Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 40 - Updated: 02/19/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 6:27 pm

Maria's timing is terrible. I can see why Kyle came to LA but I think the rest of the gang should have stayed in Roswell. Max needs time with his daughter.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 41 - 02/24/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:28 am

“I am so glad my daughter didn’t come in here,” Maria crackled as Liz slipped out of the embrace with Max, and prodded at him until his eyes opened and they went wide when he saw Maria standing over them, as Liz tried to grab at more sheets to cover herself at the expense of Max.

“What, Betty is here…” Liz asked.

“Yeah, outside with her father unloading the car. Isabel and Kyle got stuck at the airport with the rental car, some problem or something so Michael and I came by ourselves…” she laughed as was amused by the situation she found her friend in. “This is so teenageish of you guys,” she mused out loud as she hadn’t known what to expect when they arrived at the house and found the house dark, and doors locked but the car here, so she knew they wouldn’t be at the hospital. She forced Michael to use his special talents, and they let themselves in and she checked the spare room and found an unmade bed, and she got the surprise of a lifetime when she checked the other room.

“Maria,” Max muttered as he realized what was going on as he looked at Liz as his brain registered what Maria was saying. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“My question precisely, what do we have here…” Maria batted back.

“None of your business,” Max said.

“So, you say,” Maria crackled as she caused enough drama for the moment. “Fine, I’ll leave you to make yourself more presentable. By the way Max, nice house. Very private, which is probably a good thing for the two of you.”

“Thanks, and now get out,” Max groaned.

“Fine, fine…” Maria said as she walked out of the bedroom as she left both Max and Liz to figure out how to deal with this…

“Oh god,” Liz whispered as she looked around and saw the bed was a mess, and they both were in no appropriate dress as she grabbed the sheets to cover in case they had a surprise visitor.

Grabbing his jeans, he passed a robe to Liz who grabbed it and put it on. “I am sorry Liz.”

“Don’t be, about last night, I am not at all sorry,” Liz said with a deep smile, that turned into a frown. “I guess I never imagined this…

“Neither did I,” Max groaned. “Why didn’t they call and tells us that they were on their way?”

“We were pretty busy yesterday,” Liz groaned as she tried to process it as he watched Max button up his pants and grab a t-shirt and head for the door. “But I agree, I wish we had some warning.”

“I’ll deal with them, while you ready yourself…”

Liz nodded as Max went to the door and walked out to the crackles of Maria’s laughter. “Don’t say it Deluca…” which left Liz to look straight into the mirror and wonder what the day would bring…
Outside Betty walked into the house with her father and saw the glare from Max. Michael noticed it too. “What did we miss…”

“A whole lot I say,” Maria giggled to the continual glare from Max. “Loverboy here is having a grand time reliving high school.”

“What?” Michael asked to the downright glare from Max.

“Control your wife,” Max muttered.

“I haven’t been able to yet, so I don’t think I can start now…” Michael smiled as the door opened and he saw Liz come out in a robe and therefore he got a clear view of why his wife was having fun at Max’s expense. “Oh, I see…”

“Drop it,” Max only said.

“Hello Michael,” Liz smiled as she stood in the robe. “We didn’t know you were coming.”

“Last minute thing,” Michael nodded. “Once we got word of what happened here in Los Angeles regarding Bella, Jim used sheriff privilege to get us a private plane. With Kyle coming, Isabel wasn’t about to stay home. And one thing led to another.”

“Right,” Liz said as it was a reminder that the whole gang would be here as she looked at Max, and he looked at her…

“Sorry we didn’t warn you,” Michael said as he felt they had interrupted something.

“How did you get in?” Max asked he was certain he had locked the doors when they had gotten home the previous night. “

“We used Michael’s special talents,” Maria smiled.

“Oh right,” Max said as he looked over at Liz and the discomfort she was in as he went into the kitchen. “Go change,” he softly asked of Liz and she nodded and walked into the other bedroom.

Maria followed her…

Michael only looked at Max who groaned as he got a drink and glass for Betty who sat down on the couch and followed the drama among the adults. “Don’t say it Michael, as I don’t need to hear it.”

“So, I see things have changed between you and Liz these last few days. Should I say it, that you should be careful. She’s just out of the hospital and with everything going on, do you want to add this…”

“We didn’t ask for it. It just happened,” Max sighed.

“I am not sure I believe that,” Michael smiled as inside the spare bedroom Liz had sat down on the bed as the door opened and she saw Maria come in and close the door behind her…

“Well my friend,” Maria smiled, and she glanced at her friend. “I’ve got to hand it to you because you certainly know how to provide some entertainment.”

“You don’t have to say it Maria,” Liz said as she looked at her friend from the bed. “I know that it’s stupid and I should be ashamed of myself.”

“I didn’t say it, you did…” Maria laughed.

“Yes, I did,” Liz admitted and murmured “But Maria, I don’t regret it.”

“I bet you don’t,” Maria smiled as on every level she was happy for her friend because this was something her friend had needed for the last decade, yet on the other hand it came with it’s own challenges and she didn’t know if she friend was ready for what awaited her by going back into Max’s circle all the way. “I am just wondering if it is wise right now, with everything going on your life.”

“I am not looking at this as something more than it is, because I truly don’t want to be thinking about what it all means.”

“So, it’s about the sex?” Maria asked. “Are you using him for sex?”

“Maybe,” Liz said but knew she would be lying if she tried to make it that simple because as much as she wanted to say it was about sex, and the feeling and the rush of being with someone she had loved at sixteen still she knew how everything was different now that she was a adult, and she couldn’t say it was just the sex, which was mind-blowing but still it had to mean something, but she wasn’t ready to define it. “It feels nice, and I don’t want to be looking at what it means.”

“Girlfriend, this is Max. I think you’re kidding yourself if you’re trying to downplay it. Max has meant too much to you since you were sixteen years old. I am just saying, be careful.”

Liz knew her friend was right, but she didn’t want to admit it, as she wanted to exist in her bubble a little longer as she went to the closet and got out a sundress to wear to the hospital. “Maybe so, but in the short-term all my attention and focus will be on my daughter.”

“How is she?” Maria asked at the sharp change of subject and the mood in the room tensed and darkened. “How is she, Liz, how is my god-daughter?”

“She’s a fighter. Thankfully she is healing, and more of her memory is coming back but it was bad and that weighs on Max because he knows how she looked when she was found. I don’t, but still she’s not the girl we all remember.”

“It’s a year later and kids do change dramatically” Maria sighed as her known knowledge drawn by her own daughter. “And I can’t imagine a girl like Bella who was put through what she was over the past year.”

“At least I know where she is, and that is half the battle” Liz said as she finished getting dressed.
Once everyone was in the living room. Max and Liz felt more confident, as Kyle and Isabel soon arrived. Isabel walked around and looked over the place. It was surprising to her, and something she hadn’t expected to see that her brother had made home in. “Nice place,” she commented.

“Thanks,” Max said. “Didn’t you guys think to maybe call us to let us know you were coming.”

“As we said, last minute” Kyle said as he saw his ex-wife was looking different than she had when he last seen her when she was released from the hospital. He could see Maria greatly amused by something and he wondered what it could be.

“Still would have liked a little notice…”

“I don’t think you would have noticed if we had tried calling,” Maria giggled as Isabel exchanged a What look at the women.

“Leave it alone Maria,” Liz groaned. “We slept in but were planning on heading to the hospital.”

“Oh, sure you slept in,” Maria giggled.

“Okay what,” Isabel asked as she glared at her brother and Liz. “Have I missed something…”

“No, you haven’t, we slept in” Liz said as she tried to take control of the situation and knew Betty was watching them and knew the child shouldn’t be listening to what Maria was implying. “Max, can you call the hospital and check in on Isabella.”

“Sure,” Max nodded as he knew Liz needed to be doing something rather than allow the gossip to continue to fester so he went back into his bedroom where a phone was located which left Liz alone with Maria, Michael, Isabel and Kyle.

“You guys shouldn’t worry, we’re staying at a nearby hotel. So, Max doesn’t have to worry about putting us up, as we just wanted to be able to see Isabella and know for ourselves that she is alright,” Isabel smiled as she sensed there was tension in the room and with Liz, and she wondered why.

Liz nodded.

“How is Isabella?” Kyle asked as he got back to the conversation at hand.

“She’s remarkable. I was telling Maria she’s different Kyle from the girl we knew a year ago but so much of her also is unchanged. Sure, yesterday was day one so who knows how she will handle being Isabella again after so much time believing she was someone else, but I have hope.”

“How much does she remember?” Kyle asked.

“Bits and pieces, but it’s coming back” Liz said carefully. “She might not be 100% the girl we know but she’s coming back, and I have confidence in that…”

“I hope so…” Kyle said as he didn’t know how to handle the new situation they all were in, in many ways, but he needed to see his daughter and to know she was at least on the mend.

“Our daughter is strong. She is a fighter and I have all the confidence in the world…” Liz smiled confident even if she had the same fears as Kyle did as she voiced them to Max the previous night.

Max walked in on the words she was saying about Isabella and he winced even though he wasn’t trying to respond, and Isabel saw and winced too.

“How is Bella?” she asked as she saw her brother pale at another mention how Liz and Kyle shared Bella.

“She’s sleeping but was able to eat enough despite the cast on her arm” Max was saying as there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it,” Liz said as she knew the room was full of tension on many fronts as she could tell that Max was still sensitive about Kyle’s place in Isabella’s life, and how he would be able to be there for their daughter.

“Wow, Max… She’s looking more and more comfortable here” Maria cracked.

“Okay, what am I missing?” Isabel asked as Liz went to the door and knew she was missing one of the undercurrents in the room.

“Max and Liz have been spending their time getting very close here in the land of privacy” Maria giggled as she was great fun with it at Max’s expense and he knew it.

“Really?” Isabel asked as her eyes went wide at the implication as Max’s eyes went down towards the floor to avoid the glances from his wife and especially Kyle whose eyes went wide at the acknowledgement of what he had guessed when they had arrived.

“It’s nothing,” Max said because he didn’t want to discuss his private life with his sister, as he saw Liz at the door. Going for the door he heard, "Scaredy cat” from Maria. “Who is it?” he asked Liz who was smiling at the door.

“Serena what are you doing here…” Max asked almost relieved to be forced to deal with something other than family gossip about his love life.

“We have to talk,” Serena muttered as she didn’t see the crowd in the living room.

“Why?” Max asked as he noticed the tense tone in her face and knew something was off. “I am still on vacation…”

“Mark Davidson, Sr. has been found…” Serena revealed in a burst of words, and Max’s eyes went lethal. “Before you think of all the things you want to do to him. I have to say, well, he’s dead…

“Fu&k!” Max muttered at confirmation of his greatest fears as the longer he stayed gone, the longer he knew the man would never come back…

“Wait, who is this man?” Liz asked curious as he saw how worked up Max was, and she didn’t recognize the name.

“The man I think might have hurt our daughter!” Max said wanting to kick something. “With him dead, how can we find answers into what happened to Bella…?”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 41 - Updated: 02/24/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:50 am

The whole gang is now there. Too bad Mark Sr. Is dead. But my money is that Kivar is really the one behind what happened to Bella.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 41 - Updated: 02/24/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:41 am

With Davidson dead it keeps Max from doing something stupid. Sad part is they will not get any answers from the dead man.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 41 - Updated: 02/24/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 3:09 pm

Surprise Max and Liz........
With good friends like these..........do you expect mercy?
Maybe some day Max and Liz can laugh about this welcoming party, just not any time soon.
Of course everyone is anxious to see Bella, especially Kyle. He was a great father to her.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 42 - 03/01/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:55 am

Trying to come down from the crushing disappointment of maybe never having the truth about what happened with his daughter, he took a deep breath as he looked at the pain on Liz’s face as she also confronted the possibility of not knowing. Needing to be strong and not murderous, he changed his tone. “Come in,” Max offered to Serena moments in. “We do have guests, so you might as well join us, and you can fill me in on what happened with Davidson,” he muttered as Serena entered the house and noticed a whole group of people in the living room. “Everyone this is my partner at work, Detective Serena Franklin.”

“Hello…” Serena said as she eyes the group.

“Serena, I would like to introduce you to my sister; Isabel and her husband Kyle Valenti” he smiled as Serena was introduced to the tale blonde and the shorter man with brown hair. Next to them is my one of my great friends, Michael Guerin, and his wife Maria Deluca Guerin who is Liz’s best friend and their eight-year-old; Betty. Serena has been my partner since I joined the force five years ago. She also has been very helpful in Bella’s case and was the first to discover the truth.”

“Oh, nice to meet you” Isabel smiled. “We talked on the phone but it’s nice to put a name to a face.”

“Same here,” Serena nodded as she wouldn’t have suspected that Isabel and Max could be siblings because they were so different in looks but it was evident, they were once very close. “Did you all come in because of the location of Isabella?”

“Yes,” Isabel nodded. “My husband wanted to be here for Bella, and so we came along for moral support.”

“I am sure Max and Liz are happy for the support.”

“Most times,” Max quipped as Michael just hung back and surveyed the newcomer to the midst. It was evident Max trusted her, and Liz seemed to be okay with the woman. “You might as fill in everyone. Everyone, Serena came to tell me that the man who had Bella in his house for the last year has been found dead.”

There was gasps in the room. “What do you know?” he asked Serena who only nodded.

“I am sorry for the added pain. But last night a body was located at the outskirts of town. We got confirmation from CJ; our forensics specialist this morning that the body was that of Mark Davidson, Sr the man whose house Bella was found in.”

“He disappeared in the hours before I found Bella,” Max explained to the group. “Serena and I were called into a domestic dispute or, so we thought. We arrived to find four scared teenage boys, led by their older eighteen-year-old brother who said their father had just left. We believed Bella who then was believed to be their sister Molly was off somewhere or, so the boys said. I found her in a room in the basement, almost dead. Serena and I had suspicions about the house being odd, but we never expected to find who we did… The boys had run before I found Bella, and we had been looking for their father and the boys ever since. The brothers were located earlier this week and that is why I came back to speak to the older one to question him.”

“How long has he been dead?” Michael asked immediately.

“This is the punch to the gut” Serena muttered and turned to Max. “It looks like from the preliminary results that he has been dead since before we found Bella.”

“What!” Max groaned as he connected the dots. “So, he never ran off… or if he did, he didn’t get far”

“Nope,” Serena shook her head as she revealed the rest of the news she had to deliver. “We do have a suspect…”

“Oh god who…” Max asked as he knew the answer.

“The oldest son,” Serena admitted. “The blood matches with what we found at the scene, and the fact he’s been dead since before we found Bella and that Junior his brothers and ran…”

“Where is he now…”

“He’s coming in for questioning. They are bringing him that safe house we had him and brothers in until we finalized Bella’s case.”

“God, what a mess…” Max muttered.

“Max if you want to be there… I can go to the hospital and you can meet us there,” Liz asked coming into the conversation as she knew Max would want to go and check in on the situation personally.”

“I am not sure my boss will be happy to see me. He wasn’t too thrilled with my detour to New York,” Max muttered as he tried to keep in check his desire to go to the station and figure out if the son was guilty.

“Gibson in Phoenix at a chief’s conference,” Serena admitted. “He won’t be back until Monday.”

“Perfect,” Max thought as he didn’t relish the idea of mixing it up with his boss until he knew more about the future, and what it entailed. “Isabel and Kyle, could you take Liz with you to the hospital?”

“Sure,” Kyle said. “If Davidson is dead, then how will we get answers?”

“I need to talk to the son first,” Max muttered. “I was already suspicious about the father’s behavior regarding Bella, so I don’t know how much he was involved in with what happened to Isabella.”

“I hope we get answers,” Liz muttered as they group as she went and got her jacket and watched as Max and Serena headed back to the station as Liz prepared to head to the hospital with the others.

Once the front door was closed and Max was gone, Kyle turned to Liz as he was concerned about his ex-wife. “So, tell me, are you okay?”

“Sure,” Liz smiled with a confident smile. “I am fine Kyle truly. I am just anxious to see Isabella,” she sighed as she thought of her little girl. “I need to see her…”

“About Max,” Kyle asked.

“Don’t Kyle, okay, don’t. I didn’t question your love life when you and Isabel were getting together or figuring out what you were, so don’t with me and Max okay…”

Maria smirked while Kyle nodded his okay because he knew his ex-wife was correct, but they all prayed that she could handle wherever it may end up going with Max especially since as of now, they lived in two very different states. He prayed she was being cautious… “Do you know how to get to the hospital?”

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “Does your car have GPS?”

“Sure,” Isabel nodded. “We used it to get here…”

“Perfect,” Liz said as she tried to divert from any talk of her love life because like Kyle she had worries about the future, but she also knew she didn’t want to know the unanswerable answers yet, as she just wanted to live the life she had now and not stress out. “Let’s go…” she asked of the group. “Isabella should be our first priority.”
“So, they are your family?” Serena asked as she drove to the station as she glanced at her partner who was glum. “Did you expect them?” she asked as they drove. She was curious about the group she had met at her partner’s.

“No, they surprised us, but it shouldn’t have been a surprise I guess…” Max said as he sat and contemplated the sudden change in his life. “Kyle is Bella’s stepfather.”

“Oh,” Serena asked as she drove.

“Yeah,” Max nodded as he stared at Serena. “Liz married him a number of years ago, yet they divorced months before Bella disappeared.”

“So, she’s single?” Serena asked.

“Yes,” Max nodded. “And before you go there, I don’t where we are going yet because there is certainly a lot of complications.

“What ever makes you happy is my advice,” Serena smiled. “You have a rare chance my friend, and I hope you don’t blow it.”

“Me too,” Max said quietly, and me too again silently as they pulled into the parking lot of the station and went and found their suspect.
“Okay Davidson start talking,” Max said as soon as they got the boy in the interrogation room. Happy to skirt his boss, Max didn’t need a visitor’s badge, so he just stood there after Serena brought the boy into the room. “Sit down and start talking because we have to ask you, do you know anything about your father?”

“Look I told you I don’t know where he is,” Mark Davidson Jr. snarled. “And that still goes,” as he just sat at the table and looked with contempt.
“You might as well let me go.”

“I had hoped I would have seen the last of you too Davidson, but I guess not since you didn’t tell us that your dad is dead…” Mark remarked.

“What,” Junior went blank.

“Don’t give us that Mark because your father’s body was found last night, and your DNA was all over his remains, so spill… tell us what happened will you”

“Why should I?” Junior asked.

“You go to jail otherwise…” Serena answered. “Look I know your father was a horrible dad, and lousy human being who kicked you kids around but we need to figure out why he died.”

“If he’s dead, I am not about to miss him…” Junior murmured.

“We realize this,” Serena said. “But we need to know why you did it.”

“Who says I did it,” Junior murmured.

“It’s all over your face, so we’re not going to anywhere until you tell us what happened.”

“I want a lawyer,” Junior murmured.

“Fine, but you will talk…” Max murmured. “For now, I am asking, you said the sister you had in Molly disappeared and was gone for a few days and you never noticed.”

Serena took notice at the change of subject and went with it as she stood and watched as she knew Max was on edge for numerous reasons and he needed answers.

“I told you I took notice because Dad told me she was off at a party…”

“In the middle of the week when she was supposed to be at school. She was in summer session, right?”

“Right,” Junior admitted as if it a red flag registered in his brain and he got more guarded. “She was in some special school that did that year around thing…or something.”

“Then how could she have been at a slumber party and you and your brothers didn’t seem to question.”

“I tried to stay away from my father, and I didn’t ask many questions okay” Junior allowed. “I wasn’t about to antagonize my father nor were my brothers as they were already in his line of sight most of the time when he was drinking. When by chance he was sober, I kept low to try not to incite him into anger because when he did, he would go after my brothers.”

“Why did he keep the girl who you were told to treat as your sister?” Max asked.

“How should I know?” Junior asked.

“I think you’re a bright boy and know more than you are telling us” Max asked.

“I don’t know anything about the girl okay,” Junior muttered. “She just showed up one day and she was just there from then on…”

“How did she show up?”

“I told you, Dad went out and came back with her…” Junior groaned. “He was meeting a friend, and suddenly he had this girl.”

“What friend?” Max asked.

“I forget his name, but he was a big guy or something. They tended to go out and drink together. I heard him on the phone with him in the days before but never thought of anything and then suddenly he shows up with Molly.

“Did your father see this friend again…” Serena asked.

“I actually don’t know,” Junior considered the question. “I don’t think so, but I was out of the house a lot in those days. Seeing someone you know…”

“I see,” Serena muttered.

“Do your brothers know…” Max asked.

“Hell no,” Junior muttered. “They were too young for that kind of thing…” he said with obvious attachment to his brother. “So, are you going to let me out of this room?”

“Nope,” Max said. “You’re still need to answer for your father’s death…”

“I didn’t do,” Junior said.

“I don’t believe you. You worried for your brothers, so I can see you being pushed to do something drastic to protect them after they became punching bags. I just want to know whether he did anything to a little girl.”

“I told you Dad left Molly alone…” Junior demanded. “He could care less for that girl once she came to live with us, so I don’t see how she would have been made a punching bag by him.”

“How was he acting those last days?” Serena asked. “We know there was fights, loud enough to bring us around but how did he react to you all…”

“I told you he was drunk a lot,” Junior muttered. “Other than that, it wasn’t unusual…”

“Okay, enough for now…” Serena muttered. “You’re being taken to holding… and we’ll contact a lawyer for you on that other matter.”

“Go ahead, I am not going to tell you anything. I didn’t do it” Junior muttered as he got up and was led out which left Max alone in the room. Still nothing to know why Bella had ended up with Davidson.

Once Serena came back, “I know I know.”

“I need answers!” Max demanded. “I wish we knew them…”

“I wish that too for you and for Liz. I have called Legal Aid and asked for someone to come and be with him when we interview him next. Do you want to stay for the next round?”

“I better get going. Let me know if he confesses…” Max muttered.

“You think he did it?” Serena asked.

“Yeah, he is too concerned for his brothers to think he didn’t become fed up regarding his father’s behavior. He finally was pushed to his limit.”

“I’ll let you know if he talks…”

“Thanks, Serena for everything…” Max sighed. “Do you know anyone going near the hospital for any case…”

“Check with Tessa…” Serena nodded as Max walked away and she sighed at all that was on her partner’s mind. She wondered how much longer he would be around because more and more he seems drawn to his old life in Roswell, and especially if he had Liz there along with his daughter.

Soon he was getting a ride to the hospital while Serena went back to investigation the eldest Davidson boy for the death of his father.
Bella was sitting by the window as she got some sunlight, and she also was doing some drawing. She had slept in and had tried to eat as much as she could but found her throat was still tender, and her arm was annoying being inaccessible, so she didn’t eat as much and finally the nurse came back and took the food away, and now she was doodling on paper when her doctor came in. “No testing, right?” she asked.

“Nope,” the doctor smiled. “I just wanted to see how you are doing?”

“Good,” Bella muttered.

“So, you are drawing again,” the doctor asked as she saw what the girl was drawing despite the limitations of her arm. “Wow Bella, very impressive.”

“Isabella, that is my name isn’t it?” Bella asked as she observed the nurse. “She was still getting used to her new identity. It felt right, but still was very weird to think she used to be someone and now they expected her to be the person she once was…”

“They don’t expect a lot of you, you know…” the doctor asked. “They are just happy to have you back in their lives” the doctor smiled as her patient seemed to be more assured of herself since the discovery of who she truly was and the depression she felt had lifted but still wariness of the unknown was clearly going to be a process in overcoming in the days and time to come.

“Yes, they do,” Bella observed. “It’s weird” she thought as she continued to draw. As much as it made sense and she felt it made sense still it was odd because she was different, and they were different, and she didn’t know if she could overcome that difference.

“Is that why you draw within a Cinderella type fantasy?” the nurse asked. “Because you wish you were in one?”

“Why do you say that?” Isabella asked as she observed the drawing, she had spent the last day or so working on.

“That drawing, and it’s not the first but it seems very much like Cinderella and Prince Charming,” the nurse asked. “Is it their wedding?”
Bella looked at the picture, of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Before a flower arch, and it seemed familiar to her, but she didn’t know why. As her doctor looked at the picture more closely, “Isn’t that your mother and Detective Evans?”

Bella only shrugged because she knew it was true. As much as she wanted to see her Daddy. She knew her mother and Max were bonded, and she was bonded to them. She wanted her mother to be happy. She had sense that Max was looking for something too…

“You’re very talented,” the doctor smiled. “Maybe one day the fairy tale might come true.”

“I hope so,” Bella muttered as the door opened and her mother appeared. “Mom” she said in awe that she could see the truth about her life and she didn’t have to live a lie.

“Isabella,” Liz smiled as she came inside the room. “Good morning…”

“Ms. Parker, it’s nice to see you” Donna West smiled as she saw how Bella lit up when she saw her mother. She knew the little girl would be okay in the end. It would be a tricky transition but still it was going to work out in the end.

“How is my daughter?” Liz asked.

“She’s strong and she’s doing excellent,” Donna nodded.

“Is Max here with you?” Bella asked as if she was looking for Max to be there with her mother.

“He had some business to conduct, but I have someone else you might want to see and who definitely wants to see you…” Liz said with a big smile as Bella went wary.

“Who?” Bella asked.

“How about…” Liz said as the door opened and again, and in came Kyle.

“Daddy…” Bella whispered in awe as she saw Kyle come through the door as if final pieces were coming together.

“Isabella,” Kyle whispered as he finally glanced on his daughter and knew once and for all she was back in their lives and life had righted itself again. “We have missed you so much…” he said in whispers as he walked towards the little girl. “Oh my god…”

“Daddy” Bella asked as she went for as much as she could muster with her arm out of commission, a hug. “I’ve missed you so much…”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 42 - Updated: 03/01/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:15 pm

I wonder if Khivar had something to do with Davidson's death. I'm glad Isabella wants her parents together. Isabella was happy to see Kyle.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 42 - Updated: 03/01/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:29 pm

Bella still has a long way to go. But I really believe she will be ok in the end.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 42 - Updated: 03/01/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:04 pm

Kyle and Liz have an unusual relationship now. But they both want the best for Bella.
Serena got to meet all of Max's family......
Both Bella and Kyle were so glad to finally be together again.
You leave us with a big mystery........what happened to Bella all of the time she was missing??

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 42 - Updated: 03/01/2019

Post by Natalie36 » Sat Mar 02, 2019 8:31 am

what a great part. could it be kivar

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