Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 (The Conclusion)- Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 22 - Updated 12/31/2017

Postby begonia9508 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:59 pm

This is getting a little creepy...... Oh yes, I wonder who is being this so well-accomplished trap for Liz and her Family-friends!
And her older daughter who doesn't know she is still alive... nothing can give her the lost years with her mom... especially for a woman, it is so important to be told about being a woman from her mom...

So sad! EVE :( :mrgreen:
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Reunion - Chapter 23 - 1/02/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:05 pm

Alexandra and Carrie were letting themselves into the house after being dropped off by their mother after dinner. Beth had been called away to speak with Serena at her office and since the twins rebelled against going with their mother. Beth gave in and allowed the kids to return home and have a relaxing evening. As she knew the twins could handle themselves for a little while.

“I wish we had answers,” Alexandra muttered as they locked the door behind them and headed for her room. “I hate unanswerable questions.”

“Me to,” Carrie said. “At least we might be able to complete our family tree if any of this does pan out.” she smirked.

“Yeah,” Alexandra said as she booted up her computer and did some magic tricks to get some of the information she craved. She looked up this Grace Evans. She had learned enough from the report to know where this Grace was located. She looked up Roswell, New Mexico. She then looked up their high schools. But first she checked if she could read anything on this girl.

Grace Evans; age 15 who attends West Roswell High School was awarded the gold medal for winning the 25th annual New Mexico Debate Championships. Ms. Evans was paired with Darby Frakes; the twosome won over a team from an Albuquerque private school. The prize this year is a gold medal and a check for $25,000 dollars to be split between the winners.

“You think this is the one we’re looking for?” Carrie asked as she looked over her sister’s shoulders. “Wow, twenty-five thousand dollars.”

“Yeah,” Alexandra said as she pushed on another article for the same accomplishment. “This one has a picture.” she said as she looked it up. And hairs on her arms rose as she saw the picture. “Um, Carrie. Doesn’t she look familiar?”

“Yes,” Carrie said quietly. “She looks like us. She looks like a young version of Mom,” she whispered.

“And look who she is standing by,” Alexandra said with a frown as they read the caption. “Co-Winner Grace Evans of Roswell, New Mexico is posing with the gold medal along with her father, Max.

“That’s the same guy from that other picture. The wedding one,” Carrie remarked. “Is it possible?” she asked. “Does that man look like our father?”

“I don’t know,” Alexandra whispered right back. “But he looks exactly like the guy in my dreams. You know the special ones.”

“I know,” Carrie said. “Mine too.”


“This is good,” Grace was saying to Jake as they took a seat in the movie theatre. “I know you weren’t crazy about the idea of going to this movie. But this is the type of nice fluffy movie I need tonight,” she smiled. “I know it has to be a chore for you.”

“It’s nothing. I am always in a mood for romantic fluff,” Jake said. “There is a time and place for horror flicks or intrigue. Romantic fluff is always needed.”

“Hey funny Guerin,” Grace smiled. “Anyway, thank you.”

“No problem,” Jake said as the lights to the theatre turned down and the movie started on the big screen.


“Grace isn’t home?” Jim asked as he walked into the Evans home; a home that Max had bought with Liz shortly after she became pregnant with Grace and a home that Max had clung to in the wake of losing his wife and becoming a single father to his little girl.

“At a movie with Jake,” Max said. “Come on in, I just got home myself. The case I had ran a little later than I anticipated in court.”

“Good or bad?” Jim asked.

“Brad St. James pleaded guilty to the drug charges. He got six months suspended, probation for another six months with a successful enrollment and completion of a drug program to wipe the six months suspended off the books.”

“Seems reasonable,” Jim conceded. “It was a tough case. Hopefully this scare gets him to clean up.”

“I hope so to,” Max said as they walked into the living room. “And early signs do point to maybe it’s has woken him up or least gotten through to him and maybe he’ll get the help he needs.

“Why is it that you wanted me to stop by?” Jim asked as they took a seat on the couch. “I assume it’s something important since you didn’t want your daughter to overhear the conversation. Am I, right?”

“Right,” Max said. “As I said at the café, it’s not about Tommy. I haven’t figured out what I am going to do yet about that matter.”

“All I am saying is try and be careful. Given who his parents are, you and the rest of the gang could be opening a hornet’s nest if it backfires.” Jim warned. “I don’t want anyone hurt or even worse your secret being revealed.”

“Oh, I know which is why I am taking my time with my plan of action.” Max said as she thought of the creep Tommy Ellis. He knew Grace didn’t need the aggravation of dealing with her father killing Ellis on her birthday weekend and she needed time to emotionally recover from her experience in New Haven. “Tommy Ellis unless he trips up can wait for another day.”

Jim nodded.

“Anyway, the reason why I wanted you to stop by is due to a discovery Grace made this afternoon. On a joyride, out to the caves to visit her mother’s memorial site in her new car; she got led into the cave chamber.”

The chamber?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Max said. “She sometimes goes out there to talk. Heck sometimes I also go when I don’t feel like going to the cemetery,” he sighed. “Anyway, she says that she saw a vision.”

“A vision?” Jim asked. “Ghostly?”

“So, she says because the person she saw is dead,” Max acknowledged. “A death we all experienced firsthand.”

“Liz?” Jim asked quietly as he wondered if the detectives had it all wrong and Liz had really died back fourteen years prior in that crash.

“No,” Max said.

“Who was it then?” Jim asked as he looked at Max’s face to see if he could get any clue. “Whom?”

“Alex,” Max said quietly.

“Alex Whitman?” Jim asked as she instantly was taken back to the night of the car crash. Yet another crash that taken someone so bright and someone who had so much potential in this world but got it all taken away because of an evil mad woman and it was during his forced hiatus from the department and he had stumbled onto the crash one night coming home from a night out when he discovered that Alex Whitman had been killed in what initially looked to be a car crash. But they later discovered that it was staged…

Staged Jim though as memories of Alex’s death and the fallout from that time popped into his head. Could it be? Could it be what happened to Liz except this time Liz didn’t really die?

“Jim?” Max asked. “Are you okay?” he wondered as he saw the blank look on the Sheriff’s face at the mention of Alex’s death. “I am sorry if this reopens old wounds,” he said carefully as they both remembered when the fallout from Alex’s death had impacted Jim’s home just as much as it had anyone else. Especially as it had been revealed that Kyle had been part of the cover-up, an unwittingly accomplice after the fact when it was revealed that Tess Harding killed Alex and staged the accident to make it look like an accident and used Kyle along the way to set up the stage.

“What?” Jim asked as he snapped back to reality. “Oh. Sorry. You said she saw Alex’s vision. Ghost maybe?”

“That is what she said?” Max said. “It freaked her out of course. She was alone, so no one could backup her claim but given my daughter’s status apart from being human; I believe her.”

“I believe her too,” Jim nodded.

“And I remember shortly after his death; Alex would appear for Isabel. Just randomly to help her with her grief and console her. And help her plan her future. Given she was contemplating running off to California at the time.” Max said as he remembered back to that time in question as it hadn’t been pretty for him or Liz. It had been trying for all of them and they almost hadn’t gotten out of it in one piece.

“So, there is precedent?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Max said. “Anyway, he asked for a message to come to be in which he said to go back to the ‘night’ and look at the circumstances of that night.”

“What night?” Jim asked as a feeling of being unsettled settled over him as he couldn’t help but wonder if Alex’s presence had anything to do with kicking up the dirt of the circumstances of Liz’s death and questions into whether she was truly dead or the Jane Doe in Connecticut.

“I don’t know,” Max said. “Grace said Alex wasn’t specific. Just that he had unfinished business to conduct which is why he was still around these parts after all this time. And, when he was fading; he led Grace to this” Max said as he handled the wallet to Jim. “I know my daughter has many abilities, but I doubt she would come up with this if she even wanted to. Because of the memories, it would invoke,” he said as he watched as Jim opened and his jaw drop. “Yes, I know.”

“Is this real?” Jim asked.

“As real as I can be certain of at this moment that it’s her wallet from the time of the crash. See the picture of Grace in the wallet. It was taken on her second birthday. And there is a clear reference to the year she was killed, so it was as current as Liz would have had it at the time of her death as the driver’s license had been recently replaced because she had her wallet stolen about three months before the crash. She had just gotten her hair redone when she took the picture for the license.” Max said quietly as he remembered back to the time before the accident that had changed his life.

“Her wallet was stolen?” Jim asked.

“It was nothing sinister I don’t think. Liz believed it got taken by mistake or she dropped it somehow at work.” Max said. “Between working at two hospitals, and medical school, it was plenty of places she could have left it by mistake. But she wasn’t taking any chance, so she replaced everything, cancelled the credit cards. Including the style of the wallet and Grace’s birthday was in March; so, that picture was indeed new.”

“Could this just be a fake?” Jim asked.

“I want to believe it. Because if isn’t; why was it in the chamber and not burned up in the wreck along with Liz.” Max quietly asked. “I don’t know Jim. That is why I am bringing it to you. Anyway, you can do any testing to see if it’s legit and not someone’s idea of a sick joke?”

“Sure,” Jim asked. “I’ll be checking into it.”

“Thank you,” Max said. “It freaked out Grace when she saw it. And it led to a lot of questions I didn’t know the answers to. My daughter is going through a lot these days and I want to be able to tell her it was someone’s sick prank.”

“I know you do,” Jim nodded as he walked to the door with Max. “Although if it is, how did it get into the chamber? That place is closed off right. Only a handprint of the human alien or alien hybrid persuasion can open it, right?”

“Right,” Max sighed. “Only Michael, Isabel, myself and all the kids minus Jake can open it.” he sighed. “The younger kids haven’t tried yet, but because Grace and Elizabeth have managed to make it in there at times, so we know the next generation can get in.”

“Which of course brings up the question I must ask, who would be sick enough to pull this kind of trick on you guys if only a select few have access to the chamber in the first place?” Jim asked.

“That is something I wish I could answer but I can’t?” Max said as he watched Jim leave his home.


“What is it?” Beth asked as she walked into Serena’s room off her office as Max was meeting with Jim back in Roswell. “It sounded like an emergency?”

“Not so much but a mystery. No kids?” Serena asked as she passed a bottle of beer to her friend as she sat on her couch in her little apartment she had installed off the office in case she had any late nights.

“They rebelled. I can’t say I blame them. They wanted to get home once dinner was completed,” Beth said. “They are pretty independent and strong teenagers. But I promised I wouldn’t be long. So, what is this about?” she asked. “Is there any trouble at home?”

“Nope, everything is fine at home with Keith and the kids.” Serena smiled. “They probably filled up on too much junk food at the monster truck show, but that is Keith’s problem to deal with for tonight. Anyways, I was looking at your results and they were indeed mysterious.”

“How so?” Beth asked.

“Come look,” Serena said as they took their bottles and headed to the lab. “I needed a drink to comprehend what I found.”

“What?” Beth asked as dread came over her. “I am okay right. The kids are healthy, right?”

“Oh, you guys are perfectly healthy. In fact, very healthy so no worries there.” Serena smiled before turning to a frown. “Sorry if I worried you. You, the girls are having no issues with your health. That is not what making me reach for the alcohol.”

“Then what is it?” Beth asked as they walked into the lab portion of the office. “I forget sometimes how big this office is,” she remarked.

“Anytime you want to come and join the practice. You would be more and welcome. I can make some adjustments to the layout. Yeah, I got a pretty good deal on this place back when I took it over.”

“Sorry not right now,” Beth smiled. “I still love the hospital. Although there are days the commute can be annoying.”

“I bet, the commute was one of the primary reasons I got out” Serena asked as she set up the microscope. “Look,” she gestured to her friend.

“What am I looking at?” Beth asked as she looked at the microscope.

“Your slide,” Serena said. “And your blood sample.”

“What?” Beth asked as she focused the scope and looked closer on the slide. And could see what was troubling her friend. “This is impossible,” she said. “Isn’t it.” she asked as she looked down at the oddly misshapen blood cells. “They aren’t that misshapen, but they look a little odd.”

“I know,” Serena said as she picked up one of the slides of the twins; Alexandra and put it under the microscope to show Beth. “Now look at this?”

Beth felt faint as she looked at her daughter’s slide. “Whose is this?” she asked as she instantly saw the same misshapen blood cells but much more pronounced. “These even look worse than mine.”

“Alexandra” Serena sighed. “Carrie is the same which would not be surprising since they are identical.”

“Damn, what is going on?” Beth asked as she stood up and looked at her friend. “You said the kids are healthy.”

“They are?” Serena assured her friend. “Further investigation has indicated that the cells are completely normal. No illness or anything to indicate a reason for the way the cells are shaped.

“The twins and I were hospitalized for so long thirteen years ago. How come no one noticed or commented on this before?”

“Babies can change and develop over time, so their cells might have looked relatively normal when they were born. Just like features become defined as time goes on. And even if you have a mixed raced child; you don’t always know the color the child will be completely for some time. Which of course could be tricky for paternity cases before the DNA test is done. And in this case; it’s quite possible the twins’ blood cells looked normal or no one really looked at the oddness of the shape. It looked normal, so it passed initial inspection.”

“But the DNA test they undertook?” Beth asked. “If their blood cells are not normal, how come no one figured out anything?”

“Who really knows? Be glad they didn’t,” Serena advised. “Everything else appears to be normal “But I would love to arrange some brain scans to see if there are any changes regarding the brain or it’s strictly blood.”

“Okay by me,” Beth said. “Dr. Francisco did say I should get a scan due those flashes I was having,” she sighed. “Maybe it will be good to see if anything else is up. But I don’t want the twins involved yet. They have been going through a lot and now with the news of the match with that other girl,” she sighed. “I don’t want to involve them unless I have to.”

“Sure thing,” Serena smiled. “I figured you would say that, so I went ahead and made an appointment at another hospital, so it can be done in secret and before you ask; this friend who has arranged it will be discreet. And I’ll be in on all the results” she said. “What’s your plan in the morning?”

“I am off work this weekend. Alex has an all-day spa birthday and sleepover party to go to for one of her friends from school. Carrie has swim practice and then the rest of the day is made up of dance practice and dress rehearsal for her dance recital next week. So, I am free in the morning. The afternoon I had been planning to do some grocery shopping for when I was working the late shift next week. You know lunches and stuff.”

“Okay, I got you an appointment for 9:30 a.m. I’ll swing by to pick you up after you drop off Carrie and Alex at their scheduled activities.” Serena said as Beth went for the door to get home to the girls. “Call me if you want to talk.”

Beth nodded as she left.


Guerin Investigations

“Mary,” Michael yelled from his office. “I am wrapping it up for the day. Got to get home to wife and kids.” he smiled as he looked at the pictures that littered his desk of Maria and of the kids. A life he hadn’t expected to have or want. It had snuck up on him and he cherished every moment he had with them as the years went by and he loved them even more than all those years, ago when he and Maria had been so dysfunctional in high school. Who knew that they could make a marriage with children work but they had and now it was coming up to eighteen years of marriage. He felt blessed as he powered down his computer. When he had come back from New York dejected after the break up with Maria he hadn’t known what to do with his life. Working at the Crashdown wasn’t a career or a job he would want for the rest of his life. Being Max’s second in command felt like a calling but there was no job in that endeavor since they were supposed to keep their existence on the down low, so little by little he found himself helping on missions or keeping guard of the family.

And before long it became a career when after his marriage to Maria he started up his own business having gone for his private investigator badge and passing with flying colors. And free-lancing landed bigger and bigger jobs and enough capital to expand into a full fledge business, which became Guerin Investigations which had just enough business to keep all expenses paid and black ink flowing. Locking up his desk he heard the door open and he without looking, “I said I am leaving.”

“Oh, sorry Michael.” came the voice, which made Michael look up. “Maybe we can schedule this for tomorrow.”

“Oh Jim, it’s just you,” Michael said as he sat up. “I thought it was Mary trying to wrestle a last-minute client on me that she forgot about when I am trying to get home since going to Grace’s party last night meant I had to work later than I wished tonight.”

“I know the feeling,” Jim smiled. “Thankfully being Sheriff I have a deputy who can handle it unless it’s serious.”

“Well I don’t,” Michael said. “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Just briefly,” Jim smiled. “I wanted to get home too. Amy is getting off about now from the Crashdown. Since we have the grandkids tomorrow night; we wanted to have some privacy tonight.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Michael said. “Anyway, what is it you wanted to discuss?”

“I need a under the table investigation. Hush hush, top secret” Jim said. “I don’t want my name involved. I just want a quick look at this person to see what is going on and if the facts as I know them to be are legit.”

“Is there anything to be concerned about?” Michael asked as he took a notepad out of his bag. “Sure. I can handle it. I don’t have anything pressing now.”

“You might have to take a trip. If you do, I want you and Kyle to go. He would help with the identification if one is needed.”

“What is this about Jim?” Michael asked a little worried. “Why would I need Kyle’s assistance?”

“Let’s say history says that he might be of some help. I can’t explain it, but I need you to do a background check on a Beth Evans of New Haven, Connecticut. I am not sure where she lives; it could be she lives nearby and not in New Haven. I believe she’s a doctor at the medical center. All I need you to check up on the details of her life over the last fourteen years or so, go back as far as you can until present day, and get back to me and let me know if you need to head there…” Jim said.

“Sure,” Michael said. “Beth Evans, maiden or married name?” Michael asked. “Do you know if she’s originally from Connecticut or the East Coast?”

“I don’t know,” Jim said. “That is what I need you to check up on. I am sorry I can’t give you more details. But I don’t want to put you in a terrible position with secrecy until I know more.”

“Sure thing,” Michael repeated as he took his stuff and walked Jim the door. “So why is this Beth Evans so interesting to you?”

“You’ll see,” was all Jim said as he nodded his good-bye to Michael and left the office.
Leaving Michael to look after Jim wonder what his friend was up to with this mystery mission of his. “Hey,” he said to his assistant Mary. “Go home. I need to stay for a few more minutes. And then I’ll be leaving. Say hello to Joe for me okay.”

“Sure thing Mr. Guerin,” Mary nodded as she picked up her jacket and purse and left the office and Michael alone. Michael went back into his office. And booted up his computer and started the search for information on Beth Evans.


“Girls I am home,” Beth was calling throughout her home as she entered the lock front door. “Where are you two?” he asked as she set the alarm and locked the front door and went to find her daughters.

“Up here,” Carrie called from Alexandra’s bedroom where they were still viewing the information they had gathered over the internet.

“Oh no, my two daughters and the internet, that can’t be a good combination,” Beth joked as she walked into Alexandra’s bedroom and looked at the guilty expression come over her daughter’s faces. “What did you two do now?”

“Nothing Mom,” Carrie tried saying but Beth looked at the other twin with a look of amusement.

“Okay we were just doing a little surfing,” Alexandra blurted.

“I hope you didn’t try to climb over those barriers I placed on your computers?” Beth asked. She’d had Keith; Serena’s husband children proof the computers when she had bought them for the twin’s bedroom when they turned 12. And as far as she knew, they hadn’t done anything to worry about yet.

“No Mom,” Alexandra said. “They are perfectly acceptable sites.”

“Good,” Beth said. “What did you two discover?”

“This?” Carrie said as she showed the newspaper articles to their mother. She and Alexandra knew they couldn’t keep anymore secrets from their mother. And it affected Beth as much as it did them.

“What,” Beth asked as she looked at the account of the debate win. And realized while she was with Serena that the girls were going fishing for information.

“We think we found our dad,” Carrie blurted as she showed the picture they had printed out of the girl in New Mexico and her father. “Look, he’s so familiar.”

“How do you know? You guys haven’t met your father. Or if you have, I wouldn’t know it given how my memory is.”

“We know,” Alexandra said as she went to her desk and searched for the wedding photo from another newspaper article when she had been searching for information on Maria Deluca Guerin. “Look at this.”

“Where did you find this?” Beth asked as she looked at the picture and saw the same man dancing behind the couple who had just gotten married. And in the photo the man was dancing with a female that looked awfully familiar.

“Mom, is that you?” Alexandra asked.


“Thank you for the movie Jake,” Grace smiled as they got out of Jake’s car. She smiled to see her new car in the driveway of the home she shared with her father. “It was better than I expected.”

“You expected trashy romance, didn’t you?” Jake smiled as they walked up the front path to the front door.

“No, but I didn’t expect it to be as deep as it was. It was nice fluff but with a message,” Grace smiled. “You liked it more than you though you would, didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Jake said. “So, tomorrow night is your party.”

“Yup,” Grace said. “Elizabeth is coming over to get ready and then we’ll head to the party. So, I guess we’ll see you there?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it.” Jake said as he smiled. “See you tomorrow” he said before turning and heading back to his car while Grace walked into the house.

“You are home later than I expected,” Maria said as she put a plate of spaghetti with meatballs in front of her husband. “You called two hours, ago and said you were on your way. What happened?”

“Last minute information came on a new potential case and I needed to figure what it all meant before I came home,” Michael said as she picked up his fork. “Is Belle in bed?”

“Not yet. She’s reading her favorite Harry Potter book with her sister. But you got home just in time,” Maria smiled. “Jake is still out with Grace. Colin and Liam are watching a movie.”

“Sorry I am late,” Michael said. “You made a delicious dinner.”

“Thanks,” Maria smiled. “Tomorrow is still on schedule. Max, Isabel and Kyle are coming over for dinner and drinks.”

“That should be entertaining,” Michael grinned.

“So, what kept you at work?” Maria asked as she sat across from Michael at the kitchen table.

“A last-minute case,” Michael said as he thought of the information he had gathered before leaving the office. They mystery of it all getting him more and more intrigued and made him wonder what Jim was up to. “It’s in the preliminary stages so I can’t talk about it,” he said as he thought of the warning Jim gave him. “I might have to go out of town on the case.”

“Really?” Maria asked. “You rarely have to go away for more than a day. It’s usually me who has to go away on behalf of my books.”

“I know,” Michael smiled. He had been proud of all the success that his wife had achieved. It had worried him in the early days when it became apparent that Maria was writing what she knew best; his own personal chaos. And they all knew that Maria was fictionalizing Max and Liz’s love story and all the alien complications they had faced over the years, yet she did it in innovative ways that didn’t make the people out of their little circle suspicious that something may be up with the alien human hybrid squad and he was grateful for that as he tried to raise his family in Roswell. “Anyway, it’s a possibility. I’ll know more tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Maria smiled knowing when to stop questioning about his work. She knew he would talk about it when the time came. “I’m going be writing so you don’t have to worry about me or the kids if you do have to go out of town.”

Michael nodded as the though back to the discoveries of the case. Beth Evans residing in Madison, Connecticut hadn’t existed before November 30, 2008 when a social security number along with a birth certificate under the name of Evans were issued. To Michael it didn’t look like it was a case of a stolen identity since per his preliminary analysis that it seemed like a there was a legal name change application request filed so that she could formally change her name to Beth Evans. But the original name was still under deep background and would need further diving to research the origins of Jim’s mystery woman. But because he had wanted to go get home; he couldn’t go much further except to get the address of the Evans woman and to figure out that she was now a doctor at New Haven Medical and working as a pediatrician out of the hospital. He would have to look more into the case. “I am going to have to go into the office.”

“Okay,” Maria nodded. “Max, Isabel and Kyle will be here around 6 p.m. I am taking the Belle, Colin and Liam to their sleepovers around 5. Elizabeth is heading over to Grace’s to change for the party around 3 if I can follow our daughter’s schedule. So, don’t try to work too late because I am going to need reinforcements tomorrow night.”

“I won’t. Mary is off tomorrow. So, it’s just me and the paperwork stacked up on my desk and more investigation of this new case that fell on my desk tonight. I don’t figure I’ll need to spend the full day. It will just be in and out.”


“This is truly a small town,” Trevor MacIntosh said as he walked into Sandra’s motel room with a bag of burgers from the Crashdown. I though New Haven was small. But this town is small in comparison to New Haven.

“There is something simplistic about this town,” Sandra smiled as she looked in the bag as she sat at the desk in the motel room. “I think I could like living here. It’s nice and peaceful.” she though. “Life doesn’t appear to be much of a rush here in Roswell.”

“Nah, give me New Haven or New York. I like the bigger town feel.” Trevor said as he thought about the life he and his wife led with their son. “This place is too small and slow for me.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” Sandra smiled as she dug into her burger and fries while sipping on her milkshake. “Now about the case, I have come to some preliminary conclusions.”

“What is that?” Trevor asked.

“I am more and more convinced the cases are linked. That Elizabeth Parker Evans is Jane Doe now known as Beth Evans.”

“How so?” Trevor asked as he took a bite of his burger. “We still don’t have access to all the information” he muttered, convinced the Sheriff was playing with them on some of the aspects of the case or at least delaying them finding out more information.

“I was curious, so I decided to check with Trixie and asked her to email me a recent picture of Beth Evans that she could find so that I could use it to compare with a picture of Elizabeth Parker Evans that I collected from her graduating class yearbook in the local library when she graduated from West Roswell High School. Trixie could only dig up a picture and, so I compared them, and they are eerie. They could match as sisters even when you take into consideration that Jane Doe is now nearly fourteen years older and due to her accident had some plastic surgery so some of her features are slightly different. I’ve asked Trixie to compare them to see if I am right in my conclusion that they could match up.”

“Show me,” Trevor said.

“Here,” Sandra handed the pictures. “Do you believe me now? Can’t you see the similar structure of the woman?” she asked. “Of course, there are differences if I am up to date on the case, the Jane Doe did have some plastic surgery as she recovered from her injuries, but I am told nothing was done to totally change her facial features. It was merely cosmetic mostly.”

“Wow. They could be siblings,” Trevor said as she looked at the two photos. “But they always say anyone has a twin out there in the world.

“Maybe but they could also be the same person.” Sandra said quietly.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

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Things are starting to fall into place. Michael and Kyle are going to get the shock of their lives when they see Beth Evans!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:03 pm

Great part! We are getting closer.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:12 am

Wow Serena let Beth know what she found. And Beth's daughters found somethings that were surprising. So glad that Max told Jim what he found and what happened to Grace when she went to the cave. Jim is so sneaky by giving Michael the case to look into. So Michael and Kyle are going to go to New Haven. I think Michael and Kyle are going to be in for a surprise when they go look for Beth Evans. Hopefully Serena and Beth will find some information. And hopefully Michael and Kyle will find Beth Evans and help her remember.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

Postby begonia9508 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:59 am

Wow! The more it goes on with the Story - the more it became a incredible Story... Even if I don't really understand why the People did all of this,
I have the Feeling that all the People behind that have something to do with Max or their Alien past!

Enjoying and waiting for more! Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:57 pm

Can't believe that the twins are getting so close.....
Could that Max really be their father??
And what special dreams are the twins having???
Now that wallet is really a mystery........was it stolen????
And how would someone get into the chamber???
Good to know that Michael will be gone on an investigation mission.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 23 - Updated 1/02/2018

Postby roswell4life » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:05 am

Ahh I questions were answered....hmm Michael and Kyle need to hurry up and get there!! Can't wait to see their reactions!! :D

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Reunion - Chapter 24 - 1/04/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:08 am

“Are you sure this person can be discreet?” Beth was asking as she and Serena walked out of her home. She had just gotten home from taking Alexandra to her spa party and Carrie to her swim practice when Serena showed up.

“I know you are nervous,” Serena said as they got into her car. “But I promise that this person owes me dozens of favors from over the years and she will be totally discreet if I ask her to,” she smiled. “Otherwise I have to ammunition to make her pay.”

“Jesus,” Beth said. “I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side, would I?” she laughed as they drove through the streets of Madison and headed for the special lab in which Serena had booked the specialized scans at.

“Not on your life,” Serena smirked. “But don’t worry we’ll alright, you and me.”

“That is good to know,” Beth laughed as a frown came over her face as she remembered back to the previous night when she was faced with more evidence of a possible past and a child she hadn’t known about for close to fourteen years. She knew that Alexandra and Carrie were confused. Heck they’re confused. What about me? she asked herself. The idea I could have another kid out there. The girls could have an older sister and what about that guy in the picture? That blurry photo of the couple dancing was eerie she asked herself. Is that man someone I loved? Is he the girls’ father? she asked herself and what about the name Evans. Grace and this Max had the same name as she took all those years ago, when she awoke from the coma. Was her brain all this time telling her, her identity?

Serena could see that Beth had zoned out. “Hey, earth to Beth. What’s up?” she asked as she snapped her friend back to reality.

“Oh sorry,” Beth said as she snapped back to the drive as they turned left and headed to the next exit off the highway. “I was thinking.”

“What about?”

“The girls did some more investigating last night while I was visiting with you. And they have come up with a suggestion on a credible candidate for their biological father. And they may have found an old picture of me when I was younger.”

“Damn it Beth, and you were being silent about this?” Serena asked as she tempted to stop the car.

“Yeah, they had found an old wedding announcement picture and thanks to the DNA report; they went and found the Grace Evans in question and then found a picture to go along with the name.”

“Did you recognize it?” Serena asked.

“Only the girl,” Beth said. “Anything else no but what else is new given my overriding memory on the subject. But it definitely was unnerving.” she muttered. “It is the mere idea that I may have someone out there missing me, who I loved enough to conceive three children with and maybe he’s moved on with his life in the last fourteen years or maybe he hasn’t. What if it’s true that I have another child out there on the other side of the country? She’s gone fourteen years without a mother?”

“It’s got to be hard to comprehend,” Serena nodded.

“I just want it to be over, I want my life the way it was a week, ago. The one without a care in the world who was happily being a doctor and raising her daughters and now I fear I have opened a whole can of worms and our lives will never be the same,” Beth muttered as they drove into the parking lot that led to the lab and they parked.


“This way, fellows,” Maria shouted as she opened the door to the old UFO Museum. A location that had undergone changes over the years after it closed when the kids were in university and now looked fairly inhabited by at least Roswell standards as it was no longer a meeting place for the pod squad to hide from nefarious enemies but large meeting place for the youth of the new generation although many didn’t know about it because of its closure so long before. A new location had opened away from the main drag. But Grace’s party likely would start to change that perception and plus the fact that Max had secretly bought it almost twenty years before to keep it from being discovered by their nefarious enemies and after all he once worked there, and it held some good memories as well. But now it was finally being reopened as a nightclub by the time the summer rolled around. This would be the first test to see whether it would work as a gathering spot for today’s generation.

“You better have all the supplies otherwise there will be hell to pay,” she muttered as she led the delivery crew into center and started with the preparations.

“Mom! Where do you want all this?” Jake asked as he carried a box of supplies from his car.

“Over there,” Maria directed her son. “I appreciate this Jake,” she smiled.

“It’s no problem. I had nothing better to do with my Saturday,” Jake smirked. “This is for Grace and with Dad having to put some hours at the office, I knew you needed the help.”

“I do appreciate it sweetheart,” Maria said sighing at how closer her son and Grace truly were getting. “Did your father manage to feed your brothers and sisters before he left?”

“Barely,” Jake smiled. Maria had left at the crack of dawn to start the preparations for the big party. And it was up to Michael and Jake to keep the rest of the kids on target for the day’s activities before heading to their activities that evening.

“Okay,” Maria nodded. “I want you hanging the decorations. Kyle and Isabel should be here in about ten minutes, so you can get them to help out when they arrive.”

Jake nodded.


“Do you want to tell me what this all about?” Michael asked as he walked into his office with Jim as he welcomed the sheriff to his office. Mary didn’t work on the weekends and normally Michael rarely worked either unless he was working on a case. So, this was a day he had to come in as he tried to narrow down the information on the name Jim gave him.

“I appreciate the work you’re doing on this?” Jim said. “I am sorry you had to do this on the weekend.”

“No problem. Maria is up to her shoulders with party preparations and writing. This got me out of helping with party duties. I sent Jake instead. I’ll probably stop over later and see if there is anything I can do. So, what’s up?”

“I should start off by asking what you found,” Jim asked as he sat down across from Michael’s desk.

“I obviously don’t know all that you know. But this Beth Evans you’re curious about does work in New Haven, Connecticut but lives nearby in the small town of Madison. She’s a doctor focusing on pediatrics at New Haven Medical. I could find no records of her childhood or her graduating high school. Any indication of her education comes up as she is recorded as having taken a GED exam in December 2008 and passing with flying colors. She did all this under the name Beth Evans. She started classes in January 2009 at Yale University with her passing the entrance exam for the medical school that May. So, she must be smart because there are also no records of her completing a full four years of undergraduate school prior to 2009. She started the medical school full time during that summer and finished quickly. By all accounts she passed all the requisite classes and courses, tests that one is required to take. She finished in 2012. She had started to work at New Haven Medical during her studies and took a full-time job there after graduation and she has remained on staff at the hospital to this very day. She has moved up over the years and is now highly regarded as a pediatric specialist.

“Is there anything else?” Jim asked, processing the idea that there could be any semblance of truth to the detective’s outlandish story.

“Yes. The fact she shows up in the records as 2008 is interesting because before that year, I could find no records to a Beth Evans prior to November 30th when both a birth certificate and social insurance card was issued under the identity. I dug deeper and there was a formal name change filed to officially and legally give her the name of Beth Evans.”

“So, she had a name before?” Jim asked as he struggled to follow Michael’s recitation. He didn’t like that there were no records prior to November 30 of that year. The crash here in Roswell occurred on the 25th of June.

“It’s listed as Jane Doe.” Michael said.

“What?” Jim asked.

“Yeah the name listed on the application is Jane Doe. No other name. The reason for the name change wasn’t included in the material I could find. It was just a declaration and a wish to legally change and establish the identity of Beth Evans. It was granted and became official on December 5, 2008 and from there she used the new identity to take her GED exam and begin her studies at Yale University.” Michael said as he read off the information he had learned since arriving in the office. “Do you want to tell me why this got you interested?”

“Is there anything else?” Jim asked ignoring Michael’s question. “How did she afford her studies?”

“There is not much,” Michael said. “I think I found reference that she qualified for a hardship scholarship that accounted for the first year of studies in undergraduate and then the medical school before she was able finish funding her education due to her job at the hospital, and working part time at another undisclosed job. I am continuing the searching through Jane Doe records but it’s tricky because there are so many Jane Does out there and it’s hard to narrow down the right one. There may be information out there for before the name changes but right now it is tough road….”

“I do appreciate all this work you have done Michael.” Jim sighed.

“I have to ask Jim. What is going on here?” Michael repeated as she was now getting concerned. “Why is this case such an importance to you.”

“I really can’t say,” Jim acknowledged. “If I tell you I would put you able to keep a secret because if this all pans out, it will change a lot of lives and if it doesn’t pan out, it will cause a lot of pain for a lot of people. I know how much only knowing the bare minimum is hampering the case. But I do appreciate the information you were able to gather in this brief period.”

“It’s alright. I owe you a lot for what you did when I was younger,” Michael said. “What do you want me to do next? As I said, I was working the Jane Doe angle. But I am not sure that will lead us anywhere. Or it could take a lot longer than I think you want this to take and what is this about secrets? They are the cornerstone of my existence. Why not allow us to deal with it as a group?”

“I rather not deal with the fallout unless I have to. But I will let you find out. So, I do want you and Kyle to head to New Haven or Madison tomorrow if possible. I know you guys have a gathering tonight with your wives and Max. And I don’t want anyone to get suspicious if I send you out of town tonight. And I do know you want to make sure your son and daughter get back in one piece tonight after last weekends’ little rebellious moment.”

“I do,” Michael acknowledged. “This is about the group, isn’t it? Which is why you don’t want Max, Isabel or even Maria to know and why you want to send Kyle with me on this little mission?”

“Yes.” Jim said.

“Jim, what on earth could it be?” Michael asked. “It’s can’t be alien related because then there would no reason for this be such a personal mission for you and not Max or I.”

Jim could see the quandary the lack of knowledge was having on Michael, but he just wasn’t ready for all of it to be out there because of the capacity to change so many lives and not necessarily for the better if the theory was known. Sighing he looked at Michael and shook his head. “Let us just say any alien motivation can’t be ruled out but no, for now, it doesn’t appear to be alien related.” Jim sighed.

“Then what is it?” Michael asked as he hated having to pry like a tweezers to get anything out of Jim on this mission of his, but he knew when he hit a dead end from a source and for the moment he had hit one. “Okay okay. It’s obvious that you won’t tell me.”

“Well if I am right,” Jim frowned. “You and Kyle will instantly know what is going on and I won’t have to tell you. Go to Connecticut and find this Beth Evans,” Jim said as he left the office and baffling Michael even more.


“So, what do you see?” Beth asked as she and Serena talked in a coffee shop after the appointment at the lab concluded. They had drove to a nearby cafe and was in a corner booth waiting for their coffee and breakfast orders. Serena was looking over the results that had come from the appointment.

“There is unusual activity in the brain. More so than normal,” Serena said quietly. “Look at this,” she said as she pointed the activity in the brain that was highlighted. “It’s at abnormal levels at least to my knowledge it is,” she whispered. “What do you see?”

“This is totally weird?” Beth whispered as she looked at the scan. “But you’re right; something is seriously causing a lot of activity in my brain.”

“Do you still have a copy of your medical file from the accident?” Serena asked as she accepted her coffee from the waitress and went back to talking to Beth. “You have a copy right. I remember you talking about it?”

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “I wanted to make sure if anything happened that I kept a copy of what went down at the time of my accident. It’s in my office at home.”

“Then we might want to compare these,” Serena suggested as she dug into her eggs. She hadn’t eaten, neither had Beth given they were on the road early getting their kids off their activities. So, they stopped to get something to eat. Serena ordered Eggs Benedict and Beth eggs, pancakes with whipped cream and ate as they continued to look at the results of the scans.


“I have someone working on this,” Jim was telling the two detectives in his office. Trevor and Sandra were conversing about the case. “I am more inclined to believe the cases are linked. But I must be sure, so I have asked someone I trust to check into it. They will be able to tell me if this woman is Liz.

“Who is this I might ask?” Trevor asked as he took a sip of the coffee he was drinking. It had been a long night without his wife. He missed his family. While undercover work was not a rarity for him; being in a small town so far away made him miss them even more so he prayed they could figure this out, so he could have some time with his wife and son when they joined him the following day. “Who have you asked?”

“A local private investigator, Michael Guerin,” Jim said. “He is very close to the family. He would know if this is a hoax or something very real as he is best friends with Liz’s husband and husband to Maria Deluca and godfather to their daughter. And I also have asked my son to investigate it. He would know if it’s Liz since they dated in high school and were friends for years prior to socializing together. “They are keeping it close to the vest right now. I haven’t even told them why I think they need to go find this Beth. But they will be able to tell me. I want the shock factor, so they can honestly tell me the truth.”

“So, they are going to Connecticut?” Sandra asked.

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “If I can arrange it quickly, I am hopeful about tomorrow morning. I want to settle this as soon as I can so that we can all get back to our normal lives. I haven’t notified the husband and the daughter because I don’t want to awaken any harsh memories for them without being sure that it’s for a worthy cause. “I know you are anxious for her file. I’ll let you access to it. You should have it by the time you leave the office. It will only be a copy of course. I will want to keep the original.”

“Naturally,” Trevor nodded. “So, you’re thinking what we’re thinking. There is connection.”

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “Your information is pretty damning as much as I want it to be a hoax. And the pictures do show a lot of similarities.” Similarities heck it was eerie Jim was thinking to himself. When he had seen the current picture of Beth Evans and one of Liz from her high school yearbook and from his memories, he could understand why New Haven Police Department was so interested in the cases and whether they were connected. If he didn’t know the hurt and pain it would cause; he would be certain Liz was truly alive and they had been deceived for the last fourteen years. But because of the Pandora box that would be opened, he on the other hand prayed that it was a terrible hoax because the pain having Liz alive all this time would immeasurable for Max and Grace. So much lost time and not time they could get back.

Trevor and Sandra nodded. “We agree, there is one more thing we need to tell you about this Jane Doe who goes by the name of Beth Evans. She was pregnant at the time of the crash.”

“What?” Jim asked. “Why didn’t you mention this before? Liz wasn’t pregnant at the time of her crash.”

“Are you sure?” Sandra asked. “And I think we did mention in our initial visit, but you were probably too busy trying to figure out if our story could be true. I repeat, are you sure?”

“Fairly,” Jim admitted. “The body we discovered wasn’t pregnant,” he sighed. “If Max knew of a pregnancy, he didn’t allow me or the other authorities in on the news. Of course, it’s possible he didn’t know.”

“How old was their daughter?” Sandra asked.

“She had just celebrated her second birthday the March before the crash.” Jim sighed. “As I have mentioned, her birthday was two days, ago. She’s now sixteen. Tonight, is her party with her friends.”

“So, it’s possible neither Max or Liz knew?” Sandra asked. “Or if she knew, she hadn’t been able to tell her husband yet in advance of the accident. Would they have wanted more children; could she have kept it a secret?”

“Most likely,” Jim nodded. “And yes. I believe they did want more children. Liz was an only child and she commented how she didn’t want Grace to be one if it could be helped. She saw how Max was with his sister and wanted that for Grace, so I am sure if it was possible; they wanted more children. She and Max loved each other so much so I have a tough time thinking Liz could have kept it a secret if she were have known about a new pregnancy. When she was pregnant with Grace they let the world know quickly and were very happy about it. I must ask, was the baby okay? You said this Beth Evans was pregnant at the time of her crash?”

“Yes,” Trevor acknowledged as he looked at his notes. “Our information has it that the pregnancy was discovered at the hospital upon admittance, so it wasn’t visible. They discovered it was twins.”

“Twins?” Jim squeaked. Please no, please no. Please no. he thought to himself.

“Yes,” Sandra nodded. “It was initially a challenging time for the three of them in the hospital in the early hours, but they finally stabilized and per our records they were born prematurely, in October of that year. She was in a coma for two months and then bed ridden in the hospital until delivery. The babies were premature but healthy. Identical baby girls.”

“Oh my,” Jim said. “This ups the stakes dramatically. Do you know how the health of the Jane Doe and the babies are to this day?” he asked as he thought to himself that if this was Liz and she had survived the crash and gave birth to Max’s children away from Roswell; what did that mean regarding the superseding question among the group? The alien powers that existed among the new generation, especially since all the kids had them in some level and degrees, although only Grace and Elizabeth were showing them in any major ways according Amy and Maria. With the other kids, time was on their sides and there was no guarantee they would in any major degree in comparison to their parents or siblings. But there so many unanswered variables regarding the new generation within the human alien gene pool and to have two possible additions being raised hundreds of miles away from Roswell. It would bring a whole other heightened level of worry he though. “Do you?”

“As far as we know Beth Evans is healthy and raising her daughters in Madison which is a nearby community to New Haven and she’s been holding down a respectable life despite never getting her memory back. She’s been able to move on.”

“Has she married, or living with someone?” Jim asked as he was hoping for a no because the issues involved if she has married and were identified as Liz would be headache inducing, even with the seven-year limitation for declaring someone legally dead had been up ages ago. Although from his knowledge Max hadn’t gone through the legal channels to officially declare Liz dead. Since her estate was officially handed over to Max and Grace due to her last will and testament and her parents hadn’t raised any issues on the matter so it had never felt necessary since a body had been found and Max had never wanted to remarry.

“We don’t know officially. She is still living under the name Evans, so she hasn’t changed her name due to any marriage,” Trevor acknowledged. “We’re assuming she remains a single mother although not every bride takes their husband’s name but in this case, we don’t have reason to believe she’s gotten married.”

Jim nodded.

“Has Max Evans ever formally and legally declared his wife dead in the eyes of the court?” Trevor asked.

“As far as I know Max hasn’t. Since we all believed Liz to have perished in the car wreck fourteen years ago, this June. There was no reason to as far as I know of the situation.” Jim frowned as he repeated his own thought process.

“Usually if they wish to move on and remarry,” Sandra asked.

“Max hasn’t met anyone new since his wife died. His sister and friends have tried to get him to move on in that way but he’s stubborn. Once Liz died I think his heart went with her to her grave. He loves his daughter, and that is all he wants from his life; Grace, family and friends, nothing more. He’s moved on in every other area of his life. Raised a terrific and honor roll daughter who is Ivy League bound and he himself is building a thriving legal career.

“But socially he hasn’t moved on?” Trevor asked.

“Of course, I don’t know what happens behind closed doors and he could have met someone new and kept it private but as far as I know no because he’s stayed in love with his wife and has been focused on work, his friends and most of all, his daughter.”

Sandra and Trevor nodded.


“You look beautiful,” Max was saying as he watched his daughter and Elizabeth come down the stairs from the upstairs. Tears came down his face as he watched his little girl look so grown up as she came down having gotten ready for the party with Elizabeth.
“Both of you do,” he said as he smiled at Elizabeth.

“Thank you, Uncle Max,” Elizabeth said as she smiled as she was dressed in her black dress. It wasn’t as low cut as she wanted but the right amount of sexiness plus decency that she could get her mother to agree to when they had gone out shopping at Isabel’s boutique.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Grace smiled as she stood in her goddess style dress, which had been a birthday gift from her aunt.

“I want to take a picture okay,” Max asked.

“Sure,” the girls said as they got settled in the living room and waited for the pictures.

One of the girls together; then a few of Grace solo. Elizabeth even took a picture of Grace and Max together.

It was a sobering opening to the evening as the doorbell rang and Max realized it was the limousine he had hired for the girls to make sure they got to and home from the party safely. “I guess the car is here.”

“Thank you for tonight Dad,” Grace smiled. “I really appreciate it.”

“I want you two to have a wonderful time tonight. But be careful. It’s a night of celebration but you never can be too careful,” he warned the girls as he walked Grace and Elizabeth to the waiting limousine and acknowledged the driver

Watching the limousine leave; Max went back inside the house and closed the door. He still had a little while before he was expected at Michael and Maria’s. He prayed his daughter had a good birthday party and no dangers would ruin her night.


“What is this mystery mission Jim has got you on?” Maria asked as she finished selecting her outfit for the night. She had gotten home from the facility where the party was to be held a little over an hour prior just as Michael was walking in the door. Any hope of working on her manuscript had been dashed with the many errands she had to do for the party. Jake was in his room getting ready. Elizabeth was likely on the way to the party with the birthday girl. She had wanted to stay until the girls got there but she didn’t want to seem like she was chaperoning the event when they had agreed that none of the adults would rain on the party goer’s parades although they did have a chaperone in two teachers that Kyle knew from the high school who agreed to monitor the event.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Michael said as he was changing for his shower. “Jim is playing it close to the chest on this one. I really have no idea what he is going for with this case,” he sighed. “But it’s a job and intriguing mission at that so I’ll see it through. You are fine with me gone for a few days, right?”

“I think I can manage fine on my own,” Maria smiled. “I’ve handled all our kids on my own before and I can do it now. I have no events in relation to my book for a few more weeks than I have a book tour to go on.”

“Right,” Michael nodded. “Chicago, Miami and New York, right? Driving or flying?”

“Driving if I can help it, which might make the trip longer,” Maria confirmed. “Daisy called today to confirm the dates and the locations. It should only be a week this time, although I may have to fly to Miami and New York. It’s all the matter of finalizing the number of sessions they want for me and my book.”

“All in a days’ work,” Michael nodded.

“Daisy also wants me to talk to a producer when I am in New York. Apparently, they want to buy the rights to the series of books for a movie or even a television series.” Maria said non-chalantly and Michael stopped getting ready for his shower and stared at his wife. “I know. You don’t have to say a thing.”

“This is big Maria.” Michael said.

“I know Michael. I don’t know if I am going to agree but it’s worth an interview right. I know it risks more exposure to our story. Especially if it goes prime time or to a motion picture but I have to admit that it is an intriguing idea.”

“It is a risk,” Michael conceded. They so far had been lucky that people hadn’t delved too deeply into the background surrounding Maria and luckily for the sake of their growing families, and themselves, it had been quiet on their front. Maria could be best-selling author and they could live peacefully in Roswell, the FBI none the wiser. No one needed a deep investigation into the mysterious background of best-selling writer Maria Deluca Guerin’s home life and how it was her husband came to this country and the origins of both her husband and four youngest children. But he also knew he couldn’t allow such an opportunity pass his wife by even if they had been lucky so far and feared the future. “It’s only a meeting, right?”

“Right?” Maria nodded as a confirmation, “One meeting and yes I know Michael what I am getting into. It can’t hurt to see what it would mean for us and the future. You know I would never put you or the kids in danger, knowingly right?”

“I know you wouldn’t honey,” Michael smiled. “Not knowingly, it’s the unknowing that has me concerned. But go ahead and take the meeting. I am going to hop in the shower while you get ready. Max should be here in a half hour or so.”

Maria nodded as they heard Jake yell “I am outta here, see you later” and then the loud bang of a door close.


“Damn this is a party,” Jake said as he arrived at party central, which at one time was an old relic once the UFO center closed when his parents were teenagers and now it was transformed into a night club for Grace’s Sweet 16. “You look beautiful Grace,” he smiled as he walked in and saw the hostess and birthday girl herself. “You look incredible.”

“Thank you,” Grace smiled as the music started to blast. “You’re looking not so bad yourself.”

“Where’s my sister?” Jake asked.

“Over there talking with Sue,” Grace said as she referred to her best friends were in a corner talking.

Jake could see his sister and the dress bought for the occasion. “I can’t believe she convinced Mom to buy that dress for her and Mom actually bought it,” he asked as he thought it was a tad sexy for a fifteen-year-old.

“It’s a night of fun. Live a little Jake. Stop being a brother. Elizabeth can handle herself. And your mother knows it.”

“I know,” Jake smiled. “I know.”

“Let’s dance,” Grace said as the party was getting into full swing. She knew the two chaperones were supposed to keep a close eye on the goings of the party which was fine with Grace. She just wanted to have a fun. It had been a trying week for her and she was going to let it go by way of the wind for one night, she though as she and Jake headed for the dance floor.


“Come in Max,” Maria said as she opened the door to her friend. Michael was in the backyard heating up the barbeque. Steak was on the menu for the night. “I assume the kids got off the party all, right?” she asked as she and Max walked into the living room.

“They were both so giddy,” Max smiled as he hugged his friend. “I am shocked you got that dress for Elizabeth?”

“I had to talk her down from worse,” Maria groaned at the memory of both the dress and the shopping trip. “That was as good as it was going to get, and it was a special night after all,” she sighed. “Where has, the time gone?” she asked.

“Beats me,” Max said. “Although you’re setting precedent for when your own little girl has own Sweet 16 in June,” Max warned. “So, be careful. When are Isabel and Kyle getting here?”

“Yes, I know it sets expectations of the future for Elizabeth, but I couldn’t help it, and regarding Isabel and Kyle, it should be any time,” Maria said. “Isabel called and said they were leaving the house and driving the kids to Jim and Amy’s and then they were headed here so do you want a drink?”

“Definitely,” Max smiled as he thought of party central and then went to say hello to Michael.


“What is your father up to?” Isabel asked as they left the Deluca-Valenti household. Still living in the home that Kyle had grown up in, but remodeled after Jim and Amy married and the kids were out of the house and onto their own lives. It had grown more family friendly, with more bedrooms as the years followed and grandchildren started to arrive.

“On this, it’s a mystery. He won’t even tell me. And I am only his son, not his personal private investigator. All I know is I am supposed to accompany Michael to Connecticut in the morning and vet this case my father has given Michael. Why he needs me, I have absolutely no clue. But I guess I should be fortunate that he’s called into work and gotten me the week off with pay citing that my expertise is needed for some private Sheriff department business.”

“Isn’t it a lie?” Isabel asked.

“Who knows? Given how quiet Dad is keeping all this,” Kyle smiled. “It could be police work for all I know. But I won’t; not until tomorrow anyways.”

“Maybe,” Isabel said as a feeling came over her and it wasn’t for the first time that she had the sensation feeling in recent days, ever since Grace and Jake had taken off for their side trip to New Haven. She had this sense that momentous changes were coming and something equally as big was going to be discovered. She just prayed they could handle the fallout.”

“You okay?” Kyle asked as he sensed his wife’s silence fill the car. “What’s up?”

“I don’t know,” Isabel said honestly. “I feel like something is coming.”

“Do you think it’s related to that dream last night?” Kyle asked as he referred to the disturbing dream his wife had the night before. Isabel in one of her rare inner group dream-walks had tried to do one of Grace to see what her niece was up to with Jake when she got catapulted into another dream altogether. One of two young girls with long brown hair stood near the chamber. A dream that contained Grace with Max and even Liz standing by the girls as they seemed to form one unit, one family. She had tried to forget it and classify it purely as a dream since Liz was dead and therefore it couldn’t be something that may be on the cusp of happening. And therefore, she had tried to put it behind and tell herself that she was simply worrying about her family and those worries had seeped into her dreams given the scare Grace had given the clan.

“Yeah,” Isabel nodded. “It’s spooky. I first though it was just a fanciful dream about Grace and Liz because Grace is at that age where everything changed for her mother, yet it was something more; because neither resembled Grace or her mother and the fact that Grace, Max and Liz were also in the dream. And Liz was looking as old as Max currently is, and not the age she died.”

“Weird,” Kyle said as he turned onto Michael and Maria’s street. “Have you ever had the dream before?”

“Not that I recall,” Isabel said as she shook it off. “Maybe it’s nothing. Given what happened to Grace last week and now she’s turning sixteen. Maybe it’s all a product of my overworked imagination and is nothing.”

“You never know,” Kyle said they parked on the street and got out of the car. “But I have long known when it comes to this group; nothing is never nothing and nothing is what it seems in the beginning.”

Isabel sighed as they approached the front door. That is what I am afraid of she thought to herself.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 24 - Updated 1/04/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:07 pm

Great part. Michael and Kyle are in for the shock of their lives when they find Beth Evans. I hope that Tommy doesn't crash Grace's party. She deserves a great party.

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