Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - The Conclusion- Completed: 06/12/2018

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - Updated: 03/12/2018

Postby begonia9508 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:29 pm

I can't believe Max! If he thought that getting together with a human was enough to hide him from the FBI,he is really crazy! It's the direct way to jail... how could he believe that or is he suddenly stupid?!... :twisted: :shock:

As always, Liz is the one with the responsability for the People around her and I wonder how is she going to manage it!

Thanks EVE :twisted: :mrgreen: :wink:
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - Updated: 03/12/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:48 pm

Poor Max he has to bury is wife. It seems like everyone will have to deal with Tess being back in their lives. So everyone is getting together now. Can't wait for when the group comes together. Boy Max will have a couple of surprises waiting for him. And poor Liz to find out Max was married and to know Kyle was talking to Isabel for a while now. Thinking soldier Michael might be a good thing to have around. So now everyone is in protection mood now. Cool all the kids are becoming friends. Oh boy Emma and Parker want answers now. Not surprised Emma confront her mom about everything. So Emma and Parker know about Max being their father. Emma is just like Liz when she wants to find answers. Wow Emma finds out a lot of things about her mother and Max Evans. Thank god Liz has Maria to talk to.

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Leaving Normal - Chapter 5 - 3/15/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:00 am

A day later, Pam was buried. And Max felt free. Guilty but free. The police were still investigating the shooting but had cleared him. It was still his burden, the fact he hadn’t been honest with his wife, and therefore she died as a result.

Why is this who place so white? he murmured to himself. Even our bedroom is white?

Walking into the house after the burial, Max looked around. It was a house Pam had picked out. A house that Max had felt obligated to be in. Not a house that felt like a home to him. Or Isabel as he knew Isabel only stuck around for him. Not because it was her home either.

What did it mean now that Pam was gone?

Was he free to leave?

“Max?” Isabel called from the front door. “How are you doing?” she asked as she walked inside the house and looking around, the same as her brother. “How are you feeling?”

“Better. I know the burial is what Pam wanted. I wish I didn’t feel so guilty.

“It’s not your fault,” Isabel said. “I may have learned the hard way with Jesse. But telling Pam the truth wasn’t going to guarantee her safety,” she quietly said.

“But it may have kept her alive,” Max said.

“No guarantees Max,” Isabel said as they sat down in the living room and looked at her brother. He seemed more in touch with everything now that Pam was buried. She wondered if she should tell him. She’d had another talk with Kyle the evening before and knew that things were heating up in Texas. Evan was still with Liz. She had to give the woman a lot of credit to take in a child her ex-boyfriend had fathered with another woman while they had been in love.

She and Max had left Roswell on a search for the child. But after a while, the clues grew cold but because they worried for how visible their group would be if they went in search for Liz, they decided to make a new life and especially when word came that the Special Unit had been dismantled and the FBI weren’t actively looking for them came, but still the situation was clearly too unstable, so she and Max decided to settle down somewhere safe and move on with life. For her it meant her marriage had been officially dissolved. She missed Jesse, but knew they were over. And for Max it had been meeting Pam and getting married.

She had warned her brother, that he was playing with fire when he announced his plans to propose to Pam.

Too bad she had been right. The last thing I wanted to be, was right? she muttered to herself.

“I am putting the house up for sale,” Max announced causing Isabel to snap back into reality as she heard what he was saying. “I think it’s time to move on. Pam loved this house. I didn’t.”

“Are you sure?” Isabel asked. “Do you know where you want to go next?”

“No!” Max said silently. “But I need to leave sis,” he said. “I have to get out of this town. If Tess is back, it could mean almost anything.” he said. “And I am not prepared to wait here until she strikes again.

“When?” Isabel asked.

“I am meeting with an agent tomorrow.” Max said. “And then I’m leaving it to them, they can send any offers to me over a fax or something. I need to leave as soon as possible. Do you want to come with me?”

“Of course,” Isabel said and knew she was sure. She and Max were a team. The only family they had in this time of need. And she wasn’t about to give that up. Plus, this town had never fit her style anyway. Max is the only thing that was keeping me here, otherwise I might have just gone looking for Kyle she thought and was surprised by the idea.

“Good,” Max said. “I’m going up to pack.” He said as he walked upstairs and only turned back when Isabel spoke his name.

“Yes,” Max asked as he turned back to face his sister.

“Why don’t we try Texas,” Isabel asked.

“Why Texas?” Max asked, surprised as Texas was so close to New Mexico, and they had wanted to stay away from that geographic part of the country as they traveled before settling.

“It just feels like home, and it’s close to New Mexico” Isabel said lying through her teeth. “Maybe it’s time that we go for that feeling of home,” she asked and knew she had to get Max back in the same proximity of Liz. She needed to get them to deal with this thing with Tess together. Relationship or not, Tess was back. And none of them could deal with it separately. If she knew Michael, he was going bonkers by now.

Max nodded and went upstairs to think about Isabel’s idea. It has some merit.


Turning off her computer in the house office, Liz waited for the kids to come home from school. She had enrolled Evan at the twins’ school when it appeared his stay was going to be open ended. It hadn’t been easy because she had no knowledge if Tess had enrolled him in school at all and Evan wasn’t much of a help. He couldn’t tell them much about his prior life. To Liz and the others, it almost seemed like Tess had wiped her sons of all memories of his life with Tess until the point of depositing him on Liz’s doorstep. She prayed Tess hadn’t done that to her own son.

Evan had gone through the normal testing for new students. And he was classified as gifted and put into the twins’ level of classes. While Parker and Emma may have been younger than their half-brother, but they were testing at higher academic levels and now Evan was as well. But because of his spotty history, they decided to put him into the twin’s class to see how he did within the school structure.

After seeing Emma’s findings, the prior day, she hadn’t questioned her daughter about why she was checked into her parent’s life in Roswell. She knew full well why Emma was investigating. Her 8-year-old was too smart to leave her mother’s unanswered questions go. Damn Max, why aren’t you here?

Walking down the stairs, she saw Maria came in the front door with groceries. She worked at the local high school, teaching choir and music appreciation. “Hey!”

“Hey,” Maria said as she headed to kitchen.

Michael worked as a daytime chef at a local greasy spoon. Kyle was an assistant football coach at the same high school Maria worked in. And during the winter and spring semester – the off season, he was the physical education teacher.

So, they all made the money to pool together for the management of the household. Somehow, they always did manage. Liz was a private accountant. A good deal away from what she had wanted to do in high school. But they needed to make money, and going to school to be a scientist hadn’t been practical at the time. So, she took her experience from the Crashdown and became a numbers cruncher. “How was your day?” she asked Maria as they went into the kitchen together. “Are the kids different from when we were in high school?” She laughed. She knew daily rant would be coming from Maria about the state of schools today.

“We were saints in school I tell you,” Maria said with a grumble. “Even with the alien chaos all around us, we were god damn saints compared to this group I am teaching. It may be only choir and music. But damn Liz…”

Liz laughed as she heard Kyle’s motorcycle roar up the driveway.

Being single allowed Kyle’s some luxuries that the others didn’t have thanks to the kids, and one of them for Kyle was his motorcycle, “Good afternoon ladies,” he smiled as he walked into the kitchen from the back door.

“How was class,” Liz said.

“Amusing as always,” Kyle said as he grabbed a cookie from the tray Liz had made earlier in the day. “Delicious.” He said with a smile. “Even with the touch of Tabasco.”

They laughed at the absurdity of them being the three humans in the group sticking together. Liz was the only one who had powers, but she rarely felt the need to use them. Kyle to this day hadn’t started to exhibit them. And Maria was blissfully free from worry, except for that her kids did have a half alien side to them, so they were exhibiting all over the place thanks to their father. At least she was trying to keep them balanced, and it was largely working.

“Is there any word from the school?” Kyle asked.

“Nope,” Liz said. “So hopefully Evan has adjusted.”

“I am just shocked Tess would come here, and just abandon her own child. Especially considering she went to the trouble to kidnap him from his adoptive parents’ years ago and cover her tracks by setting up that accident.” Kyle said as he took another cookie.

“I know,” Liz quietly said. “It is how Max found out Zan I mean Evan was missing. The adoptive parents were killed in a car crash. And Evan was supposed to be with them, but had vanished by the time police had gotten to the car.”

“I am sorry Liz that all this business with Tess is bringing up the past.” Maria said as she put the groceries away. “You don’t deserve to be reminded yet again what happened in Roswell.”

“None of us do,” Liz said with a sigh. “But it was going to happen. With Emma and Parker getting older, they would have been asking questions and I would have had to find answers for them.”

“That daughter of yours is smart,” Kyle said with a laugh. “Going as far as goggling for any information on Max.” he said with a smile. “I didn’t think they would do that.”

“Me either,” Liz said. “And for eight years old, they are very advanced. I should have realized they would be sniffing for the truth one of these days. With Evan’s arrival and tension in the house due to Tess, it just hit a heck of a lot sooner than I was anticipating.”

“Tess,” Kyle grunted. “I wish she had stayed dead.”


County General

“We have a woman in her 20’s found in a lake. It looks like a drowning. DOA at scene,” the doctors were told as a young blonde woman was wheeled into the emergency room. “Is there any identification?”

“None. It looks to be a Jane Doe.” The nurse said.

A sheet was then placed over the woman. “You can leave her here until she can be taken to the morgue.”


The bus traveled down the street at the exact moment the woman in the ER was confirmed to be deceased. Evan was looking out the window at the houses that the bus passed; moments earlier had shared a laugh with Emma and Parker who was in the seat ahead of them. And then suddenly, like a knife, something hit him in the chest. Bye Mom he whispered. He knew his mother was dead.

Tess Harding was dead.

“Hey!” Emma whispered as she looked back at the haunted look on Evan’s face. She and Parker had been mystified when he had shown up. But they had taken to him right away. And knew from experience something was up, from the vibes she got off Evan. What happened?”

“My mom’s dead!” Evan whispered so no other kids could hear.

Emma’s face turned into a frown.


Fifteen minutes later, Parker, Emma, Evan met up with Amelia and Michelle. Amelia and Michelle were attending another school but would be transferring to the twin’s school in the fall. So, they took separate buses home at the start and end of the days but met up at the same time at the bottom of their driveway.

Walking up the door, the front door opened, and Maria appeared. “Hi sweet darlings. How was school today?” Maria asked as the kids walked into the house. She noticed that Evan was withdrawn. She wondered what had happened.

“Great,” Emma said. “Is Mommy home?”

“Sorry sweetheart, she had an appointment downtown. But it won’t take her long so she’ll home in a little while, why don’t you all come and tell me about your day.”


“So, you’re telling me you have that kid living with you?” Dr. Santos asked of her patient, the moment Liz had finished telling her story of Evan – her most recent houseguest.

“Yes,” Liz said as she sat in the chair across from her shrink.

“You might be right, you might actually be crazy.” Dr. Santos said with a smile. She was constantly amazed by what Liz could encounter between appointments. Each appointment was filled with surprises.

“Nice Doc,” Liz said with a laugh.

“It’s not every day a woman takes in her ex-boyfriend’s illegitimate child when he isn’t even around to be part of the child’s life.” Dr. Santos said as he wrote down some notes in the book she was holding.

“It’s not like I could just send Evan away. He’s such an adorable child. He shouldn’t suffer because of sins of his parents,” Liz said

“That is true,” Dr. Santos said. “You are a compassionate soul Liz. I am not sure many women would do the same thing.”

Liz nodded. “Maybe that is true but the truth of it is that he is the half-brother of my children, so, it’s not like I could separate them even if I had wanted to because family is important, no matter where the blood or DNA come from.”

“Oh, you could,” Dr. Santos said with a smile as she had seen too many cases of families split apart and it surprised her to see someone so willing to go the opposite way. “Family is always important, but there is always a limit.”

“So that is why I had to come today and talk to you. After all, Evan is the reason Max left in the first place. He needed to find his son, to make sure the baby was okay,” Liz said with a sigh. “Obviously he hasn’t, I have.”

“You were wise to come,” Dr. Santos said as she scribbled some more notes down on paper. “You have been operating under the assumption Max found the boy. Obviously, that didn’t happen. So, have you thought maybe it’s time to contact Max in person. And tell him what is happening here in Austin with the children. Tell him he has responsibilities here in Austin on more than one front.”

“I know logically you’re right. As much as he needs to know, it’s just so complicated to involve him, right now… for home, and for us.” Liz said as she thought of what she’d learned of Max’s life in the last week. “Do I want to add to his or even my burdens?”

“Liz, do you know where he is? You’ve been telling me, you didn’t!” Dr. Santos asked looking for a loophole in her client’s story.

“No, I don’t. I am being honest about that,” Liz said as she played with her nails. “But since our last session, I’ve learned some things. And it just re-enforced the need to keep Max in the dark a little longer. My life is a zoo of contradictions, but so is his and the last thing he needs in his life is to come here and face the unknown.”

“Why. He has a son who has turned up out of nowhere and two kids with you that he has no knowledge of and you think it is right to keep him in the dark?” Dr. Santos asked. “That doesn’t sound like you Liz.”

“It’s not that I think it is right thing to do,” Liz defended but knew she needed to say more, so she prepared to let it all out and, yet she still held some back. “He deserves to know his kids. But his wife recently died, and I don’t want to add to his burdens right now.”

“He’s married?” Dr. Santos asked.

“Yes. It was a shock to me too, but now his wife is dead. And apparently, he’s mourning her, and I don’t want to add to it by saying that things here in Texas are escalating.”

“He needs to know Liz,” Dr. Santos repeated.

“I know.” Liz said with a sigh. “I know.” Damn it Tess!

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - Updated: 03/15/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:09 pm

Do I really want to hope that it is true that Tess is really dead this time?
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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - Updated: 03/15/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:15 pm

Must has lost my previous fb...
So Max is guilty, but relieved that Pam is buried.....I'll never understand that marriage.
Why are they REALLY afraid to search for Liz and the gang??
That's an interesting move to Texas.
Of course those smart kids would be googling information on their father.
Will Tess stay dead this time.....please!?!

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - Updated: 03/15/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:28 pm

Very glad that Tess is dead. I hope she stays dead this time. :lol: Now that we know that Max was married, I hope that Liz was able to date. I'm not sure that Max deserves Liz at this point.

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - Updated: 03/15/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:38 pm

Great chapter. Love how Isabel talked Max into moving to Texas. Hopefully it won't be too hard for Max and Isabel to find Liz and the others Agree with the doctor Liz should tell Max about the kids. So Tess is dead. Will Max and Isabel be able to find Liz and the others? What will happen when Max and Liz see each other? Will Liz tell Max and Isabel about the kids?

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - Updated: 03/15/2018

Postby roswell4life » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:53 pm

Ding dong the witch is finally dead!!....right?! Isabel really needs to get Max to Texas ASAP!!! Why did Tess make all this happen now?! Needing some answers to all of these questions!!

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Leaving Normal - Chapter 6 - 3/17/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:45 pm

“I want you both to know that I am extremely confident this house can be sold because it’s simply beautiful. How quickly do you need for it to be sold?” LeAnn Patrick asked as she, Max and Isabel were taking a tour of the house. “My goodness, there is so much potential.”

“You can take your time. There is no deadline. But my sister and I are leaving today for Texas. So, you’ll have to call me, if it does sell and we can arrange the signing of any relevant documents.” Max said as he exchanged looks with Isabel who was watching her brother’s composure hold up as they walked all the rooms. He still slept in the spare room as he was still unable to go into the master bedroom.

“My, my, my, you don’t waste time. Are you leaving already?” LeAnn asked Max.

“It’s just with the recent death of my wife; I have nothing that holds me here any longer. And my sister and I want to start off some place doesn’t hold so many memories. Good or bad,” Max said with a sigh. “It’s time to move on.”

“Very well Mr. Evans,” LeAnn said as she had the Max sign preliminary contract. “I have to type this up; can you come by the office before you leave?”

“Sure,” Isabel said. “We’ll be leaving this afternoon. So, we can drop by on the way out of town.”

LeAnn nodded and left the house.

“I don’t think I’ll miss this place Izzie,” Max said as they walked into the kitchen and looked through the room. “Pam is all over this place.”

“I know,” Isabel said. “I have to go out and do some errands. Why don’t you finish packing and we can pack up after lunch and leave? Okay?”

Max nodded and walked up the stairs. Picking up her purse, she took out her cell phone and walked out of the house as she punches a message into the text message function. “Valenti. Call me back. You know the number. Cell phone only” she turned her phone off and left to do her errands.


Kyle was heading home when he looked checked his cell phone and saw that there was a message waiting. He had turned it off because he was in class. Checking the text message, he saw that it was Isabel.

Dialing his cell phone, he went into his office and sat down at his desk. “Valenti here,” Kyle said. “Make it quick. I am on a lunch break.”

“Give it up Valenti,” Isabel said from her phone. “I know you have the afternoon off.”

“I should never have told you my schedule,” Kyle laughed as he heard Isabel’s voice as it was refreshing after so many years of not talking. “So, what is the problem?”

“I just wanted to tell you that we are ready to leave!” Isabel said. “We’re heading towards Austin. It should take a few days since we’re driving and there is no real rush. But we should be your way by the weekend if everything works out” Isabel sighed as she walked towards the car. “How is it there, temperature wise?” Isabel asked in code.

“You’re coming to Austin?” Kyle asked, shocked that Max and Isabel would be heading their way as it totally made the situation between Max and Liz and what each didn’t know even more head-ache inducing. “Did you tell Max what was happening here?”

“No. He doesn’t know about Evan showing up,” Isabel said thinking of her nephew. She wondered what he looked like, his temperament. Was he like Max at all? “Max has this urge to get out of here and leave our home so he’s putting his house up for sale. Instead of flying or any other mode of transportation, he wants to drive and take his time. I was the one to suggest Texas and he’s agreed, of course not knowing what may be at the end of the journey.”

“Are you going to tell him?” Kyle asked.

“Eventually, before we arrive, yeah, sure. But you told Liz. How is she? How is Evan? How is everyone?” Isabel asked, suddenly wanting to know everything and yet unsure whether she’ll like the answers or whether she would get them.

A bit uncertain about whether to spill about the twins at this point, he simply said “Life is hectic. We have put Evan into school. Although we think Tess wiped Evan’s memory of his time with her, so we don’t know a lot of his last few years...”

“That bitch!” Isabel spat “How could she do that, to her own son?”

“You ever find the answer to that, tell us. We’ll love to know.” Kyle said. “The rest of us gang is dealing with everyday frustrations as we are all working. Michael and Maria are married, and they are raising their kids.”

“They are?” Isabel asked shocked to her very core of the momentous movement in Michael’s life since she and Max were away, and they had missed it all. “Wow, marriage…. you mean to tell me Michael… is a father?”

“Yes, it is a shock every day to see it in action,” Kyle laughed. They have two girls. Their eldest is Michelle, and then they also have Amelia Elizabeth who is just over a year younger,” Kyle smiled. “He’s seems to be relishing the time and the family he has with Maria and the girls, so it’s been amusing to watch.”

“Liz?” Isabel asked still in stunned silence at how far Michael had progressed since his days in Roswell. She figured he would never settle down with a wife and kids, due to his emotional baggage he carried due to his childhood with Hank. “What about Liz?” she asked as suddenly there was crackle in the phone line, and it went blank.

“Um, Isabel….” he said but then there was silence on the line and he had to ask, “Isabel are you still there?” but she said nothing to him and he realized the line had gone dead, as he cursed to the gods.

“Damn, we were cut off.” He cursed to himself and then was struck by horror Oh my god. They are coming to Texas and they have no knowledge of the twins!


Liz was doing some work for a company in town at home. Crunching their accounts and calculating everything they needed when she heard a voice, “Liz?”

Turning, she saw Evan coming into the room that was her office at home. She tried to do all her work that was necessary at home. Occasionally she would have to go the office, for meetings. But she tried to stay home for the kids if they needed her. Evan hadn’t been feeling that good that morning, so she sent the other kids to school and allowed the boy to stay with her. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” Evan said with a quiet smile. In the time that Evan had been in the household, she noticed he took after Tess in looks but Max in demeanor. He was a sensitive kid. Shy almost. Not one to be out-going until he truly knew the person and was comfortable. Father like son. And in that case, Liz couldn’t take out her hatred for Tess on Evan. He was too precious.

“I am glad. Do you want to watch some television?” Liz asked. “I am about finished with the work I am doing.”

“You know my mother and father, don’t you?” Evan asked as he looked up at Liz. “That is why my Mom left me here.”

“Yes, I do know them; we have quite a past together.” Liz said being honest but not too honest. “Why honey.”

“Because I wonder where my father is?” Evan asked, and a silent doom came over Liz as she heard him mention his dad. “Do you know where he is?”

“Yes, I do,” Liz lied.

“Why isn’t he here?” Evan asked. “Why did my Mom leave me here if my father isn’t here?” he asked. It was something on his mind since he was dropped off.

“Um sweetheart,” Liz stammered as she tried to think of a plausible explanation to give to the boy and nothing was coming to her Damn it!

“It’s alright; I don’t want to get in your way. If you don’t want to answer, it’s fine. Just with my mom dead, I have no one.” Evan said sadly and was preparing to walk away.

Liz was going to say it was alright, but she whipped around when she heard the mention of Tess being dead. “What do you mean your mother being dead?”

“I think she’s dead,” Evan said quietly as the front door blasted open and the rest of the kids rushed into the house, home from school. “I had this feeling in my heart yesterday. She told me I would know if anything happened to her,” he sighed.

“Oh dear,” Liz said as she took Evan into her arms for a hug. If Evan is right and Tess is dead. It’s a whole new ballgame. What does that mean for the rest of us?

“Let’s go out and have lunch with the other kids. It had been a half day for the schools in their neighborhood which is why she didn’t hesitate to hold Evan home because she knew from experience, hardly anything happened on half days. “It may look odd, but you are never alone. Regardless of what might have happened with your mother. You have me, you have Emma and Parker. And you have Michael and Maria and their kids. That is hardly being alone. One day you will know your father.”


“Really?” Parker asked Kyle as they sat down for their lunch was finished. “Can we?” he asked again.

“Sure,” Kyle said having suggested a game of baseball. “The girls can come with us. Maria and Liz, you’ll free to join us.”

“Nah,” Maria said. “I am out of this one.”

“Me to,” Liz said with a smile. But go ahead, go down to the park. Evan, do you want to go with them? I think Parker could use a boy on his side since he’s outranked by three females.

“Can I?” Evan asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” Liz said as he encouraged the boy to feel more at home. And she smiled while she saw that Evan looked happy at the idea of going to park with the other kids. “Now Kyle remember please be back before it turns dark and don’t be too aggressive or competitive.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Kyle saluted Liz and they all burst out laughing and before long Kyle was using Liz’s car to take the kids to the park to play baseball.

Liz looked on as the car slid out of the driveway; she turned and ran smack dab into Maria’s smiling face. “What?”

“You’re falling for that kid, aren’t you?” Maria

“Come on now Maria,” Liz said.

“I am serious Liz. We all can see it. You’re falling for that cute kid. Is it the Max factor? He may look like Isabel and Tess. But he has Max’s personality,” Maria asked as they walked into the kitchen to clean up the dishes from the kids’ lunch.

“No Maria it really isn’t. Max has nothing to do with it,” Liz said but looking at Maria’s face, she knew her best friend didn’t buy it one bit either. “Okay a little. But Evan is adorable in his own right. He deserves a chance and I am not prepared to turn him out. As I have said before, it shouldn’t be a case of the sins of the mother being visited on the kid. He deserves a chance. Parker and Emma have an opportunity for a normal life, and Evan deserves that chance too.

“Oh yeah, you’ve fallen.” Maria said with a smile. “And what happens if Tess shows up?”

“She’s dead!” Liz blurted out and Maria’s smile turned into an instant frown and then shock.

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked.

“Evan says his mother is dead. And now we’ve believed it before, but I am inclined to believe it this time. There is a reason Tess left her son here. She hates me Maria; no way would she allow me any contact with Max’s son if she could help it.” Liz said. “I think Tess lied back in Roswell, she did have a connection to her son which is why she stole him from his adoptive family. And now, he knows that she’s gone.”

“Are you sure?” Maria asked.

“100% Sure, No,” Liz said. “But for now, I believe it and that is all I can do for now.” She said with a newfound determination. She may not have fully come to terms with the past, but she wasn’t going to take it out on an innocent kid and Evan wasn’t Tess, he was innocent in all this melodrama...

“Good for you,’ Maria said as the door opened, and Michael came in. “Hey, you’re home early.”

“I got Doug to finish the shift,” Michael said as he looked between his wife and Liz. “I thought we needed some time, given all the hectic chaos in our lives. So where are the kids?”

“Well Kyle took them to the park to play baseball.” Liz said. “I am sure you could go and catch up with them.”

“Nah, I don’t think I am in the mood for baseball right now.” Michael said. “So, what have you two been discussing?”

“Liz thinks Tess is dead!” Maria said bluntly. “She says Evan had this feeling that his mother is no longer in the land of living.”

“WHAT?” Michael asked as he looked at Liz with horror on his face. “What is going on Liz? What makes you think Tess is dead and buried?”

“She might not be buried. But Evan makes me think she’s dead within the last twenty-four hours. And if he’s right that his mother is gone, and therefore she’s probably not a threat anymore.

“I am making some calls,” Michael said as he immediately switched into his soldier persona. Liz and Maria only could shake their heads but allow him to feel like he could control what both was impossible, the unknown, so they allowed him to head to the office, to the phone.

“You know Maria,” Liz asked as they watched Michael scramble out of the kitchen in a hurry.

“What?” Maria asked.

“I have this feeling, that things will never be the same.” Liz said as she looked back at her best friend. “It is like we’ve opened this huge Pandora box, and nothing will be normal again.

“I think you’re right on the money!” Maria nodded with a sigh. “But then when have we been normal. We left normal when we were sixteen years old”


“Are you satisfied with agreement?” LeAnn asked Max as they sat in her office and looked over the sale agreement on his house. “If so, sign where the x’s are.”

“Yes,” Max said as he signed his name. “Thank you for doing this for me, my wife loved that house. And it would be a shame if it wasn’t properly disposed of. So, thank you for taking the house for me, and if you do get any offers. Email me at this address, and I’ll arrange for you to fax the necessary papers to me. My sister and I don’t plan to arrive in Texas until the potentially the weekend, so I may not be able to accept any offers until the beginning of next week unless there is a worthy offer you think that is too good to wait on, and then by all means contact me.

“Very well,” LeAnn said taking papers and checking the signatures. “It’s a lovely house. I am sure it will go to a nice family, have a safe drive.”

“Thank you,” Max said as he got up from the chair and went out to the waiting room where Isabel sat. “Ready?”

“I’m ready!” Isabel nodded as she continued to wrestle with what to tell Max about what awaited them in Texas. How Liz was there. And they could be walking into a new alien battle. But she continued to walk with her brother and got into the car that was packed to the rafters. Max was taking the first shift in driving. “Are you?”

“I feel we’re going in the right direction Iz,” Max said. “I feel Texas is going to be our lucky state.”

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Re: Leaving Normal (CC, Mature) - Chapter 6 - Updated: 03/17/2018

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Great part. Isabel and Max have no idea what awaits Max in Texas.

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