Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 - Completed - 7/15/2018

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WRe: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 36 - Updated - 2/13/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:56 pm

This is a great part........of course Max is concerned about Grace's dates. What dad wouldn't be?
Beth speaking in third person is interesting........she is not accepting this fate........yet.
Love that Beth was comfortable with Kyle.
Was that gun shot sound about to trigger Beth's memory?
And I'm so glad Kyle saw Carrie healing doubt now.

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Reunion - Chapter 37 - 2/15/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:22 pm

“Where is MacIntosh?” Sheriff Valenti asked as she noticed Detective Casper in his waiting room as he walked into the department after responding to a disturbance call. “You might as well come in,” Jim said as he stopped at his deputy’s desk. “Let me know in a half hour that I am needed at the Samson hearing.”

“Will do,” the deputy answered as the Sheriff went into his office.

Inside Jim sat down in his chair. “Any closer to going home?” he asked Casper.

“I think we’re getting closer,” Casper admitted. “Trevor is with his wife and son for the afternoon. Captain Hanson has indicated that maybe we’ll know more tonight. Have you heard anything from Connecticut?”

“They have been talking with Beth,” Jim said. “They are thinking more and more that we are talking about something real, and not a hoax.”

“That would be good for all involved,” Casper smiled.

“Not if she doesn’t remember her family here in Roswell or for her daughters she has raised in Connecticut who will have gone throughout their lives without their father and older sister. But that is all small potatoes if she doesn’t remember her life here, and it impacts how she and her children deal with her past, and Max and Grace.”

“It would be one day at a time,” Casper acknowledged. “It will be very tricky, and the potential is there for a lot of hurt but at least the kids are young, and they have a chance of getting their family back.”

“So, true,” Valenti allowed.

“If she’s your dead woman,” Casper asked. “How do you resolve who did it, and why? We have our suspect in New Haven. But we don’t have a motivation beyond it was done as revenge towards the woman’s husband.”

“We are unlikely to ever catch whoever ordered it,” Jim said. “Isn’t that the truth? If it was a Khivar plot done through Denny, the same man that he possessed when the kids were in high school, then we are never going to find him” he thought to himself. “It is fourteen years later and all we have is your suspect, who is unreliable. We just have a name.

“Do you know the motive for why this person would do it?” Casper asked.

“It’s not my truth to tell you as it would be personal for the Evans family,” Jim admitted because he knew the tale was too complicated and he knew he couldn’t talk about it with a stranger. “All I can say that there is very real reason why someone would have targeted the wife.”

“Which is bound to be painful,” Casper remarked.

“I can say that if we’re talking about something real than it’s not something that easily can be forgotten or even forgiven. Max is going to feel the burden, even if fate could bring her back into his life.”


“I should be going,” Michael was telling Serena back in her office. “I know I am taking up your time.”

“It’s alright,” Serena said. “My day is actually kind of light. One of the good things about small town doctoring, and not being based in a hospital is my day gets me through it with appointments, and today I have a relatively light schedule. I am only in here because of the dreaded paperwork.”

“I know the feeling,” Michael acknowledged. “As a private investigator with my own office, and without a partner, it’s all on me to do the paperwork on my cases unless it’s legal work and then I can pass it off to my personal lawyer, Max.”

“Max?” Serena asked.

“Max Evans,” Michael acknowledged. “He’s a lawyer and silent partner but usually keeps it to the silent part unless it’s the legal work for my cases.”

“Would he be the husband?” Serena asked.

“Yes,” Michael acknowledged. “He is Liz’s husband and the father of their daughter Grace” he admitted. “We go back to childhood. He, his sister and me. Liz was best friends with my wife. It’s a very small group if I were completely honest. So, to lose Liz it was devastating to the town and to our group all at the same time.”

“What was Liz like?”

“As I said, she was very smart and very studious. She worked in her parents’ restaurant from the time she could hold a paying job and she was headed places and then she met Max.”

“So, she stayed in New Mexico?” Serena asked.

“Yes,” Michael acknowledged. “She is a small-town girl. And while she could have gotten out and gone to Harvard or other Ivy League institution especially once she met Max, she couldn’t do it. She loved him too much to leave. And so, she and Max made their life in Roswell. He went onto being a lawyer, while she worked to become a doctor. What would have happened if she hadn’t died and she could start her career? I have no idea. But I figure they had no intention of leaving.

“Are her parents still living?” Serena asked.

“Yes, and it’s going to kill them to think about her being alive even though it means that they will get her back.”

“But why would someone fake a crash?” Serena asked. “Or was the crash real, and somehow did Beth get away and couldn’t go home because of her memory.”

“No, we have evidence to indicate it was a staged and she was grabbed and then she was sent out here to where the second crash was meant to kill her, and they never imagined her surviving but lucked out when she woke up with memory loss and amnesia, so she couldn’t reach out to her family.”

“I don’t get it, why. Why would someone do that? I can’t imagine that Beth would have someone who would want to hurt her in that kind of way” Serena asked as there was a knock on the door and she called out. “Yes.”

“Dr. Rogers, there were some test results that just came in. You told me that you wanted them as soon as they arrived.

“Come in Bitsy,” Serena said to her receptionist and turned to Michael. “Sorry.”

“No, as I said before, I really should be going,” Michael said as he got up as the receptionist came into the room. “I have monopolized a lot of your time.”

“It’s those results for Dr. Beth Evans and her daughters Alexandra and Caroline,” Bitsy Donaldson said as she walked into the office and it perked up Michael’s ears as he had been reaching for his jacket when he heard the names cited. “I am sorry if I am mentioned you wanted them right away.”

“Yes Bitsy,” Serena nodded as she knew Michael had heard. “You can go home now, I don’t have any more patients today and I was going to close up as soon as I finished with some patient files I had to update.”

“That would be great, thanks, good night.”

“Good night. Say hello to Joshua and Molly for me,” Serena smiled as she watched her receptionist leave the office, and turned to look at Michael. “You don’t have to hide the fact that you caught that.”

“What are you doing with test results for Beth, and her girls? Are they okay?” Michael asked as he approached the desk.


“Please don’t tell my Mom you saw what you think you saw,” Carrie said as she begged Kyle to keep the brief spell of healing power he saw her commit as she healed from the cut from the broken glass.”

“Your mother doesn’t know?” Kyle asked as he struggled to pull himself together from the revelation that if Carrie had the power to heal than she had other powers, and that meant she and twin sister were alien human hybrids and that meant there would be no question after all the endless discussion whether Beth was Liz. Liz had to be alive and that meant Max would be the father of the twins.

“No, and please don’t tell her.” Carrie pleaded. “Not with everything else she is going through right now.”

“Is your sister like you?” Kyle asked as he heard footsteps coming upstairs from the basement.

“Yes,” Carrie said. “Similar healing, but different in other aspects so please don’t let on that you know anything.”

“I promise,” Kyle said. GOD! Please do not make this even more complicated than it already is.

“Thank you,” Carrie said but stopped talking when they heard footsteps and then Beth appeared in the kitchen. “Mom!”

“Did I hear glass breaking?” Beth asked.

“Is it the superhuman hearing again?” Carrie asked with a smirk, but it touched a nerve in Kyle who frowned. “Yes, I accidentally dropped a glass. Mr. Valenti helped me clean up,” she lied, and Kyle let it slide.

“Thank you,” Beth smiled at Kyle as she went to get a glass. “I know you have to get going, but here is that water I promised you.”

“I appreciate it,” Kyle smiled. “It was a nice to meet you Caroline,” he said as he watched the teenager walked towards the door to the kitchen.”

“It’s Carrie,” Caroline smiled. “I am sure we’ll see you again before you leave town,” she stated as she bypassed her mother. “I am headed up to do homework.”

“Call if you need any help,” Beth said as she watched her daughter leave.

“They are very independent, aren’t they?” Kyle asked as he drank a sip of water and looked at Beth and pondered the new information.

“Yes, they are.” Beth said. “And don’t they show it every single day.”

“I better get going,” Kyle said as he checked his watch and realized he had spent a lot longer than he anticipated. “Thanks for talking to me.”

“No problem,” Beth said. “It was a pleasure,” she smiled. “I think I learned a lot about the situation and I don’t feel as overwhelmed,” she said truthfully and now it’s back to the grind of keeping an eye on those kids of mine.”

“If you need to talk,” Kyle smiled. “I am staying Ambassador in New Haven, Room 312. Or you can try Michael Guerin’s room, Room 311. He should be able to know where to reach me.”

“I will,” Beth nodded as she watched Kyle leave and wondered again about her past, sighing she decided to search for her kids to see if they wanted lunch or had they picked something up on the way home.


Once Kyle got to the car he had rented when it was obvious that he and Michael would need separate ones for some of their travels, he got in and reached for his cell phone. Dialing, he got the voice machine. “It’s Kyle and I am headed back to the hotel. I think we can provide the final definitive answer to that question we have... Liz is alive and living under the name Beth Evans. I’ll meet you back there, see you soon.”

“Oh, god Liz,” he whispered and continued to drive.


Are you ready for your date?” Elizabeth was asking Grace as they to the Evans home after their classes ended for the day. They had the afternoon off due to teacher being out sick, and they had a timeslot open and therefore they took the opportunity to head home, and given Elizabeth’s lack of parents at home, she elected to head to Grace’s home. Grace was fully enjoying her new car, and the freedom it was giving her and was enjoying the ability to drive to school and Jake was enjoying that it gave him the freedom from having to drive his sister in the wake of their rebellious weekend. Elizabeth didn’t really care.

“Elizabeth!” Grace squirmed as they drove.

“I am just asking,” Elizabeth smiled as they pulled into the drive way of the Evans home. “I am curious.”

“It’s just a movie Elizabeth,” Grace smiled. “I don’t have anything to worry about or get ready.”

“It’s a date Grace, it’s big.”

“I am fine,” Grace said as they pulled their book bags out of the car, and headed into the house. “I guess Dad isn’t home yet. He said he would home early but there are still hours to go.”

“So, he can interrogate Dom?” Elizabeth asked.

“He wanted to be here, yes,” Grace allowed as they went into the kitchen, and went for a snack before they got down to studying for a test they had the next day in their Biology class. “I doubt it will be an interrogation.”

“You never know,” Elizabeth smirked. “But he’ll probably be a pussy cat compared to what my father will be like if I ever have a first official date.”

“Your father loves you. Your mother seems more the stern one in terms of you and your siblings.”

“Yet she ups and leaves Jake and me, and deposits my brothers with our grandparents all the while our father is across the country working, so yeah, she’s stern one alright.”

“Have you talked to her?” Grace asked as they got out their text books and binders, and began to study.

“Yeah last night. It was before we went to bed. Something is up with her. She was very weird before she left, and it was very unlike her to decide to test our ability to be adults and leave Jake and me home alone, especially after Jake’s recent escapade. Dad finally called, and wasn’t pleased to hear she went up to the cabin with Belle. Something tells me life for us is way less complicated than for them.”

“Why do you say that?” Grace asked.

“It’s just this sense I get,” Elizabeth sighed. “This feeling that there is something going on in the upper chambers of our clan, and it’s going to change the lives as we know it now…. when we finally are let in on it.”

“I just hope it’s nothing bad,” Grace admitted as she felt the same sense of change in the air, but knew she needed to think about something she could control and that was her education. “We have to get down to studying.”

“I know,” Elizabeth smiled. “But was hoping you would forget as your dating life is much more interesting than any AP Biology exam,” she laughed.

And Grace couldn’t help but laugh as she would prefer not to think about the potential disasters that could be colliding their way, which would not only prove Alex right but also change the course of her life and future.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 37 - Updated - 2/15/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:55 pm

Now Kyle knows he has all his proof that he needs. Hopefully Serena will not be to freaked out by the test results. Max and Grace need to know ASAP.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 37 - Updated - 2/15/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:27 am

Can't wait for Kyle and Michael to compare notes.
Will Serena share with Michael the results of the twins tests??
I'm glad Beth is comfortable taking to Kyle, he is filling in lots of blank pages for her.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 37 - Updated - 2/15/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:35 am

Another great part!

I just hope that someone is going to tell Liz and her daughters what's going on... I know it must not be too easy - because I don't really know how they will be react to all the Story! Maybe believe it or not...

In the end, it will be for all these People a big shock!

Thanks and I am waiting impatiently for more! EVE :mrgreen:
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Reunion - Chapter 38 - 2/18/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:45 pm

Not hearing his phone Michael was firmly trying to get answers from Serena into the test results on Beth and her kids. “Look I am all for patient, doctor confidentiality but if it’s critical to the case that I am working on maybe then I should know.”

“Not before my patient, and only then with her consent,” Serena answered as she opened the folder with the results and her brow lifted but kept her emotions in checked so not to rouse anymore questions. “I am her doctor.”

“You told me yourself that you rarely see the twins for anything medical,” Michael asked.

“And that is the truth,” Serena acknowledged. “Whatever is in the folder is not for you to know until my patient or kids become aware of whatever results there may be, and only then with their permission” she stated flatly. “You’re investigating a missing person case, or dead woman walking case and I don’t see any relevance.”

“I do think you see the relevance,” Michael started but decided to clamp down on the mission to get answers. “But I’ll leave it for now. I do sense though that whatever is in that folder matters to my investigation.”

“You should go,” Serena said. “I still have paperwork to do before I can go, and I have been delayed long enough.”

“Okay okay,” Michael sighed. “But we’ll talk again.”

“Oh, I am sure of it,” Serena acknowledged as she saw Michael officially leave her office and moments later heard the outer door slam shut. Turning back to the results she muttered a curse under her breath as she read them. I am not going home anytime soon.

The results settled some questions but other arose, and she sighed to herself once again and reached for the phone. “Hey, Beth, it is Serena. Home again, oh, are you okay?” she asked. “Good, anyways, you might want to come over. The results are in. No, you don’t need to bring the girls. But you probably should come over sometime soon. Okay, I have a mountain of paperwork to get done, and I can’t get together until after the dance class tonight. So, how about around 8:30 p.m.? Keith is taking the boys to a movie and therefore I have some free time, and the ability to discuss more after the rehearsals.”

“Damn it,” she muttered to herself as she hung up and sat down at her desk and stared at the results.


When Kyle got back to the hotel, he knocked on Michael’s room door to find silence and, so he figured he wasn’t back yet, so Kyle went into his own room and took a feel minute rest before Skyping his wife. Isabel, he knew should be at the shop. Even though on Tuesdays she left the shop to be closed by her second in command, it was still too early to find her at home with the kids.

“Hey,” he smiled as he saw his lovely wife come on the screen from the back room of the shop. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Isabel smiled from her connection in Roswell. “When do you think, you can come home?” she asked as she asked her assistant to take the front of the store for a little while. “It’s only been a few days and it seems like an eternity.”

“It does,” Kyle smiled. “I should know more tomorrow,” he said. “I think we’re finally getting somewhere in this case, and we should have some sense of where this is going very soon.”

“Can you tell me what this is about?” Isabel asked.

“Sorry,” Kyle sighed. “I wish I could. But it’s still sensitive. Have you seen your brother lately?”

“For a few minutes, this morning” Isabel smiled. “He’s busy as ever at the office, and Grace has her official first date tonight, so I am sure I’ll be hearing about it eventually.”

“Wait up. Grace is dating. Who, it’s not Jake, right?” Kyle asked as he felt left out of the loop of the inner group dynamic. Although he knew if it had been Jake than Michael would be in the know and would have let it slip to him.

“No,” Isabel shook her head. “It’s someone from school. Some guy who is close to going to West Point. His name apparently is Dominic.”

“Oh,” Kyle said. “How is Max reacting?”

“You know my brother, whatever he is feeling he’s keeping quiet. But from what I do know, he’s letting it all go with a Zen like attitude, for the moment at least. I gather it’s only a movie. So, it’s safe for now at least.”

“Given what Grace has gone through lately, I would only assume she’s going to take it one step at a time.”

“Yup,” Isabel smiled. “So, my brother is taking it as a sign that things will be fine for the moment at least.”

“Which is better than over thinking it,” Kyle smiled. “Now how about telling me about our own kids?”


“Girls, I am headed to do some errands. You guys will be okay until Ginger gets here, right?” Beth asked as she put on her jacket. She thought back to her conversation with Serena and wondered what that meant but that worry was for another time. Her hiatus from work meant she could get some shopping done.

“We will Mom,” Alexandra smiled. “Carrie has her dance rehearsal in a little while.”

“Oh, right I forgot. Can you get Ginger to drive you? Serena indicated that she might not have the time,” Beth asked.

“Sure,” Carrie said as she and Alex had been having a discussion in the living room when their mother had stopped in and stated she was headed out. “Have a safe drive,” she smiled, and then her mother left the house and she turned back to her sister and their discussion.

“Are you crazy,” Alexandra hissed at her sister once the front door closed. “What are you doing using your powers around a stranger.”

“It’s not something I set out to do, and I did try to mask it,” Carrie said. “I think we have had enough practice by now, wouldn’t you?” she asked. “It was something rash, but it was a pure slip.”

“We do have plenty of experience on keeping it on the down low,” Alexandra agreed. “But come on Carrie, we always have to be careful. Especially here at home when Mom doesn’t know what we can do,” she reasoned.

“I know Alex,” Carrie sighed. “I just slipped.”

“So, what happened?” Alexandra asked as she didn’t like the idea of someone they didn’t know might have had a chance to see that they might not be normal teenagers.

“Not what I thought would happen,” Carrie sighed. “You want to know something?”

“What?” Alexandra asked.

“He didn’t seem shocked, or surprised. It was almost like he had seen my ability before.”

“That would be crazy,” Alexandra asked. “Right?”

“I know,” Carrie asked as she checked the time and realized she didn’t have that much longer before her dance class and she needed to go and get ready. “And he said something,”

“What?” Alexandra asked.

“After seeing my slip of power usage, all he said was that ‘I was Max’s kid’?” she admitted.

“Did you ask him what he meant about that?” Alexandra asked.

“No,” Carrie admitted. “I didn’t have time as I also I had to plead him to be quiet about my power, and then Mom came into the room and he soon left the house. Do you think our father is like us?”

“Mom isn’t, right?” Alexandra asked. “We have to get our gifts somewhere. The accident wouldn’t have given them, because we weren’t even born yet and we’re not some superhero movie.” She laughed.

“No, we’re not,” Carrie laughed as much as often they thought of them being in one given their extraordinary gifts. “But we got our gifts somewhere and from someone so maybe we do have a father out there and they know him. If Mom is who they say she is, of course.”

“Oh, look Ginger is coming,” Alexandra said as she saw their housekeeper get through the gate with her key and come up heading towards their house. “We’ve got to table this discussion until later as we have company with prying ears and you have your dance rehearsal to get ready for.”

“Sure,” Carrie smiled as she got up as a key was put in the door.

“Hey Carrie, do we know where those investigators are staying?” Alex asked as a lark as they walked to the door to the let Ginger in.

“I don’t recall them telling us but maybe Mom wrote it down in the kitchen. I would think they would have told her,” Carrie said as the door open and in came their housekeeper. “Hey Ginger,” she smiled.

“Why aren’t you two at school?” Ginger asked.

“Issue with the school heating system,” Carrie smiled. “Free day at home. Mom is also home, but she had to step out to do some errands. So, she was wondering if you could drive me to my dance class. It is rehearsals, and I have to be there.”

“Sure,” Ginger smiled at the twins. “Why does it seem like when two have time on your hands than mischief is headed your way?”

“You never know,” Alexandra smiled as her sister headed off to get ready for her class.


“Dad please can you promise me that you won’t be too hard on Dominic tonight,” Grace asked as her father arrived home from the agency. Max had done what he had predicted to his receptionist when he said he would likely be headed home once he was done at Michael’s with the number of cases he had to oversee. And because of his daughter’s date, he decided it was time to head home.

“I can’t think why you would ask that,” Max smiled as he hugged his daughter. “I am sure I will be completely fine with Dominic tonight. I shouldn’t have to worry, should I?”

“Of course, not,” Grace said. “It’s just a movie and a school night,” she argued.

“Then you don’t have to worry about the way I behave tonight,” Max smiled. “I am planning on making pizza for dinner. Is that okay with you?”

“Perfect,” Grace said as she went up to her bedroom as she wasn’t so sure that she would get through this night without some disaster.

“I am so not ready for this,” Max muttered to himself as he realized how lucky he had been by the daughter he had until now. The one who didn’t date, who just lived for school, working at the restaurant and home and didn’t seem to have a social life unless it resolved around, which it almost always did, Elizabeth or Jake and now she was branching out into the world in another adult way and he wasn’t ready for this. “Liz, you should be here with me keeping me in line.” he muttered to himself as he headed down to his office, to work on some of his actual cases he had brought home.


“How can you exist in a department with such lowly technology?” Casper snarled at Jim. She was doing some case work out of the department. “Even New Haven is higher tech than this department.”

“What can I say, I am old fashion.” Jim said. “Really being a sheriff of such a small town, there really isn’t that big of a need to be flashy.”

“At least you are connected to the country wide DNA database,” Sandra smiled.

“There really isn’t a need most of the time. This case has been the exception to the rule.” Jim admitted. “I have got to get going. My grandkids are all coming to dinner. And I have to be there to help my wife.”

“You are a blended family, right?” Casper asked.

“Yes,” Jim smiled. “My wife and I each brought a child into the marriage. She a daughter, Maria and me, my son, Kyle and they both now have children. Five for Maria and three for my son” he smiled. “It’s my stepdaughter’s children all coming together tonight.”

“Wow that is lots of grandkids,” Casper remarked.

“Yes,” Jim smiled. “It’s crazy a lot of the time, but it’s a fun crazy. Being a single parent to my son before my marriage, I never imagined having such a big family. So, I treasure every moment of it.”

“You are very lucky,” Sandra smiled.

“I know,” Jim smiled. “I’ll let you know if I hear anything from New Haven and call if you hear anything on your end.”

“Sure thing,” Casper smiled. “I think I’ll head back to the motel. Thanks for letting me work here.”

“You can tell MacIntosh if he wants to work here, he’s welcome.”

“Sure thing,” Casper smiled as she grabbed her coat, and bag and walked out with Jim as she closed up his office and put the night’s duty on his deputy.
“Hello Grandma,” Jake smiled as he and Elizabeth arrived at the Deluca-Valenti household after Jake’s classes let out and he had arrived home to pick up his sister for their dinner with their siblings, and grandparents. “Thank you for inviting us for dinner,” he asked.

“You two come in,” Amy said of her eldest grandchildren. “I was only expecting Elizabeth. I thought you had to work Jake? Although your brothers can’t wait to see you,” she smiled. “I just talked to your mother. She and Belle are enjoying themselves, and miss you.”

“I changed my schedule. I work tomorrow night instead,” Jake smiled not wanting to admit the real reason for not working was because he was preoccupied with thinking about Grace and her date with Dominic and he would be useless working on cars, so he elected to switch with a buddy at work and come to dinner with Elizabeth.

“Is there any sense when she’s coming home,” Elizabeth asked as she took off her coat and hung it in the closet. “Where is Grandpa?”

“Still at the department, but he shouldn’t be too much longer,” she smiled. “A case has come his way that has attention. And regarding your mother, she didn’t give me a sense just that the time away is doing some good,” Amy said as she remembered her talk with Maria. Maria was not in a good mood. She was still digesting the news about Liz, and while taking hikes with her youngest daughter changed the mood for couple of miles, she still had sit with the news when she got back to the cabin.

“Jake, Elizabeth,” Colin said as he came out of the kitchen. “You’re here.”

“We are,” Jake smiled at his eldest younger brother. “We missed you too,” he asked. “How’s school. Need any help?”

“I could use some science help,” Colin remarked.

“My specialty,” Jake said. “I’ll look after dinner,” he said of one of the subjects he generally aced or even put some effort into.

“Thanks,” Colin said.

Amy smiled at the interaction among her grandchildren. Sighing to herself she went into the kitchen to finish up dinner


“Sorry that I have been so inactive lately with the case,” Trevor MacIntosh said as he and Sandra took a case related meeting back at the motel “It’s so tempting with Meredith and our son here to spend the time with them. It’s the first time in forever we have had so much time together,” he said. “I know I have been leaning on you.”

“It’s not like we know much of anything,” Sandra smiled. “And how can I fault you for wanting to spend time with your family. If mine were here, I would be the same way.”

“It’s just meant you are on your own a lot more than the typical case.”

“That is true,” Sandra smiled. “But if it helps your marriage, then I am all for you spending that time with them and anyways, I think we’ll hear very soon that we can go back home or that you can head officially off on vacation.”

“How is that?” MacIntosh asked.

“I think we’ll hear from Hanson that there is no doubt that we have found our Jane Doe’s identity. And that Roswell has found their dead woman.”

“So, you think Beth Evans has found her past?” MacIntosh asked.

“Yes,” Sandra confirmed.


Alexandra set out on her mission. With her mother, out on errands, and needing Ginger to drive Carrie to her dance rehearsals Alexandra decided to hitch a ride with them, under the disguise of wanting to see her sister rehearse. But after watching for a few minutes, it got boring and, so she set out on her real mission. Walking to the bus station, she got on a bus for New Haven.

“This is so unlike me,” she muttered to herself. “This is so Carrie. But I feel like I need to grasp my own information, and this was the perfect timing,” she thought as she got on the bus and waited for it to take off.


“See you later Dad,” Grace said as she watched her father at the door. Dominic had arrived, and had survived the parent interrogation although it had been a very tame affair. Her date’s acceptance into West Point early had eased any tensions and Max could see that he didn’t really have to worry about this guy. And really if his daughter was at ease, then he should be fine with it. And he was. He just didn’t like the idea his baby was growing up.

“Have a fun time,” Max said and watched the car leave.

Once the car was out of sight, he picked up his cell phone and dialed. “Deluca, where are the hell are you? Why are you up at the cabin?”


“Max, is that you,” Maria said as settled down on the couch after having dinner with her youngest. She had to admit not having four other mouths around the table was an adjustment. But having her bubbly six-year-old around was a mood stabilizer after a stressful day.

“Why did you leave your two impressionable teenagers at home alone, while you head up north?” Max asked as he walked into the house. “I’ve been trying to reach you all day.
Why not pick up my call.”

“Sorry long and frustrating day with the manuscript,” Maria lied.

“What is going on Maria?” Max asked as sat down on the couch in the living room and saw the family picture of him, Grace and Liz on the mantel. “This is very unlike you. Even if Elizabeth has given you no worries as of yet, Jake has with his recent escapades and therefore it is very unlike you.”

“I am trusting parent. Like Mom was with me,” Maria tried. “You want to move over to Skype, so we can actually see each other” she asked even though it meant lying to his face.

“Sure,” Max said. “I will call you back in a few” as he hung up and went down to his work office, which had Skype hooked up. He rang Maria back.

“Hello stranger,” Maria smiled.

“Hey,” Max said. “I repeat, what is going on. You are a trusting parent, but you’re not as carefree as your mother was with you. You said you learned a lot from our adventures as teenagers.”

“I did,” Maria smiled. “But I do trust Jake to look out for his sister. And even if he’s being a rascal, I at least trust my daughter to keep an eye on her brother.”

“But to leave them at home, that is unlike you. Even if you did need time with your manuscript,” he asked.

“I am not up here forever,” Maria reasoned. “I just needed some time. Michael is busy, and I couldn’t bring the other kids up because they still have school before their spring break. So, I decided to bring the one kid I still have a reasonable control on,” she laughed.

“It’s still unlike you,” Max sighed at the non-answers he was getting. He was a lawyer, and it was hell trying to get his best friend to spill on whatever she was keeping something from him, and he wasn’t that oblivious not to see that she knew something that she didn’t want to tell him.

“It might be, but it is best I can say to you is I am working on my manuscript,” Maria said smiling her best smile and trying to quickly change to another subject as to not keep lying to her best friend. “Okay, enough about me, what about you?”

“I am alright. Except that I just sent my sixteen-year-old daughter out on her first official date, and I can’t help but worry about her.”

“Oh right, Grace’s date.” Maria settled back on the couch. “I forgot. Did the guy pass the parental interrogation?”

“It went well as can be expected. It’s not like I can’t disapprove of him. Grace was at ease with him, and he does have acceptance to West Point to look forward to, so it as well as you expect to go. And it’s only a movie date.”

“A movie date can be spicy,” Maria smiled. “I remember mine with Michael,” she laughed even more at Max’s frown.

“Jesus Maria!”

“Sorry,” Maria smiled. “I really don’t think you have to worry about your daughter and especially not after recent events. I truly do think it’s going to be a tame affair tonight,” she smiled. “Tonight at least but now that Grace is out in the dating world. It’s only a matter of time before Elizabeth is, she’s going to see it as a sign,” she sighed.

“I know,” Max smiled. “You and Michael have a lot to look forward to.”

“I can’t wait,” Maria groaned. “Have you talked to Michael,” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Nope,” Max said. “Have you?” he asked. “I was at the agency today doing the legal business for him regarding recent cases, but we haven’t talked. Why?”

“I am just curious,” Maria asked. “He’s busy with this case, so the calls haven’t been that frequent.”

“I gather it’s a missing person’s case?” Max asked.

“Why do you say that?” Maria asked.

“Just a file I ran across when I was at the agency, and while it was thin. I gather from Mary that it’s his current case.”

“You did?” Maria asked with a sense of trepidation. “Did you learn anything?”

“Nope,” Max shook his head. “It was pretty thin. I am sure he would have taken the file with him if this was the case he was investigating. Mary was surprised it got mixed up in the cases that I was tying up legally.”

“You know Michael and his file system can lapse at times,” Maria smiled. “Especially when he is out having fun on a case and it devours all his time.”

“That is Michael, sure.” Max smiled. “You don’t think I have to worry about the case, right?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t think you would,” Maria said as she sighed within herself at the knowledge that they were actively keeping something from her friend that would-be earth shattering. “I am sure he’ll let you know, in time, if it’s something you have to deal with.”

“I know,” Max smiled as he checked the time. “I have got to go; I will talk to you soon.”

“That we will,” Maria smiled. “Why don’t you say hello to Grace for me, and that I hope she had a fantastic date.”

“I will.” Max nodded as he disconnected the connection, and went upstairs to do some chores around the house so not to fret about his daughter’s date.


“Valenti open up,” Michael said as he knocked on Kyle’s hotel room. “What is this message you left me?” he asked.

“You don’t need to be loud,” Kyle smiled as he opened the door. “Well you certainty took your time getting back here,” he said as he let Michael into the room. “And I was totally serious on the message,” he said as he closed the door.

“I was stuck in traffic, and I had wanted to pick up something special for Maria and the kids. Which is why I am later getting back... Are you sure?” Michael asked.


“How,” Michael asked.

“Because the twins, well, they have powers!” Kyle said simply.

“What the heck,” Michael asked as he stared at Kyle to see if he wasn’t pulling some joke
on him. “How would you know this?”

“I saw them in action!” Kyle admitted.

“What?” Michael asked.

“Carrie?” Kyle sighed. “Caroline. She calls herself Carrie, anyways, I was visiting Beth earlier and the kids came home after the school closed for the day with some malfunction and somehow when all was said and done, Carrie cut herself on some broken glass...”

“And?” Michael asked in bated breath.

“She knows how to heal. She tried to hide it. Just like I am sure you, Max and Isabel could when you were kids. Especially Max. But I caught the small glow. She definitely was healing herself, and her hand looked like nothing was wrong when it was done.”


“Yes!” Kyle nodded. “If they have powers than Liz definitely is alive, and Max is the father of the twins.”
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 38 - Updated - 2/18/2018

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Great Part!

Kyle has accepted the truth. Now the others need to catch up.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 38 - Updated - 2/18/2018

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Now is the time to tell Max what is going on!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 38 - Updated - 2/18/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 5:38 pm Max really needs to know what is going on!
Michael struck out on the twins test results with Serena, but Kyle hit the jackpot.
And Carrie was right, Kyle has seen this action before.
The girls are so smart, they have figured out their gifts came from somewhere.
Loved Grace's concern over her fathers interrogation of her date.
What.....Alex is on a bus to NH.......??
Max is suspicious of Maria, and he is right.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 38 - Updated - 2/18/2018

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Wow another great chapter!!!!

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