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Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:45 pm
by Parker1947
Title: Leaving Normal
Author: Parker1947
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, or any of these characters. They were created once upon a time by Jason Katims and before him by Melinda Metz, the original creator of the series of books. This story is of my own creation, and several new characters have been created at the discretion of the story.
Category: CC
Characters: ALL
Rating: Mature
Established Couples: Michael and Maria… Yet it is very much a Max and Liz story but there is a journey to be told.
Summary: Post Graduation: Mayhem broke out during the graduation ceremony, and plans the gang had didn’t go as they should have and therefore in the wake of the event they still had to separate from their love ones back in Roswell as well as separating from each other due to unforeseen events, not anticipated at Graduation.
Max/Isabel are left on their own while Liz is with Michael, Maria and Kyle. They all have started new lives, for good or bad. But what happens when someone from their past returns and throws their current lives into chaos. Will this someone help or hurt them? Can there be a happy ever after, after all, and will it lead them back to Roswell?
Changes from Show: Graduation didn’t conclude like the show version did. Everything else stays the same, or did it? If it did change, it gets revealed during journey of this story.
Author’s Note: I was curious about what happened after Graduation, and if they had to run. And because a certain character that ties to Max was out there, I had to include him some way, somehow… It might not be fair to Liz, but it’s works for the story. So, I hope you enjoy and this story is much shorter and it’s more of a simple road for our characters despite the stated angst!


Chapter 1

December 2010

"I feel crazy?" Liz Parker said to the woman behind the desk while she sat on the couch as she was looking like a woman with the world on her shoulders, but with startling composure as if this wasn’t her first time. "You have got to talk some sense into me or I don't know what I'll do. I really don't."

"What makes you think you're going crazy?" Dr. Santos asked her patient of three years. Who always seem to respond in the same way, week after week, and she liked to as a doctor to delve into the issue at the beginning of each session.

"I saw him again!" Liz stated emphatically. "And it scares me."

"You mean him?" Dr. Santos asked.

"Yes, I mean him!" Liz said as she looked at her watch and sighed when she realized she was only 10 minutes into her hour-long session. "Who else would I be talking about?"

"I don't know. A lot could change in a week!"

"Funny doctor, funny!" Liz said with a smirk and smile. "Yes, I've been seeing him again. And I don't know what to do! You've got to help me."

"You've asked me to help you for the last three years. And you still see him." Dr. Santos said. "I don't know what I can say or do for you. You obviously aren’t trying not to see him."

"You're my shrink. When I tell you, I keep having a vision of my ex-boyfriend. You have to tell me something other than your weekly mantra for the last year, 'I can't help you if you don’t let me.'"

"I can't help you without the truth. You tell me you keep seeing a man who left you in the lurch 8 years ago. You won't tell me the whole story. It’s obvious that you’re leaving key details of the story out of your retelling of the events. Why do these visions weird you out?"

"Look Dr. Santos. In every life there are certain details that can't be spoken of. I told you the pertinent facts. He had to leave, and I haven't seen him since. I don't blame him for leaving. In fact, I encouraged his departure with his sister."

"Yes, you keep on saying that. So, if you encouraged their departure. Why do you have still experience visions of the guy in a white room?"

Because my ex-boyfriend is an alien Liz thought but was unable to articulate to her doctor. And I can see things that no one can see, before they happen she sighed as she glanced at the doctor who she first sought out upon her arrival in Austin, Texas after years on the road. She had landed in Austin, and started to make a life and was happy with her future when she first hit with the dreams, premonitions if you will. Of someone who was her true love. Someone she couldn't leave behind. Max Evans; her high school sweetheart and her short-lived fiancée. The same guy who left her to go off with his sister, Isabel, in search for his son and Isabel's nephew on the night of their high school graduation.

An event so mired in pain and turmoil she still had scars. She and Max had gotten separated in the mayhem, and Jeff Parker wouldn't let his daughter go anywhere once he and the lawyers got her released from FBI custody. Late that night, in a dream walk, she told Isabel and Max (who had instigated the dream walk) that they must go. Otherwise they would get captured. So, Max and Isabel left. And so did she, Michael, Maria and Kyle as they started a new life, under new names. Until three years before when the unit that had engineered her split from Max had been dismantled and life could return to normal, except there was no normal anymore, and she couldn't return home Roswell out of genuine fear. So, she got a job in Austin and began a new life.

And then she started to dream, not dream walk which was an Isabel Evans Ramirez specialty. No, instead she got eerily silent and loud dreams. Of Max in a room and a white room but not rooms in an institution like the one he was forced into back in high school for several torturous hours. Instead, it was a plain room. One she couldn't identify, and a lot of soul searching wouldn't identify.

First, they started coming every couple of months. Then suddenly they were appearing every month and then every week, then every night. In the time since they started, she got them down to an acceptable amount of a few a year. But now they were back with a fever and she couldn't handle it. As it was also making her life miserable and upsetting the life that she had worked so hard to achieve.

Was it because she was back to her birth name, Elizabeth Parker? Instead of her alias; Betty Evans. It's like Max was telling her, but she wasn't listening because it was almost like taunts. And she couldn't handle them. Not from him. Not from her true love, the one who she had tried to get over. Even though that was next to impossible There is no normal anymore.

"All I can say Liz is that you have to come to terms with the fact that Max isn't in your life anymore or your part in letting him go and I don't think you have," Dr. Santos said taking her patient back into reality.

"I know Max is gone. I have come to terms with that..."

"Have you?" Dr. Santos asked. "Don't you wish that you could go home today and see Max come home from work, happy and kiss you hello?"

"That is nonsense." Liz muttered. "I know he is gone. I know he had to go off and find his son. They are probably having a good life together, and if that is the case, I am happy. Really I am!"

"Are you?"

"Dr. Santos?" Liz warned through gritted teeth.

"Liz, you keep coming here and telling me you have these dreams. But you won't go deep. There is something there warning you. And I'm not any good with helping you. So why don't we move onto another topic, a safer topic. Okay?"

"Sure, what topic?"

"You know!" Dr. Santos said with a smile.

"Yes, I do, and this is a topic in which we can talk about," Liz said with a smile.

"Good!" Dr. Santos getting the session on track and Liz got back into the session and wasn't as uptight and it was later when she got into her car, and turning on the music and humming along with the lyrics and trying to ignore the pain that stayed in his heart of her memories of Max, and how much she still loved him. She took a deep breath and drove home. Although she took solace in the fact that it was a long trek home, due to rush hour.

Thirty minutes later, she pulled into the driveway, she sighed as she looked at it and went into her dreams of the home she always believed she could have shared with Max; especially once they became engaged. But it wasn’t to be, so she made a new life and now she was standing outside and sighing but she did walk through the door and into that life that didn’t hold Max.

Walking in the door of the Victorian mansion she somehow was able to afford, she smiled at the clutter. "Hi, I'm home?"

"Mommy," came two 8-year old’s roaring down the stairs a few minutes later. And Liz couldn't help but smile and was grateful to be home.

"There you two are, how was school?"

"Cool," 8-year-old, older twin Emma said. "We had a spelling test. I aced it, 100%.

"Wow sweetheart. That is truly impressive," Liz said hugging her eldest child and looked at the younger twin, "Parker, what about you?"

"95%," the young boy said with a mutter. “I should have gotten higher."

"Sweetheart you should be proud of what you were able to do.” Liz smiled as she encouraged her son. “You are very smart in your own right and that score is not something to be ashamed of…okay?”

"Okay," Parker muttered a little more quietly.

"Where is Aunt Maria?" Liz asked.

"She’s upstairs with Uncle Michael and Michelle!" Emma smirked. “Amelia was caught using her powers."

"Oh no!" Liz muttered. "What happened this time?"

Emma giggled and recounted the incident with flourish, "Luckily this time Michelle saw and used her considerable acting skills to divert attention and made sure no one remembered the event," Emma said with a smile in her own charming little way. She was taller than her brother, and uncannily resembled both of her parents and yet she was a miniature version of her mother.

"Good!" Liz smiled as she looked at her youngest, by four minutes. He resembled his father so much; it was uncanny for all of them to witness and for Liz who loved their father so much, and still did. “Do you know if supper is being prepared?"

"Uncle Michael was preparing a feast before he had to take care of the latest crisis," Parker said as he slumped off, down the hall. Liz could tell Parker sometimes took it as an insult that his sister did better than him in school. Although calling an A average having difficulty in school would be farfetched, but to Parker when Emma routinely got 100% was insulting and so she knew that it would dig at Parker all the while Liz tried to make Parker aware she was happy with every achievement, no matter how small. She turned to Emma.

"I'll check. So, have your finished your homework? Has Parker?"

"Yes!" Emma said with a smirk as Parker approached once again.

"Almost," Parker said as he caught onto the conversation. "I have a few pages left to read!"

"No using your powers okay!" Liz said seriously. "You know how important it is to keep your silence about that part of your life."

"Yes Mom!" the twins said before rushing off, in their own different directions so they could finish up, whatever they had been doing when their mother came home.

"Oh Max!" Liz whispered. "This is one of those time in which I need you to be with me," sighing she went upstairs where the De Luca/Guerin bunch were dealing with their own crisis of the moment and she went and was a sounding board for her friends as they vented their frustration at being parents to special kids before Michael got back to finishing up dinner.


The next morning Liz was up early having taken a long leisurely run with Maria. They had been talking at length about the Amelia blip and how Michelle had to use her powers to cover up her sister's mistake. "I don't know what I'm going to do about those two," Maria was saying as they walked into the house Liz shared with her children, Maria, Michael and their children; 7-year-old Michelle and 6-year-old Amelia and Kyle Valenti who took the cottage in the back of the property.

Liz had been hiding with them and when thing settled down, they all decided on normal lives. But it began to get tougher to hide out when at the age of 2, the kids started to show signs of powers. Maria of course freaked out, but Michael was able to reassure her that they would be fine. He had come a long way from his wild, anti-authority lifestyle and knew they could handle it. And because he didn't want to see their normal lives interrupted. He already had lost Max and Isabel to the alien fearing world. So, they all decided to ignore the powers and they instilled in the kids that they should only use powers at home and not in public.

But it was harder for Liz, as her two twins had a combine power that was much greater than Michelle and Amelia. Since their father was Max…

And she had powers also, which had transferred to her babies. And it was harder to keep them contained, but it seemed Emma Maria Evans and Parker Maxwell Evans knew that they should keep them contained and weren't as emotional in their use. But then she also knew Michael tended to every couple of weeks to take all the kids to a special target practices where they would test, and practice their powers. Liz and Maria couldn't do much more than pray Michael would do well by the children.

Because her kids didn't have their father in their lives and whose fault was that?


Yes, she had insisted on the escape, fearful of Max or Michael going through another round of the infamous white room. But it had been before she found out she was pregnant. From their first and only encounter, the night he proposed. Prior to their high school graduation and the night where they were fearful, but also hopeful of a future together. And they had put all reason behind them and cemented their relationship. Only for the next night, their high school graduation to erupt into so much chaos and to separate them. And change their lives forever.

And they had finally cemented their relationship, after a few turmoil filled years. And then she went and told them to leave, when their graduation got interrupted. And stayed behind because she knew she would be a hindrance than a help, especially since ultimately Max was going after his son. A son who was given up for adoption just weeks prior, but they were told the baby had disappeared. Fearful of discovering Tess had once again lied, and the baby might have powers, he and Isabel left, and the group had splintered while Michael stayed behind to be with Maria.

And they hadn't been heard from since. Except for an email from Jesse when his divorce became final to indicate that he had gone to court and gotten a divorce from Isabel, who had been served via fax yet didn’t contest the court filing and therefore he was moving on, but it meant Max was also okay! Right?

But what about now?

Liz cringed and went and had a shower before fixing breakfast for the household. But her mind continued to rest with one Max Evans.

Which caused her some headaches as sent the kids off the library with Maria and Michael, and she went out to buy some groceries. Walking up to the door when she got home, checking for her keys, she was startled to look up and see someone on her doorstep.

A young boy; nine or ten and just a tad older than her twins. Shocked, she didn't think the twins had plans to come home anytime soon as they were scheduled to attend the library movie and then have dinner with Michael and Maria, and their kids. "Hello?"

"Hi!" the boy said in a shy response. "No one was home!"

"Sorry about that. I was out doing some errands. Do I know you; are you a friend of Emma or Parker's?" Liz asked as she was sure there was a sense of familiarity with the boy. "What's your name?"

"Evan!" the boy said. "No, I don't know Emma or Parker. I was just dropped of here..."

"Oh!" Liz asked a little confused. "My kids, my roommates are out for the day. I wasn't expecting anyone. Who dropped you off?"

"My mother!" Evan said.


"I don't know. All I was given is this note!" Evan said passing a slip of paper to Liz who frowned. And to read it, she put down her bags of groceries. Any thought of doing some needed baking for the kids bake sale the following day was out the window as this new mystery had entered her life.

"Okay," Liz said as she opened the closed note and paled instantly. Evan noticed it, and frowned himself.

"What?" the boy asked.

"Who gave you this?" Liz asked as her glaze went straight to a once over of the boy. "Who?"

"My mother!"

"Oh my God!" Liz whispered and looked at the words and wanted to faint.
Look I am sorry Liz…
This is the last thing I know you need or I want, but you need to take him in because he’s Max’s son
He was Zan

"Why isn't she dead?" Liz asked before fainting, shocking the young boy who looked helplessly at the woman.

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) Chapter 1

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:18 pm
by L-J-L 76
Great new start to a new story! Wow so Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle stayed together. It was a good thing that they stayed together. Wow so no one knows where Max and Isabel are. So Liz is getting visions of Max and Isabel. Oh wow Liz got a surprise waiting for her. Wow I thought Tess was dead but she is alive and she left Zan with Liz. What will happen when Liz wakes up? Will Zan still be there? What will Liz do when she wakes up and sees Zan? Will Michael, Maria and Kyle be there when Liz wakes up with Zan standing beside her? What will Liz do with Zan? Will Zan be staying with Liz? Will Liz be able to keep Zan with her? Will Liz put Zan in school? Will Liz, Michael, Maria, Kyle tell Max about Zan being there? Will Max and Isabel ever see Zan again? Will Liz, Michael, Maria, Kle and kids ever see Max and Isabel again? Will Liz raise Zan as her child? Sorry for the questions I was just asking. Please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next for Liz, Michael, Maria, Kyle and kids.

L-J-L 76

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) Chapter 1

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:37 pm
by RoswellFan68
Wow. Max and Liz are still paying for Future Max's interference and Tess's betrayal. I would love to see a flashback of the twins conception since the viewers were cheated out of their cementing on the show.

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) Chapter 1

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:54 am
by keepsmiling7
Great new story!
Of course Liz can't tell the truth to her shrink....
A new life in Austin with 8 year old their names.
Big surprise, Tess dropped off Zan with Liz......lots of questions to be answered here.

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) Chapter 1

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:12 pm
by roswell4life
Loving this first part!! So many questions!!!! :D

Leaving Normal - Chapter 2 - 03/07/2018

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:30 pm
by Parker1947
Speaking of Max, he was storming out of his home and pissed off. "Damn it," Max shouted as he kicked the trash can that stood in his way "Why do I stand for that? I should get out of here. Now!" he muttered to himself as the door opened and his sister who dared to live with him and withstand his moods came rushing out and tried to approach her brother, but he was not having any of it and gave her a warning signal to stop or she wouldn't like what he would do.

"Ma..x!" Isabel tried to say before being told to shut up by her brother's expression. "She's sorry..."

"Don't give me that Iz," Max yelled. "She does this to me, every damn time..."

"I know, and I can understand your frustration. I really do. But she doesn't know the truth, and you therefore have to take her confusion into account."

"Heck I know that Iz," Max sputtered. "But when she gets on my case for my secretiveness, I can't stand it. I really can't!"

"You married her Max!" Isabel said with a warning tone. "You went into the marriage not telling her anything. You know how hard it was for me and Jesse. But you wanted it this way..."

"Yes, I did!" Max said. "And you know as well as I do that when we left Roswell that we couldn't tell anyone because of too many lives who would be screwed up by knowing and I couldn't do it to Pam after all I experienced with Liz."

"Right!" Isabel said. "I completely understand and support that decision. But Pam does deserve some honesty. Max, I know it's hard, but I learned the lesson with Jesse. Too much pain comes from keeping it all a secret."

"So, you're telling me either tell her the truth, or cut the strings to her and our marriage?" Max asked.

"I don't know what I am telling you Max, but you two have been fighting a lot these past few weeks, and I don't want to see either of you hurt."

"I know,” Max sighed as he knew that the fighting between him and Pam was getting worse by the week and it was all colliding into something he was trying to ward off if he could, and he feared he wouldn’t be able to stop it.

"But you do need to do something otherwise there is going to pain all around, and it's wise to nip it in the butt before it gets even worse and the damage is too much to repair!" Isabel advised in soft tone.

Max nodded, while Isabel sighed and turned to walk back in the house while Max was pacing in the driveway almost ready to go inside when he got a sudden sensation. Like someone was calling out to him. And then suddenly the feeling crystallized and the sensation got a name.


He could feel anxiety and uncertainty build up in his ex-girlfriend through a connection that hadn't been open since he left. But now suddenly the connection was open, and he was feeling something.

Oh god, where is Max when I need him? He heard Liz say.

Max felt the wind go out of him as she felt the spirit of Liz go through him and he was forced to remember the past many years since they were forced to separate. And then he was forced to relive the dream he had a year before, before his marriage to Pam. A simple glance at Liz in her new life, he knew she was happy.

And he moved on, and allowed her to do the same.

But now he was getting a sense that something was not that right, and he wasn't sure how to deal with it and then he got an answer when his wife Pamela Martin Evans came storming out equally outraged at Max. "What gives you the right to walk out on me, and not fight? We're married Max. We are husband and wife! What aren't you telling me?"

Her anger snapped him out of his trance and he looked at Pam like he did a prisoner looking at his warden and he realized he had to decide, even if Liz was out of his life.

But the decision was taken out of his hands, as suddenly there was a shot out of nowhere. A gunshot. BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG came the sound and Max told Pam to duck as he took cover but also trying to figure out where the sound came for, but it was too late. Another gunshot was sounded, and Pam was hit, and she collapsed.

"No…" Max screamed and then there was eerie silence as the shots stopped. Max could only watch the life spill out of his wife of only 13 months. Isabel came out of the house and screamed when she saw Max next to Pam's body. "Max!!"

"I'm okay. It's Pam," Max whispered.

"God," Isabel said and kneeled next to her brother and sister-in-law and watched her brother stare hopelessly at the young woman who he couldn't save because it would draw unnecessary attention... “I want to, but I can't." he whispered, and Isabel knew especially as they were now being noticed by neighbors who shouted that EMT's have been called, police too...

"I did this to her!" Max stuttered.

"No, you didn't!" Isabel said. "It was a random shooting."

"We don't know that," Max said angrily "What if..."

"Don't think like that as we have been able to stay here all this time." Isabel assured her brother but not that convincingly as she knew it was more complicated than she wanted it to be by a simple glance across the street among the chaos. "It's not what you think…"

"It is," Max whispered. "I killed my wife!"

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 2 - Updated: 03/07/2018

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:29 pm
by L-J-L 76
Oh my god Max moved on so easy without fighting for Liz. Liz didn't move on she has her and Max's kids. How is that moving on. So Max and his wife have problems. I agree with Isabel Max should have told her a little something. So Max can feel something is wrong with Liz and doesn't want to find out. Now that is bad. So someone shot his wife and now he is blaming himself. When is Max and Isabel going to find Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle? Will Max and Isabel find Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle? What will happen when Max and Isabel find Liz, Michael, Maria and Kyle? Will Max and Liz talk and try to work thing out? Will Max and Liz become a couple? Will Max and Liz fall in love?
What will Liz do with Zan? Will Liz have Zan go to school like her kids? What will Michael, Maria and Kyle do when they see Zan? How long will Zan stay with Liz? Will Zan stay with Liz? What happened to Tess? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together?

L-J-L 76

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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:49 pm
by roswell4life
Max is married?! :cry: I "hope" Pam's okay....but if she isn't.....that's okay too :lol: maybe if she's outta the way Max can explore this connection with Liz and possibly reunite!! :D

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 2 - Updated: 03/07/2018

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:45 am
by keepsmiling7
Lots and lots of questions here.......what else can I say??
How did Pam Martin enter this picture?
More soon, please,

Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 2 - Updated: 03/07/2018

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:41 pm
by RoswellFan68
I'm not liking this Max. He is more season 2 Max than season 1. I don't like the fact he could marry someone else. Liz let him go to look for his son not fall in love and marry another woman.