Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 51 1/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:46 am

pandad2001 Both Pam and Tess might now be going down right away. But one one them will very soon. As for Richard (Liz's bio dad) he is just waiting to cause trouble!

saori_1902 Thanks!

Natalie36 Yes the gang will get some big information!

keepsmiling7 They just can't get caught! So they just have to be very careful! :lol: Pam is never going to learn! Jennifer has a lot to tell them and proof of a couple other crimes by some other. :wink:

L-J-L 76 Yes it is good that Michael will be working at the Crashdown. I can't promise both Pam and Tess will be going down right away. As for Richard he is going to be trouble!

Part 51

Jennifer took the empty seat next to Liz and pulled a CD out of her bag.

"I was at Tommie's party. He didn't want me there. But had no choice. My parents had just moved to France for my dad's job. They didn't want me to leave my friends here. So I moved in with Tommie and his parents. I had been given a video camera for my birthday before my parents left. I like to make movies. So I was at the party filming it. I just put the the recording away planing to go back and look at it later. I ended forgetting about it until this weekend. After I heard about Sean DeLuca having confessed to you guys about raping Serena." Said Jennifer
"What did you find on the tape?" Asked Serena
"Tess Harding paid Sean $200 to rape you. She knew you were the one that dyed her hair green or something."
"That was you?" Asked Liz
"Hey just because you were pissed at me didn't mean I was going to let that bitch get away with stealing your science project!" Said Serena
"You got that on tape?" Asked Alex
"Yeah and a few other things you might find interesting. I burned a copy of the whole tape on that disk." Said Jennifer
"Why give this to us?" Asked Maria
"Serena wasn't the only one Sean raped that night. He raped me too, and it's on there. I have a copy I am taking to the sheriff after school. I want Sean and everyone involved with what happened that night to anyone to pay. Well burn in hell is more like it. But I will take going to prison for a long time."

Serena pulled the younger girl into a hug. She hated Sean even more for what he had done.

"Have you told anyone?" Asked Liz
"No. If Tommie knew he would kill Sean. I mean it. He would do something stupid and get arrested just to go after Sean." Said Jennifer
"You are going to have to tell your aunt and uncle. You need to see a doctor and talk with a therapist." Said Serena
"I'm scared."
"I am here to help you. My friends will help you." Said Serena
"Thanks." Said Jennifer

Serena reached into her purse and pulled out a card and handed it to the younger girl.

"This is the name and number of my therapist. Have your aunt call and see if she can see you." Said Serena

The bell rang and everyone headed to class.


Liz walked into the Crashdown after school. She smiled at Jeffbas she headed in back to change. She came out ten minutes later to see Michael putting an apron on to get ready to work the grill.

"Ready for your first day Mike?" Asked Liz
"Cool. Relax Mondays aren't normally real busy."
"Good to know."
"How was school Liz?" Asked Jeff
"Good. Maria will be a little late. She had to talk to her English teacher."
"That's fine. I'll be in the back if you need me. Same goes for you Michael."

Jeff left and Liz watched as Michael leaned in the cutout window.

"So did Jeff show you all the charts for the food yesterday?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Liz have you ever thought about if he comes back?"
"Yeah I have. I want nothing to do with him. He didn't want me as a kid and I don't want him now."
"I know what you mean. But I am glad we are getting to know each other better."
"Me too. You don't mind me calling you Mike do you?"
"No. But only you get to call me that."
"Why is that?"
"You are my sister. Now when you are older and have kids the kids can call me Mike too."

Just then some kids from school came in and they got to work.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 52 1/20

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:13 am

saori_1902 Yes there is evidence of crimes committed by Sean and Tess.

L-J-L 76 The film of the party is big! It will help bring down Tess and put Sean in even deeper trouble.

begonia9508 Yes they now have a disk that has at lest one rape as well as a bribe being paid. We find out what Richard is up to in this part.

Part 52

Liz walked up the Evans' driveway Sunday at five thirty. She didn't know why she was nervous about having dinner with Max's parents. This was not the first time she had dinner with them. But that had been as Isabel's friend. But tonight it was as Max's girlfriend. She loved that she was dating Max. They had gone to dinner and a movie yesterday. It was really nice. Max treated her really well. She knew Jeff wasn't happy she was dating. But he hadn't tried to kill Max. Serena and Kyle had stayed in and watched movies together. Taking a deep breath she rang the bell and smiled. Diane opened the door and smiled at her.

"Liz, honey come in. Thank you for coming." Said Diane
"It's not a problem Mrs. Evans." Said Liz
"I sent Max to the store. I forgot the carrots for the salad."
"It's OK. Is there anything I can help with?"
"No dear. You are a guest. Would you like something to drink?"
"Uh sure. What do you have?"
"Soda, ice tea. This fuity punch stuff Izzy likes."
"I have had that stuff. It's kinda gross if you ask me."
"That is what I told her! But you know Izzy."
"Yeah I do." Said Liz with a laugh.
"So what will it be?"
"Ice tea sounds good."
"Lemon and sugar?"
"Yes please. Thank you Mrs. Evans."

Liz sat at the kitchen table while Diane cooked. The talked a bit until Max came home. Diane watched as both her son and Liz's face light up when they saw each. They seemed to have eyes only for each other.

"Max, can you get your father? Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes. Oh and get your sister too." Said Diane
"Yes mom." Said Max

Max gave Liz a kiss on the cheek then when to get his dad and Isabel. Five minutes later Liz sat down to dinner with the Evans family.

"Liz, how is school going?" Asked Philip
"Uh good. Really good."
"Where do you think you want to go to college?" Asked Diane
"I have always wanted to go to Harvard. But, I don't know if that will happen. It costs a lot of money, and unless I can get some scholarships."
"Mom, dad, Liz is really good in biology." Said Max
"Really? Is that something you might want to do as a career?" Asked Philip
"Yeah Mr. Evans. I really would like to be a microbiologist."
"Mom, dad I'm sure Liz doesn't want to talk about herself the whole night." Said Isabel
"Izzy, we just want to get to know Liz better." Said Diane.


Richard Parker walked up to the house where his ex wife lived with his one time friend. He pounded on the door. Nancy opened it and stared in shock at him.

"What do you want?" Asked Nancy
"Where is she?" Demanded Richard
"Where is who?"
"My daughter! Elizabeth!"
"You have no rights to her! You left her a long time ago!"
"I have every right to see my daughter!"
"Richard, Liz is not a child. She is seventeen. It is her choice weather or not to see you."
"I will see Elizabeth!"
"Not tonight you won't. She isn't home."
"Where is she?!"
"She is having dinner with her boyfriend's family tonight."
"Who is that slut dating?"

Nancy got mad and slapped Richard across the face.

"Listen you cheating bastard! Liz is a good girl. She is seeing a very sweet boy and I will not tell you where she is. Not get off my property before I call the sheriff and report you for trespassing."
"This isn't over you bitch. I will see and speak to Elizabeth and you can't keep her from me!"

Richard left and Nancy closed the door crying. Serena had heard everything from where she was on the stairs. She came down and pulled her stepmother into a hug.

"Nancy, we will keep Liz safe. You know that." Said Serena
"Oh honey what if Liz does want to see him?"
"She doesn't. She told me that if Dick ever came back she wanted nothing to do with him."
"We have to tell Liz."
"Yeah I know. Nancy why didn't you tell him you know about Michael?"
"Rena, he is fixed on Liz for some reason."
"That scares me."
"Me too honey."

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 53 1/21

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:13 am

begonia9508 wrote:Oh wow! What is it with you, writing about ugly people? :lol: :lol: :lol: Because Liz's father is a monster, that's it! :? :shock:

begonia9508Eve, I don't know why I have so many evil ugly people to be honset! Liz's father isva monster! You just don't know how much of one yet!

L-J-L 76 Richard, really wants a lot more then to just see Liz. He just won't tell Nancy that! As for calling Liz names, that has to do with his view of all woman that comes out in a little bit. In this part we find out if the sheriff got the film or not.

Part 53

Jim Valenti walked into West Roswell High. He stopped in the office to find out where the student he was looking for was. He knocked on the classroom door.

"Afternoon ma'am. I need one of your students." Said Jim
"How can I help you sheriff?"
"Is Tess Harding in class?"
"I have a warrent for her arrest."

Ms. Hardy when back into the classroom and Tess came out.

"Tess Harding you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit rape." Said Jim placing hand cuffs on her and leaning her out of school.
"What?! I didn't do anything! That bitch Serena can't prove anything! If Sean told you anything it's a lie! I didn't give him any money!" Yelled Tess
"Miss Harding, shut up. You have the right to remain silent, if you give up that right anything you say can and will be used agaisted you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney and have them present during questioning. If you can't afford an attorney one will be appointed you at no expense to you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"
"I did nothing wrong! I'm going to kill that red headed bitch."

By this time students and teachers and come out into the hall to find out what was going on. Serena listened to Tess rambling on.

"She really should shut the hell up. She is only hanging herself." Said Isabel coming up next to her.
"Yeah I know."
"Rena, it's not like I care what happens to that slut."
"I know. She deserves whatever happens to her."
"Hey, don't worry about her. Sean is going to pay for what he did to you and every other girl. We will bring Pam down too. It may take time but she knows something."
"Thanks Isabel."
"Break it up! Get to class everyone!" Yelled Mr. Foster.

Everyone headed to class.


After school Liz and her friends met up at the Crashdown to hang out.

"So the tape was enough evidence to get Tess arrested." Said Alex
"Yeah. I kinda knew it was coming." Said Kyle
"Really?" Asked Serena sipping on her coke.
"Yeah. I mean dad said he would know today if anything was going to happen. Sean was even trying to get some deal." Said Kyle
"What kind of deal?" Asked Liz
"He will tell all about how it was Tess and Pam's idea to rape Serena. That Tess gave him two hundred dollars to do it and they also promised to get him you Liz." Said Kyle
"But they don't enough for Pam." Said Max
"Nope. It's only Sean's word and let's face it he isn't the most trust worthy person." Said Kyle
"True. Rena is everything OK?" Asked Liz
"Liz, Michael there is something you should know. Your father is back in town, and bye wants to see you Liz." Said Serena
"Dick can go to fucking hell! I never wants to see that asshole" said Liz grabbing her books and taking off.

Everyone watched in shock as Liz stormed off. None of them could ever remember seeing Liz that upset before.

"Liz didn't take that very well." Said Max
"No she didn't. Not that I thought she would. Richard Parker left her when she was five." Said Serena
"He was never around for me at all. Not that I care. For all I know he has other women in other towns that he left to raise kids of his." Said Michael
"What a jerk. Girls let's go see if we can find Liz to see if she is OK." Said Maria

The girls left and found Liz in the bathroom crying. Serena pulled her into a hug.

"Lizzie, it will be OK. You know we are all here for you." Said Serena
"I know. It's just why did he have to come back now?" Asked Liz
"I don't know. But if he won't stay away from you there are legal things you can do to make it happen. I know my dad would help you." Said Isabel
"Thanks Izzy."
"Now babe let's get you all beautiful again. You got biology in a few minutes."

By the time the bell rang a few minutes later no one could tell that Liz had been crying.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 54 1/22

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L-J-L 76 Yes Tess is off to jail. Sean is already rotting there. Liz does have a great group of friends.Richard isn't going to go away anytime soon so you can bet he will go after Liz.

saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia1908 Yes Tess has been arresterd. Sean is still sitting in in a jail cell rotting.Pam won't be a problem too much longer. :wink:

Part 54

Liz was finishing her shift at the Crashdown and getting ready to head home.

"Liz be careful I got this feeling that Dick is going to try something." Said Michael
"Don't worry Mike. I know how to deal with him. I want nothing to do with him."
"Never said you did. It's him I don't trust."
"Don't worry Mike. Jeff lent me his car. So I just have to go out to the parking lot and get in."
"OK. Just stay safe sis."
"I will Mike."

Liz when changed and headed out. She had just reached the car when someone grabbed her.

"Let go of me!" Yelled Liz
"Not until we talk Elizabeth." Came a rough voice

Liz froze. She didn't know that voice. But the tone was very familiar to her. It had been along time, but part of her knew that she had heard it before.

"Dick?" Asked Liz

Richard turned her to face him holding her against the car. He stared at her with cold brown eyes.

"Elizabeth, I am your father. It's either father or dad that you address me as. Never Dick!"
"You have never been a father to me! So you don't deserve to be called that."

Richard got angry and slapped Liz across the face. Then pulled her to his car and forced her into the back seat.

"Don't even try and and open the doors. They don't open from the inside."
"This is kidnapping!"
"You are my kid Elizabeth. If I want to take you some where I can."
"No you can't! When mom divorced you she sued for full custody of me and was given it."
"That doesn't matter brat."
"You don't even know me."
"I know enough. I know that you are acting like a slut with that boy you are seeing. That you are fucking him. But you know as soon as he tires of you he will find someone else to hump."
"You have no clue what you are talking about. You are the one that screws women knocks them up and abandons them with the kids."
"It's a woman's job to raise the brats. It's also their responsibility to make sure they don't get knocked up."
"That is such bull shit! Men are just as responsible for their actions as a woman is."
"Shut up bitch."

Liz was scared. She had no idea what she was going to do. This man was crazy and that made him really dangerous.


Serena walked into the living room. Really worried.

"Dad wasn't Liz off almost two hours ago?"
"Yes. She's not home yet? Did you try her cell?"
"When to voicemail."
"He's working at the UFO Center. I called the Crashdown and Michael said she left a while ago. He said he would go check the parking lot for the car as soon as he got caught up on his orders. Jose was finishing the inventory or the order tomorrow."

Just then Serena's cell rang. She answered.

"Michael? What? Are you sure? Yeah we'll be there in a few minutes."

She hung up and looked at her father.

"The car is still in the lot and he found Liz's purse on the ground by the car. He is going to call the sheriff."
"Nancy! He took her!" Yelled Jeff
"What?" Asked Nancy coming into the room.
"That bastard took Liz."
"Oh god! Not my little girl!"
"Nancy, we need to go meet the sheriff at the Crashdown." Said Jeff

The three of them when out to the car and headed for the diner.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 55 1/23

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L-J-L 76 Richard does have Liz. He has no emotional connection to Liz that is why he can hit her and call her a slut. He doesn't care about Liz or her feelings so I would say it is a safe bet he will hurt her.

saori_1902 Richard is crazy!

begonia9508 Liz wasn't really trying to be careless. She just thought she would be OK going a few feet to the car.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, yeah Richard needs help, he is crazy!

Part 55

Liz struggled as Richard pulled her into the cabin in Frazier woods. He shoved her to the floor. Liz fell hard on her left arm hearing a sickening crack and feeling pain shoot threw it.

"Shit! You just broke my arm!" Yelled Liz

Richard walked over and smacked her.

"Shut up bitch. Elizabeth, you will only speak when spoken to. Do I make myself clear?"
"Fuck you!"
"You would know something about fucking wouldn't you, you little slut? So how many boys have you spread your legs for?"

Liz didn't respond. She just stared at the man who until today never seemed to give a damn about her.

"What do you want from me?" Asked Liz
"You see I owe someone a lot of money. You are going to be payment."
"What do you mean?"
"You will be working off my debt."
"That will never happen. Mom, Jeff, Serena and the rest of my friends will go to the sheriff. Sheriff Valenti will find me and you will go to jail to rot you bastard."
"That two bit hick? Yeah right!"
"You will never get away with this Dick. You might have given the DNA that helped to create me. But you have never been and never will be my father! Jeff Kent has been more of a father to me then you ever been or will be. I love him, and I hate you! Do you even think about Michael? You know your son?"
"That street rat bastard? He is worthless!"
"You don't even know him! So how can you call him worthless? Michael is great and he cares about what happens to me."
"Elizabeth, you need to learn that woman are only good for three things. Pleasing a man, taking care of the house and raising the brats they pop out."
"Gee you are such a caveman! I plan to have a career. I am going to be a microbiologist."
"Girl, you a scientist? Please a lab is no place for a woman."
"I hate you! You are nothing but a fucking bastard!"
"I got to go make a call. Can't use my cell in these damn woods. Don't bother trying to escape. You can't. Windows have bars and the only door will be locked. You need a key to unlock it. I have the only key."

Richard left and Liz pulled herself off the floor. She could see her arm starting to swell. This was not good. She could only hope that someone would find her before he could give her to the man he owed money to.


Serena followed her parents into the Crashdown she saw Michael sitting at a table talking with deputy Blackwood. There were other deputies around then she saw Kyle sitting in the back booth with Isabel and Max. She when over to them and Kyle pulled her into a hug.

"You OK Red?" Asked Kyle
"I'm scared." Said Serena
"Liz is tough. She will be OK." Said Isabel
"My dad told me a bit about Richard. He is nothing but trouble. He is really into gambling."
"We'll find Liz. I mean it Rena." Said Kyle
"I'm going to kill that bastard if he has hurt her!" Said Max
"Max, just calm down. Getting angry won't help Liz." Said Isabel
"I love her!"
"We know. But you know Liz wouldn't want you to do anything stupid." Said Serena
"I know."

Sheriff Valenti walked in just then from the back.

"Jeff, Nancy, it's a good thing that you haven't cleaned that car recently. Liz wrote Dick in the dirt. We also found finger prints. I need both of yours as well as Serena's if you have anything that Liz is the only one to have touch that would be helpful." Said Valenti
"Any clues to why he would take her?" Asked Jeff
"Well when I heard Richard Parker was lurking around town. I did some digging. Seems he owes a lot of money to a man that not only runs a gambling ring. But is known to run a high price escort service." Said Valenti
"Escort? You mean prostution?" Asked Nancy
"No one has proven that part. But yes."
"Dick took Liz to use to pay off his debt?" Asked Serena
"More likely work it off. Though in cases like this it will take the young lady a long time to do it." Said Valenti
"You know he had a hunting cabin in Frazier woods." Said Jeff
"I'll look into it. Right now I think you all should head home and try and get some rest."
"Thanks Jim." Said Jeff

Everyone headed promising to call when they heard anything about Liz.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 56 1/24

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saori_1902 Sorry Liz is going to be in trouble for a little while yet.

begonia9508 Eve, have a little faith in me. I don't think Dick will get that far in his plans! :wink:

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, Dick is very bad. Nancy, did get lucky that he left her a long time ago and that Jeff has always been there for Liz even before they married a little over a year ago.

L-J-L 76 Dick doesn't care about Liz. He only cares about trying to get out of his gambling debt.

Part 56

Liz looked up when she heard a key in the lock. Richard walked in with a bag that he set on the table. He took off his coat and glared at her. He reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of pills. He then pulled out a bottle of water and opened it. He walked over to her and handed it to her while he opened the bottle of pills.

"What is that?" Asked Liz
"If you think this will make me like you then you are an idiot."
"Girl, I don't give a shit if you like me. At noon tomorrow you will no longer be my problem. Let me tell you Vincent will teach you to behave or you will pay for your aditude."
"You are going pay for this. I will not be someones whore!"
"Elizabeth the day to spread your legs for that boy you became his whore."
"No! Max loves me! You wouldn't know anything about love would you? You have never loved anyone but yourself."
"There is no love. You are a fool to believe in that garbage."
"Dick, there is love. It is what makes us strong. It is what gives us something to live for. Your life must be really sad not to know love."
"I told you bitch. Don't call me that! I am your father!"
"Sprem donor is more like it. A father is there for their kids when they need them. They chase away the monsters from the closet or under the bed. They hold them when they have a nightmare. They are there when their daughters start to date to put the fear of god into the boy if they hurt their little girl. Jeff Kent has been more of a father to me then you ever have or will be! I hate you! Michael hates you! I'm sure that if you have any other kids out there they all hate you too!"
"You get that smart mouth from that bitch of a mother. You better take these and try to get some sleep. I know Vincent he will want to give you a ride before setting you up with his clients."

Liz took the aspirin and Richard pulled her over to a bed with an iron frame and head board. Took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her good wrist to the bed. He walked away pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey dropped onto the sofa and started to drink. Liz laid on the bed and started to cry. She prayed that someone would save her before her life became hell.


Serena sat on the front proch with Kyle's arm wrapped around her. She had been crying. She hated that Liz was missing. This was the worst time for this to happen. The two of them were still rebuilding their friendship. Kyle pulled her closer and kissed her on top of her head.

"We will find her Red. We will bring Liz home to all of us." Said Kyle
"Kyle what if we can't? What if Richard hands her over to that scum he owes money too?"
"You can't think like that. Red, you got to remember that Liz is going to put up a fight. She will not just let anyone force her to do something she doesn't want to do."
"Yeah Kyle, your right about that. Back in fourth grade Paulie Carson tried to get Liz to eat worms and she ended up shoving one down his throat. That really pissed him off."
"That was funny. But Paulie forgave her, in fact when she was bullied by some guys at the park a couple weeks later he stood up for her."
"I remember. They when to a different school and had pushed her into some mud. Paulie came over punched and shoved them into the mud saying you don't treat girls like that."
"Yeah, you know he never when to any of the football teams sex parties. Like Max and me. Don't get me wrong most of the girls there wanted to have sex. But Paulie has a little sister so he couldn't treat a girl like that."
"He has been seeing Donna Larson for a while."
"Yeah. If they have slept together he ain't telling."
"Well that is really only their business."
"True. Rena?"
"What is it Kyle?"
"How is your therapy going?"
"Good, I am still not where I am ready to sleep with you."
"That's fine. I can wait until you are."
"How did I get so lucky to have you come into my life?"
"Rena, I am the lucky one. You let me love you."
"You love me?"
"Serena Kent, I have loved you for a long time. Not as long as Max has loved Liz, but still a long time."
"Love you too."

Kyle gently took Serena's lips in his and gave her a soft kiss.

"Kyle, I think you should head home. Serena it's time to come inside and try and get some rest." Said Jeff from the door.
"Night Rena. I'll see you tomorrow OK?" Said Kyle
"Night Kyle."

They hugged and Kyle headed for his car. Jeff pulled his daughter into a hug as they headed into the house.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 57 1/25

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:34 am

begonia9508 Thanks Eve! Here is a new part.

soari_1902 Thanks!

Part 57

Liz woke in the middle of the night with her arm throbbing. Tears fell down her eyes. She looked over at the sofa where Richard was passed out. She would never understand people like him. People who could hurt others.

"Go back to sleep bitch."

Liz didn't respond. She rolled over as much as she could. She was in a lot of pain and there was nothing that she could do about it. She tossed and turned for hours. She finally saw the first rays of light peek through the window. Richard stired getting up and headed for the bathroom. He came out ten minutes later unlocked her so she could go in. When she was done he locked her to the bed again and headed out.

Valenti watched as Richard Parker when into the donut shop on the edge of town. When he came out he and Hanson followed keeping a distance. They followed him into Frazier woods right to a cabin. That is when they made their move. Valenti pulled his gun and aimed it at Richard.

"Richard Parker put your hands in the air!" Yelled Valenti
"Sheriff Valenti, this is my cabin you have no right to be here." Said Richard turning around.
"One of my citizens is missing, and I happen to know that you made threats that you would see that person."
"Sheriff, all I wanted was to see my daughter."
"And that daughter is now missing. Hanson get the keys."
"This is an illegal search!"
"No it isn't. You see I have probable cause. You made a treat agaisted Miss Parker. You owe money to a man that runs a high price escort service. That is suspected of being a cover for a prostration ring."

Hanson reached into Richard's pocket and pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the cabin door. They looked in to see Liz on the bed. She wasn't moving and didn't look good.

"Hanson get this scum out of here and call for an ambulance." Yelled Valenti

Hanson cuffed and lead Richard away. Valenti ran to Liz's side and found her breathing. He could see her arm was broken, she had been beaten, but was in shock.

"Liz, Liz! It's Jim Valenti. Can you hear me?"

She didn't reply. Just blinked.

"Liz, if you can understand me blink once."

Liz blinked once. Valenti let out a sigh of relief. He unlocked her good wrist from the bed and lifted her from the bed. He carried her through the woods to the road as an ambulance pulled up. Two paramedics got out and took her.

"Her left arm is broken. She looks to have been beaten and I think she is in shock." Said Valenti
"We got it from here sheriff." Said one of the paramedics.
"Her name is Liz. Liz Parker seventeen."

Valenti watched as Liz was loaded into the ambulance and it pulled away. More deputies arrived to go over the cabin. Valenti got in his car and headed for the Kent's house. He parked in front of the house and when up to the door. The door opened and he could see the three of them hadn't gotten much sleep the night before.

"We found her." Said Valenti
"Is she?" Asked Nancy
"Alive but in bad shape. She's been taken to Roswell memorial hospital."
"What's wrong with her?" Asked Jeff
"She has been beaten, her left arm is badly broken and seemed to be in shock."
"Will she be OK?" Asked Serena
"I don't know Serena. Liz will heal physically. But the emotional is another story. In cases like this I know that if you keep reminding the victim they are loved can be a big help."
"Thanks sheriff. We should go be there for Liz." Said Jeff
"Sheriff, call Kyle so he can tell Liz's friends." Said Nancy
"I'll let Kyle know."

Nancy, Jeff and Serena got in the car and headed for the hospital.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 58 1/26

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begonia9508 Richard is going to pay for what he did to Liz.

saori_1902 Liz is safe now. Don't worry Max is on his way to Liz!

Part 58

Jeff, Nancy and Serena rushed into the emergency room and up to the desk.

"My daughter, Liz Parker was brought in." Said Nancy
"Yes, the doctors are with her right now. I need you to fill out these forms." Said the woman at the desk.
"Nancy, they will get us when they are done." Said Jeff
"I need to see my little girl!"
"Nancy, let the doctors take care of Liz. Let's work on filling out these forms. They will let us see her as soon as they can." Said Serena

Jeff and Serena lead Nancy over to some chairs and they begun to fill out the forms the hospital needed. It was nearly twenty minutes later that a doctor came out.

"Mrs. Kent?"
"Doctor, how is she?" Asked Nancy
"I am Dr. Jackson. When Liz was brought in she was in shock. She had been badly beaten and her left arm is broken. We stabilized her and she is no longer in shock. She is awake and talking a little. I am afraid that the break in her arm is going to need surgery to repair. We need to insert a rod to stabilize the bone."
"But she will recover?" Asked Nancy
"Yes. She is young and healthy."
"Can we see her before the surgery?" Asked Jeff
"Yes. She has been asking for her family, and a Mike, and a Max
"Mike, is her half brother Michael Guerin. Though she is the only one that can call him Mike. Max is her boyfriend Max Evans." Said Serena
"If they get here in the next hour then they see her before we take her up to surgery."

Just then Max and Michael came running in. Kyle walked behind them.

"No more then two of you at a time to see her" said the doctor
"Serena, you and Michael go first. Then Max and Kyle, we will go last." Said Jeff
"Actually I can wait to see Liz later. I am just here cause these two were going to cause an accident if either of them drove." Said Kyle
"OK." Said Jeff

Serena and Michael followed a nurse to the cubicle that Liz was in. They took a look at her buried face and she was hooked up to an I.V. and monitors.

"Hey Lizzie, how you feeling?" Asked Serena
"Rena! Mike! I feel like shit. My arm is killing me." Said Liz
"You have looked better sis." Said Michael
"Yeah well you always look like you stuck your finger in a light socket." Said Liz
"Nice to see you haven't lost your sense of humor." Said Michael
"And to think you two have only started the whole sibling relationship a couple weeks ago." Said Serena
"Yeah Lizzie?"
"If he is ok with it do you mind if I call your dad, dad?"
"No way Liz! I know he would love it!"
"Liz, dad loves you. You know suspending and grounding you was really hard for him. He was afraid that you would hate him for punishing you."
"Thanks Rena."
"We'll see you after your surgery OK? Besides lover boy really wants to see you." Said Michael
"Yeah. Thanks Mike. Love ya Rena."
"Love ya too honey."

Michael leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Liz's forehead. Serena gave her a gentle hug then both headed out. Max came in seconds later nearly in tears when he saw her.

"Max, I will be ok. He just beat me OK? Said a bunch of shit I know better then to believe." Said Liz taking his hand with her good one.
"I should have been there for you."
"Max! This is not your fault! You had to work. I could have waited until Mike or Jose could walk me out to the car but I didn't. The only one to blame is Dick. He hates women. I don't know why nor do I care. I love you Max and I can't wait until we can make love again."
"Love you too."
"Now stop blaming yourself."
"OK my sweet vixen."
"Max never let my parents hear you call me that. Oh Max I know I am almost an adult and all but do you think your dad could do some kind of legal thing that I consider Jeff Kent as my legal father?"
"I'm sure there is something that can be done."
"I should let your parents see you."

Max gave Liz a kiss then headed out. Jeff and Nancy came in and Nancy started to cry.

"Mom, I am ok. Just a broken arm and some bruises. Nothing that won't heal." Said Liz
"You sure you're OK Liz?" Asked Jeff
"Yeah dad I am." Said Liz
"Dad?" Asked Jeff
"You don't mind if I call you that do you?" Asked Liz
"Oh sweetie no. I love you so much! But maybe be Serena will have a problem with it."
"I already cleared it with her."
"Then I am more then fine with it."
"Lizzie, I am proud of you. You are a fine young woman." Said Nancy
"Thanks mom."
"We will talk later though OK?"
"Yeah mom."

Just then a nurse came in.

"It's time to get her ready for the surgery." Said the nurse
"OK honey we will be here when you wake up." Said Jeff
"Ok dad. Love you both." Said Liz

Both Nancy and Jeff gave Liz a kiss and she was taken off to the operating room.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 59 1/27

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begonia9508 Eve, I think Liz learned that she really needs to except help from her friends.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 59

Liz groaned as she started to wake.

"Liz? Everything is ok. Do you remember where you are?" Asked Nancy
"Mom?" Choked out Liz
"I'm right here honey."
"My arm is hurting."
"I know honey. The doctor will be here soon. The you can have something for the pain ok?"
"Ok. Are dad and Serena here?"
"They will be back in a few minutes. They just when to get something to drink."

Just then a doctor walked in.

"How you feeling Liz?" Asked the doctor.
"Tired and my arm hurts." Said Liz
"We will get you something for the pain. We were able to stabilize the bone in your arm with a titanium rod held in place with a total of four pins. Now this is permanent. Ok?" Said the doctor.
"I understand. When can I go home?" Asked Liz
"We will keep you here for a few days to make sure there are no complications. But I want you to stay home from school for a week after you go home. I'm sure your sister can get your school work from your teachers."
"Of course she will." Said Nancy
"I'll have your nurse give you something for the pain. Then I will check on you tomorrow. I have ordered clear liquids for your dinner." Said the doctor.
"Oh fun." Mumbled Liz

The doctor left and Nancy placed a kiss on Liz's head. That was when Jeff and Serena walked in.

"I see sleeping beauty is awake." Said Jeff
"Hey Liz, how you feeling?" Asked Serena
"Like shit." Said Liz
"Well this might cheer you up. Max is going to be up soon. He just wanted to get something from the gift shop for you." Said Serena
"Is Michael here?" Asked Liz
"He had to leave honey. His mom needed his help." Said Nancy
"He should be back before visiting hours are over." Said Jeff
"You know the sheriff is going to need to talk to you about what happened." Said Nancy
"I know. But right now I am tired."
"Get some rest." Said Jeff
"OK dad."

Max knocked on the door just then and came in.

"Hi Liz." Said Max
"Hey." Said Liz
"Max don't stay too long. She needs her rest." Said Nancy
"I won't Mrs. Kent." Said Max

Liz's family left and Max sat down next to the bed.

"I was so worried about you Liz."
"I was scared. Max, I thought I might never see you again."
"I'm not going anywhere. I love you."
"I love you too."
"I did get you something."
"Let me see."

Max pulled a stuffed dog out and placed it on Liz. Liz smiled as she used her good hand to pull it closer.

"It's so cute."
"Yeah I kind of though so."
"Thank you."

Max watched as Liz started to fight to stay awake.

"It's ok honey. Get some rest. I'll be back tomorrow ok?"
"Ok. Night Max."
"Night my sweet little vixen."

Max placed a kiss on Liz's forehead as she pulled the dog close and closed her eyes falling to sleep.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 60 1/28

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begonia9508 Liz has had a number of bad things happen to her and those close to her. While there are others who will never know what it is like to live through the things Liz did.

saori_1902 Liz would agree with you that Max is very cute!

Part 60 Two weeks later

Liz walked into school. She could tell everyone was staring at her. Serena put a protective arm around her. That was when Isabel walked in and turned into the ice princess.

"What are you all staring at? Haven't you ever seen anyone with a broken arm before?" Asked Isabel

Everyone turned and when back to whatever they doing before.

"Thanks Izzy." Said Liz
"Max will be here in a minute." Said Isabel
"Good." Said Liz
"She really is love sick isn't she?" Asked Isabel
"Yeah. The thing is you don't have to live with her." Said Serena
"True. But I do live with her other half."
"Max bad?"
"He sometimes talks in his sleep. He dreams about Liz all the time."
"You know I am still right here you know?" Said Liz

Isabel and Serena laughed and hugged Liz. Max walked in just then and wrapped his arms around Liz pulling her close for a kiss.

"Mr. Evans, Miss Parker I believe I have warned you before about public displays of affliction at school." Said Mr. Foster
"Sorry Mr. Foster." Said Max
"Just don't let it happen again. By the way welcome back Miss Parker." Said Mr. Foster
"Thank you sir." Said Liz

Liz waited until Mr. Foster when around the corner and then leaned into Max kissing him. That was when Maria, Kyle, Alex and Michael joined them.

"You are so bad Parker." Said Maria
"They were already busted by Foster." Said Isabel
"Hey Evans stop sucking my sister's face!" Said Michael
"Shut up Mike." Said Liz pulling away.

Michael just smirked. Liz rolled her eyes wondering what Maria saw in her bonehead half brother.

"Oh Liz you might not have to worry about Pam trying to hump your man. I hear Vicki Delaney and Lucy Turner saying that Pam was barfing in the girls bathroom earlier. That she said Pam told her she was pregnant again." Said Alex
"Think when her parents find out they will send her away again?" Asked Kyle
"Oh yeah. Only this time she won't come back. They told her that they won't clean up her messes again." Said Isabel
"So who's the daddy?" Asked Maria
"Well she has been screwing your asshole cousin for a while now. So it might be him. Sean doesn't like the idea of using a condom." Said Serena
"When we came for you at the resort he had a rubber on." Said Kyle
"I was forcing him to use it. He wasn't happy about it either." Said Serena
"Rena, I never want you to even think about doing something like that again." Said Liz
"You don't have to worry about that. There is only one guy I want to be like that with." Said Serena kissing Kyle.

The bell rang and everyone headed for class.


Liz sat down in a booth in the Crashdown with Max rest her cast on the table. Jeff brought over two cokes and placed them on the table.

"How was school honey?" Asked Jeff
"Not bad. But I am tired." Said Liz
"I'll take her home after we get snack." Said Max
"Thanks Max." Said Jeff
"Dad may I have some vanilla ice cream?" Asked Liz
"Rainbow sprinkles?" Asked Jeff
"OK sweetie. Max what about you?"
"A piece of men in blackberry pie, al' mode." Said Max
"Coming right up."

Liz leaned against Max. Jeff watched them. He was happy that she had Max. He had proven to be a real stand up guy. Serena came out of the back dressed in her uniform.

"Hi honey. Take this over to your sister and Max." Said Jeff
"No charge on it."
"I already knew that daddy."

Serena took the ice cream and pie over to Max and Liz.

"Thanks Rena." Said Liz
"You feeling OK?"
"Just tired and sore."
"I'll take her home after we eat." Said Max
"Just take care of my sister."
"You know I will."

Serena smiled and walked off. Liz ate her ice cream and started to doze against Max.

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