Suck It Up and Do Something, Guerin!(AU M/M Mature)1/1 10/17

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Suck It Up and Do Something, Guerin!(AU M/M Mature)1/1 10/17

Post by morethenwords122 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:56 pm

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Title: Suck It Up and Do Something, Guerin! [/u]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or its characters. I get no profit. This story is just for fun. No copyright infringement intended.

Rating: Mature (to be safe)

Category: Au without Alien/ Humor/ friendship

Summary: Michael Guerin likes to think of himself as an okay guy but not okay enough for the likes of Maria DeLuca, and really, he can live with that… but everyone else doesn’t seem to agree. (Michael’s POV)

A/N: This is the third installment to my deadly sin series starring the couple Michael and Maria. I originally meant for this one only to represent the sin sloth but I think this one may have a lot of other deadly sins in it as well.

Honestly, I blame Michael for it and my inability to write him in any less way than complicated. Michael is just a complex guy with complex feelings and I can’t seem to write him any other way… and I don’t want to. Like, I promised there will be some actual dreamer moments in this installment than in the last even though it’s Candy. But don’t worry, Candy fans… there will be some Maria and Michael but Michael is an observer in this story and is usually in-between his friends problems but is pretty much unable to see what’s right in front of him.

P.S. I like to dedicate this installment to the lovely April! Someone who not only inspired me to finally dive into the world of Roswell fanfiction but who also take time out of her day to make me two wonderful new banners for my story ‘You and Whose Army?’ when she had already made me one. I give this one-shot to you and I hope you like it… but I have a feeling that you and every candy fan out there is going to want to punch me by the end of this one-shot.

To help with any confusion: ‘Alex Whitman Is a Dead Man!’ is set two months before ‘I’m Not Jealous!’ which is set two months later. This is installment begins three days after the events of ‘I’m not Jealous!’. This installment is a little bit longer than the others.

(Michael’s POV)

I smiled fondly as I watched Max lay his head on Liz’s shoulder, holding her left hand in his right, their eyes drooping slightly despite the loud conversations and booming rap music surrounding them; the whole party was beginning to pick up. The party goers were drunkenly continuing on around them as they held each other closer… like neither of them seemed to notice that there was still a party raging on around them. Or maybe they didn't care. They were so secure and content that they fell asleep right there, holding one another.

I continued to stare at them affectionately as I took a drink of my beer. I was happy for my best friend. If anybody deserved to get the girl of his dreams, it was Maxwell. If anybody deserved any form of happiness… It was definitely Max Evans. In my book, there wasn't a better guy than him, no one more understanding or compassionate… no one luckier than him.

If it wasn't for Max Evans’ compassionate understanding I’d have no idea where I’d be. It wasn't a thought that I liked to dwell on much… but if Max hadn't convinced me to get emancipated to escape Hank’s wrath, I’d probably be six feet under by now.

So, I owed Max Evans my life… but despite what I guess was a sense of loyalty on my part, of respect… I couldn't stop the fierce ping of jealousy I felt as Liz ran her fingers through Max’s hair.
The yearning to have someone touch me like that, to hold my hand, to have someone stay the night in my bed for more than a furtive act of pleasure was almost too overwhelming and I had to look away from the happy pair.

It made no sense… wishing for something so impossible, something a million miles away… because as much as I longed for that kind of love, I knew it would never happen. True love just wasn't in the cards for someone who’d had to endure the traumatic bullshit I call a life like I had. A guy like me didn't deserve that kind of affection, that kind of happiness. It wasn't fair to anyone I was with to have to take on my murky baggage just to be with me… I didn't even want to be with me… on my best day.

But that didn't keep my desperate wanting at bay…. I still found myself wanting someone to hold in my arms at night, to call me on my bullshit when I couldn't even see it, to tell me that it was okay to be weak… I just wanted someone to tell me that they love me.

I was so starved for these things that, in fact, I didn't even care if they were all a lie in the end… If I ended up standing on my own… because if I could just feel even half of what Max was feeling right now, I would be truly happy.

“I knew it!” Tess squealed loudly, distracting me from my thoughts. I was glad. I was beginning to border on Emo territory. She gave me an understanding wink and I smiled. It was just like Tess to know when someone needed saving from themselves.

“Knew what?” Max and Isabel’s cousin asked, moving to sit next to me on the Valenti’s kitchen counter; her honey and jasmine perfume crept into my senses. Maria’s sultry lips curled into an apologetic smile when I flinched visibly as her soft hands brushed against mine as she took my beer from my hands. She took a sip, leaving a red lipstick stain on the rim of the plastic solo cup.

I wanted to be mad, to snap at her for stealing my drink. She had two fucking legs; she could get up and get her own damn beer! I wanted to shove her off the counter and yell at her for invading my personal space, for taking up the corners of my mind that I usually reserved for my ideal father, my wishful dreams…

Since the first day I saw her at the Crashdown her short blonde hair had been taking over those lesser used corners of my dreams, my fantasies. It was beginning to unnerve me. It was catching me off guard, rendering me speechless. She was the only thing that I thought about anymore, the only thing I dreamed about. She was my every thought, and what bothered me more than any of those things combined was that I knew absolutely nothing about her. She was all I’d been thinking about for the last three days and we had barely even said more than two words to each other.

“That Max liked Liz,” I whispered quietly in her ear. Make that about six words, I thought. I jumped off the counter to get another beer. If I was going to brood all night, I needed to be much drunker than I was.

A few moments later, Tess said happily, “That they liked each other, silly!” Maria laughed at Tess’ tone, taking another sip of my old beer. The rest of us chuckled along with her. It was kind of hard not to be happy when Tess was around. Nothing seemed to affect the girl; she was constantly cheery.

“They do look cute together, don’t they?” Maria added when the laughter died down. She had an odd tone to her voice that made me frown.

Was she jealous?

“Yes, so cute!” Kyle mocked sarcastically, earning a glare from Tess.

“I think I hear wedding bells,” Alex said gruffly, pouring me another beer from the keg.

“What would you know about wedding bells, Whitman?” Isabel snapped, snatching the newly poured beer from my hands.

I glared at her. “Can’t wait your turn?” She only rolled her eyes in response. Alex just sighed and began pouring me another.

“I know enough,” Alex snapped back while handing me the second newly poured beer. I raised my eyebrow, curious.

What the hell is wrong with them? They had been bickering and snapping at each other ever since the day Max first asked Liz out.

Was Isabel jealous of Liz or something? I shook my head at that notion. I took another look at Max’s and Liz’s sleeping forms. No, that wasn't it…Liz was too much in love with Max to be a threat to Isabel… or any other straight woman with a boyfriend, for that matter.

Alex must have said something stupid or sexist or something totally Alex-like that pissed her off. It was the only explanation that I could come up with. Otherwise Alex and Isabel would have been locked up in some closet already, fucking each other’s brains out.

Isabel scoffed, glaring at the cup in her hands, “This coming from a man whose idea of romance is paying for my dessert when we eat at the Crashdown.” Her tone was so bitterly that Tess and Kyle quit their never ending eye fucking of each other and gave her confused and concerned glances. I wasn't that surprised that they hadn't noticed the rough tension between Alex and Isabel. They were even more oblivious and absorbed in each other than Max and Liz. So much so, that if they were standing in the rain together, they wouldn't notice unless you poured a bucket of water on their heads as well. Hell, maybe not even then.

“What’s up with you two?” Tess asked amiably, putting her hand softly on Isabel’s shoulder.

“Yeah… What’s going on?” Kyle asked the two of them in a droll sort of tone, probably trying to hide the curious concern lurking underneath.

When no one answered either of them, Kyle and Tess turned to me for help, but I shook my head in ignorance. I didn't know enough about the problem to be helpful and, even if I did, I still would have played dumb. It wasn't my problem to go and blab about.

Maria gave Isabel an inquiring look, a look that said an explanation or a long ‘girl talk’ was in order. Isabel rubbed her eyes. Catching on, Tess gave Isabel a knowing look before, with a soft, “Excuse us,” she took Isabel’s hand to begin leading her out into the backyard.

“Wait… Where you going?” Kyle asked, annoyed. “I thought we were gonna go upstairs and, you know, have hot sweaty sex.” Kyle wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I silently cursed Kyle’s stupidity. I knew from years of having a girl as one of my best friends what was coming next. There was a time and a place, Kyle…. and when a girl comrade was in need of a bitch out with her fellow girls wasn't one of them. I smirked brightly when Tess punched Kyle hard on the arm.

“Owww! Tess!” Kyle whined, rubbing his arm dramatically. “What was that for?!”

“Shut up!” Tess spat, hitting him again in the same spot for good measure. “You deserved it!” She opened the patio door with a hard yank and glared at Kyle. Kyle glared back when Isabel snorted at him, Maria giggled, and Tess stuck her tongue out at him, slamming the patio door behind them.

“What, Guerin? Whitman? No back up,” Kyle turned toward us, eyes narrowed. He seemed pissed that we hadn't backed him up. “You guys can’t help your fellow man?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not stupid, Valenti.” I took a sip of my beer. “Besides, you deserved it.”

“Whatever,” Kyle huffed.

“Hey! Whitman, pour me another beer!” a drunken footballer shouted a second later, knocking Alex out of his stony silence. He reached out his hand to retrieve the empty cup, poured the man a beer, and handed the cup back to him.

“Now… fuck off.” Alex spat, but there was no real passion behind it. The footballer still flipped him off.

“What is up your ass, Whitman? “ Kyle asked when the footballer was out of view. His voice was harsh, annoyed. “And let’s make this story quick… I’m still hoping to get Tess in the sack before this night is over.”

I shook my head, amazed. The boy had even less tact than Whitman.

“Are you two okay?” I asked a moment later, deciding to just roll with it. It wasn't how I would have wanted to start the conversation, but then again, I didn't want to have that conversation at all. I could care less about Alex’s tale of woe… but since it involved Isabel, I guess I kind of had to know. I leaned against refrigerator behind me.

“We’re fine!” Alex snapped, flinging the tap to the keg down hard on its metal surface. I winced a little when the tap made a loud clunk and bounced onto the hard wood floor.

“Try another lie, Whitman,” Kyle said sarcastically, his hands gesturing to the fallen tap next to us.

Alex sighed, rubbing his forehead. “It’s nothing…” He paused, playing with his hands. I could tell that he was extremely hesitant about being so blunt and vulnerable about his feelings… especially with me and Kyle.

Honestly, I couldn't blame him. Combined, the three of us weren't the most sensitive of guys. I knew that I’d rather suffer heat stroke from running around in the desert all day than talk about my feelings with another person. But I stayed silent, leaning against the fridge as I waited for him to speak again.

And after a few beats of silence and a long-suffering groan from Kyle, he did.

“I don’t know…” He shook his head, frustration radiating off him. “Maybe she wants us to be more like Max and Liz … holding hands through the halls, muttering sweet nothings into each other’s ears when we’re doing it, and writing each other sappy poetry while dancing in the rain. I just don’t know! I don’t know what the fuck she wants?!” He began picking at his cuticles angrily. “She won’t tell me what she wants! She just shuts me out! Ignores me! Yells at me! Treats me like a piece of shit… like I can’t do anything right!” He was practically scraping off his nail beds, making them bleed. “I feel like I’m failing her in some way and she won’t help me understand what I did wrong!”

Kyle just raised his eyebrow, offering only bewildered silence. I licked my lips and stared at my beat up converses. I didn't know what to say to that and I figured that Kyle didn't either, unless his stunned silence was his idea of helping. We were the last people that Alex needed to be talking to about that, but at the same time, we were the only people he could talk to about it. Max wasn't an option, for obvious reasons, and Liz would probably shut him out, too far into the land of blissful… but unrealistic… puppy love, and Alex’s parents weren't around enough to listen to their son’s relationship problems. Kyle and I were the last viable option, and I wished that we weren't.

“Alex, I don’t know what to tell you,” I said carefully. “Maybe you just need to show her that you care.” Kyle nodded his head, jabbing his finger eagerly in my direction. He was probably grateful that I had said something that he could easily agree with.

Alex scoffed, rolling his eyes in my direction. “She knows that I care, Guerin,”

I rolled my eyes too. If Whitman’s emotional range was anything like mine than she definitely didn't know about how Whitman felt… let alone that he cared. “Whitman, I’m going to let you in on a secret that only Max and I know about when it comes to Isabel Evans,” I paused, waiting to see if Whitman was listening. A moment later, he raised his eyebrow at me to indicate that he was.

I took another moment though. I needed to choose my words carefully. Hell, I didn't even know if I wanted to tell Alex my carefully learned secret about Isabel Evans at all. I was more than a little afraid that Alex might misuse this profound piece of information that I was about to spill to somehow hurt her, a pawn to use if they ever broke up and he wanted to make her life hell with. The man didn't exactly have the best track record with women… they weren't even two months into their relationship and they were already having problems.

Alex was the definition of a player; I was almost sure that Alex would eventually get bored with all the work it took to have a girlfriend and leave… but he also looked so hopeful, so willing to somehow make things right. He was willing to listen to anything I had to say. I wouldn't be surprised, if I suggested that he jump off a bridge to win back her good graces, if he went and did just that. I wouldn't be surprised at all.

I sighed, deciding to chance it. Whitman seemed like an okay guy and I believed him when he said that he cared. “Through all of Isabel’s bravado,” I began, trying to find the words that I needed. “Through all her stubbornness and tough as nails ‘I don’t take any shit from anybody’ attitude of hers…” I paused again, stalling. I was trying to gauge Alex’s reaction. He was still looking at me with a mixture of skepticism and hopefulness. He truly wanted to make things right, make her happy, and that realization spurred me on. “She’s still a girl, Whitman… and sometimes, she just needs to hear that she’s good enough.” I grinned a little at Alex’s disbelieving expression; his expression said that the answer couldn't be that easy… and he was right… it wasn't. Isabel was still Isabel, and she still was going to make Whitman’s life a living hell with her controlling need to have everything go her way. The girl was unnaturally stubborn… but she was also like every other girl out there. She needed to be told that she was enough. Everybody needed that.

I hummed in sympathy, before smiling ruefully. “I know that it’s hard to remember that when it comes to the ice queen… but she just wants someone who’s content with all the parts of her… the good and the bad.”

Alex gave me an odd, frustrated look. I just shrugged my shoulders at the aimless expression of the lost boy in front of me. I couldn't explain this to him in any other way. So, if he didn't get it, whatever, it wasn't my problem. At least I tried to help.

Plus, I figured that if Isabel ever found out about this conversation, she’d be less likely to kill me if I didn't make her out to be some kind of saint. I knew it was a stupid kind of logic for betraying her trust… but hey, it was worth a shot.

“And we all know that there’s a lot of bad in that chick,” Kyle added, winking.

Alex scowled, flipping Kyle off.

I groaned in disgust and irritation. Now, really wasn't the time, Valenti!

Kyle sighed. “You two have no sense of humor, man.” He whined for the second time tonight, and then focused on his beer again.

“What do you mean, Guerin?” Alex drawled out slowly, his tone laced with a deep sense of insecurity that I didn’t even know the man had. “Why would she think I’d want to be with anyone else?” He shook his head, disgruntled. “I mean I did ask her to be my girlfriend, didn't I?”

“No, you didn't!” Liz exclaimed suddenly from behind us, making Kyle and I jump a foot in the air.

“Where the hell did you come from?!?” Kyle yelled, breathing heavily. I grunted in agreement.

“How long you been standing there?” Alex asked, unfazed by her presence.

“Long enough to know that you’re a fucking idiot and that Isabel should dump your ass as soon as possible.” Liz replied coldly, pushing me out of the way to get into the fridge. “You throw your letterman jacket at her and demanded that she wear it,” Liz continued on, ignoring my look of exasperation and Kyle’s heavy melodramatic breathing. “That’s possession, not care, Alex.”

“Screw you, Parker!” Alex shouted in response, kicking the keg in front of him violently. Kyle gasped when it began tilting to the side alarmingly. “I care! She should fucking know that by now!”

“Hey! Come on, that’s the only keg!” Kyle bitched, holding the keg to his chest to keep it from falling over. He held it like he would if someone had kicked his dog.

Liz and Alex ignored him, I told him to shut up.

“How would she know that?” Liz asked. “Has sexual innuendo and utter silence become a new language that I don’t know about?” Liz asked patronizingly. “Tell me, Alex. Do you wine and dine her because you care or because you want sex?”

“Then why is she dating me if I’m such an inconsiderate piece of shit, huh?” Alex challenged, scowling.

Liz raised her eyebrow in acceptance. I admired that. Liz was never one to back down from a challenge, especially when it was issued by Whitman.

“Alex, baby…” She began levelly, taking a root beer from the refrigerator. “You have the emotional range of speck on the wall and the attention span of one to boot. Hell, you even have the sexual prowess of a damn ninja; you’re hardly ever satisfied with anything that you have for long periods of time, and you’re a fucking damn ass. My God, why wouldn't she be worried that you don’t give a shit about her?” She finished sarcastically, a hint of condescension in her voice.

Ouch. That was harsh.

Alex frowned. “If you’re telling me that she wants me to confess my undying love to her than she knows me even less than you do, Parker.”

Liz only smirked at him.

“Alex, have you met Isabel?” Kyle spoke up a moment later, still holding the keg to his chest. “She’d probably slap your face if you got all gushy on her,” He quipped.

“Then what should I do?” Alex groaned, holding his face in his hands.

“Not be you.” I grumbled, fed up. This was going nowhere fast. Why was Isabel dating him again? Because, really, if this was the kind of guy she was attracted to, then no wonder she was single up until now.

Liz seemed to agree with me; she sighed in irritation. “Nothing… just be yourself… but a less narcissistic version of you,” Liz stopped when Kyle and I laughed; rolling her eyes a little along with us. I grinned. Asking Whitman to be less narcissistic was like asking Lindsay Lohan to lay off the drugs-- it was impossible. Whitman was the epitome of narcissism.

“I don’t know… just listen when she fucking talks, and not think so much with your damn penis. That’s the best advice I can give you.” She added a moment later, “Now, go and apologize to her before you become accustomed to moping around because then you’ll be truly insufferable.” Liz smiled at Alex warmly, patting him fondly on the shoulder. Whitman just rolled his eyes at her and gave her a loving wink, before leaving the keg and his friends behind in search of his girlfriend.

“This applies to you, too, Valenti,” Liz said, giving Kyle a stern look. “Go apologize.”

Kyle gave Liz an odd look as she said that, regarding her indecisively. I could tell that he couldn't decide whether to be afraid of Liz or in awe of her.

My respect for her widened; I couldn't help the feeling of oddity and pride that I often associated with Liz Parker. She could be a force to reckon with when she wanted to be. I guess she had to be to survive years of friendship with someone like Alex.

After a few minutes of silence, I guess Kyle decided that being afraid of Liz was smarter than being in awe of her, because he abandoned the keg as well and followed Whitman out the back.

“Well done,” I applauded, taking a sip of my lukewarm beer. “You just got two of the most insensitive guys on the planet to go and apologize to their girlfriends… That deserves some kind of medal.” I said, half-joking and half-serious. She really did deserve some kind of award for knowing how to put up with the kind of stupidity that Whitman and Valenti possessed on a daily basis and not go completely out of her mind.

Liz threw her head back and laughed. I smiled sheepishly. She was kind of beautiful when she laughed.

“Just for future reference, Guerin,” She began, still laughing. “If you’re going to have more conversations like that with Alex, come and get me first. It’s easier to get through to him when you have someone willing to violently shove the plain truth in his face.”

“Noted,” I stated, nodding my head. “I thought you were asleep.”

She shook her head. “Who can sleep when there’s a party going on around you?” She questioned, cracking her root beer open and taking a large sip. I raised my eyebrow, still smiling at her. She had a point.

“Plus, Max kind of snores…so.” She rolled her eyes, trying to sound put out, but I knew better. Max’s snoring probably only made her love him more.

“You don’t sound so much like you mind,” I said rhetorically. I already knew her answer.

“Because I don’t,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Everybody has a flaw, even Max.” She had a dreamy, loved, crazed look in her eyes as she said it and I couldn't help it… I rolled my eyes a little. I might want what Max and Liz had… but maybe without all the gooey love poems, excessive hand holding, and wanting to be buried in the same coffin type of shit that Max and Liz seem to constantly project. I could handle love; I just didn't want to be on cloud nine.

“So, what is happening between you and the new girl?” Liz asked a moment later, making me nearly choke on my beer.

What the fuck? “Huh? What girl?” I asked nonchalantly, trying to play dumb, but she knew that I knew who she was talking about. Was I that obvious?

“Oh, Guerin,” Liz sighed. “Don’t play dumb with me. I've known you since the third grade and I know when you’re uncomfortable with something because you avoid it like the plague and the only time you ever avoid someone like that is when you like them.” I frowned. I wasn't that bad. Just because I didn't go around striking up conversations with random people didn't mean I was avoiding them… I don’t think I’m better than people or anything. I just don’t go around talking to strangers and Maria was a stranger. So, in simpler terms, I’m not avoiding her. She’s just a stranger.

Liz must have known what I was thinking, because she groaned audibly, “Don’t even try and make excuses, Guerin! I know you and I know that you like Maria!”

I huffed, folding my arms over my chest. Oh, Yeah. How did she know that? We've only ever waved and said to ‘Hi’ each other in the hallways; we've never had a meaningful conversation before… Well, there was a month back in ninth grade when Liz had tutored me in biology and we talked a lot about nonsense and Max… but that still didn't mean that she knew my feelings better than I did.

“So, I ask again, what’s going on between you and Maria?” She gave me a firm look, daring me to lie to her.

“Nothing,” I said quickly, my arms still folded defiantly.

“Nothing?” Liz raised her eyebrow.

“Yes, Parker, nothing,” I said, hotly. “And nothing ever will happen.” I unfolded my arms, admitting defeat. There was no use in trying to fool Parker. She was a human bullshit detector.

“Why not?” Liz took another sip of her soda.

“Because… It’s just not in the cards for me.” I said honestly, deciding not to lie to myself anymore. It’s the brutal truth, but I didn't think I was quite capable of love.

“That’s bullshit,” Liz scoffed.

“Whatever,” I said, a little annoyed now. “I’m just not the kind of guy she should be hanging around with.”

“Why not?” She repeated. “You’re fun, hot, and you will have a good time together… so, what’s the problem?”

“I’m fucked up and I can’t feel normally.” I replied curtly, walking over to the keg and poured myself another beer. If I was going to have this conversation I needed to be drunk.

“That doesn't make any sense!” Liz exclaimed, her expression one of pure and utter irritation with the male ego.

Good! I thought. I shouldn't have to be the only one annoyed in this conversation.

I sighed. “Please, Liz…Just let it go.” I pleaded softly.

“Fine, I’m not going to push it,” Liz threw her hands in the air, spilling some of her soda on the Valentis’ hardwood floor. “But Michael… you need to give yourself a little more credit.”

I scoffed. “Whatever.”

I took a gigantic gulp of my beer as Liz shook her head and whispered, “Oh my God, Guerin! Stop being a damn pussy and just ask her out already.”

I glared. “I heard that, Parker.”


“You shouldn't be driving, Michael,” Max said, his serious face knitted in concern. “Let me drive you home.” He smiled at me openly; his smile laced with concern and love. He opened the back door to the Jeep and offered his hand out to help me into the car.

I offered a lop-sided smile in return, but I waved my hand dismissively. “I’ll be fine, Maxwell.” That was a lie… I was far from fine. I could feel my head swimming in all the alcohol that I had consumed after my conversation with Liz. I was practically saturated with it… and also pretty sure that I smelled like six different alcoholic beverages… especially tequila. I had about seven shots with the football player that had flipped off Alex earlier.

“I can walk home.” I slurred, swaying a little. It was a nice night anyway … maybe some fresh air would sober me up and help me clear my head.

“You’ll definitely hurt yourself that way.” Isabel spoke, her voice laced with a lot of irritation and a little concern. She was leaning against the passenger side of Alex’s mustang, glaring at me.

“What?” I furrowed my brows. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because she wants you to get in the Jeep, Guerin!” Alex yelled a moment later, his head poking out of the driver’s seat window. Max and Liz had snuck up behind me and began pushing me lightly in the direction of the Jeep’s open door.

I shook them off, standing my ground. I didn't care if I tripped over myself and fell on my face and broke my nose. I wasn't going to ruin Max and Liz’s first date… especially not when I could take care of myself.

“I’m walking home.” I said firmly, stubbornly. “Now, leave me alone… your guys are giving me a headache.”

Isabel rolled her eyes, yanking the passenger door of Alex’s car open. “Whatever… you deal with him,” She said, gesturing to Max and then back to me. “I have a boyfriend I want to have make-up sex with.”

Max and I both groaned in disgust. Alex smirked while Liz laughed.

“Aren't you coming with us?” Liz asked, giggling a little at Max’s lips, which were still curled in disgust.

“No, I’m sleeping over at Alex’s,” Isabel answered, shutting the car door behind her.

“Oh, yeah…What am I supposed to tell Mom and Dad?” Max inquired, raising a disapproving eyebrow at his sister. Alex started the engine. Isabel waved.

“Love ya, see you later!” Isabel shouted out of the window over the roar of the engine. I put my hands over my ears; the engine was giving me a splitting headache. Alex waved too before he put the car in drive and tore out of the Valenti’s driveway.

“Iz!” Max yelled at her but it was no use. She and Alex were already half way down the road, Max looked torn between getting in his car and chasing her down or punching Alex the next time he saw him but in the end, he shook his head, looking mad. Alex’s car was faster and even if he could catch up to them, Isabel would be less likely to listen to him and more likely to bitch him out.

Max rubbed his eyebrow. “I hate when she does that,” he said, sighing, hitting the hood of his car lightly.

Liz chuckled, trying to muffle it in the crease of Max’s shoulder. She rubbed Max’s shoulder and leaned into his back. I could tell she was trying to sympathize with Max’s brotherly concern, but her amusement at the situation was winning out.

“We girls can be pretty rude when we want to get some” She said, seriously. It seemed she was far too serious for Max’s taste because he turned to face her and glared.

“Oh, and we can’t be?” I asked, trying to sound offended for Max’s sake, but I was far too drunk and far too amused to pull it off.

Liz smirked, ignoring Max’s glare. “We’re worse,” she said, a hint of mischief in her voice. “Now, are you going to get in the car and let us drive you home, Guerin? Because I would like to get freaky with my date.” I laughed as Max began blushing violently.

“Maxwell’s gonna get some,” I sing-songed, making Max blush more. I attempted to do a funny dance as well, but reconsidered it when I nearly fell on my face. “Max’s gonna pop his cherry tonight!” I teased again, making Max scowl and Liz laugh.

“Just shut up and get in the car.” Max huffed, clearly embarrassed by the fact that I just revealed to the love of his life that he was still a virgin.

I rolled my eyes. “And like I said before… I’m walking home.”

“No, you’re not.” Max replied defiantly.

“Yes, I am.” I shot back with equal defiance.

“No, you aren't.” Max said.

“Yes, I am.” I responded.




“Good night, Maria.” Liz interrupted, giving us both glares of annoyance. She smiled thinly at the blonde.

“Good night, Liz,” Maria said politely, smiling back.

“Michael, come on…” Max sighed in annoyance. “You only live a few blocks away. I could have already gotten you home by now,” Max reasoned.

“Right, I only live a few blocks away… so I can walk.” I reasoned back.

“What are they talking about?” Maria asked, looking at Liz.

“Max’s trying to get Michael in the damn Jeep because he’s too drunk to drive himself home.” Liz explained. “And he’s preventing Max from getting laid.” She added, hands on her hips.

“How am I doing that?” I asked, confused. I thought that I was doing all this so that he could get laid.

“By not getting in the damn car!” Max yelled, gesturing wildly to the open door of the Jeep. “Now. Get. In. The. Car.”

I sighed. Maybe I should just get in the car. I didn't think I could walk home anyway, I could barely hold myself up anymore.

“Umm… I could drive you home if you want.” Maria said, timidly. Her keys jingled softly in her hand as she pointed in the direction of a house a few rows down. “I live right there. It would only take a few minutes to get my car and to drive you home.”

I shook my head, groaning when the movement caused my head to start throbbing. “I don’t want to put you out,” I said, rubbing my temples. Oh, man, my head felt like it was going to explode. I was definitely going to have a massive hangover in the morning.

“It’s not a big deal,” She smiled shyly, shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t want to go home just yet, anyway.”

I saw her smile fade a little as she said that and drunken curiosity took over me. What was wrong with her home life? I knew her parents had recently gotten a divorce. Was it that? Was it hard for her to go home knowing that her dad wouldn’t be there? Or did it have to with her mom? What puzzled me more was that I actually wanted to know the answer to these questions… especially since I could barely see straight.

“O-Okay,” I said giving her an odd look, raising my eyebrow. I hated being suspicious of her, of such a nice offer… but I was. “Thanks.” I said, wryly.

“Oh, so you’ll get in hercar?” Max asked, his eyes narrowed and his expression a mixture of astonishment and exasperation.

I shrugged my shoulders casually, playing faux-innocence. “Yeah… because she’s not about to get laid,” I smirked.

Liz grinned, clapping her hands together, and Max sighed, slamming the back door shut. “Go to hell, Guerin,” Max said, flipping me off.

“I’d watch what you say… I could still leave you here to rot.” Maria interjected, her tone one of warning. She was trying to sound infuriated by my statement…but she was smiling brightly at me, trying to keep her laughter in check. “Now, come on and follow me… don’t worry about falling over or anything; I only live four houses down.”

“Are you sure, Maria?” Max asked, a twinge of amusement in his voice. “I can still hog tie him and stuff him in the back seat of my car.”

“Yeah, you might want to do that yourself, Maria… He might try something,” Liz said sarcastically, winking at me. I glared at her… or I tried to… but it probably came out as more of a squint than anything. “Now, let’s go, Max. Every minute you stand there worrying over Guerin, you run the risk of going home with blue balls.” She smirked. Max raced to the driver side of his car, slamming the door shut as he jammed his car keys into the ignition and peeled away from the Valenti’s.

I smiled and shook my head, scoffing. Liz had Max by the balls and the poor bastard didn't even know it. Maxwell, I thought, swaying again. Suddenly my legs felt like melted jelly.You poor stupid son of a bitch.

“You and Liz make a good team, you know?” Maria spoke, startling me. She held on lightly to my shoulder to keep me balanced when I tipped alarming to the left. “I've never seen two guys apologize to their girlfriends so fast in my life!” she added, giggling.

“We got lucky.” I said irritably, shaking her hand off of my shoulder. I glared in her direction. It wasn't like I was five! I didn't need someone taking care of me! I could take care of myself; I didn't need anyone driving me home, worrying over me. I didn't need anybody. I’d spent the last seventeen years taking care of myself and I was just fine with that.

Maria sighed, running her hand through her hair. Her keys made a tinkling sound against her skull. The movement awakened something in me, almost like my switch had been on the off side and was now switched to on. Her perfume was once again filling up my senses, the scent radiating off her short hair in small waves as the evening breeze sent it flowing everywhere. The brown highlights glinted in the moonlight, along with the deep brown of her eyes… her eyes staring at me with a hint of annoyance and hurt. Her plump lips were curled into a frown, causing me to frown back.

What was wrong with me? I thought, staring at the sidewalk again. Why do I have to be so mean? It wasn't her fault that I handle my crushes like a six-year-old boy, kicking the girl he likes into the sand on the playground. No, it wasn't her fault at all that I couldn't handle feelings like a normal human being.

“Why do you hate me?” Maria said suddenly, knocking me out of my haze.

“What?” I asked, my face knitting in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Michael…” she said softly, giving me another piercing look. “I know you don’t like me.”

“What makes you think that I don’t like you?” I asked, my frustration with myself only growing. What a stupid question! What have I done to make her think that I didn't like her? I rolled my eyes inwardly… Oh, I've only been snapping at her every chance I got… not to mention berating and belittling her ever since I’d met her… but that didn't mean that I hate her. Sure, I haven’t been overly friendly… or friendly at all for that matter… but I didn’t hate her. Far from it.

“You’ve barely said two words to me,” she grounded out, the hurt and rejection apparent in her words stung a little, making me fidget.

“I don’t talk much,” I countered, striving for indifference but I was still staring at the pavement.

“You ignore me when I try to talk to you,” She counter offered, arms folded over her chest.

“Speak louder,” I groaned, annoyed. I get It, Maria… I’m a horrible human being.

“And you pretty much roll your eyes whenever I walk into a room that you’re in.” she growled, a moment away from stomping her foot against the pavement… or on my foot.

“Because you always wearin’ those God awful, hippy clothes. I swear my eyes might someday go blind with all those bright colors.” I shrugged my shoulder and rolled my eyes, smirking. Okay, that part was true… I do roll my eyes whenever I see her definition of what she thinks is appropriate to wear out in normal civilization for the day; because yes, it’s that awful, and… funny that she doesn't know that she looks like a fashion experiment gone wrong. The girl actually thinks has style and, in my defense, Isabel rolls her eyes too.

“Michael!” she yelled.

“Okay, I’m sorry…” I laughed lightly, throwing my hands up in defeat. “I don’t mean any harm… I’m just not good around new people, you know,” I said, serious again. I had to make it right… If this was how I treated people, it was a wonder I had any friends. “But that doesn’t mean that I hate you, Deluca,” I paused, nervous. “But if you need anything… someone to talk to, fight with, or laugh at. Whatever you need… I can help you with it, I will help you with it... all you have to do is ask.”

“I could use a friend,” she said quietly, her offer barely audible over the wind.

I looked at her, a look of disbelief evident on my face. She wants to be… what?

“You want to be friends with me?” I asked a few moments later, astonished… and oddly touched.

It’s not every day that someone asks to be my friend… that someone to wants to be my friend. I don’t make friends by choice; I make them by association. Fine, I could be her friend. I mean, how can I say no when she sounds so sincere… and lonely? How can I say no when she sounds so much like me? Besides, what’s the harm in that? Maybe it will help me get over this silly ass crush.

“Yes,” she said, smiling at me brightly. She looked as surprised and relieved as I was when she originally asked the question. “Yes, I think I do.”



A/N: I feel like I should be hiding behind a couch or something for the way that I ended this one-shot but quite frankly, I’m not ashamed that I ended it with them as friends.

It actually works out a lot better for the last installment of this series, were they will end up together! I promise! :D I also feel like this pairing wouldn't suddenly become a couple like the last two did … well, actually Alex and Isabel have been kind of fooling around for a year before they got together and Max and Liz have been in love with each other for the last three years before anything happened but I digress. Sorry. :(

Anyway, a slow burning pairing just made more sense for these two more than the others. Mainly because unlike the other two pairing before Michael and Maria, who have known each other since childhood …but Michael and Maria have only met three days ago in this timeline and they don’t know each other as well as the others just yet.

Besides, Michael doesn't think he deserves Maria and it just didn't feel realistic to make him insecure and distant with Maria than to suddenly have him being confident and in love with her the next instant. So, Sorry Kiddies and candy fans everywhere It looks like you’re going to wait a little longer but like I promised the dreamer fans at the end of the last installment, there will be some candy moments in the next installment… but more in friendship… and some unrequited love.

Short Summary to the Next Installment: Kyle just isn't going to apologize and that's the end of it.

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