My Best Friend My Love My Life (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE 11/17

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #21 10/24/12

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Katie: Ype, whether we like what they say or not, it helps... :)
Carolyn: :lol: :lol: When my youngest son was in about fourth grade he asked me if we had elecftricity when I was young...I laughed at the time but thinking back on it now, it was a perfectly logical question. I wonder what his grandson is going to ask him when he's in fourth grade... :wink:


Chapter: 21

Michael and Max got to the hospital about a half an hour before their shift was to start and were in the locker room getting ready for work when Fowler and a group of young doctors came in to join them. Max thanked all of them for their well wishes and for the honor guard and everything they did for Liz and him on Saturday. He told them that it was really a wonderful gesture and it meant a lot to both of them. They all smiled at him and told him it was their pleasure and they were only sorry they hadn’t known sooner because they would have made a bigger display for him.

Max assured them the display they set up was more than enough and totally unnecessary. The young doctors just smiled at him and said they were happy to have been able to take part and they felt that Liz was beautiful, inside and out. Max had to agree with them there.

“She definitely is one of a kind.” They all smiled at that remark and on that note Max excused himself because he wanted to call Liz before he went upstairs to pediatrics to check on his little patients.

He took out his cell and chose number one on the menu and it rang a minute before Maria answered…she and Liz were still in the car on their way home.

They had to stop for some groceries for in the morning because they didn’t want to take a chance on the milk and bread that had been sitting there untouched for the past 5 days. Maria said hi to Max and then handed the phone to Liz who said hello, she melted at the sound of his voice…she told him to call her on his break, that it didn’t matter what time it was, and she would talk to him then.

Max smiled to himself and told her he loved her and she repeated the same and hung up. She handed her phone over to Maria and headed on home with a great big cheesy grin on her face. She couldn’t wait to talk to him.

Maria just smiled, ‘ain’t love grand?’


Max and Michael finished their shifts about 3:00 a.m. and headed straight home wearing their scrubs, it had been a long night, the small talk had been minimal and it was nice that they were both headed to the same place…at least they could save money on commuting most of the time since Max would be living with Liz until they could find a place of their own.

Max thought ‘a place of their own; that really sounded great’; he hoped his mom would be okay alone. He wondered how long it would take them to find something and if they should buy immediately or just rent. A lot of decisions to make but there was time, his tired mind kept running through all of the various scenarios and he was thankful that Michael was doing the driving.

Liz really had worn him out over the week-end; it was a very tense week but the end result was perfect and Max’s mind continued to wander as they drove through the dark streets without a sound between them.

Michael was just as excited as Max was about getting home, even if he had been with Maria longer than Max had been with Liz as a couple Maria still caused a rumble when he thought about her.

When they finally got home Max opened the door to the apartment and went straight in and Michael followed his lead…both men headed to their respective rooms where Max found a small lamp with a low wattage light burning on Liz’s dresser with a note hanging from it. He walked over to it and opened it up…

“Max, sweetheart, please don’t forget to wake me up. Love you, Liz.”

Max’s heart swelled, a lump formed in his throat as he took his scrubs off and threw them in the general direction of the clothes hamper, he quietly walked over to his side of the bed and crawled in next to his wife.

He slowly turned toward her and she automatically moved into him and snuggled up like it was the most natural action in the world. He lay there for a minute, soaking in her beauty, and then he started to blow on her eyelids as he pushed her hair behind her ear. She took her hand and swiped at her eyes and Max blew again…then she started to come around.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him and gave him a smile that would put sunshine to shame. He melted, no other word could describe it, and he was simply a puddle of goo. He reached his arm around her and pulled her into him as close as he could get her and gave her the longest, sweetest kiss he could muster. He didn’t know he could feel so happy to see someone; it was beyond his wildest imagination. He was tingling from his head to his toes and it wasn’t an erotic feeling…it went beyond eroticism…it was heavenly. That was the only word that he could think of to describe how he was feeling at this moment in time, heavenly. Liz felt the emotion in his kiss and was having the same reaction Max was having. She wondered if it would always be this way, God she could only hope so.

She looked up at him when they came up for air, smiled and said,

“How was your night?”

“Well, the guys met Mike and me in the locker room when we got to the hospital and told me how impressed they were with you and congratulated us again.” He said as he ran his fingers down the side of her cheek.

“Fowler said that Father O’Brien was responsible for the white runner in the chapel and Sister Margaret took care of the organ, choir, kneeler and bench.”

He kept talking to her as his eyes roamed over her face.

“I hadn’t seen Father or Sister (kiss on the forehead) but I..(Kiss the eyelids)… . Will … make … a … (kiss the nose) special…effort..toseethemmy…nextdayshift (arrive at the mouth).”

He was having some difficulty keeping his mind on a conversation…

“Oh, I will be sending out formal thank you notes but we need to talk about what you would like...” She tried to talk as her toes started to curl from Max’s playing around. “I think a personal note on something printed would be nice.” She shivered…

“How do you feel about monogrammed stationary on a nice paper?” Her voice went up an octave, “We also need to send announcements.” She shivered again as she spoke…Max smiled. “Mom said that our relatives would be very disappointed if they didn’t hear from us personally, so I thought-we-could-include-a-wedding-picture. What do you think?” She shrieked while Max worked his way down her stomach with his right hand as he caressed her cheek with his left hand.

“I think the monogram sounds great and I trust you to find something nice, but if you want me to go with you I will be glad to.” Max absentmindedly planted a kiss on her nose again…

“Mmmm please, go with me. I think this is something we should both choose.” She squeaked again… “We will probably use whatever we choose for a very long time so it needs to be a joint effort, no? Max, stop it for a minute, I can’t think straight.” She practically begged…

“You’re right, a joint effort it is. C’mere!” And Max chuckled at the reaction he was having on her.

And so she did… because by this time it was almost 5:00 a.m. and getting close to her alarm going off so the two didn’t waste anymore time talking…they could do that later this evening.


When Liz got out of the shower she found Max sound asleep so she quietly got dressed and headed for the kitchen. She made a pot of coffee, her P, B and J sandwich and then went and quietly tapped on Maria’s bedroom door. Maria acknowledged with an “ok” and then proceeded to head for the bathroom. Back to the old routine…the party was over.

“So, is the groom asleep already?”

“Yeah, he was conked out before I got out of the bathroom…how about Michael?”

“He’s sawing logs too.”

“Poor babies…I wonder how long it will take them to be able to work regular hours?”

“Don’t know.” Maria said in a groggy tone as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

“But it’s nice being awakened by a person instead of that damned alarm clock. I never realized that before.” Liz said to her roomie and best friend. “And it doesn’t hurt that the person is the man you love either.” She added with a grin.

“I know what you mean. I never really gave it much thought before because you always woke me up…an alarm is going to be the pits.” Maria said as she sat down at the bar in the middle of the kitchen.

“What do you mean?” Liz sounded just a little puzzled at Maria’s remark.

“Liz, aren’t you going to find a place of your own?” Maria questioned…

“Yeah, I guess we are…I just didn’t think about you not being there too.” Liz hadn’t thought that far ahead…

“Oh Liz, you’re kidding, right?” Maria didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

“No, not really, but you’re right. It’s going to be weird Maria; we’ve been together for 5 years now…this is going to be strange.” Liz got a worried look on her face…

“For sure Liz, kinda like a divorce.” Maria wondered just what in the hell her friends’ intentions were, or if she even had any.

“Oh well, it all goes with growing up I guess. Maybe we can find places next door to each other…what do you think?” Liz asked.

“Let’s talk about it with the guys later, okay? It’s way too early in the morning to start thinking this hard.” Maria didn’t want to do any serious thinking…she hadn’t even had her shower yet.

“Yeah, let’s.”

Liz headed on out to work and Maria prepared herself for a days worth of conferences on the computer…it had been a long five days and her bosses were understanding only to a point. She surely would be glad when she didn’t have to do this anymore…she needed to seriously start thinking about a new career.



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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #22 10/25/12

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Natalie36: Wow, don't we all... :lol: :)
Eve: Hey, I'll bet every woman out therebwould like a hubby like the one I've conjured up... :lol: :D
Katie: Max is going to be a pediatrician and Michael is going to be an obstetrician/gynocologist. Great team for a partnership! :wink: :D
Carolyn: Boy do I hear that! The only way I knew my niece received my wedding present was by the fact that she cashed the check. But I do get thank you notes from my grandchildren, boys and girls. That makes me feel good that they are thinking about the people who thought of them. :D


Chapter: 22

Meet Kyle Valenti

When Liz arrived at the office she found Jody already there and things started for the morning.

“Good morning Jody, what brings you in so early? And thank you so much for the gift certificate by the way…it was a lovely idea.” Jody was very surprised to see Liz this morning; she figured she would want to at least have a few more days with her new hubby.

“Oh Liz, you have no idea how happy I was to be invited to the wedding. It was just beautiful…Diane asked me if I would come in early until things get straightened out with this Jeremy fiasco. What a nightmare it must have been for you and the rest of the family not knowing what that fool was going to do.” Jody said with a concerned tone to her voice.

“Well, it was a little scary, but I think we managed to put it aside and enjoy the festivities. The police and the detectives were right there with us through the whole ordeal and Jeremy’s mother was a great help also. Poor thing, she had no idea he was as bad as all that. I really feel sorry for her. Did Diane leave you any special instructions as far as what you are supposed to do or are we playing it by ear?” Liz questioned, she didn’t want to do anything to upset the flow of things.

“No, she just asked me to come in early and pick up the slack so that you and she could see what needed to be done in order to bring things current. So, if you have anything I can do for you please let me know and I will be glad to help.”

“Thanks Jody. I’ll need to sort through my messages and get busy looking for Jeremy’s replacement; I believe that is what’s uppermost on the agenda. I think I will check the local newspaper before trying the Internet. Maybe we can get someone locally…that would really be great. Do you have any ideas?”

“No, not really, but Kyle Valenti just graduated from Harvard law and I don’t think he has a job yet. He graduated from UNM, remember, then he went on to Harvard and made the law review. We have kept in touch over the years and he really is a nice young man.” Jody was really proud of herself that she remembered that her ‘friend’ still hadn’t made a choice as to what he wanted to do.

“Really? Is his father James Valenti?”

“Yes he is. Do you know him?”

“I have met him and he seems like a very nice person. Diane knows him quite well. Maybe you can give him a call after Diane gets in. I will discuss this with her and I am sure she will want to talk with him. Thank you so much Jody, this is really very helpful.”

After her conversation with Jody Liz went into her office and got on the Internet immediately and contacted the records office at Harvard and asked for a transcript of Kyle’s grades and any other information they may have on him. “If he is as good as Jody thinks he is then our prayers are answered. Diane is not going to believe this. Hopefully I will have all this information ready for her when she gets in this morning.” Liz thought to herself as her fingers flew over the keyboard of her computer.

Diane arrived at the office a little later than usual and Liz had some very good news for her. When Liz was sure she had settled in she buzzed her on the intercom.

“Diane, do you have a minute? I have some good news I think.”

Diane didn’t make her usual morning visit to Liz’s office today…probably because she was running so late

“Liz, come on over…I was going to pop in on you in a minute anyway, I just can’t seem to get it together this morning.”

When Liz got to Diane’s office she found Diane smiling so broadly she could hardly contain herself.

“What’s got you so happy this morning? You look like the cat that swallowed the canary.” Liz smiled at her mother-in-law.

“Oh, it’s just that Isabelle has renewed her friendship with Alex and is thinking about transferring back to the states and I am just elated over the whole situation. I hope it works out for her. I really miss her and it will be so nice to have everyone back where they belong. I know that I have no right sticking my nose into my children’s lives but a mother can wish, can’t she?” Diane was tying very hard to contain her happiness. She knew it was a bit premature but she really wanted Isabelle back in the states.

“Of course you can, and I don’t think it will come as a surprise to you but Max and I feel the same way about Izzie. So I hope for all of our sakes that this works out for us.”

Liz meant every word. Isabelle was her friend and she knew how Diane felt about the possibility…Max would be so pleased to hear this news, it was great.

“Thank you Liz. Now what is your news?”

“Well, it seems that Jody is very good friends with James Valenti’s son Kyle who just graduated from Harvard. I have his transcripts right here for you to go over and I think you will be very impressed. After you have had a chance to review the folder and if you would like to meet him we can have Jody give him a call. What do you think?”

“Liz, tell Jody to make the call. You know I have all the faith in the world in you and if you are impressed I am sure I will be also.”

“I’ll tell Jody immediately…I just hope it doesn’t interfere with their duties, I have a feeling that they are more than just acquaintances.”

“We both know Jody very well and she seems to be mature enough to leave her personal life at the door. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right and I will get right on it. In the meantime I am sure that we both need to get busy with the stack of work that has piled up. Should we wait and see how the interview with Kyle goes before tackling Jeremy’s office?”

“Yes, let’s wait. If he’s as good as Harvard thinks he is we will just break him in right.”

Both women giggled at that last remark…, poor Kyle.

Liz went back to the front office and spoke to Jody…

“Jody, go ahead and give Kyle a call and see if he’s interested in coming in and talking with us. If he is, tell him we would like to see him at his earliest convenience.”

Jody was elated…she was beaming from ear to ear. The Evans law firm was one of the most prestigious in the county and she knew that Kyle would want to come in.

“What time should he come in Liz?”

“As soon as possible Jody…as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, back at the apartment Maria heard a noise outside their window and looked out to see what was going on and found the landlord was pounding a “for rent” sign into the front lawn. She immediately went out and asked him which apartment was for rent and he told her the 2 bedroom down the hall from her and Liz. She asked him not to rent it until she called Liz and he wanted to know why.

“Did you girls have a falling out or something?”

“OH NO!!! Nothing like that! Liz got married on Saturday and she and her new husband will want their own place and I think it would be great if we were neighbors. Don’t you?”

“Well, you girls might think it’s a great idea but how about the groom? What do you think he’ll have to say about it?”

“Oh, I’m sure he will think it’s great as well.” Maria spoke excitedly…

“If you say so Maria.” He couldn’t control the urge to chuckle…

Mr. Johnston just walked away smiling and shaking his head. ‘They really are lovely young women and a pleasure to be around, I hope Liz’s husband does want the place.’ He thought to himself.

Maria ran into the house and called Liz immediately.

“Liz, you’ll never guess what Mr. Johnston was doing this morning, he has a two bedroom for rent down the hall from us. What do you think?”

Liz was as happy as a clam…

“Maria, have Max look at it when he wakes up and if he likes it then it’s ok with me.”

“Liz, don’t you want to see it too?”

“It’s ok Maria, if you and Max like it then I know I will like it as well.”

…Liz trusted her and Max to know whether or not it was a good deal. Maria could hardly wait for Max to wake up. She was so tempted to march around the apartment banging pots together but then thought better of it. ‘I’ll just have to wait’ she thought…’this is so hard, I’m so excited!’ She was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, next door was going to be great.


Diane opened the file Liz gave her on Kyle and was very impressed with the young man’s credentials. She knew, if he presented himself well, that he definitely had the job. She called James and asked him if Kyle had found employment yet and James told her that the D.A.’s office had been trying to recruit him but he had been holding off to see if something else came along. “He really doesn’t want to work for the county.” James told Diane and Diane could understand that. She thanked Jim and told him she would talk to him later, he told her thanks and they hang up.

When she first graduated from law school she started out at the DA’s office and then she met Philip. He was working at another law firm at the time and when they started dating each other they decided to open their own law firm together. Things were tough at first but they managed to build a very reputable practice and she was very proud of their accomplishments. She started to think back to the time when she and Philip just started out and how in love they were and just as she started to feel lonely Jody buzzed her on the intercom to let her know that Kyle was there, she was a little thankful to Jody…she didn’t need to reminisce any longer.

The memory was too fresh; it still made her too sad to remember. ‘I know it will get better but this waiting for it is the pits.’ She knew from experiencing the death of her parents that the hurt would eventually leave but the memories were there to stay and that part was good.

Jody called Diane when Kyle arrived and Diane in turn buzzed Liz; they met at the front office at the same time where they were met by a very good-looking young man with the cutest twinkle in his eyes; he was well groomed and very articulate. He shook both ladies hands and then they all went into Diane’s office…Kyle waiting for the ladies to enter first. This impressed both Diane and Liz.

Liz took notes as Diane interviewed and she was very happy with the way things were going…

“Kyle, what are your expectations as far as employment is concerned and what kind of salary are you looking for?” Diane asked Kyle with a smile on her face…

Kyle was very candid with Diane…

“Well Mrs. Evans…”

“Kyle, please, call me Diane.”

“Well Diane, eventually I would like to be a partner in a firm or possibly start my own but it is a little too soon to make any decisions like that. I feel I have plenty of time to get a feel for things before making any major decisions.” Kyle answered her with a smile on his face. He liked Diane…his dad had called him on his cell while he was driving over for the interview and told him he would like her and he was right.

Diane smiled and told him that she agreed with him and asked him again what salary did he feel was reasonable to start with.

“Well Diane I think you know better than I do what would be a fair starting wage. I trust you to be fair.”

Diane smiled at him and silently patted him on the back…what a ploy…he possibly could have gone way too low so now it’s up to her. Liz giggled, she couldn’t help it, and Kyle gave her a wide knowing grin. They all knew what was going on here.

“Well Kyle, do you think sixty five thousand to start is fair?”

“Oh, I think that is more than fair.”

Diane went on to explain their benefit package and salary increase practices and Kyle was more than impressed. And soon he was on his way to Jeremy’s office where Diane told him to have a seat.

“Does this mean I have the job?”

“Absolutely.” Was her only reply.

“Well great. When do I start?”

“Right now too soon?”

“No Ma’am!!!”

Diane left Kyle alone with Liz who told him that the office had just been vacated last Tuesday and that they hadn’t had a chance to go through any of the work that was left open but if he could start to plow through it that she and Diane as well as Jody would help him with anything that he needed. She also told him that she would get his employment papers ready for him to fill out and they were number one priority. He understood and with that Liz left him to plow through the mess as she went to her office to get a folder started on the young man. Things were really working out great for them.

After Liz got Kyle’s paperwork to him she went back to her office and started to make her way through all of the messages left from last week and Monday. It was nice to have the time off but what a way to come back to work. It shouldn’t take too long once she put things into some semblance of order. ‘I wonder what Max is doing’ she thought to herself and then she had to reprimand herself … ‘Stop it Liz, you don’t have time to daydream.’
Kyle peaked his head out of his office and winked at Jody and she was beaming from ear to ear…’it’s a shame that Jeremy had to go off the deep end but what a reward this is’ she thought as she situated herself down into her chair and got busy…’oh life is good.’ There was one happy young lady sitting at the receptionist’s desk at Evans and Evans Ltd.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #23 10/26/12

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Katie: Just keep in mind the intense Michael, the one who was capable of many intelligent theories when he wasn't running off doing his own thing because nobody agreed with him... :) :)
Eve: You won out over sleep??? Must be your day off :)


Ch.23: The Apartment

Max started to wake up around 11:00 a.m. and when he entered the kitchen Maria all but jumped on him…he didn’t know whether to laugh at her or run like the devil from her…

“Maria, you scared the shit out of me…what’s wrong with you, you’re acting like you have a spring up your ass or something.” He was still groggy and he wasn’t used to this kind of behavior at any time…sheeeeeeese…

“Max, hurry up and get dressed…there is a two bedroom apartment for rent right down the hall and Liz wants us to look at it. She said if we liked it that you should go ahead and get it.” Maria still had hold of both of Max’s shoulders with her hands and was jumping almost uncontrollably.

“Are you kidding Maria? I can’t rent an apartment without Liz seeing it first, and please, let go of me for God’s sake.” Max was still a little shaken with her antics and seriously trying to bring his heart rate down to a manageable rhythm.

“That’s what I said but she said she trusted us and to do it.” She squealed out as she let go of Max’s shoulders but continued to jump…Max looked at her like she had lost her ‘effen’ mind.

“Well, ok then, just stop jumping will you? You’re making me dizzy.” Good God, how does Michael put up with this shit he wondered?

Max headed to the bedroom shaking his head, ‘so much for a cup of coffee’ he thought to himself. He might as well get his clothes and take a shower but felt he should call Liz first and verify what Maria just told him. He hated bothering her at work but this was an important decision and he certainly didn’t want to start their marriage off on the wrong foot no matter what Maria said.

“Hi sweetie, how are you doing this morning?”

“Max…how sweet of you to call…things are going great. We hired James Valenti’s son Kyle to take Jeremy’s position. He’s a recent Harvard grad. He was on the law review and his grades are very impressive. Your Mom is really happy about him. He and Jody graduated from high school together and are friends. We thought that this might interfere with work but decided that they are both responsible adults and should be able to handle it. What’s up with you?” Liz sounded as though she had just run a marathon and Max chuckled to himself…it was so good to hear her voice.

“I just wanted to say hello and to make sure you trust Maria and me to rent us an apartment without you seeing it first.”

“Of course I trust you…only I don’t want to look at the alley with the garbage cans…other than that its fine. We don’t need the Regency’s view but the alley really isn’t appealing to me. How about you?” Liz was pleased as punch that there was a possibility that they would be living next to Maria.

“I agree sweetheart and I will take a look at it and call you back. How about furniture? Do we need to go shopping?”

“Sweetie, we can talk about furniture later. What are you doing for lunch?”

“I am going to come and have lunch with my wife if that’s alright with her?” Max teased.

“It’s more than alright. So get your sexy butt over here and we can talk about furniture then.” ‘Oh this is so exciting…’ not the furniture but having lunch with her husband…”HUSBAND”, what a beautiful word, she shivered at the thought.

“Great, see you in a bit…bye.” Max was smiling all over … he could feel it.

“Bye Max, Love you.”

“Love you too baby.”

About twenty minutes later Maria and Max were checking out the apartment with Mr. Johnston who, by the way, was very impressed with Max. Both Max and Maria liked the apartment very much, it had two bathrooms instead of just the one in Liz and Maria’s apartment and the rooms were a little larger and it didn’t overlook the alley. Max told Mr. Johnston that they would take it. (Max thought that it might be an ideal apartment for all four of them but he would discuss this with Liz first.) After signing the lease Max left for his luncheon date with Liz. He was so excited about everything…things just seemed to get better and better every day. Someone up there definitely liked them.

When Max got to the office he met Kyle and said hello to his Mom and Jody and then made his way into Liz’s office. She was up to her elbows in work but when she saw Max her heart started to flutter and she began to beam, the smile on her face sent shivers down Max’s spine; it seemed that she just radiated warmth and beauty. She met Max halfway around her desk and they embraced and kissed for a very long moment and then broke for air.

“Oh, I’m so happy to see you.” She said excitedly.

“I can see that, are you ready to go to lunch?” Max smiled down at her and thought they really needed to get out of there and someplace more public.

“Yes…where shall we go?” Liz asked breathlessly…it was how Max made her feel every time he looked at her.

“How about we grab some sandwiches and head to the park?” That should be public enough he thought to himself.

“Sounds good to me, the sub shop is just around the corner…let’s call our order in and then head on over. Did you like the apartment?” Liz asked enthusiastically.

“Yes, and it’s ours…let’s go to the park.”

“Great.” Liz was elated.

They bid their goodbyes to the office crew and headed out the door after having called in their lunch order. Max held Liz’s hand the entire trip and soon they arrived at their destination.

“Well, what’s it like?” asked Liz, she could hardly wait to hear about their first home.

“It’s two bedrooms as you know…there’s a master suite with a large adjoining bath. The spare bedroom is at the other end of the apartment and there is a bathroom on that end of the apartment as well with access from the hallway and the bedroom. The living room is larger than yours and Maria’s as well as the kitchen and dining room. All in all it is very nice for apartment living and I was thinking that it would be nice for all four of us if you would want to share.” Max told Liz what he had thought when he saw the apartment earlier.

“Max, as much as I would like that I think it would be best if we didn’t. Maria and I have to cut the cord eventually and I think that living next door to each other is a good start, I’m not so sure we should continue to live together…We really need to get used to being separated.”

“You’re right, I never thought of it that way. Now, about furniture…what shall we do?”

“How about we check out the paper and see if there are any good sales going on anywhere as well as estate sales, garage sales and going out of business sales. I know we don’t have to shop this way, but Max, it is our first place and we probably will want something different when we decide on a home. Whether we buy or build it will be different than apartment living. The bedrooms can be an investment but the rest of it should reflect us as we are now…who knows what we will want when we start a family? Speaking of which…who do you think I should see in regards to a female doctor?” The only doctor she had ever seen was her childhood pediatrician.

Liz had a habit of jumping from one subject to another and that sometime confused Max…he really had to keep abreast of what came out of her mouth otherwise he would be totally lost.

Max just sat back and watched her as she rambled on about a simple statement such as furniture turning into a lifetime of investments and planning…now she’s looking for an OB/GYN, it must be amazing living inside of her head.

“Wow, I have no idea…Michael is one of the best there is but do you feel comfortable seeing him professionally?”

He figured it would be safest to answer her last question rather than getting into a discussion about lifelong plans on her lunch hour. He really didn’t feel there would be enough time to discuss the rest of it.

“Of course I do. How do you feel about it?”

“I haven’t any qualms whatsoever…and as I said, he’s one of the best. I’ll talk to him when I get back to the apartment and see how he feels about it.”

“Great. I don’t think he’ll mind, do you?” She seemed so enthusiastic about it all that Max could only smile at her before he spoke…

“I can’t speak for Michael but I think I would feel a little weird seeing Maria professionally.” He just had to let her know that maybe Michael wouldn’t want to do this.

“Oh, why is that?”

“I don’t know Liz, it just seems weird. I know it shouldn’t but it does. Of course I’m not an OB/GYN either.”

“Okay. I think I understand. Oh some good news, Isabelle is thinking about transferring back to the states. Your Mom told me this morning. She is just elated.”

“I’ll bet she is. That is good news, I hope it works out.” Max smiled as he took another bite of his sub.

“What did you think of Kyle? He’s Jim Valenti’s son and as I told you before he’s a friend of Jody’s. He has been holed up in his office all morning going through files and work that has been piled up. When I went in to get him to fill out his employment paperwork he had already taken his jacket off and had several different piles of folders sorted out on his desk. I think he will be an excellent asset to the company. I certainly hope so.”

“I’m sure he will sweet. And if he doesn’t work out he can always be replaced.” Max just loved her enthusiasm.

“You’re right, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.” Liz looked at Max with just a little apprehension in her voice.

“Oh Liz, I really didn’t mean that…it was just a statement, I was teasing honey…honest.”

It was about time to head back to the office even though the two newlyweds didn’t want their time together to end it was time never the less…Liz suggested that she meet Max for dinner at the hospital later tonight and Max asked her if 7:00 was too late for her. She said of course not and told him she would be there about that time. They got back to the office and Max said his goodbyes to his Mom and the crew and gave Liz a kiss on the cheek and told her he would see her around seven. She smiled and said “later lover and don’t forget to pick up a paper”. Max just grinned at her and headed out the door with his right arm raised over his head as a sign of goodbye. Diane just smiled at the two of them; they were just darling together. How proud Philip would have been of their son.


When Max arrived back at the apartment Michael was in the kitchen fixing himself some lunch and wanted to know if Max wanted any…which of course he said he’d already eaten but grabbed himself a cup of coffee and took a seat next to him. Maria was at her computer working so the young doctors were quiet for her benefit.

Max looked at Michael and said,

“Hey Mike, how do you feel about taking Liz on as a patient?”

Michael looked up from his plate of bacon and eggs, raised an eyebrow and rebutted,

“How do you feel about it?” as he took a bite of his toast.

“It’s okay with me. Liz asked me who I would recommend and I told her I felt that you were one of the best and she asked me if I thought you would feel weird. I told her I would ask so I’m asking.” Max picked up his coffee cup and took a sip and looked at Michael over the brim…

“Well Maxwell, thank you for the vote of confidence and as long as you’re okay with it so am I.”

After some careful consideration Michael replied, “You realize she will be my first patient?” And the two young doctors grinned at each other…

“How about that, it never occurred to me…this is just great. Well, if we have trouble getting started we can always take care of each other, no?”

“You’re right Max…but how many of us have kids. You may have to change your specialty.”

“Never!” Max said with finality…he loved his babies…

“Hey, I hear you found an apartment.”

“Yes, Liz said it’s a great way to start cutting the cord, starting out as neighbors before letting go entirely. You know she and Maria have been roomies for a little over five years now. They are closer than sisters.”

“Yeah…Maria pointed that out to me earlier. She said it is going to be weird getting up to an alarm clock. Liz has been waking her up for what seems like forever and before that it was her mother. I don’t know which one of them is going to have the tougher time. Maybe we could knock a doorway between the two apartments and that way they could just pop in and out when they wanted to.”

With that statement they looked at each other and said “NAH!!!” at the same time. Not a good idea at all. It was getting close to the time that they needed to be getting ready for work so they headed off to their rooms to change.

Michael gave Maria a nice long goodbye kiss and then he and Max headed for the hospital. Maria just smiled at the two of them, they were like brothers. ‘It’s so nice that she and Liz had found such compatible men’ and she was so happy about the apartment down the hall too. She could hardly contain the joy; this was so good, she felt like a kid lost in a candy store.


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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #24 10/27/12

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Carolyn and Katie: I agree with both of for some more fun! And thank you both for your fb. :)


Ch.: 24 Estate Sales and more!

Liz arrived at the hospital about 6:45 and headed to the front desk to see if she could locate Max. The receptionist recognized her immediately and told her that Dr. Evans said to tell her that he was in the nursery checking out a newborn on the third floor. Liz thanked her and headed for the elevator. When she arrived at the third floor maternity ward she noticed the nursery off to the left of the ward and headed in that direction.

She spotted Max with a newborn baby girl nestled in an incubator; he looked so intent on what he was doing that he didn’t see anything or anyone else. He had his stethoscope hanging around his neck and the baby girl practically fit in the palm of his hand; they looked so sweet together that she could hardly contain the tears that were welling in the corner of her eyes. she watched as Max finished his examination of the tiny infant, as he laid her gently down on that little mattress and proceeded to diaper her very tiny bottom, then he put a little pink cap on her head, wrapped her in a clean little pink blanket and then he kissed her tiny forehead before laying he down once again. Before leaving her to write in her chart he placed a kiss on his fingertips and touched the baby’s sweet little head.

Liz was in tears now, ‘what a wonderful father he will be’ she thought to herself. Max finished with the chart and as he hooked it back onto the babies’ incubator he noticed Liz watching him. He gave her a huge grin and headed for the door to the hallway.

Max was beside her in no time and after placing a kiss on her temple and, without a word, he reached up and wiped the tears that were pooling around her eyes.

Liz asked,

“Do you kiss all of your patients Max?”

Max replied with a smile as he tucked his little wife into his side and hugged her…

“Only the newborns, the sick ones, the feisty ones and the grouchy ones…the older ones get a hug.”

“I see…is she going to be okay? She’s in an incubator.”

“She’s going to be great; the incubator is just a precautionary measure. Her weight is good and her vitals all check out fine. This gives her a little boost, tomorrow she will be back in her mommy’s room and all will be right with the world. Her mommy needs a good nights rest too…it’s going to be the last one for a long long time.” And Max chuckled at Liz’s puzzled look. Then she caught on and gave him a loving grin and kissed the top of his knuckles as they headed for the elevator to go to the cafeteria for some dinner and some conversation.

They ran into Father O’Brien as they entered the food line and asked Father if he would like to join them…Father of course told them he would love to and so they proceeded to get their food and find a table. The old priest noticed that Liz was wearing a very nice tailored suit and he had to ask if she just got off work, she of course answered yes and then she thanked the priest for all of his help with the wedding and also for seeing to it that there was a white runner on the chapel floor and also for the crucifix. She told him how beautiful everything was, she just couldn’t thank him enough. He told her that he had very little to do with it, it was all a joint effort. Father told her that he thought her wedding gown was probably one of the prettiest he had seen in a very long time and she told him that it was her grandmother’s dress and the old priest couldn’t believe it. He asked her if it needed any alterations and Liz told him

“No, it just seemed to fit the way it was. Just think, Max can look forward to a short, fat and squatty little old lady in about 50 years”…Father just laughed at her, she was really a lovely young woman, so comfortable with herself.

Pretty soon Dr. Fowler and a few of the other interns spotted them and came over with their trays to join the group for dinner, they figured if father was there then it would be alright for them to join in as well.

Liz was amazed that these young men would all take the time to come over and sit with her and Max, how nice of them. She took the opportunity to thank them again for the honor guard and gave all of them one of her killer smiles. They, of course, had ulterior motives…they just couldn’t seem to take their eyes off of her and Max knew damn well what they were thinking when they came over to join them but he never let on to Liz. He just smiled and watched them drool. Liz had no idea just how much she radiated beauty in its truest sense.

When dinner was over and it was time for the young doctors to get back to their duties they bid Liz goodbye and she graciously smiled and shook all of their hands and gave father a big hug before taking her leave. Max then walked her to the front door of the hospital and kissed her cheek before letting her go. She reminded him to wake her when he got home and he told her she could count on it. Tomorrow was Saturday and they both had the day off so they would be able to sleep in and then get to the stationery store and choose some announcements, some letterheads and thank you notes. They might just as well get some business cards while they were at it. And if their day went well maybe they could find some garage sales that looked interesting.

Kyle would need some business cards as well, but that would only take a minute since the company logo was already on file with the firm.

Liz suggested that Max might want to speak with Michael on the way home and see if he and Maria would like to go with them tomorrow. ”Maybe they could decide on something for their practice while they were at it. You never know…maybe they would have a brainstorm and find something they couldn’t live without.” Max said he would talk to Michael and see what he wanted to do.

“I think it’s a little early to be making decisions about the practice Liz but I’ll bring it up to him.”

And on that note she gave Max a quick peck on the cheek and headed out the door. Max watched her as she walked away with a huge sense of pride in his soul, nor could he take his eyes off the swing of those hips, WOW! God certainly was good to her; ‘she is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen’ he thought to himself.


The next morning found the four friends in the kitchen making toast and coffee and deciding what they should do with their day when Max asked if they would like to go out for breakfast and see if they could decide what to do after that. It sounded good to the rest of the group so they all high-tailed it to their rooms to get ready. Michael did make some remark to the effect that he should get to his own place and pick up some more clothes. Liz and Maria both said it sounded like maybe he should move in now that she and Max were moving out. Michael and Max both looked at each other and grinned…sounded like a good idea to them. Max needed to move his things as well but figured it could be done during the week while Liz was at work. It was their last week at the hospital as interns and then on to bigger and better things. Something else they should discuss over breakfast. With that they all disappeared to shower and changed clothes.

As they sat in the coffee shop waiting for their orders they all grabbed a section of the classified ads and went looking for garage sales…furniture sales and estate sales. Liz and Maria had their city maps with them and circled the various areas that looked promising as Max and Michael watched the two of them without saying a word. They worked like a well-oiled machine…making notes, circling streets and comparing ideas. Soon the girls realized how quiet things were and they both looked up to see the guys watching them with smiles on their faces. They both said in unison

“What?”…Max and Michael chuckled and said “Nothing.” With that they continued to check out the ads, Max and Michael just gave each other a knowing look and proceeded to read the papers in front of them.

Soon the waitress brought their breakfasts to them and they put the papers aside to enjoy each other’s company. Liz brought up the subject of business cards to Michael and Maria and they both agreed with Max that maybe it was too soon to think about something like that and then Maria spoke up and said she was thinking about her job and the traveling that it entailed and she thought maybe it was time to start thinking seriously about finding something more suited to her major and would keep her home. Everyone was suddenly interested in what she had to say because they all knew how much she enjoyed the entertainment business.

She said it was fun but now it was starting to wear her down. She really enjoyed the travel for a while and although it allowed her to see various parts of the country she was getting tired of living out of a suitcase. They could understand this and expressed their understanding to her, offering support in whatever she chose to do.

After a few minutes Liz had a brainstorm. Maria would be an excellent choice to run Max and Michael’s practice. Especially if they built a medical building on the property that Max’s grandparents had given them. They could incorporate the practice into a business…rent offices to other doctors and lease the property to the corporation…this would be a beautiful opportunity for all of them. Max and Michael just sat and watched the two of them run with their ideas and they couldn’t help but beam at the two women. It would seem that the loves of their lives were more than drop dead gorgeous…they had fantastic minds that went along with the packages they were wrapped in. Who knew? Well, they knew, they just never looked at them in that light before.

(And the old man lifted his wife’s fragile hand to his lips and smiled at her as she slept and he continued to remember)

After the group finished with their breakfast and chit-chat they headed out for the stationery store and proceeded to look for some wedding announcements for the grandparents to go along with the pictures they wanted to give to them as a Christmas gifts, thank you notes and stationery for general correspondence. While Max and Liz settled into looking at books loaded with ideas Maria and Michael went about nosing around the store.

Michael spied a beautiful wedding album nestled among some other bridal merchandise and motioned to Maria to come over and have a look. Maria saw the album and was instantly impressed with the leather bound book with the beautiful engraving on the outside. Michael mentioned that they hadn’t given Max and Liz a gift yet and what did she think of this as a part of a wedding gift. Maria looked up at him and said she thought it was a beautiful idea but asked, “Don’t you plan on painting a portrait for them?” He looked down into her green eyes and gave her the cutest grin, “You know me too well Maria. “

“Don’t you know it spaceboy.” Maria had been calling Michael ‘spaceboy’ since they first met…he always seemed so spaced out! “But, don’t you think this would be nice also”…Maria agreed with Michael and they both motioned the salesclerk over and had him wrap the book and made arrangements to have it engraved before having it sent to Max and Liz rather than taking it with them. That way it would be a surprise. After filling out the card Maria and Michael continued with their browsing.

Sometime later Max and Liz had made their choices and headed out to the truck to head out to some of the garage sales on their lists. The young men noticed the girls had marked out quite a few of the places and asked why they weren’t interested in stopping by those places. Liz explained to them that a lot of the garage sales consisted mostly of clothes that kids had outgrown, which was very good for people with kids, or clothes that others no longer wanted taking up space in their closets and a bunch of junk. They found that it was best to just stay away from these kinds of garage sales all together because they were a waste of time, not that they weren’t of interest to some but just not to them. Max and Michael nodded their heads and went along for the ride. It seems the girls knew what they were after and God forbid they should get in their way. They nodded their heads and both chuckled at them. Liz and Maria were completely oblivious to their actions.

After driving by several places that had nothing of interest from the street they finally came across a sign that said items inside…this is what they were looking for…estate sale. Whoopee!!! Max and Michael just grinned at each other and watched the two females all but hit the porch on a dead run.

Max and Michael were both intrigued with the outside of the old house. It was in very good condition and sat back off the road on a slight incline with a brick and wrought iron wall surrounding the perimeter to the property. It was really very impressive with its’ wraparound porches and solid oak door with beveled glass panes in it. Wow was all Max could think

Once inside the old home they were all taken back in time. The entry hall was all done in dark oak paneling and there was a winding stairway that was at least twice the width of newer homes stairways…it went up for two stories and Liz got weak in the knees. She fell in love with the homes’ interior. What history must be behind these walls? Max could see the look on Liz’s face and knew that she was enthralled with this place.

Liz continued to walk through the rooms and look at everything that was in them. She wasn’t totally interested in the furniture down-stairs, it just wasn’t her style but she asked Max what he thought of the furnishings. He could tell that she wasn’t really interested in it but gave her his honest opinion because he knew that they had to come up with something they both liked and the only way to do that was to be honest with each other. He told her that it seemed too heavy looking, if that made any sense. She told him it made perfect sense to her and she understood exactly where he was coming from; the legs on the tables were extremely large and clumsy looking. She felt exactly the same way and with that they made their way to the upstairs.

Upstairs, to their left was two doors leading to bedrooms that had large closets and a Jack and Jill bathroom on the back side of the closets with wash basins actually in the bedrooms themselves. To their right was a master suite with a very old fashioned looking bathroom but at closer inspection you could see that it had every modern fixtures made to look antique. It was very well done and very rich looking.

Liz was awestruck and Max could tell this just by the look on her face. The furniture, there again, was very heavy looking, not at all what Liz felt should be in this room…The room was too bright and cheerful for all of this heavy looking dreary furniture. After leaving the master suite that was accessed from the top of the second floor main hallway through a pair of French doors there was a long hallway leading to a central bathroom.

There were two doors on the right hand side of that hall that that led to two more bedrooms that would place them directly behind the master bedroom bath. Coming out of those bedrooms and off to the left was another door that led to another smaller room that was connected to the master bedroom.

One could only assume that this room was a nursery, a sitting room or a room that could be used for hobbies, media or an office. The second flight of stairs leading to the attic was a big surprise. There was another, completely finished room up there that could be used for just about anything. Extra sleeping…playing…hobbies…just about anything you would want. There was also a very nice bathroom complete with shower and tub and ample windows to make it sunny and bright. Even though they didn’t like any of the furniture that was for sale Max could see that Liz was clearly in love with this house.

As Liz and Maria made their way down the back stairs leading to the kitchen Max caught hold of the agent in charge of the sale and asked if the house was going on the market. The agent said she thought it would be on the market but not until a lot of other portions of the estate were figured out. Max took her card and wrote his name and cell number on the back and asked her to please call him when it was all settled and she said that she would. She asked if there was any of the furniture they were interested in and he told her that he and his wife both felt the stuff was “too heavy”. She laughed a little and said she understood…the owners had given the original furniture to their children and put the children’s furniture in here for the sale…it wasn’t moving very well and she felt that it would eventually have to be moved to a warehouse. Max told her he could understand why. This wasn’t the best place to display the stuff because it definitely did not fit the house at all. She agreed.

When Liz and Maria descended the back staircase they found themselves in the kitchen and directly to their left was a door to the outside back porch. There was a huge backyard with a grape harbor beyond and to the right of that was a driveway that led to a garage…after closer examination out of the window they noticed that not only was there one garage but two altogether. Not a two-car garage but two separate garages. Liz just giggled…what a house.

They stood in a huge country kitchen that had all of the modern conveniences and off the kitchen to the right of the side door leading to another porch on that side of the house was a walk-in pantry that was probably the size of the kitchen in their apartment. Both girls giggled at this. They walked through the door, around the corner, and found themselves in a butler’s pantry and on the other side of the butler’s pantry was the dining room.

Liz’s heart was doing flip-flops by now. She had only seen homes like this in the movies. The butler’s pantry had built in cabinets with glass doors above a serving counter of brown granite flecked with white and gold, several electrical outlets and an enclosed cabinet below the serving counter with several doors and drawers to house appliances and serving dishes. This place was unbelievable. The dining room was huge…large enough to house a dining room table to seat at least 24 and it had twin built in china cabinets and a dark oak fireplace. Through the dining room was the parlor. It too had a large dark oak fireplace with tiny mosaic tiles inset in the floor for a hearth. All the floors were dark oak as well as the windows and baseboards. Across the entryway was a huge sunken living room with 12-foot ceilings…what a beautiful room for a Christmas tree…Liz flowed through these rooms glowing.

Maria and Michael finally got a really good look at Liz’s face and noticed that Max was watching her as if he was mesmerized. Maria and Michael knew what Max was thinking…anyone who was there would know what Max was thinking. If there was anyway that he could swing it Liz would be living in this house before Christmas. No doubt about it.

It was, as they say, an oldie but a goodie.


After leaving the old house they headed off to find someplace for a late lunch and wound up in an older part of town that had been refurbished back to its’ original state. They found a very quaint old teahouse on a very quiet street and just had to go in to see what it was like. It was very warm and inviting inside as they entered the front door. It was all done in white and various shades of light blue. The windows had crisscross lace curtains on the multi-paned windows with painted white woodwork. The table linens were all various shades of light blue as were the cushions on the chairs. Max, Liz, Michael and Maria all nodded to each other and waited to be seated. The menu consisted of various sandwiches served on homemade bread or rolls of various choices and the dessert seemed endless. All four were so taken with the place that they sat reading the menu over and over again until their hostess finally had to interrupt them.

They couldn’t decide whether they wanted lunch or dessert so they figured they would just eat sandwiches and order desserts to go. After making that decision they then couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted to eat so they made another decision to all order something different and then they could share each other’s lunch and get to sample four things…that decision carried over to dessert as well.

By this time they decided that they were getting silly with the way they were acting. “You would think that we have never been out in public before” Max said.

Then they really started getting silly because it was discovered that they had never been out together before…this was a first for them in all the years that they had known each other that they had gone anywhere together and it was unanimous that it definitely would not be the last time…you could count on it. After sharing their lunches and enjoying the atmosphere of the cozy little restaurant the group headed out to the next group of yard sales.

They spent the next four hours just browsing through peoples’ “stuff” and decided that it wasn’t going to happen today. Then Maria came up with a solution. Why not move Liz’s bedroom furniture over to the new apartment and then just come over to the other apartment for breakfast and stuff until Max and Liz found the rest of the furniture they liked. Max and Liz looked at each other and decided it sounded like a pretty good idea.

So when they arrived home that afternoon Max and Michael started to disassemble the bed and move it to the spare room in the new apartment while Maria and Liz went shopping for some linens that they would need. Liz took a look at the bathroom and bedroom again to make sure she would buy things that matched the paint and woodwork

The girls measured the windows in the bathrooms and bedrooms just in case they found something for both rooms and decided while they were at it they might just as well measure all the windows in case they hit a good sale. Max and Michael just took it all in stride and smiled at each other, they apparently knew what they were doing. Before leaving the apartment Liz and Maria stripped the bed of the sheets, pillowcases, bedspread and dust ruffle and took all of them to the laundry room and got them started to wash. Liz asked Maria if she wanted to do the curtains and Maria said they could wait. Maria knew that Liz intended on leaving the curtains for Maria because she knew that if she found something she really liked those curtains wouldn’t match anyway. And so they were off.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #25 10/29/12

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Carolyn: This Max and Liz definitely live charmed lives...and keep in mind, they are memories> :)
Eve: I think the fact that Michael is probably 'one of the bests' according to Max has a lot to do with it...and as for redecorating, well, when my husband passed away the first thing I did was start to paint, paper and ger rid of stuff, now 11 yeats later I'm ready to do it all over again, but it definitely isn't modern by any stretch of the imagination. :)
Natalie:Being organized is a good thing but it can also be a pain when you can't tolerate messes... :roll:

Chapter 25: Moving in.

(And the old man sat and smiled as his memories took him back to happier times)

By the time Liz and Maria returned to the apartment Max and Michael had moved the entire bedroom and all of Liz’s clothes into the new apartment. Max had put her clothes in the master bedroom so she wouldn’t have to move them again and Liz just smiled. She would be doing the nudie-cutie mambo for the neighbors if she didn’t get something on the windows pretty quickly but she didn’t say anything to Max or Michael. They were so sweet to think of saving her time that she just gave them both a big hug and a smile. Maria winked at her because she knew what Liz was thinking.

The girls started emptying the bags of curtains, sheets and towels but before they put anything away they went to Maria and Liz’s apartment and got the scrub bucket, rags, cleanser, window cleaner and soap and came back in no time. They made a quick stop at the laundry room and threw all of the bed linens in the dryer that they had washed before their shopping expedition and then both girls took the rags and soap and headed in different directions. Liz took the linen closet and Maria headed for the bathtub, sink and toilet. They were both finished about the same time and then Liz grabbed the ironing board and iron and started on the curtains while Maria cleaned the windows. By the time Liz was done Maria finished the windows and they grabbed the curtain rod for the bathroom and hung the curtains. Liz folded the hand towels and hung them on the towel bar and Maria put the bath mat and rug on the floor she had scrubbed while Liz was ironing the bedroom curtains and the next project was the linen closet.

Maria ran back to the laundry room and put all of the new towels and washcloths in the washer, took all the other linens out of the dryer and headed back to the apartment while Liz cut the shelf lining…got it laid and then they headed for the bedroom. They had Max take the mattress off the bed in order to put the bed ruffle on and then they hung the new curtains on the windows. Liz matched the curtains with the bed linens she already had and they looked very nice indeed. The window already had a nightshade on it so the curtains gave the room a homey touch. They put the freshly washed bed skirt over the box springs and Max and the girls put the mattress back on the bed. Then the girls started making up the bed and Max took the scrub bucket and supplies to the other bathroom across the apartment and started to clean it. He noticed that Liz had purchased two colors of bath accessories and towels and assumed the second set was for their room.

Liz and Maria noticed that Max had disappeared and when they poked their head out of the bedroom they saw him headed across the apartment with the scrub bucket and soap and they both looked at each other with grins on their faces. Liz looked at Maria and winked…”Aren’t the two of them just the sweetest people on earth?” Maria nodded her head in agreement and they both giggled and got back to work, they both knew how lucky they were no doubt about it.

By the time the girls were finished with the bedroom Max had finished the bathroom and Michael showed up with all of the new linens dried and folded. Liz took the guest towels to the guest side of the apartment and the towels for her and Max to the master suite and they were ready for dinner and some relaxation. All in all they had accomplished a lot for one day; considering it was already 10:30 p.m., they were all starved and that was no joke.

When they got back to Maria and Liz’s apartment they decided to just make some sandwiches and feast on their desserts. So after some grilled ham and cheese and hot coffee they settled themselves down to what they had been waiting for and that was cherry cobbler, strawberry pie, New York cheesecake and bread pudding with whipped cream. They didn’t know which to cut into first so they just cut them all into four pieces and dug in. When they were finished they couldn’t decide which one was the best of the four desserts. Liz had always loved strawberries but the other three desserts were beyond good…they were wonderful. The rest of the group had to agree and they made up their minds that they would go back and try all of the other items on the menu in the near future.

After dinner they had planned on a movie but then they decided that they were too tired to even watch one so they made plans for tomorrow and more furniture shopping. They figured they should try some of the furniture stores that were having sales and then they bid each other goodnight. They had agreed that they would go to Mass at the hospital chapel at 12:15…this would give them a chance to get some much needed rest and also a chance to see Sister Margaret and Father O’Brien again and maybe some of the young doctors, besides, they were all worn out and Max wanted some alone time with his new bride.


Max and Liz took a thermos of coffee over to the new apartment with them and settled in for the night. As Liz was getting ready for bed she asked Max if they should have set the bedroom up in the master suite and he told her that he liked her idea of using her stuff in the spare room because he thought a king sized bed would probably be a little more comfortable and she agreed. Then he added that although her double bed was really cozy a twin would probably be big enough the way they slept and she just giggled at him for saying that…it was the truth though; she practically slept on top of him, not that he minded.

(the old man chuckled, she still snuggled.)
The young newlyweds used the shower in the master bathroom for the first time, it was big enough for the two of them and even though they thought they were tired it seemed they were not too tired for each other.

Max started by taking one of the sponges Liz placed on the shower shelf and proceeded to wash her back for her and as he slowly moved the sponge up and down Liz sort of scooted her back just a little closer to her husband making it impossible for him to do much else but to work his way around to the front of her body and that was all it took…they were all over each other.

Liz felt as though her knees would give out on her at any minute and Max simply wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her up while he worked his magic with his other hand. Liz was not idle either, she had managed to slide Max’s erection between her legs and to lean over just enough to allow Max to enter her from the back…she moved in rhythm with the hand that was working on her and soon our lovers were both moaning each other’s names in unison as they reached their climaxes practically at the same time.

After they came down from their high they quickly finished their showers and practically ran to their bed to continue the fun and games…oh life was going to be great! They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces and prayers in their hearts. Max said a prayer of thanks to whomever was listening and Liz said her silent prayer to the same unknowns asking them to always keep him safe and happy and thanking God for all of his blessings.


The next morning Liz awoke to a new day and she quietly went to the kitchen and poured two cups of coffee from the thermos and took them back to the bedroom, placed them on the bedside table and woke Max up with a big fat raspberry on his bare belly…he just opened one eye and grabbed her down to him and peppered kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders. She started laughing so hard her sides hurt…Max could only chuckle at the way she sounded, breathless and happy all at the same time. He finally calmed her down with a little peck on the mouth that soon led to a deeper, more passionate kiss and soon the room grew very quiet and the only sounds that could be heard was an occasional moan or sigh and they proceeded to pick up where they left off the night before. After their second round at enjoying each other’s company they sipped their cold coffee and proceeded to get ready for their day with Maria and Michael.

It was about 10:00 a.m. when Liz called Maria on her cell to see if she was up and about yet and Maria told her to give them 45 minutes…Liz giggled and said ok…

“Just call us when you’re done.”

“Liz, you still live here, sort of, come on over. We’ll join you when we’re ready.”

“That sounds great Maria. See you later.”

And so Max and Liz went next door and started breakfast. Maria and Michael joined them after they had showered and dressed and then they got the paper and started looking for sales. Lo and behold there was one on the other end of town that was starting at 2:00 p.m. and they could easily make that after they went to Mass, this was great.


Shortly before noon they loaded into Liz’s truck and headed for the hospital and sure enough the chapel was packed with their friends and Sister Margaret. Sister saw the young doctors come in and the two lovely young women with them and she gave them a huge smile and motioned them to come and sit with her in the first pew, which they did. Father came out right at 12:15 and acknowledged all of them and proceeded to say Mass, which only took about half the time it would have at the church. Liz thought this was ok…she would have to remember this for future reference, not that Mass at St. Joe’s wasn’t nice, but this was really OK! Maria whispered to Liz as they were leaving the chapel…”This is kind’a like ‘drive through Mass’.” And both girls giggled…it was quick that was for sure.

After Mass they stopped and talked to Sister for a while before leaving the hospital and Max and Liz thanked the good nun for all of her help with the wedding. She smiled and told them she was only too glad to have had the opportunity to do something different for a change and asked if Max and Michael would stop by her office sometime tomorrow afternoon to discuss staying on at the hospital as residents. Max and Michael had both wondered what they would do while they were trying to decide how to go about setting up their practice and now it seemed that maybe they had an opportunity that they hadn’t thought about. They told sister they would be more than glad to come by and would there be any special time that would be better than another. She suggested that sometime after noon would be good because Monday mornings were usually spent cleaning up after the weekend. Max and Michael both laughed at that remark, they were pretty sure they understood what she meant.

Soon they were on their way to the furniture sale and they had a lot to discuss on the way. Max and Michael as well as Liz and Maria thought it would be a good idea for the young doctors to consider sister’s offer. Max and Michael thought they should wait and see what the offer was first…but they knew it would be a worthwhile consideration. Soon they were at the furniture store and it was almost time for it to open so they grabbed a soda at the vendor wagon outside and took a seat on one of the benches that were placed next to the store. It wasn’t too long before other cars started to show up in the parking lot and not too long after that the doors opened and the young foursome entered to start shopping in earnest.

The first thing Max noticed as they walked through the door was this HUGE stainless steel refrigerator sitting right at the entrance with a price tag of $500.00 on it. Max knew this particular refrigerator was originally $5,000.00 because he went shopping with his mother when they needed a new refrigerator and he had been very impressed with it then. Max walked all around the beautiful, very large, double door refrigerator and the only problem he could see was a ding on the back of it.

“Liz, look at this. What do you think? Do you like this refrigerator?” Max asked his young wife enthusiastically…

Liz took one look at the humongous refrigerator and thought it belonged in a restaurant, not a kitchen…

“I don’t know Max…it’s awfully big. Do you think it would even fit in an apartment?” She didn’t want to dissuade Max but this thing was huge.

“Liz, I know it’s big but we aren’t always going to live in an apartment. Do you plan on replacing it when we move into a home? I think it’s a great investment…I know for a fact that this particular refrigerator originally cost five thousand dollars. Mom looked at the same one when she replaced the one at the house.” Max was breathless when he finished telling her about the refrigerator, he knew it would be just the ticket for the big house he was thinking of.

Liz could tell that Max really wanted this…this…thing, so she gave him a smile and nodded her head…

Liz walked over to the behemoth of a refrigerator and proceeded to look it over. It was a beauty that was for sure but my God, the size of it was unreal. She opened the doors to the freezer compartment and it had all the bells and whistles you could imagine and then the food storage compartments were beyond her imagination. Other people were now gathered around this thing and Liz looked at Max who had already grabbed a salesman and was hanging on to the guy like his life depended on it. Liz chuckled to herself and said

“Max, if this is the one you think we need and the price is right let’s do it.” Max just beamed at her and the salesman took out his pen and wrote sold across the sales tag.

The salesman asked Max if there was anything else he could help him with and Max asked him if he had a beeper number, the guy said sure and gave it to Max who told him that they would beep him if they found anything else they liked and the salesman was only too happy to let the young couple “browse” as they say. Max gave him their name and address and told the guy to start a ticket and they would just add to it. This worked for him.

Soon they were looking at beds and dressers and Liz spotted a beautiful four-poster king sized bed which was practically impossible to find anywhere. King sized canopied beds were a rarity. She asked Max what he thought of it and again, Max envisioned it in the master bedroom of “The House”. It would be perfect in there. It wasn’t at all dainty in its appearance and, even if it was four-poster it was very handsome looking and the nightstands and double dresser were very elegant looking as well. It was made of dark mahogany and it also had a matching armoire that would also be nice and there was a chest of drawers too. Max suggested that they purchase all of the pieces because they might not be able to match it up later and again Liz asked where they would put all of this in the apartment and Max said they could put it in the spare bedroom…she started to giggle and said maybe they could set it next to the refrigerator. Max said that was a possibility as he winked at her. So Max beeped the salesman who was hot to trot when he saw who it was and came right up to them and Max told him

”Slap a sold sign on all of these pieces as well.” The salesman was practically tripping over himself with joy, he really hadn’t wanted to come in to work today because Sunday’s were always slow…boy was he wrong about today.

With that they moved over to the kitchen sets and there wasn’t anything that Liz was really enthralled with nor was Max but she did see a patio table that would seat six and six chairs in wrought iron in a taupe color that would look great outdoors some day and they could use it in the dining room right now.

She told Max her idea and he immediately envisioned this on the patio at “The House” and told her that he agreed. It would be very nice sitting outdoors someday and they could use it in the apartment right now. So again the beeper went off and the salesman was right behind them. They now discovered the man’s name was Jack and Jack told them he could just follow them around if they wanted him to and Max said he didn’t want him to miss out on any other sales and that he and Liz were a sure thing so why not just let them browse some more. Jack agreed and after ‘slapping’ another sold sign on the patio furniture Liz and Max headed over to the couches and chairs.

The living room was going to be a problem because Liz had no idea where Max was coming from with his ideas which were more in tune with “the house” than with the apartment, but Liz didn’t know this...The only thing she could envision was all of these huge pieces of furniture in that small apartment.

There were so many options and Max’s head was spinning…all Liz could see was the apartment so Max had to focus on what was happening in the present when they both spotted a beautiful leather sofa and chair. The sofa had a tear in the back but if they had a repairman come in and fix it they could put it against the wall and it would be perfect. Max had the leather upholstery mended in his car by one of the auto places in town and he was sure that they could fix this little tear in the couch. Liz was thrilled beyond her wildest dreams to think they had agreed on it. It was light beige and could be dressed up or down in so many ways with various accessories.

Then Max spotted a recliner over in the corner that he thought would go nicely with the couch and chair and Liz agreed so they beeped Jack again who came at them on a dead run.

After putting sold signs on these items Liz asked if they had a small appliance section and Jack wanted to know what they were interested in and Liz told him that they needed all kitchen appliances and it would be nice if they sort of matched the refrigerator…Jack smiled and led her and Max to the back of the store which had been set up with all of the accessories anyone could imagine. Liz asked him if they had shopping carts and Jack told her “No” but he would make sure that everything would be put on a special table for her and then she explained that she wanted to take the small stuff with her today.

Jack smiled and said he would certainly see to it and with that he had one of the guys in the stock room bring out a large roll around and had him follow Liz and Max throughout the department. While Liz chose her coffee pot, mixer, blender and anything else she could think of Max thought he should check out some end tables and a coffee table for the living room. He asked her what she thought about that idea and she told him she trusted him and to go ahead and see what they had.

She then asked him what he thought about using the armoire in the living room for the time being as a console for the television and accessories. Max agreed with her and asked her if she wanted the end tables and coffee table to match the armoire and she said she didn’t think it was necessary…just find something nice. With that he took off with Jack and Liz mulled around the kitchen stuff with the stock boy. Liz was so tempted to purchase red appliances and then thought better of it, maybe Max wouldn’t like them…but then she had a vision of this huge kitchen and all of these red accessories in it and she called Max on his cell…He saw who was calling and chuckled to himself. “What did you find sweetie? Do you need me?”

“No Max, just a quick question. How would you feel about red appliances in the kitchen?”

Max thought for a minute and then asked her “How do you think they’ll look with the stainless steel refrigerator?”

Liz thought for a minute and then told Max to meet her out by the refrigerator and with that she grabbed the red mixer and coffee pot and headed to the front of the store. Max saw her coming toward him with her arms loaded with these red items and just smiled at her, what a living doll she was. She had this huge grin on her face and he took one look at her and decided that it didn’t make any difference if the damned things were ugly turquoise, if that’s what she wanted then that’s what they would get. But, to his surprise, the red looked great next to the refrigerator and he told her he thought they were a good choice and to get whatever she wanted. “And Liz.” He added…

She turned around and looked at her handsome husband and said “what Max?’

He smiled and said “I love you honey and you don’t have to ask me what to get…get what you want.”

“Thanks, love you too,” and with that she headed back to the back of the store. Max just stood and watched her walk off and noticed that Jack was watching as well. Max just shook his head…something he was going to have to get used to that’s for sure, that swing just had men looking.

By the time they left the store they had furnished the apartment and the kitchen was fully stocked with just about anything they might ever need for the rest of their lives. Max just laughed. He couldn’t believe that they had managed to purchase a complete living room, bedroom and kitchen with all of the small appliances for less than five thousand dollars. The only things they needed now were king sized bed linens and some lamps. Liz didn’t like any of the lamps at the furniture store but she did buy some vases and pictures for the living room walls. Not large ones but nice background pictures that would go well with the leather furniture. Michael and Maria were both surprised at how well the shopping went. No arguments over styles, colors or anything else. It was so nice to see how well they compromised without the slightest confrontations. It was mind boggling to them because they argued over everything. Liz and Max just laughed at them. Then they said that they wouldn’t be Michael and Maria if they weren’t arguing. Michael and Maria had to agree.

When they got to the discount store Max and Liz went to check out the sheets and bedspreads while Michael and Maria went over to the large display of lamps and accessories and happened to see some beautiful lamps that would really go nicely with the couch and chairs and Maria even found a pair of bedside lamps in the corner. With that she buzzed Liz on her cell and told her to come to the lamps when they were finished with the linens. Liz told Max and he told her they should probably do that first since there were more sheets than lamps so that’s where they headed. When they spotted Maria and Michael they immediately headed in their direction only to be so impressed with the lamps that they didn’t even bother to check out the others.

With that settled they went back to the linen department and purchased 2 sets of sheets and pillowcases and a beautiful bedspread and then Liz spied some sheer curtains and long scarves to match and suggested to Max that maybe some sheers draped over the posts on the bed would look nice…Max smiled and told her to get them if that’s what she wanted and she might just as well get some for the windows…that way everything would match. She gave him a huge grin and suggested that the taupe sheers would look nice with the beige couch and chair as well and he agreed so they got the sheers for the living room.

“While you’re at it Liz, how about the kitchen and dining room, what do you think about plain white? That way, when we move we will be able to use them in other rooms.”

With that Liz suggested white for the entire apartment but Max told her that he felt the living room and bedroom needed to be jazzed up a little…she just giggled and said ok. So Liz purchased just about every white sheer panel the store had. She could always store them away for later use. You never knew how many windows they would wind up with and matching panels wasn’t the easiest thing to do, besides, she could always use them for scarves since the windows weren’t that wide. Oh this was fun.

After they finished with the lamp and linen shopping they headed on home. It was decided that Max and Michael should do the electronics shopping tomorrow after talking to Sister Margaret…Max had measured the armoire for size and Liz told him that she thought they could always use the TV in the master bedroom later so they really shouldn’t be getting one of those huge things that take up the entire wall. Max thought that made sense and Michael just smiled at him and nodded. Max gave him one of those “just you wait” looks and Michael never said a word. She was right though, it did make sense if they had to use the armoire in the living room for the time being.

They picked up a couple of pizza’s on the way home and after unloading the truck they just dumped everything in the middle of the living room floor and headed to Maria’s for pizza and some much needed rest. Max and Liz hardly finished their pizza and cleaned up the kitchen before heading home, they were wiped out from all of the shopping and running around, Michael and Maria felt the same way. The group bid each other goodnight and headed for their beds for the night.


When Max and Liz entered their apartment they looked at the STUFF in the middle of the floor and then at each other and sighed a big sigh. Max took one look at Liz and grinned at her.

“Busy day huh?” The question was put to Liz in such a way as to hint at something else maybe…

Liz gave him a huge smile, spun on her heels and headed for the bathroom while wiggling her little tush at him. Max let out a chuckle and followed close behind, nobody in this house was that tired. Liz reached into the linen closet and took out two large bath towels and laid them on the counter and then reached in and turned on the shower…Max came up behind her and started unbuttoning her jeans from behind while planting soft little kisses along her neck, she reached in behind her and proceeded to unbutton his jeans as well while leaning into his chest and moaning softly.

“We really work well together, don’t you think?” Liz said…and then Max asked after agreeing with her…

“So sweetheart, did you have a good day?”

“MMMMM, yeah!” was Liz’s reply. Max chuckled at her response as he turned her around and reached for the hem of her shirt. He started lifting the shirt up and Liz let loose of his jeans to raise her arms over her head and then as she started to unbutton Max’s shirt for him she slowly ran her hands across his broad chest under the shirt where she was able to slide it off his shoulders and let it drop.

‘I can’t get enough of this man, god, he is so beautiful.’
Liz thought to herself…and Max felt exactly the same way about her…soon they were getting heated just undressing each other…

“Max, we need to either get into the shower or turn it off.”

Max chuckled and took the hint and let Liz go to finish undressing while he did the same and they both stepped into the shower together. Max took the sponge from the shelf and lathered it up with Liz’s strawberry bath gel and Liz grabbed his leather soap and lathered her hands up and while Max scrubbed his way around to the front of her body stopping at very strategic places she reached down between them and proceeded to work on a certain part of his anatomy as well. She turned around, looked up at him with the water spraying all around their bodies and said,

“C’mon Max, let’s go to bed. As much fun as this seems right now I think I want to make love to you properly.”

“No argument here sweetheart, hurry up!”

With that they rinsed off and stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, quickly dried off on their way to the bedroom and spent the next two hours worshipping each other’s bodies as lovers should. When they looked at the clock it was 10:00 p.m. and Liz decided to reset her clock for 6:00 a.m. instead of 5:00.

Max could sleep in and she could afford to be a little late since Jody was now starting at 7:00. Maybe she should change her hours and give herself more time in the morning, something to discuss with Diane tomorrow. She cuddled in closer to Max and went right to sleep. Life was wonderful.

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Natalie: I truly am happy that you are enjoying this..,thank you. :)
Eve: Y9u have to appreciate that Max and Liz needed everything and they were given plenty of m9ney to purchase everything too, so yeah, a marathon...I wouldn't know what that was like actually but it was fun to write. :)
Carolyn: I used to move like that once upon a I write about it. :roll: :lol: :wink:
Katie: It's always fun for me to do stuff olike this, even at my age. :)


Chapter 26: Conversations among friends

The next day saw Michael and Max at Sister Margaret’s office for their little talk about their futures. After the good Sister explained what she had in mind for them they in turn explained to her what they eventually wanted for themselves. She was very interested in their plans for the future and so she asked the young men, addressing neither one in particular, so Max took the lead,

“Well Sister, we eventually want to open our own practice, but of course that will be in the distant future. We’re still in the talking stage right now but it has been a dream of ours for many years, long before we entered medical school.”

“I see…and how long do you think it will take this plan to reach fruition?” The nun asked.

“Well, we thought at least two years, maybe more. We have recently been toying with the idea of building and then leasing out offices to our colleagues. Actually this was one of Liz’s ideas. She and Maria, Michael’s fiancée, thought we should build and then lease the property to a corporation. “We” being the corporation of course. Both Liz and Maria have degrees in business and Liz is very well versed in business law. We thought they would run the business end of the corporation while Michael and I would be the medical part of the team. They would run us so to speak…just as they do already.” Max added and both Michael and Sister Margaret laughed at the small truth in Max’s statement.

“I’m sure they do Max.” Sister said with a smile, then added… “Do you have any idea where you plan on building this medical building?”

“As a matter of fact we do Sister…actually we are thinking about the property right next to the hospital here…on the East side.” Max noticed the look of shock on Sister Margaret’s face and before he could speak another word Sister Margaret had to ask...

“How do you plan on acquiring the property Max?” She couldn’t believe what Max was telling her.

“Well Sister, I already own it. My grandparents gave it to Liz and me as a wedding gift; they’ve owned it for years.”

“My word! We have been trying to get our hands on that property for years and here it’s practically in our own family.”

Max and Michael both chuckled at Sister’s remark…it was cute that she thought of them as family but they were both beginning to think that maybe Maria and Liz should have been here for this meeting as well.

“Would you be interested in selling it Max?” Sister asked with a knowing grin on her face…apparently her young doctors were a lot more than just doctors and their young women were nothing to take lightly either.

“No Sister, I think my wife would have me laid out if I did something like that without discussing it with her first and since this property will help Michael and me achieve our dream I believe we should just move forward with our original plans.” Max liked the good Sister but he was no fool either, and so Max continued...

“Actually Sister, I think with Michael and me building a medical office building right here next to the hospital would be advantageous to both of us. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes Max, I agree. Your corporation can do all of the maintenance work and utilize all of the personnel to run the place and we can both prosper and heal the sick.”

“My sentiments exactly Sister.” Max said with a smile.

“Well Max, if you should need any advice or any help with the planning I am always here.”

“Thank you Sister, but my mother’s law firm will be handling all of the legalities and Michaels parents are architects so I think we’ll be playing this one pretty close to the belt as they say.”

Sister was becoming more and more impressed with the young doctors and their plans for their futures by the minute…any more discussion regarding the building of a medical office building would be a waste of time so she decided it was time to make her presentation to them regarding their employment. It was certainly going to take some time to build what they wanted and so she offered them both positions that would make their lives very comfortable and Michael and Max both accepted Sister’s offer and then Max asked if any of the other interns had accepted offers or if any were made. She told them that Fowler would be joining them as well and they looked at each other and smiled. They both liked Fowler and wanted to approach him about a medical office when the time was right … so far their day was going very well and they were both very happy young men.

Max then asked Sister when she would expect them to start their new jobs because, as he explained, he would really like to take Liz on a nice honeymoon. Sister smiled and asked him if a month would be enough time and Max just smiled back at her.

“I certainly hope so!” He replied with a grin.

Sister smiled and shook hands with both of the doctors and saw them out. She was very happy with the way things were working out.

“Well, that went well, don’t you think?” Michael asked Max…Max just looked at his friend and grinned…then said “Yeah, it did didn’t it?” Max shoved Michael in the shoulder as they exited the hospital with a very nice spring in their steps.


After leaving the hospital the young men headed over to one of the local electronics distributors and proceeded to check out all of the options that were available in the right sizes to fit into the armoire that he and Liz had bought the day before. The new furniture was scheduled for delivery on Friday and they wanted to have things ready for when it arrived. He and Liz decided on leaving the two top shelves out of the armoire for the TV and the lower shelf could house the DVD/VCR player and possibly a stereo system, so he and Michael were armed with their measurements and ready to look around.

As they were browsing, measuring and talking a very young salesman started following right behind them, trying to make sure they got exactly what they were looking for and adding his input at every turn of the conversation Michael and Max were having.

Michael looked at Max and rolled his eyes and Max gave Michael a nod to back off and let the kid alone so Michael did his best to ignore the youngster. In truth, the salesman was only a few years younger than Michael and Max but he seemed so much more immature to them for some reason. Maybe it was because the kid wasn’t telling them anything they didn’t already know and they wanted to be left alone to look. Finally Max politely told the young man that they would be sure to find him if they found what they were looking for and with a nod of his head he backed off and Max and Michael were able to shop in peace.


Liz’s day had started off as well as Max’s had…things just seemed to fall into place, there were very few interruptions and she managed to get a mountain of work done. So she and Diane were able to find time to have lunch together, which they hadn’t been able to do for quite some time. They decided to go to the quaint little café that they both enjoyed that was in walking distance of the offices, it wasn’t the food that was so special as much as it was the atmosphere.

It had a big bay window out front and inside there were crisscrossed curtains hanging on all three of the windows and white tablecloths on all of the tables. There was a vase of fresh carnations and fern sitting right in the middle of each of the tables and all of the walls had copies of floral paintings in cherry wood frames hanging from them. The ladder back chairs had all been painted blue and the floor was a bluish gray tile. The lower walls were blue wainscoting and above the wainscoting was painted a beautiful shade of light blue, just enough to cut the starkness of pure white. The entire dining room made you feel like you were sitting in your own kitchen and Liz and Diane loved coming here to eat and relax for a bit.


“Oh, Diane, I asked Jody if she would mind switching hours with me and she was positively elated. She said it would seem like an extra hour per day was given to her due to the travel time getting to and from work during the busy part of the day. By switching it will give me more time with Max in the morning. I hate to get him up at 5:00 when he doesn’t have to be anywhere and he won’t just sleep. He insists that if I’m going to work the least he can do is fix me some breakfast and then I told him that a bowl of cereal didn’t require a whole lot of genius in the kitchen and he just shrugged his shoulders and said it made him feel better so I figured if I switched with Jody then he could sleep an extra hour in the morning.”

Diane sat and listened to Liz ramble on and then when there was a break in the monologue and Liz needed to take a breath Diane spoke…

“Well, Liz, I think that’s a marvelous idea. It works out well all around, and I can understand the way Max feels right now. Maybe he’ll change his mind when he starts working regular hours. Time will tell.” And she gave her daughter-in-law a knowing grin,
Philip was the same way so she knew where Max got his ideas from.

“Liz, we haven’t had a chance to really talk since the wedding honey. I wanted to let you know that it was absolutely beautiful and I can’t imagine how you pulled it all off in one week. My word, that is practically unheard of.” Diane was still flabbergasted, and to do all of that with Jeremy out there running loose was a miracle in itself.

“Oh Diane, it wasn’t that much honest. It only took a day to really get it all done and then Sister Margaret and Father doing all of the stuff they did. Of course having grandma’s gown fitting like a glove helped tremendously. Can you imagine what we would have had to do if that thing needed to be altered? Isabelle would have creamed me for sure.” Liz giggled at that.

“Oh, I don’t think she would have minded one bit…Izzie loves getting her hands into stuff like that.” Diane stated…

Liz giggled at that statement and remarked,

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…she does love her sewing machine and drawing board, she’s found her calling that’s for sure.”

“Well, it still was something for only one week worth of effort.” Diane said then added,

“You know, we all knew that you and Max would wind up together eventually but the speed with which you did it after you decided that you wanted to be together was overwhelming to say the least.”

“Well, why waste time when you know the inevitable? Right?” Liz said with a smile.

“Yes, I guess so. Now, when do we get to see this new apartment?”

“Oh, the furniture won’t be delivered until the end of the week. Max and Michael are out together today checking out TV’s and other electronics as we speak. Max measured the armoire that goes with the bedroom set to make sure everything they choose fits. We are planning on using the armoire in the living room until we move into a home. That way we will be sure to have everything match when the time comes. It was a lot of fun shopping with Max, he’s so easy…we just agreed on everything.” Liz smiled as she took another bite of her sandwich.

Diane had never seen Liz so animated… she just sat and smiled as she continued to eat her lunch and Liz continued to talk as Diane watched the enthusiasm exude from Liz’s face as she went on to describe the rest of the furniture and explain that they had decided to get a patio table and chairs for the dining room because they couldn’t find anything else they liked.

“This way we have something useful that won’t be a waste of money in the long run.” Liz went on to explain…

“The patio set is very nice and has six really nice chairs to it and we’re sure that it will be easy to match other pieces to it later because it is a pretty standard wrought iron set.”

Liz finally stopped for a second to take another breath of air and Diane just smiled. She was a little surprised at their choice for a table and chairs because Amy had told her that Liz and Maria’s apartment was darling but it did make perfect sense when Liz was finished explaining to her what their plans were and then she took the time to have a bite of her sandwich.

Finally Liz was ready to start talking some more and as she caught a fresh breath of air she then went on to tell Diane about all of the “red” appliances she found and Diane chuckled as Liz continued…

“Oh, and Diane, wait until you see this monstrosity of a refrigerator! It’s really beautiful but it is HUGE! I asked Max if he thought it might not fit and he said we can always put it in the spare bedroom.”

Diane almost choked on that one and Liz looked at her with a crooked little grin and nodded her head yes as her eyes danced in her head…Then she told Diane about the bedroom set and all of the pieces Max bought.

“He told the salesman to write up every matching piece he had and when I asked him where we were going to put all of it he said we could put it in the spare bedroom.”

Diane was having an awful time trying to contain herself as Liz continued,

“You know Diane; if he would have kept it up we would have had to rent another apartment just for storage!”

Both women sat and laughed outright at that remark, but it was practically the truth.

After they had finished their lunch Liz and Diane headed back to the office and on the way they passed a very nice little shop that carried some extremely expensive china and flat ware.

“Liz, have you thought about registering in any of the stores for wedding gift ideas for family and friends? You are going to send announcements to everyone aren’t you?”

Liz looked at her with a puzzled look on her face.

“Why no Diane…Max and I will just buy whatever we need. We haven’t given it any thought at all to doing something like that.”

“Oh Liz, the family and your friends would all be very disappointed if they didn’t receive an announcement or something letting them know that you want to share your happiness with them. This is really something you should do Liz.”

“Oh Diane…that would seem like we were begging for gifts. We ordered a few announcements for the grandparents and you and mom and dad to go with the pictures we are going to give you but I don’t want to do that to people.” Liz explained how she felt on the subject and Diane laughed at her remark.

“Liz, you have been invited to numerous events throughout the years and have gladly shown up with a gift to express your love and friendship, have you not?”

“Well yes, but that was before or during the event not after it took place.” Liz replied.

“Liz, whether you and Max realize it or not, you are really loved and cherished by just about everyone who knows you. It would be an insult to not include these people in your joy. Don’t you realize this?”

“Well, no, not really.”

“Oh Liz, please, discuss this with Max and your parents and Maria and Michael as well. You have to know that everyone wants to share…look at what the young doctors at the hospital did when they found out. Can you honestly say that you weren’t impressed?”

“Of course I was, it was all wonderful, but we didn’t want to impose on anyone.”

“Liz, these things are not an imposition. And, besides, if people don’t want to participate then they can ignore the announcement…what do you say? Shall we just take a look inside and see what they have…it looks like some beautiful things in there?” Diane was practically begging her daughter-in-law by now…

“Sure, what can it hurt?” Liz conceded.

So, Diane ushered Liz into the store to have a look around, she took out her cell phone and called the office to make sure Jody had things under control and told her they would be a few minutes longer. Jody told her to take her time, it was very quiet for a Monday and they rung off.

Liz started browsing around the shop and was very impressed with all of the merchandise and told Diane that she thought maybe she should bring Max over to have a look, Diane smiled and with that the two women headed back to work.


Max and Michael had finally checked everything out in the electronics store and Max got hold of Liz on his cell and asked her if she wanted to come over after work and check things out. She told him that he could go right ahead and get whatever he wanted and if he had time to stop by the office before she headed home she would wait for him. He told her that he would take Michael home and head on over and then he asked if everything was all right.

She told him quickly about her conversation with his Mom at lunch and asked if he would mind checking out the china shop with her. Max smiled and told her he would be there by five and hung up. He and Michael purchased the TV and compatible VCR/DVD player recorder and a matching stereo system with wraparound speakers and they headed on out to the truck.

Max smiled at Mike and told him that he now knows why Liz drives a truck. Michael told him that he had that figured out a long time ago. He couldn’t count the times he got a call to come over after work and unload that damned truck. Max gave him a friendly sock across his shoulder and they proceeded out the door.

When they arrived back at the apartment Michael noticed all of the STUFF in packages on the living room floor and raised an eyebrow to Max. Max just shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to move stuff to one end of the room to make room for more stuff. Michael started helping and within a few minutes they were ready to unload the truck. Michael looked at Max with a gleam in his eye and asked,

“Where in the hell are you going to put all of this?”

“Damned if I know.” Max replied with a grin…”spare bedroom?” And then he started to laugh uncontrollably. Michael looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked,

“What’s so damned funny Maxwell?”

“Oh, Michael, you have no idea. Every time Liz asked me what we were going to do with all of the shit I bought I told her the spare bedroom…that damned room better grow another 144 square feet because you just can’t shove five pounds of shit into a four pound bag.”

“Christ Maxwell, what in the hell did you buy?”

“Everything I saw, I think.”

“Well, let’s get more shit in here and have a beer.”

“Can’t do it Mike, Liz wants me to stop by the office around five so we can go to a china shop and look around.”

On that note both men went into fits of laughter and had to sit on the floor until they calmed down. Max looked at Mike…

“Michael, maybe you’d better wait before turning Liz’s bedroom into an office, we may need it to sleep in because this place may just turn into a storage unit.” With that they started laughing again.

(And the old man chuckled once again.)

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Carolyn: :lol: :lol: :roll: Me too...and I just got the last of the towels folded and the clean sheets tossed on the bed when my son called and said he was an hour away and closing in fast. I asked if his wife and the dogs were with him and he said no so I told him he could make his own bed. He wanted to know why I changed it and I told him if he could keep his da@##$$ dogs off the thing I wouldn't have to so often..he's the only one that sleeps in there. He informed me his dogs didn't sleep on the bed and I laughed at him. Then he says, "we're trying to teach them to stay off the bed." I told him he might have better luck holding back the's too late. Hell, Jack is ready for euthanasia and Carl hasn't got the sense God gave a goose so I guess I'll just keep on washing bedding. But I really do love him and his dogs by association...and I nap when they leave too and I walk the house before they leave and make sure they have everything. :)
Katie: Do you really like those big flat screen things?...Everything looks distorted to me when I watch one of those. All three of mjy kids have them and I prefer the old tv in the bedroom...all the people look short and squatty to me. Oh well.
Eve: I have the tv on all day for noise or company...I do watch Covert Affairs, White Collar, Bones and NCIS and that's about it, but I have my i-pod in the car and I download my favorite oldies but goodies onto it when I remember something that isn't on there yet and that's about it. I can't listen to music and work because I like to sing along and get in the groove so to speak. Maybe I should have music in the house all day instead of listening to the tv...I could dance around for exercise. :D That would be a sight. :D


Chapter: 27

After Max and Michael finished moving the TV and the rest of the equipment into the apartment Michael went back to Maria’s for some R&R and Max headed over to the Evan’s law firm. When he arrived he found Liz at the front desk typing away and Kyle’s office door was open; he could hear his Mom and Kyle deep in conversation over a pending court room battle…

Liz looked up when she heard the door and her heart jumped into her mouth as she watched the most gorgeous man on the planet walk in. “Her Max!” She gave him a smile that would rival a ray of sunshine and Max’s heart melted. He turned into a puddle of goo just as he always did when he looked at her and he wanted to grab her right then and there and have his way with her. They were both so taken with each other that neither noticed the two faces watching them from the office and then Kyle looked over at Diane and whispered,

“God, I can only hope that someday someone looks at me with half the love.” Diane smiled back at the young man and answered,

“I know…doesn’t it just knock your socks off, they have always been like that. She has looked at him like that since she was a baby and he was the same way with her…it’s a match made in heaven. It blows everyone away just watching them.” With that Kyle and Diane got back to work and left the young lovers to their own little world.

It was right at five when Liz shut down the phones and put the recorder on for the night. Max went in and gave his mother a peck on the cheek and said hello to Kyle and then Liz went in and told Diane and Kyle that she would see them in the morning, Liz bent down and hugged Diane and smiled. Kyle and Diane both smiled and bid her and Max goodnight and the two left the offices holding hands, some things just never changed.


Liz gave Max a nice big juicy kiss in the elevator and Max smiled down at her like she was going to be his next meal…which she probably was…and when the elevator came to a stop our two lovebirds stepped out into the main lobby of the complex and headed straight for the main street.

Liz led Max to the china shop and while they were walking she explained to him in full detail what his mother had told her about registering for china and silver and if he had any arguments on the subject he should take them up with his mother because she had already voiced her opinion on the subject and was shot down.

Max just smiled at her as she rambled on and followed along side her on the walkway. He knew better than to question her about any of this and decided that it was just easier to go along with it all and smile.

He also knew her mother had suggested the announcements and he was pretty sure that it was both of their mothers working in cahoots with each other that got all of this started in the first place.

When they entered the china shop Max was as overwhelmed with everything as Liz was. It was all very elegant and there wasn’t a single piece in the place that didn’t deserve the finest of dining rooms. He looked at Liz and she smiled back at him and said,

“If we are supposed to choose from these do we just close our eyes and point?”

Max looked down at her and nodded in agreement. How in the hell did anyone find something, one thing, which set itself apart from the rest? It was all too beautiful. Liz looked at him wide eyed and started to browse around, everything was breathtaking.

There were patterns of china and silver from all over the world, something that would go with any décor imaginable and Liz’s mind started to bounce from one thought to another as she took it all in. Her brain felt as though it was in a ping-pong match and it was the ball. Finally she found a stool at one of the showcases where the silverware was displayed and she took a seat. Max came over and sat next to her and as he took her hands in his he asked very softly,

“What are you thinking so hard about sweet? You look like you’re a thousand miles away.”

He just wanted to take her in his arms and hold her close…china and silver were the farthest things from his mind at the moment.

“You know Max, when Maria and I bought our dishes it was at a garage sale, they were the only choice available and we both liked them so we bought them. There was no major decision to make, we needed dishes, we liked those dishes and we bought them. This,”

and she pointed around at all of the choices.

“This is insane Max! How do we know today what will go with what we choose tomorrow. We have no idea where we will be living, what style of dining room we will have or anything. I can’t choose anything in here. Look at the prices on this stuff Max…My God, it’s a major investment and it’s breakable. I want something we can let our kids enjoy eating off of and not be having a heart attack every time we use it.”

Max had to chuckle at her wisdom…she was right! He couldn’t choose anything right now because he was as unsure as she was about style, and he felt the same way about the children they would have someday. Hell, they weren’t even able to find a dining room set they liked how could they choose dishes and flatware of this magnitude?

“You know Max, after our shopping excursion on Saturday I think we pretty much know that we are very compatible when it comes to choosing colors and furniture…but since we don’t know what type of dining room we will have how can we know what type of dishes we want?”

“I agree with you sweetheart…so what do you say we forego all of this fancy stuff for the time being and try to find something that we would like to use everyday, something that will be easily replaced if pieces get chipped or broken and that will still look nice for company for informal gatherings. What do you say?” Max just wanted to get her alone somewhere and right now the car was even sounding like a good idea.

“I think you’re right. What do we need with all of this when we probably won’t need it for quite a long time? Do you think they have an everyday section in this store or should we head on over to the grocery store? They have some pretty cute stuff over there, get one plate free with every $5.00 worth of groceries and we do need groceries, lots of groceries.” She grinned and leaned over and gave Mr. Gorgeous a kiss on the cheek just because…oh she liked just becauses!

“You’re kidding, right?” Max said as he adjusted himself on his chair, Liz noticed but thought better of starting something in the china shop so she just continued her conversation and ignored her husband’s discomfort for the time being…she was getting a little anxious to get home herself.

“Well, semi kidding, but it’s the truth. The plates, cups, saucers and the like are free with a five dollar purchase but the serving pieces are purchased extra but they’re pretty nice pottery and not really that expensive. They have red apples and green lattice work on them and they’d go nice with the red appliances. You know appliances do wear out eventually Max and who knows what we will want ten years from now?”

She looked very serious now as her brow wrinkled in deep thought and Max chuckled at her for thinking that far down the road and then he pulled her to him into a big hug and said,

“Fine, let’s go get some groceries and check it out.”

And on that note that is exactly what our young couple did, Max bypassed the back seat of the car and took Liz’s truck while she drove his car and they headed on down the road because it wasn’t dark enough to go pulling into a parking lot yet.

Upon arriving at the grocery store Liz took Max over to the display of the dishes and pots and pans the store was having as a promotion for the next couple of months and Max was really surprised at how nice the dishes were, she wasn’t kidding.

They had all of the serving pieces as well as the service plates, cups, saucers, bowls and salad/desert plates. He was very impressed and they would go well with the red appliances, Liz was right. He did like them and the price was certainly right, free was good…after Saturday and their shopping excursion he could deal with free.

“Well, what do you think Max?”

“Well sweetheart, I think we need to do some grocery shopping…what do you think?”

“I think I’ll get us a cart and we can get to shopping then.”

“Wait a minute; we don’t have a refrigerator yet.”

“That’s ok…we don’t have anything at all, so we can start out with non refrigerated items such as flour, sugar, coffee, spices, canned goods, cereal, soap and all kinds of stuff like that and at least get that taken care of. What do you think?”

“I think you’re a genius.”

Max bent down and kissed Liz on the forehead and the two got busy shopping. By the time they got to the check out stand they had over two grocery carts filled to overflowing with household needs and groceries. They had dry goods, canned goods and non-perishable items, laundry items, household gadgets and if Liz thought they might need it they bought it. This gave them enough points to get a complete service for 12 with 2 extra dinner plates, they had to get a third grocery cart for the dishes because they also purchased all of the serving pieces that went with the set of dishes and they figured that when they came back next week after the refrigerator was delivered they could start on the flatware and pots and pans.

Liz mentioned to Max that she had seen a set of red enameled cast iron pots at one of the local discount stores and Max told her they would take a look and see what they were like. She gave him a great big smile and off they went to the check out stand again. God, they were going to be up all night putting this stuff away. They were both starting to feel the effects of the long day.

“Max, you know we still don’t have a clue as to what to register for.” Liz said as they waited to get checked out.

“Ah hell Liz, let the relatives figure it out for themselves. We don’t need anything anyway, nor do we have any room for anything. Let’s just send them an announcement and call it good. If our mom’s want us to announce our wedding then we’ll make them happy and they are the only ones that matter…right?”

“You’re right; if the relatives want to send us something let them make the decision.”

And on that note Max and Liz paid for their purchases and headed on home. No decisions on fancy dishes this week.

When max pulled into the apartment complex Michael noticed the truck with all of the bags in the back end and then he saw Liz pull in behind Max in his car and he started to chuckle. So much for choosing china patterns he thought to himself.

Michael called Maria to the window and told her she should get her work clothes on, it looked like the Evans’ were going to need some additional hands this evening. Maria took a look out of the window and gave a little chuckle too as she started down the hall toward her bedroom.

“Do you think having them move in next door was such a good idea Michael?”

”I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening Maria.” Michael laughed.

“Me either Michael.” And the neighbors headed out to the parking lot to help their friends unload the truck…again!!! Michael gave Max a knowing grin and they started working silently to unload all of the new STUFF.

“Do you want this in the spare bedroom Max?”

Maria looked at the two men with a questioning expression….Michael grinned and said…

”Inside joke honey.” Maria just grabbed a bag and said

“Oh.” And kept on working.

Max mentioned to Michael that they got the dishes free for grocery purchases. Michael was impressed but needed to know…

“I thought you were going to look at china…why the freebies?”

“Well we looked at the stuff in the china shop, which by the way was mom’s idea, and we decided that we couldn’t really choose china without having a dining room to put the china in. Do you know how much that shit costs Michael? Hell, it’s a major investment just to have a plate to eat off of.”

Max held the door open for Michael with his foot while his friend entered the building.

“Those dishes your mom gave us when we went off to college must have cost someone a small fortune. Anyway, Liz suggested we take a closer look at the stuff the grocery store had and she was right.”

Max pushed the elevator button with his elbow. “Since we needed everything it only cost us the price of the groceries and shit for washing clothes and stuff. We got a service for 12 free. We had to buy the extra pieces like a meat platter and stuff but damn, we saved a bundle of money just on the dishes alone.”

Max and Michael just kept walking back and forth from the truck to the apartment talking about the cost of dishes like two old women…Maria and Liz worked right along with them carrying bags and silently giggled as they listened to them carry on.

“Makes sense to me Maxwell, now let’s get to work here so we can call it day, no?”

“You don’t need to do this Michael.”

“I know we don’t need to do this Maxwell, but we want to. Although, I do expect you to reciprocate you know.”

“Fair enough Michael. Now, shall we wait until the girls get in here to see where they want all of this shit…whoops, I mean stuff.”

“Sounds like a plan. How about a beer in the meantime?”

“Works for me.”

About two hours later Liz and Maria had all of the dishes unwrapped, washed and in the cupboards along with all of the food put away. Liz didn’t have any canisters to put coffee, tea, flour or sugar in yet but felt it was just as well since the kitchen appliances had not been unpacked and therefore they had no idea how the space was going to be utilized. Liz and Max had purchased drawer dividers and the girls had washed all of those and put them in the drawers and now they could just put the flatware away when they got it. All in all it had been a very productive day and everyone was tired. They all headed over to Maria’s for some soup and sandwiches and some relaxation, it was already 11:00 p.m. and the day was closing in on them rapidly.

Max and Michael told the girls about their meeting with Sister Margaret while they had their meal and informed them that they both accepted positions on the hospital staff for the time being. Max told Liz that he had a month off to spend with her and maybe she could work something out with his mom to take some time off as well. Liz was beside herself with happiness and Maria was coming in a close second, life just kept getting better and better.

Michael and Max also told the girls about Sister wanting to purchase the property and that they had explained to her that they had other plans for it and if Maria was serious about leaving the talent agency and pursuing other venues then they felt that she would be an excellent choice to run the business end of the medical offices. Maria and Liz both squealed with delight and everyone seemed content with the way things were working out.

It was very late in the evening when Max and Liz headed back to their own apartment and again Liz grabbed two bath towels when they got in and headed for the shower and turned it on. Max grabbed her into his arms and spun her around, he looked down into her beautiful face and smiled as he ran his thumbs across her cheeks and leaned in to kiss those strawberry lips.

“Let’s just crawl into bed Liz, it’s been a long day, we can shower in the morning.”

“Works for me lover.” Liz turned off the shower and put the towels on the counter.

With that the two of them started peeling clothes as they headed for their bedroom, soon to be a storage room, and crawled into bed. Liz snuggled into Max’s waiting arms, kissed him firmly on the lips and for the first time since their wedding night they went to sleep without making love, there was always morning.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Carolyn: I'm with you on the dishes and I don't know why it is but the 'grocery store' stuff lasts forever, never chips or cracks while that expensive stuff I've got in the china cupboard has to be handled like the finest silk. I swear, I've never seen anything crack or chip so easily. I gave my daughter the spoke christmas dishes and she has them packed away in one of those containers you buy for fine china. I think the only time they get pulled out is when I'm in Texas and I've informed her it's not necessary...the cracker barrel stuff in the kitchen cupboard works fine with me. she just laughs, says it won't kill us once in awhile to do dishes by hand...I'd still rather use the other stuff. If I can't put it in the dishwasher or the clothes dryer then I don't want it. :P
Katy: I've never tried a different angle with the TV since all of the chairs and couches sit practically in front of the thing in my sons house. All of my TV's are the old style..I guess when they break down I'll have to replace them with the new stuff...maybe they'll outlast me...that would be good huh?
Eve:Res well my friend!!! :)
Chapter: 28

Well, the damned alarm went off way too soon to suit the young couple but Max had a big surprise jabbing Liz down low on her back and as she stretched around for her morning kiss Max grabbed her by the waist and held her close…He really didn’t want to let go this morning but Liz had to get to the bathroom and quickly so she gave him a quick peck as she made a bee line for the door and said..

“You just hold that thought lover because I’m coming right back, but first things first.”

Max chuckled as he rolled over and got himself up for just a second as well…tooth brush was on his mind for both of their sakes.

Max stood behind her and started working some magic on her body before she even got her hands washed, she looked in the mirror in front of her and followed her husband’s hands with her eyes and she could hardly concentrate on what it was she was trying to do. Max had hold of her right breast with his left hand as his right hand followed the curve of her body down to her nether lands while he planted kisses along her neck and behind her ear. All she could see was the mop of black hair on his head and his hands attached to his forearms and it felt as though her legs were made of rubber…all she wanted was to take him inside of her, body and soul. She finished washing her hands and squeezed some toothpaste onto her tooth brush and made a hasty stab at trying to brush her teeth, then she decided to hell with it and swirled her tongue around the toothpaste in her mouth and did a quick rinse and turned around and wrapped herself into Max’s embrace.

He picked her up and carried her right back to bed. God, was she glad she hadn’t reset her alarm clock to reflect her later hours at work…they had a whole extra hour to play this morning and even though she didn’t think an hour was enough it was going to be better than nothing.

When the two newlyweds had finished ravishing each other Liz headed in to take a shower and Max fell right back to sleep. Liz was tempted to pull the covers off the bed with Max wrapped in them but there really wasn’t enough time for more playing around and she knew if she started something Max wouldn’t let it go until she cried ‘uncle’ so she allowed him his extra time in bed.

After she had completed her morning ritual Max got himself up and threw on a pair of jeans a tee shirt and some flip flops and they both headed over to Maria’s for some coffee and breakfast. Liz started to pack her lunch and Max stopped her and said…

“Hey sweet, if you don’t have any plans this afternoon I’ll come by and take you to lunch.”

“Are you kidding? Of course I don’t have any plans if you want to take me to lunch.” And Liz gave him a cute little wink and then asked…

“Max, when and whom should I call to set up an appointment with Michael. Are either of you working any longer? Just what is the plan here?”

Max thought for a second or two and then replied,

“Gee, I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to check with Michael and see how we can work this out.”

With that Liz gave Max a smile and asked

“Please don’t forget love, I really would like to take care of this as soon as possible.”

“I promise, I won’t forget. I understand completely, I know how important this is.”

And on that note Liz bid Max goodbye and headed for the door. Max walked her out to the car and told her he would see her around 1:00 or so since Jody would be taking her lunch at noon today. Liz said great and they kissed each other goodbye, she was off.


Michael heard Max and Liz in the kitchen but stayed in the bedroom until he heard Liz leave before getting up. When Max came back in he heard someone in the bathroom but waited before making any comments.

When Michael came into the kitchen Max had already poured a cup of coffee for him and set a bowl and a box of honey bunches of O’s on the table along with the carton of milk. Michael gave him a nod of thanks and the two young men proceeded to get on with their morning.

“Michael, Liz would like to start birth control pills as soon as possible and wanted to know whether she should talk to you or someone else about setting up an appointment. Since we don’t start working at the hospital for another month we were wondering just how to handle this because she definitely wants you as her doctor.” Max didn’t want to put any pressure on his friend so he was trying to take it easy but he also needed some answers.

“Max, let me call Dr. Jefferds office and see if I can use his facilities for the time being. I would like to have him there as a back up anyway. He has been my crutch since I started my internship and since this is my first real patient I would feel more comfortable just in case.”

“Of course Michael, I understand. Just let us know how you want to handle this.” Max was only too happy with this solution.

“Also, Michael, I would like to be there when you do the exam if it’s alright with you.”

“Of course it’s alright with me Max, you know that without asking…I just have to make sure Liz is alright with it, and I really don’t think she’ll say no but you know as well as I do that I have to ask her.

“Oh, and Max, is there anything I can help you with over at the apartment to get ready for the furniture delivery on Friday? I know there’s a lot of shi…. stuff to put away over there.” And both men chuckled…

“That’s a great idea Michael. Just give me about 20 minutes to shower and put some work clothes on and then I’ll come over and help clean up the kitchen before we go over. That way Maria can work in quiet comfort and thanks Michael.”

“No problem Max, but you do know that you have to return the favor some day.”

“I know man…no problem.” And Max headed on home to his own apartment.


When Max got back to the apartment he made a quick call to Liz and Jody answered the phone as usual…

“Good morning, Evans Ltd.”

“Hi Jody, it’s Max, Is Liz there?”

“Good morning Max, yes she is but she’ll be a minute can you hold?”

“Sure Jody, take your time.”

When Liz answered Max smiled and said,

“Liz, Michael and I are going to start putting some of this stuff away that’s in the living room and I wanted to know if there is anything in particular you want done with it?”

“No sweetie just put the kitchen stuff in the kitchen and the rest of the stuff in the spare bedroom closet until we can go through it. My clothes are already in the other closet and we need to move your stuff in as soon as the larger dresser and nightstands arrive so just use the spare bedroom closet for the rest. You are an angel. You know that… dontcha?”

“Only for you sweetheart.” Max smiled into the phone…

“Oh, and Max…don’t make any plans for anything tonight. I intend to make you a very happy man and I don’t want any interruptions, ok?”

“Oh you can count on it babydoll…no plans what-so-ever.”

Max chuckled as he hung up the phone, grabbed a towel out of the linen closet and headed to the bathroom. Life just couldn’t get any better.


After Max left Michael, Michael called Dr. Jefferds answering service and left a message for his office to call him at their earliest convenience. He then went in to wake Maria up to start her day.

Michael could only stand in the doorway and watch this beautiful vision laying there all snuggled up in a tank top and boy-cut panties. ‘God she is beautiful’ he thought to himself. He loved her so much it hurt. He wondered if he should give her the engagement ring he had been carrying around in his pocket for months or wait until he had a chance to plan a perfect setting. Standing there, looking at her, he couldn’t think of anything more perfect, he couldn’t think of anyone more perfect. She was the woman he had been dreaming of his entire life. Even though they planned on getting married after his internship he never gave her a ring and they never discussed a date.

He and Max had to be the two luckiest men on planet earth, he thought for a minute and decided to call and make a reservation for this weekend at the Regency and present her with her ring there. He didn’t want to give it to her right now with Max coming back any minute to get him to help clean his and Liz’s apartment. ‘Oh this is going to be hell on my nerves’ he thought…he had been waiting for months and then with Max and Liz going head long into a marriage he didn’t want to slide in on the shirt tail of that. No, he would wait and do it right.

“Maria…Maria honey…it’s time to get up.” Michael sat on the edge of the bed resting his hand on Maria’s back.

Maria opened one eye and looked up into her spiky haired doctors beautiful smiling face and gave him a very sultry looking smile…

”Morning spaceboy…how’re you doing this morning?”

Michael chuckled at her favorite pet-name for him and slid in beside her for a second, pulling her on top of him and running his hands down her back. Maria just gave him a nice big sigh and whispered to him…

“ Hate to break this up sweepea, but it really is time to get up…I have 15 minutes to turn that computer on and even though I can throw a blouse on over my tank top I still have to do something with this hair…so give me some sugar and we’ll take this up later…ok?”

“If you insist…but I’m going to take you up on that offer you know.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, now I really have to get up.” And with that she rolled off him and started to run around the room like a woman on a mission.


About 20 minutes later Max came back to the apartment to get Michael who had just gotten off the phone with Doctor Jefferds office.

“Max. Doctor Jefferds told me to come in any time to do Liz’s exam. Do you want to call Liz or do you want me to do it?” Michael asked his best friend…

Max thought a minute and then said…

“Michael, I think you should call her…we should be professional about this…don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Michael agreed with Max.

“You go ahead and dial the number for me and I’ll talk to her.” So Max dialed the office and handed the phone to Michael. Jody answered.

“Good morning Jody, this is Michael Guerin. I remember you from Max and Liz’s wedding…is Liz in and if so may I speak with her?”

“Of course Mr. Guerin, I remember you. Please hold for a moment while I ring her.”

And so Jody rung Liz’s line and told her that Mr. Guerin was on the phone. Liz giggled and said, “Mr. Guerin…Jody you don’t have to be so formal with Michael although he is Doctor Guerin when he calls me here…but that’s okay, honest.” Liz figured if Michael was being professional then she would be as well.

“Good morning Michael. What’s up this early in the morning?”

“Just wanted to touch bases with you on scheduling an exam; we can use Doctor Jefferds office anytime that is convenient for you so if you need to set up some off time at the office or anything before I make the arrangements let me know, ok?”

“Oh Michael, anytime is fine. Really…just call me back and let me know, I’ll be there.”
“Great, Max is here and he wants to go with you, is that all right with you?”

“Of course it is you should know that.”

“Well, protocol suggests that we ask.”

“Oh. Well I definitely want Max to be there, ok?”

“Sure sweetie, you know it’s ok…I’ll get back to you with a time later. Talk to you then.”

“Thanks Michael, bye.”

Michael hung up the phone and Max wanted to know what she said, Michael told him she wanted him there and anytime was a good time. “Good”, was Max’s only reply.

For some reason he had a gnawing in the pit of his stomach…probably nerves.

Michael called Dr. Jefferds office and asked if the Dr. was going to be in on Monday afternoon and the receptionist said yes…then Michael wanted to know if he had a very busy schedule and the receptionist told him that actually it looked pretty clear. Michael wanted to know if he could come in about 2:00 to set up an exam for a patient of his and she said she would turn him over to the nurse who took care of those things and Michael thanked her and then was put on hold. After a few seconds a very pleasant woman came on the line and asked Michael what he needed. He told her that he had approval from Dr. Jefferds to use their facilities to do a routine exam on a patient and she informed him that Dr. Jefferds had told her to be expecting to hear from him and when would he like to do this. Michael told her that Monday afternoon would be preferable and he would like Dr. Jefferds to be in the office just in case. She wanted to know if he expected any complications and Michael smiled and said

“No. Newlyweds actually, first check up. Liz Evans is the patient.”

“Oh, Dr. Evans new wife?”

“Yes. Do you know her?’

“No…but Dr. Jefferds told us about the wedding in the chapel and how beautiful it was. He managed to catch the end of it as Dr. Evans and his new bride were leaving the hospital.”

“Oh. Well yes, she’s the one.”

“Well Dr. Guerin, how does 2:00 pm on Monday afternoon sound?”

“Perfect. We will see you then.”


“Well, what did she say?” Max asked.

“Monday at 2:00 pm, Oh, Max is there any chance that Liz could be pregnant?”

Max got wide eyed and looked at Michael; there goes that gut feeling again… “Yes!”

Michael nodded thoughtfully…

With that they headed over to the apartment to get busy putting STUFF away.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #29 11/1/12

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God, it's November already!

Carolyn: :D When my first granddaughter was born my daughter got the pretty spode china with the red candle up the middle and the pretty holly and bows and I went to K-Mart and bought 4 boxes of those 4.99 service for 4 chritsmas trees with the teddy bears on them. The granddaughter is 28 and I still have the teddy bears and Christmas trees packed in those four boxes in the bottom of the pantry. The only time they get used, which isn't very often now, is when the little ones come around. I have a step-great-grandson who has a couple of dinners here around the holidays and I've offered the dishes to his mom who refuses them Says she has enough of her own junk. I told her she could have half of therm, that would be a service for 8 and she still won't take them. Don't blame her really!!! As for the OB/ too. Although my husband insisted he be there for everything. I wouldn't have been the least bit surprised to have his head stuck down there to have a look...and he wasn't nosey just wanted to learn everything. The man was a real pita sometime but loveable as hell. (Pita: my daughter's word for her daughters...a pain in the ass) :) :) :)
Katy: It sounds like my sons house and when everyone is there all of the couches, chairs and the floor are covered with people and dogs so it just makes things CHAOTIC to say the least. If you really want to watch a program you go find an empty bedroom, turn on that tv and get comfy. Which is more often than not for me because I don't especailly enjoy they're program choices. :D Three young men, all into sports, and a dad that enjoys them as much as they do. :roll: :D :wink:
EVe: Nope, I don't think you are...I am basing this story on the younger generation around me who sit and discuss these things as if they were going to the movies and I'm not so sure modesty is in their vocabulary but I love them all just the same and accept them for who they just scares me though because I had to read the rise and fall of the Roman empire in high school and it positively terrifies me when I watch the news and go to movies and see what is going on in the world. They say history repeats itself and I'm afraid it's so true and we are headed for a big surporise.

Chapter: 29

Max and Michael walked into the living room of the apartment and just stood there bewildered. ‘How in the hell did we manage this in just a couple of days?’ Max asked himself…he and Michael looked at each other and started to laugh,”What’s first?” Michael asked.

Max told him, “Liz said to put the stuff that didn’t go into the kitchen in the spare bedroom closet…” Then he continued on with further instructions,

“She said that the two of us would go through it after the furniture came because the curtains and bed linens and all of that sort of stuff were in those bags. The rest of the kitchen stuff can go into the kitchen.”

So, without further ado they proceeded to pick up the appliance boxes and open them up.

They decided to just go ahead and put the empty boxes in the living room as they emptied them and anything that had dishes or bowls connected with them they could just load into the dishwasher as they went. So the mixing bowls, beaters, blender container, coffee pot, food processor and all the rest of that stuff was put into the dishwasher and the appliances themselves were set on the counter.

“You know Michael I had no idea it took this much equipment to fix a meal. We had a can opener, two pots and a frying pan and we survived.” Max stood there bewildered while rubbing the back of his neck…

“I know Maxwell, I know.” He said aloud and gave Max a wink as he thought to himself, ‘God what a mess’.

The two young men had everything set out on the counter and the dishwasher running in the matter of an hour and then Max decided,

“Hey Michael, do you think we should just put these boxes back together and put them in the closet and save them for when we move?”

“Sounds like a good plan Max, but are you going to have enough room in the closet for all of these boxes? You know she’s not done yet.” Michael asked his best friend with a twinkle in his eye.

“You’re right. But how much more could she possibly need? Christ, there’s every gadget known to man in that kitchen… isn’t there?”

“”I don’t think so. I didn’t see a cork screw.”

“You’re right; I guess she’s not done yet.” Max shrugged and started putting the boxes back together.

“Well let’s just save them for now and if it gets to be too much I can always haul them off in the truck.” Max said with a resigned tone to his voice…

“Whatever you say man.” Michael answered as he patted his friend on the shoulder…Max just shrugged free and rubbed the back of his neck again...

With that the two of them got busy repacking the boxes and then they stacked them neatly in the corner of the closet, they really didn’t take up that much space after they stacked them all on top of each other, putting smaller ones inside of bigger ones.

They talked of their future at the hospital, hiring an architect, building a medical practice and life in general and after clearing out the empty boxes they headed back to the living room to decide where a good place for the electronics would be.

“You know Mike; the armoire is going to be in the living room for the time being and with the fireplace, Oh God!!! The fireplace!!! Maybe we’d better wait until everything gets here before unpacking that stuff since we don’t know where it’s going to fit best.”

“Can’t agree with you more Maxwell…so I guess we’re finished for now?”

“It would seem so Michael…thanks, I’d be here until tonight if I did this by myself.” And Max meant every word…Michael was a great help and a great friend.

On that note Michael headed on over to Maria’s apartment and Max headed off to take his shower and get ready for his lunch with Liz. He would fill her in during their lunch on the exam for Monday so she could make arrangements to take the afternoon off. He wondered if they should get an EPT while they were out. NO!…let’s not jump the gun here, all good things in their time and his mind kept wondering about all of these things as he continued to get dressed.

After he finished getting dressed he called Liz and asked her if she needed anything before he headed over to the office and she told him she thought they should probably get a vacuum cleaner and give the apartment a good going over this evening before the furniture arrived. Max chuckled and asked her where he should go to get one? She mentioned that the place they bought the sewing machine had some pretty nice ones and then she added,

“Whatever you want is fine, they all work pretty much the same although I do prefer an upright…and don’t forget to get extra bags.”

Max couldn’t keep the laugh out of his voice as he told her he would take care of it.

“What are you laughing at Max?” she asked with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice…

“Nothing.” He replied, trying very hard not to laugh louder as he picked up on a little irritation in her voice and try as he might he couldn’t contain himself….

“Max, you are laughing at me about something…tell me.” She asked curtly…

“Liz, it’s only that we haven’t been married two weeks and I think we are going to have to rent the apartment next door to store all of the stuff we have.” And with that he out and out belly laughed, he couldn’t hold off any longer.

It was partly a feeling of anxiety over her exam on Monday and the actual purchasing of everything in sight. Liz saw no humor in this at all…’you need all of this stuff to run a home, doesn’t he know this?’ she thought then all but barked out…

“Whatever Max, I’ll see you soon.” She figured if she wanted to avoid an argument she’d better cut this conversation short.

“Liz?” Max asked coaxingly…

“Yes.” She answered with a little more civility…

“I love you.” He said sweetly…

“Oh Max, I love you too.” They both smiled and hung up.


Max stopped at the small appliance store on his way to the office and decided not to purchase a vacuum cleaner there because he saw some nicer ones at the store where he and Michael purchased the TV and accessories. So when he got to the office to get Liz for lunch he suggested that they do a burger drive thru and go over to the TV store and look at those vacuums before making any decisions.

Liz thought that would be fine and so, while they were on their way to the drive-in Max told Liz about the appointment on Monday at 2:00 and asked if she would like to come home before going over to the office of Dr. Jefferds or would she prefer that he pick her up at the office. She said she thought she would rather go home and take a bath first.

Max looked down into her beautiful face and saw a pensive expression there…she wasn’t really sure about all of this and he could tell.

“Liz, it’s going to be alright. I will be there with you and if you want to take a bath first then I will be waiting for you at home.” Max tried to be reassuring…

“Are you sure Max? I’ve never been through anything like this before.” She was starting to feel very anxious about the whole thing, worrying her bottom lip almost raw…

“I know sweetheart, but women go through these tests everyday, they are very routine.” Max felt as though he was failing her in some way.

“O-okay…I guess.” And she continued to nibble her bottom lip nervously…

Max reached over and grabbed her hand then leaned over at the next red light and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“I love you Liz and I won’t let anything happen to you.” Max smiled at her and then she said…

“I know that Max, it’s just something new…and it’s Michael.”

“Whoa, wait a minute. Do you want someone else to do this?” Now Max was concerned, she specifically wanted Michael to do this…how would he explain to Michael that she changed her mind…

“Yeah. You.” She blurted out.

“Oh honey, you know I would love to but I can’t be your doctor…it just isn’t done, and besides it’s better to have an unbiased opinion.” Max grabbed her hand and held it as he drove through the streets to the electronics store. Then Liz queried back,

“What… do you really think Michael is going to be unbiased?”

“Yes Liz, he is. Michael loves you and he would never let any harm come to you in any way. You know that; and even though he’s our friend he will treat you with the utmost professionalism.” Max thought to himself ‘she has got to relax or she’ll be a wreck by Monday’.

“Yes, I know that. Does it hurt?” She asked, her eyes open wide in anticipation of his answer…

“Liz, how do I know, I’ve never had it done to me.” Max tried to joke her back to reason…

With that remark Liz punched him in the arm and Max started to laugh…

”No Liz, it doesn’t hurt.”

“Ok, I’ll take your word for it.”
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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #29 11/1/12

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Katy: I'm sorry to say I've never seen Grimm so I can't comment...I watch NCIS, White Collar and Covert Affairs...that's about all I really watch and I have family feud on for noise while I'm working around the house. I watch Bones when I remember to turn it on and occasionally I'll watch a movie but not too much. Dull huh? :wink: But when I'm at my sons that big screen TV takes up half the family room wall and it's hard to miss. :roll:
Natalie: thank you, here's another boring part..or maybe I think it's boring because I've read it so many times editing it that I'm bored with it all. :roll:
Carolyn: Hey, I know what you mean but keep in mind that when we were starting out a lot of these things weren't even around! :wink: I'm dating us here! And also, they have the money for all of this STUFF. I don't know about you, but we had to budget when I was that age...still do for that matter, but I don't need a matter of fact I'd like to get rid of some of it. :lol:
Eve: Keep in mind that Max is a doctor and Liz would like him to be her doctor but that just won't do so she is trusting Max's judgement when he says that Michael is one of the best and he definitely wants her to have the best.

Chapter: 30

Max and Liz managed to get the vacuum at the TV store and then it was back to the office for Liz. Max headed home and started to vacuum all of the rooms to get ready for the furniture delivery in the morning and then he headed over to Maria’s.

Max stopped by Maria’s before heading to his own apartment and when Michael answered the door he was greeted with a …

“Max buddy, just the person I needed to talk to.” Max raised an eyebrow and looked at Michael questioningly…Michael continued,

“I made reservations at the Regency for the week-end and I need to get Maria out of here or something so that I can pack a bag for her without her knowing it or let Liz do it. I want to give her the engagement ring and I want it to be special.”

Max got the biggest smile on his face, hugged Michael and patted his friend on the back and said…

“Michael, that’s wonderful. I’ll talk with Liz and she will be able to come up with something, you know that, right?” Then Max said he thought he would head on over to their place and get things ready for Liz when she got home.

“Do you have any plans for this evening?” Michael asked…

“Only that Liz told me not to make any plans because she had some plans of her own.” Max grinned at Michael and Michael winked at Max with a knowing gleam in his eye and said…

“Have a GOOD EVENING Max.” Max winked and told his friend he could count on it.

Maria poked her nose out of the kitchen about that time and told Max “bye lover boy…see you tomorrow,” and winked. It looked like both girls had plans for this evening.

Meanwhile back at the apartment Michael called the Regency and made a reservation for Saturday evening … honeymoon suite with dinner in the room. This should be very nice.

He would get Liz to pack an overnight bag for Maria and put it in the car for him if he could just get Maria out of the apartment long enough for Liz to get in there. They would work it out somehow.


Liz arrived home around 6:00 p.m. and Max had vacuumed everything in the apartment, cleaned both bathrooms, changed the sheets on the bed and placed candles all around the bathroom and bedroom.

He ordered Chinese food, with chopsticks, to be delivered around 7:00 and he sat two nice plates and cups on the counter in the kitchen. He put water in the very red teakettle and got out the herb tea they purchased and put some very nice large bath towels on the counter in the master bath.

Liz was very impressed to say the least. It was obvious that Max was anticipating an extremely nice evening.

After a nice long leisurely kiss at the front door Max took Liz by the hand and led her to the bathroom and helped her out of her clothes. He had already removed his shirt, shoes and socks and all he had to do was step out of his jeans and boxers.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and started lifting her shirt up over her body…she raised her arms over her head for only a second, having to let go of his shoulders to do so, and then she immediately went back to holding onto him while planting little kisses around his neck and down his chest.

Max was getting very turned on, but didn’t want to get too carried away before their shower because their food would be here and he wanted no interruptions once they got down to the real pleasures of the evening. He told Liz dinner would be arriving around seven and they should really wait dessert til later, she looked up at him with those big beautiful eyes and said,

“Then how about a quickie?”

Max chuckled at that remark and immediately unzipped his jeans and dropped his boxers and pants at the same time. By this time Liz was in the shower. She undressed herself in record time and our two lovers began their first really good evening together since their return from the Regency.

After their shower and drying each other off they put their robes on and waited for their Chinese delivery. Liz turned the water on under the teapot and looked around the kitchen. This was her first really good chance to survey the hard work Max and Michael had done and she was very pleased with their efforts. Everything was so nice and clean and neatly placed along the kitchen counters. All she had to do was determine what she wanted to keep out and where to store the items that would not be used that often. They did a wonderful job and she would be sure to thank Michael in the morning, but now all she wanted to do was thank her husband properly.

Max came in and nuzzled the back of her neck while she was choosing some tea and she leaned into his chest and purred like a contented little kitten as she wrapped her hands around the arms surrounding her. Max could only smile at her reaction to him, God how he loved her, he pulled her closer to him and continued to nuzzle her…she felt so soft and warm and he wished that he could hold her like this forever.

“Max, thank you so much for doing all of the unpacking and cleaning, everything looks so nice. You and Michael really deserve a medal for all of your efforts.”

“Oh sweetie, you have no idea how much I enjoyed doing this. It just comes so easy knowing that it’s for us, you know?”

“Yeah, I think I do. It’s like I’m out there on this whole other plane somewhere and I’m a spectator looking down on this other life that is coexisting with mine. I just haven’t had time to realize the reality of it all of yet. I can’t ever remember being this happy. I have always been happy with you but now I am really a part of you and it seems to complete me. Am I making sense?” She turned in his arms and looked up into his beautiful amber eyes…

“Perfect sense, I feel the same way…it feels like I have just now started on a journey that was meant to be.” With that, Max placed a kiss on her nose and the doorbell rang. They both pulled apart reluctantly to start getting ready for their dinner.

Liz got the tray ready to put the dishes on it and put the teabags into the teapot and waited for Max to return to the kitchen with the food.

They decided to eat in the bedroom since they had nothing but a bed to sit on anyway…this should really be fun.

Max found a romantic CD when he and Michael were shopping at the electronics store and he cued it into Liz’s portable CD player she had in the bedroom and lit all of the candles he could find in the apartment. It was very cozy and he and Liz were really enjoying their dinner and light conversation,

“Oh, by the way, Michael has reservations to take Maria to the Regency Saturday night for a romantic get away. He has been carrying her engagement ring around in his pocket for quite a few months now waiting for the right time and he wanted to know if we could get her out of the apartment Saturday morning so he could pack a bag for her. Also, can you suggest anything in particular for him to pack?”

“Sure…does he plan on taking her to dinner first or what? Do you know?” Liz was so excited at the news, she gave Max a great big grin and he returned her smile with one of his own,

“Well, he said he planned on dinner in the honeymoon suite but she doesn’t know that’s where it will be. She thinks they have a dinner date. I told him how really nice I thought the suite was and he said he thought that sounded great. What do you think? Oh, please pass the soy sauce.” He said as an afterthought.

Liz handed Max the soy sauce and said, “Well, if they’re going to have dinner in their room then all he really needs is a toothbrush and a clean change of clothes. God knows we were over packed for the weekend.”

“Yeah, you’re certainly right about that!” Max chuckled at the thought of their two nights and a day…that was great! Now that he could walk normally…

Max looked over at Liz and grinned then leaned in and put his thumb under her chin and lifted her face to him and licked off some sweet and sour from the corner of her mouth…Liz grinned and said “thanks…”

“Oh and Liz, since I have this time off, how do you feel about a honeymoon, a real honeymoon? Would you like to call the travel agent your grandmother set us up with and go somewhere nice? Is there any special place you would like to see?”

“Oh God Max, I don’t know. Things really aren’t that bad at work right now but the apartment still needs some work done on it. Kyle is working out really great and he has taken on all of Jeremy’s cases without a hitch. He is so knowledgeable and your Mom seems really pleased with him…maybe we could go somewhere… Jody is working out to be a tremendous help, I guess we could hire a temp to do the phones while I’m gone. Let me talk it over with Diane and see what she says. I don’t want to take advantage of her just because she is my friend and now my mother-in-law.” She said thoughtfully…

“I know how you feel sweetheart, but Mom would never feel like you were taking advantage of her…you know that, right?” Max truly wanted to reassure Liz that his mother would never feel that way, his mom had assured him that Liz did a tremendous job.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s just that this past month has been a real burden on the office with me being sick for a week, then closing the whole place down for three days before the wedding and now with all of the extra hours I keep taking off…it just doesn’t seem fair to the rest of the crew.”

“Do you feel that the time you are taking off is putting added work on Mom and Jody?” Max asked her with concern in his voice.

“No, not really, I have been staying a little later in the evening and keeping everything current, but I still feel guilty.”

“Well, don’t, as long as you are getting the job done that’s what’s important.” He said very matter-of-factly.

With that Max leaned over and placed a kiss on Liz’s lips and then took the time to really look at her and things started heating up pretty quickly…He reached over her arm and picked the tray up and walked it out to the kitchen. While he was gone Liz removed her robe, turned down the comforter and slipped between the sheets to wait for her husband. She had been waiting for this all day long and now she could really relax and enjoy the rest of her evening.

When Max returned to the bedroom he just smiled at the vision waiting for him. He was so taken with her beauty that he was practically in tears; he wanted her so much he ached. She gave him her crooked little smile, held her arms open to him and opened and closed her fingers in his direction just as she did as a small child and he just shook his head and smiled right back, this was perfect, and she was no child anymore! She. Was. His. Wife. Max crawled in next to his beautiful young bride and made love to her like she was the most precious being on planet Earth, and to him she was.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.