I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt92 11/24

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 24, 2014 6:13 am

L-J-L 76 Oh yes Jason was surprised to find out he is a father. Oh Jessica's mother is a real piece of work as they say!

begonia9508 Eve when I started this I had no idea I was going to have the gang and their new friends create their own football team! Yes Jason is going to take responsibility for his actions. Jessica did the right thing to by coming to Roswell to tell Jason he has a daughter.

keepsmiling7 Jason knows what the right thing to do is. That is helping to take care of his child. He was surprised! Oh yes their are plenty of new babies in Roswell. Maybe a little girl heavy at the moment! :lol:

Part 92

Liz and Serena walked into the Crashdown and noticed that Jason was in the back booth with a girl about his age and a baby. Kat saw them and smiled.

"Hey Liz, Rena." Said Kat
"Hi." Said Serena as the girl with Jason turned.
"Kat isn't that your friend Jessica?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. The baby is her's and Jason's''
"Jason has a kid?" Asked Serena
"Yeah. Katie. Jessica's mom is a real bitch. First wanted Jessica to have an abortion. But Jess waited until it was too late to have one to tell her mom. Then it was give the baby up. Jess refused. So yesterday the day after her eighteenth birthday Jess and Katie were thrown out of the house with twenty thousand dollars."
"This the first Jason has learned of his daughter?" Asked Serena
"Yeah Regina Ross locked Jess basically in her room with no phone or computer."
"Why?" Asked Serena
"Because Regina Ross is a snobby rich bitch. If you didn't come from a family that made at lest six figures a year after taxes you were worthless." Said Liz
"How do you know that?" Asked Serena
"Met her when I was waiting table in Boston at this fancy restaurant. Bad tipper too. Got five dollars on a hundred and fifty dollar order. Picky too. Made me want to throw her food in her face." Said Liz
"Yeah she hated me and Jason. Said we were trash right my face cause I don't come from money." Said Kat
"Jessica isn't like that?" Asked Serena
"No she is a really sweet girl." Said Liz
"Yeah. I got to go. I am meeting Justin at my place. I should also warn Care that Jason may be bringing them home with him."
"OK later Kat." Said Serena giving her a hug.

Kat left and Liz and Serena walked over to the booth that Jason was in.

"Hi Jason." Said Liz
"Hi Liz, Serena. Liz do you remember Jessica Ross?" Asked Jason
"Yes. It's nice to see you Jessica." Said Liz
"You too. Congratulations on the baby." Said Jessica looking at Liz's stomach.
"Thank you. This will be baby number three for me. I had twins almost a year ago."
"Wow, you didn't waste any time did you?"
"No. So who is this?" Asked Liz looking at the baby.
"This is my daughter Katerina Nicole. Katie for short." Said Jason
"She's beautiful." Said Serena
"Jess this is Liz's cousin Serena. A real great gal." Said Jason
"Nice to meet you Serena." Said Jessica
"You too. Liz told me a little about your mom. Sounds like a piece of work." Said Serena
"She is. Very high society. Member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). She wanted me to join. Told her to go to hell." Said Jessica
"You didn't!" Said Serena
"Oh she did Rena right in the middle of Mario's fine Italian Restaurant. Regina was not happy." Said Liz
"Then walked out handing Liz a hundred dollar bill. Told her it was to make up some of the tips my mom stiffed her on." Said Jessica
"That was when I knew for sure I liked Kat's best friend." Said Liz
"Hey my mom is the rich bitch not me. I like helping people. I have helpped build houses for Habitat for Humanity."
"Yeah that is where Kat and I first met her." Said Jason
"Cool." Said Serena.
"Uh Liz will you let me tell Care about Katie?" Asked Jason
"I wasn't planning on saying anything. This is your responsibility." Said Liz
"I know. Liz, I am going to take this responsibility seriously."
"Good. We'll see you later. Got to see my parents." Said Liz

Liz and Serena headed through the door to the back and up the stairs.


Kat leaned back on the couch as Justin kissed her. He started to pull at her shirt. Kat grabbed his hand.

"Not here. Let's take this up stairs." Kat gasped

Justin kissed her and helped her up. They when up to Kat's room and closed the door. Justin pulled Kat's shirt over her head and reached behind her to remove her bra. His shirt and both of their jeans fell to the floor quickly. They made their way to the bed and fell on it with Kat on top. Justin pulled her soaked panties down her legs. Kat kicked them the rest of the way off sending them flying. Justin pushed two fingers into her hot dripping core causing a groan from Kat. Kat never broke from kissing him. Even as he drove her closer to the edge. She broke from kissing him when she noticed he was wearing boxers instead of boxer breifs.

"Boxers?" She asked
"Well the way you drive me crazy. They are more comfortable."
"I like. Especially that they have Snoopy on them."
"So you are a Snoopy girl? Thought you might like Barbie."
"Hell no. She don't look like any real woman."

Justin laughed and rolled them over. He removed his boxers grabbed a condom put it on and entered Kat in a quick thrust. He set a fast pace for their love making. Each thrust fast and hard.

"Yes Justin! Yes! You feel so good!"
"Damn Kat, you are so tight and wet!"

Their bodies moved together perfectly. Both moaning and groaning with pleasure. Both reach their climax together. Justin rolled off Kat and pulled her into his arms.

"Love you Kitten."
"Love you Justin."

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt93 11/25

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:32 am

L-J-L 76 No one seems to like Jessica's mother. But there are people like that in the world. Justin and Kat are going to be just fine. As for Carolyn we will see!

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

keepsmiling7 Thought you might like the Snoopy boxers Carolyn!

Part 93

Jason held the door open for Jessica as they entered the house. He knew that Kat was home since Justin's car was parked in front of the house. He closed the door and that was when he noticed the moans coming from upstairs.

"Uh is that Kat?" Asked Jessica
"Sounds like it. She must be up in her room with her boyfriend."
"Boyfriend? What boyfriend?"
"His name is Justin Lopez. He's a nice guy. Just the kind of guy I would pick for her."
"How long have they been together?"
"Got together a round Christmas. Though they met at the start of the school year."
"Her first boyfriend out here?"
"Nope dated an asshole before him. Guy was just trying to get her into bed."
"From the sounds coming from upstairs seems this Justin has gotten her into bed."
"Jess, Justin treats her right. She got kidnapped with Serena a couple months ago. She watched Serena get raped. The guy who took them forced her to give him a blowjob and she uh bit his dick off. Now from what I hear that monster can't piss without a lot of pain. Forget about being able to have sex again. Not even Viagra will help him. Justin stood by her the whole time. Let her take things at her pace."
"Wow. I guess you shouldn't make Kat made uh?"
"Yeah. Jess, I missed you a lot."
"I missed you too. But Jay, we have both changed. We need to get to know each other again."
"I know. I still think you should stay here. I mean if Care, Kat and Dave, Care's fiance agree."

Just then the door opened and Carolyn walked in. She looked at her brother and her sister's best friend then noticed the baby. She raised an eyebrow at them.

"Jessica, this is a surprise." Said Carolyn
"Hi Carolyn." Said Jessica
"Hey big sister." Said Jason
"Who's baby is this?" Asked Carolyn
"Mine. Jason is her father." Said Jessica
"Yeah. Uh Carolyn, my mother through me out yesterday."
"Right after you turned eighteen. At that point she couldn't get in trouble for endangering the welfare of a minor."
"Never liked that woman."
"Care, would it be possible for Jess and Katie to stay here? Just until we can get an apartment together?" Asked Jason
"Where do you plan to put them?"
"My room. I'll sleep on the couch."
"I guess we should get a crib. God knows that no one has a free one around here. Or one that will be free anytime soon. If it weren't for all the girls I would sware we got the next defence for the Dallas Cowboys." Said Carolyn
"Damn Care don't tell me the guys out here are making you turn your back on the Patriots!" Said Jason
"Never been a football fan. More a baseball fan. That Miguel Canberra on the Detroit Tigers is kind of cute." Said Jessica
"Girl you are from Boston! It's Red Sox all the way! I guess I should be happy you don't like those New York Yankees." Said Jason
"The evil empire? Please!" Said Jessica

Carolyn rolled her eyes and walked up the stairs and knocked on Kat's door.

"Love birds get dressed you are needed downstairs." Yelled Carolyn

She didn't wait for a reply just turned around and headed back downstairs. Five minutes later Kat and Justin came down. Kat's face was bright red at having been caught with her boyfriend. Kat saw Jessica sitting on the couch next to Jason holding Katie.

"Jess?" Asked Justin
"Hey cuz been a long time." Said Jessica
"Cuz?" Asked Kat, Jason and Care at the same time.
"Uh yeah my dad's sister married Justin's dad. Raul Lopez. Grandfather was not happy. He cut her off. Said she was staining the family line with a Mexican" said Jess
"Though Uncle Robert kept in touch. We use to get together out here every summer until like two years ago." Said Justin
"Yeah for the past year I was locked in my room. Mother was not happy I got pregnant by what she called white trash." Said Jess
"Wow. Who would have thought I would fall for my best friend's cousin?" Asked Kat giving Justin a kiss.
"Well daddy here is going to watch his daughter with the help of you two. I'm taking Jessica shopping for a crib and a few other things the little lady needs." Said Carolyn

Jessica handed Katie to her daddy and followed Carolyn out the door. Katie reach up and grabbed the chain around Jason's neck as she fell to sleep.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt94 11/26

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L-J-L 76 Jessica for the moment is going to stay with Care and her family. Jessica is happy for her best friend and cousin.

begonia9508 Oh yes everyone is happy to have all the babies.

keepsmiling7 Yes Care has a house full. Jessica will need to figure out if she still has any kind bof feelings for Jason. Katie does need to get to know her daddy.

Part 94

Jessica walked into Babies R Us with Carolyn. She wasn't sure what to say to her ex's older sister.

"Jessica is something wrong?" Asked Carolyn
"I just don't know what to say to you."
"Jessica, I understand why you didn't tell Jay about your daughter until now."
"I wanted to."
"Relax. If I had known what was going on with you I would have helped you. I am a lawyer."
"I know. Are you sure it's OK for me and Katie to stay with you?"
"Yes. Jay has been looking for an apartment for a little bit now. I guess it will go from a one bedroom to at lest a two bedroom."
"Yeah. I can pay for the crib. My mother did give me some money when she threw me out."
"No way! I want to get some things for my neice. Besides it gives me another excuse to look at baby clothes."
"Wait are you pregnant?"
"Yeah. I haven't told Jay or Kat yet."
"Are you sure that Katie is OK with those three?"
"Yes. Kat and Justin have baby sat for Liz's twins more then once. Jason is good with kids. So Katie what is that short for?"
"I named her after my best friend, her aunt. Katerina. Her full name is Katerina Nicole Baker. God knows my mother wouldn't let me give her the last name Ross."
"I guess now knowing you are Justin's cousin I know how you turned out to be such a sweet person."
"Thanks. Carolyn, is Kat OK? Jason told me a little about what happened a couple months ago."
"She is still in therapy. But doing much better."
"Are you OK with the fact that she is having sex?"
"I would be the last person to tell her not to. Jess, you knew me back in Boston. I slept with a lot of guys. She has only been with one guy. One she seems to be totally head over heels in love with. After she was kidnapped and hurt by that monster she had a lot of issues with sex. Justin was so good with her. He would hold her while she cried or after a nightmare. Never forcing the issue. I know he wanted more then she could give at the time."
"Justin, as far as I know hasn't been in a serious relationship before."
"You know that house of yours is going to be crowded."
"Yeah. But it won't be forever. Do you want to live with Jason?"
"I just want Katie to know her father and aunts. I guess she is is going to have an uncle too."
"Come on let's get my niece some stuff."


Liz walked into her house to find Max asleep on the sofa with both of the twins on top of him. Parker was sleeping but Lexie was just sitting there watching her daddy. Liz walked over and picked her up.

"Hi honey. You tire your daddy and brother out?"

Lexie giggled but kept reaching for daddy.

"Oh honey let daddy sleep. You need to learn to share daddy. You are going to have a baby sister soon."

Lexie shook her head no. Liz let out a soft laugh. Her little girl was such a daddy's girl. She placed her in the play pen then pried Parker out of Max's arms and placed him in the play pen with his sister. Then when into the kitchen to start dinner. Ten minutes later she felt Max's strong arms around her.

"How is my beautiful wife?"
"Good. Sunday we are having dinner at my parents."
"OK. What's up?"
"I don't know. But mom wouldn't take no for answer. Serena and Kyle will be there too."
"It must be big if they are calling a family dinner."
"So what about your cousin is she doing better?"
"So what are you making for dinner?"
"Tocos. Don't worry I won't put anything weird in with the meat. I'll just put that stuff on mine."
"I can't wait until our daughter is born."
"We still need a name for her."
"I'll have to think about it."

Max kissed Liz then when back to check on the twins.


Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt945 11/28

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L-J-L 76 We just have to wait and see how Jason and Kat react to the news. We also have to wait to see what the Parkers have to say.

keepsmiling7 Max is such a good father. Lexie may have a problem at first but will learn to share daddy.

begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

Part 95

Justin answered his cell which had started to ring.

"Hi ma."
"Hi honey. Your Uncle Robert called me. Seems that rich witch he married threw Jessica out."
"Uh yeah I know. She's here in Roswell."
"How do you know that young man!"
"Uh well you know Kat has a brother named Jason right?"
"Well it seems Jess was seeing Jason back east for a while. Well he is the father of her daughter."
"OK let me get this straight. Your girlfriend's brother is your cousin's baby daddy?"
"Yes, and mom that sounds so weird for you to put it that way."
"I want to speak with her."
"Uh well, she is out shopping for baby stuff with Carolyn."
"Have her call me when she gets back."
"Ok. Love you mama."
"Love you too. Oh bring Katerina to dinner on Sunday. I also want Jessica and the baby there, and the baby's father."
"Yes mama."

Justin hung up and looked at Kat and Jason.

"Ma wants both you at dinner on Sunday." Said Justin
"I understand Kat but why me?" Asks Jason
"Cause you are the guy that knocked me up. So Aunt Lisa wants to meet you." Said Jessica coming in with bags of stuff.

Carolyn followed with more bags.

"Boys go get the crib and changing table out of the car." Said Carolyn
"Jess call my mom. You can use my phone." Said Justin
"I just need the number. Carolyn and I stopped to get me a new phone." Said Jessica
"Justin, we better go get that stuff. She has been kinda moody lately." Said Jason
"Right Jay."

Once the boy had gone out to the car Jessica sat down next to Kat who was holding Katie.

"Jay and Care told me what happened a couple months ago." Said Jessica
"Uh I don't really like talking about it. I mean with anyone other then my therapist."
"That's cool. So you have been having sex with Justin?"
"I love him."
"I can tell. Kat, I missed you."
"Missed you too. But I have to say I was surprised when I found out about you and Jay. I mean you didn't even really date."
"I know. Kat, we didn't plan on having sex the first time. It just kind of happened."
"So it was more then once?"
"Two days before you guys left. That is when I got pregnant. The condom didn't work. Kat, I don't regret keeping this beautiful little girl. I love her so much."
"She is beautiful. Perfect mix of you and Jay."
"Yeah. So what is Dave like?"
"He's cool. Liz, Care's old roommate set them up when Care came out here for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Then when she moved here after New Years last year they started to date regularly."
"So he lives here now?"
"Yes. Moved in after they got engaged. When at the end of January when his lease was up on his apartment. He is a doctor."
"That's great."
"Yeah, Jess do you have feelings for Jay?"
"I always liked him Kat."
"That isn't what I mean."
"Kat, I would like to see if there is anything between us."
"Jess, he has dated and slept with a few girls since the start of college."
"He told me. Kat, I came to Roswell because Jay should have a chance to know his daughter, and Katie should know her father."
"I can't wait to get to know her too. Jess, thanks for coming here with Katie."
"It was here or my Aunt's but there isn't a lot of room there either. Justin does have seven brothers and sisters."
"I know, his sister Jenny works at the Crashdown with me. She is working tonight."
"Yeah well I didn't know they were related at first."
"Yeah the oldest is Juan, then Rosa, then it's Brian, then Justin, then it's Jenny, Cassandra, Miguel and Rita is the youngest."
"That is a big family."
"Yeah lucky me being an only child."
"Don't complain about anything but your mother. You never risked having a cold shower growing up." Said Justin
"Stop bitchin or you will need a cold shower next time you want to spend the night." Said Kat

Justin just looked at her while Jason, Jessica and Carolyn laughed.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt96 11/30

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begoina9508 Justin's mother loves Jessica, and just wants to know that she is safe. Unlike Jessica's own mother it seems.

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Oh yes they do! I am youngest of six! If I wanted a hot shower I had to take it before bed rather then in the morning.

Part 96

Liz and Max walked through the Crashdown with the twins heading to the Parker's apartment. When they reached it they found Kyle, Serena and Julia already there.

"Hi honey." Said Nancy greeting them.
"Hi mom. What is this all about?" Asked Liz
"There is something we want to talk to you girls about." Said Jeff
"What is it Uncle Jeff?" Asked Serena
"We are going to take a simi retirement." Said Nancy
"What does that mean Jeff?" Asked Kyle
"It means we handing the day to day running of the Crashdown over to Michael and Maria. That is with your approval." Said Jeff
"Why do you need our approval?" Asked Serena
"Well when you graduated from high school you both became part owners." Said Nancy
"Mom, dad you never told us that." Said Liz
"Yeah, I didn't know about this either." Said Serena
"Sorry we didn't tell you. But it doesn't change that there are forms you need to sign to make it official." Said Jeff
"If you are wondering about the legal part. Diane is the one who drew up the agreement." Said Nancy
"Well Rena what do you say? Do we let Michael and Maria take over running the place?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. But they need to promise to hire our kids when they are old enough to work. Lexie and Julia need to know the joy of dealing with crazy tourist." Said Serena
"That won't be a problem Serena. Max, Kyle you two need to act as witnesses." Said Jeff
"That's not a problem." Said Max
"Hey does this mean I can get free coffee now?" Asked Kyle
"No!" Said Liz and Serena at the same time.

They took care of the paperwork then sat down to a nice dinner.


Justin took Kat's hand as they walked up to his parents house. Jessica and Jason were right behind them with the baby.

"It looks like your whole family is here Justin." Said Jessica
"Yeah it does. It will be OK Jess. You know we all love you." Said Justin

Just then the door opened and Justin's older sister Rosa stepped out of the house.

"Hey Rosie" said Justin
"Justin how you been little brother?" Asked Rosa giving him a hug.
"Hi Kat, nice to see you."
"You too Rosa." Said Kat
"Jess, it's been too long cuz."
"Yeah it has Rosie. This is my daughter Katerina Nicole. Katie for short." Said Jessica
"Oh isn't she cute. You must be Jason."
"Yes." Said Jason nervously.
"Relax boy! None of us bite. I just hope you plan to help my cousin to take care of this little angel."
"Trust me I plan to be there for my little girl." Said Jason
"Good answer. Now come on mama and papa want to meet Jason and the baby."

The four of them followed Rosa into the house. Kat was pulled into hugs by Justin's whole family. They all liked this young lady. Jessica hugged her Aunt and Uncle. Her aunt took Katie from her arms and held her.

"Aunt Lisa, Uncle Raul this is Jason Baker Katie's father." Said Jessica
"Young man you are going to help my niece care for this child aren't you?" asked Lisa
"Yes Señora Lopez." Said Jason
"Do you speak Spanish young man?" Asked Raul
"Not much Señor Lopez."
"You are Kat's brother?" Asked Juan
"Yes. I'm older by a year. Though she is like a genius and skipped grade so she and I graduated high school st the same time."
"You are in college?" Asked Raul
"Yes sir. I am studying environmental engineering."
"Good." Said Raul
"Uncle Raul, Jason is a good guy. If he had known I was pregnant he would have been there for me. It's Regina's fault he only found out about Katie a couple days ago." Said Jessica
"I will never understand what Robert saw in that woman. How you turned out the way you did Jess I will never know. Robert wasn't around much, and that woman is so cold hearted. Much like my father." Said Lisa
"Mama calm down. You know the stress isn't good for you." Said Brian

It was half an hour later when they all sat down to dinner.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt97 12/1

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begonia9508 Yes Liz ended up with great parents. Justin's really good too.

Natalie36 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Kyle did ask to very hormonal women about that coffee! Serena may sofen at some point. :wink: Yes Michael and Maria will do a great job running the Crashdown for the Parkers.

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

Part 97

After they finished dinner Jason sat in the Lopez living room holding his daughter with Jessica and her cousins along with her Aunt and Uncle. Justin had taken Kat out back. Rosa's husband Ryan was holding their daughter. Jaun and his wife Patty held their two boys. Jason still was unsure of what these people wanted.

"Aunt Lisa, why did you want us here? I know it wasn't just for dinner. Not with the whole family here." Said Jessica
"Jess, I have been worried about you. We all have been." Said Lisa
"Yeah cuz, you know you are family. Families look out for each other." Said Jaun.
"Besides you ain't got no brothers we gotta look out for ya." Said Miguel
"Miguel, you are only thirteen. You can't look for no one." Said Jenny
"Jess, we just all want you know you still have a family." Said Brian
"But why make Jason come?" Asked Jess
"I wanted to make sure that he was the kind of man who knew how to take care of his responsibilities." Said Lisa
"Mrs. Lopez, if I had known that Jess was pregnant before I left Boston, I would have either stayed there with her to help her with the baby, or found a way for her to come out here with me. Jessica is a very special person, and I hate how her mother has always treated her. I plan to find us an apartment and do whatever it takes to help take care of my daughter." Said Jason
"You are a good man Jason. Take good care of both these girls." Said Raul
"I will sir." Said Jason


Kat leaned against Justin in the backyard as they watched the sunset.

"Your family isn't going to hurt my brother are they?" Asked Kat
"No. They are just protective of Jess. You have met her mother."
"Yeah Regina is one of the meanist people I ever met. She called me trash to my face."
"You are far from trash. You are smart, beautiful and fun. I love you more then life itself."
"I love you too Justin."
"So can I spend the night at your place? Or would you rather go to my place?"
"As much as I would love to spend the night with you. I have an early class tomorrow."
"Damn girl! You get me all hot then tell me I got to spend the night alone."
"Sorry Justin. But this class is important."
"I know. Kitten, I hope there will be day when we share a bed every night."
"Justin, I think it's too soon to think about moving in together. I sure as hell don't want to get married yet."
"Kitten, I don't plan to rush you. I just wanted to tell you that I do want a future with you."
"I know. I want a future with you too. But I just think we need to wait on the whole living together thing. Justin if I didn't have strong feelings for you I never would have slept with you."
"Kitten, I know that. You are different from a lot of girls I have known. You wanted to wait for the right guy for your first time. I just feel honored that you felt that was me."
"As sweet at that sounded, you still aren't getting laid tonight."
"I had to try."

Kat laughed and kissed her boyfriend.


Carolyn curled up on the couch with David. He had his arms wrapped around her.

"We need to tell everyone about the baby." Said Carolyn
"You sure you are ok with Jessica and the baby staying here?"
"Care, it's fine. I mean it isn't forever."
"True. Jason needs to know his daughter."
"Yes he does. But I have to say we need more boys around here."
"Yeah. I know. Oh did you here Max and Liz picked a name for their new baby?"
"No. What is it?"
"Amanda Grace."
"That is beautiful. Hope she gets her mom's ears."
"What don't you think Max's ears would look cute on a girl?"
"Parker still hasn't grown into them!"
"Actually I don't think Max ever did either."

Both laughed knowing very soon they would tell their family and friends about their baby.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt98 12/2

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begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Jason knowns what the right thing is to do. Little Amanda Grace hasn't been born yet. So it's still up in the air weather she has mommmy or daddy's ears! I should note I have always liked JB's ears!

Natalie36 I only pick on Max's ears because they are cute!

Part 98

It was a week later when everyone gathered in Alex and Isabel's living room. They had gotten a house that was bigger then Max and Liz's. So they all agreed that gathering would happen there. Jessica and Katie were now part of the group. The group of eight friends from high school had now grown to included Carolyn, Dave, Kat, Jason, Justin and now Jessica. Plus all the kids they were now having.

"So Care why did you want us all to get together?" Asked Liz
"Well, Dave and I have something to tell you." Said Care
"What is it Care?" Asks Kat from her spot on the floor wrapped in Justin's arms.
"I'm pregnant."
"Really?" Asked Isabel
"That's great Care." Said Serena
"Yeah it is I'm happy for you." Said Kat
"Me too sis. But this really does mean Jess and I need to get our own place." Said Jason
"Jay, you don't have to move."
"Yeah I do. Care you will always be my big sister. But it's time for me to get out on my own. Besides I have my own family to take care of. I'm going to stay in Roswell. This is home. It's where the most important people in my life are."

Carolyn hugged her brother. She knew that she would miss him when he moved out. Kat knew that she wasn't going to be able to stay with Care forever but she didn't want to live alone and wasn't ready to live with Justin.

"Kat, you know you can stay as long as you want." Said Dave
"Yeah I know" said Kat
"Kat, I will never throw you out." Said Care hugging her.
"I know Care."

Carolyn had to wonder if there was something bothering her little sister.


Max helped Liz from the car then they got the twins from the car. Liz taking Lexie and Max taking Parker. Lexie stuck her lip out. She wanted daddy. Liz hugged her daughter and kissed her.

"Baby girl you know you have to share daddy. Parker needs daddy time too." Said Liz

Max walked by with Parker who had a big smile. He was getting daddy time. He loved mommy time. But daddy time was special. Lexie turned away and pushed her face into Liz's shoulder. Diane saw them arrive home and came out to see them.

"Hi honey. Oh what's wrong with Lexie she doesn't look happy." Said Diane
"Hi mom. Oh she is just pouting because she isn't in my arms." Said Max
"Oh she jealous of her brother?" Asked Diane
"Yes. But we are trying to get her use to sharing before the the new baby is born." Said Liz
"That's good. So how is everyone?"
"There good. Carolyn's house is a little crowded right now." Said Max
"That's right her brother's uh friend showed up with his daughter last week."
"Yeah. Jason is trying to find his own place for him, Jessica and the baby." Said Liz
"I have an idea. There is an apartment over the garage. It may need a little work but it might work, until something better comes along."
"Mom that is a great idea." Said Max
"I would be willing to let them use it if they like it. All they would have to do is pay the utilities."
"Max what do you say we give them a call?" Asked Liz
"Good idea." Said Max

Half an hour later Jason and Jessica came over leaving the baby with her aunts to baby sit. Diane lead them up to the apartment. It had two bedrooms. One was on the small size but would be fine for the baby. It needed to be cleaned and painted. But other then that seemed to be in good shape.

"What do you think Jess?" Asked Jason
"I like it. Mrs. Evans are you sure you want us here? I mean with a baby and everything?" Asked Jessica
"Yes honey. You and Jason are part of this family. My kids and their friends are all a family. You, Jason and daughter are now part of it." Said Diane
"Thank you." Said Jessica

Diane pulled the young woman into a hug.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt99 12/3

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L-J-L 76 Yes everyone is happy for Care and Dave.

Natalie36 Thanks!

begonia9805 Diane has her reasons for offering the apartment to Jason and Jessica.

keepsmiling7 Oh you know Lexie is in no hurry for her baby sister to arrive! :lol:

Part 99 Six weeks later

It had taken over a month working on mostly weekends the apartment was finally ready to move into. Most of the furniture was gotten at a thrift store but in very good shape. All the guys were helping the young family move into their new home. Isabel was in the apartment supervising the placement of everything in full Christmas Nazi mood.

"Uh Jay what is up with Isabel?" Asked Jessica
"Jess, it's better to just let her have her way then to fight her. Trust me. Besides she does have a good eye at decorating." said Jason
"Yeah I know it's I wasn't expecting this!"
"I know. Isabel does take some getting use too."
"Jessica, just be glad that Isabel only has a small space to work with. She when crazy at our house." Said Alex walking by with an end table.
"Jessica, come on into the house with the baby." Said Diane
"OK Mrs. Evans." Said Jessica

Jessica followed Diane into her house with Katie. They sat in the living room to talk.

"How do you like Roswell?" Asked Diane
"I like it. I use to spend part of the summer out here. Well until my mother put a stop to it."
"Liz and Carolyn have told me a little about your mother."
"Yeah well sometimes I think people like Regina should not be allowed to have kids."
"Honey, some people just don't understand how to raise children. But I want you to know you can come to me if you have any questions."
"Thank you. That means a lot to me."
"DNA isn't what makes a family. Family can be the the people you choose to have in your life."
"I understand that."


Liz, Serena and Carolyn sat in Liz's living room watching the kids. Maria was in Liz's kitchen making some snacks for all of them. Kat was the only one not there. She was at work.

"So Liz, you are due soon right?" Asked Carolyn
"I still have over a month to go." Said Liz
"Yeah you know Liz likes being knocked up during the summer." Said Serena
"Yeah right." Said Liz
"So you want any more kids Liz?" Asked Carolyn
"I don't know Care. What about you are you excited about having your first baby?" Asked Liz
"Yeah I am. I didn't think I would want to have kids. But now I can't wait until I can hold my baby."
"There is no greater feeling in the world then holding a new life that you helped to create." Said Maria coming into the living room with a plate of sandwiches.
"She's right." Said Serena grabbing one of the ham and cheese sandwiches and pouring some Tabasco sauce on it.

Maria turned away to spot Lexie pulling herself up to her feet grinning.

"Oh my god Liz! Lexie is standing!" Said Maria
"Yeah Parker can too. It's been going on for about a week. Still haven't taken't a step yet. But I think Lexie is waiting for daddy to be here to do that." Said Liz
"Of course she is. She is such a daddy's girl." Said Serena
"Now how is she going to react to a new baby?" Asked Carolyn
"Not sure. I'm hoping that it won't be too bad."
"She does ok with Parker." Said Maria
"Most of the time."

The four woman spent the rest of the day talking.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt100 12/4

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L-J-L 76 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes Diane is a wonderful person.

begonia9508 Oh yes peace and quite is really over now!

A/N sad to say this is the final part! I have to say this turned out much longer then I planned and included characters that just pop in out of nowhere!

Part 100 five years later

Max walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his pregnant wife. Tomorrow their two oldest Alexis and Parker would start kindergarten. It was still hard to believe that it had been six years since Liz walked back into his life. Six years since they realized that they hadn't stopped loving each other even in the years apart.

"Hey Max ready for tomorrow?" Asked Liz
"No. How can they be going to kindergarten? It feels like just yesterday that Lexie didn't want to let go of me."
"Uh Max she was clinging to you yesterday. So was Amanda."
"OK that is true. So how are you feeling?"
"Tired. But that happens when your are seven months pregnant."
"So you glad we waited a few years between Amanda and this one?"
"Yes. Though Serena and Kyle have kept busy."
"Yeah she's pregnant again right?"
"Yes her fifth. Julia will start kindergarten tomorrow like our twins. Jimmy will be four soon, Jacqueline will be three, and Josh will two."
"What is it with them with the letter J?"
"Serena thought it would be cute."
"So what are they naming this one?"
"Well it's a girl. So I think they agreed on Jamie."
"Well after she had the second set of twins Isabel told Alex she was not getting pregnant again."
"Well those boys are so cute. Charlie and Philip."
"Yeah I know. Carolyn and David are having their second right?"
"Yes. Ben is such a cutie. He has Dave's eyes and Care's hair."
"Michael still wants a girl. The three boys aren't enough for him. Well they are a rowdy group. Nathan(4), Christopher (2) and Brandon (1)."
"Jason and Jessica got married a year after she showed up. Now she is pregnant with their second child."
"We can't forget Kat and Justin. They just got married right after graduating and she just found out she is pregnant."
"That's great!"
"Yeah she is so excited."
"I bet."

Max kissed his wife. Life was good. They had their family and friends. It had taken time for them to get to this point in their lives but they were very happy.

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