Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 14 - Updated: 04/18/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:50 pm

Wow Michael is right the night is full of surprises. Wonder when Jim and Amy will find out about the kids Liz has. Hopefully it won't be a bad surprise. Now all that is left is Max, Isabel showing up. Wonder when Liz and kids will find out about Max and Isabel coming??????

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 14 - Updated: 04/18/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:47 am

I don't see how Jim and Amy will not find out about Liz and Max's twins. I'm just thinking about Jim and Amy returning to Roswell to inform the others about the kids. Max will not be very popular with the Parkers when they find out he left a pregnant Liz behind to search for another kid.

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 14 - Updated: 04/18/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:15 am

Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait for Jim and Amy to meet Liz and Max's kids. Can't wait for Max and Isabel to Liz, kids and others. Wondering what will happen when Max, Liz and kids see each other.

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Leaving Normal - Chapter 15 - 04/22/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:45 pm

Upstairs, Liz was putting the kids to sleep. Emma and Parker fell right to sleep, and she stood and watched them sleep from the doorway and wondered if this was the life the kids deserved. Didn’t they deserve to know their father? They had her, they had Maria, Michael and Kyle but they didn’t have their father. They didn’t even have her own parents to love them or support them. And seeing Jim and Amy only crystalized the regret that stirred through her over what they had done, in fleeing. Shouldn’t they have stayed, and stood up to the bullies in the FBI. But they feared what they would do, if they got a hold of Michael. So, she and Maria had run with Kyle, and their own kind of life, and now she was wondering if it was worth it as she walked down the hall to the spare room where Evan was now making his home.

Seeing how excited Amy was to see her daughter made her miss her own parents. “Great, maybe I need to stop this” she whispered as she walked into Evan’s room. “Hey, it’s bedtime.”

“I know, but I can’t sleep” Evan said quietly. “Who are the people downstairs?”

“Kyle’s dad, and Maria’s Mom. They are in town dealing with some business, and they unexpectantly found us.”

“Didn’t they know where we were?” Evan asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” Liz smiled. “But you don’t have to worry, all will be okay.”

“Did they know my Mom?” Evan asked.

“Yes,” Liz smiled. “She lived with Kyle and his father for a time.”

“Really,” Evan asked. “Why did she leave?”

“It’s complicated,” Liz admitted. “They did well by your mother, but unfortunately the time came, and she decided to leave.” To put it mildly she thought to herself. She burned a lot of bridges in her fleeting time and she changed their lives forever.

“Did my father mean something to her?” Evan asked.

“What makes you think of that,” Liz asked as she wished she could curse Tess for confusing the situation.

“I don’t know him. Parker and Emma tell me stories they have heard that my father really liked you, but I don’t know what he meant to my mother except her own words on the subject,” Evan asked.

“You really have got to stop taking lessons from your brother and sister,” she sighed as she had to come to terms with the fact the children were indeed siblings and were bonding tightly and it would make whatever decision that is reached about Evan difficult in the end. “Your father did want you, and that is all that is important right now. Your mother and father did have a connection, and that connection created you and unfortunately it was also a time where they weren’t prepared for what it meant to have you.”

“Do you think my father would like me,” Evan asked.

“Yes,” Liz smiled. “I am pretty confident of that,” she sighed. “How about you worry about sleeping, and leave any other worries for another day, okay?”

“I guess,” Evan nodded.

“Good, now sleep, and I’ll see you in the morning” she said as she walked to the door and heard a quiet voice…

“Thanks Liz,” Evan said.

“For what.” Liz asked as she turned back to face the boy.

“For taking me in, when you didn’t have to. I appreciate it. It’s nice to have someone who actually is looking out for me.”

“You are an old soul,” Liz muttered as Evan didn’t seem your normal nine-year-old and she had to wonder just what the child had to put with for Tess as a mother, as she walked downstairs. “What did I miss?”


While all this was happening, Max and Isabel were close by but had stopped for the night because both had been tired of being in the car and they needed a break, and while Max took a walk… Isabel was back in her motel room, when her cell phone rang.

“Yes,” she said as she answered.

“Finally, you answer,” Kyle muttered as he sat outside on the porch of his tiny home that existed in the backyard. He was giving Amy and Jim some time with Michel, Maria and the grandchildren they just had met, and he needed some air as a lot had happened in a span of a few hours and he was needing to process it. “Where are you?”

“Houston, why?” Isabel asked and to further clarify, she added. “In a hotel in town.”

“So,” Kyle asked.

“We will probably make it to Austin by sometime tomorrow, why?” Isabel repeated. “You sound stressed.”

“Unbelievably stressed. A promising date was botched because of some unexpected visitors,” he said honestly. “As much as I wanted these visitors, it’s just upped the tension in the house.”

“What, why?” Isabel asked a little surprised. “You had a date?”

“Yeah, a promising date all shot to hell,” Kyle muttered as he didn’t know how he was going to face Stacie on Monday knowing how much their evening got derailed. “You wouldn’t believe who showed up.”

“Who?” Isabel asked.

“My father, and Amy Deluca” Kyle murmured.

“WHAT, they did. How,” Isabel asked as she fully was invested in the conversation and was curious. “It’s been how long since you’ve seen your father?”

“Eight years, you know, since we left Roswell.”

“Wow,” Isabel whistled. “I can’t imagine,” she softly said as she wished she could see her own parents. How she missed them, and wondered what their lives could be like. And knew Max despite not really mentioning it, also missed them. So much of their relationship with their parents, and his with them had been defined by those difficult last months before they left town, and yet she knew he missed them and missed them from their lives.

“Look sorry if I was tense before. Seeing Dad and Amy, and finding out life has changed for all of us. Yeah, we knew it, but to see it has just clarified that this needs to end. We need to decide what we want from our lives and maybe it’s time to face the past and grab the future.”

“I know the feeling,” Isabel said. “I miss home, I miss my parents. It shouldn’t have lasted this long.”

“I know,” Kyle said, sharing the same view. “But it did, and we have to face it.”

“I know,” Isabel sighed.

“Dad and Amy are married,” Kyle revealed.

“They are, wow. How long,” Isabel asked.

“6 months. Maria and I missed it, and they missed Maria having children. It’s a weird life to deal with,” Kyle sighed.

“That sucks,” Isabel said.

“So, how is it with you and Max. You said you were in Houston?” Kyle asked as he thought of the next collision to face their group.

“We are taking a breather, being in the car was getting a bit much… for both of us” Isabel sighed. “But we should be there tomorrow, hopefully.”

“Have you told Max where he is going?” Kyle asked. “Or are you going to surprise him, just like we are with Liz.”

“You haven’t told her?” Isabel asked, shocked. “Whoa.”

“It has to be this way,” Kyle admitted. “As much as we want to tell her, she has too much on her plate and I don’t want her to make any decisions she’ll regret later.”

“You found out that Liz stopped Max coming back,” Isabel asked as she remembered how Liz’s decision to tell Max not to come back to her had changed her brother’s destiny, and set him on the course to marrying Pam. I can’t blame her, it’s a lot to take in… But if she had, maybe things would have been different

“I understand why she did it, but it is still shocking. And I think she regrets but if she knew, I don’t know what she would do,” Kyle sighed. “I better get going, and deal with all this. Call me when you’re close by, so I can manage the eruption.”

“Good one Valenti,” Isabel laughed before hanging up and taking a deep breath as she was realizing she needed some air, so she decided to go for her own walk and went off and searched for her brother, while back in Austin, Kyle gave a deep breath and got up, and turned around and was stunned to see his father. “Hey Dad!”

“I came out to see if you wanted a drink,” Jim said as he handed his son a beer. “Who were you talking to?”

“It’s nothing,” Kyle said.

“What’s going on son, who were you talking to. I assume it wasn’t your date tonight,” Jim asked.

“No,” Kyle admitted as he took a long deep sip of beer. “It’s a long story.”

“What is going on here son,” Jim said. “Why does Liz look so tense, and Maria is speaking Max’s name through gritted teeth. What happened to Max and Isabel, son.”

“Okay Dad, that was Isabel I was talking to,” Kyle admitted. “You knew Max left, right?”

“Back in the beginning yes, he went to search for his son. Who I gather Tess took and now has brought here to Liz,” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Kyle admitted. “Well he stayed gone, and Liz always seemed fine with it. But it eats at her.”

“Why,” Jim asked.

“Because Evan, Michelle and Amelia aren’t the only children in this house” Kyle admitted, and Jim jaw dropped. “After Max left, and we left… Liz found out she was pregnant. And months later, she gave birth to twins, a baby girl and boy. Emma and Parker… Evans Dad, Max is the father and he doesn’t know.”

“Oh wow,” Jim said. “What does that mean?”

“We always thought he just chose to stay gone to protect Liz, but it was recently discovered that actually Max had a chance to come back to Liz about three years, shortly before we were able to settle here in Austin. Liz told him to stay away,” Kyle said.

“So, he doesn’t know about the twins?” Jim said.

“Nope,” Kyle admitted. “Liz has a lot of regrets about everything that has happened, and it doesn’t make things easier to have taken in Max and Tess’s son, and made everything worse for her as it magnified what she chose for her life. And what it means to keep Max away and then things took a turn when Tess decided she wanted Max and Liz back together!”

“What!” Jim asked.

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded. “It sounds crazy, and it is. Tess decided to drop Evan off, and then preceded to kill Max’s wife, so that he would be free to return to Liz and his children.”

“Max was married?” Jim asked.

“Yeah, apparently” Kyle said. “Which also makes Liz’s head spin.”

“And what now?” Jim asked.

“Max and Isabel are headed this way, and Liz doesn’t know.”

“Are you crazy, you haven’t told her son,” Jim asked. “She needs to know.”

“I would love to tell her, but maybe it’s best that she doesn’t know.”

“Well it’s your choice, as you know the situation and has lived it all this time. But son, it’s not going to be any easier to be surprised.”

“I know but she’s been going through a lot this week, and I hate to put such a massive truth on her shoulders,” Kyle said. “That is tomorrow, and it’s still today so let’s stop this and go inside. How is Amy handling the shock of reuniting with Maria, and discovery that she’s a grandmother?”

“She’s definitely in shock. It hasn’t hit her yet,” Jim said as they walked inside. “It’s wild, truly wild.”

“It’s that,” Kyle admitted.


Max at the same time, well, he was taking a walk. He needed to get some fresh air, and try to get prospective of what he was heading into… His house might be sold, but he still carried a lot of memories of his time in New York, and with Pamela and he felt guilty that he had listened to Liz and not gone and found them. He could have tracked them down, but he listened to her wishes and stayed away, and instead found himself with Pamela and tried to make a life with her, only for it to fail, spectacularly and he wondered where his path would lead now… He knew his sister was up to something. Why is she so anxious about a fresh start in Austin?

And yet his brain kept showing him Liz’s image, and memories of her and their time together in Roswell kept reappearing, and it made it for a tough time. Why is Tess wanting me back with Liz? That is not the Tess I know…

“Damn it,” he muttered as memories kept popping up, and they weren’t all that positive and he just wanted some happiness. He always thought he would get his dreams, and that had been Liz from that moment in third grade. I hate growing up

“Max,” came a voice and he turned.

“How did you find me?” Max asked of his sister as he spotted her walking towards me.

“I figured you would seek out the park,” Isabel said. “How are you doing?”

“I have no idea,” Max admitted. “This is not the life I dreamt of having, and yet this is the one I find myself leading.”

“I always figured if we weren’t off Earth by now, that you would be settled down. You always did seem to be the one who would settle down early. And maybe you would have a child or two, and I would do what I did naturally, of course… and Michael would just be off chilling or doing something Michael like. I never imagine us fancy free, away from our families.”

“You and me both,” Max admitted.

“I never imagined Michael and Maria being married, and with kids while we’re fleeing yet again back to the past.”

“What are you talking about?” Max asked, fully immersed into the conversation. “Are you telling me Michael and Maria are married, and have kids?”

“Yeah,” Isabel nodded as she sighed about the oddities of their life. “Two girls, I am told.”

“God, that is far from what I imagined,” Max admitted. “What aren’t you telling me Isabel, you obviously know more than you’re telling me so what’s up?”

“It’s not because you shouldn’t know,” Isabel admitted. “You should know, but every since what happened with Pam… well I didn’t want to burden you.”

“Burden me, I need to know” Max asked.

“Okay,” Isabel sighed as her brother was correct, he did need to know as he knew what he would be face when they landed in ultimate destination. “We’re heading to Austin because I know that is where your son is living right now.”

“What are you talking about Isabel. Do you know where he is, have you known all this time?” Max asked in disbelief as thoughts of the baby he gave away when he was eighteen ran through his mind, and the child he realized was missing just weeks later and the event that made it impossible to gain that dream he had of him and Liz growing old together.

“No Max no,” Isabel shook her head. “He’s there now, but he wasn’t before. I just found out his location when I was talking to Kyle, you know before we left New York.”

“How would Kyle of all people know where my son is?” Max asked. “That makes no sense…”

“Because Max, your son is now living with him because Tess delivered him to the doorsteps that belongs to Liz, Max”

“What!” Max croaked.

“You heard me. Tess abandoned your son with Liz, Kyle, Michael and Maria in Austin and that is where we’re heading if you want to make the last stretch of drive tomorrow.”

“Oh my god,” Max said quietly as the girl that was his soulmates crystalized in his mind and he craved her touch. “Liz, she took him in?”

“Almost had to because of how Tess did it, I am told,” Isabel muttered. “It’s all very new, but the child is currently with the others.”

“Tess had him all this time?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Isabel said. “She probably faked her death back in 2002, and then grabbed the boy from his new family and vanished until now.”

“Why,” Max asked.

“I wish I knew,” Isabel sighed. “I don’t think they even know…”

“Which means,” Max asked.

“Your guess is as good as any given Tess is now dead and unable to explain why,” Isabel admitted. “What are we going to do!”

“I need to think,” Max asked. “Damn it, this is so complicated. I never wanted this for Liz. I never wanted to hurt her. To know all the hurt and pain is being revisited in on her is not something I wanted. Which is why I understood when she told me to stay away, back when I wanted to go back to her. She may have told me to go find my son, but I did go. She has a reason to be upset that I did go, damn it, I never wanted to hurt her, and I did, and I’ve got to live with that for the rest of my life. I always wanted a normal life for her, and I am afraid because of me and the alien chaos she got mixed up in, she’s far from that path.”

“You had to go Max,” Isabel reasoned. “Unfortunately for Liz, normal was never going to happen or be the appealing choice once the shooting happened when you opened a whole new world for her and she was never going to look at the old one in the same way again, and she in some ways chose the path she went down.

“I did, the baby was out there… having vanished. I should have known Tess was behind this. Again, she conned us, and we fell for it and Isabel, even though normal isn’t possible. It’s still part of the dream, and something I could hope for given I wasn’t able to be with her over the last eight years”

“I am sorry Max,” Isabel sighed.

“I get where she was coming from at the time, which is why I didn’t fight it because going to her after our history together, it would have been just another way for her to worry that I always going to put other things in front of her because I had in the past. We had a chance, and it got ruined by Tess and my own foolish choices.”

“And now Tess wants you to be with Liz,” Isabel asked.

“Totally bizarre,” Max muttered as he thought of the villainous blonde. “I have to make some decisions… decisions that will stick.”

“Max, what do you want?”

“Liz!” Max said without thinking.

“Then go for what you want,” Isabel encouraged. “Hell, with appearances, and what people might think because all that matters is what you want, and what you need to make your life complete.”

“My wife just died Isabel,” Max said.

“Max, come on, no one is asking you to marry Liz tomorrow, but if she is who you want to be with for the rest of your life than go grab your dreams. You have wanted that girl since you were in third grade. Yes, you two made mistakes, and choices both of you regret but neither of you should be without the person who you truly love. You love Liz and you deserve your shot at getting the girl of your dreams.” Isabel asked. “Go for it, after all it has been eight years, and eight years is long time to go without what you want!”
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 15 - Updated: 04/22/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:17 am

OH MY GOD!!!!! So glad that Isabel finally told Max something. So Max wants to be with Liz. That is a good thing. Wow Jim took what Kyle said good. But it is still shocking. Love the talk Liz and Evan had. Love the way Liz is carrying for Evan. How is Max and Isabel going to show up? What will Liz do when she sees Max and Isabel? Will Liz be happy or pissed off? What will Max do when he sees Emma, Parker and Evan? Will Max be surprised? Will Max and Liz talk? What will Max and Liz talk about? Will Max stay with Liz? Will Max and Liz work thing out? Will Max and Liz try and be together? Will Max and Liz fall for each other again? Will Liz take the kids to go see her parents and Evans? What will the Parkers and Evans do when they see Liz and the kids? What will Maria and Michael do when they see Max and Isabel? Will Maria hit Max? Will Max take what Maria does? Will Michael and Kyle hold Maria back? Will Michael and Kyle let Maria hurt Max? What will Kyle do when he sees Max and Isabel? Will Max and Liz get married? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Sorry for the question I was just wondering. Please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next for Max, Liz, Kids and others.

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 15 - Updated: 04/22/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:41 am

Okay, now things are rolling. And I bet they'll be rolling faster and faster very soon.
Evan had interesting questions for Liz........very sad he had to ask if his father would have liked him?
I loved that he thanked Liz for taking him in.
Jim now knows the truth about Max........what will he do with this new information??
Thank you Isabel for filling Max in regarding Evan........
Can't wait for more!!

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 15 - Updated: 04/22/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:26 am

Soon everyone will be in Austin. For some reason I got the feeling that Liz will not be happy with Kyle or Maria for not telling her Max is on the way. Evan is such a sweetie. Are we sure Tess is his mother?
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 15 - Updated: 04/22/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:29 pm

Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait for Max, Liz, kids and others to see each other.

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Leaving Normal - Chapter 16 - 04/26/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:48 am

The next morning Liz walked into the kitchen looking for some coffee, and found Kyle and Jim talking in the kitchen. Kyle had a spare room at his place and offered it to Jim and Amy when neither were that anxious to go back to their motel, so they had jumped at the opportunity to room at Kyle’s, and now it was morning and new day. “Good morning, are the kids up yet?”

“Nope,” Kyle said. “They seem to be sleeping in,” he said as got up to get Liz some coffee from pot brewing. “How did you sleep?”

“It could have been better,” Liz admitted as she didn’t dwell on the dreams she had, and how all of them were of Max or her apprehension over keeping the kids away from their father, which was growing with each day.

“It will be okay,” Kyle observed as he saw the emotional hell his friend was going through as he exchanged a glance with his father, who only shook his head. “Maria isn’t up either and I believe Michael had a shift.”

“Let’s hope, where is Amy?” Liz asked Jim as she looked in the fridge for something for breakfast. “Should I make something bigger.”

“Amy is still asleep,” Jim said as he marveled at how much life had change in a span of a few hours. “You don’t have to do anything big because I am supposed to be at the police department around 10.”

“Oh, right?” Liz said, as if she needed a reminder that Tess was dead. “Jim can I ask you a question,” as she took the mug of coffee to the table.

“Sure,” Jim asked as he suspected what she wanted to discuss.

“How are my parents?” Liz asked. “Do they hate me for leaving them?”

“They could never hate you Liz,” Jim smiled. “They love you and they miss you, but they love you and are constantly thinking of you and wishing that they can know you today. But they don’t think badly about you.”

“Really?” Liz asked.

“Yes, they understand why you left” Jim sighed. “As much as Amy and I wished we saw Kyle and Maria, we understood, and so do your parents, and as well as the Evans.”

“But you knew why we had to leave. You could tell Amy. My parents, and Max’s parent really didn’t know. Okay Phillip and Diane did but they only knew a small portion. My parents didn’t know anything about what I was dealing with.”

“They know,” Jim said. “They can still understand.”

“Do they?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” Jim said carefully. “Liz, they found your journal.”

“What!” Liz asked, confused.

“Liz, your father one day not long as you left town was looking through your room for clues as to where you might have headed off to, and he saw a loose brick and found your diary.”

“Oh my god,” Liz jaw-dropped. “I forgot about my diary. I didn’t really write in it much the last year, once Alex died. I did plan to take it, but then I forgot about it.”

“Yeah,” Jim nodded. “Your parents were horrified to know all you went through and weren’t able to go to them, and as they read it through with some input from me, and Amy, they realized what we all knew and what it all meant.”

“Oh god,” Liz said and even Kyle was thunderstruck at the idea that the Parkers would be forced to go through it all alone. At least he had his father, and the group as he came to terms after his summer at camp. Liz’s parents wouldn’t have…

“Yeah,” Jim nodded. “We sorta began a group of parents, and tried talking… The Evans tried at the beginning, but they eventually stayed away for their only sanity and tried moving past it, but still we got together occasionally. And then the last few days when I heard about Tess. We all got together, and tried to piece together the clues, and then the Evans heard about what Max did.”

“What did Max do?” Liz asked quietly as Kyle sat quietly.

“He reactivated his Roswell bank account,” Jim said carefully as he looked at Kyle who nodded. “Apparently a real estate agency in New York transferred a large amount of money to it a few days ago.”

“What does that mean,” Liz asked as she looked squarely at Kyle. “You’ve been talking to Isabel. What’s going on Kyle?”

“It’s not my business,” Kyle tried.

“Kyle,” Liz said.

“Just that they are on the move,” Kyle said as he tried to soft pedal the truth.

Liz could only shake her head and got up, and left the kitchen to go see what was happening with her children, as it was unusual they would not be up yet, even on the weekend. Jim only looked at his son, and said what Kyle was thinking. “She’s close, you might as well tell her.”

“I know Dad,” Kyle said as she knew the moment was coming but prayed he didn’t have to tell her. “I am going to get dressed, do you want to come back to my place.”

“Sure,” Jim said as they got up and left via the back door.


Upstairs, Liz found Emma waking up and staggering to the bathroom. Parker’s door was still closed, and so she concentrated on her daughter first. “Hey sleepyhead.”

“Mom,” Emma wondered. “Is it true that Michelle and Amelia’s grandmother is here.”

“Yes, it was a surprise visit.” Liz smiled at her daughter. “When Parker wakes up, and you’re both presentable, you can meet them.”

“How come they got their grandmother to come and visit, and we don’t?” Emma asked, and broke Liz’s heart.

“Honey,” Liz sighed.

“I know I know Mom, it’s complicated. But you came from somewhere too, right. Why don’t we have grandparents?”

“You do honey,” Liz said quietly. “Two sets, and they would love you if they knew you but unfortunately it’s complex.”

“Why don’t they,” Emma asked. “I don’t get it”

“They will, one day.” Liz said quietly. “Now get dressed and meet me downstairs okay. Is your brother awake, yet?”

“Nope,” Emma said.

“Okay,” Liz said as she made her way to her bedroom, and she saw Maria coming from her end of the house. “Hey!”

“Hey yourself,” Maria said. “How was your night?”

“Sleepless mostly,” Liz said honestly. “I am happy for you Maria, I know you have missed your mother.”

“I did, and it’s pretty unbelievable and yet I missed so much of her life, just like she missed so much of mine. We missed each other’s weddings. She gets to meet Michelle and Amelia now, but she missed their births, and first years.”

“I am sorry.” Liz said.

“You know I am sorry too Liz,” Maria said with a sad smile. “I know how much you miss your own parents and would have wanted this moment.”

“I do,” Liz admitted. “Jim says that my parents don’t blame me. They miss me, but don’t blame me and even found my diary!”

“Whoa, they did?” Maria asked as she quickly remembered the diary. “Right I remember now that you commented that you forgot to bring it with you.”

“I figured it would be safe,” Liz said. “I never imagined that it would help my parents understand those three years.”

“Those years were very much a doozy,” Maria flashed back to those years. “I am not sure how we got through them to be honest.”

“They definitely were memorable,” Liz allowed with a small sigh. “And not everyone did get through them,” she said softly.

“Again Liz, I am sorry. I hate this for you because as much it brings joy to my life. I know it only brings pain for you.” Maria frowned. “God, I need coffee, I’ll see you downstairs petunia.”

Liz sighed yet nodded, and walked into her bedroom while Maria only shook her head and walked downstairs, and went looking for some coffee as she saw Michael come into the house from driveway, “What’s up.”

“Oh, nothing,” Michael said. “I had to work the early shift, as a fill in for a few hours, so I am just getting home so is everyone up yet?”

“Space boy, you look tired, do you still want to go with Jim to the station?” Maria asked.

“I have to Maria, I have to know she’s dead.”

“That haunting she gave Liz was a giveaway on that front,” Maria asked. “Evan seems to also think that his mother is gone.”

“Given our history, we have to know” Michael gritted. “She’s fooled us before….”

“I know,” Maria sighed. “You know this really does seem like all of this is colliding into something unexpected.”

“God if I know,” Michael muttered. “I am getting changed, and then I’ll make something for breakfast.”

“Relax, I will manage something” Maria smiled as she watched Michael head off… “God, why did this become a mess” as she muttered as she feared the reaction that Liz would have if Max really does show up, and while she didn’t want that pain for her friend and had been giving Max a tough time, she also knew Max was Liz’s soulmate and eventually they would have to cross paths, and make peace and maybe eventually happiness, one way or another would prevail. “Why does it have to hurt so much.”

“What hurts?” Amy asked as she walked into the kitchen. “Good morning sweetheart,” she smiled, and Maria felt at least god was giving one back to her as she actually had he mother back in her life. “Life.”

“Why?” Amy asked.

“Being an adult is no easier than it was to be a teenager. I thought the pain would be less,” she muttered.

“No, it only comes in a different package and it has a lot more consequences that can make you pay for a long time.”

“Then life sucks,” Maria sighed.

“Why?” Amy asked.

“Because I fear Liz is going to get hurt,” Maria muttered as she knew she had to tell her mother the truth of what was likely to happen that day. “Max is coming back!”

“He is?” Amy asked, stunned. “When.”

“The earliest, today!” Maria admitted. “She doesn’t know, and I fear her reaction or how she’s going to handle it.”

“Tell her honey,” Amy asked. “Liz deserves to know.”

“I know, and you’re right” Maria said as a barrage of children came rushing into the room and allow the conversation to be diverted. “Hey, morning everyone” she asked the kids stopped by the table.

“Aunt Maria,” Emma asked as she looked at her aunt, and then the stranger in the room. “Is this your Mom?”

“Yes, it is Emma,” Maria smiled as Amy saw the implications of Max coming to town as she had met her grandchildren the night before. “Mom, this is Emma and Parker. Liz’s daughter and son as they were asleep when you arrived last night, and before you ask, you know their father.”

“I do,” Amy asked.

“Yes, you do,” Maria muttered softly without having to say the actual name. “Emma and Parker, this is my mother. Amy Deluca Valenti.”

“Really?” Parker asked.

“Yes, I am,” Amy said as she could plainly see how the twins were miniatures of their parents. Emma was very much like Liz, and Parker had more of the essence of Max. “I knew your mom when she was your age. And she was always having fun and finding things to do with Maria, and I am thrilled to be able meet you.”

“So, you know our father too?” Emma said stepping on Maria’s quest to soft pedal Max’s name around the children. “

“Um,” Amy said.

“You can answer that Amy,” Liz said as she came into the room and had overheard what her daughter was asking the newcomer to the house. “Yes, your father is known to Amy and her husband Jim.”

“Then why don’t we know him?” Parker asked.

“Frig,” Maria cursed instead saying what she really wanted to say. “Mom, why don’t I show you the house now the kids are up, and we can see everything in the daylight.”

“That sounds perfect,” Amy smiled as she knew a diversion when she saw one, and she and her daughter with Michelle and Amelia soon vanished from the kitchen while Emma turned on her mother, and was stubborn insistent. “Mom!”

“Emma,” Liz asked.

“It’s no fair,” Emma muttered.

“I know it’s not, and I wish we all could do it over again, and I might have definitely made different choices.

“Can we,” Emma asked.

“Sorry sweetheart, that is not how life works. We just have to deal with the choices we make, and how to move on with the decisions we did make.”

“I know,” Emma sighed.

“One day, sweetheart, one day.”

“You keep saying that,” Emma pointed out. “I want to know who my father is, have him in my life.”

“I know you do,” Liz said. “I know both of you do…” I feel like such a jerk.

“Mom,” Parker said as his smile reached right into his mother’s heart. “It’s alright, I know one day we’ll meet our father. It’s not your fault as you’re a great Mom.”

“Thanks honey,” Liz said as she reached into the fridge and got some orange juice out, “Hey” she smiled as Evan came into the kitchen. “Hungry?”

“Yes,” Evan said.

“Good,” Liz said as she needed a diversion and went about getting the fixings ready to make some breakfast for the kids as Michael came in and protested that he was planning on making breakfast. “Stop and relax, you worked a long shift, so I’ll make something for breakfast” she assured her friend. “Take it easy.”

“I guess,” Michael nodded, and Jim walked into the kitchen. “Mornin’ Jim.”


A little before 10 in the morning, Jim and Michael walked into the Austin police department and got referred to the crimes division, and they set out to see if it was truly Tess who was dead. “What are we going to do if it really is Tess?” Michael asked.

“You got me,” Jim shrugged as they walked into the Crimes division and they looked for Detective Victor Sanders and his office. “Detective Sanders?”

“Sheriff Valenti,” the detective asked as he looked up, and saw two men approaching his desk. “You’re here about the deceased we located a few days ago, Tess Harding?”

“Yes,” Jim said.

“And you are?” Detective Sanders asked.

“A family friend who has had personal interaction with the victim, and who wants to make sure she is truly dead.”

“She really burned a lot of bridges, didn’t she?” Sanders asked.

“You have no idea,” Jim said. “Can we ask do you know what was the cause of death.”

“It doesn’t look to be suspicious, and we didn’t put much investigation into it as it looks to be a simple drowning.”

“Drowning?” Michael asked. “The woman I knew didn’t seem the type to kill herself.”

“Maybe it was accidental?” Sanders asked.

“Still,” Michael shrugged. “Weird. Do you have any of her belongs we can look at before seeing victim?”

“Sure,” Sanders nodded. “Let me go get the bag.”

The men nodded, and the detective walked away, to retrieve the little evidence they were able to find on Tess’s body. “Tess doesn’t strike me as someone who would kill herself,” Jim asked.

“Nope,” Michael shook his head. “Not the Tess I knew.”

“She kills Max’s wife, deposits Evan with Liz and then turns up dead. Even if she was tired of being a mother after all these years. Still doesn’t register to me, why kill yourself.”

“All if it is odd if you know what I mean,” Michael admitted.

“Is Liz ready if Max does return?”

“Deep down no, mentally no, but a realization is setting in I think that she knows she’s on this road that is leading him in coming back. Now that the twins are getting older, she’s seeing what it means to raise them without their father. And even if they aren’t destined to get back together, he needs to know he had more children and the Max I knew would want to be involved in all of his kid’s lives.”

“Especially the twins. What’s going to happen to Evan?” Jim asked.

“Another name change, maybe?” Michael joked because the name “Evan” was truly bizarre factoring in his biological father’s last name. “I truly don’t know. His adoptive family are dead, and it’s going to be confusing to go through the system yet again.

“I admire Liz for taking him in,” Jim said as they saw Detective Sanders return. “She didn’t have to. She could have put him back into the system.”

“It’s the Max factor,” Michael murmured. “And we don’t know if his mother was telling the truth about you know his status.”

“Yeah,” Jim said as he knew the unspoken fears always hung on the group in regards to the powers that the newest generation might achieve one day. They were told that Evan had been normal, but one never knew as he grew up. “I appreciate this Detective.”

“Why don’t you have a look at it, and then we will head down to the morgue, and you can confirm the identity.”

Jim and Michael nodded as they went to a nearby corner, and looked through the envelope and found a small picture of Evan, and then her wallet. And then an envelope that was addressed to Max.

“Nothing else,” Michael asked.

“Nope,” Jim sighed as he opened the envelope and perused the letter and found no suicide note, or motive for dying. “It’s personal, so I guess we’ll wait to give it to Max.”

“I guess we better get this over with,” Michael groaned.

“Yeah,” Jim said.


“Well, she’s dead,” Michael announced as they walked into the living room a hour later after spending time at the station. “She even turned into dust as we view, freaked the morgue attendant out of course, but she’s dead and not coming back.”

“How is that possible,” Liz asked as her eyes googled at the idea.

“Before we start, I should ask, where are the kids?” Michael asked as he looked around and sought out the miniature generation and none of them were to be seen. “I don’t want them to come in and get an ear full.”

“Mom took the girls to the Mall while Evan and Parker are playing videogames upstairs,” Maria said.

“Amy knew where a mall was?” Jim asked.

“Google maps,” Maria smiled. “You don’t have to worry Jim as she borrowed my car and there is GPS on it, and so she’s pretty safe if she knows how to deal with the technology.”

“Jim,” Liz asked as she got them back on the topic of hand. “She’s dead?”

“Yes,” Jim agreed. “She even turned into dust in front of us. Michael was correct about it, and how much it freaked out the morgue technician. Michael only touched her softly, and she turned into dust.”

“Really?” Maria asked.

“Yup,” Michael smiled as he reassured the group. “She’s not coming back. As if anyone is going to want her to come back, and she’s not.”

“How did she die?” Liz sighed as she knew of one person who would miss her, “Evan will miss her.”

“They think drowning,” Jim said. “While there was no suicide note, all evidence they were able to find was that she didn’t intend to live much longer. Why, we have no idea.

“She did have her own way of doing things,” Maria muttered. “She abandons her son, and then goes off and kills herself. That doesn’t seem like the Tess we all knew.”

“Well it’s eight years later, and we’re different than we were in high school.”

“So, she’s gone?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” Michael confirmed.

“Good riddance,” Maria smiled.

“Maria, I want you to be careful of that sentiment in front of Evan okay, as we don’t know much of their relationship, but she did mean something to him. And he misses her.”

“I will,” Maria said. “But we can party, can’t we?”

“We can,” Liz assured her friend as she breathed a sigh of relief that was at least some weight had been lifted off her. “Thank you, Jim, for taking care of this for us and to you Michael for making sure. I assume if she turned to dust, what does that mean for her ashes?”

“Well, I arranged for the ashes to be delivered back to Roswell. Since none of you will want them, right? And Evan is too young.”

“Yup,” Liz asked.

“What are you doing to do with them?” Maria asked warily.

“I haven’t gone there yet,” Jim sighed. “What do you think she would want done?”

“Maybe spread them out by the chamber, you know, where we all hatched. And where she tried to get off the planet?” Michael asked.

“That might be an idea,” Maria said. “We trust you Jim. And she did screw with your family as any of us,” as she looked at both Jim and Kyle could only nod and groan because at least one part of their history was gone, but still the memories would linger over what Tess was able to accomplish during her reign of terror.

“So, Tess is dead. What happens next?”

“I have no idea…” Liz admitted.


A few hours later they still had no idea where this was going to lead, as Amy and the girls were back with presents galore for all the kids, and Evan and Parker were playing with a new videogame Amy picked up. Emma was reading a book she had picked up at the mall. Michelle and Amelia were playing with the Barbie dolls.

“Any clue about you know,” Maria asked as she watched Kyle grade some papers. Liz had gone off to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for the big family dinner they were planning for that night. As Amy and Jim were planning on driving home to Roswell the next day, and Maria was determined to make a night of memories since none of them knew what the future held.

“Nope, I haven’t talked to her since yesterday. I assume anytime now.”

“I guess this is the only disaster waiting to happen now,” Maria commented as Evan came into the kitchen. “Hey Evan.”

“Is it true my Mom is dead. I heard Emma and Parker talking about how Mr. Valenti and Michael went to confirm it.”

Maria could see the emotion on the child’s face. “I am sorry Evan, it’s true. Yes, she did die. They don’t know why or how. But they are positive.”

“Thanks for telling me,” Evan said as he struggled with the emotion. The nine-year-old knew he had an unorthodox relationship with his birth mother, but she still was his mother and now she was gone, and he was alone in the world. “What happens to me now?”

“We don’t know,” Maria said quietly. “But until we know, you have a home here okay.”

“Okay,” Evan nodded and turned to leave before murmuring. “Mom always did say that she wanted to make up for what she did in the past before her time was up.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked. “Evan, what did she mean?”

“I don’t know. She might have ranted about my father all the time, and go on long speeches about this and that, stuff I didn’t even know about, but she did say at times, that she was sorry about the past, and maybe I needed to be with my father, and Liz. Time was always ticking down, she would mutter at times, and that I was human while Liz was Max’s real mate and mother of the real heirs.”

“Weird,” Maria asked.

“Yeah,” Evan said. “Then she dropped me off here…”

“You’re safe,” Maria smiled. “You don’t have to worry about anything, okay?”

“Okay,” Evan nodded before leaving the kitchen.

“What was Tess up to?” Amy asked.

“I have no idea,” Maria said. “We knew Evan was human. Or Tess said he was human, it doesn’t make sense for the twins to be Max’s true heirs. Evan was the first born, and he’s still alive and didn’t die”


Liz meanwhile was pulling into the driveway after returning from picking up some groceries, and she didn’t notice the car stopped down the street, in the eyesight of the house that Liz and others called home. She was muttering to herself as she was concentrating on getting the first bags out of the car, and walking up, and entering the house.

“Are you going to say ‘Hello” came Isabel’s voice. Max only shook his head and continued to watch. They had arrived ten minutes before, and had been watching the house and getting the nerve up to go up when they noticed a car returning to the house, and Max’s breath was caught when he realized it was Liz. ‘Oh god’ he muttered to himself as he saw the first glimpse of the woman he loved in eight years.

“I don’t have the guts,” Max murmured, as he watched as Liz came out again, and this time Maria and a bunch of kids came rushing out of the house to help. “WHAT” Isabel and Max both said at the same time.

“Michael and Maria have two girls I am told,” Isabel muttered.

Maria and two girls went into the house, which only left Liz out by the car with two young children; both brunettes. “Oh my god,” Isabel whispered said out loud accidentally as she realized the implications of the two young children who didn’t fit the description Kyle had given her of her nephew.


“Nothing,” Isabel said quickly but they both continued to stare, as Liz smiled and handed the young girl her purse to take into the house, and the last bag to the boy, and they walked into the house as a happy little family…

And it suddenly occurred to Max what he had just seen…


“Max,” Isabel said carefully.

“Please don’t tell me…” he asked as his eyes opened as his brain was stricken with the possibilities as flashes came to him… Of the first and last time he and Liz had been intimate prior to graduation, and the night everything changed for them.

“We might only have twelve days to live” he heard them talking as they kissed after becoming engaged, and leaning into kiss… And that moment had led to even greater moment in their lives…

“You have to go in,” Isabel said urging, and Max knew it was true. He had to know. He had to see for himself. He needed to speak to Liz.

He opened the door to get out…


Moments later, Liz was finishing putting the groceries away. When there was a knock on the door, and a ring of the doorbell…

Maria and Michael were upstairs changing, and Amy and Jim were back in Kyle’s place and the kids were all doing their own thing, so it was just Liz as she smiling to herself that finally life seemed to be trying to calm down. Tess was dead. Maria got her reunion with her mother, and Kyle with his father.

“I’ll get it,” she called, and she knew she was ready to take on whatever happened next… But she didn’t anticipate that coming so soon… as she opened the door, and she went pale as she saw the visitor staring at her in all intensity.

“Hello Liz” he said quietly.

“MAX!” Liz said bluntly, and then the realization came to her of who she was staring at… “Oh my god, MAX!”

She fainted!
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