The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)*Complete*4/4/15

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by begonia9508 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:08 am

Hey Carrie, such a great part!

And I am a little bit upset at Liz, because, at least, she had the pleasure to marry someone, be happy too and have a family!

We don't know what will have happened, if Max didn't do what he did to her... maybe she would not have had the same life as she did, no husband, no school and maybe no future!

EVE :?
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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:30 am

Okay Carrie......where do I start?
This part is not only disturbing but painful to read.....
Max continues to play God.......control everything to suit him without considering Liz's wishes.
Question......why should Liz appreciate what Max gave up or sacrificed??
It's simple for him........just wipe out all of her memories, and then why not wipe out all of his memories too.
I could strangle this Max Evans.
Haunting part, but I'm ready for more torture.

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by sarammlover » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:13 pm

OMG....Holy shit. That is pretty crazy! I wonder if it will work. I thought Max did something nice for Liz but it turns out she is still bitchy and ungrateful and can't see what really happened and that Max IS protecting her. I hope you update again soon!

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by Natalie36 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:25 pm

Oh my God :x :cry: :shock:
Poor max. Liz is pissing me off

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by AlysLuv » Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:34 am

Awesome. I was a bit confused at what Max is thinking about doing. Erasing her from his memory? Erasing everything or everyone?

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by NotYourChick » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:15 am

I understand why Liz is so upset. Max erased her life without even asking her. He took something from her.
- Amanda

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 8 1/12/15

Post by jake17 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:30 am


Seriously thank you so much for your sweet fb, I so apologize for my absence, holiday's and me do not mix, my muse went on vacation but he's back now. Thank you as always for your support.

Chapter eight

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Khalil Gibran

Days went by since Max had made his desperate, emotional decision to mindwarp himself, to wipe away any reminisce of a past that had only brought him pain, and now deep regret.

Liz, growing tired of hiding away from him in the basement, took long walks outside to clear her mind trying to digest what had happened to her as flashes of a life that was taken from her continued to flow.

She thought that she was alone in the woods, always listening, looking over her shoulder but Max always knew just where she was, still protecting her.

It was during one of these walks she came upon a large boulder that hovered over the vast valley below, there she would practice the tools he gave her for dealing with her most tragic memories.

She was getting better at channeling that day with her grandmother, weaving that feeling of peace within herself, using it to block the screams and blood that like an undertow in an ocean attempted to pull her under again and again.

Treading water was wearing on her, she craved an escape from it all, something that would make her forget.

For Max it was much worse, he was falling, descending into an abyss of madness from being around her.

The very thing that he would run to forget all the craziness that plagued his young life was the one thing he couldn’t have.

He could feel her resentment thick and prickly in the air between them, it was almost as powerful as his desire to have her.

Max was constantly struck dumb, nearly mesmerized, devastatingly enamored by just how much she had changed.

Her boyish thin figure had morphed into an hourglass of dizzying curves, teenage insecurity had disappeared replaced with the confidence and sexuality of a woman, a highly intelligent, brazen woman who had found her voice and was not afraid to use it.

Even the way she walked and carried herself was slick with a sensuality that was completely natural never forced, as if she had no clue of the power she wielded.

The modesty of a young girl had vanished, in its place was a maturity that felt no shame in baring skin, the curve of her breasts or the soft flat stomach that peaked out from her tank top was often in view driving him to the brink forcing him into constant fantasies of them together.

He was haunted constantly, daydreaming of just taking her, pulling her into his arms, tasting her, touching her, discovering all the wonders that were kept from him all these years.

The image of an innocent young girl was suddenly gone, and what was there was clearly a force to be reckoned with, she was the very definition of torture, and he was dying, everyday suffering beyond description under her spell.

She was a constant reminder of all that he should’ve had, a life filled with happy days, of a normal mundane existence, of mortgage payments and taking out the trash, mixed with dinner/movies dates, and weekend getaways, along with endless nights spent in each other’s arms, of making love, being in love.

Instead he was a recluse, a murderer, a man sentenced to an empty meaningless life with nothing to hold onto except for his ultimate sacrifice, knowing that because of what he did, she was able to have a normal life, to be happy and safe, but now he didn’t even have that, he had nothing except her vile contempt and sarcastic remarks.

It was killing him, and only fueling his decision to wipe it all away.

Several times he practiced staring into the mirror, writing down little meaningless memories he’d tape them to the wall in his room, then he’d warp them away in the bathroom mirror, just to see if it would work.

Each time he succeeded, but there were side effects, massive migraines that he was unable to heal, and nose bleeds that would fill the sink with blood.

He knew it wasn’t a good sign, sometimes he wondered if wiping out his entire identity would be severe enough to cause a brain aneurysm, or something worse, but as the days passed the alternative made even death worth the risk.

He was falling in love all over again, it wasn’t just want or need, even as she despised him, flat out in his face said things to hurt him, it didn’t matter, all he wanted was to be close to her.

Over the next five days Max heard nothing from Michael, his last voice message was urgent, stressing how crucial it was that they speak, but still there was no response.

Max wasn’t worried, Michael’s connections were in Vegas, and knowing Michael he was taking his sweet time indulging in his favorite pastimes, gambling, and women.

He understood this was his way of coping with the loss of Maria, and Isabel, and all that had happened, but time was becoming more of an issue, so was his sanity.

After his sixth message in as many days Max threw the phone across the room and rushed to the bathroom.

It was sometime around three am when he clutched the sink tightly moving closer to his reflection.

His tormented beautiful amber eyes widened nearly glowing under his intense concentration as he spoke through gritted teeth.

Sweat glistened across his forehead as he clenched his jaw, tired of suffering, exhausted from endless hours of watching her sleep, too afraid to let her out of his sight, terrified that something would happen to her, or that she would buckle under the pressure of all the relentless flashes flooding through her and run, he started to say the words that would grant him some sense of relief.

“You… do not… love… “

Halting his attempt to strike his feelings from his heart, he breathlessly swore as his fist connected with the glass shattering the pathetic excuse for a man staring back at him.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Emotionally drained Max stumbled back to sit on the edge of the tub as blood crept up from his knuckles spilling over his fingers to drip along the floor by his bare feet.

Shirtless, dressed only in sweatpants, it was very visible how distraught he was by how hard his body was shivering and panting, as if he had just run a marathon.

The last thing he needed was for her to find out his plans, her judgment at this moment would prove to be his undoing as she stood in the doorway with her hands perched angrily on her hips.

Liz was outraged, fuming, completely dumbfounded that he would even think of going to this extreme.

“I can’t believe it, you were trying to mindwarp yourself weren’t you?!”

Unwilling to bear his soul Max had had enough. “Go away Liz, this is none of your business.”

Scoffing she shook her head as she charged towards him shoving a pointed finger into his bare chest.

“None of my business? Tell me this Max, just how is it that you acquired this special power anyhow? Seeing how as far as we all knew Tess was the only one who possessed this specific talent for violating the very foundation of right and wrong, for murdering and raping people of their personal, most private thoughts and feelings, of their god damn life, or have you forgotten all about Alex!”

Breathing deeply now Max did his best to control his waning temper as he stood towering over her.

While he understood her pain, she had no concept of what it was to take another's life, to watch the light in their eyes dim and fade away because of you.

He knew she didn't know about all the people that had to die, that he had to kill to keep her safe, but still she had no right to speak of Alex, she understood nothing.

“I’m warning you Liz, get the hell out of here!”

Unfazed by the spike in the volume of his shaky voice that bordered on rage, Liz glared up at him unrelenting in her quest to finally get off her chest what had been eating away at her for days.

“Let’s think about this shall we? Maybe, just maybe this transfer of power happened when you fucked her? I mean it only makes sense right? Two aliens caught up in the moonlight, a killer and a pathetic little boy searching for approval from whoever was willing to give it!”

Closing his eyes he curled his hands into fists by his side as she kept pushing him past his breaking point.

“Tell me now, since you obviously knew it back then, and made the choice to keep it from me, just another lie right Max no big deal. Was it when you came inside her, is that how she gifted you? You knock her up and she blesses you with the power of mindfucking? Did she scream with pleasure as you plowed into her? Was it sweet little pillow talk in the afterglow of your alien lovemaking that she disclosed this very special information to you? Guess what Max, my King, my husband from the past, you have the power to tear people apart in the worst most sinister way, slowly driving them insane till they’re clawing for a truth they’ll never get back!

Exploding, he could take no more as he rushed towards her causing her to back away till her head hit the wall all the way through the hallway into his bedroom.

“You have no right! This is all in the past, I was young, scared, confused. It was fucking years ago, I don’t need to justify anything to you!”

Running her fingers through her hair. out of her mind with frustration, she began to pound her fists on his chest.

“For you this is in the past, so long ago. For me… for me it happened four days ago, I don’t have the luxury of dealing with a past and present Max. There is no closure or distance from the pain I’ve been through! You took that from me! Us in the jeep, pulled over on the side of the road, you telling me that you fucked her, that she was having your baby? It’s like it happened yesterday, thanks to you I get to live through it twice! How could you say you loved me after all that? That night in the desert after everyone we loved was shot dead you were scared, you were covering up your tracks, erasing the evidence of your existence, erasing me!”

Grabbing both her wrists with one hand, pulling them over her head against the wall to prevent her from hitting him, he lowered his mouth to her ear as she panted harshly from the release of a horrid flash that had been eating her alive.

“What do you want from me? I can’t go back in time, I can’t undo what’s been done. Everything I did, I believed with all my heart and soul that I was doing it to save you. I couldn’t stand seeing you in so much pain, I couldn’t risk them getting a hold of you, I had to keep you safe, I would’ve done anything for you ! I killed them all Liz, all the agents involved, I still can hear their screams in my sleep, I was so young, I didn’t have all the answers, but don’t you ever tell me that I didn’t love you! Don’t you ever fucking say that to me again!”

They both grew silent staring at each other wild eyed and breathless, both suffering from a fate that neither of them could escape, both dying inside from memories of a deep, timeless love, a love that nothing and no one could ultimately destroy.

Boundless pain was evident in both of them, two people unable to shake what the other was feeling, they were caught between a range of emotions from hate to love and everything in between, they were trapped in a past that couldn’t be changed.

Seeing her flushed and sweaty, the curve of her breasts rising and falling with each shaky breath his resolve crumbled to pieces.

The dam had broke, he had suffered enough.

Releasing her wrists he laced his hands through her long wavy hair gripping it tight as he lifted her face towards him.

His eyes drifted shut as he brushed his mouth to hers lingering there for what seemed like an eternity.

She braced herself against the wall feeling his strong grip holding her there, for a moment she became lost in the closeness, the affection that she so desperately needed.

The palms of her hands were pressed to the wall by her side unsure of what was happening, or more importantly, what she wanted to happen.

It was in that moment, with him so close, that she took notice of how different he was then the boy in the flashes.

He had changed too, no longer the hesitant, insecure, unsure boy, Max was a man, a man with desires that couldn’t be tempered with harsh words or knives to the heart.

He had been through hell, and hell hardens you, there's almost no limit to how much pain you can take, at a certain point you can't be broken.

Punch after punch you're still left standing, numb to the blows, misery becomes a part of you, like an arm or leg, it never leaves you.

He knew he could take another hit to the gut if it meant a break from this hell, just a few moments, a little reprieve, maybe, just maybe if he could just get her to remember.

He hovered over her, parted lips waiting, watching for a sign as she did her best to keep from trembling before a body that up till now had gone unnoticed.

She was awestruck by his chiseled form, muscles upon muscles gleamed close to her as his hard chest rose and fell teasing her breasts with each breath.

He was blazing hot, his temperature was through the roof from her vile, hateful accusations, sweat lined his jet black hair as it glided like feathers across her cheek.

He was killing her, drawing her close, but refusing to give in, his mouth stayed slanted, full perfect lips perched over her as his thumbs grazed lazy small circles over her jaw.

His scent was heavenly, a mixture of fresh cut wood, of oranges he peeled for her earlier, mint from the garden, her senses were reeling, he was so different, but the same.

It had hit her just how powerful he had become, not just in relation to his alien attributes, but the commanding presence he held, his stoic silence was intensely intimidating, far from the cowering, indecisive teenager that always needed to control everything around him to feel safe.

His strong solid presence hovering over her was beginning to betray the anger seething inside, still she refused to be the one to give in.

Stubborn to the bitter end she gathered up all the strength she could forcing her voice to be steady and strong.

What? Do you think you're going to kiss me all will be forgotten? You think I’m just going to swoon like a school girl into your arms, forget all the - “

Shocked to the point of rendering her speechless, he fell to his knees while yanking her sweatpants down her long legs right off of her feet to throw them aside.

Lost, completely taken off guard, she gasped as his skillful hands smoothed up the back of her thighs.

Her voice was shaky, her body now trembling like a leaf as she weakly attempted to come off offended.

“Max, w-what makes you think you can just… Max we have to s-stop, you have no right, I-I … “

His movements were slow but rough, his voice, sultry like honey dripping down her skin lazily between her legs.

“You fucking talk too much Liz.”

Insulted, blown away by the unbelievable nerve he now seemed to possess, thinking he could talk to her in this way, she took in a deep breath getting herself ready for another big speech.

“Max… Max… I …”

He knew that she was struggling inside, her over analytically driven mind frantically dividing the pro's and con's of what was happening in her head, he also knew that she was as desperate to be touched, to escape all this as he was.

He could see it in the way her body was betraying her, she was practically fighting herself, he could nearly taste it on the tip of his tongue.

It was obvious that no one was going to win the war raging between them, but there was also no doubt that strong feelings still remained, love, lust, want, in this moment it didn’t matter, they both needed this.

“Please just shut your mouth for two seconds.”

She bit down hard on her bottom lip as he whispered along the inside of her thigh already feeling the world and all the hell he was trapped in drifting away.

There was no force, at any time she could have easily moved out of his hold, but all at once she was there, she was with the man in her dreams, the one that could take her places beyond this world.

She jumped when she felt his fingers graze across her center barely touching her as he hooked her underwear pulling it to the side.

“Max - “

His name fell from her lips like feathers floating to the ground, he took her in his mouth lavishing her painfully slow at first, as if needing to map every inch of her with absolute precision until she was crying out for him.

His fingers dug into her cheeks hard enough to bruise, he angled her closer to him urgently wrapping her thighs around his neck.

She was helpless now mere putty in his hands, boneless, left to shiver rocking back and forth under the command of each swipe of his firm tongue.

Max had found his nirvana, his solace, his blissful peace, she was his, if only for these few stolen moments.

He was well aware after everything she had said that there would be no convincing her of his love for her, he had been delusional to allow himself to think otherwise, but he knew he could have this, he could delve inside, make her scream, pleasure her in ways she had only dreamed of.

She could look at him with eyes of bitter disdain, she could hurl poisonous heartbreaking accusations at him as much as she wanted, but in the end he would be the only one that could take her to the stars and back leaving all sense of what she knew of control far behind.

With one hand braced behind her against the wall, and the other gripping his broad shoulder, she melted beneath his parted lips, she was desperate for all that he had to give, for bringing her right to the edge keeping her there, drawing it out, making her beg.

His soft grunts and groans drove her on until she was nearly in tears as her back bowed out from the wall.

“My Liz… how I’ve dreamed of this….so beautiful…. come for me... only for me.”

His throaty words peppered between firm short strokes was the end for her as she began convulsing, her nails digging hard into his skin leaving little half moon shapes on his shoulder that he would soon have no memory of.

After carefully easing her down to her feet he collapsed against the opposite wall, his head down, he covered his face with his hands already missing her, already needing more, he was a fool to think he could just have a taste.

Love is a fucking heartless bitch.

Once recovered enough Liz silently reached for her sweatpants.

Slowly putting them back on she knelt close beside him.

Very tenderly she lifted his dark hair from his eyes causing him to gaze up at her in confusion, clearly surprised by her affectionate actions.

Reaching his hand around her neck he lovingly eased her towards him until their lips brushed together for a tender kiss.

Pressing her forehead to his she whispered softly with a cruel casual air of cold condescension.

“You proved a point, you can definitely make this prison you've placed me in more pleasant, there’s no denying that, but just so we’re clear Max… this changes nothing.”
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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 11/24/

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:39 am

Welcome back! I'm glad you back! please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I'm glad that Max and Liz may try to talk things out. Wow the bathroom moment was steamy. I hope thing will change between Max and Liz. I hope Max and Liz will fall in love with each other again.Will Max and Liz have more steamy moments? Will Max and Liz talk things out? Will Max and Liz fall in love with each other again? Will Max, Liz and Michael go on the run? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Will Max and Liz get married? Sorry for the questions I was just wondering. Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

And again welcome back! And I'm so glad you came back to post more to this story and all your other stories!!!!

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 8 1/12/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:06 pm

whoa....I think I was holding my breath that entire time. Wow. THat was hot and intense and this hell Max has been living in is horrendous. I hope you come back with another update soon! happy New year!

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) chpt 8 1/12/15

Post by saori_1902 » Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:08 pm

wow :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: great part!

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