A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

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A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby santigold53 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:02 pm



Rating: Teen
Ship: Candy with some Liz and Maria friendship thrown in. Maybe light Dreamer too.
Summary: What if after the dismissive argument Michael had with Maria at the Gambling Table at Vegas lead to a different conclusion?
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. They belong to Metz, Katims and the WB/UPN. Got it?
Notes: In this version, Sheriff Valenti doesn’t catch them. They ditched school a little early just to make an early getaway for Spring Break. (No debate team excuse needed- thanks anyway Max), and Liz and Max have a much needed moment in Las Vegas. Thank you Crashdown for the script, so I could include the dialogue verbatim from VLV in here!
Enjoy and Read and Review!


MARIA: Amazing news! I have an audition.
MICHAEL: Now, keep with me here folks I'm here to win and I don't see you [glaring at Maria for a quick moment].
MARIA: Hello? Don't you know what my dream has been since, like, the beginning of time? It's to start my singing career in a smoky Vegas, supper club.
[Michael rolls the dice and ignores Maria]
MARIA: I'll be up on stage right? In front of a great band, and I'll belt out some torch songs, there'll be a spotlight, my makeup will be perfect. I'll have...
MICHAEL: Maria, we had an agreement. Beat it.
MARIA: Are you not listening to me? This could be my big break, right now. Don't you want to come, and like cheer me on, and like give me a...
[Michael has just been announced the winner]
MICHAEL: Oh! The king, ladies, and gentlemen.
MARIA: Michael!
MICHAEL: Maria. I'm in the middle of something important!
[Maria, disappointed and saddened, leaves.]

After her upsetting run down with Michael, Maria decided to change into something more comfortable. Changing into jeans and white tank top, she put her clothes in her oversized purse and headed to find Liz. Waiting for the elevator doors to open she saw her blurred reflection in the doors and pulled her hair into a loose bun leaving a few stray blonde hairs framing the front of her face. She didn’t care. The thirst to look and feel glamorous had all about left her now. Her dream of signing in a Vegas Supper club had become obsolete. She even found it embarrassing she thought she could even get the chance in the first place.

“What was I thinking? No wonder Michael didn’t even pay attention to any of it!” she mused sadly in her head as she replayed the horrible conversation at the playing table in her mind over and over again. She couldn’t believe that even she had, for a moment, convinced herself that she could possibly discover her big break.

As the elevator doors opened two familiar faces appeared in front of Maria.

Alex looked at Maria’s glum face, noting she had all her belongings with her.

“Maria, you going somewhere?” Kyle asked as he also deduced to the same conclusion.

“I’m leaving,” Maria said as she briskly walked past them into the inside of the empty elevator.

Alex placed his hand on one of the doors to block the elevator from closing.

“Leaving to where?” Alex asked with a concerned look.

“Back to Roswell. Have you seen Liz?” asked Maria.

“She’s in the arcade, I think,” Kyle replied, stunned at Maria’s series of curt responses.

Maria nodded. “I’ll see you back home.”

“Ok,” said Alex hesitantly as he took his hand away from the door, while Kyle gave a casual salute sign to Maria as the doors closed in.

“Dude, that was not the way Maria acted on the flight to Vegas,” Kyle said wearily as he and Alex headed for their room.

Alex shook his head. “She was so excited and… cheery.”

“Excited? I thought her smile was so big it would crack her face!”

“I bet you Guerin had something to do with this. I mean that’s my guess anyway,” Alex stated regretfully. Alex began thinking about the time when he punched Michael in the face for canoodling with Courtney. Even if it was just to “gather information”, right then and there, he had wished in that moment he had hit him harder. How many times was that jerk of an alien going to hurt his best friend?

Kyle shook his head. “I really don’t understand why she puts up with Michael’s antics. Liz too when it comes to Max’s el presidente attitude. I don’t understand either of them!”

“I don’t even think I want to try to understand, my friend,” Alex said, slapping Kyle’s back as they reached their room.
* * *
Liz was playing on the pinball machine, her hands constantly on the sides of the machine, and her focus steadfast on the silver ball. Tess had left her alone, which finally gave Liz the peace she needed to deal with her thoughts. She was determined to keep her mind occupied and busy.

Just weeks ago, Future Max had paid her visit telling her that they were to get married in Vegas soon and that this course of direction had to be changed. If it didn’t, Tess would leave the group and without Tess, the alien hybrids wouldn’t be a complete unit. Tess’s detachment from the group would ultimately result in being the sole reason as to why Earth couldn’t be saved. Liz understanding the severity of Future Max’s words knew how important it was to keep Tess, Max, Isabel, and Michael together. But to her dismay, even though she was able to twist part of that future from coming true, she was upset that it couldn’t change it enough so that a trip to Vegas could’ve been avoided.

“Hey Chica,” Maria said, as she came up wearily from behind Liz as she placed her chin on Liz’s shoulder.

Liz whizzing around caught sight of the glum demeanor of her friend right away. Liz released her grasp on the pinball machine completely as she looked on at her distraught friend. She could hear the machine’s sounds surmising her loss, only adding to the sadness of the scene before her.

“Maria,” Liz started as she grasped Maria’s hand, “what’s wrong?”

Maria sighed as she shook her head rolling her eyes. “Why did we come here, Liz?”

Liz frowned at her in response. Maria let out a sad laugh.

“We should’ve just stayed home. Just let Max and Michael come on their own. Look at us. You’re trying to keep yourself busy, because I know what this place meant to you in a…. another life of sorts. I came thinking Michael and I had made some progress in our relationship after the whole Laurie episode, but who am I fooling? Why did I think this was a good idea?”

Liz squinted her eyes. “What happened? Did you and Michael have a fight or something?”

“Or something,” replied Maria. “I asked him for some support, but of course his poker game or was it Black Jack? Whatever game it was, it was more important than me and my dreams. Everything is more important than me. The alien chaos, his destiny, his rules, and his life. Everything!”

“Maria, you know that’s not true. Your life and dreams are very important,” Liz said reassuringly, as she hooked her arm around Maria’s.

“I know that, but he doesn’t feel that way. If the person you love doesn’t respect that, what does that say Liz?”

Liz was disappointed in Michael. On so many occasions Maria risked her life or put everything on hold for him. At a moment’s notice she could drop everything for him. Why was it so hard for him to be considerate and return the favor now and then? The only thing Liz could do was frown in response.

“I’m sorry Maria,” she said as the two girls leaned in closer to one another, hand in hand walking aimlessly out of the arcade.

Maria shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve given up. I’ve decided to head back home.”

“I’ll come with. The sooner I get out of this place the better,” Liz said as she pointed to her wristlet and backpack, signaling she had everything she needed and brought with her anyway.

Liz was just as ready to leave, for she was not able to put aside all of the memories Future Max had shared with her. Memories that once Liz encountered in another life.

As the two friends made a quick stop at the coffee cart, they sat outside and found a bench.

“This would’ve been your wedding day,” Maria said sadly to Liz as she stirred the red straw in her coffee cup. Liz nodded sadly as she took a sip of her coffee and gazed out at the sky. Maria noted her pensiveness and decided to change the subject and began to fill her in on her and Michael’s argument.

“I never even knew that Michael liked to gamble that much. Sure we’ve played poker once or twice with Kyle and Tess, but- “

“I hope that was the decent kind of poker game,” Liz said cocking one eyebrow in a teasing tone. To her delight it made Maria smile, which Liz internally celebrated. She was glad to see some of the glumness from Maria’s face finally dissipate.

“Of course it was! Anyway maybe we just don’t know much about each other after all,” Maria shrugged as she poured the cream to her hot cup of coffee.

The two headed for the bus depot to sit and wait for the next bus that happened to be leaving for Roswell, New Mexico.

“I was so happy for him Liz when he found out that he had some sort of family out there. To know that Michael had some human tie beyond that loser Hank, Liz, I can’t tell you how much that made me feel better. When I think of all the hurt Michael went through with that man, I…” Maria’s voice trailed off. She couldn’t even finish her sentence, it had caused her so much pain to think of the anguish that Michael had gone through for most of his life.

Maria had to pause a bit to control her thoughts and emotions on the subject so she could continue talking to Liz. Liz smiled remembering how Maria had told her of how Michael had come to her bedroom one rainy day looking for her compassion and comfort when Hank had hurt him badly. When it came to unconditional love Maria had a huge amount of it and Michael was so lucky to be on the receiving end of it.

“Granted, Isabel and Max, of course, they’re more like his real family. I honestly think Michael wanted to come out here just with Max so they could spend some brotherly time I guess. Maybe I intruded on it.” Maria shrugged her shoulders as she took a sip of coffee and looked out to the bustle of people at the depot.

Liz simply nodded in agreement. She sensed there was a distance between Max and Michael since the whole destiny thing as well.

“I’m so happy he has Laurie. Not just as someone like a sister of sorts, but also as a reminder that he’s tied to more, belongs to more, and is more beyond Hank,” Maria added softly, as Liz clasped her hand on Maria’s squeezing it for comfort.

Suddenly a tall figure towered over the girls blocking out the sunlight as a familiar voice called out.

“Parker. Can I talk to Maria for a minute?”

Maria, completely startled, almost spilled her coffee over as she and Liz looked up. Their faces were in complete shock for the person staring back at them was none other than Michael Guerin.

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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:05 am

Just read this "over there" and I'm so glad you are posting it here too. This way I won't miss it for sure.
Love the way this has started out.

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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby santigold53 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:06 pm

keepsmiling7: Thanks Carolyn! Thanks so much for your feedback, and for being attentive to my story since I'm a new roswell fanfic writer. So appreciated!!!



Maria was mortified. Oh God! How much did he hear?

A hesitant Max Evans peeked from behind Michael. Liz couldn’t help but feel remorse for nothing else than the fact that it was supposed to be her wedding day with this brooding alien she began to lock eyes with. While she was sad of the day she was happy that he was suddenly close by now. Very close.

“No you may not,” Maria said crossing her arms over her chest as she stood. “We’re going home, aren’t we Liz.”

“That’s where we’re headed Michael. We don’t want to be here anymore,” Liz said solemnly never leaving Max’s gaze.

“Why?” Michael asked ignoring Liz’s reply.

“Isn’t it obvious Michael, you don’t want me here. You don’t want any of us here, but especially me. It’s fine I get it.”

Michael raised one eyebrow. “You’re not making any sense Maria.”

Maria sighed. It was the sigh that expressed finally being tired of having to explain everything out to Michael constantly.

“First you beg me to let you come, and then I say yes. Which means I did want you to come on this trip. Now you want to go and get away from here?” Michael said through gritted teeth with his arms crossed on his chest. “So explain to me, why the sudden change of heart?”

“Michael! If you don’t get it that’s your problem. I don’t have to explain anything.” Maria looked at Liz hoping Liz would follow her cue and come up with some one liners against Michael.

“Liz you’re going back too?” Max asked longingly.

Liz turned her attention to Max. His sad brown eyes looking deep into her own. She hated that they weren’t the exact way the used to be. So much had changed between her and Max, but at the same time, so much was still the same. He still looked at her the same way. He still talked to her the same way. And she still reacted the same way when he came near her- alert and in complete adoration followed by her heart racing. It was a reaction she couldn’t repress.

“Maria’s right Max. This was supposed to be for just the two of you,” Liz replied.

Maria could see from the corner of her eye that Max began to protest as he took a seat next to Liz. She really hoped that the two of them could work it out. It was a shame that Future Max had come and ruined everything for her two best friends. She knew how much Max had pined for Liz over the summer and then after.
She of all people understood his plight as it was the same one that Maria had for Michael since that “Dooms Day.” They day the Alien hybrids found out what their destiny was supposed to be.

Michael saw Maria, looking at her friends longingly. He knew what she was thinking. I bet she’s thinking why couldn’t she have what they had?

“Want to take a walk with me?” Michael asked.

Maria shook her head. “No, not really.” Maria swallowed some coffee hoping she could just avoid making eye contact with Michael as she took a few steps away from Liz and Max to offer them some privacy.

It was Michael’s turn to let out a sigh. “Come on let’s get you to the audition so you can sing Maria. Then you’ll be happy and we can just forget about this whole stupid thing,” he said as he reached for her.

Maria backed away with a mixed look of hurt and confusion.

This whole stupid thing?

It wasn’t just a stupid thing to Maria. Music to her meant something. It seemed more and more apparent that Michael just didn’t understand where Maria was coming from.

He didn’t show support in her endeavors, but when it came to his own alien centered ones, Maria never once flinched. She was always supportive always by his side.

Why can’t he just be by my side for once?

“No thanks,” she said firmly as she went back to sipping her coffee glancing back at Liz every so often. It looked like her and Max were in a heated conversation as Liz left the bench, with Max in tow behind her.

“I shouldn’t have come on this trip,” Maria said softly as she shook her head sadly. Michael was beginning to get really concerned. Maria’s demeanor has drastically changed from where it was when they first left Roswell.

The bus was pulling up. Maria was relieved and overjoyed at its arrival. It couldn’t have been better timing!

“Liz,” Maria called out. “The bus is here come on let’s go!”

Liz nodded and as she turned away from Max to head over to the bus, Max immediately grabbed her arm, turned her around and kissed Liz hard on the lips. Michael cocked one eyebrow up at the scene while Maria looked on in complete shock. Then a smile appeared on her face.

“Those two crazy lovebirds. When will they ever learn?” Maria said so softly she was sure that no one could hear, but unbeknownst to her Michael had.

“Guess they have some unfinished business to resolve,” Michael said as he scratched his eyebrow looking away from the couple.

“Good for them. I hope they figure it out.” Maria was genuinely happy for them. She only wanted the best for her “girlfriend” and best friend.

“Well I better go,” Maria said as she headed for the bus.

“Wait, if you’re going, I’m going too,” Michael said as he put the jacket he was holding on his arm, on himself.

“No, no no no! Michael Guerin you are not coming on this bus with me.”

“Can it Maria! I’m coming.”

“I did this to get away from you. I’m doing this for you. Isn’t this what you wanted? Just you and Max,” Maria said as she motioned to the area that Max and Liz were at.

“Well seeing as he’s a little preoccupied right now, my plans of a boy’s night out of debauchery is basically ruined.”

“Great so I’m just your last resort?” Maria retorted as she took the steps into the bus.

“Your words not mine,” he said casually as he plopped his backpack on one shoulder. The backpack had all the Dupree money in it. The whole time while they were at Vegas Michael kept it very close to him.

Maria shook her head. She couldn’t believe it.

“You still have your pals Alex and Kyle,” Maria pointed out as she took a seat nearer to the back, scooting in closer to the window.

Michael ignoring her statement, placed his backpack above on the compartment shelf as he took his jacket off taking a seat next to her.

“What are you doing?” Maria flabbergasted as her face twisted in repulse.


“I don’t want to sit next to you!” Maria screeched as she tried to pry her way out and get to another vacant seat.

The bus began to move out of the lot. Maria fell into Michael’s lap with a yelp.

“So you don’t want to sit next to me but on top of me is fine.”

Maria, grumbling, glared at Michael and moved out of his lap back to her seat.

“Whatever. At the first rest stop I’m finding a new seat,” she said with her arms crossed as she looked out the window.

“Fine by me.” Michael shrugged.

“Fine,” Maria repeated as she continued looking out the window.

Michael looked over at Maria. She was sad about him ignoring her at the dice table. He wasn’t an idiot he knew that much. He was so caught up on trying to fix things between Max and himself, he had been overlooking where a lot of the damage really lied. There were cracks in their relationship, representing big unresolved issues.

Perhaps even bigger issues than he and Max had in theirs. Michael wondered if he should’ve paid more attention into rectifying things between Maria and him first.
When they set out for Tucson with Laurie, Maria made sure that their intentions were clear. That if they were to venture out together to embark on what could be a very dangerous trip, they would have to be together again officially—as in boyfriend and girlfriend. A small curl appearing on his lips as he remembered the scene.

He found it simply entertaining that even in the heat of danger only Maria would make sure that they both understood the definition of their relationship. Establishing that factor in her “hurricane” like manner in the midst of all the chaos was truly entertaining for Michael though he would never admit it out loud.

After about thirty minutes, Michael looked over wondering if she was hungry. She didn’t stop staring on the window since the bus left the lot. Michael could tell it took every muscle in that blonde’s body not to exchange any words with him. Michael sighed, which caused Maria to flinch just a little.

After another 30 minutes, the draft in the bus caused goosebumps on Maria’s arms. She began to rub her arms, gently, trying to bring some warmth into her flesh. Michael noticing right away offered his jacket to Maria.

“Cold?” he simply asked as he offered the jacket above her lap.

“No thank you,” Maria replied firmly as she looked Michael dead in the eye, denying his considerate gesture, then turned back to
her window.

Michael snickered, rolling his eyes. “Fine stay cold. I don’t care,” he said shrugging his shoulders.

Maria closed her eyes feeling the pain of his words.

Of course he didn’t care.

But hearing them out loud that was another thing altogether so she chose to do something very uncharacteristic. She remained quiet. Michael feeling frustrated and a bit perplexed by her silence scratched his eyebrow and let out another.

“Just take it,” he ordered this time plopping the material on her lap.

Maria glanced over, seeing Michael just looking straight on, avoiding her gaze.

“If it will shut you up,” Maria murmured as she put on the jacket. It smelled just like him, a mixture of Eucalyptus and mint. Maria closed her eyes, transfixed by the scent, and the movement of the bus lulling her to sleep.
* * *

“Why didn’t you tell me all this?” Max asked as they sat next to the bay window of their luxury suite.

“How could I?” A single tear trickled down her cheek. She had just told Max everything about Future Max.

They had stayed up all night, with a cups of cocoa in their hands, as she retold every detail about that unforgettable day and what Future Max said the future would hold if the royal four didn’t stay together. Liz was strong and amazingly steadfast when it came to dealing under pressure. But the day was taxing because it kept reminding her of what could’ve been, what could’ve happened. She had missed out on the happiest day of her life, and so did Max. The pressure had penetrated her heart, and with that her undying love for Max. She couldn’t conceal it anymore, not from him.

“I did it to save you. I didn’t want what Future Max told me would occur, happen to Isabel, to Michael, to you,” Liz said with quiet sob. Max cupped Liz’s cheek as he kissed her softly on the lips.

Placing his forehead on hers he looked into her eyes.

“How did you keep it in so long?”

“I couldn’t. I eventually had to tell someone,” Liz replied quietly.

“Maria.” It was all Max had to say. He understood Liz more than anyone, probably even more than she understood herself.Liz nodded.

“So you didn’t sleep with Kyle after all huh?” It was more of a statement than a question, but Liz looked at her love, finally seeing a sense of relief that hadn’t been there for weeks.

Liz shook her head.


Liz looked puzzled at Max’s expression of astonishment. Max smiled apologetically.

“Sorry, it’s just really apparent that you all are great friends. Amazing friends to each other in fact. I mean the way it sounds Kyle just did what you asked him to do, no questions asked. Then when it comes to Maria you can tell her anything and she’s amazingly loyal and trustworthy. No wonder Alex has your back all the time, not to mention Maria’s. You guys are so lucky to have one another.”

“You have that too Max,” she said reassuringly. “I’ve never seen a pair of siblings as close as you and Isabel. Michael has never left your side he’s so loyal. He even wanted this trip to be all about you and him. You have great friends. We’re both lucky in that aspect,” she said smilingly.

Max smiled at Liz’s thoughtfulness, but Max knew his relationship with Isabel and Michael was definitely a little strained at the moment. The fact that Isabel had to lie at first about being Vilandra in the first place and that Michael and him were distant meant they weren’t in a good place.

“Things will get better. You still have an amazing bond with them, and so lucky to have each other.” Liz said reassuringly as if she was reading his thoughts.

Liz always understood what Max was thinking just by looking at his face. She knew that while there was tension between the aliens, there was still loyalty and love.

“I guess you’re right. We are lucky. Speaking of Michael, I wonder if he and Maria got back to Roswell yet.” Max pondered out loud.

“Hmm. Let me text her,” Liz said as she pulled out her Nokia from her purse.


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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

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Maria awoke to the sound of her cellphone beeping in her purse, and a heavy arm wrapped around her shoulders. She had fallen asleep on Michael’s chest, and his chin rested gently on top of her head.

Maria, making a soft coughing noise, woke Michael up as she got herself free from Michael’s embrace. Once slowly coming to his senses, Michael quickly retracted his arm out of embarrassment. He and Maria both blushed distancing themselves from one another in their seats. Flustered and half asleep, she turned her attention back at her phone.

It was a text message from Liz.Maria repeated the words from the text in a whisper. Michael quickly glancing over saw the text, but the letters “F.M” caught his eye.

“F.M?” he asked.

Maria quickly put the phone away in the purse. It dawned on her that Max now knew the deep secret that Liz had held on to so tightly for so long. Would that mean that the others deserved to know as well? Isabel and Michael? Her guess would be that Max would want them to. But would it be Maria’s responsibility to tell Michael this news? The thought itself daunted her considering they weren’t amicable at all. At least not in the present moment.

“Nothing,” Maria said dismissively. Michael scratched his eyebrow reminding himself to bring it up later. Something about it didn’t seem right to just disregard it.

“Michael are we home yet?”

Rubbing his eyes and letting out a big yawn he glanced up to the front of the bus.

“What the?” There was snow. “Maria, when the bus came to the depot did you by chance catch the city that was written in lights on the sign?”

Maria swallowed. She couldn’t remember. She was so preoccupied with her emotions, distraught over her and Michael’s squabble, and venting to Liz that she realized she hadn’t paid any attention to seeing if it was the right bus or not.

“Oh God!” Michael bellowed as he realized from Maria’s expression that she had no clue. “Maria there is snow outside. We’re definitely not in Roswell!”

“Maybe it’s just….a stop,” Maria said hoping that they were just approaching their first area.

Michael hoped so too. He took his watch that was connected to the chain of his pants for a minute glancing at the time.

“We’ve been on this bus for 9 hours!”

“Oh my god, did we miss all the rest of the stops?” Maria cried.

“How the fuck did I sleep 9 hours straight?” Michael exclaimed as he combed his fingers through his hair, dumbfounded he let his guard down that long.

Maria gave him a concerning look. She knew that Michael never slept that long. It was all thanks to his Alien genes, at least that’s what he always told Maria. Being that Michael didn’t require much sleep, how come Michael did sleep so soundly for so long just now on the bus? Had he been not getting enough lately? Granted the recent events of dealing with a jellyfish DNA targeting monster, discovering you came from a whole other family, and getting shot were enough to make any normal person lose sleep. It wouldn’t be surprising if Michael was feeling very overwhelmed.

As she softly called out his name in concern to address the possibility that Michael was feeling tense, all at once she was awoken from her moment of weakness, as he stood abruptly towards the shelf compartment, checking to see if the rest of the Dupree money was still intact inside his backpack.

Letting a sigh of relief he slammed back into the seat with his bag in his lap.

“Well we still have the money.”

Maria raised her eyebrow. Typical. Money was more important. How could she even think that talking to Michael and showing any sign of concern was an option? Stay strong Chica she said to herself. Stay mad. Stay strong!

“Thank God,” she said mockingly. Apparently Michael didn’t appreciate the note of sarcasm in her tone though.

“Yeah it is in fact because if I wasn’t with you you’d have no money, your broke ass would be in the middle of nowhere all by yourself!” he said close to her face.

Maria flinched, but refusing to be talked down to, she pushed the tears back.

“That would’ve been better because then at least I wouldn’t have been stuck with you!”

“Right and broke,” he murmured under his breath.

“I still have some of my share left Michael. I would’ve been fine,” she protested as she brought her attention back out the window.

“Ladies and Gentleman we have arrived to our destination. The Arabella Ski Resort in Vail, Colorado. Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to give the concierge your rating for our Bus Company. We hope your experience was more than satisfactory and you decide to use Luxury Mammoth Transportation again!”

“Vail, Colorado!” Michael exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’re out here! What the fuck Maria?”

“I didn’t ask you to come with me Michael! What do you want me to say? That I’m sorry? Geeze! Well fine then! I’m sorry I got us lost, but most of all I am sorry I even came on this bus to get stuck alone with you in Vail Colorado, of all places!"

She was deeply upset, Michael could tell from the strain in her voice. He didn’t know why Maria and he always seemed to get each other mad. It was like they got pleasure from it at times, in some weird twisted, yet passionate way.

“Maria, wait…” Pushing past him and ignoring what seemed to be the start of some apology, Maria began to make her way out, crossing through the aisle as the other passengers began to get their belongings from the above compartments. Since Maria didn’t have much with her, she was quickly making way through when suddenly a cane stopped her in her tracks.

“I’m sorry dear didn’t see you there,” replied the older woman with the pleasant face. She had a delightful smile, and somehow just seeing the woman’s warm and friendly features made Maria’s unpleasant ones dissipate.

“I’m sorry. I should’ve been more careful there,” Maria said offering a timid smile.

“Maria, can’t you wait?” snarled Michael as she finally caught up to her.

“Oh look! Wayne! Is that them? The couple you said that reminded you of us when you used the lavatory at the back of the bus earlier?”

Maria and Michael looking confused caught sight of the older gentleman next to her who was holding their bags.

“Why yes! Honeymoon I presume?” he asked them with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh, no—“

“Yes. Sorry and you are?” Michael said cutting Maria off receiving a death glare from her.

Why on earth did he just say they were on their honeymoon?

Michael shrugged his shoulders in response to Maria’s confused yet raging expression, and brought his attention back to the couple.

“This was ours too. Now we come here every year for our anniversary. Why, you two really do look just like us! He caught you guys sleeping in each other’s arms in the back of the bus. Wayne I think was getting all soft when he saw you both.”
“I did no such thing Luann,” the older gentleman said as he shook his head.

“Come on mama we got to’ get out of here,” he said as he let Luann out first.

“Well it was nice talking to you both. You’re going to love it here!”

“Thanks,” Michael called out cheerfully. Maria stared at him with her mouth open, astonished at the out of character cheerful demeanor he was displaying to the older couple.

“What the hell?”

“What?” Michael barked, shrugging his shoulders.

“You lied saying we are on our honeymoon, then you turn all goody-goody, Leave it to Beaver on me?” Maria asked exasperatedly.

“Hey, keep your voice down,” he whispered harshly in her ear. “People don’t know that we’re just two high school students, one who happens to be not of this earth! You want them to know that we skipped school, ventured to Vegas and now made a detour to this Vail place?”

Maria crossed her arms in response and just continued her way out of the bus. As they got out, Maria became transfixed at the beautiful scenery of the resort. Arabella did seem like a beautiful winter wonderland to indulge in, just like in the advertisements shown in those luxurious travel magazines.

Michael and Maria took in the scene in awe.

“It is breathtaking,” Maria said softly as she pulled her arms tighter around her chest to guard her from the frigid air. Michael noticed Maria hugging his jacket around her tighter as she drank in the view. He was hoping maybe she would show a hint of excitement, the kind she had when they made their way out to Vegas. Sadly it didn’t seem that way as she trudged her way slowly on the cobblestone path to the entrance. Michael frowned, feeling very guilty that he was responsible for this sad and miserable change in Maria.

“Maria, wait a second,” Michael called out as he placed a hand gently on her shoulder. Maria turned slowly to face him. In response to the cold air, her cheeks had turned a bright pink as well as her lips. Michael swore she looked like an Angel.

“What?” asked Maria snapping Michael out of his trance.

“Oh. Sorry just thought maybe we should change the name on our I.D’s. Keeping our real names and age under wraps would probably be best till we get all this straightened out and head back to Roswell again.”

“Ok. But can we do it inside? It’s getting dark and it’s really cold out here,” she said her teeth beginning to chatter.

“Sure,” Michael said with a nod, resisting the strong urge to wrap his arm around her to keep her warm, making her feel cared for and secure. She definitely expressed wanting space from him, so to his dismay, he just let Maria lead the way inside the resort.


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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:46 pm

Just read this again......
Sure glad the Roswell gang wasn't in Vegas last week when all hell broke loose.
Happy Liz finally told Max about FMax........now I'm anxious to see his later reactions.
Of course Maria would know, and there was no sleeping with Kyle.
Hope you'll be back soon,

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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby Eva » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:54 am

Beautiful start! I'm hooked already!

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Re: A DETOUR FROM VEGAS (TEEN) Chapter 1 - 9/14/17

Postby Parker1947 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:20 pm

Love the story. Well done, and I am excited to see how it unfolds...

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