Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) ~complete~ 6/7/14

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Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) ~complete~ 6/7/14

Post by jake17 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:40 pm


Title: Closer
Author: jake17
Couple: M/L
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell
Summary: After a near death experience as a young boy Max Evans acquired a certain special gift, one he has tried to keep hidden his entire life. In order to keep this secret he has been forced into living a very secluded lonely existence. That is until one day he bumps into a very beautiful young girl giving him a vision of her brutal vicious death. Will he risk everything to find the courage to try and save her or will he retreat into the safety of the small protective world he has forced to create for himself.
Author’s Note: This story came to me in a dream a few weeks ago after a particularly horrible night; it was so real I felt as though it had really happened during those few seconds as I was waking up. . I was the girl in the story; it was a truly amazing dream.

Chapter one.

Screams and screeching tires rang out terrifyingly in fourteen year old Max Evans ears as the blue Impala spun out of control on the barren icy highway.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as the young boy turned his head watching paralyzed as his mother frantically attempted to latch her seat belt.

The car flipped several times after hitting a guard rail before slamming violently sideways into a concrete divider instantly ripping the car in half.

Her piercing blue loving eyes were that last thing he saw before she was ejected through the windshield onto the frozen road not far from his stunned face.

In the few moments before blacking out he could see her lying face down as a pool of bright red blood encompassed her head spreading out in a perfect circle against the stark contrast of the pure white snow like a crimson halo seeping into her blonde hair.

“Mom… mom… mommy?”

Thrusting up in bed gasping for air covered in sweat Max gripped the sheets tight in his fists as his heart hammered violently inside his chest.

Slowly he swung his legs over the side of the bed still breathing heavily as his bare feet hit the cold wooden floor below.

Resting his elbows on his knees he lowered his face into his hands rubbing his eyes trying to get the vivid image out of his head.

Rubbing the back of his neck he took a deep breath walking to the mirror over the bathroom sink in his one room efficiency apartment lifting his tired golden eyes to see his reflection looking back at him.

Reluctantly he raised a shaky hand grazing his fingers over the five inch scar running down the middle of his chest where a piece of the metal gear shift from the car had gouged into his flesh.

After splashing cold water over his face he shuffled wearily to the calendar on the back of his closet door.

After circling today’s date he flipped back several pages realizing it had been over six months since he had the dream.

Panic spread throughout his body with the knowledge that this nightmare never came without a reason.

Sometimes it signaled that a significant change was going to occur in his life, but more often than not it served as a warning that something ominous was on the horizon.

From the eerie chills that were spreading up along his spine he surmised unfortunately that it was definitely the latter.

Staring at the square box circled in red it occurred to him it was his birthday, his twenty fourth, exactly two years past the age the doctors expected him to live do to the muscle damage done to his weakened heart from the accident.

He could hear the cardiologist warning him against any undue stress or reckless activity while prescribing him valium that was to be taken every day.

The medication made him tired so he often reserved it for times when he was having a bad vision or dream.

Picking up the prescription bottle he shook it thoughtfully knowing that it had been at least six months since he had taken the little yellow pill, it was the longest he had ever gone without an incident but for some reason he felt that was all about to change.

Throwing it back down on his desk he eyed his alarm clock before whispering a silent swear realizing he was going to be late for work.

Rushing around his room he fumbled with a pair of jeans he found on the floor and a black tee shirt from a pile of clean clothes in a laundry basket at the foot of his bed that he never bothered to put away.

Shoving his feet into a pair of worn black sneakers he spun around before finding his iPod and taking off down the back stairs of the bakery he lived above quickly zipping up his sweatshirt as the cool spring morning air hit his face.

Pulling the hood of his sweatshirt over his head he turned up the volume before stepping down into the alley between the many shops that lined main street.

Keeping his head down to avoid eye contact with anyone he jumped on his motorcycle and made his way to the outskirts of town.

‘Just another day in the life of a freak ‘ he thought to himself as he pushed open the back door slinging his bag over his shoulder as he made his way to the elevator.

After a few quick hellos from the middle aged librarians Norma and Alice, Max took off slipping in sideways just in time as the big metal doors slid shut.

Leaning over resting his hands on his knees he tried to catch his breath as he pressed the button to the basement floor.

Another morning successfully managing to avoid talking or touching anyone he casted his lonely amber eyes down to his sneakers as Paradise from Cold Play blasted through his beats.

After maneuvering down the maze of intricate dark hallways he breathed a sigh of relief as he pushed open the small closet sized office labeled Archives.

Plopping down into his chair he picked up the small framed picture of his mom holding him in her arms as a baby running his fingers gently over her smiling face before setting it back on the corner of his messy desk.

Closing his eyes he leaned back pulling his hood further over his face as memories attempted to again force their way into his mind.

There was never a day that went by that he didn’t go over the accident in his head, repaying it a million different ways, always doing something different to save her… anything besides just sitting there like a fucking coward unable to move watching as she died.

The guilt of that night never left him, it was like a boulder that was strapped to his back, a huge weight, a constant reminder of the moment that his mother needed him the most and he failed her.

After being home schooled by a private tutor and getting his GED Max gladly accepted a job offered by a friend of his fathers who had connections in a very small town up in the boondocks of Southern Maine.

In Max’s mind it offered three very important opportunities, first he would be five hours away from his dad, second he’d rarely have to deal with people, and third not a soul this far out knew about his past or his so called ‘special abilities.’

It all started after he woke up in the hospital after the accident, he was distraught unable to deal with the loss of his mother while trying to recover from surgery and being left in the hands of an emotionally absent father.

At first it was just a feeling, a nurse or doctor would touch him and he’d immediately get a rush of flashes, like pictures in his mind.

Sometimes it would be an emotional response where he would actually take on the feelings of the person closest to him.

But the worst were the dreams, he would be there off to the side witnessing something horrible, like a murder or horrific accident helplessly frozen being forced to watch the person suffer.

After these nightmares he would be racked with agonizing migraines where he have to spend days in his dark room in complete silence unable to talk to anyone.

It was soon after that he began to see newspaper clippings of the events in his dreams, playing out exactly the way he saw them in his nightmares.

He was terrified at first thinking he was being punished and retreated inside himself rarely speaking to anyone until one special day when a little girl wandered into his hospital room.

She couldn’t have been more than six years old; she was beautiful with long curly blonde hair like his mother’s.

Seeing how sad he looked she handed him her stuffed bear telling him that he always made her feel better.

When he reached out to take the stuffed animal he was instantly thrown into a vision of the little girl being taken by a tall man dressed a janitor.

He could see her trying to fight him off as the man threw her into a black van with some kind of delivery service sign across the side.

As soon as the little girl let go of the bear the vision ended, giving him a small smile she turned back towards the door waving before disappearing down the hallway.

Max was beside himself with fear, he knew in his heart that this was real, and he also knew that he had to save her.

After talking to several nurses trying to find out who this little girl was with thinking she was visiting a patient he got nowhere.

He even tried talking to a few security guards describing what the man in the janitors uniform looked like but no one fitting his description seemed to work there.

After waking up from the same dream covered in sweat Max pulled his IV out and stumbled down the darkened hallways of the hospital feeling as if he was running out of time.

The little girl's fear was crashing through him almost bringing him to his knees, when a nurse found him on the floor holding his incision panting as his heart raced out of control.

They quickly got him back into bed ignoring his pleas to find her.

After the incident Max was put on heavy antidepressants and psychotic drugs, needless to say no one believed him and it only served to put a deeper wedge between him and his father leaving him to feel completely alone.

Two weeks later he read in the newspaper that the body of a seven year old girl was found in the woods not a mile from the hospital.

Devastated Max never spoke about his abilities again, in fact he went along with this therapists admitting that this was all due to the guilt he felt about not being able to save his mother.

He was eventually taken off all his medication except for a few heart pills and his daily valium but it was too late.

Word has spread about the crazy boy who believed he was a psychic.

He was plagued by people either mercilessly making fun of him or the other extreme of people camping out at his house begging for his help in finding their missing loved one’s or solving a cold case that involved a family member.

As horrifying all this was to Max this attention truly mortified his ultra conservative religious father who was a well-respected attorney in town.

Over time their relationship boiled down to notes left on the counter explaining the dates he would be gone for business trips and what take out was being left for him in the fridge.

Eventually his father had met a woman and wanted to marry only Max didn’t fit into the picture, after four years of living as a recluse in his room speaking to no one his father determined that they both needed a change.

Moving him to a small populated town in the middle of nowhere giving him a job where he would almost never have to speak to anyone his father figured this was the perfect solution for both of them.

In the small town of Rivers Edge no one had ever heard of the psychic boy or the strange teenager that went insane after witnessing his mother’s death.

Granted it was a vast improvement from his life back in Connecticut he was incredibly lonely.

After five years of living with his gift he had learned a few tricks to block some of the more intrusive everyday visions.

His music was a big help, in fact he never left his apartment without his IPod, he also found that if there was a person or event that he just couldn’t get out of his mind he would sketch a picture burning it afterwards as a way of letting it go, he knew it was just a symbolic answer but there were times when it did help.

He also liked to go out in the middle of the night and walk the streets, with no one ever around he felt free to be himself.

He’d often spend time walking up and down Main Street gazing into shops, or walking down the sidewalks of neighborhoods looking up at the cozy warm houses with the two cars and bikes out in the front lawn, wondering what it would be like to have a normal life.

Most of the time he spent in the park just sitting on a bench looking up at the stars sketching her picture over and over again.

She was beautiful with big bright ebony eyes and long dark eye lashes that when she smile lit up the room like the sun.

Her hair was almost jet black, long and wavy, and in his mind felt like the finest silk.

Of course she wasn’t real, just an imaginary girl he supposed his mind dreamed up to help him cope with the misery that was his life.

When she first came into his dreams she was his age but grew as he did and was now a strikingly gorgeous woman.

He had sketches of her strewed about the walls of his apartment in various situations.

Some thoughtful poses as she sat reading up against a tree, others more sensual of her sleeping peacefully or gazing longingly towards something he couldn’t quite make out.

They never spoke in these dreams, they were mostly hazy misty vague and very brief but he would always wake happy.

He spent many nights shading the angle of her jaw or her cheek bone determined to get it just right, lovingly wishing he would know what it was like to kiss her perfect lips or feel her skin beneath his body.

He had never known the touch of a woman or had even been on a date, on very difficult nights he wondered what he was even doing here.

Was existing the same as living? And if not what was his purpose of even being alive?

The question that plagued his mind often soon disappeared the day he heard a small knock on his office door.

Shocked that someone had taken the time to actually go all the way down to the basement instead of just calling him for old documents or articles Max almost fell out of his chair.

After he heard another more intense knock he lowered his beats from his ears to his neck and walked the impressive three feet to open the door.

Staggering backwards dumfounded Max found himself looking up into the bright ebony eyes and soft pale pink lips of the girl from his dreams.

Raising her hand confidently as to say hello she began rambling on how she needed information on the infamous flood that ravaged the town of Rivers Edge years ago.

“Hi, I heard you were the one to talk to about old documents. You see I’m a reporter, or attempting to be a reporter actually, the Town Times is giving me a shot at writing this story of the One hundredth anniversary of the flood. There’s no guarantee that they’ll run it but if they do I’ve been promised a job. So I’ll need anything you have, articles of families that perished, business’s that survived or didn’t survive for that matter, pictures, anything relevant to the flood actually would be great.”

Taking a much needed breath she bit her lower lip as a flush of reddish pink hue rushed across her cheeks.

“So sorry that was very rude of me wasn’t it?”

Before Max could stop her she reached out and shook his hand firmly thoroughly embarrassed that she had basically demanded a ton of work of him and she didn’t even bother to introduce herself.

“I’m Liz Parker by the way, I’m sorry for rambling on the way I did, I guess I wasn’t expecting … someone like you to… “

Realizing that she was digging herself into a bigger hole Liz thought it best to stop talking, people always told her that she could be too aggressive and intrusive at times and by the look on his face he was proving them right.

Still holding her hand as images flew by his mind like a passing car Max looked down at himself wondering what she meant.

Terrified to talk to her but more nervous by what she meant he gazed down at his sneakers too intimidated to look into her eyes as he attempted to speak.

“What do you mean someone like me?”

Glaring at him as if he joking she smiled again which just about brought him to his knees.

“Well I guess I was just expecting someone older with a pot belly and hair challenged, I mean why in God’s name would someone as handsome as you been stuck down here in this dungeon.”

Squeezing her eyes shut immediately retrieving her hand Liz shook her head realizing she had just done it again.

“Ok well that was completely inappropriate and embarrassing. Look I have to run I’m late for an appointment… “

Searching for her keys Liz accidentally dropped her large file full of research papers on the ground.


Kneeling down to help her he was surprised that he was able to move at all.

Smirking up through her long dark eyelashes she rolled her eyes.

“I promise I’m not as flaky as I seem, I’m just having one of those days. If you know what I mean.”

He definitely did, more than she could ever imagine.

Clearing his throat determined to at least say something to her before she left he shyly gave a small smile.

“I’ll need some time… you know, to umm, collect all the information that you need. “

Widening her eyes she shook her head furiously, “Oh no I don’t expect you to waste your time doing this for me, I was just thinking that maybe you could point me in the right direction, show me where everything is. Besides its kind of creepy down here, it sure would nice to have someone close by. I’m sure this is going to take forever I wouldn’t mind having some company… if you’re not too busy that is.”

Trying hard to keep his hands from shaking as he handed her the papers he hoped that she couldn’t see his shirt moving from the way his heart was pounding in his chest.

“N-No, I would be happy to help out… I mean it’s my job.”

Scratching behind his ear nervously he wondered if he sounded as stupid to her as he did in his head.

After collecting all the papers they both awkwardly stood up at the same time neither one really knowing how to end their conversation.

Glancing at her watch Liz covered her eyes with her hand realizing how late she was.

“I really have to go, how about if I come back Thursday night around seven? Oh wait do you even work nights? I’m afraid that’s the only time I can make it.”

Nodding quickly Max stammered again unable to keep his eyes off her knowing that there was about a hundred sketches of her all over his apartment and one that he had been working on just inches from her under a book on his desk.

“N-No, that’s fine, my hours are very flexible. I’ll see you … Thursday, at seven, no problem.”

Biting down again on her lower lip she gleamed happily back at him before turning to walk back down the twisted confusing hallway to the elevator.

Falling back against the wall he exhaled deeply holding his chest feeling a slight twinge of pain wishing he had one of those yellow pills.

Just as he went to retrieve the sketch that was lying underneath his book on his desk to convince himself that this was all really happening she reappeared suddenly.

“Hi! Sorry, I just realized that I didn’t get your name. Completely my fault, I tend to go on and on never giving anyone a chance to talk.”

Swallowing hard he nervously began to chew on the corner of his full lip as her perfume drifted over him in glorious waves.

“Oh, no problem, I’m… I mean my name is…”

Totally love sick Max momentarily had to actually think for a second wishing that the floor would open up and swallow him whole.

With the softest deepest most sensual voice she had ever heard he clumsily held out his hand desperate to save the moment from complete humiliation.

“Max… I’m Max Evans.”

Filled with happiness that he had not felt since before the accident he felt her hand once again inside his, so warm and tiny but firm with an independent confident spirit that was as beautiful as she was he felt as if he could hardly breathe.

Gazing up into his clearly kind amber eyes she softened her voice finding herself already looking forward to Thursday.

It was all so perfect, so incredibly serial it was hard for him to believe this was actually happening.

Then just as her fingers slipped from his Max was hit with a vision that was so powerful it practically stopped his heart.

It lasted only for a split second, a blink of an eye, but what he did she chilled him to his very bones.

It was her lying on the ground covered in the brightest most vivid blood he had seen since… since his mother lying in the snow that fateful night.

Forcing a smile he watched as she disappeared down the hall before collapsing into the chair.

Pressing his hands to his chest as a sharp pain ripped through his heart he began to shiver violently.

His voice cracked with desperation as he whispered softly still feeling the warmth of her hand in his.

“No… please, not her.”
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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 2 4/16/13

Post by jake17 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:24 pm


thank you as always for your incredible support and lovely fb, still unbelievable to me...

Chapter two

Max wasn’t entirely sure how he got back to his apartment having no memory of turning down streets or stopping at red lights he was flying, blissfully hypnotized distracted in the memory of her as he pulled into the alley between the bakery and the antique store.

Everything had been a blur from the moment he opened the door to reveal her standing there till he watched in heavenly wonder as she turned on her heel causing her raven to sweep across the pink hue of her cheek and back flowing along her shoulders until she disappeared around the corner in the darkened hallway.

Stumbling up the dark stairway as if drunk leaning heavily on the banister he was finding it hard to breathe as he pictured her in his mind as he did so many times in his dreams.

All these years convinced that she was a figment of his imagination to sooth his pain, or an angel from above sent to calm him, to keep him from feeling so alone in his solitary world.

To find out that she was real, a breathing, precious, intelligent, amazing woman that just appeared into his life was unimaginable, a bright glimmering light piercing the endless pit of darkness he had been lost in for so many years.

His eyes drifted shut slowly needing so badly to see her again…

Within seconds he was back there witnessing her soft pink lips soundlessly speaking to him, her long dark eyelashes lifting coyly up towards him as she tilted her head biting down tenderly on her bottom lip with a mixture of pure innocence and a hint of sensuality that she seemed completely unaware of nearly bringing him to his knees.

Breathlessly reaching for his door his hands shook as he pushed the key in and staggered inside his apartment searching in a panic for the pills that he was supposed to be taking every day.

Grabbing the brown prescription bottle he bent down to retrieve water from his tiny college size fridge before falling back on his bed stretching his arms over his head still feeling the hum of electricity rushing through him.

At first he didn’t reconigze the feeling, the current of excitement streaming like hot water through his veins, sending chills through his body making him feel as if anything is possible… then it came to him all at once.

This is what it must feel like to be truly alive, to be a part of this world as it spins in this amazing mysterious cosmos.

For so long he had felt as though he was on the outside looking in, not a part of anything just invisibly sitting on the sidelines hidden from the world.

Feeling the sweat thick on the back of his neck he unzipped his sweatshirt reaching back with one hand to pull his black tee shirt up over his head.

Wiping his forehead with the balled up cotton material he tossed it across the room before resting the cold plastic bottle to his cheek still trying to recover from having her so close… having her appear at all.

Gasping for air as he took a big swig of water he gazed around his room at the hundreds of pictures taped to his walls of her.

At every age from fourteen when she first appeared in his dream in the hospital up till the grown woman of today.

Too overwhelmed to analyze what it all meant for the moment he just enjoyed feeling something, anything besides the numb loneliness that he had become so used to.

Rasping lowly he spoke her name as if it were music to his ears swaying lifting him up some place far above all the tragedy in his past.

Liz Parker…

Her name fell from his lips like satin drifting over his heated skin awakening places inside him that had been dormant, quieted by a life that was stolen from him.

Strumming the taut ridges of his stomach with his fingertips he released a shuddered breath as his golden eyes hidden beneath his dark lashes focused in on a particular picture amongst hundreds.

It appeared as if she were staring straight into his eyes, intense, serious, wanting her full lips parted wet, her hair windswept long silky strands drifting across her face, the tips of her fingers gliding along her bottom lip.

It was the most sensual erotic thing he had ever seen in his life, he wondered briefly as he lifted the tape from the wall to bring it back to the bed with him how he hadn’t noticed it before.

Tracing the edge of her jaw lightly, gently he felt as if he were flying falling soaring high all at once.

It was then that he remembered the vision he had when her fingers tips slipped apart from his as they said their goodbyes.

Sitting up leaning against his wall he began to feel another sharp pain in chest as the image flashed again through his mind.

It was too quick to really be sure it was her, or at least that’s what he tried to convince himself of as he saw the lifeless body of a woman lying in a pool of bright red blood.

Twisting off the cap of the prescription bottle he quickly swallowed the little yellow pill determined to believe that it was someone else or maybe it was just the stress of coming face to face with the girl he had been dreaming about since he was fourteen years old.

Almost immediately the medication began to work as a feeling of calmness began to wash over him.

Sliding down to a lying position on his bed he held the picture up staring at her needing to memorize every curve, every line before finally succumbing to sleep as the thick paper slipped from his hands landing softly against the jagged scar against his bare chest.

Standing in the corner of a dark room with serene emerald green walls Max’s feet shifted nervously until his back hit the wall unaware of where he was.

A luminous glow shone in from the windows making the deep green surrounding him feel as though he was in the woods consumed by tall sweeping grass as the crickets outside sung their midnight melody adding to the seductive sweeping sensation raining down upon him.

Cool spring winds swept through the windows lifting the sheer white curtains high into the air just as his warm brandy eyes focused in on a bed positioned in the opposite corner across the room.

Taking a deep breath it took all his courage to lift one foot then the other slowly making his way to the small form lying peacefully covered in an almost mystical soft light pouring in from the windows.

It was then that he noticed the many brightly iridescent framed pictures of dragonflies of all different sizes and colors covering the deep green walls all around him as he slowly approached what now he could tell was a woman stirring restlessly in the bed in front of him.

Jumping back as the dark haired female turned erotically revealing herself as his dream girl Liz Parker.

Suddenly feeling like a voyeur he shoved his hands timidly inside his pockets lowering his handsome face to his feet below until he heard a breathless sigh that leveled him to his very core.

Unable to look away he watched in fascination as she turned and twisted in the most sensual way under a thin lime green sheet that was slowly being edged from her swaying hips down to her waist.

He thought he would surly come undone as she arched her back while ghosting her fingers over her parted lips down between her breasts that were barely covered by a tight white tank top.

Watching her body come alive obviously aroused his lips shivered in response as his body responded alike.

His breath hitched in his dry constricted throat as her head fell back against the pillow while the tips of her fingers disappeared beneath the thin sheet that was draped wickedly just above the curve of her hips.

Gasping deeply her face flushed as her lips parted in an evident release of pleasure as she softly whispered out into the night air.


His eyes snapped opened as he fisted the sheets on either side of his trembling hard body finding himself once again in his tiny room staring up at the ceiling lost fumbling willfully breathlessly from this dream, this miracle… this Elizabeth.

Thursday was just two days away but to Max it seemed like a lifetime.

That afternoon he stood in front of his bathroom mirror changing back and forth from the eight shirts he owned wishing he had gone to the store no matter how difficult that would’ve been for him.

Settling on a white tee with a dark blue long sleeve shirt left unbuttoned and dark jeans he stared into the mirror suddenly feeling extremely stupid.

He was truly crazy if he even thought he had a chance with someone like her, not that he would even know what to do with her if she was interested.

Closing his eyes he leaned his palms against the edge of the sink wondering what she would think if she knew the truth.

A twenty four year old virgin who’s spent most of his life alone because of psychic abilities resulting in a near death experience which left him basically a hermit his entire life.

‘Who wouldn’t run from that gem’… he whispered to himself as he smoothed his short hair back and reached for his keys.

By the time he arrived at the library he had convinced himself that he was only headed for a broken heart if he went into this expecting anything less than a working plantonic relationship.

Startled by Alice who was on her way out he backed away just in time before she brushed by him.

“Taking the night shift Max?”

Nodding briefly he passed on an explanation feeling by her momentum that she really didn’t care to know the details.

Once inside his office Max got to work straightening up as best he could before roaming down the storage room searching for the corresponding dates marked on the dusty boxes that were lined ceiling high upon rickety old metal shelves.

Holding a small flashlight between his lips he teetered clumsily upon the top run of the ladder when he heard a soft exhale of a breath beside him.

Startled as he looked down into her big brown eyes staring up at him with one side of her mouth raised in a crooked devastatingly sexy smile he lost his footing and came falling down catching himself just before hitting the floor by shoving each sneaker inside two opposite shelves.

Reaching out to help him he found himself wrapped in her arms, her warm small hands pressed securely against his low back.

Nervously laughing they both stayed this way for a few seconds unsure of how to exactly untangle themselves without furthering causing any inappropriate touching.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just followed the noises till I found you then it all kind of happened so fast…”

Thoroughly embarrassed he waved her off as he attempted to recover standing in the most manly way he could think of which just made him look all that much more uncomfortable.

Pointing up towards the box that was half hanging off the metal shelf he gracefully pulled it down.

Following him to a room that looked more like a lounge from the fifties with a velvet couch and a conference table surrounded by a few folding chairs he placed the aged box down.

“This contains all the meteorological data from the flood, any details of rainfall amounts or warnings to the public from the emergency state department would be in this box. There’s a ton of information to look through, it seems there was also a pretty severe hurricane that hit this area during the same year so it’s kind of all intermingled. Anyway I thought it would be a good place to start… unless you think…”

Stunned by everything he did for her plus the fact that he was way more talkative than their first encounter she smiled brightly.

“No, no …this is perfect!”

Placing her bag and her files down on the table she dove into the dusty box with enthusiasm as she gazed up towards him through her dark eyelashes making his hands shake as he quickly pulled them behind his back.

“O-Okay well, I’ll just be in my office if there’s anything you need.”

Giving him a warm smile she nodded thanking him again for his help as she settled herself in for what seemed would be a long night.

Panting like a teenager behind his office door he stared down at his trembling hands feeling like a complete idiot.

Once again convincing himself that she was only here for her story he placed his beats over his ears and delved into a stack of paper work trying to keep his mind off the fact that she was just down the hall.

After about two hours he absentmindedly found himself pulling out his sketch book.

Tapping his charcoal pencil against his chin thoughtfully he began drawing one of the dragonfly’s he saw hanging on her bedroom wall in his dreams.

After carefully sketching the body with intricate detail, he began to work on its delicate wings as thoughts drifted to the beautiful girl arched in ecstasy surrounded by emerald green walls while the serene sounds of whistling wind and spring crickets sang to her sweetly urging her on.

Helplessly engrossed in the memory of her as he carefully shaded the tips of the wide narrow wings he didn’t even notice that she was standing over his shoulder watching him intently.

It wasn’t till she rested her hand against the back of his chair accidently brushing her thumb across the back of his neck that he jumped flinging the pencil across the room, before pulling his earphones completely off.

“Oh, hi… I-I didn’t see you there.”

Wincing she giggled covering her mouth with the tips of her fingers.

“Jesus I did it again! I think I need a bell or something before I end up giving you a heart attack.”

Max smiled inwardly at the irony of her words as she lifted the paper up to the light before he could hide it from her.

“Wow you’re quite the artist. This is so … beautiful.”

Seeming completely entranced by his drawing she leaned up against the door roaming her smoky dark sexy eyes over ever line.

“I can’t believe you drew this… I love dragonflies.”

Closing his eyes he retrieved his pencil nervously rolling it between his fingers.

Really? Isn’t that a coincidence.” He choked out hoarsely trying not to picture her surrounded by them as she writhed in her bed whispering out his name.

Stunned she lifted her eyes over the paper recalling that same memory as her pulse quickly raced out of control.

He definitely was a mystery, she thought to herself as she let her gaze rain down over his chiseled features, it was almost as if he had no idea how incredibly handsome he was… which made him all that more attractive.

Noticing an unusual amount of silence growing between them she began rambling again.

“I have them all over my walls at home; in fact I just painted my room this mossy colored green so at night it looks as if there skimming across the water. I know it sounds corny but I just think they’re so beautiful, how they hover suspended in the air, then skip along the water. It’s as if they're dancing.”

Swallowing thickly Max broke the pencil in half hearing her talk about her green walls and dancing dragonflies knowing now without a doubt that what happened last night wasn’t a dream.

Crinkling her nose in the cutest way embarrassed by her admission she covered her blushing face with the thick paper.

“Oh my God, did I really just divulge my obsession with insects to a total stranger? I must really be impressing the hell out of you just about now.”

Laughing softly as she still held the paper over her face he whispered out softly to her.

“Actually I think they’re very…interesting myself, in fact that’s why I was drawing this, I happened to see one last night flying over a pond in the park. Also I hardly would think of us as strangers, I mean I’m aware of your aspirations, your obsessions and the color of your bedroom walls. I’m pretty sure that brings us up to the next level.”

Lowering the sketch Liz tilted her head to the side as she leaned down placing the drawing by his hand.

He definitely wasn’t like every other beer drinking, sports addicted, self-absorbed idiot guy out there.

Melting as the tips of her soft hair swept against the side of his cheek he began to feel that tightening in his chest again.

“I don’t suppose I can have this, for my collection I mean.” She breathed out softly close enough that he could feel the warmth of her sweet breath against the back of his neck.

Unable to look at her in that moment remembering the image of her arching back against her pillows he choked out a small ‘yes’.

Grabbing the charcoal half of the pencil she placed it in his hand making him even more flushed and shaky.

“Well you need to sign it, isn’t that what artists do?”

Shaking his head shyly he quietly gazed over the picture.

“I’m no artist, I just like to draw.”

Pointing her finger to the corner of his work she insisted.

“Well you happened to be wrong, this is amazing and you are seriously talented, now please sign this before I’m forced to get physical.”

He couldn’t help but edge the corner of his mouth into a wishful grin at her choice of words.

“Well we wouldn’t want that, you definitely look like you could take me.”

His mouth fell open as he signed the drawing shocked that he actually said that.

After lightly writing ‘Max’ in the far corner of the paper in very small letters he handed it back to her feeling that unexpected rush of happiness that was so foreign to him.


Liz dove back into her work for a few more hours before reappearing back in his office this time tapping lightly on his door.

Folding the corner of her papers back and forth as if she was about to say something that she had been rehearsing in her head.

Curling her hair around her finger she tilted her head to the side as he gazed up at her completely enthralled in every move, every breath, waiting anxiously to hear what she was about to say.

“Listen, I was thinking, I’ve never been to this pond in the park where you saw this dragonfly… I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular species before. If you’re up for it would you mind going there sometime?”

Panic struck knowing that there was no way he could be around so many people during the day, if anything should happen with her there he would never be able to explain his strange behavior…no, somehow, someway he was going to have to find a way to keep his secret from her.

“Well, actually if you’re not too tired we could go now.”

Afraid of how she was going to react to such a strange request he reached for his black sweatshirt pulling the hood up over his head casting his sensitive eyes to the floor.

Giving it a little thought she put her stuff down on his desk so she could pull her arms through the sleeves of her jacket.

“Sure, let’s go.”


Strolling through park with nothing but the crescent moon and thousands of stars to keep them company he closed his eyes just for a second silently thanking the angels, or God or whoever was responsible for bringing them together.

It was within that second that something very disturbing occurred to him.

Clenching his fists inside the pockets of his sweatshirt a shiver ran up his spine realizing that if the dream of him being in her bedroom was real, so was the nightmarish vision he was trying so hard to forget.

He knew he had no choice; he tried his entire life to run from these horrifying visions.

Now, if he wanted to save her… he would have to seek them out.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 3 4/19/13

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A sincere thank you for all your amazing comments, they mean more to me than you know...

Also the information written about dragonflies here, the myths and the facts are actually true, I found them on a site written by Brandon Cornett. Brandon is the creator of

I always thought that they were like mythical creatures, turns out they kind of are.

Chapter three

Walking down the cobble stone path lined with antique lamp posts Liz and Max were silently listening to a symphony of nocturnal insects and animals that seemed to be joining in some melodic choir just for them.

Max did he best to push the realization of having to delve into the terrifying visions that were possibly of her out of his mind, at least for tonight.

Because tonight, for the first time he was actually living his dream, walking side by side with the girl that had penetrated his heart saving him countless times from giving up when life seemed so hopeless.

Even though he was a twenty four year old man he felt like a nervous teenager who was clueless in how to woo a girl, not that Elizabeth Parker was just any girl.

Spending a lifetime against his will receiving insights on many different people’s minds and souls made him appreciate her all the more.

It was clear she was fiercely independent and ambitious; she had a lust for living life that was fearless as it was boundless, wanting to experience everything and see the world.

She also had dreams that stretched far beyond the small town newspaper that would be foolish not to hire her.

Max in turn felt indescribable warmth glowing off her, a kindness that surpassed anything he had ever felt, a level of compassion and empathy for others that was blindly beautiful...

But it was the fiery heat radiating from her that truly made him fall, a brazen passionate heart that would render the finest of romantic Shakespearean verses mundane and soulless.

It was almost paralyzing being close to her, he couldn’t imagine what she saw in him, a woman as complex, sophisticated and alluring as her could have anyone …so why was she walking in the park at midnight with him.

With his hands firmly fisted inside the pockets of his sweatshirt he nodded to a line of chest high bushes dotted with bright red berries.

“It’s right around that corner, there’s a good spot to see them but it’s a little hard to get to, are you opposed to getting a little wet?”

Chewing on the corner of her lip to keep from smiling at the completely innocent intent of his question she shook her head.

“I’m no delicate flower; feel free to lead me wherever you want.”

By passing the section obviously designed for visitors Max pulled back a large vine that revealed a narrow twisted dirt path.

Holding the branches back for her he carefully made sure she was safe especially now that they were far from the dim glow of the lamp posts.

Guided by memory and the pale hint of the moon and stars Max reached the end of the path and halted as if unsure of what to do next.

“Is there something wrong? She whispered as she reached out and clung to the back of his sweatshirt.

Stammering shyly he shook his head displaying that deep satin tone that made her light headed and woozy.

“N-No, it’s just we have to cross a brook, it’s not dangerous but I’ll have to hold your hand, the rocks can be slippery and you’re not familiar with the – “

Before he could finish his sentence she had pulled his hand out of his pocket and securely placed it over hers interlocking thier fingers tight.

Her sudden reaction caused him to gaze down at her as a strong vision of her dancing on her father’s toes at a wedding as a child flashed rapidly through his head.

Happiness, unconditional love, devotion… these emotions rushed towards him piercing his heart like a sword.

It was clear that her father was a supportive, loving, guiding factor in her life.

The total opposite of what his experience was with his dad, closing his eyes for a moment he thanked again whoever was responsible for such things that she had this love in her life.

Quickly Max averted his eyes back down towards the rocks feeling as if he had invaded her privacy somehow, he knew it wasn’t fair that he could pick up on her personal life, but for now it was … or more likely she was an unstoppable force and he was an immovable object incapable of blocking anything from her.

After about ten feet the winding brook opened back up into the opposite end of the pond.

Covered by purple and yellow wild flowers punctuated by bushels of tall grass there was a smooth flat rock on the edge of the pond that was barely wide enough to sit two people.

Since he was always alone this was a minor detail that had completely escaped him.

Noting the dew covering stone Max unzipped his sweat shirt and laid it across her half before reaching for her bringing her safely over to the other side to sit.

Liz had never been treated so gallantly in her life; it was as if he was from another world totally unaffected by today’s vile culture of how men treat women.

There was no agenda to Max Evans, usually if guys were nice to her it was just their means to an end, something they picked up to convince her that they were the sensitive type so she'd end up sleeping with them.

It was evident that this was Max’s way, something special inside him that harbored an innocent sweet quality that just couldn’t be faked.

Coupled with his complete lack of knowledge to just how incredibly handsome and innately sexy everything about him was Liz was finding it hard to keep her feelings at bay.

Stretching out his legs he crossed his feet at his ankles and leaned back resting his weight on his palms.

He had never seen a night so beautiful, it was then he realized that he was no longer looking up at the sky but gazing directly at her.

Liz had pulled her knees up to her chest and was staring intently down at the surface of the mossy green water, which was almost magically reflecting the stars above.

In an almost scientific serious tone she scanned the perimeters of the pond searching for the dragonfly that was in his sketch, the dragonfly that he had seen in her bedroom and not the pond, but she didn’t know that.

Scratching the back of his ear feeling a bit of guilt rises up in his stomach he took a deep breath.

“You know I saw it last night, I don’t know what the chances are that it will be back.”

Tucking her long wavy hair behind her ears moving closer to the water’s edge she licked her lips in anticipation driving him further to distraction.

“Actually dragonflies are very territorial they usually find a certain stream or pond and mark it as their own, especially if it was a male.”

Finding it difficult to look anywhere but at her enchanting eyes as they brightened with excitement, he mumbled whatever came to mind.

“Is that so? How do you know so much about dragonflies, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Tilting her head while plucking a violet tinted flower tucking it securely behind her ear she seemed to drift away for a moment as if recalling something sad.

“When I was eight my mother died, confused and distraught my dad gave me this giant book all about dragonflies. He told me that they were mythical creatures that flew alongside dinosaurs having wings spanning three feet wide."

Taking a chance he covered her hand with his briefly earnestly holding her gaze.

"I'm so sorry about your mom."

Flashing his a teary smile suprised by his sincere display of emotion she waved him off letting him know without so many words that it was a long time ago and that she was alright.

"I devoured every word of that book, soaking it up as if the words themselves were magic. My dad said that if I believed very hard and my heart was true they would protect me. They were the guardians of the forest sent to look after children whose mothers were carried off to heaven by angels. It was said that all feared these dragonflies for if you harmed a child they would come to you in your sleep and sew your eyes shut so you could never harm another. I know it sounds incredibly dark but I was a complicated child and he knew that It would help me.”

Locking eyes with Max she curled her lip realizing she had never shared that story with another soul.

"After that I became obsessed with them, I have several framed pictures on my bedroom walls. If you like you could come over and see them sometime."

Hanging his head as the rush of her in bed came to mind Max needed to change the subject.

"So I guess that explains why you love them so much."

Nodding slowly looking back over the pond she shrugged her shoulders bringing his attention to her red low cut sweater that brought out her golden skin between the valley of her breasts.

“Well yes that plus the Entomology course I took in college, people have no idea how fascinating insects can be, they’ve been around for over three hundred billion years, with endless varieties each with their own intricate systems and purpose. Our world would not being able to function without them.”

Running her fingers through her lustrous brown hair she smiled as the most inviting flush of pink blossomed across her cheeks.

“You must think I am the biggest dork, I just think there are so many things around us that are very beautiful in their own way, that is if we’d only give them a closer look. It’s like this whole world is going on around us that we’re totally oblvious to.”

Gazing out across the stream she wistfully rasped as if deeply affected by what she was about to say.

“Do you know that dragonflies spend most of their life in the larva stage? They have no wings; it’s as if they’re paralyzed stuck in this confined constricted world where they are powerless to live … to be free.”

Following her gaze across the star reflected pools he found himself relating very much to what she was saying.

“That’s actually really sad.” He whispered knowing exactly how that felt.

Reaching out to grab his arm she very much wanted him to understand.

“Yes it is… but then they go through this amazing metamorphosis, where this incredible miracle takes place. It’s like they wake from a dream, they are suddenly these powerful, beautiful creatures with two sets of long delicate intricate wings that enable them to fly in the blink of an eye in any direction. They are fearless, stalking their prey with perfect precision… it’s incredible to watch really… the way they skim and dip along the water with lightning speed as if they are living every second as if it were their last.”

Max’s heart was racing dangerously fast watching her speak with such passion… her heartfelt voice rising and falling as she emphasized each word with such grace, like diamonds drifting down from each letter that wandered from her sinuous lips.

He was sure poets could spend lifetimes writing about the beauty and charm of Ms. Elizabeth Parker and never run out of romantic dreamlike verses to describe her.

Caught up in the magic of her, he distantly revealed secrets about himself whispering hoarsely out into the spring air as if he were alone.

“I’d love be able to live that way, to be brave, living fearlessly.”

Surprised by his candor she wrapped her hand tightly around his arm effectively bringing him closer to her.

“Max they live that way because after they emerge from their cocoon they have only a few weeks before they die.”

Turning towards her swiftly his wide amber sweet eyes filled with genuine sadness finding himself within inches of her parted waiting lips.

“That can’t be true.”

Swirling velvet wrapped around her warming her from the inside out as he deeply intensely rasped to her.

Swept up in the nearness of him she found herself drifting closer to his full lips that shivered under her spell.

Unable to think as she began to move in he couldn’t help but stare down at her soft lips stunned that this was actually happening.

The next moment he was breathing her in, sweet like sugar licked the tip of his tongue thick as honey as the scent of spring rain drifted over him from her silky hair fanning along his flushed cheeks.

A rainbow of colors funneled through his mind, every flavor of ice cream and candy he had ever had exploded along his lips awakening senses he didn’t know existed.

Grazing the tips of his fingers across her jawline he could see inside her mind, feel her body reacting, coming alive, before he could control it a deep groan rose from his throat falling along her mouth.

He could feel the edges of her lips rise into a smile.

Immediately withdrawing from her he was mortified believing he had done something very wrong and inappropriate, ridiculing himself in his head vehemently for letting him get that close he turned away.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Pulling at his shirt he reluctantly looked over at her as her smile widened her finger pointed excitedly towards the water.

“Max look, it’s your dragonfly! And he’s got a friend.” Her whisper slipped into a slight giggle as she knelt on her knees bending over to get a better view.

Still reeling from their kiss and the possibility that he didn’t completely screw it up Max slowly imitated her position wrapping his arm around her waist afraid she would fall.

“Why are they flying attached to each other that way? Are they fighting?”

Tilting her head amazed by their beauty Liz shook her head dreamily.

“No Max, they’re making love… it’s how they mate, flying through the air clinging to one another … doesn’t it look as if they’re dancing?”

Immediately touched emotionally and physically by the words she had used picturing them together, him tenderly making love to her... dancing like her dragonflies, Max was at that moment madly, deeply in love.

It was then that they spotted the flashlight of a cop that had found them.

“Park closes at dusk!” He gruffly barked causing Max to jump to his feet.

“I guess we better go.”
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 4 5/15/13

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Lizza x3 (thank u so much sweetie)
Michelle in LA

so sorry for the long absence, thank you so much for you incredible fb!

Chapter four

It had been three days since their night at the pond and he had not seen her, not at the library, and as hard as he tried not in his dreams.

Cursing himself he knew it was too good to be true, he rushed the kiss, pushed too hard, and ruined it all.

How I could possibly think that someone as amazing, blindingly beautiful and stunningly intelligent would want a freak like me, he thought to himself as pulled the hood from his sweatshirt over his head trying to hide from the world.

She was everything he wasn’t, so full of life, fearless, vibrant, and incredibly open with her feelings.

But worst of all he felt responsible, knowing what he knew, the danger she was in and now he’d have no way of finding out who it was or how to protect her now that he had scared her away.

Pacing back and forth in his office the visions of her lying on the ground covered in blood consumed his every thought.

Sitting down in his chair he gripped his short black hair feeling selfish and weak as he lifted his lasted drawing of her gazing down at the dragonfly that rested on the tip of her finger.

He drew it the night after the pond still high from their kiss.

Strains of her raven hair breezed across her parted smiling lips as she gazed down with glistening bright eyes at the dragonfly that sat perched upon the tip of her finger.

For the first time he worked from his heart, pouring all his feelings with each stroke of the charcoal pencil sensually detailing how truly enchanted he was by her.

It was beyond the physical, it was an artistic vision of her soul, the piece of her that only he could see.
It was the beginnings of love.

Gently he ghosted over her lips with the tips of his finger remembering a night he was sure he would never have again.

“Wow, that’s really… beautiful.”

Startled by her voice he jumped up sending the picture flying in the air right into her hands.


Chewing on her bottom lip she sat up on his desk completely transfixed on the image of herself .

Slowly gazing up towards him she whispered softly sending him spinning realizing how much he missed just hearing her voice.

Shoving his hands in his pockets he back away till his back hit the wall of his office as he stared shyly down at the ground.

“Is this how you see me?” clearly struck by the obvious passion he felt for her she slid off the desk and slowly approached him.

Grasping the ties on his sweatshirt she worked her way up till she reached his hood pulling it down so she could look into his sad insecure eyes.

Still speaking softly seductively she perched her pink glossy lips close to his ear sending his heart racing dangerously fast.

“You know what this means don’t you?”

Feeling dizzy as her sweet breath of peppermint flushed against his cheek he shook his head.

Her eyes brightened shinny like the sun itself as a wide wicked grin flashed across her gleaming face.

“You have to sign it, remember?”

Turning away from him to grab a pencil from his desk she held it out for him.

“Well come on I don’t have all night, we have to get some work done if I’m going to be the next reporter to grace the pages of the Town Times!”

Her lust for life and love for just about everything was beyond appealing to him, to someone that spent most of his time hiding, it was mesmerizing to watch how just simple little things made her so excited and incredibly happy.

She was a ball of energy, a true gift to this world, and there was no way he was going to let anything harm her.


Thumbing through pages of documents recording the extensive damage done to the area from the flood he rubbed his eyes as the hours flew by.

Sitting on the floor with his back against a wall of shelves he jumped as she slid down next to him.

“I believe you are going above and beyond the call of duty here.”

Shaking his head he handed her his notes enthusiastically. “No really I’m fine, look at all the information I dug up, there are tons of statistics that should really help your article.”

Standing she held out her hand to help him up.

Grasping her hand he misjudged her strength as she yanked him up hard as they both went tumbling backwards to the floor.

Laying over her he began to tremble feeling her soft body beneath him.

“God Liz, I-I’m so sorry… “

Sliding her hands up his muscular arms she gazed up into his bashful expression truly charmed by how sweet and innocent he seemed.

It was as if he wore his heart on his sleeve, his vulnerability was incredibly attractive, there were no games, no stupid lines to manipulate her, just his feelings out there brave and beautiful for her to see.

“I’m not.”

Leaning up to him she lightly pressed her lips to his as she pulled him down to her.

Gripping her fingers through the back of his dark hair she was the aggressor effectively parting is lips eager to taste him, to deepen a kiss that she had been dreaming about for days.

He was in heaven, flying, drifting higher and higher as he heard her breathless throaty soft moans like a symphony created between the two of them.

Unable to keep from touching her he found the courage to tenderly slide his hand down the side of her body gently grazing the curve of her waste.

Unintentionally his thumb brushed beneath her sweater feeling the warmth of her stomach evoking a shaky breath from him breaking their kiss.

Bracing his forehead to hers he was suddenly there, standing helplessly behind the man dressed in black, the silver knife gleaming under a light that was swaying back and forth as if it was hit by something.

Trying hard to remember every clue to his vision he quickly stood shaken by the horrifying image of her lying lifeless on the ground.


Pushing herself up she searched his eyes trying to figure out what went wrong.

“You’re pale, shivering… are you alright?”

Lost in his thoughts he knew what he had to do, if he was going to keep her alive.


Sliding her hands up his chest she bit her bottom lip figuring he thought he was moving too fast.

“It’s ok… I mean, I liked what you were, doing … how you were touching me.”

Nervously looking down at her snapping out of his vision he knew he had to think fast.

“I was just …worried. I mean I didn’t want to … assume… anything.”

Resting her head against his beating heart she smiled lacing her fingers within his.

“Assume Max… assume.”

Closing his worried eyes he knew in that moment that he loved her.

Kissing her softly before she got into her car he filled her hatchback with boxes of information for her article.

It was then that he noticed a folder marked Alan Price in black magic marker shoved in the corner beneath a duffle bag.

Reaching out he touched it carefully closing his eyes trying to concentrate.

A vision of a man in his late forties in a stylish suit and slicked back blonde hair popped into his head.

Greed, corruption, infidelity, emotions connected to this person bombarded Max making him feel incredibly uncomfortable and nervous.

He had no clue if this person had anything to do with Liz but he couldn’t take any chances.

Taking the folder he hid it underneath his sweatshirt and closed her trunk.

As he waved goodbye he felt a sting of guilt almost as if he were lying or betraying her but it was her life on the line, he knew he had no choice.

He had to start a lineup of suspects, this meant he had to do something that was very hard for him, he was going to have to really talk to her, find out about her life, the people that were closest to her.

That night alone in his room he pulled out an expensive camera that his father had given him for his birthday instead of making the trip down to Maine to actually spend time with him.

Placing the camera aside he reluctanly opened the folder that he had taken from her car.

It was filled with copies of bank statements and emails, also steamy pictures of a blonde taken from outside a hotel room.

It appeared as though Liz was building a story on this man, but why? Who was he?

What was really strange is when he touched the pictures of him with the blonde he saw an image of Liz, like she had a personal connection to this man.

Putting it aside till he could study it further Max tried to sleep before going onto his next plan.

At dawn he waited outside her house until six thirty when her father finally emerged to go to work.

Using the high power zoom on the camera he took several pictures of the fifty something year old man before making his way home.

A strange thrill rushed through him as he walked down the sidewalk to his apartment.

He was finally taking control over this curse that had plagued him his entire life.

This wasn’t going to be like the little girl in the hospital, that he would always feel responsible for.

He was in love with Liz Parker and he was going to save her life.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 5 6/11/13

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So ok I know I’ve disappeared there for a while but I am back and apparently so is my muse…
For those of you haven't read my other updates, I am really sick, actually getting worse I think, fever is getting higher and I swear I can't swallow at all my throat is so bad, my head is so stuffy I feel like I'm on a different planet.
So please forgive my failure to thank you all individually for all your incredible fb's and bumps to this story, its about to really get off the ground now with some new details you will discover in this update.
Again please forgive my mistakes, its three thirty in the morning and since I couldn't sleep and the words were just flowing out of me I decided to write, lets hope I'm not hallucinating that this all makes sense lol
I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all your support and constant warm replies to my fics, you'll never know how much they mean to me.

Again since I have been MIA I would like to give a brief description on where we last left off with our caring, loving Max Evans ;)

I’ll try to condense this as much as possible…

Max at the age of twelve was in a horrible car accident where he was forced to watch his mother die. Waking from a coma he discovered that not only was he suffering from a weakened heart that his doctor determined was going to significantly shorten his life. He was also brought back to life with a gift of being able to see the past and the future, like a movie or sometimes snapshots of images or emotional reactions he was forever changed.

He has to actually touch someone in order for these visions to occur, which is what happened while he was recovering in the hospital. Seeing the horrific future of a little girl he was unable to save her which altered his life forever in many ways.

He was immediately seen as a freak and psychotic, displayed in the papers as joke and to his father as an embarrassment he was put on heavy drugs and home schooled basically kept a prisoner in his own home.

After refuting his previous descriptions of his so called psychic predictions as post-traumatic stress syndrome, his meds where reduced to those needed for his weak heart.

He learned to not only keep his new abilities a secret he also had to adapt in a world where he could basically not be around people.

After he turned eighteen his father helped him out with this predicament by marrying a woman and sending him off to live in a very small coastal town in Maine working down in the basement of the archive and research department in the local library on the night shift…

Living in a small studio apartment he was lonely haunted by the life that he will never have.

All of this changed on one ordinary normal night when a certain girl knocked on his office door, (which never, ever happened)
As if struck by lightning Max was instantly and forever in love with the very lively, passionate, intelligent Elizabeth Parker.

In need of help recovering information on a story she was writing as a possible reporter for the Town Times Liz began spending nights side by side with our shy, sweet innocent Max who was becoming head over heels with each passing day.

Not blind to the fact of how truly special Max was Liz was also developing feelings for our unlikely hero, which would make this a very lovely romantic boy meets girl love story …there was only one problem.

Max was having horrific visions of Liz’s untimely demise most every time he touched her.

It was always the same, a man with his back to Max standing over Liz’s dead body holding a bloody knife.

Determined to save her life and find the killer in his visions Max was now on a mission.

Discovering a folder filled with pictures a forty something year old blonde haired man in compromising positions with a blonde bombshell from a seedy hotel Max believed that he had the first of many clues as to who could be after Liz.

The feelings he perceived from touching these images were confusing to say the least. His name was Alan Price and he was involved in shady dealings including infidelity, betrayal, blackmail and so forth.

But was even more disturbing was that he felt a definite connection between this man and Liz.
The only conclusion he drew from these findings was that she was doing a story on this Mr. Price, at any rate Max was hell bent on saving her… at any cost.

Chapter five

Indian summer, some enjoy the unexpected heat giving them one last glimpse of summer before winter rears its ugly head bringing with it freezing temperatures and mounting snow accumulations especially in the unforgiving climate of Maine but not Max.

For some reason the heat only intensified the already impulsive actions running over and over inside his brilliant mind as he thought of her.

Twisting and turning unable to sleep he couldn’t help the unrelenting feeling of needing to see her again.

Liz had taken a trip recently to visit relatives in Connecticut, that coupled with a heavy work load as an intern at the paper she was desperate to land and actual job at she hadn’t had the time in weeks to come to the library to work on her research.

They had been keeping in touch via text messaging…

But It wasn’t enough for him, he was a goner, thinking of her night and day, wondering what she was doing from one minute to the next.

Imagining kissing her again and longing for the flutter of butterflies that would race inside his stomach whenever he was with her.

But mostly he was worried for her, always mindful of that nightmarish scene that replayed itself over and over inside his mind when he touched her.

He was well aware of the fact that he wasn’t exactly a superhero or even someone strong and tough that could physically protect her he still felt as though somehow she was safer with him.

And then there were those pictures of that shady man that he found in her car.

He was very serious about finding who this person was and what his connection was to Liz, his gut was telling him that this all had to do with his visions but how he just didn’t know.

He bought a huge cork board and hung it on the wall directly at the end of his bed so he could lay down and stare at the pictures in hopes that something would click, that maybe more detailed visions would appear to him.

Displayed with thumb tacks were the pictures he found inside the folders of Mr. Price and the unidentified blonde woman.

Also he posted the pictures he took of her father even though he felt no significance to them.

Adjacent to those photographs were the sketches he drew of Liz’s dragonfly and of course her.

Stretched out on his back lying in bed with his hands behind his head he gazed up at her dreamily.

There were at least twenty drawings, each revealing a different side to her complex nature, her endless entrancing transfixing facial expressions, from serious concentration to a smile wide and contagious you were forced to smile back, to big brown eyes so bright and full of laughter and life it would stop your heart.

It was out of his hands now, his mind had taken over, his gifts that gave him the ability to propel him through time and space had already taken affect before he could stop it.

Opening his innocent brandy tinted eyes he once again found himself surrounded by rainforest green walls with framed dragonflies seemingly alive and well resting along her room upon brightly colored flowers or rippled streams.

It was like a fairytale being in her bedroom, surrounded by mythical creatures and billowing white sheers in her windows flowing freely from the warm breeze wafting throughout her room.

A soft almost angelic sigh captured his attention as he slowly gazed over to her curled up on her side sleeping peacefully.

It occurred to him in that moment that he was in the perfect place to possibly find clues linking her to that man or better yet the killer.

Looking over to her desk across the room he carefully began to open the drawers that were filled to the brim with newspaper clippings.

Rifling through each one they just led to one dead end after another.

Her drive to be a reporter was clear as he glanced at the many articles that were stuffed inside her desk.

Sighing he studied the antique white furniture in front of him trying to think like her.

Lifting a small pink box wondering what was inside he jumped as a tiny twirling ballerina popped out along with the twinkling sound of music.

Slamming it shut he spun around watching as she moaned slightly turning over onto her back with her arms crisscrossed beneath her breasts that were snug straining against the white tan top that she was wearing.

Closing his eyes he took a deep breath trying to remember why his mind brought him to her in the first place.

Still as he made his way over to her dresser he couldn’t help his curious gaze as it made its way down her perfect body past her top to the tiny thin cotton dark navy blue shorts that showed off the golden skin of her thighs.

He smiled as her toes peaked out of the tangled stark white sheets that were wrapped around her smooth tan legs.

Her pink polished nails had white flowers painted on the big toes; that very minor detail completely summed her up.

Liz’s lust for life, her incredible gift of seeing beauty in places that ordinary people would miss.

Shaking his head he knew he didn’t have much time before he’d find himself back in his dingy one room apartment again, he had to get serious.

Carefully he opened the first drawer of her tall bureau, it was smaller than the rest, and he soon discovered why.

His body instantly went up twenty degrees as he found himself looking down into a drawer full of panties and bras.

Dressed in a black tee shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants he was finding it hard to hide his reaction to her laying just feet away from him and her panties just inches from his face.

A serious twinge of guilt stabbed his gut knowing without a doubt that this was wrong as he shuffled his bare feet back and forth trying to decide what to do.

Still, oh god … it was like glancing at heaven itself, too tempting not to at least take a quick look.

Besides this could be where she kept something of importance, this very task could end up saving her life, he soon convinced himself that this was his duty to at least check it out.

Gingerly as if he were touching something precious he moved past the multitude of pale blue, pink, and oh good god red and black panties and matching bras ranging from soft cotton to intricate lace.

Sweat broke out along his forehead as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously until he discovered something that didn’t belong.

Hidden underneath her very intimate apparel was a hard cover black book with a bright red ribbon sticking out of the middle like a book mark.

A rush of adrenaline pulsated through his body as he quickly shut the drawer and made his way back to the chair in front of her desk.

Leafing through the book he soon discovered that it was her diary.

Closing his eyes his body tensed hating that he was being forced to invade her privacy this way.

He felt terrible but the image of her lying motionless over and over in his head was something that he just could not live with any longer.

Leafing through the green lined book he passed by many entries.

As soon as he could assess that it was just her personal thoughts about her day he quickly moved on doing his best to avoid reading what was obviously none of his business.

It wasn’t until he got to a few pages before where the red ribbon was that he spotted his name.

His heart actually leaped inside his chest, he knew he shouldn’t continue on, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Friday, October 14,

Max took me down to the pond in the park tonight. We watched two dragonflies making love over the reflection of the moon as it gleamed off the water. We kissed and it was truly magical, I can’t help thinking that behind that shy, quiet, sweet exterior lies a very passionate soul. It’s strange, I know we just met but I can’t help but imagine that we are those dragonflies, flying blindly together lost in a world of our own making love as if our life depended on it. Free, uninhibited, wild. God help me but it’s all I can think about as I lay here in bed …

Slamming her diary shut he just sat there breathless, beyond stunned, completely blindsided.

Never in his life did he ever think that anyone could ever see him that way, could ever feel that way about him.

It was a revelation, filling him with a sense of happiness that he had never felt before.

Walking over to her he knelt down beside her bed knowing that it wouldn’t be long now before he would find himself alone back in his room.

Staring down at her he was truly spellbound by her beauty.

Max watched now shamelessly taking in every detail from her silky raven hair that was styled in one long braid curving off to the side gracing the delicate skin of her neck, to her parted rose colored lips that called out to be kissed.

He couldn’t help his body's reaction growing stiff and hard from her words, from her picturing them making love, from her looking past what no one else ever could.

His body was shivering from pure need as he bent down closer to her flawless face.

This was risky, dangerous, but for the first time in his secure, safe, lonely controlled little life he didn’t care, the sweet taste of her lips was worth any consequences he could possibly have to face.

Hovering over her now his radiant amber eyes enhanced by the luminous moonlight shimmering through her window slid shut as his mouth glided lightly over her parted soft lips.

It wasn’t till she felt his gentle but firm tongue slid along her bottom lip that her eyelashes fluttered open realizing that this wasn’t a dream.

Rising up on her elbows her eyes wide with surprise she opened her mouth to speak only to find herself alone in her room.


Her whisper echoed in his ears even though he was back in his bed staring at the ceiling with the heavenly taste of her dancing like honey on the tip of his tongue.

Letting out a shaky breath he felt something hard in his hands, forgetting all about her diary he quickly sat up suddenly filled with emotions that were clearly not his own.

Opening up to the page held in place by the red ribbon he read the entry that was marked from the last time they were together.

I found out more information on Price today thanks to Maria, I’m getting closer every day to finding the out the truth.
I love my father for trying to protect me from what really happened to her.
How do you tell your eight year old that her mother was murdered?
I understand why he lied, why he told me it was cancer, but I’m not a child anymore and I owe it to her to find the man who ended her life, I owe it to her to make him pay.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 6 6/15/13

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thank you so much for that sweet fb, I am STILL sick :( , am beyond depressed now, thought I would try writing to cheer myself up, so again please excuse my mistakes, and my endless romantic ramblings ... I think that maybe if I write this character long enough he'll show up at my door lol, wouldn't that be nice. ;)

I know its short but my eyes were starting to blur, very sorry also I know I'm leaving you on the cliff again but I think by now your pretty used to it ;)

Chapter six

Dragging himself to work half exhausted from researching every Alan Price in North America with no results and half the time consumed with thoughts of Liz, Max stumbled out onto the dark dank basement of the library.

Shuffling his feet sipping black coffee he made his way to his office to find a slip of paper taped to the door of his office.

Meet me after work at my house
You know where I live, obviously
It’s important

Max stood dumbfounded, his coffee slowly spilling onto the floor as his hand like every other part of him went completely numb.


Ripping the note off the door he aimed his shaking hand at the lock desperately trying to make the key work in total panic mode.

Almost falling inside he slumped down onto his computer chair and yanked his hood over his head pulling the strings tight desperate to make himself disappear anyway he could.

Slamming his forehead on his desk he folded his arms over his head feeling like such a fool.

Thinking she now suspects that he’s a crazy stalker who broke into her house in the middle of the night to fondle her.

He knew he pushed things too far when he kissed her, but the temptation was too much.

She was too beautiful, her mouth too soft, his body too in need.


Grunting angrily he pushed everything off his desk frustrated at his ridiculous life.

He was furious for being cursed with this ability that had completely destroyed his life.

He was practically living as a hermit, never had a normal life, no friends, no family, not able to connect with anyone, never even been with a girl...

"God, could I be more pathetic?" he groaned to himself soberly.

Kicking a pile of papers on the floor he suddenly saw the reason for everything.

His purpose for being forced to go through so much pain, such incredible loneliness and isolation.

It was one of his drawings of her that grabbed his attention.

She was hard at work one night lost as to everything going on around her.

Lost to him intently staring at her, mesmerizing every curve, every expression, every little seemingly insignificant thing about her…

But that was just the thing, he thought to himself as he tenderly brushed his fingertips across the charcoal portrait of her.

Nothing, absolutely not one movement, not one strand of her silky hair, not one shutter of her long dark eyelashes... nothing was trivial about Liz Parker.

All of it, those little lines between her eyebrows that appeared when she was really concentrating, the way she’d twist her finger around her necklace when she found something intriguing, the way she bit her bottom lip when she was desperate to figure out how to word her article just right.

It was all fascinating beyond words, beyond mere description.

The lopsided ponytail that was coming apart as the night went on, the pink shade of lipstick she wore when she was in a particularly good mood, or the way her eyelashes kissed her bright cheeks when she became too sleepy to read.

It was all magical, just like her dragonflies.

To anyone else looking at that picture of her they would’ve seen a tired, over worked, messy girl.

But to him she was a vision, gorgeous, her spirit shinning brighter than sun.

This was the reason for it all.

To save her life, a life that was endless with possibilities.

Pulling down his hood he tipped his chair back realizing that he had to think of something, why he was there, how he found out where she lived.

He couldn’t tell her the truth, there’s was no way, she’d think he was insane, an insane stalker who breaks into her bedroom at night to kiss her in her sleep.

Fantastic …

His eight hours in the dungeon at the library felt like twenty as he stared at the clock on the wall every five minutes.

Shoving all of his stuff in bag he threw it over his shoulder and lifted his hood up gravely watching the clocks hands move.

Max took his time walking at a snail’s pace still hoping something would come to him, but nothing did.

He took the long route through the park hoping that the same policeman that chased them out that night would arrest him for trespassing but no such luck.

Staring up at her house with his hands firmly shoved in his pockets he sighed.

His raspy deep voice floated out into the night air like a sultry admission to a lonely moon.

“If you only knew…”

“If I only knew what?”

His eyes widened then narrowed wincing painfully hearing her very determined aggressive voice directly behind him.

Once again… ‘Shit’

Turning around slowly he all at once decided to use the only tactic he could think of… claim complete and total ignorance.

“Hi Liz… how are you?”

Listening to his sweet innocent voice grow higher and higher as he spoke cracking at the end as if he was a twelve year old going through puberty she relaxed.

The hard line of her lips curved into a biting smile as she ran her fingers through her hair anxious to figure out last night.

“Hi Max, so I see you found the place ok.”

Nodding wide eyed he shrugged nervously.

“Y-You have a library card, all your information is in the computer files.”

Wincing she began chewing on her bottom lip as if she were a hard nose detective interrogating a suspect who she was sure was guilty.

“Uh huh, that is true.”

Rocking back and forth on the heels of his sneakers like a little kid he stared at the ground trying like hell to avoid her glaring dizzying gaze.

“So, what’s up Liz? Your note sounded like there was something wrong.”

Grabbing him by the arm spinning him around hard she led him towards the front door.

“Yeah, not so much wrong but confusing… “

Tripping along the way noticing that her dad’s car wasn’t in the driveway he started to rethink his tact of playing dumb realizing who he was dealing with.

“It’s pretty late is your dad – “

“On a business trip, it’s just the two of us, which is good because we need to talk.”

Behind a flurry of raven hair flying in his face he was led into her bedroom where suddenly everything stopped.

Scratching behind his ear he anxiously backed up against her bed causing himself to forcibly sit.

“Liz, I really wish you’d tell me what this is all about.”

Max couldn’t lie if there was a gun to his head and it showed, almost embarrassingly.

Sitting next to him she reached for his hands, which was the worst thing she could’ve done.

Between how incredibly nervous he was and the fact that he was sitting inches from her on her bed he was defenseless from holding back his visions.

Flashes of her childhood flew behind his eyes uncontrollably.

Her terrifying fall of her bike at five, the excitement of her first awkward kiss, the intense embarrassment of falling in front of all her friends at the rolling rink at her tenth birthday party.

“Max I have to ask you something and I need the truth.”

Swallowing hard he shook his head attempting to block out all the images flying towards him at lightning speed.

Forcibly letting her hands go he stood suddenly and began to pace her room while his mind raced a million miles an hour.

The last thing he wanted to do was lie, but the truth was just too much right now, if she didn’t believe him it might mean her life, and at the very least he’d never see her again which was an impossible thought… something he couldn’t even entertain as an option.

“Max, please I feel like we really have something… special, that’s why this is so upsetting. Just please don’t lie to me, we’re you in my room last night?”

There she said it, it was out there, there was no escaping it now, his eyes flew to the dragonflies on the walls poised with such beauty, such magic.

That’s when it occurred to him, a way to tell the truth without telling her about his ability.

It all came out in such a rush of words so passionate and heartfelt it was a complete blur to him.

For once in his life he didn’t second guess the feelings flying out of his mouth as he continued to pace breathlessly hands braced around the back of his neck.

“All day I was thinking of what I was going to say to you, of how I was going to have to explain what happened because I can’t lie, not to you, not to the girl I am falling so hard for I can’t even see straight."

Slumping into her desk chair he dropped his head in his hands visibly upset.

“I know it was wrong, I know I must seem like a lunatic, or some pervert, but I was lying in bed for hours, you were all I could think of. It was driving me crazy, I just wanted to see you, but it was so late, too late to wake you. I was dreaming of the way your hair smells like apples and your skin like coconut and how insanely soft your hair feels, and… and well the next thing I know was here.”

Not willing to look at the expression on her face, too wrapped up in his onslaught of emotions that was now like a runaway train racing off its tracks he continued helplessly.

“It was wrong I know but you were there sleeping, so fucking beautiful, so … I just couldn’t help myself, I’ve never felt this way about anyone, not ever, I mean you're all I think about, all I dream about. I just wanted one kiss, just one kiss … I never met to – “

Stifled by her lips pressing hard against his he opened his eyes to find her kneeling between his legs her hands flush against his cheeks.

Confused he leaned back watching as a smile curled seductively along her pink glossy mouth that reminded him of cotton candy.

Standing she held out her hand for him, telling him all he needed to know.

Taking her hand he stood breathless and shaking.

“That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Her whisper was like cool rain that fell on a hot summer night, the kind that makes steam rise from sweltering streets.

All at once his body came to life, impossible to hide his reaction to her and not really caring anymore he reached for her and kissed her as if his life depended on it…

Because in a lot of ways… it did.
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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 7 9/3/13

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So sorry again for my absence, thank you so much for your continued support and fb

chapter six left off where Max made the journey through his gift to her room and kissed her, she awaked in time knowing that it was him and left a note for work to meet her at her home, thinking she would hate him he blurted out his real feelings for her and to his surprise was led to her bedroom...

Chapter seven

He was really kissing her; it was real, her mouth caressing his, her fingers sliding up the back of his neck grasping passionately his thick black hair.

Max felt as if the world was spinning off its axis, spiraling aimlessly into the galaxy, past twinkling stars and mysterious moons, beyond colorful extraterrestrial planets.

Soft sweet breathless moans wafted into the air surrounding him like a musical symphony made especially for them.


That was the word that kept repeating over and over inside his head as he swept her silky hair from her neck while brushing his lips daringly down the cleavage of her V-neck sweater.

He had no idea what he was doing; with no experience to draw from he followed her cues, her passionate responses.

Falling to the bed she encouraged him to rise over her flush to her body as their hearts pounded together as one in a fury of emotions.

Fumbling she began releasing the buttons of her pink fuzzy sweater while slipping off her white sneakers wrapping her legs around his waist.

Uncovering her white lace bra she pressed her lips to his ear, “Take off your shirt, I want to feel you.”

Nodding nervously he reached behind him and pulled his tee shirt over his head as rapid thoughts raced erratically through his mind.

He loved her, more than he ever thought it possible to love another human being but this was wrong, how could he make love to her without her knowing the truth about him.

It wasn’t fair to her, it wasn’t right.

Images swirled inside his head as they their kisses became more fervent, but they weren’t visions of the future, or her childhood.

They were pictures of her seeing him for the first time, the feelings of butterflies in her stomach as they sat together on the edge of the pond, of her sneaking glances at him searching the computer for her research.

Visions of them laughing, talking, growing closer, falling in love.

Her anticipation of him coming to her house, of her staring in the mirror, knowing that tonight was the night.

It was beyond overwhelming, it was intrusive, unfair.

It wasn’t right that she didn’t know the truth, about his gifts, and certainly about his visions of her murder and how desperately he was trying to prevent it.

Bringing her hands to the front clasp of her bra she swept her lips across his mouth picking up on his apprehension.

“Max, please … I want to… I need you to touch me.”

His warm amber eyes slid shut as he pressed his forehead to hers bringing his hand over hers preventing her from releasing the clasp of her bra.

“Liz, I need to tell you something.”

A coy understanding smile spread across her beautiful glowing face as she kissed him slowly once again.

“Max, I know, and its fine. I love that you haven’t done this before. I’m happy that I’m your first; it makes it all that more special.”

His eyes slammed shut as he rolled off of her to his back holding his hands over his face so caught up in everything else that it didn’t even occur to him.

Concerned she turned to her side holding her sweater closed intertwining their fingers to reassure him that it was nothing to be embarrassed about.

His voice was barely a whisper as he sat up on the bed to reach for his shirt.
“Did I do something wrong? I-I mean how did you know?”

Mortified she wrapped her arms around his waist resting her head on his shoulder.

“No Max, it was just the opposite, no one has ever been that tender, that caring… no one has ever made me feel that special. It was in your eyes, the way you touched me, I’ve never felt so wanted, so… loved in my life.”

Hearing her say the word their eyes connected.

Cradling her face he gazed into her eyes, his lips, his everything shivering as he said the words.

“I do you know, I-I love you, I’m crazy, over the moon in love with you. I can’t even think straight when I’m around you.”

Resting her hand over his heart she moved to kiss him when she felt a strange almost hard thump then a quick skip of his heart.

His eyes widened as his breath quickened.

Concern washed over her as she grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Max! What is it? What’s wrong?”

Suddenly sharp pains began ravaging his chest making it unable for him to speak.

Reaching for his cell he dialed 911 and handed it to her nodding pointing to his heart unable to get enough air from his lungs to speak himself.

He began to black out hearing her talk of his heart, how it was an emergency, and right before he passed out he recalled the doctor at age thirteen telling him how it could happen anytime. That they’d be surprised if he lived into his twenties.


The sound of machines beeping and buzzing was the first realization that he hadn’t died as he slowly opened his eyes.

His vision was blurry at first, a hazy almost watercolor of beautiful Liz sitting in a chair beside him holding his hand.

“It’s alright Max; you’re going to be ok.”

A middle aged nurse reached for his wrist to take his pulse.

Nodding towards Max she smiled patiently.

“Your girlfriend was unaware of your heart condition, because she isn’t family I was only able to tell her that this is something that stems from a childhood accident. We have you stabilized and now that you’re awake and responding well to the meds you’ll be able to go home tomorrow.”

Looking back at Liz he squeezed her hand, relieved that she didn’t find out the truth this way and that especially she was there.

“I figured when you are released you could explain the details to her.”

The nurse’s voice bordered on stern, knowing that Liz had no idea how serious his condition was and that he hadn’t been taking his meds.

Suddenly Max began to feel very tired.

“You were given a sedative; we have a few more tests tonight before you can be released tomorrow. You should say goodbye to your girlfriend before you fall out sweetie.”

He felt her lips on his melting all his worries away as she swept his hair from his heavy eyes.

“I’ll be back later on tonight before you wake up. I love you.”

Already feeling the effects of the drug he’s slurred words echoed hers.
“I love you.”

Hours that felt like days passed by before he woke to find a different nurse taking his blood pressure.

“Well hello sleepy head, you’ve been out quite a while, but don’t worry all you insurance information and medication instructions have been given to your father. He’s at your apartment now making sure everything’s ready for when you leave here tomorrow.”

Sitting up in bed he immediately felt distress at the mention of his father’s arrival.
“My father! My father, was here?!”

Noticing his emotional stress indicated on his blood pressure results, the nurse patted his shoulder attempting to relax him.

“Of course dear, don’t worry he took care of everything. He seemed very concerned for you.”
Barely able to breath Max grabbed the nurse by the arm.

“What about Liz? Were they here together? Did he talk to her??”

Shaking her head disappointingly the nurse gently pushed him back down onto his pillows.

“Actually they just missed each other, but I’m sure they caught up at your apartment. She said she’s was going there to clean and make a nice dinner for when you were released tomorrow.”

Exiting his room leaving Max alone to ponder exactly what this meant he jumped out of bed.
Holding his head he searched around the room for his clothes in a panic.

The cork board, the pictures of Liz, her father, Mr. Price… her diary… all the evidence he had tacked up there for her to see.

Grabbing hold of his IV he ripped it out of his hand sending blood and his med streaking all over his sheets.

Running past patients in the hall he was out of his mind.

Bumping into an old man he saw flashes of his family standing around his open coffin crying.

Spinning around he accidentally grabbed a hold of the arm of a doctor who in his mind’s eye was downing pills in the janitor’s closet while banging a candy striper.

Rushing out the door he ran into a woman who was hysterically crying and saw her young son lying lifeless on an operating table.

It was too much, the pain, the deceit, the overriding of emotion that he had no way of blocking.

Falling into a cab he held his head in his hands as repeated cell phone calls to Liz continued to go unanswered.

Finally reaching his apartment he ran up the stairs two by two panting harshly still fragile from the strain of his weakened heart.

As he reached the top of the stairs gasping clutching the banister he saw the opened door to the apartment.

Smoothing his hands along the walls for support the blood rushed from his face as he saw Liz and his father staring up at the corkboard.

Tears fell from Liz’s face as she stared blankly up at the pictures that he stole from her of Alan Price, of her and her father.

Clutched tightly to her chest was her diary that he mistakenly brought back with him from his journey to her room that faithful night.

Beside her was his dad, dressed as always in his stiff expensive suit with that permanent look of disappointment and humiliation encompassing his wrinkled stoic hardened face.

Crying opening Liz brushed by Max and ran down the stairs devastated and betrayed.

Shaking furiously Max looked up at his father his hands balled into tight fists.

“What did you tell her?”

Sighing his father answered his cell that began to ran while glancing at his watch.

“I told her the truth that you’re a delusional sick young man who obviously needs more help then I originally thought.”

Throwing his suitcase on his bed his father nodded towards his closet.

“Pack your bags; we’re leaving tonight before you cause any further damage.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 8 12/6/13

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L-J-l 76 x3 *just heard your fic was deleted too, :( so sorry!

To everyone above thank you so much for hanging in there, So appreciate you taking the time to read this little fic about this very sweet Max. I'm so sorry again for my absence, stupid life just keeps getting in my way :wink:

Just a little recap because I’ve been gone so long…
Ok, Max is a sweet gentle shy young man who happens to be physic due to a horrible car accident where he suffered terrible injuries to his heart. After coming to from the surgery he learns that his beloved mother didn’t survive along with these powers to at times see the past, present and future events for which he has no control of.
After word gets out of his ‘abilities’ he was shunned by his community and not only an embarrassment to his father but someone who was now ‘in the way’ now that he had intentions of remarrying.
Shipped away to a small town in Maine Max found himself living alone working the graveyard shift in a library far away from the public that would often inflame these ‘powers’ that made his life so difficult.
Alone and isolated Max believed this was how he would be spending the rest of his life.
All that changed when a spitfire girl reporter Liz Parker walked into his office demanding not only his help on landing her dream job but also his heart.
All was well until Max began seeing visions of Liz’s untimely demise.
Hell bent on saving her life Max searches for clues which lead him to a man Liz herself has been investigating, Mr Alan Price.
With only very lewd pictures of this man in compromising positions and shady dealings Max is left with more questions than answers with time running out on Liz’s life.
If things couldn’t get any worse Max’s heart condition flares up after a particular passionate night with Liz landing him in the hospital.
After finding out that Liz and his father are in his apartment and all his secrets are being revealed Max rushing home just in time to find that his father has told his version of the truth breaking Liz’s heart and the trust they shared.
Max’s watches helplessly as Liz runs away leaving her in more danger now more than ever, his father coldly demands that he packs his things informing him that they are going home, back to Connecticut.

Chapter eight

“Pack your bags; we’re leaving tonight before you cause any further damage.”

Clutching his chest still feeling sharp pains Max reaches for his prescription in his duffle bag as his weary eyes roam over his cork board with all the information he had collected on Mr Price.

Impatiently Mr Evans checks a text message on his cell from his new wife.

Noticing that Max is not packing the suitcase his father put on his bed he begins huffing as he rips opens his draws and throws his clothes inside haphazardly.

“Your step mother has a showing tonight at the gallery; I don’t have time for this shit Max. We have to leave now to have any chance of missing rush hour on 84.”

After taking his pills Max sighed as he reached for the silver frame next to his bed.

Grazing his thumb over her warm smile Max’s eyes filled with tears remembering just how beautiful his mother was.

“Stop dad.”

Max’s timid demand was ignored as he father continued to pack his clothes while attempting to text his wife back.

Placing the picture of his mom back on the crate near his bed he stood placing his hand on his dad’s shoulder capturing his attention.

“I’m not going back with you.”

Max shuddered as visions of arguments between his father and Shelby his new wife concerning him moving back with them flooded his mind.

“Max I don’t have time to argue with you. I spoke to your doctor about your condition, it’s imperative that you avoid stress at all cost. It’s all been arranged, you’ll be staying in the guest house with a live in nurse. No one even has to know you’re back in town; at least there I can keep an eye on you. God knows what you’ve been doing with that hick that landed you in the hospital to begin with.”

Walking slowly over to his window that over looked main street Max watched as the people he saw every day went about their lives…free from the weight that he carried so heavily on his shoulders.

“Dad, what I have isn’t a curse, it’s a gift. I’m through hiding; I have to learn how to control these visions on my own. Mom would never have wanted me to live in fear, seeing myself as a monster, a burden.”

Adjusting his tie angrily Mr Evans shook his head.

“This is about that girl isn’t, well I can tell you right now you’ll never be hearing from her again. I told her everything, how you claimed to ‘see’ things, how it landed you in the psych ward doped up on medicine strong enough to bring down a horse.”

Waving at the cork board furious his father stepped heatedly towards Max watching as he coward before him lowering his head in fear.

“She’s seen the proof; she’s never coming near you again! Now get your stuff and let’s go!”

Wringing his hands together Max stepped back forcing himself to look his dad in the eyes.

“I have a life here, a job, a home… I don’t need your help anymore dad. Shelby doesn’t want me there with you, I saw it. I heard her threaten you with moving out. Just go.”

Shaking his head slowly his father dropped his suitcase on the bed and walked out the door stopping for just a moment.

Without looking back he took a deep breath.

“You’re right about Shelby, I don’t know how. I still don’t believe in all this mindreading crap but I do believe the doctor’s Max. That heart is damaged, no one know just how long … just be careful Max. ”


Three Weeks later...

Sitting at his desk Max lifted his sketching pad gently blowing off the remains of the charcoal powder along her long eyelashes that swept across the thick page.

It had felt like forever since he had seen her face or heard the sweet musical tone of her voice.

The multitude of messages had gone unanswered but he never lost faith that he would see her again.

Setting he sketch book aside he opened the newspaper that he had been buying for the last three weeks hoping to find her article.

Praying that he hadn't caused her the dream job that she had worked so hard for.

Everyday resulted in disappointment until he flipped over the forth page and read in big bold letters.

story by Reporter, Liz Parker.

Jumping up from his chair Max raised his fists in the air sending sections of the paper flying in all directions of his office.

Beyond thrilled that she had not only managed to finish her article but was now a reporter for the town's most circulated paper.

A huge smile covered his face as he plopped back down in his chair laughing at what a mess he had made.

It was only as he lifted the last section of the paper to shove it back into place that he noticed a familiar name mentioned in an article in the bottom corner.

Councilman David A. Price runs for second term, competition looking weaker every day as more voters lean towards the seasoned career politician.

Max's eyes grew wide as he read the name over and over again realizing why he never found anything under the name in Liz's file.

Alan Price was David A. Price...

Closing his eyes he grazed his fingertips over the article and immediately fell back in his chair.

Flashes of Price threatening a pregnant woman with long brown hair kept appearing behind his eyes.

'I will not have my career ruined by some one night fling! I told you to get rid of it you stupid bitch!'

Gasping Max held his heart as it began pumping wildly.

It a matter of seconds all the pieces came together like a puzzle in his head.

Liz was looking for her mother's murderer and suspected Price, suspecting Price she was digging into his past, and he was on to her.

Price will do anything to protect his reputation not to mention avoid going to prison.

The man in his vision, the man standing over Liz's body with the knife... it was Price ... it was Price all along.

Jumping up Max began shoving the newspaper in his backpack realizing that she was completely in the dark about the truth, the real truth.

Her mother was having an affair with Price and became pregnant with his child, she must've threatened to go to the press and he murdered her.

Frantically Max spun in circles searching for his coat knowing that he had to get to her before she got to Price.

Stumbling out his office door Max once again dialed her cell as he rushed towards the elevator tripping over his shoelaces just as the doors opened.

Falling head first into her arms they went tumbling backwards against the inside wall of the shaft.

Breathless he gazed down into her wide eyes as his hands slammed against the metal over her head.

Flush against her he shyly bent down to pick up her briefcase and files that had fell onto the floor.

"Liz ... I can't believe you're here! I have something very important to tell you!"

Smiling at his fumbling awkward sweet behavior she reached out for her folders halting suddenly as their hands touched unintentionally.

"I have something to tell you too..."

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 9 2/3/14

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Thank you so much for your patience, and all your amazing fb

Chapter nine

Standing in the elevator pressed up against her as papers showered down all around them he had never felt such happiness.

Just to see her again, her smile that beamed brighter than a thousand moons, her eyes deep endless pools of heaven reflecting back to him his eternal love for her.

Shaking his head still stunned that she was there he gathered her things from the floor.

“I-I’m sorry … what did you say Liz?”

Skimming her fingers along the edges of his hair brushing them from his face she moved closer bringing her lips to his ear.

His eyes slid shut as she whispered softly to him.

“I said, I have something to tell you too.”

Blinking as a deep shiver rushed through him from the mere closeness of her he knew this was not the time or the place for him to tell her everything about her mother and Alan Price.

Max tried to hide the gravity of the situation shocked that she was even talking to him after what his father told her about his past.

“My news can wait, is everything alright Liz? To tell you the truth I didn’t expect to hear from you again.”

Lowering his head ashamed, embarrassed he went to back away from her only to have her reach out and fist his sweatshirt tight keeping him close to her.

“I can’t imagine what you must think of me.”

Walking him backwards against the door of the elevator she moved flush against him.

His breath hitched feeling her body respond to his as she reached out her hand to press the red emergency button.

Staring up into his wide amber sensitive eyes she brought her hands to rest upon his chest.

Her voice was like a shower of stars falling over him, luminescent lights from the night sky shimmering magically landing softly over every part of him.

A thousand times over he’d live through the loneliness and pain he had endured just to have this moment with her he was sure of it.

“What I believe, to be true is that you were raised by a cold, hard, close minded monster … and what I know is that it makes me love you all that much more realizing how incredibly special you are. Your heart Max, is not weak … it’s beautiful, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Lifting his eyes to meet hers he cupped her cheek shakily stunned that she could feel this way after everything.

“Liz, did he tell you… about the accident, my mom… what I can do?”

It took all the courage he possessed to divulge his secret to her, it felt as though he was letting her inside his soul, letting her see what he had tried to hide his entire life.

Seeing the vulnerability in his sweet face she took his hand and held it to her heart.

“I know everything; after your dad left me I did some digging. I talked to the nurses at the hospital, I found the little girl’s parents you tried to save. Max you have a gift, an amazing special power that only someone as kind and compassionate as you could possess. It makes perfect sense to me why this happened.”

Astounded Max pressed his forehead to hers lacing his fingers through her hair breathless lost in her and everything that she was.

“I don’t understand, why did you do all this?”

Once again she moved flush against him to raise her finger pressing the lobby button on the elevator.

“You forget I’m a reporter, it’s by job to find out the facts. “

Hearing the ding just before the door opened she kissed him pouring out all the emotion that she had felt all this time but was too closed off to show.

Parting she grabbed his hand leading him out the front door of the library to her car in a hurried rush.

With her hand on the door handle she peered over the roof catching his eye holding him there telling him everything he needed to know in that moment.

“Besides… just in case you didn't hear me the first time, I love you.”

By the time they made it to her house he was beyond nervous knowing what she expected of him.

His mind was spinning wondering how to explain to her that because of his gift it was impossible for him to get close to anyone, that was until now.

Tripping up her front steps his hands shook so afraid that he would disappoint her knowing that all he wanted in this world was to please her, to show her just how much she meant to him.

It was all a blur until he was there in her room sitting on her bed watching her stand confident and ready smiling in front of him.

Surrounded by the pictures of her dragonflies on the walls all around him he rubbed the back of his neck thinking of how they lived their short time on this Earth.

They were fierce, taking every moment in as if it were their last, fearless and free.

They were brazen and bold, identical to the woman before him.

He watched her shimmy out of her jacket throwing it on the chair by her desk along with her sneakers she had kicked off.

Every cell inside him felt as if it were on the verge of exploding, he couldn’t believe this was really happening , no dream, no fantasy could match this moment, this incredible instant in time.

Mimicking her Max unzipped his sweatshirt and kicked off his sneakers still petrified that his inexperience would be glaringly obvious.

Never taking her eyes off of him she shed the rest of her clothes until she was standing before him in her underwear and bra unflinching and unafraid glowing with the excitement of what they were about to do.

This is what he loved about her, she was everything he wasn’t, filled with a confidence and fearlessness that could only be admired. Her lust for life and all the beauty that it held was unwavering, and she was part of it all.

She was everything that was special and unique about this world, from the endless mysteries of the universe to crackling spark of energy that connected us all.

He could barely speak so overwhelmed by the force of her being as she sat down next to him and touched his hand.

Like lightening streaking across the night sky she was on fire piercing every part of him with chills so intense it was almost too much to handle.

Lifting his shirt over his head she let out a tiny gasp shocked at the body that was hiding beneath it all this time.

Unable to hold back any longer she discarded the rest of her clothes and straddled his lap to gaze down into his wide innocent loving eyes.

“Liz, you must know… I-I mean I haven’t, I ‘ve never…”

His voice trailed off as she rested her finger against his full lips urging him to stop.

Brushing her parted mouth along the side of his neck she reached down to free him of the confides of his jeans stopping briefly to help him out of the rest of his clothes.

Positioning herself once again on his lap he shivered as he gazed up into her glowing face as a curtain of her chocolate silky hair settled all around him.

“God, you’re so beautiful.”

Impatient as always Liz captured his mouth eagerly swallowing his moans as she took him inside her placing his hands where she needed them the most showing him guiding him as to what to do.

Her cries he would memorize as she shuttered in his arms, along with every move, every look, it would all be burned within his mind forever as she rode above him sending him to places only poets and dreamers wrote about.

Her body was art, every nuance, color and shape he mapped out as if she were precious, divine, sacred and true.

Faster and faster she moved until they were both teetering on the edge of heaven itself.

It was then that he mouthed the words she would never forget.

Cradling her face pinning her damp hair back he spoke of loving her, of always loving her till his last breath, till the end of his days.

Tears formed in his brandy hazy eyes as he let himself finally go feeling her seize and flutter around him.

“I love you.”

Broken emotional whispered words fell upon her cheek like his tears that held all the pain he had been holding onto for so long.


It was almost an hour before either of them spoke as they laid tangled together on the bed so close it was unclear when she began and he ended.

Placing a soft kiss to his temple she finally broke away from him to grab her robe by the bed.

Immediately he felt the loss of her warmth as he reached out for her pulling her in close for another chased kiss.

Smiling wide she playfully pushed him away as she backed up to her door.

“I’m just going to the kitchen for some water; I promise I’ll be right back.”

Resting his chin on his forearm he wistfully watched her move entranced captivated lost in a night he never thought was possible.

“I love you Liz Parker.”

Halted by his admission of love she tilted her head to the side taking a minute to thank god or whoever spun this crazy world for giving him to her.

“I love you Max Evans.”

And with that she was gone with just a flash of her wavy dark hair flying behind her.

Rolling on his back he placed his hand upon his heart as an unexpected sharp pain struck him suddenly.

Only it wasn't a pain exactly it was a flash of a memory, a recollection of a vision that had haunted him since they met.


Reaching for a pitcher of water in the fridge Liz turned quickly shutting the door as heavy footsteps came up behind her.

Moonlight pierced the blade as it wavered high in the air causing her reflection of terror to shimmer in a flash of silver before it came slicing down cutting the air in its wake.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Closer (M/L,AU,Adult) chpt 10 *complete* 6/7/14

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L-J- L 76 x3

thank you for all the amazing fb, sorry this took so long to finish, the support was appreciated more than you know. :)

Chapter ten

Max’s gentle heart began to pound dangerously as he took off down the hall knowing that his vision that had haunted him in the past was now coming to true.

Hundreds of times he had seen it in his mind’s eye, the knife wavering over her small frame, her terrified reflection flashing into the silver blade, her lifeless body lying in a pool of blood.

Struggling past his weakened heart he took off down the hall slamming into the walls yelling out to her hoping it wasn’t too late, knowing he couldn’t bear to lose her.

Finally reaching the kitchen he leaned against the counter in pain, breathless feeling the ache of his failing heart as he looked upon a startled Liz staring back at him confused behind the open refrigerator door.

Her eyes widened as she saw him clutching his chest.

“Oh my god, Max what’s wrong?!”

Unable to speak he took her hand holding it to his heart beyond relieved that this time he was wrong.

A wavering smile lifted his handsome face as her touch began to slow his racing fragile heart.

His eyes beamed brightly up at her wondering how anyone could be so beautiful in absolutely every way, how someone like him could ever be so incredibly lucky to have such person to love him.

It was only seconds, seconds slowly turning into flickering moments in horrifying slow motion as the door to the fridge began to close revealing a tall man dressed in black gripping a huge serrated knife in his gloved hand.

Liz’s head tilted to the side in confusion as his expression changed from happiness to sheer terror.

His big innocent eyes watched in fear as the man charged at Liz from behind pulling the knife back over his head positioning himself in the same pose as in Max’s vision.

Gripping Liz’s wrist he used his last bit of strength to swing her safely around his body just as the blade came down deep into his back.

Collapsing to the floor Liz covered his body protectively as intense shock stunned her system.

They both were unaware of her father in the room until the gun shots echoed through the house shaking the walls as David Alan Price came crashing to the floor dead beside them.


Still trembling hours later Liz sat with her father as he told her of the affair between her mother and Alan Price.

Her father knew of the affair and the baby growing inside his wife that was not his, still he loved her enough to forgive and raise Liz as his own.

Alan Price didn’t possess the same compassion, his political career was too important to him in the end.

Liz’s mother endured eight years of threats as he stalked her obsessively.

Wanting to protect Liz from knowing she came from such a man they decided to not involve the police fearing the truth would come out.

This would be a decision Liz’s father would regret till the end of his life.

Alan Price murdered Liz’s mother with the intentions of doing the same to the child he never knew, a child he never deserved to have.

With no proof Mr. Parker spent all of his free time tracking Alan Price looking for any way to protect who he felt was always his daughter in his heart.

He had no idea Liz was doing the same.

Now with all of the details Liz finally had the answers to the many questions surrounding her mother’s death.

Hugging the only father she has ever known Liz cried for a loss that would haunt her forever.


It was a bright sunny day that she decided to finally go to the cemetery, something she had been avoiding for quite some time because it was all just too painful.

Clutching a bouquet of Violets, the flowers that bloomed along the creek on their very first date Liz at last let her emotions go.

She had been brave and strong for so long, for as long as she could remember but feeling the intensity of everything coming full circle made her feel as if she could finally let her tears fall.

Liz thought about their conversation that night by the creek while they were falling in love as a bright gold dragonfly whizzed by zipping back and forth around her until finally landing delicately on the headstone before her.


“Max, do you know that dragonflies spend most of their life in the larva stage? They have no wings; it’s as if they’re paralyzed stuck in this confined constricted world where they are powerless to live … to be free.”

“That’s actually really sad.”

“Yes it is… but then they go through this amazing metamorphosis, where this incredible miracle takes place. It’s like they wake from a dream, they are suddenly these powerful, beautiful creatures with two sets of long delicate intricate wings that enable them to fly in the blink of an eye in any direction. They are fearless, stalking their prey with perfect precision… it’s incredible to watch really… the way they skim and dip along the water with lightning speed as if they are living every second as if it were their last.”

“I’d love be able to live that way, to be brave, living fearlessly.”


Wiping the tears from her cheeks she wondered if he’d ever know just how brave and fearless he was, how just as the dragonflies she loved broke free from their cocoons Max too had torn himself away from his abusive father and a world where he felt alone and misunderstood.

He had turned into something beautiful and daring, a true hero saving her from a fate he had seen coming from the beginning but always felt powerless to stop.

His sacrifice for her life would never be forgotten.

Kneeling down she brushed away the dead leaves hiding the name etched into the grey stone as she laid the flowers gently on the ground.

Nancy Parker
1958 – 1986
Beloved Wife and Mother

Feeling the warmth of his hand in hers she whispered softy her goodbyes before turning to look up into his comforting sweet face.

“It must feel pretty strange not having your psychic abilities anymore, do you miss it Max?”

Brushing away a stray hair from her pink lips he leaned down to tenderly kiss her at last feeling as if he belonged, feeling loved.

“I admit it was strange to come out of surgery and feel that part of me gone, it was my connection to my mom in some strange way, but miss it, no. I’m alive, and I’m with you, that’s all that matters.”

Liz smiled as she ran her hand over the small bump in her tummy.

“You know I intend on working full time at the newspaper when this baby is born, my career is very important to me. There’s a lot of wrong that needs to be exposed in this world Max.”

Nodding dutifully Max covered her hand with his.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Evans, our little girl will be fine, you have nothing to worry about, Mr. Mom is more than ready.”

Jumping into his arms Liz giggled happily before widening her eyes in shock.

“Wait… what do you mean little girl? I never, we never...”

Max smiled bringing his lips to her cheek whispering softly as he held his family tight.

“Damn, I wanted it to be a surprise.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare