Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 - Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 38 - Updated - 2/18/2018

Post by roswell4life » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:01 pm

Max is so close to finding out!! I really want know what his reaction will be once he finds out all those close to him are keeping this huge secret from him and Grace!! More soon please!!! :D

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Reunion - Chapter 39 - 2/20/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:05 pm

“Where did your sister go?” Serena asked of Carrie during a brief break during rehearsals at the dance studio. “I saw her here at the beginning of the lesson, and then she disappeared.”

“Who knows,” Carrie said honestly showing her ignorance as she took a look around the dance studio. “Maybe she got bored. She’s not exactly into dancing and rehearsals are notorious for repeating what you already seen once.”

“That is true,” Serena admitted as she looked for Alexandra to return to the room as the break was coming to a close “It was odd for her to be here in the first place,” she asked. “And then she goes and disappears.”

“You know Alex, she can be a mystery,” she admitted as she hadn’t known why her sister had offered to come to class with her when she jumped into the car as Ginger was preparing to drive her rehearsals. “She might be my twin, but I don’t always know what she’s up to.”

“What is your sister up to?” Serena asked and studied Carrie closely as the girl’s words didn’t sound convincing to the elder dance teacher.

“I honestly have no idea,” Carrie said. “And for once, I’m telling you the truth. Whatever Alexandra is doing, she’s didn’t discuss it with me, so I am just as mystified about her plans.”

“Okay, but you better hope she shows up before end of class or your mother will be unhappy. In the meantime, let’s get back to the rehearsals.” Serena sighed as she knew something was up with the twins, and she didn’t know whether that would be good or bad in the end and she was willing to buy the fact Carrie seemed to be truly without knowledge of her sister’s plan. “Class, let’s start from the beginning...


Meanwhile Alexandra got off the bus at the New Haven bus station, and went to her cell phone to locate the address she wanted, and then off she went. Walking the three blocks to her destination.


“Where is your sister?” Beth asked as she saw one of her daughter’s get in the car. She just had enough time to take the girls home before she headed over to her meeting with Serena.

“She went off with a friend,” Carrie lied. She honestly had no idea where her sister went off to... All she had was a text waiting for when her class was over saying that she needed to cover with Mom, and that she would let Carrie know what was going on later. “I think it was Linda.”

“Oh okay,” Beth buying it for the moment because she really had no reason not to. “I have to meet with Serena, so I just have enough time to drop you off at home. Do you want a McDonald’s burger and shake on the way home, and you can relax while I meet and if your sister happens to need a ride home? Call me, okay?”

“Sure,” Carrie smiled as they drove. “Why does Serena want to see you?”

“Adult talk,” Beth smiled through the window, and Carrie wasn’t too reassured but would take it for the moment. “If it’s something, tell us, okay?”

“Okay sweetheart,” Beth acknowledged as they pulled into the takeout window of the local McDonalds and placed the order.

Meanwhile off on her own Alex made it to her destination. Checking to make sure the address matched the one she wrote down she then went inside.


Serena was coming out of her second office where she held her second wardrobe for days like this where she had to rush from somewhere, to deal with a crisis at work not that there that many but being a dance teacher meant that she sometimes had to schedule patients haphazardly as to manage her class schedule, so she was known to have to change when getting back to the office. So, on this night, she had just gotten back to her office from teaching Carrie’s class/rehearsal. The recital was still scheduled for Friday night, and she felt they were almost where they needed to for the big show. Anyways, she was just about to oversee some dreaded paperwork she had managed to procrastinate against during this oddly light day, yet busy when she heard the door to the outer office open and close, and moments later in popped her best friend “Hey Serena,” Beth smiled as she walked into her friend office. “Where is Bitsy, I see the front desk was empty?”

“It’s late, and there really was no need for her to be here, it had been a light day,” Serena smiled. “It was truly a blessing in disguise today as it seems I am even busier than if I did have patients keeping me busy.”

“So, what brings me here today? Beth asked as she sat down at the desk. “I had to leave Carrie home along with a takeout dinner. Alex has mysteriously gone off with friends. I am not even sure if I should be worried about my other daughter. So how are rehearsals?”

“Almost there,” Serena smiled. “Carrie told me they had the afternoon off from school.”

“There was a mechanical issue at the school, so the kids were given the opportunity to come home and create havoc,” Beth smiled.

“That must have been a blast a minute?” Serena asked. “Yeah Alexandra disappeared from the rehearsals. Carrie claims to not know what her sister is up to.”

“She said the same to me, and I am inclined to believe for the moment but given the upheaval of this week. Another side of me isn’t quite so sure...”

“That is wise. Those two are very crafty when they feel the need.”

Beth could only nod in agreement. “So, what’s up?” Beth asked.

“I got the test results back!” Serena said simply.

“Why now” Beth muttered. “What do they say?” Beth asked as she checked Serena’s eyes and tried to figure out what her friend would tell her. “Are they all in?”


“What do they say?” Beth asked as she steeled herself against the words that would likely come from her friend.

“You and the girls definitely are healthy and while the results had some oddities. Nothing stood out that would be all that worrisome. But first and the most important testing that you have a vested interest is that official DNA test that you asked me to undertake and put through the national database, there was a definitive match in that you do match someone’s identity out there?”

“Would it be someone who was believed to have died in June 2008? Elizabeth Parker of Roswell, New Mexico” Beth asked.


“So, I am Elizabeth Parker Evans?” Beth asked.

“Yes again.”


Alexandra knew she was taking too much time. Carrie’s rehearsals would be long over, her mother would have been questioning where she was and that was only going to last so much longer. And it wasn’t helping that when she got to her destination, no one was in their rooms and therefore she was forced to wait, or bail and bailing was not something she was willing to do yet, so she waited.

“Oh, come on,” she muttered outside the room as the waiting stretched to her into eternity. “This isn’t fair.”

Just then two people came down the floor and stopped. “Alexandra....Caroline?” asked the person.

“It’s Alexandra,” she said. “Mr. Guerin, Mr. Valenti.”

“What are you doing here?” Michael asked as he wondered if Beth knew where her daughter was. “Does your mother know you’re here or how you got here?”

“I wanted answers,” she said. “And I figure my Mom will kill me for being here, but I needed to know what I need to know.”

“What would that be?” Kyle asked even though he figured he knew at least part of the reason she would be there asking them questions.

“I know you know Mr. Valenti because my sister told me she slipped. She also told me that she had the impression that you weren’t that shocked so that means you would have been exposed to the idea of us having powers and because I know where you came from, and where this all leads, well, I need to know if our father is like me, or my sister.”

“Come inside,” was all Kyle said as he let out a deep sigh as he exchanged a telling look at his frowning friend as Michael took out his key card for his room and opened his door. “I think this is a discussion we need to have in privacy of his room.”

“Okay!” Alexandra said as they went into Michael’s hotel room.


Beth was trying to come to terms with the idea that she probably had found her past yet with no actual memory of it. “But...but....why would she be in the database if the town of Roswell was connected to the database after her death?” Beth was asking Serena. “I don’t get it?”

“That would be something to ask your new friends as I because as far as I could gleam from the system or the system as it became after she was listed as dead. Any information was thin or incomplete but there was a reference to an incident that occurred in September 1999. My hacking skills could only bring me so much given Roswell is a small town, and the Sheriff department is still old fashion in many ways.

“What do I do?” Beth asked out loud to no target. “This is all seems so surreal.”

“Oh, I know,” Serena smiled. “At least you are getting answers...”

“But at what expense. I still have no memory of this Liz person. The only memories I am having is of my life the last nearly fourteen years.”

“You have been having flashes,” Serena reminded her friend. “Maybe the past was trying to break through the wall that holds the life you have been building.”

“I don’t know,” Beth honestly sighed. “So, what about the other test results?”

“Given that you are this Liz then it’s not a shocker that the other results did confirm that testing that Alexandra and Carrie got through the lab that connects them to a New Mexico’s Grace Evans.”

“So, that is a confirmation, right? Beth asked.

“Right and if you’re this Elizabeth that would be expected,” Serena nodded. “But those other results are little odder which we had already noticed, and I told you to look at your old scans?”

“Damn, with all that is going on, I totally forgot about. I am sorry.”

“Then you should dig them out, and bring them to the office so we can compare them because as we sit here, they do give oddities. They are not quite the usual human scans, but not so different from what you do find on an average scan.” Serena observed as she picked up the scans. “They are the same as they were when we first ran the tests. “Hey, didn’t you give me those scans you had a few years ago, for your medical record you keep with me?” she asked. “Why don’t I go check your file?”

“Sure, go ahead. I can’t remember if I did or kept them at home,” Beth said honestly as she checked the clock, and the time.

“Give me a few minutes. I need to figure out Bitsy’s complex filing system which is always good few laughs and curses at the same time,” she smiled as she got up from her desk and headed for the file system.


“Where are you?” Carrie texted her sister while she was at home and watching some television unwinding from the long day and rehearsals. The school had put out a bulletin that they classes would be back in the session in the morning as scheduled so she was doing some relaxing while also browsing through her homework she had not done yet. “Mom isn’t going to be happy if she gets home and you’re not home. You’re very much blurring the lines of our curfew.”

“Oh god” she whispered when Alex text back. “Busy in New Haven. Try covering.”

“Damn what is she doing?”


Inside Michael’s hotel room Alexandra was offered a beverage that Michael had stocked in his mini fridge. He figured if he was in his hotel room for an unknown period, he might as well stock it up with alien friendly supplies like Tabasco sauce, which Alexandra had seen several bottles when he was getting out a diet soda and handing it to her and finding it odd, but over looked it for the moment. “Look I am sorry. I know I am interrupting.”

“You are,” Michael allowed. He and Kyle had been out at a late dinner trying to figure out where to go now that they had unique confirmation that the twins had to be connected to Max and Grace.

“My Mom’s going to kill me,” Alexandra sighed.

“That she is so, where is she?” Kyle asked. “I figured that she would have been keeping an eye on you guys?”

“She is meeting Serena at her office. They needed to talk or something,” Alexandra smiled. “Carrie is going to try to cover. We’ll see how creative she can be, or if she will succeed,” she sighed.

“Look I told your sister I wouldn’t tell anyone if I even saw something,” Kyle admitted. “And I really don’t plan on it.”

“We all know you’re not that stupid,” Alexandra smiled. “You have got to have noticed, and eventually it will come out. I just want to be here because I need to know why we’re different, and yet Mom appears totally normal.”

“Kyle tells me your mother doesn’t know?” Michael asked.

“No. Carrie and I try to keep her stress level at the minimum, and we figured if she knew that something was odd with us that it would stress her out, and now that she’s dealing with all this thanks to your visit. It’s not the most ideal time to fill her in.”

“That is true,” Kyle nodded his head. “How long have you been dealing with shall we call them ‘gifts’?”

“I guess several years that we both can remember,” Alexandra said honestly. “It was odd, but we were little kids and it took a while to gather that we were different, and to be careful as to whom we showed them to and because it became apparent that Mom was normal, we just learned to keep what we knew a secret. It all seemed perfectly innocent until the dreams started after our last birthday in October.”

“You have dreams?” Michael eyes rose.

“Yes,” Alexandra admitted. “Weird ones, of caves or Mom and other people we don’t know,” she said, and Kyle looked at Michael oddly. “What,” Alexandra asked.

“It’s nothing,” Kyle said. “What else can you do?”

“We can change the structure of certain things or documents if we will it,” Alexandra admitted. “It was one of the crafty reasons we got our DNA testing past the age cops at the genetics lab a few weeks ago, we made it seem like Mom ordered the testing. Of course, I figured we would be busted for it, and it wasn’t my wish to do. But Carrie is even wilder, and she can be rash, and she came up with that bright idea.”

“What happens when you’re stressed out?” Michael asked as the twins appeared to be the two sides of an alien hybrid. Calm or wild!

“I guess we sometimes can show green energy, not always but sometimes but we manage to keep that to home because we know what something like that could unleash at school. And really, we hadn’t really had any real emotion imbalance. Life was seen to be pretty quiet until you guys came and upset everything,” Alexandra admitted. “So, what’s going on? I need to know.”

“We don’t feel comfortable,” Michael tried.

“You might not, but given your line of questioning. I ask given the gifts my sister and I have can’t be much of a shocker to either of you. So why is that?”

“Because they aren’t,” Michael admitted.

“So, we’re not alone?” Alexandra asked.

“No!” Michael admitted as they finally had to be honest with themselves and the situation as the latest developments regarding the twins confirmed every instinct they both had and eliminated the thin hope of declaring this all to be an elaborate and cruel hoax as he sighed and looked at Kyle, and then looked at the young teenager who had so much fear and yet hope on her face. “Your biological father does have them!”
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 39 - Updated - 2/20/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:48 pm

The truth is now out. Beth is without a doubt Liz and the twins are Max's. Now it is time to tell Max and get him and Liz together! Liz will get her memory back once she is back with Max! I just know it!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 39 - Updated - 2/20/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:30 pm

I really hoping that Alex was on her way to Roswell but getting information from Michael and Kyle was good. Beth needs to see her family. Max needs to know what is going on.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 39 - Updated - 2/20/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:34 am

Great new part!
Finally Alexandra received the answers to her questions that she was looking for! Even if it doesn't answer all of them, it is a start because we still don't know what put in Action all bad things who happened to the Evans Family... and this still than more twenty years ago!

Looking for more and thanks! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 39 - Updated - 2/20/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:43 am

Bingo........the national data base proves who Beth is.......
Of course Kyle and Michael had a good talk with Alex.......and the "dealing with gifts".
Now what???

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Reunion - Chapter 40 - 2/22/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:40 pm

WARNING: Mature content, regarding language and violence unfolds and starts a chain this chapter. And in terms of the violence, it was a plotline devised months ago....far away from any recent real world events, and it's not my intention to make anyone squirmish... so I am sorry if that were to happen...

“Grandpa,” Jake asked as the dishes were cleared from the table. Dinner had been delicious, and Jake and Elizabeth enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with their brothers. They missed their parents and Belle, but because it was so quiet at home it was nice to be a lively environment. Elizabeth was helping their grandmother with the dishes while Jake had to help Colin with his science homework.

“Yes Jake?” Jim asked.

“Is there something going on that Uncle Max doesn’t know?” Jake asked.

“Why do you ask?” Jim asked.

“Because things do seem to be odd these past few days as Dad went off on his case, which is not that unusual, but he has been relatively quiet which is unlike him and then Mom had her meltdown and vanished to the cabin with Belle.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about,” Jim smiled. “I am sure everything will be back to normal within a few days,” he said knowing he was lying about the last part because even if Michael and Kyle returned within hours, nothing would be the same again for the gang and new next generation would feel the fallout. “Just go help your brother, and leave the adult stuff to the adults.”

“But I sense that it’s going to be very important for us,” Jake tried.

“Jake. It’s nothing, go help your brother.”

“Okay,” Jake sighed as he went to go into the kitchen and saw that the dishes were now finished. “Hey Elizabeth, I have to help Colin with his homework. If you want a lift home, I might be awhile.”

“It’s fine,” Elizabeth smiled as she looked up from her phone. “Sue texted me a reminder about some paper we have to do together for one of our classes, so I am supposed to drop by her place on the way home. So, I thought I would head there now, so that I wouldn’t be home too late.”

“It’s dark,” Jake protested as he knew without his parents at home, he had to the acting parent and his sister was still only fifteen years old and so he worried.

“It’s still relatively early, and it’s not that far of a walk so I am sure I’ll be safe,” she smiled at the protective nature of her older brother. “I’ll text when I get to Sue’s and then once I am home if you’re not there first. Okay?”

“Okay,” Jake allowed although he wasn’t sure if he should allow his sister to go off alone but decided to shortchange the debate that would be set off if he did question it, so he decided to go off and help Colin instead and Elizabeth could only smirk at the knowledge that she knew her brother had wanted to voice his opinion but wisely chose not to.

“Shouldn’t you wait for your brother?” Amy said as she became wise to her granddaughter’s plan. “Without your parent’s home, you guys are alone and maybe you need some company.”

“I will be fine Grandma, and really of the two of us, I think I am the one who is more equipped to handle the rough nightlife here in Roswell,” she laughed, and Amy didn’t. “Come on Grandma, smile. I will be fine.”

“Okay,” Amy sighed but knew she couldn’t fight it as it was still early enough and by delaying it only made it later “But if you need help, call.”

“I will Grandma I promise,” Elizabeth smiled and added in a hug. “You don’t have to worry because I will be perfectly fine.”

“I hope so,” Amy said although not too convincing as they went into the living room where Elizabeth picked up her book bag and hugged her Grandfather, and younger brother Liam who along with Jim was watching a hockey game. “Call if you need anything!”

“Grandma!” Elizabeth said before vanishing from the house.

“What is it sweetheart?” Jim asked as he looked up from the game.

“It’s just this feeling that tonight is going to change a lot of lives!” Amy muttered before going to find Colin and Jake.


“It’s all coming together,” the vision said as he watched the Evans household. “All the piece is coming together. Max and Liz are at the right places. I can’t say for sure that this will end up with a happily ever after,” he muttered to himself. “But all the players are set for it unfold.

Max was inside the house, in the living room, doing some reading of a case file. Not exactly sure when Grace would be home but coming to grips with his daughter out there in the night with a guy that wasn’t Jake, someone who he could largely trust and when he looked to the window.

He saw a vision or a glance of one. “What the hell!”

Getting up he went straight to the door, and went outside onto the front deck. “Alex!” he whispered.

“Max, you are ready.... Liz...” was all it said before disappearing.

“What the heck,” he whispered again as he looked out into the dark blank night.


Meanwhile across town, the movie was being let out and two teenagers were coming out of the movie house. “Thanks for asking me to the movie,” Grace smiled as they exited the movie theatre. “You made a great pick.”

“Thanks,” Dominic asked. “I hope it wasn’t too action pack for you?”

“No. It just had the right amount,” Grace assured Dominic. She was having a great time with Dom, but something was missing, and she didn’t know what it was... “It’s been a wonderful night!”

“Do you want to take a walk in the park before I take you home?” Dominic asked. He knew while Grace was having a great time, something was missing for him too...he knew the buzz around the school that Grace and Jake were circling each other and were still in the denial phase, and he took the chance to see if she was available and whether all the talk was just talk, and while she seems happy, and she was, but it just didn’t seem like it was going to go anywhere....

“I would love that,” Grace smiled.


“Thanks for the material for the project,” Elizabeth smiled as she sat in Sue’s bedroom. “I better get home. I am sure my mother will be doing a nightly check in to see whether we’re surviving or to make sure Jake isn’t doing something rash.”

“I still can’t believe your mother left you and Jake home alone, especially with your father out of town working.”

“I know,” Elizabeth smiled. “The freedom is nice, but it does make me miss the bustling of a busy house with all my siblings racing around trying to pull something over on our parents.”

“I bet,” Sue nodded. “Are you sure you don’t want a ride home. The parents would give me the keys to the car,” she asked. She like Grace turned sixteen before Elizabeth does and while Grace got a new car for her birthday. Sue had to battle with her brother and sister for the car most nights. But her sister was off university in the fall and that meant that she would have less competition for the family car.

“Sue, you don’t have to worry about me,” Elizabeth smiled as Sue didn’t know about her best friends, both of them, special abilities although she suspected something was off with the family, but she never vocally questioned it and given Grace and Elizabeth knew to keep their abilities a secret from the outside world, they didn’t make it apparent despite how close the three girls were.

“I don’t,” Sue smiled. “I know you can handle yourself, but my parents do question it especially since they heard about your unexpected freedom.”

“How in the heck do they know?” Elizabeth asked.

“My siblings talk,” Sue reasoned. “I don’t, but they do. You know the rumors around the school, especially in the wake of Grace and Jake’s recent hiatus from school. They think it’s weird because they believed your parents to be on the stricter side of parental control in regard to you guys, until now. And they wonder.”

“They don’t have to wonder. Dad is working. Mom is just taking some time,” Elizabeth said defending her mother’s decision. She didn’t need any adults questioning the parenting her parents were doing and reporting it to the authorities. “I am sure if we were all on break from school, Mom would have demanded that Jake and I join her up there but with us in different schools from our brothers and sister. It just wasn’t manageable.”

“I believe you, but you even think it’s odd.”

“Oh, it’s odd, but it’s not something for your parents to worry about. Jake and I can look out for each other, and Grandma and Grandpa are on our phone speed dial. And Grandpa is after all town Sheriff. So, there is nothing to worry about!”

“I guess,” Sue smiled. “But take it easy okay.”

“Okay,” Elizabeth smiled as she grabbed her jacket and purse and within minutes, she was saying her goodbyes to the Adams household.

Sue watched her friend walk away with an eerie feeling in the pit of her stomach that maybe she should have insisted that Elizabeth get a drive home as she had this sense that life was going to become way more complicated and maybe she should be worried about her friend.


Elizabeth elected to take a detour through the park. It was a beautiful evening and she didn’t mind the walk home. She checked her watch as she entered the park and saw she still had plenty of time before she expected Jake would come looking for if she wasn’t herself home from Sue’s. So, she felt safe. Humming to herself she started walking, and she wasn’t really paying attention when she startled herself when she almost bumped into someone walking in the park. “What the fuck,” she muttered.

“Elizabeth!” said the voice.

“Tommy Ellis?” Elizabeth asked. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a free society, isn’t it? I was out with friends and headed home. What are you doing out?”

“Dinner with family,” Elizabeth gritted through her teeth. Tommy had been something the gang had been trying to ignore since Grace’s experience in New Haven. Ignored but not forgotten and now she was forced to remember all that Ellis had done to her friend and her wish for revenge so that he could pay for it.


On the other side of the park Dominic and Grace were walking after leaving the movie theatre. “Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you home?” Dominic asked as they were calling the date to an end.

“I’ll be fine. I need some time to think before I head home and really it is only a five-minute walk and a beautiful night. I’ll tell my father you wanted to walk me home, but I wouldn’t let you, so if you want to’s alright.”

“If you think so,” Dominic asked, not sure if he should leave.

“It’s alright. I have dealt with the walk home alone before when I worked nights before I got my license,” Graces smiled. “And the restaurant is farther than the park.”

“Okay,” Dominic nodded. “See you at school tomorrow.”

“Sure, thank you for tonight.” Grace nodded as she watched her date walk away and she muttered to herself. “No spark.”

Sitting down on the bench she looked up into the night sky. She didn’t know if she self sabotaged her date because of her unresolved feelings for Jake or really there was no spark with Dominic because it felt like she was with a friend, and not someone she could potentially care about. While whenever she was with Jake it was like it could be something more if they didn’t have their families to think about or the fact that Jake was two years older than her and about to graduate high school while she still had time to...

“I don’t know. It’s not the same as with Jake,” she muttered to herself.

“What about me,” came a voice and a startled Grace looked up and saw Jake walking her way. “Hey!”

“Hey yourself,” Grace smiled. “Where were you?”

“I am on the way home. I was at Grandma and Grandma Valenti’s for dinner with Elizabeth and our brothers. I was helping Colin with some homework before we called it a night.”

“Where is Elizabeth?”

“She headed off earlier, said something about stopping by Sue to pick something up for school. I got a text saying she was headed home.”

“Oh,” Grace asked.

“I am surprised to see you here...alone.... Where is Dominic?” Jake said as he approached the dreaded question. “How was the big date?”

“He left a few minutes ago, he’s headed home. I think. I wanted time to think, so I said I could handle the rest of the way home myself. As for the date, it was fine.”

“Just fine,” Jake asked.

“Yes,” Grace nodded. “We had a good time together.”

“Oh,” Jake said as he didn’t know if that was code, and he didn’t really want to prod for more specific least not yet. “I am surprised he left you here, alone.”

“That was me,” Grace smiled. “I said I could handle getting home myself.”

“Then you don’t want company?” Jake asked. “Should I go?”

“No,” Grace said softly.... unnerved by the difference of being with Dominic and just shooting the breeze with Jake. Sighing, she said softly “You don’t have to leave.”


“Where in the heck is your sister?” Beth asked soon as she arrived home and gotten settled enough to realize she was missing a daughter in her house. Serena hadn’t been able to find the scans in Bitsy’s file system or in Beth files, and therefore Beth was sure she had them at home, so they decided to call it a night because both women had get home to their families, so they made plans to meet for lunch at the house the next day to discuss the issue some more...

“Mom...” Carrie tried.

“I know that tone Carrie. You’re about to give me one of your elaborate excuses. Don’t! Alexandra is up to something. Serena mentioned that your sister disappeared from class and given that your sister doesn’t go to many of your classes in the first place on principal. For her to even go to one there has to mean that she has something bigger in motion”

“Alex really didn’t tell me Mom,” Carrie pleaded with her mother. Something was off with her mother ever since she arrived home. “Are you okay?”

Beth’s scowl softened to a frown. “I am okay sweetheart but it’s nearly 10:30 therefore you should be in bed and I don’t know where your sister is.”

“All I have is a text saying she was alright.”

“Tell me everything!” Beth said shortly.

“She did disappear from class. I really don’t know what she was up to. She said she was in New Haven.”

“New Haven?” Beth yelled.

“Yes” Carrie admitted at her mother’s yell “I don’t know where, but she said I had to cover....”

“Damn it girls! You two don’t know how dangerous it is to go on your own on a mission. You two are only 13 years old. You are still too young to be this independent.”

“I am sorry Mom and I am not lying. Alex didn’t tell me what she was up to.”

“Fine, I believe you,” Beth said although she didn’t know if she really did. “What were you two talking about before you had to go to class?” Beth asked, trying to pin point where her daughter was.

“We were talking about Mr. Valenti’s visit. She asked....”

“She asked...what?” Beth asked.

“Where they were staying...”

“God Alex,” Beth groaned as she realized that Kyle and Michael were staying in New Haven. “Your sister went to talk to him, didn’t he?”

“I really don’t know”

“Damn it,” Beth shouted but this time it wasn’t a shout at her daughter, but a shout at the world “F&ck!”


“She left a half hour ago,” Michael said into phone in his hotel room while exchanging a look at Kyle. “She said something about heading to the bus station. Yes, I know. Do you want me to go and check if she’s still there? I don’t know when the bus runs up your way,” he asked as he hung up.

“Beth knows?” Kyle asked.

“Yes,” Michael admitted. “And she’s pissed.”

“Does she want us to go look?”

“I am going, you can stay here. Google the bus schedule. I am afraid Beth won’t have anything more to do with us if I don’t make sure her daughter doesn’t get home safely. Call me when you know.”

“Sure,” Kyle nodded. “I’ll head back to my room.”

“Thanks!” Michael said as he grabbed his jacket and wallet.


“What is going on Isabel?” Max was asking his sister in the living room of his home. Kylie, Michelle and Jamie were at movie with their grandparents Evans while Isabel had the night to herself but found herself drifting over to her brother’s home while he waited for his daughter to come home from the big date.

“You saw Alex?” Isabel asked softly.

“Yes,” Max asked. “What’s going on? Why does it feel like something bigger is going on here, and I am being left in the dark?”

“You’re not the only one,” Isabel muttered.

“What is going on Is,” Max asked.

“I wish I knew,” Isabel muttered yet again. “All I can say is if there is a greater something going on, they won’t tell me.”

“I got the sense you knew something earlier when you stopped by the office and I am still getting that vibe and now after my daughter receives a visit from our friendly ghost Alex, I get one. And the only words out his mouth I could understand were the name, Liz!”

“He said Liz’s name?” Isabel asked, shocked.

“That is why I ask, what is going on?”


“Go home Ellis,” Elizabeth groaned as Tommy continued to follow her through the park as she tried in vain to get home. She should have never engaged him talk, now he was sticking to her like glue.”

“It not against the law to take a walk,” Tommy taunted.

“Sure, it’s not, but you know I hate you after what you did to Grace,” Elizabeth said through gritted teeth.

“I didn’t do anything to her, or nothing that she didn’t consent too.” Ellis said.

“That is a lie,” Elizabeth said as she stopped walking and looked at Ellis closely. “She said No.”

“No, she didn’t,” Ellis smiled. “And plus, she was drunk. She doesn’t remember what happened, and what did happen she wanted.”

“You said yourself she was drunk. She couldn’t have said yes and meant it,” Elizabeth spat.

“She meant it.”

“No, she didn’t. She said NO and then you raped her,” Elizabeth said the words that been danced around for weeks.


“It’s a beautiful night,” Jake was telling Grace as they walked to the entrance that would lead towards the Evans home. He always enjoyed talking to Grace. They had a great friendship despite Grace’s younger age as they always seem to get each other. But he had to wonder would they sacrifice that if they ever did breach the blurred line between them, and he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to blur that line.

“It is,” Grace agreed. “I should be getting home. And you should be getting home to Elizabeth.”

“Okay,” Jake said as they continued to walk.


“Where is my daughter?” Beth demanded of Michael as he showed up at her house in Madison. “I thought you were going to look for her.”

“We checked the only bus leaving for these parts from New Haven during the time period of when Alexandra left my room, and she wasn’t on it. I promise you, we checked. She wasn’t at the bus terminal. The driver didn’t see any brunette about thirteen years old get on his bus or even before buying a ticket for home.”

“Damn it,” Beth asked. “Where is she? Carrie, get down here right now?”

“What?” Carrie said rushing downstairs. She was supposed to be in bed, but there was no going to be until she knew what was going on with her sister.

“Where is your twin sister?” Beth demanded of her daughter. “Has she contacted you?”

“No,” Carrie said. “I would have told you if she had.”

“Would you?”

“Of course, I think it’s stupid she’s out this late given we have school in the morning and she has way more interest in school than I would. I would be cutting out on school, not the other way around.”

“Get on that phone of yours and try texting your sister, to see where she is. And get me her phone number.”

“Yes Mom,” Carrie nodded as she raced up to her room.

“I am sorry Beth,” Michael said to the distraught mother in front of him. “I didn’t think this would happen.”

“You didn’t think. She didn’t think. She better be okay, otherwise I don’t know what I am going to do!” Beth moaned as they went into the kitchen and she went to the phone, and dialed. “Serena, have you heard from Alexandra?”

“She’s going to kill us!” Carrie said as she returned to the room with her phone. “Mom Alex’s phone is off, I can’t get in contact with her.”

“No, she’s not. She just wants your sister home in one piece. If you do know anything, you might as well tell us.” Michael warned the teenager as he was reminded of his own scare a few weeks before with Jake and Grace.

“I swear I don’t know,” Carrie said. “If I did, I would tell Mom. I was telling the truth to Mom, this is unlike Alexandra. It would be right up my ally if I thought of it. But not my sister. She’s always so straight lace, by the book. I don’t know what got into her or what she’s up to,” she whispered as her mother sat on the phone with Serena.

“Straight lace, straight A student aren’t immune,” Michael muttered thinking of Grace’s recent exploits or many of theirs when they were teenagers with Max, Isabel and Liz. Liz was the definition of straight lace and, yet she still walked on the wild side for them, and for Max. “You can say it’s a family trait.”

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked intrigued.

“It’s a long story,” Kyle said cutting off Michael.

“Carrie says she doesn’t know what on earth her sister is up to, and with Alex’s phone off. She could be anywhere Serena, what am I going to do? She was last seen in New Haven at the Ambassador Hotel just short of 10 pm. This isn’t like her, and therefore I am worried.” Beth cried. “Can you ask if Keith can check with his sources at the station? Thank you, we’ll see you soon.”

“Is Serena coming over?” Carrie asked.

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “Keith is checking with the station in New Haven.”

“Is he a cop?” Michael asked.

“No,” Beth shook a head. “He is a criminal defense lawyer and therefore he has many friends with the department here in Madison and back in New Haven. He started his career in New Haven as that is where he and Serena met and married. They later moved here and settled down when the kids started to come.

“I am sure she’s on the way home, her way.” Michael said to try to reassure Beth anxiety of the situation.

“She better be, otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do if she’s in danger,” Beth muttered.


“Grace is lying,” Tommy snarled at Elizabeth with a sickening look on his face “Whatever that night, happened because she wanted it to happen” he taunted, and Elizabeth could smack him, or blast him with her considerable powers and she really had to keep her level of balance in preventing herself from lashing out.

“She was drunk,” Elizabeth said.

“Not drunk enough, and how would you know you weren’t even there, so you are a very unreliable witness.” Tommy smiled. “Mommy and Daddy didn’t let you go to the party, I remember hearing.”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t know what you did to her,” Elizabeth snarled.

“You can’t prove it,” Tommy taunted.

“She can,” Elizabeth muttered.

“No, she can’t,” Tommy taunted again.

“She was pregnant you dumbass,” Elizabeth blurted out not being able to hold it any longer.


“I better be getting home, Dad is going to wonder where I am!” Grace said as they approached where Elizabeth and Tommy were stopped, near the exit of the park when they heard raising voices. “Isn’t that Elizabeth?”

“She should be home, by now!” Jake muttered. “What is she still doing out.”

“Taking advantage of her freedom?” Grace said to poke at Jake who didn’t look happy. “Hey, it’s not that late. I am out. So why not.”

“I guess,” Jake muttered.

“You can’t prove it was mine,” they overheard and both Grace and Jake looked at each other and their expressions turned to alarm as they quickened their step and soon was upon the quickly turned confrontation between Elizabeth and Tommy Ellis but were still hidden behind a bush.

“She can,” Elizabeth said not realizing they had been joined.

“Given she probably slept with Guerin, how would she know it is even mine. She’s a slut,” Tommy slammed.

“Don’t call her that,” Elizabeth threatened, and Grace had to pull on Jake’s arm to keep him from attacking. She knew this was escalating to the unprecedented attack and she was trying in vain from having that happen.

“Why not, I hear she’s out with another guy tonight. After what she did with me, and she’s been leading on Guerin for months. If she was even pregnant then there is no proof that it was even mine. And what was that trip she was on, and then sick leave from school. Did Guerin take her out of state to get rid of it?”

“Take that back,” Elizabeth snarled.

“I won’t because it’s probably the truth,” Ellis smiled. “She’s a slut and whore.”

“What did you say,” Jake asked as he broke away from Grace’s hold of his arm and stampeded towards Tommy and Elizabeth. “Get away from my sister,” he said to the duo. “Elizabeth, get away from him.”

“Be careful Jake,” Elizabeth warned as she stepped away, closer to Grace who she realized had arrived on the scene. “He’s a loser and he’s not important enough to wreck your future.”

“It’s a free park Guerin,” Tommy snarled. “So, Grace is moving onto a new guy already, so Rhodes wasn’t good enough for you, huh or you’re going for a second guy in one night.”

“You’re an idiot Tommy,” Grace sighed as she could the murderous glare in Jake’s eyes and knew they were headed for trouble.

“Elizabeth tells me you were pregnant, so you got rid of it on that little trip you went on with Guerin, huh?” he said as he continued to try to provoke Jake and even Grace, but he knew the buttons to push to get to Jake and, so he went for it.

“Give it a rest Ellis,” Grace sighed.

“So, I wasn’t the father, or was it Jake or maybe Dominic?” Tommy snarled.

“I was pregnant, but I lost it and of course you were the one. You were the only one, and you know it.” Grace muttered softly. “And it’s none of your business whatever I did on my recent hiatus from school.”

“It is.... if it was my baby,” Tommy smiled a sick smirk that truly revolted Grace and she had to wonder why she ever had fallen for his moves.

“Look we’re over Tommy,” Grace sighed. “It was a mistake. A one night I’ll always regret and let us leave anything to do with that night in the past,” she said. “It is over.” She muttered and thought of the baby she still didn’t know how to think about, and its departure from her life before she could even deal with it.

“It’s over when I say it’s over,” Tommy said.

“Get out of here,” Jake threatened.

“What are you going to do?” Tommy asked. “So, Grace, are you going to let your latest boy toy fight your battles for you or are you going to lie down and take it like you did it that night!”

“Take that back,” Jake said.

“Jake, don’t!” Grace warned, and Elizabeth tried to come and to ward off her brother, but it was too late.

“You think we’ll stand here and have Grace take your abuse after what you did to her on New Year’s Eve,” Jake started.

“Guerin, you won’t do anything,” Tommy said confidently.

“You’re wrong about that,” Jake said as he stepped forward and decked Tommy with a huge punch which elicited shouts from the girls ‘Jake!” before Tommy who staggered back at the weight of the punch came back at Jake with his own punch and before long the guys were at each other throats, hitting and punching each other and the girls weren’t strong enough to stop them without bringing their significant alien power into play.

“Oh, god Jake,” both Grace and Elizabeth screamed and tried to get in the middle of the fight, but was becoming too much of a brawl.... both were bleeding from the punch, the hitting on the ground. “Stop it,” Grace cried...

Jake tried to heed the advice of the two women in his life, but as he stopped he found himself pulled back into the fight.

“Damn it Jake, stop it.” Elizabeth demanded of her brother.

“Jake!” Grace cried. “Tommy is not worth it!”

“Oh, it’s worth it,” Jake shouted as he continued to fight Tommy and finally gaining an edge in the situation. “Given what he did to you.”

“Let me deal with it,” Grace cried. “It happened to me. He’s not worth losing your future.”

“He hurt you, he he....” Jake tries saying but couldn’t get out the words. “He changed a lot for you and I am not ready to let him walk for it,” he cried.

“He’s an idiot,” Elizabeth smirked. “Leave him...” she tried her own way to get her brother to lay off, but the fight was continuing and progressing before Grace decided to take matters into her own hands...

Taking a step back, she raised her hand towards the tree branch above them, ready to take drastic measures to stop this once and for all and then just as she was about to do the worst, just heard a shriek from Elizabeth who looked over at Grace with stricken eyes. “No,” she cried, and Grace looked and saw Tommy with a gun in his hand and pointed right at Jake.

“You’re the loser Guerin,” Tommy shouted. “You hit me again, you die.”

“No,” Grace yelled as she was too far gone to stop her plan but hoping it wouldn’t do as much damage as it would unleash when the branch she hit with her power fell knocking both Tommy to the ground but in the way, it fell the branch knocked the gun and it went off and Jake also hit the ground and both boys were unconscious.

“Jake!” Elizabeth and Grace screamed as they rushed to the unconscious boys.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 40 - Updated - 2/22/2018

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Who's saying things are "coming together" ? I don't like the sound of that
So Max is now seeing wonder he talked to Isabel about it.
Grace and Dominic are a "no go" as dates have taken place.
Not that creep Tommy Ellis again.........
and what, you leave us there?
Thanks, Carolyn

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 40 - Updated - 2/22/2018

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Great part.
So many questions. Is Jake okay? Will Grace need to heal Jake? Is Alexandra on her way to Roswell? Are Beth/Liz's powers going to go haywire because of the stress? When will Max find out?

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 40 - Updated - 2/22/2018

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I secretly hope that tree branch does a lot of damage to Tommy!! :lol: I hope Jake is okay!!! And I hope Alexandra is really on her way to Roswell!!!! Everything really is starting to come together!!! Maybe soon Max, Liz and the girls will all be reunited!!!! :D

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