Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31/15

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jun 13, 2015 5:59 pm

Great part!
Scary that there were files on everyone......
Nice trick Max pulled to rescue Topolosky.
Max can change almost everything........except the mouse died! LOL.
Now what did I miss.......who was outside watching all of this take place?

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31

Post by OFDreamers » Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:23 am

Chapter 6 – Tess, Lies and Videotapes

It took exactly three second and only a person for the good mood to evaporate. Sheriff Valenti came in the Crashdown with his usual unreadable face, asked for the same as always, and went out. That was all it took for the speculations to start. He had the orb and Michael felt responsible for what happened during the Topolosky fiasco and as always when he felt guilty he started to get angry with the others. We were so taken by our argument that we didn't see her came in until it was too late.

“What what is?” The new girl appeared near Liz. “Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything.” she added probably after seeing our pale faces.

“No, no. Hey we were just... um...” she couldn't seem to decide what to say. “Why don't you join us? Have a seat.”

“Thanks.” the new girl smiled and gladly sat herself in the chair in front of Liz.


“So, what were you guys talking about?” Max was looking at her, he couldn't remember her name, but there was something in her that was giving him a strange feeling in his gut.

“Can I get you something to drink, Tess?” Liz said when no one answered her after some second. Max turned toward her and smiled a little, letting her now that he wasn't ignoring her. He let their bond opens, letting their feeling for one another, and thoughts, flew from one mind to the other.

“Oh, thanks. Uh, Cherry coke with lime.” at her words Max turned again toward Tess and that same strange feeling to his gut came back with vengeance.

He was in the desert, he didn't recognize the place, Tess was with him, he had her hand in his.

“What's the matter?” he was back in the present, he was still looking a Tess and he had a flash. “Do I have something in my teeth?”

“What? No.” he turned towards his girlfriend again. “Let me help you with that.” they went to the back and Max hugged her.

“Max, what's happening, I felt you panic a second ago.” she took his hands in hers.

“I had a flash, on Tess.”

“But you weren't touching...” Max could feel how the thought of him having a flash with another girl was disturbing Liz.

“I know, and it was different, Liz, and not in a good way.” he kissed her lips, letting her see the flash that he had. The flash gave me no feeling, every time that I have a flash with you, even if it's not about you, I feel. Now it was just like watching a video that I couldn't stop. It strange, Liz.

He needed to kiss her, to reassure her that he had no feeling whatsoever for Tess.

Their lips came together passionately, the kiss was a fierce one, full of lust and pent up frustration for the days that they had gone without fulfilling their needs for one another.

He was again in the desert, taking Tess hand in his. He opened his eyes and he was kissing her.

“No!” Max exclaimed a little loud and get away from Tess.

The world seemed to shift a little and it was Liz now in front of him.

It just happened again, didn't it?

Max took her in his arm and nodded, he took a deep breath, Liz scent was unique, it was the best scent in all the world for him.

I can't seem to control them, even if I don't want to see them. He was worried that Liz could be hurt by what he had seen. Have you saw it to?

No, when you were having it, I couldn't feel your thoughts anymore, I got scared, it never happened before. Only then Max saw that she was trembling a little. He kissed her on the head and let his feeling for her comfort her.

“I love you.” he whispered in her ear.

“I love you too. I need to go back to work.” she stroked his cheek and smiled at him.

“I know.” he let her go and then went to the little window on the door to the restaurant. Tess was talking with Isabel, like nothing happened, but Max knew that there was something strange with her.

I don't like the feeling when I have those flashes.

Nether I do. Liz answered him from the kitchen.


“Michael, I'm worried.” they were in the bathroom after the disastrous chemistry hour.

“You should be.” Michael wasn't looking at him, but he could tell that they weren't talking about the same thing.

“It's not about Valenti. It's about Tess, Isabel's friend. I'm having these strange daydreams about her.”


“Yeah, where we're know, together.” Max was a little embarassed.

“I guess you're only human after all, huh?” he could see that he didn't really care about what he was telling him.

“It's me. I'm the problem. Something's happening to me.”

“Haven't you ever had a fantasy before?” he seemed annoyed by the discussion and Max knew that he was losing him. You aren't explaining yourself very well, Max. Tell him about the feelings, tell him about what you feel when you have those daydreams, and please, stop feeling guilty about them. I can feel that it's not something that you can control.

“This is different. It's out of my control. I can't stop it.” Michael seemed to want to say something but he stopped him. “It's not that I can't stop them because I'm too hormonal, it's really out of my control. It's like seeing a video on the computer without being able to turn or close the page. While I'm seeing those daydreams, I'm disgusted, saddened and even scared at time. I don't like Tess, not in that way. I love Liz and I wouldn't do something like that to her.”

Michael seemed to seriously think about what he was saying.

“You're afraid?”


“Liz know about it?”

“Yes, she does, but the strange thing is that when I'm having one she can't get inside my mind. Even if our bond is open. She can always see what I see during the flashes, even the one that I don't have with her, since we... you know.” Max blushed on the last part and looked down, he was still very embarrassed about talking of that kind of thing with anyone but Liz.

“Then I believe you. Something strange is going on with her.” Michael get down from the sink.

“We need to talk to Iz, and maybe find out more on her.”


Jim Valenti had never believed his father when he talked about aliens, he had been ashamed of him for most of his childhood, but now very strange things where happening in his town. He saw the news. Ex-Agent, Kathleen Topolosky was found dead in her cell some days ago, the official report just got on the news. It was suicide. He couldn't believe that a woman like Topolosky was capable of taking her life so he had called Dr Margolin, to ask some question on the happenings but the good Doctor didn't seem to remember him or their meeting last week.

He looked down at the strange stone that he had found when he stopped Guerin and Amy's daughter from going to the meeting with the crazy woman.

Something wasn't right, and he needed to find out what.


After the strange talk with Valenti, in which the Sheriff informed him that Topolosky was dead, Max felt a little guilty for not telling him that Topolosky was not only still alive, but leaving somewhere on the West coast, waiting for things to settle down a little before coming back.

The group had a meeting at the Crashdown to inform the other about the strangeness of Tess and was decided that they needed to know more on her, so he had sent Michael to get her file the next day at school, so they could find out where she lived, go there and try to see if they could find something strange on her.

Max and Michael almost got caught spying from the windows of the empty house by a group of soldier that seemed to came in to check the house. They were armed with M-16 and seemed very dangerous.

They went back to the Crashdown and talked about it with Liz, Isabel, Maria and Alex that where waiting for them.

Iz was in the middle of trying to dissuade them about Tess being with the Special Unit when Valenti came in.

He puts the orb down on the counter and looked at all of them.

“Before you can expect somebody to trust you, you've got to trust them first. Whenever you're ready, Max.” he turned around and left without another word.

They were a little surprised.

“You're just making new friends all over the place, aren't you, Max?” commented Michael before going back to the previous discussion. “We need to do something about Tess.”

“I'll check it out.” Isabel butted in. Max knew that she wanted to proof her friend innocence, she didn't understand that it could be dangerous, but she was even the most logical choice for the work so he reluctantly agreed to the plan.


Liz knew that Max was near. It was raining so she opened the door of the Crashdown so Max could let himself in without waiting for her to open the door. She could feel that he was a little nervous for his sister mission, but he couldn't do much. It was decided that she would go alone and no one should follow her because if they worked for the Special Unit then someone could be watching.

She felt the bell and after some second his wet arms came around her waist. She hissed a little at the cold touch but then let herself be warmed by the feelings that being hugged by him set off in her.

“I needed to be with you, I was getting crazy at home, waiting for Izzy.” he kissed her on the head, letting his cold hand roam a little on her body. He looked around and saw that no one was there so he used his power to dry their clothes. She turned in his arms and got on her toes to kiss him.

I want you.

Liz could feel his raw needs to be inside her, within her mind, soul and body. She was starting to get aroused, her parents went out for a late movie and they could find time for them, but while she was going to the door to close it she saw Tess, outside in the storm, seeming to have car trouble.

“What she is doing here?” Liz felt that Max was sure that this couldn't be a coincidences. “She is following me?” he was outraged by the thought.

“She is trying to take you away from me, I don't know way, but that's her intention.” Liz took his hands and led him towards the back of the Crashdown. “I think that you need to kiss her, Max.”

“What?” he exclaimed horrified by the thought.

“Listen to me.” she put her hands on his face, making him looking at her in the eyes. “She is trying to steel you away from me. She is becoming a little reckless but I think that she doesn't know that whatever she is doing to you isn't really working, so we need to give her something, go out there. Talk to her and if she try to make you kiss her, let it happen.”


“I will be in your mind, all the time, I'll know that you won't fell anything and you'll know that I love you, even if you kiss her for a second or two.” she kissed him on his lips with kindness. “I want to protect you, and until we know more on her, I think that you need to let her win a little.”

Max understood her way of thinking, that said she knew that he didn't like her plan. Not a bit. That was what reassured her about the whole things. Max hated the plan, not because he was afraid to feel something for Tess, but because he found disgusting cheating on her, even with her consents.

She smiled when he took a deep breath before going out, like he was going to the gallows.


“You're doing something to me.” he accused her, letting show is distress at what was happening.

Max, remember our plans, please. Liz begged in his mind when he lost focus for a little while.

“Max, my car broke down. I'm waiting for somebody to help me. I didn't plan anything.” she said with big innocent eyes. Max didn't believe it for a second, but decided to follow the plan.

“I'm with Liz.” that seemed the magic word. Max could feel inside him the strange compulsion to kiss her. He tried to resist and find out that if he concentrated on his bond with Liz he could, that info made him happy, but he knew that he needed to kiss her. Liz feeling in his mind let him know that she was watching him and still loved him.

“I know you are.” she started to smile when she saw him getting nearer her.

“We belong together.” he wanted to let Tess know that even if he was doing what she wanted him to do he still loved Liz.

“I'm sure that's true.” she smiled at that and Max almost decided to stop the plan, but Liz remind him again that is for the best.

“I don't want anyone but her.” he saw a little hurt in her eyes before she answered him.

“I'm sure you don't.” she started to advancing on him, her lips where near his and he did what Liz told him to do. He let it happen. He closed his eyes and rejoiced when in his mind he saw Liz. He was kissing her. He could almost smell her.

I love you, Max. She whispered in his mind and he knew that it was true. She loved him and he loved her.

Suddenly he was somewhere else, there is some strange thing in front of him, a girl, then he was outside, there is a strange rock, a quarry, some stars where brighter than others.

The flashes stopped and he let Tess go. He needed to get away from her, but for the sake of their plan he couldn't go back to Liz. He ran toward Michael apartment, he let Liz saw what he saw in the flashes and she comforted him.

It was hard to watch you, but it was worth it. Tess saw me and I tried to put on a distraught face. I think it worked.

I need to brush my teeth. Was his answer, she giggled and he felt it inside him. Warmed by her he didn't even feel anymore the ice cold water.

Max, maybe you could use this as a way to find that damn camera. Max stopped suddenly.


They were in Nasedo caves, Isabel had now finished the last changes in Topolosky aspect. While her face structure was the same her hair color and style was completely different. Her skin was darker, her eyes where almost black, giving her an Hispanic kind of vibe. She was looking at herself in the mirror.

“This is so strange.” she touched her now curled brown hair.

“But it was needed. Now you only need to stay low for a while. When things will get more normal you can come back here, stay with us, help us if you want. We could even change you back a little.” said Max with a shy smile. “You wanted to help us, what happened to you was only our fault.”

She shook her head and put an hand on his shoulder.

“I was reckless and scared. I had time to think while in the hospital, they are watching you, that's why they already knew where to find me.”

“How?” he was surprised that the Special Unit would go so far, breaking even the law to get them.

“Maybe a camera or a bug. Did you talk about the meeting anywhere?”

“No, we were very careful.” he said after thinking for a while.

“Then they bugged Michael apartment, it's the only explanation. You need to be careful and search it for the cam or you won't be safe there.”

Max nodded and looked a Michael that was talking with Maria at the ingress of the cave.

“I'll talk to him, we'll try to not be obvious while doing the search.”

“Well, I think that you need to go back home and I need to catch a bus.” she smiled and thanked all the young kids.

They escorted her at the bus station then on the way home Max told them about the cam.


Call him, tell him to get ready to fake a brawl, this way we can trash the apartment without making the Special Unit suspicious about our intentions.

Good plan. She went to the phone and told Michael their plan, they already checked the phone so they knew that no one could her Liz side of the call.

When Max got to the apartment the boys started to fight about what happened with Valenti and outside the Crashdown. Michael could really act when he wanted. He was letting whoever was listening believe that he wasn't in the right frame of mind to listen to him.

After starting the physical part of the plan it was relatively easy to find the camera. The feds didn't really hide it well. It was velcro-ed on the top of the fridge.

One less problem to think about.


“This is a great plan.” said Maria smiling at Michael and Max while Alex adjusted the last thing on his PC.

“Ok the box is here. I'm going to go check it out.” said Liz from the camera.

Max and the other looked a little worried at the scene in front of them. Mr. Harding was coming back and if Liz didn't stop snooping around then he would find out.

Liz, he...

It's full of photo here! She interrupted his thought. There is you at work, on the street, at the Crashdown. It's creepy!

“What are you doing?” it was to late.

“Oh, um, Mr. Harding!” she stood up too fast and lost her balance a little, knocking over the statue in which she had hidden the camera.

“What happened?” Michael was worried. The screen went black.

“The camera's dead.”

“Oh my God!” Maria looked at Max, worried for her friend.

Liz, how are you? What's happening. She didn't answer him, but he could still tell that even if she was a little worried and scared, she was okay. Liz opened her connection more, letting him see what was happening.

“She isn't answering me, but she is okay. He's asking her to stay for dinner.”

What can I do, Max? She asked him when Mr Harding insisted on it.

Stay, but if you need help don't hesitate to tell me. I'll be there in two minutes.

I love you Max.

I know, I love you too, Liz. She closed their connection a little bit so that he could still feel what she was feeling but she couldn't hear all his thoughts.

“She is okay, he asked her to stay to dinner. She'll try to make the camera work again later on.” he said to their friend smiling a little, trying to reassure them.


Liz looked behind her at the broken statue, where the camera was hidden in between the pieces.

“Maybe I should go clean that up, huh?” said Mr. Harding cleaning his mouth and hand.

“Please, let me do that.” Liz stood up and followed him near the piano.

“It's ok.” he knelt in front of the broken pieces of the statue and started to swept them.

“No, really. I feel absolutely horrible about it. Um, could I... Could I pay for it?” Max, I need a distraction, like now! She tried to keep Mr. Harding away but it won't work.

“Don't worry. Homeowner's insurance.” he swept the camera in the bucket.

“No, please, let me...”

“I said no!”

The doorbell rang and Mr. Harding got up to answer it.

Thanks. Liz said to Max while she grabbed the camera.

“Hi.” said Max when Mr. Harding opened the door.


“Max!” exclaimed Tess seeing him on her doorsteps.

“Max? Liz's Max?” asked Mr. Harding.

Liz had moved in front of the piano and now was trying to put the camera in a little vase full of glass balls.


“How did you know Liz was here?” he looked at her and Liz shook her head. Lie.

“Actually, I came to see Tess.” covered Max, it was a good actor when it was necessary.

“But we have nothing to talk about.” she went near the door while Mr. Harding went near Liz

“But I think we do.”

“Look, whatever you think happened before was a mistake... that you made.” Liz almost rolled her eyes at her words, she wanted to put the fault all on him.

“I think we both made a mistake.”

“Ok, well whatever happened, it's over now, so let's just go.” she was a little nervous and wanted to go as far away as possible.

“Liz, I want you to go so that Tess and I can talk.”

What the hell are you doing? She said in his mind.

I don't know, trying to seem like I really wanted to talk to her? He said doubtful in her head.

“Max, Tess and I have already straightened everything out. I'm not leaving without you.”

“Well, I guess we should be going then.”

“But the night's not over.” Mr. Harding complained.

“Yes, it is.” Liz went to Max, Tess's father behind her.

“Aw, we're going to have to do this again sometime, Liz.”

They went out, climbed in the jeep and drove towards the warehouse where the others were waiting for them. Both of them didn't noticed the person in the car in front of the house, taking photos of them.


“We didn't exactly find out a lot. Only that she and his dad have lot of photos of you.” Maria said after Liz briefed them on what she had found. They couldn't sleep, still to hyped fro the whole evening.

“And surely that doesn't explain how the hell she can makes Max see things.” Michael said while pacing.

“Max, Michael, come look at this.” said Isabel, while she saw Tess tip the bucket with the pieces of the statue.

“What's going on?”

“I'm not sure.”

“What the hell...”

Liz couldn't believe at what she was seeing, Tess had put her hand over the pieces of the statue and they got back together like nothing happened.

“Oh, my God.”

Question answered:

Was Tess using her power during TL&V? (for me) Yes, Tess was actually using her power to get Max attention, to get him to kiss her. The difference between the series and my story is that here Max can resist.

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:58 am

I like your version least Max can actually resist.
This whole time Tess was on the scene........I try to completely block out.

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31

Post by begonia9508 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:07 am

Oh! Oh, the fools being played too... and they should NOT tell Tess that they know about her alieness... because they can foresee what she will do next, as she will let them believe that they know nothing!

But I am wondering anyway who is the other man, following them? Another protector?

Looking for more and thanks! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31/15

Post by zaneri1 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:46 pm

Absolutely loving this story :) So enjoying it. Glad Max found a way to overcome the mindwarps. Come back soon
I'm curious as to whom was Kal referring to as left behind.

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:00 am

Missing this.......
Love that the kids are protecting Topolosky.......and that Max is honest with Liz regarding Tess's actions.

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Re: Change of Destiny (M/L, CC, Mature) Post 1 of 14 - 05/31/15

Post by zaneri1 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 2:49 pm

I miss this story come back soon :(

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