Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 9 11/15/17

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 4 10/19/17

Post by JanieD » Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:08 pm

Chapter 4

Max sat on the edge of the bed holding on to Liz's journal. He didn't know what he was going to do. He knew everyone was looking to him to come up with a plan, but he was just as confused as everyone else was. If he followed his heart, he would hand over the Granolith and let the consequences fall where they may. But then there was also that part of him that knew he had to consider the bigger picture. He knew if he did give up the Granolith, the entire planet could fall into the hands of a murdering, power-hungry alien, who wanted nothing more than to bend the entire universe to his will.

He ran his hand through his hair; this was such an unfair decision to have to make. Liz was the love of his life. If he left her to Nicholas, there would be nothing to stop him from torturing and eventually killing her. The more he thought about her in Nicholas’s ruthless hands, the angrier he got. Just knowing that his Liz was out there somewhere, alone, and terrified made him feel sick inside. All he could think about was how terribly he had failed her. When she needed him most, he wasn’t there for her. He took in a deep breath and forced himself to stay focused. He knew beating himself up right now would offer Liz little help. He had to stay in control; he had to keep his emotions in check. As he opened her journal and began to read what she had written, he realized why Maria had warned him. He was in no way prepared for the effect her words would have on him.

Max came to me today, but it wasn’t my Max. It was another version of himself; a version from 14 years into the future. He said he came back through time to save the planet from alien invasion and take over. At first, I doubted that it was really him. I had been fooled by a shape-shifting alien before, but in the end, he proved beyond all doubt that he was in fact, my Max. Seeing him standing there broken and torn before me, broke my heart. The ravages of war had clearly taken its toll on him. He told me that the skins had won and that the earth was about to fall. He told me how Isabel was captured and tortured without mercy until she died from her wounds. He said that he watched Michael being gunned down on the battlefield only hours before he time jumped.

As I stood there listening to him relate to me all that had happened my heart broke inside. I could feel his pain, his sorrow. It all ran so deep. The tragedy that awaited us seemed beyond comprehension, but nothing could have prepared me for the shock that was still to come. The shock of having the man that I love, hold me in his arms and desperately plead with me to help him save the planet by ending things with this version of himself was more than I could bear.

I don't know how he could ask me to do that. How he could ask me to push away the one person in the whole universe that I love. Seeing the look in Max’s eyes, seeing the pain on his face, it’s something I will carry with me always. He was crushed, and now he just thinks that I threw everything we had together away so I could sleep with Kyle. He will hate me. I will spend the rest of my life alone knowing that the man I love has to be with someone else. If this isn't torture, I don't know what is...

“Did you find anything?” Maria asked as she and Michael came back into the bedroom.

Max looked up and shook his head. “No, nothing really,” he told them. “Just a confirmation of what you already told us. I think Liz warned me about the Granolith because of its time travel capabilities. In all honesty, I don’t even think she knows how it works at this point. Whatever she and this Serena person did in the future, Liz knows nothing about it.”

Michael considered what he said. “But Maxwell, one day she will know and that makes her important to Nicholas. He won't kill her until he gets what he wants. We have time on our side.
Knowing that the Granolith can be used for time travel will be too much of a temptation for him just to ignore. He will have no choice but to keep Liz alive.”

Maria thought about Liz and what she must be going through. “We can’t just wait around here. We have to do something,” she said looking over at Max.

Max picked up Liz's sweater. “When was the last time Liz wore this?” he asked her.

Maria narrowed her eyes, “I don’t know,” she told him. “I think yesterday, maybe. Why?”

“Because, I have an idea, and we are not going to just sit around here and wait,” he told them just as Maria's cell phone went off.

Maria glanced down at the phone but didn't recognize the number. “Hello?”

"Hello Maria, I bet you’ll never guess who this is?" Nicholas told her.

Maria's face went ashen white as she motioned over to Max and Michael, “It's him, it's him,” she cried trying to stay calm. “It's Nicholas!"

Max grabbed the phone, "Nicholas if you have hurt Liz in any way I swear to you I’ll…"

"You'll what?” he taunted him.

“I’ll find you, and then I’ll tear you limb from limb!” he said his voice filled with anger and determination.

“Before you go making threats, Your Highness, you would do well to remember I am the one holding all the cards right now. In fact, you should tell that crazy little wife of yours thank you for me. Without her, I would never have known to take Miss Parker hostage. Tess has been immensely helpful to me.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Max demanded to know.

“Oh, I think I’ll let you ask Tess about that. After all, she’s the one who deserves all the credit for the situation Liz finds herself in now,” he laughed.

"Nothing better happen to her Nicholas! I mean it, if you harm her I will kill you!” Max said with a deadly calm in his voice.

"Don't worry; your girlfriend is just fine. At least she is for now. Whether she stays that way or not is entirely up to you. I want the Granolith, and you want Liz we should be able to help each other out, don't you think?” he told him then said, “Now listen carefully because I don't plan on repeating myself. You have exactly 24 hours to decide, you either give me the Granolith or your pretty little girlfriend here doesn't live to see her next birthday," Nicholas warned him. "Oh and just so you know, the death I have planned for her will make what you went through in the White room seem like a day at the beach. Remember I have had years and years to perfect my methods of torture.”

“I’m not giving you anything until I know Liz is all right,” Max told him.

Nicholas laughed. “Your Highness, I’m hurt. Really, the fact that you don’t trust me hurts me deeply.”

“I mean it, Nicholas, if you don’t let me talk to Liz then we have nothing further to talk about,” Max told him.

Nicholas seemed irritated that he was not getting the rise out of Max he had hoped. “Fine, just to show you the kind of romantic I am at heart I will let you talk to her. I mean far be it from me to keep two lovebirds such as yourselves apart,” he said mockingly. “Oh, but I must warn you to make the most of these precious few seconds because it’s all you’re going to get from me.”

Nicholas leaned down over Liz. “Now you are going to tell him that you’re fine and nothing else. No speaking in code, no trying to warn him about where you are. No brave heroic’s. You simply say, ‘Hello Max I’m fine,’” he told her as he held the phone up to her ear.

“Max...” Liz said into the phone trying to keep herself calm.

“Liz are you all right? Has he hurt you?” He could hear her voice trembling, “It’s going to be ok, I will find you. I promise.”

Tears filled her eyes as she looked at Nicholas. “Max listen to me, don't do it, whatever he says don't give him the Granolith!” she yelled out as Nicholas pulled the phone away and slapped her across the face.

“You have 24 hours!” he yelled into the phone and then hung it up.

All the color drained from Max’s face as the phone line went dead. "He wants the Granolith in 24 hours, or he kills Liz."

Maria turned to Max, the look on her face said it all. She began trembling as tears filled her eyes. “What are we going to do?”

Max pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight. “We are going to bring Liz home,” he assured her.

Maria pulled back from him and looked into his eyes. She saw a determination there that she had never seen before. She nodded her head. “Yeah, we’re going to bring her home, and then we’re going to destroy that little worm.

Max let go of Maria and turned to Michael. "Could you ask Isabel to come up. I have a plan, but I am going to need her help.”

“You want her to try and connect with Liz?” Michael asked him.

“It’s worth a shot. If she connects with her, maybe we can figure out where Nicholas is keeping her. Once we know where she is, we will need a plan to get her away from him, and we don’t have a lot of time.”

“You are rebellious, and high spirited, Miss Parker,” Nicholas told her as he ran his hand down along her cheek rather seductively. "I can see why Max wants you back. You are one pretty little human after all, and you have spunk. I like that in a pet,” he told her as he grabbed hold of her by the back of the head. “But you do need to learn to behave better when told to.”

Liz tried to pull her head away from him. Nicholas laughed as he let her go and walked over to the door, "Don't worry, Max sounds like a lovesick puppy he'll give up the Granolith for you. Your pleas did little to sway him not to give it to me. Of course, your reunion will be very short as I am planning on executing him right after I get what I want."

Liz glared at him, “You are wrong Nicholas, he will never do as you ask!” she yelled at him. “By now he knows the truth, and he knows what the Granolith is capable of. He will never give it to you!”

Nicholas laughed, “Yes, he will, or he will attempt some kind of ridiculous rescue and get all of your friends killed. Once they are all dead, you will be joining me on Antar. You should be happy, Khivar is very interested in meeting you. In fact, I think you are the only human he has ever expressed an interest in meeting,” Nicholas told her as he closed and locked the door behind him.

Liz tried to listen as she heard Nicholas giving orders to the skins just outside the door. Her wrists were raw from still being tied behind her back. She pushed herself up against the wall and then slowly inched her way up, scratching and cutting open her back until she was finally able to stand. The room was completely dark except for a small amount of light that shown through the cracks around the door and the window.

Liz forced herself to ignore the intense pain shooting up her arms as the rope cut deeper into her wrists. After several minutes the knot finally gave, and she was able to free her hands. She looked around the room trying to see if there was anything she could use as a weapon or means of escape. There was only a small table against the back wall. She pulled the table over towards the door and climbed up on top of it to look through the window. There were two skins sitting at a table about 6 feet away from the door. She did her best to look around the room, but she couldn't see anything else. As she climbed down a sense of hopelessness began to wash over her. She sat back down on the floor and closed her eyes; fatigue was beginning to take over. She moved over away from the door and tried to focus as hard as she could on Isabel. If she was able to reach Max maybe, just maybe she might be able to connect with Isabel. She did just as she had before, she closed her eyes and focused all her energy on her friend. “Isabel please hear me,” was her one thought.

Max was sitting on the bed when Isabel came in. She walked over and sat down next to him. “You want me to try and connect with Liz?” she asked him.

“Do you think you can?” he asked.

“I don't know,” Isabel told him honestly. “I will try. Can I have something of Liz's, something that she would have touched recently?”

Max handed him the sweater, “I found this here on the bed. Maria said she might have worn it recently.”

Isabel to the sweater from him. “Ok, let me see what I can do,” she said as she held the sweater close to her and closed her eyes. She did her best to focus on Liz, but there were just too many distractions in the room. “You guys have to leave. I'm sorry, but I need it to be really quiet.”

Max got to his feet and followed Michael and Maria out of the room. “Isabel, if you see anything no matter what is happening, you have to tell me.”

Isabel nodded her head. “I will Max, I promise,” she told him as she lay back down on the bed. She held Liz’s sweater tight and closed her eyes again. This time things were different. It was quiet, and she could really focus in on Liz. She felt herself being transported to another place, but she didn't know where. She could hear Liz calling out to her. Suddenly she found herself in a small room; it was dark and cold. She looked around her, but all she could see were shadows. Isabel took another step closer and found Liz leaning up against the wall. Her wrists were bloody, her lip, and face was swollen, and she had bruising along the sides of her head. “Liz, can you hear me?” Isabel called out to her.

Liz turned and looked in the direction the voice was coming, “Isabel are you there?” she cried out.

“I'm here Liz. I'm here with you,” she told her. “Do you know where they have you?”

Liz brushed the hair away from her face and tried to see through the darkness. “No, Nicholas locked me in some kind of closet, I think. I don't know where I am. We drove for a few hours, but I don't know where he took me. I know it’s some kind of old abandoned building.”

Suddenly Isabel felt another presence in the room, she turned to see who it was but it was too dark. Liz's eyes flew open, and she was filled with fear, her heart was racing, and Isabel lost the connection. She tried several times to get it back, but it was of no use. She called out to Max, the fear, and pain Liz was suffering was so intense. Isabel’s heart was racing.

Alex was the first to come in, he walked over to Isabel and sat down beside her. She held his hand as tears formed in her eyes. “It’s not good Alex,” she whispered softly.

Alex took in a deep breath preparing himself for the worst. “Were you able to connect with her at all?”

Before Isabel could answer, Max came into the room followed by the others. She looked up at him. “I'm sorry Max. I did connect with Liz, but I couldn’t see anything that would tell us where she is.”

Max was still hopeful, “But you did make a connection, you were there with her?” he asked.

Isabel nodded her head, “Yeah, I was able to connect with her.”

Max took in a deep breath, “Was she hurt?”

Isabel hesitated to tell the others what she had seen. Alex squeezed her hand, “Just tell us what you saw. Tells us what has happened to Liz,” he encouraged her.

Isabel looked over at Max as tears rolled down her cheek. “Max, I’m so sorry.”

“Just tell me, Isabel. I have to know how she is,” he told her.

Isabel wiped away her tears. “It looks like she has been beaten up pretty bad. Her wrists were all bloody; it looked like he had tied her up or something. She had bruises along the sides of her face. Her lip was swollen and bleeding...” she told him then said as she fought back the tears. “I think he might have tortured her,” she told him, her voice breaking with emotion as she spoke.

Maria burst into tears and Michael wrapped his arms around her. Isabel took in a deep breath before she continued, “She was being held in a small, dark room. It was cold, and there were no windows or lights that I could see. I tried to talk to her. She said she didn't know where she was. She said they drove for hours, but she didn't know where he was holding her. She thought it might have been some kind of old abandoned building,” she repeated what Liz told her.

“That could be anywhere around Roswell,” Kyle said in frustration.

Isabel hesitated for a moment. “There is something else. Just before I lost connection with her...” she began to say then stopped.

“What?!” he asked her, “You have to tell me everything.”

Isabel's voice broke as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Just before I lost connection with her I sensed someone else come into the room. I don't know who it was, but Liz was terrified.”

Max got to his feet and walked over to the window his eyes filled with pain. “Could it have been Nicholas?” he demanded.

Isabel shook her head, “I don't know, Max. I couldn't see who it was. I only know that she woke up and that she was really frightened.”

“Did you see anything else?” Max asked her. “Just think, there had to be something. A mark on the wall, a sound, anything that could tell us where that monster has her!”

“No, Max, I’m sorry,” she said sadly. “I wish I could tell you more, but the connection just wasn’t strong enough for me to see anything more.”

Alex wrapped his arm around her, “Max she tried her best, she’s exhausted. Let her rest and then she can try again,” he held her tight.

Isabel saw the pain in her little brother’s eyes. “I promise you; I will try again,” she said as Alex led her over to the bed to lay down.
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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 4 10/19/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:19 am

I'm so glad Max read Liz's journal, in her words what was actually going on.
24 hours........what to do?
Liz is really in a serious situation......and Nicholas is crazy enough to do anything.

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 5 10/20/17

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Chapter 5:

Liz was about to scream when she felt someone’s hand quickly cover her mouth. Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt two strong arms grab hold of her. She struggled, kicking and hitting at whoever it was holding her. The light was too dim to see who it was that had hold of her, but relief washed over her as soon as she heard a familiar voice whisper softly into her ear. She calmed down and as she heard him say, “Liz, I need you to listen to me. I need you to be very quiet. I’m here to help you. Now, I’m going to take my hand away from your mouth, but you have to promise me you’ll be very quiet. Can you do that for me?”

Liz nodded her head slowly that she understood. As he let go of her, she fell forward against him in relief as she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered softly, “Oh Max, I thought I would never see you again. I was so afraid that you wouldn’t be able to find me,” she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

He pulled her arms from around his neck and pushed her away from him. He walked over towards the door to listen. Once Liz saw him in the light, fear gripped her once again. "You’re not Max! Who are you?" she asked as she stepped back away from him.

He moved back over to her quickly and motioned for her again to be quiet. "You need to be quiet!" he warned her. “If they find me, we are both going to die!”

"Who are you?" she demanded again. "Is this another of Nicholas sick ideas to torture me? Are you a shapeshifter?"

He shook his head. "No, I’m not a shapeshifter. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ m not Max either. For now, you can just call me Zan. I'm going to help you out of here, but you have to be quiet and do exactly what you're told," he told her feeling just a bit annoyed.

Liz shook her head in confusion, "You can't be Zan. Ava said that Rath and Lonnie killed him."

"Yeah well let’s just say my death has been grossly exaggerated,” he told her. Seeing the look of doubt on her face he shook his head, “Look they tried to kill me, but they were not as successful as they thought they were, all right. Its lucky for you and the others that I didn’t die that day!”

“Then you’re Max’s duplicate?” she asked.

“Sort of,” was all he said as he walked back over to the door. He pressed his ear up to the door for several moments then he walked back over to her and sat down on the floor. “Have a seat, Liz, we have a few minutes before we can go, and you look really wiped out.”

Liz sat down on the floor next to him. “What do you mean by that, are you or aren’t you Max’s duplicate?”

"I’m not his duplicate, at least not in the way that you mean," he told her as he pulled out a cigar from his vest pocket and lit it with the tip of his finger. "We don't have a lot of time; they will be changing the guards soon. The new guards will check in on you and report to Nicholas, after that we are going to get out of here, you understand?" he asked as he took a long drag off the cigar and then glanced down at his watch.

"How do I know I can trust you? Lonnie and Rath tried to kill Max," she told him. "For all I know you could be trying to kill me."

Zan took another drag off of his cigar; he looked at her intently. "Trust me, Liz, if I wanted to kill you, you would already be dead by now,” he told her.

She could see by the look in his eyes that he was serious. “Yeah well that doesn’t really inspire me to trust you,” she told him.

He could see the look of determination in her eyes and rolled his eyes. He handed the cigar to her, then went over to the door and checked one more time. When he was sure that the skins were not alerted to his presence, he came back over. “I will tell you everything, but you will be quiet and let me do the talking. No interrupting, if you have questions, you can ask them later. Is that understood?

Liz nodded her head, “Yeah, I understand,” she told him.

He took the cigar from her, "My name is actually Renth, not Zan. I was sent with the others to protect the king. I am a physical duplicate only. I have my own memories, not the kings.”

Liz started to say something when he gave her a stern warning look, then continued explaining his story. “I was cloned from the same human DNA as your boy Max. That’s why we look exactly like each other. We share everything right down to our XY chromosomes, but that’s where the similarity ends. Max was given the life force of the king, and I was given my own life force.” Seeing the look of confusion on her face he tried to explain further. "I’m assuming that you know all about Max’s past life as the King of Antar.

“I know about some of it,” she whispered.

“Well, I’m from Antar as well. Max was my king and when he died his life force was placed inside the body that was prepared for him. Then they did the same thing with all the others, but not me. I was a guard in Max’s elite military. When I heard what Khivar did, I volunteered for this mission, and they took my life force and put it in a body that looks exactly like the king.”

“So you’re not really a duplicate, at least not like the others are?” she remarked.

He shook his head, “There can only ever be one real king, and believe me I’m not him,” he told her. “I was sent here to protect Max but pretending to be a duplicate. No one else knew about this except for one of the protectors sent to care for us, and he was killed in the crash," He explained as he took another long drag off the cigar. "The plan was to have decoys to protect the others from our enemies. Max has a lot more enemies out there after him than just the skins and Nicholas. There are any number of assassins for higher willing and fully capable of taking care of business if the price is right. That's why I didn't want to go to that dam summit with Lonnie and Rath. I knew I could never pass the test because I don't have the royal seal tattooed on me as Max does. I knew my going would expose Max to danger and looks like once again I was right," he told her then continued.

“You mean there could be other assassins that will come and try to kill Max?” Liz asked.

“Let’s just say the fewer people that know where he is, the better,” he told her.

“So what happened back in New York?” she asked him. “How did you survive Lonnie and Rath’s attempt on your life?”

“I got careless,” he told her. "I knew Lonnie had a lot of Valandra in her, she and Rath were the least human of the three of them. I never really trusted her, but I made the mistake of thinking Rath was trustworthy because of his former loyalty to the king. I didn't count on Valandra's ability to persuade him to turn against me. They thought they killed me. They still think I’m dead, but my power isn’t healing other the way they think it is. I can heal rapidly from any kind of wound, even near fatal ones. After they pushed me into the street in front of that truck, they took off thinking I was dead. The driver called for an ambulance, but my body was already at work healing itself before they even got me to the hospital. I knocked out the ambulance guy, hid out for a few days until I went back to the sewers where I knew Lonnie and Rath would be. I was more than a little shocked to see that Nicholas was with them, they were discussing Max and the Granolith. After that, I knew it was time to come to Roswell that I had to talk to Max, but Nicholas showed up at the Crashdown and took you instead," he said as he looked at Liz intently. "Why would he do that, why would Nicholas take you, what are you to Max?"

Liz didn't answer him right away. She wasn’t sure if she should trust him or not. He sensed her hesitation and swore under his breath then he grabbed her by the arm. "If you want my help then you better start trusting me. I'm not playing games here, and I'm not risking my neck for nothing."
Liz pulled her arm free.

"All right!" she snapped at him, "Max and I are friends."

"Just friends?" he asked skeptically.

Liz swallowed, "Not exactly," she told him. "A little over a year ago he saved my life. It happened at the Crashdown, some guys where fighting and one of them pulled out a gun and shot me. Max brought me back to life. We’ve been close ever since."

He furrowed his brow. "Max actually brought you back to life? As in you were dead, no pulse, no heartbeat and he brought you back?"

Liz nodded her head. "Yeah, he risked everything to save me."

He suddenly became extremely interested in her story. "That puts a new twist on things," he said more to himself than to her. "Why you? I mean why interfere and bring you back how did you and Max meet?"

"We first met in the third grade, but he didn't tell me who he was until after he saved my life. I asked him once why he did it, why he risked revealing who he was. We weren't close friends at the time, and he risked everything for me. All he said was, "It was you."

He smiled and whispered to himself, "The prophecy, it's actually true.” He looked at his watch then he looked back at Liz, "It’s almost time to go. Nicholas and the guards have to go into hibernation for a few hours that's when we will go. The skins can't survive in this heat for too long without peeling. So to keep themselves moisturized they spend a few hours a day in a hibernation cooling chamber, it helps to keep their suits from disintegrating. We will have a short period of time after the relief guard comes to check on you. Hopefully, it will give us enough time to get a good head start," he told her as he listened at the door again. "I’m going to hide up there," he pointed to the vent. "You pretend to be asleep until I give you the all clear," he dropped the cigar and squashed it with his foot.

Liz watched as he lifted himself up into the heating shaft and then sat back down near the wall and closed her eyes. Moments later she could hear the guards talking near the door before one opened the door and looked in on her. She held her eyes shut.

"She's paced out," the skin told the others.

"Good, she will be less trouble that way," she heard another say as the door closed. A few minutes later she felt his hand shaking her leg.

"Ok we wait for five minutes, let them really get into their card game and then we go," he told her.

Liz nodded her head as she got to her feet. Her wrists were hurting; she unconsciously began rubbing them. Zan took notice, "So what powers have you gained. I’m sure Max's ability to heal is one of them, but what others?"

"What do you mean? I don't have any powers?" Liz told him as she leaned back against the wall and rubbed her wrists again.

"Oh, yes, you do. If he brought you back to life, then you have powers. I was warned by our protector that I should not use my healing powers to bring any human back across the line of death, it changes them. When Max healed you, he changed you, the way your brain works."

"How is that possible?" Liz asked.

"The human brain is like a sponge, soaking up all kinds of stimulation. When Max healed you, your mind soaked in the information that his brain was sending out to exert his power. You are now fully capable of using that part of your brain just as Max and the rest of us do. The reason I was warned never to bring anyone back was because you have the ability to become even stronger than any of us. Your mind has the ability to soak in the power of any alien you connect with, none of us can do that, not even Max. That is why I was warned to be very careful and never bring a human back from the dead. That kind of power can be a very tempting thing to an unprepared mind."

"Well I don't have any kind of powers like that," she told him again. "It’s been over a year since Max healed me and I’m still the same."

He just shrugged his shoulders, "You may not realize you have them, but you will have them one day." He told her as he looked at her watch. “Time to go,” he said, and he quietly pulled the table over and climbed on top of it.

Liz looked at him. "If you're supposed to be a decoy to protect Max, don't you think you should look a little more like him?"

He narrowed his eyes, "I'm guessing Max isn't much into punk, am I right?"

Liz shook her head, "No, not at all," she told him as she reached into her jean pocket and pulled out a picture of her and Max together. She handed it up to him. "This is my Max," she started to say then corrected herself, "I mean that's how Max looks."

He looked at it for a moment. "I see what you mean, not a problem though." He held his hand out in front of himself and ran it slowly down toward his feet. As he did his hair and outer appearance changed to look exactly as Max in the picture. Gone were the tattoos and piercing. Liz couldn't believe her eyes; he now looked exactly like Max did. Seeing the expression on her face change, he asked, "Better?"

Liz nodded as he pulled her up on the table next to him. He lifted her up into the heater shaft opening in the ceiling. Once inside the shaft, she turned and reached her hand down to help pull him up. As the two crawled quietly through the shaft, the guards continued their card game unaware of their prisoner’s escape.
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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 4 10/19/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:24 pm

Zan to the rescue.......that's good.
Interesting that Max and Zan had different life forces.
So now Liz knows the prophecy......
I hope the skins and Nicholas will completely disintegrate!
Wow, Liz will be stronger the others.......better watch out!

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 5 10/20/17

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:49 pm

Intriguing. I enjoy this story. Love how this is evolving.
Well done!

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 5 10/20/17

Post by begonia9508 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:59 am

Nice to see Zan and Liz... and I wonder what Kind of difference there are, between the Alien and the dupe, if I can say that...

Thanks! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 5 10/20/17

Post by Natalie36 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:42 pm

just started reading this and its awesome

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 6 10/26/17

Post by JanieD » Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:42 pm

Chapter 6

Max waited with the others while the sheriff made several calls to see if he could get a hold of any surveillance video from other nearby businesses. They were hoping maybe one of the security cameras picked up what happened to Liz. He went out on her balcony and sat down looking up at the stars. He smiled thinking about how many nights they had sat together laughing, talking and looking at the stars in that very spot. He opened up her journal and began reading more of her thoughts and feelings. He knew the chances of there being anything there that would really help them were slim, but reading her words made him feel connected to her, and right now he needed that more than anything.

I saw Max again today. It has been weeks since that night. The night that I hurt him so completely. The night I stood by and watched my future fade away into a distant memory. He still looked so hurt, so angry. Future Max said he believed one day his younger self would come around and we might be friends, but Max could not even look into my eyes without flinching. I know he hates me now, I can feel it every time he is near me. It breaks my heart every time I have to lie to him and tell him that I slept with Kyle. I can see the betrayal he feels. Whenever I am with him, I can feel the distance between us. I keep asking myself is it worth it, is this really the only possible answer? To daily stand by and watch that love we shared die such an agonizing death. Then today when I was at school I saw Isabel and Michael sitting together with Alex and Maria. They were laughing, they were just hanging out, but they were so that moment I knew I had to keep this secret. I have to let Max hate me. I have to do this, so he will be with Tess and follow his destiny. It’s the only way we will all be safe. It doesn’t ever get any easier, but seeing my friends happy, knowing they are safe makes it worth it.

Max closed the journal; he took in a deep breath. He should have known; he should have suspected that there was more going on. She would never betray him like that, why did he let his pride and ego get in the way of him seeing the truth. He slipped the book back inside his jacket and closed his eyes. "Please just let her be safe..." he mumbled to himself.

"Hey Max, I think Isabel is going to be trying to connect with Liz again. I thought you would want to know,” he heard Tess say as she came up and sat down next to him

"Thanks,” Max said rather abruptly.

Tess could see he was upset. She struggled with what to say to him. "Max, I am really sorry that all of this has happened. I know the Granolith is important, but why that is and how it can be used I honestly don't know those answers. If I did, I would tell you."

“Would you?” he said lashing out at her.

She narrowed her eyes, “Max, I hope you don’t think I want to see Liz hurt?”
He stood up and walked away from her, “Right now I’m not sure what to believe,” he told her.

“That’s really unfair!” she said feeling rather hurt. “It isn’t my fault this is happening to Liz!”

“Isn’t it?” he demanded to know. “When we were in New York you said that you had to focus on other things when Nicolas was trying to get information about the Granolith from you!”

“Yeah, I did, it was the only way to keep him from getting the information he wanted from me,” she said defending her actions.

“You thought about Liz, of everything you could think of, you thought about her and led Nicholas right to him in the process!” he accused her.

Tess pursed her lips in anger, “What did you want me to do!” she yelled. “I was trying to keep the psychopath from getting his hands on the Granolith. Yes! All right, I thought about Liz, but I didn’t know Nicholas was going to come to Roswell and kidnap her. I may not be best friends with her, but I didn’t want this to happen!”

Before Max could say anything more, Kyle came rushing out. “Hey, you guys what is all the yelling about? We could hear you all the way inside.”

Tess turned to him and said as tears shimmered in her eyes, “Max thinks I led Nicholas to Liz on purpose,” she told him.

Max glared at her, “Did you!” he demanded to know. “Did you lead him here to Roswell? Did you want him to take Liz knowing we couldn’t possibly turn over the Granolith to him thereby ensuring her death!”

Kyle shook his head. “Whoa, Max, come on give her a break,” he said as he took Tess’s hand in his. “Have you ever considered how completely ridiculous what you just said sounds. How on earth could she possibly know what Nicholas was going to do?”

Max took in a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair. He looked into Tess’s eyes and shook his head. "Liz said in her journal that the reason she had to break things off with me was to push you and me together," he told her. "Is that true? I want to know here in now, is the only way for us to save our planet and protect the earth is for us to be together? Or was this entire thing just another sick attempt by you to get what you want?"
Tess’s eyes filled with tears as she moved closer to Kyle. "Max, I only know what Nascedo told me. He said that I was meant for you. He said that we were created for each other. He drove that into my head day and night for as long as I can remember. It got to the point where I don't think I really even know anymore what I was actually feeling,” she cried as her voice broke with emotion. "Nascedo told me we were married and that we shared this great love and that together our marriage was going to bring peace to your home planet, but I don't know if that is true or not. He could have been lying, but he’s gone, and all I know is what I was told!"

"Well I don't have any of those memories, or feelings!" he said coldly. “I’ve tried to remember you and this life we were supposed to have shared, but I don’t.”

Tess felt sick inside. “Max, if Liz didn't come into your life the way she did or if we had grown up together the way Ava and Zan did maybe things would have been different for us now,” she said as she tried to keep her emotions in check. “I don’t know what the future holds for us or Liz. What I do know is I did what I had to do in New York to keep the Granolith from falling into the hands of your enemies, and I am truly sorry that put Liz in danger, but I’d do it again! I would do it to keep you and everyone else here safe! We can’t let Nicholas get the Granolith, Liz knew that, and so do you!”

Kyle walked over to Max and said. “Come on Max,” he said trying to reason with him. “You know this is exactly what Nicholas wants. He wants us to tear each other apart so that he can make us all weaker. Isn’t that the very thing Liz was trying to prevent from happening If we start attacking each other now we will never get Liz back alive!”

Max sighed heavily, as he looked over at Tess. She had tears in her eyes, and she was trembling just a little. He could see she was upset and he knew he was wrong for accusing her. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lashed out at you,” he told her. “But no matter what Nascedo told you, no matter what our destiny is supposed to be, I am always going to love Liz. For as long as I can remember I have loved her and nothing will change that. I can’t be with you, not like that, not now, not ever.”

Tess took in a deep breath and nodded her head. “I know you will never love anyone else the way you do Liz. I see it in your eyes whenever she is near you; they just light up. I know now that whatever we had it’s in the past, and honestly, I think that is ok with me. So maybe, we just let all of this go for right now, and instead, we focus on saving Liz.”

“I’m going to see if Isabel is ready to try and reach Liz again,” Max said as he walked away.

“That’s probably a really good idea,” Tess mumbled. She walked over to the edge of the balcony and looked up at the night sky. A single tear rolled down her cheek. “I really didn’t mean for any of this to happen,” she whispered softly.

“Are you all right?” he asked her. He knew she had to be hurting to have Max tell her outright that he loved Liz and he didn’t care about his past with her.

She took in a deep breath, “I’m not sure,” she whispered.

Kyle walked over and wrapped his arm around her, “If it matters at all, I believe you,” he told her.

She turned and looked at him, “Thank you, Kyle.”

He looked into her eyes and thought about what to say next. More than anything he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, but he knew regardless of what she had just said deep down she still had unfinished business with Max. He cleared his throat and said, “I think my dad is back; we should go see what he found out.”

“Ok,” was all she said as she followed him inside.

Max saw the look on the sheriff's face as he came back into the restaurant. “Did you find anything?” he asked him.

The sheriff let out a heavy sigh, "I had to wake a few people up, but I think we got some footage that might help us. I had to tell them there was an attempted robbery here at the Crashdown so now it’s official, and I suspect Jeff Parker will be calling me," he explained.

Michael shook his head, "This could get very dangerous for us all if too much attention gets drawn to this situation,” he reminded them. "We have to be careful."

The sheriff looked back over at Michael, "I know we have to be careful Michael, that’s why I said there was an attempted robbery. In the end, I do believe getting the footage from these two cameras will be worth the risk. I believe it will give us something to go on. You can’t come in our out of the Crashdown without these cameras picking up something,” he told them as he opened up his laptop and slipped in the first disk. "Here you can clearly see this black van pull up in front of the Crashdown and at least four people go into the restaurant. I couldn't zoom it in any better to make out faces, but judging from the time that Liz called you Max and left that message I would guess this is Nicholas here," he said pointing to the one individual.

Michael shrugged his shoulders, “How does this help us; we already knew it was Nicholas? We can’t see anything that is going on inside the Crashdown itself.”

The sheriff sighed, “I realize that,” he said as he skipped ahead at least twenty minutes of the footage. "Now here you see these same individuals come out of the Crashdown but look here at these two, they are clearly forcing someone along with them."

"Do we have a license plate number or anything?" Alex asked.

The sheriff shook his head, "No, unfortunately, the camera didn't get a shot from that angle."

"So all we know is they took her and drove off in a black van?" Michael said in frustration. "I’m not really sure this was worth all the attention it could draw to us."

Alex got up and walked over to the laptop, "No we have a lot more than that. See these street lights all along the main roadway in Roswell?"

"Yeah what about them?" Michael asked.

Alex smiled, "Well the city finally had cameras put in about six months ago. We can see what route that van took based off of each intersection it passed through. It may not tell exactly where they went, but it will give us an idea what direction they took her out of Roswell or if they are still in the city itself." he told them. This road leads to every major highway out of town."

The sheriff smiled, “That is exactly what I was thinking. If we can use the cameras to determine the direction they were driving it certainly helps to know where they might have taken her.”

"Can we get a hold of that footage without drawing a lot of attention to what we're doing?" Michael asked.

The sheriff considered it, “I can get the information, but without a more significant reason for doing so it will seem odd.”

"I can get it. I can hack the city's system and have access to all of it within the hour," Alex told them.

Max took in a deep breath, "Then do it. Anything we can get to help us locate Liz is a plus right now."

"What about the Parker's, they are bound to call by morning to let Liz know they arrived safely." the sheriff reminded him. "How are we going to handle that? I have to tell them something."

Max took in a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair. "We tell them there was an attempted break-in, but it was just some teens messing around. We tell them that Liz is fine."

"Max, what if this all goes south?" The sheriff reluctantly told him, "I don't want to point out the obvious to everyone, but we have to accept how dangerous this situation is. This isn’t a case of some teen messing around. Nicholas is a killer and as much as we don’t want to think about the worst happening I can't in good conscious tell Jeff Parker his daughter is safe when she may not be."

"Sheriff I need just a few hours of time and I know we can bring her back," Max told him. "When Mr. Parker calls Maria can answer and tell him Liz is in the shower. That will buy us some more time. You have to let me try to find her and get her back."

The sheriff looked over at Michael for reassurance, "What do you think?" he asked him wanted another opinion.

Michael looked at Max, he took in a deep breath and then he looked over at Maria. He knew how he would feel if anything had happened to her, he knew he would fight until there was no fight left in him to get her back. "I say we let Maria take the call. She can make something up. It will at least buy us a little time,” he told him. "Honestly if this whole thing goes south we're all screwed anyway, so protecting the Parkers from the truth for a little while longer is not the worst thing we could do."

Jim nodded his head. "All right, we will do it your way for now,” he agreed, although a part of him still felt very conflicted. He had seen enough of these kinds of situations in his career to know there was seldom a happy ending and those situations did not deal with aliens.

Maria walked over to the counter and picked up Liz's broken phone, "There is just one small problem with this plan. Mr. Parker will be calling Liz's cell phone," she reminded them. "How am I supposed to answer that?"

Isabel waved her hand over the phone and instantly it was repaired. "Problem solved," she told them.

"There was something else we need to look at," The sheriff told them as he took out the first disk and then put in another, "The camera in a back-alley way got this footage," he told them as he played that digital recording. They watched as someone rode up on a motorcycle and went into the back of the Crashdown and then about twenty minutes later came back out and rode off.

"I can't make out who that was can anyone else?" Tess asked.

Kyle looked in closer, "I know it sounds crazy, but I would say this guy almost looks a little bit like Max."

Alex nodded his head. "Yeah, I thought so also, the hairs different, but he does look like Max."

"It’s a sure bet whoever he is; he knows where Liz is." Alex told them as the loop continued to play, "Look, he turns right and the end of the alley that would allow him to follow whoever just took Liz."

Max didn't know what to think, "Alex can you enhance that video at all? Maybe try and get us a better look at who this guy is?"

"I’ll try," he told them. "but I'll need to use my system at home. No offense, Sheriff, but my system is way more powerful than this. I’ll do what I can and then get back here as soon as I am able." Alex turned toward Isabel, he took her hand in his and pulled her to the side away from the others, "Will you be all right?"

"Yeah, I will be ok,” she said, then she leaned in towards him and whispered softly, "I just don't want to let Max down. He is counting on me so much."

Alex brushed the hair away from her face, "You won't let him down," he assured her. "Just by connecting with Liz and letting him know she is still all right gives him some comfort," he told her.

"Thank you, Alex," she smiled. "You are always such an amazing friend to me."

"I need to get going," he told her as he turned to leave. "I will check in with you when I get back."

Isabel picked up Liz’s sweater and held it close. "I’m going to attempt to connect with Liz again," she said as she headed upstairs where it was quiet. She walked into Liz’s room and laid down on her bed. She closed her eyes and focused all her energy on Liz. This time the connection was made almost at once. She opened her eyes to see Liz crawling behind someone. They were in a small dark tunnel, but it was difficult to make out because her vision was distorted and blurred. Liz was moving along some kind of shaft, and there was someone there with her. Isabel did her best to focus so she could see who it was with Liz, but the space was so small, and the light was so dim it made it hard to see. She concentrated harder and tried to see exactly what Liz was seeing. As the vision became clearer Isabel was shocked to see that the stranger with Liz looked exactly like Max. For a moment she thought maybe she was in one of Liz’s dreams and she tried to call out to her, but Liz didn't answer. She just kept crawling further away down the tunnel. Isabel's heart raced as she watched Liz fade further out of sight and the connection ended. Isabel opened her eyes and sat up suddenly. Max was there standing by the window waiting for what every she could tell him about Liz.

"Max, I don't know what I just saw..." she tried to explain as she got up and walked over toward him.

His heart sank as he saw the expression on her face, "What happened, Isabel, what did you see?"

Isabel looked at Max and mumbled softly, "You! Max, I saw you. I don't know what it was, or who it was, but Liz was there crawling inside some kind of tunnel, and you were there with her leading the way."

"That's not possible," he told her as the others came into the room.

"It’s what I saw, Max. You were there with her," Isabel told him.

“If you saw someone who looks like me then it had to be another shapeshifter,” he said feeling sick inside. “What’s going on, why would Nicholas send someone who looks like me?

“Maybe he thinks she knows something more about the Granolith,” Kyle suggested. “Maybe he is trying to trick her into telling him where it is.”

“Liz doesn’t know where it is,” Maria told them.

“She’s right,” Tess confirmed what she said. “Besides, Nicholas is really powerful. If Liz knew where it was, he would have it already. He can get any kind of information he wants, and he doesn’t have to use tricks to get it.”

"Guys we need to stay focused if we are going to do this. Liz was alive, that's what matters right now," Michael told them. "From the sounds of it Nicholas maybe moving her around to make a rescue attempt impossible. If we want to help Liz, we have to stay focused. If there is a shapeshifter pretending to be Max, we will deal with it when the time comes."
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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 6 10/26/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:39 am

This is moving in a good direction.......I'm so glad Max read Liz's journal so now he knows the truth.
Guess we all suspect that Tess lead Nicholas to Liz on purpose.
Tess is upset, she claims it's what Seasoned told her.
So with Isabel reaching Liz, we have discovered a shapeshifter.
Hurry back!

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Re: Choices and Conseqences teen M/L CC Chapter 6 10/26/17

Post by Natalie36 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:58 pm

this keeps getting better and better

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