Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 38 - Updated: 02/12/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:59 pm

You had me in tears. Very touching reunion for the family. Hopefully Bella will not have to stay in the hospital for long. Max needs to keep his temper in check if the Davidson father is ever found.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 38 - Updated: 02/12/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:21 pm

Roswelllostcause wrote:Finally Bella and Liz are together again!
Agree with Roswelllostcause. Finally Liz and Bella are together. And Bella finally meets Max. This is so great now Max,Liz and Bella can finally be a family right? Now that they finally found Bella what are Max and Liz going to do?

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 38 - Updated: 02/12/2019

Post by Natalie36 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:13 am

so awesome

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Lost & Found - Chapter 39 - 02/15/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:48 am

Liz felt like she was in a dream as she comprehended what life had brought her as she stared at the little girl in the hospital bed. A year had gone by and she knew the child looking back at her with wonderment in her eyes yet wariness at the same time. She grabbed Max’s hand as he nodded at her that he was by her side. “Bella” she whispered.

“Is that my nick name,” Isabella asked quietly as she tried to process the woman she was looking at. So familiar but her brain wasn’t completely fully confirming reality. She was worried her mind was playing tricks with her…

“Yes,” Liz said softly as she stepped closer to the bed. “Your given name is Isabella Maria Parker Valenti.”

“But isn’t Max my father?” the little girl asked as she stared at Max as he remained instantly familiar to her and she didn’t know why. “Why don’t I have your name?” she asked quietly.

Liz looked over at Max and he exchanged a Uh oh look.

“That is very complicated,” Max tried. “We can get into it later if you want,” he said softly as she noticed the conflict on Liz’s face. “I promise you that you are loved.”

“What happened,” Bella asked to no one in particular. Why am I here?” she asked as she looked at both Max and then at the woman she instantly felt close to but still was a strange by the fact her memory wasn’t completely back yet. “How did I end up with the Davidsons?”

“I wish we knew,” Max said as Liz nodded. “What do you remember?”

“I told Serena I remember being grabbed…” Bella sighed. “But I don’t remember anything from before that except some memories of you” she whispered as she pointed to Liz who tears became more prominent as she thought of what her little girl must have gone through.

“You do?” Liz asked quietly as she tried to keep calm as she again grabbed Max’s hand in a seeking of support. “What do you remember?”

“I remember being carried out of a room. But I don’t remember anything from what came next,” Bella said quietly. “Those first days with the Davidson’s are a blur and I can’t really remember…”

“You don’t have to push yourself,” Max assured the child. “What matters is you’re away from that home.”

“Am I?” Bella asked.

“Yes, you are,” Max assure the girl. “Neither of us can tell you what the future will hold but you won’t have to go anywhere near the Davidson home ever again. You just need to concentrate on trying to remember and most of all, recovering from your ordeal.”

Isabella nodded.

“What do you remember?” Liz asked.

“I remember two men with brown hair. I remember that they were are great. They always do things with me. I remember two women with blonde hair. And another young girl, even younger than me… I call them by name…”

“They love you too,” Liz smiled at the acknowledge that she was remembering Kyle and Michael along with Maria and Isabel. And especially Betty.”

“Who are they…” Bella asked as she tried to focus her mind.

“They are very close to us,” Liz smiled as she looked at Max who nodded. “Do you recognize the names Michael and Kyle…”

“Uncle Michael. Daddy,” Bella instantly asked as images flooded her mind.

Liz nodded to confirm the memory as she exchanged a look at Max who also nodded even though it was painful to hear Bella call Kyle her ‘Dad’, he silently sighed and looked around as he willed an escape from the pain and was surprised to see Serena staring at them who only nodded.

Max made a sign to Liz that he would be back, and he turned and walked out of the room as Liz had seen the pain on Max’s face at the mention of Kyle as Bella’s dad, and she felt for him at the realization that this was very real and not a dream. It was a piece of reality they would have to live through if they were to make it through.

“I am sorry if I hurt Max,” Bella said quietly as she had seen Serena watching them and knew she hit a sore spot by his reaction once she had seen Max make a hasty retreat.

“It’s okay, Max needed to talk to Serena about something…” Liz lied.

“If Kyle is my Daddy then who is Max?” Bella asked softly as she stared at her mother.

“Max is a very special person…” Liz admitted as Max stood outside in the hall with Serena.
“I am sorry for interrupting,” Serena sighed as she saw Max close the door to Bella’s room. “I know you would rather be in there with the two of them…”

“You saw, so I needed a break.”

“It’s got to be rough at the acknowledgement that there is another man who she calls Dad?” Serena asked. “That has to be incredibly rough.”

“It shouldn’t bother me because Kyle was there for Liz and our daughter when I couldn’t be. But yeah to hear her have memories of Kyle and know he’s been her Dad.”

Serena nodded.

“It is probably going to take a while to get used to…” Max acknowledged as he noticed his partner. “What are you doing here, I thought you would be home asleep by now.”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Serene smiled as it was the truth. Going home and having a quiet house was eerie given she knew her husband had taken the girls to the zoo and a movie for the day to give her some space to sleep without interruption. She tried to sleep but found she couldn’t, so she found herself coming to the hospital to check on the situation with Max. “How is it going?”

“She’s remembering some…” Max conceded. “But she really doesn’t remember the attack or what happened to her and why she was at the Davidson home.”

“She remembers being grabbed?” Serena remembered.

Max nodded.

“It still might come to her…” Serena asked.

“It might. But I wonder if it’s better for her to remember the good memories and the pain is better forgotten.”

“She’s young and she’ll bounce back as they often say the youngest do in the end. It’s us adults who could use some forgetting of the past…”
Max nodded as he looked in through the crack of the door and saw Liz bonding with their daughter. He craved to be part of that unit she had with their child and wondered if they miracle they had shared these last days would last. “Thank you for being here Serena while I couldn’t be…”

“She’s precious. She definitely has a personality that is sneaking above the pain…”

“I am glad… Liz tells me she was very out-going. Which is very much like Liz when we were kids. I was more reserved.”

“Why?” Serena asked, curious.

“Just the way I am I guess,” Max admitted. “My sister and I were adopted later in our childhoods by our parents and so our experiences probably shaped us even thought my sister was very different from me.”

“You sound like you have had quite the life…” Serena smiled.

“That would be an understatement,” Max laughed as he looked back into the room, as Serena knew he longed to go back in…

“I know you want to join them, so I think I’ll head on home... If you’re curious, I am probably going to talking to Junior Davidson when I head back to work. I’ll let you know if anything comes from it.”

“Let me know and I might come in for it…”

“Gibson might not like it,” Serena warned. “You’re already testing his patients with your exploits in New York.”

“But it’s worth it if I get any knowledge into my daughter from the kid” Max muttered as he wondered now that they knew the truth about who Molly was, and was starting to color in the gaps, he couldn’t help but wonder…

“Concentrate on your daughter. You’ve been given a miracle of a second chance. You don’t want to lose it…”

“I wouldn’t dare,” Max swore as he saw Serena to the elevator and walked back to the room the long way so to do some thinking.
“It’s strange for him,” Liz admitted as she got to know her little girl again. It’s been over a year since she seen her little girl and she’s grown so much, and it showed even with Bella in a hospital bed, and in a hospital gown. The hair was starting to get darker but still not how she remembered, and it took some getting use to know her little girl was ten years old and not the newly turned nine-year-old she remembered.

“Is he my real father?” Bella asked as she warmed up to this woman who was in her dreams and it was surreal to think she belonged to a whole new family, and it made her wonder about the connections that caused her to exist.

“What do you remember?” Liz asked. “I never discussed who Max was to me, or to anyone we knew…”

“I remember I saw a letter,” Bella acknowledged.

“Oh,” Liz sighed as she remembered that horrific letter Sean had sent and her daughter unknowingly to her had intercepted. “I am sorry you saw that… Yeah Betty told me that you did see it.”

“Betty… She would be Elizabeth, right?” Bella asked.
Liz smiled. “Yes, but like you have a nickname. She does too, and she’s always been called Betty. You two were best of the friends…”

“I have memories that seem to make that true,” Bella sighed.

“I am glad. She will very happy that you haven’t forgotten her…” Liz smiled. “You have a Dad.”

“Right,” Bella said as memories of Kyle came to her mind. “He was the best, and he loved me…”

“He still does…” Liz smiled.

“But he wasn’t my real father,” Bella asked as more memories started to surface. “Serena mentioned I had a stepfather. That is him, right?”

“Right?” Liz admitted. “To Kyle, you are his daughter.”

“Where is he?” Bella asked.

“Back home,” Liz smiled but frowned at the knowledge of how much needed to be said and how that would work. She wished she could keep in her cocoon but knew it wouldn’t work, even if it felt nice as Max walked back into the room.

“Can I talk to him…” Bella asked tentatively.

“Sure…” Liz said as Max heard the request as he walked in, and it was a further confirmation that their dream world couldn’t last much longer if it even existed.
Kyle was at home looking at some recruiting information for the roster of players they knew they would be dealing with come fall time as he knew Isabel was heading over to Michael's after spending time with her mother and putting some money on her credit card during retail therapy. Smiling at the thought of how his life had come to together over the last few years.

He missed Bella desperately but knew he and Liz had made the right decision to split. But he had been there for their daughter, and she was a special girl and was despondent when she vanished. Being with Isabel he knew he had something Liz hadn’t been able to have in daily support at home. Knowing he had someone in his corner to be his shoulder was what he needed in those days and months after Isabella disappeared and it felt like god was telling himself when he and Isabel had discovered she was pregnant.

Thrilled, they wished they could wait for Bella to come home. But knew they wanted to be married when the baby came. So, they planned a small intimate wedding and it was something the gang could cherish in a dark time. Liz had come out of her funk and had a good time for the wedding even though it brought memories of how excited Bella had been that Kyle and Isabel were engaged. But still it was a cherished moment, and now they just had to pray something would bring Bella back to them.

And for Liz to achieve some happiness. That was one of his greatest wishes once his dream of his daughter coming back came true. He wondered how it would be for his ex to be in California with Max. Max was everything to Liz. There was so much pain and history for the two, and it could never simple for the two, but he prayed they would find their way…

Taking a break, he walked into the kitchen and investigated the fridge to see what leftovers they had to eat for a snack when the phone rang.

Thinking it was Isabel to say she would be later than planned, or even his father to talk about their tickets to see the Texas Rangers the following the weekend.

“Isabel do you need more time?” Kyle asked not asking who it was, but his shoulders went up in tension when he realized it wasn’t his wife calling.

“Liz, sorry. I thought you were Isabel. She’s not home yet,” he smiled. “We were wondering when you would call. Maria’s been worried.”

Kyle laughed. “I know you can handle yourself, but you know Maria likes to worry,” he said of his step-sister. It was remarkable how it all started for the group that he could count on Maria as family. “What’s wrong, why did you call?

His voice trailed off and his face went pale. “What…” he whispered. “Are you kidding?” he asked quietly. “Please tell me you are not kidding…”
“What are we going to do” Isabel was asking Michael as he sat in the living room while Betty played a video game on the computer nearby. Amy and Jim were nearby as Jim came by after Michael called and requested his presence.

“I am going to investigate it more…” Michael swore.

“Are we sure this is something?” Isabel asked as she looked around the room and saw the tension in the faces. She couldn’t believe it could all come down to a mysterious on-line comment.

“The IP address tells me it came from California?” Michael said. “I am going to do a deeper investigation tomorrow. But the sender name was something Bella only would name.”

“What was it?” Jim asked as he took a notebook from his pocket.

“Healingaliens” Michael commented.

“No…” Amy asked.

“Yeah…” Michael admitted.

“Bella did know what happened to her mother. We never discussed Max in her presence but it’s possible she overheard but she knew her mother had been healed back when she was a teenager…” Isabel commented.

“So, we think she might be trying to communicate?” Jim asked.

“It’s a guess. I’m open to any idea because now that we know Ava was a snitch in our view sight and Khivar was likely running a long con game, it’s possible. Any kid would know these days how to work or communicate on the computer. My information is that it was a new user so, the handle hadn’t been used before…” Michael commented as he checked his information. “I am going to look more into the user tomorrow when I am at the office.”

“Bella knew Max healed her mother…” Betty admitted from behind them, and the adults groaned because they had forgotten the eight-year-old was in the same room.

“What?” Isabel did a spin and viewed her god-daughter who was eying the adults as the conversation had turned to her friend.

“Daddy is it true that Bella might be trying to communicate?” Betty asked with wide open eyes.

“It’s possible,” Michael said softly. “Honey, about what you said…”

“Daddy, Bella and I like to overhear things and we were generally good at it, so we knew that Aunt Isabel’s brother saved Aunt Liz’s life. You guys might not have talked about his name much, but we knew it happened and plus generally don’t people like us know how to heal…”

“Max is the only one with the specific ability,” Isabel muttered.

“Really?” Betty asked as her eyes went big.

“We all have the ability to help someone, but Max does have the specific ability to heal and that happened with Aunt Liz” Michael muttered. “But you know we have to be careful about it, right?” he asked the little girl.

“Daddy I promise I try to blend in, and don’t use anything funky” the eight-year muttered.

“Good,” Michael smiled.

“Anyways,” Betty eyes got narrowed and the adults knew the girl had something she needed to say.

“What is it Betty?” Jim asked in his sweetest voice to his young granddaughter. He knew he was blessed by his union with Amy allowing their families to blend and knew he was fortunate to have her granddaughter Betty as his own.

“HealingAliens’ was Bella’s private handle when we liked to communicate about something secret in our families.”

“WHAT!” Michael said as his eyes went wide. “You and Bella had a secret communication forum?”

“In a way we did,” Betty sighed.

“Honey you were only seven when we lost Bella from our lives” Amy asked her young granddaughter.

“Grandma, we kids’ can do a lot of things these days you didn’t know how to when you were our ages…”

“Damn,” Isabel muttered as the confirmation that kids these days were very different from when she, Max and Michael were getting used to being on Earth. She didn’t have many memories, but she had a few from those days and Bella and Betty were very different than her generation.

“Did you have a handle Betty?” Jim asked.

“Spacebaby” Betty admitted. “A play on Mommy’s nickname for Daddy.”

“Oh god,” Isabel whispered as Michael gritted his teeth as he thought of how to respond to his daughter’s genius creation of names when there was a knack on the door. Isabel nodded that she would go answer the door while Michael dealt with his daughter.


“What!” Michael asked weary of anything his daughter was now going to tell them as he tried to remind himself that his little girl was only seven when this all happened. She was older and wiser now he hoped but then who knows because this was a reminder that the newer generation was just as crafty as their parent’s generation and he hated the glimpse.

Isabel could only whistle under the breath as she went to the door and opened, and her smile went to a frown when she saw Kyle at the door, leaning against the door frame, pale and very shaken.

“What is it!” Isabel asked as she didn’t know what she expected to hear from her husband as she welcomed him into the house. “Come in, come in,

Kyle you need to tell me what is wrong. You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I did…” Kyle whispered. “I didn’t see one, but I talked to one… Isabella… Bella…” Kyle whispered.

“Oh god, what is it Kyle, what is it about Bella…” Isabel asked immediately placed on alarm as she tried to figure out why he looked like a ghost….

“Did something happen.”

“Yes…” Kyle whispered. “Something did happen… Isabel, she’s alive…”

“What” Isabel squeaked before being rendered speechless as it hit her what he husband was trying to tell her as the house went completely silent and eerily quiet.

“Isabel, I just talked to her… She’s alive. Bella is alive…”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 39 - Updated: 02/15/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:22 pm

Now the only ones that don't know are are the Parkers, Evans and Maria.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 39 - Updated: 02/15/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:14 pm

This awakening is both happy and confusing.
Smart little Bella wondered why she didn't have Max's name, but she remember Uncle Michael and daddy.
I can just imagine how that hurt Max.
But thank goodness Liz knew how special Bella was to Kyle, that she called him.
Kyle was really shaken with this news, but I'm glad he now knows.
It will take some day for everything to be straightened out for Bella.
They will all have to be strong as Bella begins to remember things.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 39 - Updated: 02/15/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:22 pm

I do feel a little sorry for Max, it would hard to know that he never be Bella's only father. Bella recognized that her mentioning Kyle hurt Max. I hope Max and Liz continue their relationship.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 40 - 02/19/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:05 am

Over the next twenty minutes or so Kyle had yet to come out of his trance like existence as in the meantime Maria had come rushing home after getting the SOS at work where she was in the middle of editing a report for the evening’s newscast. She had immediately called in a replacement to take the newscast and tried to explain it to her boss why she needed more time off, as she knew he was deeply suspicious after all her recent time off or spur of the moment days off, but she didn’t know how to explain so she said it was a family emergency with her daughter. She lied and knew it but because her boss knew the advancement of all her current stories, well, she needed time to figure out to explain it to him as she came rushing home only to find that Kyle hadn’t filled them in yet on the circumstances.

“What has he said?” Maria whispered to Isabel as she came into her home and saw the crowd there… with her daughter Betty on the couch as if she was the center of attention as she refused to go up to her room after hearing Kyle’s news and then he went silent and still she stayed because she needed to know what was going on with her best friend.

“All he has been able to tell me is that Bella is alive. He spoke to her,” Isabel muttered as she glanced over at her husband who was staring out of the window.

“How…” Maria asked as everything went swirling in her brain at the mere idea.

“I don’t know,” Michael admitted as he concentrated on his friend. “Kyle snap out of it. Everyone is here… How do you know Isabella is alive?” he asked out loud.

“Why isn’t he speaking?” Maria asked no one in particular.

“I don’t know, maybe you should ask him…” Michael gritted through his teeth at the non-answers they were getting as he didn’t do well with no answers but knew this was a big deal for Kyle if they had truly received word regarding Isabella.

“Give him time,” Isabel said to the group. “We have had nothing for over a year so it’s a big adjustment.”

“Sorry,” Michael muttered as though he wasn’t truly sorry. Which he was, but he wanted answers, and needed them because they all missed Isabella. Maria did too…

“Have you tried Max or Liz,” Maria suggested. “Maybe they know something…”

That seemed to snap something in Kyle as he turned. “They know,” he said quietly. “I talked to Liz first before she handed me over to Isabella” he said softly as he thought of all he had learned in the call from Liz that blown his world open. “Isabella is in the hospital.”

“What…” Isabel asked as she thought of her namesake as she took Kyle’s hand and held it tightly. “I don’t understand. How do Max and Liz know. Did they find her…”

“Yeah,” Kyle admitted. “But in the last place they expected…”

“How is she in the hospital?” Maria asked horrified by the prospect.

“It turns out Bella is the little girl is the case Max was working on right before he came back to Roswell,” Kyle said as matter of flatly as he could without wanting to kill someone for his daughter being in so much pain.

“What!” the group said outraged.

“Max didn’t know but apparently the girl he rescued was actually Isabella. She was living under a different name and using it and they thought she was “Molly” until investigation turned out that this Molly didn’t exist, and that she eventually matched someone else… that of Isabella when they ran her through the system with our sample, and she also matched Max which basically confirmed it.”

“Oh god,” Maria and Isabel visibly flinched at the news as they both gasped at the coincidence as it sunk into them. “No…” Isabel whispered in despair as she remembers what her brother had told her about Molly’s case. “She was Molly…”

“Yeah…” Kyle nodded as he knew what his wife was thinking, as it rung through his mind.

“What are the chances,” Michael asked as he also remembered Max discussing the case. “Max told me her case was brutal…”

“I know…” Kyle said. “She’s been able to recover faster than they thought she would… but still she has lingering injuries that will take awhile to heal.”

“Excuse me, who is Molly?” Amy asked as she pipped up into the conversation. “I don’t recall being told about her… am I supposed to know her…”

“Mom,” Maria sighed. “Molly is a little girl Max found while he was working a case back in Los Angeles, in the days before she was drawn back to Roswell. She was found barely alive. She was evidently abused, and would have likely died if by some miracle of a chance Max hadn’t found her…”

“Oh my god…that poor child” Amy said as she glanced over at her husband who nodded as he also remembered Max discussing the case. “And she’s Isabella?”

“I remember Max saying they were looking for the child’s family” Jim murmured at the incredible odds.

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded as she envisioned his little girl.

“She matched Max?” Isabel asked as she thought of her niece and stepdaughter.

Kyle nodded. Apparently, Max bonded with the child before they discovered the truth of her identity and while he was here his partner has been dealing with the case and ran the final pieces that connected to Max. Once they knew the truth, Liz was immediately reunited with Bella and they are slowly bonding again…

“How bad is it son?” Jim asked.

“Apparently her memory is coming back, and especially since she and Liz were reunited but still she was blank regarding her experiences and her prior life. She can’t explain why she believed she was Molly. Max doesn’t know why that is… It was almost if the memories were taken from her, but by pure luck they are coming back…”

“So, almost like she was wiped…” Amy asked as she remembered that time Tess wiped her memory of an incident that happened when the kids were in their junior year of high school. It allowed her to escape knowledge of the identity of her daughter’s boyfriend, and delay the truth for months more…

“Max doesn’t know… but he’s suspicious.” Kyle admitted as he though of all the reasons why Bella’s mind could have been a blank, and he didn’t like any of them.

“Son, I am so sorry…” Jim tried.

“She’s doing better according to Liz. Her spirits are up. It’s very new though so Liz didn’t know exactly how it would all work out, but apparently she’s been healing faster than the doctors were initially predicting.”

“I guess her genes are at work…” Maria commented.

Kyle nodded.

“What are you going to do now?” Jim asked his son and could see how conflicted her son was as he couldn’t imagine the fear and the danger his granddaughter must have faced.

“I really don’t know…” Kyle muttered.

“I think I can help with that,” Jim said as an idea started to crystalize in his mind. “Let me look into it and see if I can make the arrangements” he muttered as he thought if it would work.

“Dad, what are you up to?” Kyle asked suspiciously at his father.

“You will see,” Jim smiled as he went to the phone…

“How do you think Liz is taking it?” Maria asked as she thought of the miracle that her friend was experiencing in both her personal life and with her little girl. “I don’t know how I would handle it.”

“She’s holding her own, as I think because it’s new. It hasn’t hit her…” Kyle thought as he wondered how she would handle tomorrow.
Liz was still processing it hours later as she tossed and turned in the spare room back at Max’s home. She and Max hadn’t talked on the drive back to his place as they were both were eerily quiet. Neither wanted to speak, and so when they finally got into his place, they both decided to take a break and he went to bed in his own room while Liz went back to the spare room. The glow of that morning was completely gone.

Neither were able to handle the changes in their life. Liz couldn’t help but think about Isabella in the hospital bed and wonder if Max was upset she allowed Kyle to be a dad to their daughter, and now the girl was asking to see Kyle despite the bond she had been building with her biological father while Max could only envision the state he found her in, as it ran through his brain in a loop of that basement room and the knowledge she was his daughter shook him. He had barely been able to process the truth of Bella’s paternity, and now to add the truth about Molly being Isabella…

He also found that he was also tossing and turning as dreams gave him images of a bruised and battered little girl barely clinging to life, and then those of Liz and how beautiful she was and his ache to be with her... Finally, unable to sleep he got up and walked into the living room as quietly as possible as he puttered around and tried to not think about Isabella or wake up Liz. Realizing the place was a mess, he found himself picking up the mess he had made as he tried to come to terms with the changes in his life as his brain tried to piece together some order.

“Max,” came a soft voice, which caused him to a pause from lifting the files on the table and placing them in his drawer. “Can’t you sleep…” she asked as she looked at tense Max.

“You should be sleeping…” Max tried as he glanced at Liz staring at him, impossibly gorgeous in the middle of the night with her hair all ruffled up, and a mess and yet she didn’t look like a mess to him, but insanely beautiful.

“Max, I know you’re upset” Liz said as she watched him stop what he was doing. “I wish it could have been different… I know Bella asking for Kyle has upset you.”

“I am not thinking about Kyle or any bond he might have with our daughter Liz. I just couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I can’t so I putter around, I am sorry if I woke you up.”

“You didn’t, because I couldn’t sleep either” Liz said softly as she walked towards Max who stopped what he was doing. “I can’t help but worry.”

“She’s fine,” Max said he tried to be positive. “She is being cared by the best the hospital can provide and best of all she’s safe and sound, and we know where she is…”

“I didn’t know where she was for over a year,” Liz said with tears coming to her eyes.

“You do now,” Max said as he approached Liz and took her in for a hug as they embraced each other for some much-needed time together. Stepping back, he tried to smile.

“What are you thinking about?” Liz asked.

“You’re thinking about our little girl in that hospital room. Well, I am thinking of the bruised and beaten girl I found. Seeing how we almost lost her sticks in my head. I can’t unsee it.”

Liz winced at the mere image that Max had painted. At least she was able to see Bella who was recovering, and didn’t have the horror of seeing how she was when she was found so to know it was so incredible raw for Max… “You saved her.”

“But I still see her. And now knowing who she is, I can’t help but wonder if being who I am led to the pain, for you, and our daughter.”

“You’re thinking about what Kyle said, aren’t you?” Liz asked as one of the reasons she couldn’t sleep was what Kyle had to say about Ava and the knowledge that they were lied to from yet someone else

“I can’t help it, and especially when we now know that Khivar might have been behind Sean’s behavior.”

“It makes so much sense,” Liz muttered as she thought of her ex-husband, and while there were no excuses for what he did and especially if indeed he was behind the abduction of her daughter, but it made sense because he had been so radically different from the boy she knew in junior year of high school.

Max nodded.

“I hate how it feels,” Liz said. “Knowing all the pain and all the difficulties could have been avoided if we had made different choices.”

“If I had stayed, you mean?” Max asked as he too thought if only he had stayed and hadn’t left.

“You wouldn’t have known the truth about Tess,” Liz sighed. “As much as I hate what I have gone through I would have traded anything for the pain I have gone through especially this last year still we are stronger than we were back then. I can’t say for sure we would have made it if you had stayed, and if we had gotten married because of Bella.”

“I would have enjoyed trying,” Max sighed as she took Liz’s hand in his. “I am not saying it would have been easy especially if I hadn’t known what Tess did, because we would have been wondering what if I had a son out there… but still, being with you and our daughter. I would like to think we could have avoided so much…"

“We don’t know. It could have been worse if we had been together only for the sake of the baby and being so young at eighteen. We didn’t know what it meant to be together… and if Bella was on the way, the responsibility, it might have ended us.”

Still… we were in love. Love sometimes can help everything…”

“Max, love doesn’t heal all otherwise we wouldn’t have gone through the crap we did when we were teenagers because the love I had for you was intense, and the bond we shared was nothing I have ever shared with anyone else in my life, as it only existed in books or movies. We went through what we went through, and we can’t go back and change it. We can only concentrate on the future and how we’re going to lead Isabella out of this circumstance we’re in.”

Max sighed. “I truly loved you back then, and no one came or has come close to what we shared…

Liz shuddered at the intensity they felt for each other that still existed to this day, but she wasn’t ready to think in today’s terms. “I am only thankful you’re here for me…now as I don’t know if I could have gone through this alone. Bella has gone through so much and I know the girl we saw today is on day one, and we don’t know how she’ll deal with what she went through…”

“She’s strong and feisty. She reminds me of you, so I think we’ll be surprised by how she bounces back,” Max smiled.

“I hope so…” Liz asked wearily as if she wasn’t sure if she should believe it.

“I will be here for you… no matter what, no matter where this goes… okay?” Max asked.

“What about your job here…” Liz asked. “You have a life here… a home here, Roswell is where we live Max and I can’t see that changing.”

“You and Isabella matter to me, and I am not going to lose you again, okay. I may not be able to promise the future. I can promise that I will be always there for you and Bella. She is my daughter. You are my everything, and I plan to be involved in your life.” Max said wincing as he knew he was scaring Liz with his feelings. In the meantime, we can take it one step at a time.”

Liz nodded.

“Liz, being with you has shown me what I have been missing and I don’t intend to miss out on that again… okay?”

Liz was not ready to accept that assurance, but she was willing to accept his embrace, as she revelled in it. Feeling his arms around her, she knew she was home. She just didn’t know if she could believe that she was home…

Max didn’t say a word as he tenderly embraced her as he felt her fingertips leisurely coming down his arms as flashes of one that one bright night so long ago, in Sophomore year when they almost came together and the passion that had been unleashed during that night… the memories flashed in his brain as he leaned down and gave her a kiss… “Liz…. God, I love you” he whispered but Liz didn’t want to talk feelings or the unknown that faced their daughter, she just craved his arms around her and they leaned in and passionately unleashed their desire for each other as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Releasing her on his bed, soon they were fully immersed in each other and forgetting the pain and unknown that existed and embraced each other.
Highlights of sun came through the curtains in the room, as Liz rolled over. She wanted to be back at the hospital as soon as visiting hours began for the day, but she found she couldn’t leave this bed, and it wasn’t only because Max’s arm and leg was pinning her to her location of the bed. She tried to maneuver out but found she was stopped as she tried to find herself out of it. “I have to get up,” she murmured.

“She will be there when we get there and visiting hours don’t start until eight, so we have plenty of time”

The clock showed 5:30 a.m.

“It’s a long drive,” Liz tried as she tried to resist the kisses to her shoulder which was intoxicating. She had never felt this good, even when she was drinking too much…

“Not that long,” Max smiled as he gave her a kiss as he maneuvered her to turn his way. “And chances are she’ll be sleeping when we do arrive” he whispered as from experience that she tended to sleep in unless a doctor needed her for something. “So how about we enjoy this a little longer”

“Maybe we should be thinking about reality,” Liz asked…

“Nah, I think we can just celebrate this for little while. Reality will be here soon enough,” Max said softly as Liz gave in with an intense kiss, and before long they were fully rolling around the bed…

They both fell asleep in each other arms and 8 a.m. came and went and they were still asleep soundly in each other’s arms and were awaken by the crackle of female laughter… “Well, well, what do we have here…”

Liz’s eyes opened at the sound of voice, as she was startled awake as she tried to focus on the face that appear before her, as she looked over and Max was still asleep.

“What…what,” she said as her eyes focused on the daylight in the room. “Oh god, Maria…”

“Hello girlfriend,” Maria Guerin smiled at her friend. “So, I see you have been having a good time here, huh?” she crackled with laughter as Liz realized just where she was…

“Oh god,” as she pulled up the sheets, as the bed looked ransacked.

“Hello to you too…”

“Maria…what are you doing here…”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 40 - Updated: 02/19/2019

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There are so many mixed feeling between Max and Liz.........and Kyle too.
The "what ifs?" will always surface in everyone's thoughts.
Of course Maria appears......her timing is unmistakable.
Did Kyle come too......I'm sure he wants to see Bella.
Hurry back, I'm so anxious for more.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 40 - Updated: 02/19/2019

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Of course Maria walks in on them.
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