Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 9 - Updated: 11/18/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:33 pm

Please please please come back with more really really soon?

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Lost & Found - Chapter 10 - 11/22/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:52 am

Monday morning…
Hotel, Las Vegas

Max tossed and turned before he finally awakes and got ready. His dreams were becoming more intense and disruptive to his sleep, and he hated it. He had a lot to deal with these days without the past coming back to haunt him. Yet Liz and her beautiful face kept popping.

So, he got up and worked on his speech. It was as he was headed out of the hotel room that he realized that he had forgotten to watch those last few tapes, and so he didn’t know as much as he should on the case that was captivating the county. He figured he would watch them before the session the following day.

At the conference hall. Max was shown to his table and told he would be on later in the day or depending what happened at the latest the next morning. The day went on schedule although he found out his speech would likely close out the agenda the following day which was fine with Max as he could finish those tapes that night and use that to frame the speech when he did make it the following day… But that changed with the next speaker.

Speaker: As you know the latest missing child case to hit the nation is that of 10-year-old Isabella Valenti who was 9 when she went missing on May 14, 2011. Her family has been frantic in their search for the little girl who would have celebrated her 10th birthday last month. Her mother wanted to speak here today, to show you the daughter that she loves so much but the anguish of her daughter's disappearance has caused some recent medical problems that have needed hospitalization. But a local private investigative who has worked the case in their home town, and who has the distinction of being Isabella’s god-father, and therefore he is here as Isabella’s representative. Let us all welcome Mr. Michael Guerin of Roswell, New Mexico.

Max’s head snapped up in attention from the notes he was making when he heard Michael's name after ignoring the speech while his face went ghost pale when his eyes fixed on a man he hadn’t seen in over 10 years.

Michael walked to the stage, prepared to make his way to the stage, and Max eye’s fixated on the figure as he got up on stage and began his speech as Max felt like life that he once knew it, would change instantly with the speech.

“Thank you all for the support you have given to my god-daughter Isabella. Isabella or “Bella” as she’s known to her family and friends has been as close to me, and my family and especially to my daughter as one girl can get so when her mother was recently hospitalized, I knew I had to come here and speak for Liz and for her little girl who was so beautiful when we were robbed of her presence in our lives. We miss her every single day. But for her mother who misses her daughter, well, the loss has been immeasurable and the impact to her life has led her health to take a recent turn because of the time she has devoted to looking for Bella…” Michael was saying, as the picture came up behind him. A little brunette with a wide smile. “You can see from the material provided that she was only nine years old when she was taken out of her room, in her mother’s home. To this day we have very little as to why, and where she might be. We know it looks bad at this stage, but her mother is devoted to finding answers… And we all believe she is still somewhere, just waiting to come home. So, if any of you can take the story home or if you have any clues to give us something to search… her mother, and us, her friends would be ever so happy, “he said quietly and commanding, as he continued with his speech.

“Isabella Maria Valenti is 10 years now, but she was only nine when she was taken. She was a growing and healthy mischievous young girl who loved her life, and loved her mother, and her family. She had every dream to wish for and look forward to as she grew up. And then one night, in the early hours of May 14, 2011 she was taken. She had been out with her mother the night before, and her mother knew she was in bed and was falling asleep when she last saw her, and by the next morning at 6 a.m. Bella was gone, and our lives have never been the same,” Michael thought of the frantic and hysterical call Liz had made to Maria when she found her daughter missing, he still shuttered at the memory. “We have tried everything to look for Isabella and nothing has come up. We think she could be still alive but that was then, and we don’t know about now. Her mother misses her every day, and she hates not being able to hold her in her arms” (as he clicks a button and a picture of Isabella and Liz came on the screen, and Max’s face and body went into a frozen motion as he couldn’t comprehend the rest of the speech) “If anyone has anything at all about this little girl, let us know… please. We know she could look different now than she did at the time. But I have this feeling that she is not that far from that of a year ago. So, if you have anything, call…” Michael said listing the name and number of his office, and that of the Sheriff’s office and the special room devoted to Bella’s disappearance. “Her mother thanks you, and I thank you.”

Michael finished his speech as there were claps all around the room. But Max was barely conscious to it, as his eyes fixated on the image of Bella and her mother… Liz!

“That is all for today as we will come back tomorrow and discuss more and will hear from a former FBI agent who works on the police force now but specialized in Child Location cases when he was with the FBI. He will talk to tomorrow?”

The conference room broke up with people getting up, ready to depart the room. Max finally was able to put two feet in front of him when he spotted Michael finishing talking to someone who had asked some questions about the disappearance. He relished answering, as he finished his eyes looked around and he went pale when he spotted…

“Max,” Michael said quietly as time and space went eerily quiet for both as they stared at each other.

“Michael,” Max said quietly.

“What are you doing here, Max?” Michael as his whits came back to him, and he came back to the reality of seeing his childhood best friend. A man who he hadn’t seen in a decade.

“I am a speaker at this conference, I am supposed to speak tomorrow?

“You are that cop, that former FBI agent?” Michael asked he tried to reconcile that image of his friend, and he couldn’t yet reconcile it instantly and knew it would take time.

“Yes. I was asked to speak at this conference due to my previous work in the field, although truthfully I am not sure how much useful intelligence I can give to people who are clearly experts in the field.”

“Are you still with the bureau, no, you’re not. Where are you? What are you doing?” Michael asked as he couldn’t help but stare at Max, and Max knew there was a reason to be disbelief, which was the state he was also in as he stared at the man Michael was now.

“The LAPD? Been there about 5 years or so” Max muttered as he never imagined he would be in one place this long, but there was never a reason to leave.”

“What happened?” Michael couldn’t help but ask, and Max laughed at the question as he was constantly asking himself that…

“There are so many responses to that kind of question, maybe now is not the time to get into it” Max sighed.

Michael noticed the crowds getting smaller, but there still was one so he knew there wasn’t any good space to have the conversation he knew needed to be had, as he looked at the time. “I guess we need to talk. Do you want to go for drinks?”

“Yeah, we do need to talk, Max muttered himself as they walked out of the ballroom together, as they went in search of a bar.

Unaware of Michael’s discovery, Liz was again looking through any of the leads that was passed onto her despite her location. She hated how nothing was paying off, and she was currently fretting they might have to talk to her dreaded ex-husband to see what Sean might know about Isabella and whether he knew where she might have been taken. She hated the mere idea, and she hated having to think of that option when the door open and her better viewed ex-husband came through the doors, as she smiled as she saw Kyle walk into the room.

“Kyle, you came…” Liz smiled relieved that he had actually come to visit her, as he had kept quiet since she had been admitted, and since she had woken up. Isabel had come by, but Kyle stayed away. She knew it was hard time as Bella’s absence was glaring for not only her, but her ex-husband. Kyle had always been a part of Isabella’s life, from the moment when she was born, and he started spending time with them after she kicked Sean out. They were purely friends, and then as her daughter grew, they decided to try again. The both knew she didn’t love him like she should, and they also knew that Kyle was okay with it. Because he didn’t have an intense love for her either but wanted to be there for her and Bella. He offered to give her daughter his name so that she could be rid of the taint of Sean’s memory. They never went the adoption route, but they were good together, but eventually she knew neither was happy and so after about five years, they separated, and Kyle started up again with Isabel whom he had dated briefly before he and Liz got together, and this time he knew she was one for him as they got engaged shortly before Isabella went missing and she remembered how her little girl had been thrilled with Isabel as a step-mother, and with her gone, they delayed the wedding for a long time hoping Bella could be there, but when Isabel found out she was pregnant, they knew they should get married. Even though they had time on their hands before she started to show. But they wanted to be together, and it was happy news for the gang.
Liz had been happy for her ex. She was glad he was moving on, but he wanted her baby back.

“I was here when you first were admitted, but I knew you needed rest and you might not want me to visit.” Kyle said sadly.

“Why, you mean the world to me Kyle,” Liz asked.

“I bring back memories of Bella,” Kyle said sadly.

“Bella is always with me, and I don’t have to look at you to see my daughter. I see her everywhere, which is probably why I got so sick in the first place. I see her calling out for me,” as she cursed her special power that she never really acknowledged or used as it showed up after Max went missing. She sometimes saw the future, but she disowned it when it didn’t warn her that her daughter would go missing. But now, with every glance she made, she saw her baby and so she cursed it. “You shouldn’t stay away.”

“I won’t next time,” Kyle smiled.

“I hope not,” Liz said. “So how are you and Isabel?”

“We are great,” Kyle smiled although a part of his brain told him to be careful because he knew Max had called his sister, and that there was new information on his whereabouts. “Life is pretty good. We just need Bella home to make it perfect.”

“I miss her,” Liz sighed.

“We all do,” Kyle said quietly. “One day she’ll come home.”

“I hope so,” Liz said as she cursed her life. “I want her home, but I know you all have a godsent for me” she sighed. “I do appreciate all you have done for me, over these years.”

“We go back a long way, and Bella is my daughter regardless of anything else that happens, okay?” Kyle smiled. “She’s going to love being a big sister.”

“Yes, she is,” Liz smiled as she knew it was a dig in on Max, if he were to come back and find out the truth. “Kyle, I hope you know I would never try to take her away from you. Even if I meet someone else, or anyone from the past or present comes into my life.”

Kyle took as a nod to Max.

“I want you happy,” Kyle said. “Bella also would want you happy, and she will always be my daughter. So, she’s not going to lose me from her life, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I do,” Liz admitted.

“Don’t Liz. You need to do what is right for you, but also know the truth sometimes sets you free. We are always afraid of the unknown, but sometimes you need to walk through the door to see what is on the other side of it, and sometimes you find freedom.

“Maria tells me Sean is reaching out to me,” Liz said softly.

“WHAT!” Kyle asked indignant over the idea of Sean Deluca might be back to cause trouble for his ex-wife, when she’s distraught over her daughter’s disappearance.

“He claims to know something about Bella,” Liz cried. “I don’t know what to do, whether I should believe him.”

“You shouldn’t Liz,” Kyle asked appalled. “He’s a liar who made your life a living hell. I don’t believe he could have had something to do with her going missing. Why, it would serve no benefit to him.”

“He would do it to make me miserable,” Liz cried. “I screwed up Kyle by getting involved with him. He’s in jail because of me.”

“He’s in jail because he’s a criminal,” Kyle gritted.

“I put him in jail,” Liz sighed. “What if…”

“Relax Liz, focus on getting better.” Kyle sighed as he checked his watch, and knew he had to go pick up Isabel from her parent’s place. “I’ve got to go but listen me. You’re better without him in your life, and don’t focus on it. Focus on getting better and focus on getting your daughter back.

“Okay,” Liz sighed.

“Good,” Kyle smiled as he left a short time later and decided he couldn’t go pick up his wife without making first a pit stop at the Sheriff’s department on his way to his in-laws. All the while Liz continued to fret about her original ex-husband, and what he could be doing as a means for revenge before she drifted off to sleep.
Las Vegas
Hard Rock Cafe,

It didn’t take much of discussion when they found a place to sit and discussion the past and the present for Max to realize the complexity of why Michael was at the conference. “So, you are telling me that Liz’s daughter is missing?”

“Unfortunately,” Michael admitted. “Isabella has been missing for over a year now.”

“Isabella?” Max asked as he couldn’t comprehend how life could be so damn cruel as to deprive the love of his life of her daughter No wonder I don’t believe in god, life is too cruel, he silently cursed. “Was she named after Izzy?”

“You would have to ask Liz that,” Michael lied as the whole family knew that between the lines of the lies Liz told of her daughter’s paternity that there was only one reason she chose the name for her child. “Unfortunately, she’s been a mess.”

“You’re telling me her daughter is gone?” Max asked.

“Yes, and Liz is running herself ragged trying to find her. She wanted to be here, but she was so stressed out that she got herself admitted into the hospital, and there was no releasing her, so I came instead.”

“Are you serious. She was planning to be here?” Max asked as he tried to come to terms with the idea that he had almost seen the love of his life again, and only fate had turned against them… yet again.

“Yes,” Michael sighed. “Because I knew if she tried to defy the doctors, it would likely kill her, and because Bella is just waiting to come home. I wasn’t about to risk Liz’s health, so I came…”

“God is insane,” Max muttered. “It makes no sense for Liz to deserve that kind of pain.”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 10 - Updated: 11/22/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:05 pm

So glad Michael's video got Max's attention. Of course he would be frozen when he received this new information.
Why did Liz think she was responsible for Sean being in prison?
If he has information, I wish he would get that to Liz some way through others.
Max doesn't have a clue that this is his daughter they are talking about. I am glad he is sympatric towards Liz's pain.
Thanks for the great new part, Carolyn

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 10 - Updated: 11/22/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:29 pm

Personally i think Michael should go and find out what that scumbag Sean has to say. Max is in schock that it's Liz's daughter that is missing. Yes Max, Isabella is named after your sister. By the way you are the father!
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Lost & Found - Chapter 11 - 11/25/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 1:08 pm

Michael was sitting and observing Max as he didn’t know what to make of the encounter because for a decade his friend had been missing, and now he was sitting across for them as they shared a beer, and a coffee for Michael. Michael couldn’t help but notice that Max did seem to drink a lot, as he was on his second beer since they arrived. He had to wonder what was going on in his old friend’s life.

“Unbelievable,” Max muttered. “Isabella’s case must be the one my Chief was telling me about, and why he wanted to send me to this conference despite the lack of ties to the bureau as I no longer do much for them except for some small cases.”

“Yes,” Michael nodded. “Maria’s a journalist now and her program did an interview with Liz on the anniversary of the abduction, and it went viral in a way the initial wave of publicity didn’t…”

“Has there been anything at all in the little girl’s disappearance,” Max asked as he dealt with the idea of Liz being a mother, and that her child was missing. He didn’t know his son or the son he believed he had when Tess was missing but to know your child and to raise her and to have her vanish was completely cruel.

“A few tidbits here and there back in the beginning, but nothing panned out and it’s only made Liz more and more obsessed with trying to find Bella and as a result she’s running herself rugged.” Michael acknowledged.

“I hate knowing that,” Max sighed as he envisioned his ex, and the despair she had to be feeling.

“Max, I can’t believe you of all people would join the FBI,” Michael asked as he switched their conversation to his curiosity of his friend. “After all they did to us, when we were younger?”

“I was drifting,” Max admitted. “When I left Roswell and launched my search for my son, well, it didn’t go as I envisioned it in the beginning. Truthfully, I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, but when it failed, and I learned how Tess had deceived me and how I was a fool to have believed her and allow it to ruin my life with Liz, well, it didn’t help that I needed to pay some hospital bills.”

“Excuse me?” Michael asked.

“Yeah,” Max admitted. “I went to Antar…” he said softly as he knew that kernel of information was going to land like a bombshell.

“Are you freaking kidding me, you went there… you were successful?” Michael asked, shocked and in disbelief. “That is how you found out. You never mentioned how you knew that Tess lied, so I thought she might have found some way to come back and relocated… I never imagined that going to our home planet was part of your journey?”

“Yes, once Liz broke up with me. I felt I had no other choice, so I took the chance and that is how I found out how badly Tess had conned us. I am amazed I made it back here, and I did and because of the journey. They found me alive, but barely and therefore I needed a lot of medical care to get me back to one piece.”

“What happened?” Michael asked as he didn’t know how to take it, the fact they could have lost him, and they would never have known. “Didn’t you think to you know, tell us?”

“I felt I needed to do it on my own. Both of you were working on achieving a decent life here on Earth. You both wanted to focus on your own lives as you had picked Maria and so you two were trying to make it work, and well, Isabel… she and Jesse were trying, and so I though why not go and see…”

“Max it was a suicide mission,” Michael asked appalled. “Yes, I am hypocrite because I did want to do it for so much of our lives, but you and Isabel always talked me down and, in the end, I couldn’t go there because I love Maria, which had its own set of complications which you missed by the way. But the idea you were willing to sacrifice…”

“I felt I had no choice. Liz didn’t want me. And I thought I had a son to find, only to discover how wrong I was…”

Michael could only sigh as he contemplated just what his friend had risked, and maybe lost in the process.

“Look I know,” Max admitted as he saw the concern on Michael’s face. “I should have told you guys. But I went with it, and, well, I did come back, and because of the state of my condition, I wasn’t about to come back to Roswell when I barely had a life…”

“What happened…” Michael asked again.

“It’s hard to explain,” Max sighed. “I wish I could… I had injuries that required medical aid, and it took a long time for my powers to kick in, so I didn’t have the ability to help myself. Kal was not wrong that you change, and while I never could do what he could do. Still, I was not the same person coming back, and I couldn’t put you guys through it. I couldn’t put my parents through it and I couldn’t put Liz through it and then for another year or so, I had to fight the wish from the powers that be who controlled my fate to put me in a psych ward…

“What?” Michael asked, confused.

“The more time I spent back here, well, the powers would come back but they didn’t make me the sanest person or so that is what the medical professionals would say, and so they thought I was crazy but then I was in a dark place at that time, so maybe I was…”Max admitted as he reached for another sip of beer as he knew back then, he was missing his family, and missing most of all… Liz. “I wish I could understand it, and maybe I still don’t understand it. I wish I did.”

“Max, it blows my mind what you went through, but you could have come back, as Isabel and your parents would have wanted to help you recover?”

“I didn’t want to burden them,” Max acknowledged. “I was in a dark place and in the times where I would come out of the space I was in, I needed something that pays decently as I had some major medical bills to pay and so one thing led to another with the FBI, and it lasted about two years before the darkness swallowed me up again for a while before I successfully won the battle as I joined up at the LAPD and made something of myself.”

“You mentioned the darkness?” Michael asked.

“It’s the truth,” Max said as he didn’t want to admit just how dark he had gone or that it was because of losing Liz, and yet Michael could tell that she was what his friend was speaking of…

“Max about Liz.”

“Look Michael I know she married Deluca. I hope she’s happy, but I know…” Max said truthfully as he knew he was dying inside as he took another sip of beer, and ordered another one to a shake of Michael’s head as he saw this trail that Max was spiraling…

“What you knew,” Michael asked as his head spun. “And you didn’t stop her…”

“I couldn’t,” Max sputtered. “I didn’t come back from Antar until it was too late, and then I was a mess and I legitimately didn’t know until one of those times I was out of the hospital, and I did some searching and I found out that she was married, and then I discovered that she married him after she turned 18. Mere weeks after I left.”

“She’s divorced Max,” Michael said softly.

“What?” Max said looking up. “She is…”

“She and Deluca didn’t make it a year,” Michael sighed as he remembered that period. Maria was often stressed by what she was seeing her friend go through, and amazingly it kept them strong as they saw how badly Liz was handling life. Not to say he and Maria weren’t without challenges, as they did have them and some sketchy moments that almost separated them. But they made it despite those obstacles.

“I assumed she and Deluca were still together,” Max asked as memories of the girl who he had loved and lost filled his mind as he took a sip of
beer. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Yeah they were over before Bella was six months old, and she was back with her parents.”

“What happened to her after that…”

“Ask her,” Michael muttered.

“Michael, tell me…” Max pleaded. “Despite her daughter’s disappearance is she happy?”

“Max,” Michael muttered.

“Tell me,” Max pleaded.

“She got married again,” Michael acknowledged, and the news rocked Max.

“Whom?” Max asked.

“Kyle…” Michael said.

“Whoa,” Max said…

“They married when Bella was about three,” Michael acknowledged.

“Are they still together, do they have other children?” Max asked, as he dreaded the answer. “Hey, they can’t be because Isabel says that she and Kyle are married. What’s going on?”

“They aren’t together. They split about a year before Bella disappeared as Kyle and Isabel got back together, and they got married a few months
ago. So, Liz is single.”

“What happened to Deluca?” Max asked. “Did Kyle adopt Isabella as I remember now that the child has Kyle’s name.”

“Sean has been in jail for years now, so no Kyle never did adopt Isabella but when he and Liz married he officially allowed Bella’s name to be changed to avoid the stigma although technically it was never Deluca to begin with… But to Kyle, Isabella is his daughter…” he said as he didn’t want to dissuade Max’s assumption that Sean was Bella’s biological father.

“I don’t believe it,” Max muttered as he thought of Liz, and the girl who he once was so in love with…

“Max, she could use a friend. Liz, I mean.”

“Michael,” Max muttered with an unspoken warning as they finally stopped talking, as Michael had to get back to his hotel room to call home after they had made plans to meet for the breakfast the next morning. Max managed to make it back to his hotel room and as he watched the video unwatched, and he was undone by the vision of Liz so distraught over her daughter missing, and missing the subtle signs in the interview about her daughter’s paternity but swallowed up by the despair in Liz’s eyes as he passed out after having more beer as the screen was paused on Liz’s crying face…
Meanwhile back in Molly’s hospital room Serena arrived for a visit with the little girl. “You’re looking stronger,” she smiled as she walked in and Molly perked up by Serena’s visit as she was watching television while drawing pictures on a pad of paper the nurses had given her to entertain herself. “I talked to Max earlier,” she smiled. “He is looking forward to seeing how much progress you’ve made once he’s back.”
Molly nodded.

“So, what are you drawing…” Serena asked. “Can I see…”

Molly nodded.

“Wow you’re very talented,” Serena asked as she amazed at the detail of the girls’ drawing. “You really have something here…”

It was a picture of a woman and little girl both with dark brown hair with a man in shadows watching them from afar…

“How did you come up with this picture?” Serena asked intrigued by it because it seemed different from what she knew of Molly’s life with her older brothers and father and mother.

Molly only shrugged.

“Still this is pretty thorough,” Serena asked. “Like you know these people because isn’t the little girl you?

Molly only shrugged.

“Okay,” Serena smiled. “You’re incredibly talented for someone your age” she suggested as she sometimes didn’t see adults with this level of talent, especially as computers were overtaking the need for artists to handle crimes.”

Molly smiled as Serena looked over on the bed and saw other pictures. “Can I see these?” she asked.

Molly nodded.

“Wow,” Serena smiled as she picked the others up and studied. “You’ve really captured him,” she asked of the picture of Max. “Amazing Molly.”
Molly smiled.

“What’s this?” Serena asked as she saw another one of Max and the woman from the first photo. She had long dark hair. She was the one from the picture of woman and child.

Molly shrugged.

“How much do you remember?” Serena asked.

This time Molly scribbled on the pad, “some”

“Do you remember what happened to you?” Serena asked.

Molly shook her head but scribbled. “I remember yelling” but Serena also noticed how dark the child was getting.

“Hey, take it easy,” Serena said as she went back to looking at the pictures the girl drew. “Wow this one is an odd one…” as she showed it to Molly who eyes were drawn to it.

It was the same woman, this time a faint look at the man, the same child. With symbols and individuals that looked like aliens. With a cast of individuals in the back; two blondes and two darker brown hair men and another little girl, with long blonde curls and a baby in blankets being held by one of the blondes.

“Wow, where did you get this one.”

Molly didn’t answer. All she could do was stare at it, as she took it from Serena and stare at it.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 11 - Updated: 11/25/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 1:51 pm

Michael is getting the story on Max's trip to Antar.
Guess he returned in bad shape, and needed hospital bills paid.
Psyc ward.......now that a story in it's own. Antar and the trip must have messed Max up beyond repair.
Such darkness in his life.....and strange that his powers took so long to return.
Can't wait for Max to see Molly's drawings. Hope the truth is coming fast!
Great part, hurry back.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 11 - Updated: 11/25/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:19 pm

I think Molly remembers everything but is scared to admit it to Serena.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 11 - Updated: 11/25/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:42 pm

Max needs to cut back on the alcohol and watch the tape again. I wonder if Molly looks like Isabella from the photos.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 11 - Updated: 11/25/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:01 am

Wow. Michael is right Max needs to go see Liz. Wondering if Micheal will tell Max that Bella is his. So Molly is drawing pictures. Is Molly remembering or know? Hopefully Molly will tell Max and Serena more.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 12 - 11/28/2018

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“Jesus Christ,” came a mutter as Michael said he let himself into the hotel room that contained Max. Given his friend hadn’t shown up to a planned breakfast before the morning session of the conference, and when it was apparent he wasn’t showing. Michael came looking and checked his hotel room after sweet taking a receptionist at the front desk into giving him the room number. Using his special powers; he let himself into the room and saw the mess his friend had made the night before as he found a passed-out Max on the couch, with several empty beers around him. “Snap out of it” he said as he collected some water and went back to the couch.

Instead of giving it to his friend, he threw it on his friend to wake him up from a boozed filled coma. “What…what,” Max said as he woke up to a splash of water thrown on his face as he saw the thrower was Michael. “What… wait, what time is it?”

“7:30 a.m. as the conference starts in 90 minutes,” Michael said as he saw the disheveled clothing of Max and the empty bottles surrounding him. “You didn’t show up to breakfast, God Max, what did you do to yourself?”

“Sorry,” Max said as he tried to pull himself up and found himself failing. “I didn’t think I was that far gone…”

“Considering you drank as much as you did while we were at the Hard Rock, well, I shouldn’t be surprised but I am because I thought you didn’t drink.”

“I told you I was different,” Max said as he finally threw himself together long enough to get up and stagger to the bathroom where he threw more water on his face to wake up. “I am not the same person I was…” he said as he came out of the bathroom.

“Neither am I, but I don’t go throwing myself over a cliff.”

“Honestly, it’s only recently that I have been so underwater because until then I was pretty settled with my life,” Max admitted as he threw off his shirt he was wearing and picked up another one from the suitcase and threw it on. “Until it did, things were okay” he muttered. Serena would dispute that, and the fact I had a new woman for the days of the week.

“Is it Liz?” Michael couldn’t help but ask.

“Michael don’t,” Max said with a warning shot.

“You know you are just as impossible as Liz is. She could use a friend, and maybe you need one too.”

“I have all the friends I need,” Max muttered. “Look I need to check in with my partner, I’ll be with you in a minute” as he dials Serena’s
number. “Hey Serena, how’s everything?”

Michael couldn’t help but listen to the conversation and wonder who this Serena was as he could tell for once Max seemed human when talking to this person. “How is Molly?” Max asked. “Really?” he smiled. “Tell her I miss her too, and I’ll see her tomorrow. I’ll check in before I get my flight. I should be home at my place later tonight if you want to stop by” he said as he hung up and saw Michael’s expression. “What?”

“Whose Serena?” Michael asked. “And who is Molly?”

“Serena is a friend. She’s my partner on the force. Before you think anything, she’s married with kids. And Molly is a latest case of mine, a little girl abused in her home and saved from certain death… she’s recovering and we’re trying to figure out the path forward for her…”

“I hate when that happens to children,” Michael muttered.

“I know, Molly is a precious little thing and seeing all the abuse she took, and she’s still fighting it does make me want thing to work out for her” Max muttered as he picked up his wallet. “I guess we better go.”

“If you think you can handle it,” Michael asked.

“I guess it’s full circle,” Max muttered under his breath and Michael could only look amused as they left the room and went to catch a quick breakfast before they had to be at the conference for the morning session.

“I guess so,” Michael responded as he only shook his head as he followed his friend.

“What’s going on,” Isabel asked as Maria arrived at the Crashdown for a breakfast between the two and Betty, before Betty had to get to day camp. “Did you hear from Michael, which I assume you did.”

“I did,” Maria nodded as they put in their orders with Jeff who was back working in the restaurant as Nancy was visiting with their daughter. “You wouldn’t believe it.”

“What?” Isabel asked.

“Michael ran into Max at the conference,” Maria spilled, and Isabel’s jaw dropped. “I know.”

“What is he doing there?” Isabel asked as she couldn’t believe how much her brother was coming into the story lately after a decade of being silent and she didn’t know how she was supposed to take it.

“I guess he was asked to speak at the conference,” Maria admitted. “They saw each other after the close of yesterday’s session. I guess Max is due to speak today.”

“Whoa,” Isabel muttered.

“I know,” Maria smiled.

“Whose Max?” Elizabeth “Betty” Guerin asked as the little girl at 8 years old was as curious as her mother and as guarded as her father at times and therefore she was intrigued by the conversation her mother and god-mother were having.

“My brother,” Isabel said quietly.

“You have a brother?” Betty asked as she looked Isabel with new eyes. “Why haven’t I met him?”

“Because he moved away before you were born, and he hasn’t been around” Isabel said quietly as she thought of all what her brother had missed around Roswell, in the group’s lives and with their mother and father. “We miss him.”

“Weird,” Betty murmured.

“It is,” Maria agreed as she exchanged a look with her friend who only frowned because she knew how close Isabel and her brother were at one time and for Max to be gone, it had torn Isabel up for a long time. “I am sorry Isabel.”

“It’s okay,” Isabel whispered.

“Mom, why don’t I have brother or sister?” Betty asked as she stared at her mother.
Maria’s mouth dropped open, and Isabel could only look amuse at the change in topics. Betty was so precious and adorable.

“Mommy,” Betty asked.

“Go ahead answer her Maria,” Isabel cracked.

Maria only shook her head and threw her napkin at a chuckling Isabel as their breakfast orders arrived as she didn’t really want to answer that question. There were a lot of reasons why, and she didn’t feel like telling her eight-year-old.
Las Vegas,

The morning session, which turned out to be final session preceded as scheduled with Max delivering the speech he was required to make, and it was received extremely well, and Michael felt Isabella’s case got enough exposure and was thrilled that everything went as scheduled.
And before long, Max and Michael were meeting for a lunch before they headed back to their individual homes. They elected to meet at diner for coffee for both instead going to something more established for anything more… It met what both needed, and especially Max as he felt he was still dragging from his exploits the previous night.

“What about you?” Max asked. “We have talked about almost everything else, but you. How is everything?”

“All is great,” Michael acknowledged. “I have my own private investigative business. Maria and I are married, and we have an eight-year-old little girl.”

“Whoa,” Max said. “You two are married, and are parents?”

“Yes, we made it work. It wasn’t easy after you left town and we had some obstacles to overcome, but we made it work for us. Maria eventually found herself in journalism as you could see in the video of the interview.”

“It was a very impressive interview,” Max allowed.

“She will be thrilled to know you think so. She’s newly promoted solo anchor, and she loves it. It wasn’t what she was looking for when we graduated from West Roswell, but one thing after another gave her the opportunity and she took it and ran with it.”

“I am impressed,” Max smiled as she took a sip of coffee and picked at his sandwich and fries.

“What are you going home too?” Michael asked he felt distain for how Max seemed to be living his life and didn’t hesitate to show him, and Max just shook his head as he listened to the lecture, because he knew there was some truth to it, yet he didn’t want to here at the same time.

“I do have a job at home Michael.” Max sighed. “I am happy. Okay, not all aspects of my life are what I might dream them to be. But I am happy, which is a great deal better than where I was five years ago.

“It didn’t seem like it last night, or this morning,” Michael asked as reminders of how he had to drag his foster father out of bed after a bender was still too fresh in his memory despite the decade and more since he went out on his own and he never expected to revisit it in Max. He always figured it would be him, not straight lace Max.

“We all have those nights,” Max allowed.

“It seems unlike you” Michael asked of his friend.

“Maybe ten years ago, but I am very different than who I was back then. My life is very different.”

“We all are very different.”

Not everyone is as fortunate as you are to marry their high school sweetheart or have a child to love and cherish every single day” Max
muttered. “You need to realize not everyone has what you have.”

“Oh, I know it,” Michael said shaking his head at what Max didn’t know about his own damn life. “You could have what I have, but you chose to walk away.”

“I walked away for many reasons,” Max gritted. “I will always regret that I did walk away, and maybe that is my penance for believing Tess or for being so fooled so completely by Tess. I lost Liz and lost my life.”

“We all were fooled by Tess,” Michael muttered. “You weren’t the only one.”

“I am the only one who killed a relationship because of her,” Max muttered.

“You can’t go back to the past Max as much as we all wish we could, but we can’t. We can only embrace the future” Michael reasoned. “So, you screwed up in high school. I think you will find many people also do... and they make questionable choices, and we all did that. You will find that Liz is the not the same person as she has made her own choices that I doubt she holds it against you.”

“She clearly has much more important things to worry about,” Max reasoned as he was awash in memories of the gorgeous brunette from his dreams. “I don’t want to burden her… as neither of us need the headaches.”

“It’s up to you,” Michael acknowledged. “But know I think you would be surprised by what you might find back in Roswell,” he sighed. “As I said, she could use a friend… a friend that goes ways back than only five years or so. We knew you when Max, and maybe you need those friends right now… we don’t judge.”

“You don’t judge?” Max asked wary of the claim.

“We have too much history,” Michael smiled. “To think we judge each other. I might question some of your choices, but it’s all part of how we live our lives. Maybe it’s time you face the past.”

“I’ll give it some thought,” Max conceded as he saw ticking time before he had to get home.

“You do that,” Michael asked as he checked the time and realized time was running short as he had to return to his hotel room and pick up his stuff before catching his flight. As he wanted to be home for dinner with Maria and Betty.

“Look I do appreciate the advice,” Max sighed. “I wish we all could take a time machine and go back and change things.”

“We definitely would have a list of “might have been’s,” Michael conceded. “Whatever happens, I hope you don’t find yourself a stranger. I don’t want it to be another decade before any of us see you again, okay?”

Max nodded as they parted. He stood as he watched Michael walk off… sighing to himself he wondered what was going to happen now, as he wondered back to his room and saw the mess he had made the night before. Playing the tape that was in the machine, he saw Liz’s face again… this time in a home movie with little Bella when she was five or six.

They were so happy playing together with Maria and her daughter at a playground. He could tell that Bella and Betty were thick as thieves, and Liz reveled in her daughter.

“Mommy, I love you so much” he heard Isabella say to her mother and his heart swelled and, in that minute, he knew he would always love Liz, and still loved her but it made deciding what to do all the harder as he stopped the tape, and finished cleaning up and collected his bags and checked out.

Max knew that if nothing else he could accomplish, and if he couldn’t go home again. He could at least help Liz.

“I am sorry for putting you in a spot with Betty earlier,” Isabel smiled as she and Maria returned from a spur of the moment shopping expedition in the town over, as Isabel wanted to do some retail therapy to deal with her issues over Max’s appearance back in her life, and how she didn’t know how it was going to go. With Michael and on vacation, Maria had the time, so they decided why not.

“It’s alright,” Maria smiled. “Fortunately, she got diverted to another matter,” she thought as a friend from camp came in, and they got talking before Maria had to take her to camp.

“Do you think about it?” Isabel asked.

“Sometimes,” Maria said. “We’re happy with Betty, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have more, and it’s not like we haven’t tried but it hasn’t happened and so we just devote ourselves to our daughter.”

“I am sorry for bringing up a touchy subject,” Isabel said softly.

“As I said, it’s alright.” Maria nodded as they pulled up to her house, and in the corner of her eye, she saw a cab arriving at the same time. “I can’t believe it, he’s home.”

“I didn’t he was going to be home until later?” Isabel asked as he saw Michael getting out of the cab with his bags.

“Me either,” Maria smiled as she parked, and she got out and ran to kiss her husband, as Isabel sighed as she loved how much Maria made Michael happy and how they had created their special little family. She just wished she could see her brother. Memories of the past brought some bittersweetness to them she thought as she got out of the car, and she greeted her longtime friend. “You are home” she asked her best friend.

“The conference finished up earlier, or at least the parts that needed my attention. So, I caught an earlier flight.”

“I am glad to see you,” Maria sighed as she hugged Michael and they kissed again.

“So, you did some damage to the credit cards?” Michael asked as he saw the bags the women had brought out of the car. “I shouldn’t be surprised.”

“Betty is at camp. They are having a campfire tonight, so we don’t have to pick her up until later… She’s going to thrilled to see you when she gets home.”

“I can’t wait,” Michael smiled as they went all into the house, and it was a short-time later when he had a snack in front of him, Isabel cornered him while Maria was off putting a load of laundry into the dryer.

“You saw Max?” Isabel asked. “Maria filled me in.”

“Yeah I did,” Michael sighed as he thought of his friend. “It was a shocker alright.”

“How is he Michael. Tell me, how is my brother?” Isabel asked.

Michael glanced at his friend and was unsure how to say it, because for the last decade even worse than him, he had known how Isabel had missed Max and graved her brother to return home. “He’s different.”

“How different?” Isabel asked, fearful for the answer.

“He’s not the Max we knew…” Michael sighed as he saw Isabel’s face fall and hopes dashed. “And I don’t know if we’ll ever see that Max again…”

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