I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:37 pm

Title I Never Stopped Loving You
Disclaimer I do not own anything involving Roswell, the show or books. I am borrowing the characters for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.
Category AU mainly M/L though most of the others will appear.
Rating Mature/Adult
Summary Max and Liz were high school sweethearts who haven't seen each other since the end of high school. When Liz moves back to Roswell after a break up, will old sparks fly again? Then when danger appears will everyone come out of it safe.

Part 1

She turned down Murray Lane, it had been close to seven years since she had been on this street. Hell it had been five since she had last been in Roswell. But she had returned to her home town to start work as a teacher at her old high school in a month. She wondered if she would run into her, one time boyfriend, her one time best friend. That was a meeting she wasn't really looking forward to. She knew she had loved him back then. But, they had gone to different collages in different states. They had stayed in touch for a while but soon it stopped. She had gone out with a few guys while in school, slept with a couple. The first was an asshole. He had told her he loved her. But it had been a lie. His buddies had made a bet with him that he couldn't get between her legs. While it had hurt to find out that he really didn't care about her, in the end the joke had been on Jack. He bet his buddies a hundred bucks each she was a virgin and he would pop her cherry. Boy Jack was surprised when he entered her to find that she had been with someone before. He lost five hundred bucks that night. He had been angry to find that out and the sex was rough and painful for her. It hurt more then her first time had with the boy that she had to admit still had a piece of her heart. She dated others after collage had sex with some of them. But that was all it was sex. There had been only one person she had made love to.

She pulled in the driveway of the house next to the one next to the one she had spent most of her teen years at. The movers had been there the week before. Her cousin had shown them where everything should go. She got out of her car and stretched before heading for the door. Once inside she found boxes neatly stacked along the wall of the living room. She walked through the house and smiled. Her cousin was right when she had said the layout was the same as the one next door. Her mind wondered back to that day nine years ago when she gave herself to him for the first time the day they both experienced sex for the first time.

~They had gone to his room. His parents were out of town for the weekend and his sister was out with her boyfriend. They had the whole house to themselves. At sixteen they really did believe that they were in love. The fact they had known each other their whole lives had increased these feelings. It had started out like many of their make out sessions. But it changed quickly. He pulled at her T-shirt, soon it was laying on the floor, her bra jeans had followed quickly. Then his shirt and jeans. Then both of their underwear joined the rest of their clothes on the floor of his room. He had just seemed to know what to do to bring pleasure to her body. He smiled as she moaned out. She could feel his groin growing harder as he grind against her. He sat up and opened the drawer next to the bed and removed a condom. He looked her in the eye asking the an unasked question. She nodded and then told him to make love to her. He put the condom on and slowly enter her. He inched in until he reached her virginity. He looked in here eyes asking if she was really sure. She had told him to just do it. He pulled back and then pushed through the barrier. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she felt a quick shot of pain. He waited until she signaled she was ready and their first time together was the most amazing thing she had experienced.~

Snapping out of her memory. She found her way to the kitchen. Where there was a note from her cousin.

-Yo Cuz,
I know you go nuts if your crap isn't put away right. I left the boxes for you. Got the furniture where I think you want it. See ya later!

She rolled her eyes. She loved her cousin Serena, but the girl was a little crazy and had been through a lot. Just then there was a knock on the front door. She had a good idea who it was. Taking a deep breath she headed back to the front of the house to greet her ex's mother, while saying a prayer that she wasn't bringing one of her cooking disasters.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L 8/15/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:42 am

[bL-J-L 76][/b] Thanks for reading! What no questions? Lol :lol: here is the next part.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, Yes Liz is returning to Roswell. Is first love in Roswell, you find out here. Will she see him again? Safe bet. :wink:

begonia9508 Eve, Liz wasn't married to anyone. It's her boyfriend from high school whose mother is at the door. :D

Part 2

She smiled as she opened the door and found Diane Evans on the porch. The older woman gave her a smile while holding a casserole dish.

"Hi Mrs. Evans. Come in please we can put that in the kitchen. Sorry about the mess I just got here a little while ago."
"It's alright honey. It's good to see you Liz. I was surprised a couple months ago when I saw your cousin over here."
"Yeah, I had some things to finish back east so when I got the job at West Roswell I asked Serena to find me a house. My last job paid well, better then this one to be honest. But I needed to come back. I was on the phone when she looked at this house. She told me it was the same layout as yours, and the price was right so I took it."
"Have you talked to Max lately?"
"No. I haven't talked to him since our brake up. Is he seeing someone?"
"No. What about you?"
"I was but it ended really badly."
^If you call the guy fucking another girl and asking you to join them bad.^
"I'm sorry to hear that."
"It's OK. I realized I didn't love Scott the way I should have to be with him. I don't think he loved me at all. He was sleeping around behind my back. I caught him with another girl."
"Liz, your mom told you have had a few boyfriends. Since your brake up with Max."
"I have had four. I've gone out with more. But most only lasted one date, some cases it was two. For me to see them as a boyfriend it had to go past four dates. Mrs. Evans, right now I need to figure out what I want. I made some bad choices in the past. So until I figure things out I can't be in a relationship."
"That is understandable. But I do need to warn you, Max is over all the time."
"I understand that."
"I'll let you to your unpacking. By the way welcome home Liz."
"Thanks Mrs. Evans."


Max Evans walked into Cow Patties walked up to the bar ordered a beer and headed over to the corner table to join his friends. He had been friends since he was a kid. It was funny how they had all ended up in couples. His sister had just become engaged to Alex Whitman. His best friend Michael Geurin was living with his long time girlfriend Maria DuLuca. Both made kind of odd couples for different reasons. But the oddest was Kyle Valenti the cop and Serena Kent. Serena, had been troubled as a teenager. Her parents had been killed by a drunk when she was twelve. She then came to live with her Aunt and uncle, which had been hard on both Serena and her cousin Liz. Serena started to use drugs and smoke. She had gone to a party freshman year of high school and gotten high, Kyle walked in on six of his teammates taking turns raping her. He called his dad and they were arrested. Maria's cousin Sean had been the leader of the group. He had just turned eighteen, Serena had been fourteen at the time. The other five had told the same story, Sean took his turn first then they went. There were only two people since then Serena was truly open with. Kyle and Liz. God he missed Liz. He understood her wanting to brake up during college. But to cut him out completely had really hurt. He sat at the table where Michael and Kyle were talking about the baseball game playing in the background. Maria and Isabel were talking fashion. Alex was doing something on his lab top. Serena gave him a smile and sipped her coke. He knew she never drank, so when they got together like this she always drank soda.

"Hey Rena. How are you?"
"Hey Max, doing better. The shrink is helping. Kyle is such a great guy."
"He isn't putting any pressure on you is he?"
"No. But I have some news that you might be of interest. Liz is moving back to Roswell. She will be teaching at West Roswell in the fall."
"Wasn't she seeing someone back east?"
"Was is the word. She walked in on him fucking some else, then asked her to join them. This was two days after giving her a key to his apartment and asking her to move in with him."
"What scum."
"Yep. Liz was so pissed she threw this rock he used as a paper weight at his head. Oh and told the girl in bed with him that he cries after sex."
"It's true! When I visited last year he spent the night once and I heard crying in Liz's room. She slipped out flipping out saying he was doing it again." Said Maria

Max took a drink of his beer. He knew Liz well enough not to try and get together with her right now. He loved her. Never stopped. But if he made a move right now she may end up hating him and never want to see him again.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L pt 2 8/16/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:22 am

keepsmiling7 Yes Liz has some things to work through. As for Diane, she loves Liz like she is her own. She had hoped that Liz and Max would marry. :D Though Liz will get her first look at Max soon! :wink: Diane is just fishing to see if Max has anyone to fight off to win Liz back! :lol:

L-J-L 76 Yeah Liz's ex is a jerk though we might not have seen the last of him! :wink: Oh yes Diane was nice to come see Liz. I always kinda pitchered her as the welcome wagon! :lol: Who will see Liz first? Good question. Find out here! :D

begonia9508 Eve, Diane has known Liz a long time. Before they dated Max and Liz were close friends. So Liz spent a lot of time at the Evans house.

Part 3

Liz rolled over and looked at her clock to see that it was almost nine in the morning. She could hear someone cutting the grass. She got out of bed and looked out to see someone she hadn't seen in a long time cutting her grass. He had his shirt off and he had filled out nicely since the last time she was with him. She got up took a quick shower and made her way to the backyard with a bottle of water and her morning cup of coffee. She smiled as he worked. He smiled when he saw her. He turned off the mower and walked over to her.

"Hey Max."
"I always come over to take care of the yard for my mom. She told me you bought this house. I notice that your lawn needed to be cut so I thought I would do it for you. I mean since I was here anyway."
"Thank you. I haven't gotten anything for the yard yet. Or set up lawn care."
"How about, this. I will cut your lawn for you. In return, we renew our friendship. If it becomes more later that will be up to you."
"I would like that. But there is one thing. You have to let me make you dinner."
"Deal. When do you want to make me this dinner?"
"Are you free tonight?"
"Then let me go to the store to get some stuff."
"Great. By the way Liz, you look really good."
"So do you Max."

Max took a drink of the water put the bottle down and went back to work. Liz grabbed her purse and keys and headed for the store. Tonight she would make her stuffed shells with with meat sauce, garlic bread and Caesar salad.


Diane had watched Max and Liz together. She could tell that the young woman still had deep feelings for her son. She just hoped Liz would listen to what her heart was telling her. Diane when back to her house work while Max finished working in both yards.


Max smiled as he worked. The years apart had been good for Liz. She was no longer a teenager but a woman that had blossomed. He could see pain in her eyes of being used by men in the past. He hoped he never met one of the asses that had hurt her. He knew that she would remain guarded around him until she sorted out her feelings. But dinner tonight would be a start. Max, knew that this last guy wasn't the only one she had a relationship with. Not that he hadn't been with other girls. But he never felt the same about them as he did about Liz. But if Liz wanted nothing but friendship then that is what he would give her.

Part 4

At six thirty that night Max knocked on Liz's front door. He smiled when she opened the door. She was dressed in a pair of tight hip hugging jeans that showed off the curves of her body perfectly. The light blue blouse she wore looked perfect on her. He had chosen to wear a pair of black pants and dark blue button down shirt. He held his right hand behind his back holding a bouquet of wild flowers.

"Hi Max, come in please. Sorry I'm still unpacking."
"It's fine. These are for you."

Max handed Liz the flowers smiling.

"Thank you. You didn't have to bring me flowers."
"My mother taught me that a gentleman never goes to dinner at a lady's house without bring her a little something. Even if it's just a friend making dinner. If we were just doing pizza and a movie, if you were buying the pizza I would have brought the beer."
"I guess I can't argue with the manners she drilled into you."
"True. Do you have a vase somewhere?"
"Yeah there is a box labeled china cabinet. There should be one in there."

Max smiled remembering how Liz had to had everything organized just right. He found the box opened it. He found the vase and recognized it as the one from her grandmother's apartment. He carried it carefully to the kitchen filled it with water arranged the flowers and placed them on the dinning room table.

"By the way dinner smells great." Said Max
"Thanks. My roommate in collage taught me how to make this. I have only made it a few time though."
"For your old boyfriends?"
"I actually didn't cook for any of them. Though I came close for Brian. He was the one before the last."
"The cry baby cheater? The one you tried to hit in the head with a rock?"
"I see you have been talking to Maria and my cousin."
"Yeah. Did that guy really cry after sex?"
"Yes! The thing is if anyone should have cried it should have been me! He was really bad, not to mention he had one of the smallest man parts I had ever seen. This eight year old I use to baby sit might have had a bigger one."

Max couldn't help but laugh.

"What about that guy after we broke up you were with? Jack was it?"
"He was an asshole. He didn't give a shit about me. Just was trying to win a bet with his buddies. He thought I was a virgin. Because I made him wait for two months before I would have sex."
"Liz, did you have feelings for him?"
"Yes. But not like I did for you. "

Max studied Liz. He couldn't help but wonder if there might be something still burning for him deep in her heart.


After dinner Max helped Liz clean up the dishes. He was putting the last plate away while watching Liz. She looked so sad.

"Liz, I know you don't want anything but friendship. But I do need to know something."
"What Max?"
"Did you love any of the guys you when out with?"
"Max, I can honestly say I have only been in love once. While yes I had sex with other guys, there was only one I made love to. One I trusted enough to give my virginity to."

Max broke into a big grin as he remembered that day. It had been one of the best days of his life.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L AN 8/19/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:01 pm

begonia9508 Eve, Max and Liz were best friends first. Liz just feels comfortable talking about anything with him. Even with the time apart.

Natile36 Oh I would bet that this jut friends thing won't last long! :wink:

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, yeah waking up to find Max cutting my lawn would be great! :lol: Yes Max is a gentleman.

L-J-L76 Max and Liz more then friends? You know I'm a dreamer right? :lol:

Part 5 Two month later

Liz woke to the now familiar sound of a lawn mower on a Saturday morning. She got up showered and dressed. Then headed to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. She looked out the win down and saw Max working and smiled. Last night they had gone out on a date. It was just dinner at Señor Chows. They spent the time talking and getting to know each other better again. She sat down with her coffee and her bagel with cream cheese and a bowel of mixed berries. Then she pulled out her students quizzes from the day before to grade. Freshman biology, not a very enthusiastic group. She put on her reading glasses and got to work.


Max smiled when he saw Liz through the kitchen window. She moved around the kitchen easily. He knew it came from spending so many years with her dad at the Crashdown. He watched as she disappeared from sight. He knew it was just to sit down to eat. He when back to work. That was when he noticed the car parked on the street. There was a man sitting in it staring at Liz's house. He had sandy blond hair very clean cut. But there was something about him that made him uncomfortable.


Liz heard the doorbell ring and got up to answer it. She smiled when she saw her cousin standing there with a pair of sunglasses on.

"Yo what up?"
"Nice use of English Serena."
"Beth you can be so lame sometimes."
"Yeah sure. Come in."

Serena followed Liz into the house.

"So how was the date? You screw Max last night?"
"The date was fine. No we didn't have sex. You know I don't do that one the first date."
"It wasn't your first date with the love sick puppy!"
"Uh it has been seven years. We both have changed."
"Yeah right. Liz, Max won't fuck you over like shit brain Scott."
"I know that. Why is it you act like this when we are alone, yet around other people you are totally different. You aren't as foul mouthed."
"I just like messing with you Cuz. So Max is taking care of your yard?"
"Yes. He offered I accepted. It's no big deal."
"Liz, he still loves you. He was hurt when you broke up."
"I know. But it was just to hard to keep up the relationship with me in Boston and him out here."
"Yeah, but you have had a string of asshole boyfriends. There was Jack, who was just trying to fuck you to win a bet."
"Yeah. Well he lost that bet."
"He should have listen to Tyler Drake. Everyone at school knew that you and Max were screwing by senior prom."
"Can we not talk about my sex life?"
"We sure as hell can't talk about mine. I don't have one. Unless you want the fuzzy memories of my rape at fourteen?"
"I thought you and Kyle were close?"
"We are. We just haven't had sex yet. I think he is scared that it might trigger my memory. But I want to be with him."
"Rena, you need to talk to Kyle. You need to tell him how you feel."
"I know."
"Rena there is a difference to having sex and making love. Having sex is about the act. It's about just fulfilling your needs. Making love there is an emotional element. I have only made love to Max. Those other guys it was nothing but sex."
"Liz, do you still have feelings for Max?"
"Yes. I love him. I never stopped."
"Yet you fucked guys you had next to no feelings for."
"Serena Kent drop it!"

Serena knew that she had pushed Liz too far. Liz wouldn't talk any more about her past.

"So what were you doing when I showed up?"
"Grading my Freshman class's quizzes from yesterday."
"Not Maria and Kyle bad for the most part. Just not good. There is one girl who I think might be able to handle the honors and advanced placement classes."
"Cool. So a science nerd like you."
"I'm not a nerd. I just really enjoy science."
"Rena, you know I love you. That you are one of my best friends. But you can be such a pain in the ass sometimes."

Serena smiled and hugged Liz.

"Well I'll see ya later Beth. By the way Max had his shirt off when I came up."
"What's new about that? He takes it off all the time."
"And you think he's HOT!"
"OK I'm going."

Serena walked out and gave Max a playful slap on the butt, while he was pulling his weed Wacker out of his truck. He just rolled his eyes and when back to work.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 5 8/23/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:41 am

keepsmiling7 Yes things are moving along nicely. :D As for a shritless Max coming over to cut your lawn, well you might have to talk to Liz about that! :lol: But sorry Carolyn, I don't think that she is really the sharing type when it comes to Max. :twisted:

L-J-L 76 Yeah Serena is fun. She has a bit of a dark past, but has come through it. Max noticing the car is a good thing. The person in the car isn't there to wish Liz good luck in her life. :twisted:

Natalie36 Yes things are moving very nicely. :D

A/N I borrowed a line from Departure see if you can pick it out.

Part 6

Liz watched from the porch as Max packed everything up.

"We need to talk. You know we never talked about what happened between us."
"OK. I have a change of clothes in the truck. I'll go use the shower at my mom's then come over."
"OK. Come to the back door knock and let yourself in."
"OK twenty minutes?"

Liz when into the house and Max grabbed his bag and when into his mom's house. Sometimes he wished she would sell or rent out the house and move into an apartment. Since his dad had been killed by a drunk driver his senior year of high school she had been on her own for a long time.

"Hi honey finished with everything?" Asked Diane
"Yeah. I just want to grab a quick shower. Liz wants to talk."
"Is everything OK between the two of you?"
"Yeah. We just haven't really talked about our relationship ending the way it did."
"The long distance didn't help it."
"No it didn't. I really should shower don't think I should put this off much longer."
"OK honey."

Max took his shower dressed and headed back to Liz's. He did as he was told knocked and let himself in the backdoor. He walked into the kitchen and found Liz had placed a pitcher of ice tea on the table with lemons and a bowl of singer. She was pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven.

"So you bake now too?" Asked Max
"Only when it the dough you take out of the refrigerator put on a tray and in the oven."
"I'll let these cool a bit while we talk."
"Yeah. So here in the kitchen?"

Both sat down at the table and Liz poured them each a glass of the tea.

"Max, when I when out east for school we tried at first to keep our relationship going."
"Yeah. But the distance got to be to much. You in Boston and me here in New Mexico."
"Right. I know you stayed to help your mom. She needed it after your dad died. She wasn't doing to well then. Isabel had that scholarship to NYU, almost a full ride that she couldn't turn down. You could get your elementary education degree any where. So New Mexico State was fine. But you wanted me to follow my dream of going to Harvard."
"Yeah. Liz, I don't regret those choices. I knew I would risk losing you by not going to Boston College. But I knew if that happened, I would be able to live with it. I could live with it because if we were truly meant to be together then we would find our way back to each other."
"True. I hated that we were so far apart. I think that is why I started to pick fights with you when we talked. My was driving my roommate Carolyn crazy. She actually told she thought I was being bitchy because I wasn't getting laid. It didn't help that she when out with a different guy every month. I don't know or care how many she slept with."
"Yeah well Michael would tell you that I was kind of bitchy too then. When you said we should see other people he set me up with this horrible girl. I mean the girl was trying hump me from the minute the date started. After that I told him I could find my own dates."
"Yeah well one of Carolyn's boyfriends set me up with Jack. Jack when to Boston University. Tyler Drake do you remember him? He was a year a head of us in high school."
"Yeah I remember Tyler. He was cool."
"He warned Jack that I had been in a very serious steady relationship in high school. That he was positive that you and I had been sleeping together. Jack told him that there was no way in hell that a dork like me had, had sex. So after dating for two months before I gave in and had sex with him. He told me he loved me. It was one of the worst sexually experiences of my life. Max when he discovered that it was true I wasn't a virgin he, it became all about him. I didn't matter he even called me a slut. After him I never let anyone close. I dated slept with a couple. It wasn't until I met Brian I thought about letting anyone close."
"You don't have to do this Liz. I don't need to know this."
"Max, I'm not who I use to be. I changed a lot. When we were together back in high school we could talk with out saying anything. The day we made love the first time, when we gave each other our virginity you only looked into my eyes to make sure it was what I wanted. I nodded until you were about to do the final push in. That is when I told you to do it."
"I remember. I was so nervous the whole time."
"We were young. Maybe to young to take that step. If my dad had found out he would have banned you from the Crashdown and sent me off to some all girl boarding school in Vermont or something."
"Liz, I've been with other people to. Nothing that lasted very long."
"Sleep with any of the girls?"
"Did you love any of them?"
"Not like I love you."
"Fair enough."


Scott Markwell, had spent two months looking for the bitch that ruined his life. So what if he had been fucking other girls behind her back. Yeah invited her to move in. But that was beside the point. He was Scott Markwell! Son of one of the richest men on the east coast! He could do anything the hell he wanted. He could fuck who ever he wanted. Though this bitch had been cold took him over a month of wining and dinning to get her to spread her legs for him. Then she had the fucking nerve to tell she would only do it if he used a fucking condom! It was the sluts responsibility to make sure she didn't get knocked up! He did have any fucking STD! He had his first girl at the age of fourteen. It was the bitch that babysat his half sister. His father had married his babysitter two years earlier. Scott's mother had left when he was eight. Not that he cared she wasn't a good mother. After that babysitter he had fucked a number of girls. He only when after virgins for a while and did use a condom them. He didn't trust those public school sluts. But then he came to realize after he was with his history teacher that experienced girls were better. They knew what they were doing. When he met Elizabeth Parker at that club last year he did his research and knew she knew how to please a man. But then she had to tell that dim wit slut he was with that he cried after sex! So what it wasn't all the time! He had, had a lot better sex then he did with Elizabeth. He planned to make her pay! He hadn't had a lay since she said that to the slut and threw a rock at him. He would get even if it was the last thing he ever did.

TBC :twisted:
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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 6 8/24/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:09 am

keepsming7 Carolyn, yes before they could move on in their relationship they needed to sit down and talk. Liz had to make sure that Max truly understood she wasn't the same girl he fell in love with. That she had grown and changed. I thought you would like the name of Liz's college roommate. :wink: I am thinking she might be taking a trip to see her old roomie! :lol: Oh yeah Scott is going to be trouble, and may not be playing with a full deck. :twisted:

L-J-L 76 Liz will visit with her dad in this part. I can't promise that Scott won't go after Liz or won't hurt her. But I will promise this will have a dreamer ending! Max won't be the only one to notice the car.

Natalie 36 Thanks for reading.

Part 7

Liz walked into the Crashdown Sunday morning and sat down at the counter. She rolled her eyes as Agnes came out of the back. The older woman looked at her signed and walked slowly over to the counter. Before she could even reach her though a girl from her honors Biology class grabbed a coffee cup and the pot and came over to her.

"Morning Miss Parker. Coffee?"
"Yes thank you Jenny."
"Miss Parker I might be out of line but why does Mr. Parker keep Agnes around?"
"To tell the truth I have been asking that question since I worked here myself."
"Did you want to order something? Or did you just want me to get Mr. Parker for you?"
"Just my dad. If he's free."
"Jose just came in so he will be free soon."

Liz sipped her coffee and five minutes later her father came out and gave her a hug.

"Lizzie! I thought I would see you more now that you moved back to town."
"Yeah I know. I've been really busy. You know work settling in my new house."
" I know honey."
"Dad maybe next Sunday you and mom can come over for dinner? I'll make those stuff shells you like."
"I would like that. I saw you out the other night with Max Evans."
"Yeah, we just started to see each other again."
"You know I haven't liked most of the guys you have gone out with. But I do like Max. He really stepped up to look after his mom when Philip died. He was also the one that sat up with Serena when Kyle couldn't during her relapse two years ago."
"Yeah, Rena told me."
"Lizzie, you're an adult so I won't tell you what to do. But I do want you to be careful."
"Dad, I will. The truth is I never stopped loving Max. But we need to get to know each other again. So I won't be rushing into anything."

Liz hugged her dad and they talked until it got busy, so Liz left.


Max knocked on the door to the apartment that his sister shared with Alex. Isabel smiled as she opened the door.

"Hello little brother."
"Hey Iz."
"So I hear you and Liz when out the other night."
"Just dinner. Well she kicked my ass in pool too. But she did that in high school too."
"Yeah. Who would have thought that the perfect Liz Parker was really a pool shark."
"I don't think she would agree about being perfect."
"You're right. I mean you two were the first to have sex in our group."
"What happened to Serena doesn't count. If I had gotten my hands on Sean and those other boys they would have been singing soprano for the rest of their lives!"
"Isabel, you didn't really like Liz's cousin back then." Said Alex joining them.
"Doesn't mean I wanted anything bad to happen to her. I just thought she was trouble."
"It was more like in trouble. Drugs none of us realized how bad off she was until that night." Said Max
"True. She is doing OK now isn't she?" Asked Isabel
"Well since her relapse with alcohol a couple years ago. Kyle and I took turns staying with her to dry her out for a week. Boy she was bitchy then. Then she when into a thirty day treatment program. She goes to AA meetings at lest once a week. Sometimes more if it's a bad week for her." Said Max
"That's good. She is still in school right?" Asked Isabel
"Yeah getting her masters in psychology specializing in sexual assault and abuse." Said Max
"Let's eat lunch is ready." Said Alex.

Max smiled knowing that his sister never had learned to cook. Well not anything you could eat anyway.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 7 8/25/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:33 am

keepsmiling7 Carolyn oh yeah Isabel can't cook to save her life! :lol: Max is a very good son. :D

L-J-L 76 Yeah Isabel learned to cook from her mom! :lol: Max will always be willing to help and take care of anyone he cares about. Yes Serena got lucky get a great group of friends.

begonia9508 Liz realized at some point she had found a great guy in Max. Now she wants to see if she can get it back and Max is more then willing to take her back into his arms.

Part 8 One year ago

~Liz followed Scott into his apartment. They had been going out a little over a month. Scott was nearly six feet tall with short sandy blond hair, blue eyes that were almost grey always dressed very nice. Liz knew he came from money. She liked him but knew it wasn't love. She had been in love before. It felt different then this. She let him take her into the bedroom where they started making out. It wasn't the first time this had happened. But it soon her clothes were on the floor along with his. When she saw his dick it took everything she had not to laugh. She hadn't seen a man not that she had seen many with a penis that small.
^God Max was more then twice that size at sixteen!^ she thought.
"Scott, do you have a condom?"
"What for Elizabeth? It's a hell a lot better without."
"Scott, I won't have sex with anyone without protection."
"Fine." He mumbled

He pulled out a condom put it on and then pushed into her. Liz couldn't believe how uncomfortable his movement was. This was not a good sex. In fact it was pretty bad. Then when he had finished he laid next to her and was crying! She had never heard of a fucking man crying after sex. She got out of bed and dressed.

"Where you going Elizabeth?"
"I got to get home. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning."
"Blow it off."
"Scott, I can't. I need my job. Not everyone comes from money like you."

Liz left when home and wondered what she was going to go about this relationship.~


Liz stared out her living room window wondering what had just made her think of the night she had sex with Scott for the first time. One thing she hated was how he always called her by her full first name Elizabeth, not even her parents called her that when she was in trouble. She looked and noticed a car parked on the street. It had been there yesterday, and this morning when she when to the Crashdown. She could see someone moving in it. She picked up her phone and made a call.

"Hi Sheriff it's Liz Parker. Do you think you could have someone come by my house? There is this car parked with what looks like a man watching my house. You will thanks."

Liz hung and watched as five minutes later as a Sheriff's department SUV pulled up behind the car. She watched as the deputy got and walked up to the car and tapped on the closed window with his flashlight. The window rolled down and Liz got a look at the driver. It was Scott! Hell no! She left his cheating rich boy ass back in Boston. She watched Scott drive off and the deputy turned to her house and walked up. Liz got up and opened the door to find Kyle standing on her porch.

"Hey Liz."
"Hey Kyle."
"May I come in?"
"Yeah. So was that my ex?"
"Yeah Liz. He's gone for now. But seeing as he wasn't on your property I can arrest him. Though you weren't the first call we got about him. Mrs. Evans called and so did a couple other neighbors. I told Scott to get lost. I also told him if he didn't stay away I would charge him with stalking or take him in for casing the place."
"Thanks Kyle."
"Liz maybe you should file a restraining order out against him."
"I'll think about it."
"Liz I don't like this guy."
"Kyle, I'll be OK."
"OK. I know you well enough to know that I can't change your mind."
"Oh and Kyle, just a tip don't keep going at this snail pace with Rena. You might lose her, and I can tell you this she is a better person with you in her life. She loves you so much"
"I love her."
"Then sleep with her! She wants to be with you! She wants to know what it's like to make love. Do you really want her only experience to be her fuzzy memories of being raped while high?"
"No. But I don't want to hurt her either."
"You will if you don't take the next step and soon. I know what it's like to make love Kyle. I also know what it's like to just have sex, both good and really bad. If there is true emotions, like love involved it's so much better."
"I guess, I should listen to you. You always have been the smartest one in our band of misfits."
"Band of misfits?"
"Yeah, you queen of the hot nerds. Max Mr. Goody two shoes. Alex the band, computer geek. Michael, the trouble maker. Isabel the beauty queen, Maria our little pixie hippy girl. Then Serena the most screwed up needing the most help. Then there was me the jock."
"OK I get the idea."
"I'll talk to Serena."
"Good. Now back to work deputy."
"Later Parker."

Kyle left and Liz was left alone to think about what he said about a restraining order.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 8 8/26/14

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begonia9508 Eve yes Kyle is right Liz should get a restraining order. But will she have time before Scott makes his move? :(

L-J-L 76 Oh yes people noticed. Someone sitting in a car and watching a house. It is something people will notice.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, oh yes Liz had a very bad experience with Scott. You may be right that something bad is going to happen. :wink:

Natalie36 Oh only if she had time........

Part 9

Scott paced in his motel room. He hated this stupid tourist trap hole in the wall town. He had to come up with another way to get the bitch. If that hick deputy caught him again he would be arrested. Oh his father would bail him out and pay whoever he had to, to make it all go away. It was going to take him longer but he would teach the bitch for ruining his life. He grabbed his keys and headed out.


Michael walked into his apartment and found his girlfriend in the kitchen making dinner.

"Hey babe what's to eat?"
"Michael. Meatloaf, mash potatoes and peas."
"Cool. We got any beer?"
"I think so. You know if you want beer you are the one that needs to buy it. I know there is Snapple in there."

Michael grabbed a Snapple and watched Maria as she moved around the kitchen. He was just waiting for the perfect time to ask her to marry him. He loved this hot tempered woman. Making her his wife would make everything perfect.

"Michael, you know Max and Liz are seeing each other again."
" Yeah. Though the bet back in high school was they would be married by now."
"Yeah well it didn't work that way."
"True. But they are back on the right track."
"They are so good for each other. I think I know why Liz always choose to go out with assholes. She regretted breaking up with Max. So she picked guys who would never compare to Max."
"Makes since to me."

Michael and Maria sat down to dinner a short time later.


Liz walked out of Subway sub shop with her dinner. She just needed a little something while she finished grading papers. She was heading for her car when she felt someone grab her from behind. She started to struggle but something was put over her nose and mouth and then everything when black.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 9 8/27/14

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begonia9508 Eve, this is very bad indeed! Scott believes that daddy's money can buy him out of any trouble he can get into. He may learn that money can't by everything.

L-J-L 76 It was a moment of peace in the home of Michael and Maria. Yes Scott is a major asshole! As to who has Liz you find out here.

keepsmiling7 Carolyn, you find out who has Liz here. Oh yes Scott is crazy!

Part 10

Max was heading out the door when his cell phone rang. He look end at his caller ID and saw it was his mom.

"Hey mom. I can't really talk. I'm running a little late."
"Max, Liz left last night around six and never came home. Her car was just found near Main And Oak."
"Are you sure she didn't come home?"
" Yes! Max the Sheriff woke me asking when I last saw her."
"MAXWELL PHILIP EVANS! You watch your mouth young man."
"Yes mom."
"Max when you were over the other day did you notice a car watching Liz's house?"
"Well from what the sheriff told me it was Liz's ex."
"Her last one?"
"Yes. Max I'm worried about her."
"Mom, we will find her. I'll call off and be over there in a few minutes."

Max hung up then called Roswell Elementary to tell them he had a family emergency and wouldn't be in. Then he drove as fast as he could to his mom's without breaking the law. He parked his truck and notice both Kyle and his father the sheriff looking around Liz's house.

"Do you know anything?" Asked Max
"No. Scott Markwell is in town and was watching the house. I did get some back ground on him. He's twenty-seven when to Yale studied law but never passed the bar. He did spend a year in a mental ward." Said Sheriff Valenti
"Mental ward?" Asked Max
"Yeah seems when he was seventeen he had some kind of mental break. Max, I think this guy might be dangerous. Kyle told me that it wasn't a nice break up."
"Well, I've been told that when Liz caught him cheating on her she told the girl he was with a few things that while might be true, weren't things he would want out. She also threw a rock at his head." Said Max
"That was what Kyle told me."
"Sheriff we have to find Liz."
"We will Max."
"God I should have said something when I noticed the car when I was over here the other day."
"Max, you had no way of knowing Liz was in danger."
"Have her parents been notified?"
"Yeah Max."
"I'll go stay with my mom for a while."

Max walked into his mom's house to wait with her on any word on Liz.


Liz woke with a groan. She tried to move her arms which were soar and for some reason above her head. When she tried to move them they didn't budge, and she could feel something cut into her wrists. That was when she opened her eyes and found she wasn't in her room but some motel room. That was when she remembered being grabbed from behind. She looked around and that was when she saw him. Watching her.

"You're awake Elizabeth."
"Good you didn't forget me you little bitch."
"Let me go Scott."
"Can't do that. You see you fucked up my life. You told something you shouldn't have. Now I can't get a fucking lay."
"I only told that girl the truth. You are a fucking cry baby in bed."
"Yeah and she told everyone!"
"That wasn't my fault. What she did with the information is her on her."
"You are nothing but a fucking slut."
"No Scott. I'm not. You on the other hand have a sex addiction."
" You aren't a shrink! There is no way in fucking hell you can know that."
"Yeah there is Scott. I have been around someone who has had a addiction. I know the signs to look for."
"Just shut the fuck up."

Liz saw something in his eyes something that scared the hell out of her. That was when she saw him pull off his shirt and unbuckle his belt pushing his pants and underwear to the floor. Then he got on the bed with her and pulled her jeans and panties off. She struggled but she couldn't do much with her hands bound.

"Scott, don't do this. What you are going to do is rape."
"I told you to shut the fuck up!"

Scott slapped Liz across the face. Liz winced in pain. Scott forced her legs apart as he shoved a finger into her as tears started to cry.

"Please stop Scott."

Scott ignored her pleas and when about filling his needs.


A/N Yes does what you are thinking. No I didn't write him doing it! I only imply and mention it as at a later point.
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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You M/L Pt 10 8/28/14

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begonia9508 Yes Eve the Valenti's are on the case!

Part 11

Serena drove past the Tubbleweed Inn she noticed a car that looked out of place for Roswell New Mexico. She turned around and pulled into the lot. She pulled out her cell and called Kyle.

"Kyle I know you are working but wasn't Scott in like a Lexus?"
"Well there is one parked at the Tumbleweed right now. In front of room 124."
"Red, get out of there. If this is Scott I don't want you to get hurt."
"Make sure you bring Liz home."
"You know I will."

Serena hung up and pulled out of the lot saying a prayer that Liz was going to be OK.


Kyle hung up his phone and turned to his dad.

"Dad, we have a lead Serena spotted that Lexus at the Tumbleweed."
"Let's go check it out. But we don't tell the Parkers anything until we know for sure."
"I won't say anything."

Kyle and the sheriff headed over to the Tumbleweed to check things out.


Max watched from the front window as Kyle and the sheriff leave. He wondered what was going on. He felt his mom's hand on his shoulder.

"Max, you need to trust the sheriff and Kyle. They will find Liz."
"Mom, I know they will. I more worried about what this creep will do to her."
"Honey, Liz has always been a strong woman. If he does hurt her, then you will have to help her to heal. She is going to need you."
"How will I help her?"
"Love her. Show her that no matter what that man has done to her that you love her, that she isn't damaged. Max, I know that you don't want to think about it. But there is a very good chance that he will rape her. You will need to keep her from falling into a deep depression."
"Mom, what if she pushes me away?"
"Don't let her. Max, Liz will try. But don't let her. Make her believe that no matter what she will always be worthy of your love. Love is very powerful. It can break someone's heart, but it can also heal one."
"Thanks mom."

Diane hugged Max while they waited.


Jeff Parker paced in his apartment while his wife sat folding laundry.

"Jeff as soon as Jim knows anything he will let us know."
"Nancy, why would that man want to hurt Lizzie?"
"I don't know. I just know I never liked him."
"God what if he kills her?"
"Jeffrey David Parker don't you think like that! Liz is going to be found alive. You just have to believe."
"I'm just scared."
"So am I. But we can't do anything but wait."

The apartment door opened and Serena walked in.

"Hi Aunt Nancy, Uncle Jeff."
"Hi Serena. Has Kyle told you anything?" Asked Nancy

Serena bit her lip. She knew better then to tell them what she knew. But knew she should give them something.

"Not really, only they have a tip on where Liz might be. I don't know anything else."

Jeff hugged Serena and she joined the waiting.

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