If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 21 - 12/14/2019

Post by Superman86 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:42 pm

RoswellFan68 wrote:
Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:00 pm
I'm wondering if Liz is Zane's biological mother. Tess would never admit that true. Zane feels a bond to Liz.
My thoughts precisely

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If Walls Could Talk - Chapter 22 - 12/16/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 1:10 pm

She knew this wasn’t the answer. Liz knew they should be talking first but she found she couldn’t help herself, and that seemed to be a trend with Max since they had reunited the year before, and she knew they were adults and aware that they weren’t teenagers anymore and yet they couldn’t stay way from each other, despite knowing being together wasn’t the answer.

They were different people with new responsibility and obligations, but feeling his skin on hers and his kisses on her shoulder as they both went with the rush they were feeling as she felt him unbuttoning her shirt, and feeling her being lifted up onto the counter as they couldn’t keep her arms off each other, as he went for her jeans and they soon fell to the floor.

As they leaned for a kiss.

They didn’t talk, and they just got lost in each other as they found themselves pushing the other into shower, as they felt the water against the skin as they continued to find each other.

And before long they were tangled up in each other’s arms as they pushed themselves beyond their limits in bed, as they didn’t talk and didn’t want this to end and it didn’t as they continued until they fell asleep in each other’s arms…


“You left Liz in the house alone?” Michael asked amused when he found his fiancé with a baby he knew wasn’t in their home when he left hours earlier and then seeing the baby, he realized it was Aria. Mia and Bree went crazy over the little girl and Jeff and Nancy went insane when they realized Maria was carrying their granddaughter into the Crashdown and immediately they took custody of the baby while the girls were in the back room spending time with the baby.

And so, Maria was sharing burgers and milkshakes with Michael and filling her in, and Michael couldn’t help but be amused because he knew Max was headed home, and if Liz was there…. Then the fireworks would be soon starting if they weren’t already popping.

“I figured I needed to get out of the way and let them talk…” Maria smiled as she picked up a fry. “Assuming they keep it to just talking…”

“Right,” Michael laughed. “And what are the odds of that…”

“Slim,” Maria admitted. “But they needed to talk, and so I figured I would bring Aria to see Jeff and Nancy and truthfully I didn’t want to be the third wheel in their reunion, because it can’t not be intense because this Max and Liz we are talking about and so I wanted to come here, and spend some time with you and the kids and we can get the new lay of the land when we head on home.”

“So, she’s back?” Michael asked.

“And apparently she has split from Brian, and she is free…” Maria confirmed as she had too seen that Liz didn’t have any rings on her fingers, and therefore she knew her friend was officially free and yet she didn’t know what that meant for her friend or Max.

“Finally,” Michael muttered but knew being free didn’t mean everything was home free for his friend, or for Liz but knew they had a better chance than they once did.

“Still I don’t know where that leaves Liz and Max…” Maria admitted. “And I don’t think they know…”

“In a better place for them to be than if she was still married,” Michael mused. “And he will get a chance to be apart of Aria’s life…”

“That is the most important part of it,” Maria nodded as she took a fry and some of the milkshake. “So, how was the meeting with Serena?”

“She doesn’t have all the results yet, but she confirmed that Max is Zane’s biological father” Michael murmured as he was still trying to digest the newest information to rock their circle as he didn’t know how it would work for someone to be the biological mother as they were used as the ultimate piece of revenge. “And Maria, we’re also not talking about a duplicate of Max, or even a clone because Zane is neither. He one of us, an alien human hybrid, but not in any way Max”

“Tess lied?” Maria asked wearily as if she should be surprised but knew Tess’s history that lying was second nature to the bitch.

“Of course,” Michael nodded. “Which is not a shocker but what is a shocker is that Tess lied about the fact she is Zane’s birth mother… because she is…”

“Are you kidding me, why would she lie about that?” Maria asked. “You would think she would want that link to Max if only to gloat about denying that possibility of such a role to Liz, before the birth of Aria, that is…”

“Who knows,” Michael sighed. “But what really rocked Max’s brain is while Tess is the birth mother, well, she isn’t Tess isn’t Zane’s biological mother. There is some other female who has that role…”

Maria’s jaw dropped…

“Yeah,” Michael nodded. “Which gives us a whole new ballgame because to do what they had to have done, then they would have had to us an egg from some mystery donor and they combined it wit Max, and then used Tess…”

“Oh shit,” Maria muttered. “Are you kidding me, what is it with this fucking sci fiction movie, we’re in. Did we die somewhere along the line and slip into a fantasy world that only exists of love triangles and alien human hybrid paternity riddles?”

“Yeah…” Michael muttered with a slight chuckle given the oddities of their lives. Here he was a father of a daughter with Maria, only for said daughter to officially be a twin whose fraternal twin sister had asshole of a father and now his best friend upped the lunacy with the creation of his own children. “Obviously games are being played and Tess used it as an opportunity against Max and Liz…” he sighed. “I can’t for the life of me figure out how it could have been accomplished?”

“That fucking bitch…” Maria muttered with hatred on her brain. “Well Max was held those hours in the White Room and who knows what they did to him in there as he has never wanted to talk about it and only Liz really knew a sliver of what he went through, and then she disappeared for the summer and he really shut down.”

“Yeah,” Michael nodded as he thought back to the time after he had killed Agent Pierce. Committing murder had shaken him and tore him and Maria apart and taken them a long time to try again “It wasn’t an easy time for any of us, but it had been hell for Max to come through that…”

“So, I get where they got youknowwhat” Maria muttered thinking of what they used to bring Zane forth, “But where is this mystery woman?” she asked. “If it’s not Tess then who is the biological mother?”

“I haven’t got a clue,” Michael thought as he couldn’t help but agree with his fiancé that this becoming some sci fi plot on some cult classic television show or something as the door to the Crashdown burst open and they saw that Isabel was rushing in. “Where is she?”

“So, I see you got my message. If you’re referring to your niece. She’s with her adoring grandparents, so you might as well sit down and wait you turn” Michael murmured. “Have you talked to Max?”

“He’s not answering his phone, but I know he’s at home because I drove past and saw his car at home, but I also saw a strange one so maybe he’s entertaining.”

“He’s entertaining someone alright,” Maria laughed. “Liz”

“Oh great,” Isabel muttered. “That is what my brother needs.”

“You better be good Isabel, because we all have to face this new reality. You better get used to it if you want to be part of your nephew and niece’s lives” Maria batted back. “You know as well as we do that Max will do anything to be with Liz, and if given the choice any day of the week, he’s going to pick Liz and that goes if even given the choice between her and any of us, and only Zane is likely to get a different answer. Which is of course why she left in the first place and why he lost his chance with her,” Maria smiled as sweetly as possible but threatening in her voice. “He’s not going to repeat that calamity if given the choice. So, you might want to get it through your brain that you won’t want to be giving your brother a choice. Because if you do keep up with this behaviour than you will only be forcing him to make such a choice, and you know that you won’t be the winner.”

“I know.” Isabel murmured as she sighed because she knew Maria was speaking the truth. As much as the ice had thawed, well, some resentment remained due to the fact Liz did leave her brother in the lurch these last months but she did know if her brother was given the choice, well, he would pick a life with Liz over almost anything and she didn’t want to be other side of that kind of choice so she just nodded and got up and headed into the back room to see her niece as the door opened as Kyle came rushing into the café, and Michael had a instant feeling this was not good news. “What is it now?”

“Serena says she has news,” Kyle muttered. “She tried calling you and Max, but no answer, so she alerted me.”

“I have my phone off, and Max is busy” Michael murmured.

“Boy is he ever” Maria laughed.

“What does that mean?” Kyle asked.

“Nothing,” Michael was all he said as Maria herself nodded. “So, what is the news?”

“She wants us to go over to her office,” Kyle murmured as Isabel came back with Aria in her arms and Kyle knew instantly what that meant. “Wait, Liz is back in town?” he asked as he sat down and watched at Isabel concentrated on the baby as they all looked at the little girl.

“Yup,” Maria smiled. “Which is why Max is busy”

“Gotcha,” Kyle nodded.

“I’ll see if we can drop the girls back off at Mom and Jim’s,” Maria murmured as she also suspected something was up with Serena’s news and knew it wasn’t anything good and not without pain and angst.


Within the walls of Max’s bedroom, he and Liz finally stopped and faced the reality of the present, as they both tried to decide what it would all mean as Liz turned over in the bed and faced Max. “This seems to be developing into a pattern for us, isn’t it?” she wondered. “Sex first, and then we talk…” she asked as she looked at Max and knew she wanted to be here and yet they still had a lot of baggage and scar tissue to tear apart if they wanted to make it work. “Even if we do that…”

“Liz…” Max wondered as he reflected “You were wearing the pendant?”

“I always kept it close to me whether it was in the drawer or not, but to be honest with you, Max. It has given me a sense of peace these last months and I knew it meant something…” Liz murmured and knew it was the truth. “If I had only seen it earlier…”

“If only I hadn’t made the decisions I did…”

“You had to protect Zane. I respect you for that but I also knew what Tess would have done to you and to us, if I had stayed and tried to make it work with you so I left… and I tried to move on, and I thought I was successful, and then I came back to get ready for the wedding and medical school.”

“And I ruined it?” Max asked as he grabbed his pants and got out of bed and started to pace the room and stared at Liz in bed.

“I ruined it Max. I made the decisions I did, and so I can’t hold you responsible when I was the one who was engaged and supposed to have stayed faithful to Brian. That night, it wasn’t the alcohol talking. I have been drunk before, and I know that I still had the ability to walk away, but I couldn’t do it because I wanted you. I couldn’t walk away from you on that night.”

“I have always wanted you” Max murmured honestly. “From that day in third grade, and when I didn’t have a hope or prayer in the world of getting you to notice me. You were always the one. I don’t know how to explain it, but you were the person I saw in third grade and knew you were my soulmate. I just wish when I had that chance to be with you, that I hadn’t blown it.”

“I always noticed you Max,” Liz smiled. “I just was a little blind to really have seen you and we were too young. Fifteen when you saved my life and allowed me insight into your world. To think we could have gone though what we did and make it without any pain or angst was just asking for trouble. You needed to know who you were, and I needed to figure out how to make it work, and it was too much and I wish I could have been able to throw caution to the wind, but given where we were… and you needed to protect your secret, and Zane. I knew it, but I needed time to get away from it and to know what I was missing. I just wished it could have been an easier path.”

“Well we have Aria…” Max murmured.

“Yes, we do” Liz smiled. “She’s the shining goodness of this all, and why I needed time away to figure out how to make it a life she deserves.”

“You were always going to get it right for her…”

“I don’t know about that, as I was prepared to raise her with Brian before Tess did what she did…”

“You married him because Tess blackmailed you?” Max asked. “Why?”

“I wasn’t ready to call the wedding off because I knew you weren’t free, and I knew Tess was never going to give you the freedom to be with me and you would have to go court, and it would have been messy with her going scorched earth to keep you with her, and married to her. She had the secret. She could have told all and killed everyone and blamed you… or blamed Michael and Isabel, and I couldn’t handle it. And then when she sent me a note saying that she knew what we were doing, and she was ready to talk about all your dirty secrets including crimes. I needed to protect you, and the only way was that to elope with Brian when he asked me too, because it was the only way I saw…” Liz sighed as she looked at Max. “But even with his ring on my finger, it was hell seeing you and wanting you, and that night before the wedding… and then I came back from my honeymoon early due to Mia’s illness, and seeing you… I knew I had to get out of Roswell. So, Brian had a job opportunity to Vegas, and we took it.”

“And you stayed away and didn’t tell anyone?”

“Why would I have?” Liz asked. “Maria would know instantly that it was yours, and I didn’t want to do that to her, because too many people would know and if word got to Isabel, she would have questions and she would have to lie to you, and we both know her opinion of me so she was unlikely to keep quiet and so if she told you, than I didn’t want to lie to you and tell you that it was Brian and if I was prepared to stay with Brian and raise the baby with him, than I didn’t want them to ask…”

“How were you going to explain it. Your parents were going to find out eventually?”

“They wouldn’t have questioned it, but I hadn’t thought about it because staying away made things better. Brian and I seemed solid, and I was deluded into thinking it might work, and that we could be a family, but then Tess intervened.”

“Were the two of you really that solid?” Max asked.

“In the beginning maybe, yes, but I guess I was only telling myself that to stay in the fantasy world because obviously I was lying to myself, and lying to him and even though he knew, still it was a fantasyland.”

“He knew?” Max asked.

“He knew,” Liz confirmed. “And he still wanted me, and to raise Aria even though I made a fool out of him, and so how could I leave that…”

“Right, how could you?” Max asked as he thought of all the reasons why it would have never worked for them.

“Because it was no life. And no life for Aria to grow up in and one day when she grew up and knew the way the world went that Brian was always my second choice and that her biological father would have wanted her, if I had only given him a chance.”

“She would have saw that you were keeping her safe,” Max said softly. “I give you danger Liz. I give you unpredictability. Just look at what we had to deal with while we were in high school and too young to know that it wasn’t normal. Raising Aria in a world, away from the insanity that I would bring to it would mean she was being raised to be safe”

“Would she?” Liz asked a little dubious. “I don’t know about that because she would have been raised in a house will lots of money and yet lots of guilt because I was never going to be able to give Brian what he wanted, and be who he wanted, and he would never be who I wanted…”

“And that is?” Max asked.

“You,” Liz said as she got up and stood before Max and reached for him and they found themselves in a tender kiss. “I can’t imagine the thought of a lifetime without seeing you, and if I couldn’t stay faithful to my fiancé when I came home to my hometown, and saw you, then what kind of life is that for him, and for me, and for our daughter. I am not saying we wouldn’t have our challenges and I don’t know how the hell we could work when we weren’t able to make it work when we were young, and too in love to know the way the world works.”

“If you’re coming back because Aria might be special?” Max asked as he tried to ignore the intense nervousness in his stomach.

“No,” Liz shook her head. “I am coming back because I love you, and I can’t imagine not being in your life. We might not make it work, or it might work out better than we could have imagined but I can’t not try. I owe it to you, I owe it me, and especially we owe it to our daughter. She deserves us taking this chance to see if we can make it work.”

“What are you saying?”

“I think it was pretty clear” Liz smiled. “Given I came up here, and we you know…”

“We managed to do that before when we were off the table,” Max murmured. “It’s something that we’re obviously very good at…”

“Then let me be clear,” Liz smiled as she reached for his waistband, and pushed him onto the bed. “I want you,” she murmured. “That is, if you want me?”

“God, I want you…” Max murmured as the intensity of them was heating up once again. “Liz, you are the only woman I could ever love”

“Good, because I love you too” Liz murmured as they got tangled up in the sheets and in the bed and they slipped back into the a reality that was just the two of them and unaware of what was going out in the world.


“Are you flipping out of your mind?” Maria asked as she paced Serena’s office as she stared at Kyle’s ex, as they tried to make sense of the latest results and she couldn’t rationally think of how it could have happened. While Maria and Michael had dropped the twins over at the Deluca/Valenti household. Aria was staying at the Crashdown because they didn’t want to bring the little girl over to the appointment, and Maria knew Liz would want the baby to stay with her parents until she was able to pick up her daughter herself.

But none of them could comprehend what they had just overheard, once Serena had broken down the newest results.

And they were all trying. “It makes utterly no sense,” Maria sputtered again. “How could it be possible?”

“But it’s the truth,” Serena confirmed as she read over the reports once again. “I did it over three times, and the results came out the same each other, and it wasn’t inconclusive. So, the results are definitive.”

“Are you telling me?” Michael asked, but stopped.

“That Zane and Aria are not half siblings. They are full siblings…” Maria asked as she continued Michael’s train of thought.

“That is insane. How in the hell could they both have the same parents?” Isabel asked as she stared at her boyfriend who was at a loss as Michael who groaned at the though of some sci fi experiment. “We all know the circumstances that brought Zane into the family, and Liz was never in the picture.”

“it’s what the results tell us…” Serena sighed.

“Are we saying Max and Liz are Zane’s biological parents. Via Tess?” Maria asked as her mind was blown away at the possibility.


“Fuck! Michael cursed.

“That Bitch…” Maria muttered.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 22 - 12/16/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 2:31 pm

Poor Liz. She has been separated from her child for all these years. Tess' ultimate revenge.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 22 - 12/16/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:03 pm

Glad Liz and Max finally had an honest talk.
But, to quote Kyle, "how is that possible?"
Can't wait for an explanation here.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 22 - 12/16/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Dec 17, 2019 10:05 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:
Tue Dec 17, 2019 8:03 pm
Glad Liz and Max finally had an honest talk.
But, to quote Kyle, "how is that possible?"
Can't wait for an explanation here.
It will be interesting to find out how.

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If Walls Could Talk - Chapter 23 - 12/19/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 12:50 pm

“Technically we don’t know enough to blame Tess,” Michael sighed as he tried to comprehend the results of the testing that Max wanted to make sense of whether Liz was right about what Tess had been saying about Zane. Not only had Tess lied about who was Zane’s biological father, but now, it seems Liz was the biological mother. An embryo was obviously created and then inserted into Tess, and she delivered the baby on Antar after previously being pregnant with Max’s child but had losing the pregnancy with her flight to their home planet. “But I am with Maria. It makes utterly no sense.”

“In a world where they wanted Max’s heir,” Isabel murmured. “But we all know what was going on during that time, and I don’t see how it could have happened.”

“I think we can blame Tess,” Maria murmured. “The bitch had to have known…” she asked. “She couldn’t have not known what they were doing up there, so I can blame her for the fact she knew and allowed Max and Liz to splinter.”

“If she knew, then why didn’t she go after Zane. Why was she going after Liz and Aria?

“Maybe Zane was too human?” Kyle asked.

“The boy has gifts,” Michael murmured as they had all witnessed his special gifts as the boy had the ability to have insight on people, and to see the future. “It is obvious to anyone that he’s special.”

“But maybe he is too human by Antar’s standards?” Kyle asked. “Maybe the new baby was supposed to be the one.”

“And ended up being female?” Isabel asked.

“Maybe she’s still the one” Kyle asked. “In this day and age. A female can a leader,” he asked. “And when you think about it, Zane’s gifts are exactly like what Liz showed before she left town.”

“To them, female is only good for one thing” Isabel murmured.

“Which is why we’re in luck that she was a girl,” Maria murmured. “And that Max got there in time.”

“Yeah,” Michael murmured. “We have to tell Max.”

“Oh god,” Isabel murmured as she though of what was done to her brother and to even Liz despite all his issues with her brother’s true love, but she knew neither her brother nor Liz deserved such a betrayal. “To think they let Liz walk away from Zane and forced Max into a loveless marriage to save a baby that wasn’t even his with Tess, and if he had only known…”

“If both of them had known…”

“Maybe they did?” Kyle asked. “They couldn’t stay away from each other when she came back to town. A force was surrounding them, and for some reason they couldn’t stay away from each other when they showed better ability back in high school and now when they are older, and had other obligations and should of known better, and yet they couldn’t stay away from each other, and as a result, they let all rational thinking fly off the cliff, so maybe it was the universe’s way of getting things back where they should have been all along?”

“Jesus,” Maria muttered as she thought of her best friend and she knew the many issues her best friend had in regards to Zane, and to think that their fears might be true, and for it to be true, then for what it meant.

“We need to tell Max… Now” Isabel murmured as she stood up and paced the office as she thought of what was done to her brother, and how much he had lost, and how they had trusted someone who ultimately lied to them.

“Let’s go,” Maria murmured as they each thanked Serena who could only laugh at the world her ex was now running in and as Kyle stayed behind, she couldn’t help but comment on it to her friend.

“This is some life you’re leading now…” Serena commented.

“Don’t ask,” Kyle sighed as he mused at the incredible circumstances that had led him to this point, and yet he wanted to be here and not just because he wanted Isabel. It was too crazy, and yet it was what he had needed…

He may have needed it…. because it led him to Isabel.

But what did Max and Liz do to deserve this? Kyle wondered because while it had been hard at the beginning to understand that he was not the one, still, Liz deserved happiness, and all he knew Liz wanted was to love Max, and yet this world was trying to prevent it.

Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t hold a candle on Max and Liz…

And therefore, he could only pray that Max and Liz found what they needed.


“Where are they?” Isabel asked as they walked into Michael and Maria’s home and found silence, and no one which was at odds with the fact both cars were outside the house, and they hadn’t looked to be moved, as she looked around and saw Liz’s bags but nothing else. “Any idea’s?”

“Where do you think?” Maria smirked.

“Oh,” Isabel murmured.

“I’ll go up and find them,” Maria said as she walked up the stairs and muttering to herself of the bizarre nature of all this when she should be worrying about her weekend wedding What has my life come to but she also knew she wouldn’t have it any different because she had Michael and she had her girls, as she headed for Max’s part of the house. Once she got to the room, she started knocking on the door. “Max, Liz… I know you’re in there… and I wish I didn’t have to interrupt paradise, but we have to talk…”

She waited for a response.

She didn’t get one, and then she knocked more forcefully. “You two better come back to reality because we need to talk to you,” she muttered, and she decided to add the bait to get them out of the room. “It’s about Zane and Aria”

That got their attention, and she heard movement in the room, and footprints to the door, and moments later the door opened a creek and Max looked out without his shirt, but pants on. “What is it?”

“Downstairs, we need to talk to you.”

“Can it be some other time?” Max asked not wanting to leave the room. “Zane isn’t home until the morning.”

“Right, but this about Serena’s testing…” Maria murmured. “She found something, and you better hear it right away because it will matter to the both of you.”

Max groaned and turned back to face Liz in the bed who nodded. “Fine, we will be downstairs shortly.”

“Perfect,” Maria said as the door closed, and she immediately walked away and went back downstairs as they waited.


Inside the room, Max and Liz both groaned at the cruel interruption as they got dressed. “Do you know what this is about?” Liz asked Max who only shook his head who could only look at his true love and be amazed at the chance he was given and he prayed the information they were going to be getting didn’t detour that chance and yet he knew he needed to know if Serena had found something out.

“I didn’t think Serena would have gotten the results back as we had only talked earlier.”

“Why were you having Zane tested?” Liz asked as she knew their bubble was now burst and they were back to reality and having to face what it would mean to be back in the world where there were children counting on them to make sense of this insanity.

“To know if what Tess told you was the truth,” Max sighed. “I needed to know, and it’s obvious that Zane is special, but I wanted to know…” as she put his shirt back on, and prayed for it to make sense and get semblance of normal again but had a feeling that whatever Maria wanted to talk about is not going to be good for anyone and will only bring questions as he took Liz’s hand in his. “We will get this right.”

“If you say so,” Liz said as they left their room and the bubble and went back downstairs and faced the firing squad.


Thirty minutes later,

“That is impossible,” Liz cried as for the last half hour they have been trying to comprehend the test results as it hadn’t been easy to tell Max and Liz once they came downstairs and joined their friends. Max went silent, and Liz did too. Both were speechless to be told that not only was Max Zane’s biological father, but Liz was also his biological mother. “That is absolutely impossible.”

“Well it’s here in black and white,” Michael said handing the test papers to Liz who read them and went pale, and faint as she read the medical jargon and since she could clearly understand what she was reading and still she didn’t have any clue as to how it might have happened, and this must be some trick.

“Are we certain this isn’t some trick, and something an enemy or two conjure up?” Liz asked as she tried to think of a way, any way for it to be true and still nothing was coming to her mind and she was speechless as she was reading the black and white of the paper as she picked up her head and focused on Max, and then her friends.

“No, Serena is on the up and up” Isabel confirmed.

“Then this is some joke on guys because no way can this be true,” Liz insisted and looked at Max who was still thunderstruck at the prospect because in a million years he could never imagined of this occurrence. “Max….”

“Max…” Michael asked but Max had been speechless as Liz had come out of her own trance. “Say something,” he demanded. “You are being too silent about this…”

“Liz is right, it can’t be true…” Max said as he broke his silence as he his brain tried to wrap his mind around and there was no single moment he could hang his hat on that this could make it true. They hadn’t slept together until the year before, and in high school, they were always apart more than they were together, and he could blame being taken prisoner in the White Room. Liz wasn’t and in fact had saved him.

“It is…” Isabel murmured.

“I get how Zane could be mine,” Max murmured. “They took me and they held me in the White Room, and poked and prodded… and I wasn’t conscious for some of it because they had me drugged, and as much as I tried to fight it, well, I wasn’t as successful which is why you guys knew where I was, but Liz and I were separated, and no way did we get together at any time.”

“Right,” Liz murmured. “Which I know for a fact.”

“I unfortunately fell into Tess’s trap. I will forever be sorry for it but I did it and I can’t blame her because I did it of my own making, albeit not in the best of frame of mind given Alex had just died and things were tense between Liz and I, but no, there was never anytime where anything like this could have happened with Liz.

“Liz…” Isabel murmured.

“You all know me. You know what Max and I in high school. Zane is what five?” Liz murmured as she thought of the little boy who in the brief glances she had until now, well, he was a carbon copy of Max and so similar that it always ate at her and the road not taken and now that closed gate was flying wide open and telling her a version of life that couldn’t possibly be true and she was forced to think of that little boy.

“Right, but now six?” Max murmured. “We made up a birthday for him since Tess would never tell me, and because I didn’t see being born. He celebrated his sixth birthday earlier this year.”

“Assuming Tess was telling us the truth,” Maria muttered. “As Max said, we didn’t see him being born and I admit he looks and acts like a any schooler still we have her own admission that she lost the baby she supposedly was having with Max, and then she grabbed Zane and came back to Earth, which happened, months later in May, and he was already born and still a baby.”

Max nodded.

“So, he could have been born anytime during her absence, and they did say aliens have one-month pregnancies assuming that wasn’t another lie…” Maria murmured. “Knowing what I know about pregnancies. One month seems quick but then I am not up on those of the alien hybrid as I am strictly human, and Michael was a combination of both, which Tess is… So, the idea…”

“I felt him in the summer before Senior year, and then again at Christmas” Max murmured as he thought of that time where Liz and he were trying again, only to have a simple date upended and then later when they were trying to be together after some difficult times, and he had felt the boy was trying to communicate from where ever he was at that time.

“We don’t know if summer one could be called legitimate given Tess admits to having lost the baby sometime after she left, so it could be some attempt to keep the mind control going for you Max, but by Christmas and given your actions were pretty strange in seeing your son in that artistic boy, maybe by then there was a baby, which was Zane.”

“Max was acting odd,” Liz confirmed. “We all saw it. So, Zane had to have been born by then or in the process of being born because Max was acting like Zane was calling out to him.”

“Still it doesn’t matter guys, we need to figure out how Liz comes into the situation” Maria murmured as she felt this was too crazy and she felt for her friend. “Liz didn’t get taken by anyone, and she left of her own free will.”

“I did,” Liz murmured. “I went off to university, and it was very normal.”

Max nodded as he didn’t like reminding himself of that time of when he was forced to decide, and he picked the enemy. “Tess was back, and claiming Zane was ours and I married her as a result.”

“Still, how does Liz come into this?” Maria asked.

“It makes no sense…” Liz murmured as she felt overwhelmed and confused and needing of some space so she walked away, but left with a parting “There is no way Zane could be mine and Max’s,” she mused as she walked towards the veranda to gain some fresh air as she left Max, and the others back in the living room.

“Somehow this has to make sense,” Max murmured as he quickly followed and opened the door as he felt for Liz, as Maria and Michael could only look at each other worried… as they saw Max take Liz in his arms for a hug.

“How can it be possible…” Isabel mused as she looked at her brother and wondered how this made sense.

“It can’t…” Maria murmured. “We all know them back in high school. Life would have been so much better if any of the circumstances that make this true could have been true, but they didn’t, and it left the door open for Tess to strike.”

Could it be true?

“All they needed was Liz’s egg” Isabel asked. But we all know Liz, and she wasn’t going to give it without her consent, so she must have known…”

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 23 - 12/19/2019

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We know that Liz was a virgin when she hooked with Max before the wedding. Did Nasado do something to her when he kidnapped her? When never learned about the alien technology that created the hybrids. Did the aliens just need DNA?

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 23 - 12/19/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 9:37 pm

I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around this.
How is it possible for Liz to be involved??
Hurry back!

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If Walls Could Talk - Chapter 24 - 12/21/2019

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Outside on the veranda, Liz was trying to come to terms and still seem to be some fantasy. “It can’t be true,” Liz insisted as she felt the warmth of Max’s arm and stepped back out of that warmth and glanced at the man she had loved since that day when she was fifteen as she struggled to come to some acceptance of this new reality of hers. She thought of the little boy, who was the topic of conversation, and knew how much he looked like Max, but never did she think of any of her in him, as it seems to far fetch as she sighed. “Whenever I looked at Zane before I left, and even since I came back Max, how I wished he could have been ours but no, there is no way this could have happened, and you know it as well as I do,” she murmured as she thought of the little boy who looked so much like Max and how it made her hurt to see him, and to see Max in those eyes.

“You don’t have to convince me Liz, because as much as I want to have known it as possibility but I am not in some dreamland or movie, and I know it couldn’t have happened, so I don’t know how it is because I trust Serena, and I know she wouldn’t be trying to con us because this is not a con that would be interesting to those who want a piece of me up on Antar.”

“It’s crazy,” Liz murmured as they embraced as she looked out on the falling sunlight, as it was getting later, and she wished for some clarity.

“I was taken, and I get why they would have something of me…” Max murmured as he hated thinking about that time. “Coming out of that, I had to watch you walk away, and it wasn’t easy for my mental state that summer to have gone through that and then to lose you.”

“I am sorry,” Liz murmured as she thought of her decision to go to Florida. “That year was so whirlwind, and I needed time.”

“I know it and I don’t blame you, because you did need it. I just wish you had stayed, and we could have tried again, and we hadn’t had to wait so long, and have what happened, happen.”

“So much could have been prevented if I had stayed,” Liz sighed as thought of that summer… and how much she had dreamt of Max and tried to move on, and concentrate on life without him in it and as much she tried, she knew Max was never going to be someone she could truly get over as she thought of all she did that summer to try to get over Max and then a sudden thought came to her, and she went pale. “No… shit, no”

“What is it?” Max asked deeply to concern by the frown that came to Liz as if she was almost stricken by a memory.

“Oh god,” Liz murmured as she felt sick, and she raced into the house, and up to Max’s room and Max went after her, mystifying Michael and Maria as Isabel had just left to go meet up with Kyle.


Upstairs, she wanted to barricade herself in the bathroom as she felt sick. She knew she wasn’t pregnant again, because this felt different as it was memories as she heard knocking on the door and knowing it was Max. “I am fine.”

“No, you not” Max insisted. “Let me in…”

“I am fine,” Liz murmured. “Please Max go back downstairs, and I’ll be down shortly. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“I am so please let me see you and I will know everything is alright” came Max as she sighed and opened the door and stood before Max and tried to present an image of complete calm when inside she was flipping out. “Go Max, I am fine, and I will be down shortly as I have to go pick up Aria” as she was suddenly reminded why she was happy to have her daughter in her life when once upon a time the idea was so bleak.

“Aria is doing fine, as your parents are doting on her as you well know” Max said softly as he had checked in before and knew the little girl had grandparents who loved her unconditionally and was caring for her. “But if you want me to go, then I will…”

“Thank you…” Liz said as she looked back in the mirror as she remembered before she collected herself and walked downstairs and faced her friends.

“What is going on Liz?” Max murmured.

“I am sorry about before because I did remember something,” Liz sighed as she fought the memories. “It’s about when I went to Florida that summer. I spent it with my aunt.”

“Right,” Max nodded as he was forced to remember how much that summer had sucked without Liz in his life and being forced to come to terms with the White Room.

“You barely wrote…” Maria asked. “We talked but you only came back shortly before school started.

“And I tried to detach myself from the chaos,” Liz remembered. “It didn’t work but I tried because everything the previous year had been so confusing, and I needed time but then…”

“Then?” Max asked.

“I got sick…” Liz sighed as a frantic look came to Max as he clutched her hands, as she tried to reassure “Not seriously,” she sighed softly If only. “Not like Mia did, but when I was in Florida… I was feeling run down, and I had some tests done and I didn’t tell my parents as I told my aunt to keep it a secret. I was so stressed because of everything that I had been under since the shooting, and while I loved you Max… still, I was sixteen and I couldn’t handle it” she murmured and saw the pain on Max’s face as they both knew that time was so whirlwind, and painful for both of them and for him when she walked away.

“What did the tests show?” Maria asked.

“I had a cancer scare,” Liz admitted to the outrage of Max. “It was only a scare in the end, but they told me that I might not be able to have children… and they had to run tests and they did, and the testing was pretty invasive but I didn’t tell anyone, not even my aunt how serious it could have been. Anyways, in the end, I got a clean bill of health which made when I found out about Aria even more poignant despite the situation because of what I once was told. Since then, every checkup has been clean… and when I broke down once again due to the stress in senior year, that was something completely different…”

“What was this testing?” Maria asked. “And you were manifesting your gifts during senior year?”

“Yeah abut back to the earlier testing, it was you know the usual, exams and blood testing” Liz sighed.

“Was there anytime you were unconscious?” Michael asked as he looked at Max and knew his worries and they shared the same.

“Not really,” Liz sighed and knew this was the revelation that was going to rock. “But…”

“But… what?” Max asked softly.

“My aunt loaned me the money so I could freeze some of my eggs. It got me thinking that if I wasn’t going to be able to have children if I was indeed sick and needed further treatment then I wanted the option of one day trying to see if I could be successful with whatever method was open to me at the time” Liz said softly and she saw the shock on the faces of her friends, and Max. “I know okay, so I went through and my aunt helped me because she hadn’t been able to have children and she wanted me to have the ability one day to try.”

“Which means?”

“I went through with the procedure, and only my aunt knew” Liz admitted. “And then in the end, I got my clean bill of health and was told it was a scare and I went on with life, came back to Roswell and which is why I tried to detach myself. I blame the stress of everything. What I discovered. Tess. Everything, and I tried to concentrate on a future for myself, but little by little I got drawn back in and when things went haywire, I went off to university and forgot about what I experienced that summer because so much more had replaced it with it’s seriousness, and if I was healthy, why would have remember it.”

“You have eggs on ice in some lab in Florida?” Michael asked to the glare of Maria who wanted to tell him to be more sensitive, but Liz could only laugh because it was such a response that she expected from Michael, and it seemed normal as she saw in Max’s face confusion.

She shared that confusion.

“Yes,” Liz admitted. “Mostly I forgot about it but every once awhile I was reminded by a call or a request and in the end, I ended up donating one later to someone in need” she murmured and knew that revelation landed loudly. “But I kept the rest in case because you never know, but then I got pregnant with Aria and I figured I would make the decision to donate any remaining viable ones but hadn’t signed any paperwork for that because I was dealing with everything else in the wake of my divorce”

“Have you checked that everything is on the up and up at the lab?” Max asked as he was rocked by the idea and then a sudden thought came his mind. “That the eggs are still there…”

“I mostly forgot about it. It was around the time I graduated from high school that I donated or earlier,” Liz admitted and then her face went pale and they caught It as the revulsion of the thought crystalizing in her formalized. “You don’t think?”

“Whoever was responsible for the creation of Zane, well, they found out, and used one of the eggs?” Michael asked. “And conned you into thinking it was going to someone in need.”

“Jesus Christ,” Maria murmured.

“I thought it was all on the up and up?” Liz asked.

“Some how they found out, got one of the eggs and then used Max when they got his sample from the White Room. Tess might have been legitimately pregnant, but she lost it, but they had you and Max to experiment with, and they came up with Zane via Tess. But Zane was too human and Khivar rejected him, or maybe he didn’t reject him, and still Tess who was now a sitting duck with a date with the death chamber who would have wanted to save her life so she knew this and snatched the kid and raced back here to Earth, and tried to rope in Max because he knew she had been pregnant.”

“And I fell for it” Max asked.

“So, she went on her suicide mission but lived and ended up in jail and to save Zane, she used Max’s need to be there for his son and got to put Max’s ring on her finger and she sat and waited it out...” Maria wondered.

“We fell into her trap. But Aria ended up being a girl” Liz asked.

“She almost killed you, and I killed her” Max sighed.

“And now we have Zane and Aria?” Maria asked and theorized. “Zane has abilities but is too human for Tess’s taste and Aria is too young to know, and Tess thought she was going to be the leader to bring back to Antar to overthrow Khivar?” she sighed. “She was hoping to get off this earth by taking the baby Liz was to deliver and hope that this child would be keep her alive. Whether that would work, who knows…”

“God, this is too much” Liz cried and rushed off again, and this time Max didn’t follow her because he was also trying to figure out how this all worked…

“I am sorry Max…” Michael murmured.

“What is this hell…” Max wondered as he looked at Liz had moved back onto the veranda and this time Maria went after her, and it left him wondering if this was going to be too much…

“Did Tess know?” Michael muttered.

“She knew” Max considered. “She knew what she was playing with all this time. She knew what it meant to have me marry her, knowing that Zane was my kid with Liz and then to watch Liz walk away because it was too much, when she was walking away from her son.”

“The bitch…” Michael sighed.

“Thank god she’s dead!” Max vowed.

“What happens next…” Michael couldn’t help but wonder.

“Hell, if I know…” Max sighed.


“I walked away from my own kid,” Liz asked as she talked on the veranda with Maria who had turned on the lights to the deck now that it was dark as they were trying to make sense of their latest theory. “Why… would she want that, why would anyone want that…”

“You didn’t know, and you couldn’t have known they would have done something like this” Maria mused that this was too insane to be true. “Max doesn’t blame you, hell no one would have blamed you.”

“He looks so much like Max, and how I wished he was ours… but this…”

“Is too bizarre,” Maria observed as she thought of the insane set of circumstances “It would be understandable if you don’t want it. You wanted Max and Aria. Zane was part of the package, but now this…”

“How am I going to handle this…” Liz wondered. “Zane is mine…”

“Yes, he is,” Maria murmured. “When I think about it. He does seem like the perfect part of both of you. He’s pretty cute, and pretty compassionate and seems like the perfect little boy as he never seemed to have any part of Tess in him.”

Liz could only nod. “Can I handle this?” she asked.

“You always were going to if you wanted Max, because Zane was part of the package but now it has this added reality and you will have to figure out how this works for you and Max, and the kids.”

“He’s going to know I walked away…” Liz asked. “When he’s old enough, he’s going to know…”

“So, you and Max will explain it to him when he is older, and he’ll understand and maybe he already does since he seems to know more than we do most days. He has known things were odd, considering what Michael has told me about his first five years. He didn’t have a mother all this time, but he has a chance to have one now… If you want to be there for him…”

“Can I handle this?” Liz asked again.

“I pretty sure you can. Whether this ends up good or bad for you and Max. You have this chance, and it’s incredible, and once in a lifetime and I don’t see how you will want to give it up?” Maria asked.

“Why couldn’t it be simple?” Liz asked.

“Did you really think it could be simple. Nothing has been simple for you and Max,” Maria laughed. “So, this shouldn’t be shocker except that you share two kids together… instead of one, and it’s a very bizarre situation” Maria murmured. “And I thought my wedding weekend was going be simple…”

“I am sorry,” Liz muttered as she realized what was supposed to be happening this coming weekend. “I know you wanted it smooth.”

“But then when has Michael and I ever been that smooth,” Maria laughed. “I am saying this as the woman who has twin daughters born via two different fathers” Maria laughed. “So yes, your situation should only rival mine I guess… and even surpass it”

Liz could only nod and smile as they looked through the glass as she saw Max smiling at her and the same flutters that she had as a fifteen year old still remained within her, and to know she has a chance now to make a life with him felt still a dream, but truly was a reality she was getting used to as he and Michael came out and almost immediate Maria pulled Michael back into the house, so to let her friend to speak to Max alone “Hi…” she said softly.

“Liz, I am so sorry. If only I hadn’t screwed up your life…” Max asked as he knew she was overwhelmed, and it was too much and he feared losing her because of it. “I know you didn’t ask for this, and I wish I could relieve your confusion.”

“You didn’t screw up my life Max… You saved it because I would be dead otherwise,” Liz said softly. “I can’t be sorry for that…” Liz murmured and knew it was the truth. She would be dead if Max hadn’t saved her life, and their bond had brought something to her life, and she couldn’t be sorry about that. “You opened a new world for me…”

“I brought you danger, and I brought you pain. You deserve happiness. You deserve safety. Both you and the kids deserve this, and being with me, I brought you danger…” Max feared. “I can’t help but wonder if it’s too much…”

“We have two children together…” Liz murmured.

“How about that…” Max murmured as he took her into his arms, and they hugged and lightly kissed and both felt like something right was happening, but they couldn’t deny that it wouldn’t be complicated.

“I am a big girl Max. I came back here because I knew what I was getting into, and I wanted you and I wanted Aria to know you. I didn’t know this was what I was walking into, but I can’t say being away from you would bring any safety to our world, or keep the kids pain free. You’re too much a part of me. I tried for that normal life, and I found it lacking. I don’t want that for the kids.”

“I just wish…” Max murmured.

“Our kids are special. We don’t know if Aria has any gifts, but something tells me she will, and they need to be with someone who can help them explore their capabilities but also show them to be careful. Being out there, solo won’t help them."

“If only…” Max asked.

“Max, I saw normal. I had that chance with Brian, and it wasn’t something I wanted. The kids will be better for the life they have a chance at… I am not going to say it will be easy, and we might not be able to work. But we deserve a chance. I came back because I wanted you, and that doesn’t change because we now share two children.”

“It won’t be easy,” Max sighed.

“Then let’s work on it,” Liz murmured because even thought she had doubts, she knew this is the life she wanted, and it would take a lot of work, but she wanted to try. “Let’s try…” she asked as Max nodded and embraced as they walked up to the bedroom together and fell asleep in each other’s arms as they prayed for some sanity. “I do love you” Liz heard faintly as she was falling asleep.

I love you too” Liz murmured as she felt like she was fading into the world of make believe and dreams.

“We do have a chance if only we believe in that…” Max murmured as they fell asleep in each other’s arms while across town in his best friend’s home, Zane was dreaming.

Of Max and Liz who he was calling Mom and Dad. Along with his baby sister Aria.

He dreamt of chasing his sister in backyard of their home and he knew down the line a new baby would be coming into their homes, just a little later than his parents would have liked, and that would cause tension until they were able to bring the joyous little one into their home.

And then next morning as he sat in his grandparent’s home as Phillip and Diane were forced to deal with one more revelation that would change their family in ways they hadn’t expected as Max and Liz walked in together and found Aria who had brought over by Isabel to be on her big brother’s lap. Watching them together, Max and Liz knew that they truly did have a have a chance of making this work as Max walked over and picked up his daughter for the first time in three months and stood there with the tiny little girl who instantly settled in her father’s arms, and Max felt a inner peace come through him as Liz smiled as she watched Max with their daughter, and Zane was looking at them with a wide smile on his face.

Max and Liz knew it would work out…

And then days later after they watched Michael and Maria exchange vows and being pronounced husband and wife and take off with Mia and Bree on a family honeymoon in California where a sizable portion would be spent at Disneyland. Max took Liz’s hand and led her up the aisle and out of the small church and into a new life as they got into the car they had packed up that morning and with Zane sitting tight with his seat belt attached and Aria in her car seat, they set off on a new adventure.

Which was their life together.


Author's Note.... Merry Christmas! I decided to go be slightly more normal means to make it possible. I didn't come into the story with the quest to twist Zane's paternity all around to make this miracle. This was supposed a simple sexy story that ultimately got Max and Liz together. It found its way in more complicated way... So, yes, there is a little suspension of belief but then Liz went away for the summer. So, who knows what she was up to LOL. Trying to get the egg through other means and more hazardous ways to Liz's safety wasn't the story I wanted to show, as that is a whole other story possibility. So, I used a little different way. And made it a plausible or I hope I did. Anyways, happy holidays. And there is ONE more chapter. Which is more of a epilogue as we see if the future works out for Max and Liz, and everyone... It should be coming after Christmas, before the end of the year.
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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 24 - 12/21/2019

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Can't wait to see what the future holds for this new little family.
This is long, long road to finally get some happiness.

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