Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 66 Complete 2/3

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 11 12/5

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Dec 05, 2014 4:47 am

L-J-L 76 No one ever thought that Max and Liz would admit how they felt to each other.

Natalie36 :D

keepsmiling7 Oh yes Max and Liz admitted how they feel. As for only good things bin their future we will have to see about that.

begonia9508 Fireworks are going to really fly before long for Max and Liz!

saori_1902 Oh yes Max and Liz are very cute together.

Part 11

"So Miss Parker do you think that we shocked them?" Asked Max
"Oh yeah. Max, I really do like you and want to spend time with you." Said Liz
"So do I."
"So who was it that told you I could use the skiing tips?"
"Liz, I am not going to tell you."
"Will you tell me if I guess?"
"I will never reveal my source."

Liz stuck out her bottom lip at him in a pout. Max let out a laugh. But he wasn't going to tell her that it was Serena that told him that Liz could use some help with her skiing. They walked into the dinning room together. There were a few raised eyebrows but most of their classmates paid them no mind. They sat at a table in the back away from most people they knew.

"So Max, why is it you have never asked me out?"
"I don't know. Maybe I was scared that you would turn me down. I don't think that I could handle you rejecting me."
"Why would you think I was going to reject you?"
"I don't know."
"Don't bull shit me Max Evans."
"Ok maybe because you always seem to be turning guys down."
"Have you noticed who those guys were? It was Tommie Hanson, Paulie Mason and Sean to name a few. Guys whose only goal is fuck as many girls as they can. Max, I don't want to just have sex. I want to make love. I want to be with someone that cares about me. That doesn't want to just use me to fill their needs."
"So Liz are you saying that you are a virgin?"
"Yes, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am waiting for the right guy."
"Do you want to wait until you marry?"
"If I find the right guy, then I might not wait. I won't know until the time comes. So how about you? Have you had sex?"

Liz watched as Max turned bright red right to the tips of his ears.

"Uh no. I guess I am waiting for the right girl."
"You are very different from most guys our age."
"Why because I don't want to just have sex? That I want to really care about the person I share my first time with? Liz, let's say we get to the point in our relationship that you feel ready to have sex with me. That you saved yourself for me. But learned that I had been screwing girls like Pam Troy or Tess Harding?"
"I guess I would be hurt a little. But I would also understand that it was your choice. Just like it would be my choice to remain a virgin."

Max looked at Liz. He couldn't believe what he was talking to her about. There was sure a lot he didn't know about this woman. She was truly a little vixen.

"Liz, you can really be a vixen at times."
"What do you mean?"
"Everyone thinks you are this sweet and innocent girl. But I get the feeling you are tired of waiting for what you want and are going to go after it."
"Now Max there is only one thing I want, and I think I have a very good chance that I will get it. That is unless you have an objection."

Max let out a groan as he felt Liz's foot which she had slipped from her boot slowly move up his leg to his rapidly harding groin. Liz smiled when she heard the groan and had a twinkle in her eyes.

"Liz you have no idea what you are doing to me."
"I think I do. Let's go upstairs. We can go to my room."
"What do you have in mind?"
"Maybe giving little Max a little tender loving care?"
"As much as I would enjoy that. I think we need to slow things down. We haven't even been on a date."

Liz just pouted causing Max to laugh.


Across the dinning room Sean watched the young couple. He was not happy. He was not going to let Max Evans take what he wanted. He didn't care what it took. He was going to be the first one to fuck that bitch Liz Parker.

"What are you up to DeLuca?" Asked Michael Guerin
"Nothing you need to worry about."
"Max won't let you anywhere near Liz."
"He can't be with her all the time. There will come a time that she is all alone and that will be when I make my move."
"You touch her and you will have the shit beaten out of you. Max and Valenti won't be the only ones you have to worry about. You see I know your Aunt Amy loves Liz Parker like another daughter."
"I ain't afraid of Aunt Amy."

Michael walked off knowing he had better keep an eye on that snake Sean DeLuca.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 12 12/6

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Natalie36 Yes a beat down by Amy would be fun to see!

L-J-L 76 Michael has reasons to be protective of Liz.

begonia9508 Max just thinks that the should be together for more then a few hours before they engage in any sexual activities.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes Liz is a vixen. She knows what she wants and is not going to wait for Max to make the first move. Carolyn just remember I am a dreamer so no matter what they will in the end be together. Michael has reasons to watch out for Liz.

Part 12

Serena curled up on the sofa with Kyle. He could tell that there was something bothering her.

"Serena what's going on with you?"
"What do you mean Kyle?"
"Well until last night you were willing to let Liz go on hating you. But now you want your friendship back with her."
"Kyle, I have always wanted my friendship back with Liz. I have felt like shit since I betrayed her."
"Care to let me in on why you did?"
"OK remember back in sixth grade when we were going to discet frogs?"
"Yes. They disappeared the night before we were to do it."
"Yeah uh Liz and I stole them. We let them go in the pond behind the school."
"Ok you doing that I get. But not Liz. She is really into biology."
"Yeah she is. But she doesn't like to kill animals just to see what is inside them. If there was a good reason she will justify it. But not just for the heck of it."
"You two look cozy" said Liz walking over to them with Max.
"Where are you two heading?" Asked Kyle
"I'm going to show Max the cross-country skiing trails." Said Liz
"Kyle do you want to try cross-country skiing?" Asked Serena
"Do you two mind if we join you?" Asked Kyle
"Liz?" Asked Max
"Come on it will be fun." Said Liz

The four of them headed out together. Ten minutes later the four of them headed out on the trail. They had been out of the trail for nearly an hour when snow started to fall. Liz looked at the sky and could see it growning darker. Not from night they still had a few hours of daylight left.

"Is it me or is it getting colder?" Asked Kyle
"It's not you Kyle. There is a Strom moving in." Said Serena
"We should head back then." Said Max
"We won't make it. It's coming to quick." Said Liz
"Dad's cabin is only half a mile from here. If we move fast me could make it in fifteen minutes tops." Said Serena as the wind started to pick up.
"How are we going to get in? I mean I don't think either of you have a key." Said Kyle
"We will have to break in. Jeff will forgive us for breaking a window in the door." Said Liz

They started torrows the cabin with Serena in the lead and Max bring up the rear. As they made their way to the cabin the winds and snow steadily picked up. It was growing harder to see as they made their way. It was growing colder too.

"How much farther is it?" Asked Max
"Only a few minutes more." Said Serena

Five minutes later the four of them stood outside the cabin. Serena found a rock and handed it to Max. She knew Max could hit the window hard enough to break it. He was after all the quarter back of the football team. Max broke it with little trouble. Kyle used his gloved hand to push the remaining glass out of the frame. Then reached in and unlocked the door. They made their way in. Serena headed for the short wave radio to try and reach the ski patrol to let them know where they were. Liz showed the boys where the fire wood was stored as well as some ply wood and tools they could use to fix the broken window. Then made her way to the kitchen pantry to see how much food was there. She knew that it would be mostly can goods and maybe so Romin noodles. But it would have to do for a few days until they could be rescued.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 13 12/7

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L-J-L 76 If Liz has her way she and Max will be very close when this adventure is over. :lol: Kyle and Serena will be taking things a little slower.

keepsmiling7 Yes it would have been very bad if they hadn't found the cabin. No they won't starve.

SmileeUk No this Liz is far from shy! She wants Max Evans and if she gets her way she will have Max by the end of this trip!

begonia9508 Yes Sean is very dangerous!

Part 13

Max got a fire going in the fire place while Kyle patched the broken window. Liz came back into the living room and sat on the sofa. A few minutes later Serena joined them.

"Well the good news is I reached the ski patrol. They will inform our teachers where we are. The bad news is we are stuck here until the storm ends." Said Serena
"Well we have soup, tuna, crackers and Romin noodles." Said Liz
"Well there is enough fire wood to last a couple of days." Said Max
"Window is fixed. Now uh where is everyone going to sleep?" Asked Kyle
"Liz and I have our own rooms. Now you two can either share our parents room, one take the room and the other sleep out here or......" Said Serena
"Max can share with me and Kyle with Rena." Finished Liz

Max turned bright red knowing what Liz wanted him to do. Kyle on the other hand wasn't sure what Serena would want.

"Liz, I will share your room with you if you promise to be the good girl that everyone thinks you are." Said Max

Liz grinned a twinkle in her eyes.

"What makes you think I am not a good girl?" Asked Liz
"Well what you were doing to me at lunch for one thing."
"You seemed to like what I was doing."
"What was Liz doing?" Asked Kyle
"Nothing you need to worry about Buddha boy." Said Liz
"By the look on Max's face I would say Liz has been trying to get Max alone in a bedroom." Said Serena
"They just got together!" Said Kyle
"That is what I have been telling her." Said Max
"Oh come on Max, you know that you like the way I turn you on." Said Liz in a saultry voice.
"Is she trying to seduce Max right in front of us?" Asked Kyle
"Yes. Seems Lizzie is a bit of a vixen." Said Serena
"Uh yeah. Why don't you show me your room?"
"So you want to share with me?"
"Yeah. Rena, nothing is going to happen right?"
"Nothing neither of us doesn't want to happen."

Kyle smiled and followed Serena down the hall to her room.

"Come on Max let's go to my room." Said Liz
"OK. But nothing is going to happen."
"Nothing that we don't want to happen how about that?"
"You are such a vixen Liz Parker."

Max followed Liz to her room. Liz closed the door and pushed Max down on the bed. Max looked into her eyes and saw nothing but love in them. She laid on top of him and lowered her lips to his. Max was surprised at first but it didn't take long for him to return it. It became more heated and Max rolled them over so that he could take control of things. Liz moaned as Max moved from her lips to her neck. She reached for his shirt and started pull pull at it. Max gently pulled her hands away.

"Now remember my little vixen if you can't behave I will be sleeping on the sofa." Said Max
"You take off yours and I will take off mine."
"Not going to happen."

Liz stuck out her lip in a pout. Max just smiled and reached for the spot just below her ribs. He started to tickle her. Liz started to laugh and tried to push him off her.


Jim Valenti hung up the phone in his office at the Roswell Sheriff station. He now had to call his close friends to inform them that their kids a long with his son were now trapped in a mountain cabin in a snow storm. It wouldn't be a bad thing if the girls got a long better, or if they weren't with two teenage boys. Jim knew forms fact that his son had a crush on the Kent girl. He had noticed how he had watched her. It also wasn't hard to see that the Evans boy and Parker girl liked each other. He picked up the phone and made the first of two calls.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 14 12/8

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:arrow: Natalie36 Yes some nice alone time for the four of them.

L-J-L 76 Max is very surprised at Liz's boldness. He has never seen her like this before.

saori_1902 Thanks!

begonia9508 Oh yes Max is afraid of the little vixen that Liz is! :lol: Yes Liz knows how Max is going to react and Max is trying to be the gentleman his mother raised him to be. But he is a teenage boy too! How long he will last is another story!

Part 14

Jeff and walked in to the sheriff station to see Philip and Diane Evans waiting.

"Philip, Diane it's been a long time." Said Jeff
"Yes it has. Good to see you and Nancy." Said Diane
"Do either of you know what is going on?" Asked Nancy
"No. Jim just called and asked us to come down here." Said Philip

Just then Jim came out of his office.

"Philip, Diane, Nancy, Jeff please step into my office." Said Jim

The four of them walked into the office and took seats.

"I got a call about an hour ago from Ms. Hardy. Liz, Serena, Max and my son Kyle when out cross-country skiing this afternoon. While they were out a snow storm hit the resort. They never made it back." Said Jim
"Are you saying our kids are lost in a snow storm?" Asked Diane
"No. That was the bad news. There is good. All four are together. The girls it seems found the way to your cabin Jeff. They called the ski patrol on the radio you keep there. They broke a window to get in." Said Jeff
"Wait Serena and Liz are together?" Asked Nancy
"That is what Serena told the ski patrol." Said Jim
"Nancy, why is that surprising?" Asked Diane
"Diane, they don't get along very well. Something happened between them about five years ago and have hardly spoken since." Said Jeff
"Jeff where is this cabin of yours?" Asked Philip
"About a mile and half from the lodge at the resort. If they took the trail I am thinking of it would bring them less then half a mile from the cabin. So if the storm hit while they were on that one, they would have been safer to head there then back to the lodge." Said Jeff
"Max has never been cross-country skiing." Said Diane
"Both girls are experts at it. Though Serena is a better downhill skier." Said Nancy
"They are safe for the time being. They will be in that cabin until the storm ends." Said Jim
"If you hear anything more you will let us know right?" Asked Diane
"Yes. You should all head home. I will be in touch." Said Jim

The four parents headed out wondering if their kids really were safe.


Kyle laid next to Serena on the bed. He really enjoyed spending time with her.

"Yes Kyle?"
"Do you think that Max is safe with Liz?"
"Yes. I know she won't hurt him. I mean yes she likes him, and I have never seen her act like this. But she won't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do."
"I know that."
"Yes Rena?"
"Why is it even when everyone has treated me like an outcast you were always kind to me?"
"You made a mistake. You should have gone to someone when Pam started to blackmail you."
"I know. I am just glad that after all this time that Liz is willing to forgive me."
"Yeah she is."

Kyle rolled over and climbed on top of her. He slowly lowered his head to meet her lips in a soft sweet kiss. He learned quickly that Serena had other ideas. She pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 15 12/9

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L-J-L 76 Liz has been trying to make the first move. Max just keeps shooting her down! :lol:

begonia9508 Yes the parents have been informed. Oh Liz wants nothing but good for the man she is in love with!

keepsmiling7 Max isn't so much shy as trying very hard to be the gentleman his mother raised him to be. Not that Liz really cares if he is a gentleman! :lol:

saori_1902. Thanks!

SmileeUk Max has his hands full dealing with Liz

Part 15

Max watched as Liz slept. She had fallen asleep ten minutes ago. He pulled the blanket over her and gave her a kiss. He left her and found his way to the kitchen where he found Serena warning up some soup.

"Finally get away my stepsister who has been trying to get in your pants?" Asked Serena

Max turned red at the comment.

"She's asleep. I never knew Liz could be like that." Said Max
"You're not the only one."
"So Rena why did you betray Liz?"

Serena turned to face max with tears running down her face.

"I never wanted to hurt her like that. Liz was my best friend. You remember when the frogs disappeared back in sixth grade?"
"Yes. You and Liz stole them."
"Did Liz tell you?"
"No I saw the two of you. I have been watching Liz a long time. Hence I ended up watching you too. Well anyway you were almost caught. Mr. Tucker was heading your way before you were out of the school. I uh distracted him."
"Does Liz know this?"
"Well Pam Troy found out what we did. She blackmailed me. She would have turned Liz in only her. So I did what she wanted. There hasn't been a day that has pasted I haven't felt guilty about what I nearly let happen to Liz. Max I don't expect you to forgive me. I didn't expect Liz to forgive me. But you know something? She did."
"Liz is a very caring person."
"Yeah she is. I just have to earn her trust back."
"That will take time. Seeing as Liz has forgiven you, I can too. Just don't hurt her again. That means don't go to Sean in the misguided thinking that you are protecting her."
"I won't. Liz and I talked about what happened at Tommie's party. She made me realize that what Sean did to me could be looked at as rape."
"You were drunk right?"
"Yes. I don't remember going to that room with Sean. I remember drinking something and then being in bed with him top of me and his dick inside me."
"Rena, god I want to make that asshole pay."

Max pulled Serena into a hug letting her cry on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder and saw Liz there wiping tears away.

"How long you been there?" Asked Max
"Long enough. Take her to Kyle. I'll keep an eye on the soup." Said Liz

Max lead Serena to her room and woke Kyle so he could take care of her. Then Max when back to the kitchen.

"Liz we need to talk."
"What about?"
"Now I want you to know I do want to be with you."
"I know there is a but coming."
"You're right. But I don't want us to just have sex because we are a couple of horny teenagers."
"Max, I get that. But, let's face facts too. Sean isn't going to give up until he rapes me or we some how get him locked up. I don't want him to take my virginty from me. I want to give it to you."
"Liz this isn't something you should rush into. Yes we have known each other a long time. But we don't know each other all that well either."
"So what you are saying is we need to move slow."
"I know you don't like that idea. But I don't want either of us to have any regrets."
"OK. But I still plan to have some fun with you."

Max groaned knowing that this woman just might be the death of him.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 16 12/10

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begonia9508 Yes Sean can only rape Liz if he catches her. Her friends don't plan on letting him get the chance. Liz, does know what Sean wants to do and doesn't plan to be alone with him.

L-J-L 76 Don't worry Sean will get what's coming to him! :wink:

Part 16

Kyle held Serena while she cried. He knew that finally getting what she had done out in the open had taken a toll on her. He placed a gentle kiss on top of her head.

"Yes honey?"
"How can you care about me knowing I am such a horrible person?"
"You aren't a horrible person Rena. You made a mistake. Liz has forgiven you. Now it's time to forgive yourself."
"He is right Rena. I forgive you. So forgive yourself now. I want to trust you again." Said Liz from the door.
"I will try Liz." Said Serena
"Don't try Serena Christina Kent! Do it." Said Liz
"Uh Liz I though we agreed at eight you would never tell anyone my middle name?"
"Christina isn't bad." Said Kyle
"Well I hate it."
"Uh the soup is ready." Said Liz
"We'll be there in a minute." Said Kyle

Liz left and headed back to the kitchen. Kyle pulled Serena close and kissed her.


Liz walked into the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Max. He just shook his head. He knew that this woman he was in love with wouldn''t stop until she got what she wanted.

"Yes Max?"
"Let's say I give in to you. I am not saying I will. I don't have protection. I'm not worried about STDs or anything like that. But neither of us is ready to deal with a possible pregnancy. Besides your step dad kinda scares me."
"Max, is that why you don't want to sleep with me? I have protection in my room. Now don't worry about Jeff. He doesn't have a gun. Well not in Roswell anyway."
"So he owns a gun?"
"A rifle. It's here in the cabin. If the storm wasn't so bad I would go out and shoot us a rabbit or something."
"You would go out and kill Thumper?"
"Max if it came to it yes. I don't want to starve!"
"Yet she has never actually even hit a non moving target." Said Serena as she and Kyle joined them.
"Rena, atlest I haven't almost shot myself in the foot." Said Liz
"If it comes to hunting for food then leave it to me. The second place finisher in the New Mexico state Junior rifleman championship." Said Kyle
"How about we stop talking about killing rabbits and eat our soup?" Asked Serena

The four of them sat down to their dinner.


Maria sat in the lobby of the lodge watching the storm out the window. She didn't notice him until he spoke.

"They will be OK. I mean don't Liz and Serena know this area really well?"

She turned to see Michael Guerin sitting near her.

"Like you care about any of them. None of them are your friends." Said Maria
"Maria, I do care. Liz has always been nice to me even if I didn't deserve it."
"Why do you care?"
"I have my reasons. One being I know what it's like to have a dead beat dad like Liz, and like you. My dad took off when I was a kid. Not that he was around much anyway. My mom she has done the best she can with me."
"I just don't trust Serena."
"You don't even know why she did what she did."
"Like you do?"
"I hear things."
"So what did you hear?"
"Pam Troy the bitch she is blackmailed her."
"Serena has never given a shit about anything Pam Troy did or said."
"Think about it Maria. Who back then would have been the one person that she would want to keep out of trouble at school? Who even now would she take the fall for at school?"

Maria thought about it for a second.

"Yeah. Liz and Serena were the frognappers in sixth grade. Pam found out some how and was going to throw Liz under the bus. So Serena fell into Pam's trap to hurt Liz."
"How do you know this?"
"Like I said I hear things. Just think about what I said. Give Serena a chance to make things right."

Michael walked off leaving Maria alone with her thoughts.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 17 12/12

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begonia9508 Yes Liz shorting a rabbit would be something to see!

keepsmiling7 Sean is going to be trouble.

[SmileeUk A lot of people do know about the frogs. But not the parents!

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Yes Liz can shoot a gun. Liz only has protection because she has been trying to come up with a way to get Max in bed!

Part 17

After cleaning their dishes Max, Liz, Serena and Kyle sat at the kitchen table playing cards.

"So what are we playing?" Asked Kyle
"Strip poker?" Asked Liz
"Not a chance you little vixen." Said Max
"Oh come on Max it might be fun." Said Serena with a twinkle in her eyes.
"Come on Evans. Don't you want to see what your dream girl is hiding under that sweater?" Asked Kyle
"I guess I am out numbered." Mumbled Max
"Rules winner of each hand choices who loses a piece of clothing. Socks do count as two." Said Serena
"I agree to that." Said Kyle
"I so do I." Said Liz
"Does it really matter what I want? I am out numbered. By the way Valenti I thought you were my friend?" Asked Max
"I am your friend. But I am also a teenage boy."

Max sighed knowing he wasn't going to get out of this. The cards were dealt and as his luck would have it Liz won the first hand.

"Max, off with the sweater." Said Liz
"You just wait Parker. Payback is a bitch." Said Max

Everyone but Max laughed. Though it didn't take long for Kyle to stop finding it funny. While the guys kept losing the girls had only lost their sweaters. Max was down to his boxers and Kyle his right sock and boxers.

"Can we call it quits while Max and I still have a little dignity left?" Asked Kyle as Serena claimed his last sock.
"Valenti you sided with the girls remember." Said Max
"I thought that we could beat them!"
"You forget Liz is like a genius. Serena isn't far behind her." Said Max
"But it's all the luck of the cards! Unless some how they are cheating!"
"We are not cheating Valenti! We are just smarter then you." Said Serena
"She has a point." Said Max
"Max how about he head to my room. I know ways to warm you up." Said Liz
"Liz Parker if I didn't know better I would think you have seduced many other boys." Said Max

Liz just smiled got up and ran her fingers down Max's well scoped chest. Then headed down the hall with a swing of her hips. Max let out a groan and got up and followed her. Once the door to her room was closed Max wrapped his arms around the fowl temptress and lowered her to the bed. They kissed passionately Max tugging at her clothing. When they broke Max looked down into her eyes.

"One of us is over dressed." Said Max
"Maybe you should help me with that?"

Max grinned and and pulled Liz's t-shirt over her head. Slowly Liz found her clothes on the floor leaving her only in her bra and panties. Max kissed her down to her stomach but didn't make a move to remove any more of her clothing. He could see that he was driving her crazy. But he was determined to stay in control of things. He knew if Liz had her way that they would move much to fast. He felt Liz's hand moving to his groin. He grabbed it and held it.

"Now where do you think that you are putting that hand?"
"Little Max wants to play."
"Woman, I will take care of little Max later."

Liz let out a groan knowing that she wasn't going to win. Max got out of bed and headed to the bathroom leaving a very frustrated Liz in bed alone.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 18 12/13

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L-J-L 76 Oh yes it was a good thing they stopped when they did! Remember Max is trying to keep Liz from rushing their relationship.

Natalie36 Yes once Liz explained why she was acting the way she is Max could understand her.

keepsmiling7 Max knew what he was doing to Liz. He warned her that she would pay her back!

begonia9508 Oh yes Liz is going to have to be patient in her relationship with Max! He isn't going to give in to her as fast as she wants.

SmileeUk Oh yes this Liz is a lot of fun!

saori_1902 Yes poor Liz!

Part 18

Liz woke and watched Max sleeping next to her. She kissed his cheek and quietly climbed out of bed. She had put on pajama pants and a tank top while Max was in the bathroom. She walked out to the living room and found Serena sitting by the fire. She walked over and sat next to her.

"What are you doing up Rena?" Asked Liz
"Couldn't sleep. What about you?"
"Had a bad dream."
"Want to talk about it?"
"Not really. I missed being close to you."
"I missed it too. I am working on forgiving myself."
"Why did you forgive me Liz?"
"Rena, I love you. You don't just stop loving someone just because they hurt you. All I wanted all these years was for you to be honest with me. That hurt more then your betrayal."
"I never wanted to hurt you."
"I know. I want you to promise that you will never lie to me again. That you will be honest with me no matter how much it may hurt me."
"I promise Liz."
"Good. You know our parents most likely have been told that we are here together."
"That has to be a shock to them."
"I know seeing the whole time we have lived in that house together we have barely said two civil words to each other."
"I know. So Liz how far have you gotten with Max?"
"Not as far as I would like. It seems he would rather take a cold shower then let me help him when little Max needs some pleasure."
"He just doesn't want you to move to fast and regret your choices later."
"I know, and I love him for it."
"Liz, were you upset that Kyle has always been nice to me?"
"No. Why should I be? Yes he bis my friend. But he is his own person and can make his own choices. I never told anyone not to be your friend. I hated seeing you in so much pain. Rena, all you ever had to do was be honest with me and I was willing to put all that shit in the past. We were best friends."
"Yeah well I don't think Maria will ever forgive me."
"That is her choice Rena. I forgive you, that is what is important. The only other things is you have to forgive yourself now too."
"I will Liz. I love you."
"Love ya too sis."

Liz gave Serena a hug and both girls headed back to bed.


Maria laid on her bed wondering what reasons Michael could have for caring about Liz. They weren't friends. Heck they hadn't said more then two words to each other to Maria's knowledge.

"You are quite Maria." Said her roommate Isabel Evans
"Just thinking. Michael, told me he has reasons for caring about Liz."
"Michael? Michael Guerin?"
"Yeah, and that Serena should have a chance to make things right."
"I think he is right about Serena. Last night she was willing to let your loser cousin fuck her to try and keep him away from Liz."
"God I hate that ass! I can't believe that I am related to him."
"You know he tried to get me to hook up with him. I told him to go to hell and kneed him in his dick."
"Oh I would have loved to see that!"
"Yeah he was rolling on the floor crying like a baby."
"God that would have been a sight to see."
"Yeah. Maria, we got to believe that Max, Liz, Kyle and Serena will be ok. I think the worst thing that could happen is Max and Liz give in to their feelings for each other."
"True. Night Isabel."
"Night Maria."

Both girl tried to get some sleep.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 19 12/14

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Natalie36 Yes Sean in lurking!

begonia9508 Oh yes Isabel had a good reason to kick Sean where it really hurts!

keepsmiling7 Yes Liz and Serena have settled most of their problems. Their parents will be really happy.

saori_1902 Thanks!

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 19

Liz woke to soft kisses on her neck. She smiled rolled over and opened her eyes. Max gently pushed her hair off her face.

"Morning sweetie." Said Max
"Morning Max."
"You sleep OK?"
"Yeah. How about you."
"Good. Had wonderful dreams of this sweet quite girl I use to know. Nothing like how she has been acting lately."
"Max, I know I am coming on a little strong."
"A little? Liz do you understand that if I let you touch me the way you wanted last night I would not have been able to control myself? That we wouldn't have made love. It would of been pure sex? I don't think that you want your first time to be like that do you?"
"I never thought about it like that."
"Liz, I understand that you are scared of Sean. But I need you to trust me to keep you safe. I promise that when the time is right we will make love. You deserve to be treated special. You don't deserve to be used to just fill someone's needs."
"OK Max. We will do this your way. But I don't like it."

Max chuckled knowing that this wasn't going to be easy on the fowl temptress. He gave her a kiss then got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Luz got up and walked into the kitchen to see Kyle looking for something to eat.

"Kyle, there are no breakfast foods. So we might want to go with some Romin noodles." Said Liz
"Yeah I see."
"Yeah Liz?"
"Promise me you won't hurt Rena."
"I promise. So everything good between the two of you now?"
"It's getting there."
"I'm glad."

Liz smiled when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her. She leaned back enjoying the feel of Max's arm around her. A very sleepy Serena came in and looked at the group.

"So we got any coffee?" Asked Serena
"Nope. We got hot cocoa though." Said Kyle
"That will have to do." Said Serena
"Uh I do have a question. What are Kyle and I going to do for clothes? You girls seem to have some here but we don't." Said Max
"I'll get you a pair of Jeff's sweats and a T-shirt." Said Liz

They made their breakfast then each took a turn cleaning up. Liz stood staring out the window watching the storm. It did look like it might be dying down.

"I talked to the ski patrol." Said Serena coming up behind her.
"Yeah, the storm should be over by late tonight. So we have another night here. They will send someone for us tomorrow."
"Then we will be back at the resort."
"Yeah. Liz, none of us will let Sean hurt you."
"I know. But he really does scare me."

Serena pulled Liz into a hug. She would kill Sean if she had to. She would never let him harm Liz.


Nancy paced she knew that both girls were safe. But that didn't stop her from worrying about them.

"Nancy, the girls are safe. You know Max and Kyle. They will take care of them." Said Jeff
"I know. It's just I don't know what to think about the fact that the girls are together."
"Maybe after all this time they worked out their issues."
"I never understood what happened between them."
"Maybe we can get them to finally to tell us what happened."
"I don't think that they will ever tell us. I will be happy just to have them home safe and sound."

Jeff pulled his wife into a hug. He prayed that he wouldn't have to take those boys back up to the cabin to use for target practice.


Sean watched Isabel with that dork Alex Whitman. He will never understand what she saw in that loser. Not that he wanted her. She was more trouble then she was worth. She had kicked him hard in his dick at Tommie's party. All he did was ask her to join him in some meaningless sex. That was after he had already screwed that bitch Serena. Now that night it hadn't been hard to get Serena into bed. A couple beers one with a little GHB and she was an easy fuck. The best thing was that even if she wanted to there was no evidence that he had raped the bitch. He would have to make sure that when he finally got Liz Parker that there would be no way in hell he would go to prison for rape.

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Re: Trapped (AU,M/L,Kyle/Serena,Adult) pt 20 12/15

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saori_1902 Yes Sean is an idiot.

L-J-L 76 Liz really does have great friends.

Natalie36 Yes Sean is on a mission. But that doesn't mean he will win.

begonia9508 Eve, that is a good question! It might be some time before we find out the answer to that.

Part 20

Max placed another log on the fire. Since his talk with Liz, she had toned down her flirting. But he knew that she wasn't going to stop until she got what she wanted. He had to admit to himself that he didn't know how long he would be able to hold off if she didn't stop. He looked over at Serena who was curled up on the sofa talking softly with Kyle. Liz was staring out the window watching the snow fall. He walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned back and smiled.

"Yes my little vixen?"
"What's going to happen when we get back?"
"Get back where? Roswell or the resort?"
"Well the resort first. Then Roswell. Sean will be there."
"Well, you shouldn't go anywhere alone. I know can't be with you all the time. But have someone with you. Anyone you trust."
"Well your sister is good to have around. She did kick him in his groin at Tommie's party earlier this year."
"Yeah from what she told me he asked her to hook up."
"Something needs to be done about that asshole. He only cares about the notches on his bedpost. I promise I will do whatever I have to, to protect you from him."
"Max don't do anything to get in trouble."
"Don't worry beautiful."

Liz turned around and kissed Max with all the passion she felt.


Serena watched Liz with Max. Then turned to face Kyle.

"They are kind of sickening aren't they?" Asked Kyle
"I think they are sweet."
"Rena, Liz has been trying to jump Max's bones since we got here."
"I know."
"So how is that sweet? I have never seen her like this."
"I think all this stuff with Sean has something to do with it. I think she really is scared of him."
"We won't let him hurt Liz."
"Kyle, you know we can't be there all the time."
"Well just tell your dad that Sean is after both you and Liz. I know he won't like that!"
"No he won't."
"Rena, I know it won't be easy. But between, you, me, Max, Maria, Alex and Isabel someone can be with Liz almost all the time. We both know Liz won't open the door for him."
"Yeah I know."
"It will be ok Rena."
"I really hope you are right."


Michael walked over to Sean and shoved him into a wall.

"What the fuck is your problem Guerin?"
"You. Stay the hell away from Liz Parker and Serena Kent."
"If I don't?"
"I will make you pay."
"Why do you even care about what I do to that bitch?"
"That is my business."
"I will have that bitch."
"If I find out you touched Liz or even Serena without their permission I will cut your dick off and shove it down your throat."

Michael walked off only to find Maria waiting for him.

"OK Michael I want answers, and I want them now!"
"Fine let's go where no one can hear us. But note you can't tell anyone what I am going to tell you."
"I promise."

Maria followed Michael out of the lounge and up to his room.

TBC :twisted:
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