Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) ~complete~ 4/13/13

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Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) ~complete~ 4/13/13

Post by jake17 » Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:44 pm


Title: Drifter
Author: jake17
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell
Couples: L/M
Summary: can't give it away this time

chapter one

Gold and scarlet leaves raining down all around his weary shoulders, the wind lifting his jet black hair across pensive striking amber eyes, the deliberate even cryptic way he stared up at my bedroom window as he slid his worn black boots onto the dirt road.

Dangerously handsome, secretive... broken.

That was my first impression of Max Evans as he stepped out of his rusted old blue truck on that crisp cool autumn day.

I should've known there was much more behind his mysterious gaze but I was naïve back then or maybe I just wanted to believe I had nothing to fear.

Denial can be paralyzing when you want something that bad I've come to learn.

Still as I watched him slowly walk to the front door from my bedroom window above I wasn't altogether sure if I was looking at a fallen angel or the devil himself.

If I were completely honest in that moment as I peered down at him hiding like a child behind my grandmother's lace curtains It didn't matter.

Angel...demon... it doesn’t make a difference when your heart is pounding hard in your ears and you can barely breathe.

I guess admitting that makes me at least partially guilty for the events that transpired that year.

Still I would do it all again, in a heartbeat... to know him, to be close to him.

It would all be worth it... even if it all went to hell in the end.
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 10/21/12

Post by jake17 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 5:37 pm


Wow what a great response! thank you so much!! :)

Chapter two

I was alone, secluded... no one around for miles.

The last house off a dirt road that stretched too far for anyone to hear me.

I thought of that as I stood at the bottom of the staircase shivering still from the sight of him.

My finger twisting around my necklace, my hand clutching the curved banister so tightly my knuckles were pure white, my bare foot hovering over the warped wooden floor.

It strikes me how I actually thought I had a choice in that moment.

I'd like to say that I wasn't aware of the risk I was taking that night, I would like to claim ignorance or blame my young age for acting so recklessly but that wouldn't be true.

Maybe the isolation had gotten to me, or maybe it was one too many lonely nights, who knows what was to really blame for my careless behavior.

I think looking back I wanted or even prayed for something to take me away from the death that surrounded me that summer.

You should be careful what you wish for.

It had been two months since my Grandmother died leaving me her home and a farm that had been dying for years right along with her.

Two months of mourning walking aimlessly in a house full of ghosts and memories of a time when I was happy.

But that is another story...

Peaking around the corner of the hallway gripping the wall covered in peeling ivy wallpaper I stared at the door and the dark silhouette lingering there.

Dusk was beginning to fall over this strange autumn day lending another eerie element to his unexpected appearance.

Sliding my fingertips over dusty antique furniture I stepped cautiously towards him fully aware of the danger I was getting myself into.

Opening the door slowly I was caught, trapped by full parted lips and dark eyelashes that lifted upwards to reveal a hauntingly beautiful golden stare.

In that moment everything seemed to fall away leaving me aware of very little besides the tight coil in my belly and hot flush red across my cheeks.

Biting my bottom lip hard I struggled to find air that had cruelly abandoned my lungs.

“Can I help you?”

Something told me that he didn't expect to see someone like me on the opposite side of that ornate stain glass door.

You don't see many twenty three year old's hiding out on a dusty old farm out in the middle of nowhere these days.

Several awkward moments passed as he looked me up and down brazingly as if I was the stranger ... the drifter at the door.

It was as if he was deep in a private thought leaving me to feel as if I were intruding on a secret I had no business knowing.

Needing to break away from the weight of his stare I glanced over to the truck that was now pouring smoke from its dented hood.

Trying to keep my voice from shaking I spoke needing to break the intensity of the moment.

“That doesn't look good.”

Shaking his head he rubbed his eyes forcing himself from the conflicting thoughts that were raging inside his mind.

Speaking not in a demanding rough tone as I expected but softly, deeply gazing into my eyes he lured me into his world effortlessly.

“I think the radiators busted... would it be alright if I used your phone... there doesn't seem to be cellphone service out here.”

Nodding I opened the door wider and stepped aside.

“Come in, you can use the phone in the kitchen... follow me.”

I was highly aware of the distance between us as my long dark hair fanned across his shoulder accidentally as I brushed by him.

Leading him into the kitchen I could feel him watching me, it felt personal, intimate.

His quiet presence was strangely intoxicating ... even arousing.

It was apparent in the tone of my voice, the way I looked at him, how I lingered just a little too long holding his gaze.

I was aware of it and I know he was too... but there was something else... something off...

"Have a seat, I'll get the phone book."

It was then that I noticed his hand beneath his thin black blazer pressed against his side.

Hearing an audible grimace from him as he slid into the kitchen chair I turned away towards the stove.

Watching his reflection against the kettle as I placed it on the burner it was now obvious to me that he was in pain.

Placing the phone book on the table I pointed to my grandmother's old fashion rotatory phone.

“The phone's behind you on the wall, I'm Liz by the way.”

I knew it was cruel but I reached out my right hand to the one that was concealed beneath his coat needing to see just how bad his injury was.

Awkwardly he glanced down and back up into my eyes knowing now that I was onto him.

His breathing was labored at his point and a fine bead of sweat was breaking out along his forehead.

I reached for the dishtowel on the handle of the fridge and soaked it in warm water thinking that I could use it as a compress if there was an open wound until the ambulance could get here.

Grabbing a chair I angled it between his legs and held my hand out.

“I'm not going to ask you how it happened, but I know your hurt, I was an ER nurse back in New Mexico for two years before coming out here. Please... let me help you.”

Pain covered his face as he stared down at the ground looking truly lost.

Twisting the towel in my hands to expel the excess water I carefully leaned closer to lift up his jacket.

Jerking away from me he winced clutching his jaw tight.

“Don't!” he bit back angrily like a junkyard dog showing his teeth defensively.

I couldn't tell if he was to be feared or someone who had everything to fear but one thing was for sure I had to help him.

Leaning back I softened my voice trying to prove to him that I could be trusted.

“Ok listen, why don't we start with your name.”

Quickly he averted his eyes nervously giving me the impression that this was not what he had planned

Seeming as if he had made a decision he swallowed hard and stood up only to collapse immediately into my arms sending both of us down to the floor.

Panting hard feeling the weight of his body on top of me I gently rolled him over.

Scrambling to my feet I ran to get a pillow from the couch.

Carefully lifting his head I placed it behind his neck watching as he looked up at me disoriented and afraid.

“Please you need to tell me your name so I can help you.”

Distressed, panic stricken he reached out for me causing me to back away out of instinct.

Gripping my wrist roughly he pulled me back on top of him leaving me bracing myself on his hard broad chest just inches from his mouth.

Pain ripped through my arm as he wrenched me closer desperate for me to understand.

Through gritted teeth he glared up at me using the last bit of strength he had.

“No ambulance! N-No cops!“

Nodding quickly I twisted my arm squirming out of his grip falling backwards onto my heels.

Pushing myself back against the wall away from him I watched his eye lids flicker then slowly close.

“Oh god.”

Rushing over to him I felt for a pulse, it was strong and steady but still I had to be sure.

Resting my ear to his heart I was relieved hearing its pounding rhythm close to my cheek.

That's when I noticed the bright red stain on his shirt.

Edging my hand down I lifted it over his stomach revealing a mass of dried blood at least ten inches in diameter.

Reaching for the towel I carefully wiped away the darkened blood showing a five inch slice across his side.

It was nothing life threatening, several stitches and some much needed rest would do it but it was too much for me to handle.

I couldn't risk an infection and I wasn't completely sure that there wasn't anything else going on, he needed medical attention.

Trying to catch my breath I felt his pockets for a wallet, pulling it out I flipped it open to see the same striking face looking back at me.

Maxwell Evans
3223 West street
New York, NY

Rushing to the phone I brought my hand up to dial for the sheriff when I felt someone behind me.

Ripping the receiver from my cheek he wrapped the cord around his hand and tore it from its base throwing to the ground.

“I said … no cops.”

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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 3 11/1/12

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L-J-L 76

thank you so much for your amazingly sweet fb! :)

chapter three

Chills ran up my spine as he stood flush against my back, his warm breath pulsating against my neck.

My muscles were tense from the unexpected loud crash of the heavy metal phone that was now in pieces on the ground.

My voice sounded strained and high making me seem even more guilty.

“I wasn't calling the cops, I was trying to get a hold of Jim, he's the Sheriff in town and a good friend, he can be trusted, I know he would help you.”

Harshly he rasped slowly and calmly so there would be no misinterpretation.

"Don't do that again."

I was shivering physically shaking against him as he smoothed his hand around my stomach to the pockets of my jeans.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from yelping as he snaked his warm rough hand inside both my front pockets before running his fingers slowly over my back ones.

“What the hell do you think you're doing.”

I tried to sound commanding, intimidating even, but my shaky voice gave me away instantly.

It seemed with him I wasn't able to hide any emotion I was feeling, it wasn't something I was used to and I didn't like it.

Edging his mouth close to my neck again I could clearly hear his labored breath indicating to me that he needed help and fast.

“Relax, just checking for a cell phone since you obviously didn't understand my terms, I think its better if I have it.”

After spinning me around to face him, he slammed his hand down on the green laminate fifty's style kitchen table wincing in pain.

“So where is it?”

Glaring up at me with a mixture of aggression and curiosity it almost seemed as though this tough guy act was just that, an act.

Blowing a stray hair from my face I edged my eyes upwards to the second floor.

“It's upstairs, in my bedroom.”

Pressing his hand against his white tee shirt stained in bright red blood he grabbed my arm and nudged me forward in front of him.

“Lets go.”

The staircase seemed to have taken a lot out of him as I pushed open the door to my bedroom.

He was leaning on the walls with every step, as a fine sheen of sweat now covered his face.

I know I must sound crazy, maybe even foolish, but I couldn't help feeling an odd rush at the unusual turn that this normally boring, monotonous day had taken.

Don't get me wrong I'm not stupid, obviously I was treading on very dangerous waters here.

Clearly he was on the run from something or someone but I couldn't help getting a strong feeling that his combative actions were one of desperation not intentional harm.

Maybe it was those warm brandy colored eyes that were paned of worry, conflicted heavily with something dark and upsetting that made me less fearful.

I can't really say for sure, but I know that for some reason I wanted to help him, to take care of him.

Folding my arms across my chest I leaned against the closet door and crossed my ankles with a stubborn look on my face.

Weak and not in the mood for games he wiped his brow and glanced around my room.

“So where is it?”

Staring at his wound I shrugged my shoulders defiantly as I causally twisted my long dark hair around my fingers while pulling my hair tie from my wrist fixing it back up into the high pony tail I had it in before I answered the door.

“I'll give it to you on one condition.”

Narrowing his eyes in disbelief he shook his head. “Do you really think you're in a position to be negotiating?”

Raising my eyebrows I cocked my head to the side staring at the growing blood stain seeping through his shirt.

“Face it, you can hardly stand, you have an injury that needs immediately attention, and you look as if you are going to pass out any second.... so umm yeah, I think I'm in the better position.”

Panting heavily now he raised his hand in defeat. “Fine, what do you want?”

“I'll give you my phone if you let me look at that wound of yours, I don't have everything I need here, but I can at least clean it up so it doesn't get infected.”

Taking a moment to think he realized that he really had no choice since a hospital was out of the question.

Glaring up at me he nodded with his hand held out still waiting for my phone.

Pointing to my nightstand I took off for the bathroom to get some supplies.

“Its right by the lamp, please take off your boots and your shirt and lay down on the bed so I can have a look at you.”

Dumping out a basket full of fancy soaps and candles that my grandma always kept in case of company, I began rummaging through her medicine cabinet.

Throwing some gauze, tape, hydrogen peroxide, pain medication, and Tylenol in the basket I proceeded to get a bucket from under the sink and fill it with warm water.

Grabbing some towels on my way out I walked into the bedroom clearly unprepared for what I would find laying on my bed.

Flat on his back shirtless with his eyes closed and my phone gripped tightly in his hand he panted quietly.

This man, this stranger that I knew nothing about except that he was on the run from the law, and that someone had tried to kill him, was in my home, vulnerable in my care.

Holding the towels tight against my chest it was hard to stay professional as my eyes wandered down his sweat glistening body right down to his low slung jeans that gloriously displayed every etched beautifully hard muscle he possessed.

From his rough callous hands, his impressive deltoids and pecs, not to mention his washboard stomach it was safe to assume he worked physically for a living.

I assumed construction, but whatever he did it served to sculpt his body in such a way that would bring most women to their knees.

Scolding myself for crossing a line that in my profession is considered unethical and strictly forbidden, I shook those impure thoughts and focused in on his injury.

Pulling up the chair from my desk and aiming my lamp shade so the light glared brightly to the area I needed to see I began to work.

“I've seen this a hundred times, it was a knife wasn't it? Whoever it was was aiming for your stomach but you were quick, you either backed away or turned causing this shallow incision between your ribs.”

Edging his eyes open he his voice was soft weakened by exhaustion.

“What are you Colombo now? Teacher, nurse, artist, and recently discovered detective... is there anything else I should know?”

Stunned that he knew so much about me I stopped what I was doing and glared up towards him.

Weakly he pointed to my sketch pad that had been lying on my desk filled with images of the farm, my grandma, and a few other very personal portraits I wasn't thrilled with him seeing.

Then to a folded newspaper with a job opening circled in ink at the local high school looking for an instructor for their nurses aide program.

“Wow, you didn't miss a beat did you? Anything else you figured out about me in the few minutes I was gone? My favorite color perhaps or how I like my eggs?”

Breathing out hard as his heavy eyelids suddenly closed he manage to mutter a few words before drifting off to sleep.

“Green, and you hate eggs... “

Floored I stared up at his angelic face while in the middle of cleaning the dried blood from his wound.

“What the hell...”

Clearly he had been through much more than his injury let on as his body descended into a deep long sleep that would last well into the next day.

It was probably at least four am when I finally gave out leaning forward resting my head onto the foot of the bed afraid to leave him.

With a strong scent of peroxide and sweat wafting around me I opened my eyes to see an alluring whiskey gaze staring back at me.

Wincing as he leaned up on his elbows to see my work, a look of relief washed over his pale face.

Inspecting the thick gauze taped across his ribs I moved forward up to his chest as he began to try and stand.

Pushing gently but firmly against his shoulders laying him back onto the bed, I shook my head with a serious expression set into my eyes.

“Listen, you have a high fever, you're not going anywhere till you're stable.”

After giving him two Tylenol and a glass of water, I held a cool wash cloth to his forehead, while looking over at my dwindling supplies.

Pretending that I didn't go through his wallet and read his license I edged my chair closer to him.

“So, are you going to tell me your name?”

Averting his gaze away from me he flatly responded. “John, John Baker.”

Nodding I flattened out the washcloth so it would stay on his forehead without my help and sat down at my vanity.

Pulling the pony tail out of my hair I rubbed my smudged mascara out from under my eyes and grabbed my thin pink robe from the hook on the back of my door.

“Well, John Baker, this is what's going to happen. You need stitches, several I'm guessing, I can do it but not here. Today I'm going to drive us into town to a small walk in clinic. I know the doctor that works there, he owes me a favor. No one will no you were even there.”

I tried to ignore the exasperated look that darted towards me as I rested some clothes at the end of the bed.

“These were my Uncle Bill's when he was young, its not much just underwear, socks, a flannel shirt and a pair of jeans, but it will keep you from standing out.”

Groaning as he sat on the edge of the bed he held his ribs tight.

“You need x ray’s, I'm guessing there was a fight before the blade came out, I'm almost positive you have a couple fractured ribs. That's why you're in so much pain every time you breathe.”

Not giving him a chance to argue with me I sprinted off to the bathroom discarded my clothes and stepped into the shower.

Turning the hot water nob all the way up the way I liked it steam quickly filled the small room billowing all around me.

Arching my back I sighed as the scalding water slicked my long hair back so the tips touched my waist.

Sliding my tired eyes shut I couldn't help picturing him in my mind, imagining him fighting for his life, jumping back as the sharp tip of the blade sliced through his flawless smooth skin.

Reaching for the soap I lathered up the thin bar between my hands before letting it fall to the bottom of the tub.

Gliding the soft silky soap over my shoulders and across my collar bone I softly moaned as the suds slid down over my breasts.

With my thoughts still lost with him and the relentless steady stream of pulsating water over my head, I didn't hear the doorknob turn or the shower curtain being pulled slightly back.

What I did notice eventually was the feeling of his intense sultry amber eyes watching me, taking me in as if he had known me forever while at the same time discovering me for the first time.

Gasping I held my hands up to my breasts breathless struggling to find words that should've come without hesitation.

Standing before me his voice hoarse and sultry wrapped around my body like silk.

“Liz, my name is Max, not John... and ... yesterday I killed a man.”
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 4 11/6/12

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L-J-L 76

thank you so so much for your very sweet fb! I so appreciate it!!

This update was written for and is dedicated to sptfire86

chapter four

Droplets of water trickled down from my lips, lazily sliding down my breasts to my stomach, and below as I stood shivering under the pounding searing water of a shower I've been under a thousand times before.

Only this time was different, this time he was there …. body hard, eyes wild, hand wringing the back of his neck restlessly as if he was holding himself back.

Breathlessly I stand wide eyed staring into the heated, commanding, brandy gaze of this mysterious drifter that is intensely delving deeply, unapologetically down my naked body.

Thoughts race through my head with lightening speed, directing me into a million different avenues, like a maze leading me down a dead end at every turn.

I could try and talk my way out of here, tell him I'm expecting someone, that he'll surely get caught...

I could reach up and grab the shower curtain tension rod and slam it into his wound...

I could knee him in the groin...

I could squeeze the shampoo in his eyes blinding him giving me enough time to run...

I should do one of these things, any of these things...

I should be terrified, offended, furious....

So why am I standing so still, why have I never felt so beautiful, so inviting, so ...wanted in my entire life.

And why do I want him just as bad in return....

I feel as if my skin will burst into flames if not quenched by his mouth, his lips, his tongue...

How could I be so reckless, so careless, so willing to give myself to a stranger who has just admitted the worse sin there is.

Why does it not matter in the least bit to me that he has committed this sin.

For some reason I can't explain, I believe without the slightest doubt that he is an innocent, caught in a horrible crime that he did not instigate.

I feel as if I know him, care for him, need so much to help him, want so badly to be with him.

I must be losing my mind, falling willingly for a stranger with eyes of an angel and the damn body of the devil himself.

Suddenly the rambling thoughts that are flying around my head come to a severe halt.

The sound of the water comes back to me, falling like hard rain, tapping like sleet upon the roof in the long lonely months of winter.

I can also hear the uneven breath coming from his mouth, shallow, haunting … enticing beyond anything I have ever witnessed.

I could lie in this confession, this declaration of crazed, wanton, emotions that have no rhyme or reason, but why...

We always do that don't we...

Tell others what we think they want to hear, what is the perfect moral answer they are waiting for us to divulge, so that we're accepted, loved.

But what's really lying in wait in our heart, in the dark recesses of what we crave, want for, need, is far different from the black and white moralistic absolute that doesn't truly exist.

Not for the passionate ones...

The ones that live in the grey of this world, right along the razors edge, just waiting, hoping for a day, a moment, to carry us somewhere we've only dreamed about.

I kept thinking, this is that day, that moment, and as the battle raged within me as to what conclusion this point in time would take me, I knew...

I knew just as I am sure the sky above me is blue and the grass below is green.

I never wanted this moment to end.

Just then his cryptic glare, after what seems like forever, finally lifts raising his dark eyelashes up towards my flushed face.

For several erotic indescribable moments he holds my eyes that are embarrassingly transfixed on the desire I can see plainly flickering like fire wildly within him.

Echoing inside my head is his admission of murder, but for some reason I am unafraid.

Finally he nods slow, almost gentlemanly, respectfully, before stepping back letting the shower curtain fall into place, leaving me to fall against the cool tile, a quivering mass of fluctuating nerve endings, my head spinning so hard I fear I might faint.

Reaching out quickly I turn the hot water nob all the way down so it's now cold water falling down upon my body that is now on fire.

After rinsing the shampoo and conditioner off as fast as I can I reach for a thick red towel and wrap it securely around my body before wipping the fog off the mirror over the sink to peer at my refection.

Watching myself I let out a shuttered breath, my eyes dilated, my body clearly still responsive to his earlier presence, my heart racing so fast I can hardly breathe.

What the hell is wrong with me? … I say in my mind.

I'm acting like a boy crazed teenager with no sense of consequences of right and wrong, this is not me, this is not me, ... I repeat in my head, as if saying it enough will convince myself that its true.

Combing my damp hair back I reach for my robe and pull my arms through, but before closing it I look down at my bare body realizing just how long its been since strong warm hands have touched my skin, how many months its been since I have surrendered to a man's touch.

Dazed lost in my thoughts I imagine him, my beautiful stranger being that man, that man to make me see stars flying over head, that man who can take me to heaven and back with a flick of his tongue or the thrust of his powerful hips.

A creak in the door snaps me out of my erotic haze, leaving me mortified, realizing that he was standing there the entire time watching me, staring me down as I was thinking of him touching me, tasting me … loving me.

Wrapping my robe around my body tight I enter my bedroom to find him flipping through my sketch book engrossed in one particular image.

“That's kind of personal,” holding out my hand indicating for him to hand it over, he hesitates briefly brushing his fingertips over the lines of my drawing as if he is familiar with it. “... why the interest, its just an old barn in the back.”

Shaking his head slowly he shrugs wincing reaching for his side. “It reminds me of a happy time in my life I guess.”

Staring at him as he glares at the ground with such sadness and loss it breaks my heart.

Clearing his throat his deep velvet voice vibrates through the flimsy material of my robe striking places that make it hard for me to concentrate.

“Did you hear what I said to you... before.”

Leaning back in my chair I cross my legs and tilt my head unable to keep my eyes from searching out every little strikingly handsome feature he has no clue he possesses.

“You mean when you burst into my shower and told me you killed someone? Yeah, that's something you don't forget.”

I see evidence of a tiny smile flash across his full supple lips, it lights up the room like a bolt of lightening and I am elated.

But just as fast as it appears its gone, as guilt once again covers his eyes, weighing him down as if he feels he doesn't deserve the slightest break in his misery.

Again I feel a dagger to my heart for reasons unknown as I continue to scrutinize every inch of him.

With empathy edging my voice, I lean forward hoping he will tell me the tale that led him to me.

“Can you explain to me what happened? I can see in your eyes, in the way you hold yourself, you're no killer, so there must be more to the story.”

Suddenly he glared up at me from the floor raking his eyes slowly up and down my body.

“Y-You're a little... distracting, would you mind getting dressed first.”

Shocked I stand up quickly wondering what the hell is up with this guy, first he's perfectly comfortable watching me in the shower and now my robe is too revealing for him.

“Sure, wait here, I'll be right back.” I mutter astounded that this is happening at all.

Grabbing some jeans, underwear, and a tank top out of the hamper off the floor I rush back into the bathroom, my heart still thumping hard like a sixteen year old.

After putting on the white tank top and a pale pink thong I find myself struggling to pull my jeans over my still damp legs as I hear a hard thump in the next room.

Stepping out of the jeans I run as fast as I can to find him lying on the floor holding his side.

Kneeling down beside him I brush his thick black hair from his half opened eyes and cup his face in my hand.

“Max, we have to get you to that clinic, I'm not a doctor, this could be serious, what if you have internal injuries I don't know about.”

Breathing hard he reaches up and caresses my bare hip with such tenderness and urgency as if we know each other, as if we have had a life time together, a secret past I'm not aware of that's precious, even sacred.

Pleading with me he rips my heart apart. “Please, it's just my ribs, I think you're right, promise me you won't... “

After a low gasp he passes out leaving me with little choice but to call on my friend for help.

There's no way I'm letting this guy die on me, not after … well, its just not happening I tell myself as I reach for my cell.

“Kyle, I need your help.”

Sighing on the other end, he nonchalantly teases me about dripping faucets and mending fences.

“Seriously Kyle! I need you here now! Please just get here as fast as you can, bring your medic bag, and don't tell a soul!”

Confused but concerned my friend that I trust with my life agrees without hesitation. “Give me ten minutes.”

After what seems like forever I hear Kyle's footsteps running up the steps before halting suddenly as he sees my strange lovely drifter laying on the floor of my bedroom.

“What the hell? Liz, who is this?”

Before I can answer he is on his knees taking vitals and peering beneath my bandage over his ribs that has again seeped more blood.

“It's a long story, but we have to go to the clinic, he needs help and no one can know about it.”

Glaring back at me over his shoulder his sharp blue eyes demand an explanation.

Knowing that I'm about to involve him in something that is against the law, I can't help myself but to lie, something that digs deep in my gut with guilt.

“I promise I'll tell you everything, but right now you need to look at him, I think he broke a rib and its puncturing something serious.”

Scanning carefully over the slice across his side he flips open his phone and almost falls back as I grab it immediately out of his hand.

“No ambulance, no hospital, they'll call the police, its an obvious knife wound, please Kyle he's innocent but they won't believe that, we have to help him.”

Looking into my big brown eyes I turn on the charm, horrified with myself, I am very much aware of the hold I have over Kyle.

Being my grandma's physician we grew to be close friends, Kyle always wanted more, but I never felt that spark with him, and he never had the courage to push the issue.

Deep down I knew he'd do anything for me, and I was right as he grabbed some smelling salts from his bag and ran them under Max's nose.

“What are you doing?”

“I don't see us being able to carry him down the stairs to my car Liz, so unless you have a better answer we have to wake him up.”

After asking me a barrage of questions about how he was acting before all this, and examining him the best he could, he determined that it wouldn't be life threatening to try to get him to walk.

After a few passes with the salts Max awoke with pure fear in his eyes as he stared up at Kyle.

Holding his face I forced him to look at me. “Max, I explained how no cops or hospitals could be involved, Kyle is my friend, he would never go against me, you are safe, I promise no one else is going to know about this.”

Seeing that he didn't have much of a choice Max leaned most of his weight on Kyle as he wrapped his arms around our shoulders and we struggled down the steps to Kyle's car.

It was almost dark when we arrived at the clinic and the streets were barren, still Kyle thought it was best to park in the back and bring him through a door in the alley.

After a series of x-rays we were relieved to see that although indeed a broken rib was sticking painfully into his tissue it had not punctured anything important.

Nervously I watched as kyle stuck him with a large needle that would numb the area he needed to work on since there was no getting an anesthesiologist to put him out.

Shaking his head Kyle worked his magic but was obviously upset as he finished with the twentieth and final stitch.

“I did the best I could, but he needs strict bed rest Liz, this is going to take a long time to heal and even so it won't heal properly, he needed surgery. This will follow him his entire life, giving pain forever.”

Looking over into my eyes Kyle knew not to ask again and went back to work.

“We're taking a big risk bringing him back to your place, that rib could get dislodged so easily, and we'd be right back we're we started.”

Max gripped my hand harder urging me to convince Kyle otherwise.

“What if we wrap him up really tight, I'm a nurse Kyle, just give me instructions on how to take care of him, he'll be fine.”

Throwing the bloody gauze and instruments into a bin Kyle swore, which was rare.

“God damn it Liz, I sure hope you know what you're doing! I could get my license taken away for this, not to mention what kind of trouble you're obviously in.”

Leaving Max for a moment I rested my hand on Kyle's shoulder and hugged him. “You have no idea what this means to me, I promise no one will get caught, just don't tell anyone. I'll clean up here and we'll move him back to my place in them middle of the night, no one will see us.”

Tenderly moving my hair from my neck, he whispers so only I can hear him with such seriousness that it stiffens my body.

“I need an explanation for all of this, and soon Liz.”


It was eleven pm the next evening before I heard Max calling out for me.

Running up the stairs I knelt on the floor by my bed and ran my hand gently across his arm.

“You're going to be fine, Kyle gave you some pretty strong pain killers that knocked you out yesterday. You've been sleeping a long time.”

His eyes widened suddenly remembering the young doctor who stood over him back at the clinic.

“Liz, I told you! No, one else could know about this!”

His voice was gravely and soft filled with disappointment and a tinge of anger.

“Listen, your rib was piercing your tissue, that's why you were in so much pain. If I didn't get you help you would've bled to death. Kyle is my friend, I trust him with my life, I promise you he won't tell anyone.”

Letting his head fall back on the pillow he stared up at the ceiling, his eyes glazing over from the medication.

“I believe you, there's no doubt that kid would do anything for you.”

Folding my arms on the bed I rest my chin as I played with the light hair covering his arm.

“It's obvious, even to a dying man, that guy is madly in love with you.”

Distracted by his bare chest and his smooth skin that vibrated with each beat of his heart I ignored his opinion.

“Well, its done, you're far from death, but you have to stay here and rest. He said it would be very dangerous to move you until that rib has healed.”

Drowsy Max pushed down the sheet that was covering him to the just below his waist restlessly and pointed across the room.

“Bring that to me... please.”

Confused I looked over to my desk. “You mean my sketch pad?”

Breathing out hard he nodded slowly as if it took all the energy he had.

Holding it up so he could see it, he glanced over to me raising his finger to the edge of the paper.

“Flip it to that one of the barn.”

His words were slurring now as his eyelids became heavier.

“Max, I think you need to sleep, we can look at this tomorrow if you like.”

Shaking his head he pointed again to the book with determination. “Please... the barn.”

Knowing it wasn't good for him to get upset, I did as he asked and flipped the pages till I came to a black and white drawing I made of an old barn set far back from the house.

It was huge with a loft that had a giant five by five foot open window that looked out into the valley below.

At one time my grandparents kept horses there but it had been empty for years and years.

With a breathy tone he looked up at me. “Why did you draw that?”

Shrugging I focused in on the old dilapidated barn until something deep, something hidden and special began to rise within me.

Almost asleep he desperately tried to keep his eyes at least half way open as he stared at the picture.

His voice was but a soft whisper at this point as he glanced over at me.

“Don't you remember? Don't you remember... me, Beth?”

Falling back on my heels, I held the picture close to my face as images flew like snowflakes one by one hitting me hard like icy memories shocking me awake to a past long ago.

“Oh my god.” I breathed out barely able to speak.

Lowering the pad I drew close to him lifting his hand into mine, holding his palm flush to my cheek as he slept silently.

“I thought I'd never see you again.”
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 5 11/28/12

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Ok so i thought my computer was fixed from this nasty bug, but its SO NOT :( it took me forever to write this because its just doing the most insane things that dont even make sense, if you spot something that looks wrong or crazy just ignore it, its taken me forever to fix the ridiculous things its doing that i've been able to catch.

Sorry for the long wait,

Thanks for all the fb, i so appreciate it!

oh just so no one gets confused, Jack is Max, I just haven't explained it yet.... omg this stupid computer is typing the wrong letters~ i'm not even kidding, has anyone even heard of this?? I'm typing certain letters and different ones are coming up :? i can't tell you how long its taken me to do this, so frustrating. I so apologize for all the problems you may find. :roll:

chapter five

Twirling a piece of her long dark hair around her finger as she sat on the floor with her back against the wall, Liz continued to stare at him with absolute astonishment.

With her knees pulled up to her chest she sat with her sketch book leaning against her legs with the drawing of the barn in full view.

It had been hours since he had made his admission before passing out, and as a result turned her world utterly upside down.

She had spent this time gazing over the strong gorgeous man that was no longer the scrawny boy she once knew lying half nude in her bed.

It was such a strange feeling, in a way, he was a stranger, an absolute outsider that just showed up at the door, someone that she didn’t even recognize, but at the same time he remained till this day the closest person in her life.

The one person in this world who understood her like no one else could, who knew all her flaws, her insecurities and fears.

Jack knew her deepest darkest feelings and dreams, and most importantly the depth of her heart.

And she knew everything about him in return; it was effortless, meant to be, from the moment they first laid eyes on each other, they knew they’d never have to suffer misunderstood and alone in this world again.

Jack would do anything for her; he loved her without limits, unconditionally…deeply and forever.

He would kill and die for her; he would go to the ends of the Earth and back to save her, if that’s what it took, and she would do the same for him without question.

Until one hellishly, muggy, stormy, August night when a drifter came to town and changed everything,

Shaking those nightmarish memories from her mind Liz jumped when he it seemed as though he was starting to come to in pain.

“My god Jack is this really you...” She whispered frantically as she squeezed a dark blue wash cloth sitting in the bowl on the nightstand full of ice cubes and placed it over his forehead.

After a while it seemed as though his fever had gone down, and he appeared calmer drifting off into a much deeper sleep.

Still Liz refused to get some rest, just in case he needed her, Kyle wouldn’t be able to check on him until morning and she didn’t feel right leaving him alone.

Resting with her chin on the palm of her hand and her elbow on the mattress she could help but stare at him as the light from the moon shone down upon him.

Scrutinizing over every inch of him she was stunned by the total change in him, if not for his beautiful colored amber, sensitive eyes, she never would’ve believed it was him.

Very gently she ran the tips of her fingers down his strong jaw line, lifting his dark hair from his closed eyes, while lightly caressing the five o’clock shadow smiling remembering how it was impossible for him to grow even the slightest stubble.

Gazing down at his incredibly defined muscles in his arms, chest, and stomach, not to mention the parts hidden under the sheet that were just too impressive to even think about.

She was blown away that this was the same lanky, soft spoken, shy, big eared boy that around most people would spend his time with his hands stuffed in his pockets, staring down at the ground.

It’s true this is how he was around people, but with her he felt free, with her he felt he had nothing to hide.

It’s funny how one life threatening incident can change the way two people see each other, how it can bring out either the very best or absolute worst in someone.

Well that’s what happened between Jack and Beth, his heart shone brave and true that night, and ever since they were inseparable.

Some call it fate, others coincidence; I happen to believe there are no accidents in life, good or bad…there just bridges leading us to where we’re supposed to go next.

Leaning over to her wooden case that held her art equipment Liz pulled out a charcoal pencil and flipped her book to an empty page.

Taking a deep breath she searched her mind for the fifteen year old boy that lived in her memory and began to draw.

What stood out the most for her were his eyes, soulful, kind, intense, sensitive eyes that could look right through you and know exactly what you were feeling.

They were the color of radiant, honey with flecks of emeralds shadowed by long black eyelashes that held his secrets close, keeping everyone at a distance, everyone that is except for her.

She remembered his jet black hair shaggy and long, curling up right above his collar, hanging always protectively over his sensitive eyes as if he was trying to hide from the world.

His face was always a beautiful golden tan from the summer sun and smooth with no hair in sight, and his body was thin and lanky as if no one fed him.

To a see him smile was almost unheard of, but there were those rare occasions where Beth could conjure up some joke with her dry sense of humor that would normally fly right over most people’s head’s but not Jack.

His smile could light up a room, and most definitely melt Beth’s heart, it was as unusual as seeing a comet race across the night sky, but just as spectacular.

She remembered him being an amalgam of wide eyed innocence, mixed with a precarious mischievous side that was always taking her on wild adventures, showing her amazing, beautiful places deep in the woods that no one was even aware of.

He was in essence her Peter Pan, and she his Wendy, maybe that’s why in her mind she never imagined him growing up and becoming a man.

In her mind he would always stay that shy, clever, romantic, mysterious, handsome boy that danced with her barefoot under a full moon surrounded by fireflies in a meadow of lilacs and sunflowers.

The boy who carved their initials in the old willow tree at the edge of the woods because he believed they were magic and could make all your wishes come true.

And the boy who held her face high up in the broken old barn under a blanket of stars and kissed her after telling her that she was the only girl he would ever love.

She fought back tears as she accented his eyelashes on the sketch she made of his younger self.

After putting the finishing touches on his crooked smile she wrote his name, the name she knew him as on the bottom of the page small and slanted in the corner.

After she held it outward and sighed as memories flooded to her filling her with unbelievable happiness and sadness at the same time.

“Drawing anything interesting?” he weakly remarked making her jerk back hitting her head against the wall.

Rubbing her head she smiled still cautiously, “Just sketching a picture of someone I used to know. I guess you can say I’ve been inspired.”

Watching him struggle to sit up, Liz did her best to help him, she ended up sitting on the bed leaning over him carefully shoving the pillows under his head to help him prop his upper body up.

Clenching his jaw in pain he instinctively held onto her shoulders shivering with his forehead pressed to hers taking a moment to adjust to the pain.

A long moment of silence passed, she could feel his sadness, covering him like a blanket, heavy and encompassing.

Running the back of his hand down her cheek tenderly he closed his eyes feeling a huge relief of comfort just being in her arms.

“You, remember now… don’t you.” Hoarsely he nodded knowingly as he stared deep into her eyes.

Tears filled her eyes, along with fear as to how he got this way and who hurt him so badly.

“Jack, it’s really you… I-I have so many questions, there’s so much I don’t understand.” She whispered, as she moved in closer to him resting her head carefully on his shoulder.

Wincing in pain he reached up towards her and lifted a stray piece of her mocha hair from her long curled eyelashes that kissed her flushed cherry cheek.

“Just as I remember… still as soft as silk.” His velvet husky words spilled from his full tenuous lips like hot honey dripping down her skin awakening every part of her body as if she had been asleep for years.
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 6 1/21/13

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L-J-L 76 x2

So so sorry for being so late with this update, thank you so much for all the sweet fb, means so much to me you have no idea.

Just because its been so long, here's a little reminder of this fic and where I left off in case anyone is still interested in reading this.

Liz moved into her recently deceased grandmother's home located on an isolated farm in the middle of no where. She had spent all her summers as a child and young teenager on this farm most with a sweet, unusal boy named Jack, who captured her heart until one summer after a certain incident he left never to return again. Then on one stormy night a beautiful drifter shows up on her doorstep, stabbed, and badly injured claming to be just that boy she fell so hard for. Only his driver's license bares the name Max Evans, its been over ten years but the feelings remain as if it all happened yesterday.
Its been over a month that she convinced the local doctor, Kyle Valenti, a good friend who would love to be more, to mend to his wounds leaving him to recover in her bed while she graciously nursed him back health.
Only now feelings are beginning to stir, feelings that have been locked inside her for over a decade, its only his secrets of his new idenity and what happened on that faithful night that led him to her doorstep bleeding and in need that are keeping them apart.

chapter six

It was almost midnight when Liz edged her key in the front door casting her ebony eyes up towards the stairs noticing a dim light coming from the bathroom.

Leaning against the front door as she closed it quietly not knowing if Jack was sleeping or not.

She breathed out a sigh of relief as she held her head slightly feeling a slight buzz from the three glasses of wine she put down at the local bar with Kyle.

He had spent the night interrogating her on her mysterious house guest, asking one too many questions none of which she could answer.

Closing her eyes she remembered his stern but concerned voice in her mind.

So what you’re telling me is that this Max is your long lost childhood friend that once went by the name of Jack.

Yes Kyle

Liz, you saw his driver’s license, if it said Max Evans why are you so hell bent on believing this stranger? I mean what evidence do you have that it’s really this Jack that you remember? You said yourself you didn't even recognize him.

He knows things about me/us, things that only Jack would know, and his eyes … I would know those haunting eyes anywhere Kyle … its him, I just know it.

Is he Liz? Or do you just want to believe that he is?

Closing her tired eyes she breathed out in frustration, what the hell did Kyle know about them, and what they shared? If Jack was going by a different name now she was convinced he had a good reason.

Kicking off her sneakers she peeled off her thin button up shirt throwing it over the banister as she tiptoed carefully up the stairs.

Pulling her white tank top out of her low slung jeans she made her way towards her grandmother’s bedroom where she had been sleeping since Jack had been laid up recuperating in her room.

Pushing the door open she flicked on the tiffany lamp raising her weary eyes up towards the colors reflected on the powder blue walls.

Grazing her fingers along the antique vanity she plopped down to stare at the image in the mirror before her.

Leaning back she laced her fingers through her wavy windblown hair wondering if Jack still saw the young girl she once was.

Brushing her fingertips along her neck tracing her collarbone she sighed trying to think how long it had been since she felt a man’s touch.

Bobby Hales came into mind, a local farmer’s son that had helped her with some repairs when she first moved into her grandmother’s house.

It was a fumbling fast fuck against the back of the house on a particular hot summer day when she was feeling incredibly sad and vulnerable.

She had immediately regretted the hasty impulsive move and had avoided him ever since, but it wasn’t Bobby that she was thinking about now.

In fact ever since that insane night when Jack had stumbled into her house bleeding and in need he was all she could think about.

The nights were the worst, lying just a room away knowing he was there, the boy that had grown into an incredibly gorgeous man, her childhood sweetheart come back to rescue her from the lonely nightmare that had become her life.

It had been weeks now and still he had revealed very little to her always seeming as if it upset him too much to disclose whatever brought him to this point.

Knowing he had to heal and rest she fought the urge to push him on the details of his strange need to change his name and more disconcerting the stab wound that thanks to Kyle was quickly healing.

Still now and again he would remind her of their adventures in the woods and the barn, how they fell in love under the stars and the glow of the fireflies swirling around them on hot summer nights.

It was more than she could ever ask for, and enough to keep her questions at bay.

What was harder to resist was the need to kiss him, to feel those incredible strong arms around her, those callous rough hands touching her.

Of course he had been in no condition to even consider such physical activity but it didn’t stop her body from reacting every time he lifted those sultry amber eyes up to stare at her.

There was no denying the connection they shared and the way his glaze lingered on her when he thought she wasn't aware.

Standing in frustration she removed her jeans throwing them in the corner of the room too tired to worry about being tidy.

It was then that she heard the shower turn on in the bathroom.

Carefully turning her doorknob she curled her fingers around the doorframe to peer down the hall.

The door was closed with steam billowing from beneath the cracks along the frame.

Leaning the side of her head against the wall she dug her nails into the door picturing him standing there under the searing hot water, his impressive muscles glistening under soapy bubbles drifting down his bare body that she had more than once stole of glimpse of while caring for his wounds.

Blaming the booze for her impure thoughts she backed away into the bedroom wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Looking down at her bare feet she had a sudden flashback of them at fifteen stepping shyly into the pond far into the woods that no one was aware of except for him.

Jack knew all the secret spots, all the hidden places that were beautiful and special, as if they were only meant for the two of them.

She could almost feel the coolness of the water surrounding their feet as he took her hand encouraging her to go deeper into the murky water with him.

She remembered how her cheeks flushed bright red as they nervously removed all their clothes except for their underwear.

Her breathed hitched in her throat recalling his gentle hands leading her further into the water his parted lips just inches from hers.

Pressing her fingertips to her mouth she could see him inching slowly towards her under the watching gaze of the full moon above them.

It was their first kiss, gentle, awkward, sweet and clumsy… it was the best moment of her life, and for some reason it felt as if it had just happened yesterday.

She jumped when she heard the pipes from the bathroom bang as the shower turned off.

Her grandmother warned her that someday they would need to be replaced, but right now she was grateful for the aging plumbing.

At least now she knew the temptation was over and he was probably already dressed and headed for bed.

It had been nearly a month that he had been staying with her and her needs were beginning to get the best of her regardless of his determination to keep their relationship at a distance… at least physically that is.

Waiting a good fifteen minutes she gazed down the hall to the now darkened bathroom and bedroom satisfied that he was if not asleep at least his was well on his way.

Needing to wash the makeup off her face and brush her teeth she tiptoed down the hallway in just her tank top and underwear too lazy to throw something more on.

Using the dim nightlight as her guide she splashed the cool water on her face removing all traces of her mascara and lipstick that she hastily applied before going out.

Trying to make as little noise as possible she let the water trickle on her toothbrush as she quickly ran it over her teeth eager to jump into bed and sleep away her relentless desires.

Finishing up she stepped out of the bathroom wiping her wet lips with the back of her hand just as her foot hit that certain floor board that had always alerted her grandmother when she had come home a little too late from being with Jack.


Drawing in her bottom lip in between her teeth she winced looking down at her scantly clothed body regretting her laziness.

“Yeah Jack it’s just me, do you need anything?” her whisper came out shaky feeling the implications of her words throughout her body.

A moment of silence followed her question that seemed to last forever as she stood there convincing herself that this was really no big deal since he had already seen her in the shower.

Her eyes slid shut as his velvet tone drifted in the darkness wrapping seductively around her as if its purpose was to torture her.

“Could I bother you for a glass of water?”

Licking her dry lips she breathed out as she attempted to steady her voice trying hard not to sound like a fumbling teenager.

“Sure, just one second Jack, I’ll be right there.”

Returning to the bathroom she reached for the stack of Dixie cups her grandmother always kept and she continued to replace for no real reason.

Filling the cup to the brim she stepped cautiously into the bedroom blinded by the darkness not sure of exactly where she was.

Disoriented she raised her free hand outward in front of her trying to find the nightstand near his bed.

Forgetting that the flowered ottoman was knee level she stumbled into it causing the water to spill back onto her tank top.


Reaching over to the nightstand he flipped on the dim table lamp revealing Liz standing in the middle of the room the front of her shirt transparent dripping with water.

Humiliated she expected him to laugh, or at the very least make some sarcastic comment about how graceful she was.

What she did she see was a dark lustful stare so intense it took her breath away.

Rising from the bed wincing slightly from his injury he approached her silently as if he had no choice, as if he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Frozen breathless her eyes wandered down his bare chest to the tight black boxer briefs he was wearing that accentuated every beautiful inch of him.

Gently almost barely touching her he grazed the side of her face curling his hand to cup the edge of her jaw before lacing his fingers through her wavy hair.

Without even realizing it she had placed her hand to his chest against his hammering heart feeling the heat from his skin against her palm.

God he is on fire, she thought to herself as she pressed the tips of her fingers deeper into his hard chest.

Titling her face gently upwards he leaned his stunning gaze towards her causing his black hair to fall haphazardly over his golden eyes pushing her even further over the edge.

A deep shiver ran through her as she felt his sweet warm breath sweep across her face.

Closer he moved towards her pressing his other hand against the small of her back pulling her hard against his body.

She was in heaven, falling willingly, uncontrollably into what she had wanted since the very beginning.

Her entire body hummed with excitement screaming in silence with a need that was finally about to be gratified.

That was the last thought that ran through her mind as he brushed his soft lips tenderly against her mouth.

As if flaming the flickering embers of a fire his kiss exploded into a demanding hard passionate embrace slamming her against the wall.

Dizzy, deliciously lost in the intoxicating sweeping caresses of his firm tongue, it was all she could do to keep her knees from buckling, as he slipped his hands underneath her panties to cup her ass forcing her flush against him showing her exactly what she was doing to do him.

Breaking his fiery kiss he bent down to lick up the trailing water still making it way down between the valley of her breasts.

In the chaos of his hard body pressed unapologetically against her, and his rough hands skimming their way agonizingly slow along her ribs she let her head fall back as she breathed out his name.

“Jack… “

In an instant his hands froze leaving her pinned helplessly against the wall as his harsh breath panted hot on her wet skin.

Her eyes slid slightly open as she felt his hands release her shirt as his body reluctantly moved back away from her.

“Jack?” she whispered attempting to catch her breath.

Lowering his head he turned away from her almost as if it was hard to look her in the eyes.

“Jack… what’s wrong?” walking towards him she placed her hand tenuously on his broad shoulder. “It’s ok, I … want to.”

Refusing to turn towards her he continued to glare at the ground as if thoughts too dark for her to understand clouded his tortured mind.

“Beth… you have no idea how bad I want you. It’s just… “

His deep gruff voice trailed off as if he was searching for the right words.

Placing her other hand on his opposite shoulder she pressed her body against his back causing a deep groan from his throat.

Stepping away far enough where her hands fell from his skin he shook his head slowly.

“My life is a mess right now; it’s too… dangerous to drag you into it.”

His words were thick with warning, laced with cautious tones begging her to stay away but she was in far too deep to heed his threats that were meant to protect her.

“I think it’s too late for all this don’t you? I’m already involved in whatever happened to you whether you like it or not. Besides, this isn’t your decision to make; I’m a big girl Jack. I can take care of myself.”

His body tensed as she spoke his name once again and in that moment she knew at least for tonight she would once again go to bed alone and unsatisfied.

Raising his hand to his injured ribs his voice softened to barely a whisper as he gripped his side.

“I need time to think; besides I’m not quite all the way healed yet. I’ll see you in the morning Beth.”

Nodding impatiently she pulled her damp shirt that was stuck to her chest out away from her wet skin and waved him away.

“Sure, whatever you want.”

Turning towards the door she stopped suddenly unsure if it was the wine giving her the courage or if she was just plain frustrated.

“Listen Jack if you’re not attracted to me at least have the decency to tell – “

Spinning her around roughly by the wrist he pressed his lips to her ear with a force that caused a desperate ache between her thighs.

His hoarse voice was calm but deadly serious as he whispered hotly against the shell of her ear.

“You have no idea how bad I want you, how I lay here every night imaging that pretty mouth of yours wrapped around me, how I dream of making you come so hard you beg me for more… but… it’s complicated. I’m backed in a fucking corner and I need you to understand.”

Breathing out hard Liz rested her forehead against his chest reeling from his searing words.

Breaking out of his grip she stepped back making eye contact with his dark intense glare.

“Fine, but I need to know what happened to you Jack… and soon.”

Taking one last look at him as he stood there chest heaving, his perfect body glistening with sweat, she turned and made her way back to her room her mind full of questions now more than ever before.
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 7 1/24/13

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L-J-L 76

Thank you so much for your awesome fb!

Chapter seven

The next morning Liz awoke with a dull headache and covered in sweat as a rare autumn heat wave drifted over the sleepy small town of Waterville.

Kicking off the covers she groaned holding her head from a continuous banging noise resonating just outside her window.

Sitting on the edge of her grandmother’s bed she rubbed her temples regretting that extra glass of wine from the night before.

Waving her hand fanning her face, hot as hell, she went to the window sliding it open to get some air.

Great, Indian summer, god it’s got to be at least in the eighties, she thought to herself as she sought out the constant banging that was adding to the pain in her head.

Throwing on pair of cut offs and a tee shirt she made her way down stairs, her only concern was getting a cup of coffee and finding the source of the racket outside.

Sighing with relief as she spotted a full steaming pot of coffee on the kitchen counter she immediately poured a cup wondering if Kyle had stopped by.

Closing her eyes as the much needed caffeine hit her sleepy brain she shuffled her bare feet to the front door slipping on her sneakers to walk outside.

Clutching her mug in her hands she shielded her eyes from the blaring sun with the back of her free hand as she followed the strange sounds that had woken her around the back of the house.

Stopping suddenly she breathed out slowly as her eyes feasted on the shirtless god working under the hood of the beat up old truck that he had driven on that faithful night.

“Fuck!” Max growled out suddenly throwing a wrench across the high grass in frustration nearly hitting her foot unaware of her presence.

Flashing his golden eyes up towards her briefly he quickly stared back down under the hood his muscular arms flexing deliciously as he braced his hands against the edge of the truck.

Biting her lower lip her eyes lingered fixated as she watched a trickle of sweat make its way down his neck over his chest to his ripped hard stomach below.

Sweet Jesus, she muttered under her breath remembering his heated words whispered harshly against her ear the night before.

Fumbling for something to say before he caught her staring at him as though she wanted to devour his mouth she cleared her throat getting his attention.

“Can’t get it started?” she yelled out making her way towards him.

His face remained hard, expressionless as he nodded his eyes glaring down into the engine.

“Did you make the coffee in the kitchen?”

Clenching his jaw he nodded again stoically still concentrating on the problem at hand. “Yep.”

Taking another much need sip she walked closer craving to be near him.

“Well thank you, I really needed this.”

She lowered her voice as she watched the sun reflect in his intense eyes enhancing the green flecks swimming in a pool of honey that she never noticed before.

Remaining unresponsive she felt suddenly uncomfortable wondering if he was upset with her.

Clearly distracted by him she drew out her words dreamily stated the obvious.

“Sure is hot today, I’ve never stayed with my grandma in the fall, didn’t know this was possible this far east.”

Focused on the task at hand he muttered as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Yeah me either.”

Getting the message that he was in no mood to talk she turned on her heels to make her way back to the house.

In a brief fleeting moment she wondered why he agreed with her about not knowing about the occasional Indian summers that occurred in October, she found it very odd especially since he grew up here.

Shaking this thought away with the explanation that he probably wasn’t even really listening to her she pushed open the front door.

Feeling sweaty all she could think about was jumping into a cool shower as she placed her coffee mug on the edge of the banister and ran up the stairs.

Humming a song that was stuck in head from the night before at the bar she made her way to the bathroom when something caught her eye.

The door from her bedroom was open just a crack but it was enough for her to see the dark green duffle bag on her bed.

It was the first time she had seen this bag figuring he had left it in his broken down truck on that first night.

Getting the sinking feeling that she was being nosey she went to take another step towards the bathroom when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

There was a black object sticking out of the corner of the zipper, walking closer she peaked inside the room edging the door carefully open, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Her eyes widened when she noticed the distinct shape of the butt of a gun.

Not that she was familiar with such things but she had seen enough of them in movies on TV to be able to recognize one.

Leaning over carefully to get a better look she gasped when she saw a bloody shirt balled up alongside the intimidating firearm.

Suddenly she recalled his disoriented shocking admission as he pulled the shower curtain back glaring wildly into her eyes that first night before Kyle worked on him.

Remembering his words clearly, the memory burned into her brain as he raked his eyes over her standing there as hot water streamed down her nude body.

My name is Max, not David… and tonight I killed someone.

He had lost so much blood she just assumed he was delusional, in shock, a confession made by a man in need of surgery hanging on the edge of death.

But staring down at the gun and the blood stained shirt she realized that he was serious, deadly serious.

Covering her parted lips with the tips of her fingers she whispered softly her body trembling harshly responding to the implications that she was harboring and abating a murderer.

Her heart responded knowing that it had to be self-defense, that the Jack she knew could never ever intentionally kill someone.

Letting out a shuddered breath she whispered his name worried now more than ever that maybe his life was in danger.

“Jack… what have you done.”

Startled hearing that same floor board creak from the night before she snapped her head up towards him as he stood in the door way staring down at her.

“Beth, I-I can explain, just please, you can’t tell anyone about this, no one please.. not even Kyle… my life depends on it.”

Walking cautiously close to her as she stood frozen her feet glued to the floor his intense eyes drifted over, his haunting expression full of secrets or were they lies...

Blocking her view from the bag he stood between her and the bed quickly zippering it shut and shoving it under the bed.

Backing up nervously against the wall Liz stared off into space as all the events of that night played out in her head.

It was then that she felt his hands cradle the sides of her face tilting her lips up towards his waiting mouth.

Her eyes slid shut as the heat enveloped them causing her to become lightheaded and dizzy or was that him making her feel that way, at this point she couldn’t be sure of anything.

Brushing his velvet lips hotly against her mouth he whispered with a desperate urgency that made her heart race thumping hard against her chest that was now pressed to his.

“Beth, I’ll tell you everything tonight. I have to go into town this afternoon to get a part for my truck. But right now you have to trust me. Please, don’t go to police. I need you Beth, that's why I came back, I knew you would help me, that you were the only one I could count on.”

Faintly pressing his lips to hers he swept his tongue gently against hers breathing her in as if she was his last hope, his last chance of salvation.

Stepping away he released her suddenly leaving her breathless, panting softly held up by the wall pressed hard against her back.

“You know me, I’m still your Jack, the boy who kissed you in the barn all those years ago. Say you trust me, please… I need to hear you say it.”

Her wide eyes darted around the room as sweet memories invaded her mind pushing her towards what her heart was telling her to be true.

“I trust you Jack... I trust you.”
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 8 2/2/13

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Chapter eight

After a long shower spent thinking of what she found on the bed and Jack’s urgent words requesting her blind trust, she decided to busy herself for the rest of the day with mundane chores to get her mind off of everything.

Sure she wanted more, almost desperate at this point to know what happened that night, but she had no idea when he was going to be home or if he'd even deliver on the promise of telling her everything.

At least that’s what he told her as his hard muscular body had her pinned against the wall while his full lips huskily whispered along her mouth begging for her total disgression.

She didn’t know what was more distracting as she scrubbed the kitchen floor on her hands and knees on that unusual muggy afternoon, the dangerous unpredictable weapon that recently appeared in her life or the gun in the duffel bag under her bed.

“If only I had my camera, this one would definitely be a keeper.”

Rolling her eyes she glanced over her shoulder to see Kyle grinning from ear to ear while studying her firm butt sticking high in the air.

“Hello Kyle, what can I do for you? I’m kinda busy at the moment.” She breathed out wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Raising his eyebrows he nodded as he tilted his head to get a better view.

“I have to say manual labor definitely suits you Liz.” he replied in his usual flirty way that she always just laughed off.

Throwing the soapy sponge at his feet he jumped away giving her time to sit at the kitchen table for a break and a much needed cold drink.

“Ice tea?” she offered holding up a pitcher with yellow sunflowers all over it clanking with melting ice cubes.

Setting down his medical bag he nodded wishing she would suggest something other than a beverage.

“Sure, sounds good, this weather is kicking my ass, the air conditioner shit the bed at the clinic, I’ve had fans blowing on me all day, it’s like a breezy desert in there.”

Glancing at his bag she took a sip of her tea nodding as she wiped the access off her lips with the tips of her fingers.

“Are you here to check on Jack?”

Hesitating briefly Kyle cleared his throat trying to choose his words carefully.

“You mean ‘Max’ right? Max Evans, the man who's picture was on the license you found?”

She flicked her big doe eyes clearly irritated up over her tall glass of tea giving him a fiery glare that he thought he could spend the rest of his life staring into.

“Kyle, I’m not going down this road with you again.” she replied flatly leaving little room for negotiation.

Nodding Kyle looked away out of need worried that she’d see right through him as he pictured her naked and wet holding that glass of ice tea swirling the ice cubes around with the tip of her finger.

Fuck what that girl does to me. it should be illegal, he thought to himself as he struggled to get himself back to the point at hand.

“Would you go down said road if I told you that I got into the sheriff’s computer and found out that a Max Evans, age twenty six, brown hair, brown eyes has quite an extensive record and is wanted by the police?”

Spilling her glass on the table jumping up quickly she backed away from the table.

Kyle tell me you didn’t say anything to the sheriff.”

Narrowing his eyes as the tea drifted slowly off the table onto the soapy floor he shook his head stunned.

“That’s what you’re concerned about? It doesn’t bother you that this may be proof that this is not you’re precious Jack? Or that you are harboring a known wanted man in your house that may or may not be a complete stranger?”

Brushing her sweaty curls from her worried eyes she repeated her question as if not hearing a word he said.

“Answer me Kyle, did you tell the sheriff?!”

Standing with anger in his eyes he caught the sight of the well hidden truck in the backyard before glaring back at her slowly.

“No Liz, I didn’t say anything. I promised you I wouldn’t, but let me ask you a question.”

Folding her arms in front of herself as she backed up against the kitchen cabinet, her bare feet sliding along the slick floor, she shrugged.

“What it is Kyle?”

Stepping closer raising his sky blue gaze towards her wanting so much to just reach out and kiss her he gently softened his voice truly worried for her.

“Liz, has he told you what happened yet? Has he told you anything at all about that night or the reason for his secet identity?”

Averting her eyes away from the truth in his words she basically answered him.

Calmly but seriously Kyle pointed out the obvious.

“He shows up at your door after all this time with a stab wound, you take him in, get him medical attention, basically nurse him back to health, in your bed no less, and you know nothing! Does any of this sound right to you Liz? Even if it is this Jack, if he cared about you so much why would he put you in danger?”

Chewing nervously on her bottom lip Liz squeezed the skin on her arm tightly.

“Kyle I appreciate everything you did for me, especially about keeping your promise, but this is my life. I don’t owe you any explanations.”

Turning quickly Kyle reached in his bag to throw a sample of antibiotic cream on the table.

Immediately she wanted to take back her harsh words seeing the hurt in his eyes but something told her it was too late.

Pointing to the white tube on the table he reached for his keys.

“For the incision... tell him to keep it clean. I have to go.”

Sighing heavily watching him walk briskly outside she ran after him only to watch him silently slam his door shut and drive away kicking dirt up all around her as the hot orange sun began to disappear behind the tree line.

Turning to walk back to the house she thought about what Kyle said, about the warrant, and the extensive record … she knew this wasn’t her Jack, but it made her wonder even more who this Max Evans was and why Jack had his license.

Maybe it was this Max that committed the murder to begin with, maybe Jack was protecting him for some reason.

One thing was for sure she needed to know the truth; and soon.

After Liz spent the entire night cleaning everything possible to stop herself from thinking about the mess she was in, she took a long bath before settling on the porch with a big glass of wine.

Rocking back and forth on the creaking large swing she began to peel the already fading powder blue paint from the arm.

Letting her head fall back she stared up at the stars in wonder as the full moon shone down on her.

The beauty of the night was not lost on her, neither was the loneliness she felt.

It didn’t make sense to her why Jack pushed her away the other night.

There are things you just can’t fake, she knew he wanted her just as bad she wanted him.

Then there were his reasons for his need to pull away, but they made no sense to her, she was already in deep, an accomplice to a crime or worse.

What difference would one night together make…other than to ease the ache, push away the loneliness… no, none it added up.

Sighing she took a long sip of her wine and lifted her bare legs along the empty space beside her.

If not for those haunting brandy eyes, how they looked into her soul as if knowing every little thing about her, if not for that, she wondered how much faith she’d have in any of this.

It was well after midnight when she was awakened by his boots hitting the stairs.

Still until she felt his breath against her temple she suspected it was just another dream.

Her eyes fluttered open as his strong hands wrapped around her back and beneath her legs.

Whispering still half asleep she tried to stop him.

“No, you can’t lift me, your stitches… “

After a few false tries of lifting her and flinching against the pain shooting across his side he finally relented and pressed his mouth to her ear.

A rush of chills pulsed through her shocking her fully awake.

“Alright you win, but take my hand, I need to show you something.”

Grabbing her sneakers by the door he put them on her bare feet and laced his fingers through hers.

He was quiet not saying a word as he led her to the backyard past where the grass was mowed to the field past a line of white tall birch trees.

Max could see her shiver as they walked through the knee high weeds and wild flowers that were still in bloom.

Lifting his sweatshirt off he pulled it over her head covering her thin cotton nightgown that made it just to her mid-thigh.

Standing face to face he reached around her neck and gently, slowly gathered her dark curls from underneath the hood of his shirt.

Her cheeks were flush from the chill in the air that had broken through after the sun’s departure.

She hadn’t a stich of makeup on but her lips looks as though she had just eaten ripe raspberries and her eyes sparkled like diamonds with the reflection of the stars above.

He gazed down at her as if he were trying to memorize this moment, burn it in his mind for a time when he would really need it.

Startled by all of this she stood speechless, the millions of questions she had for him all day suddenly leaving her mind.

He was such a man, as corny as that sounded in her mind that’s what she was thinking.

It was the boy that she remember so well, always with a gleam of wickedness in his eye as though he was about to take her on an adventure that she’d never forget.

A daredevil, rough and wild but at the same time sweet and very sensitive almost painfully vulnerable at times, he was definitely a mystery wrapped in a puzzle, rolled in a riddle of sorts.

She couldn’t believe the change in his body, the boy who was all legs and arms, scrawny, thin as a rail had grown into a man who’s arms looked as though they were carved out of marble.

Yes, a man with a voice deep and raspy like a movie star with a velvet tone that could make you melt instantly, he was dangerous, he was the type of man that could make you do things you never imagined.

Someone that could make you forget who you were with no regrets, a man that always left you wanting more, more talking, more touching, more …anything.

Breaking their moment he smiled briefly before pulling her hand through the high grass.

“We’re almost there.”

Distracted by several cries coming from a pack of coyotes she looked up to find herself in front of the barn that was depicted in so many of her drawings.

“No Jack, the barn hasn’t been used in years, gram told me it wasn’t safe anymore, we can’t go in.”

Tugging her arm as if he were fifteen again he continued past the barn to the edge of the dark woods.

Reaching in his back pocket he pulled out his cell and pointed it towards the trunk of a huge old oak tree.

There, do you see it.” He breathlessly rasped ghosting the letters with his fingertips seemingly mesmerized himself.

Stepping closer she tilted her head to the side lowering his cell phone away from the tree.

“The moon is bright enough… we don’t need the light.”

Moving so he was standing flush behind her he wrapped his arms around her as they stared at the uneven names inside the large heart that was etched into the tree.

Jack + Beth

“Wow,” she breathed out softly as she felt his lips skim the back of her neck. “I haven’t seen this in years. I never could get myself to go back here after your mom moved you away.”

Feeling his fingertips at the hem of her nightie she let her head fall back against his hard chest.

Letting out a throaty moan her eyes slid shut as his hands smoothed up the sides of her thighs.

“I’ve missed you Jack.”

Raising his hand to her arm he slowly turned her pushing her hard against the rough bark of the tree.

Staring her down, making her feel every intense emotion running through him, he moved closer bracing one hand on either side of her face letting his eyes drift to the grass at their feet.

“There’s something important you need to know Beth, something about what happened that night… something about … me.”
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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 9 2/20/13

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chapter nine

Locked inside his dangerously handsome gaze she waited impatiently, her skin flushed, heated with pent up desires from a boy she once knew that was standing before her now a man… a man that she was sure could bring her over the edge with one flick of his firm tongue.

Breathless, fists by her side, mossy rough bark against her back arching wittingly along their tree, that large oak carved with memories of the most precious times of her life she waited for him to finally at last disclose to her the events of that fateful night.

His jaw clenched tight, massive carved from stone defined muscles accentuated his arms that flexed intensely with a powerful force, giving away the complexity of his emotions.

Wavering back and forth on how to even begin to explain the events of that night he growled in frustration.

Lifting his head he breathed harshly against her neck as images of blood and death flashed through his mind one more vivid that than the other in graphic detail.

Hot puffs of sweet erratic air swept across her neck eliciting wicked thoughts to run feverishly through her mind.

She had never wanted anyone so bad in her life; the temptation to reach for him was almost overwhelming.

If it wasn’t for the truth hovering on the tip of his tongue she’d be on her knees by now doing what she had longed to do since the night he stared her down in the shower.

His deep throaty tone didn’t help the sexual desire rising within her as he finally began to speak.

“Beth, you’re not going to like what I’m going to say.”

Reaching out she placed her hands tenderly along the sides of his neck lacing the tips of her fingers through the tips of his thick shaggy hair urging him on.

“There’s nothing you could tell me that would turn me away from you, I would never judge you. I remember the abuse, the hell you lived through. I was there Jack… life couldn’t have been easy for you... out there on your own. Please, just tell me what happened.”

Sighing heavily he gazed down at her, almost amazed at her caring words, it was as if no one had ever talked to him that way before.

For a brief moment she saw vulnerability in him that almost made her want to cry.

Panic flickered in his eyes as he picked up on what he considered pity in her startled expression.

Immediately he began to pull away unable to handle her compassionate words.

Confused by his actions she stepped towards him as he backed away leaving her hands to fall to her side.

His intense eyes glared down at the ground as he began to pace back and forth.

It was obvious he was struggling with something deeper, something even more damaging than a self-defensive act of murder.

Just then it sounded as if the heavens split open with a thundering roar as lightening streaked violently piercing the dark sky shaking the ground beneath them.

Torrential downpour pounded down upon them without warning drenching them instantly.

Unaffected by the storm brewing above them he continued to remain lost to the demons torturing his mind.

Staring up at the sky as another lightning bolt struck a tree across the field sending sparks flying every which way Liz fisted his soaked black tee shirt.

Yelling over the sound of the wind and the relentless rain she shook him hard trying to snap him out of it.

“Jack! We have to get back to the house; it’s not safe out here!”

Anger and confusion was instantly replaced with concern realizing the danger she was in.

Grabbing her hand with urgency he led her running back through the tall grass, passed the old barn, jumping over the wilted lavender wild flowers towards the aging farm house.

Feeling her flinch hard as the sky once again rumbled fiercely across the wide open heavens above them he lifted her up cradling her against his chest.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she shouted through the pounding rain warning him of his wound that was still healing between his ribs.

Ignoring her he pressed her closer shielding her face from the pelting unrelenting rain.

Jumping two stairs at a time finally reaching the porch he kicked the front door open before carefully setting her down on the floor.

Puddles of water formed beneath their feet as they stood across from each other breathless and shivering completely soaked to the bone.

Lifting his sweatshirt from her body she held it out to him as a wicked smile curved along her cherry stained lips.

“You can have your sweatshirt back now, I don’t need it anymore.”

God damn how it turned him on how unapologetically brazen she was, she was definitely not a woman who was afraid to use her feminine wilds to bring a man to his knees.

He wasn’t fool enough to pretend to even possess the will power it would take to fend her off.

Lust heavy unmistakably lined his voice as he took a step forward backing her up against the wall roughly taking his shirt from her throwing it to the floor.

Glaring down into her mascara smudged eyes he brushed his fingers along her bottom lip watching in fascination as droplets of water fell from her chin onto her heaving cleavage in the most erotic way.

“Sure you’re not cold… because you’re shaking like a leaf.”

Lowering his mouth lingering against her parted lips he rasped lowly smoothing his hands lightly up the wet skin of her thighs.

“Your lips taste like wine, so fucking sweet. Do you have any idea how addictive you are Beth Parker, always in my head, everywhere I look, under my god damn skin, it’s like there’s no escaping you.“

Through her long dark eyelashes she teased him mercilessly pushing him past his breaking point as she breathily spoke against his hovering mouth.

“Prove it.”

Capturing her mouth with a fiery kiss that could no longer be denied he grabbed her thigh wrapping her leg around his hip pressing his hard body roughly against her showing her exactly what she was doing to him.

Again thunder crashed all around them engulfing the black night with flashes of blinding white light piercing through all the windows surrounding them as the electricity flickered before going out completely leaving them in total darkness.

Not missing a beat he reached for her other leg thrusting her high against the faded wallpaper as his hot tongue lapped up the trailing droplets of water sliding down between her breasts.

Her head fell back hard as his hands slid under her panties driving her ass flush to him until his intense pleasure was met with an instant shot of pain causing him to wince before losing his balance bringing them both tumbling to the floor.

“Shit!” grimacing loudly he backed away clutching his side in pain.

“Jack! Oh god, don’t move I’ll find some candles.”

Leaving small wet footprints down the dark wood floor in her wake she rummaged through drawers in the kitchen before finding two white long taper candles.

Running to the china cabinet in the dining room she took her grandma’s crystal candle holders and rushed to his side.

“Quick, give me your lighter.”

Surprise colored his honey pained eyes as he lifted his beautiful wet face up towards her.


Sighing she shoved her hand in his front pocket pulling out a sliver lighter holding it up to his face.

“Please I’m not an idiot Jack. I’ve smelled smoke on your clothes since the moment you walked in the door; I don’t see the reason why you felt the need to hide it from me. “

“It doesn’t bother you?”

Setting the candles on the step beside them she lifted his soaked black tee shirt carefully up over his dripping black hair.

“Well I have to say I am a little shocked, I mean you always hated the way your mom used to chain smoke, especially that time she almost burnt the trailer down when she fell asleep in bed with a lit cigarette in her hand, but you’re a grown man Jack, you can make any foolish decision in life you want.”

Flashing him a sarcastic smirk she concentrated on his incision running her fingers lightly over the wound before standing carefully pulling him up with her.

“We’ve got to get you into bed.”

She whispered before blowing out one of the candles while balancing the other doing her best not to drip hot wax on the wooden floor.

Wincing as he draped his arm around her slender shoulder the corner of his mouth curved to a devilish grin.

“If you insist but you’ll have to be gentle I’m not at my best at the moment.”

Laughing as she helped him slowly up each step she shook her head.

“Sadly there will be none of that, I’m afraid you pushed yourself too hard tonight, if you rip open your stitches Kyle will kill me.”

Reaching the top of the stairs Max raised his eyebrows looking her over wondering how she could be so blind.

“I sincerely doubt that.” He retorted flatly under his breath.

Hearing the hint of jealously in his voice as they turned the corner into her bedroom she played dumb deciding it was none of his business, unfortunately her rising high tone did little to convince him.

“And why is that?”

Setting the candle down onto the nightstand she eased him into a sitting position on the bed cringing as he breathed out in pain as the sting of his injury shot sharply between his ribs.

Letting her remove his boots he slowly laid down on his back.

It was both blatantly clear how his body was still feeling the effects of her wet soft skin pressed against him just moments ago, making it difficult for both of them to ignore.

Frustrated and painfully hard he gritted his teeth biting back his need for release.

“That man has got it bad for you, and you know it.”

Peering through his dark eyelashes with a snarky knowing grin flashing across his beautiful face he shook his head.

“It’s pretty harsh how you play with the boy, teasing him, flirting with those big sexy doe eyes … fuck Beth, he’d do anything you asked, and you take full advantage of it, don’t deny it..”

Taking offense to his insulting and unfounded accusations she hardened her face raising her hands to rest on her hips.

“I have never led him on, never used his feelings for me to my advantage!”

He raised his eyebrows relaying the point to her without words how ironic her statement was considering that was exactly what she did to get Kyle to save him.

Rushing towards him she stood lit by the soft light of the candle shaking with anger briefly contemplating slapping him across the face.

Her fiery temper only made him want her more, the evidence of his excitement straining deliciously against his increasingly tight jeans.

Chucking carefully as sharp pains ripped across his side he nodded his chin up towards her.

“You should try pleading your case when your transparent wet slip of a nightgown isn’t stuck against your beautiful body, poor boy would die if he saw you standing here in this state, all in a frenzy practically naked, obviously in need.”

His darkened eyes raked over her lingering on her pointed hard peaks before flashing his face back up to her daring her to disagree.

Clenching her jaw tight as she glared down her basically bare body still dripping water from the rain she couldn't believe how cruel he was being.

Fuming mad lost as to how to respond she rushed out the door slamming it loudly behind her.

Yelling from his bed he stopped her in her tracks as she stomped heavily down the hall.

“He’s in love with you Beth! Make no mistake about it! You are far from innocent in this! Admit it, you even get off on it, having him following you around like a lost puppy!”

Turning on her heel she raced back through the door shoving it so hard it banged into the wall.

Bracing her hands on the bed hovering over his face she pointed her finger hard into his chest.

“Why are you acting like this? You’ve never ever treated me this way! What the hell is your problem?!”

Looking away from her he calmly turned on his side closing his eyes pressing his hand harder against his incision.

“I’m sorry, you're right, I was out of line.”

Shaking her head she moved to the foot of the bed trying to get a glimpse of his face in the shadow of the candle light.

“No, sorry isn’t good enough… why did you say those things to me, why are you asking like this, I’ve done everything I can to help you!”

Staring at the wall refusing to look up at her he whispered softly in the dark.

“I’ve done things, bad things, nothing violent, just lifting a car here and there when things were really bad, but it was enough to land me in jail a few times. After this last stint I had nowhere to go, I was living in my truck for a few weeks when I happened to bump into a guy I shared a cell back in juvie… “

Hanging on his every word, stunned by his sudden out of the blue confession, she sat on the edge of the bed quietly.

“This guy told me of a heist he was planning, easy money he called it. There was this rich old lady up in Clinton that was leaving for Florida for the winter. Supposedly she kept a ton of cash hidden all around her house along with a nice amount of valuable jewelry up her bedroom.”

Lowering his voice he breathed out nervously with regret in his voice.

“I was hungry, I had nothing … winter was coming, people aren’t exactly hiring ex-cons these days.

I’m not proud of what I did, but I was desperate… you’d be surprised what you’re capable of doing when you’re that desperate Beth.”

Turning further away from her his voice cracked as the fear and confusion of that night surfaced within him.

“I was supposed to meet him at midnight on the back porch; he had done some electrical work for her and knew the code to her alarm system. When I got there the door was wide open, I just assumed he was inside waiting for me.”

Barely breathing Liz whispered as she gently laid her hand on his back.

"Was he?"

“Yeah but he wasn’t the only one, apparently the son of the old lady had dropped by. He was standing with a knife to my partners throat. He told me the cops were on the way. It all happened so fast, it still doesn’t seem real.”

“What happened Jack.”

“My guy angled his eyes to the floor, there was a duffle bag by my feet, he must’ve dropped it when the son surprised him. There was a bag full of cash and a gun just sitting there. I knew what he wanted me to do. Unfortunately the son saw it the same time I did, he came at me with the knife slicing my side but not before I was able to grab the gun from the bag.”

Laying down beside him she wrapped her arms around his back and closed her eyes.

“You killed him.”

Nodding slowly his voice broke.

“I-I didn’t mean to, I felt the blade of the knife inside my gut, It was instinct… I never even held a gun before.”

Stroking his hair she pressed her cheek against his damp skin remember the boy she once knew.

“The cops where suddenly there banging on the door, we didn’t realize one had already made it inside the house. My guy took off running and ran right into him. I guess he thought he was armed because he shot him. I panicked, I could see him at the end of the hall, his brains were splattered everywhere.”

“How did you get away?"

“There was no time to think, I knew my prints were on the gun so I threw it in the bag and took off out an open window, I must’ve ran for a straight hour through the woods before I looked back.”

Skimming her finger tips over is arm she breathed out softly.

“Why did you come to me Jack… why after all this time.”

Turning painfully to face her he lifted her damp locks away from her eyes.

“Because you’re the only one I ever trusted in this fucked up world Beth. I’m sorry for what I said about you and Kyle.”

Pressing his forehead to hers he cupped her cheek sending chills along her heated skin.

“I guess I just feel threatened, seriously what chance does a loser like me have against a respectable Doctor who could give you everything you ever wanted.“

Her eyes slid shut as he cupped the side of her face in his hand moving his warm lips to her ear.

"I fucking love you, I can't even think straight when you're near me, but I'm a wanted man, a murderer... I never meant to pull you into all this. I had no where to turn, I just needed help and then I was going to leave, I would never do anything to hurt you.“

Pressing her body flush against him her heart raced feeling him so close.

"I love you too, I always have."

Placing soft kisses along her neck he breathed out, his voice hoarse with emotion.

"What the hell are we going to do?"

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 10 3/19/13

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L-J-L 76 x3

thank you so much for sticking with this. I'm very grateful for your support.

chapter ten

Liz stared out the living room window watching as the big puffy white snowflakes cascaded down onto the bare limbs of the trees outside.

She always loved snow but rarely was able to see it living in New Mexico.

With her visits to Pennsylvania usually restricted to summer this was definitely a special treat, having Jack with her made it feel as if she were in heaven.

Just the two of them islolated from the nightmares outside, safe and sound in their own little world that no one else was allowed in, like a fairytale, only fairytales weren't real and no one knew that better than Liz.

Walking up behind her Max kissed the back of her head rubbing her arms gently until he spotted Kyle’s car peaking up over the hill coming their way.

Weeks had passed since Max had told her the truth about that night, since they held each other and admitted their love for one another.

They had grown closer over this time often talking about the past and the special moments they shared.

Liz was falling deeper and deeper, and after a while it didn’t even matter what happened that night, to her it was an accident; she knew her Jack would never harm anyone intentionally.

She was perfectly content to have him there with her on the farm completely secluded from anything and anyone forever.

The only person who had any knowledge of him being there was Kyle, and she knew in her heart even after their falling out he would never do anything to hurt her.

“Listen it’s been a long time since you’ve spoken to him, I know how important your friendship is, I’m going to disappear for a couple hours, give you two sometime to talk. I think I’m the last person he wants to see right now.”

Turning to face him she pressed her hands against his chest enjoying feeling of his thumping heart against her palms.

Looking down at her with those warm inviting eyes she melted.

“So how have you been feeling? I’ve been worried since that night you carried me from the storm.”

Lifting her chin he brushed his lips to hers rasping in that sultry tone that made her toes curl.

“Better every day. Listen, how about I go out and get us some wine, I’ll make my famous spaghetti and meatballs, we can even dine in front of the fireplace tonight.”

His injury had kept their relationship from being physical but they way he gazed into her eyes it was clear that was all going to change tonight.

Liz wanted nothing more than to make love to him finally, under the falling snow, before a roaring fire, at last they would truly be together.

His voice dropped low as he ran his the tip of his tongue along her bottom lip inciting a passionate kiss.

“I love you.”

Just as their kiss began to heat up into something more they heard Kyle at the door.

Moving his mouth to her ear he whispered softly as his fingertips smoothed along the sides of her breasts causing her to softly moan.

“You saved me Beth, in every possible way, whatever happens please know that my time spent with you has been the happiest of my life, more than I ever thought possible… you truly are my beautiful angel.”

Again this time much louder Kyle pounded on the door.

Grabbing his coat and her keys Max stole one more kiss before disappearing out the back door to avoid a confrontation.

Straightening herself she took a deep breath and let Kyle inside giving him a warm smile hoping they could mend their relationship that meant so much to her.

A long silence stretched out between them as they heard her car drive over the hill into town.

“Please come in, I’ve missed you so much Kyle, I’m so happy you’re here.”

Walking past her quietly, strangely as if something was off about him he took a seat on the couch as if working up the courage to talk to her.

“Can I get you anything, coffee perhaps? I just put a fresh pot on.”

Shaking his head ‘no’ he pulled out a file and placed it calmly on the coffee table.

“Liz, we have to talk.”

Seeing the seriousness in his eyes she sat beside him covering his hands with hers.

“Kyle I am so sorry for that fight we had, you have no idea how grateful I am for your help. How much I cherish our friendship. You are very important to me and I never should have spoken to you that way.”

Lowering his head he pushed the file closer to her.

“I feel the same way Liz, that’s what makes this all that much harder for me. I would never intentionally hurt you. I am so very sorry.”

A horrible feeling sank in her gut as she sat there frozen refusing to look inside the white folder marked property of New York City Morgue.

“K-Kyle, I don’t want to see whatever it is that you brought to me, I know you have feelings for me but this is crossing the line. I think you should just go, I’m sorry, but I’m happy now and -

Resting his hand on her shoulder he stood knowing it would take time for all of it to sink in.

“Liz whatever he told you was a lie, I saw the sheriff, they know he’s in town, they got an anonymous tip that he was seen here. It was on the police scanner this morning, just like the one in your garage. He knows they were coming for him. I'm so sorry.[/b][/i]

Rushing for her coat Liz grasped him by the shoulders begging for his help.

“Jack is innocent! You don’t understand! It was self defense! I can explain all this to the sheriff but you have to help me, please Kyle drive me into town!”

Frustrated that she could still be so blind Kyle shoved the file towards her causing it to fly open on the coffee table.

“Liz that man is not Jack, his name is Max Evans, his entire life history is in this file and its not pretty.”

Refusing to look at the file Liz began pacing back and forth rambling on and on trying to come up with a plan to prove Jack’s innocence.

Grabbing the picture from the morgue Kyle felt he had no choice.

“Damn Liz Look! I’m sorry but Jack, your Jack is dead. He was killed robbing a house a few months ago. He took a cop by surprise and he was shot in the head. Please just look at the picture, you have to accept the truth… that man that has been staying with you is not your Jack!”

With shaky watery eyes Liz reluctantly glanced at the bloody horrific picture of the unmistakable man lying on a cold metal slab.

Tears streamed down her face as she fell to her knees clutching the picture of her childhood love in her hands.

Kyle rushed to her holding her in his arms. “I’m so sorry.”

Hysterical Liz glanced up at him her eyes wide with confusion.

“Wait, he said he’s coming back, that he just went into town.”

Sighing Kyle glanced up stairs, “Go look Liz, I’m sure all his stuff is gone, he knew… I heard the scanner waiting outside on the porch. He’s not coming back; he knows this is the first place they will look for him.”

Just then she heard sirens blaring outside the door, several police, local and state where flying down her road.

Holding her tight Kyle tried to sooth her.

“I’ll be right by your side Liz; we’ll talk to them together. They’ll catch him, maybe they already did. I promise it will be alright.”

The next eight hours was pure chaos, Liz was questioned, the house was searched from top to bottom.

Everything that was even remotely tied to him was gone, he had taken everything.

She didn’t tell them anything, just that she thought he was her childhood friend and that he needed her help.

With Kyle’s help they believed her, even felt sorry for her.

It was nearing three am by the time they had gotten word that her car was found abandoned in the woods not three miles from her house.

Kyle and the cops were convinced that someone was waiting there to pick him up, that this was planned; someone he knew heard that the cops were on to him and it was time to go.

With the description of her car and license plate he knew he wouldn’t make it past the town line.

The sheriff was kind explaining that he must’ve known Jack at some point, they were looking into all possibilities, past employment, related friends, even unknown family members.

They were confident that they would find him, with all surrounding states including the city altered with his description, suspecting that he was headed south they were canvassing all possible leads.

Liz handed back the picture of Jack, remembering the story that Max had told her, the cell mate in prison, the one that led him to the heist, Max never mentioned a name, she realized all along that it was Jack.

She didn't say a word, could speak even if she wanted to, it was all too unreal.

It was well after two am when the detectives and the local sheriff department finally left.

“Let me stay the night, I could sleep on the couch.”

Kyle tenderly pulled her in for a hug but she backed away staring blankly past him.

“No… I need to be alone; I hope you can understand that, it’s just been too much. I-I can’t … “

Her monotone voice trailed off as if she didn’t have the energy to finish her sentence.

Nodding Kyle grabbed his coat and keys. “You don’t need to be afraid Liz, he’s far from here by now, you’re not in any danger.”

Walking away with her back to him she quietly corrected him.

“I was never in danger … whoever he is/was, he never would’ve hurt me.”

Huffing at the insanity that she was still defending him Kyle sharply retorted. “He was a killer Liz… a killer who lied used and manipulated you into thinking he was your long lost childhood sweetheart, how the hell can you – “

Holding her hand up signaling that it was enough, that he was once again crossing a line with her she walked up the stairs as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

Breathing out softly Kyle quietly left finally accepting that she would never be his. “Goodbye Liz.”

Exhausted, beyond devastated, Liz began peeling off her clothes needing desperately to wash the horror of the night from her skin.

Standing under the shower she began to sob as ran her fingers through her hair pulling it back as the steaming water ran over her face.

Feeling her legs buckled she knelt down wrapping her arms around her body as flashes of her and Max and their time together flickered behind her closed swollen red eyes.
It was only when the water ran cold that she realized how long she had been there.

By passing a towel too tired to care she grabbed her thin cotton white robe.

Mindlessly walking to her bedroom with water dripping down her body as the material stuck to her skin soaked from the shower she heard a faint knock at the door.

Sighing she yelled down the stairs gripping the damp sleeves that she pulled over her hands.

“Go away Kyle!”

Watching the shadow of a much taller man move back and forth from behind the stained glass she slowly walked down the stairs leaving wet foot prints in her wake.

Reaching the bottom step she raised her hand up holding the thin robe together just above her chest while the other hand firmly gripped the end of the banister.

With only the dim nightlight shining from the kitchen she could barely make out the doorknob as it began to turn.

Shivering as water from her hair and skin ran through her robe down her legs over her feet she parted her lips letting out a sharp gasp as Max slowly edged the door open.

Standing just outside he just stood there staring at her watching as her mouth slowly opened and closed several times before finding the courage to speak.

“You're not my Jack... I don't know who you are.”

His voice was deep and desperate hoarse with emotion.

"Yes... you do. You've known this entire time, you just didn't want to admit it to yourself."

Shaking her head she turned to run up the stairs. "NO!"

Dropping his bags he ran after her grabbing her from behind running his mouth along the side of her neck sighing as she melted into his embrace.

Feeling her body respond as he slid his warm hands inside her robe he rasped definantly against her wet skin.


"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare