Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}The End Pg17 9/11/15

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 177 Pg16 7/1/15

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Chapter 178

“Some of it we do remember but don’t. It is really confusing right here though,” Alex said.

“Guy looks,” Tess said as she pointed to the TV.

Everyone turned to look at the TV when they turned to look at the TV they watched as another vision played.


"About what Kivar?" Liz asked.

"About these people being my subjects," Kivar said.

"I .... I don't understand why you do this." Liz replied.

"I do this to let people know I am in charge," Kivar said.

"I guess you made that known. Who are these people?" Liz asked.

"What, you don't know them?" Kivar asked.

"Yes these are the people from my town. What are you doing with them?" Liz asked.

"I'm going to teach them not to steal from me," Kivar answered.

"These people stole from you?" Liz asked in shock...

"Yes of course my dear. Now come let’s get something to drink," Kivar said.

Liz looked at Max and the others before walking away. Kivar took Liz to the bar and ordered wine for the both of them. Kivar and Liz watched each other as they took a drink and then quietly sat their cups down.

"I'll be right back. I've got to make an announcement," Kivar said.

Kivar walked up to the center of the room where the cage was on prominently on display and announced...

"Everyone come. It is almost time for our dancers to arrive, and then you will see how I make these people pay for stealing from me," Kivar said.

Liz turned and saw Larek and Serena standing next to her she then turned and looked at Max and her friends.

"Is it really them?" Serena asked.

"Yes. I know it is. I just need to touch Max and Michael," Liz said.

"Go to the restroom and find out if it is them," Larek said.

"I'll go with her. Be careful," Serena said.

"Yes, I will not you both be careful too," Larek said.

"We will," Liz said.

Liz and Serena walked out of the ballroom and walked across the hall to the ladies room, they checked to make sure it was empty and then Serena walked over to the door and locked it. She turned and watched as Liz closed her eyes, a few seconds later Liz opened her eyes and found herself in the cage. The cage was dark.

"Max where are you?" Liz asked.

"We're here what are you doing here? And why can we hear voices?" Max asked.

"Don't worry about the voices. Did you hear me earlier?" Liz asked.

"Yes we hear all the voices," Max said.

"I heard your voice," Tess said.

"We all heard your voice. What is going on?' Isabel asked.

"Guys Kivar .....," Liz said.

"We heard what Kivar said. Why are we in the dark?" Alex asked.

"He has you blind folded," Liz said.

"Great. We don't get to see but we get to hear what he is up to," Max said.

"Don't worry we will get you out soon," Liz said.

"Who is we? And what are you up to?" Michael asked.

"You will have to wait and see. I gotta go, see you soon," Liz said before she disappeared.

Liz opened her eyes and saw Serena. Serena looked at Liz.

"So was it them?" Serena asked.

"Yeah, come on," Liz said.

Liz and Serena walked out of the restroom and headed back into the ballroom and walked up to Larek. Larek turned and looked at Liz and Serena.

"It's them," Liz said.

"OK Then," Larek said.

Right at that moment Kivar walked up to the cage and everyone turned to watch him.

"Ladies and gentlemen do you want to see their faces?" Kivar asked.

Everyone but Liz, Larek and Serena yelled yes.

Liz turned and looked at Larek.

"What are they doing?" Liz asked.

"They think that Max and the others have stolen from Kivar. They believe Kivar," Larek said.

Everyone watched as Kivar took the blind folds off Max and the others, they looked around and saw people watching at them. Then Max turned and saw Liz. He saw that she was scared and worried about them. Max turned away.

Across the room

Larek and Serena grabbed Liz's arm and pulled her back. When they pulled her back she turned and looked at them.

"Come on its time," Larek said.

Liz nodded her head and followed them out of the ballroom. Liz and Serena went to the restroom. When they walked into the restroom they snapped their fingers and were in different outfits. The girls were in belly dancing outfits. Larek started the music as they walked in. Liz and Serena were moving and shaking their hips as they moved around the room. Liz went up to Kivar and started to move around him. She was touching him as she danced. Kivar grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. Liz and Kivar ground into each other as they danced. While they were dancing Liz got the key from Kivar, she pulled away and started to dance around the room, she went to the cage and grabbed Max by the shirt and kissed him. While Liz was kissing him she put the key into Max's hand and then she walked away. Max watched Liz dance then looked down at his hand and saw the key.

Max turned and unlocked his chains, and then he handed the key to Michael and the others. They each unlocked their chain and looked around. Serena walked up to the cage and took the key from Michael.

"Be ready. When we give the word, be ready to go," Serena said.

"Who are you?" Max asked.

"You will find out soon enough. Be ready," Serena said.

Serena turned and saw Liz standing next to her dancing. They both turned to look at Larek. They both nodded their heads.

All of a sudden the power went out. Liz and Serena opened the cage and pulled Max and the others out. They pulled them across the room and out the doors.

Everyone ran down the hallway and out the front door where they saw Larek with a wagon waiting for them.

"Get them on now," Larek said.

When everyone got on the wagon Larek got off the wagon.

"Go," Larek said.

"What about you?" Serena asked.

"I'll follow you," Larek said.

Liz and Serena got the wagon moving and the skins started to chase them. Serena and Liz Made the wagon go as fast as it could then Liz raised her hand and blasted a tree. The tree fell over and blocked the skins and a few minutes later they were back at their castle. Liz snapped her fingers and they were all in Liz's room. Max and the others looked at the three people that helped them get away from Kivar.

"Who are you? And why did you help us?" Max asked.

That is where the vision ended and another vision played…..

"You know who we are. And you know why we helped you," Larek said.

"Take off the hoods and capes and let us see who you really are," Michael said.

"Do you really want to know who we are?" Larek asked.

"Yes. Now take them off," Max said.

"Fine," Larek said.

Liz, Larek and Serena took off their hooded capes. When Max and the others saw it was Liz, Larek and Serena standing in front of them they were shocked.

"Wait you tell me you were the belly dancer that kissed me?" Max asked.

"Yes I was," Liz smiled.

"I can't believe you three got us out of there," Michael said.

"Is that good or bad?" Larek asked.

"I think it's good," Liz said.

"So this is what you had planned?" Kyle asked.

"Yes, this is what we had planned. I'm glad that it worked," Liz said.

"Yeah, me too," Kyle said as he gave Liz a hug.

"Is the war still coming?" Maria asked as Kyle and Liz broke their hug...

"Yes. The weird thing is we don't know when but we know it's on its way." Larek said.

"So, are we ready for it when it happens?"Max asked.

"Yes we're ready for it." Larek said.

"What will happen to the people in town?" Tess asked.

"We will bring them inside the castle and hide some while some fight with us," Serena said.

"Do you know who fights and who hides?" Isabel asked.

"It's up to the people to decide who will or won't fight," Larek said.

"Okay, that sounds good," Michael said.

"Don't worry the kids will be safe when the war happens," Serena said.

"I'm going to change clothes. Be back in a few," Liz said.

Liz walked into her room and shut the door and went straight to the bathroom to change her clothes. When she came back into the waiting room Max was there waiting for her. She walked past Max and went out onto the balcony and looked up at the stars and then she looked down and saw how quiet the town was.

"What are you doing?" Max asked.

She turned and looked at Max and they just stood and watched each other.

"What?" Liz asked.

"I was just wondering what you were doing out here," Max said.

"I was getting some fresh air."

"Oh that seems like a good idea," Max said.

"Um, yeah," Liz said.

"Liz I wanted to say thank you for getting us out of there," Max said.

"I'm glad we did before Kivar did something to you," Liz said.

"So am I," Max said.

"Liz?" Larek yelled.

Liz and Max walked back into the waiting room where Larek and others were sitting.

"What is it?" Liz asked.

"We all need to practice our powers some more. Do you think Milly will let us practice in the clearing?" Larek asked.

"I think so. But you need to ask Milly," Liz said.

"We'll ask her in the morning. All we need to do is hide Max and the others till the war," Larek asked.

"Why?" Michael asked.

"Because you need to be hiding. We never know when and where Kivar's men are," Serena said.

"So you're telling us they could be here right now,” Alex asked.

"No they are not here. But when you're in town and out in the woods they could be there without anyone knowing," Larek said.

"So now we've got to be on our toes," Kyle said.

"Yes," Larek said.

Liz looked at Larek and knew he went into protective mood. This was kind of bad and scary. Liz turned and looked at Serena.

Liz and Serena both knew what Larek's protective mode was like. Maria and Tess noticed the look Liz and Serena were giving each other.

"OK well that is it. We should get some rest since we are starting training at 6 a.m.," Larek said.

Liz, Serena, Max and friends watched as Larek walked away. Maria and Tess turned and looked at Liz and Serena.

"OK what gives with the look you gave each other," Maria asked.

"Yeah," Tess said.

"Larek did this when I got here. He went into protective mode major," Liz said.

"Did it get worse?" Alex asked.

"Yes. Larek had us practicing from morning till night," Serena said.

"What happened?" Michael asked.

"Let's just say we were sore and tired after all the practice Larek had us do. We slept for days afterward," Liz said.

"Is he in that mood now?" Tess asked.

Liz and Serena both looked at each other then looked at Max and the others.

"What?" Isabel asked.

"Yes, he is in the protective mode. And it may turn worse when he is in that mode," Liz said.

"How bad can it be?" Tess asked.

"On a scale of 1 to 20. Or worse," Serena said.

"Yeah, it can get worse," Liz said.

"We'd better get some sleep since we have to get up early," Serena said.

Everyone looked at each other then went to their rooms. After everyone went to their rooms they shut the doors and went to bed.

In the morning

Liz woke up screaming. She looked around trying to figure out just what had happened and that is when Liz realizes she had a bad vision. As she sat up Serena ran into the room and looked at Liz.

"Are you OK?" Serena asked.

Liz nodded her head.

"What did you see?" Serena asked.

"Kivar is pissed. He's coming," Liz said.

"We'll be ready," Serena said.

"That is the thing. Kivar and his army will be here when we least expect it," Liz said.

That is where the vision ended. Everyone looked at each other.

“Let’s take a few minute break before we finish watching this,” Jeff said.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Jim said.

Everyone stood up and went in different directions while Max, Michael, Jeff, Philip sat on the couch.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 178 Pg17 7/3/15

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Chapter 179

“Max, how are you handling all of this remembering?” Jeff asked.

“It’s hard but it might help us find Liz,” Max said.

“That is a good way to look at it,” Philip said.

“Thanks,” Max said.

“Michael have you heard Liz yet?” Jeff asked.

“No. They must be doing something if she is not talking to me yet. Hopefully we will know soon,” Michael said.

“Yes let’s hope so,” Philip said.

Right at that moment everyone walked in with fresh drinks. As everyone sat down Max pushed play on the DVD player.


"Liz, don't worry we will be ready for him," Serena said.

Right at that moment Kivar appeared on a screen before both girls and they looked at him in surprise...

"What do you want Kivar?" Liz asked.

"I'm sorry to hear that you got sick and needed to go home," Kivar said.

"Thank you for your concern but as you can see I'm fine now. What can I do for you?" Liz asked.

"I wanted to let you know that some prisoners escaped. There is a huge reward for them, so if you go riding be careful," Kivar said.

"What are they wanted for?" Liz asked.

"They killed four of my men and the men in the group tried to rape three women that tried to serve them food," Kivar said.

"Oh, we will keep an eye out for them then," Liz said.

"And we will let you know if we see them," Serena said.

"OK then you girls have a good day," Kivar said before he vanished and the screen went black.

Liz and Serena looked at each other before Liz stood up and walked into the bathroom, and a few seconds later Liz walked out of the bathroom wearing a blue gown. The girls walked out of the room and into the waiting room and into the waiting room where they saw Max and their friends sitting around. When Max turned and saw Liz and Serena he knew something was wrong and he stood up. Michael and the others turned and watched...

"What is it?" Max asked.

"You are all wanted," Liz said.

"What?" Michael barked...

"You are wanted for escaping prison. Killing four guards and the men for trying to rape the women that served your food," Liz said.

"Liz, Serena they didn't do that. Please believe us?" Isabel said.

"Isabel we know they didn't do it. Kivar is setting you all up," Liz said.

"But why?" Alex asked.

Everyone was looking at each other in shock then Serena noticed an expression on Liz's face that she didn't like...

"Liz? What is it?" Serena asked.

When Liz didn't answer her she started to get worried. Serena placed her hand on Liz's shoulder.

"Liz? Answer me," Serena said.

A few seconds later Liz turned and looked at Serena.

"What happened?" Serena asked.

"Get the people into the castle now," Liz said.

"What? Why?" Serena asked.

"It's coming," Liz said.

"What is coming?" Michael asked.

"Michael, come here and I'll show you," Liz said.

Michael walked up to Liz, and reached out and touched her hand.

When they touched hands Michael saw what would happen to them and the people. All of a sudden Michael and Liz could hear each other in their heads.

"Michael I hope you can hear me. We need to get everyone in the castle before it is too late," Liz thought.

"Liz I hear you. I hope you can hear me. We will get everyone safely into the castle, don't worry," Michael thought.

Liz and Michael were both shocked. When they let go of each other’s hands they stared at each other for a moment and then Liz sent another message...

"Michael, Serena and I are glad that you are our brother. And we love you."

Liz waited a couple of minutes but she didn't hear Michael.

"So see know you know," Liz said.

"Don't worry, the people will be safe," Michael said.

"I'm holding you to that," Liz said.

"Um, Michael what did you see?" Alex asked.

"We need to get the people in now. Kivar and his men will be here to start the war," Michael said.

"OK. Then let’s do this," Kyle said.

Liz turned and looked at Max, Alex and Kyle.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Liz asked.

"Yes. We'd better do this now before things get crazy," Max said.

"OK then let's do it," Liz said.

Liz walked up to the intercom and hit speak.

"All guards I need you to get the towns people in the castle immediately, it’s a life or death situation. We need to put the people in the south wing, the one that has not been used in a while. Start gathering the people now," Liz yelled.

"Where is Larek?" Serena asked.

"Who knows with Larek. Come on we need to get the people in," Liz said.

Liz and the rest of the group ran out of Liz's room, ran down the hallway and down the stairs. They went out the front door and started to help the guards get the people inside. The guards even went to the people's houses to get those who couldn't walk and were blind. After all the towns people were in the castle the servants put them in the south wing. Every family was put into a room and each room looked like it was a house. The townspeople were really grateful to the princess and her friends. After the people were in their rooms Liz gathered everyone into her room. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. Michael walked to the door and opened it and there stood Larek and a guard. Michael turned and looked at Liz then stepped back to allow Larek and the guard to walk in. Liz could tell Larek was pissed and Liz was mad at Larek.

"My lady this person said he is your brother in law, is he telling the truth?" the Guard asked.

Liz and Serena looked at each other then looked at the guard and then at Larek, Larek looked very mad.

"Yes, he's my brother in law. Will you start questioning him to make sure he is Larek," Liz said.

"Yes, my lady," the Guard said.

"Good take him to the chair, the men here will help you while me and the ladies have a talk," Liz said.

"Yes my lady," the Guard said.

Liz and the girls went to the bed room while the guard and guys went to work on Larek.

Meanwhile in Liz's Room:

Liz and the girls sat on the bed and looked at each other a minute before one of them spoke...

"Why did you do that?" Maria asked.

"I just wanted to make sure that he is really Larek. Not a shapeshifting skin," Liz said.

"That is understandable, and I agree with Liz," Serena said.

"Did Larek know you both were going to do this to him?" Maria asked.

"No. We thought if we didn't tell then we would be safer because they would never know about it," Serena said.

"That is a good idea," Tess said.

"Question. Will Alex, Kyle, Max and Michael go through this also?" Isabel asked.

That is where the vision ended and another started.

"Yes, I'm afraid they will," Serena said.

"And what about us?" Maria asked.

"Oh that's easy, let's all hold hands and close our eyes," Serena said.

The girls closed their eyes and thought of each other. Liz and Serena each touched the girl’s hands. The girls felt a little zap and after that they let go of their hands and all looked at each other.

What did you both do?" Maria asked.

"Well you felt that zap right?" Serena asked.

All the girls nodded their heads.

"OK. So that zap you felt will make it easy for us to know if it is really you," Liz said.

"How will you know that it is us?" Tess asked.

"Just trust us we will know," Serena said.

"I wonder how Larek and the guys are doing,” Maria said.

Right at that moment the lights flickered and all the girls looked at each other.

"What was that?" Maria asked.

"Oh, that was the guards testing my husband," Serena said.

"You're not worried?" Maria asked in shock...

"No. I know they have to do this...I can't remember if Larek knew or not," Serena said.

"Oh," Tess said.

"So Liz, since you've been here what have you done besides practice your powers and belly dancing?" Isabel asked.

"You already know what I've done, and, oh yeah, I've got something for you," Liz said as she turned and opened a drawer.

Liz grabbed what was in the drawer and turned and looked at Isabel,

"Here this belongs to you. Serena and I thought you would want this," Liz said.

"What is it?" Isabel asked.

"Open it and find out," Liz said.

Isabel opened the box and saw it was a book; she opened the book to the first page. Read it and then looked at Liz.

"How did you find this?" Isabel asked.

"Lonnie, who is a spirit, took Serena and me where she hid it in her past life and we thought you should have it," Liz said.

"Thank you. This is so great. I can't wait to find out about the past," Isabel said.

"Tess we have a surprise for you too," Liz said.

"What kind of surprise?" Tess asked.

"Wait and see. Ava, please come forward?" Liz asked.

Ave appeared and walked up to Liz and the girls.

"So what do you need?" Ava asked.

"I know you might have a problem with what I am about to ask of you," Liz said cautiously...

"Just ask away," Ava said.

"Will you please show Tess both your pasts and what you told me?" Liz asked.

"Sure, I'll show all of you," Ava said.

"How?" Maria asked.

"Just watch," Ava said.

Ava walked up to the screen on the wall and touched it and when she touched it the screen showed everything that had happened in her prior life. The secret meetings between Max and Liz, how they met, how close Max and Liz became. What happened when they were at dances and how they all met and became close friends. The girls saw how Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess died, then the girls saw how Liz and Serena died. After all that was finished the girls sat down and looked around.

"Wow, I didn't know we were all so close. I'm glad I know now," Tess said.

"I agree with Tess, I'm glad I know too," Isabel said.

"You know this is weird," Maria said.

"No I don't know, what is weird?" Liz asked.

"You, Serena, Isabel and Tess were friends in the past life like you are now," Maria said.

"True. But we had other friends in you so that makes us like sisters too," Tess said.

"Yeah, we're the five sisters who don't take crap from anyone," Maria said.

"Yeah, we are," Tess said.

All the girls laughed as they went to sit down and the door opened. The girls turned and saw the guys all standing in the doorway.

"What?" Serena asked.

"Larek is Larek. And he is mad at you for putting him through the test without telling him," Alex said.

"So what are we going to do?"Serena asked.

"Serena I wouldn't ask," Liz said as she looked at Max.

"Where is Larek?”

"He is in the waiting room. He wants to talk to you alone," Kyle said.

"Fine .... I'll be right back," Serena said as she walked past the guys.

Max and Michael shut the door and stood in front of it. Liz and the other girls looked at the guys and knew something is wrong.

"What is wrong?" Maria said.

"Nothing. Larek wanted us to keep you here. So they could talk," Michael said.

"Really?" Tess asked.

Yes really," Max and Michael said.

"OK. Fine," Tess said.

"So what is going on in here?" Max asked.

"Ava let us see our past lives were. And how it all began and ended," Tess said.

"That must have been interesting," Michael said.

"Yeah it was," Maria said.

While they were talking Liz walked out onto the balcony and looked towards the woods. She closed her eyes and tried to contact Milly and Serena. When she reached them she told them that the war was coming and it was going to be a bad one. Her parents told her they were ready and a few seconds later Liz opened her eyes. She turned and saw Max standing next to her, they stood and looked at each other and then Max asked...

"Is it the war....?"

"Yes,” Liz said.

"Liz, after this war we need to have a talk," Max said.

"What do we need to talk about?" Liz asked.

That is when the vision ended. The parents again turned to Max and the others.

“Yes, I remember that,” Max said.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 179 Pg17 7/7/15

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Chapter 180

No one knew what to say. They all turned to look at the TV. When they turned to look at the TV everyone watched as another vision began to play.


"Liz, we need to decide if we are you know?" Max said.

"No I don't know. Why don't you tell me," Liz said.

"I don't know if," Max said.

"Yeah, I get it. Here keep these till you decide," Liz said as she took of her wedding ring.

"Liz?" Max asked.

"Max we've both changed, you need to decide if you can handle the new me," Liz said.


"Till you decide, stay away from me," Liz said before walking away.

Max grabbed Liz by the arm and turned her to face him.

"Liz, you'll find out my answer after the war," Max said.

"Max, don't make promises you can't keep," Liz said before walking away.

Liz walked back into her room and walked into the bathroom, turned and locked the door. She went and sat down on the toilet seat.

Meanwhile in the outer room

The girls and the guys stopped talking when Liz walked past them and they all looked at each other and then at the looked door.

A few seconds later Max walked into the room and everyone turned and looked at him.

"What happened?" Serena asked.

"I don't know, all I know for sure is that Liz gave me back her wedding ring," Max said.

"Why? What happened?" Maria asked.

"Talk to Liz. All I know is that I have from now till the end of the war to decide if I want this new Liz. And the weird thing is I don't know how that happened," Max said.

"OK so you need to decide if you want this new Liz. I think you already decided when you married her," Maria said.

"Yeah, I agree with Maria," Alex said.

"I know. I'm trying to figure out how the hell this happened. All I told her was that we need to talk after the war then all of a sudden I get her wedding ring back. I don't get this," Max said.

"Max you and Liz need to talk and figure out what you both want before it is too late," Isabel said.

"How am I suppose to talk to her when she told me to stay away and leave her alone," Max asked.

"Max you and Liz need to talk. And you need to do it soon," Tess said.

"I know," Max said.

"Come on we need to go and get some rest," Michael said.

Everyone but Max left Liz's room and Max went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. A few seconds later the bathroom door opens and Liz sees Max sitting on the bed, she stops in the doorway and looks at Max.

"What are you doing in here?" Liz asked.

"I think it's time for us to talk once and for all," Max said.

"What is there to talk about?" Liz asked.

"There is a hell of a lot to talk about?" Max said.

"Fine let’s talk then."

"Liz when you left, I worried sick about you. I didn't know if you were dead, alive or even in prison. But when we got here you seemed different. I was in shock. I didn't know about all the things you were doing and now that I know all I can think is, I don't want to lose you,"

"Max, I was worried about you too, I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if you were with your parents or still on the run... I didn't know if the special unit had gotten you or not. I didn't even know if you were dead or alive but I knew I wanted to help these people," Liz said.

"Why?" Max asked.

"Because I knew that is what you would do," Liz said.

"Did you ever wonder what was going on? What happened to your husband and your friends? Did you ever care if we were dead or alive?" Max asked as he raised his voice.

"Yes, I did wonder about you, I just told you that. I was wondering how you were doing and if you were dead or alive. I was so worried that I dream walked you and the others for weeks. I know everything you were doing and what you all were worried about. And I know all the things that happened till you got here," Liz said as she raised her voice.

Meanwhile in the waiting room

Michael and the rest of their friends heard what Max and Liz were talking about and they noticed how loud the conversation was getting.

"Should we go in there?”

"No. They need to talk things out. Maybe then they can finally be together," Larek said.

Or they could just kill each other," Kyle said.

That is not funny," Tess said.

"I know, but this is crazy. Max and Liz have not had a fight since high-school," Kyle said.

"Yeah, that is true," Alex said.

"It's weird that they are arguing now. It's been so long," Kyle said.

"I hope they can work everything out." Isabel said.

"Let's leave them alone and wait till morning to see how it went," Larek said.

Everyone said "Agreed."

Everyone changed clothes and went to bed. It didn't take long before they were fast asleep.

Meanwhile in Liz's room.

Liz and Max sat looking at each other.

"What do you mean?" Max asked.

"Max I know you still dream about the white room and what they did to you. I know you can't sleep some nights and that you try to do some exercises to make yourself sleep. Does anyone besides me know?" Liz asked.

"No. No one knows. I don't want anyone to know," Max said.

"How long have you had these nightmares?" Liz asked.

"I have had them since you got me out of the white room," Max said.

"Have you talked to Isabel or Michael?" Liz asked.

"No. I don't want to be a bother to them," Max said.

"You would never be a bother to them. You know they love you," Liz said.

"I love them too. Liz you know I love you. And I will always love you," Max said.

"I know. And you know I love you. And I will always love you too," Liz said.

"Liz I want you to wear this rings," Max said.

"Max I want to wear the rings again. But you need to make sure you want me to wear the ring before you give the rings back," Liz said.

"Liz?" Max asked.

That is where the vision ended and another one played.

"What?" Liz asked.

You know what? I want you to wear these rings, but the question is do you want to?" Max asked.

"You know I want to. You're the one that keeps saying I've changed... I don't know how but you said I have," Liz said.

"Liz, you have changed," Max said.

"How have I changed? Please tell me how I have changed?" Liz asked.

"Liz, I've never seen you have or use your powers and I have never seen you fight like you have been doing," Max said.

"Max, you saw me use my powers at graduation, remember I saw what was going to happen at graduation and we stopped it."

"Yeah, I know but that was the only power you had... now you have all of these new powers and I don't know what to think," Max said.

"Max, I'm still me. I've got new powers, and so what if I know how to fight back, I'm still me," Liz said.

"I know that. I just don't know if I can deal with this," Max said.

"Deal with what?" Liz asked.

"I don't know if I can deal with all these changes and new things going on," Max said.

"Max, you need to realize things are changing and people might be changing too," Liz said.

"I know that. Do you like the changes that are happening to you?" Max asked.

"I just deal with them because I know that is part of our lives," Liz said.

"Liz, are you sure you want all of this?" Max asked.

"Max, all I care about is being with you. Do you feel the same way about me?" Liz asked.

"Of course I want to be with you. I love you," Max said.

"Then you need to love me now," Liz said.

"I know I do, I just think everything is crazy," Max said.

"That is how things are. So the question is where do we go from here?" Liz asked.

"I don't know. I just need time to think," Max said.

"Well, you got from now until the war...that should be enough time to decide what you want." Liz said.

"Liz, that is not what I meant," Max said.

"Didn't you? Max, just please leave my room," Liz asked.

"No. That is not what I meant. And no I won't leave, I want to talk about this," Max said.

"There is nothing left to talk about. So please just leave me alone," Liz said.

"Liz there is a lot to talk about and no, I will not leave you alone,"

"Max, how long have I been gone?"

" Almost a year," Max said.

"Yeah, and for all of that time I have been training...You keep telling me I'm different. Am I different because I'm training or because you don't know what you want?" Liz asked.

"Liz, of course you're different I just don't know what to think of the changes that are going on," Max said.

"Max, this is the reason why I gave you the rings back. Because you may have problems with what I have been doing," Liz said.

"Liz, I have no problems. I'm just in shock of everything you have been doing," Max said.

"Max, you need to stop being shocked at what I do and to remember I'm your wife," Liz said.

"I know and I will try, Liz. I know you are still you," Max said.

"Well, that's good to know," Liz said.

"Yeah, I guess it is,"

"Good. Well we better go to our beds and get some sleep," Liz said.

"Yeah, I better go. Goodnight, Liz," Max said.

"Yeah, good night," Liz said.

Liz walked over toward her bed and watched as Max walked out the doors. After the doors were shut Liz laid down and a few minutes later Liz was fast asleep.

Meanwhile Max walked out the door he went and lay down on the couch and fell asleep.

In the morning

Liz woke up and walked out onto the balcony and looked out towards the woods... she had a vision. In the vision she saw everything distorted; people were laying dead everywhere and in the middle of all the dead people there stood Kivar with a bloody sward in his hand. She tried to get out of the vision; she tried to twist and turn away but she couldn't and then suddenly the vision disappeared.

Liz looked toward the woods and then looked toward the townspeople and saw everything was fine. Nothing was distorted any longer and the townspeople were not dead. She turned and walked slowly back into her room and when she got to her bed her bedroom door opened and there stood one of Kivar's men. She watched as the man walk into her room.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" Liz asked.

"I work for Kivar. I am here to deliver this to you," The man said

"Deliver what?" Liz asked.

"This, my lady," the man said as he attacked Liz.

The man came charging at her and Liz turned, evading the attack and the man fell on her dresser. Then the man turned and charged at Liz once again and this time Liz grabbed the man and flipped him over her shoulder and watched him fall to the ground. After that he got back up and attacked Liz once again. This time Liz used her powers and blasted the guy. He flew back and crashed into the mirror on the dresser; Liz watched in readiness for another attack as the guy fell to the ground.

Meanwhile in the waiting room:

Everyone heard noises coming from Liz's room and Max and the guys walked over to the door where they could hear things breaking and Max tried to open the doors but he couldn't.

"Liz open the door right now," Max yelled as he banged on the door.

"Liz?" Michael yelled.

"Do something," Maria said.

"What do you think we're doing?" Michael yelled.

"Well, do more damn it," Tess yelled.

Meanwhile in Liz's room:

Liz watched as the man fell down then he got up yet again and came at her; Liz punched him right in the face and he guy fell back. Liz took a step back as she watched the guy stand up and then he looked at Liz and smiled.

"Now it is time for pay back bitch," The man yelled.

That is when the vision ended. No one knew what to say or do after they watched that vision. Everyone turned and watched another vision play out.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 180 Pg17 7/12/15

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Chapter 181

Then bring it on," Liz said.

Liz and the guy charged at each other. They both started to throw punches and kicks at each other. The guy punched Liz right in the face and gave her a black eye. She turned and grabbed a stick that was lying next to the door and she put the stick through the guy. The Man looked at Liz then turned to dust. As Liz stood staring at the dust Max and her friends walked into the room and looked at Liz then they looked at the pile of dust on the floor.

"Liz what happened?" Serena asked.

"Uh," Liz said.

"Liz look at me," Serena said.

Liz turned and looked at Serena and that's when everyone saw she had the start of a black eye and a very red cheek.

"Liz what happened?" Max asked.

"A skin came into my room and attacked me," Liz said.

"What did you do to him?" Michael asked.

"I ran him through with a stick and then he turned to dust," Liz said.

"Are you OK?" Max asked.

"I'm fine... I just can't believe he got in," Liz said.

"Don't worry everything will be OK," Max said.

"God I hope so because I've got a feeling that it will be worse before it gets better," Liz said.

"How bad can it get?" Alex asked.

"Let's say death is high on the list right now," Liz said.

"OK. Now that is bad," Kyle said.

"Serena we need to start moving the people in now," Liz said.

"OK then. We'd better get dressed and get started," Serena said.

"Good," Liz said before walking away.

"Liz?" Max asked.

"What?" Liz asked.

"Can we talk about last night?" Max asked.

"No. We have nothing to talk about. We need to worry about the people," Liz said.

"Liz?" Max asked.

"No. Now excuse me," Liz said before walking away.

Liz walked up to her closet and grabbed a dress, walked into the bathroom and shut the door leaving the others to go get dressed. A few minutes later she and everyone else met in the waiting room. Max noticed that Liz was dressed as a town person, when Liz saw Max looking at her she turned and looked the other way. Serena noticed as she watched what was going on between Liz and Max and she walked over to Liz and asked,

"Liz, what is going on between you and Max?"

"Max doesn't know if he can handle the new me so we are taking a break till he decides what he wants," Liz said.

"OK now that is are still you but now you know how to fight," Serena said.

"Yeah, I know but Max doesn't," Liz said.

"Max is strange," Serena said.

"Tell me about it. Are you ready?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. Let’s do this. Hey, um, is mom keeping the forest ready?" Serena asked.

"Yes. She has ten men at the entrance and another ten at the end of the forest keeping an eye out,” Liz said.

"Good lets go," Serena said.

Everyone walked out of the waiting room and headed toward the front door...when they got outside there were 30 guards ready to help.

"Thank you so much for helping us...we need to get everyone into the castle as quickly and as quietly as possible," Liz said.

"Yes my lady. Where do we put them once we get them inside?" The head guard asked.

"In the rooms next to my room. Is everyone ready?" Liz asked.

"Yes," they all answered.

"Let's go then," Liz said.

Liz led the entire body of friends and guards and they went into the town and told the people to come to the castle. The townspeople agreed and they packed some things and followed the group to the castle.

It took four hours to get all of the people back to the castle and after everyone was situated in the rooms Liz turned and walked into her room and walked out onto the balcony and saw that it was quiet. She looked towards the woods and noticed something different...she closed her eyes and tried to feel for Milly and suddenly she could hear Milly in her head.

"Liz we are keeping an eye out. Don't worry, Senior Rath is with me and is helping protect all of you," Milly said.

Liz closed her eyes and thought back to Milly.

"Milly something is going on? I see something moving towards you from the north."

Then Liz heard.

"It's the guards they are circling around us to keep us safe," Milly said.

"Milly are you sure you're both prepared enough for this war?" Liz asked.

"Of course we are. Are you and the others ready?" Milly asked.

"Yes we're ready. I just hope we don't lose anyone," Liz said.

"I hope we don't either," Milly said.

"Keep your guard up," Liz said.

"You too dear," Milly said.

Liz opened her eyes and looked around; she turned and saw nothing was behind her.

"Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie please come forward?" Liz asked.

All of a sudden the four of them all appeared and looked at Liz.

"What do you need my lady?" Zan asked.

"I was just wondering if you're ready." Liz asked.

"Of course we are," Rath said.

"Why do I have a bad feeling when you say that?" Liz asked.

"Oh, you know, we're just going to have some fun but it is going to be our kind of fun," Zan said.

"That doesn't make me feel better...and just what is your kind of fun?" Liz asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Rath asked.

"You know you and Zan are really freaking me out when you don't answer me," Liz said.

"Just answer out question and you'll find out; do you really want to know what kind of fun we are talking about?" Zan asked.

Right at that moment Max, Michael and the other group of friends walked into the room; they looked between the ghosts and Liz.

"Well do you want to know?" Zan asked.

Another vision:

"Yes I want to know," Liz said.

"Good. All you have to do is touch our hands and you will find out," Rath said.

Zan and Rath put their hands out for Liz to hold; she looked at them and then looked at their hands. When she touched their hands she saw how the guys fought in the past; she watched how they had sword fights and used their powers to help in their defense. Then she saw how Kivar caught them and killed all of them. When Liz saw their deaths she let go of their hands and fainted. Zan and Rath looked at Liz and then at each other. Ava and Lonnie ran to check on Liz immediately and when they checked her heart beat they looked up at Zan and Rath and asked,

"What did you both do?"

"We showed her how we fought Kivar and his men. And then she somehow saw us getting caught and our death," Zan said.

"Oh God, how could you?" Lonnie asked.

"We didn't know... it just happened. How do we wake her before the others come?' Rath asked.

"We don't know, this has never happened before," Ava said.

"Great! Serena and Larek are going to kill us," Lonnie said.

"Calm down...we need to wake her up then we will hopefully be able to handle the others," Ava said.

"Mmmmmm," Liz said.

Ava, Zan, Lonnie and Rath looked at each other then looked at Liz.

"Liz, are you awake? Are you ok?" Ava asked.

"What happened?" Liz asked.

"You fainted. What was the last thing you remember?" Zan asked.

"I saw your deaths, that is all. Um how did I get to the bed?" Liz asked.

"We carried you," Rath said.

"Why? I know I fell. I should be on the floor," Liz said.

"But you're not. We are sorry you saw how we died again," Zan said.

"The thing I saw .... I um... more happened," Liz said.

"What happened?" Ava asked.

"I .... I felt and knew what your last thoughts were before you all died," Liz said.

"What?" Lonnie asked.

Max and the others walked into the room and saw Liz on the bed with the past life ghosts around her.

"What's going on?" Serena asked.

"Wait a minute, what?" Ava asked.

Liz looked at Ava, Lonnie, Rath and Zan. Then she looked down then back at them.

"I said I know what your last thoughts were before you died," Liz said.

"Prove it. What were they?" Rath asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Liz asked.

"Yes tell us what our last thought was before we died," Zan said.

"Fine, Zan your last thoughts were of Rose. You were glad that you both got married in secret. Rath your last thought was of Rose and Serena. You were glad that they were not there for your death. You were mad at Zan for making out with Rose. You caught them together.

"Lonnie you were glad that Rose, Serena and Ava were friends but you were sad that Ava was going to die with you. Ava, your last thought was that you were glad that Zan and Rose loved each other. And you were glad that Rose and Serena were not there when you died. You were sad that you would never see Rose and Serena again. That was your last thoughts before you were killed," Liz said.

"Yes, that is how I felt," Zan said.

"Good. But what I want to know is why you are scared for Serena and me. I want the truth?" Liz asked.

"Because, to us, you both will always be Rose and Serena. We don't want anything to happen to either of you. You and Serena mean everything to us," Rath said.

"Um, wow. I don't know what to say," Liz said.

"What about us?" Max asked.

Liz looked at Max and the others then turned and looked at Zan and Rath.

"We want to keep everyone safe. And I know everyone wants to go home," Zan said.

"Well Zan and Rath we are going to help fight in this war," Michael said.

"God did I sound like that when we were alive?" Rath asked.

"Yes. But much worse when you saw Rose and me togther," Zan said.

"Oh Michael how do you feel about Max being with your sister Liz?" Rath asked.

"Fine. As long as Max doesn't get any sex form Liz. And that goes the same for with Serena and Larek," Michael said.

"Great. Now you got him way too protective," Liz and Serena said at the same time.

"Wait who here is protective of all the ladies in this room?" Ava asked.

Max and all of the guys raised their hands. All the girls looked at the guys in shock. The girls couldn't believe how the guys were.

"Wow Liz I guess you were right," Lonnie said.

"I told you how the guys get. And now you believe me," Liz said.

"I didn't know it would get this bad,” Lonnie said.

"Now you do," Liz said.

"You told Lonnie how protective we get. Why?" Michael asked.

"Lonnie wanted to know and I told her," Liz said.

"Liz, question, how long are the town people staying?" Alex asked.

"As long as it takes to end the war," Liz said.

"So what are they going to do while they are here?" Kyle asked.

"I asked them before you came. And the guys wanted to fight also. The men want to protect their families," Liz said.

"Ok we'll help them," Zan said

"Ok. But why do you want to help them?" Liz asked.

"Because everyone needs to protect themselves," Rath said.

"Yeah, I guess that is true," Liz said.

"Well we'd better go to our rooms and get some sleep," Lonnie said.

Everyone looked at each other then left to go to their beds. After everyone left Liz walked to the bathroom and changed into her night gown. After Liz changed clothes she walked out of the bathroom and into her room Max was there and they stood and looked at each other.

"Max why are you in here?" Liz asked.

"Liz, just promise me here and now that you will be safe and you will let me know if anything is going on?" Max asked.

After the vision the TV screen went black. The parents turned and looked at Max and the others.

“All I can say is wow,” Parents said.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 181 Pg18 7/15/15

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Chapter 182

“Yeah and we are just starting to remember all of this again,” Michael said.

Everyone turned and looked at the TV when they looked at the TV another vision started to play.


"Max why are you asking?" Liz asked.

"I don't want anything to happen to you. I'm worried about you," Max said.

"Alright, I will tell you if anything is going on and if anything happens. Now goodnight, Max."

"Good night, Liz," Max said.

Liz walked to the door and watched as Max went to his bed and laid down, she waited until Max was in bed before she shut the door and went to her bed and lay down.

In The Morning:

Liz was up and dressed very early and stood looking out over her balcony noticing that everything seemed calm. She knew that the quiet wasn't going to last long and she continued to watch and wait.

She heard a knock at her door which she chose to ignore and she just kept looking towards the woods.

She heard the door open and turned to see who it was and there stood Serena. Serena walked over to Liz and stood next to her and they stood their quietly watching the woods. Finally Liz asked...

"Serena what is wrong?"

"I'm worried about how this is going to go Liz." Serena said.

"Serena you know we have to fight," Liz said.

"I know. I'm just hoping that we will finally kill that asshole Kivar once and for all," Serena said.

"God I hope so too," Liz said.

"I don't know what Larek and the queen will think though," Serena said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Liz said.

"What do you think Milly and Senior Rath will do?" Serena asked.

"I don't know, but if they are like the towns people they will be happy," Liz said.

"Yeah that is true. So what is going on between you and Max?" Serena asked.

"What do you mean?" Liz asked.

"Well since he has been here everything seems different. Then after your talk you both seem, I don't know, strange," Serena said.

What Liz and Serena didn't know was Max, Larek and Michael were standing next to the open door listening.

"Let's just say Max is not happy that I have been training with weapons and using my powers in fighting," Liz said.

"Liz, it is going to take Max and everyone else time to get used to you wanting to fight," Serena said.

"Serena it is not just that," Liz said.

"What do you mean?" Serena asked.

"You know how, when Max got here, we had our hands all over each other," Liz said.

"Yeah," Serena said.

"Well since Senior Rath had Max against the wall. Max has not touched or kissed me. If he does it's a kiss on the cheek. And he if he touches me it is a quick touch of the hand. That is it,” Liz said.

"Ok so what are you trying to say?" Serena asked.

"Max has changed. We're arguing or not talking at all. We can't even look at each other or be in the same room together without something making us mad," Liz said.

"Liz what are you going to do? After the war you and Max are supposed to get married?" Serena asked.

"I don't know. I guess we will have to wait and see about a wedding," Liz said.

Serena looked down at Liz's hands and notice she wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

"Liz, where is your wedding ring?" Serena asked.

"I gave it back to Max," Liz said.

"What? Why?" Serena asked.

"I gave Max my wedding ring. And the reason why is because from last week till this war is over Max and I are on a break till Max decides what he wants," Liz said.

"Wow. I can't believe you did that," Liz said.

"Well, believe it. Hopefully this will help Max decide what he wants to do," Liz said.

"Does anyone know about this?" Serena asked.

"No. I hope no one else will find out either," Liz said.

"I won't tell a person. Why do you keep looking towards the woods?" Serena asked.

"Something is changing can you feel it?" Liz asked.

Serena closed her eyes, when she closed her eyes she could feel the change, she opened her eyes and looked around.

"Something has changed; something is coming," Serena said.

"Yes it is but the thing I am wondering is what and when?" Liz said.

"I don't know. How are you going to help the townspeople?" Serena asked.

“We are going to have the guys start to train the men and we girls will train the woman and kids into fighters,” Liz said.

"That should be fun," Serena said.

"Well, time will tell on that," Liz said.

"Yeah, you're right," Serena said.

There was a knock on the door. Liz and Serena turned and saw Max, Larek and Michael.

"Hey guys," Liz said.

"Liz is everything ok?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, I just have things on my mind," Liz said.

"So are we ready to train?" Larek asked.

Liz and Serena shared a look then looked at Larek.

"What?" Max asked.

"Nothing," Liz and Serena said at the same time.

"So are you ready?" Larek asked.

"Um yeah, we need to talk to Max and Michael for a minute," Serena said.

"Ok. I'll step into the next room then," Larek said.

Liz and Serena watched as Larek left the room, shutting the door after himself.

"What do you need to talk to us about?" Max asked.

"You both need to watch out for Larek, he has training on the mind and he can have you training for 24 hours," Serena said.

"Has this happened before?" Max asked.

"Yes. And you need to make sure he doesn't push the men in the town," Serena said.

The vision ended and a new vision started.

"You know he has kept us at it from 3:00am to 3:00am so we need to make sure he doesn't do that again." Serena added...

"Will he try and do this?" Max asked.

"When Liz first got here he did this to her that is why Liz is so good at weapons and her powers," Serena said.

"Wow I didn't think he would do this to the townspeople," Michael said.

"Yeah, well you both need to make sure he doesn't push them too hard. Because if you do push them to hard they will turn on Larek and you,” Liz said.

"Ok. We will make sure," Max said.

Liz and Serena noticed Michael was staring at them.

"Michael, stop staring at us. It creeps us out," Liz said.

"I still can't believe you and Serena are my sisters," Michael said.

"Well get used to it," Serena said.

"It may take some time to get over it. But I promise," Michael said.

"Promise what?" Liz asked.

"Well, since I'm your brother. I'm going to be looking out for you. And making sure nothing happens to the both of you," Michael said.

"Um, wow," Serena said.

"And I'm going to make sure the men in your lives pass my test before they marry you," Michael said.

"Michael we are both already married to the men in our lives," Liz said.

"Well, Liz Max has to pass my test before he marries you. And Serena since you’re here Larek has to pass my test before you can sleep together," Michael said.

"Wait a damn minute. You can't do that," Serena said.

"Yes I can and I am. So be ready for after the war. Come on Max time for training with Larek," Michael said.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Liz said.

"And I got a feeling that Max and Larek are going to be in major pain from this," Serena said.

"I guess we are going to have to wait and see who in more pain," Liz said.

Liz and Serena walked out of the bedroom and walked into the waiting room. When they walked into the waiting room they saw Isabel, Tess, Maria and the townswoman looking at them.

"What?" Serena asked.

"What is going on with Michael, Larek and Max?" Maria asked.

"What do you mean?" Serena asked.

"Michael walked out of here pulling Max and Larek by the arm," Isabel said.

"Oh, great," Liz said.

"What?" Tess asked.

"Michael is giving Max, Larek a test. If Max passes Max and Liz can get married. And if Larek passes we can sleep together since we are already married," Serena said.

"When is he supposed to be giving them the test?" Maria asked.

"He is supposed to be giving Max and Larek the test while they are training with the other men,” Liz said.

"Wait, are you telling us that Michael could be testing them right now without anyone knowing it?" Isabel asked.

"Yes, that is what we are telling you," Serena said.

"What is the worst that could happen?" Tess asked.

"They could be seriously hurt," Serena said.

"That is not the bad part?" Liz said.

"What is the bad part?" Maria asked.

"The bad part is that Max and Larek don't know when or where the test will happen. And that is what scares Serena and I the most," Liz said.

"Great Michael could be testing them right now without know it," Maria said.

"Yes and there is no way to know," Serena said.

"Not unless," Liz said.

"Not unless what?" Tess asked.

"Zan, Rath, Ava and Lonnie please come forward?" Liz asked.

A few seconds later Zan, Ava, Rath, Lonnie appeared in front of Liz, Serena and girls.

"Why are you asking us to come to you for?" Ava asked.

"Because something is changed. I can tell that it is something to do with the war," Liz said.

"Ok. Rath, Zan go check on the guys while we stay here with Liz and the girls,” Lonnie said.

Rath and Zan looked at each other then disappeared. When they appeared in the training room they saw Michael fighting with Max and Larek at the same time. Rath and Zan watched as Michael beat the crap out of Max and Larek. Max and Larek have cuts and bruises on their faces. All the guys had a couple of bruises. After watching for a few minutes Zan and Rath disappeared. When they appeared in the waiting room Liz, Serena and girls all turned and looked at Zan and Rath.

"What is going on?" Serena asked.

"Max and Larek have some bruises and cuts on their faces and bodies. We’re guessing by the time they come back here they are going to be in pain," Rath said.

"Oh god," Liz said.

"Don't worry we'll go back and keep an eye on them till the training is over," Zan said.

"Good. And thank you for letting us know," Serena said.

The girls watched as Zan and Rath disappeared. Serena turned and saw Liz was as white as a ghost. Serena walked up to Liz and touched her on the shoulder. Liz turned and looked at Serena.

"Liz, are you ok?" Serena asked.

"I ... I don't know. I can't believe Michael is doing this," Liz said.

"Liz, Serena, we're sorry we don't know what is going on with Michael," Maria said.

"I know but whatever it is Michael is doing is going to give Max and Larek second thoughts," Liz said.

"You don't know that maybe everything will be fine," Tess said.

"Do you really think so? Or are you just hoping?" Serena asked.

That is where the vision ended. Max stood up and walked up to the DVD player. Max took the DVD out and put in another DVD. Max walked back to the couch and sat down. After Max sat down he pushed the play button. The TV screen was black then another vision began to play.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 182 Pg18 7/19/15

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Chapter 183

"I say a little of both," Tess said.

"Girls remember that the men of the town are with them training," Isabel said.

"That doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel worse," Liz said.

'I agree with Liz," Serena said.

"We'll find out how it went when they get back," Maria said.

"That is if they are still talking to us," Serena said.

"You know they will." Tess said.

"Yeah. I wonder when they'll be back," Liz said.

"The guys will talk to you when they get back," Isabel said.

Liz and Serena just smiled at Isabel and the girls.

"Ok. So how about we do a little training too, before the guys come back," Maria said.

"Fine. But just for the record the guys are going be sore and not talking to us again," Liz and Serena said.

"Ok. We'll find out how they are when we get back," Isabel said.

The ladies all walked out of the waiting room and went to the training room across from the men.

"Ok. We need to break into groups of four and start our punching and kicking,” Tess said.

All the ladies broke into groups of four and started their punching and kicking exercises and before lone everyone was getting the hang of it. After training for five hours Liz and the girls walked back to the waiting room where they saw that the men were still not back.

The ladies of the town went back to their rooms as did Serena, Isabel, Tess and Maria. Liz looked around then walked out onto the balcony. She looked at up the stars and then down at the ground. A few minutes later Liz heard the door open and looked toward the living room where she saw Kyle helping Max onto the couch. She turned and saw Alex helping Larek to the other couch; none of the men noticed Liz when they set Max and Larek on the couches, they went to their rooms. Liz stood in the doorway watching and finally Alex and Kyle looked up and saw Liz, she looked worried.

"What happened to Max and Larek?" She asked as she walked into the room.

"Michael worked them till they fell to the ground," Alex said.

"Oh god. Are they ok?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, they just need to get some rest and they should be fine in no time," Kyle said.

"That doesn't make me feel better. I can't believe Michael did this to them," Liz said.

"Michael just wants to make sure Max and Larek can protect you and Serena," Alex said.

"Yeah, but at what cost?' Liz asked.

"Liz, Michael wants what is best for you and Serena," Alex said.

"Oh yeah, by trying to hurt them," Liz said.

"No. He is just trying to make sure they will be able to take care of you and Serena," Kyle said.

"Let's see if Max and Larek will still want to after this," Liz said.

Liz walked into the bathroom and grabbed two wash cloths, got them both wet and when she got back to the living room Max and Larek were sleep. She walked over to Larek first and put a wet cloth on his forehead and then she turned and put the second cloth on Max. She sat down beside Max and looked at him.

"God Max I'm sorry. I can't believe Michael did this to you, and you both thought of each other as brothers. I hope that this doesn't change anything between us. But if it does I'll understand," Liz said.

Liz turned and realized how everything had become a mess; her eyes started to water as she looked at Max.

"Stay right here. I'll be back,” Liz said as she stood up.

She went into her room and made her way to her closet. She opened the door and pulled out two blankets, she turned and made her way back to the waiting room where she saw that Max and Larek were still passed out. She pulled a blanket loose to cover Max and then she turned and covered Larek also. After the guys were covered Liz walked over to the rocking chair across from the guys and sat down and fell to sleep.

In The Morning:

Liz woke up and saw that Max and Larek were still asleep; she went over and checked to make sure they were alright and then she reached down and took the wash cloths from their heads. She walked into her bathroom and soaked them once again and went back to the living room and put the cloths back on Max and Larek's heads. When she looked at them she hoped that they would wake up really soon.

Liz stood up and went to her room to shower and change clothes. When she left her room wearing a navy blue gown trimmed in white lace she noticed that max and Larek were awake. They were both sitting up and they stared at her as she entered the room.

"So you guys are up. How are you feeling?"Liz asked.

"We're sore," Larek said.

"I can't believe Michael is doing this to you guys," Liz said.

"Yeah, I guess he just wants to make sure we can take care of you girls," Larek said.

"Michael has a funny way of doing that," Liz said.

"Yeah, I know. I'm going to go and let Serena know I'm ok," Larek said.

"Alright," Liz said.

Liz and Max watched as Larek walk out of the room and then they looked at each other...

"So?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, so," Max said.

Max and Liz looked around the room for a minute, neither not knowing what to say. Liz decided to fold the blankets and when she had finished she took them to her room and put them in the closet and she turned around she noticed Max was standing there watching her.

"What?" Liz asked.

"Liz, um, I think that, um, not to worry so much. We know how to take care of ourselves," Max said.

"Yeah, right. It was Michael's fault that you and Larek came back dead tired and sore," Liz said.

"Liz you need to let us handle it. Larek and I will be fine," Max said.

"Whatever. I'll see ya," Liz said as she walked past Max.

Max turned and looked at Liz. He was about to walk away, changed his mind and he turned and walked over to Liz. He grabbed her by the arm and turned her to face him.

"What, Max?" Liz asked.

The TV screen went black for a few seconds then another vision started to play.

"Where are you going? And what are you up to?' Max asked.

"I'm going to meet with the girls. And as for what I'm up to is for me to know and you and the guys to find out," Liz said.

"Why do I have a feeling what you girls are up to is dangerous?" Max asked.

"I don't know. But all I will say is that it is not dangerous," Liz said.

"That doesn't make me feel better," Max said.

"Sorry. See you later," Liz said before walking out the door.

Max looked at the door then sat down on the couch. A few minutes later Michael and the guys walked into the room and sat down on the couch too.

"Max what is wrong?" Michael asked.

"Liz and the ladies are up to something. But I can't figure out what it is," Max said.

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Maria's number. The phone rang twice before he heard.

"Michael, sorry I can't talk. I'll see you later," Maria said before hanging up the phone.

Michael closed the phone and looked at the guys.

"What?" Larek asked.

"Maria said they're busy and will talk to you later," Michael said.

"They are up to something and we don't know what," Larek said.

"Come on we'd better train," Michael said.

Michael and the guys walked out of the waiting room and down the hall toward the training room where they started using the punching bags and various weapons.

Meanwhile in another training room

Liz and the ladies were also practicing to protect themselves in another training room; all of the town ladies were happy that they were learning to protect themselves and after five hours the ladies went back to their rooms.

Liz and the girls walked into the waiting room and all went to own their rooms. Liz walked into her room to change clothes and when she left her bathroom she went straight out onto her balcony again where she suddenly got a vision...

The vision was that of Kivar and the skins attacking when everyone was asleep and killed them all. After the vision Liz looked towards the woods and saw a line of fire. Liz knew the war was about to happen. She closed her eyes to chant a spell to protect everyone in the castle. After the spell Liz opened her eyes and looked around.

"Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie please come to me. I need you," Liz said.

A few seconds later the ghosts appeared; they looked at Liz and knew something was wrong.

"What is wrong?" Zan asked.

"In the woods; there is a line of fire. Do you know what that means?" Liz asked.

"Oh shit," Zan said.

"Tell me what it means?" Liz asked.

"Time's up. We need to gather the others now," Rath said.

Liz closed her eyes and thought about Max and her friends. Then when she opened her eyes they were standing in front of her. They looked around and saw the ghosts of Zan, Ava, Rath, Lonnie and Liz standing in front of them.

"What is going on? And why are we here?" Max asked.

"We have trouble. And you need to be here," Zan said.

"What kind of trouble?" Michael asked.

"You better tell him," Liz said.

"Your time is up," Rath said.

"What does that mean?" Larek asked.

"Liz saw the line of fire," Zan said.

"Larek you know what that means," Ava said.

"Yes I know," Larek said.

"What does it mean?" Alex asked.

"It means we need to be ready. Kivar and his men will attack any day now," Serena said.

"The women and children need to hide now," Rath said.

"Where are they going to hide them?" Maria asked.

Ava and Lonnie turned and looked at Liz.

"Liz you know where to hide them," Ava said.

"We need to hide them now," Lonnie said.

"Ok. We girls will go hide them while the guys get ready," Liz said.

"Where are you hiding them?" Max asked.

"Don't worry they will be safe," Liz said.

"Maybe you and the girls should hide with them so you girls will be safe too," Max said.

"No. You are not pulling that king card on any of us. So forget it," Liz said.

"Liz?" Max said.

"No. See you in a few. Ava , Lonnie will you help us with the ladies and the children," Liz asked.

"Sure we better go now," Ava said.

Liz and the girls all walked out of the room and started to gather the town ladies and children. While they were gathering the ladies and children. They sent the men to Max and the guys. After all the woman and children were gathered Liz, Ava and Lonnie took them to a part of the castle that had never been used before; Lonnie and Ava turned and looked at Liz and the girls and Lonnie said,

"Liz, we are going to stay here and protect them,"

"Are you sure?" Liz asked.

"Yes. Now you and the girls better go and help the guys get ready," Ava said.

"Ok. Thank you," Liz said.

"No problem, now go," Lonnie and Ava said at the same time.

Liz and the girls hurried back to Liz's room where they saw Max, the guys and the guards all getting set. They all knew that this war could be bad and as the girls watched the guys Senior Rath and Milly appeared.

Max and the other men looked up and noticed the girls had returned along with Senior Rath and Milly.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked.

"I thought I would help you and the guys in the fight," Senior Rath.

"Thanks I think," Max said.

"Come on we'd better go," Senior Rath.

Michael and the guys, except for Max, kissed the girls as they were leaving; Max and Liz looked at each other and then Max, Michael and the guys all walked out of the room.

That is when the vision ended. The parents turned and looked at Max and friends.

“Did that really happen?” Jim asked.

“Max, what was going on with you and Liz?” Diane asked.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 183 Pg18 7/21/15

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Chapter 184

“Yes that really happened,” Kyle said.

“All I know was it was Liz’s idea to spend time apart not mine,” Max said.

Everyone turned and watched another vision.


As Max walked out the door he shut the door behind him and Liz and the girls looked at each other.

"So what are we going to do now?" Maria asked.

"We wait. Do you girls still have your swords with you?" Milly asked.

"I'll be right back I'm going to change,” Liz said.

Liz went to her room and changed into clothes that the townspeople wore and when she came out of her dressing room she was face to face with a skin.

She drew her sword and was immediately drawn into a sword fight with the skin. Every advance she made she was met with an equal advance and she and the skin fought with each other, meeting blow for blow. Every time the skin reached out to Liz he cut her clothes and every time she met him with her sword she managed to leave him cut. Soon she had him backed up against the wall of her room; she realized her hand and blasted him and then she managed to slice his head off. He disappeared into a pile of dust right before her eyes.

She ran to the outer room where she found the rest of the girls in sword fights also.
She started to stab and cut off the skins heads as fast as she was able. All the girls worked hand to hand and killed the skins by blasting them. After all the skins were turned to dust Liz and the girls stood and looked at each other.

"Liz, are you ok?" Maria asked.

"Yeah, there was a skin in my room. I handled it," Liz said.

"I wonder what the guys are doing," Maria said.

"Who knows, I think we'd better get out there and help," Milly said.

"Let's go," Serena said.

Liz and Serena smiled at each other and then opened the door; there were skins everywhere.

Liz and the girls raised their swords and began to fight; they blasted and cut off heads and watched as the skins turned to dust then Liz and the girls went to find the guys.

While the girls were looking for the guys they continued killing more skins.

Liz turned and went down another hallway alone and as she walked she stayed close to the wall and looked further down; there she saw Nicholas and four skins had Max, Michael, Kyle and Larek pinned against a wall. She stopped and pulled her knives out of their hiding place and laid them out in front of her. She pointed the knives at the skins and then she propelled them; all of the knives hit their mark and got the skins right in their necks, they immediately turned to dust.

Max, Michael, Kyle and Larek looked at Liz and saw her smiling at them.

Then Max, Michael and Larek went for Nicholas and killed him, soon after Nicholas turned to dust more skins came and attacked them.

Liz looked down from her vantage point and saw the skins attacking Max and the guys. She raised her skirt and pulled her gun out from a thigh holster and started shooting the skins. As she was shooting the skins that were attacking the men she turned and saw more skins coming towards her; there was a rope in front of her and she grabbed the rope and started to slide down and as Liz was sliding down she looked up and saw a skin cutting the rope.

"Larek?" Liz yelled.

"What?" Larek yelled.

"Someone needs to catch me," Liz yelled.

"Why?" Michael asked.

"The skins are cutting the rope," Liz yelled.

"When I count to three let go," Michael said.

"Wait what?" Liz yelled.

"Just do what I say," Michael yelled.

"Fine. But if I get hurt your going to be sorry," Liz yelled.

"Ok. 1.... 2.... 3 let go," Michael yelled.

Liz let go of the rope and fell into Max's arms; she looked at Max and immediately did a back flip out of Max's arms in order to shoot two the two skins who had tried to cut her rope. When she stood up she turned and spotted a skin heading for Max and she used her powers and blasted it.

"Max you and the guys need to use you powers to kill them," Liz said.

"Where are the girls?" Max asked.

"We got separated," Liz said.

"That's not good," Kyle said.

"Whatever," Liz said.

"Liz?" Max asked.

"No I don't have to listen to you," Liz said.

They turned away from each other and started to fight more skins. When they were certain they had killed all the skins they all went to Liz's waiting and sat down; Senior Rath, Milly, Zan, Ava, Rath, Lonnie were all waiting for them.

"Are they all dead?" Max asked.

"Yes, the skins are dead; All of the skins are dead," Senior Rath said.

"What about the asshole Kivar?" Isabel asked.

"We don't know where he is. We think he went into hiding," Senior Rath said.

"So what happens now?" Alex asked.

"Tomorrow you go home," Milly said.

"What about Liz and Max' wedding?” Maria asked.

"That is up to Max and Liz whether they want to get married or not," Milly said.

Max and Liz both looked at each other and Max walked over to Liz so that they were standing face to face.

"Liz you have always been there when I needed you; you've stood beside me through everything. You showed me I can be happy. I love everything you are and do. So will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" Max asked.

"Yes," Liz said.

"Good tomorrow at sunrise there will be a wedding," Milly said.

"Wait. What about our parents? We want them to be here for the wedding," Isabel said.

“Your parents will be here; so now it will be at sunset tomorrow," Senior Rath said.

"So get some sleep we have a lot to do tomorrow," Milly said.

Everyone went to their rooms and changed clothes and went to bed; soon they were all fast asleep.

In the Afternoon

Isabel, Tess and Maria were helping Liz get her dress on and then they started on her hair. While Maria did Liz's make up and painted her nails. After they were all finished Isabel, Tess, Maria went to get dressed.

Liz saw that Isabel, Tess, Maria and Serena were all wearing short sleeved burgundy gowns. When they were all ready Liz and the girls walked out to the woods.

When they got to the woods they saw their parents waiting and they all smiled at each other.

"It's time. Are you ready?" Milly asked.

"Yes," Liz said.

"Then let’s start. Tess you will go first. Then after Tess Isabel will go. Before Liz walks down the aisle Serena and Maria walk. Ready?" Milly asked.

"Let's do this," Liz said.

As Tess, Isabel, Serena and Maria walked down the aisle they smiled at their guys. Max looked nervous as he watched the girls and when they reached the front of the aisle the music changed.
Max and Liz Antar wedding Vision:
Max watched as the Parkers walked Liz down the aisle; Liz was wearing an off the shoulder silk white lace wedding dress that had diamonds on the bodice and skirt. Her hair was curled and hung down, and to him he thought she looked like an angel. When Liz reached the end of the aisle she turned and smiled at Max who smiled in return...then they turned and faced the priestess who started the ceremony...

"Who here gives this woman to this man?" the priestess asked...

"We do," And each of the Parkers leaned in and kissed Liz's cheek before sitting down.

"People of Antar and visitors, we are gathered here to witness the bonding of Maxwell Evans and Elizabeth Parker; will Max and Liz repeat after me..."

"I Elizabeth promise to be bonded to Maxwell, to be there for him, to Love him and never to part from him in any life after this. And to only love Maxwell forever more," the priestess said.

"I Elizabeth promise to be bonded to Maxwell, to be there for him, to Love him and never to part from him in any life after this. And to only love Maxwell forever more," Liz said.

"Maxwell, repeat after me. I Maxwell promise to be bonded to Elizabeth, to be there for her, to Love her and to never part from her in any life after this. And to only love Elizabeth forever more," the Priestess said.

"I Maxwell promise to be bonded to Elizabeth, to be there for her, to Love her and to never part from her in any life after this. And to only love Elizabeth forever more," Max said.

The Priestess took each ring and held them up toward the sky.

"These rings are their vows and hold their trust now Max put the ring on Liz's finger and repeat after me."

Max put the ring on Liz's finger.

"I give all of me. My heart and soul to you," the priestess said.

"I give all of me. My heart and soul to you," Max said.

Liz, put the ring on Max's finger and repeat after me.

"I give all of me. My Heart and soul to you," the priestess said.

"I give all of me. My heart and soul to you," Liz said.

"I now pronounce you Man and wife. You may now kiss your bride," the priestess said.

Max and Liz both leaned in and kissed as everyone clapped and then everyone left for the reception except for Max and Liz. They waited to speak to the Priestess.

"Priestess, we have a question if you don't mind," Max said.

"Sure what is the question?"

"What was it you meant when you said to give all of me. My heart and soul?" Max asked.

"That's easy Max, if you need powers from each other you can call on them and the heart and soul means you can call on each other when you need to. Is there anything else?" The Priestess asked.

"What did you mean bonded and never to part in any life after this?" Max asked.

"Ok. What I meant by bonded is that you will always feel each other. Know what each other is thinking. And never to part in any life after this means you both will find each other in any life after this," The Priestess said.

"Well, thank you for performing our wedding for us, come on Liz we need to get to the reception," Max said.

Max and Liz walked away from the priestess hand in hand and walked to the reception where they were cheered by everyone.

They were asked to start the first dance as Man and wife and when they walked to the dance floor "I shall believe" began to play. They held each other close while they danced and soon all the couples walked out to the dance floor and started to dance along with them. After a couple of dances the meal was ready and they went to eat. Max and Liz were seated at the central table and as they started their meal they turned and smiled at each other...

While they were eating dinner a guard walked up to Liz and handed her a note from the queen. Liz opened the note and began to read it.

"Liz, I need you, Serena and Larek to meet me after the celebration. It's really important."

After Liz read the note she wrote a reply and sent it off with the guard.

"Is everything ok?" Max asked.

"Yeah, everything is fine. I guess I'm a little tired," Liz said.

"Don't worry all we have left is cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet then we can go to our room," Max said.

"Yeah, all our friends are already married," Liz said.

"I know but you still need to toss the bouquet," Max said.

"I know and I will. We still have the best man and Maid of honor speeches to get through, “Liz said.

"No we don't I didn't want them this time. So all we have to do is cut the cake and throw the flowers, then we can go to bed," Max said.

"That sounds good," Liz said.

"Ladies and gentlemen it is time to cut the cake," Milly said.

Max and Liz walked up to the table where their wedding cake was; it was a two tiered white cake with white butter cream icing. Max reached for the knife and they both sliced into the cake. They reached down and took a slice of the cake and in turn fed it to each other. After they each had a piece of the cake they kissed.

Liz turned around at that time and spotted Serena and Larek ...she turned and looked at Max.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to talk to Serena and Larek for a second," Liz said.

"Ok. I'll see you in a few," Max said.

Liz walked up to Larek and Serena and tapped them on the shoulder. They each turned and looked at Liz.

"What is it?" Serena asked.

"The queen needs to see me after the celebration, “Liz said.

"Why?" Larek asked.

"I don't know. She said it was important," Liz said.

"Ok. We'll meet you outside your room at midnight," Larek said.

"Ok. Hopefully it won't be bad news that she needs to talk to us about," Liz said.

"I hope not too," Serena said.

"You'd better go back. Max looks like he needs you," Larek said.

"Ok. See you later," Liz said.

When Liz turned Max was standing in front of her.

"How would you feel if you threw the flowers now and then we go to bed?" Max asked.

"That sounds like a plan. Let me get them," Liz said.

"Ok," Max said.

While Liz went to get her flowers Max went to tell their family and friends that Liz was going to throw the bouquet and then they were going to go get some sleep. Max turned and saw Liz standing in the middle of the dance floor.

"Everyone, Liz is getting ready to toss the bouquet," Max yelled.

All the girls stood up and made a circle around Liz. Liz closed her eyes and threw her flowers over her head, Maria jumped up and caught them and everyone laughed and clapped as Max walked over to Liz. Max picked Liz up and carried her out of the room and up to their bedroom; walked into the room, shut the door and carried Liz to their bed. They looked at each other and then Liz stood...
That is where the vision ended. Max and the others noticing the parents were crying as they watched the wedding.

“Max, that was an Antar wedding?” Nancy and Diane asked.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 184 Pg18 7/26/15

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Chapter 185

“Yes that was an Antar wedding,” Max said.

Everyone turned and looked at the TV. As everyone watched another vision played.


When Max and Liz reached Liz's room they started removing each other’s clothes as they kissed tenderly and then slowly the kiss became more passionate as they moved slowly toward the bed...Max taking his time and walking Liz backwards while holding onto her tenderly. When Liz's legs hit the back of the bed Max gently lifted her onto the soft mattress and looked into her eyes as he gently touched her cheek before kissing her more deeply. Max was very slow and loving before he finally entered Liz and she looked up at him and smiled as Max reached behind her and held her as he started a rocking motion; it didn't take Liz long to join him and soon they were in the throes of passion. When they reached the final culmination they were both spent and they smiled as Max gently kissed Liz on the forehead and they went to sleep.


Liz woke up and put on her night gown and robe and quietly opened the door after checking to see if Max was still sleeping. When Liz left her room Serena and Larek were waiting for her. They walked down the hall to the queens room where Larek knocked, announcing their arrival. A few seconds later the door was opened by the queen herself. She let them in and shut the door behind them. They all walked into the queen's waiting room where Larek turned and shut the door. The three of them looked at the queen, waiting for her to tell them why she summoned them.

"I've got some information I thought you should know," The queen said.

"What information?" Larek asked.

"The skins are all dead but we have a problem," The Queen said.

"What kind of problem?" Larek asked.

"Kivar is coming to kill Max and his friends tomorrow, we need to get them out of here before Kivar comes," The Queen said.

"How?" Liz asked.

"They will have to leave in the morning; you three tell them you need to stay because I need your help. Can you please do that?" Queen asked.

"Yes," Serena and Larek said.

"Liz can you please do this? It is the only way we can save them," The Queen said.

"Yes. I've got an idea how to make sure Kivar never finds them or ever knows where they are," Liz said.

"How?" Queen asked.

"Serena and I will do a spell where no aliens will ever find Roswell. It will be as if it doesn't exist," Liz said.

"What about here on Antar?" The Queen asked.

"We will have a funeral like they died in the war," Larek said.

"Ok... that will work. Then you three will go somewhere for a while. Agreed?' The Queen asked.

"Yes," Liz and Serena said.

"Larek?" The Queen asked.

"Yes my lady," Larek said.

"Good. I'll send someone to help them get ready to leave. I will see all three of you in a couple of hours," The Queen said.

Liz, Larek and Serena left the queens room and went back to their own rooms to get some sleep. When Liz got to her room she walked in, looked at Max for a long time and then lay down next to him.

In The Morning

When Max woke up he saw that Liz was still asleep; he leaned over and started to kiss her neck; Liz woke up and looked up at Max and they both smiled at each other.

"Good morning beautiful," Max said.

"Good morning to you," Liz said.

Right at that moment there was a knock on the door; Liz sat up and put her robe on and went to the door to open it. There stood Larek and he handed Liz a note and nodded his head to her. Liz opened the note and read that it was time for Max and the others to go home. Liz took the note and walked back to the bed room where she found Max still lying under the covers watching her; she didn't waste any time...

"Max come on we need to get dressed; we are leaving in 20 minutes," Liz said.

"What? Really?" Max asked.

"Yes really, come on hurry we need to get dressed and get the others," Liz said.

Max got up and got dressed and a few minutes later they were out the door. They checked their friend’s room and saw they were all empty and then they headed to the transporter room where they saw the queen and all of their friends. The queen was pleased that they were all on time.

"Well everyone it was really nice to have you here and we are going to miss you so very much. Max I know we don't know each other very well but promise me you will look after your sister and your friends and that you will protect them?" The Queen asked.

"I promise. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to know you too," Max said.

"Isabel you be good and listen to Max, Alex and Michael Promise?" The Queen asked.

"I promise," Isabel said.

"It's time," Larek said.

Liz and Serena closed their eyes and started to chant. They were going to make sure no aliens knew where Roswell was and they made sure Max, their parents and all of their friends were protected. Liz and Serena made sure that Max and their friends didn't remember what they found out about Kivar...all they would know was that the queen needed Liz, Larek and Serena to stay on Antar to help with something. A few minutes later Liz and Serena opened their eyes and nodded their heads to the queen and Larek. They knew everything was set.

"It's time to go," Larek said.

"Liz, are you ready to go home and see your parents?" Max asked.

"I'm sorry my son but Liz needs to stay here with me, Larek and Serena," The Queen said.

"What? Why?" Max asked.

"We have something we need to figure out," Queen said.

"I'll stay too," Max said.

"No. Max you need to go. After we get things settled here I'll be coming home ok," Liz said.

"Are you sure?" Max asked.

"Yes please go," Liz said.

"Alright, I'll see you really soon," Max said.

"I promise," Liz said.

Michael and the others went through the portal as Max and Liz looked at each other one last time. Max was about to leave when Liz grabbed him and kissed him. After the kiss Liz took a step back and watched Max vanish.

On Earth:

When Max and the group woke up they saw their parents standing over them and they looked around a little disoriented like, Mr. and Mrs. Parker looked at Max and asked...

"Where is Liz?" Jeff and Nancy asked.

That is when the vision ended. The TV screen went black. A few seconds later they saw a bedroom then they saw Liz, Ava and Serena sitting on the bed looking at them.

“That is where the memory visions end. Now it is your turn to find us before it I too late,” Serena said.

“There are something’s you don’t know. And there are something you need to know,” Ava said.

“For starters I’m so sorry for telling you this but Nasedo, Senior Rath, Kivar, Nicholas and their men are still alive. They are hunting for all of us. They want everyone to die like they did in their past lives. Except for Serena and I. We were not supposed to die with Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. But we did. Nasedo, Senior Rath want me to marry Kivar while Serena and Larek never knew about it,” Liz said.

“But here is the thing Nasedo, Senior Rath and Kivar don’t know. They think you are all dead. They know they saw you in the dream world with us. But they think your spirits that have come to help and protect us. They don’t know you are all alive and well,” Ava said.

“Right now Max, family and friends are protected by a visible wall covering all of Roswell from the aliens. You are even protected when you go to the pod chamber. And don’t worry we are even protected. Even though they sometimes visit us. We wanted to make sure that all of you are safe from Nasedo, Senior Rath, Kivar, Nicholas and their men. We hope you can forgive us for not tell you sooner,” Serena said.

“OK. Now the time has come for you to find us. We need your help in finally killing Nasedo, Senior Rath, Kivar, Nicholas and their men. We have left hints in the DVDs we sent you of where we are. Hopefully you will be able to find us and end this war once and for all and we can all live our lives in peace. But till then please, please look for the hints we leave in the DVDs?” Liz said.

“And please don’t be mad or upset for the way I have Liz looking different? The only reason why I did the change is because we are kind of in hiding and I thought this would be a good chance for Liz to cut loose and have fun,” Ava said.

“We must go now. Please look for the hints we leave you in the DVDs? We love all of you. We miss all of you. Please stay safe?” Liz, Ava and Serena all said at the same time.

That is when the DVD ended. Max, parents and friends all turned and looked at each other.

“So when does everyone want to start looking for the hints Liz, Ava and Serena left for us to find?” Jeff asked.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 185 Pg19 7/29/15

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Chapter 186

“I say we start as soon as possible,” Nancy said.

“I agree with Nancy,” everyone said.

“OK. Then let's start,” Philip said.

“Are there any DVD'S in the box that we need to go through?” Amy asked.

“I'll go look,” Max said.

Max stood up and walked over to the box. Max looked into the box and saw that there was 15 DVD'S in the box. Max turned and looked at the parents and friends. When Max turned he saw that they were looking at him.

“We got 15 more DVD'S to go through,” Max said.

“Well we better get started then,” Jim said.

Max grabbed a DVD and walked up to the DVD player and put the DVD into the player. After Max put the DVD in the player he took a step back and sat down on the couch. Then the TV screen was black then all of a sudden they see a bedroom. A few seconds later Liz sat on the bed looking at them.

“Max I don't know if I told you and the others yet. But all of you need to know something that is kind of bad. But I don't know if you will like to know what it is. So I'm just going to say it. Max it was Senior Rath and Nasedo that helped Kivar kill you, Isabel, Michael and Tess. But the thing is Senior Rath didn't know that Rose and Serena bonded with Zan, Lonnie, Rath and Ava before they died. That is why they died all together. I know this must be hard for all of you to hear. But I thought you should know that Senior Rath and Nasedo have joined Kivar. Please don't do anything dumb? Serena, Milly, Queen and I are going to try and handle it. But I just thought all of you should know. Oh and I also wanted to tell all of you that in some videos there will be singing, surprises. Sorry I can't tell you what they will be. But you will have to just watch as see. And Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle don't do the rolling eyes and the big brother act and try to act like a protector. It won't work on us. You should know that by now. Bye everyone. And let the fun began….,” Liz said smiling.

The TV screen went black. Max and everyone looked at each other.

“Liz knows you guys so well,” Amy said.

“Don't remind us,” Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle said.

The Girls and the parents laughed. Then turned and saw Liz standing behind a screen with Serena and Ava sitting on the bed.

“Do I really need to do this?” Liz asked.

“Liz this is vacation time. You need to cut loose and have fun,” Ava said.

“I know but you know Max will flip if he sees me wearing clothes like this,” Liz said.

“Liz come out and let's see your outfit,” Serena said.

“Fine. But If Max find out about this. You both are going to take the blame,” Liz said.

Liz walked from behind the screen wearing Black leather hip hugger pants with a black/white plaid crop top that ended a couple of inches under her breast. Liz looked at Serena and Ava.

“Well?” Liz asked.

“I think if Max saw you dressing like that he would lock you up in the bed room,” Ava said.

“I doubt Max would do that,” Liz said.

“Oh I say he will,” Serena said.

“Whatever,” Liz said.

“Liz go change and try on another outfit,” Ava said.

Liz turned and walked behind the screen and changed again. A few minutes later Liz came out wearing a black strapless mid thigh dress.

“Liz that looks cute on you,” Ava and Serena said.

Liz looks at both girls then walked behind the screen again. Liz walked out wear black short shorts with a black lace bikini top.

“That is good for you,” Ava said.

“Hey Liz while were here let’s play a game,” Serena said.

“What kind of game?” Liz asked from behind the screen.

“Truth or dare,” Serena said.

“I guess. Who ask the first question?” Liz asked.

“I will,” Serena said.

“Fine. Go ahead,” Liz said.

“OK. Liz truth or dare?" Serena asked.

“Truth?” Liz said.

“Who stole your journal in high school?” Serena asked.

“Our brother did,” Liz said.

“No way. He did not,” Serena said.

“Oh yes he did. OK my turn truth or dare Serena?” Liz asked.

“Truth,” Serena said.

“Before your marriage to Larek did you ever had sex?” Liz asked.

“In past life yes. And the same in this life. OK. Ava truth or dare?” Serena asked.

“Truth,” Ava said.

“What did you think of Max, Liz and the others when you saw them again?” Serena asked.

“I thought that Zan and Rose finally found each other. And I thought that Michael was the same as he was in the past. Isabel and Tess were quiet which was a little shocking but I figured they would say something that reminds me of past life,” Ava said.

“Did they?” Serena asked.

“Oh yeah. They still have their tempers. OK Liz truth or dare?” Ava asked.

“Truth,” Liz asked.

“The night you and Max found the orbs in the desert would you have had sex with Max to find out what was going on?” Ava asked.

“Yes I would have,” Liz said blushing.

“Oh,” Serena and Ava said.

“OK enough. Truth or dare Serena?” Liz asked.

“Truth,” Serena said.

“What did you think of Max and Michael?” Liz asked.

“I thought they were pig headed and trying to be overly protective. Ava truth or dare?” Serena asked.

“When did you find out that Max and Liz were bonded?” Serena asked.

“When I met Liz in the back of the Crash Down. Liz truth or dare?” Ava asked.

“Truth,” Liz said.

“After Max asked you to marry him did you and Max have sex? And where and how many times?' Ava said.

“Yes we had sex after he proposal. We had sex 4 times on the balcony floor, 3 times against the wall outside; 4 times on my bed room floor; 4 times on my bed; 3 times in the closet; 4 times in the shower and bathroom floor twice against the walls in my room. Then let’s see the night before we left Roswell Max and I had sex on the break room couch, counter and our booth,” Liz said.

“Wow Liz that was a lot of sex. I'm surprised you’re not pregnant by now,” Ava said.

“We had something for that. Ava truth or dare?” Liz asked.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}Chapter 186 Pg19 7/31/15

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Chapter 187

“I pick truth,” Ava said.

“Are you falling for Greg?” Liz asked.

“Just between us girls yes I am falling for Greg. Now you have to promise not to tell your brother, Milly and the queen promise?” Ava asked.

“We promise,” Liz and Serena said at the same time.

Liz walked out from behind the screen wearing a light pink strapless silk ankle length dress.

“Liz that looks wow,” Ava and Serena said.

“Really?” Liz asked.

“Yes. It looks great on you,” Ava and Serena said.

“Good. I got one in mint, light pink, light blue, cream,” Liz said.

“In the same style?” Ava asked.

“Different but look almost the same,” Liz said.

“Cool. Now where were we? Liz tells us something you have never told anyone?” Ava asked.

“OK. A couple of days after finding the orbs I went to the doctor and put myself on birth control,” Liz said.

“Does anyone know you’re on the birth control?” Serena asked.

“No. I want to keep it that way,” Liz said.

“What do you think the parents would do if they find out?” Ava asked.

“I think my parents will flip out. I even think Max would be surprised,” Liz said.

“Liz do you want to have kids with Max?” Serena asked.

“Yes I do want kids with Max. But I want to wait till after all craziness is over. And besides who said Max wants any kids anyway,” Liz said.

“Liz do you think Max won't want kids with you?” Serena asked.

“Maybe. We have to wait and see how everything goes when Max, parents and friends find us,” Liz said.

“Liz your crazy if you think Max doesn't want kids with you,” Serena and Ava said.

“Can we change the subject please?” Liz asked.

“Fine,” Ava and Serena said.

“Liz do you think Senior Rath, Nasedo, Kivar and men are going to find us before Max, parents and friends?” Ava asked.

“I thinking and hoping Max, Parents and friends will find us first,” Liz said.

“What do you think will happen when they get here?” Serena asked.

“Easy there will be yelling, arguing maybe a fight. And the parents will probably be too stun to say or do anything,” Liz said.

“Do you really think that is how it is going to be?” Ava asked.

“Yes. But I guess it will be normal for a change,” Liz said.

“Yeah that is true,” Serena said.

That is when the TV went black. Then it showed a bar and then turned and to stage where Liz and Larek started to sing After all. As Liz and Larek singed they looked at each other and smiled. After the song Larek and Liz hugged. Liz started to sing Holding out For a Hero by Bonnie Taylor. As Liz singed she closed her eyes and singed with everything she had. As Liz singed she thought of Max. The screen behind Liz showed Max and Liz fighting and saving each other with the help of their friends. Serena, Ava, Cal, Greg were surprised as Liz sang the song. No knew Liz could sing. After the song Liz smiled. Larek started to sing Kiss by Prince to Serena. Larek walked up to Serena and started to circle her and tried to kiss her when Serena walked away. Larek started to follow Serena around the room. Liz, Ava, Cal and Greg were smiling as they watched Larek and Serena.

Max, Parents and friends were surprised as they watched the DVD. No one knew what to say or think. Liz and Larek walked out to the dance floor. They both looked at each other and smiled. Larek singed the guy part while Liz singed the girl part to I've had the time of my life. They looked at each other as they singed. Liz was about to walk away when Larek grabbed Liz by the hand and turned her to face him. When the song ended Liz pulled Larek to her and whispered something in his ear. When Larek pulled away they were laughing.

“Hey look over here,” Greg asked.

Larek and Liz turned and Greg took a picture of them smiling and laughing. Then Greg took a picture of Larek picking Liz up and holding her in mid air. After the picture Larek set Liz down.

“OK. Larek come on,” Liz said.

Liz started to sing 'Let’s Hear it for the Boy' by Deniece Williams. Liz grabbed Larek and pulled him to the dance floor. Liz and Larek started to step side to side. Then Liz and Larek started to dance a little better. Liz took a step forward when Larek grabbed Liz around the waist and started to spin Liz around. When Larek set Liz down they start to move to the music better. Everyone was clapping and cheering for Larek. After the song Liz and Larek turned and watched Greg start to sing 'Don't Forget about Me' by Simple minds. Greg walked up to Ava as she sang. Ava rolled her eyes and tried to walk away when Greg wouldn't let her. Liz, Cal, Serena and Larek watched as Greg was following Ava around the club.

“Go Greg,” Liz and Serena yelled.

Ava gave Liz and Serena a look that told them to shut up. Cal and Larek just smiled as they watched Greg and Ava. After the song Greg and Ava kissed. Liz and Cal stood back and watched as Serena, Larek, Ava and Greg danced to 'I Melt with You' by Modern English. Liz sat on the bar with Cal standing next to her smiling. Cal turned and looked at Liz.

“You miss Max don't you?” Cal asked.

“Yes I miss him,” Liz said.

“Don't worry you know you will see him soon,” Cal said.

“I hope your right,” Liz said.

“You know I am right,” Cal said.

“Yeah that is true. I have a question for you Cal,” Liz asked.

“And what would that be?” Cal asked.

“What would you do if you were an uncle in a year or 2? Would you be happy?” Liz asked.

When Liz turned to look at Cal she saw his face was white as a sheet then Cal fell to the floor. Liz was shocked at how Cal was acting. Liz bent down to face Cal.

“Cal? Please say something?” Liz asked.

Liz turned and saw Serena, Larek, Ava and Greg walking up to them. When they got to Liz and Cal they notice Cal's face was white.

“Liz what happened?” Serena asked.

“I asked Cal what he would do if he became an uncle in a year or 2. And next thing I know is he like this,” Liz said.

“Cal please answer me? Let me know if you are OK,” Liz asked.

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