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Posted: Sun May 17, 2015 4:29 pm
by keepsmiling7
Thought I left feedback earlier........but guess I hit the wrong button again.
Anyway........I can really see Kyle in "black opps" Right up his alley!
It was good that Michael escaped saving Max.......but Liz, Kyle and Maria were separated.........
Looking forward to the next part!

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Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 9:55 am
by begonia9508
Hey Ken, what's a sad destiny Max and Liz had! Future Max should have killed them on the spot! That would have been more humane! :(

Thanks and waiting for more - EVE :mrgreen:

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Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 2:28 pm
by ken_r
begonia9508: It is never for a person to really know the future.


L-J-L 76: Getting together takes time

Chapter 4

Normally Maria kept her head on straight. If her mother had been still alive, she would have been scandalized at what Maria had done to keep Liz alive. Maria caught herself. The name was Beth, not Liz. They still didn’t know who was searching for them. Ria Jones was the singing sensation. Ria Jones was also, the sensation on the internet. Google “Ria Jones, Naked,” and your computer would almost be overloaded. The perversity of this was that Google Ria Jones naked, would also most certainly give your system a plethora of viruses, third world computer students, picking the most looked for subject to attach their hacking efforts.

The first time it had been difficult. Maria had pictured her body as something sacred to be shared only with her true lover. Well, she had had to come to terms with the subject of true lover also. Her true love had been her first love and she had no idea of where he was or if he was still alive. The money that Ria received now, would pay for Liz’s or rather Beth’s care for several months. Maria, dressed in a negligee, had been shown into an elaborate set. The room lights were dim and Maria couldn’t see the faces just outside the circle of photo lights. She was seated on a bed covered with satin sheets. She stretched and turned at the photographer’s commands. He snapped her from every angle. Then a break was called. “Maria, let the negligee slip down to your waist,” someone said.

This was what Maria had signed up for. She took a deep breath and
thought of the money involved. A woman came into the circle of lights and rearranged the satin sheets around her legs. Maria was now naked to her waist. Again the commands to move, stretch and preen as the continued clicks of the camera were made. The photographer was everywhere. He seem to be catching her from every angle.

Finally the command, “Wrap it up,” was made and a woman came to Maria offering her a robe. Wrapped in the robe, Maria stood as the negligee slipped to the floor. Carefully, Maria stepped out of the negligee and was hastened to her dressing room. It was several weeks later when called into the production offices that Maria was presented with the picture of choice. Maria was sitting in the middle of the bed, the sheets pulled up around her legs and the negligee crumpled at her waist. The look of pure innocence and a bit of fright, stared back at Maria. They had captured the look of an innocent girl who had no idea what would come next. They couldn’t use it as an album cover, too many stores wouldn’t show that on their shelves, but they did tuck it just inside the album. The sale of her CD and the later sale of the posters supported Ria and Beth for sometime.

That look was never captured again. They saw the coquette, the playful girl inviting all to join her on her bed, the angry woman decrying the invasion of her privacy and the laughing party girl. Never again was Maria innocent of what was to happen next. They did sell many posters and even with the threat of a virus, the internet raved at the sensation of Ria Jones, naked.

There were times when Nurse Adkins was caring for Beth and no one was demanding her time that Maria allowed her self to dream.

Maria remembered the night. Michael was to leave Earth. She was to never see him again. Even if he might be a royal alien, Michael, the boy had all the insecurities of any Earth teen. She had entered his apartment. For once it was even cleaned and ordered. The Italian dinner he had procured, the Scooby Doo decorations he had placed, she knew he wanted to make tonight special. It wasn’t until he told her that he was leaving that Maria took over.

It was a different Maria, who stood without her clothes in front of him. She felt no embarrassment as this had been something she had saved for her first lover. Soon, Michael was disrobed and they made love until dawn. The child Maria and the decorations of Scooby Doo were now gone. In their place was a young woman who loved a young man. It was Michael who sat up and stated, “Maria, I have searched for the world where I belong. Just as I am about to leave it, I found the one place I feel is home. Maria, I am not going. Maria, I will never leave your side.”

Well, this wasn’t how it happened exactly but whose fantasy was it anyway? Maria could see it anyway she wanted. In her mind, they remained together until that cursed night.


The special unit was behind them. But, there were other enemies looking for them also. Max, Liz and Isabel had been captured. Michael came to her. “Maria, it is the Skins. I thought we had destroyed all of them. This may even be a new invasion of those creatures,” he said.

Rescue was being prepared. There was no thought of leaving the three comrades to the cruelties of the Skins. Jesse was strong, but Jesse was much better in the courtroom than in what, essentially, might be a bar fight. Kyle was idle and Kyle was excellent in a fight. His assistance was requested. Michael was not prepared for how quickly Kyle agreed. No matter how strong her attraction was to Max, Kyle stilled loved Liz Parker-Evans very much. He also loved Isabel, although he knew she would always be out of his reach. She was not only married, but she also was in social circles that Kyle would never fit. Kyle himself, didn’t explain that he saw the two marriages differently.

Maria drove the getaway car. Michael and Kyle, dressed completely in black, entered the facility where they were sure the captives were housed. Everyone’s life changed that night. They came to the place where Liz was kept. As a human, the Skins wanted to study her separately. The rescue party had found no resistance so far. The guard at the front of the facility was just a pile of dust. Michael had engaged him in conversation claiming to be lost as Kyle crept up behind and with a powerful spin kick, Kyle got him, in that oh so special place in his back, which made him deflate and blow away.

“Kyle, take her out. Deeper in, it is going to be alien fighting anyway. Get her safely to Maria’s car. Come back if you have a chance,” Michael ordered.

“Yeah, have a chance.” Kyle was still in the facility when the explosion happened. He tried to protect Liz with his body, but the flames were all around. It was here where Kyle’s life forever changed. Something was in the flames. It was the “Balrog from Tolkien.” It ran at Kyle and he almost dropped Liz to defend both of them. The creature was flaming, but it had substance. Kyle never knew if it was Skin related or not. He grappled it in a waist hold and with super-human strength Kyle bent the creature backward. The creature exploded with a woosh, which ignited the explosion and blew both Kyle and Liz out the door. Kyle was badly burned as was Liz, but they were not consumed. That was another thing not explained. Kyle managed to get Liz to Maria’s car. The whole complex was gone. It would be later when Kyle was with his native commandos that he decided that he had faced the Great Satan and won. Even his commandos enhanced this reputation. Kyle was a leader who had faced something awful and lived. He was invincible. They all fought that way.


Maria drove through her tears. There was no way that anyone could have survived that holocaust. That night, Maria DeLuca and Liz Parker died. Ria Jones and her sister, Beth were born. They badly needed quick money. Kyle had been approached by the military and offered a bounty for signing up. That seemed to be the only thing to do. That bounty and each successive bounty thereafter, went to the care of Beth Jones. Much of his paycheck was sent to Beth Jones in care of her sister that famous singer Ria Jones. When it became known that Kyle was related to the singer Ria Jones, he took a lot of teasing. Almost every trooper had that first picture of Ria pinned up in his locker. As more and more pictures surfaced and were plastered over the wardroom, Kyle was the only one to not have one. “She is more like a sister than anything else,” he explained.

“You would let your sister take pictures like that?” was the question.

Kyle just shook his head, “She just does what she has to, to survive.”

At this time, exactly how much Ria did was only speculation.


Michael did not retreat into any fantasy. He had to keep his feet on the ground, if no one else could. He only listened to the Heavy Metal type music so he never saw the albums or the pictures of Ria Jones. Michael was not the type to read the tabloids. When the building had gone up in flame, Michael was in an entirely different part of the facility. As far as he could tell Kyle, Liz and even Maria had disappeared. Michael did not have a lot of time for conjecture anyway. Michael had just managed to get Isabel outside and made his return to find Max. He felt that he was responsible for the care of Max and Isabel.

Now, the best thing he could do for Isabel was for him to keep as far away from her as possible. It had been Michael who said they were better alone than in a group. Jesse would contact Michael if something developed that he needed to know about. Once a month, Michael would call Isabel and they would talk for a short while. He was always careful to use a throw-away cell phone. Michael had to suppress his own problems. For better or worse Max and Isabel were here and it was as if Maria and Liz had never existed. Max wasn’t much help as he quickly drifted into some other world where he could still function. In this unreality, Max wasn’t a cripple. He was a hero and he was always trying to find his one true love. This other world wouldn’t accept him for very long, either. Max was constantly being ejected back into reality. Michael tried to help Max, but he was beginning to believe that Max as a space-head attracted less attention than if some of his true powers were seen.

Michael had attended the university where Max taught. He finally got an advanced degree in literature. This allowed him to keep close to Max and to have enough money to sustain himself.

Occasionally, Michael would have thoughts of Maria. That was unproductive. Michael was sure that, someway, Maria had been caught in the explosion, which killed Kyle and Liz. She was supposed to stay in the car, but Michael knew that if Kyle was having trouble getting Liz out, Maria would have been right there to help. There was no trace of any of them that Michael could find, so he tried to keep his mind on straight and do what he had always done, be at Max’s side.

Productive or not, visions of Maria kept coming. So much had happened that Michael no longer knew which parts of the visions were real and which were conjectured by a lonely mind. Like many people after a tragedy, the reality of his memories were becoming blurred by the longings of the present.

Michael remembered the numerous fights they had, but in his mind the fights all ended in a session of kissing that kept Michael going. Michael, vaguely remembered the joys of that first night they made love. With all the pressures around him, Michael was beginning to believe this must have been a wet dream. Michael could not believe anything in his life could be so pleasurable.

Were these memories of pleasure, a punishment for the sin of taking Maria with them that night? Michael replayed in his mind what he believed they did. They needed Maria. Kyle would look for Liz and Michael would face the Skins to rescue Max and Isabel. Whatever happened, both Michael and Kyle had agreed, they needed to be ready to leave very quickly. That was where Maria came in. They both trusted Maria. Michael often wondered how much loosing him would mean to Maria. Michael was alien. His love would be given very dearly. Maria was human and she probably could manage to go on if he was lost.

Those thoughts were also, unproductive.

Nothing could have survived that terrible explosion and fire. Liz and Kyle along with Maria were probably long gone. Maybe’s, what ifs and other incriminations could not bring her back.


If Max had been more lucid, he might have wondered why all of his fantasies were of heroic actions. They all involved bringing healing of some sort to those around him. Occasionally, he had really bad nights. He saw himself as a child walking into the Crashdown dozens of times. Every time he saw a crumpled figure lying in a pool of blood. He tried to get to her, but something stopped him every time. Max just couldn’t let go of the feeling that if he could have reached her, someway, he could have brought her back to life. That was ridiculous. How could a child save a girl dying of a gunshot? Did he think he was a healer or something? If he was so interested in healing, why didn’t Max go to medical school? With luck,q the terrible dreams would mellow out and once again, Max would find himself leading an expedition crossing the desert. He still felt he was missing something by not helping that girl, now, a woman.


Somewhere in the shifting sands, there was located the Jo Jo berry bush. It had a tremendous root. The root stored liquid to keep the plant alive during the years between any moisture. That liquid would also sustain life. One drink of the jo jo berry juice and blood would clot and wounds heal. In Max’s mind there was no discussion about whether the clotting might cause a stroke. If only Max could suffer through the terrible heat from the red sun, which looked down on him.


The alarm rang. Max got up to face another day.

For the few lucid moments he was allowed every day, Max prepared for his classes. If he was lucky, his lectures would be brilliant. There were those times when Max just drifted off into some fantasy. His students learned to live for the great moments.

Michael had made one of his infrequent contacts with Isabel last night. “How are you holding up?” Michael had asked.

“Fine, I guess,” was the reply. Then as always, Isabel began to ask about Max. “How did he do this week?” she inquired.

“Better, maybe. At least, I heard that most of his lectures were coherent. There are still those times when we are walking that I feel he is in another world,” Michael explained.

“Max always drifted into dream worlds, when we were growing up,” Isabel stated. “Most of those dreams were his obsession with Liz Parker,” she continued. “Is there any word about what happened to them?”

Michael sighed. “I have read all the reports. There were no bodies found. We know that the Skins would have blown away, but if humans had been found, I would think there would be some record. The authorities are still looking into what caused the fire and explosion. Not finding any human remains, they are writing it up as an act of ‘God,’ an empty warehouse, completely unattended, just going ‘bonkers.’ As much as it pains me I am afraid that Maria, along with Liz and Kyle were killed. There just was no evidence left in that flame.” Michael had voiced the same questions to himself many times. It was only by shear character and willpower, which kept him from collapsing like Max. Someone had to remain strong. Even with the strength of Jesse, Isabel had a hard time. She depended on Michael many times. She needed understanding from her own kind. What would happen when Michael reached the end of his rope? Would eventually he also need help? Where could he turn?


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Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 6:18 pm
by keepsmiling7
It never hurts my old brain to read this again.....even though I have already enjoyed it over there.
Poor Maria, it's hard to realize she did what she did to keep her and "Beth" going. What a friend she is.
I really wouldn't wish that on anyone.
It was hard to read about the explosion and the skins. Glad Kyle, Maria and Liz made it out, and another friend is Kyle accepting the bounty to help out Liz/Beth.
And then Max in la la land! It appears that Michael is holding him together.
This is such a sad, sad situation for all of them. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel??

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by begonia9508
Hey Ken! If they did not find Maria and Liz, it doesn't automatically means that they are dead! :roll:

But maybe they are only afraid of making to much noises around them, by looking more carefully for Maria and Liz! :shock:

Looking for more and thanks! EVE :mrgreen:

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by ken_r
Begonia9508: That is the problem. It is too dangerous to be looking too deeply into what might have happened to the others from either side.


Chapter 5

Raphael Sebastian Carter, was his name. He met the beautiful Ria Jones at a album signing party. Bring anything you have bought, done by Ria Jones and she would personally sign it. For most of her fans, her signature was reward enough. A few showing a great deal of charm, Ria might plant a neat kiss on their cheek, cheek or forehead, but never on the lips. Ria Jones did not give out her favors that freely.

Ralph Carter had studied Ria Jones for years. Her known history went back a few years and then hit a dead end. It was reported that she cared for a friend or, maybe, a relative or something. There were no childhood biographies on the woman. Ralph knew a puzzle when he saw one.

Ralph was a poor little rich boy. Money isn’t everything especially if you have a competitive drive. Men and women like Ralph, many times, spent their entire life searching for meaning. Ralph didn’t ever need to work and that was not a gift. He always wanted to be rewarded for what he could do and not who he was. Ralph considered himself a student of people and that is the puzzle he saw in Ria.

Ria was singing in a very upscale performance; black ties, tuxedos for the men and gowns for the women. There is not much to say about a tux. Some of the Avant Guard might appear in gray, white or maybe blue, but essentially a tux was a tux. For the women, gowns were battlefields of display. Gowns vying to push boundaries of proper behavior in revealing flesh better left to the lover’s bedroom and many times, they were purposely breaking those boundaries of social decency, by the invention of “costume malfunction.” Debutants, designers and divas all vied for position in the field of fashion.

Raphael was there in all his finery. Ria Jones was a difficult woman to understand. Anyone who knew her said that she was a very high maintenance woman. Studying this woman, Ralph didn’t see the typical social whore that he felt she should have been. That had been some time ago. Now, Ralph decided that Ria was essentially a frightened small town girl acting a part completely out of character. That was the challenge. Who was the girl/woman, Ria Jones?

Raphael knew that to even get close to Ria it would take many gifts. That didn’t make sense. If she was a small town girl, then, somewhere, she should be looking for substance and stability. If truly she was a social whore, then displays of wealth should be her only consideration. Social whores didn’t usually have vast photographic portfolios that bordered on porn and act as if there was nothing in them. Well, there was that girl whose grandfather owned so many hotels. She had sex tapes, photo shoots and scandalous affairs, but no one mistook her for a woman of class.

When Ria returned to her dressing room, it was flooded with flowers. Looking at the many cards, someone must have used half a dozen different shops to buy that many bouquets. Ria hadn’t had time to get out of her costume before a gentle knock was heard at her door. There stood a handsome man in his middle thirties holding a silk top had and a beguiling smile. “Miss Jones, do you like the flowers?” he began.

Ria returned a smile that even Ralph saw was strained. “Please, come in and be seated while I change.”

Ralph saw that there was a leather covered couch at one end of the room and an oriental screen at the other. Behind the oriental screen, Ralph could see a walk in closet and several sets of dresses carefully hanging on their racks. As Ralph sat on the couch, he felt it give and he was sure that it would convert into a bed of sorts. A picture of the celebrated diva screwing on a convert-a-bed did not remain long in his mind.

Looking at the oriental screen, Ralph saw that it was made in several sections. Each section was covered by oriental printed silk stretched tight at the top and bottom, but that made the sides hang in pronounced curves. The frames were also hinged in such a way that there was a gap of over an inch between the sections. As Ria walked behind the screen, Ralph saw that her form could be seen through the translucent silk. At first Ralph felt a little guilty watching her as she moved about behind the screen. Then, reason returned. Ria used this screen all the time, she was well aware of what could be seen through it.

As Ria moved around, she paid her caller no attention at all. It was as if he wasn’t there, which heightened the arousal Ralph was feeling. Her shadow against the silk, the glimpses of flesh between the hinge joints and the gaps of the silk, all gave Ralph a picture of what she was doing. She raised her costume above her head and carefully hung it in the closet. Turning to do so gave Ralph a view of her ass. She was wearing bikini panties which had bunched up in back to almost be a thong. He could see that her bra lifted her breasts to further augment their bulge. Her back still to Ralph, Ria bent over and pulled down her panties and placed them in a clothes hamper at the side. Ralph saw her take from a drawer another pair of panties, not bikinis this time, but rather high rise ones of black silk. She adjusted her bra to a more comfortable position and taking a slinky black gown, she pulled it over her head and doing that seductive wiggle women do, she pulled it into position. Ria stepped from behind the screen and said, “Please,” indicating the zipper in back for Ralph to help.

Ria’s hands went down her sides as she smoothed the gown about her hips. She turned to Ralph and stated, “Let’s not read too much into what you get for a few bunches of flowers.”

Ralph stood with his hands, palms up as he stated, “Miss Jones, the flowers express my admiration. I understand that you never have supper until the show is over, I am asking for your company and conversation over a good wholesome meal.”

Ria glared at him for several minutes, then she shrugged, “Just so we understand each other.”

Both Ria and Raphael (that is the way he introduced himself) were pleasantly surprised. Ria was constantly looking for him putting some move on her and Raphael was surprised at the quality of conversation they shared.

The only physical contact Raphael made with Ria was taking her arm as he led her out the door of the theater and as he gently held her chair helping her sit down at their table. Oh, yes, once his hand found itself on hers as he steadied her glass as he poured the diner wine.

Ralph expected conversation about theater and other trivialities. He was surprised that Ria was well read in literature, politics and world affairs. He found little of the bleeding heart liberal crap that most celebrities professed. One time, when they somehow got on the subject of medical care, Ralph was sure that he detected a passion that was carefully guarded.

Finally, Maria smiled and said, “Raphael, I immensely enjoyed the evening, but it is getting late so please call me a cab.”

“Miss Jones, I would be perfectly willing to escort you home,” Ralph stated.

Ria shook her head. Ralph thought that he almost saw a feeling of regret. “Raphael, there are many things about my life which must be kept private. The location of my home and the life I live there is one of them.”

Ralph carefully escorted Ria to the waiting cab and bent over to kiss her offered cheek. “Good night, Miss Jones. Thank you for an enjoyable evening.”

As the cab pulled away from the curb, Ralph noted its number. Tomorrow or rather later this morning, fifty dollars would give him her personal address. There was one more thing, which Ralph put down to being a small town girl. Ria asked for a “doggie bag” to take home what she couldn’t finish of her meal.


“Sharon, I feel so guilty. Beth is stuck here at home and I am out dining with fancy men. That is so wrong in so many ways,” Ria moaned.

Nurse Adkins put her arm around Ria and whispered in her ear. “Dear, you deserve a little time to your self. You give so much to your sister.”

“You don’t understand, Sharon, we were all together when it happened,” Ria answered.

“Ria, I know you said to never ask you about what happened to you and Beth, but sometimes you might want someone to talk to. I think I have proven my loyalty and I will be a good listener if you ever want to just, talk,” Sharon said as she hugged Ria close to her.

When Ria went back to the theater, bundles of flowers were stacked in front of her dressing room door. Her manager came by. Presentations like this inspired him. If Ria had that strong of a fan, Harry Goldman was sure that she would have a long run with her show. He had never been sorry that he had picked up the young lady, when he first heard her sing. There was a lot of mystery about her, but Harry used this mystery to add to her charm. Privately, Harry knew that there was a lot more to Ria than the public knew. Handling her finances, Harry knew that most of her money went to a foundation and trust for her sister. Harry had no knowledge of the other money, which would be given by ardent lovers. Ria had made it clear that no one else was to know anything about this foundation. Harry had also, met her step-brother. That son-of-a-bitch had killer written all over him. This did inspire Harry to keep his bookkeeping honest. “Just keep them coming, Ria. The press has already been by and photographed your doorway. I look for a bigger crowd tonight because of this.”


“Look, Michael, Jesse thinks that the FBI has cooled its heels. He also thinks that we have killed most of the Skins, who knew about us. Both Jesse and I think that I need to re-establish contact with you and Max,” Isabel stated over the burner phone.

“I appreciate what you say, Isabel, but when Jesse talks, it isn’t his neck which is on the line,” Michael said.

“That is unfair, Michael, Jesse and my dad worked hard to bring an injunction against the FBI for bothering any of us,” Isabel explained.

“An injunction is just words and what good are words when they have you out on a table ready to cut you guts out to see why you tick?” Michael answered.

“You have to think about Max, Michael. Jesse thinks that we three need to be together to try to heal him. I don’t try to tell Jesse that none of us can just move on. Things have happened that can never be repaired. He doesn’t understand the intensity of our association with each other. I never could explain how close I came to loosing it when Alex was killed. I was visited by Alex’s ghost daily until I married Jesse.”

“Things aren’t getting better for Max. Maybe, facing Jesse might force him to confront reality. Isabel, we have winter break coming up and that will mean we have about a month that we could work with him. If you and Jesse can make it, why don’t we plan to get together. Truthfully, I would enjoy seeing you. I am beginning to believe that all aliens are crazy,” Michael finally agreed thinking that they had to try something different.


I see them and I try to talk to them. They don’t seem to notice me. Maria is always there, but she is just beyond my reach. I don’t have any sense of time. I call to her, but saying the word Maria, takes several night-day cycles. Sometimes, they try to talk to me. I think I hear what they say, but it is so high-pitched like mice squeaking. They are speaking so rapidly that I can’t understand. There is a lady, I never saw her before. Now, she seems to live with us. She makes sure that I am fed and dressed.

When those creatures brought Max and me to the facility, they separated us. At that time, I could hear what people said. The creatures said that they wanted to see how far apart we could communicate. For a long time, I never lost contact with him. At night when no one was listening, we would mind talk. It was crazy like. Max and I would hold hands and make plans. Since we were in different parts of the building, they were all fantasy plans as was our holding hands. Once taken by the Skins or who ever they were, I never touched Max again. Max told me that they had taken Isabel, also. Michael, Kyle and Maria were all who remained free.

I don’t know how much time has passed. Max is growing fainter and fainter. I don’t know if he and I are both getting weak or if they have found a way to block our thoughts. Max said that Isabel was close, but I never felt anything from her. I never could contact Isabel very well, even before. Max said that he and I could sense each other because of our intense love.

I asked Max if he could sense Isabel, but it was unclear what he meant when he finally answered. If he was in contact with Isabel, because of their sibling relationship, I never knew.

I don’t have much sense of my body. I know they are doing things to me, but I don’t know what.

I don’t feel pain anymore. I don’t feel anything. I asked Max if he still felt pain and his only answer was that he felt my pain.

Max is still there. I know he is still there. I think he is alive, but I don’t know if I am alive.

Liz’s mind seemed to drift off. Things were not making much sense.

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by begonia9508
Really great and intresting part, Ken!

But listening to Liz's confessions, it was really hard to read and very sad... Hopefully,not everything is done... :? :(

EVE :mrgreen:

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by keepsmiling7
Ria had an interesting portfolio.....
This is so sad!

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Chapter 6

Ria was getting used to the daily deluge of flowers. Then one day along with the flowers came a large box of chocolates. The box was clearly expensive. Ria couldn’t afford to indulge in much chocolate, but maybe Beth would enjoy something like this for a change. Of course, Beth had been put to bed by nurse Adkins when Ria finally got home that night. Ria would have to wait until midday when she finally got up to present Beth with what Ria hoped would be a treat.

Ria was sitting in Beth’s room along with Sharon Adkins. Ria leaned toward Beth and said, “Try this. We used to love chocolate when we were young.”

By reflex, Beth opened her mouth as Ria placed the chocolate on her tongue. Ria was almost broken hearted when Beth started to cry. Ria turned to Sharon, “I hoped this would bring some memory of joy. We both used to buy chocolate after work and sit in the dark, sinfully savoring the flavor. I didn’t expect tears.”

“Don’t be too disappointed. Tears are from emotion and any emotion for a person in Beth’s condition is a good sign,” Nurse Adkins stated.

When Ria got to the theater that afternoon, the flowers were already there. After Ria had been there for about an hour, a messenger arrived asking for Miss Ria Jones. “Yes,” Ria replied.

“Please sign here,” the man said as he handed her a small package.

Ria saw that the box was marked with the logo of a large exclusive jewelry store. Inside the box, Maria found a diamond bracelet. Along with the bracelet she found a note.

Would you care to have dinner with me after the show?
Raphael Sebastian Carter

The bracelet was clearly worth over a thousand dollars. Ria was quite the expert about this. Many times, men had given her presents, Maria usually waited until the infatuation wore down and then, she would sell the jewelry to help support Beth. Raphael had been quite the gentleman last time so having dinner with him should present little problem. Gifts like the bracelet implied that soon, Raphael would want something back. Ria had bedded men with far less sophistication and charm. Being with Raphael wouldn’t be that bad. Ria would have to call Nurse Adkins and inform her that she might not be back until later tomorrow morning. Nurse Adkins would be with Beth so there shouldn’t be any problem with Maria’s absence either.

The theater was getting used to the flowers in front of Ria’s dressing room. Again, Ria had only been in her room after the last show a short time when she heard that gentle knock at the door. Things were a lot less formal this time so when she opened the door, both she and Raphael leaned forward to exchange kisses on their cheeks. “Thank you Raphael, both for the flowers and the diamond bracelet.”

Ralph smilled and said, “I am glad you liked both of them. I was going to suggest we eat at my place tonight.”

Ria frowned a minute. “You know Raphael, men have paid a large amount for what you are asking by implication?” Ria said firmly.

Raphael smiled, “Yes, and I know that the flowers and gifts are only to gain your attention. I will pay you a thousand dollars for your company tonight.”

“You have no idea of what you are asking for,” Ria stated, “and since you don’t, I will accept your thousand dollars for tonight.” Then Ria nodded, “Just let me change and freshen up. Please be seated on the couch.” With that Ria, again went behind the screen.

This time, Ralph knew what to expect so he started watching her immediately. She removed her jewelry, which Ralph was sure was costume jewelry. He doubted that she would wear anything except for paste during the rigors of her performances. With complete unconsciousness, Ria moved about behind the screen. She removed the costume over her head and again placed it to hang in the closet behind her. Her undergarments were drenched in sweat. Maria pulled her panties off and rolled them up in a ball to toss into the closes hamper. She reached behind her to loosen the clasp of her bra and like wise threw it into the hamper. This time, she sat in a chair and carefully rolled her hose down her legs to follow everything else, into that hamper. Ralph caught himself thinking about who handled those dirty clothes, all having touched the body of Ria Jones. Again, Ralph shook his head, soon if all went well, he would not have the clothes of Ria Jones, but her body itself in his arms,

Now totally naked, Ralph watched as she rambled through the dresser drawers finding what ever she was looking for. The view that she presented as she bent over to retrieve something from the drawer was enough to almost upset Raphael’s careful demeanor. Ria took a gown and hung it up on a hook by the door. Then, she entered the bathroom and Ralph heard the running water. A damp fragrant soapy smell pervaded the room. Soon Ria returned to the area behind the screen and Ralph saw her skin, through the many cracks of the screen, a bright pink from the action of the hot water.

Ria again sat and pulled on fresh hose. She fixed them to a garter belt and pulled on her high heels. So far, Maria had put on no underclothes. Ria went through the ritual of pulling a black dress over her head and smoothing it about her hips. She made a final inspection at her mirror and fixed slight adjustments to her hair. Picking up a clutch purse, she returned from behind the screen.

Knowing full well that Ria knew he had seen every movement of her preparation, Raphael believed that she had not only accepted his invitation to dinner at his house, but also agreed to what ever after.

Ria was not disappointed in Raphael’s residence. It was in the wealthiest part of town. Raphael rang the bell and Ria looked at him. Raphael shrugged. “It beats carrying keys. There is always someone on duty.”

A tall man opened the door and said, “Good evening, Mr. Carter and good evening to you also Miss Jones.”

Ria was surprised that the butler apparently knew her name. His next statement was even more surprising. “The staff wishes me to convey their admiration for you as a singer. Many consider themselves your fans.”

Ria was too confused and surprised to say anything so she just nodded. Raphael spoke up. “If everything is prepared, then tell the staff they may retire for the night. Also, tell them they can sleep in two hours tomorrow. Miss Jones and I will probably be late risers.”

Ria found the straight-forward way Raphael handled everything a little un-nerving. The entire household wasn’t exactly an audience, but they clearly knew what she and Raphael would be doing. This was a little more opened than Ria was used to. She was guided through the dining room set up for a large crowd to what obviously was a bedroom suite where a small table had been prepared along with a sideboard holding several covered dishes.

Raphael opened the dishes and passed them to Ria. In a cooler she saw a magnum of champagne. They ate and chatted much like they had done before. Again, both found the conversation both universal and pleasurable. The dinner didn’t come to an abrupt end, it sort of, slowly ran down. Finally Raphael helped her out of her chair and pointed out a bathroom off the bedroom. As she entered the facilities, Ria saw Raphael move the champagne closer to the bed and when she came out, she saw that Raphael had himself visited facilities. Up close as he passed her, she could smell his cleaned breath. Ria couldn’t imagine, but here, there were two bathrooms off the one bedroom.

Ria proudly stood in front of Raphael and reaching back, she undid the clapse holding the dress together. It fluttered to the floor and Ria stood infront of him wearing only her hose, garter belt and shoes. As he watched, Ria removed the garter belt and tossed it aside. “The bracelet was terribly expensive and the thousand dollars will introduce you to what I offer and who I am. I hope you are not disappointed in what you get,” she stated.

“Oh, Ria, don’t. The bracelet was a token of my affection. Giving it to you was only a pleasure I enjoyed. If you don’t like it, take it back. Exchange it for something else or cash it in for its value. The money is an amenity for your company. Anything else we do is only the mutual expression of our feelings,” Raphael declared. Ralph was trying to reduce their night to the level of a date, i.e. love and kisses along with the sex. Maybe, he was elevating it.

She didn’t know if Raphael saw it or not, but Ria visibly relaxed. She had no use for jewelry or any other gifts. Ria did need money to care for her sister Beth. Because Raphael didn’t yet know Maria, she would excuse the paltry thousand dollars until he learned of her full value. Maria knew that there would come a time when Raphael would pay a far greater amount for what she did to him tonight. Somewhere in her mind, she wished it could all reduce to love and kisses.

Raphael sat on the bed as he removed his pants, shoes and shirt. He carelessly tossed them in the corner. Ria could see how much she had aroused him from the bulge in his boxers. Raphael walked up to Ria and taking her in his arms he kissed her. Ria felt below and pulled down his boxers. She could feel his warm wetness press against her body.

They both lay in bed, panting from the exertions of sex. His hands were still probing her intimate body and she couldn’t help but reach down to fondle his.

“Ria, my life is an open book. You can google me and find out every thing I have every done. Who are you? What brought you to stardom? Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Raphael asked between kisses. What he didn’t ask was, “How did you become so special?”

Didn’t her school counselor ask her the same question so long ago?

Miss Topolsky, question: “Maria where do you see yourself ten years from now?”

Maria, answer: “We could all be dead in ten years.”

“I am frightened to look ahead ten years. I didn’t expect to live this long. As far as now, I am what fate had declared me to be. I don’t think we have that much control over what happens to us. We take the cards we are dealt and make the best of them,” she answered Raphael.

“That is kind of a depressing answer. Don’t you think we are what we make of ourselves?” Raphael responded.

“Maybe, but you get kicked in the teeth a few times and personal control isn’t so believable,” Ria moaned.

“Is that what happened to you, Ria. Did someone kick you in the teeth?” Raphael asked.

The pleasure of their lovemaking, the pleasure of, for the minute, not having any responsibility had weakened Ria. “Things like that are parts of boundaries we cannot cross. I forgot myself for a minute.” Then Ria reached down to grasp his manhood. She squeezed and massaged it as Raphael’s attention was quickly diverted from his questions.

Raphael, for the time he knew Ria, would ask himself, “What was the magic about this creature. Screwing her, and that was not the proper word for what they did, dug deep into his psyche. He had intended the thousand dollars to be well spent if it led to answers to many of his questions. Now he had many more questions about himself than he did about Ria. As he lay between her legs, braced by his elbows, his hands behind her back, Raphael saw the longing he had as if through her eyes. The times he returned, always thinking that there were more things to uncover, were not usual in his actions. To Ralph, women were not that complex. They wanted pleasure, they wanted money and they wanted to be showered in gifts. Now, in the guise of Raphael with the singer Ria Jones, Ralph Charter, couldn’t find the end of his discoveries. Finally in exhaustion, they both fell asleep. His last thought was that it was going to cost many more thousands of dollars to find answers.

Ria stretched. She was in a strange bed. That wasn’t all bad as it was a wonderful bed. A lot better than many beds she had woke up in. Sitting in a chair beside the bed was Raphael wrapped in a robe. “About time, sleepy head. I was beginning to wonder if you night people ever got up. Maybe you are like vampires and are afraid of the light,” he joked.

Ria laughed. She hadn’t done that very much lately. No matter what happened last night, Ria felt wonderful. “You work as hard as I do until midnight, you get used to rising about noon time,” She informed him.

Raphael chuckled, “Well we have a few hours before noon and there are things I want to do before I get you to work on time.”

Ria stood up. She was naked, but after last night any pretense of modesty would be sinful. She walked over to the bathroom and used the facilities. Returning she sat there looking at Raphael. He didn’t seem to want to pursue his questions from last night or rather, this morning and Ria was glad.

“Ria, lie down on your stomach,” Raphael commanded.

Ria complied and she felt rather than saw him drop his robe. He climbed on the bed and straddling one leg Ria could feel his balls resting on the back of her upper thigh. There was a warm feeling as he poured something on her back. His hands were magic she was sure. He rubbed the liquid into her skin and she almost went back to sleep. Her back, her shoulders and her upper legs, whatever he poured on her felt so good. The fact that Raphael was doing so much for her was removing Ria from feeling like a whore. She felt that she wasn’t just servicing him, rather they were sharing some form of love. Suddenly, Raphael ordered, “Ria turn over.”

Now he was between her legs and her breasts were more alive than she could ever remember. Well, maybe there had been times with Michael, but that was when he was cheating with alien magic. Suddenly, Raphael grabbed Ria by the shoulders and impaled her upon himself. For a minute, Ria was frightened by his aggressive sex. For a short second, “Maria’s rules” about how she allowed her self to be treated were compromised. Then it was all over and it was Ria who was still cradled in his arms. “Lets hit the showers,” he said as if nothing unusual had happened.

As they dried each other, Ralph wondered at what had happened. He had approached Ria Jones like a stage door john. He paid for her services like he would an expensive call girl, but now that it was all over, what were his feelings towards her? She was not like any other celebrity that he had bedded nor was she like any of the debutants he had dallied with in college, many of whom were looking to force him into something permanent.

Once again, Ria insisted that Raphael call her a taxi. It was noon when she walked into her home. “Sharon, it wasn’t just sex or money. I think it was making love. I felt things that I hadn’t felt since Michael was taken,” Ria related.

Ria caught herself. Sharon was a friend, but anything about Michael was private. Thankfully, if Sharon caught it, she chose not to mention anything about Michael. They couldn’t do anything about mutterings of Beth. Sharon had asked many times who was Max. Ria had put her off by explaining that was part of what they were never to talk about. Now, if she had to answer about Michael, Ria might find herself in overload.

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Continued sadness as Nurse Atkins takes care of Beth.
Must say Ria gets a good price for her service.
But is she really having feelings for Raphael......?? Or is it just missing Michael so much??
Glad you are back Ken!