Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 - Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by roswell4life » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:40 am

YES!!!! Finally someone else knows and I'm so glad it's Maria!!!!! :lol: Please need more of this story soon!!!! :D

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by begonia9508 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:10 pm

Waited impatiently the whole week-end! :shock: :roll:

Great part... and I still wonder who is behind her Kidnapping and made-up death... As the Story is with Alien, it must be someone from Antar...
At least, it is my best thought!

Funny that Anson works in New-Heaven! Anyway, I am looking to read more, sometimes... Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:24 pm

Oh my! It took me a minute to make the connection of Denny. That was the guy that Khivar possed to go after Isabel when she married Jesse! Hurry back! Hurricane DeLuca is now on the lose!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:08 pm

Oh boy........things are beginning to match up.
What a surprise to meet up with Hanson again.......but that's a real plus.
The crash was staged??????
Who is Denny???? And why was he out for Liz's husband.
Now you better hurry back and answer some questions.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:30 pm

OH MY GOD!!!!! This is a great chapter. So Henson, Kyle, Michael, Jim are all thinking the same thing that Beth Evan is really Liz Parker Evans. So Finally Maria knows the truth about Liz being alive. Who is Denny? Why did Denny stage Liz's death? What will Maria do with this information? Will Maria tell Max and Isabel? Will Michael, Kyle and Henson tell Beth the truth? What will Beth do when she finds out the truth? What will Max do when he finds pout the truth? Sorry for the questions I was just wondering.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 31 - Updated 1/31/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:15 pm

Great Maria final knows something!

I think deep down Beth knows that she is really Liz Parker Evans based on the DNA tests (the twins' match with Grace) and Michael and Kyle's visit but she is having a hard time accepting that her husband and daughter have been lost to her for all this time and her twins were denied a father.

Can't wait for the next part.

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Reunion - Chapter 32 - 2/02/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:35 pm

“Sorry I have got to go” Jim said he tried to quickly assess the escalated situation as he quickly shut down the conversation with New Haven and forced himself to look up at his visibly angry stepdaughter. “Maria!”

“Don’t Maria me Jim,” Maria muttered as she had fully come into the office to face the town Sheriff and her stepfather who were one and the same. There were all kinds of emotions coarsely through her, and they could be clearly telegraphed on her face and it hurt Jim to have to witness the emotion in his stepdaughter. “Was that Michael I heard you talking to?”

“Yes,” Jim said softly. “We were talking about the case I sent them off on and it was meant to be a private conversation, so I have to ask, why are you here?”

“I needed to talk to you,” Maria said as she sat down in the office as she tried to think of how she was going to proceed with this conversation. Quietly she spoke, “What is going on Jim? I couldn’t have heard what I thought I did, right?”

“Maria!” Jim said softly.

“Tell me the truth Jim. Heck I think my mother even knows, and obviously my husband knows with Isabel on the scent, even if she’s still a mile off. So why should I be the last to know. Scratch that, okay, Max and Grace are, right? What is going on? What is this about Liz?”


“Maria three times is not good,” Maria conceded as she tried her best pleading look at her stepfather and yet she didn’t want to know because the feeling coarsely through her was that she was about to be rudely woken up about something that would change her life, and she didn’t want to hear it.


“I take it your wife is not in the know?” Hanson asked Michael back at the New Haven Police Department. Once the Skype call went south, they went back to their conversation. “I am sorry if you were trying to keep it a secret.”

“As we mentioned before, we wanted to know more,” Michael conceded as he winced at the situation of his wife forcing Jim to tell her of the unfolding case, and the genuine fear of how she was going to deal with it with him being so far away and unable to be there to help her cope. Liz’s death had nearly destroyed his wife. If not for the fact she had Max and Grace to concentrate on along with their own children, he didn’t know how she would have dealt with the loss. “That is why we didn’t go to Max, his daughter. Or even my wife and or Kyle’s wife.”

“I am sorry,” Hanson said. “It’s going to be difficult for all involved if we are speculating the truth.”

“Max and their daughter have gone fourteen years believing their wife and mother died when Grace only two years old. To find out she’s alive, but doesn’t remember them. It would be heart-breaking,” Kyle sighed. “So, you can understand why we’re almost hoping to discover this has been an elaborate hoax.

“It will be. But she would be alive. You can’t go back to the old days, but they can start from that fact that they have a second chance.”


“How are Meredith and your son enjoying Roswell?” Sandra asked as she met up with Trevor after the detective had spent the morning and lunch with his family. Things were stalled in the investigation until they got more direction to how they were supposed to precede.

“So far so good,” Trevor said. “It’s nice to able to spend some time with my family. You forget how much work takes up from our everyday life. It is sort of nice that this case is so unorthodox that I’m able to spend time with them.”

“I know,” Sandra nodded. “You are lucky.”

“Sorry, I know you miss your husband and kids.” Trevor acknowledged.

“I do, but they are headed home today, and they have had an exciting time with the in-laws. While I can get along with them, sometimes they are so overbearing. So, I am kind of thrilled I didn’t get the extra blast of spending time with them, but I do miss my family. Hopefully we’re heading to a conclusion, so we can get home.”

“Have you heard from the Chief or Valenti?” Trevor asked.

“Valenti wants us to head over there if you’re up to it. Are Meredith and your son busy?”

“They are heading over the new UFO Museum and then doing some browsing and shopping if they have time, so I do have the time if it helps the case.”

“Let get going then,” Sandra said as they left her motel room, and walked towards the car and headed for the Sheriff’s office.


“I don’t understand any of this. Isabel was just telling me at lunch that two cops are in town, and there is talk about kicking up dirt surrounding Liz’s crash. Is this about Liz’s crash? Please Jim, tell me the truth. You know I am going to get Michael to tell me the next time I get in touch with him.”

“Okay okay,” Jim said quietly. “Yes, we’re checking out Liz’s crash.”

“Why?” Maria asked.

“Because of those cops you named. They came to town the other day and they decided to kick up the dirt on the crash from fourteen years ago.”

“Why?” Maria asked. “It was an accident. Liz probably shouldn’t have been driving that night because the weather was so poor, but she had been working late and wanted to get home to Max and Grace.”

“We thought it was an accident.”

“But it was!” Maria said adamantly. “How could it not be?”

“Because there is evidence that maybe Liz’s crash was pre-meditated and planned,” Jim said quietly, and Maria’s eyes opened wide. “Yes, look, I know Maria!”

“Who would have done it?” Maria asked in a near whisper.

“I don’t have clear grasp on that part of the situation yet, but it is possible because of an enemy of Max.”

“What kind of enemy! And don’t tell me it’s that kind of enemy!” Maria asked not wanting to admit to herself that it could be because of who Max was or because of her own husband and that this mess was due to the alien hybrid chaos.

“I have to,” Jim said.

“Jim!” Maria!

“Look Maria I wish this wasn’t happening. How I wish it wasn’t. But it is, and it’s something we must deal with, and why I am not going to Max and Grace is because I don’t want the heartache that is bound to happen until I am 100% certain.”

“About what?

“Liz!” Jim said quietly as he expected his news to hit like a bombshell and would hit Maria hard.

What about Liz?”

“Liz might be alive!”

“Jesus Christ….NO!” Maria shouted as a scream of despair filled the room.


“How are you doing?” Serena asked as she walked into Beth’s home in Madison with her closest friend. “I called the hospital expecting you already to be there and they told me that you called in sick.

“I am fine. I just couldn’t handle it. I am sorry about this Serena. I know I asked you guys to take the girls this week. But I needed a day at least to figure out what to do next. I know you were expecting the girls tonight. I am due time off given that I work so much, but for now I figure calling in sick would be suffice given my life is really spinning out of control and my headaches are back.”

“Hey, it’s no problem,” Serena said as they went into the kitchen. “The headaches. You haven’t been bothered by those in years?” Serena asked as she sensed the house was quiet. “You are not here, alone, are you?”

“The kids are at a movie with mutual friends. And they were going for pizza beforehand, so yeah, I am alone,” Beth smiled. “And I actually want it that way. I need the peace and quiet of silence. I needed time to think. How did my life turn into a mess?”

“I have no idea,” Serena admitted. “How are you handling it?”

“You mean the news that I may be a dead woman?” Beth asked. “That I may have a sixteen-year-old daughter out there, and even more pressing, a husband who thinks his wife has been dead for fourteen years.”

“Yes,” Serena asked as they settled with drinks in the living room. “Damn Beth, I can’t imagine what you are going through.”

“It’s a heck of a time, I don’t know what to think” Beth said honestly. “It seemed so innocent when the kids were questioning their history. I didn’t know the answers sure, but I never thought a simple family tree project done by two thirteen-year old’s would open this Pandora box of revelations and the unknown.”

“I am so sorry that you have to deal with this,” Serena sighed. “The girls were always going to be curious no matter what, but I can see why it would be so overwhelming and feel like it your life is out of control”

“I know it’s only natural for the girls to be curious,” Beth nodded. “But the sudden bombardment of information is such an overwhelming sensation to take in.”

“Can I ask, have those men been back?” Serena asked as she took a sip of her drink.

“They were here this morning. They still had questions and were curious, but I was such in an oblivion I didn’t even think to ask my own questions until they had left, and my head seem to clear from the fog it was in”

“What kind of questions?” Serena asked.

“If I am this woman than who am I or if I have another daughter and a husband who have lived with the belief that their wife and mother have been dead for the last fourteen years, what does that mean?”

“I can’t imagine it,” Serena acknowledged.

“I met the girl Serena. Briefly, but I met her,” Beth said quietly.

“You did?” Serena asked.

“Yes,” Beth said. “Do you remember the night you and Keith and kids came over for dinner, and a friend Dr. Montgomery was here with her own daughter and we discussed a mutual patient, and the patient who called me “Mom”.

“That was this girl?” Serena asked amazed at the coincidence.

“Yes,” Beth admitted. “I am blown away about it. I only saw her because it was end of my shift and they wheeled the girl in, and so I did the admitting exam before Alyssa took the case over. Her eyes came open, and she called me ‘Mom’ before she fell unconscious again and Alyssa pushed me out of the room, and told me to go home.”

“And it got you thinking about maybe you did have a child out there, in the missing part of your history?” Serena asked.

“So, when you coupled that with the girls’ family tree project. It amazes me Serena,” Beth admitted. “It seems completely unbelievable to be true, yet it does have some level of plausibility given how weird the situation is.”

“What does she look like?” Serena asked.

“An older version of Alexandra and Caroline,” Beth sighed. “And she could be a younger version of me.”


“Yeah,” Beth admitted. “And it does make me wonder about their father,”

“The girls showed me some newspaper clips that had pictures,” Serena admitted. “I assume they showed you.”

“Yeah, they did,” Beth admitted as she thought of the newspapers. “I told you that they thought they found out who their father was.”

“Does it line up?” Serena asked.

“I actually don’t know,” Beth sighed as she remembered the flashes she was having. “But I can’t deny that it’s not possible.”

“My God Beth,” Serena asked.

“I know,” Beth said.


“I don’t believe it,” Maria firmly said as she sat in Jim’s office. “I know I am taking up a lot of your time, but I want to know why they would be focusing on the crash that was an accident and unforeseen.”

“As I have tried saying to you Maria,” Jim said. “They have a Jane Doe in Connecticut that might match up with Liz.”

“That must be a lie,” Maria cried. “No! absolutely not. I refuse to believe it.”

“If Liz is alive” Jim said he faced his stepdaughter. “I know what it means for it to be true, and I would love to tell you that Michael is going to find that it’s all a hoax and Liz really did die fourteen years ago, come June. And that Max and Grace are being pranked in such a horrific way, but I can’t. I can’t help but think that it might end up being true because all evidence right now assumes the theory to actually be true.”

“I don’t get it Jim,” Maria cried as she shed real tears, tears she hadn’t had to shed in many years. Nothing to her was as devastating as when she lost her best friend, and watched as she was buried into the ground even though they hadn’t had the recognizable body to be able to such a burial, but they had enough of one and they had buried her next to her grandmother at the Roswell Cemetery. “It makes no sense.”

“It doesn’t, and I even think that it doesn’t make sense, but we can’t forget that Max did have enemies at one time. Michael and Isabel too… And as Max’s wife, Liz would have been a tempting target. It would be maximum pain on Max if Liz or their daughter got hurt.”

“Jim, it was quiet,” Maria insisted. “I am not saying Max, or Michael or even Isabel didn’t have enemies once upon a time. We all saw that they did. But it had died down. High school was hell on everyone, but graduation stopped it. Life went on. We all grew up, started having children. There was no reason for them to want to go after Max and Liz.”

“It was, but you can’t deny that there wasn’t a reason to go after Max. You guys had conquered a lot, but you hadn’t completely conquered all by the time Liz left us,” Jim asserted.

“Oh, I know Jim, I live with Michael, so I know that we can never sit still and think it’s all over and that the past couldn’t come back to haunt us all,” Maria admitted. “But to think that past resides in the fact that someone faked Liz’s death and then preceded to take her away from us all, and especially Max and Grace. That is unconscious able!”

“It is Maria,” Jim acknowledged. “But let us remember how Alex died.”

“He died,” Maria snarled. “I hate remembering how!”

“I don’t either and for many more reasons than simply missing him from our lives. His death struck at my house just as well as it did the rest of you guys.”

“God, I know Jim, I know,” Maria said immediately contrite. She knew how much of a brutal hook Jim and Kyle had taken in the loss of Alex. “Look I am sorry. I know how much damage Alex’s death did to you and especially Kyle.”

“But the core of his death was that Alex’s death initially was staged. He did die. We can’t get him back, but Tess made it seem like his death was the result of a crash when we know it was much more sinister. Albeit accidental, but still poked and prodded until it occurred and then made it seem like it was an accident when it was murder.

“I know,” Maria admitted as she took in a deep sigh.

“So, there is precedent,” Jim said quietly. “So, the theory that Liz could have been stopped on that night, and then grabbed and then the car was set on fire to make it look like she had died. It’s credible and crazy enough to have actually happen and we have to come to terms with that so that we can discover if it’s true.”

“Why, who would have done it. I know my husband or Max had enemies. Isabel, too. But come on, who would have done it with Tess dead.” Maria said as she tried to process the unbelievable that her childhood best friend might still be alive.

“Khivar!” Jim reasoned.

“NO Jim, absolutely no. We dealt with him back when Isabel married Jesse.” Maria asked as she thought back to Isabel’s brief marriage. For reasons, still unknown to this day or maybe the fear he would lose any hope of Isabel, Khivar had come back and caused mayhem in the days prior to the whirlwind wedding. It took a lot for Max, Michael and finally Isabel to conquer the threat. While the marriage didn’t work for many reasons, none of them were because of the hiccup of Khivar’s possession of a stranger that was Denny and therefore they knew there were enemies, earthly and alien.

“Max and Michael did, yes, but he had an axe to grind against Max and given how he and Michael dispatched him. Later he tried to use Tess to gain access to Max’s heir, and while that backfired on all parties, it could have led the possibility that he might come back to Earth with a greater vengeance on his mind and one that was centered on Max with Isabel no longer an option.”

“I don’t want to believe it,” Maria cried.

“Can I ask you, why not? If it’s true than she could be back in everyone’s lives again, and we would all have a chance to know her today.”

“That is not it,” Maria said. “God, how I would love her to be alive, so we could get her back, and oh how I would want Max and Grace to have Liz back in their lives.”

“Then what is it?” Jim asked.

It’s the idea that something like that could have happened simply because Liz married alien!”

“What did you say,” came a voice in the office.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 32 - Updated - 2/02/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:59 pm

Yes, Max does have "that" kind of enemies......
Now who just came into the office asking questions???
Thanks, Carolyn

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 32 - Updated - 2/02/2018

Post by roswell4life » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:23 pm

Ahh!! You can't leave it there?! Who the heck is listening to this conversation?! Please let it be Max!! :lol:

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 32 - Updated - 2/02/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:11 pm

OH MY GOD!!!!! Who was listening to what Maria and Jim were talking about? Will Beth talk to Michael and Kyle again? Will Max, Grace, Jeff and Isabel find out about Liz being alive? Please please please please please please come back with more now??????

L-J-L 76

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