Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 (The Conclusion)- Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 46 - Updated - 3/11/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:10 pm

Wow Isabel found out a lot in the dream walking Tommy. Wow Jim is keeping Alexandra busy in the police station. So glad Amy is there for Maria and the kids. Amy should not blame herself for what happened with the kids. Poor Jake now he has to have surgery. Thank god Beth got a call from Alexandra and Jim. And Beth knows Alexandra is safe. Oh wow so glad that Beth and Carrie are going to Roswell. So glad Isabel is telling Max what she found out. Oh no Grace over heard everything Max and Isabel said. So Alexandra is finding thing out about her mom and dad. Oh boy Grace finds out more shocking news. Can't wait to find out what will happen when Beth and Carrie get to Roswell? And can't wait to find out who will see Beth and Carrie first?

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Reunion - Chapter 47 - 3/14/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:20 pm

“Oh god,” Jim whispered to himself as she saw a frantic Grace in his door way. He hadn’t been paying attention to the outside of his office during his talk with Alexandra and he should have because now had developed a situation that would forever changed the way this crisis would precede in the future. “Grace!”

Alexandra’s eyes and head whipped around at the mention of the name of Grace, and she had to wonder if she was starring at her older sister. The one her mother had before her accident, and older sister to her and Carrie.

“Jim,” Grace whispered white as a ghost, in shock. All the kids or at least the older of the them were on first name basis with Jim which was natural given the personal nature of Jim to the new generation which made it a thorny issue because of his position of town Sheriff. And position he lost once before because of the town believing he was too close to Max and his sister and his lack of the ability to explain caused a lengthy split from the job he was passionate about it and it had taken him courage to start that way up the ladder up again before he took back the role that had always been the one for him, Sheriff. “Grace,” Jim said stepping forward. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Obviously,” Grace said quietly. “I came…I came…” but she couldn’t finish her thoughts about the real reason for her coming to the office that afternoon. “What did I just hear?”

“I am sorry for that,” Jim said quietly as Alexandra slipped to the back of the room behind the Sheriff’s office. The reality of the situation had finally sunk into the teenager at the carnage that could be unfolding if her mother was really who the authorities believed her to be, and how lives could change in an instant.

“Why did you come? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?”

“There is a rash of sick substitute teachers at school, so the ranks are low, so I had some free time on my hands,” Grace lied not wanting to state the real reason she had come or at least not yet.”

“I know what you believed you heard Grace,” Jim tried.

“It was pretty plain to me,” Grace whispered. “Is it true?”

“Grace,” Jim tried again.

“Please Jim please don’t lie to me. Not after the last twenty-four hours. I need the truth. Who is this girl?”

“She’s a visitor to our town,” Jim finally stepping in firm soil with a story that was basically correct. “I am keeping an eye on her while we sort out the length of her stay.”

“Oh,” Grace nodded. “Does Dad know?”

“No,” Jim shook his head.

“Then what is going on?” Grace asked as she surveyed the girl in the room, and the eerie feeling she was getting and dreading at the same time.

“Look I could be going,” Alexandra smiled. “I can see you two need to talk and I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” Jim said as he looked at the wayward teenager. “Grace, I am sorry for this situation as I didn’t want to hurt you or your father.”

“How can she be my sister?” Grace asked the dreaded question. “You’re dancing around the subject, but I am not stupid, and I know what I overheard and none of this makes sense. How is she my sister? My mother died when I was two years old, and my father hasn’t been with anyone else since the day of her death.”

“Your father does have a life,” Jim said treading on dangerous ground.

“Jim, you don’t know how much I wish that my father had found someone else. It’s been almost fourteen years. He’s led an incredible life, and has been a fantastic father to me. And the town is grateful for the fact he became a lawyer and sticked with it after losing my mother, but come on, I think I can figure out whether my father is seeing anyone else… especially since you know all of my capabilities. My father wouldn’t have been able to keep it a secret, not from me, or my aunt or Maria. So, I think you know when I tell you that there has been no one, I mean, No one!”

“Grace,” Jim tried.

“Don’t tell me Grace,” Grace cried. “Tell me the truth, who is she?”

“She might be your sister,” Jim blurted out to a shattered room. “We’re trying to confirm it, but it might be the truth.”

“How, why, how…” Grace stuttered at any thought process coming out of her brain as looked at Jim, and then over to the teenager trying to inch closer and closer to the door in a quest to slip out of the room. As she took a close look at the girl, a sickening thought came to her mind…. “No…”

“Your mother!” Jim said so quiet that neither girl could really get a grip of the words spoken in the room.

Grace fainted.


“I don’t know why I needed this thing,” Jake complained as she was wheeled into the Guerin household by his mother and grandmother which got Elizabeth running towards the woman and her injured brother…

“What on earth?” Elizabeth asked as she saw the ruckus. “Why is Jake in a wheelchair?”

“Because crutches and your brother would be problematic because he won’t be able to sit still for the time he needs to recover, and second, the doctor was out of crutches so until the next appointment or surgery he will be needing this as it will help him move around yet still keep his leg immobile.

“Wait, what, surgery?” Elizabeth asked stricken. “Grace said you were feeling better.”

“I am,” Jake smiled. “And Grace doesn’t know yet and I would hope you let me tell her. She’s feeling enough guilt already over my injury and I don’t need the fact that my leg needs to be surgically repaired to land even more guilt on her.”

“Surgery, that is big.” Elizabeth muttered. “Can’t Uncle Max help?”

“Too late, the doctor is already aware of the injury and if your brother is magically recovered from such an injury there will be questions asked.”

“I guess,” Elizabeth muttered.

“And plus, I rather heal from this on my own. I don’t need any magical help and plus it gets me out of school until the surgery.”

“Only you would think that,” Elizabeth smiled. “So, Grace doesn’t know?”

“No, why?”

“Well Grace did disappear from school this afternoon and I had been under the assumption that she had met up with you, I guess not.”

“Nope, I haven’t seen her since before I left for the doctor’s office. You know Grace, I am sure she will turn up.”

“Oh, I know she will,” Elizabeth smiled. “I am just worried what she might do before she does,” she thought as she couldn’t get the feeling out of her mind that Grace was in such a fragile state of mind since the discovery of the baby, loss of it, and now the accident that she caused and to Elizabeth that meant she was liable to do anything. “And that made things even more unpredictable than she was known to be,” And I am usually unpredictable

“I don’t think we have to worry,” Jake said brushing off Elizabeth’s warning although deep down it wasn’t such a crazy one for him, but he had enough to fret over and, so he changed the subject. “How was school today? Was there any good gossip?”

“No, you’re safe for the moment anyways. The school is buzzing about Tommy’s hospitalization, but they don’t seem to have caught onto you except that you’re out with an injury as well and they haven’t connected the two yet.”

“Damn I was hoping they would catch on…”

“You like being in the center of the universe gossip wise, don’t you?” Elizabeth ribbed her brother and Maria and Amy could only watch the brother and sister get on each other’s cases with amusement while they exited the room.

“It makes being a human worth it if I can’t bring about some gossip, given you have to be on the straight and narrow so not to awaken the gods.”

“Oh, shut up,” Elizabeth laughed.

“Elizabeth, Grace will be fine. She just needs some time to adjust.”

“She does but I am afraid of what she will do before she makes the requisite adjustment,” Elizabeth muttered as she left her brother sitting in his chair in the living room and while he fretted about whether his sister could be on the right track he figured he could get his parents to make the den in the back a second bedroom for him while he recovered.

“Evans, call me back. I am home,” Jake smiled as he spoke into his cell phone having dialed Grace’s number as he watched his sister walk away and knowing that Elizabeth was fretting and that was never a good thing, so he decided to check in. “We need to talk.”

Muttering to himself he wheeled himself into the kitchen.


“I am sorry,” Alexandra whispered as Jim helped Grace to the couch in his office. The older teen was still out of it, and it gave Jim and Alexandra time to talk. “I shouldn’t have come.”

“You shouldn’t, not like this” Jim admitted. “But eventually Grace and her father would have been told the truth, and no matter when it would happen, it would still have been as bad as this was.”

“But if she had some warning,” Alexandra sighed.

“It still would have hit…hard,” Jim said. “She’s had a rough couple of weeks’ due other matters and there would have been no easy way to learn this news.”

“I guess,” Alexandra asked as she saw Grace’s eyes open.

“What…happened,” Grace asked as she struggled to sit up on the couch. “I fainted, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” Alexandra admitted.

“The last thing I remember is that the connection with me and this girl is through my mother,” Grace whispered as she looked at Alexandra.

“Grace,” Jim said as he tried to comfort the girl. “Maybe we should be calling your father.”

“You would rather be the one to tell him, or I should just ignore it and go home like I never overheard anything.”

“I need some air,” Alexandra sighed. “I’ll just be outside. I am not going anywhere,” she glared at Jim who wanted to stop her but watched her go and intercom out to the main receptionist to ask one of his lower deputies to be on the look for any attempt by Alexandra to leave the immediate premises.

Once Alexandra was gone, Grace got off the couch and walked towards Jim. “Why?” she asked.

“I know all this seems like it’s the end of the world.”

“How, why?” she repeated as the worries of everything in her life echoed in her brain, and it was giving her a migraine.

“Let’s say there is a reason to believe some of this has some truth to this. Alexandra didn’t come to Roswell to disrupt your life, or your father”

“Alexandra!” Grace weakly squeaked as she faced Jim.

“Yes, I know what you’re thinking Grace.”

“How old is she?” Grace asked. “Can I ask?”

“Thirteen years old,” Jim admitted. “She’ll be fourteen on Halloween.”

“But…. Dad doesn’t know.”

“He didn’t, neither did any of us.” Jim assured the teen. “Your father didn’t know, and he wouldn’t have lied to you nor would we have lied to you.”

“Then how?” Grace asked.

“We think for this to be true, and for this to be true than that only means that your mother is indeed alive.”

“Oh, my god……no….” she meekly cried as she felt faint again, “She died. I was only two years old my god Jim, she’s dead!”.


“It can’t be stopped now,” the vision told himself as he watched the interaction and in the corner of his eye saw his namesake outside alone. “The train can’t be stopped now”

“You are very smart Alexandra even if you’re a tad impulsive,” the vision appeared before the shocked teenager. “I see a lot of your parents in you despite your conservative appearance and state of mind.”

“No, this can’t be happening.”

“Oh, it is,” Alex smiled. “I am Alexander Whitman. I knew your mother when we were kids all the way through high school.”

“You did,” Alexandra asked.

“Yes,” Alex smiled. “She helped me greatly at a horrifying time in my life, and I am trying to pay her back. I wish I could have helped earlier, but it wasn’t to be.”

“I don’t get it as you’re a vision, right?”

“Yes,” Alex smiled.

“How am I seeing you then?” Alexandra asked.

“I died when your mother was little older than Grace is now, and she helped me out at the time and I like to think you were named after me.”

“Mom said that the name popped up in her mind, and she was thinking of Alexander if I was a boy.”

“She meant the world to me,” Alex smiled at the confused teenager. “It isn’t easy being you, nor is it for Grace or you sister. But the time is here, and all the pieces are together and about to come together.”

“That’s for sure,” Alexandra muttered.

“But the end is coming,” Alex smiled.

“Let’s hope, but how do I go from here if I have to face the fact that my father maybe Max Evans, and he doesn’t know me or my sister.”

“What did you say,” came a voice and Alex’s ghost vanished on his namesake who twisted around to see who it was, and was shocked to see a man who very much was the same as the one in her dreams.

“You…. you are,” she whispered.

“Max Evans and who are you?”

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby begonia9508 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:04 pm

Another fantastic part!

Alex did a great Job... he certainly waited for years - to reunite all his friends and Family and I had tears - thinking about him and the death he had... Even if I still don't see the 'why' and 'who' did it and how it will be solved for the Parker and Evans... someone has definitely to pay for all the miseries! :shock: :twisted: :wink:

Love it and waiting for more! Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Mar 14, 2018 1:16 pm

Max, meet your daughter Alex. Alex meet your dad Max Evans.
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:25 pm

Grace has just gotten the surprise of her life...
LOL.......Jake wanted to know the school gossip!
This train can't be stopped now.......and before some one could call Max.....he meets his daughter.
Please hurry back,

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:06 pm

Wow what a hell of a way for Grace to find out that her mom is alive and she has 2 sisters. Good thing Jim is there to explain things to Grace. Oh wow the spirit of Alex is everywhere. So everything is coming together. Now all that needs to be in Roswell is Beth and Carrie. Poor Max he is in for a few shockers that are still to come. Max Evans meet your Daughter Alex. Alex meet your daughter Alexandra. Can't wait to find out what will happen next for everyone.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:18 pm

Wow great part! Max has finally saw one of his daughters. He will be in for a shock when he finds out who she is. Beth/Liz and Carrie are heading towards Roswell. Hurry back with more.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 47 - Updated - 3/14/2018

Postby roswell4life » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:17 am

Finally!!!!!!! No turning back now!!!!! :lol: Wonder how Max will take this news!? :shock:

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Reunion - Chapter 48 - 3/16/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:50 am

Max had come down this way from his office after his secretary Cassie had told him that his daughter had been seen running from his office not long before, and from that he could piece together than he figured she overheard his conversation with his sister, and that meant she had overheard the news that Jake was going to need surgery.

Which meant unchecked his daughter would be an emotional time bomb and piecing together her path, it took him down towards the Sheriff’s office and that only meant he had to stop her from doing something that would wreck her future. But as he was debating with himself how to proceed he heard the young girl talking to herself and heard his name mentioned.

“What did you say?” Max asked again.

Alexandra shaken by the encounter couldn’t speak, rattled speechless, she acted like any thirteen-year-old would and turned around and ran into the Sheriff’s department with Max in hot pursuit all the while Jim was dealing with a shaking Grace.

“I am sorry sweetheart,” Jim was saying quietly. “I didn’t want you to find out this way and for that I am truly sorry.”

“You are telling me something that is completely false, that my mother... a woman who died is actually alive?” Grace asked meekly. “How, because to me it doesn’t make any sense because she’s dead.”

“I know that it’s too painful to be true or to comprehend,” Jim said quietly. “It’s very complicated and not all the pieces have fitted together yet and you look like you need some time to digest it before we talk about it so why not tell me why you came here in the first place,” he asked.

“I came to confess!” Grace said weakly. “You know for hurting Jake and Tommy!”

“Good god Grace, you can’t.” Jim said as his attention fully swung to the matter at hand as he knew that Grace confessing was the last thing any of them needed. “You know how it would hurt your father, family and friends. Jake would never allow it.”

“It’s not up to them. I am the one who did the crime, and I should do the crime.”

“I can’t talk to you this without your father present as your lawyer,” Jim pleaded with the girl. “But as someone who is very close to your family and not as the town Sheriff. You can’t because there is way to explain how you injured Jake. You can’t explain how the branch came down.”

“I could say it was weak, thanks to those storms we had a few weeks back,” Graces said as she tried out Jake’s excuse.

“You’re not implicated in this Grace, and so far, you haven’t so you have nothing to confess to.”

“I did it,” Grace said stood stubbornly with her arms against her chest as the door swung open and in ran Alexandra, and behind her mere seconds later came Max. “Dad!”

“Grace,” Max said trying to gain breath from running after the teenager. “I was right with my hunch, you did come here” he asked forgetting about the teenager he was in hot pursuit with all his attention on his daughter. Jim exchanged a questing glance at Alexandra who was still looking pale, and he had to wonder how Max came up on the girl and how they ended up in his office.

“Yes, I came to confess my crime.”

“As your father and lawyer,” Max muttered, “You are to say nothing further on this matter.”

“I don’t need a lawyer because I am guilty. I put Tommy in the hospital, and I hurt Jake by forcing a tree branch to come which in turn made a gun that Tommy was holding to go off injuring Jake Guerin.”

“Damn it Grace,” Max muttered. “Shut up. You know Jake is not going to let you take the fall. Elizabeth won’t either as we both know her to be pretty persuasive.”

“It’s not taking the fall when I committed the crime using my powers. I struck the branch, and brought it down hurting Tommy, and causing the gun to go off and shoot Jake in the leg.”

“You are only sixteen and a minor,” Max reminded his daughter. “You are not up on charges. If anything, it was accident,” he argued.

“It was not an accident that the branch fell,” Grace demanded.

“You heard what I was telling your aunt about Jake didn’t you?” Max asked. “You heard he needs surgery.”

“What?” Jim piped into the conversation. “Surgery?”

“The leg injury was more extensive than thought,” Max muttered. “And they need to surgically correct it. Surgery is still being scheduled, so they don’t know how soon it will be completed.”

“I need to call my wife, I’ll take the call in the other room,” Jim instantly said forgetting also about Alexandra and leaving the father and daughter to battle each other all the while Alexandra watched the situation with fascination. Was she in the same room as her biological father, and older sister? They looked so much alike it was eerie and what was this was about powers she thought.

“Dad, be reasonable here. I did the crime, I should do the time,” Grace asked.

“You’re only doing this because you’re feeling guilty. Honey they wouldn’t able to prove there was a crime or that it wasn’t an accident. The gun going off was a total accident. You couldn’t have predicted that,” Max reminded his daughter.

“I used my powers. I set it all in motion,” Grace said.

“You can’t admit it as it puts our secret out in the public realm and we can’t have it, and second the police will never be able to confirm that it could have happened given they are going to question how a teenage girl was able to bring down a large branch to be able to inflict the damage you did.”

“I still feel guilty. It’s my fault,” Grace cried with real tears coming down her face. “Maybe it’s time this all ends.”

“Look I know how it feels to feel guilty. I have done enough in my life that I am not proud of, and it would have been putting me in serious jeopardy if the cops ever found out about it. You feel guilty, and you will carry that for the rest of your life. We can’t stop it, but Jake will be fine. You know very well it could all been dealt with, but Jake wanted it to be like this because he feels his own level of guilt.”

“He doesn’t need to be feeling guilty,” Grace muttered as the tears still sat in her eyes as she knew what her father was referring too.

“He thinks he could have prevented everything that happened in the last few months, and that eats at him and it’s his burden just like this will be your burden. Look I am a lawyer I should be about upholding all laws. But until it’s warranted or worried about lets the cops deal with the events of last night and deal with it later.”

“I know,” Grace admitted.

“They can’t prove anything,” Max told his daughter. “Let us worry about a confession if they do become able to prove it.”

“Okay,” Grace said as she was more sufficiently calm as she took a good size of the room and then focused on the girl. “Good god!”

“I was hoping you would forget about me,” Alexandra admitted.

“I did,” Grace admitted and realized with her father, the situation with the girl was even more now dicey. She had never wanted her father to be hurt, and that is why she always did the things she did and kept quiet whenever something did go wrong enough to the point of bottling up her true feelings and now she had something she couldn’t control.

“Hey,” Max said realizing with his daughter calm and not confessing for the moment that someone else was in the room, a stranger, and the reason he had ran in after in the first place. “Who are you? And Grace knows you?”

“She doesn’t,” Alexandra admitted. “I don’t live in Roswell. I am a newbie. I am not that important.”

“Yes, you are,” Grace sighed as Jim came back in the room. “You talked to Jake?”

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “He says he left you a message, and to call him when you are back home. And he’s hoping you’re not doing something rash yourself.”

“Dad’s calmed me down for the moment. But I still am guilty, and I should be paying the price for last night.”

“Grace!” Max asked sternly.

“Well last night’s actions haven’t been officially confirmed and right now, the preliminary cause is an unforeseen accident.”

“But if Tommy....”

“If the Tommy situation changes then we will see what will happen at that time but right now the Ellis family isn’t challenging the police report and you should be glad about that.”

“I am,” she admitted to the Sheriff. “And now about that other matter we were discussing before you got me to divert to a whole other discussion.”

“Grace,” Jim sighed. “Now isn’t the time. I have to get this young woman over to the motel she’s spending the night at.”

“She’s spending at the motel?” Max asked. “Where are her parents?”

“Back home. She’s a runaway in a matter of speaking,” Jim acknowledged. “I have made arrangements with her mother to let her spend the night and it can be decided in the morning what will be happening as it’s just her mother. Her father isn’t in the picture.” He admitted which got Grace’s eyes rising.

“Where is she from?”

“Connecticut,” Jim said simply, and Grace’s eyes perked up and focused in on the girl with more intensity.

“Funny state,” Max muttered.

“Yeah,” Jim acknowledged.

“What’s your name?” Max asked the teenager that appeared to be not that much younger than his own Grace.

“Alexandra,” the teen said quickly, and shortly.

“Nice name,” Max smiled as Grace’s brows rose. What does your mother do for a living?”

“She’s a doctor!” Alexandra said and that rose Grace’s hackles enough to want to stop this walk down memory lane because it only recalled her mother even if she wasn’t old enough to have experienced it.

“Dad, can we go?” Grace said as she tried to defuse the situation to protect her father from any hurt and pain. “I want to check in with Jake.”

“In a minute,” Max said not wanting to give this line of questioning he was pursuing and Jim could tell he was moments from finding out the truth and Grace knew it. “What is your last name?

“Evans... Alexandra Evans,” she said quietly as she knew the impact her name would have on the room.

“How in the hell,” Grace eyes shot towards Jim as her silence came to a screeching end. “How can she Evans?


“Get packed,” Serena ordered her friend as she arrived at the house in Madison after finishing up with her final patient of the day and she had closed down her practice and on the way home she had stopped in on Beth. “Keith is offering you the company plane to fly you two to Roswell. I am told there is a small landing strip on the edge of town, and you could be with Alexandra in mere hours.”

“I can’t,” Beth said.

“You can and it’s an order from my sweet husband. He’s not happy at the firm, and he’s thinking of his options and in the mean time he wants you to use the perks he’s afforded while he’s still there.”

“What, Keith is thinking of leaving the law firm?”

“Yeah,” Serena smiled. “I haven’t wanted to talk about it with everything you’ve had going on in your life the last few weeks. But he’s upset with his boss and not happy and he also not liking the idea of staying around to make partner. So, he’s inches away from making a drastic change in our lives.”

“God Serena,” Beth said quietly. “I am sorry.”

“Well his boss is a real SOB. So, I am not that unhappy or dissuading of my husband at the moment.”

“Still I don’t feel comfortable,” Beth tried.

“You want to see your daughter don’t you even if you’re not happy about facing the past,” Serena asked.

“Yes,” Beth admitted.

“Then take the offer,” Serena smiled.

“Thank you very much,” Beth smiled back and hugged her best friend. “I really appreciate all the support you have given me.”

“I want you to find out the truth about your past,” Serena acknowledged, and she was willing to help her friend anyway she could and that meant sending her to Roswell even if finding out that truth meant that her best friend would be taken away from her especially if she had a family in New Mexico.


“I am sorry,” Alexandra sighed as she was getting a starred down by both Grace and Max. “I never intended for any of this. I actually don’t know what I intended to tell you the truth, so I am sorry.”

“Jim what is going on?” Max asked the town Sheriff and close family and personal friend. “Why do I feel like we should know something we don’t know?”

“I didn’t want this be done now, but it’s become a necessarily I am afraid. Alexandra, do you want to step out and get a drink from the machine down the hall as Peterson is back now, so you can ask him for some money out of petty cash and if you want grab a snack.”

“Sure,” Alexandra said relieved to escape the room.

“Jim” Max asked.

“Mom’s alive, that is what Jim is saying right?” Grace asked fast to the point. “I know what I overheard before and she looks like a clone of Mom when she was roughly my age and younger. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection,” she said to the shock of her father. “Connecting the name Alexandra from Alex Whitman to Mom is pretty simple, and the last’s pretty damn eerie.”

“Impossible. Liz isn’t alive,” Max declared. “Jim, if you’re thinking that then you can stop thinking it because she’s not alive. There was a body. We declared her dead due to dental records and they matched to the heartbreak of myself, Jeff and Nancy and Maria, and the rest. She’s simply dead.”

“There was a match,” Jim sighed. “As for the woman, we know as Liz she’s dead, but there is a woman who is not, and her name is Beth Evans and it may be a case of the fact that Liz and Beth are the same person. I know how this may sound to you.”

“That is impossible,” Max shouted. “She’s dead.”

“Max, I would love to say she is, but we simply don’t know. I have Michael on it.”

“Michael” Max asked as Grace’s blood pressure rose as well. “He knows?”

“He didn’t until he went to Connecticut or Madison. I didn’t tell him before hand because I needed an honest assessment instead of a preconceived idea of the situation, but I did have him investigating a woman named Beth Evans who lives there, and is a doctor at a hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.”

“And” Max asked.

“He figured out very quickly once I had him and Kyle travel there to identity the woman for me because the resemblance is uncanny.”

“Well they are wrong,” Max insisted. “Someone is playing a horrific prank on all of us.”

“I wish I could say it was a hoax,” Jim said. “I truly wish I could Max, but it simply looks like it has to be true. Too many dots are connecting and too many coincidences that are too incredible not to be the truth.”

“Why?” Max asked.

“The woman I was investigating. Beth Evans. She was in a car crash five day after Liz’s outside of New Haven, Connecticut. She barely lived through the crash, at the hospital they discovered she was pregnant, and she slipped into a two-month coma before waking up with amnesia.”

“Amnesia?” Grace asked in a tiny voice.

“Pregnant,” Max asked. “Liz wasn’t pregnant when she died.”

“Do you know for a fact she wasn’t?” Jim asked.

“Of course, not,” Max said. “We wanted more children after Grace and she lost a baby when Grace was a year old.”

“She did?” Jim asked shocked and even more so was Grace who never knew she almost had a sibling. “You guys never said anything.”

“It was early enough that she wouldn’t have been showing, and we were heartbroken and decided to keep it to ourselves. We had begun to talk about trying again when we lost her, which only made it more difficult for me when I had to deal with losing her but gave me relief to know I hadn’t lost her so soon after another baby.”

“She could have been early on in her pregnancy here in Roswell and just had not known before her crash.”

“Jim!” Max asked.

“I am sorry Max for what this is dredging up for you. I wish it wasn’t, but I promise you that if Liz is alive than it’s best for all of us to deal with this now. Michael and Kyle have made enough connections on their trip to think that Beth might be Liz.”

“How aggressive was this amnesia?” Max asked.

“She lost her memory upon waking up. She has had no memory of life before she landed in the hospital, and only what she’s built in the nearly fourteen years since the crash.”

“How old is Alexandra” Grace asked as she couldn’t remember if she had asked before.

“Thirteen years old as she’s a Halloween baby,” Jim said.

“She’s not Liz,” Max said as he turned to focus on his daughter. “I am sorry Grace I know how much you want this to be true, but your mother died fourteen years ago, come June. It’s a pure coincidence as both Alexandra and Evans are popular and common names.”

“I believe you,” Grace said.

Jim wanted them to be right but deep down he had his doubts “She looks like Liz and the resemblance is pretty uncanny and eerie,” Jim commented aware that Max was sliding in the disbelief and denial phase of acceptance.

“There are a lot of brunettes in this world,” Max commented. “I do want to thank you Jim for your help on this matter along with everything to do with last night and Grace, but I am sure this is an elaborate prank, and someone is lying to you.”

“I wish I could agree with you but it’s probably prudent to tell you that Alexandra here matched the genetic sample that was in the system for both Jeff Parker and your daughter Grace.”

“What,” both Max and Grace asked.

“You can’t be serious,” Grace asked. “That’s like impossible.”

“Grace your recent hospitalization in New Haven raised a red flag and before you worry that it’s about your special gifts don’t as it isn’t that although when the DNA was put through the system recently on behalf of Alexandra, they came up with a match with you from your hospital records,” deliberately neglecting to mention that there was another child in Carrie.

“Oh, my god,” Grace muttered. “That can’t be true.”

“I don’t get it, how?” Max asked. “How can they know that she matches Jeff?”

“Jeff encountered some issues when he was a teenager, and it involved the legal system and while never officially charged, his fingerprints and DNA were in the system and once we were put on with the country wide system about five years ago, a chance like this could always come up.”

“I am aware Roswell was slow in going country wide with its database?” Max said. “My clients aren’t happy that long-ago dalliances can cause more of an issue now than it did years ago.”

“It took us a long time to wake up to the technology age,” Jim commented. “And even now we’re only begrudgingly going along with it.”

“I can’t take this,” Grace muttered as she tried to take in all this about her mother, and potential other connections but she was too stressed. “I can’t deal with this Dad. I need some air, and I need to see Jake.”

“Go,” Max said pushing his daughter to leave. “I can handle this. I love you honey, and I’ll see you back home.”

“I love you too Dad,” Grace said with a sad smile and hug for him. “Nothing we learn can change that.”

“Go,” Max said and pushed Grace to leave and she did.

“I am sorry Max,” Jim said quietly. “This is putting a lot on both you and your daughter and I never wanted this to happen. I wish I could prevent it.”

“You and me both,” Max muttered.

“It does seem to me that whatever bonds your daughter and Jake have has been solidified even further with the event of the last twenty-four hours, so are you prepared for whatever comes from it?” Jim asked.

“God, don’t I know it and no I am not prepared, but it does have a certain aura of heading to the point of no return,” he warily said. “And given my experience with Liz when we were teenagers ourselves there is only so much I can say that either helps or hurts that bond they have and whatever comes from it.”

“Maria wishes they would wait,” Jim said.

“I wish they would wait. But just like we couldn’t be stopped when we were teenagers no matter how much our parents tried and therefore I am afraid we’re going to have that same fate.”

“And the emotional ringer Grace has been put under the last few weeks can’t but help it,” Jim admitted.

“’s only adding fuel to the fire.”

“Max, about all this with Liz...and this Beth woman,” Jim said as he got around to the point of their conversation.

“Jim it’s a hoax. DNA results can be glitches, or false positives,” Max said determined to hold onto his denial with a fierce determination otherwise he didn’t know how he would react if he was forced to confront that the last fourteen years had all been a lie and the life he’s been leading and crafting for himself and Grace had all be on a basis of a horrific act. “I know you have to believe it given you are Sheriff.”

“I don’t have to believe it, but as Sheriff I have to follow where the facts lead me and right now they lead me to the fact that Liz could be alive.”

“Jim!” Max pleaded almost for his denial to be kept alive.

“Max there is something you should know,” Jim said quietly because he knew he was about to shatter whatever denial wall his friend was keeping intact so to shield his sanity. “Yes, initial lab results can be overturned by official testing at times but there is something that won’t shake these results.”

“What could that be?” Max asked.

“Alexandra has powers!” Jim said simply.

And Max’s heart shattered.


“Aunt Maria,” Grace said as she walked into the Guerin home. Maria was all settled back in her home after his misbegotten adventure up to the cottage. Belle would be place back in school the next day and she would get back to leading her life, and now she just waited the first sight of her husband in days.

“Grace,” Maria smiled.

“Is Jake home?” Grace asked.

“As if he’s going anywhere,” Maria smiled. “He’s in the back den. It’s being made into his temporary bedroom.”

“I heard,” Grace groaned. “Again, I am sorry for all this.”

“Grace, take all that guilt off your head,” Maria smiled. “I don’t blame you. Jake doesn’t blame you. Michael won’t blame you when he gets home. What happened was something freakish that my son aided by fighting with Tommy in the first place.”

“I am the one inflicted the harm.”

“If you hadn’t, you would have seen a worse tragedy happen. I am aware Tommy was waving a gun before you did what you did.”

“Yes, but doing what I did brought the gun to inflict harm added with the tree branch.”

“It’s not your fault,” Maria smiled. “Tommy is the one who brought the gun into the situation and you can’t know how the gun was situated when the branch hit Tommy and the gun flew off its handle.”

“I know,” Grace began...

“Go see Jake, and don’t worry about anything regarding the accident. The injury is more severe than we would hope but he’s the same son who keeps getting on my case, or his siblings and he’s simply still Jake.”

“Okay,” Grace said. “I will but I’ll always regret it.”

“You should. Just like we all have regrets from our lives. I certainly have them, and just like your dad or mother if she were still alive,” Maria lied.

“Aunt Maria, you should talk to my father.”

“Why?” Maria asked.

“He’s been getting an earful from Jim at the police station,” Grace said simply. “Not about Jake or my legal issues. But about something more personal, about Mom.”

“Oh god,” Maria whispered.

“Yeah,” was all Grace said before disappearing to the back of the house to see Jake leaving Maria to wonder if everything was colliding all at once? “Don’t tell me,” she whispered to herself before she went to the kitchen to work on dinner.

“Guerin,” Grace sang as she walked into the den and found Jake working on his laptop from his wheelchair. “I wish this hadn’t happen.”

“Grace,” Jake smiled as he looked up from the project he was dealing with on his laptop. Given he was house bound until the surgery he knew he had to be dealing with school work to keep his parents off his case and his chance at graduation intact. “You are okay, aren’t you?”

“Nope, the world has caved in,” Grace admitted as she walked to sit by Jake’s wheelchair. God how it’s caved in

“Please don’t tell me you did something incredibly stupid,” Jake asked in fear as he saw the emotion all over his friend’s face and that instantly put fear coursing through him.

“Almost,” Grace said. “Dad stopped me, and your grandfather helped him at risk to his future as town Sheriff if anyone finds out. But still I can’t be responsible for my actions.”

“Why,” Jake asked.

“Because I am going to do this,” Grace said the turmoil she was under kept pushing her further and deeper towards the land of no return, and before she knew it, she placed a kiss on a stunned Jake who couldn’t help but respond and their kiss turned deeper and more personal as this time fireworks exploded into an impressive display as they continued to deepen the kiss.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 48 - Updated - 3/16/2018

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Max, sorry honey denile isn't just a river in Egypt. Liz is alive and will soon be there. Love Serena telling Beth to get on that plane.
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