I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt61 10/21

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:39 am

keepsmiling7 Yes all the little babies have arrived. Jeff does love his family.

L-J-L 76 Yes poor Max! His little girl just wants mommy! Jeff wasn't going to let Doug near his daughter!

Natalie36 Don't worry Jeff will lay off soon.

Part 62 Two days after Thanksgiving

Liz finished getting dressed in only an hour she would be Mrs. Max Evans. She really couldn't wait. She wasn't nervous at all. She had been waiting for this day her whole life. Just like with Serena it was going to be a small simple wedding in her backyard. Though she had had a hard time sleeping the night before. She had grown use to sleeping with Max's arms wrapped around her. But tonight it would be just the two of them in the house. Isabel and Alex were going to take the twins. Isabel said it was for practice. She was now almost five months pregnant with her own set of twins. Alex was scared to death of the idea. But Liz knew that he would be fine.

"Ready Lizzie?" Asked Carolyn coming into the room.
"Yeah Care."
"Good. Let's go."
"Are you sure you don't mind helping Isabel with her idea of a perfect Christmas?"
"Hey I knew what I was getting into when I moved here. Kat is not happy about having to dress like an elf. Jay is really pissed that he is being forced to dress as a reindeer."
"Maria is Mrs. Clause this year."
"Yeah well you can't have a nearly seven month pregnant elf. No not only do I have to bake like three hundred cookies I have to be an elf too. You know I might have to talk Dave into maybe having a kid by next Christmas to get out of this mess next year."
"Are you that serious?"
"Liz, I love him. I love him more then anything."
"That's great Care."
"I hate the guy Kat is seeing. Don Shallow."
"Don Shallow?"
"Yeah. He is like four years older than her."
"Do you know if he has a brother?"
"Yeah Doug."
"If he is anything like his brother he is bad news."
"What do you mean?"
"Doug when he was in college in the area liked to pick up high school girls. He tried to get me to go out with him. He was five years older at the time. My dad told him if he didn't stay away from me he would call the cops. He never asked me out again. But I know of six or seven girls who did go out with him from my high school. My Senior year he got this one girl pregnant. His dad tried to pay her to terminate it."
"Kat, better not be having sex with this ass."
"Care, there isn't much you can do about that. It's her choice. Just hope she is being safe if she is."
"Sorry didn't mean to go all crazy big sister on you."
"We are cool Care. Now let's go. I am so ready to marry Max."

Carolyn smiled and walked through the house to the door to the backyard. Jeff smiled when he saw his only daughter. She was dressed in a long flowing white skirt with a peasant blouse and had flowers woven into her hair. She carried white roses in her hands.

"Lizzie you are beautiful." Said Jeff
"Thanks daddy."
"I'm sorry I have been pushing you so hard."
"Dad it's ok. I know that you just want what's best for me."
"Carolyn's sister is here with the pricks kid brother."
"I know. Dad, Kat is old enough to make her own choices."
"You're right. Now let's get you married to that man of yours."

Liz kissed her father. Twenty minutes later Max and Liz were married. Liz took her daughter from her mom. It turned out that little Lexie liked being held by her mommy better than her daddy. But Liz knew given time she would become a daddy's girl.

"Liz, I want you to meet my boyfriend. Don Shallow, Don this is Liz my sister's best friend." Said Kat
"Don, I knew your brother Doug. Just know this. You hurt Kat and you will have to deal with everyone here." Said Liz
"I'm not like that jerk Doug. Liz, his goal was to screw as many girls as he could. I'm looking for the right woman. I have not had sex. I know the fact that I'm so much older than Kat makes everyone nervous. But I will not treat Kat like my brother would."
"You don't seem surprised that I am protective of Kat."
"Liz, I told him that everyone here is like family." Said Kat

Liz walked around the backyard and talked with the rest of her family and friends.


Liz and Max watched as Alex and Isabel drove off with the twins. It was hard to watch them go. This would be their first night without them since they were born.

"They will be ok honey." Said Max
"I know."
"You know they need the practice. In four months or so they will have their own twins."
"I know."
"Liz, Isabel will not do anything to harm them."
"Max, I just miss them."
"Then maybe I need to do something to take your mind off them Mrs. Evans."
"What might that be Mr. Evans?"

Max just raised an eyebrow at his wife. Liz broke into a grin and ran for the bedroom. Max caught her in seconds and threw her down onto the bed. He pinned he in place as he began to kiss his way down to her shoulder. It didn't take long for them to undress each other. Liz opened her legs and wrapped them around Max's waist as he pushed his hard shaft deep into her. Both let out a groan of pleaser at their bodies being joined for the first time as husband and wife. Liz looked into her husband's loving eyes as they made love. It was fast and frantic. They screamed each others name as they came together. Max laid next to his wife holding her in his arms.

"I love you Elizabeth Evans."
"Love you Maxwell Evans."

They fell to sleep in each others arms.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt62 10/22

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keepsmiling7 We find out how the twins do without mommy and daddy here.

L-J-L 76 Yes a small simple wedding with only those close to Max And Liz

begonia9508 Yes simple was the way to go.

Disclaimer I don't own either song in this part. I don't know who owns "Hush little baby". "Baby, Baby" is by Amy Grant

Part 63

Alex paced in his livingroom carrying a cry Lexie. She had been fine until half an hour ago. That was when she started to cry. He had changed her diaper. He had tried feeding her, burped her and she still wouldn't stop crying. He had tried everything.

"Alex try singing to her." Said Isabel
"Why didn't I think of that?"

Isabel just smiled as she gave Parker a bottle.

"Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Uncle Alex's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Uncle Alex's gonna buy you a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring turns brass,"

Lexie started to quite down as he sang

"Uncle Alex's gonna buy you a looking glass
And if that looking glass gets broke,
Uncle Alex's gonna buy you a billy goat
And if that billy goat won't pull,
Uncle Alex's gonna buy you a cart and bull
And if that cart and bull fall down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town"

Soon Lexie was fast to sleep in Uncle Alex's arms. He couldn't help but smile at the sweet baby in his arms. He placed her down in the playpen they had brought them for the night.

"She liked you singing to her." Said Isabel
"Yeah. So how is he doing?"
"Good. He is really quite."
"Yeah well his sister has a good set of lungs. Why didn't Max and Liz warn us that Lexie liked to cry?"
"Do you think that we would have agreed to this if we had known?"
"Iz, you know you will be a great mom."
"You really think so?"
"Come on Parker seems to love his Aunt Izzy."
"To bad his sister doesn't seem to feel that way about Uncle Alex."
"She liked when I sang!"

Parker finished the bottle, Isabel burped him changed his diaper and soon he was fast to sleep.


Serena woke to a crying baby. She opened her eyes and saw that Kyle's side was empty. She got out of bed to find him pacing in the livingroom with their daughter in his arms. Heveas speaking softly to her.

"Julia, please quite down. Your mommy needs to get some sleep."

Julia didn't stop crying. Serena walked out and smiled at her husband and daughter.

"Rena, I got her. Go back to bed honey."
"Kyle, let me have her."

Kyle handed over the two month old and Serena started to sing softly.

"Baby, baby
I'm taken with the notion
To love you with the sweetest of devotion
Baby, baby
My tender love will flow from
The bluest sky to the deepest ocean
Stop for a minute
Baby, I'm so glad you're mine, yeah
You're mine
Baby, baby
The stars are shining for you
And just like me I'm sure that they adore you
Baby, baby
Go walkin' through the forest
The birds above a' singin' you a chorus
Stop for a minute
Baby, they're so glad you're mine, oh yeah
And ever since the day you put my heart in motion
Baby I realize that there's just no gettin' over you
Baby, baby
In any kind of weather
I'm here for you always and forever
Baby, baby
No muscle man could sever
My love for you is true and it will never
Stop for a minute
Baby, I'm so glad you're mine
And ever since the day you put my heart in motion
Baby I realize that there's no gettin' over you
And ever since the day you put my heart in motion
Baby I realize that there's just no gettin' over you
Over you
Baby, baby, always and forever
Baby I'm so glad
Here for you baby, I'm so glad you're mine
Baby I'm so glad
When I think about you it makes me smile
Baby, baby be mine, baby I'm so glad
Don't stop givin' love, don't stop, no
Baby I'm so glad that you're mine
Baby I'm glad"

Kyle smiled as Serena laid the baby in the crib. He had forgotten how nice her voice was.

"You should sing more."
"Kyle, I don't sing in public."
"Not saying you should. I'm just saying that you have a nice voice."
"I don't know. Kyle we should try and get some sleep while we can."
"You're right. Love ya Red."
"Love you always Buddha boy."

Kyle and Serena climbed into bed and tried to get some sleep.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt64 10/23

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begonia9508 Oh yes all their lives have changed.

L-J-L 76 Alex and Isabel are going to be fine as parents.

Natalie36 Yes everyone is enjoying baby time.

keepsmiling7 Hands on with a couple babies is the best way to train for Alex and Isabel to train for their own babies.

Part 64

Alex woke to the sound of a baby crying. He got out of bed and found Lexie crying. He lifted her up and felt the wet diaper.

"Sweetie are you going to be a good girl for Uncle Alex?"

His only response was more crying.

"Ok let's get you into a dry diaper."

He changed the diaper and Lexie started to quite down a little. He picked her up laid her against his shoulder and started to pace. He started to rub small circles on her back trying to sooth the baby. After about ten minutes Lexie was asleep. He was putting her down when he saw Isabel with Parker.

"Want me to take him?" Asked Alex
"No I'll be fine. You should try and get some sleep."

Alex when to bed and Isabel started to pace with her nephew.


Carolyn paced in the living room waiting for Kat to get home. She was worried about her little sister. Just then the front door opened and Kat walked in.

"Oh hi Care. You didn't have to wait up."
"Kat, I think we should talk."
"Care, I already have had the sex talk."
"I know. You know I don't like Don."
"I would have to be blind and stupid not to know that."
"Kat, are you on birth control?"
"Then I think you see someone at the campus clinic. I'm the last one to tell you not to have sex. I just want you to be safe when you make that choice."
"Care, I'm still a virgin."
"All the more reason. I love you. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. You only get one first time. Kat, if you feel you love this guy enough to give yourself to him then I can't stop you."
"You don't get on Jay about this."
"Kat, I already know our brother has had sex."
"Why are you treating me different then Jason?"

Carolyn bit her lip. Why was this different?

"Kat, women who sleep around just are treated different than men. They are viewed as sluts. Where guys by some are viewed by their pears in high regard for the number of girls they have been with at times."
"So some people would call you a slut is what you are saying."
"Kat, for a long time I would have called myself one. I didn't have feelings for most of the boys I was with. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did."
"Does David know about your past?"
"Yeah he does. You do know that this is the longest relationship I have been in? You know with a guy."
"Do you love him Care?"
"Yeah I do."
"Care, I'm not sure how I feel about Don. I like him. But I'm not in love."
"I just want you to be careful."
"I promise I will. Now can I go to bed? My study group is meeting at the campus library at ten tomorrow morning."
"OK night little sister."

Carolyn and Kat huged and Kat when off to bed.

"Care, you believe her?"

Carolyn turned to see her brother standing there in just his jeans. She also noticed a lion tattoo on his chest.

"Kat, isn't lying about having sex."
"You do regret what you use to be like don't you?"
"Care, Kat will be ok. I don't like this guy see is going out with either. But she is stubborn."
"It's a family trait."
"I know."
"By the way when did you get the tat?"
"Uh right before moving out here. A lion is so much cooler than what you got on your butt big sister."
"Jason, I was drunk! My so called best friend let me do it!"
"Hey don't let it get around but I like Scooby. Just don't get me started on that runt Scrappy."

Carolyn had to laugh at her brother. The things that drove him crazy.

"Night little brother."
"Night Care."

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt65 10/24

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L-J-L 76 Yes Carolyn has given Kat a lot to think about.

keepsmiling7 Yes Carolyn does have her hands full.

begonia9508 Keeping an eye on her siblings is a big responsibility for Carolyn.

Part 65

Liz woke and smiled at her husband who had been watching her.

"Morning Mr. Evans."
"Morning Mrs. Evans."
"You should have woken me Max."
"You needed the rest."
"There are other things we could have been doing."
"Liz, you haven't gone back on birth control have you?"
"We didn't use anything last night. You do know our history when we use nothing."
"Yeah. So maybe we have a big family. It sucks being any only child."
"Did you forget we got two for the price of one last time?"
"No. Max we can deal with whatever happens. I love you and I love our children."

Max took his wife's lips in his and soon they were making love again.


Maria sat at the kitchen table drink apple jucie. She didn't know how Liz did it being pregnant with twins. She felt like shit and she was only having on baby. She looked up when she saw Michael come in.

"Morning Pixie."
"Space boy."
"How you feeling?"
"Not great."
"I'm sorry."
"It's ok. Michael, I just glad that my morning sickness hasn't been nearly as bad as Serena's was."
"Have you thought any more about getting married?"
"Yeah maybe this summer."
"Sounds good. Liz and Max's backyard?"
"That would work. So far everyone but Alex and Isabel have used it."
"True. You going to be OK?"
"Yeah. Go to work."

Michael kissed Maria then headed out to his job as manger of the Crashdown.


Kat sat in the waiting room of the campus health clinic. She was waiting to see one of the doctors so she could get birth control. She knew that she wasn't going to have sex right away. Hell she didn't even know if she wanted to stay with Don. Last night he had started to hint that he wanted to have sex. But she knew she didn't love him. Carolyn had reminded her that she should be sure about who here first time was with. Her name was called she followed a nurse to an exam room.


Liz came out of the bathroom after her shower to find Max waiting with breakfast. She smiled that was one thing she learned after he moved in. Max was a great cook. She had to wonder where he had learned to cook. As much as she loved Diane, the poor woman just couldn't cook.

"Looks good." Said Liz giving him a kiss.
"Thanks. I talked to Isabel while you were in the shower. The twins were fine last night. Lexie gave Alex a hard time. But he was able to handle it."
"She gives you a hard time."
"She just hasn't warmed up to daddy yet."
"Max, you don't seem upset that your daughter would rather be with me then you."
"Liz, the way I see it is. I will be here for Lexie when she needs me. I will chase the monsters from her closet or from under the bed. I will help teach her to rideva bike, play catch if she wants. I will be there when she starts to date to scare the shit out of the boy."
"Drive her crazy if she has a kid with her boyfriend before she marries?"
"Oh she will not have sex until she is thirty."
"I think my dad said the same thing about me."
"No I mean it. I will lock her in her room if I have too."

Liz just laughed. She already knew that no matter what they do their kids would make their own choices on how to live their lives.

"Liz what if either comes to you and saids they want a tattoo?"
"I will tell them they can get it when they are eighteen. That yes I have one, but I was nineteen when I got it."
"Leaving out the part about the game of truth or dare with Aunt Carolyn?"

Max smiled knowing that his wife would never tell their kids they couldn't do something that she had done herself.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt66 10/25

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L-J-L 76 Yes Max and Liz are very loving with each other. Kat doesn't know what she is going to do yet, so she is just taking her sister's advice.

begonia9508 Well Liz can't really tell her kids they can't get a tattoo when she has one. But she can tell them they have to be eighteen or older.

keepsmiling7 Yes Max and Liz are going to be great parents. They both had good parents to learn from. Yes poor Diane, maybe Carolyn will come by and give her boss a hand.

Part 66

Liz knocked on the door to Alex and Isabel's apartment. She could hear Isabel coming to the door with Lexie crying. She turned to look at Max smiling. She missed her babies in the hours they were gone. Isabel opened the door and smiled at her brother and sister in law. Liz just reached for her daughter who once in her mother's arms stopped crying.

"Don't feel bad Iz. She likes Liz better then me too." Said Max
"She was good all morning until ten minutes ago. Though last night she was driving Alex nuts until he sang to her." Said Isabel
"Were you being hard on Uncle Alex last night Alexis?"asked Liz

The baby just cooed at her mother. Alex came out of the other room with Parker who was giggling in his arms.

"Alex what did you do to make him laugh?" Asked Liz
"Just started to giggle when I picked him up. Must think I look funny or something." Said Alex
"Has he done that before?" Asked Isabel
"No!" Said Liz
"Alex, I owe you a beer. Liz and I decide whoever was the first to get either baby to laugh would get a beer. Unless it was Serena. In which case it would be dinner." Said Max
"Well, Isabel you and Maria would get dinner too. We didn't talk about if it was someone under age. Because I sure as hell am not buying Carolyn's brother Jason dinner! He really can eat. I mean it." Said Liz
"We were at Thanksgiving. He ate more then Michael!" Said Isabel
"Though he did look a little green when you mixed your cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes before putting gravey on them." Said Alex
"It was a craving! Hey atlest I'm not keeping the company that makes Tobacco in business like Liz and Serena were." Said Isabel
"Maria was worse. Green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes." Said Max
"Maybe we should leave Maria out of this. She can't defened herself." Said Liz
"True. So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" Asked Isabel

Liz smiled.

"Just spending time with our little family. Oh and finish getting the test on the chapter I gave as homework ready." Said Liz
"She is already planning a major test for after Christmas." Said Max
"Really Liz? You are one of those teachers?" Asked Alex
"Yes Alex. I expect my students to study during their time off from school." Said Liz
"Liz, I'll take the play pen down to the SUV. Then we can get these two home." Said Max
"I'll give you a hand Max." Said Alex

Alex handed Parker to Isabel and helped Max gather up the twins stuff.


Jason walked into the house to find Kat sitting on the sofa lost in thought.

"Yo Kitty Kat!"
"Jay don't call me that!"
"What is bothering you Kat?"
"Nothing that I want to talk to you about."

Jason sat down next to his younger sister.

"Katerina, you know you can talk to me about anything."
"Jason, why didn't you tell me you had sex? I thought I was your best friend."
"Kat, I didn't tell you because that is not something a guy shares with his little sister."
"Who was it with? You know the first time."
"There has only been one girl. Jessica."
"My friend Jessica?!"
"That is another reason I didn't want to tell ya."
"Jason, I want you happy."
"I want the same for you. Kat, I honestly don't think Don is the right guy for you."
"I think you're right. He started to put pressure on me to have sex."
"Kat, if you don't think you are ready then don't let him pressure you. If you really wanted to be with him then you wouldn't have these feelings."
"Jay, you are a great brother."
"Thanks. Just remember if he doesn't want to wait for you then he isn't the right one."

Kat hugged her brother knowing what she was going to do about Don.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt67 10/26

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begonia9508 Yes babies have people they like. But it can change as they get older too.

L-J-L 76 Lexie was just missing her mommy. I thought it would be great to have Alex get alest one of the babies to laugh. Oh yes Liz is a tough teacher. We will find out soon what Kat does.

keepsmiling7 Yes Lexie was happy to see her mommy. Liz knows that the day will come her daughter becomes a daddy's girl.

Part 67

Serena, picked up Julia after changing her diaper. She loved her daughter and being a mom. She heard a knock on the door and carried her daughter to answer the door. She opened it and found her father in law standing there holding his cowboy hat.

"Jim come in."
"Thanks Serena."
"Is something wrong?"
"Let's sit down."
"This doesn't sound good."
"It's not."

Serena lead Jim over to the couch where they sat down together. Jim watched her with the baby.

"I'm just going to say this because there is no easy way to tell you. Sean is being released from prison."
"It's been like ten years."
"Yeah. He called Amy wanting to stay with us."
"That isn't going to happen. Amy will forgive a lot of things. But what that boy and his friends did to you is unforgivable. You already know Maria won't let him into her home."
"Jim, I knew that this day would come. I don't like it. But I am past what happened. Besides Carolyn already has the paper work in a file for a restranging order. All I need to do is turn it in when he is released if he moves to Roswell."
"Are you sure you are OK?"
"Jim, what Sean and his buddies did to me was really bad. I was in a very messed up place at the time. But in the end something good came out of it. Liz and I have never been closer in our lives. I gain a great group of friends who will do anything for me. Then there is Kyle, he opened my heart to love. That is something I really needed. Something I wouldn't give up for the world. Without Kyle, I wouldn't have my beautiful daughter."
"Serena, you know I love you like a daughter, not just because you are married to my son or mother of my granddaughter. I love because you are a wonderful young woman who has over come a great deal. You are stronger then you will ever know."

Serena hugged Jim. She knew that he really did love her and accepted her as part of his family.


Kat walked into Don's apartment with him. The plan was to watch a movie, but she felt uncomfortable with this. It wouldn't be bad if he hadn't started with the whole having sex thing last night. Don put a movie on and they both sat on the sofa with Don wrapping his arms around her. Now Don wasn't the first guy Kat had dated. But that was in high school and not very serious. This was different. About half way through the movie Don shifted and Kat found herself laying on her back. Don was on top of her kissing her. His hands reached under her shirt and cupped one of her breasts. Then reached down and started to undo her jeans. Kat pushed him off her.

"Don! I told you I don't want to have sex!"
"Kat, stop being a tease!"
"I'm not a tease. I am not ready to have sex."
"We have been going out for two months! Most girls give it up by now!"
"Don, you claim you aren't like your brother. But the fact is you are! If you can't respect the fact I don't want to or feel ready to have sex then we are done. Don't call me don't look at me on campus. Oh and if I find out you are spreading false stories about me, I will not only tell my brother, but Michael, Kyle, Alex and Max."
"I ain't afraid of them losers."
"I mean it."

With that Kat grabbed her purse and jacket and walked out slamming the door behind her. She ran down the stairs and out into the night air. She was walking down the street crying when a car pulled up next to her and honked. She looked over to see Justin Lopez from her bio class.

"Hey Kat! Can I give you a ride somewhere?"
"Yeah home?"
"Hop in."

Kat got in the car and Justin headed to her house. Neither said anything. Justin could tell something had upset Kat.

"You OK Kat?"
"I just broke up with Don."
"He was a jerk. Not who I thought he was."
"He wasn't good enough for you. Kat, you're special."
"Justin, you're sweet. I just broke up with the guy I was seeing."
"Hey! I get that. I'm not asking you out. You need time. But maybe we can get together to study, be both know you are better at bio then me."
"Yes Justin I would like that."

Justin pulled in front of Kat's house. Kat got out of the car. Justin waited until Kat was inside before pulling away.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt68 10/27

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begonia9508 Yes Kat has found a new friend in Justin......maybe more one day. We do have the expression of "the apple not falling far from the tree". Kat, finally saw Don's true colors.

Natalie36 Don't worry Kat's "big brothers" will be there if she needs them.

keepsmiling7 :D

L-J-L 76 We just got to wait to see what Serena does. Don was an asshole. Justin is going to turn out to be a very good guy. Don should hope that Kat doesn't say anything. The guys have "adopted" Kat as their little sister!

Part 68

Carolyn watched her sister get out of the car she hadn't seen before.

"Care, what are you doing?" Asked David
"That isn't Don's car."
"Maybe his broke down and he borrowed it from a friend."
"No. It was someone else in the car."
"Care, Kat is old enough to make her own choices."
"I know."

Just then the door opened and Kat walked in.

"Hi Care. Dave." Said Kat
"Hey Kat." Said Dave
"Hi Kat. Who was that who dropped you off?"
"His name is Justin Lopez. He is in my bio class."
"Why didn't Don bring you home?"
"Don is an asshole. He didn't want to take no for an answer."
"Did he force you?"
"No, I got out of there before he could. I also broke up with him. Justin saw me walking and offered to make sure I got home safely."
"I'm sorry Kitty Kat. I didn't want to be right about him."
"I know. But I did take your advice. I when to the campus clinic today and got birth control."
"That's good. You should still take it even if you aren't seeing anyone. That way when you are ready it will be effective."
"I will Care."
"So what can you tell me about Justin?"
"He's just a friend. But he is almost nineteen."
"Well you will be eighteen right before Christmas so that isn't too bad."
"Why don't I grab you girls the ice cream? Then I'll go wait for you in your room Care." Said Dave
"Thanks. Love you." Said Care
"Love you too baby."

Kat and Care sat on the sofa. Dave handed them each a spoon and the tub of rocky road and headed for Care's bedroom.

"So what else can you tell me about Justin?"
"He grew up here in Roswell. He when to West Roswell high."
"What's he like?"
"He is a good guy. I have done some lab work with him. He's smart, but biology isn't his best subject. He is more into computers."
"Sounds good. How do you feel about breaking up with Don?"
"It hurts that I was wrong about him. But truth is I don't think it would have lasted much longer anyway. I know I didn't love him."
"Kat, you will find love. There is someone out there for you."
"I know."
"Don can't be happy that you dumped him."
"He wasn't. But I told him if I find out he is spreading rumors about me I will send Michael, Alex, Kyle and Max after him."
"Oh yeah. They have adopted you as their little sister."
"I know. I really like knowing they will look out for me."
"You, Jay and I are family by blood. But there are a lot of other people here who see us as family."
"Care, I know. I love them all too. Mind if I go to bed? I'm kind of tired."
"Good night Katerina, I love you little sister."
"Love ya too."

Kat and Carolyn hugged. Kat when to her room and Carolyn cleaned up the ice cream before joining Dave in bed.


Max paced through the house with Lexie in his arms. She had been crying until a few minutes ago. But finally settled down to sleep in daddy's arms. He loved when either of the babies fell to sleep in his arms. But this felt better then it had with Parker. Lexie was really starting to warm up to him. He placed her back in her crib and rejoined his wife in bed.

"Told you she would be a daddy's girl in time." Liz mumbled half asleep.
"I know. Love you Liz."
"Love you too."

Both when back to sleep. Max with his arms around his wife.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt69 10/28

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Natalie36 Yes it is a good thing Kat and Carolyn talked.

L-J-L 76 Justin just might be the guy Kat has been looking for. Oh yes Lexie has her daddy right where she wants him! :lol:

begonia9508 Thanks Eve! Lexie, is wrapping daddy around her little fingers more every day!

Part 69 Two days before Christmas

"This isn't happing!" Yelled Isabel
"Uh what's wrong Isabel?" Asked Kat
"Victor broke his leg last night. How in the hell am I going to have Santa's sleigh without all nine reindeer?"
"Who was Victor again?"
"I know someone who might help."
"Will you call and ask? Please?"
"I'll call."

Kat pulled out her cell and hit the speed dial and a second later he answered.

"What can I do for you Kitten?"
"Justin, I wouldn't ask but I'm dealing with a pregnant Christmas Nazi here."
"What do I have to do?"
"I need you to come down to the children's ward of the hospital and play Rudolph."
"As in the red nosed reindeer?"
"I'll do it. But it will cost you a date."
"A date?"
"I would love to go out with you Justin."
"Great! Be there in ten."

Kat hung up and turned to Isabel.

"Justin will be here in ten minutes."
"Thank you Kat! You just saved everything."
"Yeah well I got to go get changed."

Kat was heading to the female changing room when Justin walked in. She smiled and ran over to hug him.

"Thank you so much. Isabel is crazy enough at Christmas. Throw in the pregnancy and it is almost unbearable."
"Kitten, I know all about the Christmas Nazi also known as Isabel Evans-Whitman. I was in the kids pageant ten years ago. Though back then she was only assisanting. But everything still had to be her idea of perfect."
"Yeah. Justin, you known I have been waiting for you to ask me out."
"Yeah. I really like you."
"Come you two. You can make lovey dovey eyes at each other later. We got things to do." Said Isabel

Kat and Justin rolled their eyes and head into the changing rooms to put on their costumes.

Serena shifted her daughter from her right arm to the left while watching Maria and Michael dressed as Mrs. Clause and Santa hand out gifts to the sick kids with the help of their eleves. Kat "Jingle Bell" and Carolyn "Misltoe" but what really had her was the way Kat and "Rudolph" were looking at each other.

"Rena what is it?" Asked Liz who was holding Parker.
"Who is that dressed as Rudolph?"
"Justin Lopez. He was in my biology class last year."
"Well it seems he and Kat like each other."
"It does. He's a good guy. You know he stayed after class the last couple of weeks just to help me carry my things to my car while I was pregnant with the twins."
"Yeah. I think they will be cute together."
"He won't hurt my kid sister will he Liz?" Asked Jason coming over still dressed as a reindeer.
"Jason, there aren't a lot of guys I would trust with someone I see as a little sister." Said Liz

Jason just nodded. He knew he could trust Liz on this.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt70 10/29

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L-J-L 76 Yes Justin and Kat are cute together.

begonia9508 Kat isn't afraid to tell Justin how she feels about him.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes Lexie loves her daddy. Did you really think the Christmas Nazi would let them escape this year? :lol:

Part 70 Christmas morning

Liz woke to find Parker laying on top of her wearing a little Santa hat. She smiled as Max came in carrying Lexie wearing a matching hat.

"Merry Christmas Mrs. Evans." Said Max
"Merry Christmas Mr. Evans." Said Liz
"Like their hats?"
"I love them. Where did they come from?"
"Kat found them and dropped them off yesterday."
"I have to thank her. They are so cute!"
"Well mommy you need to get up and get dressed. Your parents and my mom will be over in an hour to start making breakfast for everyone."
"We are letting you mom in the kitchen?"
"Don't worry. Your dad is going to make sure that she doesn't try and make some weird Martha Steward thing."
Max picked up Parker and took both babies out to the living room where he had the play pen set up. Liz got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. Though she had to note that she was more then a week late. She wasn't going to say anything until she knew for sure. She finished her shower and dressed in a pair of jeans and a Christmas sweater. Then just pulled on a pair of socks. She finished brushing her hair as the door bell rang. She came out of the bedroom and picked up Parker as Max grabbed Lexie. Then they answered the door as a family.

"Merry Christmas!" said Liz as her parents and Diane came in.
"Merry Christmas! Oh look at those hats on them. We need to get some pitchers!" Said Diane
"They look so cute!" Said Nancy
"Merry Christmas Lizzie. Max." Said Jeff
"Dad are you ever going to stop calling me Lizzie? I mean I'm not a little girl any more. I'm married and have two kids." Said Liz
"You will always be my little girl. No matter what. So no I won't ever stop calling you Lizzie." Said Jeff hugging her.

Serena, Kyle and Julia were the next to arrive. The three babies were all put in the play pen. Alex arrived with Isabel. Jim and Amy arrived and Michael and Maria weren't far behind.

"So are Carolyn, Kat and Jason coming over?" Asked Nancy
"Yeah. They will be over after breakfast. They were going to eat with Dave before he goes to work." Said Liz
"Didn't Dave work last Christmas?" Asked Maria
"Yes. Uh well he is working because he wants next Christmas off." Said Serena
"Is there something we should know?" Asked Jeff

Liz and Serena looked at each other.

"Dave was planning to ask Care to marry him last night." Said Liz
"Yeah." Said Serena
"What? I'm just hearing this?" Asked Maria
"Maria, you don't always keep secrets. Dave wanted to surprise Care." Said Serena
"Well breakfast is ready." Said Nancy

Everyone headed for the dinning room to eat breakfast.


Dave was nervous. His hands were sweating. He noticed that Kat was watching him.

"She said yes. So why can't you chill?" Asked Kat
"It's just I love your sister so much."
"Yeah I know. But how is everyone else going to react?"
"Well I would think Liz will be happy. I mean she is the one who set you up."
"True. So when are you going out with Justin?"
"Uh tomorrow. It's just dinner and maybe a movie."
"That's good."
"Hey you two want to grab something to eat before Jay eats everything?" Asked Care

Kat when to grab a plate while Dave wrapped an arm around Care and gave her a kiss before they when to grab there breakfast.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt71 10/31

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L-J-L 76 Yes that was a great way for Liz to wake up. Yes Dave and Care are going to get married.

begonia9508 Eve, Liz is only thinking it is possible that she is pregnant.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes the twins are all dressed up for Christmas. Dave and Care are engaged.Next Christmas there will be atlest three more babies. Isabel's twins and Maria's baby. As for another one from Max and Liz…

Part 71

Liz smiled as Care, Jason and Kat walked in. Liz looked at her friend wondering when she would find out if she was engaged or not. Care saw the look in her friend's eyes and made a slow show to remove her gloves. When she finally pulled her left glove off she just held it out to Liz.

"You said yes!?" Said Liz
"Yes Lizzie. I said yes. I'm going to marry Dave. I love him."
"Come on you got to show everyone."

Liz grabbed Carolyn's hand and dragged her into the living room. Kat had already picked up Parker, while Jason had Julia giggling. At the moment Lexie was in her father's arms with a firm grip on his sweater with her little hand.

"I see Lexie has daddy right where she wants him." Said Care
"Oh yeah, and he was so worried right after the twins were born, that his little girl didn't like him." Said Liz
"No he doesn't have to worry about that until she starts to date."
"Hey Care. Didn't you hear Alexis is not aloud to date until she is thirty." Said Max
"Yeah right. All she will have to do is look at you with those soulful eyes and a sad puppy dog face and you will cave." Said Care
"She's right Maxwell. So are congregations in order?" Said Michael
"Yes Michael, everyone Dave and I are going to get married." Said Care
"Buddha boy you owe me two weeks of foot rubs." Said Serena
"Betting against me Valenti?" Asked Care with a twinkle in her eyes.
"No I bet that Dave would chicken out." Said Kyle

Everyone laughed. Christmas day pasted quickly. Everyone exchanged gifts, but no one was at all surprised that the three little ones cleaned up the most. Once everyone was gone Max put their sleepy spoils babies to bed.

"You do know that they don't need most of the stuff they got?" Asked Max
"Actually Max most of the clothing is to big for them. So we just put it away for a couple months."
"Why they get things that are too big?"
"So that they will grow into them. Max in case you haven't noticed the twins are growing fast."
"I noticed."
"Liz there was something I noticed at dinner."
"What was that?"
"Uh you put put sugar on your ham. I don't think anyone else noticed."
"Max, I didn't realize I did that."
"Honey are you pregnant?"
"Maybe. If I am it could be only a months or so. You know our wedding night?"
"Liz, we made love other times before then."
"Get a home test tomorrow."
"You could always go and get it for me in the morning."
"Sweetie, I will do a lot of things for you. But that isn't one of them."

Liz looked at Max and pouted. Max just smiled picked Liz up thew her over his shoulder and carried her to their bed.

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