will never stop feeling burden of the circumstances that ended with the original’s death or the fact his powers were unable to save him.

“Yeah, Alexander Guerin” Olivia muttered. “My boyfriend. Michael and Maria, you remember them, of course you do, anyways, they had a son two months after I was born, and one thing led to another, and presto, we fell in love. Mom curses about it all the time, even if she and Maria laugh about it at times to, but not too much lately she mused to herself. But I am not giving up on him…”

Michael and Maria have a son? Max mused to himself. This does not make any sense. They have a son, and that son is dating my daughter.

“Sorry for telling you like that,” Olivia smiled. “You had to be there, and of course you weren’t, you were here, and so that is about it…”

“You know why I am here?” Max asked.

“Sure, I do,” Olivia nodded. “Aunt Isabel is the only one who will talk about you. Grandma and Grandpa just fret, and yet love that they have me to love, and to remember because you wouldn’t let them visit you, and you wouldn’t let Mom visit” she sighed. “Why not?”

“Because I love her, and I wanted to protect her, and you have seen this place, and I didn’t want her to make it her life to come here every week to visit me. I wanted her to live her life, and to be happy, and the only way for her to achieve that life, was to stop her from coming here…” Max admitted. He would have given everything to be able to see Liz’s face but he knew by the choice he had made, and forced on his love ones, he couldn’t do that to her, because he knew she would be here religiously, and he didn’t want her to give up on that life…

“But you married her… Dad,” Olivia. “She’s your wife, isn’t she and she still is…” Olivia muttered as she presented her father with the paradox of his life. “Shouldn’t she want be able to see her husband, and shouldn’t you want to see your wife?”

Dad, that was not something he was used to hearing. Not since he gave up his only other shot back when life was still manageable. And now he was faced with the fact he was missing out on another one of his children’s life, and this conception was a whole lot more memorable and something he did want to witness if only he hadn’t made the choices he had made. “We stay married, to protect her…” Max muttered knowing that they were married more to protect her from incriminating him, as if he ever really worried about that. Tess might have turned on him, but Liz would never have done it, even if I had wanted her to tell the truth. Being married kept her safe. But then he also ended up here, so being married did not help either of them in the end because neither could be with their spouse.

“That might be true, but you still are married and neither of you have done anything to divorce.” Olivia asked. “So, why protect her in one way and ignore her in the next breath?” she muttered as she could never understand her parent’s relationship. Because she had such a large and extended and truthfully bizarre family. She had grown up listening to the legendary stories of her parent’s love, and even the stories, of their demise and yet here she sat, the result of that marriage, and that love, and yet she didn’t have her parents together.


“Haven’t you done enough?” Elizabeth Parker asked as she watched her godson, and now her daughter’s boyfriend walks into the house she had purchased when Olivia was six years old. The house she had slaved to make the mortgage payments while working jobs she hated to get through medical school, and to raise her daughter, and now she was a doctor who was esteemed in the profession, and what does she have to show for it? A teenage daughter who is trying to test every boundary that there was and was about to risk her future that could be golden all for a boy that looked good without his shirt. She knew her parents were laughing up to a point that they knew what was going on, because she was getting payback for the coloring outside the lines when she was her daughter’s age.

When she was sixteen. She was way worse than what Olivia has shown to this day herself capable of being. Although at sixteen, she had not been about to throw away her future. Of course, she tended to forget that at sixteen, she might have been dead. If it hadn’t been for a boy, who looked great with his shirt off, as she was so close to finding out back then, but got busted, and it was only later, that she came to see how sexy a shirtless and much more Max looked, for better, and for worse…

And as a result, she had ended up being a single mother, at age 18. To a little girl who would grow up wanting to test her limits. Liz knew that she should be supporting it because she knew what it meant to test those limits, but she couldn’t because she knew how dangerous the world was, and how it had cost her, everything, once before, and she wasn’t going to lose her daughter to that life. “Where is my daughter?”

“I told her that this wasn’t going to work?” Alexander Guerin admitted as he looked at his mother, and her best friend who was the mother of his girlfriend. An insane reality that he was getting used to even though they had been dating since they were both fourteen, so the fact they were both sixteen or close to it, and dating, shouldn’t be a shock to their mothers.

But it was because it gotten too serious lately, and now, there were consequences. She had rushed home from the practice she worked in when she could not reach her daughter. And knowing how rash and unpredictable her daughter was, she was worried what she might be up to, and it was a breath of relief to know it hadn’t included marriage since Alex hadn’t gone off with her daughter on whatever mission she had sensed all week that her daughter was planning. Of course, they still needed parental permission to go those lengths. And Alexander was not yet sixteen.

“Where did she go?” Liz asked.

“To see her father,” Alex admitted to her mother and Liz and from the looks on their faces, this was revelation was not going to go over well. “Look I know, I told her not to do it but she’s been on some mission lately to want to know her father, and she got it in her head that she needed answers, and she decided today was going to be the day since we had a break from school.”

“Damn it,” Liz cursed. “Her father…” she went white as Maria also cursed along with her friend Max, why, must she reopen wounds. Liz muttered to herself. “She can’t get in there, right?”

“Don’t count her out,” Maria warned. “That girl is surprising me more and more with what she’s able to accomplish. So, chances are yes, she’s going to be able to gain access.”

“Shit…” Liz muttered. “This can’t be happening?”

“I think she was going to use the opportunity to write about it for the school newspaper or one of those get to know you essays for university, when that time comes, if it comes” he muttered solemnly and both women wanted to curse even more.

“Which makes it even better, which of course is a no” Liz muttered. “She doesn’t know half of what she should know before going to visit him…

“He’s her father, right?” Alex asked.

“Of course, he is,” Liz muttered. “There was no one other than Max in my life, and he was my husband, so he’s her father, but she doesn’t know why it ended?”

“He got thrown into jail, right?” Alex muttered as they all knew how it ended for Max and Liz. “For crimes Tess Harding did, right?” he asked as they all knew Max had gone down for the army base massacre. After causing much havoc in her return to this planet with the son she had conceived with Max. She ended up causing an international incident at the army base, which turned up the heat on them to a fever pitch. And the search for Tess had led the government to them, to Max, Michael, Isabel and of all people Liz. Evidence and coercion of a woman that Max and Liz had innocently saved had led them to believe that Liz was the same as Max, Michael and Isabel and so the four of them placed on a Special Unit sanctioned hit list, and the government had come to graduation to terminate them, but fortunately Michael had been able to save the day, and they managed to get away, but it had been too close for any of their liking.

In the end the group of six, which of course included Kyle was planning on fleeing Roswell. And they had even attempted a get away, and they got as far as a small church in front of some mountains, and she and Max were able to say their vows, and to be married after getting engaged prior to their graduation, and all hell breaking loose and it allowed them one night of pure passion, and a memory that would always stay with them even though they had succumb earlier when they had gotten engaged, but their wedding night was precious to them because it had been the accumulation of three long years of close calls, and too many steps back before they had been able to take their vows. They never imagined it would be short-lived.

But the government did catch up to them, and to save Michael, Isabel and especially Liz… Max had done the unthinkable and confessed, and turned himself in. Because if he did, then it meant saving the others. Even though all the crimes could be pinned on a dead woman, who had taken down the army base and massive chaos, and they could not verify what they knew or were, or that she was one of them. So, to save everyone, he had confessed, and was taken to trial.

Which was not the end of the drama, and what came next only brought the heartbreak all the deeper into chaos.


“You don’t know everything Olivia,” Max muttered as he was forced to remember back to that time, and to know what was forced on him, and how once he had confessed, he had lost the ability to take it back. “You might think love is easy. But it is hard work, and it doesn’t always come in the ways you think it should.”

“I am not a child” Olivia asked. “I am sixteen. I know the ways of the world.”

“So, did I. So, did your mother when were both sixteen. But we ended up knowing a small portion of what it means to really love someone, and to able to commit, for better and for worse. Your mother and I have reasons why we never ended it.” he sighed. “You may think you know the way the world works, but life is never that easy.”

“I think I know that” Olivia muttered as she thought of her own life. “I grew up with Mom as my only parent, and I might have the influences of my aunt; your sister, and Michael and Maria, and my grandparents but still Mom had made me sure I knew that the world could be nasty, and take a lot from you if you’re not careful…”

“I am glad,” Max muttered as he didn’t like the realization that she had everyone that he cared about to influence, shape and love her, and while he hadn’t known she had existed until earlier this hour. It did not seem fair, and this was the fate he had delivered onto himself as he heard the door open, and the guard who would return him to his small cell returned.

“Time’s up,” came the guard as he came into the visitor’s portion of the room as he spoke to his daughter, Daughter, that is nothing I will get used to hearing he mused. “You’ll have to come back if you want to continue your visit?”

Time had flown and Olivia came to realize she had not even asked half of what she wanted to say or ask of her father. “Can’t we visit longer?” she asked but knew the answer, but she still had to ask anyways.

“This is a prison, young lady” the guard snarled. “We make the rules.”

“Fine,” Olivia muttered as she hated the thought of having to leave the man she had come to see for the first time in sixteen years, and knowing that it might be the only time she would have this chance, especially if her mother was on the scent, and knew Alex would be a very easy break, and she’ll have a lot to answer for “Can I come back… Dad?”

“Dad, huh?” the guard asked surprised. “So, the article was a con. I guess, I am not surprised, like father, like daughter” he asked as Max paled as her never considered that aspect of it. If she was at all like him, then that might mean, his gifts had been passed onto her generation, and that posed a lot of risks, and just the worry of that, would leave him to have a sleepless night. “She’s like her mother…”

“The article is real” Olivia murmured. “It might get me into university one day” she asked of her father. “I might look like Mom, but Mom says I am very different from her, so can I come back?”

“Only if your mother says yes” Max muttered as he didn’t like the knowledge that he had just found out that he had a child, and she was talking about university This isn’t right, but it’s the life I have sentenced myself too…

“Then I doubt we will see each other again…” Olivia muttered. “The last thing Mom will want is for me to come here again, assuming she finds out, that is…” she sighed as she did not relish having to go home and facing her mother.

“Something tells me she already knows.” Max muttered. “She always did have a way of finding things out.”

“Yeah,” Olivia asked as if she feared that her father was correct.

“Yeah,” Max nodded.

“Okay, let’s go…” the guard said interrupting the reunion and forced Olivia to follow him. Turning back, “Bye Dad…”

“Bye Olivia,” Max said softly as life was forever changed and he did not know if he could go back to his cell knowing that everything he had known, was now different. If only he could turn back time, and go back to the past, and change things.

But if he had, would he have done anything differently if it had led to Liz being in danger?

He knew he would have changed one thing, and one that that led to their demise. He blamed Tess Harding. He hoped she was rotting in hell as he was forced to walk the long walk back to his jail cell, and minutes later, hearing the cell doors swing shut, he knew if Liz and their daughter were free, then he had done his job.

But why did he hate himself, so much?


Meanwhile, the guard was walking Olivia back to the front, and she picked up what she had been forced to surrender. “I know you want to say that I was stupid to come here…”

“This is a prison young lady,” the guard muttered. “This place is no place for families…”

“This is no place for my father…” Olivia muttered. “The legal system is broken…”

Foolish youth the guard laughed. “If you really believe that than you have a lot of hard lessons to learn as you grow up.” he sighed. “If your mother has raised you to believe your father is innocent, then she’s giving you a load of bull.”

“You don’t know what my mother has told me,” Olivia said defending her mother. She might want to test her limits and boundaries, but she will always appreciate what her mother had sacrificed to give her the life they were leading. Even if she was on the edge of wiping that out. “My mother is a great mother.”

“Did your mother also tell you that your father confessed to an army base massacre…” the guard asked.

“He’s innocent. He might have confessed, but he’s innocent” Olivia muttered as she knew that Tess Harding was guilty on that front, and everything bad that had happened to her family could be traced to that witch even if she had never met the girl, but her memory was long, and the hatred was immense.

“Did she also tell you that your father was convicted of nearly killing her… that he nearly killed his wife, which I assume is your mother” the guard gloated, and Olivia’s face fell, and her jaw dropped. “There was another charge of assault against another female, but it was later dropped, but he was convicted on his attack of his wife” he added as he took in Olivia’s reaction to the news. “I didn’t think so, so say what, honey. Since you obviously don’t know your father as well as you think you do?” the guard muttered. “So, why don’t you go home and think about that tiny bit of information before you come back, wanting to know more about your father?”

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 2 - 11/02/2020

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:25 pm

WOW.....I've been coming by hoping for this new story.
What a start......of course Max and Liz would have a daughter that would come up with this prison interview idea.
And everyone knew who Olivia's father was.
Max was stunned....he had a daughter. And she was in love with Alexander Guerin.
I CAN NOT wait for more!

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 3 - 11/05/2020

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Olivia was left reeling, and if Liz had known what the guard had just told her daughter she would be a mixture of pissed, and forlorn because as she was herself admitting to how it ended for her and Max back as Maria and her son, Alex, who was also Olivia’s boyfriend, who were at her house, trying to support her. The memory banks were reawaken, and the memories were back in a flood as she was forced to admit that her father’s attempt to keep her safe, and send her to boarding school were what had ended her and her now husband, and left their daughter without a father. Jeff was only slightly repentant but then it had been Liz’s decision to go to boarding school, but still, if her father had not wanted her and Max to end, then she might have gone other routes, and they would not have ended her and Max.

As she remembered that in the ensuing drama as it was discovered by the government of the debacle in Vermont and how that ended, and the circumstances of how Liz came back from a very short stint at boarding school out East. There turned out to be a camera all over the place, and unfortunately in the exact sections of the school that the fight had taken place. And they found the footage of the final confrontation between Liz and what looked like Max, and how she had very nearly been killed. Of course, they didn’t know of the circumstances of what was going down, or that she had very nearly killed him herself before the bastard Clayton Wheeler who had took over his body after his angry wife, Maris Wheeler engineered the forced healing of her elderly husband by Max because she refused to allow nature to take him from her. It had involved kidnapping Jim Valenti who had gone undercover at their company Meta Chem in the hunt for a worker’s killer. While it hadn’t worked, but it led to Max’s demise, because his healing power failed him or was too supercharged for some reason, and he turned into dust, but his essence transferred into Clayton, and he was recreated into a much younger man much to his wife’s delight. But Max’s memories were trying to break through. Riding the belief that to get final control, Clayton needed to remove the only person who was drawing Max back… and that was Liz. So, he found her at her boarding school, and tried to kill her. She tried to fight back, and it led to her flying out the window, and the camera’s saw all… Ultimately, they didn’t realize that Max had committed the ultimate sacrifice in that to protect Liz, he gave him his only chance of coming back to life. They only saw that he sent her out the window. Also, ignoring the fact that she had brought him back to life or she wanted him back in her life. They theorized that Max was controlling and did not like that she was wanting to break free by going away to school. They told the jury that he followed Liz to Vermont, and tried to kill her, because she had tried to leave him and they had shown the damage that the flight out the window caused to the school, and the grounds, in the footage as the government pressed attempted murder charges against Max, for his attack on Liz.
Liz had been horrified. She even refused to testify, and she did not want them to press any charges, related to her, and their marriage prevented her from her testifying against him. And therefore, she could not be forced to, but to keep that from happening, they had to stay married. Therefore, any thoughts of a quick divorce to save Liz the embarrassment of a husband in prison was thwarted which Max had floated, but Liz was adamant against. Still, Max refused to see Liz once he was sentenced to prison, and therefore she did not tell him about the baby when she found out she was pregnant.

And now sixteen years later, her baby was there visiting her father.

“It doesn’t matter…” Liz muttered as she fretted at the experience her daughter was having because she had known this day was coming, but she did not want to be happen yet. Not only because Max would find out the truth that he had a child out there in a world, with her, but he did not know her, and missed her growing up. Although what kind of father could he be, from behind prison bars?

“Yes, it does,” Maria sighed. “It is not like anyone really believes Max was in his right mind and you refused to testify,” as she sighed at the memories that invoked in her of the same incident. Because she had gotten very lucky, that Clayton hadn’t wanted her, and barely grazed her, but still it hurt to wake up, and to realize what had gone down with her friend, and how she almost had died at Max’s hands, not that she blamed him. In the aftermath, it had taken its toll on his friendship with Michael, and for the fact his seal that told him he was the rightful King and leader of Antar transferred to Michael. The transfer of power led to a brutal and short reign by Michael and forced Max who might liked to have abdicate the responsibility was forced to take it back because of what Michael could potential and had already done, and so it led to a brutal fight to get the title back…

“But there was surveillance video,” Liz muttered. “And they had evidence of what he did to you, even though you lied on the stand” she sighed. “They didn’t need the testimony from me to prove it.”

“What are you talking about?” Alex asked stunned at the unheard knowledge of what happened so many years before, and before he was born. Obviously, he was discovering that there were layers to the family stories that had not been told to the next generation, including him and his twin sister, and cousins via his Aunt Isabel.

“It doesn’t matter,” Maria now repeating Liz’s line because her son was too impressionable to know the nitty gritty about his parents’ three-year entrance into the alien chaos. “You had to be there. What did matter at the time was that they didn’t have evidence to pinpoint what happened to me, on him but the charge was two counts, but they had to withdrawn that one because I refused to testify, or when I did, I made it to be less serious so that couldn’t prove it. But because they had actual evidence and footage of Liz’s attack, the judge wouldn’t dismiss the charge… and it proceeded to a verdict” Maria sighed. “Despite the fact that they were lacking your testimony?”

“And they had the damage to the gazebo from the fall,” Liz muttered. “No wonder the school wouldn’t refund the money to my father?”

Maria nodded as he remembered that time and the worry on their group as it was evident that Max’s parents were investigating their son and had pulled in their families. Only Jim was able to sidestep it, but Jeff had given up evidence, and he was forever saying sorry to his daughter once he realized that Max was instrumental in why Liz was still alive. Vermont exempted. But “Phillip Evans is forever regretting that investigation lens he put on his kids, that led to all kind of evidence being used to nail his son” she sighed because Phillip hadn’t hidden his evidence board well enough and when the government raided his office, they found it, and therefore they had that evidence along with the tape of Isabel. It made it look bad for the group, which is why Max confessed in the first place, to save the others. But it ultimately ended up being worse for him.

“I can understand it. We were not being upfront, and we were suspicious as hell. What parent would not figure that out eventually, but yeah, it ended up biting them and Phillip is letting the guilt consume him,” she thought of her daughter’s grandparents. She might have kept the news from their son about his re-entrance into parenthood, and the birth of his daughter but she had allowed Phillip and Diane a role in their granddaughter’s life, and they were forever grateful to have a chance to be in Olivia’s life.

“It still was evidence that nailed their son,” Maria muttered as she had known her husband had spent the last sixteen years trying to get his brother in arms, and best friend out of prison along with Isabel, who was using the legal arm of the system but so, far nothing has worked.

“I think she just wants to know her father,” Alex muttered as she thought of everything the obviously did not know about their parent’s generation. “I would have, if it had been reversed and they had captured Dad.”

“I know that,” Liz nodded as he could understand why Olivia would want to know her father. She was sixteen, and her entrance to teenage hood had been rocky recently. “I just don’t want her to think he tried to hurt me.”

“He did try to hurt you,” Maria muttered as nothing could change that fact on numerous counts where Max did end up hurting Liz, and Vermont was the most violent but you couldn’t blame that one on him because someone else was possessing him, and forcing him to fight, and he tried to prevent the carnage, and ultimately saved her, but the government couldn’t see that… “It was just that he was not in his right mind when he did, and then after all that, he still kept you away…”

“Only because he didn’t want the burden to be on us, on Michael, Isabel and me…” Liz muttered as she went for her purse as she knew a decision would have to be made. “He was thinking of us, when he sacrificed himself,” she sighed as she thought of her daughter out there in the world, alone. So, I guess I better go, and make sure she makes it through this in one piece.” She asked. “And you better come with me,” she said of Alex. “I want to throttle the girl, but she doesn’t need that right now, and she will want to see you…”

“Can I?” Alex asked of Liz.

“Yeah,” Liz muttered even though she hadn’t wanted to ask in the first place but knew that her daughter would want to see her boyfriend more than her mother, and if indeed she did learn the true extent of all the charges against her father, than she might be in a middle of a classic freak out, which was not something that was good, given her gifts, and what was going on emotionally in the girl.

“I’ll tell your father,” Maria muttered. “Come home, when you’re through…”

“Yeah,” Alex muttered as soon he and Liz were on the road to the State prison located north of Roswell while Maria only sighed and went home to her husband and daughter.


Olivia was still reeling as she sat in her car and looked up at the prison where her father resided, and had for the last seventeen years, sixteen of it, is how much she was alive. She had never known a life that had her father in it. It had just been her and her mother. She had always known he was alive, but unable, not by choice to come home. For many years of her childhood, she had dreams he was in a coma unable to speak, and unable to wake, but dreaming of her mother, and maybe even her, if he had known of her, but then as she grew, reality set in and she realized he was in a colder place than some dream. He was in prison.

For a mass killing that had inflicted much damage, and loss of life on two fronts. The initial was killing of many innocents when a spaceship was thought to have come to this land. Folklore had a tiny little baby being found, and the parentage could be traced to her mystery dad and a woman he had a fling when her mother was out of the picture in a mutual breakup. Then her father put her half brother up for adoption, and no one had seen him since. The kid would about a year or so older than me, she reflected, assuming the folklore was true.

She couldn’t happen to wonder how many of the stories she had been told were true as she took advantage of the fact that it was 2019, and history of their world was at her fingertips in such ways that wasn’t able to be when her parents were her age. She could just use her fingers, and walk through the history of her parents, assuming they were recorded on the thing called the internet, and she was sitting her car, and reading how her father had been arrested after he turned himself in on charges related to the army base explosion and massacre, despite there being rumors that the real culprit had been thought to be a blonde girl. But the media went with the government spin, and Max confessed of course, so they had their guy, and it went out nationwide.

But in smaller print was the bombshell disclosure she had not been told. That her father had also been charged with the two counts of assault against two unnamed women, teenagers at the time the articles read. Names were withheld due to the ages of the victims, and family insistence, but the descriptions of the females spelled out that it was likely her mother; Elizabeth Parker, and Maria Deluca, and one of them had been described as the suspects wife.

Fuck! She had not been told she mused. Her father was mass killer, but also someone who hurt women.

So, she was reeling when she saw out the corner of her eye a car was pulling up. She saw the brunette female get out of the car, and then another, a dirty blonde male.

She saw them approach. “I knew it,” she muttered. But she had bigger problems, as her mind was reeling.

She got out of the car and glanced at her pursuers. “You didn’t tell me?”

At that moment, Liz knew her daughter knew the truth. The faulty truth, but the truth, nonetheless. “You don’t know the real story. Whoever told you what you think you know, doesn’t know the true story or the truth.”

“The stories say there is footage of it happening?” Olivia accused her mother. “And they posted video of it, and I saw it. It was there is black and white. Mom, how can you still defend him, knowing what he did to you?”

“He wasn’t in his right mind,” Liz said in defense of her husband, despite the fact she had not seen the man in many years. “If he had been, he would never have done it, because he loved me, and I fought back, and in the end, we got over it.”

“Jesus Mom, he nearly killed you, and because you loved each other, you just got over it.” Olivia accused, hurt as she looked at her boyfriend. “Did you know that he also attacked your mother?” she asked of Alex.

“Some of it,” Alex muttered as he was also reeling. “Mom says they dropped the charges…”

“Only because she lied on the stand,” Olivia muttered. “Everyone could tell she wasn’t being truthful, but they had more evidence against Dad in relation to you, didn’t they so they didn’t care that he did the same thing to Maria?”

“As I said, you don’t know the full story. We loved each other. Your father has always regretted that day, and is forever haunted by it, so do not think he is a monster because he is not. He is a human who was not himself when he did what he did. He apologized to me, and I accepted it and we got married after it happened, and we were incredibly happy until we weren’t…” Liz muttered. “I never regretted it honey. I love your father, back then, and today. I have never not wanted him in my life.”

“Jeez,” Olivia muttered as she never thought of her mother as one of those women, but now she wondered .”Did it ever occur to you that maybe he married you so you wouldn’t be able to testify against him?” Olivia asked. “That he only cared about staying out of prison if the truth ever caught up to him. That he was using you?”

“That’s enough,” Liz muttered as she knew her daughter had hit on one of the benefits of them being married, and the fact they had stayed married despite it only being on paper, and not a real marriage since their wedding night. Yet, there was more to the story than her impressionable daughter knew. Sixteen, I hate sixteen she muttered to herself “This is why I did not want you to know, because you would jump to conclusions.”

“Of, what, the truth?” Olivia asked. “This is why you didn’t want me to meet my birth father, because I would find out what kind of man you married?”

“Get in the car,” Liz muttered. “Alex will drive with you home, and he’ll make sure you go straight home. We’ll talk when we get there,” knowing that Alex didn’t have his driver’s license yet and therefore wasn’t permitted to drive long distances. Otherwise, she would have traded cars since she had driven Maria’s car since her daughter had taken the only car she owned. And she would have been able to go home with her daughter. “We have a lot to talk about when we get home…”

“I bet we do,” Olivia muttered.

“You think you know Olivia, but you don’t. What has happened between your father, and me is between the two of us, and only us. All you have to know is that we loved each other, tremendously, and you were conceived in love and not hate, and we would have been very happy together, if the fates had allowed us to be.”

“If he hadn’t massacred a whole army base and hadn’t beat up two women?”

“Jesus Christ,” Liz muttered. “Alex, make sure she gets home” she sighed as she wanted to scream, but stayed restrained. “I am not about to have this fight with you outside a prison. Facts of your father’s case are private and should remain private and honey, your life is not ideal at the moment, and you’re going through a lot, and I know that, and I am sorry about that, but we all make choices, and we choose to live with the consequences that come from those choices. Your father and I certainly did, and you will with your own choices. We will talk when you are home, and maybe the drive will calm you down.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” both Olivia and Alex said in almost unison but she lowered her temper, and got in the car, and soon she and Alex drove off, leaving Liz to look at the prison that held her husband and want to scream, and yell and shout at the gods.

But did not, she simply looked again, and then turned and got in the car she had borrowed from Maria and drove back to her hometown for a confrontation that had been brewing for years with her daughter…


Inside the prison, Max looked out the window and his mind was in a million directions. All of them were centered on two figures. One that signified his past, and one that signified his current days. Both had brown hair and were visions. Both asking him, looking at him with devotion in their eyes.

He knew both would have that drum out of the eyes. Olivia especially. He had seen the amusement on the guard’s eyes when he realized Olivia was his daughter. Seeing that mean that his daughter would be filled in all the gory details of his alleged and actual crimes. Which meant she would hate him, and not want to see him again.

The only good thing he had done, and now he was a villain in her eyes.

As of he was not already a villain. Someone who had confessed to multiple killings and was convicted of nearly killing his wife. Didn’t matter that he hadn’t, and instead used everything he had to save her life, and nearly died as a result and had died in fact, and Liz was the one who saved his life, and brought him back.

Only to go to prison for life.

He had missed sixteen years of his daughter’s life.

It made him want to fight back, and try again, as he finally banged on his cell door. It took endless minutes, but a guard finally came, “What?”

“I need access to the computer lab, as soon as possible. I am told all inmates are allowed” Max asked as he knew this was his request to do anything that wasn’t forced. He had rather sit in his cell and count down the hours, and minutes, and just blend into the prison, and not want anything that the prison provided to stimulate a person in in less adult ways.

“Yeah, you’re allowed, but you need to make an appointment?” said the guard as he taken back by the request. “What brings about this request?”

“I am curious about the outside world,” Max muttered as an idea crystalized in his mind. “I need to find something out, as soon as I can?”

“Why?” the guard asked.

“I just need someone’s number…” Max asked.

“Whom?” the guard asked.

“Does it matter?” Max asked as this was the first thing in years that had gotten him excited, and he felt compelled to do this. “I am allowed, aren’t I?”

“If you want out, yeah it does,” the guard muttered. “You haven’t wanted out of this cell unless it’s mandatory service. So, what has gotten you to change your mind?”

“I need a lawyer’s name…” Max sighed.

“Whose?” the guard asked, curious.

Anyone’s as I am suddenly in need of a lawyer. But I need a new one since my old one got me into this place, and I am not able to give him anymore of my business, and I need someone as soon as possible…”

“Fine, I’ll look into it for you, and I’ll see if I can get you time tomorrow…” the guard asked. “Does this have anything to do with seeing your daughter?” because as stories had filtered through the guard ranks of the meeting with a teenager.

“Yeah it does. It has everything to do with that…” Max muttered as his mind was full of images of Liz in her youth and now his daughter, at the same age that he fell in love with the love of his life, her mother. “I didn’t even know I was a father until today.”

“That’s rough…”

“Tell me about it,” Max muttered.


“Doesn’t it make you mad, or want to scream out loud,” Olivia asked as she drove, and they were ten minutes from town. The drive had been long and tedious, and almost over and she would be soon home, and knew her mother would make sure she made it not long, and they would have it out, in many ways. “Shouldn’t you be angry because your mother was one of my father’s victims?”

“You’re angry enough for the both of us,” Alexander Guerin admitted. “Both your mother and my mother say there is more to the story, and maybe we should believe them. Mom obviously doesn’t hold it against your father, or you for that matter so maybe you should listen to your mother and get the full story.”

“I don’t want the full story,” Olivia muttered.

“Why not?” Alex asked.

“Because she’ll just give excuses or weasel out of the fact that she fell in love with a man who used her, and then hurt her, and she still goes and marries him to prevent justice…”

“He went to prison because of what he supposedly had done to your mother” Alex wondered. “I think that is getting justice” he sighed. “And she probably is right, there is probably more to the story than either of us know. It’s her story after all, and given our clan, of course there has to be more to the story than we know?”

“She didn’t testify, and she stayed married to him…” Olivia asked.

“Ask your mother for the full story. You should not stay angry at your father without knowing the truth. Your mother is right, it is her truth with your father. For whatever reason, things happened the way they did. She doesn’t blame him, and she loves you, and she wants what is best for you, so, don’t hold it against either of them, unless you know what really happened.”

“You’re annoying when you make sense,” Olivia muttered because as her anger calmed, sanity was starting to return, and she knew she did not know her mother’s side of the story. She did not even know her father’s side of the story. He wasn’t even the one who told her, and it did seem like he was genuine when he indicated how much he had loved her mother, and she had wanted to believe in that love because it made her creation make

“How was your visit until you learned what you learned,” Alex asked.

“It was fine,” Olivia muttered.

“Olivia, how was it? Alexander asked as he was growing concerned about his girlfriend, and knew the anger she felt was not good for her, not now, or ever…

“It was like a dream,” Olivia admitted. “I looked at him, and it was like I was seeing home. It felt familiar. He was stunned to realize who I was, and I honestly believed he did love my mother for a minute there…”

“Maybe he does…” Alex asked. “Who told you anyways?” he wondered. “I doubt he would have told you, not during the first visit at least.”

“The guard who was escorting me out. Told me to be careful and told me what Dad was in there for because I think he wanted to bust my naivety.”

“That jerk…” Alex muttered.

“Then I checked my phone and could see all the article related to my father’s arrest, and even the footage. It stunned me, and I sorta unleashed on my mother.”

“I noticed,” Alex sighed.

“She didn’t deserve it.” Olivia sighed as she stopped outside the Guerin household, and they noticed the curtains rattling, and then Maria coming outside. “Just great. This is not what I wanted.”

“It’s going to be fine,” Alex muttered as he got out of the car and smiled at his approaching mother. “I am going in?”

“Do your homework?” Maria said.

“Yes, ma’am” Alex nodded as he walked into the house. Leaving Maria with Olivia. “Olivia…”

“You don’t have to say it,” Olivia muttered as she looked up at her godmother, and boyfriend’s mother. It was a bizarre situation she conceded to herself. “I know what you want to say?”

“No, you don’t” Maria muttered as she knew the conflict in the girl, and it had to be confusing for her. “Your mother called and told me that you know…”

“I am sure she did,” Olivia muttered.

“Olivia, your mother and father truly did love each other. I was there that day where it all changed for them” she mused of the shooting that started their three-year descent into chaos. “Until that day, when it all went down, and while there is no defense for what he did, but your mother is right when she said that your father was not in his right mind. If he had been, he would not have done that, especially not to your mother of all people. Think of who you are and what you can do. And then think of it in your father’s terms and know that some funky stuff can happen. Let your mother tell you her story, and do not prejudge and think you know because you do not. The media only knows one side, and even then, it is slightly one sided. You never do know what you’re capable of until you do it.”

Olivia nodded.

“Then come for my side if you want. But know your father and mother loved each other, and he would die before he hurt her willingly.”
Olivia nodded again and started her car. “Thank you…”

“You are welcome…” Maria said turning and walking into the house and seeing her son, daughter, and husband and knew she had a good life. She only wished that her friend could have had the same joy these last years. She would never take for granted what she did have, and what she could have lost.

“Mom is it true” Alex asked his mother. “Did Olivia’s father almost kill you…”

“Yes, but I didn’t take it personal” Maria muttered I was over it quickly. “Neither did your father, right Michael?” she asked of her husband of sixteen years.

“No,” Michael muttered even know the transition after Vermont had been tough on all of them and he hadn’t taken Max’s return from the dead that well, and had done things also that if he had been caught than he would have been looking at serious time in prison alongside his best friend. He almost took it as guilt that Max got caught, but he did not. “I can’t, because I should be in prison alongside Max,” he said the eye wide glare of his son and daughter. “So, take this as a lesson for the both of you, okay. I took someone’s life. Someone evil, who deserved it but still it ate at me. Max is innocent. Liz will probably be telling that to their daughter. Max is not a killer, or at least he did not commit the army base massacre. Unfortunately, he committed other wrongs, so did I. So did your Aunt Isabel. We all did so none of us are without blood on our hands and we cannot pass judgment. So, yes, he did something he will always regret with Liz, but he was not in his right mind, as he should have been dead at the time. It’s a damn miracle he is alive.”

“Are you kidding me,” Alex asked. “What is it with our families?”

“You’re just getting started. So, watch out because it will get dicey if you are not careful, so always be careful, okay?”

Alex and his sister Amelia nodded as they simply walked away as they both would be consulting with each other about how bizarre the family they had been born into truly was, as if they hadn’t already gotten a clue in their first fifteen years. “Tess may have taken us all down, but Max and Liz paid the greatest price” Maria muttered to Michael, who could nod. “We have at least those two in our lives, and we have made something of ourselves despite our circumstances but on the other side of it, Max hasn’t been as fortunate, and neither has Liz as she has paid the price for loving Max.”

“So, Olivia went and met Max, huh?” Michael asked softly as he missed his friend. Max had turned away from all them, everyone one of them when he went to prison and it had been hell to experience, and knew Isabel still was not over it.

“Yeah,” Maria murmured as they hugged. “And something tells me this is just the beginning of this newest chapter… and because of her visit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Max doesn’t get a visit from Liz as well, whether he likes it or not” she muttered although she knew her friend wasn’t ready for that possibility at the moment, although she didn’t know if she would ever be…”

“Maybe something good will come from this,” Michael asked and yet acknowledged the reality they were operating under. “But it’s still sixteen years too late…”


Olivia let herself into her home she shared with her mother, and eventually found herself up in her bedroom staring at the mirror and thinking about all she had learned. She wondered if her mother was onto something with rarely mentioning her father’s name. Sometimes you are better off not knowing or poking the bear and even ripping off the band-aid. Now that she had, she felt a lot worse than she had this morning before she had undertaken her mission.

All she wanted was to know her father. But she did not want to know the scum that was underneath the layers of concrete. All she wanted was a normal family. A mother and father who loved her and would support her through anything she might do with her life. She had that with her mother.

But she wanted a father. And that had been denied to her because of circumstance.

And in a lot of ways she had conducted her life as such, because she had been lacking something fundamental in her life. Guidance from someone who was like her. While she had always known her mother was special, still, her mother had not really had the abilities that did end up showing up in her daughter. Olivia had been special for the day she was born. While she had Alex and Amelia’s father Michael, and her Uncle Kyle who had married her aunt after she was born and taken a father/mentor role in her life, still she wanted to know the person who had given her the powers, and helped give her life.

Her mother did have them, but they were not to the degree that her father did, or that she did. Now she was forced to reconcile a side of her father she had not know about it and prayed in so many ways that everyone was right, and it was all a lie. And she could still admire her father.
Whether I can still admire a man who admitted he was guilty and is in prison she asked herself. Still, he was her father. Why if he is special like me, and if he was innocent then why did not, he try to get away. Why didn’t he use his powers and come home to me and Mom she asked? But the father she had been told all her life was good and kind and not a monster the media described him as.

She prayed she got the answer, but her mind was swirling, and she felt like she was out of control. Her energy fields were all frayed, and as result, and so much like her aunt did in the first place back before she was born, or conceived and brought about the drama that would take her father from her, she unleashed a swirl of paranormal power surge and everything went flying around her room.


Liz could feel the energy take over the house as she entered and unlike her mother-in-law, she was not so oblivious to what could be happening. She immediately walked upstairs and banged on her daughter’s bedroom door. “Olivia, stop whatever you’re doing?”

Suddenly the excess energy vanished, and the noise also lessened. “Let me in…”

She then heard a power infused sound unlock her door, and Liz opened it. “I almost want to catch you doing something more normal, than what you obviously were just doing,” she asked as she longed for the normal mother worries about her growing daughter, who was sixteen to boot. “It doesn’t help Olivia, letting your emotions get the better of you. I should know, and especially your aunt knows because she did the same thing, and this is what started this whole thing…”

“What?” Olivia muttered as she sat on her bed and looked up on her bed.

“First you should know. Your father is innocent. He might be in prison for appalling crimes, but he is innocent of them. He confessed because he was protecting us; Michael, your aunt and even me, so you shouldn’t think less of him.”

“Shouldn’t I?” Olivia asked. “What kind of man confesses to a mass killing out of protection?”

“Someone who knew he was protecting unknown kinds of abuses from being done to Michael and Isabel?”

“And you, you forget what he did to you?” Olivia muttered.

“No Olivia, I never have. You think you know what happened back then, but you do not know what it was like to be there, and to experience that. Your father and I do, and he will always be haunted by it.”

“He got you to marry him?” Olivia asked. “How haunted can he be?”

“Jesus, you have such young naivety to you Olivia. You exist in a world today where it is important to speak truth to power. To take down the powerful who hurt you and hurt those who are truly innocent. That is the world we live in today. But sixteen, or even twenty years ago, it was a different time, and there were different standards. Of course, you should always fight for what you deserve. But you are young, and yes, you are naïve in the ways of the world. I was that way once, but then I met your father, and he opened me to a world that I never expected to find. The world is hard, and it takes a lot out of you, and expects a lot in return. Yes, I married him. After what happened in Vermont. But it was not to keep him out of prison. We did not know that was going to be our future. When we said our vows, we were looking to spend it together. I did it because I loved him and because I knew what it was like to lose him. To really lose him. And to know what know what kind of miracle I got in getting him back. Because Olivia, he should have died that day, and he did not. He came back to me. Yes, the footage looks bad, and there is a story there, but you do not know that he sacrificed himself to protect me. Otherwise I would have been dead.”

“Of course, you would have, he would have killed you?”

“No, I admit that he may have sent me out that window, but he also placed his green shield under me and that prevented me from suffering fatal injuries. Instead, he took the full force, and he died Olivia. I could not bring him back. I tried. He died to protect me...”

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 3 - 11/05/2020

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:32 am

Don't blame Olivia........I'd want to know where my powers came from too.
This got Max's attention and he is ready to get a lawyer.
The half-brother is mentioned, will he appear in this story??
Liz has all of her boarding school experiences brought back to life.
I agree.......this only the beginning.....where will it take us next???

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 4 - 11/07/2020

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:40 pm

He died to protect me Liz muttered to her daughter who looked rocked by what she had just heard. “What you just heard is true. Your father is supposed to be dead. Twice over. Same with me, but I had a miracle happen, twice. And that miracle was your father. When I was slightly younger than you are now, he saved my life. You may have heard that story and it is the truth. When I was in your grandparent’s restaurant. I was shot, and your father risked exposure of who he is to save my life. It ultimately allowed me the gifts I have today. And then later, with the shield, he saved my life Olivia. I would have died. He knew this. So, he sacrificed his ability to come back by saving my life. The footage only tells one story. And it is not the truth. Sometimes what you see can only be one side of things, and you need to know what the other side so you can judge a situation with all it’s merits.”

“And that other side is?” Olivia asked rocked by what her mother was still saying. “He sent you out that window” she muttered. “There is video footage of the two of you falling…”

“Because he was not in his right mind…” Liz said in defense of his husband. “We were in the attic portion of the school, and there was no video surveillance up there or the kids who went up there to drink and do other dangerous things would have been busted before I ever showed up…”

“You drank?” Olivia asked, surprised.

“Yes, but you shouldn’t take that as approval to go wild now, or in the future, but I did know how to have a good time but really it was because I believed your father was gone. I couldn’t handle it, so I succumbed to drinking…”

“God, Mom. You’re still defending him and falling apart because of someone who ultimately attacked you…” Olivia asked. “You went flying out a window because of him?”

“No, you listen. It is time you knew the truth. The full truth. Your father truly was not in his right mind because he was supposed to be dead…” Liz muttered to the astonishment of her daughter. “Yes, you heard me right. Your father was supposed to dead when this all happened, and he was dead. He had turned into dust and everything, which is how if you are a true alien hybrid, you are supposed to leave this earth. Which is why everyone believed he had died. He turned in dust Olivia. Alex’s grandfather saw it happen. He was a witness, and he does not lie. And in the aftermath your aunt was shot and almost died because bad people wanted to hurt your father, and Michael because they only saw them as a vehicle to help them, and not as people.”

“What are you talking about. Dad is not dead. I saw him. Today in fact. You married him in the aftermath of all this. I am here because of that, right?” Olivia asked.

“Yes, you are…” Liz admitted as she cherished those moments of the last known moment of peace that she had shared with her husband, and how it led to the birth of their daughter “I love you every day because you are an expression of the love your father and I felt for each other. But it does not change the fact that he did die. Twice. You might want to sit down for this,” she sighed as she saw her daughter was now pacing the room. “It won’t be easy to hear…”

“Has anything about this been easy to hear” Olivia muttered as she listened to her mother and finally sat back down on her bed. “None of this makes sense?”

It does not make sense to me, and I lived it Liz wanted to say, and did. “I lived it, and even I think it doesn’t make sense so don’t think it’s any easier today than it was at the time because it’s not. Yet it is the truth. Your father did die. The man you saw today, and the man I married is someone different the man that I fell in love with after he saved my life. I know it does not make sense or cannot be easy to hear and comprehend it, but it is true. “What your father and I felt for each other is extraordinarily complex and was a long and mostly rocky road. I know you heard the stories while growing up. All you kids did. And mostly they are puffed fairy tales, and we skimmed over the hard times, and for your father and I, it was mostly the hard times.”

“Then why marry him if it was mostly hard times?” Olivia asked. “Forget for a minute that incident you’re mad that I can’t get out of my mind. Why go back to him, why marry him if it wasn’t easy?”

“Because love isn’t easy. Sure, the early days are. And when we started, we tried to deny it because your father was afraid of what it would be like, if it went bad between us. He always had fears about that. If it did not end like he was imagining it? If it went bad? He did not want to do that to us, and so for the longest time, we just were friends and we watched as Michael and Maria went down that road and have their own issues. So, it told us that maybe we shouldn’t try and then we couldn’t deny it anymore…”

“Mom, I don’t think I want to hear that…” Olivia muttered.

“Smarty pants, I don’t mean that” Liz snaked. “Sure, while we did have our opportunities, once or maybe twice. We did wait. Unlike you and Alex, we didn’t go to that level despite the opportunities…”

“Hey,” Olivia muttered. “That is not fair…”

Liz sighed as she glared at her daughter who shied away from the attention. “Isn’t it?” she asked but ignored it and went back to her tale. “What your father and I had was intense. And we were probably too young for that intensity because when I got shot, back when I was fifteen. Neither of us were aware of what was ahead. Your father risked exposure as I said. He could not help himself. Maybe it was me, or because your father has the power to heal, and takes it badly when someone is hurt, and he can’t save them…”

“And yet he sent you out a glass window to your presumed death…” Olivia muttered.

“No side commentary please. Do you want to hear the story or not?” Liz asked. “If you do, then close your mind to the present, and think how it was back then. Today is not how it was in 1999. Your father takes it hard when he cannot help someone. But I got lucky. He got to me in time, and we saw into each other’s souls…”

“Gross…” Olivia muttered.


“Fine, continue” Olivia muttered.

“That is why I know the kind of man your father was. He risked his secret to save me. And when I had questions, he answered them at great personal cost to himself, Michael, and Isabel. If the secret had landed in the wrong hands. Imagine what it meant? Everyone knowing what kind of person your father is, in his DNA, and his being. “He trusted me with it, despite the fact I was young, and I could have told anyone?”

“You told Maria?” Olivia asked. “I remember that from the stories.”

“And he wasn’t angry,” Liz remembered fondly. “Now Michael and Isabel were miffed. But she and I helped, and little by little they let us in, and it led to Michael falling for Maria. It was an innocent time. We did not know what my shooting and saving my life would bring out into the world. It was opening a Pandora box full of secrets for them. You can ask your aunt or even your father if you ever want to see him again how it was for them…”

“You mean I can see him, again?” Olivia asked eyebrow raised.

“If you don’t plan to take out everything on him, but we can talk about that when you have time to digest what I am telling you,” Liz muttered because she now knew she couldn’t prevent Olivia from seeing Max if only to force her to see that he wasn’t monster the media was making him out, and maybe to see the man she once fell in love with “Shall I continue?”

“Continue,” Olivia muttered.

“He told me his secret. He bet everything on me, and we started down a journey that soon got rocky, and even dangerous. But little by little I saw the boy he was, and we took chances. Chances that I rather you not take. But you are going to be faced with your own decisions, and I will have to trust you to make them. Just like my parents had to trust me, and I eventually gave them reasons to wonder if I was headed down the wrong path with my life…”

“Maybe they were right?” Olivia muttered.

“You’re here aren’t you. Your father and I did at least something right, at least once. You might not think of him as someone or someone who was your age and capable of making mistakes. He was, and we both made choices that if we look back at now, we will wonder why the hell did we make them. Why didn’t we question the circumstances around them? Still, for a while there, we took a time out. Because I was overwhelmed by everything I was learning, and seeing, and the fact the danger level had increased, and we almost lost your Uncle Kyle as a result.”

“Huh,” Olivia asked. “How?”

“He was shot by some enemies of your father, aunt and Michael. Government agent who was only out to make your father pay for sins that didn’t even begin with him, but was started by others, long before he even came out of his pods.”

“The pods, right?” Olivia muttered as she remembered how she, Alex, and Amelia, had been exposed to them when they became teenagers, and could start to understand. Aunt Isabel and Uncle Kyle’s children; Maxie and Kate (Maxine Evans and Kate James Valenti) were still too young, but they were coming to the age where they would eventually know more about their heritage.

“Right,” Liz sighed. “Back to Kyle. He was shot, in circumstances that sprung from a government rogue agent. Someone who was gunning for your father, aunt and Michael and it ended up nearly costing Kyle his life. Kyle was dying and your father ended up healing him even though he and Kyle had shared some issues during that year…”

“Because you were once dating him?” Olivia asked as she remembered the stories.

“You remember well,” Liz muttered of the stories she knew the kids had heard over the years. “He saved his life”

“But he is not like you, right. He does not have any powers. Only Maxie and Kate do?” Olivia asked of her cousins.

“Right,” Liz nodded and knew of the curse that Kyle and Isabel shared with her as parents. Thankfully, the girls were too small to really know how talented they were, but it was burden just like it was daily for Liz, Michael, and Maria. “Maybe you can ask your father why, because neither of us at the time of his arrest had any clue as to why I was special enough to gain abilities, and by the time your father confessed and went to trial. I did have them. But no, Kyle does not, and he’s glad about that because he would rather keep that aspect of our lives to your aunt and cousins.”

“Yet you have them?” Olivia asked.

“What can I say, as I said, I have no idea, why, and neither did your father. Everything we did, or saw, was guided by a learning curve for both me and for your father. I was the first person he had saved. Nothing prepared him for what saving me meant, nor did it for me. But we went down the path together, and we both made choices we rather take back, but cannot because they had consequences to them. What your father did to get arrested, when he confessed to something he did not do because as I told you, he feared for your aunt and Michael. “I thought I was safe because of my human status. While, I do have powers, still I am human. And while your father, aunt and Michael are human, they have powers, and a large part of their DNA is guided by that and it would have been hell for them to be in custody, and subject to torture…”

“He could not have known?” Olivia muttered.

Yes, he could know because he was a victim of that torture. If anyone knows what it means to be in their custody, and to experience the testing, and the poking and prodding, it was your father. So, when he confessed. He was protecting your aunt and Michael from experiencing that…” Liz a little amazed by this walk down memory lane.

“What, wait, how did he experience this?”

“When he was taken by that rogue agent that would shoot Uncle Kyle,” Liz murmured. “It was after the man who was supposed to watching the three of them, kidnapped me…”

“What the hell. You were kidnapped?” Olivia asked outraged. “Couldn’t Dad protect you or stop it from happening?”

“We weren’t together 24 hours a day Olivia. We both had lives but what made it worse is the protector who was supposed to be watching, and who had taken me, was a shapeshifter. Which means, he can take the disguise of anyone, at any time, and we didn’t know it at the time, had already caused havoc, but this time, he decided to take me, and how I know he was a shapeshifter was that he looked exactly like your father…”

“What the hell…” Olivia muttered eyes wide open.

“Yes, you heard that right. The protector whose name was Nascedo which had been gifted to him by an old Indian healer who had befriended him after the 1947 crash, but whose human persona was Ed Harding, the foster father of Tess Harding. One day, he took me, and your father came after me. I thought I was with your father, until we kissed, and I experienced something that was off, and nothing like it was to kiss your father. But still I had not come to the realization that this could not be your father. Nascedo was a lethal man. A hell of a lot dangerous than anyone of us could ever be. He left a trail of clues, and dead bodies to bring the government after us. With your father also on our trail. That made for a hell of time. Finally, we all collided in a carnival’s room of mirrors. You imagine what it was like for me, to be surrounded by two boys who looked like your father, and I had to choose…”

“You had to choose?” Olivia asked as she could not possibility understand this Sophie Choice, and the depths that stood behind the choice.

“At the time, the town Sheriff. Alex’s grandfather, who wasn’t completely on our side and still suspicious got to the carnival outside of town, and saw the situation, and even he would have had a hard time choosing.”

“Did you choose?” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Liz confirmed and still felt a lot of guilt for having picked wrong. “I will never forgive myself.”

“Why?” Olivia asked.

“Because I picked wrong. You would think by then I would know who the real Max was, but no, I didn’t, and I picked wrong, and the right one ended up being delivered, your father, right into the hands of the Special Unit. A unit of the government who makes it mission to root out aliens, and to torture them for secrets, and for testing purposes. “I delivered your father right into the hands of his enemies. So, yes, he knew when he confessed what it meant if they got their hands-on Michael and Isabel, one or both. So, he was protecting his family when he made that choice. Not only me, but the two people closest to him, and the two people who if he were without, he would have a hard time living…”

“Hell…” Olivia muttered.

“My hands are not clean in this story Olivia…” Liz warned her daughter. “None of ours are…”


Across town, Isabel Evans Valenti wasn’t thinking that they all had blood on their hands or at least some dirt on them and the fact they all probably should be in prison with Max, or had served some of the time he had over these last nearly seventeen years. Not only Max had taken a life when he killed Maris Wheeler, and took over Clayton’s body to come back to this world. As Michael told his children, he also had taken a life. Agent Fisher’s life. And Isabel was no better with her killing of Congresswoman Whittaker, who was under a villainess skin. Instead of thinking of this, Isabel was thinking of kinder things.

The fact that it was her brother’s birthday, and she could not talk to him, and so she was closing her office at The Evans Law Offices. It was a father/daughter law practice as she now was a lawyer. She had joined her father’s practice after law school, and she worked on litigation, but her pet project was the creation of Roswell’s version of the Innocent’s Project. Taking up cases of prisoner’s convicted unjustly. Because it was the only thing she could do because she could not overturn the case she most wanted to overturn.

That day had yet to come.

She had found herself looking into the law as her marriage to Jesse Ramirez failed. He had moved to Boston to take the job he had been offered. The plan had been for her to go, but then Max got arrested, confessed, and then was taken to trial on the assault on Liz. So, she stayed, and their marriage ended. She threw herself into school and ended up switching to the university at Las Cruces as Kyle was taking classes there part-time. They fell in love. But she also fell in love with the law and started to pursue it seriously.

After graduation, she joined her father’s firm, and she concentrated on criminal law. But the more she investigated the innocent behind bars, she found her taking up on cases, and longing for the day that she could get her brother’s confession thrown out. And him out on time served. Still, that day did not seem around the corner, but she was hoping.

Instead today she was thinking of her brother and wishing he would just let them in again.

“Felicia, I am out of here, don’t let anyone else in” she yelled into the outer office at her secretary. She did not want to see anyone else today. She just wanted to finish the day and head to Cow Patties and drink her blues away.

“Felicia has the good fortune to be gone,” came a familiar voice and she smiled as she saw her best friend and brother, Michael come into the office. “I figured you would be out of here by now?”

“I am close to it,” Isabel muttered. “So, what’s going. I don’t want to be dealing with anything today, as I just want to go and drink…”

“I figured,” Michael smiled. “So, I brought the alcohol to you,” he muttered as she showed the bottles of beers, and wine that he had brought. “I figured neither of us should be in polite company tonight” he muttered as she pressed the voice mail to turn on her phone, and signal she was out of the office.

“Good thinking,” Isabel muttered. “Where are Maria and the kids?”

“Going to a movie,” Michael sighed. “I just had a talk with the kids and woke them up the fact our lives are not very Disney worthy,” he sighed.

“Why’s that?” Isabel said taking some glasses she kept for occasions like this, that usually happens at least once a year, on a day like this one. The other being the anniversary of when her brother went to prison.

“Speaking of families, where’s yours?”

“Going to dinner to Jim and Amy’s” Isabel muttered of her in-laws “I told them I would be late…”

“Kyle probably understands,” Michael asked as he knew firsthand how supportive their spouses were on this day of them all.

“They do…” Isabel said as she poured themselves both a glass of the wine as the beer would come later. “So, why the frank talk with Alex and Amelia,” she thought of her friend’s twins who were now approaching sixteen with alarming speed. Olivia was already there and had already made some risky choices that would life changing consequences, not that any of them were ready to speak of them.

Michael did not know if Isabel was ready for this news, but she needed to hear it. “Olivia went and met her father today, Max…”

“She did,” Isabel asked in a whisper as she didn’t understand it because while her niece was growing up, she had no warning that the waves were able to be rippled, and the past was going to be woken up once again. “Why, why now?”

“Who knows, this generation is so mysterious” Michael muttered. “Which I do not like, but anyways, it’s opened a can of worms as she was kindly reminded of the gory aspects of Max’s case. Not that he confessed to the massacre, but you know the Liz factor…”

“Shit…” Isabel muttered.

“Yeah,” Michael nodded. “The nest is now open, and the bees are swarming, so I imagine Liz is giving her own daughter a lesson in the past…”

Isabel nodded as she took a large gulp of the wine and turned to the beer earlier than she usually and took a long, long sip as she did not realize someone was leaving a message on her phone.


“This message is for Isabel Evans Valenti, this is Zack Mason and I wondered if you could call me back at this number,” he said reciting off a number to be reached at. “This is about a case that belongs to your Sunshine Club, and so please call me back” he murmured as the blonde hair young man, hung up his cellphone and got back onto his motorcycle and rode away, and drove to his next stop on his mission.

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - 11/07/2020

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:00 am

I love how this is developing. It is difficult for Liz to tell her daughter the truth, especially with Olivia's questioning every step.
She kept saying why would you marry him.
She needed to learn the other side, and those days in 1999 were innocent times.
Good to see Isabel involved in the law and the meeting tonight with Michael was much needed.

Now who is Zack Mason???

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - 11/07/2020

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Nov 08, 2020 5:29 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:
Sun Nov 08, 2020 11:00 am
I love how this is developing. It is difficult for Liz to tell her daughter the truth, especially with Olivia's questioning every step.
She kept saying why would you marry him.
She needed to learn the other side, and those days in 1999 were innocent times.
Good to see Isabel involved in the law and the meeting tonight with Michael was much needed.

Now who is Zack Mason???
I wondering if Zack is baby Zan?

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The Story of My Life - Chapter 5 - 11/09/2020

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 12:05 pm

Liz and Olivia had moved their talk downstairs and were now eating their dinner, ordered in pizza. Neither wanted to cook, so takeout was the easy option. And the choice was spicy pizza but with more dashes of tabasco thrown on by Olivia once she had the pieces on her plate. Liz liked her pizza spicy but on the normal scale. Olivia was all Max she reflected, and neither had discussed what they had talked about upstairs in Olivia’s bedroom until they both had food in their stomach and were ready to come to terms with what they had just said and what they had just heard. So, now that they did, and the tensions were slightly eased, it was starting up again.

“You said you delivered Dad into the government’s hands. How did he get free?” Olivia asked “I assume he got free, because I am sitting here, aren’t I? Unless of course this relates to you saying Dad was not in his right mind when you went flying?”

“No, neither of those events are related. What happened later is its own level of craziness, we all made choices and those choices had consequences, and none of them were pretty. Yes, we got your father free. Fortunately, he was only gone a number of hours in total, but his scars were real and they were lasting, and which is why he didn’t want to sentence his sister nor Michael to any of that, and that is why he confessed. Neither did we know that they were going to also find out about what happened in Vermont?”

“Obviously…” Olivia murmured. “Something tells me Dad never wanted any of that to get out?”

“Olivia,” Liz sighed once more at the proof that her daughter was a millennium baby and was unable to comprehend the standards of earlier generations. She probably would be the same way, but still she wished her daughter were not thinking of her father as a monster because Max was far from that kind of man, when he was truly tender, caring, and passionate, and yet he had done things that would torment them both for the rest of their lives, good and bad “Please.”

“Yes, please Mom. Can you please make this make sense” Olivia murmured because as much as it was juicy, still it was confusing and didn’t make any sense for a teenager who was growing up today. She didn’t see how her mother could think this kind of past was something to admire and relish and it wasn’t helping that due to circumstance that she hadn’t been able to know her parents together, or to know Max even a tiny bit so she had no frame of reference as the footage flashed through her brain.

“If you’re looking for sanity than you’re looking at the wrong place because nothing about those three years that I experienced after getting shot, and brought back to life is sane, as it was headache inducing moment after another. You may question why I look back at it as it was a badge of honor to get through it. You also may not understand it, but you should know that not all of what went down is something I am proud of, and neither would your father be if he could be part of this conversation.”

“Yeah,” Olivia asked.

“Yeah,” Liz sighed. “Would I go back and change things? Yes, I would if only to make the road easier, and the obstacles less than they were. But I would never change the fact that I fell in love with your father. Before I met him, I was living an ordinary life, and seemingly on track for a life that might be like the one I am leading now, but it was never going to be extraordinary, because I might have gotten out of my small town, but my dreams were small time. Your father allowed me to dream big, allowed me to believe.”

“How did he do that?” Olivia asked.

“By being someone special. By being that something extraordinary. By taking my breath away while at the same time he was coming to this world and adapting to its ways. Of course, he was more human than some of his enemies, but he was created to have some abilities, and to help people. To heal, and to be unique.”

“Being unique doesn’t help…” Olivia muttered. “In this day and age, to be different is not as readily accepted?

“No, it isn’t. Not now, and it was not the case back in 1999 and 2000. Your father, Isabel and Michael were blending in, and not making waves. Isabel was Ms. Queen Bee. Your father and Michael were just dealing with their lives in less out their fashion. Anyone would think they were normal, but they knew they were not normal, and they knew what it would mean for their secret to be outed. So, they kept it to themselves, and did not even tell their parents. Michael was eventually out on his own after a less than an ideal life. By taking a chance on me, your father opened the world to new possibilities, and it opened a new world for me too. I was a small-town girl. Who wouldn’t be seduced into coming into the world, by a handsome, dark hair mystery man? It made everything here in Roswell seem simply ordinary. And Kyle and I suffered because of that. We ended, and we are better as friends than we would have been together. In many ways, we were high school. Your father was someone real. Once I met him, I could never see myself with someone else.”

“Why limit yourself so early?” Olivia asked.

“Are you one to talk? You and Alex have gone to levels that your father and I did not until we were older and gone through the highs and the low of the world, and in our relationship. How about you and Alex, why limit yourselves?”

“I am not, Alex and I have something different…” Olivia muttered. “We work. I do not know why we do but we do. It is simple, and maybe because we are both different, and come from complex families. So, we understand each other” she sighed because they both knew how complicated their words were, and how they were different, and so they had gravitated to each other, like it was expected. Not realizing the consequences that could come from finding love so early.

“Which is why your father and I worked. We understood each other. Sure, we came from different backgrounds unlike you and Alex but still we saw each other and knew there was something there. Your father will say he saw me in third grade and knew. And it took longer for me, to notice him even though I had. Maria knows. He was just there as my lab partner, and someone who was cute, but he wasn’t putting himself out there, and then the shooting woke everything, and nothing was the same from that moment on…”

Olivia nodded.

“We got each other. I learned early that it was not going to be easy, but I never imagined the road we would take together. Once he was taken by the government. We went into overdrive, and fought to get him free, and we were successful, but it was not the end of the drama, because more was on the way. Sheriff Valenti came on board as he saw the truth. We thought we had an ally. We did. You will never know how many times Jim was in our corner, even before he was fully on board as he and eventually Kyle came into our circle.”

“So, being shot allowed Kyle to know?”

“Yeah,” Liz muttered. “It took time for him to adjust to the new lot in life, but yes, eventually he came on board. We had already gone through a lot, but we never imagined what would be in front of us as your father’s past came back to haunt us.” Liz sighed.

“What kind of past could he have?” Olivia muttered. “He came out of some pods. Created by combining human and alien DNA?”

“He comes from a different planet, and therefore he was coded for a different life. He was a King on his other planet. And King have mates, who would become the Queen?”

“This is how Tess Harding comes in?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “When I was shot. Your father, aunt and Michael barely knew anything. They had successfully blended and taken normal human lives. Michael grew up in the foster care system, and your father and his sister was raised after they came out of the pods in a normal home, with normal human lives. So, saving my life opened a lot of doors they had not known up to that point. Little by little we started to learn more… Which is how we would come to finding out about Nascedo.”

“Your kidnapper?” Olivia murmured.

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “He was as son a bitch. Not to be trusted but we had to trust him on the other hand because he could help in ways otherwise, we would never have been able to do by ourselves. As his human side was Ed Harding and he was raising a teenage girl, name Tess. She eventually showed up in town and started late into the year at our high school. She met our group, and confusion reigned,” she muttered confusion is too easy of a word to describe the mayhem that Tess brought to her world “Eventually we would learn that she was like your father, aunt, and Michael. She was one of the four sent down by their old planet, once the coup took place. But for some reason, unlike your father, Isabel, and Michael. She was late coming out of her pod.”

“Was she defective or something?” Olivia asked.

“We don’t know,” Liz muttered because she had known Tess was different from Max, Michael, and Isabel. When you think about it. Ava was different from her group too, she mused What happened there? “One could say every group of people has at least one person. Someone different than the others. Who just does not mesh with the others no matter how much they try to fit in? For your father’s group. It was Tess. While Max, Michael and Isabel came out of their pods, and gravitated to each other, and then your father and your aunt got picked up by your grandparents, eventually being adopted. Michael ended up in foster care. Tess on the other hand once she came out of the pods, was found by Nascedo who saw that it would be a perfect cover to raise Tess. But unlike your father, Michael and Isabel who saw the benefits of being raised human. Nascedo raised Tess to embrace the alien side of themselves. To be human, yes, but that their alien sides took precedent, and to do anything possible in the ultimate quest to get back to Antar.”

“Antar, was the planet, right?” Olivia asked.

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “We later would learn that there was a deal in place. While a coup by an opposition leader by the name of Khivar led to a revolution that would lead to the deaths of the alien versions of your father, Michael, and Isabel. To save them. They were to be sent off the planet, in a spaceship, after having been mixed with human genetic material to create their Earthbound bodies. Two watchers would be sent with them to make sure they be okay. Nascedo and another watcher, by the name of Kal. Once on Earth, they each went their own directions. Kal would end up in Los Angeles, and he would find that he liked being a human. Nascedo on the other hand saw the benefits of being human but he maintained his alien way of life and he felt that humans were weak. Because of this belief. He therefore would raise Tess to want to go back to Antar. To again entrance back to earth, a deal had that had been made had to be honored. if Tess brought back your father, aunt, and Michael than she would be fine. The other three would not. They would be sentenced to the death chamber.”

“Then why would she take them back?” Olivia asked.

“It wasn’t your father, aunt and Michael they wanted. It was the heir that comes from your father” Liz muttered. “Michael and Isabel were salad dressing or maybe for Khivar it would be another attempt to seduce Isabel to his side,” she sighed. “But what they wanted most of all was your father’s first born…”

“What!” Olivia immediately croaked. “Heir?”

“Yes,” Liz sighed as she knew how this would sound to her daughter. Max’s own daughter. “Tess was supposed to get pregnant and bring back to Antar the heir so that Khivar could control it and keep the throne.”

“Am I his heir?” Olivia asked fearful. “His first born?”

“In a way you are,” Liz admitted. “But no, in their world. Only males rule their world. Your aunt was considered lesser. She was only good for one thing…”

“Fall in love, and bring about the new royals?” Olivia asked as she knew from their real-world royal monarchy what females were obligated to do until the recent changes that came in certain families, that allowed females to take the throne, assuming they didn’t have an older brother.

“Yes, and in Isabel’s case, she fell for Khivar…”

“Whoa,” Olivia muttered. “She fell for the bad boy?”

“In a way. You should ask her about that although there is only so much that she remembers from that world. Anyways, the coup took place and he ended up betraying her, and she was sent along with Michael and your father to this planet. But because she was a female, she was not encoded to rule. Your father, and his first in command, Michael were…”

“That’s stupid. We females can do much better…” Olivia muttered. “Men are weak.”

“Yes, some are,” Liz laughed.

“So,” Olivia asked, completely fascinated by her mother’s tale as it was the perfect sci fi book in her view.

“You are not his heir because…” Liz sighed and did not want to say it.

“Because I have a half brother, don’t I?” Olivia asked. “So, the stories are true. Dad and this Tess Harding had a love child?”

“Love child is a little reaching,” Liz bristled.

“Sorry,” Olivia admitted as she could see the subject was still sore for her mother. “I know it must have killed you” asked. “If it’s true. Does Dad have another kid, like the rumors suggest in the media?”

“Yes,” Liz sighed. “You have a brother. The reason I bristled is yes, it is still sore even though your father and I did get married, and we had you. And no, there was never any true love. Your father was a means to an end for Tess. To uphold the deal Nascedo had made. She might have felt something for him because of what she was raised to remember from Antar. But your father, he was taken in because Tess had done everything to get your father, and she succeeded only because I helped her along…”

“Are you kidding me?” Olivia asked outraged as she was looking at her mother with new eyes. “How could you help her get Dad?”

“I thought it was the only way…”

“How could it be the only way?” Olivia asked…


“Do you think this could be the start?” Isabel muttered as she and Michael walked home from her office. She knew better than to try to drive, and Michael’s place was first on the route home from the office. He had not drove but walked since he knew how they both would be once they went a few rounds with the alcohol. “Olivia had to seek out Max for a reason, right?”

“Given everything going on with her life right now, and she’s now sixteen. It was only a matter of time, so I am hesitant to attach any deep meaning to it.” Michael muttered as she thought of his friend.

“But to get see Max?” Isabel asked. “Max now knows?”

“Yeah I am told that Olivia did fill in Max on how they are related. I don’t know how he reacted, but something tells me, it can’t be that well” Michael admitted. “It wouldn’t for me, if the situation was reversed” he sighed as did not like reminding me that it could have been him so easy and not Max. He should have been in prison for killing Agent Fisher. The fact he was not, nor had not been when he was wrongly implicated in his foster father’s death when bones of Hank Guerin’s were dug up. Because of this. You could say that none of their hands were clean of blood and had plenty of dirt on them.

He did not want that kind of life for his children.

“God Michael, for him to be told that kind of information?” Isabel murmured.

“Well if he had only let Liz into his life once he went there, then she might have told him…” Michael muttered. “It’s on him that he’s finding out about it now…”

“He didn’t want her to give up her life to visit him…” Isabel muttered.

“Which is very understandable but given she was his wife, maybe it was her decision to make whether she would want to keep going, and then she might have told him” Michael asked.

“You pushed Maria away after you know Agent Fisher…”

“Maria wasn’t my wife,” Michael muttered.

“You can’t tell me if you had gone to prison for any of those infractions we did back then, would you have wanted Maria to come and see you in that place, if you had been married to her at the time?” Isabel asked. “Would you have wanted your twins come to visit you on visiting day?”

“I can’t be sure of what I would have done, but still…” Michael conceded.

“All I want is to get my brother back?” Isabel murmured. “We have lost way too many years, and to even think of him again hurts. I tried to move past it, Michael because he took the hit for us, and for Liz. We have been able to enjoy our lives, and he’s been there suffering because he took the fall, when he was innocent…”

“Yeah, it’s not fair” Michael agreed as none of it was at all fair. “But this is where I get off,” he murmured as he could tell that his friend was still on the emotional side, and little tipsy, “Are you sure that you can make it home okay?”

“I am the last person you should worry about” Isabel mumbled as she watched as Michael worked to get down the path of his house, and up the stairs to the front door. Once she was sure he was safely in the house, she continued walking.

She only had a ten-minute walk herself to her own home. And she soon was letting herself in when she saw Kyle watching television. They had been married twelve years, and he had been a house husband since the birth of their second daughter, Kate five years before as he had been the couch for the basketball team at their alma university, Las Cruces since their graduation but the school went another way, and relieved him of his duties, and because Isabel was making money as a lawyer. They mutually would agree that Kyle would stay home with their eldest daughter, Maxine, aka Maxie and Kate when she was born. But lately Kyle had been interviewing for coaching jobs and was considering an offer from their former high school, West Roswell High for the fall. It would keep him close to home, and so far, it was in the lead but until then, he has been home. The kids were both in school. 8-year-old Maxine was getting into different sports, and seemingly was going to be the athlete of the two girls while Kate was into more crafty arts, and she was taking a class that was being taught by Maria, and if Kyle did take the job, then they could spend time after school with their grandparents if the need did arise.

Phillip and Diane were always helping with their grandkids, from when Olivia was small and now with their two additional grandchildren.

“Binge watching again, what did I miss?” Isabel laughed.

“Just catching up. So, you and Michael tied one on” Kyle noticed as his wife had a slightly tipsy manner. She tended to sober up quicker than Michael did, but she did not do it much, the drinking thing, but he knew tonight would be the classic return for his wife.

“We couldn’t help it. How was dinner?” Isabel asked.

“The kids were spoiled,” Kyle laughed. “They passed out when they came home, so I was watching non appropriate material. One can only take so much Disney fluff…”

“I know the feeling,” Isabel sighed. “I am hungry, anything in the fridge?”

“I think some pizza from last night,” Kyle asked. “So, what’s up. More than what today signifies for you…” he asked because he knew his brother-in-law’s birthday always stirred something up in his wife as she was never able to give up on her brother, despite his lack of engagement with his family or wife for that matter. He understood, but still, he did not like to see his wife winded up. “Are you okay?”

“I am better than some years, I admit” Isabel admitted. “But my head is spinning. I need food.”

“Too much alcohol?” Kyle asked as they walked into the kitchen. “The munchies?”

“A bit of that but I am hungry. I was working, and only snacked at lunch. So, the alcohol is making me lightheaded, but that is not all…” Isabel murmured. “Kyle, Olivia went and met Max today!”

“Whoa, are you serious?” Kyle asked, stunned at the fact that Olivia would seek out her biological father. “What bought that one on?”

“No one knows, but I guess it didn’t go over well…” Isabel sighed as she dug into the carton of old pizza, not bothering to heat it up. Spicy, just the way she liked it.

“Max responded badly I gather?” Kyle asked.

“Wish I knew,” Isabel muttered.

“So?” Kyle asked.

“Because she did go searching into her unanswered questions about her father. She couldn’t help but find out about the other charges that my brother was facing back when you know…” Isabel asked. “That he wasn’t only sentenced for the massacre?”

“You mean that escapade in Vermont?” Kyle whistled. “That couldn’t have gone over well?”

“Michael doesn’t think so either… So, by evoking these memories, well, it made him have a frank talk with his own kids, and we can presume Liz is having one with Olivia as we speak?”

“Which is something neither of them need?” Kyle muttered.

“Nope,” Isabel said.

“Do we know how it’s going?” Kyle asked.

“Have we heard the earthquake yet?” Isabel muttered. “I have no idea. I really do not know how Liz is going to be able to explain it to her. 2019 is not 1999 when this all started. Politics, and the culture is so different. Today’s life is so different from the one we lived back then, so I cannot imagine being Olivia and trying to reconcile what happened, and especially since her father has always been a mystery to her. She cannot help but be rattled?”

“I still remember that time when I was just finding out, and yeah, it was hell of a time. And even spending a summer at camp and becoming a Buddha for a time didn’t help matters…”

“No, it didn’t,” Isabel sighed. “So, I do not envy Liz…”


“How could you have allowed Dad to go off with another girl?” Olivia asked mystified at her mother’s actions. Sure, a lot of this tale was mystifying her, but could not comprehend how her mother would just walk away from her dad, and let someone else get him, especially if there were ulterior motives to it. “You said you loved Dad?”

“I do, and I did at the time and it might sound crazy…” Liz murmured. “And he loved me… He would not have done anything with Tess, willingly, if given a choice” she sighed because she knew that Tess had played games when she first came to town, and had tempted Max, and unfortunately he fell for it briefly “I had to do a little pushing, and maneuvering. I am not happy to say this…”

“You think it might sound crazy?” Olivia asked of her mother. “You are saying that you actually pushed Dad at this Tess person?”

“And then I got mad at him for going there, but we need to backup. Because the only reason I did this was because of someone you might know…”

“Who?” Olivia asked.

“Your father…” Liz muttered. “Okay not today’s version of your father… But the future version.”

“Are we in a dream or something?” Olivia muttered. “You have been telling me about alien shapeshifters who can turn into carbon copies of Dad, and then also future versions of my father. You need to explain this to me” she asked. “How can it be possible?”

“It’s going to make sense one of these days,” Liz assured her daughter but then she also knew maybe she was lying to herself because even nearly twenty years later, very little of it made sense, and it still didn’t. “I should preface this by saying that at the time we weren’t even together. So, your father could do anything he wanted, and I had little say, because I wanted it, and he didn’t”

“What do you mean?” Olivia asked.

“I walked away from him months early. After Kyle was shot, and he was kidnapped. Everything had been so overwhelming from the moment I was shot, and the ball just kept rolling down the mountain until we came to May, and me being kidnapped, which would lead to your father being taken, and then Kyle being shot, and your father saving his life. Then we learned some of the past that your father, Isabel, and Michael were denied knowing until that day. I have referred to it when I said your father was King on his planet. It was a royal family he came from, and Tess was destined to be his mate. And we did not know if it meant it was supposed to continue onto this planet or no, but then your father, Michael and your aunt are vastly different people on this planet then they were on Antar.”

“Because of the human DNA?” Olivia asked.

“Yes, it made them view things differently, and want different things. Of course, being raised by your grandparents, and while Michael did not have the support system. He did have his sibling-esque relationship with Max and Isabel to keep him mostly on the straight and narrow. They were able to see the benefits of being humans and being on Earth instead of embracing their alien side at the expense of the lives they have created here on this planet. We would soon see what it meant if you did embrace your alien side and lived by that code as oppose to look at what is right or what is wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Olivia asked.

“You will see,” Liz admitted. “Anyways, your father, aunt and Michael learned some of the parts of their heritage that they had until that point been denied. And it became too overwhelming for me, especially finding out that his planet preferred if he was with Tess, whose alien name was Ava. His alien name was Zan. Those months until this point came had been too much, and so I walked away. I left your father at the chamber that we were at, and I left.”

“You left him, even though he had just been kidnapped?” Olivia asked. “And tortured and whatever they did to him?”

“Yeah, and I am not happy to have done that but it became too much, and I needed time and space and so I ran to Florida and spent the summer with relatives, and I barely spoke to anyone back here except Maria. When I came back at the end of the summer, I tried to stay away from your father’s life. Detach myself. Your father wanted me back. Despite my breaking his heart by breaking up and walking away and letting him get over his abduction by himself. He was constantly telling me that he did not care about whatever he was back on Antar. He wanted me…”

“Shouldn’t that have told you something?” Olivia asked.

“Sure, it did,” Liz muttered, “But I was still only sixteen. I was confused. I thought I had given up on too much. The track I was now going down was completely different that the dreams I once had, and therefore I wanted my life back. To be normal and achieve a life that did not involve so much danger, because we had encountered so much, so I could not do it anymore. Even when your father pleaded with me…”

“He really wanted you back, despite you breaking up with him?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah,” Liz admitted. “And then I thought I might weaken, especially when a psychic Maria dragged me to told me that your father and I would be very happy together, if only I gave him a chance” she sighed not wanting to admit that the psychic also said that she and Max would be very physically a match, and she wouldn’t be left wanting. She did not think that was appropriate for her daughter to hear. “It was acknowledgment that maybe the destiny crap wasn’t something we should be heeding. After all your father was on this Earth, and quite different from who he had been on his planet. So, he could choose what fate to follow?”

“Then what happened?” Olivia asked.

“I met the future version of your father. From the year 2014” Liz admitted, and her daughter’s eyes went wide. “I know what you want to say?”
“No, you don’t…” Olivia laughed at the mere idea. “Are we sure you’re not telling me some sci fi romance made up to be your life. I mean, come on Mom, do you expect me to by that is 2000 you were visited by the 2014 version of Dad?”

“Yes, I do” Liz murmured. “Because it did happen. Back when I was a teenager, it was very real but let us not get ourselves ahead of the story because that man is not your father. Another version of the Max I met is”
“Excuse me?” Olivia asked confused. “What does that mean?”

“The future version of your father, who came from 2014, well, he came to change the world order for himself, Michael, and Isabel. He made it seem like the world was ending, and I was the only solution…”

“How was it that you were the answer?” Olivia asked.

“That if I could make your father fall out of love with me,” Liz murmured to the jaw dropping of her daughter. “If that were to happen, then deaths could be prevented in the future…” she sighed. “So, all I had to do was make your father give up on the idea of me…” she murmured. “And that is what I did…”

“Hell No” Olivia demanded “Mom, how could you do that to Dad?”

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Re: The Story of My Life (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - 11/09/2020

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Yes, Olivia is a millennium baby that just doesn't understand!
She wasn't there.
Olivia knew from rumors she had a brother. Now she realizes he is the heir.
Isabel still wants her brother back.
Will Olivia's education continue, or does she know all know???

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