Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 14 - Updated: 12/02/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:10 pm

If i was Diane i might of passed out seeing my son who went MIA ten years ago just show up out of the blue after hearing he was alive.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 14 - Updated: 12/02/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:23 pm

Wow. Max listened to Serena and went home for a visit. The question is will he see Liz when he is in town?

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 14 - Updated: 12/02/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:48 pm

Finally Max is listening to Serena. So glad he went home. Poor Diane seein Max made her faint. It has to be a good thing that Max came home. Hopefully when Philip and Isabel see Max nothing bad will happen. Max got a lot of talking to fo. Hopefully Max will go see Liz while he is visiting. Can't wait to find out how everyone wll handle seeing Max. Hopefully Liz and Max will talk and Max will find out he is s father.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 14 - Updated: 12/02/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:13 pm

So Liz was in a dark period and hooked up with Sean........thought it would be something like that.
Of course Max would see the wedding announcement and stay away from her moving on in her life.
Max told Serena it was time to go home, and that he did. Right after Isabel told the Evans she had talked to him.
Now hurry back, can't wait for this meeting.
Thanks, Carolyn

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Lost & Found - Chapter 15 - 12/05/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:42 pm

Moments later Diane could barely stand straight as Max had to keep his mother up right, “Max” she whispered as tried to comprehend the miracle that was occurring right of her eyes. “Max,” she whispered once again.

“Hello Mom,” Max said as he took her hand in his… “I am sorry if I am shocking you. I was hoping, but I didn’t know if you would be home but then I saw some cars at the front of the house.”

“Your sister and Kyle are here for dinner,” Diane said as if her voice was somewhere else… “You are here… you really are here…” she repeated.

“I am,” Max said as he could see his return had shocked his mother, and he was sorry for that, and wished he had given them some warning but it had been a pure spur of the moment egged on by his partner, and because he was being forced onto vacation he elected to pull the band aid right away. He also knew he couldn’t come back and not see his parents, and, well, he was scared to see Liz. So, to prevent the heartache that would come with that kind of visit. He went with door number two of the nightmares he was delaying in visiting his parents. “Mom,” Max said softly as he smiled as he took in his mother while faced that she had gotten older over the last ten years and he hated to see the years he might have put on her with his actions.

“Max,” Diane said again as reality hit as she struggled to come to terms with the blast of the past starting right at her. “Come in, come in.”

“Only if it’s alright with you and Dad. I don’t want to intrude,” Max said quietly as much of his conduct and choices over the last decade had been not to intrude, even when he should have… “I am sorry…”

“Come in,” Diane insisted to her son. “You are our son, whether you have been away a day or more than that…” she insisted with a wide smile, not wanting to say the words that he had been gone a decade.

“Okay,” Max said as he stepped inside the house for the first time in a decade. So much of the last weeks he spent in Roswell was mired in difficulty in terms of his relationship with his parents in the wake of his actions with Liz in Utah. In so many ways, he missed it as it had given him a foundation over the decade and more of growing up in this house.

The house was different Max viewed as he followed his mother. It was obvious it was remodeled, and now different so they had they walk a bit to get to where everyone else…

“Phillip,” Diane called as they walked into kitchen. “Look who I found…”

Max revealed himself to the residents of the kitchen, as jaws dropped.


Inside the kitchen, Isabel and Kyle were dancing around Phillip’s persistent questions. They had wanted to wait until Diane came back to the kitchen, but they hadn’t expected who she came back as Max revealed himself and came into the kitchen.

Isabel and Kyle jaws dropped, but none more than Phillip who looked in amazement to see his son. “Son…”

“Hi Dad…” Max smiled but it was tentative because he knew the weariness of the room was warranted.

“Max,” Phillip asked. “When did you arrive?”

“I came from the airport,” Max acknowledged. “I am sorry Iz, for no advance notice but I made the decision to come after I finished work, and it was very spur of the moment.”

Isabel looked at her brother as she had seen a ghost, as she tried to come to terms with the idea her brother was finally in the room, and the silence between the two was very evident. Kyle knew his wife was confused, so he broke the silence. “Max.”

“Kyle,” Max nodded “Congratulations on the wedding…” he said as they both knew that there was more unsaid, about Liz. It was safer terrain to speak of the newest developments.

“Thank you,” Kyle nodded. “We would have loved for you to be there, but the wedding very short notice…and…”

“You didn’t know where I was,” Max acknowledged.

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded.

“Max, why come back now?” Phillip asked as he observed his son as he was no longer the teenager who left their home so long ago, and he was now a man coming home as he was facing the music.”

“I decided it was time…”

“Why now?” Isabel asked as he looked at her brother with conflicting emotion and some thinly concealed contempt that was only possible because they had once been so close.

“I figured it was time.”

“Time for what?” Kyle asked his brother-in-law as he took his wife’s hand who took it and held tightly as she sent out a SOS message to the gang via her phone, which would be instantly known because she and Michael had a code for what if the incredible happened and Max returned.

“To put some demons to an end,” Max revealed as he saw the wariness of his family and could tell it was warranted.


Meanwhile Liz was sleeping. The medication was making her sleepy, and so she went for the ride and did not fight it, but her sleep was restless as she was tossing and turning as memories of her Max mixed with calls from Bella to find her, and it was only the medication keeping her asleep, and not waking up an emotional time bomb. Maria spotted her sleeping when she came for a visit, so she was close to leaving when she saw her husband walking up the hallway with a frown on his face. “What?” she asked.

“Max is back…” Michael revealed as softly as possible because he knew what it meant to say those words.

“WHAT!” Maria cried softly as possible so not to interrupt Liz’s sleep as she was only nearby. “How can that be possible?”

“I don’t know, but Isabel just called me after I got a text from her that indicated the news, and she filled me in by telling me that Max just showed up at Phillip and Diane’s tonight.”

“Out of the blue, with no warning?” Maria asked with eye brows raised.

“Yup,” Michael acknowledged.

“How like him,” Maria muttered as dark thoughts came to her mind and Michael only shook his head. Maria’s opinion was not unwarranted but still it was a chance maybe for a thaw if Max really had come back for the greater cause. “She wants us to meet at her place in about ninety minutes. Max will be there…”

“He will?” Maria asked.

“Yes, he’s staying with her and Kyle.” Michael said. “He doesn’t want to put out his parents.”

“Right,” Maria muttered as she glanced through the mirror window of Liz’s room and saw her friend sleeping, restless, but sleeping and she worried that Max being back would add to the pressure Liz was under…

“Maria, he came back. He’s giving it chance. Maybe it’s time we give him one too, maybe, huh?”

“Space boy, you stayed. He didn’t…” Maria muttered.

“I know,” Michael of the time he almost left Earth, and almost left Maria but he stayed and never regretted that decision. “I understand the anger and I do have some of it. And I know Isabel does too, but he still came back, and maybe it’s finally a chance to put the past to rest for all of us… okay?”

“Yeah, maybe…” Maria said as she had doubts but if Max could help her friend, she would take it and deal with any other emotions that come with it, on her own. “We will have to take Betty with us. Mom and Dad have a dinner date tonight.”

Michael nodded. “She can meet Max.”


Back at the Evans home, Phillip and Diane didn’t know what to make of their son being home. Things were still tentative and tense, and Isabel and Kyle were sitting in the middle of it. Isabel finally removed herself to the living room under the disguise of checking her messages and called Michael and once she finished Kyle made his appearance “Unbelievable,” she muttered.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked as he knew his wife had been too quiet since Max had arrived.

“For a decade he stayed gone, and now he’s back and it’s like he’s never left with Mom and Dad.”

“Maybe tonight, but tomorrow is a different story” Kyle offered.

“Yeah, maybe,” Isabel muttered.

“It will work out honey,” Kyle said softly with a small kiss for his wife and she kissed him back. “This was always going to be the easier stop for him, than going to Liz.”

“God that is not what Liz needs,” Isabel muttered as she thought of her friend in the hospital.

“Maybe not today, but they both will need it to move on. Obviously, Max is still haunted by everything that happened” Kyle asked as he it was obvious to anyone in the room where Max stood or now sat. Max was not the same guy he was a decade before…

While Max was never a free and easy guy or that smooth… he still had an ease with himself, and it was obvious time had darkened him and made him hard; and whether that was his experiences, or the constant memories Kyle didn’t know nor did Isabel who yearned for her brother back in her life. She didn’t know the man inside, she knew her brother from when they were kids and were teenagers.

“Isabel, I have missed you.” Max said as he had overheard the discussion as he came into the room that held his sister and brother-in-law. “Look I never wanted to hurt you. I didn’t leave to hurt you, or Mom and Dad. I wish none of it had happened, but I stayed gone because I didn’t want to burden you guys.”

“We’re family Max, and that doesn’t change in the good or the bad times” Isabel muttered. “You left and stayed gone and didn’t give us a chance to know you.”

“I am sorry about that,” Max conceded. “I do appreciate all you did for Mom and Dad while I was gone.”

“Well someone had to, and you obviously didn’t want to” Isabel muttered.

“I did, but I needed the time. Things were tense for good reason before I left you back in 2001. A lot of it was by my own choosing, but I never imagined when I left that I wouldn’t come back. I had every reason in the world to want to come back. But fate stopped me.”

“You went into your pity party after finding out about Tess and the baby, and you didn’t trust us to help you recover.”

“You didn’t want to know me back then, honestly Isabel” Max said softly. “I didn’t want to know me, so how could I put you through it. Or Mom and Dad, when they didn’t know. And especially not Liz.”

Liz was the unspoken word in the room.

“You didn’t have to go there…” Isabel said, speaking of Antar.

“Yes, I did,” Max said. “I needed to know.”

“We all knew she was a con, and you should have trusted that…” Isabel said as Kyle flinched at the memory of his culpability in the whole Tess mess. Something that would always stay with him.

“I needed to know,” Max repeated. “I just never imagined she would have done what she did…”

“Guys lets pause this and continue another time,” Kyle asked. “Your Mom and Dad probably would like to see more of Max.”

The brother and sister team nodded, and they walked back to their parents… as Kyle wondered how it would all go…


Molly slept peacefully for once. She didn’t know how everything was changing for her, as dreams came to her mind and they always ended up in her drawings. She didn’t know why the images were coming to her, or why she saw two brunettes; one man and one woman. The woman was calling out to her, but not calling her Molly. She was calling her another name, a name that was not coming to her yet.

Molly’s eyes opened as she wondered why her dreams weren’t telling her she was Molly Davidson.


Back in Roswell, as a car pulled up in front of their house shortly before Maria and Michael. Max sat in the backseat. He had known his parents were disappointed by his decision not to stay with them, but he didn’t want to put them out and so he accepted the offer to stay with his sister and Kyle. “How long have you had this place?” he asked of the house they stood before as they got out of the car.

“I bought it a couple of years ago with my trust fund,” Isabel nodded. “When I got access to it and elected to move out on my own after university. Kyle moved in last year.”

“It’s speaks of you, sis.” Max smiled.

“It felt like it was calling out to me,” Isabel nodded as they walked into the house. “I called Michael, and he and Maria should be here anytime.”
Max nodded as he looked around and saw the touches that Isabel had made to the house. “Beautiful sis.”

“Thanks,” Isabel nodded.

“What does your place look like?” Kyle asked.

“It’s not as fitted like yours, but it was something I found after I started work at the LAPD, and it’s suited me” Max said, until now he thought as he didn’t like the feeling he was getting by being back in Roswell… after so much time in California or even that time he spent in Washington.

“I can’t believe you’re actually a cop?” Isabel muttered as they went into the kitchen, while Kyle went to the phone to call his assistant coach to talk up and coming recruits for the next season.

“It found me, I didn’t go looking for it.”

“After all the FBI did to us, you go and become one of them” Isabel asked as she poured some tabasco in some chocolate milk and drank it.

“I needed the money, and I saw a recruitment poster back in the day and because I had bills to pay. I thought why not, and it’s not like I didn’t see the humor in it given who I was… and I was trying to join the FBI.”

“Michael told me you had a tough time,” Isabel asked.

“It makes the White Room pale in comparison,” Max said briefly, and Isabel was stricken by the memory of that time. When they had gotten him out of there, he was not the same. And thankfully Liz helped, but then she went and disappeared for the summer and he had a tough time coping to such an extent that he ended up with him seeing a shrink.

Max couldn’t help but think that his seeing a shrink back in high school was one of the ways they tried to get him committed when he was a loose cannon in the wake of his time on Antar, and how when his powers did start to return, well, they were making him unhinged in some ways. The authorities got a hold of his records in Roswell and found out about his time as a patient at a shrink’s office back home, and they tried to use them. He rebuffed the attempts and successful stayed out of the mental hospital they wanted to send him to, and eventually the powers balanced back out and he seemed to get some control back.

Sighing and getting back to reality, he smiled. “Sis, I am fine.”

“He also says you’re drinking.”

“Not any more than I usually do?” Max lied. “Michael found me in a weak time, and now I am different.”

“Are you?” Isabel asked wearily.

“I promise.”

“And if you see Liz again?” Isabel asked as there was a doorbell ring, and Kyle had elected to answer and brought in the guests they were ready for… “Great, hello you three.”

Three, Max thought as he turned and saw Michael and Maria along with their daughter walk in. Stunned…

“What?” Maria asked by Max’s strange reaction. “What’s wrong”

“Nothing,” Max said as he looked at their daughter and struck by the resemblance to Molly’s drawing… “Nothing…” he said. “I am glad to see you…”

“We are too,” Michael said as Maria glared…

Betty stood back and watched the reunion with wary eyes. She had never met this man, and yet he felt familiar. “And you are?” she asked.

“An old friend of your parents. Max Evans, and you are…” Max asked.

“Elizabeth Deluca Guerin,” Betty smiled as Max’s face went pale at the name… “But everyone calls me Betty.”

“Hello Betty.”

“Oh…” Betty said, and then suddenly it dawned on who this man was… “Whoa, you are that man Bella had in that picture…”

“What picture,” Maria asked her daughter with Michael’s interest was heightened. The room was silent as they sought out the girl’s answer.

“Just some picture Bella had in her room, she showed before she went missing. It was of her mother, and some tall guy, neither of who are her dad’s she currently has…” Betty muttered as she spoke of both Sean and Kyle. “I remember, you fit that picture. You and Bella’s mom.”
Max’s eyes shot up to both Michael and Maria, who only shrugged. Neither had seen the picture or heard the either girl talk about it. “Where did she get the picture.”

“I don’t remember,” Betty answered.

“What did Bella say about that picture,” Michael asked of his daughter.

“Just that ‘he was her mom’s dream guy’,” Betty said quietly as Max’s eyes and then added. “’you meant something to her too,’”, and both Michael and Maria were quick to react to that statement and Max couldn’t help but notice too…

The room grew silent.


“We have a problem?” came the forensics scientist to Serena Franklin back in Los Angeles. She had just come from the hospital and seeing Molly on Max’s behalf as he finally took her advice and went on a duly needed trip to his hometown, and she didn’t know if she would see the man she knew when he came back.

“What is it CJ?” Serena asked as she sat down at her desk, as the CJ Baker came to the detective after hearing she was back in the building. “How is the kid?”

“Doing better. Must say her drawing talent is pretty damn eerie, as it’s almost like she has a secret power…” Serena asked.

“Interesting,” Dr. Baker smiled, as she passed some papers to the detective. “I was hoping to find Max.”

“Max is on vacation,” Serena smiled. “I am not exactly sure when he’ll be back.”

“Really?” CJ asked as she looked around and saw Max nowhere to be found. “I have been here the whole time he has, and I haven’t seen him take vacation before now…”

“Yup, the department is forcing it on him and therefore he’s gone to face the past…” Serena muttered.

“What does that mean?” CJ asked.

“It’s not important, so what do you have to tell me” Serena asked.

“I was doing the paperwork in the Davidson case, and doing some blood work tying it into Molly’s case and I found a problem.”

“What?” Serena asked as she looked up with interest.

“I couldn’t find any birth certificate listed for Molly Davidson,” CJ revealed as Serena’s eyes shot up. “I found the other kids, and the paperwork to go with it. But not Molly.”

“What does that mean?” Serena asked, confused.

“Molly’s birth is not registered with the State of California,” CJ sighed as Serena’s eyes went wild. “She doesn’t exist.”
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 15 - Updated: 12/05/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:42 pm

Great part. Wow, so there are no records for Molly. I wonder why Molly can't remember her life.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 15 - Updated: 12/05/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:04 am

Wow Betty dropped a bomb. Max will.probably figure it out. Oh boy what is everyone going to tell Max.So Molly is having dreams of Liz calling her another name. Wonder if Molly will finally figure out who she really is. Will Max go see Liz? Will Max and Liz ralk? Will Max and Liz work things out? Will Max and Liz finally get together? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Will Molly be with Liz?

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 15 - Updated: 12/05/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:24 pm

Well I am not surprised that there are no birth records for Molly.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 15 - Updated: 12/05/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:45 pm

That was certainly a tense meeting at the Evans. Things aren't going to be normal anytime soon I'm afraid.
And Betty, she knows who Max is........
Meanwhile Serena finds out new info on Molly.
Wish they would all realize what was going on!

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Lost & Found - Chapter 16 - 12/08/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:12 am

Saturday morning,
Liz’s Hospital Room

“The food sucks,” Liz muttered as she pushed the food around her plate. The doctors told her that she now had a new infection, and so she wasn’t getting out of the hospital anytime soon and so her attitude was lowered by that news. Although the family thought it was the news about Max that got her muddied and confused. “Can’t I have food brought in from the Crashdown?”

“You should try to eat it,” Maria advised as she knew her friend’s sullen attitude was about one thing Max and she felt conflicted because she knew life changing news that Liz didn’t, that Max was now in Roswell as Max had spent the night at Isabel and Kyle’s place. Michael was visiting before going to Betty’s basketball game at her camp.

“I want out of here,” Liz muttered as she ignored the food and leaned back against her pillow as she wanted to escape this place.

“I know you do,” Maria smiled. “But you should relax because it won’t be long now…”

“I need to find Bella,” Liz whispered. “With every minute I am in here, the longer she stays away…”

“Jim is working on it,” Maria tried but knew the more time Liz spent in the hospital the more demanding she got because she felt she was letting her daughter down, which she wasn’t but you couldn’t tell Liz that.

“I should be helping…” Liz muttered as she also felt distracted and she hated that feeling which Maria noticed and knew it couldn’t be all about Bella.

“You want to concentrate on the search, so you can ignore any feelings that linger there regarding Max?” Maria asked with a smile when it got her friend glaring back at her…

“Maria, please, no…”

‘Liz,” Maria cracked.

“The last thing I am thinking about is Max…” Liz lied because she knew that Max filled her head and had since she heard from Michael that he had seen him.

Somehow, I doubt that, but fine I’ll leave it for now…” Maria sighed as she knew she was playing with fire with what she knew but was concealing from her best friend…


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Michael asked as they sat and watched a kid basketball game at the day camp Betty was attending. She was playing, and she wanted to impress her father with her skills. Maria felt like she needed to visit Liz, so Max offered to attend the game with Michael.

“I didn’t just come back to reunite with my parents,” Max muttered as they watched the kids spill out over the court. “It’s something that haunts me… I need to see for myself. So, Michael, how is she?”

“She’s not the easiest patient, but she’s getting better” Michael sighed as he thought of how stubborn had been with her recovery. “She wishes she could be looking for her daughter.”

“And there has been nothing in relation to the girl?” Max asked as he couldn’t help but think about the fact Liz was a parent. In his dreams it was always him being the father, and none of them dreamt that Liz would be having that child with someone else.

“Nothing. Only Sean making waves in terms of knowing something,” Michael sighed. “I wish that he would slink away and ignore us.”

“Do you think he knows something?” Max asked as they observed Betty running around the court in all her manic energy as he could tell the child
had all her mother’s spunk in her, and yet the nosy behavior of both of her parents.

“We checked him out when Bella went missing,” Michael threw his hands up with Betty made a basket as the child was beyond happy to see the cheers from her father in the stands. “He doesn’t have a motive beyond making Liz pay…”

“What did Liz do?” Max asked.

“She turned him in,” Michael sighed. “He in a drunken fit after she kicked him out of their apartment turned up under the disguise of seeing the baby and he blabbed what he did… Liz who was scared for Bella and more than a little pissed at him, well, she went to Jim who then got connected with the New York authorities and they connected the dots and put Sean away.”

“Has he shown any interest in Bella since then?” Max asked as he hated thinking about Deluca and Liz together but also knew it wasn’t the guy he knew ever so briefly back in high school. “I can’t help but think that couldn’t be the Sean Deluca I met those few times.”

“It took all of us by surprise. But then he had a rap sheet, so I guess the combination of having to support Liz and the new baby caused him to go back to what he knew best but no, he didn’t especially have any interest in the baby.” Even when he believed he was the father Michael mused to himself.

“They didn’t last long?” Max asked.

“Nope, Liz had some rough times after you left town and Sean was one of those moments and she constantly speaks of how she regrets that time in her life and she had to build her life up from some lows.”

“What does she do now?” Max asked.

“She works at the Crashdown,” Michael said.

“Still?” Max asked, surprised.

“Yeah, with a baby to support… she kept her job at the café, and as time went on, well, she took on a lot of the management support of the restaurant from her parents and had become manager. Then Bella went missing, and it all changed for her.”

“What happened?”

“She was running herself ragged looking for her daughter, and therefore she hasn’t had much enthusiasm to work and her parents haven’t forced her, so they took back the duties she had, and so when she has a good day, she will do a shift or two.”

“That is not the Liz I know…”

“It wasn’t and isn’t…” Michael sighed. “She barely graduated, and so she didn’t go to the universities that were starting to recruit her before Utah happened.”

“God,” Max thought. I am sorry Liz.

“You said you had your dark moments too, well Liz did also… and unfortunately her low moments have continued because she feels karma is kicking her with Bella…”

“Who has handling the child’s disappearance?”

“My business has been a big assist, but on the authorities’ side; it’s been Jim.”

“How has he been handling it given the personal side of it,” Max asked because he knew when it got personal, it was hard to handle something serious.

“He’s been trying,” Michael acknowledged. “Being Sheriff allows him a profile to bring it countrywide, but still we’re Roswell and Bella is only one child missing in a country full of missing children in any given year.”

Max nodded as the game broke up, and the men congratulated Betty for scoring 10 crucial points for the team throughout the game. Max chuckled to himself as he witnessed Michael celebrating his daughter’s victory with the child that this was not the life he once expected Michael to be having back when they were growing up and he was constantly pulling Michael out of some scrape or another. The idea his friend was basically a soccer parent and a very content on at that...

“What!” Michael asked as he saw Max’s smiles.

“This is not the life I expected from you,” Max answered.

“No, it was the life I expected of you,” Michael said honestly to the frown of his friend. “You might as well admit it because you would have said it yourself at one time my friend” he chuckled. “In terms of it happening for Maria and me, well, did sort of catch me by surprise too, but you know Maria, well, this is the exact life that I wouldn’t trade for one minute and I would recommend it to anyone, and that includes you…”

“It looks good on you,” Max smiled as they went for ice cream to treat the victory girl as he tried to ignore what his friend was obviously trying to push on him. He didn’t want to remember that the life Michael had was the one he always dreamt he would have… with Liz.


“Eat up,” Maria smiled as she encouraged her friend during her funk as the food kept staring at them. The nurses refused to take it away until she ate some to keep up her strength… “You right to want to get out of here, but it’s helping you. You need your strength.”

“I know, but I hate the food. I want my Crashdown favorites,” Liz muttered as the taste of the burger had sullied any chance of liking the hospital food. It was too bland for her.

“Maybe sometime soon,” Maria smiled as she took out of her purse a bottom of tabasco sauce. “How about this, would this help…”.

“I hate the food,” Liz muttered as she looked up with interest at the bottle. “Oh my god, you’re a genius. I need a supply of it… Keep it coming…”

“It’s hospital food so hating it is kind of a requirement,” Maria offered as she smiled at how that got a smirk out of her friend. “So, you might as suffer through it, but you could spice it up.”

Liz pushed the food around before pouring on the sauce and tasted the eggs. “So much better…”

“You have come a long way with that stuff you know,” Maria asked as she thought of the how unique tabasco sauce was for their group. “You used to put it on your fries on occasion but never eggs.”

“I can’t explain it but ever since I was pregnant, I need this stuff with my most of my food.”

“Maybe because all the aliens we love need the stuff…” Maria smirked.

“Do you like it? Liz swatted back as her friend was also a parent...

“Nope, but then I wasn’t personally saved by one…” Maria smirked to a glare from her best friend.

“Nice one,” Liz smiled.

“I didn’t know if I should tell you,” Maria asked as if she wasn’t sure if she should be mentioning Max in this scenario they were under, but she might as well work it in. “I was talking to my daughter last night.”

“How is my namesake?”

“Super,” Maria smiles. “She misses you.”

“I miss her too,” Liz smiled as she frowned. “I remember how she and Bella were thick as thieves.”

“Like we were,” Maria asked as the memories of their childhoods brought positive sparks into the room.

“We were the best, and so were our two girls.”

“I know,” Maria sadly smiles. “And they will again soon…”

“I hope so,” Liz emotionally nodded.

“Anyways, there is reason to believe that maybe Bella knew Max was her biological father…”

“What!” Liz attention arose to Maria’s eyes, as she squeaked at the memory of her daughter and the father who had given her to her despite all her pleas to contrary, Bella made her think positively of Max despite her fits of anger at the man. “That is impossible.”

“I don’t think so,” Maria said softly. “I am thinking Bella knew, and she and Betty discussed it in a way only kids their age could… We saw a picture of Max fall out of an album,” she lied not wanting to bring up that Max was now in Roswell and they knew…

“Impossible,” Liz muttered.

“Liz, she was a very special girl who had many special qualities that defined her, and I think she knew in her own way. She might not have known exactly where Max fit in her life, but she knew he meant something to you.”

“How could she have known?” Liz asked.

“Anyone with a pulse in this town knows how you feel for Max Evans, and I am sure being bright, well, she would have picked it up and she couldn’t help but comment about it with Betty. She says she had a picture of Max and you that Betty saw before Bella disappeared.

“Oh god,” Liz sighed.

“Our children tend to pick up things we don’t think will, right down to our moods. So yeah, I think it’s possible…” Maria said softly.

“What am I going to do?” Liz asked.

“That is up to you,” Maria asked. “But maybe it’s time to make peace with Max.”

“I don’t know where he is, so how can I make peace with the past…”

“Yes, you do…” came a voice from the door and Liz who wasn’t looking at the door but was engrossed in the discussion with Maria was shocked by the sound of the voice. A voice she hadn’t heard in over 10 years, but knew instantly…

She slowly turned, and if she wasn’t lying in bed then she would have fainted because she was looking at the face of…


“Hello Liz!” Max smiled.

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