The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)*Complete*4/4/15

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 9 2/2/15

Postby dreambeliever » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:05 am

friggin awesome Carrie :D

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 9 2/2/15

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:38 pm

Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult) ckhpt 10 2/15/

Postby jake17 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:44 pm


Thank you so much for your fb, so appreciate every word.
I'm watching the CC board shrink, I can't believe it! :( , horrible, very sad.

chapter ten

“By my soul, I can neither eat, drink, nor sleep; nor, what's still worse, love any woman in the world but her.”

by Samuel Richardson

Exhausted, Max slid into the covers on his side facing the wall, away from her.

Liz collapsed next to him on her back, panting heavily, rocked by the images still playing themselves out in her head.

Feeling what he felt, hearing the desperate struggle of his inner voice as time ran out, it was shocking, nothing that she expected.

His words hung in the air, dense and thick, unanswered between them.

“Are you happy now?”

“Did you get what you wanted Liz?”

Closing her eyes, still feeling a sharp, burning razor like pain in her low back, she had to ask.

“Just one more question.”

A beat passed while he breathed out wearily.

“No more questions.”

Ignoring him, she turned towards him, pausing for a moment before she slid the sheet down to slowly lift his shirt revealing the severe, gash of a scar above his hip.

“At the end of the flash, things got muddled, I felt as if I was thrown ahead in time. I don’t understand what I saw, I just … god so many emotions, fear, anger… such rage.”

Drifting her fingertips along his healed wound she moved closer nearly spooning him.

His expressed was pained, there was little more he could take from her, from any of this.

“I felt as if I was being ripped apart, here,” touching his scar she closed her eyes, “what happened to you Max?”

Reaching back he pulled his shirt down, tired of sharing, sick of taking on all the responsibility for everything and everybody, as far as he was concerned, he had paid his debt.

“I killed them, anyone that could possibly go after you, I killed them all… one managed to get a shot off before he died, the bullet passed straight through. It’s fine Liz.”

His voice was dark, monotone, void of caring at this point.

To think of going back down into the basement one more time was inconceivable to LIz, especially after what she had witnessed, what she now knew to be true.

Max wasn’t selfish, or cruel, he was just a scared teenager, who did the best he could in an impossible situation, one that was not brought on by himself.

HIs actions, though questionable, and possibly wrong, were made out of love, he motives were pure, selfless acts that left him without peace or any assemblance of a life.

Too tired to think, or even move at this point she whispered softly lifting the pillow beneath her head.

“Max, can I sleep here, with you, I just can’t go back down there, not right now.”

His eyes slid shut, not caring, not having the strength to argue, he just quietly fell asleep.

Moving close to him she wanted to wrapped her arms around him, to mold herself to his body, to feel his comfort, his warmth, but she knew better.

Keeping a sliver of distance between them she pulled her hair to the side and settled in praying for a dreamless, peaceful sleep.


Morning came with the sounds of birds chirping and the promise of a new day as the sun peaked through the blinds in the bathroom, lighting up the space around the room.

For a split second she forgot everything as the foggy haze of sleep kept her safe and warm, blinded to the world of hurt that had come down on her in the past few weeks.

Like falling off a cliff, she suddenly hit the ground as reality came slamming back.

Groaning softly she winced against sore muscles that had been stuck in the same position for hours.

Opening her eyes she reached out her hand to the feel the indentation left by him against his pillow.

Fisting the sheets, she pulled them close to smell him, evoking memories of long ago mixed with the present.

Flipping over on her other side she slid off the bed only to nearly trip over a duffle bag on the floor.

Opening it were her clothes washed clean, along with some of his that he thought she might need, a sweatshirt, socks, tee shirts that no longer fit him.

There were essentials also, including a medical kit, and an envelope with two thousand dollars in small bills in an inside zipper.

Shocked that he had packed her, she realized just how serious he was about ending this, life, the history between them, and moving on.

Hearing the shower turn on she began to think again about what he was planning on doing, his mindwarp obsession.

She could understand him needing to forget the past, all the pain and suffering, but she couldn’t figure out how he could possibly think that this would be safe.

To wipe his memory clean would leave him defenseless against anyone searching for him, the FBI, god forbid something or someone from another world, he would be like a lamb led to slaughter.

He needed to be safe, to protect himself, to know what he was, it was imperative that he have his powers.

It was reckless, ultimately an act of a suicide, thinking for a moment she realized that maybe that was the point.

Throwing the bag to the ground she lifted her shirt over her head as she slowly removed her clothes.

Pushing open the door she could see his silhouette through the glass shower stall.

He was facing the spray of water letting the quick hard pulse pound against his chest as he braced his hands against the tile in front of him.

His head was low, defeated, eyes screwed shut, his magnificent body still as if frozen.

Now naked Liz slowly approached him, sliding the door just enough to let her slim figure inside as billowy steam rushed out of the opening.

She watched cautiously as his muscles tensed, his flat palms curling into fists against the wall, in response to her presence.

Taking a deep breath she stepped forward, closing in on him, sliding her arms around his waist, her hands along his hard stomach that flexed with intensity as she rested her cheek against his back.


“I want to.”

“Please, just go.”

“I can’t.”

“It won’t change anything.”

“This isn’t fair, I’ve only just found you.”

“It wasn’t meant to be, us being together, it never should’ve happened, our love only brought death and pain, it was wrong.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s the truth, and you know it now.”

Sliding her hand down, she wrapped her fingers around him, slowly stroking him, while her other hand glided up his soapy smooth chest pressing him further to her body.

He was rock hard, straining, pulsating with need to be inside her, and she felt it.

“And what truth is this Max?”

His jaw clenched as she caressed him, sliding her thumb over the tip at each agonizingly slow pass.

Choking out the words his eyes edged open as she glided her body against his slick skin.

“God damn it Liz!”

Grabbing her wrist, stilling her, he turned around quickly to face her.

Breathless, his chest heaved up and down as searing water pulsated over her, slicking back her hair, hugging her curves, skimming over her parted lips while she gazed up at him intensely searching his darkened eyes, waiting for him to break.

Spinning her around his lips grazed the slope of her neck as he positioned himself behind her.

Slamming her hands against the pale yellow tiles she cried out as he buried himself inside her with one hard thrust.

Stilling, staying completely sheathed inside her, he used his strength to keep her from moving.

Bringing his mouth to her ear he rasped harshly, “I’ve spent an eternity dreaming of this moment, don’t move, don’t say a word.”

Wrapping his arm around her waist to keep her on her feet, he slid his fingertips down over her clit, playing with her, teasing her, all the while staying completely still inside her, bearing his weight down preventing her from doing anything.

She was desperate to come, shivering, shaking hard in his arms begging him to move inside, but he refused.

His mouth grazed along her shoulder flicking his tongue over her skin gently, while his fingertips brushed over her in tight small circles until he felt her entire body suddenly tense.

Surging forward he finally began to move as she came hard all around him, his hands gripped her hips forcing her forehead to touch the cool tiles.

Needing to taste her, he slid his hand over her throat urging her back against his body to deeply kiss her lips.

She was lost, never had anyone taken such possession of her, made love to her with such urgency, such need.

Each thrust within her caused the blurred lines between them to solidify, their connection, their bond cementing itself into something that would diminish all doubts or anger she had towards him.

The past was something far away now, another lifetime, she knew his heart, then and now, and it was beautiful, broken, damaged, but not destroyed.

Liz could forgive, understand, and ultimately let go of it all, the promise of a future was in her mind now, stretched out before her days no matter how many or few would be full of love, and that was enough.

His whispered breathy words in her ear fell by the wayside as she continued to climax falling into an abyss of euphoria again and again.

“Remember me.”

His hands at her breasts, between her thighs, his powerful but tender beautiful body rocked into her several more times until he fell himself, shaking, shivering, holding her close to him as his body shuddered.

Tears mistaken for water slid down her neck as he whispered hoarsely along her skin.

“I’ll always love you, inside my heart… till my last breath, always… forever.”

Gasping for air, overcome with pleasure, love, happiness she held onto his forearms trying to keep him close, never wanting this moment to end.

Suddenly he was gone from her, cold air rushed in circling her body as the shower door closed.


Wrapping herself in his robe on the back of the door, she stilled as voices emerged from the kitchen.

Turning the corner she saw Michael and Max sitting at the kitchen table.

Max was scrutinizing over piles of paperwork deep in thought.

Michael nodded in Liz’s direction, his expression was serious, solemn, especially taking note of her condition as she clung to the lapels of his robe, her hair dripping around her shoulders.

It was clear as Max sat with a towel around his waist and shoulders what had happened.

There was no escaping it, no use being embarrassed, they were adults now, she figured as she slid into the chair next to Max.

His expression was cold, his voice distant. “Everything looks in order, thanks Michael, you really came through.”

“I’ll leave you two alone so he can fill you in on everything, your plane leaves for Italy first thing in the morning.”

Unsure if she was understanding what was happening, she silently watched Max disappear down the hall into his bedroom, jumping as the door slammed shut.

Looking over at Michael she shook her head in disbelief.

“What the hell is happening?”

Lowering his spiky hair into his hands, he rubbed his tired eyes, as his suspicions were confirmed.

“He’s waiting till you leave tomorrow, his mind is made up, he’s going to mindwarp himself, I don’t even know if he can survive it, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby dreamon » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:01 pm

WOW! This is just so intense and I can't wait to read more.
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby begonia9508 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:43 pm

Wow! That was such an intense part!

Now that they found each other... or at least, Liz founds him again, he decides to go on whith this insane plan? :? :shock:

In some way, I understand his situation; years of pains and sorrow are enough and he wants to forget he is an alien... I am just hoping that something will make him change his idea! :?

What about Liz... :?:

Waiting for more! Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:23 pm

Carrie great chapter!!!! please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I'm glad that Liz remembers. Wow Max and Liz had a very intense moment between Max and Liz in the shower. I'm glad Michael told Liz what Max is going to do. Maybe Liz can help or stop Max from doing something stupid. Will Liz stay or leave? Will Liz stop Max? Will Max survive the mindwarp? Will Liz be there for Max? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Sorry for the questions I was just wondering. Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby saori_1902 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:05 pm

wow :shock:

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:40 pm

Max is such an idiot! He needs to forget this insane plan of his!
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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby Evans3 » Wed Feb 18, 2015 1:35 pm

You posted!!!!! I wasn't sure you will write again. I am still HERE!! I am still here! I only come to Roswell once a week seeing that every of my fave authors usually post a part once a month...

I am glad to see you still writing!!! Please don't stop just because the board is shrinking...I am still here even though I don't post my feedback as much as I used to do.

Do we have a dreamer's insurance on this story? Just wondering...I will still read it if there's none. Looking forward to read more of your stories.

Evans (my last name is really Evans)

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Re: The Intimacy of Strangers (CC,M/L,Adult)chpt 10 2/15/15

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:18 am

No, can't go to Italy Liz.......and Max, please don't mind warp yourself.
That was one very hot shower could either one forget what they have after that?
But I see that Max was serious with the packed bag. He did the best he could in an impossible situation......everyone can see that.
Can't wait for more Carrie.

You are so right about the board shrinking, it makes me so sad. Thank goodness you are still writing. I've been away with hubby having two different surgeries, but hope to be catching up soon.

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