Princess Of Antar 2{CC,Mature}The End Pg17 9/11/15

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 47 Pg2 12/15

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 48

In the afternoon everyone were at their horses getting everything ready to leave when Zan turned and saw that Rose had tears running down her face. Zan felt a hand on his shoulder and when he turned and saw it was Rath.

"You'd better go talk to her," Rath said

"Are you sure?" Zan asked

"Yes. Now go talk to your wife before we leave," Rath said

Zan walked to Rose, she turned and saw Zan standing in front of her. They looked at each other and Zan reached up and brushed a tear away. Rose reached up and covered Zan's hand that was on her cheek.

"Rose please don't cry? You know Rath and I will be coming back," Zan said

"I know. But I'm going to miss you," Rose said

"Rose I'll always be here. Please remember that?" Zan asked as he pointed to his heart.

"I know," Roaw said

"I love you Rose,"

"I love you too Zan."

"Good. Now remember that,"Zan said

"Please promise me you and Rath will be careful? And always watch each otheers back?" Rose asked

"I promise," Zan said

"And I promise too," Rath said

Zan and Rose turned and looked at Rath and smiled

"Group hug," Ava said

Zan, Rose, Rath, Ava, Lonnie and Serena all got into a big group and hugged. After the hug everyone smiled at each other.

"We are going to miss you," Serena said

"And we are going to miss you too," Zan said

"Um Zan there is something you need to know," Lonnie said

"What?" Zan asked

"I um found out how long your going to be gone," Lonnie said

"How long?" Rath asked

"2 months," Lonnie said

"What?" Zan replied

"You and Rath will be gone for 2 months," Lonnie said

"Is there anything eles?" Zan asked

Lonnie had a scared look on her face and Rose, Ava and Serena noticed the look.

"What?" Rath asked

"When you return there is to be a ball," Lonnie said.

"A ball for what?" Zan asked

"I don't know I couldn't hear the rest," Lonnie said

"What will happen to you?" Rose asked

"I just found out Ava and I will be leaving when Zan and Rath do," Lonnie said

"Why are we leaving?" Ava asked

"We have some training and other things to do while the guys are gone," Lonnie said

"Great, so everyone is leaving," Rose said.

"Rose you and I will be working on our powers and working on fighting with and without weapons. I have a feeling we're going to need them soon," Serena said

When Serena said that Rose knew that there was trouble coming and they had to be ready to help if they could.

"Ok," Rose said

Everyone said their goodbyes before they went in different directions. Rose, Ava and Serena rode back to their house and when they got there they saw their uncle standing in the doorway. The girls got off their horses, secured them and walked to their uncle.

"Hey. what are you doing here?" Serena asked

"I came to see how my girls were doing,"Uncle C said

"We ae fine," Ava said

"Why are you really here? Something must be going on," Rose said

"Nothing," Uncle C said

Rose gave him a look.

"Serena, Ava can you please go inside. I want to talk to Rose alone," Uncle C said

Rose and Uncle C watched as Serena and Ava walked into the house. After they were gone Uncle C and Rose both turned and looked at each other.

"What is it?" Rose asked

"Have you been having visions of death?" Uncle C asked

"Yes. And the visions of blood covering the land. Why are you asking?"

"Because so have I. Rose please trust these feelings and visions. They shall help you with what is coming," Uncle C said

"What is coming," Rose asked

"Something bad is coming. You and your friends need to be ready," Uncle C said

"Ok. I promise. Why are you telling me this?" Rose asked

"Becuse things are going to happen and I need to know you'll be ready," Uncle C said

"Ok," Rose said

Right at that moment the king carriage rode up and Rose and Uncle C turned and looked at the caridge. A guard opened the carriage and there was Lonnie. Lonnie turned and looked at Rose and her uncle.

"Lonnie what is going on?" Rose asked

Lonnie stepped out of the carriage and walked over to Rose.

"Here this is from Rath," Lonnie said as she handed Rose the note.

Rose took the note and looked at Lonnie.

"Lonnie what is going on?" Rose asked

"I came to get Ava. We are leaving on a trip," Lonnie said

"What about Rath and Zan?" Rose said

"They left as soon as we got home. Now Ava and I must go," Lonnie said

"Will you stay in touch?" Rose asked

"Yes. Please don't worry we will all see each other again soon?' Lonnie said

"Ok," Rose said

Ava walked out of the house with her bags and stopped in front of Rose. Rose and Ava hugged. Rose turned and hugged Lonnie and after the hugs they took a step back.

"I guess I'll see you soon," Ava said

"Yeah, see you soon," Rose said

Rose watched as Ava and Lonnie walked to the carriage and got in. After they were in the carriage it took off. When they were gone Rose turned and looked at her uncle.

"Will you excuse me I need to take a walk?" Rose asked

"Sure. I'll see you soon," Uncle C said.

Rose walked to the swing tied to a tree, sat down and looked around. Then she opened the note and saw that it was from Zan.

Dear Rose,

By the time you read this Rath and I will be gone. My father sent us to a training camp. I don't know what is going on. Our fathers are worried if you can believe that.

I'll try, I mean Rath and I will try, and let you know what is going on. I miss you. And I love you so very much. Please be careful? I still don't trust certain people if you know what I mean. Keep your eyes and ears open. If there is trouble go to the granolith and hide.

I love you my wife . Be safe and watch your back. Hope to be with you soon.


After Rose read the note she looked around and all of a sudden she felt like she was being watched. She stood up and walked back toward the house and ran to her room and locked the door and cried.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 48 Pg2 12/20

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 49

That is where the vision ended. Liz turned and looked at Max and the others. They just looked back at her.

"What?" Alex asked

"That was the past life. That is what happened," Liz said

"What are you not telling us?" Michael asked

"That is the start of everything," Liz said

Max walked over to Liz and put his hand on her cheek. She looked up at Max and he saw she had tears in her eyes.

"Liz what is it?" Max asked

"I need to jumpstart the visions. When I do you will remember on your own," Liz said

"What does that mean?" Max asked

"It means anytime, anywhere, you may start to remember the past," Liz said

"Will we see you?" Alex asked

"Yes you will see me. But it will be a while before you see me like this," Liz said

"Why?" Maria asked

"Because, you remember, I can't get involved. I will miss you all," Liz said

"What are we going to do while they are remembering?" Kyle asked

"Oh, don't worry I have something for you, Maria and Alex," Liz said

"Gee," Kyle said

Liz looked at Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess.

"Are you ready?' Liz asked


Liz turned and looked at Max.

"I just have to touch the sides of yur head. Clear your mind," Liz said as she touched the side Max's head with her hands.

After Max Liz did the same to Isabel, Michael and Tess. When she was finished she took a step back.

"When you sleep you will start remembering more. I'll have all of us together in some of the visions. Please be ready?" Liz said,

"We will," Max said

Liz turned and looked at Alex, Maria and Kyle then she walked toward them.

"Are you ready?" Liz asked

"Ready for what?" Alex asked

"You're going to have your own remembering," Liz said

"What kind of remembering?" Maria asked

"You 3 are going to remember what happened while you were on Antar," Liz said

"What?" Kyle asked

"You heard me, you're going to remember your time on Antar," Liz said

Liz walked over to Alex and touched the side of his head. She did the same to Maria and Kyle. After that she took a step back.

"Just remember it was not all bad. I want you all to write down what the visions/dreams were," Liz said

"Why?" Amy asked

"Because if they have any questions or problems. Then I can help," Liz said

"Ok," Tess said

"There is something you should all know," Liz said

"What?" Michael asked

"In the words of my husband "not of this earth" is coming. I don't know if they will find you or not. But please be on guard? And please watch out for strangers in Roswell?" Liz advised.

"You know we will, thank you for alerting us," Jim said

"No problem. Oh no," Liz said

"What is it?" Nancy asked

"It's morning. It's time to go," Liz said

"No," Max said

"There is nothing that can be done. Please remember to write down your visions and dreams. I love you all. I'll see you again soon," Liz said as she vanished.

After Liz vanished Max and the others vanished.

In the morning Liz had a tear streaming down her face as she sat up in bed. She wiped away the tear as she got out of bed and went to the closet. She decided to wear hip hugger jeans and a blue flowery short sleeved shirt.

After Liz was dressed she walked out of her room and left the apartment. She walked down the stairs to the bar and sat down.

Meanwhile in Roswell everyone met at the Crash Down for breakfast and Max and the others sat at the back booth where they usually sat while their parents sat at the tabel next to them. No one knew what to do or say.

"So are we going to do what Liz asked?" Kyle asked

"Yes, I am," Jim said

"What about you?" Diane asked

"Yes. I want to remember my past and what happened on Antar," Max said

"I agree with Max," Michael and the others said

"You know we will be here if you need us," Amy said

Maria turned to stand when she got a vision.

Maria's Vision: Liz was in a room practicing sword and stick fighting with Larek. She was getting the best of Larek when suddenly everyone stopped and looked at her.

That was the end of the vision. When Maria opened her eyes she saw everyone looking at her. She sat down and looked around.

"What happened?" Michael asked

"I just got a vision of Liz," Maria said

"What was the vision?" Max asked

"We walked into a room. Liz and Larek were sword and stick fighting and Liz was beating Larek. Then they both stopped and turned towards us. Larek and Liz walked over to us. We were all face to face. That's where the vision ended," Maria said

"Michael you, Alex, Tess and I work here. We should be fine," Maria said

"What about Max and Isabel?" Nancy asked

"I work at the U.F.O Center across the street,"Max said

"As for me I'm either working with Max or I'm here,"Isabel said

"Good. Now we just need to make sure nothing happens while you have your visions," Jim said

"How are you going to do that?"Maria asked

"Easy we'll stay around or we will check on you," Jim said

"Ok," Everyone said

"Does that mean we will get visions anywhere and anytime?" Kyle asked

"I guess so," Michael said

"Jim do you think people not of this earth will come?" Jeff asked

"Liz said they might. So we need to be ready in case they do show up," Jim said

"Nancy are you ok?" Diane asked

"I just miss Lizzie. I wish she were here," Nancy said

"Mrs. Parker you know Liz will be. She is always here. We just look around and we can see her everywhere," Tess said

"I know. But it doesn't feel the same. I want Liz here so I can hold her," Nancy said

"We will see her again," Isabel said

"I know. But the question is when will we see her?' Nancy asked

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 49 Pg3 12/26

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 50

"I guess we will have to wait and see,"Amy said

"Come on everyone we had better get to work," Michael said

Everyone but the parents went to work. As Max and the others got to their jobs they started to work on where it was they did. While the kids were at work, the parents sat down talking about what they could do to help Max and the others.

Max walked into the Crash Down and sat in the back booth. As Max sat there he thought about Liz When he looked up, he saw Maria standing beside him with a drink. Max and Maria both looked at each other as Maria sat a cross from Max
"Max what is wrong?" Maria asked

"I just keep thinking we need to remember quicker," Max said

"You know you; Isabel, Michael and Tess will remember. Let's just hope everything you remember is not bad," Maria said.

"That is what we are hoping for. But who knows how our past lives were," Max said.

"I guess we will have to wait and see," Maria said

"Yeah, that is true,"Max said

"Where are you staying tonight?" Maria asked

"I know yet," Max said

"Maybe you could I don't know," Maria said

"I had better better go. I guess I'll see you later," Max said before walking out of the Crash Down.

Max got into his jeep and drove off. A few minutes later Max pulled up to his parent's house. Max got out of his jeep and walked into the house. After he walked into the house, he went upstairs to his room. When he got to his room, he changed and went to lay down. A few minutes later Max was fast asleep.

Max was in the middle of the woods. He looked around. A few seconds later he saw Zan and Rath sitting behind a huge rock.

"Rath I'm sorry Rose, and I got married in secret. But I wanted to let you know I love Rose very much,' Zan said.

'Yeah, Zan I know you love Rose. And yes it hurts you got married to Rose in secret. Just promise me that you will love and be with Rose forever and protect her with your life?" Rath asked

"You know I will," Zan said

"Good," Rath said

Zan and Rath looked around.

"God I still can't believe you married my sister," Rath said

"I know. But I really do love her," Zan said.

"Good to know. If you hurt her your going to be sorry," Rath said.

"You know I won't hurt her," Zan said

"You better not," Rath said

"After they talked, they both stood up and started to walk through the camp. As they walked around the camp, they looked around.

"Do you know how long it has been since we have seen Rose and family?" Rath asked

"I think it has been a month. I wonder what Rose, Serena, Ava and Lonnie are all dong?" Zan said

"Who knows. But it has to be better than us," Rath said.

"Yeah, that is true," Zan said

Zan and Rath heard a noise. They turned and looked around. Zan and Rath didn't see anything. Then suddenly a bird flew up to Zan with a note in its beak. The bird dropped the note into Zan hand and flew away. Zan and Rath looked at each other then looked over the note. Zan opened the note and looked at it.

"Rath you better listen to this," Zan said

"What?"Rath said.

"Listen to this
Dear Zan and Rath,
I hope everything is ok with you. And I'm hoping your no causing any trouble or problems. Here everything is good. I'm still doing what I do. Serena and Larek are visiting, or I'm visiting them. Ava and Lonnie are still gone. I don't know what they are doing. But we miss them here. Rath something is going on with father. He is I don't know more different. Father is scary to be around. And I'm scared of him and what he is up to. I am staying with Serena and Larek for a while. Oh, I have seen Zan father. He told me to tell you both hello. And he hopes you are being safe and on guard. I hope you both know what that means. But anyway, I had better go. I'll write you again soon. And I'll try to see you in your dreams Love you both. Please be careful? Please be safe?
Rose," Zan said.

After Zan read the note, he turned and looked at Rath.

"What do you think she meant by your dad changed and is scary?" Zan asked

"I don't know but he'd better not touched or hurt my sisters," Rath said

"I don't think he would hurt Rose, Serena and Larek. right?" Zan asked

"I don't know. But we need to make sure we are ready for her notes and dream walking," Rath said.

"I agree with you there," Zan said

"Good," Rath said

Rath and Zan guarded for a couple of more hours. Then 2 guards came and took over while Zan and Rath took a break. Zan and Rath walked back to their tent and took a rest. They both walked to the tent and took a nap.

Three weeks past:
Zan and Rath haven't heard a thing from Rose. Zan and Rath were both starting to get
worried. Zan and Rath didn't know what to think.

One night:
While Rath and Zan were guarding they heard something in the woods. They looked around and didn't see anything. They both turned and looked at each other and shook their heads. When they turned they saw Rose's standing in front of them. Rose had her hair down, and she was in town people's clothes.

"Rose? Are you really here?" Rath asked

"I'm dream walking you," Rose said

"Rose we are not asleep. How are you doing this?" Rath asked

"It's new power I learned," Rose said

"Cool. How is everything?" Zan asked

"It's not so good," Rose said

"What happened?" Rath asked

"Something has changed in father. He is angrier than ever. And is even scarier,' Rose said.

"What do you mean?" Zan asked

"He is getting phone calls. And somehow they get him madder every time he answers the phone," Rose said.

"Who would be talking to father?' Rath asked

"I don't know who it is," Rose said

"Where are you?" Zan asked

"I'm staying with Serena. Mother stayed with father. Mother is trying to figure out what is going on. Rath I'm scared for mother. I don't think she can handle dad alone," Rose said.

"Rose you stay with Larek and Serena. Hopefully, they will protect you from Father," Rath said.

"What about mother?" Rose asked

"Don't worry. I'll get mother. Where are our uncles?'Rath asked

"I don't know. I haven't heard or seen them in a while. I'm starting to worry about them too," Rose said.

"Rose promise us you will stay at Serena's until we come and get you?" Zan asked

"I don't know if I can do that. I want mother with us," Rose said
"Don't worry we will get mother," Rath said

"I don't know," Rose said

"Where are Ava and Lonnie?" Zan asked

"I Don't know. No one will tell me where they are or when they are home," Rose said.

"See if you can try to dream walk them. Let them know what is going on. And try to find out when they are coming back," Zan said.

"I'll try I have to go. Hope to see you both soon. I love you both," Rose said.

"Love you too," Rath and Zan said before Rose vanished.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 50 Pg3 12/31

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 51

Max woke up and wrote down everything he dreamt about. After he wrote the dream he turned and saw it was 6a.m. Max was about to go to sleep when he saw an image of Liz standing against the window. Max sat up and watched as Liz walked up to him and stood in front of him.

"Liz? How?" Max asked

"Max it's me. I think I'm dream walking or astroprojecting again. It's good to see you," Liz said.

"It's good to see you. God I miss you," Max said.

"Max don't worry you will find us soon," Liz said

"Are you asleep?" Max asked

"Yes," Liz said

"So what have you been doing?" Max asked

"I'm working in a bar. Larek healed a child. We keep an eye out on him to find out if he has powers or not," Liz said.

"Oh," Max said

"Don't worry we are fine," Liz said

"When do you meet your uncle?" Max asked

"Tomorrow. Wait. How did you know about that?" Liz asked

"Let's forget about it," Max said

"Max? never mind. Max are you and the others ok? Are you and the others safe?" Liz asked

"Yes to both your questions. You know everyone misses you," Max said.

"I miss them too," Liz said

"What is wrong?" Max asked

"I just wish you were with me. Serena, Larek, Greg and Ava are being all lovey dovey. And it makes me miss you more," Liz said.

"That is how everyone is here," Max said.

"How are the parents doing?" Liz asked

"So far they are fine. But no craziness yet," Max said.

"That is good to know. Max please be careful of the new people in town?" Liz asked

"You know I will. I had a dream or a memory," Max said.

"What was it about?" Liz asked

"Um Michael and I were out in the woods. You appeared and told us what was going on at home. And we were very worried for you," Max said.

"I remember. I cried after I saw the both you," Liz said.

Right at that moment Max's bedroom door open. Max and Liz turned and saw Philip and Diane looking at them.

"Oh boy," Liz said with a shocked face.

"Mom, dad," Max said

"Liz it is good to see you," Diane said

"Hi Mrs. Evans," Liz said

"Liz none of that Mrs. Evans. You call us Diane and Philip since you and Max are married,"Diane said
"Um ok," Liz said as she smiled

Liz turned and looked at Max. Max just looked between Liz and his parents.

"So are you here to help Max to remember his past?" Philip asked

"No. He is already remembering. Hopefully, it won't be long. And he will remember everything," Liz said.

"What is it?" Max asked

"It is almost time for me to go," Liz said

"What? Why?" Diane asked

"It has to be this way until you guys find me. Max before I go remember everything you dream. And be careful of Senior Rath," Liz said.

"Who is he?" Max asked

"You will remember him. Senior Rath is the one that started everything. He is evil. Please don't fall for anything he says," Liz said.

"I promise none of us will fall for his tricks," Max said

"Thank you. I have to go. But I promise to see all of you soon. Love you Max. Tell everyone I love them and miss them," Liz said.

"I love you. And I'll tell them," Max said.

Max and his parents watched as Liz smiled and disappeared. Max turned and looked at his parents.

"Don't worry we will find her," Diane said

"I know we will find her," Max said

Max called everyone and told them to meet them at his house. An hour later everyone was at Max's house. Max told them what happened and what Liz told him. After the meeting, everyone went to work or home.

A week past:
It was Friday night. Max, friends and parents were at the Evan's having a cook out. Max heard the door bell ring. He answered the door. A guy handed Max a box and left. Max walked into house and set the box down. Max walked outside and looked at everyone.

"Hey let's grab the food and eat inside," Max said

Everyone grabbed their food and went to the house. When they walked into the living room, they saw a box. Everyone turned and watched as Max put a videotape in. Everyone sat down as Max pushed play. The screen was black then you saw Larek and Liz on stage. They were singing "I'll lie for you and that fact by meatloaf. While they were singing a screen behind them showed how Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle found out. And what they did to protect Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. Max and friends were shocked as were the parents. After the song Liz grabbed Serena and Ava. They crossed their arms and grabbed each other's hand and spin around. Liz, Ava and Serena were laughing and screaming as they spun. When they stopped Liz turned and saw a man standing in the doorway. Serena and Ava turned and saw the man. Ava walked up to Liz.

"Liz this is our uncle," Ava said

"Oh my god," Liz said

When the Man walked up to Liz that is when Max saw who it was. Max dropped his cup. The cup shattered when it the floor. Michael and everyone turned and looked at Max.

"What is it?" Michael asked

Max didn't say anything as he watched the TV screen. Everyone turned and looked at the TV screen.

The Tv screen:
Ava and Serena looked between Liz and uncle.

"What?" Serena asked

"Serena met Cal Langley the movie producer. And Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess's protector," Liz said.

"How did you?" Serena asked

"Oh Max told me about him. The second protector is Nasado our other uncle who kidnapped me. Am I right Cal?" Liz asked with a mad look on her face.

"Yes the second protector is Nasado your other uncle. I didn't know he kidnapped you," Cal said.

"Yeah and did something I want to forget about. So?" Liz asked

"I'm here to help you against Senior Rath and Khivar," Cal said

Liz walked up to Cal and touched his hand. When she touched his hand, she saw that he really wanted to help them and protect them better than he did in his past life. Liz let go of Cal's hand and took a step back. Cal and Liz both looked at each other.

"Fine. You can help/protect us. But you must keep Max, family and friends safe in Roswell New Mexico. Can you do that?" Liz asked

"Yes. I will protect you here and then in Roswell with my life," Cal said.

"Good," Liz said

Ava and Serena both looked at each other then looked at Cal and Liz. Right at that moment Ricky and Greg walked into the club. They stood by the door watching. Liz was about to walk away when she turned and walked up to Cal. They stood face to face

"If anything happens to Max, family, friends and everyone in the room. I will hunt you down and have you remember the training you gave Serena and I. And if that doesn't scare you, I'll make sure you feel every pain Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Ava, Serena and I felt from the time during the war until our deaths. You do remember all that right?" Liz asked

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 51 Pg4 1/5

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Authors Note:
Hey everyone
I wanted to say sorry if there is a lot of mistakes in this chapter and in the chapters to come. I don't have a beta to help me with my stories. So I'm trying to do the grammer and spelling thing on my own. So I hope everyone will forgive me for my mistakes in this chapter and the chapters to come. I hope everyone will like this chapter and the chapters to come. And I hope everyone will keep reading and leaving feedback til the end of the story.
Princess Of Antar
Chapter 52

“Yeah, I remember,” Cal said

“Good. Because the training I have in mind will make you wish you died like you did in the past. Got it?” Liz asked

“Yes, I got it,” Cal said

“Good. Lets hear what you have planned on killing Senior Rath,” Liz said

“What happened to the sweet, nice, shy woman you once were?” Cal asked

“Oh she died when her husband, brother, sister in law and cousin were beaten and hung,” Liz said

“You know about that?” Cal asked

“Yeah, I know about that. The reason how I know all about that was because I was on Antar helping my family,” Liz said

“I didn’t know,” Cal said

“Cal, I know what happened to you after we died. And I know you tried to help. But what happened to us was sad. And I am glad that you want to help more now. But you really need to promise me, Serena and Ava that Max, parents, friends and everyone here will be protected. Can you do that?” Liz asked

“I promise you I will protect them till my last dying breath,” Cal said

“Thank you that means a lot to me to know that you will do that,” Liz said

“Who are Larek, Ricky and Greg?” Cal asked

“That would be us,” Larek said

Liz, Cal, Serena turned and saw Larek, Ricky and Greg standing in the doorway.

“Who is this guy?” Greg asked

“Greg this is our uncle Cal. Cal this is Greg he owns the bar. The little boy beside him is Ricky. And that is Serena’s husband Larek,” Liz said

“Wait. Serena’s husband Larek. How?” Cal asked

“Serena and I found each other in each life. And in every life we fall in love and get married,” Larek said

“Oh,” Cal said

“Yeah,” Larek said

“Do Max and the others remember their past lives yet?” Cal asked

“No. But they are starting to remember now,” Liz said

“What are they remembering?” Cal asked

“Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are remembering their past lives. While Alex, Maria and Kyle are remembering being on Antar,” Liz said

“What do you mean remembering being on Antar?” Cal asked

“They were all on Antar. I do not know how. But they were on Antar,” Liz said

“How did you know?” Cal asked

“Because I was on Antar. And before you ask, Max and I were on our honeymoon when Larek and Serena came and asked for my help. And I agreed to help them. When I got there I started to remember my past life as Rose,” Liz said

“Do you remember everything?” Cal asked

“Yes I remember from the beginning to our deaths,” Liz said

“Oh, god,” Cal said

Liz walked up to Cal. They were face to face.

“Cal you got to know it was not your fault. No one blames you. You were and are very protective. We loved you for that. So no one blames you,” Liz said

“It is still my fault. I should have done something,” Cal said

“What would have you done? You tried to protect us until the end. You were more like a father to Serena, Ava and I then our own fathers. You need to let it go. You did the best you could,” Liz said

“I know. But I still feel I should have done more. Does Michael know?” Cal asked

“No. But he should know soon,” Liz said

“Are you ready for Michael to know and remember?” Cal asked

“I … I don’t know. Are you ready for Max, Isabel Michael and Tess to remember?” Liz asked

“I don’t know either,” Cal said

“Good thing we both don’t know what to think,” Liz said

Serena and Larek both looked at each other then walked up to to Cal and Liz. Cal and Liz turned and looked at Larek and Serena.

“Cal since you and Liz are Serena’s family. I have something to ask you,” Larek said

“What is it?” Cal asked

“Will you give me permission to marry Serena sir?” Larek asked

Liz, cal and Serena were surprised that Larek asked Greg and Ricky was even surprised to hear Larek ask. Liz and Serena turned and looked at Cal. Cal was looking at Larek.

“Yes you have my permission to marry Serena,” Cal said

“Thank you sir,” Larek said

“What kind of wedding do you want to have?” Liz asked

“Earth wedding. Liz you had one and you said it was romantic,” Serena said

“Yes it was. Isabel, Maria and Tess got married the same way,” Liz said

“Are you and Max going to get remarried?” Serena asked

“Max and I are going to have to talk about that,” Liz said

“Liz I know it is early and all. But will you be my maid of honor? Serena asked

“Yes,” Liz said

Liz and Serena both smiled at each other. Then they turned and watched as Larek walked up to Greg and Ricky. Greg and Ricky turned, looked, and looked at Larek.

“Greg will you be my best man?” Larek asked

“Yes,” Greg said

“Larek turned and looked at Ricky. Ricky looked up ay Larek.

“Ricky will you be in the wedding too?” Larek asked

“Yes, uncle Larek,” Ricky said

Ricky ran up to Liz and hugged her. Then turned and hugged Serena. After they hugged, he turns and looks at Cal. Cal looks at Ricky.

“Who are you?” Ricky asked

“I’m Cal. I’m Serena and Liz’s uncle,” Cal said

“Oh. Then what are you to me?” Ricky asked

“If you want you can call me your uncle too,” Cal said

“Cool,” Ricky said

Liz and Serena saw Cal smile at Ricky.

“Ricky did you do your homework yet?” Liz asked

“No, not yet,” Ricky said

“Ricky go sit down at the table and start your homework,” Liz said

“Why?” Ricky asked

“Because the faster you finish your homework the more time to play,” Liz said

“Ok,” Ricky said before running off to go get his backpack.
Everyone watched as Ricky grabbed his book bag and went to sit down. As soon as Ricky sat down, he started on his homework. Liz and Serena turned and looked at Cal. When they turned, they saw Cal looking at them.

“Cal what is your plan on getting Senior Rath, Kivar and the Kivarians?” Liz asked

“I will be a little hard to do. Did you and Serena practice your powers?” Cal asked

“Yes. We have practice our powers. We have also learned to stick fight, fighting, and boxing. I learned how to shoot how to shoot my bow any other weapons I may need. Serena and I also know how to shoot a gun,” Liz said

“You learned how to do all that?” Cal asked

“Yes, is that enough for us?” Liz asked

“Yes. That should be enough. How many times do you train?” Cal asked

“We train for about 3 hours a day,” Liz said

“Where do you train?” Cal asked

“We train 3 hours a day in here or the back room that we turned into a gym/training room. What are you thinking?” Liz asked

“I’m thinking your training in here and the gym/training room is good. But you need to train 4 to 6 hours a day,” Cal said

“Ok. But you also need to know that we have dance lessons that could last for 4 hours,” Liz said

“You do all that?” Cal asked

“Yes we do all of that. But Cal here is the question is you willing to help us with training? And protect Max, parents, friends and everyone in this room?” Liz asked

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 52 Pg4 1/10

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Princess Of Antar
Chapter 53

“Yes I will help train you. And yes to protecting Max, parents, friends and the people in this room with my life,” Cal said.

“OK. Set it up then,” Liz said
Right at that moment Ava walked across the room with the ghost of Zan, Rose, Rath, Lonnie and Ava. Liz, Serena, Cal, Larek, Greg and Ricky all turned and saw Ava with the ghost.

“Hey what is going on?” Ava asked

“Ava how would you feel about being a bride's maid?” Serena asked

“Who is getting married?” Ava asked

“Larek and I are getting married. So will you be my bride maid?” Serena asked

“I say yes. When are you getting married?” Ava asked

"Whenever things calm down. Zan, Rose, Rath, Lonnie you’re invited too,” Serena said.

“It will be an honor to be there my lady,” Zan said

“Zan,” Liz and Serena said

“Yes we will be there,” Zan said

“Thank you,” Liz said

Liz turned and saw Cal still not looking at Zan and the others. Liz turned and looked at Zan and the others. When she looked at Zan and the others, she saw Zan and the others looking at Cal. That is when Liz realized what was wrong.

“Zan can you and the others ever forgive Cal for the past?” Liz asked

Zan and the others looked at Liz then looked at Cal.

“Yes. We do forgive Cal for the past. He did nothing wrong,” Zan said.

“He was a great and protected uncle. We will always love him for that,” Rose said.

“You didn’t have too,” Cal said

“We told the truth. And we are here to tell you that we will help in this war no matter what,” Rath said.

“Do you think we are ready Cal?” Liz asked

“Yes. I think we are ready,” Cal said as he smiled at everyone.

“So what do we do now?” Serena asked

“You train and plan a wedding,” Cal said

“But we have not set a date yet,” Serena said

“Yeah, I know that. But you can already get everything you need for a wedding,” Cal said.

“Are you crazy? We have trouble coming. How are we going to do all of this?” Zan asked

“Don’t worry there is always a way,” Cal said

Liz had a weird look at her face. Then suddenly, Liz passed out. As Liz fell to the floor Serena, Larek, Greg and Ricky, all ran to Liz’s side. Serena touched Liz’s arm and noticed it was warm.

“Lizzie wake up. Please wake up, we need you,” Serena said.

Then suddenly, Liz felt cold at the touch. Serena and the others did not know what was wrong or what was going on. Serena closed her eyes and lightly whispered Milly’s name. Serena whispered Milly’s name about 20 times. A few seconds later Milly appeared. Serena looked up and saw Milly's standing in front of her.

“What is wrong?” Milly asked

“Tell us what is wrong with Liz?” Serena asked

Milly looked down at Liz and saw she was passed out. Milly touched Liz’s hand and closed her eyes. A few minutes later Milly opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she looked at Serena. Milly saw Serena looking at her with worried eyes.

“What is wrong?” Serena asked

“Everything is fine. Liz is having a vision, and she is seeing something that was hidden from her,” Milly said.

“What kind of vision?” Larek asked

“I don’t know,” Milly asked

“What is Liz seeing that was hidden from her?” Ava asked

"Cal did you know anything about this?” Serena asked

“No. I don’t know,” Cal said
A couple of hours later Liz woke up and sat up screamed. After she screamed Liz fell back. Serena and Ava ran up to Liz.

“Liz?’ Serena asked

Liz opened her eyes and looked around. She set up and saw Serena and Ava looking at her.

“Liz are you OK?” Serena asked

“I … I don’t know,” Liz said

“What did you see?” Ava asked

“I… I,” Liz said

“Was it from the past?” Larek asked

“No,” Liz said

“What was it?” Greg asked

Liz looked up at Milly and Cal. She saw that they were looking at her.

“Their looking for us now. And we are all going to be seeing them really soon,” Liz said.

“Is that why you screamed?” Ava asked

“No,” Liz said

“Why did you scream?” Zan asked

“He they made me feel our deaths in our past life. And what he plans to do when he finds all of us,” Liz said.

“What do you mean when you say all of us?’ Larek asked

“I mean Max, family, friends and everyone in this room. He wants us dead. They are coming for all of us,” Liz said.

“Even Ricky and I?” Greg asked

“I’m so sorry. I will get you, Ricky, Max, parents and friends out of this. I promise,” Liz said.

“Liz?’ Cal asked

“No. They are going to have a normal life with no bad aliens or people after them,” Liz said.

“What about Max and the others? They will want to fight too,” Milly said.

“No. As long as they are safe and hidden, nothing and no one will hurt them. And that is what I want,” Liz said.

Everyone watched as Liz stood up and went up the stairs. She walked in to the apartment and went into her room. Liz walked in to her room and slammed the door.
The screen went black Then Max; parents and friends saw Liz sitting on her bed looking for a picture of her friends and family. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Liz said

Liz turned and saw Ava's standing in the doorway. Liz saw Ava had a smile on her face.

“What?” Liz asked

“You’re coming with me,” Ava said smiling

“Where are we going?” Liz asked

“Liz's sweetie it’s time to go crazy and start dressing sexy hot. This is a vacation it’s time for a change,” Ava said.

“Max likes the way I look,” Liz said

“Come on. It’s time for a sexy, hot Liz that can kick ass,” Ava said as she pulled Liz behind her.

A few minutes later, they only saw a door.

“There is no way I’m wearing these,” Liz said

“Yes you are. You need a change,” Ava said.

“Yeah, but I don’t need to give my husband, brother, father and my guy friends a heart attack,” Liz said

“Liz it can’t be that bad,” Ava said

“Oh, yeah,” Liz said

Liz opened the door. She stood at the doorway wearing a v-neck halter-top that stops under her breast with a pair of leather hip hiphuggers pants.

“This is going to get Max, Michael, Alex, Kyle and all the fathers of the group very very mad and very protective. Plus this could give the fathers a heart attack. God I look like a slut,” Liz said.

“So what. Max, the guys and the fathers are in Roswell. They are never going to know about the new you. So cut lose and have fun. Go change we got to find more clothes,” Ava said.

“Oh boy,” Liz said

After that, the screen went black. Max and everyone looked at each other. They did not know what to say about the clothes Liz was wearing. A few seconds later, they turned and saw Liz and Ava's walking in the club with 20 bags. Serena, Larek and Greg all turned and looked at Liz and Ava. They saw all the bags and were shocked.

“What?” Serena asked

“I’m giving Liz a crazy, sexy hot look. When does that bash thing happen?” Ava asked

“Next Friday why?” Greg asked

“That is when the new sexy, hot Liz will show off her new look,” Ava said

“Cool I can’t wait to see it,” Serena said

“Um, yeah. I’m going to put these in my room,” Liz said as she ran up to her room.

Liz walked in to her room and shut the door. She set her things down. Liz walked up to her radio and turned it on. A song called Turn Back the Hands of Time played. Liz sat down and grabbed her photo album. Liz started to sing with the song as she looked at the picture of her and Max. As Liz looked at the picture, she started to cry. After the song, Liz just sat there sadly. A few seconds later, the screen went black.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 53 Pg5 1/14

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 54
Liz and Larek were in the club. They saw Liz grabbed Larek and took him to the dance floor. Liz grabbed the radio remote and pushed play. “Get The Party Started By Pink played. Liz started to sway her hips. Larek followed Liz lead. They stood face to face. Larek grabbed Liz by the hips. Then Liz turned and stood in front of him swaying her hips.. Larek turned Liz to face him. He bent Liz back and then pulled her up. They both swayed their hips to to the music. After the song Liz started to sing Slave For You By Britney Spears.. Liz shook and swayed her hips as she singed. Larek sat down and watched as Liz sway and billy dance to the song.

After the song Larek clapped his hands as Liz bowed. Liz grabbed Larek and started to dance to Tango by Sereka. Liz and Larek danced the tango to the song. Larek bent Liz back and pulled her up. After the tango Larek and Liz fell down laughing.

“Does Max know you know how to dance?” Larek asked

“No,” Liz said

“Why?” Larek asked

“Well Max I think likes slow dances. Because He can hold me as tight as he wants and I like that,” Liz said

“Am I going to learn slow dancing?” Larek asked

“Yes you are. It's for your wedding,” Liz said

“OK,” Larek said

“Larek you never know you might have fun,” Liz said

“True,” Larek said

Larek and Liz laughed. They both started to Twist. Liz started to twist and spin. Larek grabbed Liz and picked her up and set her down. Then Larek picked her up again and set her down. Larek picked Liz up and singed her side to side. After the song they both smiled. The screen went black . A few seconds later Liz and Ava were on stage singing “Car Wash by Christina Aguilar and Missy Elliot. Max, parents and friends watched as Liz singed. Liz slide off the bar and started to walk up to Ava. They both started to sway their hips. Ava started to sing. Liz and Ava started to side step and sway their hips. After Ava and Liz singed Liz turned and saw a screen of Max, and friends and what they had been through. Liz started to sing “Here With Me By Dido”. Liz smiled as he singed. While Max, Parents and friends watched as Liz singed. Alex, Maria and Kyle were surprised that Liz could sing. But they were happy. After the song Liz got a bottle of water and sat on the bar. Ava walked up to Liz and sat next to her.

“So re you ready to sing?” Ava asked

“No,” Liz said

“Liz don't worry you will do great,” Ava said
“Yeah,” Liz said

“So have you been helping Max and the others remember?” Ava asked

“Yeah. I'm just hoping they will not seriously be hurt in anyway while they are remembering,” Liz said

“I agree with you,” Ava said

“You know when Max and Michael know the truth they won't let you leave,' Liz said

“I wasn't planning on going anywhere. Question how do you get a guy to notice you?” Ava Ava asked

“Wait what?” Liz asked

“How o you get a guy to notice you?” Ava asked

“Oh my god. Who is it?” Liz asked

“I really like Greg,” Ava said

“Ah ah that is so cute,” Liz said

“OK. Now I'm scared,” Ava said

“OK. Um pay attention to him, touch his arm. I think were going to need some help form some friends,” Liz said

“What do you mean?' Ava asked

“You'll see,” Liz said as she slide off the bar.

“Liz what are you up to?” Ava asked

Liz smiled and walked away. Ava just shook her head as Liz walked away.

“What are you up to?” Ava asked

Dream world
Liz walked to the clearing. When she got to the clearing Max and everyone saw Liz was wearing a lite blue ankle length slip dress. Liz's hair was in a ponytail. They watched as Liz closed her eyes. Then a few minutes later they saw Ava, Tess Isabel, Maria, spirits of Lonnie, Ava, and Rose. They all looked around then turned and looked at Liz.

“What is going on?” Tess asked

“Ava here needs help. She has a major crush on Greg. And I thought we could all help her,” Liz said

“Um OK. By the way good to see you again. We all miss you. Max is missing you like crazy,” Isabel said.

Good to see you all of you again too. And I miss all of you. And I miss Max like crazy too,” Liz said

“How do you get a guy to notice you?” Ava asked

“Oh K. Um touch his hand and arm a little. Bat your eyes little,” Tess said

“What else should I do?” Ava asked

“Oh play with your hair and try to hang out more. Just make sure it is you and him,” Tess said

“OK. Thanks I'll try it,” Ava said

“No problem,” Tess said

Liz and Ava turned and looked at Isabel, Tess and Maria.

“Tess please touch Ava's hand while Isabel grabs mine and Ava's hand,” Liz said

They all grabbed hand. As they held hands Liz closed her eyes and started to whisper something. A few seconds later Liz opened her eyes and smiled. Isabel ad Tess turned and looked at Liz.

“Liz what did you do?” Isabel asked

“Isabel don't worry. It was something to help you and everyone to remember,” Liz said

“OK. I'm just worried . It's not just me everyone I worried about you,” Isabel said

“Yeah. I never seen the guys get more protective of us. They think something is going to happen. But they can't figure out what,” Tess said

“You guys are safe. Serena, Larek, Ava Greg, Milly, Cal and I are trying to take care of everything. You guys need to live your life like nothing is wrong,” Liz said

“What about you and the others?” Isabel asked

“This is something that we have to handle. I know your all worried and mad. But this is something we have to do,” Liz said

“Liz you know that won't work for Max and the guys. They are so worried that we girls are never alone,” Isabel said

“The guys are also wanting the parents with us. It's like they want to keep us in a group,”Tess said

“Good the more you guys stay in a group more safer you are,” Ava said

“Safe from what? What are you not telling us,” Isabel asked.

“Its about Senior Rath. He was and is involved with what is going on. He has everything to do with everything,” Liz said

“What are you saying?” Tess said

“Senior Rath, Nasado, Kivar and his men are or have been involved from our past lives til now,” Liz said

“Are you telling us Senior Rath and Nasado were involved with our deaths?” Isabel asked

“Yes that have been,” Ava said.

“Oh my god,” Tess said

“Is there anything else we don't know,” Maria asked

“You and the others will know the truth when you remember,” Liz said

“Liz we have to go,” Ava said

“Why?” Tess asked

“Its late we have training to do tomorrow,” Ava said

“I'll see you soon. Don't worry everything will be fine,” Liz said before she disappeared.

The TV screen went black. Max stood up and up to the box and took another tape out. He walked up to the VCR and put another tape in. After the tape was in Max pushed play. Max sat down and everyone watched the TV. On the TV screen they saw Liz in a clearing. Liz was wearing a medium blue ankle length skirt with a medium blue spaghetti strap tank top. Her hair curly. Liz closed her eyes. A few minutes later Max, parents ad friends appeared in the clearing. Liz turned and looked at Max, parents and friends. She had a smile on her face as she looked at them.

“Hey,” Liz said

“Um hi,” Max said

“What are we doing here?” Michael asked

“Its time to remember more. I'm sorry but you must remember,” Liz said

“We understand,” Max said

“Thanks for saying that. Are you ready to remember the past?” Liz asked as she looked at Max, parents and friends.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 54 Pg5 1/19

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Princess Of Antar 2
Chapter 55
“Lets do this,” Max said

“Liz turned and pointed to the area across from them. Max, parents and friends all looked at the area Liz was pointing to.

The Past:
Zan and Rath came home. When they came home they saw Rose talking to a woman. Zan and Rath walked up to Rose and saw she was wearing a pink off the shoulder ankle length dress. They walked up to Rose and taped her on the shoulder. Rose turned and saw Zan and Rath. She smiled and hugged the both of them. Then she pulled back and looked at them.

“Your back,” Rose said

“Yes we are. So what has been going on with you and here?” Zan asked

“Same old same old. Um Rath I have something to tell you,” Rose said

“What is it?' Rath asked

“Its about our father,” Rose said

“What about our dad” Rath asked

“Rath he has changed. Everyone is scared of him. Mom and I moved out. We don't even live with him anymore,” Rose said

“What? Where are you and mom living?” Rath asked

“We have been living with Serena and Zan's parent and uncle Cal's too. Zan your parents want us to stay with them. So we stay at those 3 places,”Rose said

“I'm glad my parents are helping you and your om,” Zan said

“When was the last time you talked to dad?” Rath asked

“The last time was when I saw you both at the wall,” Rose said

“That was a month ago. Where is mom?” Rath asked

“She went to talk to dad. I begged her to not to go. But she went to see dad,” Rose said

“How long as she been gone?” Zan asked

“She has been gone for an hour or 2,” Rose said

Rath turned and looked at Zan. Rose looked at the both of them.

“Zan stay with Rose and keep her safe. I'm going to go find mom,”Rath said

“Rath please be careful?” Rose asked

“I promise I will be careful. Zan take her with you when you go home. I'll be there after I find our mom,”Rath said

“OK,” Zan said

Zan and Rose watched as Rath walked away. Zan and Rose looked at each other then started to walk to Zan's house.

“Rose don't worry Rath will be fine,” Zan said

“I know. I'm just worried about Rath and our mom. My father really scares me. I don't know what happened or what is going on. But our father has changed,” Rose said

“Rose please be calm? Come with me,” Zan said

“OK. Where are we going?” Rose asked

“It's a surprise,” Zan said

Zan and Rose ran through the town til the found an empty building. They both walked in and then Zan turned and shut the door. Zan turned and looked at Rose. When Zan turned he saw Rose looking around. Zan walked up to Rose. They both stood face to face.

“Hello my wife,” Zan said

“Hello my husband,' Zan said

Zan and Rose both leaned in and kiss. As they kissed Zan pulled Rose closer to him. A few minutes they pulled away and looked at each other.

“Wow,” Zan and Rose said

They both looked at each other and smiled.

“God I missed you so much,” Zan said

“I missed you too,” Rose said

They both looked around and saw chairs sitting in the back. Zan and Rose walked to the chairs and sat down. After they sat down Zan and Rose both turned and looked at each other.

“How long are you and Rath home for?” Rose asked

“Don't know. But anyway tell me what is going on with you? What has been going on here? Where are Lonnie and Ava?” Zan asked
“Nothing has been going on with me. I'm still training and staying with Serena as much as I can. Everyone is trying to get everything normal. Lonnie and Ava have vanished to have some kind of training,” Rose said

“What? Who sent them away?” Zan asked

“I know who sent them away. I don't even know when they will come back either,” Rose said

“Hopefully they will be back soon,” Zan said

“Have you seen your father yet?” Rose asked

“No. Come on we better go,” Zan said

Zan and Rose walked out of the building. They walked to Zan's parents house. As they walked Zan and Rose held hands. When they got to the palace they saw a caridge in front. Zan and Rose both looked at each other the the palace.

Zan and Rose walked into the palace and saw Lonnie and Ava with Zan's parents. Zan, parents Lonnie and Ava turned and saw Zan and Rose.

“Your home dear,” Queen said

“Yeah, hi. What is going on?” Zan asked

“Rose you and Ava are going to be staying here,” Queen said

“What? What happened?” Rose asked

“Your father Senior Rath has vanished. No one knows what has happened to him,” Queen said

“Where is my brother Rath and my mom?” Rose asked

“Your brother is bring you mom here. Then Rath is going to let your sister know what is going on,” Queen said

“Yes ma'am,” Rose said

“Don't fear Rose everything will be fine. You, Rath and your mom will be safe here,” Queen said

“I hope you are right ma'am,” Rose said

“Rose come on lets take a walk,” Zan and Ava said

“OK, Rose said

Zan and Ava took Rose by the hand and took her out the door. They took a walk around the little town. Zan and Ava looked at each other then looked at Rose. After walking a while they stopped and looked at each other.
“Rose what is wrong?” Ava asked

“Things. I don't know. I'm just scared,” Rose said

“Scared of what?” Zan asked

“Something is coming that is going to change everything. Something bad is going to happen,” Rose said

“Rose what could happen,” Zan asked

“I don't know. But something is going to happen,” Rose said

“Rose don't worry nothing is going to happen,” Zan said

“Zan your wrong something has changed,” Rose said

“Come on Zan, Rose we need to get back. We will have a meeting with Rath and Serena and Lonnie,” Ava said

“I agree with Ava,” Rose said

“OK. Lets go back,” Zan said

Zan, Rose and Ava were about to walk away when a man walked up to them. They turned to look ay the man. Zna and Ava felt Rose shake as she looked at the man.

“Yes. Can I help you?” Zan asked

“Are you lady Rose Ma'am?” Man asked

“Yes,” Rose said

“Here this is for you. It is from you betroth,” The Man said

“No,” Rose said

The Mna handed Rose the paper then walked away. Zan and Ava both looked at the man and then looked at Rose. Zan and Ava both noticed Rose was still shaking.

“Come on lets get Rise back,” Zan said

Zan and Ava took Rose by the hand and took her back to the palace. When they walked in they took Rose to her room. After the door was shut Zan and Ava turned and looked at Rose.

“Rose who wa s that guy?”Zan asked

“Lets wait til Serena, Rath and Lonnie get here,' Rose said

“Is it something bad?” Ava asked

“Yes,” Rose said

Zan, Rose and Ava all sat down and waited for Serena, Rath and Lonnie. While they were waiting Rose walked out onto the balcony and looked out. Zan just watched her.

A few minutes later
Serena, Rath, Lonnie walked into the room. When they walked in they saw Rose looking out on the balcony. Zan and Ava were sitting in chairs watching Rose. Zan and Ava turned and saw Serena, Rath and Lonnie. Zan stood up and walked up to Rose. Rose turned and saw Zan standing next to her.

“Rose they are here. Are you ready to tell us what is going on,” Zan asked

Rose nodded her head. Rose and Zan walked into the room. Zan, Serena, Rath, Lonnie and Ava all looked at Rose.

“What is going on?” Rath asked

“Zan that guy you and Ava met on our walk. My father gave him permission to marry me,” Rose said

“Who did our father give you too?” Serena asked

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 55 Pg6 1/24

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Princess Of Antar
Chapter 56
“His name is Kivar. He is suppose to be my husband,” Rose said

“But your married to Zan he can't do that,” Lonnie said

“No one knows Zan and I are married,” Rose said

“So what are we going to do?” Serena asked

“I guess it is time we tell the parents,” Rath said

“Guys there is something else you need to know,” Rose said

“What else is there?” Zan asked

“Our father didn't vanish,' Rose said

“Where is he then?” Rath asked

“He is with Kivar. They are planning something to get everyone. Whatever they are planning is really bad. It has death with what they are planning. I don't think any of us are will live through it,” Rose said

“Are you telling us dad and this guy Kivar are going to start a war?” Rath asked

“Yes,” Rose said

“Does anyone except us know about this?” Zan asked

“No. I thought I should tell you first,”Rose said

“What are we going to do?” Ava asked

“We are going to stop them,' Zan said

“But how?” Lonnie asked

“We will find away. Is everyone in?” Zan asked

“Yes,” Rose, Serena and Ava said

“Yes,” Lonnie and Rath said

“What are we going to do? Do we tell the parents?” Lonnie asked

“No. I say we wait and see what Senior Rath and Kivar are up to,” Zan said

“That will be dangerous. But I agree with Zan,” Rath said

“Serena and I need to go somewhere tomorrow. Do you think you can handle that?” Rose asked

“What are you up to Rose?” Rath asked

“For us to know. And you may never find out,' Rose said

“Rose what is in the envelop?” Ava asked

“Oh I forgot about it,” Rose said

Rose opened the envelope and a bright light appeared. After the light disappeared Senior Rath's face

“Rose you are to marry Kivar. I set your marriage to happen in a month. If you don't marry Kivar I will come and find you and force you to marry him. We need out 2 kingdoms to come together and beat the evil. See you in a month be ready,” Senior Rath said

When Rose touched the envelope she got a vision.

Senior Rath walked up to Kivar and shock hands. They both walked into a room to come up with a plan. As they were both planning there attack Senior Rath and Kivar knew they would win and take over the kingdoms.

End Of Vision

“Rose what is it?” Zan asked

“I saw dad,” Rose said

“What did you see?” Rath asked

“I saw dad and Kivar. They are working together. They want to take over all of the kingdoms. Senior Rath and Kivar will kill anyone that gets in there way,” Rose said

“Great. What are we going to do now?” Serena asked

“We are going to try and figure out away to stop Senior Rath and Kivar,” Zan said

“What do we do while your trying to stop them?” Serena asked

“Easy you and Rose are going to that hide out you have in the woods till it is over,' Rath said

“What are we going to tell the parents?” Lonnie asked

“We'll tell them everything we found out about Senior Rath and Kivar. Hopefully with dad's help we will have away to stop them,” Zan said

Agreed,” Everyone said

Zan, Rose and friends walked out of the room. They went to look for the King, Queen Milly. Zan, Rose and friends walked into the war room. When they walked into the room they saw the king, Queen and Milly sitting at the table. The queen, King and Milly all turned and looked at Zan, Rose and friends.

“Son what is it?” King asked

“Rose had a vision,” Zan said

“What was the vision?” Milly asked

“The vision I saw was dad and Kivar working together. They want to take over all the kingdom and planets and kill anyone that tries to get in their way,” Rose said

“Oh my god,” Queen and Milly said

“How did you get this vision?”King asked

“A man gave me a note from father,” Rose said

“What did the note say?” Milly asked

“Father said I was to marry Kivar in a month. If I don't he will come and find me and force me to marry
Kivar. Father said we need to have our kingdoms come together,” Rose said

“That will never happen,” Milly said

“Wait if you marry him that is how your father plans to take over all the kingdoms?” Queen asked

“Yes,” Rose said

The Queen looked at Zan and Rath. She notice that they may have a plan. And she also notice how Zan and Rath are protective if the girls.

“Zan you have a plan don't you?” Queen asked

“Yes, But we need fathers help with out plan,” Zan said

“What is your plan son?” King asked

“The plan is that Rose and Serena go to that place they hid when we were camping. Rose and Serena stay there til this war is over,' Zan said

“What about you, Lonnie, Rath and Ava?” Queen asked

“We fight,” Zan, Lonnie, Rath and Ava said

“Are you sure you want to do this?” King asked

“Yes. We need to protect the people,” the girls said

“OK. I'll help you,” King said

“Sir do you still have that one side of the palace no one uses?” Rose asked

“Yeah,” King said

“What are you thinking?” Queen asked

“You could hide the people there or somewhere in the palace. That way the people would be protected,” Rose said

“That is great idea,” King said

“Lets do it then,” Queen said

“When do Rose and Serena leave for the woods?” Milly asked

“Night fall. Zan and I are going to take them,” Rath said

“Very well,” King said

“Go and have fun before you leave,”Queen said

Queen, King and Milly watched as Zan, Rose and friends walked out of the room and went back to Rose's room. After they walked into the room Zan turned and locked the door. After the door was locked Zan turned and looked at Rose and the others.

“Guys I want us to try something before we leave,' Rose said

“What?” Zan asked

“Make a circle . After that we need a knife and something else,” Rose said

They did what Rose asked. Then she took a knife and cut her hand. After she cut her hand she turned and looked at Zn. Zn took the knife and cut his hand. After everyone cut their hands Rose reached out and took Zn's bloody hand and chanted something. A few seconds later Rose took a step back. Rose did the same thing with Roth, Lonnie, Ava and Serena. A few seconds later Rose and Serena took a step back and looked at Zn, Lonnie, Roth and Ava

“What did you do” Zn asked

“We gave you a little of our powers. And we all bonded by blood to each other,” Rose said

“What do you men you gave us a little power?” Lonnie asked

“It means you can all call on nature for a little help if needed,' Serena said

“Thank you,” Lonnie and Ava said

“You both better start getting your clothes and things together. You leave in an hour,” Roth said

An hour later
Zn and Roth took Rose and Serena to the horses. They all got on the horses and rode off. A few minutes later they were at the clearing. Zn and Roth got off the horse and then went to help to girls off their horses. Roth hugged Rose and Serena . Zn and Rose stood face to face. Zn leaned in and kissed
Rose. After the kiss they pulled back and looked at each other.

“Remember I love you Rose. Please be careful? And remember what I told you OK,” Zn said

“”I love you too. I'll be careful too. Don't trust no one but who you know. And yes I remember what you told me,” Rose said

:”Come on Rose we better go,” Serena said

“See you both soon,” Rose said

“We promise,” Zn and Roth said

“You better,” Rose said

Zn and Roth watched as Rose and Serena disappeared. After the girls disappeared Zn and Roth rode back to the palace. When they got to the palace Zan, Lonnie, Roth, Ava, King and solders were all in the war room.

That was where the past ended. Max, family and friends all looked at the clearing then looked at Liz.

“What?” Max asked

“The next parts that are to come is the war and out deaths,” Liz said

“Oh,” Michael said

“Don't worry. You will remember. I have to go it is morning,” Liz said

“Will we see you again?” Maria asked

“Yes,” Liz said before she vanished

That is where the video ended.

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Re: Princess Of Antar 2{Au, CC, Mature}Chapter 56 Pg6 1/28

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Authors Note:
Hey everyone
I just wanted to say thank you for reading and for reading feedback. I hope everyone will keep reading til the end of the story. I hope everyone will keep reading to find out what will happen next for Liz, Max and friends. I hope everyone will like the chapters to come.

Yes it is sad for Max and friends to remember their past life and death and to fight the same men. But it must be done if Max, Liz and friends want to live their lives without danger around them. You will have to keep reading to find out how things will go for Max, Liz and friends. And you will have to keep reading to find out if Max, Liz and friends will kill Senior Rath and Kivar.

L-J-L 76
Princess Of Antar
Chapter 57
Max stood up and took the tape out of the VCR and put it in the box. After the tape was in the box Max turned and looked at everyone.

“We all better go home and get some sleep since we have to work in the morning,”Max said

“Yeah, we better,” everyone said.

Everyone got their things and left the house. Max went up stairs to his room and shut the door. After he shut the door he went and laid down on his bed. Max closed his eye and was fast asleep.

Meanwhile where Liz was:
Liz walked out onto the balcony and looked at the stars. Every time she looked at the stars she thought about Max. Liz missed Max so much that it hurt. But Liz also knew she had to protect her family. She walked back into her room and walked up to her bed and sat down. Liz pulled out her journal and started to write in the book. After a couple of hours of writing Liz closed the book and went to sleep.

In The Morning:
Liz woke up and sat up. She looked around. Then she stood up and walked to her closet to find something to wear. A few minutes later she found a pair of jean shorts and a lite blue tank top. Liz closed the closet and went to get dressed. After Liz was dressed she walked into the living room. Liz
sat down on the couch and put on her tennis shoes. After Liz walked out of the apartment and went down stairs. Liz walked up to the bar and sat down. Greg walked up to Liz and set a glass of orange juice in front of her. Liz smiled at Greg.

“Did Ricky get to school OK?” Liz asked

“Yeah. I just hope I don't get any calls,” Greg said

“Yeah,” Liz said.

Right at that moment Serena, Larek, Ava and Cal all walked into the club. Liz and Greg turned and looked and looked at them.

“What?” Liz asked

“Remind me never to plan weddings again,” Larek and Cal said

“What happened?” Liz asked

“We went dress shopping, cake shopping, Tux shopping, flower shopping. We did all that by what time is it anyway?” Cal asked

“Cal it is only 12pm. What time did you guys leave here?”Greg asked

“We left here 4 hours ago. How much more is there to do?” Cal asked

“Dresses, flowers,hair styles, thing for the wedding and for the reception,” Serena said
“We have all that to do,” Larek said

“Yes,” Serena said

Cal and Larek fell to the floor passed out. Serena, Ava, Liz and Greg were all surprised. Serena and Ava
ran up to they guys and tried shaking them awake. But there was no luck. Greg grabbed a pitcher of ice water poured it on Cal and Larek. Cal and Larek woke up and looked at everyone. They stood up and saw they were wet. Larek and Cal looked at everyone.

“What happened? And why are we wet?” Larek and Cal asked

“You passed out. And nothing would wake you up til Greg poured water on you,” Serena said

“Oh,” Cal and Larek said

All of a sudden the air in the club changed

“Guys,” Liz said

“What?” Cal asked

“Do you feel it?” Liz asked

As Liz asked that. Everyone in the club could feel the change. Liz, Serena and Ava were a little worried.

Then all of a sudden Senior Rath and a couple of guards appeared. Liz and friends turned and saw them standing in front of them. Liz took a couple of steps and was face to face with Senior Rath.

“What do you want?” Liz asked

“Is that anyway to talk to your father?” Senior Rath asked

“Exuess me my father is Jeff Parker not you. Again what do you want?” Liz asked

“You know what I want,” Senior Rath said.

“No. I don't know what you want. So just tell us and leave us alone,” Liz said

“I want to know where Max and the others are,” Senior Rath said

“You killed them remember,” Liz said

“Don't lie to me you little bitch. Where are they?” Senior Rath asked

“Why do you want them?” Liz asked

“It is time to finish this once and for all,” Senior Rath said

“Finish what?” Liz asked

“To finish what we started in the past. Where the hell are they?” Senior Rath asked

“Go to hell,” Liz said

Senior Rath raised his hand and back handed Liz. Cal walked up to Liz and pulled her behind him. Cal and Senior Rath both looked at each other.

“You leave her alone. You have no right to do anything you did in the past to anyone. So leave them alone and leave,” Cal said

Senior Rath grabbed Cal by the shirt and threw him across the room. After Cal was gone Senior Rath walked up to Liz. Liz raised her hand and made a shield appear around her. Senior Rath stopped and looked at Liz.

“Oh so you have Max's powers?” Senior Rath asked

“That is none of your business,” Liz said

“Yes it is,” Senior Rath said as he reached his hand out.

Senior Rath tried to touch the shield. But every time he did he was shocked. Senior Rath raised his hand and threw Liz across the room. Liz hit the wall and fell to the floor. Serena and Ava ran up to Liz and helped her stand up. When Liz stood up she saw Greg and Cal standing at the bar. Liz turned and saw Senior Rath walking towards her. Serena and Ava turned and saw Senior Rath. Liz pushed Serena and Ava away and threw Senior Rath and the guards out of the club. After Senior Rath was gone everyone watched as Liz fell to the floor passed out. Cal caught Liz as she fell to the ground. Serena, Greg and Ava all looked at Cal and Liz.

“What is wrong with Liz?” Greg asked

“Liz used too much of her powers. She passed out,” Ava said

“Will Liz be OK?' Serena asked

“She will be fine. She needs to get some sleep,” Ava said

“Where is her room?” Cal asked

“Come with me and I'll show you,” Serena said

Cal followed Serena up the stairs and down the hallway to an apartment. Serena opened the door and took Cal to Liz's room. Cal walked into the room and set Liz down on her bed. After he laid Liz down Cal and Serena walked out of the room and sit down.

“Are you sure Liz will be OK?” Serena asked

“Liz will be fine. We need to have a meeting with Milly. All of us need to meet,”Cal said
“Even Max and the others?” Serena asked

“Yes. They all need to be there. Even thee ghost of Zan, Lonnie, Rath and Ava,” Cal said

“When do you want to try and have this meeting? And where?” Serena asked

“The dream land. So that way we know we will be safe,” Cal said

“OK. Hopefully it will do good,” Serena said.

“You go and tell the others. I'll stay here with Liz,”Cal said

“Are you sure?” Serena asked

“Yeah, we will be fine,” Cal said

Cal watched as Serena left the apartment. After Serena was gone Cal went and grabbed some ice and put it on his shoulder. After Cal got the ice he went to sit down.

Meanwhile Down Stairs
Serena walked down the stairs and saw Larek, Ava and Greg sitting at the bar. Serena walked up to the bar. Larek, Ava and Greg turned and looked at Serena.

“What is it?” Ava asked

“Everyone is meeting,” Serena said

“Who is everyone?” Greg asked

“Milly, Max, parents, friends and all of us,” Serena said

“When?” Larek asked

“Tonight,” Serena said

“Oh, wow,” Greg said

“Yeah,” Serena said

“Where is Cal?” Ava asked

“He is up stairs with Liz,” Serena said

“OK. Ava will you come up stairs with me?” Greg asked

“Um, OK,” Ava said

Serena and Larek watched as Greg and Ava walked away from the bar and ran upstairs. Serena and Larek turned and looked at each other.
“I am glad Greg and Ava are together,” Serena said

“Yeah they do make a cute couple. I hope they will be as happy as we are,” Larek said

“Me too,” Serena said

“Come on lets go check on Liz and Cal,” Larek said

Larek and Serena walked away from the bar. They walked up the stairs and down the hallway to the apartment. When they got to the apartment door Larek opened the door. Serena and Larek walk in.

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