On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 37 - 09/22/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:56 pm

Beth is really amazed at the unbelievable life she had lived earlier.....
Michael said it was necessary to meet Elizabeth's upcoming date, that's understandable.
Loved the talk Max had with his daughters regarding their summer plans.
Oh dear, poor Beth found in the restroom with the message.
Hope Max will soon be on the way!

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 37 - 09/22/2019

Post by Superman86 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 11:27 pm

Max is gonna blow a gasket when he finds out about Beth/Liz more so about who did that to her, I soooo can't wait for more.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 38 - 09/25/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:08 am

Max stood at the doorway of his bedroom, which was the master bedroom as Beth slept in the bed. The kids were all in their beds and accounted for as he tried to come to terms with how he almost lost Beth once again. If Talia had been a few minutes longer than he would have lost his wife for real this time. Maria and Isabel tried to bring Beth back to consciousness, but they weren’t successful as the Jim Valenti was called and he and his deputies closed the bar as an ambulance was called.

Thankfully Max was also called, and after allowing Jeff and Nancy to take in their grandkids; although it was tricky to get Grace up to the apartment but she managed alright, and he arrived right before the ambulance and he was able to use his special powers to aide in her recovery before he was able to her home to rest in his bed. The kids were spending the night at the Parkers because they didn’t want to deal with the questions they would and especially Grace would have. He had spent enough time trying to talk down the kid’s emotional responses, but he had assured them that their mother would make it.

He just prayed he was correct. “Anything,” Max asked as he turned and faced his best friend. Michael was watching as Max watched Beth sleep.

“I just got off the phone with Jim. They are combing through the surveillance tapes. But because it’s a bar with so many people going in and out, well, it’s going to hard to single out our suspect.

“It was close Michael, too close” Max swore.

“I know,” Michael nodded. Maria was hysterical and he had to take a lot of time to comfort his wife and told her to go home and spend time with their kids to try to calm down because it wouldn’t do anything to be at Max’s if Beth was sleeping. Isabel was downstairs checking in with Kyle.

Now they were faced with questions. Someone was obviously mad that Liz survived, and is remembering enough to stay here in Roswell. Someone wanted her gone.

“It has to be Nicholas?” Max asked.

“I know,” Michael thought of the weasel. “I have tried all my sources and I have come up with nothing to indicate that lunatic is in even in town.”

“He was seen following the girls the other night,” Max said through gritted teeth. “Michael, I don’t know why they would want this. As we have said. They can have Antar. It makes no sense to come after all when we don’t want anything to do with that old life…”

“I have no idea,” Michael grunted.

“They want her gone and will do anything to make that happen,” Max muttered.

“They want you in pain,” Michael observed.

“Don’t they know even if she was safe and sound, I would still be in pain. She barely remembers me, and she wants to go back to Madison” Max asked as he glanced into the room and watched as Beth slept. “And maybe she’s right. Maybe she needs to go back?”

“You actually want her to go back?” Michael asked as they wondered downstairs as Isabel was finishing up on the phone. “Are you serious?”

“Hell no, do I want her to, but it’s becoming obvious she’s a target. She doesn’t remember half the stuff Liz did to be able to combat what is coming, and maybe she needs to go back while we neutralize the threat” Max asked as Isabel observed the last comment as she saw her brother and best friend come into the room. “I know Iz, I know”

“Really Max?” Isabel asked. “You really want to give up on her…”

“I am not giving up on her,” Max sighed. “She was going to go back anyways but maybe she does need time to figure out what she wants while we work to make it safe if she chooses to come back.”

“You’re risking that she realizes she likes her life in Madison and her job” Isabel asked. “I am not saying tonight wasn’t scary because it was, heck yes, but maybe she needs to be here where we can control things.”

“We haven’t been able to yet Iz,” Max sighed. “They got to Grace. Sure, it was dumb chance that they got Grace but still they went after my daughter. Then they go after Liz at the motel, and that car accident that nearly took out two of my daughters and Michael’s eldest and now tonight. They want her gone.”

“You’re allowing them to win” Isabel asked.

“If it keeps her safe, maybe it’s time we let them win a round if it means we win the war?” Max asked as he thought of his sleeping beauty upstairs.

“Tonight, was too close of a call. I have a miracle in that she came back to me, faulty memory or not, still she came back to me and I am not about to risk that for a future that could end tomorrow if she stays here and our enemies get her.”

“I hate this for you Max,” Isabel sighed as she froze as she hated the situation her brother was now in as he was forced into giving up on something that was his dream come true to protect her as she deeply sighed when she saw someone standing by the doorway to the living room. Max seeing her reaction turned and was in trance as he saw Beth in her bathrobe standing at the doorway, staring at them as if she had overheard them…

“Beth,” Max asked.

“You want me to go?” Beth asked quietly.


Beth’s brain felt fuzzy when her eyes woke up and she was startled to find her eyes focusing on the ceiling of a room she wasn’t so sure where she was as her brain started to wake up, and she looked around and realized she was back at Max’s house. Seeing the clock next to the bed; she visualized her eyes to focus and saw that it was shortly after midnight. Needing to go the bathroom. She got up and put on her bathrobe. Checking Grace’s bedroom, she was shocked to find the twins not in their beds.

Confused, she heard voices from downstairs and recognized them to be that of Max, Michael and Isabel. Wondering where her kids were, she walked down the stairs and noticed that Grace wasn’t asleep on the couch and knew something was up. And then she heard Max’s words and wondering whether she was better off gone.

Then he looked her, and she felt like time vanished. “You want me to go?” she asked quietly as Max approached.

“You’re awake?” Max asked in awe as it still amazed him after so many years that simply looking in her eyes could awaken the dream, and the need to hold her and how a simple glance could tell him so much. Tonight, he saw confusion in those eyes.

He shared it.

“Where are the kids?” Beth asked as she stared at both Michael and Isabel. “They aren’t in their room.”

“Your parents, I mean Jeff and Nancy at the Crashdown. With everything going on tonight. We were at the Crashdown and finishing up dinner when I got the call so I asked if they could stay there until we knew more, and then felt they were better off staying the night.”

“Even Grace?” Beth asked warily.

“We managed it,” Max answered as Grace was progressing rapidly through her rehab program and it hadn’t been as hard to get her upstairs as it might have been. “They are all fine Beth, truly.”

“What happened tonight. My mind is pretty fuzzy,” Beth asked as she saw how Max was looking at her like he was on tender hooks ready for it to all crumble between them and given what she had overheard, well, she wondered if he was correct.

“You don’t remember?” Max asked.

“I remember being at that bar, what was it named, with you Isabel and Maria. And then suddenly it is blank.”

“It’s called Cow Patties,” Isabel smiled. “It’s a country western bar.”

“Right,” Beth said quietly as more of the night came to her. “We were having a good time.”

“We were,” Isabel nodded.

“Maria was bemoaning the love lives of her kids” Beth asked as Isabel only nodded and laughed as Michael only shook his head in agreement with is wife over the growth of their eldest kids. “We were enjoying some drinks. Vodka for me, and wine for you. Beer for Maria.”

“I changed to a martini at the end of the evening,” Isabel only nodded. “Only one” she assured her brother and best friend at the raising of their eyebrows and yet they could only smile because they knew Isabel to be careful, even more so than they were.

“Was my drink spiked or something?” Beth asked as she tried to figure out what happened next. “I am blank about the rest of the time.”

“No,” Max shook his head.

“Then what happened?” Beth asked. “You indicated something happened and here I am at the house without any memory of how I got here, and the kids are dispatched to family. What happened?”

“Beth, you got attacked when you went to the bathroom” Isabel revealed. “You went to washroom after calling on an update on the kids. Max has verified that you placed the call to the twins, and then we figure you went the bathroom, and was attacked by someone with a substance” she murmured to Beth’s horror and pale face. “You were gone from our viewpoint for over twenty minutes before we heard the scream.”

“Oh god,” Beth whispered. “How bad was it?”

“If we hadn’t found you, you might not have been so lucky” Isabel said softly as she exchanged looks with her brother and Michael as Beth’s face become paler if that was even possible. “I know how it sounds.”

“Obviously I am being targeted?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Max said.

“And the kids are all fine, right?” Beth asked as she searched for a way to have some hope in this meaningless senseless situation. “You’re not trying to sweet talk me into believing everything is tamer than it is?”

“They are perfect. I was with them all night, and we can trust your parents to keep an eye on them until they can come home,” Max said softly to Beth’s wariness on her face. “I promise you that Jeff and Nancy will be completely protective of them…”

“Max, what I don’t get is why…” Beth asked. “Why is someone so intent on getting rid of me. They went after me fourteen years ago, and then Grace once I came back to town and now, they actually trying to kill me…”

“I wish we knew,” Max sighed.

“Max, Beth… We should go and let you two talk about this in private” Isabel said as she eyed Michael who nodded. “I should get home and make sure everything is alright at home with Kyle and my kids. It’s the middle of the night, and we’re all tired” she said softly. “Beth, call me if you need to talk. But listen to Max. This makes no sense and none of us can figure out, why” she said as she gave her brother and hug. Michael nodded his good-bye, and he and Isabel let themselves out of the house as Max and Beth were giving each other confused but pining looks at each other.

“I am sorry Beth,” Max said softly.

“Did you do something to make sure I didn’t die for real this time,” Beth asked as she stared into the eyes of Max and sensed something there. “If they didn’t know I was in jeopardy for awhile, and I was almost gone. I know I couldn’t still be standing without medical help, and I don’t see you taking me to a hospital.”

“Let’s say I helped improve your condition,” Max said softly. “I couldn’t lose you. Not again.”

“Max,” Beth sighed.

“Look Beth, I am sorry for what you walked into by coming back to Roswell. I wish it could be different.”

“Me too,” Beth sighed. “You were being serious weren’t you before when I walked in and overheard you talking with your sister and Michael. You don’t think I should be here anymore?”

“It’s not that I don’t want you here. I want you here Beth. I want to be able to see you every day, and I want to be able to know the girls. But this was too close of a call. They almost got Grace. If not for the fact of who we are, I probably would have lost her. And I have already gotten a miracle in getting you back” Max said softly. “I don’t want to lose that, but I also don’t want to think of them getting you or the girls.”

“I know,” Beth said. “So, maybe I should go?”

“Maybe,” Max said quietly. “Until I get these people who are targeting our family, and you” he swore. “It wouldn’t be forever, unless that is what you want Beth. I know you are overwhelmed by all you’ve seen and discovered, and I know it will be very easy to go back to Madison and try to pick up your old life.”

“I don’t know if that is possible,” Beth said realistically.

“I hope you find some answers,” Max said quietly as she took her hands in his. “I wish this could be easier.”

“Given my memory, it was never going to be easy” Beth said.

“But then given our whole relationship was never easy to begin, then why should I believe it should be now that we’re older and able to control our own lives” Max asked as he touched her hair. “You were my miracle, even when we were kids” he sighed. “And I hope we defy the odds now…”

Beth could only look into his eyes and nod, and before they knew it, well, they were leaning in for a sole crushing and incredible kiss that would go on for an eternity it would feel… Stopping, they could only stare at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Give me one night before you leave, okay?” Max asked. “I want to take you out, and show you that you have something to come back to when all of this clears up and the coast is clear…”

“Max,” Beth asked as she felt dazed from the kiss. “Maybe we shouldn’t. If I am leaving, wouldn’t it be harder if we have a night like you described.”

“I need to convince you to come back to me” Max asked. “Please Beth, I am not trying to convince you are Liz. I know you’re not, at least not yet and I know I have memories you don’t have of us, but obviously you can see that there is something there… I need to you to come back, and I need to show you that there is something to come back to.”

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 38 - 09/25/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:25 am

Beth needs to go on the date with Max.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 38 - 09/25/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:54 pm

I am really thinking Tess is involved in this some how.

Maybe it would be best for Beth to leave right now, maybe something will happen that jars her memory and she will want to be in Roswell on her own. I can only hope so.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 38 - 09/25/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:08 pm

I believe that Tess is alive and well. That she is the reason that Liz can't remember who she is.
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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 39 - 09/27/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:12 pm

“Saturday” was all Beth said in response as over the next few days the arrangements were clarified. Beth confirmed flight reservations for Sunday. She and the twins would head back to Madison. The twins weren’t happy, but they were forced to go along with it along with the promise by their mother to allow them to come back during the summer break to spend time with their father and sister. Grace understood even if she was disappointed that her mother was leaving. But after learning of the latest attack; she was on her father’s side that until they caught whoever was responsible.

Beth, Alexandra and Carrie needed to be back to Madison. She also had a lot of nerves about her upcoming date. Even if it was the school sanctioned musical. On the other side of town Elizabeth was full of delight over her date with Finn. While her parents were of mixed feelings over the pivotal moment in their daughter’s life. Jake on the other hand was worried but hopeful of what it meant.

He still didn’t know what he was going to do about university and knew his parents weren’t thrilled about it, but they weren’t putting pressure on him to go, and they assured him that whatever his decision was, they would support it. Somehow, he doubted it, but he knew that they wouldn’t force him.

But then they had their nerves about his sister’s love life to worry about, so his education was on the back burner for the moment as they watched as Elizabeth work towards her first big date. She had spent time after her shift at Splurge on Friday, finding a perfect outfit that she bought on an employee discount. Maria was proud but also worried. Because it meant her daughter was growing up.

And then her son was also dating someone who was near and dear to her, so she had worries on many fronts and especially with word Beth was heading back to Madison and had flight reservations which made it all so real.

“You promise that you will give Finn a fair shot?” Elizabeth asked after lunch on Saturday. She saw her mother working on her manuscript and wanted to make sure her parents were understanding.

“Of course, we will,” Maria smiled. “Or at least I will. You know your father” she answered and got a frown from her daughter because they both knew Michael. “Seriously honey, if he is the kind of guy, we want for you. He should do fine.”

“It’s not about you Mom, it’s about the guy I want” Elizabeth reminded her mother.

“But tonight, it’s about us” Maria smiled.

“Did Grandma like Dad when he first came around?” Elizabeth of her mother. Maria frowned at the memory. No, hell no Maria remembered. Of course, I didn’t tell her at first, she mused to herself. Michael had a chip on his shoulder back then and had an awful first meeting with Mom at the Crash festival and it didn’t help matters weeks later when I was found in bed with him. Maria shivered at the memory because while it was a fond memory to her, well, she didn’t want her impressionable daughter to repeat the same circumstances.” “Mom?” Elizabeth asked as she sensed her mother was in memory lane.

Maria snapped back to reality “That was a long time ago.”

“All I want is for Finn to get a fair shake,” Elizabeth asked of her mother.

“I can promise that I will give him one,” Maria promised his daughter. “I just wished you would wait…”

“Mom it’s only one date. I am not looking for Mr. Right or someone I am going to marry. I am only fifteen. I doubt Finn is the “one” or someone like Jake sees in Grace or whatever Grace may see in him right back. I just want to have a good time.”

“I appreciate that sweetheart but let me also remind you that I didn’t think your father was the one when I first met him, and in fact I thought he was the last person I would end up with” Maria smiled as she thought of that motel room when he had basically stolen her car and her in it and went on a road trip to Marathon, Texas. Michael was not the type of guy she had seen herself with, and yet they had almost kissed on that trip and went further weeks later.

“You also ended up with Jake,” Elizabeth said to Maria’s frown. “So, Dad wasn’t the only one…”

“That is right, but don’t repeat my mistakes okay” Maria sighed as she thought of the rocky road despite settling down with Michael when she was only twenty. It seemed so much longer than only a few years.

“Don’t worry,” Elizabeth nodded. “I just want to have a good time tonight, and it’s only one night” she said as the phone rang, and she rushed to answer. “Hey Grace, let me take this up to my room and we can talk…”

Teen girls and their need for privacy Maria thought as Jake came rushing in the back door as much as he could on his crutches. He had worked a few hours at the repair shop that morning, and she hadn’t seen him since breakfast “What’s the rush?” she asked.

“I have to check something for Cam,” Jake said as he tried to wobble out of the kitchen. “What?”

“Jake” Maria said.

“Mom don’t okay” Jake said irritated that he was in line for another lecture.

“Honey it’s not about university. It’s about Grace,” Maria asked.

“Even worse,” Jake muttered. “Leave it alone. It’s one night. We’re going to a school musical and not to prom.”

“I know,” Maria said as she knew that it was now going to be a double date with Elizabeth and Finn which made the whole dating thing for her daughter slightly more understandable if she knew Elizabeth would be with her brother at the same event. She knew Jake would keep an eye on things. Michael was a little more concerned, but then Michael also didn’t think Elizabeth should be dating until she was in college or even older.

“I just want you to be careful,” Maria tried.

“I will Mom,” Jake said as he wobbled and yelled back. “Gotta check on something for school, as it’s urgent.”

“Sure,” Maria said as Belle came through the kitchen door and stopped and smiled at her mother and Maria was instantly relieved by the knowledge, she had one child who was still years away from budding hormones and boys. “Hey sweetheart, what’s up?”

“Can you play tea party with me?” the pint size six-year-old asked her mother.

“I would love to,” Maria said closing her laptop and putting the manuscript off for the rest of the day as she relished time with the one child who didn’t wanted to spend time with her mother and didn’t seem so independent these days.


“Are you sure about tonight?” Max asked his eldest daughter as they talked in the living room. The twins were with Jeff and Nancy as they were spending the afternoon with their grandparents. Tonight, they would be spending the night at their other grandparents’ home as they dealt with the reality of heading back to Madison the next day. Beth was needing some space, so she went shopping by herself, and he knew from her texts that she was not in danger. “I know Jake would understand if you didn’t want to go”

“Dad, it’s only a musical” Grace assured her father. “Jake is a great guy. I know you like him, so you don’t have to worry.”

“I trust Jake, but I also know what this will mean for the both of you…” Max sighed and knew when you step over the line and left the ‘friend zone’ that everything did change. Sometimes for a good, and sometimes for the worse…

“It’s fine Dad,” Grace assured her father. “We’re both taking it one day at a time. We’re not going to be rushing into anything.”

“I hope not,” Max sighed as had flashes of the little baby she had been, as flashes of a little brunette smiling at him invade his mind. Where has the time gone, he thought as he couldn’t imagine how he was going to handle the days to come.

“Dad!” Grace said trying to break through her father’s melancholy. “You don’t have to worry about me because I can handle myself… I am getting stronger, and soon I am going to get out of this chair and will be walking on my own.”

“I know you will be, so I am not worried about that” Max assured his daughter. “I just want you to be careful. Okay?”

“I promise you I will Dad,” Grace assured her father as she wanted to voice her own concern. “But shouldn’t I be asking about you, and your plans for tonight” she asked. She knew that he was taking her mother out for dinner, and they would be having the house to themselves because after her date with Jake she had plans to head over to her grandparent Evans house and spend the final night with her sisters before they went back to Madison.

“Honey,” Max sighed.

“Don’t honey me Dad,” Grace asked. “Aren’t you taking your own risk” she asked because she knew what it meant for her and Jake to be going out on this date even if it was to a safe location like a school musical. There would be no going back, whether it was a double date or not. But for her Dad; he was taking the ultimate risk. His heart she mused. She didn’t know if he could make it if it went wrong. “They are going back home tomorrow.”

“I know that honey,” Max said. “I am the one who insisted remember…” he thought of the near hysterics Grace was in when she realized the extent of the danger to her mother and knew her father was making the right decision. She just prayed it didn’t end up meaning she never ended coming back.

“You guys are going out tonight?” Grace asked as she didn’t know what to think of what amounted to basically a first date between her parents when they had a history going back over 20 years.

“Yes, we are…” Max acknowledged.

“Aren’t you taking your own risk?” Grace asked her father.

“Leave my love life to me okay?” Max laughed.

“A little hypocritical when you were basically telling me to stay home tonight and not go out with Jake.”

“You’re sixteen, I am not” Max reminded his daughter. “I assure you that you can trust that I know what to do with my life, and to know I am taking it as it comes just like you’re doing but for me, it’s on a much bigger scale.”

“I worry about you Dad. For years you were all I had. I love my grandparents, both sets but you there for me and I don’t want you to be hurt. You stand to be hurt by risking too much of your heart tonight when we both know she’s going back tomorrow and there are no guarantees that she’ll ever come back.”

“There is never guarantees in life honey. You know that as well as I do” Max reminded his daughter who only scowled. “Look I know what is at stake, and I promise you that I can handle wherever this may go.”

“Grandma says you only barely made it though last time when we lost Mom” Grace reminded her father.

“Your mother is not dead this time, and I know where she will be, and I plan to be a part of your sister’s lives and we will be able to talk and have them be apart of our lives where ever it may go.”

“That is not the same thing,” Grace muttered.

“It’s all we have right now. No, there is no guarantees that she’ll come back to us when this is all over but then I never imagined I would have her apart of my life to begin with but I did, and I got you and your sisters as a result so I never going to say anything is impossible when the impossible did become possible for me. We need to allow your mother to come to terms with this on her own, and in the meantime, I will figure out why someone wants to hurt our family.”

“I hope you do,” Grace sighed. “I am going to call Elizabeth back as I forgot to ask her something before when we talked.

Max nodded and watched as his daughter left the kitchen.

Sighing he knew he probably should heed his daughter’s worries, but he couldn’t stop himself because he had one more shot of being with his soulmate and he wasn’t going to lose and let it slip away.


Beth was walking nearby the Crashdown as she was picking up the girls to head back to Max’s so checking out an antique store. Seeing Isabel through the window as she was putting dresses on the rack. Isabel saw her and smiled and gestured for her to come in and so Beth did. “Hello,” Isabel smiled.

“Hello,” Beth nodded as she looked around and saw there were still a good amount of people in the store. “You seem very busy.”

“We are, thank god” Isabel laughed. “Business is good these days thankfully” as she was amazed how well business was responding to her designs. She wished she saw more of her kids but knew the business was helping provide for them even though Kyle had a good career. “How are you doing. We haven’t talked since the other night,” Isabel asked.

“Looks like Max helped prevent any lasting effects,” Beth commented.

“He’s good at that,” Isabel commented.

“I am doing alright, I guess. It’s hard to believe I am leaving tomorrow. Roswell has been very memorable.”

“I can’t believe you’re leaving either,” Isabel said as she had been amazed that it was Max’s idea even if Beth was determined before the recent incident that she needed to go back to her old life. She just prayed this ended up well for her brother because she didn’t want to think of what would happen if he lost Beth completely.

“Max wants me too…”

“Well he’s frightened of losing you,” Isabel said. “The latest attack has gotten him scared. We can protect a lot, but they got too close to you, and if we weren’t who we are… than they might have very well succeeded.”

“Yeah,” Beth murmured.

“But you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. Before everything happened, well, you seemed very interested in going back to Madison but now you don’t seem so sure… why not?” Isabel asked as she looked up and saw that Beth was waffling about leaving Roswell.

“I am,” Beth said wearily. “I need to get back. My bosses were starting to wonder why I wasn’t coming back, and the girls need to go back to school and finish off their terms since they start high school in the fall. It’s a critical time for the three of us” she sighed. “I wish though my deciding to go back wasn’t so complicated.”

“You can always come back,” Isabel asked.

“I guess,” Beth nodded as she looked around.

“Max said you two were going out to dinner tonight?” Isabel asked. “Do you have anything to wear?”

“No,” Beth shook her head. “I left anything dressy back home. I did have some stuff you know for hospital fundraisers, but I never really had anything that was fun or dressy. I don’t know what to wear. Any suggestions?”

“Did Max say where he was taking you?” Isabel asked.

“Nope,” Beth shook her head. “I don’t suppose there are many dressy restaurants here in Roswell?”

“Not many,” Isabel conceded. “How about you look around and if you see something or need advice. Call me over and I can help you select the perfect outfit.”

“Sure,” Beth nodded.


“Take care of Grace Jake” Max warned as he closed the door. He still had doubts but both Grace and Jake were excited about the evening. They were meeting Elizabeth and Finn over at the Crashdown. Jake wanted out of the house before Finn arrived because he dreaded the experience of the parental interrogation his parents would put the boy under, and he wanted to spend some extra time with Grace. He also knew he had plenty of time to assess whether Finn was the right guy for his sister.

They were taking a rented limousine because of both of their lack of mobility. So, Max watched as the limousine drove off. Turning back, he sighed. The twins were already at his parents and now he waited for Beth to come down.

This is pretty crazy Max mused Waiting to be able to take my own wife out to dinner which is our second first date he wondered and then I have to watch her walk away tomorrow. Which is pretty much a synopsis of our relationship he mused as he waited.

Then she came downstairs and felt transported back to when they were teenagers and she was a gorgeous sixteen-year-old who was out of his league and yet wanted him.

Walking downstairs in a gorgeous red dress. She might have changed in the last twenty plus years, but she was still the same drop-dead beauty he fell for…

“You are gorgeous” Max marveled. “Simply beautiful…”

“Thank you. Did the kids get off okay?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Max nodded at her beauty. “In a limousine.”

“Wow,” Beth smiled.

“I think they will be the only couple go a school musical in a stretched limo” Max laughed. “But given their limitations, it was easier that way and to know of course they are safe.”

Beth nodded as she felt the hesitancy for them both. She didn’t know how to broach this evening. She had a bad feeling that it wouldn’t end up being the best decision they ever had made but she couldn’t stop herself from making that leap.

“Are you ready for dinner?” Max asked.

“If you are…” Beth asked.

“You bet I am,” Max smiled as he took her hand in his and both had shivers come down their arms at the prospect of so much for that evening as they walked out of the house together and got into Max’s car.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 39 - 09/27/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 8:14 am

Hopefully Max and Beth's date goes well without any alien drama. Max needs to give Beth a reason to return home when the threat is eliminated.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 39 - 09/27/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:14 am

Looking forward to this date!

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 40 - 09/30/2019

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Michael stood there and watched as Finn arrived to pick up his daughter. He couldn’t fault the guy. He didn’t look sleezy like Tommy Ellis did and got a general good vibe off the guy but still he didn’t like his little girl going out on a date. Especially knowing what guys were capable of doing or being with a girl. He wasn’t happy with his behavior at times with Maria when they were younger, and it was true he did have a chip on his shoulder and treated Maria badly in those early days. He was still amazed she wanted him and was wanting to settle down and raise Jake with him.

He thanked god every day for being that lucky but still he didn’t like seeing his daughter growing up and rushing so far into the world. He knew his daughter was very much like her mother and was very sure of herself and could control the situation if need be but still the idea of her wanting to go out with a guy was foreign to him.

Maria just laughed. She had her nerves, but she was generally amused by the tough dad routine Michael was giving Finn. Finn was holding up very well. “We know your parents,” Michael warned Finn.

“Yes, I know that sir,” Finn nodded. “They speak highly of you too…”

“I am glad,” Michael said. “It’s just burgers at the Crashdown and West Side Story, right?” he asked to confirm the plans.

“That is what Elizabeth wanted to do,” Finn nodded.

“Dad,” Elizabeth glared as she didn’t like the interrogation it felt like her father was putting her date through.

“I am just being thorough” Michael said as Maria and Elizabeth only shook her head as she tried to get out of the house. “We have to be going, otherwise we won’t be able to eat before it starts.”

“Right,” Michael murmured. “Elizabeth indicated that she didn’t know you were interested in her, why so suddenly?”

“Dad!” Elizabeth glared.

“It’s alright. I have always seen Elizabeth around. I didn’t think she would be interested in me. She’s fun, and exciting to be around and I am glad to be able to get to know more about her. I like that she knows how fight for what she believes in,” Finn said of the rumors around school that Elizabeth had gotten into Tommy Ellis’s face before his accident and before his vanishing. “I am sure we will have a good time together.”

“Which we might as well get started,” Elizabeth murmured as she wanted the interrogation to end. “Let’s go Finn,” Elizabeth asked as she glared at her father. “Dad, we will be back later…” she tried with her father who could only grunt as a response with great relish to get under the skin of Finn, but the young man was letting it flow off his back; much to Maria delight but then her amusement faded as she too gave the boy a firm look.

“Her curfew is 30 minutes after the production ends,” Maria reminded the teenagers. “And we know what time it ends.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Finn said as he took Elizabeth’s hand and they walked out of the front door and the slam shut behind them as it only left Maria and Michael to shake their head and turn and face each other.

“Sir, and Ma’am” they said in unison with a laugh.

“That boy knows how to impress” Maria said and saw Michael’s frown. “Space boy, she is going to fine and it’s not like she won’t be in the same place as Jake and I am sure he can keep an eye on them if there is a reason to…”

“Why do we have teenagers?” Michael cracked as they walked into the living room as he got the bottle of bourbon out of the liquor cabinet and poured him a small glass and a bigger glass for his very human wife.

“I ask you that every day,” Maria murmured. “At least we have three younger ones…”

“Two who will very like Finn in a span of a few years,” Michael murmured.

“Then we have Belle,” Maria reminded her husband who laughed and then smiled as they kissed each other with a passion that reminded each of them that they had gone through the thick and thin over the last twenty years and they would regret nothing if it meant being together.

“I guess we did something right in having an age difference between those kids” Michael commented.

“God was giving us something, alright” Maria snarked. “When there is Jake!”

“Who we can trust,” Michael warned his wife.

“About most things,” Maria murmured as they kissed.

“I think we can trust he will make the right decision for himself,” Michael muttered. “He isn’t us, and never has been…”

“I know,” Maria murmured and knew she could trust in that because their son was his own man, but she didn’t like knowing that he was bound to make mistakes or make choices that were so different than ones she made or wanted.


“Is this alright?” Max asked as they arrived at Senor Chow. An old favorite, and a recent restaurant he and Beth had gone to with the kids. Isabel was right there wasn’t that many fancy restaurants in Roswell, and this was really the only one that he felt confident about, so he took the gamble. “We could go somewhere else…”

“No, it’s alright” Beth smiled as she looked around and saw it was fuller on this night than it was when they last were in the establishment. “I liked the food here, and the atmosphere is friendly.”

“Good,” Max said as they took seat at a table.

“It’s weird to be out without the kids,” Beth conceded. “I guess I don’t do it too often.”

“Yeah, it’s not something I did much or at all over the years since I lost you…” Max acknowledged as he thought of his own lack of a social life. “Sometimes if it was a family event, but I didn’t go out if it was just me.”

“You didn’t date?” Beth asked a little surprised that he wouldn’t have put himself out there since it had been almost fourteen years. “I know you said there wasn’t anyone, but I would think over the years, there would be something”

“Nope,” Max shook his head as he thought of his life, and how much he had missed Liz over years. “As I said, it was ‘only you’ and I meant it.”

“You must have been lonely,” Beth asked as he mused about it. “I know raising kids can be a full-time job of course and raising a little girl as a single daughter must have been doozy but I am surprised you didn’t put yourself out there or the others didn’t try to force your hand.”

“Oh, they did, but I never bit on what they wanted to try to set me up with it” Max conceded. “I was fine with my life. Once I picked myself up over losing you, I realized that Grace needed me to be here for her, and to concentrate on how we were going to go on without the love of my life, and her mother.”

“Max,” Beth sighed.

“It’s true. There was no one else, and when I lost you. It was almost like my heart closed, and all I could do was concentrate on our daughter and my career needed my attention as I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, to be able to there for Grace. Thankfully my father had his practice and so I ultimately joined it, and it grounded me but in terms of my love life. I was completely fine just concentrating on my career and Grace.”

Beth nodded.

“What about you?” Max asked.

“With my memory the way it was, I didn’t think it was fair to put that on anyone else. I didn’t know what I left behind or if my memory would come back tomorrow, and if I was with someone else, well, that wouldn’t be fair to them so I had the twins to concentrate on and my medical career that I had to rebuild from the beginning because no one could tell me who I was, or what I might have done before…”

“That has to be rough,” Max marveled. “I can’t even imagine it as I am only thinking of me if I had to do everything all over again, and being a lawyer isn’t as involved as being a medical doctor. I’ve got to be up to date on all the laws. But being a doctor; that is very time involved with a lot of knowledge to gain and to think that you had to do it all over again for a second time.”

“It wasn’t easy,” Beth conceded.

“I wouldn’t imagine it to be,” Max sighed. “And to do with two small kids, all by yourself.”

“I had some help from Serena but she had her own studies so I could only lean on her for so much, and while she was further ahead than I was… still, it was nice to have some friendly support even if I was fortunate for the fact that the twins grew up pretty trouble free despite the chaos of their births.”

“You were in a coma, right?” Max asked.

“Yeah,” Beth nodded. “Two months after the crash. They didn’t think I would survive but because I was a Jane Doe, they had no legal recourse besides going to court and yet I kept hanging on and so they kept me going, and fortunately I woke up.”

“Thank god,” Max sighed at the mere thought that she could have been lost to them without even knowing there was a possibility for a miracle.

“I wish my memory hadn’t vanished along with my coma,” Beth thought of what could have been. “To know that we all missed so much…”

“But you have a chance now” Max encouraged.

“But I am going back tomorrow,” Beth acknowledged. “And my medical training does tell me if my memory isn’t back by now, then I doubt it’s ever going to come truly back.”

“You remember more than you did before you came to Roswell,” Max asked.

“Yes, but still I don’t have the story behind most of those memories. I need you or Maria to tell me what happened because the flashes only are flashes and I don’t have pain and angst or even the happiness that come with them.”

“Sometimes that is a blessing,” Max asked because sometimes he wanted to be able to forget all the pain they went through in the beginning, even if he knew they were better for it, in the end.

“Or a curse,” Beth asked right back. “You remember the circumstances of most of those memories that come from our shared experiences but there are events I don’t remember, and I know that kills Jeff and Nancy to know they remember more than I do about my childhood.”

“But they thought they lost you, so they will take it if we have a chance to remake some of those memories” Max asked. “Same with me. We can’t take go back to the past as it’s done and gone with, but we have a chance to create some new memories.”

“That is not the same thing,” Beth wondered.

“That is better than the alternative. We all thought you were dead and buried, with no hope but our memories. So, maybe it’s good you’ll be able to develop new memories. Sometimes those lost memories only hold you back.”

“We were married Max according to you…” Beth asked.

“And according to the State of New Mexico,” Max laughed at the memories of their wedding day. “20 years come June”

“20 years, wow” Beth thought at the mere idea of knowing that and yet not remembering. “We had a relationship full of ups and downs, and I don’t remember it.”

“Truthfully, you’re better forgetting the pain, and angst and as much as I hold onto those memories… still there was only short sliver of time where we were truly happy and pain free, and you are better off forgetting the truly horrible times because they weren’t pretty” Max sighed at the flashes of those memories.

“I don’t remember Grace as a baby,” Beth asked as they finally took a menu and checked it over to what they wanted to order. It was largely the same menu from their last time at the restaurant, but she wanted to try something new.

“And I don’t have the time you spent with the twins. I have missed most of the last thirteen years,” Max asked. “We both are without those memories. Of course, you have a shot at regaining some of your missing time even if you’ll never experience Grace’s formative years and can only know her now. I don’t, and I need to start from now…

“I am sorry,” Beth nodded “And I am taking them away again tomorrow.”

“Only because it’s safer for you to” Max sighed as he didn’t like thinking of the fact she was leaving. “They will come back over the summer, and we’ll figure out where to go from there… and hopefully you’ll decide to come back.”

“I can’t promise you that,” Beth sighed.

“I know,” Max said as they placed their orders and tried to get away from the sadness of the situation.

“I wonder how Grace is handling the big date?” Beth asked.


“Will you stop it,” Grace was laughing as she sat on a blanket near the stage where the musical would be starting any minute. All the seats were taken by the time they had gotten to the park, and so they went with Plan B and were now sitting on the grass. Finn and Elizabeth were nearby, away from their piece of grass because there was lack of space when they arrived. Dinner had gone well, but Jake was paying an eagle eye on his sister much to Elizabeth’s irritation. Grace was amused by it.

“I wish they were closer to us,” Jake muttered.

“They aren’t on the other side of the park Jake, let them be. Finn is a good guy. He is more a gentleman than most of the guys in school. She is very fortunate,” Grace laughed. “Not many are…”

“Even me,” Jake said turning his attention back to Grace.

“Of course not,” Grace giggled. “I am just saying you should be happy that your sister actually has a guy who is interested in her, for who she is, and who isn’t pushing her into anything she is not ready for.”

“Oh, I am,” Jake murmured. “I just not sure Finn is that guy.”

“Trust me okay,” Grace smiled. “I like this big brother jacket on you Jake but trust me that Elizabeth is in good hands and she knows how to defend herself. Which we both know, not everyone does, so it’s one night.”

“One night can lead to anything,” Jake murmured.

“Exactly,” Grace smiled. “So, let her concentrate on her own date and why don’t you focus on what is going on with us…”

“I can do that,” Jake smiled.

“Good,” Grace said as she leaned in and he leaned in too and they exchanged a simple kiss that grew into something more passionate. ‘Way to go Guerin’ they heard in the crowd. They stopped as they both knew what it meant to their classmates as they all saw them arrive together. Jake also knew he would hear it when he went back to school on Monday, but this was what he wanted. One night of fun with Grace.

Grace needed it and he needed it.

Moments later the orchestra started with the opening notes.


“Thank you for this,” Beth was saying as Max and she walked back into the house. The kids were all dispatched for the night and it was just them. The had a lovely dinner, and it almost made both forget what the following day meant as they had tried during the evening to forget about the tension that existed below the surface.

Max turned on some music that was left in the music system in the living room. He wasn’t very techy and knew while Grace had upgraded him over the years. He enjoyed the old fashion system most days.

“This is lovely,” Beth said as Max joined her on the couch. “I will miss this when I go back…”

“I don’t make a habit of it. Most of the time I am working or dealing with the fact Grace was working or with Jake and Elizabeth” Max commented as he thought of how limiting his life had been but then he wouldn’t have had it anyway else because he knew he had his own grand love and was content with his daughter and career, and yet knew how much he missed just being able to relax with someone he truly loved.

“As I have said, I work too many nights” Beth said honestly so it’s rare to really have a night where you can relax and just feel the music. “Because it’s always about the twins or catching up on my case load.”

“I am glad we got this chance…” Max murmured.

“I am glad too,” Beth said honestly. She didn’t know how she could go back to Madison and pick up her old life or is it my new life she wondered to herself. She sensed Max and knowing about Roswell and all it meant was changing her.

“I do hope you come back sometime,” Max asked honestly.

“Max,” Beth said. “I told you that I can’t make any promises.”

“I know you can’t, and I am not asking you. I am just hoping you will take a chance on what we could have…” Max asked.

“I not the woman you knew Max,” Beth declared as she got up and paced as Max sat and stared at her. “I don’t know who I am. I go by Beth, but I have memories of your wife, Liz. I missed nearly fourteen of Grace’s years. You missed the twin’s first thirteen years. I don’t know Max; I don’t know how I can go back.”

“I am not asking you to go back…” Max asked as he got up and touched her arm, and she stopped in a trance, but she tried to break back to reality.

“Yes, you are. You want Liz back. I am not Liz…”

“I know you are not or at least not yet…”

“There you go. You want Liz back…” Beth asked as she continued to pace before Max. “I am not Liz, and I don’t know if I will ever be again…”

“Beth…” Max asked as he touched her again and Beth stopped pacing and just stared. “I know you’re not Liz. You’re different. I am different. I am not the same person you would have known fourteen years ago if you were to instantly get your memories back and become Liz again. I just know when I look into your eyes, I see the woman I have loved since third grade when I first saw you on the playground when you were playing Maria. In that cupcake dress and the woman, I went to hell and back in high school just to have a chance with…”

“Max, I don’t…” Beth tried but Max stopped her with pull into his arms and sweeping and intimate kiss that got extremely passionate kiss with flashes coming through both…

“Max, we can’t…” Beth tried but the searing kiss cut her off as she found that she was placing her arms around his head as she leaned in for more of the kiss as flashes of that day back when she was sixteen played in her mind as a heat wave broke, and she and Max had been doing their dance and kept having their moment missed, and then presto… it broke open with a memorable moment that would define them. “I can’t be that person you remember.”

“But you can be someone, so much more…” Max asked as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. “I’ll always love you as Liz” he said softly. “But I want to know the woman you are today if you will let me, will you Beth” he whispered as he kissed a train down her neck as she couldn’t believe the intoxication feeling she was feeling. She wanted to say No, to stop this and go back to Madison and live her life and focus on what she knew, but she couldn’t and didn’t want to vocalize the words, so she stayed with Yes and let insanity rule.

Because she couldn’t say the words that he wanted to hear as his touch of his hands came down to the strap of her red dress and she felt it being pushed over her shoulder, and then the next one and before she knew it, the dress was on the floor and she didn’t stop him as he picked her up in his arms and walked up the stairs to the master bedroom and the door moments later shut loudly.

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