Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 (The Conclusion)- Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 25 - Updated 1/06/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:51 am

Wow JI'm told Amy the truth. Wonder what Amy is going to do now. So Max told Maria and Isabel about Grace see Alex . Wonder what Amy, Jim, Max, Maria and Isabel going to do. Can't wait for Michael, Kyle, Beth to see each other.


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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 25 - Updated 1/06/2018

Postby roswell4life » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:57 am

Let's all hope Amy doesn't keep her mouth shut like Jim :lol: Ready for more people to know about what's going on!!!

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Reunion - Chapter 26 - 1/10/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:40 am

“Alex Max, Alex?” Isabel whispered even though everyone was looking at Max with some level of shock. “What is this all about?” she stood looking at her brother. “Alex has been dead more than twenty years.”

“I know Isabel,” Max nodded as he turned to face the room. “But I believe my daughter and Grace is certain she saw the ghostly form of Alex Whitman out by the chambers.”

The chamber Maxwell?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, I know how it sounds,” Max nodded. “But it’s not as it’s without precedent that Alex has been known to pop up before to communicate with one of us, this time he went to the new generation who wouldn’t remember him.”

“That was twenty years, ago Max and you are right, why speak with Grace? Why couldn’t he go to one of us?” Isabel blurted out. “I admit I was taking his death hard and I was considering running off to school in California. And he told me to do what I felt like in my heart.”

“I know,” Max said cringing at his own behavior when they had lost Alex from their lives.

“And then a year later when I though lamely I was in love with Jesse,” Isabel though back to short-lived marriage to Jesse Ramirez in her freshman year of college. She had met him after graduation and felt like she wanted to be an adult and rushed into the relationship even though she was still mourning what was never to be with Alex. The marriage had only lasted months before Jesse learned of Isabel’s true status and it ultimately lead to a lot of pain and hurt and an annulment during the summer of 2002. Isabel focused on school work and her family, and eventually fell in love with Kyle who knew the real her the whole time and they managed to make their differences work.

“I don’t know why he went to Grace and not one of us, but my point is that there is precedent for Alex to still be around,” Max sighed. “He told Grace he had unfinished business.”

“What kind of unfinished business. We solved his death,” Maria asked as she couldn’t help but remember the time the whole clan had fractured in the wake of Alex’s death and Tess’s attempt to cause distrust, and pain among them as she tried to cover up her role in the death of Alex. “Or Liz did.”

“I don’t think he’s talking about that,” Max was saying as Michael’s cell phone rang and he answered and talked for a few moments as he wondered if something had happened at the party. “What is it?” he asked as soon as Michael got off the phone. “Is it the kids?”

“No, Jim.” Michael said turning to Kyle. “It seems your father really does have a bee in his bonnet regarding this mission of his as he has us on a 6:45 out of Albuquerque first thing in the morning. We fly to Hartford.”

“Thanks Dad,” Kyle muttered. “We will be flying all day.”

“Yup,” Michael nodded. “We pick up the tickets at the airport. Sorry Max for interrupting you so you can go back to what you were talking about when the phone rang, and our discussion was interrupted.”

“It was unfinished business Alex was telling Grace in the chamber. She was all alone in there,” Max said. “He wanted her to come to me. She said, I needed to go back to that night, and look at it closely.”

“That night Max,” Isabel asked. “Was he talking about his crash?”

“No,” Max shook his head. “I would think he has made peace with his own death because we did solve it. It’s something else keeping him here and that is why he came to talk to Grace.”

“It’s certainly a shock,” Maria said. “We know he appeared to Isabel. But, why come back now. It’s more than twenty years later! If he wants us to find some additional information, why wait all this time?”

“I really don’t know,” Max said. “Grace also said “death” was involved. But that no one we loved was currently in danger.”

“Death?” Isabel squeaked.

“I know,” Max said. “I won’t begin to tell you what I think is going on as I have no real clue.”

“This doesn’t make sense Maxwell,” Michael began. “Grace went through something very serious and traumatic a week, ago. Do you think maybe she couldn’t be over thinking this? Dreaming this almost?”

“Look I know this makes no sense, but my daughter is very strong. And she wouldn’t dream this up. She has no reason to want to conjure up Alex. He died years before she was even born. She has heard stories, but she would have no reason to make this up.”

“I believe you,” Isabel said. “Grace wouldn’t do it.”

“Yeah,” Maria agreed. “Talking about Alex brings up memories of a very trying time in all our lives. It was a very stressful time with a lot of pain and as much as I miss him, I have a tough time remembering that time, so I can’t figure out why he would want to dredge that time in our lives.”

“None of us do,” Kyle said as he had stayed silent through the talk of Alex. Because talk of Alex only brought up memories he would choose to forget. Being that he had been forced to an accomplice in Tess’s scheme to cover up the true cause of Alex’s death. It had taken him months to get over it; and he wasn’t quite sure if he was still all the way comfortable with the knowledge of what he did. “Tess tricked us all. And Alex was an unfortunate victim in all this. We got to go on with our lives. He didn’t.”


“Jim what is going on?” Amy was asking as she pulled herself up from the shock of her husband statement. “That is ludicrous to think that Liz survived all those years, ago. That makes no sense” she asked as she remembered the day the Parker’s heard about the accident. It was total devastation. The café had to be closed for several months before they even though of reopening again. The loss of their daughter almost destroyed Jeff and Nancy. If not for Grace; they might have packed it all in and left Roswell for good. “Liz has to be dead.”

“I know honey,” Jim sighed. “I don’t want it to be true. I would rather tell you that this has been all an elaborate hoax because of what it could mean if it’s true for Max and Grace, and Jeff and Nancy. But some credible evidence is starting to pile up and I am beginning to wonder if it’s true.”

“This isn’t Liz?” Amy demanded, in denial. “It can’t be,” she was saying of the picture in Jim’s file of the current day Beth Evans.”

“That woman isn’t calling herself Liz,” Jim said. “I know it’s eerie and insane.”

“What is she calling herself then?” Amy asked as in her stubborn voice as if she was refusing to believe anything her husband was saying.

“Beth Evans,” Jim said quietly as he waited for the bombshell to hit his wife and it did with a bang. “Yes, I know.”

“Jim,” Amy yelled but realized they could probably be overheard by the grandkids. “What the heck is going on?”

“Two cops from New Haven, Connecticut came to me about a collision of cases. Seems they got a tip that this criminal they were dealing with on an unrelated case in New Haven was admitting to setting up Liz’s crash. She wasn’t killed in the explosion. The car stopped; flat tire. She got out, and got grabbed from behind. And another body probably like Liz was put in the car and then the gas tank was puncture, and it exploded.”

“I don’t understand,” Amy asked.

“And you expect me to understand this,” Jim sighed. “I don’t Amy,” he whispered. “Right now, the evidence is piling up, but I am not convinced we have the truth.”

“Why would anyone take Liz?” Amy asked.

“I have no idea,” Jim said. “But we can’t ignore the fact the kids do have enemies.”

“You’re talking about Max, Michael and Isabel of the older generation.” She asked. “Yes, they did have enemies. But by the time Liz had died; it had all died down to a dull roar. It was actually pretty calm from what I can remember of that time in their lives.”

“I know,” Jim nodded. “Tess ended the daily nightmares for all for them, but she wasn’t the only one out to hurt the kids.”

“You mean Isabel’s ex,” Amy said referring to Khivar who had come back for a short interlude as Isabel was marrying Jesse. He took possession of a human, and tried to bring her back with him to their home planet but she along with Max and Michael fought him off and sent him back to their home planet or so they all believed.

“He’s one,” Jim acknowledged. “We can’t blind or ignore the fact that the kids did once have some real threats out there and Liz being Max’s wife would have been an easy target if they wanted some revenge against Max or any of them. What could be better revenge than fake the death of Max’s wife, and no one be the wiser and once the dust clear across the country they could have tried to kill Liz in that car crash near New Haven, Connecticut but only this time she survived. But luckily for the kidnappers she had an aggressive case of amnesia and lost her memory. And therefore, any attempt to identify her would fail, and that would remain status quo for fourteen years until a fluke tip kicked the dirt up on the case again,” Jim said. “It’s been done before. So, it could happen.”

“I know it can happen,” Amy sighed. “But I don’t like to think she could have been out there all this time, alone.”

“I know that sweetheart,” Jim said. “I hate the mere idea of it, which is why I am asking the boys to go to Connecticut tomorrow and see if we have something legitimate to work with. I don’t want to go to Max and Grace and upset them with this information before I have some solid proof to back up my story.”

“But why Connecticut?” Amy asked.

“Beth Evans,” Jim sighed. “There was a crash outside of New Haven, Connecticut five days after Liz’s crash. A solo occupant; a female was rescued alive but fell into a coma. When she woke up in hospital two months later; she had no memory whatsoever of her past or the accident. She was referred to Jane Doe before she legally changed her name to Beth Evans.”

“So, you thinking whoever took Liz from Roswell transported her from the state, across the country and somehow a crash resulted and even though she survived; she had no memory, so she couldn’t come back to her family.” Amy asked.

“It’s plausible,” Jim said. “You have seen the pictures and they match up to who Liz was fourteen years, ago. So, I want to do some more checking.”

“Oh god, if this is true.” Amy squeaked.

“I know,” Jim nodded. “That is why I am sending in Michael and Kyle; they would know. Especially Kyle as they dated for a few months back in high school. Michael would also be able to provide an honest identification.”

“Grr…” Amy muttered.

“And there is one more thing that makes this too uncanny not to be true,” Jim said. “Amy. This Beth Evans gave birth to twin girls a few months later in October 2008. Only five months after the crash. Their names are Alexandra and Caroline Evans.”

“Oh, my god, Alex….” Amy stammered.


“Max… So, when you healed me, you risked all this getting out…. Why? a young woman was asking in a classroom type setting.

“It was you” said a dark hair mystery man as he faced the young brunette in the same room.


“Max,” Beth sighed as she woke up with a startle jerk in her bed. Oh god, another dream she was thinking as she sat up in bed. She remembered that it was late at night. Carrie was in bed and she was trying to sleep when felt compelled into this memory. It’s the first time a name has come to me? she told herself. Is it a false memory, something I want to believe because of the quest my kids are on or is a legitimate memory of my past.

Sighing again, she got up and put on her robe, made a note in her notebook that Dr. Francisco told her to keep as a log of memories, and went for a walk to her office where she stores the information that her kids had found. Unlocking her desk, she took out the file folder that had the information, plus the locket.

Looking at the locket, she admired the simplicity of it. So, rusted, so banged up but still the name “Grace” seem to jump right out at her. “Did she have this in her possession at the time of the crash” she asked herself. She remembered back to the time in the hospital when she woke up and the police came to interview her. They had told her that no identification or wallet was found in the crash. The car hadn’t been salvageable. She couldn’t remember if they had given her the locket or not or if it had been in effects she was given at the hospital when she and the twins were released.

Picking up the DNA form, she read again how her children matched with someone named Grace Evans. Was the reason I picked the name Evans because I recalled it in some way. Was it my actual last name in my prior life? she asked herself? She then picked up the photo of the award celebration and looked at the dark-haired man.

It was the man of her dreams. What is going on? she asked herself.

Looking back at the locket, she opened it up. An old type picture still was inside and it was still shocking for Beth to see the face inside. Was this me? she asked.

She knew she needed answers, for herself, and for her daughters. They deserved to know if they had family out there.

She decided to go downstairs for some hot milk, to see whether she would then be able to sleep.

“Answers, I want answers” she muttered to herself as she went downstairs but she also dreaded them.


“This has been a special night,” Grace was saying to Jake as they danced. “I am glad I decided to have the party,” she smiled as the music blasted. Everyone was grooving to the music and Sue and Elizabeth was currently laughing in a corner. “I think if Dad does really open this as a teenager nightclub,” she was saying. “It might work out.”

“I do to,” Jake said. “It beats what they used this place for in the olden days,” he smiled.

“I might ask your father for a job here this summer, if he does intend to open it up as a club.”

“Then are you sticking around?” Grace asked.

“I haven’t gotten in anywhere yet,” Jake acknowledged. “But I could use a job for expenses in case I do go somewhere eventually. I don’t have the funds to take summer classes.”

“I know there is a really good chance you’ll be gone but I just can’t imagine you not around next year,” Grace sighed. “It will be so different at school.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Jake said. “You have Elizabeth and Sue, and all your other friends. You won’t exactly be lonely.”

“I know,” Grace said. “It’s just going to be different. I already feel everything is changing, and I am not sure I like it. I want everything to be like it was, normal. Life suddenly seems so adult, and I am not sure I like the idea of it being so complex.”

“We all grow up Grace,” Jake said. “Before you know it, you will be choosing colleges. I am sure the Ivy League will be fighting for you to go one of their universities. But that is next year, this is this year. You should be enjoying your party and leave the worries for another day or another year.”

“I am,” Grace smiled. “I want a drink.”

“Let’s go,” Jake said as they went for the punch bowl and found Elizabeth and Sue going for another drink as well. “Ladies, having a fun night, are we?”

“Super,” Elizabeth said.

“You haven’t spiked the drink, have you?” Jake warned his sister and her friend.

“Stuff it Jake,” Elizabeth smiled. “Of course not, as I am not you bro.”

“Good,” Jake said as he went for a drink for himself while Grace poured one for herself.

“I see a friend, so I’ll leave you girls to talk. Later Grace,” he said as he walked away.

“You’ve spent most of the evening so far with Jake,” Sue observed. “Are you going to tell me you’re only friends?” she asked. “Or are you thinking about Dominic. I am surprised you didn’t invite him.”

“Only friends Sue,” Grace smiled. “It’s a club, and music is blaring. We were dancing, only dancing” she muttered. “And Dominic is nothing.”

“Dominic is not anything, so have you told Jake he asked you out?” Sue asked as Elizabeth’s jaw dropped. “You heard right, Dominic Rhodes asked Grace out and she is considering going.”

“Sue,” Grace said. “I still have to run it past my father. If not Jake, he’s very protective of who I got out with these days.”

“As he should be,” Elizabeth smiled. “But I doubt your father will disapprove of Dominic. He’s West Point bound, right?”

“Right,” Grace acknowledged. “It would just be a movie,” she sighed. “I don’t know if I am ready to go out with someone after everything that happened.”

“It’s a movie, not a date at a motel.” Elizabeth whispered. “Do it and it might wake my brother up?”

Grace could only shake her and laugh, and they swayed to the music and before long they were dancing together to some disco music.

Okay, let’s change the subject,” Sue smiled as they danced to the music. “This place is the best.”

“I know,” Grace said. “I hear it might open officially in the summer.”

“Cool,” Sue said. “Oh, that is Calvin; I have to remind him about something to do with an assignment in our English class. See you later.”

“Are you having a great night?” Elizabeth asked.

“The best, it beats where I was last week,” Grace shuttered. “So, I am just going to enjoy tonight and forget any worries I may have until tomorrow if I have to” she smiled. “Let’s dance.”

“Let’s go,” Elizabeth said as they went into the crowd.


“Did you know the Federal Government was interested in Maxwell Evans back the late 90’s, and early 2000’s.?” Detective MacIntosh asked as he sat on a bed in his motel room. Casper’s was located two doors down from his, and they were meeting to talk about the case.

“In what kind of way?” Sandra asked as she looked up from her own files.

“I am reading up on the Evans file. They do have a file. It doesn’t say a reason why, just that the Federal Government had sent in an agent Kathleen Topolsky to pose as a substitute teacher and later Guidance Counselor at West Roswell High. Their primary interest was in Maxwell Evans, his sister Isabel, and their best friend Michael Guerin. She was pulled out of the school shortly before Christmas 1999. She later died. It does say she was attached to what was labeled the Special Unit. But no clarification as to what kind of mission she was conducting while at the high school. It indicates Elizabeth Parker as one of the people that Agent Topolsky listed as a person of interest in the case.

“Interesting,” Casper said. “Is there anything else?”

“There was a shooting in the Crashdown Café, run by Jeff and Nancy Parker on September 19, 1999. Witnesses insist their daughter was shot; but she insists that she was knocked to the ground with a bottle of ketchup in the kafuffle that took place and instead of blood, there was ketchup on her uniform.” MacIntosh read from a document. “Max Evans and Michael Guerin were present in the Crashdown that day and a Max Evans ran to assist Elizabeth in the commotion and was seen standing over her as she came too.”

“Was she hurt?” Casper asked.

“No indications of any injuries except the said blood/ketchup on her waitress uniform,” MacIntosh read aloud. “Two witnesses did claim they think Evans did something to Ms. Parker, but they were later ruled to be two alien conspiracy nuts.”

“Are they implying that Max Evans may have done something to Ms. Parker to aid in her recovery?” Sandra asked.

“That is the gist when you read between the lines,” MacIntosh sighed. “A few weeks after the shooting, the Agent Topolsky was sent into the school to conduct her investigation.”

“Are you saying Mr. Evans was accused of being an Area 51 type alien?”
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 26 - Updated 1/10/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:09 pm

Beth is starting to remember Max!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 26 - Updated 1/10/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:13 pm

OH MY GOD BETH IS STARTING TO REMEMBER MAX FINALLY!!!! Yes Beth you need answers. Max and everyone needs answers now. Hopefully Michael and Kyle will find out about Beth. And Beth can find out about whoever Max is.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 26 - Updated 1/10/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:39 pm

I think seeing Grace has triggered Beth's memories. Hopefully she remembers more of her past life.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 26 - Updated 1/10/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:18 am

Great question........why is Alex talking to Grace?
Amy is right.......the kids did have enemies...........Khivar??
The second crash in CT is still a puzzle to me.
And it seems like Beth's memory is coming back.......,.she remembers the name Max!
Thanks, and hurry back,

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 26 - Updated 1/10/2018

Postby begonia9508 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:08 am

Why is Beth/Liz so suddenly starting to remember? Something must have triggered her Memory and I wonder what did it... and why... Khivar maybe?
But there will be a long way, for Liz and Max - if they meet again ...

Love this Story - even if it sad to know that the years lost won't never come back! Waiting impatiently for more - Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Reunion - Chapter 27 - 1/14/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:20 am

Max walked back into his house while putting down the car keys on the table by the door. He knew Grace was still at her party. His gathering at the Maria and Michael’s had ended relatively early because Michael and Kyle had to get on the road early in the morning to be able to catch their flight. Therefore, they needed to get home and pack. And Kyle had to arrange for his assistant coach Douglas Crystal take the game the following day and practices until he returned. So now Max was home alone.

Walking into the living room, he looked at the picture of his daughter. Sighing at how she was growing up. She went to the safe in his office and pulled out what Grace had found at the chamber. Looking at the wallet; he hadn’t wanted to tell the others about what Grace had found because the news about Alex to Max was enough for one night. He didn’t want to deal with the fallout of them learning about the wallet. But he needed answers. Why was the wallet perfectly intact fourteen years later? It made no sense to Max.

“Looking through it, it was everything like it should have been on June 25, 2008. Liz’s credit cards, the photograph of two-year-old Grace. Her identification for the hospitals she worked at and even a snapshot of their wedding day.

This should have perished in the crash Max told himself. “Damn it, I have to go out to the Chamber. He hadn’t been out there since Liz’s birthday in December when he had gone both to the cemetery and the memorial site. He picked up the phone. “Sorry, I am waking you up. Can we meet in the morning? I need to go out to the Chamber and need some company. The kids will be sleeping in late I am sure, sure, thank you Maria. Tell Michael good luck. And to tell me everything when he gets home,” he smiled as he hung up.

Putting the wallet back into the safe, he decided to head to bed.


“This night was one for memories,” Grace was saying as they were locking up shortly after midnight as the party was officially over and Elizabeth was waiting in the limousine the parents had ordered to make sure they got to and home safety from the party. “I guess we’ll going to have to help with the cleanup in the morning.”

“You don’t have to worry. I have that handled. I’ll be helping the crew,” Jake admitted as they walked to the limousine. “It’s part of my deal with Mom and Dad.”

“Would that be in the wake of last weekend?” Grace asked.

“It’s no issue really,” Jake said. “It’s just matter of cleaning up,” he said as they got in the back seat with Elizabeth. “We’ll see you home first Elizabeth,” he said. “Then I’ll make sure Grace gets home safety” he said. “Mom and Dad want you home as soon as possible.”

“I know,” Elizabeth smiled at the mere idea of Grace and Jake. They might be stubborn, but Grace was swept away on the romance of it even if she did find it weird that her brother and best friend couldn’t help but flirt with each other, and might just end up together one day.


Amy Deluca Valenti was trying to make peace with what her husband told her earlier that evening. Her reaction to the name Alexandra told the whole story, she had been shocked. The idea that Liz could be alive had rattled her to the core. The name Alexandra; form for Alexander had to be proof of something shady didn’t it she told herself. She knew it could just be coincidence. The name Alexandra was common place these days. But the fact was there was someone very close to her daughter and this Beth named her daughter Alex. It truly too much and to know she couldn’t tell Jeff or Nancy yet for risk of hurting them if this was one elaborate prank.

“Coming to bed?” Jim asked as he came downstairs. “I didn’t want to tell you.”

“I pestered it out of you,” Amy said. “I was just thinking of Jeff and Nancy. They took Liz’s death extremely hard. She was their only child. If not for Grace; I don’t know what would have happened and to think all these years, their grief was for naught.”

“I know,” Jim said. “I keep thinking of Max and Grace.”

“I know,” Amy said. “She’s sixteen and to spend fourteen years without a mother and to think it might have been taken from her not because of dangerous weather but some madman and there would have been the ability to locate her if only we had known?”

Jim nodded. “We can’t tell them. We need to hear more from Michael and Kyle.”

“As much as I want to go to Jeff and Nancy tonight and tell them; I know you’re right. They can’t know until we have some more proof,” Amy sighed. “And not my Maria, especially not Maria as it killed my daughter to lose her best friend on top of losing Alex. While she’d been able to move on with her life and establish such a critically acclaim one, losing Liz had left a deep and lasting mark.”

“I want to be able to tell everyone. But we can’t until we know more,” he sighed.

She nodded. “Have you thought about having the body that does lie in Liz’s grave dug up and tested to see whether the autopsy was correct,” Amy asked. “It would save us a lot of time and pain, to know one way or another.”

“I want to,” Jim said. “But then Max would have to know and consent.”

“And you don’t want to get up their hopes until you hear more from Connecticut, right?” Amy asked.

“Right,” Jim said. “It’s late; let’s talk about this in the morning. You need your rest. You work at the café, tomorrow right?”

“Right,” Amy nodded as they turned off the light, and walked upstairs to their bedroom with the hope of no more surprises to come.


Michael was in his office looking at some materials he would need for his trip. He should have been in bed by now; but he needed to stay up to see that Elizabeth got home safely. It was her first big outing past midnight. “Hey,” he called as Elizabeth passed the doorway. “Where is your brother?”

“Seeing Grace home,” Elizabeth said she came inside the office. “Why are you still up?”

“Your mother made me,” Michael smiled. “I wanted to see you got home safely. Did you have a good evening?”

“The best,” Elizabeth smiled that gave every glance to Michael that his little girl was growing up and becoming a woman as if he didn’t get that idea out of the dress that his daughter had conned out of his wife. He hated the idea his princess was growing up. “I want that kind of party in June when I turn 16.”

“I am sure we’ll come up with your own kind of party when the time comes,” Michael said, not liking the reminder his little girl would be turning sixteen very soon. When did I become a family man he asked himself? It wasn’t that long ago, he was rebelling against commitment and now he had it all. “We have time. Honey, you should know I will be heading out of town in a few hours.”

“Where are you going?” Elizabeth asked as her eye brows raised at the news.

“Business,” Michael smiled. “Early morning flight out of Santa Fe and I’ll be going with Uncle Kyle. I am not sure when I’ll be home. You will help your mother, right?”

“Of course, Dad,” Elizabeth nodded. “How long will you be gone?”

“It will hopefully just a few days,” Michael said. “I know your mother can handle a lot, but you need to keep an eye on her, and your brothers and sister okay,” he asked.

“Of course, I will Dad,” Elizabeth promised. “But I’ll miss you.”

“That goes double for me and I’ll miss all of you,” Michael smiled as he hugged his eldest daughter. “It’s late as you should be getting to bed.”

Elizabeth turned and left the room, leaving Michael to watch his grown up looking daughter leave, and he sighed. Turning off the light, he took his briefcase and went upstairs and got into bed. “She’s home.”

“Finally,” Maria smiled as she cozies in her husband’s arms. “I assume Jake is still with Grace?”

“Yup,” Michael confirmed.

A sigh came from his wife.


Isabel couldn’t sleep. Kyle was due to wake up to catch his flight to Hartford anytime. The kids were still with Amy and Jim, so it was just the adults in the house. The unease that had been settling in prior to the evening event at Michael and Maria had manifested itself even more so once she had heard about Grace’s visitor. Alex Whitman. He was still around in his ghostly form. I thought you had vanished when I decided to marry Jesse? She asked herself. What kind of unfinished business do you have? We solved your death. Or shall I say Liz did, so I don’t get it, why?

An unseen presence came from behind Isabel and stood to where she couldn’t see, even if it was visible. It’s because a wrong must be corrected. It’s taken all this time to get the pieces to come together. None of the parties were ready until now. I can’t physically help bring Max and Liz back together. It must be done for me. I just nudge pieces into place. Liz helped give me peace. I am trying to do that for her now. She isn’t meant to stay where she is. It’s bad enough that certain people succeeded in getting their way. It ends now regardless of the pain that it will cause.

“You see it Isabel” came the voice in her head. “You know it, even though you don’t think you do. Listen to your heart and especially your head.”

“Alex?” Isabel whispered. “Is that you?” she asked. “What are you trying to tell me?”

“You know Isabel” came the voice. “You know.”

“Isabel?” came a very alive voice. She turned and saw that it was Kyle, “you’re awake?”

“I woke to make sure I had everything only to see that you weren’t in bed with me, couldn’t you sleep?”

“No.” Isabel shook her head. “There is something I am missing,” she sighed. “I just know there is something I should know but I don’t.”

“It will come to you in time Isabel,” Kyle reasoned as he looked at the clock. “Anyways I had to get up anyways. Michael will be here in 20 to pick me up for the airport. Are you sure you will be okay without me?” he asked.

“I think I can handle the kids without you,” Isabel smiled. “It’s not like you haven’t been gone before.”

“I know, but this is a sudden trip.” Kyle reasoned. “I know I am leaving you in the lurch and yes I know you can handle the kids,” he smiled. “But it’s a lot to handle on your own with the boutique such a booming success, and when I don’t know how long I will be gone.”

“If anything happens, I can always get some help from my parents. We are due there anyways for dinner tonight. It’s a family dinner. Max and Grace will be there. I know Michael and Maria and family were invited, so I sure it will just be Maria and the kids. We will be fine Kyle, you don’t have to worry.”

“Okay,” Kyle smiled as they kissed. “What was going on when I came downstairs? It’s as if you were talking to someone?”

“It’s nothing,” Isabel insisted.

“Isabel,” Kyle asked.

“It’s just I have this feeling. Maybe Alex is just on my brain because of what Max said but I get this feeling he was trying to communicate with me.”

“Maybe he is,” Kyle acknowledged as it didn’t bother him that Alex held a hold of his wife still to this day because it was hard to argue that given his own actions in helping Tess, he didn’t have much ground to stand on and he was fine with it. He knew how much Alex meant to his wife, and the regrets she held. But he was confident in their love, and the family they had built. “We all know you have certain gifts. You are able to see more than most people.”

“I know, but why now. Why wait all this time,” Isabel asked.

“It beats me,” Kyle said. “Ghosts usually have their own time table in giving answers. If he wants you to know something, don’t fight it.” he suggested. “Anyways my suitcase is by the door and I am going to grab something to drink and eat before Michael arrives.”

Isabel nodded and followed her husband into the kitchen.


“I really should go inside,” Grace was saying. “Dad is going to kill me if he knew I was still out here at 2 a.m.,” she sighed. “It may have been my birthday party. But I was already skating on thin ice over our act of rebellion last weekend.”

“He’s asleep,” Jake insisted. “Otherwise he would have been out long ago.”

“Thank you, Jake, for that comforting thought,” Grace laughed. “It’s late, I really should get inside. Are you sure you want to walk home? You shouldn’t have told the driver to leave. It’s dangerous to walk home this time of night.”

“This isn’t the first time I have been out late at night. I will be fine,” Jake said. “You are worried because I am normal; I am not one of you.”

“No, that’s not it.” Grace said to the reminder that Jake was normal. Not a human alien hybrid second generation like she was. It truly was a stark contrast to how she was, and what she dealt with each day. Jake had normal worries. She had too many weird ones. “Anyone would be worried.”

“Thank you for being worried but I will be fine,” Jake smiled as he was oddly touched by her concern.

“It’s nothing,” Grace insisted as they stood up from the bench they were sitting on. “Your parents are going to have issues with you staying up this late, with me of all people.”

“Why?” Jake asked.

“You know they think we spend too much time together,” Grace stated as she knew that they were a popular discussion topic among the adults. She wasn’t without special talents for no reason and she could use them when she wished and therefore she knew they were concerned about her and Jake. Heck they first thought Jake was her baby’s father. That would have been a wakeup call for anyone and the adults in their little circle were no different.

“Well they can think what they want, we’re friends. And we’re not suddenly going to stop seeing each other.” Jake said adamantly. “Plus, it’s your night. You deserve to be happy.”

“I am happy,” Grace smiled. “I do hope you get the job at the club this summer.”

“It would be interesting,” Jake nodded as he got prepared to say good-bye and head home. “I hear acceptances are starting to come in the next week or so. Some friends have already gotten theirs.”

“I will miss you,” Grace sighed.

“Let’s worry about that when the time comes,” Jake said. “And will you really miss me. You have Dominic.”

“What!” Grace squeaked. “I do not.”

“Grace, the grapevine around West Roswell is not that big and especially not when you have a sister like Elizabeth who likes to parrot all the gossip that she thinks is relevant but in this case, it wasn’t Elizabeth but other sources. I heard Dominic asked you out, and you’re considering it.”

“I wanted to be the one to tell you,” Grace insisted. “And I don’t know if I am going out with him. He called and asked, and I am considering it. If Dad lets me off his leash I wanted to wait to after the party to ask him, so I might not even want to go. I haven’t made up mind yet.”

“I want you happy,” Jake said a little too quickly and firmly. “I have to go,” he sighed as he looked at his watch. “All I ever have wanted is for you to be happy,” he muttered as he walked away.

“I am,” Grace smiled as she watched him leave and wondered if for the first-time Jake was jealous of another guy asking her out.


“You’re a dumbass Jacob,” Jake Guerin told himself as he got into his car and drove home. “Maybe my sister is right. Am I jealous and am I risking losing Grace before I even have her in my life. If Dominic is interested, maybe I am too late.” he sighed. “Grace maybe going through a tough time,” he told himself as he continued his inner monologue as he drove the few streets to him his family home. “She isn’t ready. But one day she’s going to take that step, and even if Dominic is not going to be around next year, he still is a good guy,” he acknowledged as he pulled into the driveway of home as he noticed a cab pulling up front.

“Mom and Dad?” Jake said quietly as he saw his parents walk out towards him as he walked up the pathway. “What is going on?”

“It’s 2:30 in the morning Jake and you’re just getting home?” Michael asked.

“Grace and I were talking. She’s safely at home,” Jake acknowledged. “It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.”

“We know,” Maria said. “Anyways, I am too tired to argue with you. Your father needs to go away on business.”

“Why?” Jake asked.

“New case,” Michael said. “I am not sure how long I will be gone, so please keep an eye on your mother and siblings. And try not to stray that far from the house while I am gone, okay?” he asked.

“How long will you be gone?” Jake asked.

“It is hard to know right now, since I am not sure what I will be looking at until I get there and come face to face with the situation,” Michael said. “So, get inside, it’s the middle of the night”

“Yes Dad,” Jake said as he walked past his parents. “I hope you have a safe trip,” he said before he went inside.

“I am going to kill him before you get home, just so that you know,” Maria sighed. “I know he’s eighteen, but I wish he would take it easy.”

“It was Grace’s party tonight. It is to be expected he would test the limits as we did when we were their ages and anyways he’s here in Roswell and safely in his bedroom,” as he noticed the light to Jake’s bedroom turn on “And that is not something we could say a week ago,” Michael said softly as he kissed his wife. “We should trust them. I don’t think Grace is any condition to want a relationship right now.”

“I know,” Maria said as she watched Michael put his bag in the cab and kissed him goodbye. “Call me when you get where you are going,”

“I will,” Michael smiled. “Why don’t you say sorry to the Phillip and Diane and explain why Kyle and I can’t be there for dinner tonight?”

“I will,” Maria said. “Isabel and I can bond,” she smiled as waved and watched as the taxi drive off for the Valenti home.

Sighing, she went inside and saw that Jake had gone instantly to bed, so she decided to turn in. Deciding to lock the front door, she headed to bed after a reassuring check on all her kids to make sure they all were tucked into their beds.


“So, are you and Maria really that concerned about Jake and Grace?” Kyle was asking Michael as they took their seats on their flight to Connecticut. “I am so glad I don’t have to deal with it with my girls or Jamie yet.”

“Yes and No,” Michael said. “I know truthfully it hasn’t gotten serious between them. Grace is barely sixteen, and Jake is about to graduate. They are no way close to that point. But Maria is worried. She really doesn’t want to see the sins of the parents to repeat on the kids.”

“How so,” Kyle laughed.

“She knows how intense Max and Liz were as teenagers, and all the pain that came from that. And the same thing with her and I, it was pure hell during high school and even afterwards. Max and Liz got lucky in that they were made for each other and yet that plays into how devastated Max was after losing Liz; that love. We do want our kids to fall truly in love, but we don’t want them to get that serious….”

“So soon,” Kyle finished.

“Yes,” Michael said. “It might be a lost cause though and because of that Maria is fighting it,” he sighed.

“How so?” Kyle asked as the plane started to go down the runway.

“I see how a guy looks when he’s interested. And I see that in Jake when he looks at Grace. But because of her age, he’s resisting. And who knows if they ever get to that stage. Maria just rather they wait. He’s her baby, so she’s having a tough time letting go and acknowledging he’s growing up. And falling in love is something she would like if he waited for and enjoyed life a little more. And college, which is something she never got to do.”

“Because she was head over heels for you,” Kyle asked.

“Partially,” Michael thought. “We were headed to New York when we were eighteen. It was a hell of a time,” he remembered back,
“She wonders what if her life would have been easier.” Kyle asked. “What if she had gone to college and had the freedom of being a college kid rather than working for a living and all the stresses that came with that.”

“Yes,” Michael said. “We all had an intense time when we were teenagers, and she doesn’t want that intensity for the kids.”

“No one does,” Kyle said simply as she remembered that time well as he saw how intense Max and Liz had been, and even Michael and Maria. And then Isabel’s ill-advised short marriage to Jesse in the wake of losing Alex. It wasn’t an easy time for any of them with the pain that had enveloped them all so none of them wanted it repeating on the younger generation.

“I just hope they slow down.” Michael sighed. “And not rush so much, which is something I do agree with my wife on.”

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 27 - Updated 1/14/2018

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Love the way Alex is trying to help everyone realize the truth about Liz. Wonder what Max is going to the chamber with Maria for? Wonder if Michael and Kyle will find Beth Evans? Wonder what happen when Michael and Kyle try and talk to Beth Evans? Will Michael and Kyle finally find out the truth? Will Beth, Serena and daughters go to Roswell with Michael and Kyle?

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