Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 61 1/29

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:13 am

saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Isabel is good to have around to help keep the other students in line!

keepsmiling7 Yes Pam is no longer an issue. If you remember back in pt 53 Tess was arrested for paying Sean to rape Serena. So she is no longer a problem for Max and Liz. Yes Max is the perfect boyfriend!

Part 61

Serena smiled as Kyle walked in at the end of her shift.

"Hey Red, almost done?" Asked Kyle
"Yeah. I just need to clock out and change."
"So we going to study at your house?"
"Yeah. My dad is working tonight so the house will be all to us."
"All alone? So maybe we can tackle that issue you are having in biology?"
"Are you talking about the class? Or are you talking about it the same way Liz talks about it with Max?"
"I am not referring to dead frogs that's for sure."
"You sure about this?"
"Yes Kyle I am."

Serena kissed Kyle then when in back to change. Kyle looked up when he saw Michael come from the back.

"Hey." Said Michael
"Look Valenti, just don't hurt her. She has been hurt by a lot of people."
"I know."
"You know her father will kill you if you knock her up."
"I'm not stupid."
"You got protection?"
"Shit, got to make a stop on the way to my house."
"No you don't. Liz knew Serena was getting closer to wanting to be with you. She told me to give you this."

Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a strip of five condoms that he handed to Kyle. Kyle shoved them in his pocket just as Serena came out with her backpack. They said goodbye to Michael and headed to Kyle's house.

It took only ten minutes to reach the Valenti house. They when straight to Kyle's room. Serena had left her bag in Kyle's car. Both took off their jackets and tossed them on the floor. Kyle gently pushed Serena down on his bed as they started to kiss. He slowly moved his hands to the hem of her shirt and started to pull it up. Soon it was on the floor along with Kyle's shirt. Both of their jeans soon followed. Serena moaned as Kyle started to suck on her neck as he kneeded her bra clad breast. He removed his hand and reached behind her and unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. Serena started to move her hands to cover herself but Kyle grabbed her gently.

"Red, you are beautiful. Don't ever be ashamed of your body."
"I love you Kyle."
"Love you baby."

Kyle gave her a kiss then moved to her breast licking it causing a shiver to go up her spine. He slowly made his way down to the top of her panties and hooked them in his fingers and pulled them down. Serena lifted her hips letting him to remove them. He pushed her legs apart and gently inserted a finger into her hot core. Kyle looked at her making sure she was OK. What he saw was pure love looking back at him. He started to pump his finger in and out then pushing a second in and hearing a groan from her. He watched as her back arched as her juices flowed over his hand. He removed his fingers brought them to his mouth and licked them.

"You taste good." Said Kyle
"That felt so good Kyle."
"I'm glad. You want to keep going?"
"God yes!"

Kyle smiled as Serena reach to pull his boxers off. He let out a groan as her hand brushed his hard crock. Kyle grabbed a condom rolled it on and placed his tip at her enterence. He waited until she nodded that she was ready and he slowly pushed in letting out a groan st how tight she was. He never took his eyes from hers. He saw a brief flash of fear in her eyes but it passed quickly.

"Red, it's me Kyle. I love you. If you don't to keep going then tell me."
"I'm OK Kyle. I want this. If I can't get past my fear of being with you Sean wins."

Serena pulled Kyle closer wrapping her legs tightly around his waist forcing him deeper. He started to thrust into her. They both started to breath hard grunting. Serena wrapped her arms around Kyle digger her nails into his back.

"You feel so good baby." Said Kyle
"God Kyle don't stop!"

Kyle could feel that he was getting close. But he knew that he needed to hang on until Serena got there. He felt her clamp down tightly around him. That was all it took for him to lose it and send him over the edge. Serena was right behind him. He rolled off her and laid next to her. Serena rolled over close to him. He wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

"That was amazing." Said Serena
"I wasn't to rough was I?" Asked Kyle
"Kyle, that felt good. I just wish that you had been my first."
"Sweetie, what Sean did to you wasn't your fault. He and Tess are the only ones to blame."
"I know."
"Red, you are smart, beautiful and I love you."
"Love you."
"Now as much as I like cuddling with you. I think I need to get you home soon."
"Uh yeah. Dad would be really pissed if I am late for my curfew and I wouldn't want anything to happen to my cuddle bear."
"Cuddle bear? Can we keep that between us?"

Serena smiled and kissed him before getting up to get dressed.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 62 1/30

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begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

keepsmiling7 Yes Kyle and Serena are very good together.

Midnightdreamer Welcome to my world. I am a dreamer! So never worry about Tess!

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 62

Serena walked into her room after arriving home and dropped her bag on the floor. Then she walked across the hall to Liz's room. She knocked on the open door. Liz looked up from her homework.

"Hey Rena."
"Hey Liz."
"What's up?"
"Can we talk?"

Liz looked at her stepsister and realized what happened.

"Go grab the ice cream. I'll clean off my bed."
"Rena, don't ever be afaird to come to me."
"Thanks Liz."

Serena left and returned to Liz's room with the ice cream and two spoons. Liz had moved her books to her desk and Serena joined her on the bed.

"So Rena what happened with Kyle tonight?"
"I slept with him."
"You had sex?"
"Yeah and Liz it was amazing. I never felt anything like it before."
"You really do love Kyle don't you?"
"I have for a long time."
"Rena, are you regretting sleeping with him?"
"No. But I did have a mini panic attack at first."
"That is natural. You when through something really horrible. Sean took something from you that wasn't his to take."
"I know. Liz, what was Richard going to do to you?"
"Give me to his bookie to work off his debt. I was going to be forced to have sex to pay off his debt."
"God! How could he even think of doing that to you?"
"He has never given a damn about me. He thinks women should spend their lives pleasing men, and raising any kids. That women are the only ones responsible for a child being created."
"Didn't he learn anything in health class?"
"I don't know. I also don't care. I hope someone beats the shit out of him in prison."
"Hope Sean gets his ass beaten too."
"Rena, do you think that this makes us bad people for wanting them to be hurt?"
"Maybe a little. We are letting our anger at what they did and planned to do cloud our judgement."
"That is what I was thinking. But I am angry. That man claimed to be my father. But he was willing to sell me off to pay a debt. That isn't a father."
"Liz, forget about that bastard. He is going to prison for a long time. You have a father that loves you and will do anything to protect you."
"Yeah I know."
"I know your mom loves me. But she will always be just my stepmom. I love her but not like I love my mom."
"Things are different with us. Your mom died. My so called father left me. Only to show up years later to sell me off."
"Liz, maybe you should think about getting some therapy. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with you. But you do have issues regarding your birth father."
"I know you are right. I'll go talk to mom and dad about it."
"The therapy has really help me come to terms with what Sean did to me."
"That's good Rena. I will be seeing a different kind of therapist though."

Serena pulled Liz into a hug. The both got up. Serena took their spoons and the unfinished ice cream back to the kitchen while Liz when to find their parents.

"Mom? Dad?" Asked Liz finding them in the living room.
"Yes honey?" Asked Nancy
"Uh do you think you can find me a therapist to talk to?"
"Liz are you OK?" Asked Jeff
"It's just when Richard came back it kind of stired up the abandonment issues I had with him."
"I think that we can do that." Said Nancy
"Do you want to talk to us about what happened when you were with him?" Asked Jeff
"No dad. I love you both. But I think talking with someone impartial would be better. Richard hurt both of you, just like he hurt me. All of us in different ways."

Nancy pulled Liz into a hug and gave her a kiss. Jeff hugged her then Liz headed to bed.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 63 1/31

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begonia9508 Both Serena and Liz have been hurt. They know they shouldn't wish bad things on those that hurt them. But the fact is wishing doesn't mean it will happen. It does help to wish bad things on those that have hurt you sometimes.

soari_1902 Yes Poor Liz! :( Thanks!

Part 63 four months later.

Max walked up behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her.

"Better not let Mr. Foster catch you with your arms around me."
"I'm not afraid of that old grump."

Liz turned and gave Max a kiss.

"Liz, will you go to prom with me?"
"I thought you would never ask. Yes Max I will go to prom with you."
"Did you really have any doubt?"
"No I didn't."
"Max, get us a room too."
"Max, we have been having sex for almost five months. Prom night is a night known for teenagers to have sex."
"Yeah I know."
"Max, I love you. We graduate in like a month."
"I know. You got into Harvard."
"Yes, and you, Kyle and Serena Boston College. My parents are going to talk with Kyle's dad and your parents about maybe renting a house for all of us. They feel it would be easier then dorms for Serena and me."
"I would love to have you by my side every night."
"You do know you won't get laid every night don't you?"
"Oh I know that my sweet vixen."

Liz laughed as Max started to kiss her neck.

"Evans, I thought I told you more then once to stop sucking on my sister." Said Michael walking up to them with Maria
"Mike, wasn't it you and Maria I walked in on about to screw on the sofa in the backroom of the Crashdown last night?" Asked Liz with a smirk.
"Liz! I thought we all agreed not to bring that up!" Said Maria
"I only agreed as long as Mike did bug Max and me about making out, by pulling that over protective brother thing."
"OK I will lay off." Mumbled Michael

Liz testing Michael leaned in and kissed Max hard and passionately. Michael just shot them the evil eye but kept his mouth shut.

"So Moon doogie, you ask Gidget here to the prom yet?" Asked Maria
"Yes." Said Max rolling his eyes.
"So Gidget did you say yes?"
"Maria, can you stop with the sixties TV show references? But to answer the question yes. Is Mike taking you?" Asked Liz
"Yeah I am taking her. But I told her not to expect much from me dancing wise. My mom told me I am unteachable when it comes to dancing." Said Michael
"You can't be that bad." Said Liz
"Yeah he is. But I can deal with him." Said Maria

Michael leaned down and kissed Maria just as Mr. Foster walked down the hall. Max and Liz seeing him had pulled apart.

"Mr. Guerin, Miss DeLuca no making out at school! Mr. Evans, Miss Parker it's nice to see you two keeping your hands to yourselves for once." Said Mr. Foster

Michael and Maria pulled apart with Michael glaring at his sister who just smirked. Mr. Foster walked off and Liz just smiled.

"Payback can be a bitch." Said Liz
"Well Parker, you, me and Space boy here have fatty food to serve to the masses." Said Maria
"Ok. Max, will you be by later?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. See you later sweetie." Said Max with one last kiss before they headed out.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 64 2/1

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saori_1902 Thanks I really like this Liz. I wanted to make her different then most versions of Liz.

Part 64

Prom night arrived and the four girls gathered at Liz and Serena's to get ready together.

"So, Rena do you and Kyle have any plans for after prom?" Asked Isabel
"Uh yeah, Kyle got us a room." Said Serena softly
"Really?" Asked Liz
"Come on Liz. You know I have been with Kyle."
"We all know that you and Max will spend the night together." Said Maria
"What about you and Mike?" Asked Liz
"Uh we talked about getting a room. But I don't know if Michael did or not."
"Alex got us a room." Said Isabel
"Girls your dates are here!" Yelled Nancy
"Be down in a minute mom." Yelled Liz

The girls finished getting ready and headed down the the stairs. The boys girned as they saw their girls. Max looked at Liz and fell in love all over again.

"Wow, Liz you look great!" Said Max
"You don't look bad yourself." Said Liz

Max smiled and leaned down to give her a soft kiss. That is when Liz whispered in his ear.

"I can't wait until later to get you out of that tux."
"Not in front of your parents vixen."

Kyle smiled at Serena as she stood in front of him.

"Red, you look beautiful."
"Thank you Kyle. You don't look half bad yourself."
"Kyle, Max can I speak to you two alone a minute?" Asked Jeff

Max and Kyle followed Jeff into the kitchen.

"Boys, I want you two to be careful tonight. I'm not stupid, I was your age once. Both Liz and Serena are old enough to make their own choices when it comes to sex. While I would love for them to wait until they were married. It is not something I expect to happen."
"Mr. Kent, I would never force Liz to do anything she doesn't want to do. I know Kyle feels the same way about Serena." Said Max
"That's good Max. Now if things go that way make sure you are safe. I would like to wait a few more years to be a grandpa. Which by the way, if either of you are stupid enough to get one of them pregnant, the day after I find out you will be marrying that daughter of mine. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes sir." Said Max and Kyle
"Oh and if either of you choose to get drunk or use drugs you will never see the girls again."
"Yes sir." Said both of the boys.

Max and Kyle returned to the living room and everyone one left. Once in the limo the boys had rented for the night Liz turned to Max.

"Dad trying to scare the shit out of you and Kyle?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Said that if you girls end up pregnant then basically we will have ourselves a good old fashion shotgun wedding." Said Max
"Would that be a bad thing to be married to me?" Asked Liz
"No my sweet little vixen."
"Good answer. But don't worry I am on birth control and we always use a condom to be double sure."
"Hey I Liz can you shut up! I don't want to know about your sex life!" Said Michael
"Mike, play nice and maybe one day you will get laid." Said Liz
"I don't want to hear about this either Liz." Said Isabel
"OK Max we will talk later when we are alone." Said Liz

They spent the rest of the ride to school talking and joking and enjoying being together. The rest of the night was spent dancing and just enjoying one of their last experiences in high school. In a a few weeks they knew that they would have to spend a lot of time studying and getting ready for finals before graduation.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 65 2/2

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keepsmiling7 Oh yes Jeff gave the boys a lot to think about. Yes poor Michael having to hear all the sex talk.

saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Jeff isn't stupid. He was just making sure that the boys understood that if they got their girlfriends pregnant then they would have to share the responsibility.

A/N Sorry to say that after today there is only one more part. But I never say never to the possibility of a sequel.

Part 65

Max and Liz left the prom around 10pm. They headed for the motel outside of town that Max had gotten them a room at for the night. They when into their room and both kicked off their shoes. Liz pushed the tux jacket off Max as they started to kiss. Max had already pulled Liz against him as he reached for the zipper of her dress. Liz grinned she could already feel Max's manhood straining in his pants. Liz pulled back to help Max remover her dress. Once the dress was removed she saw Max's eyes go wide when he saw she had been braless all night.

"It's not the kind of dress I can wear a bra with,"
"I see that."
"Well one of us is still very over dressed."
"Maybe you should help me with that."

Liz when to work helping Max to remove his clothes before they made their way to the bed. Both still had their underwear. Before long their underwear joined the rest of their clothes on the floor of the motel. Liz opened her legs letting Max have access to her core. She let out a moan as he started to pump his fingers into her. She pushed her body down harder on his hand trying to get them deeper. Max finally pulled his fingers from her licking her jucies from them.

"Shit Max stop teasing. I need you inside me."
"Not yet baby."

Max continued to tease and tourcher Liz. She started to grown impatient grabbed him and rolled them over. Max watched her as she growled and impaled herself on his hard shaft. Both groaned as they became joined.

"Shit Liz! You didn't wait for the condom!"
"Max, I wanted to feel you. The real you inside me."
"Your dad is going kill me if you get pregnant!"
"Max, I told you I am on birth control. Besides that is very unlikely to happen at this point in my cycle anyway. I am not going to get anything from you. We have only ever been with each other."
"If you are sure."
"I'm sure."

Max rolled them back over to take back control. He started to thrust hard and fast into Liz.

"God yes Max! That feels so good! Don't stop!" Yelled Max
"Shit Liz you are so fucking tight already."

Max started to grunt as he felt Liz's walls clamp tighter and tighter around him. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer. It was in that moment he saw Liz's eyes roll back her back arch and felt her nails dig deep into his back as she when over the edge. He followed quickly sending his seed deep into her. He fell to the bed next to her breathing hard. He reached for the sheet pulling it over their sweat coated bodies. Liz rolled close to him and he wrapped an arm around her.

"God Max that was amazing."
"Yeah it was. But my sweet vixen, we can't make it a habitat of making love with out a condom."
"I know. Next time we do that without protection will be because we are ready to start a family together."
"You want a family with me?"
"Yes. Max, you are the only one I have ever wanted to be with. I mean unless you count Ernie from Seasme street when I was two."
"Definitely not."
"I hope we will marry one day. Not until after college though."
"Of course not. I don't want anything to stop you from becoming the best microbiologist in the world."
"That is one of the reasons I love you so much."

Max kissed Liz and they made love again before falling to sleep in each others arms.


Kyle pulled Serena close as she fell to sleep. He smiled as he heard the faint sounds of Max and Liz in the next room going for another round. He would never understand where those two got all that energy from. He kissed Serena and fell to sleep with his beautiful smart woman by his side. Serena smiled in her sleep as she felt Kyle's arms wrap around her.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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begonia9508 Thanks!

Part 66 Four years later.

Max paced in the back of the church. He was nervous. He had graduated from college a month ago, and today he was going to marry the woman he learned had been in love with him four years ago on a school ski trip.

"Chill Max. You are only marrying Liz." Said Kyle
"Kyle, I know I am marrying Liz!"
"Come on, you have been in love with her since the day she stole that teddy bear in kindergarten."
"I know."
"You had sex with her before you even when on a date!"
"That was only because she wouldn't talk no for an answer. Cold showers weren't working very well either."
"Yeah she was kind of agresive."
"So you going to marry Serena any time soon?"
"Uh yeah. Her dad might not be happy if I don't."
"Damn Kyle don't tell me you got her pregnant!"
"Uh yeah I did."
"Jeff is going to kill you!"
"No he will just grab his rifle and force me to marry her."
"Yeah that's true."

Half an hour later Max stood at the front of the church. Isabel, Maria and Serena each came down the isle first. Then he saw Liz on the arm of Jeff. She looked more beautiful then he had ever seen her. When she reached him he took her hand and smiled.

"We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. I have been told that Max and Liz fell in love a long time ago as kids. That it all started over a teddy bear." Said the minister

The crowd let out a laugh.

"Now it is my understanding that the bride and groom have written their own vows."
"Liz, I still remember that day I saw you for the first time. You walked into class with your friend with reddish hair. You were grumpy because you were wearing this really dorky dress with cupcakes on it. But I couldn't help but think that you were cute. It was a week later that you took my teddy bear. That was the moment that I knew I loved you. Twelve years later on a school ski trip I learn that you had feelings for me. That was the happiest I had ever been, until today. Today, is the day you become my, wife, my partner and soulmate. I love you Liz."
"Max, I knew that day I took your teddy bear that wanted to marry you. That you would be the only guy for me. As we grew older I always wondered why you never asked me out. Then on the ski trip you told me because I was always turning dates down that you feared I would do the same with you. But then I told you the reason I was always turning guys down. My heart was already yours to claim. These past four years away from Roswell living together in Boston only caused me to love you more. You are my partner, the other half of my soul. Today you become my husband making me the happiest I ever been."

A short time later Max and Liz were officially married. After the reception they checked into a motel room for the night. In the morning they would head to the mountain cabin where the first became lovers. It would be nearly three months after they returned from their honeymoon they would learn that they were to have their first child. They were on their way to having a wonderful life together.

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