Michael and Maria, story of Rosy Dee complete, m&m, teen Jan 15, 2017

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Re: Michael and Maria, The story of Rosie Dee, m&m, teen complete ,Jan 15, 2017

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Chapter 6

Michael walked into the old Crashdown. It was different. “José, how’s they hanging, bro,” he called out.

“Michael, mi amigo, ¿Que paso?” was returned.

“You got something in the way of part time work, compadre?” Michael inquired.

“Si, Michael, mi primo, my fry cook picked up something from his in-laws. No telling what they brought up from the south. I told him not to show his ugly face around here until he is sure it isn’t catching. I would rather pay the bastard than let him start an epidemic and close me down. Grab an apron and you know the way to the back.” With that, José had hired Michael just like long ago.

Maria didn’t know why, but she felt strangely drawn to go back to the Crashdown that morning. The dreams, the thoughts, since Michael had parted last night had been troubling.

“Maria, mi carina, this must be old home week,” José called out.

“Hey José, give me a breakfast Burrito, mild if you please,” Maria answered.

“Look whose in the kitchen, Hija,” Jose returned.

At first Maria’s eyes saw that high school bad boy like she had done when Liz’s father had first hired him. Then she saw that there was a lot more than a high school boy there. “Morning, Maria,” he saluted with his spatula.

“What is he doing here, José?” she asked.

“Don’t know, chica, he asked for a job for a few days and I am short handed. Don’t you want me to rustle up a skirt and tiara? It could be like old times.” José asked.

“Maria had to laugh. José could be so serious that she never knew when he was joking or not. “Not now, José, maybe, later,” she said.

Maria lingered over her Burrito long after the breakfast rush had gone. Finally, Michael came out to sit at her booth. “Michael, are you destitute? Do you need a loan?” were her first two questions.

“No, Maria, I got plenty of money mustering out of the army. I need to stay here for a few days and until you buy more flowers, I need something to do. You remember that I never was good at just sitting,” he answered.

“Michael, am I the reason you are staying here?” Maria asked.

“Only when you need help taking plant food out of your truck. I just thought that working with José might help pass the time better than sitting around.” He replied.

“Are you planning on stopping by my place sometime today?” she asked timidly.

“Only if you invite me. I promised José that I would stick around until his night shift came in. After that I am on my own,” Michael stated.

“If you want to stop by, I could fix supper. I have learned to be a pretty fair cook. Even recommended by my fan club of one person, me, who says so.”

Michael smiled. “Sounds good to me. I will be over at about eighteen hundred hours. I am sorry, that is 6:00pm for you.”

Maria giggled at his continued use of military time. “That will be fine.”

Once outside the Crashdown, Maria started having second thoughts. What if tonight turns into a make out session? Right now, there wasn’t anything she would like more than to lie in Michael’s arms, but once he got her clothes off, who would he see, Maria DeLuca, the little girl who still loved him or Rosy Dee, the woman who had recently made love with him so passionately. Would he think she had made a fool out of him for not telling him who she was before? What if Michael wanted to spend the night? Who would he be lying with, the girl he left in Roswell or the star of the runway and photo set? Maria asked herself, “How could one girl get into so much of a mess so easily?”

Maria was using the mantra which had served her so well in the past. “Take care of the things that you can handle and hope that something happens to ease you though the things you have absolutely no control over.”

First was dinner. The Roswell aliens had always voiced preference for things like Sweet and spicy. In their youth, they used Tobasco sauce in unimaginable ways to achieve this. Later, Maria learned that it was contrast, which they sought. Maria learned that many humans had similar taste. She would make spaghetti using spaghetti squash without pasta. She would make Meatballs cooked in a sour crème sauce. She would serve cold potato salad balls wrapped in steamed cabbage. For desert, she would serve cooked apricots unsweetened, but served in a cobbler crust of a very sweet biscuit dough laced with anise. That should be enough contrast to light up space boy.

“Light up space boy,” was that what she wanted? Lighting up space boy might be the last thing she wanted to do tonight. She wondered if there were any tranquilizers in the old medicines she had boxed away after Amy’s death. No, that would be a terrible thing. Maria loved Michael, both in the memories from school and the memories she had as Rosy Dee. What she really wanted was to get all of this secret deceit out of the way and spend the night and maybe a lot more, in Michael’s arms. Maybe, she should drop the Maria clothes and appear as she really was, Rosy Dee, actor, singer, model and pinup girl. Michael was a big boy, he ought to see his advantages of bringing the two women together.


Jimmy Williams had been called to Archibald Cox’s office. This wasn’t the first time he had received such a request. Usually, Archie would rant at him because he hadn’t yet found Rosy Dee. This time Jimmy sensed something different. Archie was ecstatic. I think I got her Jimmy. I had a professional break into her office and go over many of her files. He found references to Roswell New Mexico, a little town of no consequence. He also found a reference to some woman named Maria DeLuca. Now none of that made any sense until I sent a man to Roswell and had him look up the high school yearbooks in the public library. There it was, Jimmy, Maria DeLuca singing in a high school choir. He emailed me an iPhone picture from that book. Take away the baby fat, add a few inches to the bust and tone the legs; voila, you have a rough picture of Rosy Dee!

Jimmy looked at the photo and asked, “When do you want me to leave?”

“Jimmy, we leave tonight. We will be in Roswell tomorrow afternoon.” Archie did not want to trust his discovery to anyone else.


“Hey, Michael, how’s it working out, big fellow?” José called out.

“Fine, so far, José,” Michael answered. “ I am going to have dinner with Maria after my shift.”

“That a boy, you used to have something with that girl. What happened?” José asked.

“After that mess up at graduation, we all drifted our own ways for a while. We just lost touch with each other,” Michael tried to explain.

“Yeah, they never did find out what happened to that goofy general, did they?” José remarked more than questioned.

Naw, after he brought all those troops into town, the explosion at the base, then he shot up graduation. The guy was a lunatic.” Michael thought, if everyone really knew what had happened, would any of them have been safe anymore?

Michael was about ready to quit his shift. The night cook had come in and as soon as Michael changed his clothes, he would have a couple hours to kill before heading over to Maria’s. From the changing room he heard two men talking to José. “My good man,” Michael had never heard that voice before, but that spidey sense was tingling up a storm. “Do you know this woman? She was a long time resident of Roswell we understand.”

Looking through a crack in the door, Michael saw two suits standing before the order counter. Michael didn’t know the one talking, but the other one was that prissy little bastard, Jimmy Williams, Maria or rather, Rosy Dee’s producer.

“Come on, my man, you are part of this community, do you recognize this woman?”

Again, Jose shook his head. “Look pendajo, I said I don’t know her and if I did, I wouldn’t tell someone like you,” Jose said getting madder and madder.

Michael could have stepped out to back José up, but José could hold his own against two gringos from back east. Jimmy would recognize Michael and then, someone would have to get punched. Michael ducked out the back way and headed to Maria’s on a run.

When he arrived, he knew he was a couple hours early, but Maria needed to be warned. He knocked on the door ignoring the doorbell. Maria wasn’t answering so Michael tried the door and it wasn’t locked. He had no idea of what to expect. They might have gotten to her house before he had. He didn’t know if they were capable of hurting Maria, but he didn’t want to find out.

Maria had made up her mind and she was going to face Michael and tell him everything. She heard pounding on her door and more commotion besides. On entering the living room, she saw a winded Michael. He had burst into her house. Many of her resolves passed as she felt her temper rising. “Michael, what is the meaning of breaking in like this?” she asked.

Michael’s mind was diverging. One part was his desire to warn Maria and the other part was that she had appeared as Rosy Dee. Any man who wasn’t on his deathbed and maybe a few of them, would rise up from the dead, to be confronted by Rosy Dee. Every man’s dream, wasn’t that how they said it. But, Rosy or Maria, whoever, needed to know Michael’s message. “Maria, Rosy, Jimmy Williams and Archie Cox are in town. They are trying to pressure José, but he may take a piece of them with his cleaver. Maria, are you in trouble with them?” Michael managed breathlessly.

Maria sat down in her short split skirt and after carefully crossing her legs said, “It is mainly so that I can get laid by Archie. Jimmy is just greedy. Michael, you aren’t mad at me are you? You know, for deceiving you before?”

Michael could now almost finish a sentence without wheezing. “Maria, of course not. I thought I was holding you back when we all split up and this proved I was. Look what a woman you have grown into. Soldiers say your name in their prayers and you have saved many a life. I am glad I could help you in the Near East and I am glad I can help you now, if you want me to.”

A screeching of tires, told them that someone had arrived. Maria continued to sit primly with her legs carefully crossed and Michael went to the door. “Buzz off, soldier boy. Me and Rosy here got’s some talking about a deal she can’t refuse,” That was jimmy, inflated by the feeling he was with Archie Cox.

“The lady has a previous engagement,” Michael stated.

Archie pushed against Michael intending to move him aside. “Come on, scram soldier boy.”

Archie should have tried moving the Great Pyramid. He would have had a better chance and the pyramid probably wouldn’t strike back as Michael might. “Rosy, get this oaf out of here and listen to the deal I am offering.”

“Mr. Cox, Mr. Williams, I do have a prior engagement. I don’t want money anymore. I don’t even know what I want. I do want something that you, Mr. Cox, do not have the ability to give me. I want respect and I want passion. I want to walk down the street and wave at people I meet. I want to hear them whisper, ‘That’s that little DeLuca girl. I hear she has been a great singer, model and actress.’ I want people to be proud that Roswell produced a girl such as me. I want postcards from soldiers saying, remember me, I met you once. He would be from some country that I never even know where it is, but I remembered I met a soldier and he never forgot. Rosy Dee is just a photo op nothing else anymore. Send me a check for a thousand dollars and I will see that it is posted in your name at the veteran’s hospital. We have no other business to discuss.”

Chapter 7

In her pink dress, bare midriff and ultra high heels, there was no way that Maia was going to do any cooking. “We can go out to eat, or you can help me,” she said to Michael.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

I had tried on this Rosy Dee costume to decide if it was what I wanted you to see me as. I wasn’t going put it on until just before you were to arrive. Let me go up and change. You can start the squash.”

“What do I do first?” Michael asked.

“Cut the squash. If we go the wrong direction, the spaghetti will be short, that is all. I never remember which way you cut it. How about cutting it in rings?” she instructed.

By the time she had changed into shorts and a light blouse, Michael had finished the squash. “Now, put the pieces in the steamer. It will take about 40 minutes. Get the hamburger out of the frig and brown it. While that is cooking, I have some meatballs soaking in sour cream. When the hamburger starts to brown, toss the meatballs in and let them brown, also. I am going to cheat and use commercial spaghetti sauce, but that will wait until all the meat is done. We can sit down a couple minutes, just remember to stir the meat every once in a while,” Maria instructed.

Michael would look at the meat ever so often and give it a stir with the spoon. “Maria, why were you so scared of me knowing who you were?

“In High school, you never took surprises very well. That first night, I wanted to see how good my disguise really was. Until I saw you in the audience, I had no idea of how I was going to avoid Archie. Those years we were together and always hiding, I guess it really did give me powers.”

“Michael turn off the meat and leave it for a while,” Maria told him. Reminding him that their real purpose was fixing dinner. “Take out the meatballs, but let the hamburger stand.”

“You know that Rosy reminded me of you. The eyes did it. I just couldn’t get over that I couldn’t read her,” Michael explained.

“I thought I would never see you again. The time we were together made me think of soldier boys who never came back. That is why I started my USO tour. Michael, pour the hamburger in the strainer and run hot water over it to get rid of some of the fat. I heard you were in the country where we were going, but I had no idea that you were in the detail protecting me,” Maria took a deep breath.

“Protecting was not what my unit was for. It was for rescuing, especially at night. Do I put the hamburger back in the pan?”

“Yes, and dump the spaghetti sauce over it and turn it on low heat. Check the squash and see if the strands break apart like spaghetti. See if the skins come off. That looks good, so take the squash off the heat and scrape all the pulp into a dish. See there, it looks just like spaghetti. Pour it in with the hamburger and mix it up well. Raise the heat and put the meatballs in to simmer.

The dinner went very well considering. The spaghetti squash was something different, the cabbage wrapped potato salad gave her a green vegetable and the meatballs in sour cream, gave Michael enough contrast. Of course the jalapeno peppers she put in the meatballs helped. The very sour apricots against the super sweet crust finished everything off. For Michael, she had prepared a meal in contrasts. Maybe, that was what she really was as Maria/Rosy, two women in contrast. Maria had no plans of what she said next. Maybe, it came out of the blue or maybe, it was fate taking a hand in her life once again. “Michael, just how long can you stay in Roswell?” she asked, all the time, fearing his answer.

“Maria, I can stay as long as you want me to. I am just drifting. There isn’t any other place I need to be,” Michael said as he leaned forward to kiss her.

Rosy Dee might appear in flower shows and Maria DeLuca might even go on stage a few times, but neither would ever again appear without their protector.

I hope you enjoy the little story of Michael and Maria doing their little waltz around eachother.
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Re: Michael and Maria, story of Rosy Dee pg 2, m&m, teen Jan 15, 2017

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I have indeed enjoyed Maria/Rosy Dee interactions with Michael.

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