Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 21 12/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:30 am

L-J-L 76 Liz's friends will do their best to make sure that neither Liz or Serena are alone.

begonia9508 You are going to have to wait a little longer to find out Michael's secret.

saori_1902 Well you will have to wait a little longer to find out what Michael is going to tell Maria.

keepsmiling7 Yes Max is wise, and Sean will be trouble.

Part 21

Philip and Diane walked into the Crashdown and joined Jeff and Nancy in the back booth.

"Have you heard anything?" Asked Diane
"Nothing new. Though the storm will end tonight. So the kids should be back at the resort some time tomorrow." Said Jeff
"That is good." Said Philip
"Aren't you two concerned what is going on in that cabin?" Asked Diane
"We trust the girls." Said Nancy
"Diane, Philip Liz and Serena are both good kids. Serena doesn't always make the best choices. But she isn't a bad kid." Said Jeff
"You said the girls don't get along. They were close at one time. What happened?" Asked Diane
"That is something we don't know. Neither will talk to us about what happened. We are just happy that they may be working through whatever it that happened between them." Said Nancy

The four parents sat in the booth and talked a while longer.


Max followed Liz into her room once the door was closed he wrapped his arm around her and started to kiss her passionately. They made their way to the bed and broke long enough for Liz to lay in the center. He climbed on top of her. They resumed making out Max moved to Liz's neck causing her to moan with pleasure. Liz tugged at the shirt Max was wearing. He broke the kiss. Sat up and pulled the shirt over his head. He leaned back down on top of her as Max when back to moving down Liz's neck to her collarbone. Liz ran her hands over his chest. Max broke from kissing her only long enough to help Liz remove her shirt. He then reach under her and unhooked her bra, which joined their shirts on the bedroom floor. He looked at her with love in his eyes.

"You are beautiful." Said Max
"I love you Max."
"Love you Liz."

Max took one of Liz's breasts in his hand while he lowered his mouth to the other that he teased with his tong and nipped at gently with his teeth. He smiled when he heard her groan and her hand dug into his hair. He then switched what he was doing to the other breast. He felt Liz slip her hand into the waistband of the sweatpants her was wearing and it grip his rapidly harding manhood. He groaned as her hand started to run it up and down his shaft. Before long the rest of their clothes were on the floor. Max gently pushed Liz's legs apart and pushed a finger into her core. He started to move it in and out gently. He added a second finger smiling when he saw Liz's eyes roll back in her head and she let out a load moan. He felt her jucies flow over over his hand. He pulled his hand from her and licked his fingers clean.

"Max make love to me."
"Are you really sure about this Liz?"
"I have never been more sure about anything in my life."
"You said before that you have protection?"
"Top drawer on your left."

Max pulled the drawer open and found a couple small boxes of unopened condoms. He grabbed a box opened it and removed one of the foil wrapped packets. He put the box back and when back to making sure that Liz was ready for him. He then rolled the condom on and looked her in the eye. Liz nodded and Max moved his hard crock to her enterence and slowly started to push into her. Liz placed her legs over his hips to give him better access to her. He stopped when he reached her barrier.

"Max just do it. I trust you."

Max leaned down and kissed her. Then he pulled out part way before pushing back in and through her virginity. He heard Liz wince in pain and a few tears fell from her eyes. He didn't move knowing she needed time to adjust to him inside her.

"I'm sorry baby."
"I'm OK Max. The pain is already gone. It's normal that it hurts at first. I'm ready."

Max nodded and very slowly started to pump in and out of her. Liz wrapped her arms around him. Her legs were locked around his waist pushing him farther inside her. In increased his pace causing Liz to cry out. He never took his eyes off her. He could see nothing but pleasure in her eyes. He grunted as he felt her walls start to clamp tighter around him. Liz bucked her hip into him with each thrust. He could feel sweat pouring off his body as he felt Liz dig her nails his back as she reached her climax. He felt his release seconds later. He fell onto the bed beside her both of them breathing hard.

"Max that was amazing. I love you."
"You sure you are OK? I wasn't to rough?"
"It was great. Yeah I am a little sore. But it's normal."
"Good I love you Liz."

Max pulled the sheet over their rapidly cooling bodies and wrapped his arms around her as they both fell to sleep.


Kyle looked at Serena as the sounds died down from Liz's room.

"So uh I guess I am the only virgin in this cabin now." Said Kyle
"Your a virgin Kyle?"
"Yes. There is only one person I want to be with."
"Who might that be Buddha boy?"
"You beautiful. But I want to wait until you are ready for that step."
"I love you Kyle."

Kyle gave Serena a soft kiss and pulled her closer.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 22 12/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:24 am

Natalie36 Max, Michael, Kyle and Alex are great guys!

L-J-L 76 Yes Max and Liz made love. Max was trying to make it very special for her.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 22

Maria walked into the room Michael was sharing with Alex Whitman.

"OK tell me why the hell you care so much about Liz."
"Ok remember how I said I know like Liz does how it feels to have a deadbeat dad?"
"Yeah. So I got one of those too."
"Well, my mom told me who my deadbeat father was two years ago."
"So? What does this have to do with Liz?"
"Will you sit down? Your pacing is driving me crazy!"

Maria sat on one of the beds. Michael ran a hand through his spiked hair.

"Ok there is only one way to say this. Dick Parker is my father."
"Richard Parker is your father? That means that Liz is......."
"My half sister. Maria, when they get back you can't say anything. Liz doesn't know."
"Does her mom know?"
"From what I understand Nancy knew Dick was cheating. I don't know if she knew he got my mom pregnant."
"God this explains a lot."
"I just feel the need to protect Liz from scum bags like that ass of a cousin of yours."
"Yeah I get it. I hate Sean."
"Maria, I know you are Liz's friend. But you can't tell her."
"I won't."
"Good. By the way uh when we get back home you want to go out some time?"
"Are you asking me out?"
"Well you do know that Liz when she finds out you are her brother she will think it's weird us going out."
"Yeah I know. Evans better treat her right or I might have to kick his ass."
"I don't think that will be a problem. He loves Liz."
"Yeah I know. Let's go find something to eat."

Michael and Maria headed back down to the dinning room.


Liz rolled over and smiled when she saw Max watching her.

"Hey. How you feeling?"
"I'm OK. Just a little sore."
"I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you."
"You didn't Max. This is normal for a woman. I love you Max, I don't regret what we shared."
"I don't either. Liz, I can't tell you how long I have loved you."

Liz kissed Max. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her on top of him. He looked into her warm brown eyes filled with love.

"Maybe we should go see what Kyle and Serena are up to." Said Liz
"Maybe they are enjoying some alone time too."
"Max, Serena isn't there yet. She is just coming to terms with the fact that what happened at Tommie's party with Sean was really rape. He drugged her. I wish there was something we could do about Sean."
"Maybe when we get back to Roswell we can talk to Kyle's dad. He may have some ideas. But I do want you to promise me that you won't go anywhere alone."
"I promise Max."
"I just don't want anything to happen to you."
"I know."

Liz kissed Max then got out of bed and got dressed. Max got dressed and the two of them headed out to find Kyle and Serena. Max walked with his arm around Liz's waist. Serena was the first to notice them and smiled.

"Hey have a nice nap?" Asked Serena

Liz blushed realizing that her stepsister knew what had happened in her bedroom.

"So what is for dinner?" Asked Max
"We have soup or Romin noodles." Said Serena
"Gee not much of a choice." Said Max
"Man no one told you to work up a hunger in that bedroom." Said Kyle
"OK right."
"Rena let's go heat up some soup." Said Liz
"Good idea." Said Serena

The girls headed for the kitchen leaving the two boys alone.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 23 12/20

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:27 am

begonia9508 Yes Max is a teenage boy! And Liz was very determined to be with him. Michael will tell Liz at some point they share a father.

saori_1902 Yes Michael is Liz's half brother.

L-J-L 76 Maria won't tell Liz what Michael told her.

SmileeUk Yes M/L are a couple! As for Michael being Liz's brother, their father Richard "Dick" Parker is a deadbeat ass! He was with both of their mothers at the same time. Then left them to raise the kids on their own.

Sorry for the delay. I wanted to get this out sooner. But I was sick in bed for a couple days.

Part 23

After cleaning up their dishes Serena pulled out the game Clue. They sat around the table to play.

"Liz use to love this game when we were kids." Said Serena
"Really?" Asked Kyle
"Yeah, and I hated to lose." Said Liz
"So if you lose will I have to punish you?" Asked Max
"You might have to do that." Said Liz
"OK can we stop with that kind of talk? I mean it! Just because you two have found the joy of sex does not mean anyone else wants to know about it!" Said Kyle
"Hey I though you jocks loved to talk about your sex lives." Said Liz
"Uh most would. But my man here is a little shy about his sex life." Said Serena

Liz looked at Serena with a raised eyebrow. Serena nodded answering Liz's unasked question.

"Kyle is there anything you want to share?" Asked Max
"Not on your life Evans!" Said Kyle
"Kyle you don't have to be embarrassed to admit you are waiting for the right girl." Said Liz
"Liz, I have no idea what you are talking about." Said Kyle
"How about you two lay off my Buddha boy?" Asked Serena
"Fine." Said Liz

They spent the rest of the night playing games and enjoying each others company.


Alex sat by the fire with Isabel as the storm finally came to an end.

"Alex, do you really think that they are OK?" Asked Isabel
"Iz, I'm sure they are fine. I think Liz and Serena need this time to work things out."
"I just can't trust Serena."
"Iz, Serena has made some bad choices. But there is more to things then we know."
"Alex how do you know that?"
"Serena and Liz were best friend since before they could talk. You don't throw that away without a very good reason."
"I understand that. What do you think of Liz and my brother?"
"I think that they are going to be good together."
"Yeah but I have to wonder what Liz will do to my poor misguided brother now that they are alone together."
"What do you mean?"
"Let's just say that there is a side to Liz Parker only her girlfriends know."
"I so did not need to hear that!"
"What's wrong Alex?"
"There are just something's a guy doesn't need to know about his best friend."

Isabel laughed and gave Alex a kiss.


Sean watched Isabel with the geek Alex. He couldn't believe that she would rather spend time with that loser then him. He turned and smiled at the blond walking up to him.

"What ya say we go up to my room for a while?" He asked.
"Sean that sounds like a great idea. Seeing Isabel lower herself to that loser makes me sick."
"Come on Pam."

Sean lead Pam up to his room. Neither noticed that Michael was was watching them.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 24 12/21

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begonia9508 Yes Sean and Pam are going to hook up. It's far from the first time they have, and Pam does tend to spread her legs for almost any guy that asks.

L-J-L 76 Max being kinky? Maybe but we won't find out for a while if that is true! Yes Alex gave Isabel something to think about. Sean will pay at some point. Just not right away.

SmileeUk Yes Isabel knows that Liz has a while side.

saori_1902 Thanks!

Part 24

Liz woke to a pair of strong arms around her. She smiled this was going to be something she would miss when they got back to the resort and then back to Roswell. She felt the arms wrap tighter around her and sdoft kisses on the back of her neck.

"Morning my beautiful little vixen." Said Max
"Morning my love. By the way don't ever let my mom or stepfather hear you call me a vixen. My mom wanted me to promise her that I would never have sex and would always stay her little girl."
"I think I can manage that. Liz, you never talk about your father."
"What's to talk about? He was an asshole. I wasn't even a year old when he walked out of my mom and my lives."
"Don't you ever wonder if maybe you have any brothers or sisters out there?"
"It is possible Max. But I don't think that Dick would have stuck around for them either."
"What if you were to meet one of these siblings? If they wanted to be part of your life would you let them?"
"I don't know maybe. Max why are you asking this?"
"You know I have been working for my dad right?"
"Well your mom asked him to look for your dad."
"Why would she do that?"
"I don't know. Liz, I really shouldn't have told you that."
"You know what Max? I won't say anything. If my mom wants me to know then she will tell me."
"Thanks sweetie. I can get in trouble for telling you that."
"Yes you can. That is why I won't say any thing."
"I love you Elizabeth Parker."
"I love you Maxwell Evans."

Max and Liz kissed and were just started to get heated when there was a knock on the door.

"Time to get up love birds. Ski patrol will be here in an hour and half." Yelled Serena
"OK we are up Rena." Said Liz
"See ya in a few Lizzie."

They heard Serena walk away. Liz pulled out of Max's warm arms so they could get dressed.

"Liz, I am so glad that you and Serena are friends again."
"Me too. All she ever had to do was be honest with me."
"Yeah. I still don't get why Pam Troy wanted to hurt you."
"We have just never liked each other from the day we met in kindergarten."
"Well that is her loss. You know she has tried to get me to go out with her. So has Tess Harding."
"So that is where those rumors of you being gay came from. You turn down two of the school sluts and you have to be gay."
"I didn't hear those rumors!"
"Guys aren't the only ones who talk in the locker room or school bathroom Max."
"I guess I have to take your word for that."
"Yes you do. Now let's get ready to head back to the resort."

Max and Liz kissed and then got dressed for the day.


Serena and Kyle were working on cleaning the kitchen when Max and Liz finally came out of her room. Serena just smirked at them. Liz just shot her a look that said keep your mouth shut. Between the four of them they they had the whole cabin was clean and the fire was put out. An hour and half after Serena work Max and Liz there was a knock on the cabin door. Serena opened the door and smiled at the ski patrol.

"Hey kids ready to head back to your classmates?"
"Yeah we just need to grab our skies." Said Max

Ten minutes later they had locked the cabin and climbed into the ski patrol's van and headed back to the resort.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 25 12/22

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saori_1902 Yes it's back to reality.

begonia9508 Yes they are free of the snow. Back to Sean. Will he stay away from them? Not to sure about that.

Natalie36 Yes they have to go back to the world and Sean.

Part 25

It was twenty minutes after leaving the cabin the four teens walked into the lodge. Liz, Max and Kyle were mobbed by their friends. Serena just stood back and watched when she felt someone wrap an arm around her. She turned to see Michael there.

"Glad you are OK." Said Michael
"Uh thanks Michael." Said Serena

Michael released her and walked off. Serena had to wonder what was going on with the school bad boy. She hadn't expected him of all people to show her any kindness.

"OK kids I know you are happy these four are back. But they need to call their parents to let them know they are back safe and sound." Said Ms. Hardy

Liz and Serena were taken into an office together and given a speaker phone to use. They called home and Nancy was the one to answer.

"Hi mom." Said Liz
"Lizzie? Are you ok? Is Serena with you is she ok?" Asked Nancy
"I'm right here Nancy. I'm fine." Said Serena
"And you girls are getting along now?"
"Yes mom. We worked everything out. No we don't want to tell you or Jeff about what our problem was." Said Liz
"Nancy is my dad home?" Asked Serena
"No honey. There was a problem at the Crashdown. But I will tell him you girls called and are safe. We will see you at the school in a few days ok?"
"Yeah mom. Love you." Said Liz
"Yeah love ya Nancy." Said Serena
"Ok take care girls."

They hung up and left the office.

"Well that when well." Mumbled Serena
"No kidding. Rena what was up with Michael hugging you?" Asked Liz
"I have no idea. But I get the feeling he isn't as bad as he seems."
"You know he is always around watching me. I don't mean in a creepy stalker kind of way. But in that protective kind of way."
"I noticed. Liz what are we going to do about Sean?"
"I don't know. He really needs to pay for what he did to you."
"I know that Liz! But the fact is at this point there is no proof of what he did. Unless we get him to admit it on his own. It would just be my word against his."
"Unless we can find another girl he raped who has the same story."
"How do we do that? I know he has fucked Pam Troy, Tess Harding and a couple other girls on a regular bases."
"We will come up with something."

Liz hugged Serena and they when off to find their boyfriends.


Maria watched her cousin as he watched Liz and Serena. She hated the look that he was giving Liz. He was looking at her like she was his next meal. She wished she knew what he was planning.

"He won't hurt either of them if he knows what's good for him." Said Michael coming up behind her.
"I don't think that Sean is scared of you or anyone else."
"If he doesn't stay the hell away from Liz, I will kick his ass."
"You going to tell Liz you are her brother?"
"Not right now. It's not something you just spring on someone."
"Maria, I really do like you."
"I don't think you are as bad as everyone thinks either Michael."
"People think I am bad?"
"Yeah. But I can see something deeper inside of you. You really care about Liz don't you?"
"Yeah I do. I realize I don't know her very well but she is my sister if only by blood. I will not let anyone hurt her."
"Oh I believe that. Part of me wants Sean to try something with Liz just to see you, Max and Kyle kick his ass."
"Trust me Maria he doesn't want to piss me off. If he does let's just say Isabel busting his balls at Tommie Hanson's party will feel like a picnic compared to what I will do to him."
"Just make sure I have a front row seat."
"I can do that."

The two of them walked off together.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 26 12/23

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begonia9508 Michael, wants to tell Liz. But is unsure of how she will react. As for Sean there is a plan in place to get proof of what he did.

saori_1902 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes everyone is safe for now. Liz and Serena have cleared the air and are rebuilding their friendship.

L-J-L 76 It's good that Liz and Serena are friends again. Oh don't worry Sean is going to learn not to mess with the girls very soon! As for Max and Liz, just wait and see.

Part 26

Liz moaned as Max kissed her down her neck while rubbing his hand up her shirt. After talking to their parents they had come to Liz and Serena's room for some alone time. While Serena and Kyle had gone to the guys room. Liz started to tug at Max's shirt.

"Slow down my little vixen."
"But Max I need to feel your skin." Liz wined

Max just smiled at the small woman in front of him.

"We just have to be more careful here sweetie. We don't want to get caught."
"I know. Don't worry I didn't leave the cabin without some condoms."
"I have no doubt about that. It's just we can get in trouble if one of the teachers catches us. Neither Serena or Kyle will say anything."
"I know."
"But, this would not be an approved activity by the school."
Really? I am studying your ananamy, and you are studying mine. This could also be seen as biology."
"You really are Miss Scientist aren't you?"
"I hope you see me as a lot more then that."

Max let out a groan as Liz slipped her hand into his pants and ran her hand over his rapidly harding shaft. Liz just smiled at his reaction. The next thing she knew Max growled picked her up and threw her down on her bed. He climbed on top of her. She grabbed him and pulled him closer. It didn't take long before their clothes started to find their way to the floor. Max took his time he wanted to make sure that Liz knew that this was just about sex for him. That he truly loved his little vixen.


Serena curled up by the fire resting her head on Kyle's shoulder. They had talked about going to his room. But in the end decided not to. As much as Kyle wanted to be with her. He knew that she still needed to come to terms with what Sean had done to her. It had been rape weather Serena remembered saying no or not.

"Yeah honey?"
"What is going to happen to Sean?"
"I don't know. If we had gone to the cops from the party then there would have been a chance to send him to jail. But now I don't know."
"I can't be the only girl he did that to."
"True. When we get back to Roswell we ask around. Pam and Tess are out. They have both screwed half the football team."
"Yeah I know."
"The thing is there has to be someone who knows what Sean did to you."
"Good luck getting them to talk. I am still an outcast."
"Maybe. But not even you deserved to have that bastard drug rape you."

Serena didn't say anything. She just cuddled closer to Kyle.


Sean grinned as he walked over to the sofa that Kyle and Serena were cuddling on. He walked right in front of them.

"So Valenti two days and three nights trapped in a cabin with this slut and you still with her? Did you at lest ride her good in that time?" Asked Sean

Kyle saw red slipped out from under Serena and grabbed Sean by his shirt.

"Don't ever call her that! Serena is not a slut! She is a sweet girl who made some mistakes. I know what you did to her. I will personally kick your ass if you ever lay another hand on her. I will cut your dick off if you ever try to rape her or Liz Parker again. You should just stick with the real sluts Pam and Tess."
"Damn Valenti, you really need a lay. Just get a couple beers and with my secret inhanser in one of them in her and Kent will more then willing to spread her legs for ya."
"Are you saying you drugged Serena at Tommie's party?" Asked Isabel from where she was sitting near by.
"Yeah! The bitch is as big a prude as her stepsister. No wonder they were such tight friends before Pam destroyed it." Said Sean
"Shut up DuLuca!" Yelled Pam

Next thing Sean saw was a fist punching him in his face, before falling to the floor with a bloody nose. Kyle stood over him shaking his hand. He looked at Isabel and Alex. Isabel pulled the mini recorder out of her pocket and handed it to Kyle. Just then two teachers came over to find out what was going on. Isabel saw Serena sitting on the sofa crying. She whispered something to Alex then when over to the other girl.


Serena looked into Isabel's soft brown eyes.

"What Isabel?"
"Come with me let's get you cleaned up and talk OK?"

Serena just nodded. Isabel told Mr. Cruz that she was going to clam Serena down. That they would tell their sides of what happened later. He nodded after looking at the other girl. Then both walked off.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 27 12/24

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begonia9508 Yes they now have Sean's confession on tape. They will have to wait until they get home to truly deal with Sean.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes! Liz will always be Max's little vixen! Sean will be dealt with before long!

SmileeUk Yes Isabel taped the confession. But it won't be until they get home Sean will fully be dealt with.

L-J-L 76 Max and Liz are defiantly going for another round. :lol: Oh yes Kyle punching Sean was great!

Part 27

Liz gripped the sheets as Max continued to play with her. He currently had his face barrier between her her legs. He kept flicking his tong into her hot core. It was driving her crazy! He finally moved from his place between her legs and back up to her lips. He kissed her deeply forcing her to taste herself on his lips.

"God Liz, you taste so good."
"God Max I need you."

Max gave her a kiss then climbed off her long enough to remove his boxers. He then grabbed the condom ripped the package open and rolled it on his hard crock. He lifted her legs over his hips and placed his length at her entrance.

"Liz OK if I do this hard and fast this time?"
"God yes!"

Max groaned as he plunged deep into Liz causing her to moan with pleasure. He looked into her eyes and saw nothing but love. Liz wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he began to trust in and out of her. He lowered his face to her neck sucking on the spot that her neck and shoulder met. Liz gently bit down on his shoulder to muffle her screams of pleasure. She never knew it was possible to feel this good before. Max felt Liz's nails dig into his back as they climaxed at the same time. Max rolled off her and laid next her both breathing hard.

"That was great Max."
"Yeah I love you Liz."
"Love you too Max."


Isabel led Serena to a bathroom where she could wash her face. Once she had pulled herself together Serena turned to look at the other girl.

"Thanks Isabel."
"Liz is willing to give you another chance. So I guess I should too."
"I never meant to hurt Liz."
"I know. But you also didn't deserve for Sean to drug and rape you either."
"Why did you help Kyle get him to confess?"
"It was the right thing to do. Serena, you made a mistake. It cost you five years of friendships."
"We were never friends Isabel."
"Maybe it's time we became friends."
"You mean that?"
"Yes. Serena, I may have been wrong about you."
"You weren't when you called me a bitch. I did act like one for a while there. Especially to Liz."
"Yeah well your stepsister has a very kind heart. Even if she does have a wild side."
"Uh yeah. About that wild side. She is a real vixen."
"What did the sex kitten do to my poor brother?"
"Let's just say she can put an end those rumors about him being gay."
"Oh god she really did it! She suduced my brother!"
"He didn't fight it too much."
"I bet. Serena, I am sorry that I have never given you a chance."
"It's ok. Isabel, I don't blame anyone for the way they treated me. I fucked up. I hated myself for what I did to Liz."
"We all make mistakes."
"I know. Isabel, can we really use that taped confession to bring Sean down?"
"I don't know. I mean none of us forced him to admit what he did to you. But the fact that it was not exactly a legal thing we did."
"True, but there is no law that saids that you can't tape your own conversations either."
"That is very true. So you ready to go talk with Ms. Hardy and Mr. Cruz what was going on?"
"I don't know what was going on! No one told me of this plan."
"OK while you and Liz were talking to your parents, Kyle and Max came up with this plan. The plan was to just let Sean hang himself. They both know that, Sean likes to brag about the number of girls he has been with. Based on what you told both Kyle and Liz, they knew that you were raped. So they asked Alex and me to be there when they got Sean talking. Kyle also knew that seeing you with him would be away to set him off. Sean felt he owned you. So by seeing you happy it would piss him off."
"And Sean always runs his mouth when he is pissed."
"Thanks Isabel."
"When we get back to town talk with your parents. Maybe get some therapy to deal with this ok?"
"I will."

Isabel gave Serena a hug and the two girls headed back out.


Merry Christmas! Back on the 26!
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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 28 12/26

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begonia9508 Oh yes Liz is very very lucky! As for Sean no one did force him to brag!

keepsmiling7 Did you really think that Max was gay? :lol:

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 No Max isn't gay! He just has had only eyes for one girl!

Part 28

Liz walked into the lobby with Max. They could see that something was going on. Sean was sitting in a chair with a towel pressed to his face and what looked like blood on his shirt. Kyle was talking with Ms. Hardy and Mr. Cruz. Other students were in small groups talking. Liz saw Maria and Michael off to the side and she and Max made their way over to them.

"What is going on?" Asked Liz
"Seems My dumb as hell cousin maybe going to prison when we get back to Roswell." Said Maria
"What do you mean?" Asked Liz
"Kyle, and Isabel got him to admit that that he raped Serena." Said Michael
"How they do that?" asked Liz
"No clue. But Sean called Serena a slut to Kyle and Kyle punched him. Broke his nose. Though if I had gotten to him it wouldn't be his nose that would be broken." Said Michael
"What do you mean?" Asked Liz
"Guys like Sean are scum! They treat woman like shit. Guys like Sean remind me of my deadbeat father. My so-called father knocked my mom up with me and walked away. Sean to me is the kind of guy who would knock a girl up and tell her to deal with it. If I had gotten to Sean after learning he hurt someone I care about I would rip his dick off and shove it down his throat." Said Michael
"Remind me not to piss you off Guerin." Said Max
"Don't hurt anyone I care about Maxwell and we will be fine."

Max wrapped his arm tightly around Liz, causing both Michael and Maria to raise an eyebrow.

"Liz what is going on with you and Max?" Asked Maria
"Nothing Maria. He and I are together that's all."
"No that is not it! There is something that you aren't telling."
"Maria, my personal life is none of your business."
"We will talk Parker."


"Kyle what happened? Why did you punch Sean?" Asked Mr. Cruz
"Sean called Serena a slut. He is also a jerk who believes it's OK to drug and rape girls."
"You have proof of this?" Asked Ms. Hardy
"He admitted it. I got the tape right here."
"Did you have reason to believe that he raped someone?" Asked Mr. Cruz
"Not until a few days ago. When Max, Liz, Serena and I were snowed in the cabin. Serena was telling Liz and me what happened to her at Tommie Hanson's party right before school started. I admit I was at the party. There was drinking going on. But Sean took things farther he put a drug in one of Serena's drinks and had sex with her. Her memory is very fuzzy from that night. She only had two drinks. Beer. Not enough for her to be so drunk that she wouldn't remember going into that room with him."
"Kyle, why didn't Serena go to the police after this happened?" Asked Ms. Hardy
"I don't know. She might not have thought that anyone would believe her. She did willingly drink the beer."
"Maybe we should hear the tape. Then we can decide where to go. But we will have to talk with Serena." Said Mr. Cruz

Kyle hit play on the mini recorder and they listened to it. Mr. Cruz looked at Ms. Hardy and knew that it was clear Sean did admit to a crime.

"Kyle, while you kids are trying to do the right thing, you should have waited and gone to your father to have him look into." Said Mr. Cruz
"I understand that Mr. Cruz. But there is no way to prove what Sean did without him admitting it. While I know it wasn't the best thing to punch him, I couldn't let him bad mouth Serena."
"Now what about the comment about Pam destroying Serena and Liz's friendship?" Asked Ms. Hardy
"Uh well that is something that I don't know all the details about. You will have to ask Serena and Pam about that one."
"OK Kyle, I think that we have enough from you. You will have a week of detention for throwing that punch when we are back in Roswell." Said Mr. Cruz
"Yes sir."

Kyle got up and when to join his friends. Ms. Hardy turned to Mr. Cruz.

"Carlos, what are we going to do? Sean has admitted to raping Serena Kent?"
"I don't know Janet. The good news is we head back to Roswell in the morning. Sean is going to have to pay for his crime."
"I have to wonder if he has any other victims at the school."
"We have to turn the tape over to the sheriff to investigate."
"What do we do with Sean until we leave?"
"We keep an eye on him."

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 29 12/27

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begonia9508 Eve, just wait until they get back to Roswell! I think with the support of her friends Serena coming forward to admit what Sean did to her might help any other victims Sean has. :wink:

saori_1902 Oh yes Sean is going to pay!

keepsmiling7 Don't forget who started the rumors about Max being gay! Sean will pay don't you worry!

L-J-L 76 You can bet that Sheriff Valenti will not be too pleased with Sean! Well there wouldn't be much the teacher could do about Pam. Her blackmail came five years ago when the gang was in middle school, they are now in high school. Michael, really does feel like he needs to protect both Liz and Serena.

Part 29

After talking to the teachers Serena returned to the room she was sharing with Liz. Neither of them had spoken since leaving the lobby. Both girls sat on Serena's bed and Liz held Serena. Tomorrow they would be returning to Roswell and Serena would have to not only tell their parents what happened to her months ago, but the sheriff too.

"Rena are you OK?"
"I will be Liz."
"You sure?"
"Yes. So tell me what was it like to be with Max?"

Liz blushed at the thought. Serena smiled at Liz.

"That good?"
"It was amazing. I never knew I could feel that way before."
"Rena, I don't even know how to explain how I felt when I was with Max."
"I'm happy for you. Liz, you used protection right? I mean I don't think you will get anything from Max. But dad would kill him if he got you pregnant."
"Yes Rena. I made sure we used protection."
"That's good. Besides you have a great chance at going to a real good college."
"I know. Rena, you are smart too."
"Not like you Liz. Come on you are like a genius."
"Not really."
"Liz, you are too!"
"Rena, I am so not a genius."
"Keep telling yourself that Parker."

Liz just rolled her eyes. It felt good to be joking and kidding around with Serena again.

"Rena, how do you really feel about Sean admitting what really happened at that party?"
"It's tough Liz. He took away my choice in the matter. If I hadn't been impaired I never would have been with him like that."
"Yet a few days ago you were willing to have sex with him to try and protect me."
"Liz, you got to understand that I am willing to do almost anything for you. I hated myself for so long for betraying you. Before you go off on me about that, I am still working at forgiving myself."
"Good. You do know that when Amy DeLuca finds out what Sean did she might skin him alive."
"I would pay to see Amy go off on that scum of a nephew of hers."
"Yeah, Amy will forgive a lot of shit. But guys who treat women like Sean does is unforgivable to her."
"Oh yeah!"

Liz and Serena spent the rest of the night talking.


Max laid on his bed watching as Kyle did push ups on the floor.

"So Evans, things seem to be moving rather fast with you and Liz."
"Yeah. Faster then I ever thought they would."
"Who would have thought that Liz was really a temptress."
"Yeah I know. That was a surprise."
"By the way thanks for not making a big deal out of the fact I haven't had sex."
"Well I was a virgin too until a few days ago. Liz was more surprised then me."
"Well, I just wanted to wait for the right girl you know?"
"Yeah. I mean it's just so special to share yourself with the right person."
"Liz really is the right one for you isn't she?"
"Yeah. I really do love her."
"Well I love Serena. But now it's about her healing. Until she really thought about it and he admitted what he did to her, she honestly thought he was just a drunk mistake."
"I know."
"Max, will you be there to help Serena? You know she needs all the friends she can get."
"Yeah. If need be I will be a witness at Sean's trial. I will testify to the kind of person he is."
"Thanks man."
"Liz, has forgiven her so, I really should give Serena another chance too."
"Liz, is a great gal."
"Yeah and she is all mine."
"That she is. I don't think I could handle that vixen of yours."
"I almost didn't give into her."
"Really? I don't think I would have lasted as long as you did."
"Well Liz was very determined."

Kyle let out a laugh remembering what he had seen out of his long time friend.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 30 12/28

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begonia9508 Max and Kyle both had Liz set as this sweet inoccent girl. So when she acts any different it is surprising to them.

keepsmiling7 Yes it will be a hard talk to have with their parents. But it is something that they need to do. Max and Liz are very sure of their feelings for each other.

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 30

Liz laid her head on Max's shoulder as the bus headed back to Roswell. They were over three hours into the drive. Half way home. Max placed a kiss on top of her head. He looked over Serena who was curled up asleep with her head on Kyle's shoulder. He smiled at his friend.

"Things are going to be tough for Serena when we get back." Said Max
"I know. But as long as she has us she will be OK." Said Kyle
"She has Alex and me too." Said Isabel from her seat in front of Max and Liz.
"Thanks Izzy." Said Liz
"It's not a problem." Said Isabel

Alex leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Isabel's head.

"So Max you going to take Lizzie here on a real date?" Asked Maria from in front of Kyle and Serena
"Yes. I was thinking tomorrow night Señor Chows?" Asked Max
"Perfect. I love both Chinese and Mexican. What time do you want me ready honey?" Said Liz

Max turned a deep shade of red. Not from what Liz said. But the way she said it. In a raspy sexy voice.

"Five thirty?"
"Sounds good."

Michael just glared at the way Liz was acting with Max. He didn't like it. Not that he really had a say in the matter. He wouldn't even if Liz knew he was her brother.


Sean sat staring out the bus window from his seat next to Mr. Cruz. He was pissed! He still couldn't believe that he had fallen into Valenti's trap. Boy was aunt Amy going to kill him. The only good thing was they only had him for that bitch Serena. He had drugged and fucked three other girls in the past six months. They were under age too. Serena had already turned seventeen the age of consent in New Mexico. But them other girls were only fifteen. That really was deep shit. He could only hope that no one ever found out about them.


Serena woke to find Kyle's arm wrapped around her.

"Hey baby have a nice nap?"
"Yeah I did."
"Well we will be home in about half an hour."
"That's good."
"I already talked to my dad. Sean will be taken into custody when we get there."
"Good. By I still have to tell my parents."
"You know Liz will be there for you. So will Max, Isabel, Alex, Maria and Michael."
"What about you?"
"Do you really think I wouldn't be there for you if you want me there? I love you Serena."
"I love you too Kyle. Thanks but I think I might have to do this on my own."
"Who do you think Sean should be more afraid of Amy or your dad?"
"Well your dad won't let my dad near him. So I will go with Amy DeLuca. She will skin him like the mangy dog he is."
"Oh yeah. I heard her tell a couple of those guys Maria dated that."
"Speaking of Maria, what's up with her and Michael Guerin?"
"No idea. But I don't think Amy will like the idea of him going out with Maria."
"Kyle, Michael isn't that bad of a guy. He was one of the few people who didn't turn his back on me."
"Never said he was. I don't know him very well. But he seems to be the kind of guy that is very loyal to those he cares about."
"That he does."

Serena gave Kyle a kiss and snuggled closer to him for the rest of the ride home.


Liz watched Serena with Kyle. She was happy that her stepsister found someone who loved her for who she was.

"You ok sweetie?" Asked Max
"Yeah. Serena and I talked last night. We are going to tell our parents everything. Even what caused the problems between us."
"That won't be easy."
"No it won't. But it's past time to put all that crap behind us."
"Yeah. What will your parents say about all this?"
"I don't know."

Max kissed Liz as the bus pulled into the high school parking lot.

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