A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) End 6/7/2015

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A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) End 6/7/2015

Postby mary mary » Mon Apr 27, 2015 2:42 pm

A Prelude To The Evans Clan


This is the beginning of the Evans Clan which will be picked up soon. Max and Liz are in the process of getting their large estate ready for a facility to care for children with some psychological problems. Their plans are slowly coming to fruition with the help of many people.

Characters; most of the Roswell cast
Genre: A/U, some mature
Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with the show Roswell or any of its constituents, I simply like the characters.

Author: Ginger

Chapter: 1

The Evanses managed to get over the holidays and then it was time for Max to start baseball practice and to finish up his studies at Penn State Philadelphia…Liz was still working at the lab and things were moving right along….

Joanne and the girls decided to move to the estate permanently after their Christmas break and work with the Evanses whenever and wherever they were needed. Max and Liz made certain that nothing interfered with their hectic school schedule.

Max, Liz, Philip, Diane, Isabel and Alex all helped with the expenses that their scholarships did not cover and the girls all agreed to the contracts Philip had drawn for them regarding working off the money at the facility for children. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

There were many projects in the works and they were all being overseen by Olivia, Kathy and Philip. Philip and Diane practically moved into the estate and Philip took over the library downstairs as his main office since it had the most room for conferences. The work involved in setting up this children’s clinic was tremendous.

Diane was a hands on grandmother and loved it. Max and Liz decided to keep the six bedroom suites just as that. Some of the patients actually had to have their parents with them since some of the problems would have been caused by the parents in the first place…i.e.: Liz’s case. Although she managed to come out on top many don’t. So they opened up the third floor as a dormitory.

They discovered an identical setup on the third floor of the other side of the estate over the classrooms and they opened it up as well … now they could segregate boys from girls. They were capable of handling 12 girls and 12 boys at one time. They decided to take children between the ages of 5 and 12 because anyone over that age would be old enough to survive without their parents better and could be treated at other facilities designed for older patients. Children needed to be with children…not the best analogy but it was the only way they could make the determination that was needed to be made at the time. There were so many minute details that had to be decided that it was mind boggling.

Many in Max’s league found out what Max and Liz were doing and wanted in on the band wagon. Philip explained that a large corporation made it possible for people to get lost in the shuffle and if it was possible for the rest of the group to open a facility similar to the one they were working on it would be wonderful but this one would remain a sole proprietorship and private. The facility in Arizona would continue to be run as a corporation but not this one.

Many of the Baseball Players decided to look into the possibility of developing similar projects across the U.S. and asked Philip if he would work with their lawyers to oversee the groundwork. Philip was more than glad to undertake this challenge and opened an office in Philadelphia. He gave Jesse full charge of the Roswell office and hired a complete staff of lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and receptionists. This was becoming a complete conglomerate all because Dr. Elizabeth Parker decided children needed help.


Life at the estate was changing daily but the babies didn’t have a clue. They had their mommy and daddy every morning for play time, bath time and breakfast with Olivia and Poppa and Gamma…not to be confused with Dada and Mama…oh and don’t forget Luv (Olivia). Then Dada and Mama left and Mamma and Luv played with them all day and then at dinner they had everyone again…They loved everyone and everyone loved them.

Their Dada and Mama laid on the floor with them…talked to them, tickled them and played with them all evening. They got to go swimming with Dada and Mama every night in the big pool…Dada and Mama would put these puffy things on their arms and they swam all over the pool naked…it was so much fun and mama and dada hugged them and swam with them for a whole hour and then they would go upstairs to mama and Dada’s room and lay on their bed while dada sang to them and mama would hold them close and they always woke up the next day in their own room again. Life with Dada and Mama was wonderful and no one was left alone to just grow up.


Back in Connecticut Detective Sergeant Kyle Valenti was visiting Tess Harding regularly. The doctors had discovered many problems with Tess besides the obvious and with extensive therapy Tess was becoming quite normal. She needed medication daily to keep in balance but she definitely had a good head on her shoulders and was a very willing patient. Kyle’s kindness was very much appreciated and Tess eventually began to understand what it felt like to have someone really care about you, and Kyle definitely cared for Tess…he had for years.

Don Adams was another story altogether…he was sent to prison on multiple charges and was serving simultaneous sentences. His wife had no idea he had married another woman or was capable of murder but at least she had sense enough to get away from him before any permanent damage could be done to her or her children.


Max finally took over the paper on the Crashdown for Michael and Michael and Maria were the sole owners now with Max as the mortgager.

Nancy was still seeing a therapist and her progress was exceptional. When the café was finally sold she and Jeff decided to move to the suburbs of Philadelphia to be closer to Liz, Max and the babies. They visited at least once a week but Liz was very unwavering when it came to leaving the girls alone with her mother…she just didn’t trust her and she never would. No amount of therapy would ever change her mind on the subject and although Max thought Liz could use a bit of therapy on the subject he never crossed her on her decision. Liz loved her mother, she wanted her children to be a part of her grandparents lives but not on a one on one basis. She just was not comfortable with it. Maybe when they were all grown up they would visit Nancy and Jeff but not as children…never. Max could not budge her on the subject. They were her children and she would protect them with her life…


When Nancy and Jeff wanted to know if they could take the girls to the mall to see the Easter Display Max said,

“Liz, she’s fine, she would never hurt them. Honey, you have to trust her.”

“No Max, I don’t have to trust her…it’s final…she doesn’t go anywhere out of our sight with those babies…is that clear?”

Max smiled at his petite little wife and pulled her into a hug…”Alright sweetheart, they will never be alone with her.”

“Good…don’t bring it up again, it just upsets me.” She smiled and gave her husband a hug…she loved him with every fiber of her being but she would not budge on this.

Max continued to hold his wife and cuddle her…”Okay…no more upsetting the little mama.”

Liz looked up into her husband’s golden eyes and smiled…”I love you.”

“Good, that’s all that is required of you.” And he planted another kiss on her temple before heading out the door to the nursery where there were two giggling babies waiting for him. They would not see an Easter Display with their grandparents alone….


Max walked into the nursery and there they were standing up and hanging on to the railings jabbering at each other and Deana was as naked as the day that she was born…Max snuck out the door and went and grabbed Liz and the camera and headed right back to the room off their bedroom. Liz knew better than to say anything…they were up to something that their daddy thought was pretty cool but when she peeked around the door she was not ready for the sight waiting for her.

Not just one of them but both of them were standing and how Deana managed to get out of all of her clothes was beyond her. She had to turn around and stifle a laugh while Max just stood there and took pictures. The girls didn’t pay any attention to either of them at all, it was as though they were in their own little world…and they were. Finally the flashes caught their eyes and they discovered their mommy and daddy and started rocking back and forth in their cribs and jabbering at their parents…

“Well, good morning ladies…did you have a good rest?” Liz asked as she wandered over to Deana’s crib to check out the clothes strewn all over her little blankets…sleeper pushed through the railings, a very wet diaper sitting right in the middle of the sheets and a very happy baby smiling with two upper teeth showing through her gums. Liz picked her up and patted her little bottom as she hugged her close and headed for Briana’s crib. Briana held up her little arms to her mommy and Liz gave her a great big smile and sat Deana down next to her and Lifted Briana for a big hug and kiss while Daddy took his pictures. Soon Max was beside Liz and had the naked little one in his arms and was planting raspberries all over her belly which caused her to laugh out loud and pee all over her daddy’s clean shirt. Liz just looked at him and smiled… “You should know better.” was her only reply.

Soon they had both babies in the tub playing and taking their baths and then they headed downstairs to have breakfast with poppa and mamma…Luv had breakfast ready for everyone including the baby cereal and juice in the sippy cup. The girls were given toast to hold and chew on while everyone ate and discussed the business of the day and so it went every day with the girls being the center of attention. The construction on the building was coming along quite nicely and they had a regular industrial contractor helping with the necessary remodeling.

Max and Liz figured they would have to move from the estate when everything was complete but in the meantime they enjoyed their life in the big building.
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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 1 4/27/15

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:10 pm

Good start!!!! I agree with Liz about her mom. I would feel the same way too if I was Liz.

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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 1 4/27/15

Postby Roswelllostcause » Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:10 pm

Great part! Seems life is good for the Evans family!

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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 1 4/27/15

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:09 pm

You did it Ginger......thank you for the sequel.
There is so much love and joy in this family, it does my heart good to read it.
It's also very nice that all of the baseball team wanted to be part of it.
This is gonna be fun to read.

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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 1 4/27/15

Postby begonia9508 » Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:33 am

Hey Ginger!

I am happy to see the sequel, and especially these two little angels (or imps!) who knows yet but they already are showing capacities to make the whole family crazy, later on, on age! :lol: :roll:

Thanks and waiting for more! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 2 5/1/15

Postby mary mary » Fri May 01, 2015 7:17 pm

Lizza: How nice to hear from you and thank you. I hope all is well with you and your family. :)
Helen: Hi there, I was going to eliminate a few chapters of this fic. but after reading through them, I decided to go ahead an post them. It would have taken at least 10 pages to lay ground work for the next part of the series, so I simply edited these chapters and hope they make more sense now than they did. I'm happy to hear you liked the beginning.... :D
Carolyn: I think that people with that kind of money are a generous lot. I got the idea years ago while watching Christian Slater on the tonight show share a memorable thought with the host. He had his son with him while volunteering in a deprived area and his son saw a little boy with a stick pushing a sock ball down the alley way. His son looked up at him and told him that they needed a "Toys-r-us" store. Christian said it was funny but very sad. I don't think the public hears about half the good these people do and it made me want to add something like that to my fic. It's not a big thing but it's something worth thinking about. :)
Eve: :lol: You are probably sooooo right. But I think all little ones can be imps at one time or another. Never doubt that they don't know what they're doing. I know mine would do things when we had company that they wouldn't dream of doing when they were alone. And the things they would say would make your blood crawl. They knew exactly what they were doing and loved it. They're still characters, but I love them anyway. :wink:

Chapter: 2

Liz was very successful with her experiments at the lab and Mr. Jarred couldn’t sing her praises enough. Mr. Appleby had permitted her to conduct several experiments on her own regarding the studies of mentally challenged people and those too were also proving to be very successful.

Tess was her first subject and it was Liz who isolated her problem and found the proper medication for her. This was one major breakthrough for Liz and her colleagues were very impressed with her work.

Tess couldn’t thank her enough.

When Liz had approached her with the idea Tess was skeptical about allowing Liz to study her but she soon realized that Liz meant her no harm and became a very willing subject. Liz made sure that Tess was given the proper recognition when the time came to receive credit. She felt that Tess should be rewarded for being her guinea pig and allowing her name to be used publicly for the studies, therefore she named her discovery in Tess’s honor. Of course Max had not changed his mind about Tess no more than Liz would change her mind about her mother so Liz kept her promise and never mentioned Tess’s name in Max’s presence.

But…make no mistake, Max Evans was very proud of Doctor Elizabeth Parker Evans and Liz was just as proud of Maxwell P. Evans, Doctor of Psychology/Baseball player. Yes, Max got his doctorate while being a professional baseball player. The entire family was proud of him.

Max continued to play baseball for the Philly’s even though he had his doctorate…after all baseball was paying for all of this and it wasn’t a bad way to earn a living…playing a game you loved and being paid to do it?


The girls were about 18 months old for their second Christmas and it most likely would be their last Christmas in the big estate so there was a huge party for everyone and the magnificent seven came to decorate the grand hall with the big Christmas tree. They let the little one’s help them this year and they were using all of the stuffed animals AND the Raggedy Anne dolls. The girls just stood there making oooing and ahing sounds and pointing to all of the lights and ornaments. The boys, who were all getting a little taller and more mature just laughed at them and held them up to put the dolls and animals in the branches…Mommy, Daddy and all four grandparents sat on the stair steps and watched the festivities through the railings.

Liz could hardly wait for the opening of the Christmas stocking this year…she had a huge surprise for Max, it was becoming impossible for her to contain herself… Things had been so hectic for the past couple of months that she decided to wait and tell him at Christmas…It’s a good thing Christmas was almost here because it’s pretty hard to hide twins in a small frame for very long.

Finally the tree was finished and everyone headed to the kitchen for refreshments that Olivia had laid out before going home to her family. An array of appetizers that would replace dinner this evening and Lord knows there were enough of them to feed a small army. The boys especially liked the Buffalo Wings and the bite sized sandwiches. Max and Liz were so pleased that the seven enjoyed themselves…it was, after all, becoming a tradition in the Evans home that they would decorate the large tree.

After everyone went home and the tired little girls were sound asleep in their own room, which had been moved next door to Max and Liz’s bedroom, Liz and Max finally headed to their own rooms and got dressed for bed. Yes, they now wore pajamas like everyone else. God knows what time of the night they would have to be up and about.

Liz had redecorated the first suite for the girls about a month ago and they seemed quite content to be in their own space. The study was turned into a play room and the king sized bed was replaced with two twin sized beds with half guard rails to prevent falling out on the floor.

The Bathtub water faucets were provided with locks to prevent them from getting scalded. They loved water and Max and Liz were extremely aware of their safety needs. They wanted them to learn to swim as babies because of all of the swimming pools around the property and the indoor pool but they never dreamed they would be so addicted to the water the way they were. Both of the girls were very good little swimmers for babies…because that is what they still were.

When Max and Liz crawled into bed Max pulled Liz in and spooned into her back just like he had been doing for over two years now and Liz just purred.

“You know Max, I am very spoiled. It really is difficult for me to sleep when you are out of town…I know I shouldn’t do it, but sometimes I bring the girls in here and we sleep together just because Mommy is lonesome. Please, promise me you will always take care of yourself Max. If anything ever happened to you I would want to die. I know I wouldn’t but Max…I know I would want to.”

“Ditto sweetheart…I’ll be very careful because you three mean the world to me as well.” And with that Max kissed Liz on the top of her head and they went to sleep.


On Christmas Eve everyone was there to celebrate. Aunt Isabel, Uncle Alex and their new baby Sandra…all the grandparents and even Bernadette who couldn’t go home this year because she was working and had to stay in Philly. There was a beautiful dinner in the dining room, which everyone helped to prepare and serve and then after everything was cleaned up they all retired to the small living room for Christmas gift exchange.

Tomorrow morning Santa came for the girls but tonight the adults did their exchange. Liz wasn’t sure if she should wait until later for Max’s surprise or not and at the last minute she decided she wanted it to be private so she snuck upstairs and hung a stocking over the fireplace in their private rooms. When she got up there there was another stocking already hanging on a mantle that was decorated in garland and red bows. “Great minds think alike.” She thought to herself and put Max’s stocking right next to the other one.

She went back down the back stairs and stopped at the refrigerator and got herself a bottle of water and headed to the living room where everyone else was already congregated. Joanne and the girls had taught the babies “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and they were doing their rendition just as loud as they could; laughter could be heard all over the mansion.

Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing and Bernadette was beside herself with glee. The girls had managed to keep it a surprise for Max and Liz just like she had asked them to do and now they were truly showing off and the more everyone laughed the louder they got. Max had the camcorder out and was having a really tough time holding it still. Everyone clapped and hugged the two babies when they had completed their act and then they took a bow just like Joanne, Cynthia, Claudine and Bernadette had shown them. All Liz could think was ‘my God we’re raising a couple of hams’, but she loved every minute of it. They are just as happy as Liz had hoped they would be and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

About eight o’clock Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel took their girls upstairs to get ready for bed. Max and Liz still bathed Briana and Deana in their own bathroom because they didn’t want them learning how to unlock the faucets on their tub. Children are not as stupid as parents would like to think and these parents were not taking any chances with those huge Jacuzzi tubs in all of the suites.

Liz had set one of the cribs up in Isabel’s study and put the baby bather in their tub as well so Isabel was all set for Sandra’s bath.

By nine o’clock all babies were asleep and their parents joined the rest of the adults in the small living room for some adult conversation.

Bernadette couldn’t be happier, if she had to be away from her family at Christmas there wasn’t a better place on earth to be. These people were absolutely wonderful and there wasn’t any other way to describe them. Each and every one of them were wonderful…and those babies were absolutely the most enjoyable children she had ever seen. They were spoiled with love but were not molly coddled if that makes sense…it was the only way she could put it, they understood the word ‘no’ very well and when they were told no they had to obey or they got a time out which they also understood. But mostly they were treated as one of the family and shown all of the love and consideration that the adults wanted to be shown.

Around eleven Liz said she was going to head upstairs…”Those girls will be up at 7:00 a.m. regardless of how tired they were tonight and I want to be ready for them.” Isabel laughed and said she could appreciate that and would be joining her. Max and Alex said they would be up soon and with that the two young mothers headed toward the elevator. They both had the right idea…it had been a long day. They looked at each other and giggled as they pushed number two on the pad.

“Isabel, thank you so much for coming and spending the holiday with us. You have no idea how much it means to us.”

“Of course I do Liz…we spent Thanksgiving with the Whitmans’ and now we will spend Christmas with my family. I know Christmas is a little bigger holiday than Thanksgiving but next year we will probably switch…only because Sandy will be older and we will want to be home for the holidays…but this year it’s my family. I am so happy that you have all of this room to have all of us here…it really is great to be as comfortable as we are.”

“Yes, it does have its pluses doesn’t it? I wonder what it will be like next year when we have the children’s facility. I’m pretty sure everything will be finalized by then. It’s going to be different, that’s for sure.”

“I’m sure…but wherever you are I am sure you will love it.”

“Oh, I know I will. As long as Max and the girls are with me it doesn’t make any difference where we are. As long as we’re together and healthy.”

“You’re right. Well, good night Liz…you know they’ll all be up and we’d better be ready for them.”

Liz gave a little giggle and said “You better believe it…good night Isabel.”

And the young women headed to their rooms for the night.

When Liz went into the bedroom there was a light coming from the small living room. She stepped through the double doors and Max was sitting there with the teapot on the coffee table and some cookies laid out for her. He had lit a fire in the fireplace and when he saw her he motioned for her to come and sit next to him. She gave him a happy smile and sat down, slipped off her shoes and put her feet up under her and settled in next to her husband who wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gave her a kiss on her temple.

“I thought we should have a little alone time before we retire…what do you think?”

“Mmmmm…I think that’s a wonderful idea.” Liz said as she relaxed against Max’s body. And what a body it was…The man could eat anything under the sun and never gain an ounce…she sometimes felt like he was inhuman or something.

“Would you like to open your stocking now…while we have the chance to be alone?” Max asked…

“Sure, why don’t you bring both of them over here and we can take turns. Okay?”

So Max got up from the couch and took both stockings down from the mantle and headed over to Liz…He handed her the stocking trimmed in pink and he took the one trimmed in blue…then he pointed to Liz…

“You first baby.”

So Liz opened her stocking and found an envelope in it and looked at Max…he just smiled at her and she opened it up and there, in the envelope, was a deed to a house.

“Max, wha…what have you done?”

Max looked at her and smiled…

“God Liz, I have been so worried about this…I don’t know if I did the right thing or not but this property became available and it was a sweet deal so I bought it…If you don’t like it sweetheart you don’t have to move into it. I can sell it or rent it or whatever, but it really is a nice place. It’s really big Liz…not as big as this place but it has a lot of possibilities and we will be able to raise the girls comfortably…I think?” Max wasn’t so sure about this now “ …What do you say? … Liz? … Say something honey…” And Liz just stared at the envelope…

Liz was flabbergasted…she didn’t know what to say…she really hadn’t given much thought to looking for a new home yet…she thought they would have time but knew it would be happening soon…but this just took her breath away.

“Max, I know if you like it I will like it…I knew we had to move before too long but I was so preoccupied with other things that I just put it in the back of my mind. Of course I’ll like it. Thank you Max…I love you so much and please never worry about things like this…I told you before, all I ever wanted was you and now we can add the family to it … the rest is icing.”

Max pulled Liz into a fierce hug and kissed the top of her head and then Liz pointed to his stocking…Max looked inside to find an envelope also…

“Liz, you didn’t buy a house did you?”

Liz looked at Max and giggled…”No Max, just open the envelope.”

Max took the folded paper out of the envelope and opened it and looked at Liz with huge eyes…and then it registered…there were two blue circles drawn on the picture indicating two male heartbeats and Max started to tear up…his golden eyes glistened and he grabbed Liz and held her like a little baby…God, how he loved this woman.

“How far Liz?” he asked with a hitch in his voice….

“Oh, about two and a half months I think…not real sure again. I don’t know why I can’t keep better track of things but if they’re like their sisters they will be here in about five and a half months or so.”

“Oh Liz, this is the best Christmas present ever, why did you wait to tell me?”

“Because I just found out not too long ago and it was so close to Christmas and with everything else that’s going on I decided to give you a present that only I could possibly give you.”

“Well, it certainly is a wonderful present. I wonder how the girls will deal with it.”

“The girls will love their brothers because we will teach them to love them.”

“Yes, you’re right…”

“Oh, and Max…remember when I told you we could name our son after your grandfather?”

“Vaguely…I remember you said ‘NO””

“I said no to Rufus not to Gerard…so what do you think about Gerard and Parker?”

“I love it Liz…can we share this with everyone tomorrow?”

“Yes Max…but tonight is yours alone.”

“Thank you baby…I love it. Now are you ready for bed?”

And Liz looked up at her husband and said “Yummy!”

Max chuckled, flipped the remote at the fireplace, picked up his little wife and carried her to their bed. Life just kept getting better and better at the Evans home.


The next morning found four grandparents in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the entire family along with Bernadette. They had all agreed yesterday afternoon to meet in the kitchen at eight o’clock and start cooking while all of the young parents took care of their youngsters. It was a real feast. Before going over to the apartment Bernadette had prepared three, soak overnight, French toast casseroles and also three sausage and egg casseroles that her family had been serving to large groups forever. Jeff and Philip were busy with the hash browns and toast while Nancy made the orange juice and coffee.

Diane sat the table in the dining room; she had ordered a large bouquet of fresh flowers which she had kept hidden in one of the empty classrooms for the table and it looked great. There were now four classrooms in total. She started to make room for all of the food that was going to be coming in from the kitchen on the buffet and by the time Liz, Max, the twins, Alex, Isabel and Sandy came down everything was ready to go. Liz hugged all of them and then of course the twins took their turns getting hugs from everyone too. They would not be left out. Max grabbed his mom and twirled her around the kitchen and kissed the top of her head. He was so happy he could hardly contain himself. Next year they would be in a different home but there would be just as much room for all of this he was certain. Oh life was good.

After everyone was seated and enjoying light conversation the subject of next Christmas came up. Liz smiled at Max and nodded for him to make the announcement.

“Well, yes, we won’t be here but we will still have room for all of this for anyone that is interested in sharing the holidays with us. I bought a very nice piece of property with a large home on it for Liz for Christmas. I was hoping she would like it and she informed me that as long as I was there and our family that she knows she’ll like it so we don’t have to stop this if we don’t want to.”

Everyone looked at Liz and said “Ah!”

Liz looked at all of them and giggled…”It’s true. I don’t care where we live as long as we’re together and healthy. I have a small one bedroom apartment in Connecticut that we still stay at when I have to be there and I enjoy it as much as I do this house. Of course if we lived there I would have to evict several people to make room for all of you but I think I would rather do it this way, it’s much more comfortable and no one is homeless.”

They all started to laugh at her…but she was telling the truth…she is just as happy at that tiny apartment with Max and the girls as she is in this big house.

Then Max looked at Liz and asked her if he could share his Christmas present and she said of course, if he thought it was the right time…he assured her it was…only because he couldn’t wait any longer….

“In about five months or so we are going to introduce you to Gerard and Parker Evans…Liz is pregnant with twin boys.”

“Oh my God Liz…haven’t you gotten the memo…it’s easier to give birth one at a time…” Isabel shouted.

Liz looked at Isabel and said…”Who said giving birth is easy? Whether it’s one or two it’s still giving birth!”

Nancy looked at her daughter and nearly burst with pride. Thank God this girl had friends like the Evans’ and DeLuca’s to oversee her formative years. She turned into this wonderful woman without any help from her and it made her want to leave the room. Liz got an eerie feeling when she looked over at her mother and she just looked at her and gave her a great big smile and said…

“Isn’t that right Mom?”

Nancy returned her smile and said “Well Liz, I’m not sure I would be able to deal with two at a time but if you say so then it must be.”

Liz looked at her Mom and smiled again…”Hey, it hurts like hell…what can I say? We live through it and look at the rewards.” And Liz reached over and grabbed Briana’s and Deana’s little hands and squeezed….”It’s worth every pain!” and she kissed both little girls and continued with her breakfast. The girls didn’t care what hurt as long as Mommy kept kissing them.

After they finished their breakfast they cleaned up the mess and headed to the living room to see what Santa had left. This would be the first really big Christmas the girls ever had and to say that they were in awe was an understatement. They had Santa’s gifts in the small living room and then there was the large living room where they put all of the presents that had been arriving by UPS non-stop for fifteen days. They put those in the large living room because that was the only place there was room to put them. Liz looked at Max and whispered…

”We are visiting the children’s hospital later. We will take the girls with us and we will pass out toys. We won’t even look at who gave them these things we are just going to share them with those in need. Max, this borders on insanity. The five of them must have stayed up half of the night laying this stuff out.”

“Okay honey, if that’s what you want to do I’ll load up the truck…maybe everyone would like to come with us, we can make it an outing.”

“Good.”…Isabel looked over at Liz and asked in a whisper…

“Where in the hell are you going to put all of this shit? Liz, this house is big but I don’t think ‘toys-r-us’ can hold a candle to this.”

“I know…let’s go into the small living room and let them have a normal Christmas with the family….then we’ll pull all of the tags off of these things, leave them wrapped and haul them to the children’s hospital. We can use the tags to send thank you notes.”

“Liz, that’s a great idea. How do we know what’s in them.”

“Right now Iz I don’t care what’s in them…maybe we can pull corners or something and label them…I know we’re going to have some trouble finding boys things in there but maybe we can stop somewhere and pick up something for boys, or, we can just unwrap them all and take them like that.”

“I like the unwrap idea best…even the girls can help do that.”

“Great, that’s what we’ll do. Just deliver them unwrapped.”

And so they headed to the small living room and the girls were introduced to little girl toys. A play kitchen with all of the pots, pans and dishes that go with it….dolls that wet (big mistake) and the wardrobes that went with them…there were two baby doll high chairs and cradles and everything they needed to set up dolly housekeeping. They were so busy with their new toys from Santa Claus that they didn’t even miss the grownups who were busy in the large living room unwrapping every kind of gift imaginable for a two to five year old girl…and some of the games could be for boys as well. Max thought Liz’s idea was great. If the girls were subjected to this they would never be able to enjoy anything because they would have been overwhelmed. So Max brought the truck around to the side of the house and everyone took armloads of toys and put them in the truck.

Liz called the children’s hospital and told them that they had a truck load of toys and would it be all right if they brought them over for the kids. The hospital wasn’t really sure about all of this and Liz assured them that all of the items were brand new, still in the original boxes and they could go through them if they wanted to. So they got permission and headed on over there.

The girls weren’t too happy about leaving their dollies alone so Liz and Max helped them bundle up their babies and took them along with them. They had to take the dolly diaper bags and make sure the bottles were full and there were plenty of clean diapers…Max looked at Liz and mouthed a ‘thanks!’…Liz looked at Max and shrugged her shoulders…’you’re welcome’ she mouthed back and soon they had the girls and their babies and were on their way…everyone just stood there watching all the action and were glad it was Max and Liz and not them dealing with this.

The group stayed and started Christmas dinner, which would be prime rib and baked potatoes…much easier than turkey… and of course the pies from Connecticut for desert. After they put the roast on they all headed to the ice rink for a skating party with Charley and his family. Of course Johnny had his friends from school who stayed behind for the holidays for various reasons as well…and after Max and Liz delivered the truck load of gifts to the hospital they headed back to join in the festivities.

Liz had purchased some apple cider to make hot apple cider for everyone and when she got back to the estate she had Max drop her off at the house before heading to the rink so she could make up the cider in a crock pot. When she entered the house she suddenly felt a strong pain in her lower back and couldn’t move one way or the other…Oh no, God no…she thought…She took deep breaths and managed to get her cell phone out of her purse and hit number one on the dial…

“Liz?” Max said…

“Come back to the house Max…alone, I need you.”

Max could tell by the sound of her voice that things were not right. He gave his Mom a look and pointed to the girls and headed right back out the door of the rink. Diane knew immediately that things were not good. She skated over to the girls and helped them to get their little skates tied and Philip was right there beside her.

“What’s wrong?”

Diane replied in a whisper, “I don’t know. Max nodded to the girls and took off running…something is wrong with Liz I think.”

Philip gave Diane a very concerned look and took one of the skates and proceeded to lace up Briana’s little shoe and said a silent prayer.

Max got back to the house in nothing flat and found Liz standing against the wall bent over holding her back and he grabbed her under the legs and lifted her into his arms and headed straight back out to the truck. They were back at the hospital in nothing flat and in the emergency room.

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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 1 4/27/15

Postby Roswelllostcause » Fri May 01, 2015 7:50 pm

Oh no this isn't good!
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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 2 5/1/15

Postby begonia9508 » Sun May 03, 2015 9:25 am

Oh! poor Max and Liz? They were so looking for the new babies... but maybe it isn't that bad, no? :? :shock:

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 2 5/1/15

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon May 04, 2015 3:46 pm

Liz should be exhausted if nothing else. What a family.......they will need a very big house at this rate.
That's the cutest picture of the little girls. And I love Raggedy Ann dolls.
Thanks Ginger, I love fluff.

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Re: A Prelude to Meet the Evans Clan Ch. 3 5/13/15

Postby mary mary » Wed May 13, 2015 10:39 pm

Roswelllostcause: I think it works out okay... :wink:
Eve: LOL, you know me too well :)
Carolyn: A big house indeed...I love those dolls too, my youngest granddaughter called hers Annie and I believe she still has it...she's 25. :D

Chapter: 3

Nurses and doctors were shouting orders like crazy and Max just stood there watching and feeling helpless. His heart was in his throat, he was having a very tough time thinking about anything but his wife. Technicians were drawing blood, they had her hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV hook up in place; they were throwing questions at Max left and right. He had no answers for them…she was in pain and she was about 2 ½ to 3 months pregnant with twins. Now the place really went wild…they recognized the baseball player and his little wife and their hearts went out to them.

Max managed to get hold of his mom and tell her where they were and to please stay where they were and make sure everyone had a nice Christmas with the kids…he would keep them informed.

Diane and Philip told everyone what was going on and Jeff and Nancy wanted to leave immediately…Philip had to do some very fast talking to convince his old friend that right now the best thing to do was to make sure that these children had a nice Christmas. They didn’t need to remember their first Christmas as the day their mommy got sick. Jeff finally agreed with Philip and calmed Nancy down and convinced her to try and enjoy herself.


Back at the hospital Liz’s doctor showed up and started barking orders from one end of the hospital to the other and soon Liz’s pain was under control. It took some convincing on the doctor’s part to get her to take the drugs but as it was explained to Liz, this pain wasn’t doing the babies any good either, so Liz agreed to take some pain killers. They had the pain isolated to her lower back area and sent her into X-Ray in order to check her out. The doctor had decided that it was not the babies after an initial exam and assured Liz that everything they were going to do to her would not hurt the babies in any way.

Max was slowly becoming a basket case. If one more person asked him if he needed anything he thought he would punch their lights out. He needed his wife to quit hurting and that was the only thing he needed. Soon Liz’s doctor came into the waiting area and found Max. She assured him that they were doing everything they could to quickly find out what Liz’s problem was and the minute they knew anything she would let him know. Max thanked her and told her he would be in the chapel for a minute if he wasn’t here. She smiled and said she would find him.

By the time they had finished with Liz’s X-Rays and had her wheeled back into the emergency room most of her lab results were back and most of the results were normal. Her white blood count was very high which indicated an appendix attack and after they ruled out everything else they prepped her for an emergency appendectomy and Max didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He called his Mom and told her what was going on and that they would probably be home later this evening. They would not keep Liz after she came out of the anesthetic…she was very healthy he added, it’s just one of those things. The doctor assured him that the babies would be fine and Liz would have to take it easy for a couple of weeks but all was well.

Everyone at the house breathed a sigh of relief and Diane informed Max that the girls were down for a nap as well as their babies. They changed the dolly’s diapers and dressed them in their pj’s and put them in bed with the girls. They felt they should sleep with them because that’s what mommies do. Max smiled, he was happy the girls were enjoying their Christmas even if he and Liz could not be there with them.


After the surgery Max was allowed to sit with Liz until she came to and then when she did wake up she just looked up at him and apologized for being such a baby. Max reached over and kissed her forehead and told her to quit talking like that…thank God it was only her appendix. Liz wanted to know what the blood tests showed and Max told her to relax, her white count was up which indicated an appendicitis and that was all. She just looked at him and smiled…she wasn’t so sure that was all. If she was correct in her line of thinking your back doesn’t radiate that kind of pain with an appendicitis attack. She would have to talk to her doctor when Max wasn’t around because she was sure that he would not tolerate the thought of something being wrong with her.

Soon her doctor came in and Liz apologized from the depths of her soul for bringing her out on Christmas day. Her Doctor told her to relax, everything was being dealt with at home and soon they would all be out of there and home in time for a late dinner. Then she gave Liz her instructions and told her no stairs, keep the wound clean and dry and to call her office in the morning for a follow up in a week unless she needed more help.

They should have the results of all the tests by then and to enjoy the rest of the day. Liz smiled and said she would and with that Max helped Liz get back into her clothes and as soon as the discharge nurse came in with a wheel chair they were on their way.

Back at the estate everyone was anxiously awaiting the return of the delinquents as they were now being referred to and getting ready for dinner.

As soon as Max had called from the hospital Bernadette went up to the kitchen and turned the meat off…it could continue to cook with the oven off and they could warm it up later. She just hoped that everything was going to be okay. And now that they knew it was they were ready and waiting for them.

Max carried Liz into the house from the back door and the twins were there waiting for them with their babies…they looked at their mommy and couldn’t figure out why daddy was carrying her. Liz motioned for Max to put her down but he wouldn’t do it. He told the girls to follow him into the living room where he sat Liz in a chair and then explained to the girls that mommy had to go to the hospital and she had a very big ‘owie’ and that they had to be very careful around her. Their little eyes were as big as saucers and Liz’s heart just ached for them. She motioned for Max to put her on the couch and then she had the girls sit on either side of her and she pulled them both in close to her and gave them big hugs. She asked them if they had a nice time ice skating and they just kept looking at her…she told them she was fine and would be able to play with them in this many days and she held up their little hands and counted up to ten on their fingers…”this will be how many sleeps until mommy can play with your new toys with you…okay?” And they both looked up at her and then at their little fingers again and Liz wanted to cry.

“It’s okay babies, honest and mamma and gran will play house with you until mommy is better and even cousin Sandy can watch you from her playpen…won’t that be fun?” They just kept staring at Liz and finally Liz asked them…”What is wrong…tell mommy.”

And Deana said…”Whez you owie?”

And Briana said “Chess, whay.ya?”

Liz smiled down at them and lifted her shirt and showed them the plastic bandage covering her small incision and they looked at it with big eyes and then they looked at their mommy…

Deana said…”Do it huot?”

Liz wanted to giggle so bad at their concern but knew better…”No sweetheart, not anymore. Daddy took Mommy to the hospital and the doctor made it all better.”

Then Briana said in a very soft voice…”Dood, betause you don’ need to huot.”

Liz wanted to lift them up and hold them so badly and Max could see this so he picked the girls up and sat down next to Liz so she could give them hugs and kisses and soon dinner was on the table. Liz really wasn’t hungry but she sat at the table with everyone just the same and when the meal was over she had Max take her up in the elevator to their rooms. She apologized to everyone for upsetting their Christmas and they all laughed at her. Liz, please, we are only happy that you are okay…please don’t apologize.


Later Max brought the girls up to get ready for bed and Liz sat in a chair in the bathroom while Max gave them their baths. She asked the girls if they had a nice Christmas and they both smiled at their mommy and said “Chesss” in unison and Liz laughed at them…she couldn’t hold it back. They had their babies in the tub with them; thank God for rubber, and Max had to wait while the dollies got a good scrubbing. Max looked at Liz when he went to take them out of the tub and the dollies were dripping water everywhere…Liz just reached over and took the dolls and held them over the tub and pulled one of the legs loose and let the water run out…Max looked at her like she had a hole in her head… Liz just shrugged her shoulders and said that it would really be interesting in two more years to see what in the hell they would be dragging to the bath tub. Max just laughed at her…you’re right sweet…God knows. Then she took a hand towel for each of the girls and handed them their babies to dry off…

“You know it’s going to be like bathing four of them every night now. Don’t you?” Max said.

“I know, but that’s how they learn Max. Just think, they will be able to bathe their brothers and we won’t have to do a thing.”

Max looked at Liz like she had lost her mind and Liz knew exactly what he was thinking as she stifled a laugh.

They really would have to watch the boys for a while though…I’ll bet they do try to change their diapers and bathe them…oh this was going to be interesting. They are really going to have to work at explaining the difference between dollies and babies…and do it quickly.


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