You Were Meant For Me (I/A Adult) 7/6 [COMPLETE]

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You Were Meant For Me (I/A Adult) 7/6 [COMPLETE]

Post by KaraGail » Sun Jul 22, 2007 3:13 pm

Title: You Were Meant For Me

"Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended."

Pairings/Couples/Category: A/I

Rating: Adult

Summary: What happens when love has been right there all along?

A/N I have been debating about whether or not to post this story. I have had this one almost completed for a while now and Trude, Nathan, Sibylle and even Karen have hinted for this one to be posted.

Hope others enjoy as well

Chapter 1

If you asked any local in Roswell, New Mexico who Isabel Evans was you would most likely get the same three answers. One, she was the most beautiful girl in the town and could have been a model if she so desired. Two, she was a real humanitarian and could be counted on for donating her time to any charity that called on her. Three, she could make a person freeze with a glance from her dark brown eyes, earning her the nickname “Ice Queen.”

With an audible groan, that same woman unfolded her statuesque body from the small car and automatically got blasted with the heat. The “Ice Queen” felt herself quickly melting in the blazing sun that seemed to show no mercy to anyone.

Isabel lifted her long blonde hair from her neck, praying for a soft breeze, as she headed up the steps of her house exhausted. The day had been long and she wanted nothing more than to get inside her air-conditioned home and take a nice and soothing bubble bath.

Lifting her head, a feeling of pride swept through her as she gazed at the small bungalow home. The house had been an impulse purchase when Isabel had driven by and seen a “FOR SALE” sign on the front lawn. She had fallen in love with the cozy two bedroom home and knew that she had to have it and was still happy that she got it, though all her savings had been wiped out in the deal.

Using her key, Isabel let herself in and was immediately assaulted by the delicious aroma that wafted from the kitchen. A smile spread across her lips since there was no mistaking the smell of her room mate’s best dish, spaghetti and garlic bread.

“Is that you, Isabel?”

“Who else has keys to the house?” Isabel said, tongue in cheek, as she kicked off her heels and dropped her purse on a small side table.

“What about your bother and his wife?” Came the quick response, “And I’m not sure, but I think Michael and Maria have one as well.”

Isabel laughed out loud at that because she knew that it was true, their friends had the spare keys. She made her way to the kitchen and pushed in the swinging door, “You think you are so clever don’t you?”

Alex Whitman turned and gave her his goofiest smiles, “Yes, I do.”

Her heart warmed with affection for the tall and lanky man in front of her. Especially when she saw the frilly apron that he was wearing, “Isn’t that cute.”

Knowing what she was referring too, Alex struck a pose, “You like?”

Isabel shook her head and chuckled at his antics. Alex had always known how to make a bad day better, Slipping into a chair at the kitchen table she watched as he turned back to the stove and began stirring the sauce.

“I made your favorite for dinner and I thought that we could watch a movie.” Alex glanced over his shoulder at her.

Isabel groaned in disappointment because she really did love Alex’s spaghetti and the evening vegging out with him sounded wonderful., “I wish I could, Alex, but I can’t tonight.”

He turned his head back to the stove, but Isabel spotted his own disappointment flashing in his eyes, “You already have plans?”

She nodded her head, then realized he couldn’t see her with his back turned, “Jesse asked me to attend a dinner party that his boss is throwing tonight.”

Alex gave a small snort, “Is it brown nose time for Jesse Ramirez?”

Just thinking about the dinner party was giving Isabel a headache and she reached up to rub her temples in an effort to keep the throbbing at bay. She definitely would rather be hanging out in front of the television, with Alex, than sitting in a room full of attorneys’.

In fact, before she had begun dating Jesse, it hadn’t been hard for her to ditch her dates in order to spend time with Alex. None of those guys had been as important as her best friend and she made sure that he knew it.

With Jesse, everything seemed to change.

Isabel had met him at a small business party that her brother and his wife had put together for some clients. Alex had to work late that evening on a project, so she had decided to go alone and almost immediately had spotted the handsome Latin American attorney. Jesse had also seen her and soon after he had her phone number and a date for the weekend.

Now, almost two months later, Isabel realized that she had barely seen Alex. She had been spending most of her free time with Jesse and had allowed her friendship to slowly drift apart. The thought made a knot appear in her stomach and she promised herself that she would make time for her and Alex again.

While Isabel was thinking about her schedule, Alex was letting out a sigh of resignation. It should have not surprised him that Isabel would have a date, but he had wanted so badly to be with her that he had conveniently forgot about her dating Jesse “the jerk” Ramirez.

Glancing over his shoulder at her again, Alex found Isabel with her eyes shut and rubbing her temples. Once again, he was struck by her beauty and wondered if she knew just how truly stunning she was.

Alex had known Isabel Evans since high school and, although he wasn’t part of her crowd, he had still noticed the tall, willowy blonde who held court over the students of the school. Everyone had wanted to either be near her or be like her, but most were not offered that opportunity.

It hadn’t been until Alex’s two best friends, Liz and Maria, had started dating Max Evans and Michael Guerin that he had become acquainted with Isabel. He was still not apart of her crowd, but at least she knew his name and would smile or nod at him when he passed her by.

Shaking those memories away, Alex turned the sauce down to simmer and slipped into the chair beside her. He knew exactly what was wrong and also how to make it go away.

“Give them to me.” He ordered and watched her eyes open.

Isabel smiled and then complied readily. Twisting her body, she brought up her legs and placed them in Alex’s lap, groaning when his fingers began to work their magic.

After a few moments, she was relaxed enough to ask, “How was your day?”

“The usual.” He shrugged not wanting to expand on it and bore her to death.

“The computer program still giving you a hard time?” Isabel frowned thinking that it had been more than two months that he had been working on the project.

Alex nodded and let out a sigh of frustration, “I’ll get it running one of these days.”

She smiled encouragingly to him, “Of course you will. There is no one who knows computers better than Alex Whitman.”

They easily fell into light conversation as Alex continued to rub her feet. Soon, Isabel had forgotten all about her date and began to nibble on the bread that he had put out on the table.

Watching her devour most of the loaf, Alex chuckled, “You sure you don’t want any spaghetti?”

Isabel groaned again and looked down at her watch before slowly removing her feet from his lap and rising from the chair, “No, I really need to go get ready. Jesse will be here any minute.”

As she headed out of the kitchen to get ready, Alex made a disgusted sound that was directed at himself. He hated how jealous he got when Jesse’s name came up or when she went out with him. Trying not to show his feeling was getting harder and harder when it came to her relationship with the attorney.

Alex knew that he shouldn’t be feeling jealous. Never in the 10 years that they had known each other, or even the last two that they had been room mates, had Isabel ever shown any inclination toward him. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, Alex decided to keep quiet about wanting anything more from her.

Getting up from his chair, he made his way back to the stove and began assembling his dinner together. Before he could take his first bite, the door bell rang.

“Alex! Can you get the door? It’s probably Jesse.” Isabel called from the other side of the house where both of their bedrooms were positioned.

Making another disgusted sound, this one directed at the person on the other side of the door, Alex dropped his fork back to his plate and mumbled, “That man knows how to ruin my appetite.”

The door bell rang two more times, but Alex still took his time answering the door. He wasn’t at all surprised to see the immaculately dressed attorney standing there. For a moment, Alex felt self conscious over the baggy jeans and button up shirt that he was currently wearing and what made up half of his wardrobe.


“Whitman.” Jesse acknowledged as he stepped through the door and began looking around, “Isabel not ready yet?”

Alex pretended not to hear his question and let a smile spread across his face, “Come, now. Let’s not be so formal with the use of last names. You can call me Alex and I will call you J.R.”

Jesse was busy studying his reflection in the hall way mirror to notice that Alex was teasing him, “The name is Jesse, Whitman.”

“Jesse Whitman?” Alex raised his eyebrow in shock, “Do you think we are related?”

The lawyer wasn’t smiling when he turned to glare at Alex, who couldn’t help but laugh. He loved nothing better than trying to get under “the jerk’s” skin, but had yet to succeed.

“I’ll go see what is taking Isabel so long. “He moved toward the hall way to their bedrooms, but was unable to stop himself from taking one more jab, “Maybe she needs some help with those hard to reach zippers and buttons.”

Jesse glared at Alex again as he disappeared down the hall with a huge smile on his face. There was nothing better than getting one over on the despised boyfriend. He hoped that he could get one more in before they left on their date.

“Iz?” He tapped on her door that was across from his own.

“Come in, Alex.” Her muffled voice called out to him.

“J.R. is here.” He pushed open the door, shutting it behind him for privacy, and then fell onto her bed. He observed Isabel, who was currently on her knees and apparently searching for something underneath her bed.

“His name is Jesse, Alex.” Came her reply.

Alex murmured something about having no sense of humor while he continued to watch Isabel’s small rear end sway in the air, “What are you looking for?”

“My other shoe.” She continued her search, “I can’t seem to find it.”

He chuckled, “And you think you are going to find it underneath your bed? I don’t think anything can be found once it gets lost under there.”

Isabel’s head popped out and Alex found himself starring into her rich chocolate eyes, “Then it would be a perfect place to hide a body.” She went back to her search after her threat, “Get off the bed and help me.”

He slipped off the other side of the bed and began to root around looking for the missing shoe that she described. It took them a couple minutes, but finally the shoe was freed and now on Isabel’s feet.

“Isabel!” Jesse’s voice boomed from the living room, “We are going to be late!”

Alex shook his head from his position on her bed, “Doesn’t he know it’s fashionable to be late?”

Isabel chuckled and rolled her eyes at his reflection in her mirror as he laid stretched out across her bed. She was trying to get her jewelry on and freshen up her make up as fast as she could.

“Are you going to the store tonight?” Isabel asked remembering that the refrigerator and cabinets were getting empty.

“I may go after supper.” He thought about his spaghetti that was slowly turning cold, “Is there anything you need me to pick up for you?”

She smiled and headed for the door, “There is a list on my night stand.”

Isabel was grabbing her purse and giving Jesse a kiss when the explosion occurred, “ISABEL EVANS!”

Alex came storming down the hall holding her list between his fingers as if it would burn him, “What is the meaning of this?”

Isabel turned to Jesse with an apology in her eyes, “Will you excuse us for a minute?”

Jesse glared at Alex, “We’re going to be late.”

She nodded, “I promise it will only take a minute.”

Grabbing Alex by the arm, Isabel practically dragged him into the kitchen and away from her boyfriend. As the swinging door shut behind them she turned to him with pleading eyes, “Please, Alex? Just this once?”

He clenched his teeth and shook his head, “This isn’t that big of a town, Isabel. Practically everyone knows me around here.”

“I know and I wouldn’t ask you to do it if it wasn’t important. If I didn’t have to go to this party tonight I would do it myself.”

Alex wasn’t surprised to feel himself cave into her request especially when she looked at him with such hope, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Isabel squealed in delight and sprang into his arms thanking him profusely. Alex felt his arms go automatically around her and hold her tightly enjoying the feeling of having her so close even if only for a few moments. These were the moments when he felt the weakest and had to restrain himself from telling her of his feelings.

Alex’s arms had always felt safe and comfortable to Isabel. There had been many times over the years that she had needed to be held and his had always been readily offered to her. Slowly she pulled back from that warmth and looked up into his green eyes, “I guess I should be going.”

He nodded and followed her back into the living room where Jesse was waiting with the door held open, “Have a good time.”

“Oh, we will.” Jesse assured Alex with a lecherous smile.

Isabel stopped half way out the door and called back to him, “Super strength!”

She was unable to see his reaction since Jesse had shut the door at that moment and ushered her to the car. Once they were both settled inside, he looked over at her, “What was that all about?”

“The grocery list.” Isabel answered and smiled as she recalled Alex’s reaction to the idea of buying her tampons. Those green eyes of his had narrowed, the tips of his ears had turned bright red and the smile that was never far from his lips had finally been knocked off. It was an image that she wanted to etch into her memory since Alex was usually the one getting a rise out of her.

“And things have always been platonic between you two?” Jesse asked cranking up his sports car.

Isabel sighed since it was a question that she had heard many times before. People were always wondering about the closeness that Isabel and Alex shared and it had always amused her as her automatic response came out, “Of course, we are just friends.”


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A/N Thanks to all who left FB and have been encouraging me to post the next part. I am glad that someone seems to like the fic since I had been so leary of posting in the first place.

Hope you enjoy this next post....

Part 2

“That dress looks so lovely on you, Isabel. Is it from your boutique?” Marion Elliott, the wife of one of the senior partners at Jesse’s law firm, asked as they sipped their after dinner coffee.

Isabel smiled in gratitude, “It’s from one of the collections that I just received.”

“I will definitely come by and check them out.”

After a few moments more of small talk, Isabel glanced around the crowded room looking for her date, “Have you seen Jesse?”

Marion also scanned the room, “I haven’t seen him since dinner, dear.”

Isabel set her empty coffee cup on a passing tray and motioned to the older lady, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go see if I can find him.”

With a nod of assent from Mrs. Elliott, Isabel went in search of her elusive boyfriend. She maneuvered around the room giving smiles and greetings to those that she had known from the years her parents were practicing law.

“Isabel Evans!” a voice boomed from behind her causing her to stop and spin around with a huge smile.

“Uncle Jack!” She cried and threw her arms around the man who had been her parents law partner as well as best friend, “When did you get here? I didn’t see you at dinner.”

“I just arrived. I wasn’t able to make dinner because of some other business.” Jack Andrews stepped back and looked her over from head to toe, “You look terrific, princess.”

“Thanks, Uncle Jack. So do you.” Isabel took him and noticing, not for the first time, how he was remarkably in good shape after having heart surgery a year prior.

“How’s that pain in the ass father and lovely mother of yours?”

“Still traveling around the world.” She smiled at the thought of her parents, Phillip and Dianne Evans, who had retired early in order to spend much needed time alone together.

“I got a post card from them a few weeks ago.”

“I think they are more in love now than they were before.” Isabel shook her head in amusement before glancing around the room again, “I’m sorry, Uncle Jack, but have you seen Jesse Ramirez?”

Jack frowned at her, “Are you here with him?”

Isabel nodded, “I haven’t seen him since dinner and I am starting to worry.”

“I think I saw him heading toward the garden when I arrived.”

She gave him another hug, “It’s good to see you. Let’s have lunch soon.”

“Okay, princess.” He gave her a smile and tweaked her nose as he had done many times in the past

Heading toward the glass doors that led into the back yard, Isabel wondered why Jesse had gone outside. She figured he would be inside schmoozing with the partners in hopes of getting noticed for a promotion within the firm. He was always telling her of his plans of making partner before he turned 30 and if he was to meet that deadline it would need to happen soon.

It was an eerily quiet night as Isabel shut the door behind her and she found herself outside. Not wanting to disturb the party inside, she whispered, “Jesse?”

Not receiving a response she walked further into the yard and almost immediately that scent of flowers surrounded her. Isabel smiled and made a mental note to herself to compliment the Elliott’s on such a lovely garden.

The sound of a feminine giggle drifted toward her, causing her to stop and wonder who else was outside. Had some others from the dinner party come outside along with Jesse to get out of the house for a fresh breath of air?

Heading toward the sound, Isabel let out a small gasp of shock at the sight of a couple intimately joined together. She blushed in embarrassment over having been a witness to such a private moment, but then the male lifted his head from between the breast of the buxom blonde, who had served them dinner, and she was able to make out the unmistakeable features of her boyfriend.

Isabel stood there for a few moments more, watching as Jesse continued to fondle the woman right there in the middle of the garden. So many thoughts and scenarios ran through her head on how to get revenge, but decided that she wasn’t going to make a spectacle of herself at the party.

Spinning around and running back to the house, Isabel felt that her best course of action was to leave as soon as possible. Tears were already filling her eyes and she was hoping that she could avoid everyone and make an unnoticed exit.

But almost as soon as she entered, Isabel bumped into Marion Elliott, “I’m sorry.” She mumbled keeping her face averted from the other woman, “May I use your phone?”

Marion paused and studied the girl before taking her hand, “Of course, dear. Come with me.”

Once they were inside a small library, Marion couldn’t help but ask, “Are you all right, Isabel?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.” Isabel brushed the tears from her eyes and picked up the phone book that was sitting on the desk, “I just need to call for a cab.”

“Nonsense, Isabel.” Marion took the book away from her, “Our chauffeur will take you anywhere you care to go.”

Isabel started to protest, but her heart just wasn’t into it, “Thanks, Mrs. Elliott.”

“No problem, dear.” She touched her shoulder, “I believe you may have witnessed something that has left you in shock.”

The tall blonde nodded and then watched as Marion picked up the phone to speak to her driver. Hanging up she gave a smile, “He’ll be out front in five minutes.”

Isabel tried to return her smile, but settled on giving a hug to the older woman, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Marion looked thoughtful as she escorted her young guest to the door, “I enjoyed our conversation this evening, Isabel. I hope we can have lunch soon.”

“Sure. Call me anytime.” The car finally pulled up and the driver came around to open the door for Isabel.

“What would you like me to tell Jesse?” Marion asked once she was seated inside.

Isabel looked up at her and gave a small smile, “I wouldn’t let someone as nice as you repeat those words.”

The older woman laughed out loud as the door was shut and Isabel was driven away. Finally alone, she let the tears freely run down her face and wondered, ‘How could he do this to me.’

Alex plopped down on the sofa and propped his bare feet on the coffee table in front of him. One hand held the remote and the other had a small bowl of buttery popcorn in preparation for the movie that he had placed in the DVD player.

He had hoped that watching a movie would get his mind off the fact that Isabel was with Jesse and that there was a good chance that she would not be coming home that night. Sifting through their DVD collection he came across one of his favorite guilty pleasure movie, The Princess Bride.

Alex had bought the movie years ago for Isabel, but somehow he was the one who watched it the most. His two childhood friends, Liz and Maria, had made him watch the movie repeatedly, when they were young, and even dressed him up as the Dread Pirate Roberts for Halloween one year.

Settling down to watch the movie, Alex was halfway through when he heard the sound of a car door slamming shut. Looking at the time, he was surprised to see that it was only just after 9:00. He had just gotten to the door when Isabel pushed it open.

“My God Isabel! What happened?” He exclaimed at seeing her tear streaked face; reaching out he quickly pulled her into his arms.

Isabel dropped her purse to the floor and wrapped her arms around Alex, accepting the comfort that he so readily offered. She buried her head into his shoulder and soon her tears had soaked through his shirt.

“Was it Jesse?” Alex finally asked as he led her over to the couch.

Isabel sniffled, nodded and then slowly between tears, she told him of Jesse’s betrayal.

“I knew that guy was a jerk.” He stated with clench teeth as anger spread through his body.

Isabel sighed as Alex pulled her close again and murmured into her ear, “It’s okay, Izzy. I’m here for you.” Then also added. “I also bought those tampons for you.”

A laugh escaped her and suddenly she found herself feeling better after talking to Alex. Hugging him tight she whispered, “Thanks, Alex.”

He pulled back and looked into her swollen eyes and wished that he could erase the memory of Jesse Ramirez. But, most of all, Alex wished he could press his lips to her tear stained eyes and cheeks.

The sound of the door bell ringing made them both jump in surprise. Alex saw Isabel stiffened, some how knowing that it was Jesse who was on the other side of the door.

“Stay right here.” Alex commanded and went to the door to find just who they had thought.

“Is Isabel here?” Jesse asked casually once the door was opened.

Alex glanced over his shoulder and Isabel shook her head. His determination to keep the creep away from her was surmounted, and he moved outside the door, shutting it behind him, not wanting to upset her even more.

“Let me see her, Whitman.” Jesse ordered trying to get pass Alex and to the door.

Alex put out a hand and stopped him in his place, “Get off this property or I’ll call the police.” He was surprised he was able to say that so calmly when inside he was raging with anger, “Stay away from Isabel.”

Jesse chuckled arrogantly, “I guess she has you whipped.” He turned to go but left with one parting shot, “Don’t worry, Whitman. I can find plenty of other women who would love to take her place.”

Alex continued to stand guard until Jesse’s car vanished down the street before shoving a hand through his hair and muttering “Son of a Bitch.”

Reentering the house, he was worried when he didn’t find Isabel on the couch where he had left her. He called out her name hoping to make sure that she was okay before she went to bed.

“I’m in the kitchen.”

Alex found her there, in front of the microwave, making hot chocolates for them After such a n emotional evening, she definitely was in need of the comfort drink.

“Thanks.” He smiled as he accepted his mug from her.

“What did Jesse want?” Isabel sat down in a kitchen chair and slowly sipped on her own mug.

“To see you.” Alex sank into the chair next to hers.

“How did you get him to leave?” She wondered knowing how stubborn Jesse could be when he wanted something.

“I just threatened to call the cops.” He gave her a reassuring smile.

Isabel returned his smile, brushing her hair behind her ears and looking into his worried eyes, “Thanks again.”

“It’s okay.” Alex reached over and brought her hand to his lips, brushing a kiss across her knuckles in a gentle caress that strangely had her heart pounding. “What are friends for?”

Feeling confused over her the strange sensations, Isabel quickly rose from her chair in order to escape, “I think I better get some sleep.”

Alex nodded and let her hand go, while regretting giving up the small contact, “Sleep well, Izzy.”

“Goodnight, Alex.” Isabel returned as she headed to her room hoping that it had just been the craziness of the evening that had made her noticed just how wonderful Alex’s lips had felt against her skin.



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Part 3

“Oh My God!”

Alex heard Isabel cry out while he was in the middle of fixing himself a sandwich. Dropping everything, he sprinted the short distance to the living room hoping that she was okay. Ever since the break up with Jesse, he had become even more protective of his room mate.

Flying through the swinging doors, Alex came to a sudden stop when he found Isabel standing there, unharmed, with a frown marring her beautiful face. She was starring intently at the phone that was in her hand.

“What’s wrong?”

Looking up at him, Alex was able to see the anxiety that filled her brown eyes. He wondered if it had been Jesse who had called and said something to upset her.

“That was Liz on the phone. She called to tell me that my parents are coming home for a visit.”

Alex let out a sigh of relief and then smiled at the thought of her parents returning, “That’s great. I haven’t seen them in over a year.”

Isabel shook her head and slumped down on the sofa, dejectedly, “You don’t understand.”

Alex settled into the over stuffed chair and entreated her, “Tell me.”

Isabel sighed, “The water pipes over at Max and Liz have busted causing some flood damage. My parents were going to stay with them, but they now have to make other arrangements.”

Still not seeing what was upsetting her, he shrugged, “So are they going to stay at a hotel?”

Isabel shook her head, “Max, my dear brother, told them that they could stay with us.”

“Okay.” Frowning, Alex wondered how all four of them would fit in the small two bedroom cottage, “I can sleep on the couch and they can have my room. I am sure it will all be fine, Iz.”

Isabel let out another sigh, this one tinged with frustration, “That won’t work. There is more.”

Alex frowned as he put his elbows on his kneed and leaned toward her, “More of what?”

She looked at her room mate and decided it was best to come clean with him. Maybe he could find a solution to her dilemma, “It happened last year at Christmas while you were away visiting your grandparents in California. Liz, Max and I went to my parent’s house for dinner.”

Isabel paused and closed her eyes remembering how she had come to be in this predicament in the first place. If she had only known what her parents had been thinking then she would have nipped it in the bud a long time before.

“We were sitting there having dinner when my mother started questioning about the man in my life. She figured that I was dating someone and wanted to know who he was.” She gave a dry chuckle, “So I told her the only man in my life was you.”

“Well you weren’t dating anyone at that time.”

Isabel nodded her agreement, “I know, but my parents didn’t know that I was joking. You should have seen my mother, Alex. She was so happy that actual tears came to her eyes. All she kept saying was that she knew it would happen and that we were a perfect couple.”

Alex’s heart leapt with joy at the fact that her parents thought that way about them, “What happened when you told them the truth?”

Isabel couldn’t meet his eyes when she murmured, “I didn’t.”


She finally looked his way, “I didn’t tell them, Alex. They were just so happy and then they left on their trip. I figured that I would let them leave and tell them the truth later, but later was always pushed back until it’s today. Now they are on their way.”

Alex got up from his seat and began to pace as he tried to work himself clear through the conversation, “So your parents think we are living together, as in living in sin, and now they are on their way to stay with us?”

Isabel nodded as she watched him pace, “You got it.”

He stopped in front of her, “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

“They have been traveling around the country for the last year. I didn’t think they would come visit so soon.”

“Wouldn’t they have wondered when I didn’t show up for the family dinners and holiday’s?” Alex couldn’t believe that he had been caught up in a lie for so long without even knowing about it.

“I hadn’t thought it out clearly.” Isabel conceded as she flopped back on the sofa, her chin resting on her chest and her lips forming a perfect pout.

“So what are we going to do?” Alex asked as he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his jeans.

She sat there a moment, lost in thought, before her whole expression changed and she sat up with a snap of her fingers, “I’ve got it!”

Alex let out a loud groan. He knew that expression from all the years that he had known her and he also knew that whatever scheme Isabel had just concocted would include him and there would be no way out of it.


“Why do I have to get new clothes, Isabel?” Alex asked as they walked into her store a few hours later.

“Come on, Alex. It’s time for a change. You have worn the same type of clothing since college.” She looked him over with a critical eye, “Just humor me, okay? It’s my way of saying thank you for helping me with my parents.”

Alex groaned, “Why do we have to lie to them, Iz? They are going to find out that we are not really together.”

“Once they are gone, I will tell them that we broke up and are going to remain friends. They will be none the wiser.” She answered as if it explained and excused everything.

“Okay. I don’t like it, but I will do it.”

Isabel smiled then glanced around the boutique and spotted one of her sales clerk, “Michelle!”

“Yes, Miss Evans?” The young brunette asked as she made her way over to the couple.

“Michelle, this is Alex Whitman. Will you please show him some of the items from our men’s line?” Isabel glanced at Alex again, “Blues and Grays mostly. Those colors seem to bring out his eyes more.”

Alex felt the tips of his ears start to turn red as both women eyed him. He had been surprised to hear that Isabel noticed his eyes as well as what colors looked best on him, but it was her job to be aware of things like that.

“I guess I am in your hands then.” Alex gave Michelle his most charming smile.

Isabel didn’t like the way Michelle was looking at her best friend. It was the same look that she had received from many guys over the years and she knew what it meant.

Shaking her head to get the image of Michelle and Alex out of her head, she smiled, “Okay, I ‘m going to leave you for a few minutes and run over to the shoe store across the street. What size do you wear, Alex?”

“Shoes also?” He glanced down at his old tennis shoes that had definitely seen better days, but they were comfortable and broke in.

Isabel cocked an eyebrow and gave him her ‘do not give me an argument’ look. Alex quickly gave her his size and watched as she gave him a triumphant smile and then left him standing there with a bemused expression on his face. There was just something about a bossy Isabel that just completely drove him wild and made him give in to her every whim.

About an hour later, Isabel finally returned from the shoe store. She had been surprised at how difficult it had been to buy shoes for a man. It had almost felt like she had been picking out shoes for herself instead of Alex.

Walking into her boutique, Isabel spotted Alex at the counter paying for his purchases. Michelle was standing very close to him while flirting outrageously and he didn’t seem to mind one bit. Something inside of Isabel snapped and she found herself striding purposefully over to the counter.

“Did you get all you needed, sweetie?” She asked while wrapping an arm around his waist and at the same time placing her hand over his that was holding his credit card, “Put that away. I told you that this was a gift.”

Alex was about to protest, but felt Isabel squeeze his waist slightly and he decided that his best course of action was to remain silent. Instead, he mentally sat back and watched the show that was playing out in front of him.

“Michelle, will you put his bill on my desk and I will take care of it later?” Isabel waited for the girl to nod and finish bagging up the rest of the purchases. Once done, she helped Alex scoop up the bags before leaning over and whispering, just loud enough for Michelle to hear, into his ear, “Let’s go home and you can model for me.”

Alex barely suppressed the shudder that traveled through his body at the feel of her hot breath against his skin. Thought completely left his brain as he turned his head and pressed his lips softly against hers.

Isabel was at first shocked by his action that she became frozen while trying to decide what to do. Then the warmth of his lips seemed to wake her and she slowly returned the kiss that was a gentle caress.

The sound of a throat clearing made her jump back with surprise. Isabel avoided Alex’s eyes as she turned to her employee, said goodbye and steered him out the door. Neither spoke until they had settled in her car and on their way home.

“I think we fooled Michelle, so maybe it won’t be as hard fooling your parents for a week.” Alex said cutting into the silence.

Isabel frowned ‘Had it all been an act?’, “I guess so.”

“They will be here tomorrow morning, right?”

“That’s what Liz said on the phone.” She brushed away the thoughts of the kiss, “They should be here sometime before lunch.”

“Then we better start moving my things into your room tonight.” Alex wished that Isabel would change her mind about this farce. He didn’t know how he was going to handle being so close to her but not able to have her, especially after that kiss. He had a feeling that this week was going to be the longest of his life.



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A/N I have never been able to write M/L & M/M well so please forgive me if I don't place too much emphasize on their roles. :oops: They will have a bigger role in later chapters :wink:

Part 4

Isabel fluffed the pillows on the sofa once more as she called out to her room mate, "Come on, Alex! They will be here at any minute!"

"I'm coming!" he called back from his room where he had been removing the last of his belongings.

They had spent the better part of the evening before and that morning moving Alex's things into Isabel’s room. Once that task was completed, she had gone on a cleaning frenzy making sure that every surface in the house was neat as a pin.

Isabel was surprisingly nervous over the pretense that she and Alex would be enacting, especially since it had been all her idea. She knew her parents loved and adored Alex as one of her best friends, but she didn't know how they would react to him as her live in boyfriend.

"Alex!" she called once again in frustration.

"I'm right behind you, Izzy." he chuckled causing Isabel to spin around.

She was about to give him a lecture for keeping her waiting when she caught sight of him and the words seemed to die in her throat. He was definitely the embodiment of the saying "clothes make the man" as he stood there in a simple pair of khaki trousers and a dark blue button up shirt. Isabel had been right about the color. It seemed to make his green eyes sparkle even more than usual giving him an air of the "devil may care" look.

There was only two other times, that Isabel could remember, when Alex had looked better than he did right then. One was at their senior prom when he had shown up with Leann Clarkson; and the other time was at her brother’s wedding. Both times he had worn a tux, and just the sight of him had caused a hitch in her breath.

"Isabel?" Alex tried to get her attention as she stood there quietly taking him in. She shook the thoughts from her head by telling herself that he was just a friend, nothing more.
"Uh...Alex. You look great, although there is just one thing..." she stepped closer , reached up, and unfastened the top button of his shirt, "There. That's better."

Alex gave her a slight smile while stuffing his hands in his pockets. He had to do something with them since he had the strong urge to pull her into his arms at that moment and never let her go.

Instead he took a step back and asked her the question that he had been thinking about for the last 24 hours, "So how are we going to do this?"

Isabel frowned, "What do you mean?"

"How should we act in front of your parents?"

"Well..uh...."she started not all sure herself, "They think we have been dating and living together for the last year. How would someone act if hey were really in this situation?"

Alex shrugged, "Your asking the wrong person. I can't seem to keep a girl's attention for longer than a few months."

Isabel frowned at that comment knowing it was not true. Alex was the funniest, sweetest and most charming man that she had ever known and it was those girl's loss that they couldn’t see how special he was.

"Max and Liz are joining us for lunch." She smiled as an idea seemed to form in her head, "Let's just follow their lead and do what they do."

He nodded thinking of his two friends who were hopelessly in love with each other and seemed to be on a perpetual honeymoon, "Good idea."

Isabel was about to respond when they heard the sound of a car pulling up into their driveway. She let out a deep breath and said, "It's show time."

Alex followed Isabel outside as they went to greet their guest and help with their bags.

"Mom! Dad!" Isabel cried as she ran down the steps and into her mothers open arms for a tight warm hug. She hadn't realized until that very minute how much she had missed them both while they had been gone reclaiming their youth.

"You look wonderful, Isabel!" Diane smiled as she held her only daughter in her arms, only letting her go when her husband came over to claim his hug.

"Hi, princess." Phillip pressed a kiss to her temple as he also held her tightly.

Finally Isabel stepped back and allowed Alex to also get his greeting in, "It's nice to see you both again, Mr. and Mrs. Evans."
Phillip cupped Alex on the shoulder, "Alex you are no longer in high school. It's okay if you call us Diane and Phillip." he smiled broadly, "Besides we are practically family now that you and our Isabel are dating."

Alex returned his smile nervously, "Well then, Phillip and Diane, why don't you three go on in the house and I will take care of your luggage?"

"Are you sure?" Isabel asked thinking maybe she should give him a hand.

"Yeah I got this." he grinned and flexed his arms making them all laugh, "I made some lemonade earlier since it's supposed to be another scorcher today. I'm sure your folks would like some."

Her parents agreed and the three of them left him to do his macho routine by handling the heavy bags. Isabel led them into the kitchen where they sat down to glasses of ice cold lemonade and small talk.

"You have such a lovely home, sweetie" Nancy told her daughter proudly.

"We try to make it so." Isabel returned her smile as she thought about the many trips to the antique stores she had dragged Alex to over the last year.

"Alex is looking good." her mother commented casually.

Isabel couldn't deny that fact since he did look good. In high school he had been a tall skinny goofy guy who had a fondness for alternative music and computer. Now his body had filled out, but he was still that same goofy guy who liked alternative music and computers, "Yeah he does."

"I've put your luggage in the guest room." Alex said as he entered the kitchen with a smile that lit up his eyes. He noticed the three glasses of lemonade on the table and gave a playful pout, "No lemonade for me?"

Isabel decided maybe now would be a perfect time to try out their pretend relationship, "Would you like me to get you a glass, honey?"

Alex had been walking over to the refrigerator when he heard her question and he found himself pausing and forgetting what he was doing. It took him a moment to regroup, "Uh...No. I'll get it. Thanks."

She watched for a moment as he poured his lemonade at the counter before turning back to her parents, "How long are you planning on visiting?"

Phillip couldn't help but smile at his daughter who he knew hated surprises and wanted to be told everything up-front, "We are not really sure. Maybe a few weeks or maybe forever."

Isabel had been taking a sip of her drink and almost choked, "Forever? You mean you are staying?"

Diane spoke up, "At this point we are not sure, but we do know that this past year we have done nothing but miss our children and friends." she gave a smile and held up her hand, "Don't get me wrong; we had a great time and we wouldn't take back this last year for nothing, but we think maybe it's time to come home."

"Our plan is to stay a few weeks and see how we feel then." Her father said.

"That's great!" Alex smiled breaking into the silence that had settled over the table at the revelation. He knew that Isabel was worried about having to keep the charade up for longer than a few weeks, but if he had his way Alex would get her to tell the truth tonight.

Isabel nodded her agreement before deciding to worry about the situation later, "Max and Liz should be here soon for us to go to lunch. Why don't I show you where you will be staying so you can freshen up?"

Her parents agreed and they followed her from the kitchen to the bedroom down the hall from hers. She just hoped that Alex and she did not make any mistakes and get through the next 2 weeks with ease.


“So how are things at work, Alex?” Phillip Evans asked as they sat, along with Max, waiting for the women to return from the restroom.

Alex gave a mental sigh of relief at the question. He had figured that once the girls had left the table, at the restaurant, then Isabel’s father would give him the third degree. But luckily, his work was something he loved and could talk about for ages.

As he went on into detail about the computer program he was working on, Alex began to notice the glassy eyes of his two companions. He gave an inward chuckle at his ability to bore his friends with a topic that no one knew what he was talking of.

Eventually, silence over took the table as the three men sat their wishing for the return of the women. Alex couldn’t help that his eyes kept wandering over to the restroom door hoping to see Isabel walk out and get him out of the mess she had been getting him into since her parents had appeared at their door.

He certainly had not been prepared for what lengths she would go to in order to prove to her family that they were dating. “Honey” and “Sweetie” had somehow replaced his real name when she spoke to him or about him to her parents.

Alex thought he could handle the nicknames without too much problems, but what he found that he couldn’t handle was Isabel’s touch. When they had arrived at the restaurant, waiting for their table, somehow her hand had slipped inside his own and he had to catch his breath at the feel of her small warm hand holding his tightly. Alex had gone into a state of bliss at that moment and almost tripped over his feet as they were being led to their table.

After being seated, Isabel had continued her act while Max and Liz, who were normally more love sick with each other, were more restrained and seemed to be getting a kick out of the show. Although Max wasn’t happy about lying to his parents, and had told his sister repeatedly in private before leaving the house, he knew when to keep quiet. Especially since both Isabel and his wife had threatened him if he did say anything.

“So, Alex. When do you plan to make an honest woman out of my sister?” Max asked with a smug grin on his face.

Alex wouldn’t have believed it was possible but the table seemed to get even quieter as he sat there in shock over the question. He thought about laughing it off, until he turned and saw Phillip gazing at him with the same question in his eyes. He felt trapped and he knew Max was enjoying watching him squirm.

“Uh...uh..” Alex stuttered as he continued to feel like a deer caught in the headlights, “Well, uh..”

Finally Phillip laughed and the tension was relieved as he commented, “I don’t think anyone could make Isabel do anything. I’m sure they will be ready when Isabel says she is ready.”

Alex sighed and gave a slight smile again wondering where the ladies were. Did he need to send out a search party?


“You and Alex seem so happy.” Dianne smiled into the mirror at her daughter as all three women touched up their make up in the restroom of the restaurant.

Isabel spotted the amused look on Liz’s face and shot her a glare before turning back to her mother, “We are.”

“Well I’m glad you finally got together. Did you see those women starring when we walked in? They were definitely envious of you when you slipped your hand into his.”

Isabel had seen those women and her ire had shot up as she noticed that they were checking out Alex. Without giving it a thought, she had slipped her hand into his and laid her claim sending out a message to them that he was taken. Once her hand was in his, though, she did not give another thought about the girls. Instead she began to think about how warm and safe her hand felt in the grasp of his much larger one. She even noticed that all those years of playing his bass guitar hadn’t left his finger tips rough and calloused as she would have thought.

Isabel had been very unwilling to give up the hand as they had sat down at the table, but had forced herself to let go. When she had looked across the table and saw her brother and sister-in-law constantly touching each other in some way, Isabel had taken it upon herself to do the same with Alex. She couldn’t seem to get enough of feeling his skin brushing against hers and at some point it had become as natural as breathing.

She let out an inaudible sigh as they finally left the restroom to rejoin the men. Isabel had to admit to herself that she was actually eager to return to Alex’s side. With a frown she wondered, ‘Why am I feeling this way toward my room mate?’

The rest of the day had flown quickly by as her parent’s unpacked and settled into the guest room. Soon it was time for bed and although Isabel tried to stay up as long as she could, she finally said goodnight to her parents and entered her room.

She had hoped that Alex would already be asleep, but to her surprise he was still awake as he laid under the covers of his make shift bed reading a book. He looked up and shut his book as she walked in.

“Are your parent’s gone to bed?”

Isabel nodded as she made her way to her bed and she couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked in his pajamas and with his hair tousled. ‘Come on, Isabel. It’s not like you haven’t seen him like this before.’

“So how did I do today?” Alex wondered as he watched her remove her robe to reveal her favorite red satin pajamas. He stifled a groan that worked his way up his throat at the sight of her in his favorite color.

“You did great, Alex” she gave him a slight smile as she crawled into her bed. “They really believe we are a couple.”

Alex returned her smile and nodded, “Well we better get to sleep. Good night, Isabel”

Isabel watched as he snuggled down into his bedding and gave a frown as she noticed him struggling to get comfortable on the floor. She looked down at her queen size bed and realized that while she would be comfortable he wouldn’t.

“Alex.” she called to him, “You can’t sleep on the floor.”

He turned over and looked at her, “Well I can’t go sleep in my own bed or the couch, can I?”

She sighed, “I’m sorry, Alex for getting you into this.”

Alex hated seeing Isabel upset and gave her a comforting smile, “Don’t worry, Iz. Everything will be alright and I will be just fine right here on the floor.”

Isabel could see that he was determined to help her even if it meant going through days of pain and suffering on the hard cold floor, “No, Alex. If we are in this together then we should share this bed.”

He looked up at her with surprise, “Share the bed?”

She nodded, ‘Why not? It’s a huge bed and definitely big enough for both of us.”

Alex didn’t know what to say and he definitely didn’t know if he could sleep in the same bed of the woman he had loved for what seemed like eternity. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Isabel.”

She let out a frustrated groan at the fact that he was being stubborn. So she gave him her no nonsense look and said one more time, “Get in bed, Alex.”

Having been recipient of that look and tone of voice many times, Alex knew he wasn’t going to win this battle. He rose from the floor and without pulling back the covers, slid on top of the bedspread and hugged the edge of the bed.

“Alex” she growled again, “Get under the covers.”

With a sigh he did as she asked but continued to lay as close to the edge as possible. He didn’t know how his body would react if it realized it was in bed with the girl of his dreams and he certainly didn’t want Isabel aware of it.

“Much better.” she smiled at him as she reached over and cut the bed side lamp off, “Good night, Alex.”

Once he found his voice he murmured, “ Good night, Iz” while wondering if he would actually be getting any sleep tonight.


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A/N Thanks to Flamehair, Sternbetrachter, Allie Xie, Orangesky and Chanks_girl for taking an interest and leaving me FB. ( I will never read that line again without laughing) :lol:

Part 5

Alex checked the clock on the bedside table and gave a mental groan at the sight of the glowing red numbers. It was almost 6:00 in the morning and, just as he thought, he had not gotten a wink of sleep the whole night. Instead, he had laid awake constantly aware of how Isabel was only a few inches away in her own dreamland.

He had done well in restraining himself from reaching out to her, but his good intentions were foiled sometime in the night when Isabel rolled over to his side of the bed and cuddled up next to his body. Alex had gone completely still in fear of waking her or making the wrong move.

The rest of the night had been spent watching her sleep and smiling at the sound of the soft snore passed through her parted lips. Such a small imperfection, but he knew though that if he was ever given the chance he could live with that flaw for the rest of his life.

Glancing over at the clock once more, Alex decided that he probably should go ahead and get up before she awoke. Alex didn’t know what her reaction would be if she woke up to find herself in his arms and he just didn’t want to take that chance.

Gently he rolled Isabel back to her side of the bed and then slowly slipped out of the bed. Alex turned back to look down at her and was surprised to see her roll right back into his spot and wrap her arms around his pillow. The sight made him very envious of the inanimate object and he wished that it was still his body that she was cuddled with.

With a sigh and a last look at her sleeping form, he turned and grabbed clothes before heading out of the room and into the hall bathroom. He just hoped that a cold shower would wake him up and get him ready for the long day ahead.

It was half an hour later that he returned back to the room to finish dressing. He tried to be as quiet as possible as he searched for the new shoes Isabel bought him when he heard a sleepy voice call from behind him.


“Good morning.” He whispered as he looked over his shoulder at her. “I’m sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep.”

“That’s okay.” She returned in a whispered voice as she sat up in the bed so that she had a better view of him crouched in the closet. “I woke up a few minutes ago.”

When she had opened her eyes, Isabel had found herself alone in the bed. At first, she had called out to him in anger that he had snuck back on the floor, but relaxed when she realized that he was just in the shower.

Glancing over at the clock Isabel gave a slight frown before turning to look at him, “It’s only 6:30, Alex. Why are you up so early? You never go into work before 8:00”

Alex could feel the heat rise across his neck as he tried to figure out what to say. There was no way he could tell her that if he stayed any longer in that bed then there was a good chance he would have pulled her back into his arms, “I thought I would go in early since I took off yesterday for your parents arrival and Friday’s are really busy for me at the office.”

Isabel gave a nod and a yawn as she watched him hop from one foot to another trying to get his shoes on. A noise from the other room drew her attention from the comical sight, “Sounds like my parents are up also.”

Alex tilted his head in the direction of the door and then gave a nod, “I must have awoken them when I went to shower.”

She chuckled and stretched before pulling back the cover and got out of the bed, “My parents are habitual early risers, Alex. They don’t know the meaning of sleeping in.”

He turned away from the sight of her standing there in those red pajamas that had starred in many of his fantasies. Did she not know what she was doing to him?

“I’ll let you finish dressing in here since the bathroom will probably be occupied by one of them.” Isabel said as she headed for the closed door passing him on her way.


“No problem.” She responded catching the clean scent that was emitting from him. ‘He really looks good in the morning’ she thought to herself with a slight smile at the sight of his still damp hair that had yet to be combed.

Isabel forced herself out the door and down the hall to the living room where she found her father sitting on the sofa reading the day’s newspaper. She bent over and pressed a kiss to his cheek, “Good morning, daddy.”

“Good morning princess.” He turned and looked up at her, “Did you sleep well?”

She nodded and smiled as she remembered how nice and warm she had been all night long. Isabel had been somewhat worried that she would not be able to sleep with Alex sharing the bed, but soon after she cut out the light she had been sound asleep.

“Good morning.” Alex’s voice broke her from her thoughts and she looked up to see him walk in the room giving her father a smile that made her heart do a crazy flip flop in her chest.

“Morning, Alex. Dianne is in the kitchen fixing breakfast.” Phillip smiled up at him, “I believe its French toast.”

Alex almost gave in to the temptation of food, but a quick look at Isabel still in her pajamas had him shaking his head, “I wish I could, but I really need to get into work. I have a lot going on in the office today.”

Phillip gave him an understanding nod before turning back to Isabel. “Go see your boyfriend off to work, princess, while I finish reading this newspaper then we can see about that French toast.” He gave her a devilish smile, “I remember those days when your mother would send me off to work. Almost makes me miss leaving home in the mornings.”

With that said he made a show of hiding his face behind the newspaper. Isabel couldn’t help but think back to those morning goodbye kisses between her parents that had embarrassed her when she was younger, but now caused her to blush at the idea of sharing such an intimate moment with Alex. Knowing that her father was expecting it and probably would be peeking at them she led her confused roommate to the door.

They stood there for a moment as neither knew what to do nor what to expect from each other. Alex felt his heart race at the thought of kissing Isabel again as he stood there looking into her dark eyes. Finally the tension became unbearable so he quickly lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers gently.

Isabel let out a small gasp at the feel of his lips and a tingle started at the tips of her toes and worked its way up her spine. ‘How was he able to melt her to a puddle with such a gentle caress?’ Her eyes shut to the pleasure he was creating within her and it caused her to reach up and place her palm on his cheek and allow the kiss to slightly deepen.

Slowly Alex pulled back watching as she opened her eyes and at that moment he knew that he could very well drown in them with little effort. Once again they stood there in silence just looking at each other until the sound of rustling paper from the sofa broke the spell.

Stepping away from Isabel he gave a murmured “I better go” before flying out the door and to his car.

She watched him leave still confused over her reaction to the kiss. Isabel reached up and pressed her fingertips to her lips stunned that she could still feel the gentle pressure of his lips upon hers.

“Princess?” Phillip called once again breaking the spell that Alex and thoughts of him had put her under, “Breakfast is ready.”

Closing the front door, she turned and headed back to her room still somewhat dazed and hoping that the effect of that kiss didn’t show, “I’ll be there after I get dressed.”

Walking into her room she headed straight for the mirror and saw the dreamy look that was reflected back at her. ‘I’ve known Alex for years. Why now am I starting to feel this way with him?’ she wondered to herself.

With a sigh she turned and quickly began to dress. She decided that she would put the kiss to the back of her mind and pretend that it hadn’t taken place.

Isabel soon found that it was easier said than done.


Alex sat in front of his computer, at work, just starring blankly at the screen. He had been unable to concentrate on his work all day as he continued to replay the morning’s kiss over and over in his head.

Alex had always prided himself on the fact that for years he had concealed his love in order not to ruin their friendship. He knew if they continued this act he would no longer be able to hide his true feelings from her any longer.

They had crept up on him when they were in college. Isabel and he had some how drifted together while all of their friends paired off leaving them the fifth and sixth wheels. They began doing everything together and soon Isabel had become his best friend.

Alex could still recall that moment when he had literally opened his eyes and saw her as more than the beautiful best friend. They had gone on a ski trip during winter vacation with their friends and he had ended up with a broken arm and concussion.

He had awoken in the hospital, in the middle of the night, and found Isabel tightly holding his good hand while she slept in the uncomfortable chair beside his bed. Alex had watched her and felt the overwhelming emotion overcome him and he knew that this was the woman that held his heart. From that time on, no woman could hold a candle to her.

Running a hand through his hair, he made a decision. The only way around this problem was to avoid it. The less time he spent with Isabel and her parents the less likely it would be for him to step out of line and mess up with his best friend.

Isabel opened her front door after a long day at work and shut her eyes at the memory of the kiss that had occurred at that very spot. It had been something she had thought of constantly through the day and it confused her more now than it did then.

“Isabel?” her mother called causing Isabel to open her eyes and return back to the present moment, “Are you all right, honey?”

“I’m fine mom.” Isabel gave her a reassuring smile as she shut the door and entered the living room where her mother sat alone watching tv. “Where’s dad?”

Dianne didn’t look up from where her eyes were glued to the screen as she continued to watch Kevin Costner, as John Dunbar, try to communicate with the Native Americans. “He went over to Max’s to see the water damage.”

“Is it as bad as they thought?”

“I hope not, but I think that will be up to the inspector to say.” She glanced up quickly at her daughter before returning her attention back to the tv, “Before I forget, Alex called and said he would be late tonight and to go ahead and have dinner without him.”

Isabel slightly frowned at that. Alex never came home late. In fact he usually was there before she got home and had already made dinner. Was he avoiding her because of this morning?

“He really loves you, you know.” Dianne stated aloud.

Isabel’s head shot up at her mother’s words and she gave her a questioning look, “Why do you say that?”

Dianne chuckled and pressed the pause on the remote control before finally giving her daughter her full attention, “Alex is so open and honest that you can practically read it in his face and the way he looks at you, as if you were the only person that existed in the room.” She smiled fondly, “Your father had the same look in his eyes when we were dating.”

Isabel never knew how hard a person could listen but her mother had her full attention now.

“Also there is that kiss that your father witnessed this morning. He told me that he thought for a moment that Alex was going to throw you over his shoulder and take you back to bed.”

“Why did he think that?” Isabel asked while trying to recall when that moment might have been. For her it had been when he had looked into her eyes and she saw the vulnerability that lingered there.

Dianne laughed again, “He said that after he stepped away from your kiss, Alex clenched his hands so tightly that Phillip swore he heard his knuckles crack.”

Isabel allowed herself to relive the whole moment and she realized that what her mother said was true. The signs were there and if she thought about it, they had been there for quit a while but she had chosen to ignore them. Not only had she denied that Alex had feelings for her, but that somewhere she had developed those feeling in return.


Isabel was starting to worry when Alex had not arrived home. It was after 11:00 at night and she couldn’t help but wonder where he was and who he was there with. She had spent most of the evening glancing watching tv with her parents and peeking out through the curtains waiting for Alex to return.

Finally she had turned in and tried to go to sleep but then had given up and started a new chapter in her romance novel that was hidden under her mattress. She had put it there when they were moving his belongings into her room not wanting him to know about the sappy romantic side that she hid behind the Ice Queen persona.

Hearing the sound of a car pulling into her drive, Isabel turned out the light, threw the book under the bed and pretended to be asleep. A few moments later, Alex crept into her bedroom and shut the door behind him before heading over to the chest of drawers. She kept her eyes shut as she heard the rustling of clothes and her heart picked up pace when she realized he was undressing and getting ready for bed. An image of him sliding into the bed naked, pulling her into his strong arms and then loving her filled her mind and she almost groaned at the thought.

Alex finished undressing deciding to just sleep in his boxers and T-shirt instead of the pajamas he wore the night before. He wondered for a brief moment on what Isabel would think if she knew he normally slept in the nude. Looking down at her still form under the blankets he could no longer suppress the yawn that needed to come out. He was exhausted from his lack of sleep from the last night and then the long hours he put in at work today. Alex knew that, once he got into bed, he would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

As he slid into the bed, he was careful not to wake Isabel. He knew if she did wake up then she would more than likely want to discuss what happened earlier that morning and Alex just wasn’t ready for it. Right now he was torn between wanting to be her friend and wanting to be her lover. He knew it would destroy him if he lost Isabel as a friend if he were to tell her of his love for her and so he made the decision to never let her know.

Isabel wanted to say something. But what? She was having enough trouble with her own feelings about Alex how was she supposed to handle it when faced with his for her? So she tried to push the thoughts away and concentrate on sleeping and felt angry when she realized that the one she was agonizing over was already asleep as if not having a care in the world.

Her anger left her when suddenly he reached out in his sleep and pulled her into his arms. Isabel was surrounded by his strength and warmth which had always made her feel safe, secure and loved. But even though he made her feel all of those things in his arms, at the same time it made her want to turn over and begin to pleasure him in ways that he only dreamed of until he woke up and returned the favor in kind.

With a long sigh Isabel knew it was going to be a long night.



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A/n Sorry it's taken so long. I have had work, school, mid-terms, my birthday and all the fun stuff that came along with it to keep me occupied. I really do appreciate the bumps and the friendly reminders to come back and post :lol: I hope it's worth the wait (of course it's a short part so maybe it won't be) :?

Part 6

Isabel awoke on Saturday morning to find herself once more alone in bed. Her first thoughts were of Alex and the warmth that she had experienced within his arms throughout her restless night. She was so far gone in her thoughts that she didn’t realize that she had grabbed his pillow and buried her nose in his lingering scent.

Her mother’s words kept ringing in her ears and Isabel wondered what she was going to do with the revelation. Could she really chance her relationship with her best friend just to see if they could become more?

Her heart ached at the thought of losing Alex.

With a deep sigh of frustration, she slipped out of bed and headed for the kitchen hoping that a strong cup of coffee would clear her head. If the coffee didn’t do the trick then she prayed that a nice long hot shower would.

“Good morning, honey.” Dianne greeted with a warm smile, “I’m fixing omelets. Would you and Alex like one as well?”

At the mention of his name, Isabel’s stomach became tied up in knots and her appetite went out the window. “I’m fine with just a cup of coffee. I can’t speak for Alex, though, since he seems to have vanished this morning.”

Dianne turned back to the stove, “He said he had an errand to run this morning. I thought he would be back by now.”

So he had not snuck out this morning? Isabel thought as she sipped her coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. She had to admit that when she had come into the kitchen she had hoped to see him there and for him to give her one of his smiles that let her know that everything would be okay between them.

“Your father has already left to play a round of golf with Max. Liz and I have made plans to go shopping. Would you like to join us?”

Normally Isabel would have jumped at the chance to head to the mall, but maybe this would give her the perfect opportunity to try and figure things out without the distraction of her parents and having to put on an act.

“I wish I could, but I have some things I need to take care of today.”

Just as she spoke the words, both women heard the front door open and shut. Isabel’s heart rate kicked up a notch as she realized it was Alex returning from his mysterious morning errand.

“Sounds like Alex is back.” Her mother grabbed a few more eggs, “Why don’t you go see if he would like an omelet.”

Isabel gave a nod and got up stopping to fix him a cup of coffee and then made the trek back to their room. Knocking first, she opened the door to find Alex dialing his cell phone while straightening the sheets on the bed.

“Morning.” He glanced up at her while continuing his task .

“Morning.” She returned his nod and held out his coffee to him.

Alex was about to tell her “thanks” when the phone was answered on the other side and he gave Isabel an apologetic smile. He had thought that she was having breakfast with her mother and that he would be able to avoid the awkwardness that he knew would be present between them after yesterday’s kiss. He should have known he wouldn’t be that lucky.

“Hello?” the familiar female voice answered causing his old smile to fall back into place.

“Good morning, Sweetheart. You miss me?” he purred over the phone line before letting out a chuckle when he heard her laughing.

‘Sweetheart?’ Isabel stood confused and with an open mouth wondering exactly whom Alex was talking to and why he seemed so comfortable talking to her with such a term of endearment.

“Alex? Where are you? You are already late.” Tess said with worry in her voice, “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Tess. Just running late this morning. I had to run to the store to get some water and snacks.” He told her while feeling Isabel’s eyes boring into his back. ‘Why was she just standing there?’

“Well you better hurry up. Kyle is packing up the Trailblazer and threatening to leave you behind.” Tess chuckled at her husband’s antics.

He grinned as he pictured his best friend, Kyle Valenti, stomping in and out of the house cursing the day he became friends with Alex in high school. In truth Alex always wondered why they had become friends in the first place. They had nothing in common. Kyle was the school jock while Alex was the computer nerd.

Somehow they had just clicked and though Maria and Liz had been his closest friends from elementary school on it was not the same relationship he had with Kyle. But when Kyle had gone away to college they had lost touch for a few years until he came back with a new wife on his arm and ready to settle back down in his hometown.

“Why don’t you go on to the park and I will meet you there in about an hour?”

Isabel stood there starring at Alex’s back as the knot in her stomach squeezed tight. ‘Did Alex have a girlfriend that he never told her about?’ she gave a slight frown, ‘although the name ‘Tess’ sounded familiar. Had he told her and she had just forgotten?’

Unable to take the uncomfortable feeling of being starred at, Alex glanced over at Isabel with a questioning look, “Did you need to tell me something?”

She looked startled for a moment as she shook off all the thoughts and emotions that were running through her, “ wanted me to find out if you wanted breakfast.”

Alex nodded, “I’ll be there in just a few moments.”

Isabel nodded and turned away from him wondering why he had never told her that he had a woman in his life. She should have known since he did vanish every Saturday morning not to reappear until late in the evening, exhausted. All the time she had just thought he was doing something for work but in actuality he had been off doing some tart.

She sighed as she shut the door behind her as she left the room. What hurt most was the fact that she could hear the love in his voice when he spoke to “Tess.” Why hadn’t she known about this before? Had she been so involved in her own life that she totally ignored the fact that it was possible for Alex to have his own.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Dianne asked noticing the slight frown on Isabel’s face when she waled in the door, “Is Alex coming?”

“He’ll be here in a few minutes. He is on the phone.” Isabel didn’t really want to talk about Alex. In fact it hurt just to think about him with another woman when she was starting to have all these feelings for him.

The sound of the house phone ringing caused Isabel to jump and she automatically reached over to grab it off its cradle on the wall but was stopped by Alex calling out, “I got it ”

Isabel slumped into the kitchen chair wondering if it was his girlfriend calling him back and he just didn’t want her to answer it. ‘Why was this happening to her?’

“Hello?” Alex answered the phone wondering who could be calling on their house phone so early in the morning.


Alex frowned for a moment but then realized who it was on the other end, “What do you want, Jesse?”

“LetmeshpeaktoIshabel” the voice on the other line slurred.

“Where are you, Jesse?” Alex wondered if he should call someone to pick Isabel’s ex up and take him home so that he could sleep off the drink.


Alex gave a sigh of relief that the intoxicated man wasn’t out and wouldn’t hurt anyone but himself, “Why don’t you go make yourself a nice strong cup of coffee, Jesse.”

“Put the bitch on the phone, Whitman ” Jesse demanded his voice becoming clear for the first time.

Alex clenched his hand around the phone wishing it were Jesse neck as he growled, “Go sober up.” before hanging the phone up.

He starred down at the bedside phone and began to worry. ‘Would Jesse try to hurt Isabel?’ he wouldn’t have thought so a few weeks ago but now he wasn’t so sure. He certainly didn’t sound like the cool and collected lawyer just a few moments ago on the phone.

Picking up her pillow from the bed he raised into to his face and inhaled her intoxicating scent that was uniquely hers, “No one is going to hurt you, Isabel”

There was no way he would let anyone harm her and he would do whatever he could to protect her and keep her safe.


After breakfast Alex asked Isabel if she would join him in the back yard for a moment. He knew he had to tell her about the phone call from Jesse but didn’t want to do so in front of her mother.

Isabel, at first, was reluctant to talk with him, but this was Alex, her best friend, and she just couldn’t say no. So instead she wrapped her arms around her middle and followed him out onto the back porch.

“That was Jesse that called earlier.”

Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise, “Jesse? What did he want?”

Alex shook his head and then repeated the conversation he had with the drunk lawyer not leaving out one detail nor the fact that he was worried about her. When he saw her shiver he couldn’t stop himself from reaching for her and pulling her into his arms.

“Don’t worry, Izzy. I’m not letting you out of my sight until I think Jesse has cooled down. I have no idea what this man is capable of.”

“You can’t watch me every second, Alex.” she murmured against his shoulder, enjoying the feel of his arms and the comfort they provided. How did she not realize her feelings before and now that she did he was out of reach?

“I’m not going anywhere without you.”

Pulling back from him she looked into his worried eyes, “Don’t you have plans for the day?”

Alex groaned as he remembered he had somewhere to be in a few minutes, “How would you like to come with me?”

“With you?” she asked incredulously wondering how he had the gall to bring her to his tryst with his lover.

“Yes, I am meeting Kyle and Tess at the park for the ball game. It’s almost the end of the season and I really need to be there.” He explained wondering what he had said to get her angry at him.

Isabel frowned, “Kyle and Tess?”

Alex nodded in confusion, “You know my friend Kyle and his wife Tess? Kyle Valenti from high school?”

Suddenly Isabel remembered a few months ago when Alex had told her he was helping his friend coach the little league game. Her frown became a grin as she realized that Alex hadn’t been meeting some floozy but had been playing baseball with little kids.

“I would love to go.” She said quickly not wanting him to change his mind.

“Isabel stop hugging and kissing out there with Alex and get dressed ” her mother yelled from inside the kitchen.

Isabel felt the heat rise to her face and Alex chuckled as he shrugged, “We better do as she says.”



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Part 7

Even though Alex tried to rush her in getting dress, Isabel took her time as she tried to figure out what to wear. She was real nervous at the prospect of meeting his friends and just wanted them to like her.

She finally settled on an outfit similar to Alex, who was wearing a t-shirt and well worn jeans. Isabel couldn’t help but admire how the clung to his rear as she followed him to his car.

“Kyle is going to kill me.” Alex murmured to himself as he cranked up the car and backed it out of their driveway.

“I’m sure it will be fine, Alex.” Isabel tried to reassure him.

He chuckled, “You never hung out with Kyle in high school, right?”

She shook her head, “We knew the same people but I never really got to know him. You and he were friends then, right?”

“Yeah, besides Maria and Liz he was probably my best friend.” he once again chuckled, “An odd pairing, right?”

Isabel returned his laugh, “As I remember...Kyle was the ultimate jock in high school from captain of the basketball team to the star football quarterback. While you were...”

Alex looked over at her and raised an eyebrow, “You can say it, Isabel. I was a geek.”

She was quick to defend him, “You weren’t a geek, Alex. You just didn’t follow someone like sheep and do their bidding just to be popular.”

Alex heard the contempt in her voice as she spoke of their time at school. It had taken him many years after they had graduated for him to figure out just how much she had hated her status as the Elle McPherson of Roswell high.

He reached over and took her hand in his giving it a gentle squeeze. He decided to change the subject, “I think you are going to like, Tess. You have a lot in common.”

She was thankful for his understanding and returned his smile, “How did Kyle and Tess meet? She’s not from Roswell, right?”

“They met at college. Kyle saw her on campus and developed a huge crush on her.” he laughed thinking about his friend’s antics during his pursuit of the petite blonde, “It took him close to a year before she agreed to go out with him. Seems she wasn’t into football players and he had to do some drastic things to prove that he wasn’t just some dumb jock.”

He pulled into the park and tried to find the closest spot as possible and then reluctantly let go of the hand he had been holding unconsciously. Isabel followed him to the trunk and watched as he struggled to remove a large cooler from inside.

“Can I help?” she asked worried that he wouldn’t be able to carry the full cooler to the field.

Alex gave her a smile before lifting the chest out with ease, “Could you grab the bag with snacks?”

Isabel nodded as she grabbed the plastic bag but was unable to keep from eyeing Alex’s bulging biceps as he began the trek to the field. She quickly caught up with him, surprised at how easily he was able to carry the cooler and not even break a sweat.

“Alex!” a feminine voice yelled out from the crowd that was beginning to form around the baseball field. Isabel watched as a petite curly haired blonde made her way over to them. “Where have you been?”

“Hey Tess.” He grinned as she stopped in front of them seeming a little flustered, “Is Kyle driving everyone crazy yet?”

“He’s driving ME crazy.” She huffed before looking at his companion with a question in her eyes.

Seeing that look, Alex quickly made the introductions, “Tess this is Isabel Evans my room mate. Isabel this is Tess Valenti, Kyle’s old ball and chain.”

Tess ignored the jab as she looked the tall blonde over, “The Isabel Evans?” Her smile widened as she glanced over at Alex, “I was thinking you made her up. I am glad to see she is not just a figment of your imagination.”

Alex felt the heat sweep across the beck of his neck as both ladies turned to look at him. He could practically hear Isabel questioning him on what he had been telling his friends about her.

“Umm..I better go find Kyle.” He looked at Isabel, “Tess will show you where to sit and I will see you in a little while.”

Both girls watched as he left them as he headed toward the baseball field. Tess was the first to break the silence as she turned back to Isabel with a warm friendly smile.

“I guess that means you are with me. Come on. The game should start soon and I have the best seats in the house.”

Isabel couldn’t help but return her smile and follow her through the throng of people to their seats. There was something about the small blonde that made her feel comfortable and instantly Isabel knew that she would like her.

“Where have you been? You were supposed to be here a half hour ago. I had to warm the team up myself.” Kyle growled the minute he saw Alex.

Alex chuckled and sat the cooler down near the dug out, “Sorry, man. I had to wait for Isabel to get dressed and that woman takes forever.”

Kyle raised an eyebrow, “Isabel? Isabel Evans? She’s here?” he questioned as he began to search the crowd almost standing on his tip toes.

Alex groaned wondering why he had thought it was a good idea to bring Isabel with him “She’s over there with Tess.”

Able to find his wife in any crowd, Kyle zeroed in on then and let out a low whistle, “Man, Alex. She looks even better than she did in high school. No wonder you are still gaga over her.”

‘Yeah. Definitely a bad idea.’ Alex admitted to himself and then was startled to see Kyle head over in that direction.

“Kyle? What are you doing?” he called as he took off after him.

His friend turned back and grinned, “I’m going to say hello to an old high school friend.”

“But..But…”Alex tried to think up an excuse. He was very worried about getting Kyle and Isabel in the same room, “The game is starting any minute.”

“Don’t worry, Alex. It will only take a minute.” Kyle chuckled and continued to make a beeline for the two beautiful blondes.

Alex slowed his pace down not wanting to rush into the torture that he knew would be coming. Ever since school, Kyle had taken pains in picking on him regarding his feelings for the most popular girl in Roswell.

He came upon them just as Kyle was greeting the tall blonde, “Hey Isabel. I haven’t seen you since graduation. How have you been?”

Isabel smiled up at him from the seat that she and Tess had settled in, “I’m doing well, Kyle. Congratulations of your marriage. I never thought you would ever settle down.”

Kyle’s grin widened as he reached down and wrapped his hand around his wife, “To tell you the truth I never thought I would either until I met Tess. I saw her and I knew I needed to tie her down before any other guy saw what I did.”

Tess was beaming at her husbands loving words and reached up with her free hand to caress his cheek, “That’s so sweet, Buddha Boy.”

Alex broke the moment with a clearing of his throat. He knew how mushy his friends could get if they continued on the way they were going. They had a tendency to forget everything around them, “We better go, Kyle.”

Kyle nodded stepping away from the girls, “Isabel, I hope you plan to join us for our cook out after the game today.”

Isabel glanced over at Alex who remained silent as he stood there waiting for her response. She really did like this couple and didn’t see any reasons not to spend more time with them. “Sounds good to me.”

Alex gave an inaudible groan while keeping a smile on his face. Dinner with the Valenti’s. This was just a recipe for disaster.

“Thanks for inviting me to lunch, Tess. I know you weren’t expecting to feed another mouth today.” Isabel smiled at the small blonde as she helped her with the dishes.

“Usually it’s just me and the guys, so it’s been nice having another female in the house.” Tess returned her smile, “I’m just glad we finally met. Alex and Kyle have told me some things about you but I’m interested in learning more.”

Isabel sat down the last dry plate and wiped her hands clean, “What do you want to know?”

Tess turned off the running water and wiped her own hands dry while turning to the taller woman, “How did you and Alex meet? I know you went to high school together but I can’t see you hanging out with the same crowds.”

Isabel sighed as she thought back to those days. She didn’t like to reminisce over her time at East Roswell High, “I’ve known Alex since grade school but I don’t think I had a real conversation with him until our sophomore year.” she leaned against the counter, “My brother, Max, began to date Alex’s best friend, Liz Parker. Even though I did talk to him and know him during those last three years of school I didn’t really get to know Alex until college.”

Tess raised an eyebrow curiously, “Why’s that?”

She shook her head and wrapped her arms around her waist, “I was the It Girl of the school. Everyone wanted to either date me or be me. I didn’t have time for nice guys like Alex Whitman.”

“Then how did you become friends?” Tess had always wanted to know how they had become room mates but her husband had never been able to tell her.

Isabel let her mind wander again, this time to those college years, “When I graduated I left behind all of those so-called friends and my home coming crown behind. I was like every other girl starting college and I was no longer the big girl on campus.”

Tess nodded, “I remember that feeling. I was just another face in the crowd.”

“Exactly” Isabel smiled at the fact that the other woman understood how she had felt, “It didn’t take me long to turn to my brother and his friends for the closeness that I had lacked with my high school friends. Alex was always there to make me laugh, help me with my school work or just be there when I needed someone to talk to.” she felt the warmth spread through her at the thought of that time together, “I came out of high school with just a diploma but I came out of college with a best friend.”

Tess couldn’t help but notice the look in Isabel’s eyes when talking about Alex. There was something there. Something that she didn’t think even Isabel was aware of. Tess planned to make it her mission to open the tall blonde’s eyes to her feelings for her best friend.

“So now you are living with Alex” Tess stated with a smile, “How do you handle having dates over? It must be a little awkward.”

Isabel placed a stray piece of blonde hair behind her hair and gave hesitant chuckle, “Well so far neither one of us has gotten to serious with someone to get to that awkward stage. Right now I am just happy to be living with my best friend and, after some trouble with my ex-boyfriend, I don’t foresee me getting serious with anyone in the near future.”

Tess gave a slight frown, “Alex is a great guy, Isabel. Some girl is going to be very lucky when she takes notice of him and the relationship that you share will be affected.”

She didn’t want to think about Alex with another woman, “Alex and I will always be friends. Nothing will take that away.”

“No, you won’t. Not the way you are now. Once one of you marries, the other person will drift away. Three in a marriage is too many, Isabel. At some point, you have to either decide to take the relationship to the next level or eventually, it will fall to the wayside.”

Tess gave her a slight smile of comfort knowing that her words had affected Isabel, before leaving her to ponder what she had just said.

Isabel found herself going over to the back door and looking at the 2 men who had vanished outside to play a game of basketball soon after lunch was over. Alex was bouncing the ball and laughing at something that Kyle said to him. Tess words continued to ring through her ears as she continued to watch. Could she really lose her best friend?

“Come on, Dude. Take your shot.” Kyle taunted Alex, “Or are you chicken?”

Alex laughed at his friend’s antics and shook his head, “Your little psychological game doesn’t work on me, Kyle.”

“Oh really?”

“Really.” He stated before taking his shot and sinking it into the net. Alex couldn’t help but grin as he heard Kyle groan at the fact that his friend had scored another point.

“Well then since your not affected....”Kyle grinned as Alex checked the ball to him, “You can tell me when you plan to finally make your move on the lovely Miss Evans.”

Alex groaned aloud. He should have known that Kyle would bring the subject up, “Never. We are just friends and that’s how we will always remain. Isabel doesn’t see me any other way.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Whitman” Kyle continued to bounce the ball on the court.

Frowning Alex shook his head, “What do you mean?”

Kyle shrugged, “I’m just saying that I don’t think that Isabel looks at you like a friend. In fact, if she had looked at me the way she does with you, Tess would have scratched her eyes out by now.”

After saying that, Kyle side stepped Alex and quickly got to the basket to sink a goal. With a shout in victory he turned to see his friend still standing in the spot he had left him. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the confusion in Alex eyes that he had caused.

“You’re crazy. Isabel isn’t looking at me in any way. It’s just your imagination.” Alex said thinking that Kyle was just saying anything to give him an advantage in the basketball game.

Kyle looked over his tall friends shoulder and couldn’t help but see Isabel standing there, “Oh yeah? Then why is she looking out the back door at you now?”

Just then, Kyle threw the ball at Alex expecting him to catch it but Alex took that very moment to turn his head to see if what his friend said was true. For an instant he saw her there before a hard object slammed into the side of his face causing him to fall to the ground.

“ALEX!” Isabel cried as she ran out the backdoor that just moments ago she had been content watching them from. When she saw the ball coming at Alex her heart had gone into over drive and she had run out to make sure he was okay. “Alex?”

“Ouch” Alex groaned as he rolled over to his side with a hand pressed to his cheek, “Man that stings.”

“You okay, buddy?” Kyle asked worriedly as he bent down next to him, “I thought you were ready for the ball.”

Isabel kneeled down beside the two men and reached out to remove Alex’s hand from his face. She hoped that he didn’t notice the way her own hands were shaking in fright over the whole situation.

Alex could see the worry in Isabel’s eyes as she took a good look at the side of his face that got hit with a ball, “It doesn’t look bad but I think you will have a small bruise on your chin.” she caressed a finger across of it slightly and he felt the shivers race across his skin at her touch “You do have a scratch on you other cheek that you probably got when you hit the ground. Let’s go into the house and see if Tess has any antibiotic and I will clean it up for you.”

Isabel watched as her roommate was helped off the ground from Kyle. A few minutes later they were in the guest bathroom in the Valenti home and she was applying the antibiotics as he sat on the closed toilet seat trying to be a good patient.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she asked worriedly as she continued to spread the antibiotic on his scratch, “You fell pretty hard.”

Alex looked up at her and once again saw the distress in her eyes, “I’m fine, Izzy. I promise.”

Isabel could feel the tears well up into her eyes and she knew they were there because she now realized that Alex wouldn’t always be there for here. The sight of him being hit by the ball and him slamming to the ground had brought it too close to home for her.

“Izzy?” Alex reached up and wrapped his fingers around the wrist of her hand that was continuing to caress his cheek and wondered what had brought the tears on. He had always hated to see her upset and more so when it involved himself.

Isabel looked down at him as he continued to look up at her with concern shining in his green eyes and something inside of her just snapped. She lowered her head and placed her lips on his and in that instant she knew that her world, as she knew it, ceased to exist. For she was really, truly kissing Alex, and now nothing would ever be the same between them again.

Alex was somewhat surprised by her advance but once he had a taste of her he instantly became an eager participant. Never in his wildest imagination had he ever thought that this moment would ever happen.

She felt Alex’s lips part under hers and Isabel couldn’t resist taking more of what he was offering to her. She knew this was madness and that he was her best friend and room mate, but in here heart she felt that they could be so much more if only the would take that leap of faith.

Alex was enjoying the moment when he was finally able to give into his pent up desires over this woman. His mouth nibbled on her lower lip before allowing his tongue the pleasure of tasting her more fully.

A moan escaped him as Alex pulled her closer until Isabel’s chest pressed tightly against his own. Her curves seemed to fit perfectly with his own. While his arms tightened around her, she slipped her fingers through his hair as they sunk deeper and deeper into the kiss.

Alex’s ability to think clearly was swept right out the door just as her tongued swooped in to duel with his own. He knew they would need to come up for air soon but right now he would gladly die of oxygen depravation just as long as her lips remained on his.

His hands could not remain idle as they traveled a path that he had dreamed of for years. They slipped under her shirt to find the bare expanse of skin that was warm and soft to his touch.

Isabel let out a small noise at the contact and in her haze of desire she grabbed at the hem of Alex’s shirt and began to raise it. She got it as far as his arm pits when she realized that he would have to stop his slow torturous caress of her skin in order for Isabel to fully remove the shirt.

Feeling his fingers brush against the sides of her breast made her make up her mind and decide that she would just have to make do. Sliding her hands up his taut abs Isabel lightly brushed her finger nails against his nipples causing them to harden in arousal.

“Alex?” a knock came on the door, “Isabel?”

The sound of Tess voice coming from behind the closed door had both Alex and Isabel pulling back from the pulling quickly apart. Their eyes met and the desire that had clouded their minds, only a few seconds prior, finally dissipated leaving them both shocked.

“Are you alright, Alex?” Tess asked when she didn’t get an answer from her first call.

Alex cleared his throat and tried to speak while his eyes remained fixed on Isabel, “Uh..fine. I’m fine.”

Isabel felt the hot flush of embarrassment creep up her neck as she realized what had occurred.

She had just made out with her best friend. On the seat of a toilet.

That realization made her finally notice how close she was sitting on Alex’s lap. So close that his arousal was evident as he pressed against her.

“We’ll be out in a second, Tess.” Alex finally managed to say just as Isabel scrambled from his lap and to the other side of the small room.

They continued to stare at each other, neither knowing what to say at that moment. The only sound was the deep breaths that they were forced to take to get control over themselves.

Finally Isabel broke the silence as she grabbed the door knob, “I’ll...uh...I’ll just go let them know you are okay.”

Alex couldn’t do anything but nod thinking that a few minutes would be nice just so he could calm himself. He knew it would be an impossible task as long as she stayed in the room.

Isabel returned his nod and then quickly scrambled out the bathroom shutting the door behind her. Alex sat there starring at where she had been standing trying to figure out what in the hell had just happened.

With a loud release of breath he rose from the toilet and turned the water on in the sink. Looking up he was struck by the image that was reflected back to him.

His lips had a definite ‘just been thoroughly kissed’ look, while his cheeks were slightly flushed from the exertion. Looking at his hair Alex notice how in disarray it was and he recalled how her fingers had felt as they had slipped through the strands.

Alex groaned before bending down to splash the water on his face hoping to cool his body with the shock of cold. As he did this one question kept going over and over in his mind.

‘Where would they go from here?’

Later that evening, Alex slipped off to bed early pleading exhaustion. In reality he and Isabel had been avoiding each other for most of the day and he planned to use the escape as another obstacle hoping that he would be asleep by the time she came to bed.

He knew it was going to be much harder now to suppress his feelings for her. All the years of hiding was now blown completely away with that kiss. Alex had no idea how he was going to handle the situation.

So instead of joining Isabel and her parents for a late night snack; he had faked his exhaustion and headed to bed. Now the only thing he had to worry about was how he was going to get through the night.

Isabel followed her parents into the kitchen with her mind replaying the way Alex had avoided her eyes as he had said goodnight to them. She knew that they needed to talk but what did you say to someone you practically attacked in the bathroom?

Shaking her head Isabel tried to clear her mind and instead focus on spending time with her parents, “So what are your plans for tomorrow?”

Phillip sat down at the kitchen table while Dianne reached for the cake dish on the counter, “Max wants us all to come over for lunch.”

“That sounds good,” Isabel said as she opened the door to the refrigerator and pulled out the milk carton.

It was half empty and she couldn’t help but give a slight smile. Alex always drank the white stuff like it was water.

At the thought of him, Isabel wondered, once again, what she was going to do. Just the image of him waiting for her in bed sent chills throughout her body.

“Are you alright, princess?” Phillip asked as Dianne placed a slice a cake in front of him.

Isabel slid her tall frame into the chair across from him and met both of their gazes with a serious one of her own, “How did you know that you were in love?”

Both were startled by her question before Phillip chuckled, “Well that wasn’t what I thought you were going to say, but....okay.”

He looked up at his wife who placed a hand lovingly on his shoulder, “It was the first time I touched her. I just knew right then that I never wanted to let her go.”

“Oh Phillip.” Dianne cried as she bent over and pressed a kiss to his cheek, “You are such a romantic.”

He chuckled at that and gave his daughter a wink, “It’s the truth.”

“How about you mom?” Isabel asked ignoring her parent’s display of affection.

Dianne met her husband’s gaze again, “I believe it was the first time he kissed me.”

“So it wasn’t love at first sight?” Isabel questioned surprised.

“Not even close.” her mother replied with a smile, “The first time we met; we were both dating other people.”

Phillip nodded in remembrance; “I told Jack that I thought she was a flake.” he let out a laugh when Dianne slapped his shoulder, “Only telling the truth, dear.”

Her mother turned back to Isabel, “We saw each other at different social events, but the one that made the difference was Jack’s wedding.”

“I saw her looking gorgeous in her gown and I couldn’t resist going over and asking her to dance.” he took his wife’s hand in his, “Believe it or not that, except for my lovely daughter, I’ve never danced with another woman since.”

Dianne had tears in her eyes as she squeezed her husbands hand and leaned down again but this time to press her lips to his in a gentle kiss. Isabel took that moment to watch her parents and she realized that their relationship hadn’t been always perfect. They hadn’t fallen head over heals in love with each other at once and that it took time.

Could that have happened with her and Alex? Had it taken her this long to realize how much he meant to her? Did she love him?

Sitting down at the table Dianne saw her daughter’s expression as she sat their quietly deep in thought, “Is something wrong with you and Alex?”

“No ” Isabel said quickly not wanting her parents to start questioning her relationship, “Everything is fine.”

Phillip raised an eyebrow and looked over at his wife who gave him a shrug of her shoulders. They knew that eventually Isabel would tell them what was wrong. They would just have to be there to support her when she finally did.



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Re: You Were Meant For Me ( I/A Adult A/N 12/22/07)

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A/N Sorry this took me so long... I haven't even let this part go by my guinea pig Trude so I hope it's okay :roll: Thanks for the bumps Chanksgirl! :lol:

Part 8

“Stop looking at him.” Isabel murmured as her eyes, hidden by the dark sunglasses, strayed once more over to Alex as he stood talking to her brother and Michael by the grill. He had arrived at the cook out only a half hour before and had spent most of that time obviously avoiding her as she sat lounging by the pool and soaking up the suns rays.

She really shouldn’t be surprised by his behavior since Alex had made himself scarce as soon as the dawn had broke; leaving only a note stating that he had some errands and would meet up with her at Max’s. Isabel had spent most of the morning pacing her bedroom and trying to figure out what her next move should be with her roommate.

Should she tell her parents the truth now and hope that Alex and she can resume their friendship or should Isabel find out if that kiss was just a taste of the passion that she had always longed for?

Isabel watched as Alex threw his head back and laughed at something Max said to him. She was irritated that he didn’t seem to be as affected by their situation and the urge to go over there and push him into the pool came over her. How could he act so normal around their friends, but avoid her like the plague?

She tried to think of a time when Alex and she went without talking, but could only recall the time when he dated Laura Scott during their senior year of college. Isabel had not quite taken to the petite red head and vice versa. Alex had been caught in the middle of the tug of war and, in order to save his relationship with his girlfriend, had pulled away from his best friend.

His desertion had left Isabel incredibly hurt and missing him terribly. She found herself “accidently” bumping into Alex just to be able to see and talk to him without making it obvious how his absence in her life was affecting her.

The relationship had only lasted three months, but they had been the longest three months of Isabel’s life. She had promised herself then that she would never take Alex for granted and always put him first before her boyfriends. At least she had until Jesse Ramirez walked into her life.

Isabel didn’t want to ever lose her best friend again, but was that fear keeping her from having something more?

Noticing that Alex had moved over to speak with Liz and Maria, who were floating in the pool, Isabel decided to head inside to get something to drink and try to escape her jumbled thoughts.

“So what’s going on with you and the ice princess?” Maria asked as he sat on the edge of the pool and they all watched the tall blonde disappear through the patio doors.

Alex frowned down at her, “I told you not to call her that, Maria.”

“Calm down, Alex. She only says it to rile you up.” Liz chuckled as she sent a splash of water toward Maria.

“Hey ” She cried out and returned the splash.

The water play lasted a few minutes more until the girls were out of breath with their laughter. It didn’t take long for Maria to get back to her questioning of Alex.

“Seriously what is going on with you two?”

Alex let out a deep breath and glanced over at the house looking for some sign that Isabel was still there, “We kissed.”

“WHAT ?” Maria shouted and shot upward falling off her float in her excitement. She swam over to the side of the pool and looked up at Alex, “You kissed Isabel Evans?”

He nodded, “Yesterday at Kyle’s house. It just kind of happened.”

“A kiss doesn’t just happen, Alex.” Liz spoke up as she swam over beside Maria, “Something caused it to happen.”

He couldn’t help but recall how Isabel’s lips had felt pressed urgently against his own and he wondered for the millionth time why she had done it. Why had she kissed him?

Alex let out a frustrated sigh, “So what do I do now? We have been avoiding each other since it happened and I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how to go back.”

“You don’t go back, Alex.” Maria stated, “You go forward.”

“Stop avoiding her. Go and ask her the question that you have been dying to ask since high school.” Liz pointed toward the house where Isabel still remained hidden.

“What question?” He frowned in confusion.

“Go ask her out, Moron ” Maria gritted her teeth in frustration at her male friend’s obtuseness.

“What if she says no?”

“Then you will be just as miserable as you are now.”

“Thanks, Maria. That helps a whole hell of a lot.” Alex responded sarcastically.

Lis jumped in, “What Maria is trying to say, Alex, is that if you do nothing then it may tear your friendship apart even more than it is now. At least there is a possibility that she returns your feelings.”

Alex knew that the two girls were right. He needed to make his move and he needed to make it now before he lost his nerve. Rising from the pool side, he began to walk purposefully toward the house.

“Go get her tiger ” Maria cheered causing Liz to laugh out loud at her antics.

Alex felt the heat rise up his neck at her words as he opened the patio door and immediately found Isabel perched on top of a kitchen counter and sipping on a bottle of water. She was only in her red bikini and he wondered if she would notice his tongue hanging out of his mouth at the sight of her.

Isabel glanced up in surprise when the door opened to reveal the object of her thoughts. She had hoped to come inside to get away from them but with no such luck and now here was Alex appearing as if he was conjured from those very thoughts.

They silently starred at each other for a few minutes trying to come up with something to say and to break the silence that seemed to plague them.

“I, uh, was just coming to get something to drink.” Alex finally said and then kicked himself for not saying what he wanted.

Isabel quickly jumped off the cabinet, glad to have something to do, and opened the refrigerator, “What would you like? I can look to see if they have your orange soda.”

Alex watched as she leaned further into the refrigerator searching. The bathing suit did very little in covering her and he found himself magnetically pulled in her direction. Quietly, he stood behind Isabel watching and aching for her. How did he tell her how he was feeling?

“There may even be some beer in here if you would rather have that.” She continued unaware of his close proximity, “My parents could probably stop and pick you up something on their way over here.”

She continued to ramble on and Alex was surprised that she was just as nervous as he was. At that moment he relaxed and felt a calm settle over him as he stepped forward.

“I don’t see any...”Isabel began as she turned, startled into silence at finding him so near. “Um, was there something else you wanted?”

Alex jerked his head with a nod, backed her against the open door of the refrigerator and murmured “You.” before lowering his mouth to hers.

Isabel gasped, her mouth opening beneath his. Her arms wrapped automatically around his shoulders using them for support as her knees threatened to give out from beneath her. One of his hands settled at the small of her back, bringing their bodies intimately together. Alex’s lips were firm and sure against hers, his tongue invading her mouth, coaxing, stroking, enticing.

He began to gentle the kiss, causing Isabel to fear that he was pulling away and that the moment would be lost. Pressing a hand to the side of his face then into his dark hair, she urged him even closer.

Alex’s tongue stroked its way through her mouth and against her lips. Isabel whimpered, unable to help herself. He kissed with such gentleness and assurance that belied his self-proclaimed geek status.

“Isabel can you....”Michael’s voice invaded their moment causing them to pull apart and look over at their intruder with expressions of guilt as if they had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Michael chuckled and backed out of the house, “Never mind.”

Isabel was still trying to catch her breath as her eyes reconnected with Alex’s steady gaze. He had a determined look on his face and she wondered what he was thinking and feeling at that moment.

“Will you go out with me, Isabel?” Alex asked huskily and simply.

Isabel swallowed hard, fighting against the tightness in her throat, as well as her nerves and insecurities. She could see the hope in his eyes and decided for once to ignore those fears that were holding her back.




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Re: You Were Meant For Me ( I/A Adult part 8 1/11) A/N 2/19

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A/N Well here it is after many nights of studying and then scrambling to get this part written. I hope it's worth it :roll: Thanks for the bumps and the words of encouragement.

Part 9

Alex was nervous to say the least.

He had just spent the last five minutes fiddling with his tie and trying to make a perfect knot. Unfortunately, unlike other men, Alex had not picked up the talent and, in frustration, finally just pulled the offending object from around his neck and dropped it on the vanity in defeat.

This was exactly the reason he didn’t get dressed up often and why he went far out of his way to avoid anything more formal than wearing casual clothes. Tonight, unfortunately, dictated that he wore his best suit.

Or, should he say, that Isabel dictated that he wore his best suit and one that she had picked out for him.

Alex felt the smile spread across his face at the thought of the tall blonde who had become so much more than his best friend. In the last two weeks, since their first date, they continued to take tentative steps in forging out their new relationship. Each seemed determined to not mess up what could potential be the best thing for them both.

He still couldn’t believe that she had said yes to that first date. Alex had to keep pinching himself and repeatedly asking Isabel if she was sure just to ease his mind that he had not dreamed the moment. She had laughed, took his hand in hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze to let him know that it was really true.

That night had been a huge turning point in both of their lives and Alex was sure that he would never forget it as long as he lived. Even with them both being so nervous and anxious over the date, they had found themselves having a great time.

He had years of personal knowledge of Isabel’s likes and dislikes that it had been fairly easy to plan a date that he knew she’d enjoy. Her favorite Italian restaurant had been followed by dessert and coffee at a small pastry shop before a moonlit walk in the park. Conversation had easily flowed back and forth and before both had known it they each had confessed their fears about becoming more than friends.

Alex had been relieved to hear that they were both worrying over the same problems and had quickly reassured Isabel that he thought they were worth the effort in overcoming those issues. That statement had led to another one of those amazing kisses that he was quickly becoming addicted to and it had taken both of their strong wills not to fall into bed together.

They had discussed taking things slow which caused Alex to suggest making a pallet on the floor to sleep on. He really wanted to crawl into bed beside Isabel and hold her throughout the night, but knew the temptation would be too great. Instead, he settled for a goodnight kiss that had been hard to pull away from before settling down for the night.

The last two weeks had definitely been hard on him in more than one way.

The door to the bedroom opened and in walked the object of so many of his thoughts. Alex almost swallowed his tongue at the sight of her in that little black dress that seemed to accentuate all of her glorious curves. Her hair was pulled up into one of those complicated buns and all he could think of was how his lips would feel along all that golden bare skin.

“What’s taking you so long?” Isabel asked as she looked him over, unaware of his thoughts “Where is your tie?”

Alex found his voice and pointed to the piece of silk, “I couldn’t get it tied.”

She shook her head in my frustration before taking the tie from here, “You are in luck. I happen to be a champion at tying these.”

He raised an eyebrow at her declaration, “Champion, huh?”

Isabel smiled as she stepped closer to him and slid the tie around his neck, “Do you want to see my blue ribbon?”

With her being so close, Alex couldn’t resist wrapping his arms around her waist and drawing her even nearer until their lips almost touched. Then he whispered in a husky voice, “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

Isabel chuckled at his playfulness and pressed a quick kiss on his lips. She would have stayed for more but knew that they only had a few minutes to get ready and she still needed to get her jewelry on. Pulling back from his wandering hands and lips, she deftly knotted the tie and turned to her vanity where her earring laid.

Alex sighed and reached for his suit jacket from off the bed, “Tell me again why we are going to this party?”

“Because my parents invited us and they want to show us off to all their friends.” Isabel watched his reflection in the mirror and smiled in pleasure at the sight of him in the suit. She was so glad she had talked him into wearing it. He definitely would be the handsomest man at the party and the best part was that he was all hers.

“But to lawyers?” Alex moaned at the thought.

“Hey!” She turned and placed her fist on her hips in mock exasperation, “My parents are lawyers.”

Seeing his error, Alex began to fidget with his tie, “I just meant... well,... won’t we be bored?”

Finally, Isabel was finished getting ready and slipped her arms around him. Her eyes no doubt reflected her desire as she whispered, “I promise you that we will have the best night of our lives.”

Alex raised both of his eyebrows in surprise at her seductive words. It seemed that the longer they went with just kissing and cuddling, without the sex, Isabel became a temptress with her words. It was a side of the usual cool blonde that he never had seen before and had come to enjoy the innuendos that sprung from her lips.

“Alex! Isabel! Are you ready?” Dianne called with a tap on their bedroom door.

Isabel groaned and pulled out of his arms once more, “We’ll be right there, mom.”

With a sigh of frustration, Alex pressed another quick kiss to her lips before motioning her to the door, “Let’s party!”


“Uncle Jack!” Isabel called out over the conversation and music of the room.

They had arrived only moments before and were making their way through the throng of people only stopping here and there for introductions by Dianne and Phillip. The tall grey haired man, however, needed no introduction and he was the one face that she was happy to see in the crowd of lawyers.

“Well look who decided to return to the real world.” Jack joked as he hugged Dianne and Phillip happy to see them, “Have you decided that the nomadic life was not your cup of tea?”

Phillip slapped his old partner on his back, “Man, it’s great to see you. Why don’t you retire and join us on the road?”

Jack chuckled, “Nope. All my wanderlust left me 30 years ago. I would rather stay here in Roswell and improve my golf game.”

“Jack, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend, Alex Whitman” Isabel slipped her hand into Alex’s and pulled him closer noticing he had stood back to allow the group to get reacquainted with their friend.

Jack turned and gave the tall boy an appraising look, “Yes, We have met before at Max’s wedding. How have you been?”

“Nice to see you again, sir.” Alex shook the older man’s hand.

Isabel was surprised when Jack turned to her and leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Weren’t you just dating Jesse Ramirez?”

She couldn’t believe that she had forgotten that Jack had seen her with Jesse only a few weeks before, “It’s a long story.”

He nodded then mentioned, “Just to warn you, Jesse’s here tonight.”

Isabel sighed and looked at the older gentleman, “I figured I would run into him sooner or later.”

Alex overheard the whispered conversation and wrapped his arm around Isabel to show his support. He knew that she had never loved Jesse and nothing that the lawyer did would change how Isabel felt for him.

“Let’s go mingle, Dianne.” Phillip said and waved goodby to the younger couple before slipping through the crowd with Jack soon following.

“So...” Alex looked around, “What now?”

Isabel grinned up at him as she noticed his nervousness, “How about a dance?”

He nodded loving the idea of having a reason to have her in his arms. They had always danced well together and it wasn’t long before Alex had relaxed and was enjoying just being with Isabel. The crowds drifted away and it seemed to be just the two of them as they looked into each others eyes.

There was only one thing that could break them from the moment.

“Well looky who we have here. If it isn’t Isabel Evans and Alex Whitman.”

Isabel tensed in Alex’s arms before turning toward the voice, “Hello, Jesse”

“Hey, J.R.” Alex couldn’t resist using the hated nickname.

“The name is Jesse, Whitman.” Jesse face turned red with anger before he looked back at Isabel, “I guess things weren’t as platonic as you claimed.”

Isabel looked at him with contempt in her eyes and wondered why she had ever been attracted to the man before her, “No, Jesse. While I was with you, I was faithful. But we can’t say the same for you, can we?”

Grabbing Alex’s hand she turned to him, “Let’s go.”

He grinned at the lawyer before following Isabel from the dance floor. As soon as they were out of earshot he pressed his lips to her ear and whispered, “I am so proud of you. He looked like he had already had a few too many drinks tonight.”

Isabel nodded as she recalled the smell of alcohol radiating from Jesse, but she couldn’t make herself care. All she wanted, right now, was to be alone with Alex instead of in a crowded room of strangers.

“Mom and dad got a room here for the night.” She mentioned as she reached up to run a hand across his smoothly shaven cheek.

“What for?” Alex frowned in confusion.

Isabel smiled at his clueless look, “Let’s just say that they want to be alone tonight and so do we.”

Alex felt his heart begin to race as he realized what she was saying, “Do you think anyone would notice if we left now?”

She shook her head and chuckled feeling just as excited as he was at the prospect of having the house to themselves tonight, “I don’t think anyone will care.’ Isabel reached for his hand, “Let’s just tell my parents we’re leaving so they won’t worry. If I know them, they will be sneaking out soon also.”

Alex spotted her parents over the crowd and saw the looks that were passing between the two. He knew exactly how they were feeling because he felt the same for their daughter, “Let’s go say goodbye then.”


‘Am I really going to so this?’ Isabel questioned herself as she stood in the bathroom where she had retreated soon after they arrived home.

She’d never been this nervous about making love before, but she knew everything was different with Alex. Isabel felt more for him than she had ever done with those other guys and she didn’t want to disappoint him.

How had they gone so quickly from being friends to almost lovers in the span of two weeks?
Isabel had finally opened her heart to the possibility of them as a couple and now she couldn’t seem to think of them as anything but.

Yes, Isabel Evans was in love with Alex Whitman. It had not taken her long to realize that she had been in love with him for quite a while, but she had ignored those feeling in favor of their friendship.

Now, however, she couldn’t go back to the way things were before and truthfully she didn’t want to. Instead, she wanted to go forward and see what the future would hold with Alex by her side.

Realizing that the next step was waiting for her in her room, Isabel quickly discarded her dress, heels and stockings. She brushed her teeth before slipping on a robe to cover the scraps of red lace that she decided to leave on.

Slowly, she turned to the mirror, checking out her reflection. The anxiety that had been plaguing her slipped away as she realized that no matter what happened tonight, it would be okay. This was Alex, who knew all her faults, her insecurities, her quirks and still loved her anyway.

After one last look in the mirror, she took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. Taking the few steps to their room she found Alex fully clothed sitting on the bed, his back propped up by the pillows.

When he saw her enter, Alex jumped to his feet and stood there frozen, “oh, God.”

“What’s wrong?” She asked worriedly.

“You’re so beautiful, Isabel.” He croaked his response as his eyes traveled the length of her.

Moving toward him, feeling his gaze on her, Isabel wanted to say something meaningful. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him. But the words just wouldn’t come together.

Alex was still wearing his suit, sans the jacket, and Isabel automatically reached up to begin unknotting the tie. His hands moved to cover hers and gave them a gentle squeeze. “Are you nervous?” he asked.

“A little.”

“I am, too.” He admitted. “We don’t have to do anything if you are not ready.”

Isabel felt her heart fill even more with love for this man. She knew he meant what he said even if it would leave him frustrated and back on the floor. Alex was just that kind of boyfriend who would never push her to fast and would wait patiently for her.

She sighed, unable to speak around the lump in her throat. She cupped the back of his head and leaned up to press a gentle kiss on his lips. His quiet moan made her deepen the kiss, using the tip of her tongue to tease his lips.

Alex kissed her back, tasting her in return, moving closer, using his hands to draw her nearer. Then he hesitated and pulled back just enough to look down into her eyes, “Are you sure?”

“Completely.” She whispered back . To show him she meant it she began pulling the tie from around his neck and quickly began to unfasten the buttons of his shirt. The expanse of his chest was revealed to her as she slipped the garment from his arms and let it fall to the floor behind him.

Isabel’s gaze lingered on his chest for a moment, at once so familiar yet so new. So different now that she knew it was hers to stroke and kiss. She couldn’t resist leaning forward and pressing her lips to his collarbone, tasting his salty masculine skin and wanting more.

Alex closed his eyes and moaned once more causing her to smile, pleased with the idea that he was enjoying her touch so much. She continued her exploration of his chest with her lips and fingers, learning quickly that the hitch of his breath caused her arousal to increase immensely.

Her heart pounded hard in her chest as she reached for his belt and the back of her fingers brushed against his already swollen erection. Alex was ready for her.

Once again he moaned, before dipping down and catching her lips once again with his own. He encircled her shoulders and brought her close, entrapping her hands between them. His kiss took her breath away as he teased her with his talented tongue.

Alex’s hand found her breast and she shivered with his first touch even though the robe and her bra still covered her. He cupped her gently, and Isabel felt like a fire had been ignited in her soul. She needed more and wouldn’t settle for less.

Somehow she was able to work the belt from around her waist and suddenly the robe fell to the floor at her feet leaving her in the very skimpy bra and panty set. Isabel then went back to the buckle of his pants and fumbled with the fastening when she felt his hand slip over her bare skin.

“Oh, Alex.” She whispered breathlessly pulling back to look into his eyes.

Alex lost the ability to speak as he saw her standing before him in next to nothing. He had seen her in bathing suits that were just as tiny, but he had never been allowed to reach out and touch her as he did now.

His fingers traced her curves, “You are so beautiful, Isabel.” He whispered, “So much more than I ever imagined.”

Unable to say anything to his heartfelt words, Isabel leaned forward and hungrily pressed her lips to his. She wanted him to know, with that kiss, how much he affected her.

Somehow, the next few minutes became a blur as Alex’s pants and boxers vanished followed by her bra and panties. He gently lowered her to the bed, their lips still joined as he kissed her again, and again, and again.

Alex’s hands seemed to be everywhere. In her hair, on her breast, sliding across her stomach causing Isabel to shiver with anticipation. She closed her eyes, drowning in the sensations that he was stirring within her and the feel of his skin on hers.

Then his mouth was on her throat, her shoulder, and then to her breast where the sensation was so intense, it was almost too much. Taking her nipple between his teeth, Alex used his tongue, lips and breath causing her back to arch from the bed.

Alex couldn’t believe how good she felt in his arms. He wanted to treasure this moment for as long as he possibly could. He planned to show her that sometimes the saying ‘nice guys finished last’ was true and he planned to prove it. He let go of her right nipple, and found her left. Alex repeated his ministration, and Isabel could no longer be still.

Isabel’s hips began a gentle motion and as she brushed against him, she could feel his hard length pressed against her thigh. Instinctively, she reached down to caress him. Her fingertips skimming across his pulsing flesh causing Alex to gasp her name.

He enjoyed the sensation of her touching him so intimately, but knew if she continued he wouldn’t even last 30 seconds. Reaching down he pulled her hand away causing Isabel to give him a puzzled look.

“You’ve got me hotter than a firecracker. I won’t last if you keep that up.”

Isabel smiled, feeling the warmth spread through her at the idea that she had that much power of him. How had she gone this long without this?

Before she could think on it further, Alex moved atop her, nestling between her legs. Sliding his hands beneath her, he lifted her and with one thrust buried himself deep within her. Then he became still and uttered an oath that she had never heard him use before.

“What?” Isabel asked in confusion wondering why he had stopped so suddenly and wanting him to continue because if he didn’t she felt like she would die right then.

“I forgot the condom.” Alex growled and began to pull out of her, but was stopped by Isabel’s hands on his behind.

“I’m on the pill.” She murmured and then practically begged, “Please.”

Alex looked down into her eyes and saw her looking back at him with such desire that it nearly took his breath away. In response to her plea, he kissed pressed his lips down over hers and began to gently thrust into her over and over.

Isabel wrapped her legs around his waist, moving with him, slowly at first, but once the pressure built they found a tempo that pulled them closer and closer to the edge. She was nearly sobbing his name as the pleasure washed over her, pushing her over the edge as shudders rippled through her body taking her breath away. Isabel felt Alex bury his face in her hair and groan out her name as he followed her over, while she clung to him.

Still quivering and gasping, Alex couldn’t even force himself to shift his weight from atop Isabel. They were both wrung out and panting for air, neither on in condition to move.

Several minutes passed as Alex waited for his world to stop spinning. Finally, the earth slowed to its normal pace and he moved to shift his weight off her, but once again she tightened her fingers which were still gripping his behind.

“Don’t” she whispered, hugging him tight, “Not yet.”

“I’m too heavy.” Alex returned as he lifted his head and looked down upon her.

Isabel’s lips were slightly swollen from his kisses and her eyes told him that he had just satisfied her greatly. She was just so beautiful.

“I love you, Isabel.” He said with his heart in his eyes.

She was surprised by his words, but Isabel knew he meant them. They weren’t something he said just because he had great sex. No, Alex truly loved her and she loved him.

“I love you, too.” She smiled as she reached up to brush her thumb against his bottom lip.

Alex let out a long breath that he didn’t know that he was holding. He hadn’t realized how much he wanted to hear those words from her. Giving thanks to the man upstairs, he dipped his head and covered her mouth with his, quickly reigniting their passions.



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Re: You Were Meant For Me ( I/A Adult part 9 3/4)

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A/N Thanks for waiting so patiently for an update. I have been keeping my life so active lately, that is has been hard to sit down and write. This little part didn't take long, but I hope it is worth the wait.

Thanks again, Trude!

Part 10

Isabel should have been focusing on her mother’s conversation, but for the hundredth time that morning, she found herself day dreaming of Alex. After almost a month of dating and two glorious weeks of love making, she was definitely in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

That morning’s jaunt had been an example of that. Isabel had not wanted to get out of bed and had practically dragged Alex back under the covers, even while he repeatedly told her he had to meet Kyle and the team at the ball field. She had made it worth his while to be late.

“I guess I don’t need to ask who put that smile on your face.” Her mother interrupted her thoughts that were on the verge of pornographic.

Dianne laughed when her daughter’s face began to flush with embarrassment, “I am so happy for you and Alex. I always knew he would be good for you. I just wish it hadn’t taken this long or for your daddy and me to come home to make you see what was right in front of you.”

Isabel frowned at her mother’s choice of words, “What do you mean by you having to come home?”

Dianne sighed and gave Isabel a knowing smile, “Isabel, I know that, up until a month ago, you and Alex were no more than room mates and friends.”

“How...How did you find out?” Isabel asked in shock.

“Liz let the cat out of the bag after you left on Christmas. She explained how I had jumped to the wrong conclusion.”

“She did? Why didn’t she say anything to me?”

“I asked her not to. I was hoping that, in time, it would become true. I was so frustrated that, almost a year later, it had not happened that we decided to come home and see what we could do to push the situation along. Fortunately, you took that out of our hands with this fake relationship and sleeping in the same bed. It was only a matter of time before something happened.”

Isabel sat there in shocked silence as she realized that, while she was lying to her parents, they had been keeping secrets of their own. She couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of the situation.

“Thanks mom.” She wrapped her arms around Dianne and hugged her tightly with gratitude. If it wasn’t for her mother’s scheme then she may never have confronted her feelings for Alex or been this happy.

“Just make sure I have some grand-babies soon.” Dianne responded causing Isabel to choke in surprise as she pulled back to find her mother grinning.

Isabel was about to scold her mother, when the phone rang. She grabbed it up quickly, hoping it was Alex telling her that he would be home soon.


“Hello, Isabel? This is Marion Elliott.”

Isabel was surprised wondering why the older woman would be calling her. She had not spoken to her since Mrs. Elliott sent Isabel home in her car, “Hi, Mrs. Elliott. How are you?”

“I’m doing well. I was just wondering if you would like to get together for some lunch today?”

Isabel owed Mrs. Elliott for her help and knew she could not turn her down, “Sure. How about Claire’s at noon?”

“Sounds good. I look forward to seeing you again.”

A few hours later, Isabel was escorted to a table where Mrs. Elliott already sat waiting, “Hello, Mrs. Elliott.”

“It’s so nice to see you again, Isabel. And please call me Marion.” She took Isabel’s hand and gave it a squeeze, “I must say you look fantastic.”

“I feel fantastic.”Isabel grinned as she sat down across from her and ordered a glass of iced tea.

“Then I take it you are doing fine without Jesse?”

Isabel let out an inaudible sigh. She had known that this subject was bound to come up between them, “Yes. I finally realized that Jesse was not meant for me and that it would never have worked out for us.”

Marion raised an eyebrow in question, “Does someone else have that honor?”

She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face, “Yes, Alex definitely was meant for me.”


“Alex Whitman.” Isabel sipped her tea, “I’ve known him since grade school, but I hadn’t realized the depth of my feelings until recently.”

“I’m really happy for you, Isabel.” Marion said with a small smile, “ Thought I feel I have some bad news to tell you. Jesse is no longer with the firm.”

Isabel couldn’t contain her curiosity, “What happened?”

“Jesse lost the firm a few important clients and also was coming in to work intoxicated.”

Isabel flashed back to the cocktail party and how Jesse had smelled and acted. He had done a complete 180 from the personality he had shown her only a few months prior.

“The reason I am telling you all of this is that, while he was being escorted out of the office, he was blaming you for everything.”

Isabel was frowning again in confusion, “Why would he blame me?”

Marion shook her head, “I am not sure, but I wanted you to know. I have no idea what Jesse is capable of and I just don’t want to see you get hurt.”

With that final word of caution, Isabel wondered if she really did have reason to be worried.


“We need to stop by the hardware store.”Kyle declared as they finished putting their gear away, “Tess has gone to help my dad at his house and I want to surprise her with a new washer and dryer before she gets home this afternoon.”

“Why do you need my help?” Alex asked hoping to find a way out of helping his friend. He really wanted to just go home and get back to Isabel, “Just have the store deliver them.”

“And pay more money for delivery when we can do it ourselves? No way.”

Alex groaned, but followed Kyle to the parking lot. The sooner he got this over with, the faster he could get home and spend the rest of the weekend with the woman he loved.


Deciding that she needed Alex’s arms around her right then, Isabel headed her car toward the Valenti home. She knew that Alex would wind up there after the softball game and it would be there that she would find him.

Isabel pulled into the drive and quickly got out of the car. In her eagerness to get to Alex, she failed to notice the car pulling up behind hers. She rang the doorbell and called out for someone to open up.

“No one home?” A gruff voice came from behind her causing Isabel to jump in surprise.

“Jesse!” She gasped out while slowly backing away from him. He looked as if he hadn’t bathed, shaved or even changed clothes in days.

“Surprised?” He said with venom in his voice as he stepped even closer.

“W..What do you want?”



“Get off it, Isabel. I saw you with Marion Elliott today acting all chummy.” He pointed angrily at her, “You got me fired.”

He grabbed her by the arm causing Isabel to cry out, “No, Jesse, I didn’t. I swear.” Then she sobbed as she saw that he was holding a sharp knife in his other hand, “Please.”

“Please?” His laugh held no humor as he shook his head, “Just shut up. You’re not the only one I want revenge on.” Jesse pulled out an envelope from his pocket and slipped it on the door. Isabel gasped and began to struggle when she saw Alex’s name scrawled across the front.

Jesse grabbed her tighter and stuck the knife closer to her ribs and she automatically froze, “Leave Alex out of this.”

“It didn’t take you long to find someone to replace me. I figure hurting your precious Whitman in front of you will be the best kind of revenge.”

Isabel hoped that someone would notice Jesse manhandling her down the steps and into his car, but she was out of luck. Either no one was at home in the neighborhood or they did not care that she was being kidnaped in broad daylight.

Soon they were on the road. Jesse driving with one hand, while the other held the knife close to her bringing her close to tears as her skin was pierced with a shallow cut. She prayed that when Alex got the note, he would call the cops to rescue her and not try to be the hero that could wind up dead.