Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Epilogue - Complete 3/8/2019

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 40 3/2/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:33 am

Get back here! I need to know how this goes!
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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 41 3/3/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:33 pm

Chapter Forty-One
<DeLuca Home>

Across town a similar discussion was getting ready to start. Jim joined Michael as went talk to Ms. DeLuca about his origins.

“Mom, Michael and I really need to talk to you.”

“Michael Guerin, I will kill you for getting my little girl pregnant. How many times did I tell you Maria, that guys are no good? They only want one thing. Did you decide to bring Jim with you so I couldn’t kill him on the spot.”

“Mom will you please calm down. Mom it is nothing like that. Michael needs to tell you something about his life. The Evans already know and the Parkers are finding out right now.”

“As you know I have been in and out of the foster system since I was found on the road at six years old. I claimed I didn’t remember my life before then. There is no easy way to say this. I’m an alien-human hybrid. I was in the 1947 crash. Yes, I know that was more than seventeen years. I was in the pod along with others. We were created from the essence of royal four of Antar and human DNA material. I was the general. Max was my king. Liz was my queen. Just like this life, Isabel was Max’s sister.”

“Liz is not an alien. Her mother and I were pregnant at the same time. Liz was born two weeks before Maria.”

“We don’t know how Liz came to live with the Parkers. Mom there was a second set of pods that were in New York City. That queen looks like the punk version of Liz. That Max looked like our Max. Their Michael and Isabel looked like ours.”

“Jim, you’re not surprised by the information. How long have you known and kept this information from me? Don’t you think it was important for me to know that my daughter was dating E.T.?”

Jim was thinking to himself that maybe he should have taken Michael’s request for a bulletproof vest seriously. “Amy, I knew since the spring. Max and Isabel’s own parents didn’t know. I couldn’t tell you when their own parents didn’t know. Liz didn’t know her true identity until this week. One of the reasons I haven’t asked out lately was I didn’t want to lie to you.”

“So, what was the other reason?”

“We both were trying to raise teenagers and seemed that kept getting in the way.”

“So, if you are an alien what can you do Michael?”

Michael then changes the color of the wall he was standing next to.

“Well I will call you the next time I want to paint. But let tell you Michael Guerin, if you get my daughter pregnant no alien power is going to protect you from me.”

They spent the rest of the evening tell Amy DeLuca about their adventures the last year.

“What do you mean you’re not human?” Her father wanted to know.

“The 1947 crash was real. I’m a human alien hybrid. The essence of the former queen Ava and human donor were used to create me. I was not alone, my King Zan, our unborn child Serena, Zan’s sister Violandra, Zan’s second Rath were also created.”

“What are you talking about Liz? I have taken you to every doctor’s appointment. Dr. Sanchez never indicated that something was different about you.” Nancy stated.

“The crash was in 1947 you are only seventeen.” Her father added.

“Mom, I came out of my pod early. It was deliberately damaged in the hopes that I would die. Some of our enemies followed us to earth. The others remained in their pods until they were about six years old. I only found out about the others after I was shot last year in the restaurant. Max risked exposing his secret to safe my life. My alien side didn’t emerge until I was reunited with my mate.”

“I didn’t have a choice. I have been drawn to Liz since the first time I saw her in third grade. I didn’t know where I came from or what my purpose was. I made a promise to the others that we would tell no one. I kept my distance because I thought we could never be together. I knew I couldn’t be with Liz unless she knew the truth about me. I didn’t think she would want an alien freak. After I healed Liz, I tried to keep Liz away to protect her but before long neither of us could fight the feeling we belonged together. Things were going great until another alien and her protector arrived in Roswell claiming to be my wife. She claimed that we were the former King and Queen and would one day need to return to Antar to free the planet.”

“I did the right thing for Max and his people. I set him free. We have both been miserable with my decision. I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“We didn’t know about a second set of pods left in New York City. Ava from that group came to warn me. Others from her group came to Roswell to take me to a peace summit. The summit was a trap. This Ava bore a striking resemblance to Liz. I was thrilled to learn that Liz was my true queen. Liz and I worked out our differences. Ava suggested that we have our bonding ceremony. This would allow Liz to once again be my queen and unlock her abilities.”

“By our people’s standards, we are married.”

“I suppose this bonding ceremony included a honeymoon. How soon is my daughter expended to produce your heir? She could have lived her life as a human if she didn’t bond with you.” Jeff told the couple not holding back his anger.

“I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Max. Our enemies already knew how he felt about me. Now I have my own powers to defend myself. Max and I are together for the rest of our lives, so you better get used to the idea.”

“Liz, what are you trying to say? Her mother asked her.

“We are back together for good. We made a commitment to each other that neither of us is breaking. And if you can’t accept it, I will be moving in with Max.”

“Liz, honey I think you are rushing into this. You and Max have only been back together a few days and you are talking about marriage and living together. How do we know that he is not using his powers on you?” Her mother tried to reason with her.

“I remember the love Max and I shared on Antar. We formed an eternity bond. We are not complete without the other. Max’s parents understand and have welcomed me and Ava into their family. Dad and Mom if you can’t talk civilly to me this conversation is over. We will be at the Evans when you want to talk.”

“I forbid it. You are still our daughter.” Jeff was upset his daughter would leave them.

“Technically, I’m not. Come on Max, I need to get a few things from my room.”

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 41 3/3/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:44 pm

Things went better with Amy then with the Parkers. Jeff and Nancy better becareful or they will lose Liz forever.
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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 41 3/3/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:30 pm

Amy surprised me.......she seemed to be more worried about Maria getting pregnant.
Now the Parkers, that's another story.
Can't wait to see how this progresses.

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 41 3/3/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:54 am

All I am going to say is I agree with Roswelllostcause and Keepsmiling7.

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 41 3/3/2019

Post by Natalie36 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:26 am

hope the parkers change their attitude

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 42 3/4/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:46 pm

Chapter Forty-Two
<Evans Home>
A dejected Liz returned to the Evans home with Max. Liz didn’t say a thing. She didn’t want to talk to anyone. She took her bag and went straight to Max’s room.

“Hi honey, I assume from the looks on your faces that your discussion with the Parkers did not go well.” His mother asked.

“The first part was okay. They just found out about Liz’s origins from her grandmother’s will. Their baby had died, and Liz had been abandoned on the reservation. Her grandmother and River Dog placed her in the home. We plan to visit River Dog soon to see if he has any additional information. They blame me for unlocking Liz’s alien side. It got heated at the end between Liz and her dad.”

“Max, it sounds like the Parkers had a lot to deal with. They just found their child by birth died many years ago. They probably were worried that Liz would not look at them the same way. Then you add your marriage, you can see where the Parkers thought they were losing their only child. They were not thinking that they were gaining a son but thinking they were losing their daughter. I think you both should give them some time. Tomorrow morning, Isabel or I can invite them to the bonding feast. Isabel is getting everything planned.”

“Thanks mom. You are probably right. You had some suspensions that I was different. They had no reason to believe that Liz is different. Finding out your daughter is not your flesh and blood has to be difficult for them.”

Diane and Max spent a few more hours just talking. It was one of the first honest conversations that Max had with his mother in a long time.

<Sunday Morning>

After talking with Ava and Serena, Isabel had a plan for a celebration for Max and Liz. She didn’t want the event to compete with the wedding reception they would one day have. She wanted this celebration to be unique. Ava gave her some input what the celebration was like on Antar. With this information, she put everyone to work for the celebration. She had Michael, Zan, Kyle and Alex setting up an outdoor tent. She had Maria, Ava, and Serena getting flowers for centerpieces. She asked Amy to make some desserts. She made her father go to the store for the needed groceries for the meal she had planned. Cooking would begin as soon as her father returned. She ordered Max and Liz out of the house until two hours before the start time. Ava would prepare Liz for the evening. She wanted everything to be a surprise.

After Diane, Isabel and Ava talked about the situation with Liz’s parents, it was decided that Ava and Diane would go over to personally invite them to the celebration. It was felt that Ava could better describe the bond Max and Liz now shared. Diane could share her own decision to accept the relationship.


Diane and Ava waited until after the lunch crowd cleared out from the Crashdown. Ava was a little nervous to be meeting Liz’s parents. They took seats at the counter. Nancy was taking orders at the counter, since Liz didn’t come in to work. Jeff was in the back checking the inventory to make the weekly produce order. Nancy had to do a double take when she saw the young lady with Diane. First, she thought it was Liz but knew this had to be the Ava she mentioned last night.

“Hi Nancy. This is Ava. We were hoping we could talk to you privately.”

“Sure, it would be better than having this discussion in public. Did Liz send you?”

“No. Liz doesn’t know we came. I thought it would be better for us to discuss since we can give you a different perspective.”

The trio made it to Jeff’s office in the back. Jeff was shocked by the appearance of his wife with Diane Evans and woman that looked so much like his daughter.

“Liz didn’t send us, but I thought you both could benefit from my and Ava’s views.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Parker, I don’t know how much Liz told you about me. I’m Ava another clone of the former queen Ava. Unlike Liz, my group did not grow up with loving parents. We were abandoned by our so call protector. Zan and I have always been attracted to each other. First Zan felt this need to protect and care for me. I felt the same way about Zan. We had a strong friendship before we began a romantic relationship. The other two in our group were not nice to me or humans in general. My pod had some damage from the crash and I didn’t start coming into my powers until Zan and I connected again. I fully developed my powers and my memories of Antar after we bonded on fourteenth birthdays. That is the typical age that the Antarian crown prince or princess takes their bonded mate. My relationship with Zan on Antar was like our relationship on earth.”

“Jeff and Nancy, I think I understand how you feel better than anyone. Phillip and I struggled for years with infertility. When we found Max and Isabel, it changed our lives. We finally had our family. But I was always scared that someone from their past would come back and try to take my children from me. Max and I had a long talk last night. Liz was devastated by your reaction. She didn’t speak to anyone and was very quiet at breakfast this morning. If your daughter didn’t care for you, she wouldn’t value your opinion so highly. Although money is no longer an issue, he has already stated that they are not ready to live on their own yet. They have hidden in the shadows too long to draw that kind of attention to themselves. Ideally they would like to split time between our houses.” Diane informed them.

“On Antar many kings form eternity bonds with their queens. That is the bond that Zan and I formed on Antar and on earth. You have to know that I never would have suggested that Max and Liz bond if I didn’t think they were ready for it. You may be disappointed that you were not part of what amounted to your daughter’s wedding day. Our bonding ceremony is very private. The couple is alone with the priestess. Three days later close family and friends gather for celebratory dinner. Unlike earth weddings, the male’s family is responsible for organizing the gathering. Isabel is back at the Evans home making all the arrangements. I know that Liz would want you there.”

“Are you sure they want to continue to live at home?” Nancy asked.

“Max said yes as long as they do so safely. They still have a number of enemies on this earth. They don’t want to put us in any danger. “
“Well we come. What time do we need to be there?” Nancy asked.

“Five thirty would be perfect. Thank you so much. This will mean a lot to Liz. We need to run. Isabel still needs our help.” Ava told them.

With that Diane and Ava left the Crashdown.

“Why did you agree to go, Nancy. I still don’t approve.”

“We are going. I’m putting my foot down. Our daughter is as stubborn as you. If we missed this day, I know she would hold it against us. Besides, I’m not ready to lose my daughter. I don’t want Diane to become her new mother. She has already taken that role with Ava.”

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 42 3/4/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:02 pm

Good to see that Nancy has come around. It will mean a lot to Liz that at least her mother supports her.
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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 42 3/4/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:25 am

It appears Ava's explanation helped Nancy some.
Can't wait for the ceremony.

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Re: Double Vision (CC, Adult, M/L) Chapter 43 3/6/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:40 pm

Chapter Forty-Three

<Evans Home>

Max and Liz had returned home as instructed. Max had learned a long time ago one doesn’t mess with Isabel Evans’ plans. As soon as they returned, Isabel whisked Liz away for a quick conversation.

<Isabel’s room>
“Liz, I have been thinking. Would you mind sharing your night with Ava and Zan? It is only right that they get this celebration as well.”

“Isabel, I think it is a wonderful idea. I was feeling a little guilty that I was getting this celebration when Ava and Zan never had one.”

“I will go let Max know. Zan will be helping him get ready.”

Soon, Ava, Serena, Maria and Isabel were in Isabel’s room get Liz and Ava ready. Liz and Ava would be wearing the traditional bonding dress with one exception, undergarments would be included. Ava had created traditional Antarian dresses for the others to wear as well. The dresses were in various shades of purple.

<Max’s Room>

Zan was thrilled when Max told him that tonight’s celebration would include him and Ava as well. He always felt sorry that Ava didn’t get the traditional feast after their bonding. He had only known Max for a few days but already felt closer to him than he ever did to Rath or Lonnie. He and Max may have gotten off to a rocky start, but he knew now that he had a family now.

“I want to thank you for including us tonight. I know Ava was disappointed that we didn’t get this celebration after our bonding. I finally feel like Ava and I have the family we deserve.”

“I’m glad we have made the both of you feel at home. I have a lot to thank Ava for. I know she saved my life in more ways than you can imagine. She gave me back the most important person in my life. She gave back the reason I get up every morning. I know she risked her own life to come here to warn me about Rath and Lonnie.”

“Ava is amazing. Liz is pretty amazing as well. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness to protect you and your family. “

“We both are very fortunate that we get a chance to make our amazing wives happy.”

“Isabel said we were to be in the den at 5:45 pm. I guess we just wait until then.”

Max and Zan had already dressed when Alex, Michael and Kyle showed up. “Hi, guys. Isabel said our acceptable outfits were in your room.” Alex told them.

“Help yourself guys. Zan and I were just leaving.” Max was not going to stick around when they found traditional clothing Isabel had for them. They could hear Michael’s cursing down the hall.

“You have to be fucking kidding me. Isabel expects us to wear this.” Michael expressed.

“Do you want to tell her no? You know how she is when she is planning something. I don’t like them either but I’m not getting on her bad side.” Alex told them.

“Of course, you not getting on her bad side. You’re whipped man.” Michael told Alex.

“Let’s just get this humiliation over with. It’s just for a dinner. The only ones that are going to see us is you the parents.” Kyle conceded. Kyle was also thinking about Serena. She would see him in this outfit.

“Okay, but I don’t have to like it.” Michael continued to grumble.

<Evans’ Den>

Max and Zan waited patiently for their mates. Max’s mother had already shared the good news that the Parker's were planning to attend with Max. It would be a surprise for Liz. Max knew how much her parent’s approval meant to Liz. He knew it this would go a long way in rebuilding their relationship. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Both Max and Zan called out. Ava and Liz entered the room.

“Wow, you are just as beautiful tonight as you were the night, we bonded three years ago.” Zan told Ava.

“You look great Zan. I think I like the longer hair on you.”

“Yeah, I like it too. I don’t think the punk rocker look would help me blend into Roswell, but I can get away with this look.”

“You look breathtaking tonight, Liz.”

“Thank you, Max. You know you always look good to me but tonight it reminds me our bonding on Antar.”

“Isabel said it was almost time for us to make our grand entrance. We are to go to the back door in the kitchen. She will signal when we can come out.” Liz told Max and Zan.

“Well we better get going. Isabel runs a tight schedule.”

The couples made their way to the kitchen and waited for Isabel’s signal.

<Evans Backyard>

Isabel was in her element. She had the buffet line set up. She had soft instrumental music playing in the background. She had the tables setup with place cards for all the guest. Her parents and the Parker's would be at one table. Michael and Maria would set with her mother and Jim. Zan, Ava, Max and Liz would share a table. Isabel would set with Alex, Kyle, and Serena. She showed everyone to their assigned tables. It was now time to bring in the guests of honor.

“Friends and family, it gives me great pleasure to introduce my brothers, Max and Zan along with their new bonded mates, Liz and Ava.”

With Isabel’s introduction, the couples walked into the tent. Nancy and Jeff couldn’t believe how beautiful their daughter looked on Max’s arm. They thought their eyes were playing tricks on them. There was a slight silver glow coming from their joined hands. The jewels in Liz’s hair had the same glow. Diane never saw her son smile so brightly. She didn’t doubt that Max had found his other half. Phillip watched his son proudly. He was no longer a little boy but a man now. He could see the change in his son from the insecure teen to the leader he was now. Serena couldn’t have been happier. Both sets of her parents looked so happy together. She knew that she made the right decision, she belonged here with her family.

When they walked into the tent, Liz got the first glimpse of her parents. “Max, how did you get my parents here.”

“I can’t take credit for that. My mom and Ava went over and talk to them. I guess they were convincing it what they said.”

“As is the Antarian custom, the couples will go to each table to welcome their guests.”

Max and Liz went straight to their parents’ table. “Liz, you look absolutely stunning. You do look like a queen.” Her mother told her.

“Thanks, mom. I’m sorry about some of the things I said yesterday. It means a lot to me that you both are here to help me celebrate.” Her mother pulled her into a hug.

“Daddy, are you okay.”

“I just thought I would have a few more years before I lost you to a husband.”

“As long as you can accept Max’s as my mate you haven’t lost me, you have gained a son. Besides in a few years we will have a tradition wedding.”

With those words, she was in her father’s arms. Liz and her parents were mending their family bond.

The night continued as a celebration of the couples. The food and desserts were excellent and enjoyed by all. As the Antarian customs call for, the dining tables were ditched and couples were placed in the center of a circle. Then the storytelling began. Diane and Phillip shared stories of Max and Isabel growing up. Jeff and Nancy contributed stories of Liz. Max and Liz shared with the parents how the humans learn of the aliens among them. Ava and Zan told stories of their time in New York. Serena discussed her life in Hollywood. They were forming one big family as the night continued.

Max and Liz finally were alone. “I don’t think I have ever seen you look so happy.” Liz said.

“This has been the best four days of my life. To know that what I have known since I stepped off that bus and saw you for the first time was right. I have always known that I needed you Liz Parker. I will always need you to feel complete.”

“I didn’t know what was missing in my life until you risked everything to save me. I finally feel complete as well.”

“It’s going to be a good life with you by my side.”

The End

Don't worry. I will be posting an epilogue in a few days.

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