Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 06/12/2018

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 19 - Updated: 06/01/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:06 pm

Finally Max and the kids meet. It understandable how the kids would act at seeing their father for the first time. I wonder who is going to win the bet between Michael, Maria and Kyle????

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Leaving Normal - Epilogue - Part One - 06/07/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:22 am

One week later,
December 23, 2010

“You have had a remarkable week,” came a voice to Liz as she sat in the office of Dr. Santos. It had been a week since they last had appointment, and after the rash of appointments they had in the preceding week, the fact it’s been a week since her last one was remarkable and a signal to Dr. Santos that something had changed with Liz. And it had. “You’re ready for the future?”

“I think so,” Liz smiled. “A lot has changed since we last met.”

“I gather,” Dr. Santos asked. “You said on the phone that your ex is back in your life. That he’s back in town, and has been able to be in his kid’s life. How has that been?”

“At times it’s been a challenge because the kids have needed to adjust to the fact he’s now in their life. While he’s been remarkably patient, I know it’s a lot for him. I have had eight years to adjust to my being a parent, and he’s had a one-week crash course.”

“Which is natural,” Dr. Santos confirmed.

“I admire his determination to be there for the kids,” Liz smiled.

“How about Evan, that is the child he had out of wedlock with a former girlfriend?” Dr. Santos asked. “How has he dealt with having his father back in his life. And what are you planning to do with him in the long-term.”

“Right now, it’s the short-term we’re thriving off,” Liz commented. “I have no idea what the long-term means to us. Neither does Max. He doesn’t have a life to go back to, so he’s committed to stay with us and seeing how things go.”

“You and him,” Dr. Santos asked.

“We’re only friends,” Liz lied as she thought back to the kissing session they exchanged in the wake of his arrival. While there haven’t been any repeat incidents, there have been close calls, but they were ended before they began anything more intimate. “We’re trying to co-parent and leave any decision on the fate of our relationship to the future.”

“And about Evan,” Dr. Santos asked.

“Currently he’s still living with us and the kids. I suspect after the holidays, we’re going to have to come to decision about his custody.”

“Have you thought about taking permanent custody of him, you and Max?”

“I have,” Liz admitted. “I hate the idea of having to go through the courts again given how complicated it was in the beginning. He disappeared from an adoptive family, and while they died. There might be family from that family who would want him. And while the adoption wasn’t finalized, so Max could have changed his mind.”

“Does he want to change his mind?” Dr. Santos asked.

“I think he does,” Max said. “We both know how complicated it would be to separate him from his siblings now. And it would really be telling him that he’s not wanted, if we turn him over to the system. Yet there are memories of the past that are bubbling up…”

“Have you come to terms with the past?” Dr. Santos asked.

“I think I have,” Liz admitted. “While I will always be a little pissed that he cheated on our love, and we weren’t together, and I shouldn’t place that anger on a little boy. Evan is innocent and doesn’t needed to be hated for the sins of his parents and plus, I can’t sit here and say I am the bigger person when I kept the twins from their father for their first eight years, when I knew full well he would have come running back to me and them if I had only told him.”

“There is that,” Dr. Santos. “Sounds like you’re coming to terms with a lot.”

“I am,” Liz confirmed.

“What about the last piece of the past, your parents?” Dr. Santos asked. “Are you read to let them in.”

“I want to,” Liz smiled. “But there are so many complex issues in why I have stayed gone. I know they love me, and don’t blame me for leaving. But still, it’s hard to go back… after so much time.”

“Well it can’t be as difficult as having your ex back in your life, after the same amount of time,” Dr. Santos asked. “In fact, I think with your parents, they might take you with a lot less judgement and there won’t be as many hurt feelings.”

“I know,” Liz admitted. “I am getting closer.”

“You told me yourself that your best friend and roommate got a chance tor reunite with her mother and step-father, and that it’s helped her immensely. Shouldn’t the same thing for you. A lot of baggage will slip away if let your parents back into your life, and let them know they are grandparents.”

“I know you’re right,” Liz sighed. “Maria is a different person now that she’s had a chance to be with her mother.”

“Don’t you want the same thing for you, and the kids?” Dr. Santos asked.

“I do,” Liz admitted.

“Well it’s the holiday season, maybe it’s time for some miracles.” Dr. Santos commented as their session concluded, and Liz stopped by the secretary and made an appointment for after the holidays.


Back in Roswell, Jim Valenti was back in his office after taking a call from a distressed citizen and he was doing some paperwork when the door of his office opened, and in walked Jeff Parker. “Hey,” Jim said as he came to the realization that he hadn’t been the Crashdown all week because of the uncomfortable silence he would be forced to be under as he had known that Liz hadn’t come to any conclusions as to what kind of access her parents should have into her new world. Amy had at the last minute elected to stay behind in Austin, to spend the week with Maria and her grandchildren, but would be home later that day as she was flying home. When asked about his wife’s decision to stay behind in Texas, he had an easy excuse that his wife wanted to do some last-minute Christmas shopping,” and most everyone bought it.

But Jeff found it fishy, and came to the source. “Hello Jim.”

“What’s up?” Jim asked. “How is business?”

“Same as always,” Jeff said. “Nancy is keeping track of it for now, but I have noticed that you haven’t been in since your return from Texas, why is that?”

“I have had a number of cases keeping me busy,” Jim lied.

“You have been busy before, but stepped into say hello or grab something to take back here. So, what us is up. And if Amy is still in Texas, why stay away?”

“Sorry if I have you an impression, but it’s just I felt the need to be here at the office this week or at home.”

“Why don’t I believe that,” Jeff said. “Do you know something Jim about the kids?”

“No,” Jim lied as much as he wished he could tell him, but until he knew that Liz wanted that, then he had to keep quiet, for risk of allowing authorities to know where the kids settled.

“Why don’t I believe you. Amy staying behind is weird,” Jeff asked.

“Not really. My wife loves to shop. And she found some great little stores that she realized would be a fountain of ideas for her shop, and with Christmas coming up, she figured the time was right.”

“Before Christmas is a big shopping week, so for her shop to be closed is a tip off Jim,” Jeff wondered.

“The shop isn’t closed, but handed off to a trusty lieutenant,” Jim smiled.

“I guess,” Jeff sighed as he didn’t know whether to be upset because he did suspect that Jim was concealing something from him, and it involved the kids, but he didn’t want to press for more information just yet. “So, what happened in Austin?”

“Tess is dead,” Jim said.

“I figured that because otherwise us families would have heard from you if it was some hoax, and she was truly alive. What happened?”

“She turned into dust when touched,” Jim said leaving out that Michael witnessed the death. “She left some personal effects, and a note for Max. But nothing earthshattering that would change the nature of what we believed.”

“Weird,” Jeff asked. “That she could go out like that…”

“Yeah,” Jim nodded. “Tess was always an original, and she usually wanted to be one,” he muttered as his phone rang on his desk, and he went to answer it. “Hello, Sheriff Valenti, how can I help you? Oh, hello, yes, Betty, nice to hear from you. Yes, I understand. I would love to help you, and if you call me later with the details, then I can arrange for you, no I understand” as he hung up. “I would love to talk to you, but I have to deal with some business.”

“Sure,” Jeff said. “Who is this Betty?”

“Just an old friend,” Jim lied. “She needs me to do her a favor.”

“Oh, does Amy know her?” Jeff asked oddly

“Of course,” Jim said. “As I said, old family friend.”

“Okay.” Jeff nodded. Let me know if you know anything changes regarding Liz.”

“I will,” Jim smiled as he watched Jeff leave the office. Liz, you owe me big time.


Twenty minutes before as Jeff was entering Jim’s office, Liz walked into her house. She knew the kids were at the mall with Maria and Michael, Isabel visiting Santa, and doing some shopping after dropping Amy off at the airport for her flight back to New Mexico. She didn’t know what Max had planned because he had vanished before she got up that morning. She suspected for a few days he was up to something, because he was cagey about it and wasn’t willing to tell her, but she trusted him and knew it would work out.

“Kyle, hello. What’s up?” She asked.

“I was waiting for you to get home,” Kyle said. “I was just doing some final exam marking.”

“Where is Max?” Liz asked.

“Still not home, do you know what he’s up to?” Kyle asked. “I don’t even think Isabel knows what he is up to. She said he’s been cagey about the future, since they left New York.”

“I am sure it will work out in the end. I trust him,” Liz admitted.

“Good,” Kyle said. “Because I have something for you. Call it an early Birthday present.”

“My birthday is next week,” Liz commented of her December 28th birthday. “Why not wait?”

“Because it needs to be undertaken before your big day,” Kyle commented. “Open it.”

“What is it,” Liz asked as she looked at the enveloped. “Oh my god Kyle you didn’t,” Liz asked in amazement as she opened the envelope and saw her present. “Why?”

“Because you deserve it. Michael and Maria went in it with me because it was costly, and we all agree that the time has come.”

“Tomorrow?” Liz asked as she checked the date.

“Yup,” Kyle smiled. “Don’t worry we are all coming. We have been saving for this for a long time, and finally decided the execute it and thanks to Dad and Amy’s visit, we knew this is was the time to do it.”

“You didn’t have to Kyle, I could have paid for it.”

“Oh, I know, but this makes it more special. We want you to see your parents Liz, and for them meet their grandkids. It’s time Liz for us to face the past!”

Max picked that time to enter through the backdoor, and stopped when he saw an emotional Liz hugging Kyle. A wave of jealousy swept through him. He tried to tell himself that it was just friendship, and he knew it was that because he had seen over the last week that Liz and Kyle were pure friends, and nothing was going on with them. Yet to see the hug, a wave of old jealousy rose through him. “What’s wrong,” he asked as she saw Liz’s tears. “Is something wrong.”

“Kyle surprised me with my birthday present. Tickets for the kids and I to travel to Roswell to surprise my parents.”

“Oh that,” Max smiled.

“You knew,” Liz asked. “You didn’t say anything?”

“And ruin the surprise, yeah I did know as Kyle ran it past me after discussing it with Maria and Michael. I thought it was a perfect idea, and we all agreed it was time. I need to see my parents, and make peace with the past. And all the grandkids need to meet their grandparents.”

“They do,” Liz conceded. “That is what I regret about all this…”

“Then we can decide what our future will be like,” Max smiled. “Our parents are the missing pieces, and it’s time.”

“So, what do we do?”

“Call my dad, and arrange a big gathering for tomorrow evening. So, they can be all in the same place, and we don’t have to deal with it in multiple gatherings. It’s Christmas, and we can celebrate the holidays with them.”

“Thank you again Kyle,” Liz smiled. “When Maria and Michael get back from the mall I will thank them too.”

Liz left the room, to make the call which left Kyle and Max to talk. “So…” Kyle asked.

“So,” Max asked.

“Have you told her what you have planned. Why you’re also so eager to return to Roswell?” Kyle asked.

“Nope,” Max said. “You haven’t told her anything?”

“And ruin your surprise, nope” Kyle smiled. “I wouldn’t dream of it, but I have to ask as Liz’s honorary brother, you really think you’re ready for everything that comes with your surprise?”

“I would like to think so,” Max said. “It’s been eight years sure and we’ll never recapture what we once had, but I have known her for so much longer, and this where we are headed so we might as well go back to the past, and then claim the future together.”

“Good luck,” Kyle said as he picked up his pile of exams and left the kitchen. And Max sighed and hoped his master plan worked as he worried he was going to lose the best thing about this life, and what made his being on Earth worth it and the last week with Liz and his children only reinforced it.

Liz came back into the room, and saw it was just Max in the kitchen. “Jim says I should call later to confirm details,” Liz acknowledged. “He called me Betty.”

“Whose Betty?’ Max asked.

“My alias name,” Liz admitted. “Before we were able to settle in Austin, I went by Betty Evans, which was easy given I had given the kids your name.”

“Betty, out of Elizabeth?” Max asked.

“It worked,” Liz smiled. “How did you and Isabel get around?”

“We had similar thoughts, Isabel went by her middle name Amanda and I went via PJ Evans

“PJ, how did you come up with that one?” Liz asked.

“Phillip is my middle name. And I couldn’t go with that because the name is so similar to my father, and if any authorities got wise it would put my father in a tricky situation. So I went with Phillip Jr.”

“Clever,” Liz said. “And it worked.”

“Yup,” Max nodded. “And then we settled back under our own names, and I meet Pam.”

“She never knew who you and Isabel truly were,” Liz asked.

“Isabel warned me, but I couldn’t do it. So much pain was unleashed by you guys knowing, and we saw what happened with Alex. And I couldn’t do it. Even though Isabel warned me, and I had seen how it had rocked her marriage with Jesse, and it ended because of the secrets. But I still pushed through, and it didn’t help when we got married.”

“Why?” Liz asked.

“It was rocky because she saw that I was being secretive about things, and she worried, and I hesitated. And I will always regret that before she died, we had just had a big fight about my keeping her in the dark. I walked out of the house, furious. She came after me, and that is how Tess got to her. If only I had been honest than maybe she would never have been in that place to be cut down by Tess.”

“You don’t know Max, you could have told her everything about you, and still she could have died because we all know Tess had her agenda. And Pam didn’t fit in there, and she paid the price. I am so sorry Max. I know you cared about her, loved her.”

“Liz, I never truly loved her.” Max revealed. “I cared deeply, but it was never love. And I regret that also. We had some good times, but I hate that I never could give her all that she deserved because I couldn’t quite get there in terms of my feelings.”

“Why not?” Liz asked.

“Because I am in love with you. I have always loved you. And I never stopped. No matter how angry or hurt I may have been during our three years in Roswell together, you had my heart from that moment in third grade and you never lost it.”

“Max,” Liz tried.

“It’s true Liz,” Max said quietly. “I can’t deny it any longer.”


“What are you going to do?” Maria asked a few hours later as she and the brood had returned from the mall with a bundle of gifts, which were now stored upstairs and ready for wrapping and after accepting Liz’s happiness for her early Birthday present. “I see how you are with him Liz, him and the kids. You can’t help yourself.”

“He’s Max,” Liz sighed. “You have Michael, and you went back to him back after all that happened in high school, and you love him and have as a result found a great life with him and the girls. Well, I have my alien. And no matter the angst, and we have had more than what should be considered acceptable, I love him.”

“I know you do,” Maria sighed. “What about Evan?”

“He’s part of the package. I know Maria, you don’t have to tell me. It’s not fair. I hate the situation that led to him being born as much as you do, maybe even more since it impacted my relationship with Max. But still he’s a child. And just because his mother was a stone-cold killer without any moral center doesn’t mean I have to take it out on the little boy. It’s not his fault. And I can see he’s more Max than he is Tess.”

“He’s 9 Liz, how do we know?” Maria asked. “Tess surprised us too you know…”

“I know,” Liz admitted.

“Tess had nine years with a madman like Nascedo. Evan has that same time with Tess so who is to say he doesn’t show characteristics of his mother down the line.”

“He’s human. Tess was completely different,” Liz pointed out.

“Or so we assume because of what was said when he was a baby, and then from Tess. She’s not that reliable for information you know.”

“I have spent time with the boy Maria, I see more Max in him than Tess. And I think if he has the benefits of a home with a family that supports him, that can only help him, so if Max wants us to keep him. I am thinking we might want to try it, for the sake of the kids.”

“I love you,” Maria smile. “I hope this works out for you and the kids.”

“Thank you,” Liz nodded. “I am going upstairs to start packing.”

“Go ahead,” Maria nodded as Liz disappeared from the room and moments later Kyle came in, “Hey,” he said.

“Are you worried about Max and Liz?”

“I don’t worry because we’re here to support her,” Kyle admitted. “Sure, I wonder if they are taking things too fast. But then this is Max and Liz and everything about their relationship has been fast, and so I guess we might as well support her because she has a chance to be happy. It’s been eight years. Not eight days in the totality of their relationship. I can see why they want to move on with life after seeing what happens when you don’t have someone.”

“I hope so,” Maria worried.

“I know you are. So, let’s worry about that another day. We have a chance to look at the past, and grab the future with this trip.”

“You know what Max has planned don’t you?” Maria asked.

“He told me,” Kyle said.

“And you are fine with it,” Maria asked.

“It’s their life. Maybe it’s time to let Liz live it.”

“I know,” Maria sighed. “I just hope this works out.”

“I suspect it will,” Kyle reasoned. “Because I feel like this is the end of the line, and only happiness is in the future.”

“Let’s hope,” Maria sighed.


Back in Roswell, Jim sighed as he got out of his Sheriff vehicle, and started for the Crashdown. He didn’t know how this was going to work out. But it needed to work because he didn’t know of any other location for this type of function. Christmas decorations were all over the place, and there were a full load of customers and Jeff was behind the counter. He looked up with he saw Jim walk in…

“Hello Jeff,” Jim smiled.

“Morning Sheriff,” Jeff smiled back as he made some notes on his inventory form he was filling out. “Ready for the holidays?”

“Getting there, Amy should be home in a few hours.”

“Tell her hi for me,” Jeff said. “We’ve missed her in here this week, with all her deliveries and sales of her gadgets.”

“She’s enjoyed the time shopping,” Jim muttered. “I was curious, what are you and Nancy have planned tomorrow for this place?” he asked, referring to the Crashdown.

“It’s usually light activity because of being Christmas Eve, and this year Nancy’s siblings are all going away for the holidays with their families. So, it’s just us, so we thought we would keep it open and have a version of Christmas for those who don’t have families. Why do you ask, we’re closed on Christmas Day?”

“Because I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind closing the restaurant tomorrow around 5 for the evening, because Amy and I would love to have a gathering here.”

“For what reason?” Jeff asked, interest peaked.

“Amy and I were hoping to have a small gathering and turn it into a Christmas party if you will for a number of friends who weren’t able to make it to our wedding in June. I know we didn’t have a formal reception or wedding because our kids weren’t going to be there, but we thought given it was the holidays, we might give a small party.”

“Sounds interesting,” Jeff said. “Sure, we can do that.”

“We’re still trying to figure out who can make it and who can’t, but you and Nancy are welcome to join us.”

“We would love to,” Jeff said as his radar went up but chose to stay silent. “Let me know the numbers when you finalize it.”

“It should be anytime now, or when Amy returns.” Jim nodded. “I’ll call tonight. We can compensate for any lost income”

“You’ve done so much for us, so call it on the house. We don’t usually have much business on Christmas Eve,” Jeff sighed, and his eye brows rose as the Sheriff left the restaurant moments later as his wife came out from the back. “What was that about?” Nancy asked.

“Jim is up to something,” Jeff commented.

“What?” Nancy asked.

“I have no idea,” Jeff said. “But I have my suspicions.”


“You’re sure?” Michael asking as he handed a package that was just delivered to Max, as they stood in the backyard talking. “Are you ready for all this?”

“I have never been surer,” Max smiled. “Finally, my life seems to have purpose. I hate how it had to happen. Pam didn’t deserve for Tess to mess with us like that, but I just know this time this is the track I am supposed to be on.”

“Max,” Michael warned. “I want you to be happy. But I also have come to a new appreciation to the kind of woman Liz is over these last eight years, and I don’t want to see either her or the kids hurt. You need to be sure this time that you’re ready for the commitment, and that you’re ready for all that comes with it.”

“I always have been Michael,” Max smiled. “I appreciate the big brother warning” he acknowledged. “Because I know you were always wary of her back in the beginning.”

“I was, but I have come to see what kind of woman she is. And I don’t want to see her hurt.”

“I won’t hurt her Michael,” Max said confidently. “I don’t see how I can. I know we will know everything about our past. But life has show how much better our lives are with the women we love. My life hasn’t been the same since I have been apart from Liz. I might have moved on, but Isabel can attest that I was never truly happy. And even if she knew who I was truly, I still am not convinced we could have been happy long-term. Something has always driven me back to Liz. No matter the crap and the angst thrown at us, I love her, and I can’t imagine my life without her in it. Neither now can I with the children. They deserve a real family. And I am prepared to give that to her and them.”

“I hope so,” Michael said shaking his head as he left to head back into house.

“Stop listening to your wife,” Max muttered as he knew Maria still held reservations about him, and they were warranted he knew. But still he was making a genuine effort. And he wasn’t about to hurt Liz. Not this time.


Diane was wrapping a gift for Phillip when her husband popped his head into the kitchen to seek her out. “Is it okay to come in?” he smiled as he knew his wife had been cooking up a storm and wrapping presents and he didn’t want to disturb her... “I just wanted to tell you that I received a call.”

“From who?” Diane asked. “Yes, it’s safe to come in.”

“Jim,” Phillip smiled.

“What, is there any news?” Diane asked as she stopped putting the bow on the present. “Tell me, is it the kids?”

“No,” Phillip shook his head. “Sorry for getting excited. But he wanted to invite us to a small Christmas gathering he’s having at the Crashdown tomorrow night. He was wondering if we were available. Did you want to go?”

“Sure,” Diane said. “We’re free.”

“So, I will call him back and say we’ll come,” Phillip asked.

“Go ahead,” Diane said as she put the present onto the other presents. “I know, I know you don’t have to tell me" as Phillip noticed one that said, Max and another one saying Isabel.

“It’s just going to go in the closet Diane, why do this to yourself.” Phillip asked.

“It’s about hope honey,” Diane muttered. “I want to believe this is they year we will be able to give them to our kids.”

“I know,” Phillip said. “Maybe one day we will.”

“Let us hope so,” Diane smiled wistfully.
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Part One - Updated: 06/07/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:52 am

The Parker's and the Evans are going to be in for a big surprise. Not only are there kids coming home but they will meet their grandkids too! Some how I think Diane will even adopt Maria and Michael's girls as her grandkids too.
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Part One - Updated: 06/07/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:28 pm

Wonder why Liz is feeling it is so hard to go home after all of this time. Her parents won't care, no matter what.
LOL......Jim trying to keep things from Jeff. Well Jeff suspects anyway!
Kyle has a wonderful Christmas surprise for Liz. And the Sheriff is busy getting everyone organized.
Can't wait for this reunion.
And it was so sad that Diane continue to put out Christmas presents for Max and Isabel. won't it be fun when she realizes she has lots of grandchildren to buy presents for?
Thanks, Carolyn

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Part One - Updated: 06/07/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:02 pm

It should be a wonderful Christmas for all.

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Part One - Updated: 06/07/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:07 am

Love how everything is going good for Max, Liz, kids, friends. So Max has a surprise for Liz. I wonder what Max is up to. So everyone but Liz knows what Max is up to. So glad Max, Liz and friends are goin home to see their family. Can't wait for the parents to see their kids and grandkids. What does Max have planned? Is it a good plan or a bad plan? Will Liz and the kids be happy with Max's surprise or mad? What will the parents do when they see their kids/ Will the parents be happy or upset? Will Max, Liz and friends stay in Roswell or go back to Austin? Will Max and Liz have a happy end together?

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Leaving Normal - Epilogue - Part Two - 06/10/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:55 am

December 24th,

“Mom,” Emma said as she walked into her mother’s bedroom while Liz was finishing some packing for the trip. “Are we really going to meet our grandparents?” the little girl asked as it already been a long exciting week as she got used to having a father, and now she was meeting her grandparents. “Is it true?”

“That is the plan,” Liz said as she knew the children were apprehensive about it, and so was she since it had been eight years since she had seen her parents. And when she last seen them she had just been released from FBI custody after being swept up in a raid on graduation night meant to terminate her fiancé and maybe even her, and she then disappeared and now it’s eight years later and they had grandchildren they had never met, and now she was going to be seen again.

“Will they be nice?” Emma asked.

“They were the best parents Emma,” Liz smiled at the memories that came to her mind. “And I am sure they will love you and your brother. They will be thrilled to meet you.”

“Really?” Emma asked.

“You don’t have to worry about it,” Liz said as she turned and brought her daughter into the hug. “They will love you.”

“I hope so,” Emma said not so certain as Max came into the room, and Emma lit up as she saw her father as she and Max had become close during the last week, and it thrilled Liz to see it and know the dreams come true. “What’s up?”

“I was hoping to talk to Emma for a minute,” Max said. “There is something I wanted to talk over with her and Parker.”

“There is?” Emma asked, as Liz’s eye brows shot up.

“Don’t worry, it’s all pretty innocent.” Max said to the mother of his daughter. “Just something I wanted to talk over with them, okay?”

“Sure,” Liz said as Emma ran off towards her father, and the vanished together to find Parker. Why do I suspect he’s up to something? She wondered as she went back to finishing packing, before she went around the kids rooms to make sure they had their stuff packed.

In Parker’s room, Max leveled with the kids on his surprise for their mother, “I have a surprise for your mother, and I want your opinion on it and your blessing. I know you both don’t know me well enough, and I am sorry about that, but you know your mother. And she has been awesome with you, and I am glad you have her for a mother. But I want to make you a promise that I love you both, and your mother. And I will do and was seeking their permission and blessing… For a few moments the twins looked at each other, and then at their father but then they agreed to his plan, and Max took them in for a hug, and then left the room so the twins could talk.

“I can’t believe it,” Emma muttered. “We might finally get out dream come true?”

“Do you think Mom will go for it?” Parker asked.

“I think so,” Emma nodded. “Before everything went you know to that bad word, we know they wanted to be together, and were planning for it. But then things happened.”

“Evan’s mother?” Parker asked.

“Maybe,” Emma acknowledged as she had heard talk and could trace it back to her half-brother’s biological mother, and neither twin took it out on their brother, but they desperately hoped that having their father back in their lives would lead to their dreams.

“Are you packed?” Liz asked as she came into Parker’s room and stared at the suitcase. We only have an hour before we have to leave for the airport.”

“Almost,” Parker said as Liz came into inspect the suitcase, and he muttered. “Yes, I know.”

“What did your father want from both of you?” Liz asked.

“It’s a surprise,” Emma said instantly. “You will find out soon…”

“I hope so,” Liz murmured as she didn’t know exactly what her ex had planned, and why their kids were in on it, but she was willing to deal with it for the time being since she had to get her two eight years packed. “When I came back in ten minutes, I want your suitcase packed with more than toys okay Parker.”

“Yes Mom,” Parker muttered as Liz went to figure out how Evan was doing.

Inside Evan’s room, Liz smiled as he saw the boy had packed his stuff, of course it helped that he didn’t have much to pack but still he was in order and ready for the trip. “Ready for the trip.”

“Was Roswell really where I was born?” Evan asked.

“Yes,” Liz lied because she couldn’t tell the boy he had been born on an otherworldly alien planet named Antar and he only came to Earth as a baby. He knew Max had listed Roswell on Evan’s birth documents when he registered the boy before his father could arrange the adoption and therefore it was understood Evan was born in Roswell. “You only spent a short time there as a baby.”

“Did my mother enjoy it there?” Evan asked.

“I think so,” Liz lied as she knew full well that Tess wanted off Earth and did so at the first opportunity that arose, but she couldn’t very well tell that to a nine-year-old. “She found it to be very memorable, so will you.”

“I hope so,” Evan murmured. “I hope your parents like me, or my grandparents. Dad’s parent’s too.”

“They will love you,” Liz assured the boy as he remembered how Diane had taken to baby Zan and was heartbroken by her son’s decision, but was supportive along with her husband of Max’s decision. How life has changed she murmured silently to herself. “Come downstairs in a half hour or so, okay.”

“Okay, thanks for everything Liz,” Evan smiled as she walked outside, and she saw Max looking in on her, and he nodded until they were out of earshot.

“Thank you for everything you’re doing for him,” Max smiled as they walked down the hall, away from the kids’ rooms. “I know this has to be a very hard situation for you to take on, and especially there are a lot of bad memories associated.”

“There are, but that is years ago Max, and now is about the future. I can’t stay in the past, and he doesn’t deserve for me to. So, I am trying to take that into account when I look at the situation we’re in with Evan.”

“Again, I appreciate it. I know I put a lot of pressure on you back then to be supportive of the situation when we didn’t even really talk about it, and what it all meant. I just expected you to be there, and I didn’t understand how it must have felt to be in that kind of situation because you loved me.”

“Neither of us did,” Liz said simply. “I wanted to be with you. I had a year without you, and I saw how much I hated it. So, I took the chance to be with you, but neither of us really understood how intense it was and how much it all meant, and what we were asking from each other. And maybe in hindsight, the time apart is what we needed.”

“You really think that.” Max asked.

“Would I have liked it to have been different. For us to have gotten married like we planned, and be together. But then I have become stronger by what we were forced to undergone and I wouldn’t trade the kids for anything or even the life we had to lead even if I would have liked to have been able to stay in Roswell, or at least go for some of those dreams I had once upon a time.

“I am sorry you didn’t get your dreams,” Max sighed as he looked away from Liz as he knew exactly what he cost Liz by achieving his dream of having her in his life.

“I did Max, just a different dream” Liz smiled. “Those kids in their rooms right now, I wouldn’t trade for the world or any glory I might have gotten if I had gone down another road. I just hope one day we can go home again.”

“Today is a good attempt,” Max smiled.

“Let’s hope it goes well,” Liz sighed. “We can handle it Max, because we have experience dealing with being who we are, or you are, but those kids change the stakes and they are special. And I don’t want the heat that existed in Roswell in the wake of graduation to be revisited on them.”

“It was bad, wasn’t it?” Max asked.

“Yes. You and Isabel vanished. But I had to withstand the FBI wrath of the Army Base explosion and what they believed of me, to be one of you. Our fathers were invaluable in getting me released, and proving I was normal. But still it was intense, and so I had to flee with Maria to protect Michael and even Kyle… and then I found out about the babies, and it was about protecting them.”

“Kyle is normal, right?” Max asked.

“Completely,” Liz admitted. “It’s only me who has any type of powers, and now the kids.”

“Weird,” Max wondered as they walked towards her room, and left her there and he walked upstairs to the third floor where his room was located and saw Isabel coming out of her room with her bag. “Hey, ready to face the music?”

“As much as I can be I suppose,” Isabel admitted. “This is really happening, isn’t it?”

“Yup,” Max nodded.

“It’s going to be weird,” Isabel commented.

“But it’s time,” Max admitted.

“It is,” Isabel smiled. “So, are you ready to go there with Liz?”

“I want this Isabel,” Max said. “More than I have ever wanted anything in my life. I just hope Liz wants it as much as I do.”

“I suspect she does,” Isabel commented as she bypassed her brother and walked downstairs.


“Wow, the place looks so festive,” Diane Evans asked as she walked into the Crashdown with a hostess gift for the Parkers, and for Jim and Amy. “I am sorry I haven’t been in here more often. The kids always did love to come in here.”

“You rarely could keep them away,” Jeff smiled even when I tried my hardest he thought as he remembered back to his daughter’s senior year, and how troubled it got at the beginning of the year and how disengaged it made his daughter from her parents, and how much he wished for even a fraction of a relationship with Liz today, and feared it was because of the disapproval he did show of the relationship she had with Max.

“I am sorry Jeff, we have the same memories” Diane said sadly reflective.

“Where is Phillip?” Jeff asked.

“Doing a last-minute errand,” Diane smiled. “He should be here any minute. So, do you know why Jim and Amy called this last-minute gathering?”

“They wanted it to be a belated holiday wedding reception for some people who weren’t able to make their wedding in June.”

“Which doesn’t it strike you weird,” Diane asked.

“It does, and I suspect it’s about something more, but Jim wasn’t budging so I will wait to see how it all goes,” Jeff admitted as the door opened and in came Phillip, and they all greeted each other and waited for the gathering to begin.


“How are you going to deal with this?” Amy asked as they parked across from the Crashdown, and they got the presents for the evenings festivities out of the car and walked across the street. “It’s not easy.”

“We’ll have to tell the truth,” Jim sighed.

“The kids called, and they are waiting for their luggage and so they should be here in about a little while or, so they think,” Amy sighed as well as she wished this wasn’t going to be so hard for all involved. As much as she wanted her daughter and grandchildren back in her life, and knew Jim loved having Kyle back in his, he knew this was going to be a hard adjustment.

“They are going to be happy,” Amy sighed. “But it still going to be an adjustment as it was with us.”

“At least they will be back in our lives,” Jim smiled. “I have Kyle back. You have Maria and our grandchildren in our lives. And that is not something we have had for eight years, so I can say we can take anything on. No matter what the kids end up doing, and if don’t choose to return to Roswell.”

“Especially with a new generation to consider,” Amy sighed.

“I know,” Jim acknowledged. “They barely made it out of Roswell alive, and they don’t want that to be put on their kids.”

“Knowledge is as power. This time, we all know. We can help,” Amy prayed.

“Not everyone around here is as enlightened,” Jim sighed. “But let’s deal with that tomorrow, tonight is about homecomings” he smiled as he opened the door. “Hello, everyone.”


“Can we do this?” Liz asked at the airport as they waited for their luggage. It was weird to be so close to Roswell and to know it was just a matter of time before they faced the music as she talked to Maria, and she watched for their luggage. The men were keeping an eye on all the children, and she and Maria were keeping track of their bags while Isabel went and took care of the car rental. “We’re so close.”

“We’re here so there is no going back” Maria smiled as she felt the same fear despite her mother knowing about their return and having spent he last week with her. Coming back to Roswell and all that meant for Michael and her children instilled some unknown in her and she didn’t know how to handle it. “Something tells me though that maybe this work out. It’s not 2002 anymore. It’s 2010, almost 2011. It’s an entirely new world.”

“Let’s hope,” Liz sighed as she worried, but knew it was time to brave the new world and to face the past, and claim the future. If she wanted to make it work with Max, she needed to make peace with what happened in their past, and to say what she wanted the future to look like and that included a relationship with her parents. She prayed they were open to it as well…

“Look, I see a bag,” Maria smiled as she saw a glowing green bag.

“Only Isabel would find some humor in her baggage,” Liz smiled as they reached to pick up one of the bags, and then saw hers coming down the belt.


The adults were enjoying themselves as they enjoyed the holiday spirit, and was sharing plenty of stories of their children’s adventures, ones that they were privy of course and not ones they got a glimpse from Liz’s diary chronicles, but some touched on them, as they enjoyed spiked egg nog or other holiday favorites, and Christmas carols played on the music system.

“I can’t believe all our kids went through,” Diane marveled. “And we didn’t have a clue?”

“I wish we had been more observant, but then we were at times, and the kids tried to keep us in the dark as much as possible. There were clues there, but it was so easy to believe it was rebellious teenage angst, and it was much more dark and complex,” Jeff muttered.

“One of the reasons the final year that Max was in Roswell was so difficult was because things weren’t adding up, and we wanted to know why our son was being so mysterious and why he changed do drastically from the boy we knew.”

“Getting busted in Utah was so unlike them,” Nancy asked.

“Unfortunately, Max felt he needed answers and he was on a mission and unfortunately there were only certain avenues to get it done, and they didn’t count on get caught. Forces were against them on that count, and they paid for it,” Jim sighed as Amy sent him a text despite being in the same room. The kids are less than ten minutes out…I’ll go wait for them and send you a message.

Amy a moment later excused herself, and left the restaurant under the pretense of having left something in the car, and so she left.

“Guys, there is something I need to discuss with you. There was another reason that Amy and I wanted to bring this evening together, and I know I have confused a few of you,” Jim sighed.

“It’s alright,” Jeff said. “I was curious that is all.”

“Well, it’s something that we needed to keep you in the dark until we got the all clear to bring you in because I didn’t want to raise your hopes, if it was only going to fall apart again but last weekend when Amy and I went to Austin, we by pure coincidence ran into two people we all know very well.”

“Who?” Diane asked, not sure where the Sheriff was going…

They are here came the text on Jim’s phone, and he knew he was now in zone of no return and he needed to come clean.

“Who would you have run into Jim,” Jeff asked.

“Jim,” Phillip asked.

“We ran… quite by accident into Liz and my son, Kyle,” he blurted and sighed as the words shocked the room and started to sink in “We were stopping for dinner at a restaurant before we checked into our hotel room, and we ran into Liz who had stopped there for dinner. And Kyle was nearby on a date, and we ran into each other.”

“What,” Jeff squeaked as if he was in a dream. Words he had waited eight years to hear were now filling the room. “You are serious, aren’t you?”

“I am,” Jim said. “It turns out the kids settled in Austin, Texas three years ago once all the pressure from the Special Unit started to die down, and they were able to make a life there… on many fronts.”

“Oh my god,” Nancy whispered. “It’s true.”

“Yes,” Jim said. “We got to spend some time with the kids. And that is where Amy was all week, she wanted to stay behind and visit with Maria, and the others.”

“Why not tell us,” Jeff asked.

“Because I asked him not too,” came a voice that was new to the room. Everyone turned to face the voice, and Jeff and Nancy Parker were shocked to see their daughter…

“Lizzie,” Jeff asked quietly.

“Hello Mom and Dad,” Liz smiled as she entered the restaurant with a petrified Emma and Parker holding her hand as Jeff and Nancy Parker looked at their daughter with a look of astonishment, and Diane and Phillip noticed were first to notice the two young children by her side, who looked not too subtly like a mix of Liz and…

Their son, Max!
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Nice way to make an entrance Liz.
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Let the reunion begin.

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The packing up and getting ready for the return......
Crashdown all decorated for a very festive event......
Adjustments will need to be made, but that is in the further.
Tonight is full of surprises and lots of tears I bet.
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