Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 3/4/18

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 1/2/18

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:52 am

So much is happening......
The Sheriff has finally located Kathleen.
She goes after Alex because she feels he is the weakest link.
Agent Pierce......definitely a misogynistic pig!
Isabel is having and dreams, the one Max had had a very bad ending.
Thanks, Carolyn

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 1/2/18

Post by begonia9508 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:49 am

Great part...: EVE :mrgreen:
- Les jouissances de l'esprit sont faites pour calmer les orages du coeur!
- On reconnaît le bonheur au bruit qu'il fait quand il s'en va!
- L'amour vous rend aveugle et le mariage vous redonne la vue!

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 1/2/18

Post by lizparkerevans07 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:44 am

Chapter 8: Now Where Were We?
Nasedo started wheezing like a sickly man stricken with dreadful pneumonia. His trembling hands fell from Tess’s dewy temples to frantically wrap around her bedpost knobs. He had healed his overzealous charge for far too long. With his advanced powers matriculating, he immediately needed emergency pills and deep sleep to reenergize.
“Are you alright?” Tess asked, sitting up in her wrinkled bed, tossing back pastel pink sheets bunched around her, observing her guardian with utmost concern.
“Yes,” Nasedo managed out. “I’m just peachy.”
Tess then focused on herself, swiping away traces of her bloody nose (that had sprung earlier that morning) and rubbing the soothing medicinal effort that took away the savage headache, pleased to be feeling whole again.
For Tess, excruciating pain caused her to scream loud from sheer violent agony tearing overworking mind asunder. Nasedo had burst inside her room, racing to her bedside to repair great substantial damage. She realized that despite desperation, she had to lay off controlling four people’s thoughts at once for a while and stick to focusing on her main two targets—her husband and her newfound enemy.
“They’re sharing dreams?” Nasedo asked, after controlling sparse breathing and coughing. He recalled startling range of blistering images inherited from his protégé’s head. In the aftermath of healing her, the consequential side effects, he could still feel the sizzling passion between the alien leader and the human girl, their impulses almost boiling his insides alive. Tess would have been blind not to notice the intensity or the danger this could place their plans.
“I don’t think so,” Tess said nonchalantly, stifling a yawn and stretching out lazily, without cares in the world. “I mean, she was already there when I came in, but that was likely because I wanted her to be. I manipulated the situation in my favor.”
“Yes. You said that.” He watched her collapse back onto pink pillows, obviously still tired from tremendous efforts. Her hollow blue eyes had dark circles underneath and her plush lips were dry and cracked. She was over reaching her young powers, tapping into dark benefits her fragile human body wasn’t ready for. “What did Max do in the dream?”
“He tried to fight me,” she replied, sounding surprised.
“Did he eventually succumb to your methods?”
“No. He woke up.”
Nasedo stroked his chin, hiding the urge to laugh at the irony. How could a frustrated teenage boy interrupt the middle of a stimulating sex dream that would in turn ignite the stark alien passions that would finally bring necessary keys to home? Weren’t such lecherous fantasies what all the boys wanted? Although Max wasn’t among starved nincompoops calling the house for “homework help,” Nasedo was sure Tess enticed her husband enough. He knew that the trio hadn’t reached the potential Tess was quickly (and too desperately) grasping.
Unless, the human proved to be more problematic than Nasedo originally perceived.
“What are you not telling me?” Tess asked, pondering his sudden eerie silence. Plus, he was in her room longer than he needed to be, disturbing her privacy.
“It’s nothing. Just get ready for school. I’ll drive you.”
Nasedo left, closing the door behind him. In the hallway, he worriedly thought back to Antar.
“The orbs have yet to glow.” Queen Amaria shook with raging dismay. "What if they never glow?"
“Maybe they don’t have the necessary chemistry right now," Nasedo (originally Lethar) voiced. "Maybe it just needs time."
“No. The prophecy is clear. The orbs must glow. It would symbolize that he has found the one to marry and that they’ll have plenty of children.”
“I know what it means, but I assure you Ava is the one. I promise you that.”
“Then why has it not glowed? He’s of age.”
“Ah, but for this future king the orbs will not just glow, they will burn red with vicious hot fire. This king will be one of the greatest in Antarian history because of his pure, undying love and from that love comes forth the most incredible showing of courage the world has ever known.”
“Who are you?” Lethar snapped, enraged by intruder.
“I am Rogan.”
“The legends are true," Queen Amaria stated, rapt and attentive, staring at the visitor with wide hazel eyes. "The seer exists.”
“Yes, that is I," Rogan said, bowing at her feet. "I came to save you all if I am not too late.”
“Save us from what?” Lethar growled, refraining from holding wrath, a threat to his carefully weaved plans.
“I cannot say," Rogan replied, rising and looking at Lethar as if he knew his every intention. "You must know that the orbs—they will not find her here.”
“Whatever do you mean?" Lethar asked. "He will marry a noble Antarian!”
“Sir, control your anger. You and I both know where she is.”
Queen Amaria turned to Lethar, greatly confused.
“What does he mean?” She asked him. “What is he talking about?”
Nasedo turned away, gritting his teeth.
If Tess couldn’t rule the young lad quickly, he was going to have to nip the pestering thing in the bud himself.
It wasn’t going to be nice and pretty.

In the wee hours of morning, a couple disagreed at the emancipated minor’s modest apartment, one on the verge of cracking and the other wanting to keep the secret longer.
“Michael, I can’t do this,” Maria admitted.
She was already dressed for school-- a loud pink, long-sleeved top, long fringed denim skirt, and camel colored ankle boots.
“Maria, please do it for me," Michael said. "Don’t say anything.”
“I almost broke down in front of Liz at work yesterday.”
“Well, you’ll have to zip those lips up again because I’m meeting him now.”
“You’re meeting him again?”
“Look Maria. I can handle it. Things will be okay.”
“You don’t know that. He could be a killer. In fact, he is a killer. He murdered that poor guy in 1959.”
"We don't know that!"
"He is the only one out and about walking around. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together, then again, I shouldn't even be talking to you about geniuses. What do you know about geniuses when you have the capable smarts of a kinder-"
Michael pressed his lips on hers and she was immediately out of air to breathe.
“Stop it, Michael!” Maria shouted, roughly pushing him away and wiping her mouth with disgust. “You cannot always have your way by kissing me into oblivion. We have a real problem here.”
Michael rolled his eyes and hit vulnerable white wall, his angered fist abruptly breaking through brittle plaster.
“I just need this one thing. Why is this so hard to explain to you?”
“Calm down,” she sighed softly, surveying damage. “We need to strategize how to talk to this other alien. He is certainly not a friend.”
“Not yet, but he will be. He’s our ally, Maria.”
Determination blanketed anger and that scared Maria more. His tendencies to have hopes risen to astronomical proportions and that disappointment often made his social anxiety worsen, causing him to hole up inside himself and refuse the help from those who cared about him. Even though she hadn’t met Nasedo, her intuition was screaming not to allow Michael to further sink into the alarming black hole.
He picked up his keys and tossed them in the back of his grey jeans pocket. Maria noticed that they looked clean as did his black Metallica t-shirt. In fact, he smelled like he dived head first into fresh linen laundry cologne.
She frowned, realizing that he took great care in this second meeting with Nasedo than the few dates they had together as a couple.
“I have to go,” Michael announced, gesturing towards the door.
“Let me go with you,” Maria demanded.
“No. You go pick up Liz and go to school. Act normal. Or as normal as you can be.”
She gritted her teeth and folded her arms against her chest.
“You better be at school. After all Max and Isabel did for you, don’t screw up the situation.” Her eyes wandered at each nook and cranny of his apartment before squarely landing back on him. “I mean it, Michael.”
“Yeah, yeah, Mom. I got the memo.”
They met in an alley miles away from Roswell High, that way Michael could obey the rules-- get to school as conveniently as possible.
“You’ve had the thoughts,” Nasedo said, appearing proud. “The memories are of your past, what should be your clear and present future.”
“Isabel is a sister to me,” Michael groaned, twisting at thick silver rings on his nervous fingers, his mind and heart already tied down to one woman, the woman who ignited wild, petulant emotions impossible to restrain within.
“She is not your sister!”
Michael nearly shook from the tremors raging out of Nasedo’s cold scream.
“I have someone alright,” Michael wanted to admit. He didn’t find courage to spill the words.
Instead, he waited for Nasedo to shed light, reveal further secrets for him to grasp, to hold in his ravenous mind so that he could try and try with all his might to recall some small bit of information. He inwardly promised to share any startlingly profound details with Max and Isabel as soon as he deciphered Nasedo’s visits. Perhaps once and for all, his friends could finally see him as a great leader too. Even Maria wouldn’t view him as a thoughtless Neanderthal. He found pride in that.
“You’re not human, Michael,” Nasedo sighed apologetically, quickly learning anew keys to the teen’s spirit. “I know that you and the other two wish that were true, that you could just go to school, learn their history, eat their food, mate with their kind, but the stark reality is that you’re putting off the inevitable.”
“And what exactly is the inevitable?” Michael snorted. “Going back home?”
Michael licked his lips and reached out, touching Nasedo’s shoulders, smiling with uncontained glee.
“When do we leave?”
“As soon as you and the others understand your destiny, we all go home, back up there, beyond the stars. We go back to Antar.”
“That’s our planet, Michael. That’s our home.”
Michael’s smile grew wider, to blushing proportions. A weight was slowly lifting away from him,
Nasedo remembered his strange thoughts for the lithe reservation girl that rescued him from danger. With her luscious black hair braided at her slender back, deep brown eyes, tawny, refreshed skin, and full lips the hue of ripe peonies, she was a beautiful jewel of the tribe.
He turned off the memory, disgusted.
Liz evaded peering in Max’s immediate direction. He was wearing her favorite olive green sweater, that brought out gem like glints in his adoring eyes, loose against his dark rinsed jeans. She could feel his hot, impervious stare weighing down from head to toe, making her excited nerves shiver from hypnotic compact, stirring every inch of arousing desire.
Yet traces of abrasive dream haunted her, of his blatant sexual intimacy with Tess, the voluptuous blond on all the boys radars.
Liz still saw her pathetic, barely dressed self standing in Max’s window, alone in stark night, a peeping jealous teen huddled by naked trees, unfazed by thick sheets of cold rain mixing with her plunging tears, her trembling fingers pressed against foggy glass as his sweaty virile body joined to the crashing beat of her broken heart. It was so real, so raw even in the light of morning, the lecherous residue painfully lingering in her mind, a foreshadowing of what she could lose despite knowing that Max had idealized her for years.
“It was just a dream,” she had mumbled in the shower.
She mentally repeated this phrase at breakfast, when Maria picked her up, at her locker, in home room, and first period.
A flash would come of Tess’s closed blue eyes and opened pink mouth, groaning out elicit pleasure, being raucously loved like an ethereal queen who had never known of eroticism’s existence until a dark haired boy with bangs mopping against honeyed eyes entered her world, her flesh.
She was immediately pulled into the eraser room by a strong, valiant wind, and allowed compelling force to take her hostage. They stared at each other, devout longing mirroring their visions, the humming buzz charging short space between their bodies. With her back pressed against the door, her long, brushed locks whispering against pebbled glass, his hungry lips pounced on hers, kissing and kissing with no immediate end in sight. Reaching out in behind eye darkness, she recalled not of an illustrious affair, but saw swirls of herself, from childhood to current, of his escalating desire for her, only her. No traces of anything more.
He coaxed tenderly, wanting her to open for him, to let him taste sweetness of her unbridled passion, to experience delicious intoxication that they both craved.
“Max,” she sighed, relieved as he sauntered down to her neck, licking and laving her skin, shooting off sparks embedded deep within her.
“I am starving for you, Liz,” he groaned miserably, his ache calling out to her.
She touched his shoulders, stopping the mood.
“Maria is hiding something from me.”
Max groaned, wanting to instill his desire for the precious minutes they had before homeroom bell. Alas, seeing as he was troubled by the same questionable uncertainties, he succumbed to the duty of capable alien leader. Michael wasn’t exactly speaking to him either.
“Is it us? Are we alienating people?” Liz then blushed. “Alienate is probably the wrong word choice.”
Max smiled, stroking her cheeks.
“Liz, don’t ever apologize for being yourself.”
He kissed her briefly and hung back, his arms at his sides.
“Michael is hiding something too,” he said. “I’m not sure what it is, but I will find out.”
“Do you think it’s a crisis?”
“Maybe. This is different than with Hank. I think he might be in another predicament and wants to keep it secret. I wish he would stop shutting us out.”
“I know.”
Max put his hand into his overlong bangs and sighed.
“I just want him to be honest with me.”
“You know it’s difficult for him, Max. Just give it time.”
“I have a feeling time is running out, Liz. Something bad is about to happen.”
“What will we do? I mean, I feel like this could jeopardize our whole cover. Your cover, especially. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you, Isabel, or Michael...”
“You will not lose me.”
He cupped her chin and caressed her wet bottom lip.
She took that hand and held it close and fiercely.
“You have to talk to Michael, Max. You have to trust in one another.”
“It’s complicated, Liz. Ever since I saved your life, I broke his belief in me as a leader. He hides it sometimes, but I know he has lost respect for me and though I understand his reasons, I will never regret that day in the Crashdown.”
Liz’s watered, moved by his utmost devotion to her, putting her above his alienness.
“I will have to follow him, see who he has been up to. I just have a bad feeling that everything is about to change and he is stubbornly holding the key.”
She stared at him sideways, analyzing, thinking critically.
“The dream, Max.”
“What if that is a part of your fear of change? What if Tess is your future?”
“Tess isn’t my future,” he said, laughing sardonically. “I don’t even know her.”
“You can’t deny that you’re attracted to her, Max. I have seen your thoughts. I remember biology class,” and she confessed quietly, shamefully looking away, “I remember last night.”
“Liz, please,” he pleaded.
“She’s the talk of the whole male population. You can’t tell me you’re not immune.”
“It’s nothing.”
Before she could say anything else, the door popped open. Tess came in wearing a curve hugging cadmium red, low-cut blouse, tight light blue Levi jeans, and red leather boots. She held the burly hand of a tall, bemused jock, his blond hair tousled, his lips stained by red lip stick, his clothes disheveled.
“Oh, I didn’t think anyone was in here,” Tess said, staring only at Max, pretending Liz an invisible presence despite Max possessively holding her hand.
Max appeared lost, removing his hand so quickly from Liz’s that the unexpected departure sent hers slapping against her side.
In tears, Liz rushed out, unnerved by what flickered in Max’s frozen gaze.
“Excuse us for a second,” Max grunted, blinking back odd momentary paralysis, roughly pushing the taller athlete into the hallway and shutting the eraser room door in his appalled red face.
“Hey!” He shouted, banging on the door. “Hey!”
Max ignored the noise, angrily staring down at Tess’s startled expression.
“Why are you here?” He asked her.
“Ummm... privacy,” Tess replied innocently, “I presume the same reason you and that girl were her for— what’s her name? Libby?”
“It’s Liz!” He growled. “The door was locked.”
“Oh that’s right, Liz,” she stated with a haste grimace, turning back into bubbly blond character- clear blue eyes and an eager lush smile. “As for the door, it either wasn’t locked or Dash Shawl is stronger than the average football player.”
“This isn’t a joke. What game are you playing?”
“I’m just the new girl, Max. There are no games here unless you want them to be.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
She stepped closer. He moved backward, awkwardly bumping into the door.
“There is something between us, Max and that is the game. The game being you deny our destiny until it manifests so heavily inside you that it bursts into smithereens. And your little girlfriend would not be able to handle those pieces of you. You know what they say about glass shards— they leave a mark, mar the beautiful things.”
“I assure you that I don’t feel anything. I don’t even know you.”
“You’ll remember me when the time comes.”
She kissed his cheek and moved out of the way, opening the door and leaving with a wide smile.
A terrifying shiver came down his spine, alerting him not to entertain her daunting riddles. Liz had always been his destiny. No one else.
It didn't take him long to find Liz. He could feel her presence simmering in his boiled blood, as though she were a an ample part of his life force, his sustainability. At entrance of the quiet science lab, with bulbed lights turned off, the sun casting light in opposite direction form the opened windows, he stilled for a moment, breathing her in, observing silhouette of her glowing silver sweater that mirrored a certain September handprint, long brown skirt with modest slits on both sides, the creamy shadowed flesh of legs.
"What is happening to you, Max?" Liz asked, her question coated in sadness, her head refusing to turn around and face him.
"I don't know," he responded, shutting the door behind him and crashing down on his knees at her chair, looking up at her reddened eyes.
"You and Tess have something that I can feel. Why is that?"
"Liz, there's nothing there. It's just you and me. I crave only you as I always have."
He placed his finger on her lips.
"Shhhhh." Then leaning closer, taking control of quiet moment, he reached out and hugged her close despite the discomfort of her sitting in desk attached seat. He cared only for the feel of hair against him, the slight form warming his body, her tempestuous scent wafting through his flaring nostrils, driving him mad with turbulent inner fire. “There’s something I want that only you can give me.”
He could tell by her fallen face that she was imagining him with Tess. He badly wished to deplete their first shared dream from the recesses of her troubled head, that she only thought of them and no strange interference.
“I’m not sure I am ready, Max.”
“We won’t go all the way, Liz. I just need this so badly. And I know you need it too.”
She considered his words, again affected by immense urgency hinted in his darkening eyes, his velvety voice.
Then she nodded.
Tonight, they were going to be more.
Max was frightened and delighted at the same time.
Sixth period bell rang. She was bound for Geometry and he had gym.
“Alex!” Isabel shouted, rushing towards him as he exited English class. Dressed impeccably cool and casual, a bright yellow boatneck shirt, black jeans, and black thigh length boots with a black leather jacket swirling about her like Catwoman's cape if Catwoman donned a cape, Alex stared, mesmerized by her statuesque, golden haired beauty. He felt immediate insecurity for choosing a buttoned up plaid shirt, baggy khakis, and grassy green limited edition Converse sneakers-- a real, uncreative geek's ensemble-- not that he despised clothing effects on his tall, gangly frame. After all, he had told once Deluca that he was proud of his high school geek style.
“Isa….bel,” he stammered, utterly surprised. So surprised that he dropped his three textbooks.
“Sorry,” she said, bending down to help him. “I need to speak to you.”
Once they resumed standing, she darted back and forth, perceptive of every moving body around them. Some stared back. Others retreated, fearful of the infamous icy eyes of the frostiest teen in school.
They were alone in a corridor, black rounded clock with its thin black hands signaling past one.
Isabel smoothed back ponytail, watching Alex's reaction to her recanted story.
“What did River Dog say?” He asked after she finished.
“I cannot be pregnant without doing the really thing first.” Isabel’s cheeks reddened. She continued, “the dreams are showing what could happen. Nasedo left the reservation because he was inappropriately dreaming about a local girl in the same manner, but he is different from Max, Michael, and I.”
“In what way? Isn’t he the same species?”
She was thankful that he asked the last question rather quietly, having likely remembered embarrassing outbursts of the past.
“He was our protector who came down to earth with us, all memories of our planet only remain intact with him. He cannot be.... errr... intimate with anyone.”
"I see." Alex nodded, inwardly feeling pity for the guy. Err alien. "But why does he only receive the memories of your home? Why do you suppose that is? How unfair is that?!”
“I’m sure they have their reasons.”
“Right.” Alex played with the edges of his backpack.
“I know something else too.” She looked at him, her eyes never missing his, staring with coldness and hurt, “I know that Michael has met him and is keeping this a secret with Maria.”
Alex gulped.
“And you know.”
“I was there.”
“I was at Michael’s apartment playing video games with him, a big cheater if you ask me, when Nasedo came by.”
She rose suddenly, her arched brows furrowing in outrage.
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“Michael swore me to secrecy. I promised him I wouldn’t say anything.”
“Yet you tell me and I wasn’t even cracking you for information. I was merely playing poker.”
Alex smiled and Isabel returned it.
He offered her his hand and she took the grasp, helping him rise to the occasion.
“Let’s go find trouble,” he said.
“I don’t want you to get hurt,” she sighed. “You should stay with Liz and Maria at the Crashdown, Alex.”
“I am not going to be some sitting duck. I have played that role for far too long. You go in that Jeep with me or I will follow you in my car— your choice, Isabel. Either way, I am coming with you.”
"Fine." They walked towards the exit together. "At least tell me this-- when did you and Michael start playing video games together?"
Nancy Parker believed that Liz was growing up too fast.
Like yesterday, a concerned parent remembered fiery painful labor like skin boiling alive. It had been an astonishing pregnancy that doctors didn’t medically believe possible. The moment Nancy held her precious little baby, it had been worth walking those thousand, excruciating flames and diligently informing her worried OBGYN that she wouldn’t terminate. From then and onward, Nancy vowed to protect Liz at all costs, putting motherhood above all things in the world. Even though it sadly didn’t strengthen their crumbling marriage, Jeff loved Liz just as much as she did. Nancy had no regrets marrying a man still mourning the love of his life, for she loved him enough, loved the poems and songs that he had gifted her, loved their simple life at the Crashdown. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Thus, on Thursday afternoon, she felt like the feminine equivalent of Trident on The Little Mermaid, that stern, destructive sea king watching his mermaid daughter longingly gazing out at her prince. At the cash register, almost chuckling to herself at the concept of two species in love, Nancy observed her own flesh and blood staring out at the UFO Center. For many passing minutes, which seemed to stretch like hours, Liz’s small concentrated hand on the washcloth swirled and swirled over the same spot on an empty table.
Nancy wanted to reach out to her solemn offspring, comfort her. Liz would only lash out again, striking the iron hot streak of rebellious teenage nature and further isolate their vulnerable mother/daughter relationship. Nancy didn’t want them to be in another brittle place.
She then squinted, out the window and saw the uniformed boy, his soulful eyes intently focused on Liz with such a ferocious intensity that Nancy wanted to grab her daughter and run, drive off to destinations unknown to escape the world of sex and depravity.
She smoothed down wrinkles of her heather gray blouse and came over to her strong-willed daughter.
“Liz, Honey...”
“What Mom?” Liz snapped, snatching the washcloth away from the table with such a fierce movement that Nancy almost regretted stealing the small joy. Liz’s happy face hardened, turned cold and hostile.
Nancy took a breath, shy and hesitant as a hermit, always uncomfortable with any sort of negative confrontation. Her parenting books offered no good answers.
“Just know that your father and I will be ready to talk when you are."
"Maybe Sunday will be that day."
Liz walked off towards the revolving back doors without a second glance.
Nancy sighed, dismayed. Again, she glanced at the UFO Center.
The boy was long gone.

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 3/4/18

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Poor Liz........Nasedo and Tess playing games. What will she do?
Of course there will never be a "glow" because Ava is not the one.
And yes Michael, Isabel is like a sister no matter what Nasedo says.
This is so heart breaking!

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 3/4/18

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Finally caught up!!! Ughhhh Tess always messing things up!!! :x I hope Max and Liz can over come this before she sinks her claws into Max for real!!!

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