I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt52 10/11/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:01 am

Natalie36 Yes all the babies are doing well.

L-J-L 76 Liz and Serena have a great support from everyone.

Well David doesn't really need to take care of Liz. :lol: Max on the other hand is the babies daddy so it is only right that he take care of his children's little mama.

begonia9508 Liz knows she would start to show before other women. Not only because she is smaller then the average woman, but also she is having twins. She just didn't want to have David point it out. Don't forget we don't know if any other students said anything to her earlier in the day.

Part 52

Kyle pulled in front of Liz's house Friday night. He helped Serena out of the car and they walked up to the door together. Liz was waiting and smiled at her cousin and pulled her into a hug.

"Happy birthday Rena." Said Liz
"Thanks. How you feeling?" Asked Serena
"Good. What about you?"
"Better. The morning sickness is easing up. It's not all day any more. Just a few hours in the morning. But you got a nice little baby bump going."
"Don't remind me. I would fall in love with a twin, and end up having them myself."
"Twins?! And you are just telling me this?"
"I told Kyle. Valenti why didn't you tell your girlfriend I was having twins?"

Kyle looked at Liz and gulped. He knew you didn't piss her off. Now with her pregnant she really might be dangerous.

"Uh, I wasn't sure you wanted me to say anything Liz." Said Kyle
"OK you're forgiven. Now come on everyone else is inside." Said Liz

Max smiled at Kyle when he walked in. He knew that Kyle just got off very easy.

"Kyle, lucky for you Liz is in a good mood right now." Said Max
"Yeah. So she having any cravings?"
"Yeah, she had me out at Walmart in the middle of the night buying her pickles, Tobasco sauce and lemon pudding. She then ate it all together!"
"That is gross. Serena wanted apple pie with mustard last night."
"Kyle, how are we going to deal with this? I love Liz. But watching her eat that last night made my stomach hurt."
"They are pregnant. There is nothing we can do about it. Liz only has about five months left right?"
"Yeah. Serena what like five and a half?"
"Yeah, the doctor is pretty sure she conceived around New Years."
"Like a week after Liz."
"Yeah. You are only expecting one right?"
"Yeah. Liz seemed not to pleased about starting to show."
"Yeah the other night Dave said something to her about it and Liz threw a pillow at his head. It was kind of funny. Well Liz is carrying twins and she is on the small side so she would show earlier then some others."
"Yeah. I think she looks sexy with that little bump."
"I can't wait til Rena starts to show. But on another note everything set up for later?"
"Yeah. Liz actually thought the idea was very romantic. Didn't expect an ex jock to come up with it."
"I can be romantic if I want to be."
"Hey daddies get in here! We need you to play truth or dare!" Yelled Maria

Max and Kyle looked at each other knowing this wasn't good.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt53 10/12/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:55 am

begonia9508 Yes Kyle and Max are very understanding and taking good care of their women.

keepsmiling7 Yes Kyle and Max trading food craving stories is funny. Truth or dare will be interesting.

L-J-L 76 Kyle has a nice surprise in store for Serena. But that is to come later.

Natalie36 Yes the daddies are very happy.

Part 53

Max and Kyle took their seats in the circle near their girls. Isabel placed a bottle on the coffee table and gave it a spin. It stopped on Carolyn.

"Truth or dare. How is David in bed?" Asked Isabel
"Shit! Isn't that a little personal?" Asked David
"Dave the only rule is no dare can be harmful to anyone's body or health." Said Liz
"I'm going with truth. Dave, is good in bed. The best I've been with." Said Carolyn
"Really?" Asked Dave

Carolyn spun the bottle and it came to a stop on Max.

"Truth or dare? Do you want boys or girls?"
"Truth. I don't care as long as the twins are healthy. But I'm kind of hoping for on of each."

Max took his turn and smiled when it stopped on Kyle.

"Truth or dare? Why did you go out with Pam Troy in high school?" Asked Max
"Dare." Said Kyle
"I dare you to eat pickles with chocolate sauce."
"You got to be shitting me Evans!"
"Liz eats it."

Liz smacked Max on the arm playfully.

"Liz?" Asked Maria
"It was a craving!" Said Liz
"Fine but just note I think this is really gross." Said Kyle

Kyle completed his dare then spun the bottle. It landed on Alex.

"Truth or dare? How bad is Isabel's cooking really?" Asked Kyle

Alex took one look at Isabel and knew that he was screwed no matter what he chose.

"Dare." Said Alex
"I dare you to wear Isabel's bra the rest of the night. Without your shirt on." Said Kyle
"Come on lover boy." Said Isabel

Isabel and Alex left the room and returned five minutes later with Alex wearing a red lace bra. Everyone started to laugh.

"Not funny guys. Why is it I always end up being the one made fun of during these games? Even when I'm not playing." Asked Alex

Alex spun and it landed on Liz.

"Parker Truth or dare? Who was your first kiss?"

Liz shot Max a look wondering if he would be hurt knowing it wasn't him.

"If you want to answer go a head baby. Whoever it was was stupid and let you get away." Said Max
"Truth. Victor Cruz in the sixth grade. He was kind of bad. Wet and sloppy." Said Liz
"He hadn't improved by high school. I kissed him freshman year." Said Isabel

Liz spun and it landed on David. Liz smiled before coming up with her question.

"David truth or dare? Who was the first girl you slept with?"
"I don't know if I should answer that in front of my girlfriend." Said David
"So you choosing dare?" Asked Liz
"Yeah dare. Bring it on Parker."
"I dare you to let Care to put make up on you."
"Shit! Liz come on I thought we were friends!"
"Come on Davy, it could be a lot worse." Said Carolyn

David and Carolyn left the room only to return ten minutes later with David wearing dark blue eye shadow, bright red lipstick, mascara and red blush. David just shot Liz an evil look. Davevspun the bottle and bit landed on Serena.

"Truth or Dare Serena? If Kyle were to ask you to marry him would you say yes?" Asked David
"Truth. Yes if Kyle were to ask me I would marry him. I love him."

Serena spun and got Michael.
"Truth or dare? Are you ever going to ask Maria to marry you?"
"Truth. One day I plan to but it has to be just right." Said Michael
"You really want to get married Space boy?" Asked Maria
"Yeah Pixie. Just give me time to make it perfect when I ask."
"You got it."
"OK I'm just going to pick Maria so she can ask Izzy. Truth or dare do you think I would be a good father?"
"Truth. I think you will be a great father one day. Ok Izzy truth or dare? Do you want kids?"
"Truth. Yes, but unlike my brother I will wait until after the wedding."

They played another round learning new things about their friends and doing more crazy dares.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt54 10/13/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:49 am

L-J-L 76 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes the game when well and no tattoos.

begonia9508 Things are going well.

Natalie36 Yes they like truth or dare

Part 54

Max when into the kitchen to help Liz with the cake.

"Hey honey. You got everything set up?"
"Yeah the ring is in place. Kyle does know this doesn't get him out of a birthday gift right?"
"Yeah but that is going to be given in private. Will Rena like the ring?"
"Oh yeah. I helped him pick it out."
"Liz, when did you want to get married? I mean we could have a big wedding if you want later. But if you want we can have a civil ceremony before the twins are born."
"Max Evans we will have a real wedding after the twins are born. I will not look like a beached whale on my wedding day! Do you understand me?"
"Yes. And for the record you will never look like a beached whale. You are beautiful and sexy. Even more so with that little baby bump of yours."
"See if you think that in another couple months."
"Liz, you are and always be the most beautiful woman to me."
"I love you Max."
"I'll always love you Elizabeth Parker."

Liz kissed Max and the took the cake out to the group were David was sitting in nothing but his boxers with the words "I love puppies" written in red sharpie across his chest. Michael was missing patches of hair on his arms from having them waxed. Carolyn had wanted to have Kyle get a tattoo of a butterfly on his arm, but the tattoo shop was closed. So she settled for one drawn on in marker. Max, Alex and most of the girls avoided dares knowing they wouldn't be good.

"Can I put my pants back on? It's kind of cold!" Asked David
"Yeah but not your shirt. Not until it's time to leave." Said Serena
"Lucky it's your birthday Kent. Or I might really be mad." Said David
"Dave, be careful or you might be finding yourself in a bunch of cold showers for a while." Said Carolyn
"Care last time I checked you were the one who has been really horny lately." Said Dave
"TMI!" Said Liz
"Liz it's ok." Said Carolyn
"Let's do the cake." Kyle

Liz winked at Kyle letting him know it was all set. Then everyone sang happy birthday to Serena. Serena blew out the candles and when to cut it when she noticed something sparkling. She looked closer and then very gently pulled a demand ring out of the frosting.

"What is this?" Asked Serena
"Looks like a ring to me." Said Michael

Maria hit Michael in the back of the head. Kyle took the ring and knelt in front of Serena.

"Serena, I love you more then anything in this world. You are smart beautiful and make want to be a better person. You are going to be the mother of my child, and there is only one thing that will make me happier. That is if you will become my wife. Rena will you marry me?"

Serena looked and realized that all her friends knew about this. That Liz and Max helped Kyle set this up. She looked into Kyle's warm blue eyes waiting nervously waiting for her answer.

"Yes Kyle I'll marry you." Said Serena

Kyle placed the ring on Serena's finger and they kissed. Then all then all the girls gathered around to see the ring.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt55 10/14/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:49 am

keepsmiling7 Oh yes truth or dare was taken up a notch. Kyle truly loves Serena and never wants to leave her.

L-J-L 76 Yes Max and Liz are going to wait to marry.

Part 55 Three months later

Liz laid in bed with Max spooning her. She felt his strong arms wrap around her large belly.

"Morning honey." Max mumbled into her hair.
"Morning Max. You are talking me to my appointment right?"
"Wouldn't miss it. We going to find out about the twins right?"
"Yes. I want to know. But Max, I need to get up. I think I need your help."
"Ok. I'm getting up."

Max got out of bed and walked over to Liz's side and helped his nearly seven month pregnant girlfriend out of bed. Liz walked to the bathroom. She could tell that the babies were up and moving already. It felt nice to have them moving. She knew it was because they were doing very well. She finished in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom to dress. Max watched her and smiled she was so beautiful.

"Why are you looking at me like that Max?"
"Can't I look at the mother of my children like she is the most beautiful woman on earth?"
"Max, how can you think I'm beautiful? I'm huge."
"Liz, you are far from huge. You are pregnant with twins. I can't image you being any more beautiful then you are right now."
"Max, I love you."
"Liz, why do you find it hard to believe that I find you beautiful?"
"I just don't feel beautiful. Right now I feel fat."
"Liz, you have never seen yourself the way I do. It's the beauty inside that I see. You have a kind warm soul. You are also one of the strongest people I know."
"What did I do to deserve you?"
"Nothing other then let me into your heart."

Max and Liz kissed passionately. But Liz broke it all to soon.

"We have to get going soon."
"We can continue this later?"
"That can be arranged."

Max grinned and when to take a shower. Liz dressed and headed to the kitchen to get some apple juice. Since she had gotten pregnant she hadn't been able to drink orange juice. It just made her feel sick. Max joined her a short time later. Then they headed out to the doctor.

Half an hour later Liz was laying in the exam room with Max standing next to her waiting for the doctor to come in. Dr. Turner came in and smiled at the young couple.

"How are you feeling Liz?" Asked Dr. Turner
"Good. I mean this heat isn't any fun. But I'm doing OK."
"Good. Now let's see how the little ones are doing."

Dr. Turner started the ultrasound and Max and Liz smiled when theybsaw their babies on the screen.

"They are growing very good." Said Dr. Turner
"Doc can you tell us what they are?" Asked Max
"You want to know Liz?" Asked Dr. Turner
"Yeah. I want to know."

Dr. Turner moved the the wand stopping over one of the babies.

"This is your daughter. And this over here is your son. So you have one of each."
"A boy and girl Max!"
"Let's hope they both have your ears." Said Max
"What's wrong with your ears? I think they are cute."
"Yeah well you weren't the one called Dumbo by Pam Troy as a kid."
"True. But I am the one who pushed her into the mud for it. Not that any teacher believed her."
"Dave is right you are evil Parker. But I still love you."

Max lean down and kissed Liz. Dr. Turner watched the young couple. She could see how much these two loved each other.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt56 10/15

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begonia9508Yes Max's ears are cute.

L-J-L 76 Yes Max really shouldn't worry about his cute ears.

keepsmiling7 Yes Max and Liz are having a boy and girl.

Part 56

Liz walked into the Crashdown with Max right behind her. Her dad broke into a huge smile when he saw them. Max helped Liz sit down as Jeff came over to them.

"Hi dad." Said Liz
"Hi honey. How are you doing?" Asked Jeff
"Good. Just came from the doctor."
"Those grandchildren of mine nice and healthy?"
"Yeah dad. If you go get mom we can tell you what they are."
"You found out?"
"Yeah dad."
"I'll go get her. What do you want?"
"A men in blackberry shake and onion rings."
"Just a cherry coke." Said Max

Ten minutes later Jeff and Nancy had joined Max and Liz in the booth. Liz was nibbling on her onion rings covered in Tobacco and dipping them in ranch dressing.

"So Liz how was your appointment?" Asked Nancy
"It when well both babies are healthy." Said Liz
"Good. Your dad said you found out what they are."
"Yeah we did Nancy." Said Max
"So do I have granddaughters or grandsons?" Asked Nancy
"One of each. A boy and a girl." Said Liz
"That is wonderful!" Said Nancy
"Mom, yeah it is great." Said Liz
"Liz, have you two set a date for your wedding?" Asked Jeff
"No dad. But it will be after the twins are born. But we will get married dad."
"It's just I thought I would give you away before becoming a grandfather."
"Jeff, I did offer to have a small quick wedding before the twins are born. But Liz turned me down." Said Max
"Jeffery, leave Liz alone. She is an adult and can make her own choices. Besides, Max is a good guy. He is taking very good care of our daughter." Said Nancy
"Mom, it's OK. Dad, I know that you wanted me to do things different. But the truth is it is my life. I love Max, I will marry him. But not until I am ready, and I am not ready." Said Liz
"OK honey I'll back off." Said Jeff
"Oh and stop bugging Serena and Kyle too. They will get married when they are ready." Said Liz
"OK I'll back off." Said Jeff


Two later Max and Liz returned to their house. Max was helping Liz out of the car when his mom pulled in her driveway.

"Hi mom." Said Max
"Hi Max. How you feeling Liz?" Asked Diane
"Ok. We had a doctor appointment earlier." Said Liz
"Everything ok?"
"Everything is great mom."
"It really is Diane. We found out what the babies are." Said Liz
"Yeah. We're having a boy and a girl." Said Liz
"That is wonderful."
"We're really happy about it." Said Max
"We would be happy no matter what. As long as they are both healthy it doesn't matter." Said Liz
"That is all that really matters." Said Diane
"Mom, I should get Liz inside. She needs her rest. Even if she won't admit it."
"Right. You take care Liz and I'll see you later." Said Diane

Max and Liz both hugged Diane and headed inside.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT)pt57 10/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:35 am

L-J-L 76 Yes all the grandparents are happy to know about the grand babies.

keepsmiling7 Jeff is just being a dad.

begonia9508 Yes Jeff wishes Liz had gone the "normal" route. But also understands that this is Liz's life.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 57

Kyle laid in bed watching Serena sleep. She was so beautiful. It didn't even bother him when she complained that she was fat. He was so happy when they found out that they were having a little girl. He really hoped that she would look just like her mother. Serena started to stir and Kyle pulled her close.

"Morning Red."
"Morning Kyle."
"How you feeling?"
"Good for being a little over six months pregnant."
"I got to get up and get to work soon."
"You off this weekend right?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Let's go to Vegas and get married."
"You sure that is what you want to do? You know Liz can't fly."
"I know. But I want us married before our daughter is born. I know I may piss off Liz but she will understand."
"Rena, do you really want to do that to Liz? She is like your best friend."
"Kyle, I want to get married before our daughter is born."
"OK, we can get married here. We get the marriage license tomorrow and just have the Mayor or a judge marry us either this weekend or next. That way Liz won't miss it."
"That would work."
"And Liz won't go crazy on ya."
"That is true."
"Now let me go take a shower and get ready for work."
"Do you have to?"
"Red, I got to work so that we can stay in this nice apartment. Unless you want to move in with my dad and Amy, or your Aunt and Uncle."
"No way! Uncle Jeff would be bugging us nonstop about getting married."
"Then I have to go to work."

Kyle kissed Serena and headed for the bathroom.


Serena followed Liz and Isabel through the store looking at baby stuff. She had to admit that Isabel really knew how to shop. She smiled when she saw Isabel pick up a pair of baby over all with an alien on them. You could find almost anything alien related in Roswell.

"What do you think Rena?" Asked Isabel
"I think they would be cute for a boy." Said Serena
"Rena is something bothering you?" Asked Liz
"Uh Kyle and I decided to get married really soon."
"Please tell me you aren't eloping to Vegas." Said Liz
"We're not. Kyle talked me out of it. We are just going to do like a city hall wedding though."
"Is that what you really want Serena?" Asked Isabel
"Yeah, I mean Liz, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff are the only family I care to have there. That and my friends." Said Serena
"If it's only us. Then why not have it at my house? We can have a lunch or dinner there too. I'm sure Amy can make a cake if you ask." Said Liz
"You really would do that?" Asked Serena
"Rena, you are more then my cousin. You are the sister I never had and one of my very best friends." Said Liz
"Love you too Beth."

Liz and Serena hugged and continued to show with Isabel.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt58 10/17

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L-J-L 76 Serena was happy about Liz's idea of a backyard wedding.

begonia9508 No once the baby is born things aren't going to be easy.

Natalie36 Thanks!

keepsmiling7 Yes Kyle knows how important family really is to Serena and she would regret not having them at her wedding.

Part 58 Two weeks later

Serena paced in Liz's guest room. She didn't think that she would be this nervous. Liz, Isabel, Maria and Carolyn were trying to calm her down.

"Rena, you love Kyle. He loves you. Everything is going to be fine." Said Liz
"I know. It's just after today I will be Mrs. Kyle Valenti." Said Serena
"Yeah. You want this. Why on earth you want to marry Kyle is beyond me. I mean he tells the lamest jokes I have ever hear." Said Maria
"I like his jokes."
"Maria, Kyle is so sweet to Rena. He tearts her right too." Said Carolyn
"He knows my demons and still loves me. I couldn't ask for a better guy."
"You do look great Rena." Said Isabel
"Yeah for being seven months pregnant."
"Rena, in case you haven't noticed I'm the one as big as a house!" Said Liz
"You aren't as big as a house. You're just pregnant with twins." Said Serena

Just then there was a knock on the door and Nancy stuck her head in.

"Ready girls?" Asked Nancy
"Yeah Aunt Nancy." Said Serena

Serena walked into the backyard. She could see Kyle waiting for her. He had a big smile on his face. Serena was dressed in a simple off white sleeveless dress. She had white daisies woven into a crown on her head. She had a boquate of white daisies in her hands. Liz was her maid of honor and Alex was serving as Kyle's best man. Judge Lewis stood waiting for her to walk down the isale.

"You look beautiful Serena." Said Jeff
"Thank you Uncle Jeff. Thank you too for giving me away. I know I'm not your daughter. But for almost half my life you have been a father to me."
"Sweet heart, I love you as much as I love Lizzie. I am honored that you asked me to do this."
"Love you too Uncle Jeff."

Jeff gave Serena a kiss on her head.

"I still don't like that you got that snake tattooed on your arm. But that was your choice to make."
"Yeah it was. It's a reminder of the demons I have taught. That things can get better."
"I know. Come on I think we have kept Kyle waiting long enough."

The music started Liz walked down isale first then Jeff walked down with Serena on his arm. When they reached Kyle, Jeff kissed her cheek and wispared in Kyle's ear.

"Take good care of her."
"You know I will." Said Kyle

Jeff took his seat next to his wife. The only other guests were Jim Valenti, Amy DuLuca, Diane Evans, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Max, Carolyn, David and Carolyn's brother Jason and sister Katerina.

"We are gather here today to join Kyle James Valenti and Serena Victoria Kent in marriage. It is my understanding that the bride and groom have written their own vows." Said Judge Lewis
"Kyle, I never will forget when you saved me. I had hit rock bottom. You were one of the people that pulled me back up. You just spoke softly to me that night my life changed. It took something tramic for me to realize how messed up I really was. You did more then just save me from those boys, you saved my life that night. It took time but I slowly fell in love with you. I don't ever want to spend another day without you. I love you and from today on I want to grow old with you. I know for a fact that you are my soulmate."
"Serena, I still remember the day you came to Roswell after your parents died. You were angry and fighting with everyone. Then you started to withdraw. But I felt this pull like I had to look out for you. The night I saved you, I had already fallen in love with you. I just didn't know it at the time. I know that you are my soulmate and can't imagain spending my life without you."

They exchanged rings. Then Judge Lewis pronounced them husband and wife. Kyle and Serena kissed and then it was time to start celebrating.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt59 10/18

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L-J-L 76 Yes they pulled everything in two weeks. Isabel may have been behind it! :lol:

Part 59

Liz watched Serena and Kyle. She was happy for her cousin. She knew Serena deserved this. She smiled when she felt Max's arm around her.

"How you feeling baby?"
"Not too bad. I'm a little tired. But other then that I'm good."
"We have to think of names for these two."
"Yeah I know. But we still have time."
"Liz, you still sure you want to wait?"
"Yes Max. My dad isn't happy that we are waiting. But he has accepted that this is my life."
"I love you so much. And I love our children. I hope to have more with you."
"Yeah well we will plan better. I will not be this far a long in a pregnancy in the summer ever again!"

Max laughed. But he knew that Liz had to be uncomfortable. Roswell was hot in the summer being in the desert.

"I'm not kidding Evans!"
"Liz, it's just you are so cute when you are pissed off."

Max leaned down and started to kiss Liz's neck.

"Knock it off you two. Isn't that the kind of thing that got you into this mess?" Asked Carolyn
"Shut up Care." Said Liz
"Don't listen to her. It's just the hormones talking." Said Max

Liz turned around smacked Max and walked off.

"Max, you do know you are playing a dangerous game." Said Carolyn
"Yeah. I know Liz will get me back. But I wouldn't tease her like this if I didn't love her."
"I know. She is the happiest I have ever seen her. You know she really does want this family with you."
"I know. When she lost the baby back in college how was she?"
"Depressed. I know it wasn't planned but I think she wanted that baby."
"She doesn't talk about it."
"Max, she really was hurting back then. I think it is still painful for her."
"She is beautiful Care. I mean it. She has this glow to her."
"She does. Max, Liz will be OK. I mean it. She is tougher then she looks."
"Don't I know it. Thanks Care. You really ate a great friend."

Carolyn smiled and when to see what her brother was doing to drive Michael crazy.


"Dude I'm telling you the Dallas Stars don't stand a chance against the Boston Burins this year!" Said Jason
"No fickin' way! The Stars are going all the way this year!" Said Michael

Carolyn rolled her eyes she should have known they would be talking sports. Hockey season just ended and they were already talking about next season.

"You missed the fight about the Cowboys and Patriots. They also talked baseball." Said Katerina
"You doing OK Kat?" Asked Carolyn
"Yeah. I missed you a lot Care."
"Missed you too Kat. But I had to do what was best for you and Jay. The two of you staying with the Marks was the best thing."
"Hey I never blamed you. Care you were sixteen when mom and dad died. You weren't ready to take care of us Care. It was easier to keep Jayband me together then the three of us. You got in to Harvard and law school. Now you are a lawyer. Mom and dad would be proud of you."
"They would be proud of you too Kat. I still don't get why you turned down Harvard and Yale for New Mexico State."
"Because you are out here. If you had taken a job in New York I would have chosen NYU, Boston then I would have picked Harvard. Care, I don't want to lose any more time with you."
"So what are you going to study my genius sister of mine?"
"I'm not a genius."
"I got to agree with our big sister kitty Kat. Perfect score on the SAT? Hell I hear Liz Parker envies you." Said Jason
"I'm thinking medicine." said Kat.
"You would make a great doctor. If you really are want to do that you should talk to Dave." Said Carolyn
"I might do that."

The party when on for the next three hours. When both the bride and hostess grew tired and needed to rest.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) PT 60 10/19

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L-J-L Yes it's great that Carolyn has her younger brother and sister with her now. Max and Carolyn did have a nice talk.

begonia9508 Thanks!

Part 60 six weeks later

"I'm going to fucking kill Max!" Yelled Liz

Isabel just laughed as she pushed Liz's wheelchair through the hospital to the maternity ward.

"Liz if I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be rich. Of course each time the man's name is different."
"Izzy I fuckin' mean it! I will kill you brother! I am never doing this again!"
"Liz just relax. Just think about holding your daughter and son."
"God it hurts!"
"Liz, you will be fine. Max will be here soon. I can't wait to meet my niece and nephew."

Half an hour later Liz was in a delivery room with Max by her side. Max held her hand as she squeezed it as she began to push.

"Liz, you're doing great. I can see the head." Said Dr. Turner

Fifteen minutes later Liz and Max held their children. There daughter who was born first and then their son who came into the world five minutes later.

"Liz we never did talk about names." Said Max
"Alexis Serena Evans and uh....." Said Liz
"How about Parker Joseph Evans. Joseph was my dad's middle name." Said Max
"Perfect. Uh Max about earlier?"
"It's forgotten baby."

Just then there was knock on the door and Isabel stuck her head in.

"You two know you have a waiting room full of people who want to meet the babies." Said Isabel
"Send in the grandparents." Said Liz

Isabel disappeared and a few minutes later Jeff, Nancy and Diane came in.

"We would like you to meet Alexis Serena and Parker Joseph Evans." Said Max
"They are beautiful. Oh look he has Max's ears!" Said Diane
"Oh he does!" Said Nancy with a laugh.
"Please don't remind me. I wish he had gotten Liz's ears." Said Max
"Max will you stop complaining about your ears! I love you. I love those ears so will you stop already! Parker has a sister who will not let the Pam Tory's of the world call him dumbo or an other name. Do you really think Alexis will let anyone but her pick on her brother?"
"Ok honey. I'll back off on the ears. But Parker just remember I'm sorry." Said Max
"Liz, thank you! I have spent most of his life trying to get him to forget about his ears. He got them from my father." Said Diane
"I keep telling him his ears are cute."
"I agree with you Liz. Max, your ears are part of who you are. But it's the person you are that Liz fell in love with. You stepped up to be the man of your family when your father died." Said Nancy
"Max, I don't regret anything that happens between us. I think that those things we have been through have made us stronger." Said Liz
"Liz, I do have one regret. That when you broke up with me that I didn't go after you." Said Max
"Stop then. We would both be different people if you had chased me. While I never stopped loving you. I needed to see what else was out there. I had to realize that everyone else would always be second best to my best friend. You needed to see what other girl were out there too." Said Liz
"I know. But none of them were as good as you."

Max leaned down and kissed Liz.

"So how long before you two get married?" Asked Jeff with a smirk as both Max and Liz turned bright red.

Nancy reached over and slapped her husband on the back of the head. Isabel came in at that moment.

"Ok everyone out! Mommy needs to get some rest. The grandparents very reluctantly left while Max settled the twins into the bassists so Liz could get some rest.


At the same time down the hall Serena was going into labor. Kyle took the washcloth and used it to try and wipe some of the sweat from Serena's face.

"Dr. Turner isn't it early for the baby?" Asked Kyle
"Only a few weeks. Shebjust wants to meet her cousins." Said Dr. Turner
"She will be ok?" Asked Serena
"She is fine. Just might be a little small."
"If your sure." Said Serena
"Just trust her sweetheart." said Kyle

It was two hours later that Julia Elizabeth Valenti entered the world. She had her father's blue eyes and little tuffs of reddish hair. Jim smiled as he held his granddaughter knowing he was going to spoil her.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt60 10/20

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L-J-L 76 Yes Liz and Serena gave birth on the same day. Jeff just wants to make sure that his daughter is taken care of.

begonia9508 Yes it is sweet that Liz and Serena had their babies on the same day.

A/N Just a warning that Tess is mentioned in this part. But it doesn't mean she will show up later! Haven't made up my mind on that one yet!

Part 61

Liz held her son in her arm smiling. He looked so much like his father except for his eyes. His eyes were so much like hers. His sister had her fathers eyes and looked much more like her. Max was walking around the house trying to get their daughter to stop crying. He had changed her diaper, she had eaten and still wasn't calming down. Her brother seemed to be happy sleeping in his mother's arm. Liz had to admit she loved the feeling of either of her babies sleeping in her arms. There was a knock on the door. Liz got up opened the door smiling at her cousin and Kyle standing there with their daughter in her carseat.

"Hi Rena, Kyle. Come on in." Said Liz
"Oh look at him! He looks just like a little Max! Even has his ears." Said Serena
"Yeah. Just don't bring the ears thing up to Max."
"He still not over that?" Asked Kyle
"What is wrong with Max's ears?" Asked Serena
"Other then then Pam Troy calling me Dumbo?" Asked Max
"Not going to happen. Yeah Pam Troy has like five kids already. Don't even think they have all have the same father. She ain't married that is for sure." Said Kyle
"Didn't her oldest just turn seven?" Asked Max
"Yeah she was pregnant when we gardurated. She had been screwing that college guy Doug Shallow. Heard his dad offered her big money to terminate it. She refused." Said Serena lifting her daughter out of the car seat.
"Doug was an asshole. He liked to go after high school girls. Remember Tess Harding? She when to school with us freshman year. He had sex with her. Her dad flipped out and sent to that all girl boarding school in Vermont." Said Kyle
"I remember Tess she was always trying to get me to go out with her. She didn't get she wasn't my type." Said Max
"Why don't I remember this?" Asked Serena
"Because, this happened after you when into rehab and councling for your drug problem and rape Rena." Said Liz softly
"That explains it." Said Serena
"You know Doug wanted to go out with me. But my dad told him if he didn't stay away from me he would have him arrested. I was fifteen at the time and Doug had just turned twenty." Said Liz taking Alexis from Max after putting Parker down.
"Did he pull out his gun?" Asked Kyle
"No but I think he wanted to. I wouldn't have gone out with Doug anyway. I had already fallen in love with someone by then." Said Liz

Max wrapped an arm around Liz and kissed her.

"By the way Liz, your dad asked me yesterday if I knew when you were getting married." Said Kyle
"God I wish he would lay off! At this point I am very tempted to leave the twins with my parents and flying with Max to Vegas to elope." Said Liz
"Honey, you don't really want to do that do you?" Asked Max
"No but he is driving me crazy! It has only been three weeks since the twins were born!"
"Liz how about we get married the Saturday after Thanksgiving?" Asked Max
"You do know your crazy ass sister is putting her frickin' Santa Village up again."
"Good news you and Rena get out of dressing up this year. Not that the rest of us do. Kat is taking over as Snowflake's cousin Jingle Bell." Said Kyle
"She is not happy about it." Said Serena
"You can't fight the Christmas Nazi." Said Max
"Why in are we talking about this? Halloween isn't for two more weeks!" Said Serena
"Good question. Let's drop it." Said Liz

The four of them spent the afternoon together enjoying being together.

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