Romancing The Heart{CC,AU,Mature}The End 3/7

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 126 Pg19 7/3

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 127

Liz reached into her pocket and pulled her cell phone out. Liz put her cell phone to her ear.

"Hello," Liz said

"Liz this is Toney have you heard from Alice?" Toney asked

"No. Have you found anything?" Liz asked

"Someone just told me that they saw Alice at the hospital. I don't know if she went anywhere eles," Toney said

"Why would Alice go to the hospital?" Liz asked

"I don't know but I'm goign to find out," Toney said

"Ok. Let me know if you find anything," Liz said

"You know I will. Talk to you soon," Toney said.

"Ok. bye," Liz said before closing her cell phone.

Liz closed her cell phone and put it back intro her pocket. Liz looked up and saw Max looking at her.

"Who was that?" Max asked

""That was Toney," Liz said

"What did he want?" Max asked

"He asked if I have seen Alice. I told him no. Then he said he heard that Alice went to the hospital. Toney went to find out why she went to the hospital for," Liz said

"Great so Toney might get involved in this," Michael said.

Liz was giving Max and look that told him he needs to have a talk with Michael. Max kept shaking his head no. Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex watched Max and Liz.

"Ok, What is going on?" Michael asked

"Nothing," Max said.

"You need to tell him Max," Liz said

"Tell me what?" Michael asked

"No," Max said

"Someone better tell me something," Michael said

"Fine. Lets go into the other room and talk," Max said.

As Max and Michael walk towards the other room Max turned and looked at Liz. Liz gave Max a little smile as she watched them walk into the other room. Max shut the door after they walked into the room. Liz turned and looked at Maria, Alex and Isabel.

"What was that about?" Maria asked

"Max needs to tell Michael somethings," Liz said

"Do you know what they are?" Isabel asked

"Yeah I know what they are. I promise Max not to talk about them," Liz said

"Why does that not make me feel better?" Maria asked

"Don't worry about it everything is going to be fine," Liz said

"That still doesn't make me feel better," Maria said

"Tell me about it," Isabel said

Liz, Isabel and Maria turned and looked at the door when they heard yelling from the next room. The girls turned nd looked at each other then turned and looked at the door again.

Right at that moment Liz's cell phone started to ring. Lix reached into her pocket and pulled her cell phone out. She flipped it open and put it to her ear.

"Hello," Liz said

"Liz I just found out some interesting things about Alice," Toney said.

"What did you find out?" Liz asked

"Liz did you know Alice has a boyfriend?" Toney asked

"No why?" Liz asked

"Well I just found out that Alice told a nurse at the hospital that Pete her boyfriend was there," Toney said

"Wait are you telling me the Pete the byfriend id the same Pete you hired?" Liz asked

"Yes that is what I'm telling you," Toney said

"Oh, god that is......," Liz said.

"I know I feel the same way. But you know what happened after that?" Toney asked

"No what happened after that?" Liz asked as she saw a fullly clothesed Max and a shocked Michael walked into the room.

"Alice went and saw a Mr. Parker. Liz do you know who that is?" Toney asked

Liz closed her eyes for a second then opened them and saw Max and Maria standing next to her while the others watched.

"Liz who the hell is Mr. Parker? And what the hell is going on?" Toney asked

"Um, Mr. Parker is my father. And what is going on is my father wants me and my friends," Liz said

"Great your father. Why is he after you and your friends?" Toney asked

"Yes my father. He is after us because we broke his rules. Toney you need to listen to me. You need to get out of town. Disappear for awhile," Liz said

"Why do I need to dis appear for awhile?" Toney asked

"Because I think he might send some of his men after you. And I want you gone before they come and find you," Liz said

"Do you really think they would come after me?" Toney asked

"Yes they could be following you right now without you knowing. Toney my father and his men are extremly dangerous. So please leave and don't look back?" Liz asked

"Where are you anyway?"Toney asked

"Toney don't worry about us. We are safe. Just please leave now while your safe," Liz asked

"Are you sure?" Toney asked

"Yes now go," Liz said.

"What about Alice? What do I do about her?" Toney asked

"Don't worry we will deal with her," Liz said.

"Ok. I guess I'll see you when this is all over. Everyone be safe ok," Toney said.

"Ok we will," Liz said

"Ok. By," Toney said

"By," Liz said before she closed her cell phone.

Liz closed her cell phone and put it into her pocket. After it was in her pocket Liz looked up and looked at Max and Michael.

"Who was that?" Max asked

"It was Toney. He found out Pete was Alice's boyfriend. And he found out my father is here. Plus he knows our friends are here to help. I told him to leave town and don't look back," Liz said

"Good he will be safe," Maria said

"Yeah, But I doubt he will listen. He is probably trying to find out where we are," Liz said.

"Well lets hope he won't," Michael said

"What will we do if he does?" Isabel aked

"We will havr to wait and see if he does. And if he does I'll handle it," Michael said

"How are you going to handle it?" Liz asked

"Don't worry," Michael said.

Liz turned and looked at Max. Max shrugged his shoulders. Liz just walked past Max and walked towards the window. When Liz got to the window she pulled the curtains back and saw her dad looking at her. She turned and saw a car speeding towards the hotel.

"Guys. I think we might have a problem," Liz said

"What do you mean?" Max asked

Liz watched as a car crashes threw Mr. Parker and his men' s and drives up to the hotel.

"Liz what kind of problem?" Michael asked

Right at that time the place shook and the lights went out.Max, Liz and friends looked around.

"What the hell just happened?" Alex asked

"Someone drove threw Mr. Parker and his men's car. I think the car just drove into the hotel," Liz said

"Great someone just drove in the hotel. W e don't know who it could be," Michael said.

"What are we going to do?" Isabel said

"I say we try to find the person bedore they find us," Max said

"Ok. But how?" Alex asked

"Michael and I will go see if we can find out who it is while the rest of you stay here," Michael said.

"Whatever," Liz said

Alex and Isabel both turned and looked at Liz and Maria. Then they looked at Max and Michael. Max and Michael looked at the girls then walked out the door to look for the driver of the car. They went down the hall to the stairs. Max and Michael went down the dtairs to the first floor. When they got to the first dloor the walked down the hall to the front area. Max and Michael walked down the hall and saw the car was infront of room 3. They walked up to the car and saw no one was in the car. They both looked at each other then looked around. Max and Michael started to check all the rooms as they walked down the hallway. When they got to the last room before they got to the doorway. Someone came out of the room pointing a gun at them. When Max and Michael saw who it was.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Michael asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 127 Pg20 7/8

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 128

"I traced where Liz was. I thought you were in trouble," Toney said

"Yeah, we are. Nice work you did with Mr. Parker and those cars," Michael said.

Right at that moment Max's cell phone started to ring and they all got quiet as Max took the phone from his pocket and put it to his ear.

"Hello," Max said

"Max, did you find the person that crashed in?" Liz asked

"Yeah, just found him," Max said

"Who was it?" Liz asked

"You're never going to believe this, it was Toney," Max said

"What? Please tell me you are joking?"

"No. It is really Toney," Max said

"What the hell is he doing there?" Liz asked

"He's talking to Michael. I can't figure out what they're saying though," Max said.

Meanwhile a little way down the hallway:

"What the hell is going on here? And how can Max be alive?" Toney asked.

"Max faked his death to find out who wants him dead and he was also protecting all of us. And about Mr. Parker and his men; well they are after us, so we ended up here," Michael said.

"What do you plan on doing now?" Toney asked

"We were just talking about it when you drove in," Michael said

Michael and Toney turned and noticed that Max was standing in front of them.

"So?" Michael asked

"We need to get back upstairs," Max said

"Let's go then," Michael said

While Max, Toney and Michael were walking up stairs to where Alex and the girls were wating Alex kept looking out the window. About that time Isabel's phone rang and she didn't hesitate to answer...

"Hello," Isabel said

"Have you girls found your brothers" A Voice asked

"Yeah, we found them. Liz and Maria have been with them since they moved into the house," Isabel said.

"How are they?" tha Voice wanted to know.

"They're doing good, they're very busy protecting Liz and Maria and me right now," Isabel said

"Why?" The Voice asked

" Mr. Parker found Liz and Maria and he's threatening them. Right now he is standing outside the building with some guys," Isabel said.

"He what?" The Voice yelled

"Mr. Parker threatened Liz, Alex, Maria and me and now he is standing outside where we are hiding," Isabel said

"How many men are with him?" the Voice asked

"Let me check," Isabel said before pulling the phone away.

"How many men are with him?" Isabel asked

"Let me check," Liz said

Liz looked out the window and started counting then she turned and looked at Isabel.

"Nine plus him," Liz said

Isabel put the phone back to her ear as Max, Toney and Michael walked into the room.

"Ten men all together," Isabel said.

"Great, Isabel, you Liz, Maria and Alex might have to fight your way out of there. I'm on my way now. I'll try to get there before he tries to hurt any of you," The Voice said

"Ok. We'll keep an eye out or you. What about Max, Toney and Michael?" Isabel asked

"Don't worry I will handle it,bye," The voice said before hanging up.

"Wait handle what?" Isabel asked

"What did he say?" Maria asked

"We might have to fight our way out and he is going to try to be here before Mr. Parker tries anything," Isabel said.

"What was the wait handle it," Liz asked

"He wants to handle Max, Toney and Michael," Isabel said

"Ok. But the question is why?" Alex asked

"I guess we will have to wait til he gets here to find out," Isabel said

"Ok. Now things are getting crazy," Maria said

"Maria you seem to forget that everything is already crazy." Liz said

"True," Alex said.

"What the hell is going on?" Max asked

"Um, nothing," Isabel said.

"Who were you on the phone with?" Michael askd

"Our boss. And he is also Mr. Parker's boss," Liz said.

"Why were you talking to him?" Max asked

"He wants to see all of us," Maria said.

"Is he coming here?" Toney asked

"Yes. He told us we might have to fight our way out with Mr. Parker and his men," Alex said

"What do you mean he will handle us?" Michael asked

"He said he would handle you three. But he wants to see all of us," Isabel said

"So what do we do now?" Toney asked.

"I guess we get redy to fight our way out," Alex said

Liz turned and walked to the window where she saw Mr. Parker on the phone talking to someone while the rest of the men out there were trying to gather their things.

"Alex do you still have those bottle bombs with you?" Liz asked.

"Um, yeah why?" Alex asked

"Can I please have one?" Liz asked

"Sure," Alex said as he grabbed up the bag.

Alex opened the bag and went over to Liz with the bottle, she turned and took the bottle from Alex and then found a piece of cloth and stuck in the top of the bottle. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a lighter and lit the rag and made her way to the open window. She threw the bottle so that it landed in the front seat of Mr. Parker's car. The bottle hit it's mark and Liz and Alex watched as Mr. Parker's car and 2 of his men's cars blew up. They watched and smiled as Mr. Parker and his men ran for cover.

"Hey Maria remember that classic black car my dad had?" Liz asked

"Yeah?" Maria asked

"Well, it just blew up," Liz said

"What did you do?" Maria asked.

Liz turned and looked at Maria.

"I kinda blew up the car," Liz said

"No way. You know how your dad is about that car," Maria said

"Well...why do you think I blew it?" Liz said with a grin.

"You are so bad," Maria said.

Liz and Alex turned and looked out the window where they saw all of Mr. Parker's men trying to put out the fires. She turned and looked at Max, Toney and Michael and as she looked at them she got another plan and then she smiled at all of them. Maria and Isabel knew that smile and knew that Liz was up to something.

"What are you planning Lizzie?" Maria asked

"Oh, let's just say that it should be very interesting," Liz said

"What do we need?" Alex asked

"We need the bottles and cloths, different lengths of cloths...use your knives to cut towels...they'll work best." Liz said

"Are we going to do what I think you're going to do?" Isabel asked

"Yeah, we just need to figure out where the...... Oh my God," Liz said

"Liz what is it?" Alex asked

"Toney is your car still down stairs in the enterance?" Liz asked

"Yeah why?" Toney asked

"Did Alice ever borrow your car?" Liz asked

"Yeah, she's been driving my car since she has been here," Toney said

"Then it might still be there," Liz said

"If it is then that means if anyone found it they could take the rap," Maria said

"But why would Alice do that?" Isabel asked

"Because she wanted to hurt the people that hurt her. Its her revenge," Liz said

"So in other words she wants everyone to pay," Alex said

"But pay for what?" Isabel asked

"And make who pay for it?" Alex asked.

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 128 Pg21 7/17

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 129

Liz and Maria turned and looked at Max, Toney and Michael strangely, Isabel and Alex noticed,

"What are you not telling us?" Isabel asked.

"Ok. There was a guy named Spike. Max and Michael held him down while Toney killed him; Maria and I noticed how Alice had a smile on her face as she watched this happening," Liz said, then Maira continued...

"Toney used to throw parties at his house where Max and Michael would get drunk and sometime we found them making out with these naked girls."

"Everytime Alice was around she was always hanging around close to the guys and she would make it seem like she was sleeping with them when she saw us." Liz continued.

"Alice scared us more than anything," Maria said

"You know what was really strange," Liz said

"What?" Toney asked

"The way Eric was around her, or even when they talked. It was like she was into something with Eric and Eric was trying to get out of it," Liz said

"The cops never knew who killed Eric. They said it was a mystery," Toney said

Max, Maria and Michael noticed a look on Liz's face.

"Liz what?" Max asked

"Remember that time I went to pick up Alice," Liz said

"Yeah what about it?" Max asked

"Well when I got to her place she opened the door and she had a gun in her hand. I didn't think anything of it at the time but when those men came shooting at us they didn't shoot at her, they were only shooting at me," Liz said.

"So what are you saying?" Michael asked

"I'm saying that I think Alice worked for my father from the start. She got rid
of anyone that stood in her way, or tried to stop her. I'll bet she put something in Toney's car so he would take the rap if anything went wrong," Liz said

"If that is true then there is proof either in my car or in my house," Toney said

"Ok. So what do you want to do?" Max asked

"Make bombs and blast those assholes," Liz said

"You know that is very dangerous Liz," Toney said

"Yeah, I know. But what they don't know is they have three very pissed off ladies that want their lives back," Liz said

"And one extremly pissed off guy," Alex said

"So what do we do?" Toney asked

"It means we fight back and we fight dirty. That is what we need those little sparks for ," Liz said

Max walked over to Liz and spoke softly,

"Can we talk in private now?" Max asked

"Fine," Liz said

They walked into the other room and Max turned to shut the door.He turned and looked at Liz who was already sitting on the bed looking at him. He walked over and sat next to her, they turned and looked at each other.

"Liz, what you are planning is very dangerous," Max said

"I know that Max. But we need to leave, we need to take our lives back," Liz said

"Liz, you know I'm worried and I don't want anything to happen to you," Max said

"I know that," Liz said

"I'm going to stay with you until this is all over," Max said

"Oh really," Liz said.

"Yes really," Max said

Max leaned in and kissed Liz tenderly and then the kiss turned into something hot and passionate. Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist and pulled her closer to him and just as Liz was about to wrap her arms around Max's neck the door opened. Michael was standing in the door way and Liz hid her face in Max's shirt as Michael looked at the two of them.

"Um what"s up?" Max asked

"I just wanted to let you know that Alex made enough bombs to get us out of here... so what is going on in here?" Michael asked with a smile on his face.

"Um nothing," Max trailed off...

"Yeah, right," Michael grinned.

"Can you two talk about this later?" Liz asked

"Oh all three of us will. You'd better fix yourselves and get ready," Michael said before closing the door.

Max and Liz stood up and fixed their clothes and faces then turned and looked at each other.

"Liz, are you ok?" Max asked

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little embarrassed that Michael caught us like that," Liz said

"It's going to be ok," Max said as he hugged Liz around the waist.

"Max, Michael just caught us making out. This is bad," Liz said

"I know that. But we need to go out here with the rest of them," Max said

"Fine. But if he does anything then the both of you will be sorry," Liz said

Max and Liz went into the other room where they saw all the bombs sitting on a table. Liz was surprised and Max was shocked that Alex was able to make so many in such a short time. Max turned to Michael and asked,

"How many are there?"

"There's thirty, now we are trying to come up with a plan." Michael said

"Oh," Max said

"Yeah," Michael said.

Liz walked past Max and Michael over to the window and looked out.She saw four new cars and a man walking toward Mr. Parker. She watched Mr. Parker walk to the back of one of the cars and pull out a missle launcher. He turned and pointed it at Liz.

"Guys," Liz said

"What?" Max and Michel asked

"We need to leave, NOW!" Liz said

"Why?" Michael asked

Liz stepped back from the window and pushed everyone towards the door. After they were out of the room Liz asked...

"Alex do you have all the bombs with you?"

"Yeah, why?" Alex asked

"Alex throw a bomb into the room," Liz said.

As Alex threw the bomb they all ran down the hall and the room blew up. The Building started to shake and Max and the guys all grabbed the girls and pulled them to safety.

"What the hell was that?" Max asked

"That was a missle launcher and the bomb," Liz said

"Come on, let's get out of here," Michael said.

They all ran down the hallway toward the stairs and after making sure it was safe they went down. They kept going down one flight after the other and when they got to the first floor entrance Max opened the door and looked out. He didn't see anything but then he turned and watched Liz as she walked past him and the others. She could see the parking lot through the glass in the front doors and when she looked out she saw a couple of Mr. Parkers men walking towards the door.

Liz turned around and started to walk back to Max and the others when someone grabbed Liz from behind and pulled her into a room. The person turned Liz to face them. As Liz looked at the person they pushed her hard against the wall.

"Well well what do we have here?" Voice asked

"Go to hell you asshole," Liz said

The person turned on the light and that is when Liz saw that it was her father.

"Is that anyway to talk to your father?" Mr. Parker asked

"You? My father? That is a joke," Liz said

Mr. Parker back handed Liz across the face twice; Liz looked at Mr. Parker and spit in his face.

Meanwhile in the hallway:

"Where is Liz?" Max asked

"She went down the hallway. Why?" Maria asked.

"Shouldn't she be back by now," Max asked

"Yeah, she should unless..." Alex's voice trailed off

"Unless what?" Maria asked

"Unless someone has her," Isabel said

"Lets go see if we can find her," Michael said

They all started to down the hallway and then they heard noises. Max, Toney and Michael pulled out their guns. Then the shooting started... Everyone took cover as the guys started to shoot at whoever was shooting at them.

"Great, Liz is missing and now this," Michael said

"Alex do you have a smoke bomb on you?" Max asked.

"Yeah why?" Alex replied,

"We are going to need it," Max said

"Sure," Alex said as he turned and reached into his duffle bag and pulled out a smoke bomb.

Isabel and Maria looked at Max.

"What are you going to do?" Isabel said

"I'm going to throw it so Michael and Toney and I can handle these assholes." Max said

"We are ready when you are," Michael said.

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 129 Pg21 7/22

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 130

"Yeah let's do this," Max said

Max threw the smoke bomb and it landed rightin the middle Mr. Parkers men. As the smoke cover took hold the men all started caughing as Max, Toney and Michael ran for the them and started to beat the crap out of them. When the smoke cleared Max, Toney and Michael were the only ones left standing as Maria, Alex and Isabel walked over to them.

"Come on, we'd better find Liz," Michael said.

"But how?" Maria asked

"We'll check every room," Max said

"Let's go," Michael said

Max and the group started to search the rooms one by one and then they all gathered in a hallway and looked around; suddenly they heard a scream a few doors down from where they were standing.

Mr. Parker released his hold on Liz for just a second and she pushed him away from her and started hitting him. Mr. Parker threw a couple of punches at Liz and Liz was knocking things over as she tried to evade him and then she fell to the floor,cutting her hand on some glass. Liz screamed as the glass went into her hand, she looked up at her father and saw that he had a gun pointed at her and then she lifted her leg and kicked Mr. Paker in the knee with her foot. Mr. Parker fell to the floor and both Liz and Mr. Parker started reaching for the gun that had flown loose from the man's hand. Every time one of them got close the other would managed to push it away.

Finally after numerous attempts an extra pair of hands grabbed the gun. When Liz and Mr. Parker looked up they saw Max standing in front of them. Max watched Mr. Parker as he helped Liz stand up. Max held the gun on Mr. Parker and Liz just stood there next to Max looking at the deranged man .

"I want some answers from you right now," Max said

"You don't have the guts to kill me boy," Mr. Parker said

"Why did you send hit men after us? Why do you want us dead?" Max asked

"Because you're not right for my girls. You're nothing but thugs; I want you dead," Mr. Parker said

"Well for your information it's the girls who decide who they want to be with not you," Max said

"Why you ....," Mr. Parker said as he stood up.

While Max and Mr. Parker were face to face Liz looked down between them and noticed her father had pulled out a knife out. Liz grabbed Max and pulled him away as Mr. Parker raised the knife. Mr. Parker stabbed Max in the shoulder and Max turned and shot Mr. Parker in the chest. Liz and Max watched as Mr. Parker fell to the floor; Max pulled Liz towards him and Liz startd to cry on Max's wounded shoulder.

"Sh, sh, sh Liz it's going to be ok," Max said

Liz and Max pulled away and looked at each other.

"Are you ok?" Max asked

"My hand hurts, how are you?" Liz asked

"My shoulder hurts. I think we need to go to the hospital," Max said.

"Ok." Liz said

Max and Liz walked out of the room into the hallway where they saw men
holding their friends arms. Mr. Parker's men had all been cuffed and placed into cars that now filled the parking lot.

"Are you Max and Liz?" A man asked

"Who are you?" Max asked

" We have orders to take all of you to the hospital," the Man said

"Why?" Liz asked

"Because, we can see you are hurt and you need a doctor. Plus the boss told us to have you wait there for him," The Man said.

"Fine," Liz said

"Then lets go," Man said.

Max, Liz and the their friends all stood up and walked towards the doors of the hotel where they saw an ambulance and six black cars waiting. Max and Liz got into the ambulance first and sat down and then Maria and Isabelle joined them. the rest of the group piled into the remainder of the black cars. After they sat down and took off Liz, Maria and Isabel all looked at each other. Max noticed the looks between the girls.

"Ok. What's the deal with the looks?" Max asked

"Max, you and Michael know 'the boss' as those men called him," Liz said.

"What do you mean we know the boss?" Michael asked

"He is very close to you, Isabel and Max," Maria said.

"Ok. That doesn't tell us how we know him," Max said

"Max when you and Michael find out don't be pissed at us," Liz said

"Why would we be pissed at you and Maria?" Max asked

"Because the boss has been looking for you and Michael," Liz said

"What do you mean looking for us?"

The ambulance stopped and when the back doors opened they saw a man standing at the outside of the doorway looking at them.

"Come on. Time to get out," The guy said.

Max, Liz and their friends all piled out of the ambulance and headed into the hopsital emergency room where they were led into a private room. The doors shut behind them and then a man approached Liz; when she looked at him she realized who he was but she didn't say anything to the others.

"It's good to see that you're all still alive,' The man said

"Yeah, well, what can I say; what are you doing here Mark?" Liz asked

"The boss wanted me here to make sure you get fixed up and to insure you don't leave," Mark said

"Yeah, well, I figured that. Can you look at Max's shoulder and my hand?" Liz asked.

"Sure," Mark said

Mark took Liz's hand and saw how deep a piece of glass was imbedded and nodded.

"It's not too deep but you're going to need some stitches, are you ready to get that glass out?" Mark asked

"Yeah," Liz said

"Good. Max with your good hand hold Liz's hand for me; she will sqeeze your hand if she feels any pain," Mark said

"Ok," Max said.

"Ready?" Mark asked

Liz and Max nodded their heads. Mark poured a cleansing solution over Liz's hand and then applied a local anesthetic. He then carefully took a tweezers type instrument and started to slowly extract the glass, making sure to not sever any nerves. Everytime Mark pulled on the glass Liz's hand would bleed a little and cause her some pain. Liz kept sqeezing Max's hand and Max kept on holding.

After the glass was out Mark turned to the instrument table and found a needle and some sutures and he started to sew the cuts. Liz watched Mark as he sewed her hand and after he was finished he bandaged the wound and then looked at Liz and Max.

"You'll have to change the dressing everyday to keep it clean and dry and to prevent infection. We'll need to take a look at it again in a week to take the stitches out. Max, it's your turn, ready?" Mark asked

"Yeah," Max said

"Ok Max we'll need to cut that shirt away from you, that's the only way we'll be able to get that knife really looks nasty but it doesn't look like it's near an artery. Liz will you go over to that table and get me scissors and a scalpal." Mark said

Liz walked over to the roll around table and found the tools Mark needed and returned to Mark and handed him the scissors and placed a scalpal on the table next to him. Mark took the scissors from Liz and proceeded to cut Max's shirt away from the knife and then he started to work on Max's shoulder.

He had sterilized the wound and gave Max several shots of novocaine in the area of the cut while Liz was choosing the right instrument. After he was sure that Max couldn't feel anything he gently lifted the blade of Mr. Parker's knife from Max's shoulder and then he cleansed it some more before he started suturing the wound just as he had done for Liz. After that was finished Mark taped a surgical bandage on Max's shoulder and Max grabbed what was left of his shirt and put it back on. Mark turned and looked at Isabel and Alex.

"Hey Isabel and Alex. How was the honeymoon?" Mark asked

"Mark it's good to see you; as for our honeymoon it was very romantic," Isabel said

"That's great, so everything is ok then?" Mark asked

"Yes, we found my brothers with Liz and Maria," Isabel said

"Wait! What?" Mark asked.

"Max and Michael are Isabels brothers," Maria said

"Oh, really?" Mark said

"Yeah," Liz said

"That is, um, I don't know what to say," Mark said

"That is a first. So why don't you just shut up for once," Maria said.

"I didn't say anything," Mark said

"No but you were going to say something," Maria said

"Ok...You both need to stop this," Alex said

"Alex you'd better step back," Liz said

"Why?" Alex asked.

Right at that moment Maria punched Alex on the arm and Mark punched Alex in the stomach.

"That's why?" Liz said

"You know, just once I would like a heads up," Alex said

"And I wish for once you'd both stop fighting," Isabel said

"Yeah, well lets see how the boss feels about you four," Mark said.

"Mark, shut up," Liz said.

"Why?" Mark asked

"Because right now we have enough crazy things happening," Liz said

"What do you mean?" Mark asked

"Oh; lets see, I have been shot at, Pete tried to rape me oh, and let's not forget Alice tried to kill me. And to top it of my dad tried to kill Max and me," Liz said

"Wow," Mark said

"Yeah," Liz said

Right at that moment the door opened and a man walked in. Everyone turned and looked at the guy and Michael and Max asked at the same time.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 130 Pg22 7/27

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 131

"Hello boys," The man said

"What are you doing here?" Max asked

"I came to see the two of you,"

"Daddy," Isabel said as she ran up to her father.

"Hey Isabel, Alex. It's good the see you both." Philip Evans said

"Good to see you too sir," Alex said

"It's also good to see you too, Liz and Maria," Mr. Evan said

"You too," Maria said

"How do you know Liz and Maria?" Michael asked his father.

"We know your dad because we work for him," Liz answered.

"What?" Max asked with shock in his voice...

"What was your job description?" Michael asked

"We had to find you two and see if anything bad was going on," Maria said

"So, basically you were spying on us." Max said

"In a way, yes," Liz answered.

"I can't believe you have been spying on us all this time," Max said

"Max..." Liz coaxed,

"I want to know what else you've been doing?" Max asked.

"We were trying to find out what you have been doing so your dad would know. We didn't plan on getting close to you guys but then we and did things started gettting dangerous," Maria said

"So now you know we work for a mob boss, and we kill people," Michael said

Liz turned and looked at Mr. Evans.

"Do you know who killed Eric?" Liz asked

"Yes. I found out it was one of your father's men. When we finally found the man he jumped off a cliff to his death," Mr. Evans said.

Liz nodded her head and then turned to Toney who was now looking at her.

"Toney, I don't know how to say this but, Alice is dead," Liz said

"How did she die?" Toney asked

"Alice and I got into a fight. She was mad and attacked Max. I walked in and tried to untie him but Alice came at me and started to throw punches. Then the next thing I know she has a lamp and she charges at me. We fought and when she charged at me and I got the broken lamp away shye fell on it and the lamp went through her heart," Liz said

"Who did Alice work for?" Toney asked

"She worked for Mr. Parker as did Pete," Mr. Evans said

"So is it all over now?" Maria asked

"Yes it's all over now. You can all go and live your livees in peace," Mr. Evans said

"Great. Now we can go find a place close to Max and Michael," Isabel said happily.

"Yeah, great," Alex said with a scared look on his face.

Isabel turned and looked at Max and Michael.

"Will it be ok if we move close to you two?" Isabel asked Max,

"Yeah, sure. We need to get to know your husband don't we?" Max said

Liz looked around and saw that Max, Isabel and Alex were talking in a corner while
Michael and Maria were talking softly to each other in another corner. Standing in the middle of the room were Mr. Evans and Toney talking to each other.

While everyone was talking Liz sneaked out of the room and walked down a hallway and out of the building.She walked up to a cab, got in and handed the driver an address. The cab took off.

A while later Liz was in front of her father's house; she got out of the cab and walked towards the house and went in and looked around. She made her way up the stairs to her old bedroom and found everything was the same way she had left it. She looked around and saw pictures of her and Maria, some of her and Mark and a couple of pictures of her and her mom. There were more of her, her mom, Maria and Maria's mom. She even found a picture of her, Maria, Alex and Isabel in a group hug. She cried as she looked at all of the pitcures and realized that this was her past.

Liz walked over to her closet and opened it up and found empty boxes. She pulled the boxes out and she started to pack her things. While Liz was packing her cell phone started to ring. She dropped a box and reached into her pocket, pulled out her cell phone and put the phone to her ear.

"Hello," Liz said

"Where are you?" A voice asked

"Who is this?" Liz asked

"It's Mark. Where are you? Everyone is worried about you," Mark said.

"Mark I have some things I have to take care of and after that I I might leave for a while," Liz said.

"What things? And where are you going?" Mark asked

What Liz didn't know was Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Mr. Evan were all listening.

"Mark I am just taking care of something and it is none of your damn buisness where I'm going."

"What about Max and the others?" Mark asked

"I'm going to be gone for a few dys. I'll call them when I get to where I'm going," Liz said

"Liz," Mark said


"Liz why did you leave? I want the real reason," Mark said

"Mark I told you why I'm leaving," Liz said

While Liz was packing her things she found an envelope addressed to her. She reached down and picked up the envelope, sat on the bed looking at it.

"Liz are you still there?" Mark asked

"Um... yeah, hold on for minute," Liz said

Liz set the phone down and opened the envelope and it had two letters in it, one was from her mom and one from Maria's mom.

Liz's Mom wrote:

Dear Lizzie,

Be careful sweetie, I know I left you all of a sudden but your father turned into someone I can't trust and is too dangerous to be around. I have tried to get you and Maria away from him twice and each time he has stopped me by putting a gun to your head.

Please don't trust the lies your father tells you about me. When it is safe I will come back for you and Maria. Please be on your guard around your father I don't know what has changed him but he is not the man I once loved. So please remember I love you my sweet angel and I will always be with you.



Liz set the letter down and opened the other letter, she started to cry as she read the letter.

Maria's mom wrote:

Dear Lizzie,

If you are reading this letter then you know your mom and I left. What you probably don't know is your father might have killed us by now. He probably got a couple of his men to do it. Lizzie your father is extremely crazy. Please don't believe the lies he tells about us and please don't trust him. Please please don't let Maria know about this. You need to find the truth about what happened to us if we are not with you and Maria now.

You may have to go to places you have never been while you are looking for the truth but don't leave Maria alone. You never know what Mr. Parker and his men are up to. All I do know is that it is not safe for you or Maria. Please be on your guard and watch out for things that appear to be out of the normal. We love both of you.



After reading the letter Liz picked up the phone and put it to her ear.

"Mark are you still there?" Liz asked

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Mark asked

"I need to talk to Michael. Give him the phone now," Liz said

"How did?" Mark asked

"Damn it Mark put Michael on the damn phone now," Liz said

"Ok," Mark said

Mark handed the phone to Michael. Michael looked at Mark then put the phone to his ear.

"Yeah," Michael said

"Michael I need you, Alex, Max and your dad to do a big favor for me," Liz said

"What?" Michael asked

"You guys need to guard and protect Maria and Isabel. You can't leave them alone for a second," Liz said

"Liz what?" Michael asked

"Michael please just do this?" Liz asked

"Liz what is going on?" Michael asked

"Michael let's just say I found something that was surprisingly shocking," Liz said

"Liz who does it involve?" Michael asked

"I'll tell you but you can't tell anyone else, promise?" Liz asked

"Promise," Michael said

"I just found 2 letters addressed to me from my mom and Maria's mom," Liz said

"what?" Michael asked

"Yeah, I know," Liz said

"What are you going to do?" Michael asked

"I'm going to find out what happened to them. And how did these letters just show up now," Liz said

"Liz you know this is dangerous. Who knows where this is going to lead." Michael sid

"Michael, I can handle myself. You guys need to keep Maria and Isabel safe."
"What about you?" Michael asked

"Like I said I can handle myself," Liz said

"Hold on," Michael said

Michael turned and saw Max standing beside him. They looked at each other.

"Let me talk to Liz," Max said


Max put the phone to his ear.

"Liz?" Max asked

"Max, what?" Liz asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 131 Pg23 Aug

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 132

"Liz what is going on? And where are you?" Max asked

"Max I'm sorry I can't tell you where I am. I needed to take care of something."

"Liz, what the hell do you have to take care of?"

"Max I can't tell you."

"Liz, we need to talk."

"What is there to talk about?"

"There is a lot we have to talk about" Max was getting very frustrated..

"Yeah, like how you're still mad at me that I lied to you?"

"Yeah and some other things too." Max said softly, hoping no one was able to hear all of their conversation.

"Fine. I'll talk to you when I get back. Okay?"

"Good. I can hardly wait.. I'll see you when you get back," Max said

"Yeah, bye," Liz said before she closed her cell phone.

Liz put her cell phone back into her pocket and started to finish packing.

Meanwhile where the others were:

"So what did Liz have to say?" Maria asked

"She said she has something to do and that she'll be back soon," Max answered and then Isabel had a question.

"Oh. So what did you and Liz need to talk about?"

"It's none of your business Isabel." Max said.

"Are you and Liz friends Max?" Mark asked

"Yes, we are friends," Max said

"Good," Mark said

"So what do we do now?" Toney asked

"That's easy. Max and Michael, you two need to take Maria, Alex and Isaebl somewhere safe.

Toney you are going to quit your gangster activities and you're going to start working for us," Mr. Evans said

"What?" Toney about yelled in shock...

"Well, you can either go to prison and be someone's bitch or you can work for us," Mr. Evans said.

"Let me think about it," Toney said

"You've got 24 hours then it's either prison or your freedom," Mr. Evans said

Everyone looked at Mr. Evans in shock. No one could believe he said that.

"Max you and the others go to this address, you should be safe there while you're watching the girls," Mr. Evans said as he wrote an address down.

"Thanks," Max said as he took the paper from his dad.

"Come on we'd better go," Michael said

Everyone execpt Mr. Evans, Toney and Mark left the room. They knew things might start to get better now.

Max and the others walked out the door and headed down the hallway to the front door. They exited and walked out to their car, got in and drove off. Max drove, following the direction that his dad had given him and when they got to the address it was a cabin outside of town.

They all got out of the car together and walked into the cabin and checked it out. There was a large room and they saw one bedroom with 8 bunkbeds. And the bathroom was in the next room.

"Great," Isabel and Maria said.

"Girls this could be fun. Like we are at camp or something," Alex said

"Or something," Maria said

"Maria," Alex said

"Alex if you finish that sentence you will be sleeping in the dog house when we get home," Isabel said

"Yes dear," Alex said

"Wow Isabel, you haven't changed at all," Michael said.

"Michael you better watch what you say to me or you will be sorry," Isabel said

"Sorry," Michael said.

"How about we sleep in shifts Michael. I'll take first watch then a couple of hours later you take a watch," Max said

"That sounds great. Are you sure you want first watch?" Michael asked

"Yeah, go get some sleep," Max said.

"Ok. see you in a couple of hours," Michael said

Max watched as Michael and the others went to the bedroom and laid down and then Michael shut the door after them. Max walked over to the window
and looked out as he wondered where Liz was and if she was safe.

Meanwhile at the Parkers house:

When Liz was finished packing her things in her room she looked around to make sure she had everything and then she sat down on her bed and stared at the walls. She knew that she needed to do this and then she walked over to the window and looked out. She looked down on the driveway and that is when she saw a black classic car that looked like her dad's sitting in front of the house with its Lights on and the engine running. Liz took a step back from the window when the car door opened and she turned and walked out of her room. As she walked down the hall she pulled her gun out of her jacket pocket and checked to see if it was loaded. She got to the front door and pointed the gun and when the door opened she saw that it was one of her father's men. She pointed the gun in the guys face and asked...

"What do you want?"

"This," The guy said as he punched Liz in the face.

Liz and the guy started to fight each other and the guy got in a couple more good punches before Liz got in the last punch. She managed to wrestle the guy to the ground and she found her gun and shot the guy 3 times in the face. After Liz shot him she looked around for more men and saw no one. She lowered her gun and checked the guy's pulse, she didn't find one and she knew he was dead. Liz dragged the body to the shed behind the house and then she walked back to the house and saw a middle aged gray haired man standing next to the stairs. The guy turned and looked at Liz.

"Who are you?" Liz asked

"I work for Mr. Parker. Who are you?" The man asked

"What do you do for Mr. Parker?" Liz asked

"I'm his butler. Who are you?" The man asked

"I'm his daughter. What is your name?" Liz asked

"My name is Jake. I have worked for Mr. Parker for years. I never knew he had a daughter,"Jake said.

"Yeah, well I left a while back. I'm guessing I'm a secret. Can I ask you some questions?" Liz asked

"Sure I'll answer them as truthful as I can," Jake said

"Were you here when Mrs. Parker and Miss Deluca were here?" Liz asked

"Yes, They went to Mr. Parker's office to talk. Then, I guess a few minutes later, I heard both woman screaming. Then it went quiet," Jake said.

"Where is my father's office?" Liz asked

"Come this way and I'll show you." Jake said

"How old are you Jake?" Liz asked

"I will be 55 in 3 weeks miss," Jake said


Jake and Liz walked down the hallway, turned towards the kitchen and then they turned right. Jake led Liz down some stairs then they went right again and went down a hallway. At the end of the hallway there was a door that Jake opened and then followed Liz into the room. The room was all the furnished in black, even the curtains were black. Liz turned toward the door and flipped the light on and as the light became brighter more of the room came into view. There were chains, whips and weapons mounted on all of the walls and near the window was a bed with black sheets on it. Across from the bed was a desk.

"Is this it?" Liz asked

"No miss there is more than this room," Jake said.

"Where?" Liz asked

Liz watched as Jake walked to the far wall directly in front of her and pulled a lamp down. As the lamp came down the wall opened. Liz watched as Jake turned on the light and when the light became brighter that is when she saw 4 hospital beds and more chains on the walls. She looked to her right and saw 4 skeletons chained to the wall then she turned to her left she saw tools of torture. Liz turned and looked at Jake.

"Has anyone been down here since Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker and Miss Deluca?" Liz asked

"No miss," Jake said

"How long has it been since Mr. Parker's been down here?" Liz asked

"Last time was when Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker and Miss Deluca were here. Pardon me I need to start cleaning up stairs miss," Jake said and ran off in a hurry.

Liz watched as Jake left the room. She looked between both rooms once more and then she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed Mr. Evans number and the phone rang a couple of times, then she heard.


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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 132 Pg23 Aug

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 133

Across town:
Mr. Evans along with Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex were all at a restrant having dinner when his cell phone started to ring. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out....

"Hello," Mr. Evans said

"It's me Liz, um , I don't know how to say this. But I just found 4 skeletons chained to a wall in some kind of torture room," Liz said

"Where are you?" Mr. Evans asked

"I'm in my fathers office, there is a secret room," Liz said

"Your at your fathers house. How did you find the secret room?" Mr. Evans asked

"His butler Jake, showed me. Mr. Evans I think 2 of the skeletons are women. They might be Maria's and my mom," Liz said

"Ok. This is not good. I'm going to send some men over there and don't touch anything," Mr. Evans said

"Ok. May I talk to Michael please," Liz asked

"Sure hold on," Mr. Evans said

Mr. Evans turned and walked over to Michael and tapped him on his shoulder;Michael turned and looked at Mr. Evans.

"Here, phone or you,"

"Thanks," Michael said as he took the phone and walked away wondering who wanted to talk to him on Mr. Evand phone.

Michael walked towards the front of the restrant.

"Hello," Michael said

"Michael it's me Liz. Um I think I just found the bodies of Maria's and my mom," Liz said

"What?" Michael gasped out

"I think it is their bodies. Mr. Evans is sending some people over here to, to um find out and gather Mr. Parker things," Liz said

"Oh god, Are you ok? Where are you?" Michael asked

"I'm fine. I found the bodies at my fathers house inside of a secret room off of his office. Please don't tell the others? Not even Maria til I found out for sure. I don't want her to go ballstaic until we know for sure," Liz said

"I promise I won't tell. Do you want us to do anything?" Michael asked

"Just make sure Maria doesn't find out," Liz said

"I can do that. Liz you know about what happened between you and Max when I walked in on you both. I just wanted to say sorry. And if you need to talk to anyone I'm here," Michael said

"Um, thanks have you talked to Max aboiut it?" Liz asked

"No not yet but I'm going to," Michael said

"God I think you should," Liz said

"Are you and Max going to talk?" Michael aksed

"That's going to be up to Max," Liz said

"I think you both need to talk about it; figure out what it means and what you both want," Michael said

"Michael I know Max and I need to talk about it; Maybe when I get back. But it's up to Max what he wants to do about it," Liz said.

"I know that. I just hope you talk. Oh shit,"Michael said as he turned and saw Max standing infront of him.

"Michael what's wrong?" Liz aked

"Hold on,"Michael sid as he pulled the phone away.

"What is it Max?" Michael asked

"Have you heard from Liz," Max asked

"Um why?"Michael asked

"If you talk to Liz tell her I need to talk to her," Max said

"Sure," Michael asked

Michael watched as Max walked back to the tabel then he picked up his conversation.

"Are you still there?" Michael asked

"Yeah, who were you talking to?" Liz asked

"It was Max. He wanted to talk to you whenyou call again," Michael said

"I wonder what he wants," Liz said

"Who knows. Are you going to call and talk to him?" Michael asked

"Yeah, I'll call. But I can't right now. Your dad's men are arecoming and I need to be prepared," Liz said

"So that is why my father grabbed his other phone and gave this phone to me," Michael said

"Yeah," Liz said

all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Liz turned and saw the butler Jake with some men standing behind him.

"Hold on," Liz sid before she pulled the phone away from her ear.

Liz made ure Michael could hear what was being said between her and the men that were standing infront of her.

"Who are they?" Liz asked

"Are you Miss Elizabeth Parker?" A man asked

"Who are you?" Liz asked

"My name is Colin. I work for Mr. Evans as do the men behind me. We were sent here by Mr. Evans gather thing for him," Colin said

"Well ok. There are things in here and in the othr room and on the wall there are 4 skeletons. Can you please call me and let me know who the 4 skeletons belong to?" Liz asked

"Yes we can do that Miss Parker," Colin said.

Liz watched as the men started to gather evidence for their invetigation.When Liz saw the men taking doen the skeletons she had to leave the room. She sat don the couch and put the phone to her ear.

"Michael are you still there?" Liz asked

"Yeah, what's wrong," Michael aked

"I had to leave the room. They were tking down the skeletons. I can't stand that," Liz said.

"Tell me where you are and I can be there in a few minutes," Michael said

"No I have to do this on mt own. You ot Maria, Max, Isabel and Alex to handle," Liz said

"Gee thanks," Michael said

"Sorry. Oh my god," Liz said as she saw a news crew van outside the house.

"What?" Michael asked

"There is a news crew outside. Graet I need to talk to them," Liz said.

""How did they find out?" Michael asked

"I don't know. I bettr go. I'll call you back after this," Liz said before closing her cell phone.

Liz wlked up to the front door. She opened the door and saw the news crew standing in the front yard. She walked towards them and tapped a reporter on the shoulder. He turned and looked at her.

Mr. Evans and the others were home when the news went into breaking story. Isabel, Alex and Maria were shocked to see Liz on tv.

"Michael turn it up," Maria said

Michael turned up the tv and watched as the news caaster faced Liz.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Liz asked

"We just heard that Mr. Parker is dead. Is it true?" The news man asked

"That is none of your business. Leave or I'll have you thrown off," Liz sid

"How id Mr. Parker die?" News man asked

"Go away. You have no right to be here," Liz said

'Who would want to hurt Mr. Parker? Are you going to look for the killer?"The commentator contined.

"1.... 2.... 3....4....5....6....7....8....9....10 that's it," Liz said

Liz walked into the house and grabbed a shot gun. She also whistled for 4 attack dog.

"Leave now," Liz said.

When the dogs got to the door she turned them loose. You could see the news crew running to their van and getting into the van and Liz watched them drive away. Max and the othrs were surprised at what Liz had done and Max turned and looked at Maria, Alex and Isabel.

"Where is that place?" Max aked

"Max, that is her fathers house," Isabel said.

"How long has it been since Liz and all of you have been there?" Max asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Authors Note pg24 10/

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 134

"It has been a long time. I can't believe she went there," Maria said

"I wonder what she is doing there?" Alex asked

"Who knows, But whatever it is must be inportant," Isabel said

Right at that momnet Mr. Evans cell phone started to ring. He reached into his pocket and answered it.

"Hello," Mr. Evans said

"It's me Liz. Cna you please tell me how the news crew found out about my dad?" Liz asked

"I don't know but we just saw a few seconds ago," Mr. Evans said

"Oh got how are Maria, Alex and Isabel doing?" Liz asked

"They're shocked that your there. Max and Michael just find out where you are too. Are Colin and his team still collecting evidence?" Mr. Evans asked

"Yeah, They seem to know I'm not his daughter. Did you say something about that?" Liz asked

"Yes I did. Hopefully they will collect everything soon and you can come here to see everyone," Mr. Evans said

"After Colin and his team leaves I've got somethings to do here before I see everyone," Liz said

"I understand take your time," Mr. Evans said

"Thanks. Can I talk to Max?" Liz asked

"Yeah, sure hold on," Mr. Evans said

Mr. Evans walked over to Max and handed him the phone .....

"Hello," Max said

"Hey," Liz said

"We saw you on the news," Max said

"That is what Mr. Evans said. I heard you need to talk to me. What is going on?" Liz asked

"Liz that can wait. Are you ok? Do we need to come over there?" Max asked

"No everything is fine. Max just please tell me what you wantd to talk about?" Liz asked

"Do you really want to know right now? Hold on a second," Max said

Max pulled the cell away from his ear and looked at his father and friends.

"I'm going to go outside and talk to Liz," Max said before walking out of the house and on to the bacony.

"Liz are you still there?" Max asked

"Yeah I'm here," Liz said

"Liz what I was wanting to talk about is when you get back I need time, if you know what I mean," Max said

"Max that is hy I left. I knew you needed time since you just found your sister and father; I thought I would leave to give you the time to think," Liz said

"When are you coming back?" Max asked

"I don't know right now. I have somethings I need to get settled here first," Liz said

"So I guess I will see you when you get back," Max said

"Yeah, I guess," Liz said

"Liz are you sure your ok?" Max asked

"Yeah Max I'm fine. I just don't know what I am going to do and plus these guys are here," Liz said

"Do you think it might have something to do with your mom and Maria's mom?" Max asked

"Yeah, I think so," Liz sid

"If it does what are you planning to do about it?" Max asked

"I don't know yet. I want to find out if it's our mother before I decide anything," Liz said.

"That is understandable," Max said

"Yeah I know. Hold on for a seond," Liz said as she turned and saw Colin and his men waling towards her.

Colin waited until his men left beofre talking to Liz ......

"I wanted to let you know it will be 24 hours before we get all the test back," Colin said

"Ok. Fine. I guess I'll wait here til then. Please let me know everything about the skeletons when you find out," Liz said

"I promise as soon as we find out you'll know," Colin said

"Ok. Bye," Liz said

"Bye," Colin said.

Liz watched as Colin and his men got into their cars and drove off.

"Max are you still there?" Liz asked

"Yeah, I'm still here what is going on?" Max asked

"Oh nothing. Colin and his men just left," Liz said

"So what are you going to do now?" Max asked

"Tonight I need to pack the rest of my things," Liz said

Do you need any help," Max asked

I can do it myself; Don't worry you and Michael need to keep an eye on Maria, Alex and Isabel . Keep them safe," Liz said

"I know you can do it yourself but I wanted to offer," Max said

"Thanks for the offer," Liz said

"Liz about faking my death and everything that happened. I just.....," Max said

"Max," Liz said

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm very sorry. I hope you can forgive for what I did," Max said

"Maybe," Liz aid with a smile on her face.

"Are you smiling?" Max asked

"Maybe I am and Maybe I'm not. Are you still mad at me for not telling you about working for your father?" Liz asked

"I'm trying to deal with it. It was major surprise to find out," Max said

"Yeah, I can understand that," Liz said

"Good. We both need to think things over," Max said

"Ok. How is Michael taking everything?" Liz asked

"Michael being Michael," Max said

"Can I talk to Michael for a sec?" Liz asked

"Sure hold on," Max said

Max turned and saw Michael looking at him; He waver him over. Michael stood up and walked up to Max.

"What?" Michael asked

"Liz wants to talk to you," Max said

"Oh," Michael said

Max handed the phone to Michael then went to sit down.

"Hello," Michel said

"Hey Michael," Liz said

"Hey Liz what is going on?" Michael asked

"How are you dealing with Maria and I working for your father?" Liz asked

"Maria and I talked about it. After yelling for a few I'm ok with it. Maria and I are now together and very much in love," Michael said.

"I'm glad things are good for you two and on the yelling I'm sure you both guilty," Liz said

"How did you know?" Michael asked

"Easy I know how you both are when your mad," Liz said

"Yeah, thats true. What about you and Max?" Michael asked

"Max is still hurt and mad. And he doesn't know," Liz said.

"Give him sometime. He will come around," Michael said

"Michael Max is mad. It will probably be a very long time before he is pst this," Michael sid

"You nevr know though; he may not be mad when you see each other again," Michael said

"Yeah, maybe. So how is it going with Alex and Isabel?" Liz asked

"Everything is good so far. Right now they are sitting down and talking with my dad and Maria," Michael said

"Good. I better go I need to finish packing somethings. Are you staying with Maria tonight?" Liz asked

"Yeah, why?" Michael asked

"Becuse I found some of Maria's things and I need to send them to her. So will you please let me know," Liz asked

"Sure," Michael said

"Thanks. I'll talk to you later," Liz said

"Ok. Bye," Michael sid before closing the phone.

After Liz closed her phone she walked back into the house and went up stairs to her room and finished packing everything and then fell a sleep on her bed.

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Author NotePg16 12/20

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 135
As the days passed all Liz did was pack each room up making sure everything was packed.

One day while Liz was packing she got a call. he reached into her pocket and pulled her cell phone out and answered it. It was colin on the phone.

"Hello," Liz said.

"Miss Parker you told me to cll you when I found out who the 4 skeletons were. I got the results right here," Colin said

"Who were they?" Liz assked

"I'm so very sorry to tell you this; one was a Mrs. Parker. And the other one was Ms. Deluca," Colin said

"Oh my god, what about the other two?" Liz asked

"They were 2 men that worked for your father. Their names were Dean and Scott. Your father tortured them," Colin said

"Well thank you for letting me know. I .. I've got to go," Liz said before closing her cell phone.

She tried to sit down on the couch but she fell to the floor crying instead. She shook as she cried. She couldn't believe her fther done that. She strted to grab things and threw them against the wall in a fit of anger.

"Why did you do that? I hate you!!," Liz screamed as she threw more things against the wall.

Afer she wore herself out throwing every glass object she could get her hands on she fell to the floor crying again. Liz looked at her cell phone for a minute then picked it up. She dailed Mr. Evans number and waited for an answer.

Meanwhile at Mr. Evans house:
Mr. Evans, Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex were sitting in the living room when the phone rang. Mr. Evans pushed "speaker on" on his phone before answering.

"Hello," Philp said.

"Philp it's me,"Liz said

"Liz what is wrong?" Philp asked

"I just found out who the 4 skeletons were," Liz said

"Who were they?" Philp asked

"You were right about my dad being crazy," Liz said

"Liz sweetie tell me?" Philp asked

"Before I tell you. I need you to get everyone," Liz said

"Liz we are all here," Michael said

"Michael do you promise to be there for Maria no matter what?" Liz asked

"Yes of course I promise. Now tell us," Michael said

"One of the skeleton was my mom," Liz said

"Oh my god," Isabel said

"The other was Maria's mom. I am so very sorry," Liz said

"No, No, No! Please no!," Maria screamed as Michael, Isabel and Alex held her.

"What about the other 2 skeletons?" Max asked

"They were the 2 men that worked for my father. Their names were Dean and Scott," Liz said

"Liz you need to come home now,"Max said

"I ....I," Liz said

Right at that moment the doorbell rang and when Liz opened the door a man in a siut was looking at her.

"Who are you?" Liz asked

"I'm your fathers laywer; he left a will to be read when he passed away," The Laywer said

What Liz forgot was Max and the others were still on the phone listening to everything being said.

"Fine. Come in and lets see what he had to say," Liz said

Liz watched as the laywer walked past her. She followed him into the living room where the laywer sat down while she remained standing.

"So go ahead and read it," Liz said

"Are you going to sit down?" Laywer asked

"No. I rather stand. So go ahead and read it," Liz said

"Fine," Laywer said as he pulled the will from his briefcase.

"I, Mr. Jeff Parker, being sound mind present this as my last will and testiment. I leave all my property to my daughter Elizabeth and her friend Maria Deluca. That includes the property in Florida and California. They will get their trust founds when I have passed away," Laywer said.

"Is that all he had to say?" Liz asked

"Yes it is," Laywer said.

"Well here is something you should know, This house, the house in Florida and California will be sold ans with the money from the houses we will buy our own house, got it?" Liz asked

"You know you can do whatever you want with these house," Laywer sid.

"Good. Anything eles?" Liz asked

"You know your father was going to marry you off to someone right?" Laywer sid

"Yeah, what about it?" Liz asked as the laywer stood up.

"Well see since he made this contract for your marriage, and the contract is legal and binding you can't do anything about it," Laywer said as he walked towards Liz.

What are you doing?" Liz asked as she backed away from the man.....

"Well dear, I'm the man your father chose for you to marry. So come here and give your soon to be husband a kiss," the laywer said as he backed Liz into a wall.

The laywer stood infornt of Liz and put his arms on either side of Liz's shoulder.

"Oh baby come on," The laywer said as he touched Liz on the arm.

"No," Liz said

"Call me Tom honey," The laywer said

"Never," Liz said as she pushed his hand away.

"Oh come on baby," Tom said

"Close your eyes," Liz said

Liz watched as Tom closed his eyes, she punched him in the face and kneed him in the groin and then she watched as he fell to the floor. She was about to walk away when Tom grabbed Liz by the leg and pulled her down.

"Ah, ah, ah," Liz screamed

"Come here bitch. You are going to pay for that," Tom said as he crawled up Liz's body.

Liz used an hand to push Tom away as she reached for her gun. She pointed it at Tom's head. Tom got quiet as he looked at the gun then at Liz.

"Oh, baby give me the gun. You don't know how to shoot that, you might hurt someone,"Tom said.

"Watch," Liz said as the gun click

"Oh but baby," Tom said

"Don't call me baby," Liz said

Tom pulled the gun out of Liz's hand and pushed it away; Liz flipped over and tried to reach for the gun at the same time as Tom. She finally ot the gun; turned and pointed the gun at Tom. As Liz turned she saw Tom coming at her with a knife in his hand. Liz pulled the trigger and shot Tom twice in the face and once in the chest. Liz was shocked as she watched Tom fall to the floor. She reached out and grabbed her cell phone.

"Liz what the hell is going on?" Max yelled

Liz picked up the cell phone and put it to her ear.

"I'm fine," Liz said

"What the hell happened?" Max yelled

"The laywer my dad hired, his name is Tom he read the will. He was the one my father wanted me to marry. He tried to force himself on me. And I ... shot him," Liz said.

"Liz don't worry we heard everything. Are you ok?" Philp asked

"Yeah, Philp can you please help me with the houses?" Liz asked

"No, problem. I'll start tomorrow. When are you coming home?" Philp asked

"Can someone pick me up tonight? I can't stay here," Liz said

"Yes. I'll send someone right now," Philp said

"Ok. I guess I'll see you in a few," Liz said

"Yeah, see you in a few," Philp said before turning off the speaker.

At Evans house:
Philp looked at Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex.

"Max I want you to go to this address and get Liz. Don't stop for anything til you get to this house," Philp said as he wrote the address down and handed it to Max.

"I can do that. Where is this place?" Max asked

"It is in the next town. You need to leave now if you want to be back before midnight," Philp said

"Ok. see you guys when I get back," Max said before walking out of the living room and out of the house.

After Max was gone Maria turned and looked at Philp.

"Why did you send Max after Liz?" Maria asked

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Re: Romancing The Heart{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 135 Pg16 12/2

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Romancing The Heart
Chapter 136

"The reason why I sent Max is because Liz and Max need to talk and work things out between them," Mr. Evans said

"Well it can go three ways," Alex said.

"What are the three ways?" Michael asked

"They could fight, yell or not talk to each other," Alex said

"Alex you forgot they could kill each other," Maria said

Yeah, I forgot that one," Alex said

"I guess we will have to wait and see how things turn out," Michael said

"Lets just hope they don't kill each other," Maria said

Philip and Maria's cell phones ring at the same time. Everyone turnede and looked at them at the same time. Philip and Maria reached into their pockets and answerede simultaneously.

"This is Philp,"

"Philp this is Colin. You're not going to believe this but I found some contracts of a Tom and some other guy. If the other guy couldn't get to Liz then she belongs to Tom," Colin said

"What? Are you sure?" Philp asked

"Yes sir. I'm looking at it right now," Colin said

"If you find anything more call me," Philp said

"What do you want me to do about the contracts?" Colin asked

"Send them to me. Also send anything that looks important," Philp said

"Yes sir,"Colin said before closing his cell phone.

After Philip closed his cell phone he turned and looked at Maria who was still on her phone. He walked over to Michael and stood beside him and watched Maria.

"Liz, what?" Maria asked

"I called the police. They should be here soon," Liz said

"Why did you call the police?" Maria asked

"Because Tom attacked me. He, he, still has the knife in his hand," Liz said

"So what are you going to tell them?" Maria asked

"I'm going to tell them that Tom attacked me and I shot him in self defense. Hopefully that will be enough," Liz said.

"What are you going to tell them about moving the body?" Maria asked

"I'll just tell them that I was scared and I didn't know what else to do," Liz said

"OK," Maria said

"Maria I've got to go, the police are here," Liz said.

"Call me and let me know what happens," Maria said

"You know I will. Talk to you soon," Liz said before clossing her cell phone.

Maria closed her phone and saw everyone looking at her.

"What?" Maria asked

"So what did Liz have to say?" Philip asked

"Not much," Maria asked

"Maria you know something. you better tell us what it is," Alex said

Right at that moment Philip's cell phone started to ring again,

"Hello," Philp said

"Philip your not going to believe this," Max said

"What is it?" Philip asked

"There are police at the address you gave me," Max said

"There's what?" Philip asked

There are police at the address you gave me. Hold on I'm going to try and see what is going on," Max said as he parked the car and got out.

Max walked up to the house and when he got to the front door a policeman stopped him.

"Can I help you sir?" The cop asked

"I'm here to pick someone up," Max said

Meanwhile inside the house:

Liz was giving the police her statement when she heard Max's voice; she walked to the front door and saw a policeman standing in front of Max. She was surprised to see him there.

"Max what are you doing here?" Liz asked.

Philip sent me to pick you up. What is going on here?" Max asked

"I called the police and told them about the attack on me, I was defending myself," Liz said

The polce officer saw who Liz was talking to walked over to Liz. She turned and saw the officer standing next to her.

"Who are you sir?" The officer asked

"I'm Max. I'm a friend of Liz here," Max said

"Do you know what is going on here sir?" Officer asked

"Yes I do. why?" Max asked

"Sir were you awear of the attacks on Ms. Parker here?" The Officer asked

"Um, yes. I knew of one attack. I didn't know there was another attack," Max said

"Sir please come with me?" the Officer asked

Max followed the officer into the living roomhere the officer began to ask Max questions.

A couple of hours later Max walked over to Liz and reached out and turned Liz to face him.

"What now?" Liz asked

"I don't know," Max said

They looked at each other while they waited for the officer to tell them they were free to leave.

"So Philip sent you. Why?" Liz asked

"I think Philip wanted us to talk things out," Max said

"Why are you saying Philip instead of your dad?" Liz asked.

"Right now I'm still a little pissed at him and it may be a while before I say dad to him," Max said

"Max he is your father. And I can understand about getting mad at him. But you need to get over it," Liz said

"Liz I know he is my father. But I can't get over it that easy," Max said

"Max I can understand that. But nothing will change that Philip is your father. He has been worried about you and Michael," Liz said

"How do you know what Philip has been feeling since we left?" Max asked

"Remember Maria and I work for your father," Liz said.

"Don't remind me," Max said

Fine. What do we really need to talk about?" Liz asked.

"I want to talk about what really happened between us," Max said

"Fine, lets talk about," Liz said

"Liz I don't know what is going on between us; one minute we are fighting and the next we are in bed together," Max said

"Max that is how we have been since we met... so here is the question, what do we do about it?" Liz asked

"I think that is an easy question to answer. I think we need time away from each other til we know what we want,"Max said

"I agree with you. We need time away from each other. So I was thinking I can go visit a friend til we can figure things out between us," Liz said

"What about Maria, Alex and Isabel?" Max asked

"Well I think they should figure out what they want to do... Maria can always stay with Michael. Alex and Isabel can stay with you...I guess." Liz said

"Are you going to go to the house and see the others before you leave?" Max asked

"Yes, I'm all packed, I can say goodbye then I will leave in the morning," Liz said

"How long will you be gone?" Max asked

"I don't know. But I think we both need this," Liz said

Liz and Max turned and saw the police officer standing in front of them.

"Miss you both can leave now. I have all that I need from you," The officer said

"Sir, did you take away the body?" Max asked.

"Yes sir we did," Police officer said

"Can I take my things now so we can leave?" Liz asked

"Yes ma'am," the police officer said

Max can you please help me get my thing so we can leave?" Liz asked

"Sure let's go get them," Max said

Max followed Liz upstairs and down the hallway to her room. When they walked into the room Max saw everything was packed. Max stood in the door way and looked at Liz.

"So what are we going to take with us?" Max asked

"The 2 suitcases on the bed," Liz said

"That is all you're going to take?" Max asked

"Yes," Liz said

Max walked to the bed and grabbed both suitcases then he turned and walked to the door.

"Let's go," Max said