The Part I'm Hoping For (M/L ADULT WA) - COMPLETE;Pg 7, 28/8

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The Part I'm Hoping For (M/L ADULT WA) - COMPLETE;Pg 7, 28/8

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Title: The Part I’m Hoping For
Category: AU M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of its characters I’m just borrowing.
Rating: ADULT
Authors Note: This is the third installment of “Future Series” and you can read
“To Save Our World” and “I’m Coming For You”, but you don’t have to read those to understand this.

Summery: It’s a new Roswell with no shooting. What will happen in the lives of Dream couple and the Pod Squad.

Part 1

A young Liz Parker looked up from her conversation with Max Evans her eyes seeking out something beyond the windows.

“Are you ok?” Max asked her startled by her abrupt mood change.

With one last long look and deciding that there was nothing there Liz looked back down at Max and smiled “Yeah I’m sorry I just got the strangest feeling that someone was watching us. It was weird it felt familiar”“ she explained.

“Lizzie is everything ok?” Jeff Parker rushed towards his daughter.

Liz was forced to take her eyes away from the beautiful amber one’s of Max Evans to meet her fathers. This was the most she had ever heard him say at one time, especially to her and she silently cursed her father for interrupting them.

“Everything is fine Daddy” she assured him.

“What happened I heard yelling from upstairs?”

“It was just a couple of men having an argument” she assured him.

“So everything is ok?” he asked again.

“Yes” she nodded “they left”.

He watched his daughter for a few seconds before nodding and heading back the way he came.

Liz turned back to Max then “can I get you something else?” she asked.

“Um no that’s fine” he shook his head and she noticed sadly that he was once again diverting his eyes from hers when he spoke to her.

“I’ll have another drink,” Michael Guerin grunted. For the first time since Max had touched her Liz remembered that Michael was seated across from Max and felt her face flush with embarrassment.
“Um sure, Michael” she replied.

She rushed off then towards the drink machine “ok what was that all about?” Maria Deluca her best friend asked.

Liz sighed “Nothing”

“It certainly didn’t look like nothing, it looked as though Max Evans took your hand and started a conversation with you” Maria pointed out.

Liz once again felt herself blush “well yeah he did” she smiled.

“I told you chica and by the way he’s staring at you again” she grinned.

Maria watched in amusement as Liz tried to turn her head discreetly to see if he was in fact looking at her like her best friend continuously claimed. She decided at the last minute though that discreet wasn’t going to work so instead she whirled around as quickly as she could and when she looked over she found Max Evans quickly averting his head and smiled.

“I told you so” Maria sing songed as she walked of with a grin.

“There you go Michael” Liz said as she placed the drink in front of Michael he grunted in reply.

“Thanks Liz” Max said for him.

Liz flashed him a brilliant smile “Your welcome are you sure I cant get you anything else?” Max found Liz’s smile contagious and felt the corners of his own mouth lifting.

He found himself picking up the menu again, looking for an excuse so that he could stay in the Crashdown longer and keep Liz near him longer. “Um yeah maybe some…”

The bells above the Crashdown rang then and Kyle Valenti came rushing through “Liz” he called out.

Max and Liz both looked towards the voice and Liz could have sworn that she saw Max’s face fall. Kyle walked straight towards her and pulled her to him for a kiss. Liz found herself struggling against him “Kyle” she objected using a hand on his chest to push him away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Liz frowned and turned back towards Max and Michael. Max was playing with his keys his eyes focused on the table and Michael was looking up at her scowling. “I’m sorry about that, what were you going to say Max?”

Max reluctantly lifted his eyes “Um no that’s fine Liz I think we’ll just get the bill” he said quietly.

Liz frowned and cursed Kyle and his timing for ruining the moment. “Ok” she told him and without another word she stalked off towards the back of the Crashdown more than aware of the fact that Kyle was following her.

“What the hell was that?” she demanded in a strong whisper.

“What!” Kyle replied “cant I kiss my girl hello?” he asked.

Kyle wasn’t stupid he knew that a lot of guys at school noticed Liz and one of those guys was Max Evans. Kyle saw the way Max looked at his girlfriend and he didn’t like it but as far as he was concerned he wasn’t competition that was until today. He had been out the front with a few of his mates and had caught sight of Liz smiling and chatting with Evans. He hadn’t planned on even coming in but had changed his mind when he saw that.

“No” Liz bit out angrily.

“No?” Kyle asked shocked.

“No, you cannot come into this restaurant, whilst I am working and most importantly whilst I’m serving a customer and kiss me” she told him.

Kyle sighed, she was right “Your right I’m sorry but it was only Evans and Guerin” he said.

“I don’t care who it was don’t ever try it again, Kyle” she told him before stalking away to organise Max’s bill for him.

Kyle felt his anger flare and stalked out of the restaurant, he had never seen Liz behave this way before and he blamed the entire thing on Max Evans.

Max and Michael stood up and made their way over to the till.

“Oh here you go” Liz smiled handing him the bill. “I didn’t charge you for the last drink it’s on the house” she explained.

“You don’t have to do that” Max argued.

“No it’s the least I can do, consider it my way of apologising. Kyle was completely rude and I don’t want you to think,” she started to ramble.

“It’s fine don’t worry about it” Michael interrupted her. She was starting to ramble on like that Deluca chick and he just wanted to shut her up.

Max handed her some notes, which included a generous tip, and him and Michael left the café.


“What was the go with Valenti this afternoon?” Maria asked Liz. They had finally closed the café for the night and were now enjoying some much-deserved ice cream whilst sitting in a booth.

“I don’t know but believe me I gave him what for” she replied.

“Liz sweetie, seriously why are you dating the guy?” Maria asked.

Liz looked at her friend seriously “I don’t know I mean he’s nice and he’s always treated me well” she shrugged.

“Yeah but Liz you don’t like him” Maria laughed.

“What! Of course I do” Liz objected.

“Oh chica you can’t lie to me. Kyle Valenti might buy it and Max Evans might be too blind to notice but you were flirting up a storm this afternoon”

“I was not” Liz objected.

“Oh so I didn’t hear you giggling and see you smiling and batting your pretty little eye lashes at him?” Maria raised her eyebrow.

Liz felt her face flush “no” she said.

“Oh liar” Maria laughed and soon Liz joined her.

“Ok so I might have been flirting a little bit” she admitted “but it’s not like he noticed” she sighed then.

“Chica do you want some advice?” Maria asked.

“Sure” Liz nodded putting down her spoon so she could give Maria her full attention.

“Dump Kyle and put yourself out there. Ask him out” she told her.

“I don’t know” Liz said.

“You can’t just settle for Kyle if you do you’ll always wonder” Maria baited her.

“Your right I definitely should break up with Kyle” she agreed.

“Yep, like tomorrow” Maria encouraged.

“Your right” Liz sighed already dreading the conversation she would have to have with Kyle. It wasn’t like they had been together very long or even had anything serious. They had hooked up over the summer and until today she wasn’t even sure if they were going to continue their relationship.

Liz carefully dressed the next morning remembering that she had Biology first up and that her and Max was paired as lab partners.

When she reached the classroom she found Max was already there and smiled when he looked up and she caught his eye.

“Hi” she smiled.

“Hey Liz” he said quietly.

“So how are you?” she asked.

“Um good, you?” he asked.

Liz watched in amusement as Max’s ears reddened she finally decided that Maria was right and that maybe Max did notice her a little after all.

“You know I don’t bite,” she laughed.

“Sorry?” Max asked raising his eyes to her for the first time since she entered the room.

Liz leaned in closer “I said I don’t bite” she repeated.

“Um oh yeah I know that” he mumbled.

“Good” she smiled.

Any further conversation ended then when Mr Seligman walked into the classroom and started the class.

Liz packed up slowly at the end of the class hoping that maybe she would be able to talk to Max.

“So I’ll see you this afternoon?” she found herself asking.

“This afternoon?” he asked a little confused.

“Yeah at the Crashdown?” she asked “we have a special on the blue moon burger” she said.

“Yeah?” he smiled slightly. He couldn’t believe that Liz Parker was talking to him as though he was a friend.

“Yep five ninety-nine for a burger, Saturn rings and a cherry coke” she told him.

“Well I can’t miss a deal like that,” he said as they started walking side by side down the hall.

“No definitely not” she agreed.

“So should I keep your booth for you?” she asked.

“Um yeah that would be good” he replied scratching his ear nervously. He wasn’t very experienced with girls but he got the feeling that Liz Parker was flirting with him.

“Liz” they both stopped and turned to find Kyle rushing down the hall towards them. One look at Max and Kyle immediately frowned.

“I’ll see you this afternoon” Max said and quickly fled.

“Bye” she said but Max had taken off so quickly that she doubted he had heard her.

“Hi” Kyle smiled when he finally reached her.

“Hi” she replied. Kyle leant forward to give her a kiss but Liz saw it coming and took a step back.

“What’s wrong?” he asked his frown deepening.

“Nothing. Listen I was hoping that I could talk to you this afternoon?” she asked.

“Um yeah I guess, what time?” he asked. He didn’t like the sound of this anymore that he liked the fact that for the second time in two days he had found his girlfriend being very friendly with Max Evans.

“Well I have to work so maybe you could give me a ride and we’ll talk before my shift starts,” she suggested.

“Sure” he smiled.

The warning bell rang out then so Liz took a few steps back “see you then” she told him.

“Yeah sure” Kyle nodded and then watched with a frown as Liz ran off down the hallways.

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A/N: Hello everyone. Well I'm glad that you like this and thank you very much for reading and leaving feedback, i really appreciate it.

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Believer - Hmm there will be a little timeline jumping but not much.
Scrt Drms

Part 2 :?

“So you wanted to talk to me about something?” Kyle asked as they drove towards the Crashdown. Liz had been very quiet when she had gotten his car that afternoon and he took that as another not so good sign.

“Yeah I did” Liz nodded.


“Wow I don’t know where to start” she mused.

They pulled up at the Chrashdown then and Kyle turned the car off and turned his head to face Liz “Just tell me, Liz” he said.

“Okay” she agreed thinking that maybe the bandaid effect that Alex had mentioned at lunchtime might be the best effect in this situation. It didn’t help matters that Alex hated Kyle and was very eager to help Liz with breaking up with him.

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore as anything more than friends” she said quickly.

Kyle sat there looking at her shocked for a few minutes. He knew that something was up with Liz but he hadn’t expected to get dumped by her. He was the captain of the basketball and baseball teams after all.

“Are you serious?” he asked.

“Yes” Liz answered.

“Does this have something to do with Evans?” he asked.

Liz’s eyes widened, how would he know anything about Max she wondered.

“What do you mean?” she played dumb

“Well every time I’ve seen you the past two days you’ve been all over him and I’m not blind Liz, I know that Evans has a major boner for you” he replied a little angrily.

Did she really think that he hadn’t seen the way she had been acting around Max lately?

“For your information Kyle this doesn’t have anything to do with Max Evans and I have not been ‘all over him’ either for that matter” she snapped angrily.

“So this has nothing to do with, Max?”

“No” she replied. “Max is a friend, nothing more,” she added.

“Yeah well maybe you should tell him that Liz” he replied gesturing towards the Crashdown doors, which Max and his friend Michael had just walked through.

“Max and Michael eating in the Crashdown has nothing to do with me, Kyle,” she argued.

“Yeah keep telling yourself that, Liz”

“Look,” Liz sighed “I have to start my shift I guess I’ll talk to you later”

“So that’s it?” he asked her, hurt by how easily she was dismissing him.

“Well I hope we can be friends” Liz told him.

“I don’t want to be your friend, Liz” he sighed.

Liz was a little taken back by his comment; her and Kyle had always been friends. “I like you Liz, I like you a lot. I wish you would give me the chance to prove that to you” he told her.

Liz looked towards the Crashdown where she could see Max sitting in his usual booth and then back to Kyle who was sitting in front of her. She didn’t even know if she stood a chance with Max yet she was breaking up with a great guy like Kyle just for the chance to find out. For a few minutes she considered whether she was making a huge mistake.

“Why don’t you just think about it, we’ll just take a break?” Kyle suggested “it’s obvious that your not sure or you wouldn’t even be considering it” he added.

He was right, she was wondering if she was making the right decision. Maybe she should give Kyle a go; he was after all a great guy and could potentially be a great boyfriend if she opened her heart to the possibility.

“Yeah ok” she answered.

“Ok so I’ll give you a couple of days and then maybe on Friday night I can take you out?”

“We’ll see,” she answered “I’ll talk to you later” she said then before getting out the car and quickly making her way into the Crashdown. Her shift started five minutes ago and she knew her Dad was not going to be happy that she was late.

Max didn’t need to turn around to know who it was rushing through the front doors of the Crashdown he had felt her the minute he had pulled up there and knew that she was sitting in the car talking with Kyle.

He envied Kyle Valenti and not because he was popular or sporty but because he had the attention of Liz Parker and he was normal and could pursue it. Max would give anything for the chance to be with Liz but he knew that would never happen. She was out of his league and well he; he was an alien and didn’t get involved with humans.

“Maxwell would you snap out of it” Michael grunted at him.

Max looked up at his friend with an irritated frown “What?” he asked.

“Can we just order?” he asked.

“Um this is Liz’s section and I think she’s running a bit late,” he told him.

“Well we could just call over another waitress for a change” he replied sarcastically.

“Look I’m sure Liz will be here any second” Max argued. He didn’t want Michael to spoil his moment of talking to Liz. Just then the back door swung open and Liz rushed out and straight towards their booth.

“Hi Max, Michael” she smiled.

“Hi Liz” Max smiled back “Running a little late?” he asked.

Michael looked at his friend shocked. Was he actually talking to Liz Parker the girl he had been obsessing over since he was eight?

“Yeah, sorry about that, glad that you didn’t miss out on your booth” she smiled.

“Nope it was fine,” he told her his eyes staring at hers.

“Good” Liz grinned back.

The sound of Michael clearing his throat made Max and Liz turn towards him then and he held up the menu gesturing that he was ready to order. Liz flushed red in embarrassment and wondered how she had once again forgot that he was sitting across from Max.

“What can I get you?” she asked.

“I’ll have Saturn rings and a coke,” Michael told her before throwing the menu down.

“I’ll have the special,” Max told her

“With a cherry coke?” she asked surprising both Max and Michael that she knew Max’s favourite drink.

“Yes please” Max smiled.

“Ok I’ll be right back with your drinks” she told them before rushing off.

Max stayed for a couple of hours and talked to Liz on a number of occasions throughout the night and only left with Michael when Liz’s shift was finished.

“Man your pathetic” Michael told his friend.

“Save it Michael I get enough of it from Isabel” Max replied.

“I don’t get it man you could have any chick and you go for the science geek” he laughed. “Oh and not just an ordinary science geek the one that happens to be dating the captain of the basketball and baseball team”

“I doubt I could have any chick and even if I could why would I want to date some stupid blonde skank like Pam Troy when I could date someone as beautiful and smart as Liz” he told his friend.

“Because Pam Troy has huge knockers and she puts out,” Michael told him matter of factly.

“Well that’s not the type of girl I want. Besides it’s not as though we can do that anyway is it” Max replied.

“Yeah true but at least you wouldn’t be forming attachments if you dated Pam Troy” Michael told him. He knew him and Isabel gave Max a hard time about Liz Parker but it was for all his own good and all their safety. Isabel dated and Michael didn’t have a problem with that because he knew the guys didn’t mean anything to her so there was no risk of Isabel wanting to tell them her secret but they both knew that if Max even went out once with Liz he would want to tell her everything and they couldn’t take that sort of risk.

‘Look it doesn’t matter because I have not intention of dating anyone” Max snapped “I know the rules Michael you don’t have to keep shoving them down my throat”

“I thought I was being tactful,” he mumbled.

“Yeah like a sledgehammer” he told him.


“So you’re on a break?” Maria asked her best friend as they walked into the bathroom.

“Yeah that’s what he called it” Liz shrugged.

“Why? I thought you were breaking up with him,” Maria whispered. The bathroom was full of people and she didn’t want anyone to hear what she said.

“Later” Liz replied before going into the cubicle and shutting the door.

“Hi Pam”

“Hi Katie”

“So did you hear?” Katie asked the blonde.

“Hear what?” Pam asked.

“I’m going to the formal with Max Evans” she informed her.

Liz heard the silent gasp leave her mouth and cursed herself.

“You’re kidding? How did you score with Max he doesn’t date anyone?” Pam asked.

“Well Isabel is my best friend and she assures me that he likes me, a lot” she grinned

“She said he wants to take me but he’s just too shy to ask,” she explained.

Liz felt the tears prick her eyes and used a hand to wipe them away. She should have known better than to listen to Maria of course a guy like Max Evans wouldn’t be interested in a girl like her. Katie Graham was his sisters best friend she had beautiful brown hair and blue eyes and she was almost as beautiful as Isabel herself. Liz was no competition.

“Oh you’re so lucky” Pam told her.

“I know” Liz heard Katie faintly reply indicating that they had left the bathroom. After a few minutes when she was sure that the coast was clear she exited her stall and when she did she found the sympathetic face of her best friend.

“Liz I know what it sounded like I just don’t believe it” Maria told her. She could tell her friend had been crying even though she was hiding it well.

“Well believe it and besides it doesn’t matter I’ve got Kyle” she told her.

“No Liz, you’re breaking up with Kyle” Maria said.

Liz shrugged now that Max was obviously interested in someone else there wasn’t really any reason for breaking up with Kyle after all.


I also just want to let you know about my other fics, give them a go if you get a chance. Last Night on Earth, Postponing Forever, I Like Short Shirts and Songs of the Heart.

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A/N: Hi every one. Well I think based on your feedback that you are going to like my Max in the coming parts. I just want to let you know that his story isnt going to nessecarily follow the show because basically it's a new world without a shooting.

Thanx for the wonderful feedback, love you guys :wink:

Jason's Lover

Part 3

Max couldn’t stop himself from watching the door waiting for Liz to enter. It was the last period of the day and they had Biology, his favourite class. Normally Liz would be here before him so he wandered what was keeping her today. He had heard some talk in the locker room between some jocks about Kyle and Liz. He knew they didn’t realise he was there otherwise Kyle wouldn’t have been telling his best mate Paulie that Liz and him were on a break.

He had wanted to rush over and ask her out straight away but then he remembered the conversation he had with Michael the day before and stopped. He knew it didn’t matter whether Liz was dating Kyle or not, it didn’t change the fact that they were two completely different species and could never be together.

Just as the late bell rang Liz rushed in to the room and sat down next to Max.

“Hi” he smiled. He liked the way that things had been between them since the incident at the Crashdown.

Liz went about organising her books and opening her textbook “Hi” she replied quietly without looking up from her book. It was obvious that Max was just being nice to her because he felt sorry for her, he probably worked out that she had a thing for him and was trying to be nice. She wanted to let him know that she didn’t need his pity.

“Are you ok?” he asked concerned.

“Fine thank you” she nodded.

Max didn’t have a chance to ask her again because the class started but he found himself staring at her in concern for most of the forty-minute period. There was definitely something wrong, she would barely look at him.

At the end of the period he watched sadly as she rushed to pack up her things so she could flee the classroom as quickly as possible, so quickly that she knocked her pile of textbooks to the ground.

Max quickly knelt down to help her.

“Thanks” she said still avoiding eye contact with him.

“Liz” he said softly holding the last textbook in his hand and refusing to hand it over till she looked up and met his eyes.

Eventually Liz knew she didn’t have a choice but to look at him. She had been doing her best since her trip to the toilet the period earlier to hold back the tears. She knew she was being ridiculous it wasn’t like he was her boyfriend or they were dating or anything but somewhere along the line she had started hoping that maybe Max Evans did like her as a little more than a friend.

“Are you ok?” he asked gently.

“Um yeah I’m fine,” she said before biting her lip. “Could I have my book back?” she asked him then.

“I mean if you need to talk I’m a good listener” he informed her “ I mean I kind of heard about Kyle so if your upset”

“You think I’m upset over, Kyle?” she asked dumbly. How did anyone know about that anyway, she hadn’t told anyone except for Maria and she didn’t think Kyle would be going around and telling everyone.

“Well yeah I heard him telling Paulie in the locker room about the break, I mean I know we aren’t really friends but I’m a good listener” he mumbled.

“Thanks, Max” she said before pulling the text book back into her pile “But this has nothing to do with Kyle. I’m the one that asked for the break after all,” she told him for some reason.

“Oh ok” he said his face neutral but inside he was jumping for joy.

Max followed Liz as she stood up and picked up the rest of her staff, class had finished five minutes ago now and Maria would be wondering where she was.

“Well the offer still stands, Liz. Anytime” he told her.

“Thanks Max, by the way congratulations” she said quietly.

“For what?” Max asked confused.

“Oh well the girls bathroom is kind of like the locker room” she smiled weakly and without waiting for Max to respond she rushed out of the room and headed towards the car park.


On the way home and for hours later as he lied on his bed Max tried to work out what Liz was talking about. He understood that someone must have said something about him in the girls bathroom but he couldn’t work out who or why.

And then there was the question of whether what Liz had heard was what had upset her. The more he thought about it the more questions he had that needed answering.

He sat up when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” he called out.

Isabel smiled as she entered the room. “Here, some mail came for you” she told him handing him the thick letter.

Max looked at the letter intrigued. There was no return address but the handwriting was vaguely familiar he just couldn’t work out where he knew it from.

“What are you doing?” Isabel asked him then.

He sat up on the bed and placed the letter on his desk making a note to read it later and in private.

“Nothing” he replied. “I thought you’d be out tonight” he commented.

“Yeah thought it would be nice to stay in for a change, maybe we could do something?” she suggested.

Max raised an eyebrow at his sister. Something was up; Isabel didn’t turn down invitations to hang out with him, ever.

“What do you want, Iz? Just spit it out and save us both a lot of time and trouble,” he told her.

Isabel sighed she couldn’t get anything past him.

“I was wondering if you were planning on going to the Formal?” she asked him.

‘Do I normally?” he asked.

“No, normally you and Michael sit at home and watch sport or Braveheart over and over again. No wonder Mum and Dad are starting to wonder about you” she sighed.

“Isabel” he began.

“I have a solution to everything” she interrupted him.

“My friend Katie is looking for a date to the formal I think you should take her. She isn’t looking for a relationship but she’s someone you can have fun with that you don’t have to worry about looking into your life and it would also stop Mum and Dad from wondering when your going to announce that your gay”

“No, absolutely not” Max told her. He knew her friend Katie too well already from the amount of time she spent at the Evans and she was a man-eater. She had dated half the school and had come onto him inappropriately on more than one occasion. He would rather let his parents believe he was gay than take her out.

‘No, what do you mean no?” Isabel asked annoyed.

“Just want I said. No, Isabel” he told her irritated.

“Well I already told her you would,” she said then.

“You had no right to do that, Isabel,” he said his voice growing louder as he became mad at his sister; this was so typical of her.

A light bulb went off in his head then. Katie Graham was the second most popular girl in the school to Isabel; most guys would consider it a major score to get the chance to go out with her, especially to a formal. He wondered if that was what Liz was possibly congratulating him for.

“Well I did and you wont make a liar our of me, Max. So suck it up your taking her. Just walk over to her tomorrow and ask her what colour her dress is I’ll take care of everything else” she said.

Max hopped up of his bed then “What have you told her, Isabel?” he asked getting right in his sisters face. He saw Michael walk into the room then he had come from the direction of Isabel’s room.
“Nothing” Isabel sighed annoyed.

“Don’t play your Ice Princess act with me Isabel, what did you tell her?” he demanded. Max might not have realised that he was royal or in his previous life he was a leader, a king but he certainly sounded every inch the king that minute.

Isabel sighed “I told her you liked her and would take her to the formal”

“You what!” Max yelled.

“What’s going on?” Michael asked he had coming in through Isabel’s window when he heard the yelling.

“Isabel told Katie Graham that I liked her and would take her to the formal. Oh but it gets better Isabel because your friend has been sprouting her mouth off about it and Liz heard” He said.

“So?” Isabel asked annoyed.

“So?” Max yelled annoyed “I don’t want her to think I’m interested in anyone else”

“Well your concern about what Liz thinks tells me that this is perfect timing. Obviously you and Liz are getting a little too close so taking Katie to the formal will be the perfect way to remind you and Liz Parker that you cant get involved with her” Isabel raged.

“When are you going to get the message that you can’t interfere in my life, Isabel?” he yelled.

“When are you going to get the message that your obsession with Liz Parker is irresponsible and a potential danger to our very existence? God you know what would happen to us if little Miss Scientist found out about us” she yelled back.

Michael sat back on Max’s bed and enjoyed the show. He knew Max was ready to flip and was just glad that Isabel was copping it instead of him.

“You know what. I am sick to death of being told by you and Michael what I can and can’t do. I have never and will never do anything that would put us in jeopardy and I refuse to keep being punished for something I haven’t even done. You do and date who and what you want Isabel and no one ever says a word to you. So you know what, Isabel I’ve decided that’s what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” he yelled at his sister.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Isabel asked annoyed.

“It means that I’m going to the formal, Isabel but not with Katie Graham” he continued to smirk.

“What!” Isabel screamed, “What am I going to tell Katie?” she demanded.

“Oh here’s a good idea tell her that I’M. NOT. INTERESTED.” He replied.

“Who are you going to take then? Because you cannot take Liz Parker,” she demanded.

“That’s where your wrong, Isabel” he smirked “I can take who ever I want, I can date who ever I want” he told her.

Isabel turned furious eyes to Michael then “Tell him he cant take Liz Parker to the formal” she demanded.

Michael shrugged “how do you suppose I stop him?” Michael asked.

“He cant” Max informed his sister and Michael.

“Oh you don’t think so?” Isabel asked. “I’ll make her life a living hell, Max. I’m warning you,” she told him.

Max was shocked by his sister’s words. He had never seen her be so manipulative when she couldn’t get her own way before.

“Do that and I’ll tell her you’re an alien?” Max threatened back causing Isabel and Michael to gasp.

“You wouldn’t” Isabel said calling his bluff.

“Are you willing to take the risk?” Max asked them.

Both of them remained silent.

“Stay out of my life, both of you” he warned then before picking up his jacket and keys and fleeing the room.

TBC....... I'm going to try to get some serious writing done on this fic so i can update more often

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A/N: Ok i'm back with a new part, thank you for your feedback guys, i'm glad you like my Max :D

Jason's Lover

Part 4

Ten minutes later Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown, the outside lights were off but he could see someone moving around inside. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing here. On the way over he had cooled down considerably. He knew that some of the things he said to Isabel were totally ridiculous but she had upset him so much it had just sort of flown out of his mouth.

He walked slowly towards the front doors of the Crashdown and peeked inside.

Liz was busy mopping the floor and putting up chairs as she went and he could tell that she was singing along to something coming from the jukebox.

He tapped lightly and when he saw her look around he smiled a little.


Liz had felt like crying all night through her shift and to make it worse Kyle and a group of his mates had come in early in the night and sat there watching her and everything she did.

This years love had better last
Heaven knows it's high time
And I’ve been waiting on my own too long
But when you hold me like you do
It feels so right
I start to forget
How my heart gets torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Feeling like you can't go on

Liz turned her head and stopped singing when she heard the light tapping on the glass.

Placing the mop against the counter she walked over to the doors and opened them, allowing Max to enter.

“Hi” he smiled, his head down and his hands in his pocket.

“Hi” Liz replied “What are you doing here, Max?” She found herself asking. It sounded rude but it certainly wasn’t a regular occurrence for Max Evans to show up.

“I wanted to see you” he shrugged “Is that ok?” he asked.

Turning circles when time again
It cuts like a knife oh yeah
If you love me got to know for sure
Cos it takes something more this time
Than sweet sweet lies
Before I open up my arms and fall
Losing all control
Every dream inside my soul
And when you kiss me

Without answering his question Liz returned to the counter and resumed mopping.

“Sure, I mean the grills closed but I can get you some pie or something” she said.

“No thanks I didn’t come for food. I wanted to see if you were alright,” he said.

Liz paused her mopping and looked up at him a little surprised. “Yeah, I mean why wouldn’t I be” she said.

“Well I mean this afternoon you seemed a little upset and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because of me,” he told her.

“Why did you do something?” she asked cocking her head to the side and studying him.

“Well no I didn’t but…” he trailed of. God he was making the biggest fool of himself. As if Liz Parker cared whether or not he was dating Katie Graham or not.

On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

This years love had better last
This years love had better last

“I guess I just wanted to make sure we could be friends,” he said instead.

“Friends?” Liz said “Yeah sure, of course we’re friends” she said placing the mop down and walking directly past him in an effort to get behind the counter.

“Just friends?” Max founded himself asking, her scent, which was all strawberries and vanilla tempting his nostrils.

So whose to worry
If our hearts get torn
When that hurt gets thrown
Don't you know this life goes on
And won't you kiss me
On that midnight street
Sweep me off my feet
Singing ain't this life so sweet

“Yeah” Liz whispered huskily. Max’s body was so close and she could see his already dark amber eyes darken even more.

Max reached for her with ease and pulled her against him, his mouth crashing down on hers.

Liz instantly responded to him, her arms circling his neck and pulling him closer against him.

This years love had better last
This years love had better last
This years love had better last
This years love had better last

“Um wow” Liz said when they broke apart.

“Yeah” Max mumbled, he had never kissed a girl before and he was glad that he had apparently done it well.

“Sorry about that” he found himself apologising completely embarrassed that he had just totally attacked her.

Liz took a step back feeling a little self-conscious now and quickly pushed her hair out of her face and behind her ear.

“So I kind of wanted to ask you something” Max found himself saying.

Smiling “yeah?” Liz said.

“Yeah I was wondering if you would maybe want to go the formal with me?” he said.

“Really?” Liz asked surprised and then she remembered the conversation she had heard in the toilet that morning. “What about Katie?” she said.

Max sighed, “So you did hear that” he said.

“Um yeah” Liz answered.

“It wasn’t true” he blurted out and the look on his face made Liz smile.

“I don’t like Katie. I mean it was Isabel she told her I would take her. I didn’t know anything about it till an hour ago” he rambled.

Liz nodded “Yes” she said.

“Yes?” Max asked confused.

“Yeah I would really like to go to the formal with you” she smiled.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Really” Liz replied.

“That’s great” he grinned.

“Yeah it is” Liz laughed. God this was so embarrassing she was rambling like an idiot.

“Um ok well it’s late I should go,” he said taking a backwards step towards the doors.

Taking a step towards him Liz hesitantly rose on her tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek “Thanks for coming and checking up on me by the way” she told him.

Giving her a brilliant smile that lit up his entire face “Your welcome” he said.

”So I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” he asked.

Liz nodded “yeah” she said.

“Ok I’ll see you then” he grinned.

“Yep” Liz laughed unable to get over how gorgeous he looked when he smiled; she hadn’t seen him do that very often.

With one last glance back Max walked out of the Crashdown towards his jeep feeling like the happiest man in the world. Not only had did he enjoy his first kiss tonight it had been with his dream girl and now they had a date for the formal.

TBC…Some ideas, words and sentences were taken from “Sexual Healing” I do not take credit for these they belong to the UPN, WB, Katims etc. Song is This Years Love – By David Grey

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A/N: Hi everyone, thank you so much for you feedback i really appreicate it :D Hi to all the lurkers out there too!

Jason's Lover

Part 5

Liz practically skipped up the stairs to the apartment ten minutes later. She knew that she probably looked ridiculous but she just couldn’t stop smiling. Max Evans had kissed her and it had been the dreamiest kiss she had ever had, one of those kisses you only ever hear about in the movies when you feel like your foot is going to pop out.

“Hi honey” her mother greeted her as she bounced past her.

“HI” she said giving her mother a kiss on the cheek.

“You look happy” she smiled at her daughter. She couldn’t get over how quickly her daughter was growing up; everyday she became more beautiful and vibrant.

“I am,” she told her mum.

“How was the Crashdown tonight?” she asked.

“Busy for most of the night but nothing that Maria and I couldn’t handle” she replied before grabbing a drink from the fridge.

“Is everything cleaned up downstairs?” she enquired. She knew she didn’t need to ask her daughter was the best waitress they had.

“Of course” she answered.

“Okay honey why don’t you go and do your homework” her mother suggested.

“Good idea” Liz agreed.

“Oh there’s some mail for you on your desk too” her mother added.

Liz made her way into her bedroom and picked up the mail her mother had been referring to. The first one was just a newsletter from one of the science groups she was a member of but the second letter intrigued her. She looked at the handwriting when there was no return address and decided to read the letter out on her balcony.

When she was settled in her seat she opened the envelope and pulled out the folded full scrap paper. When she unfolded it the first thing she saw made her gasp “What the hell” she mumbled. Staring back at her was a picture of a women who looked exactly like her except for a little older and she was holding in her arms two very tiny babies, one dressed in pink the other in blue. She turned the photo over and read the writing Liz with Zander and Claudia at two weeks old.

Liz felt herself begin to shake when the realisation of who this photo was supposed to be off dawned on her, she pulled out the photo behind it then and came face to face with herself again in the arms of a much older yet still extremely good looking Max Evans. Her shaking hand turned the photo over Liz and Max 2010. Turning the photo over she studied it closely and realised for the first time that she was pregnant in the photo.

Were these her and Max’s children in the future? She wondered.

She turned to the letter then hoping it would hold the answers to the photos in front of her because right now she was completely freaked out.

Dear Liz,

I realise how weird this much be for you. Your looking at the pictures right now and the scientist in you is telling you that it’s impossible, that it must be someone who just looks like you. It’s not. By the time you finish reading this letter everything you ever thought was true in the universe will come under question.

Those are pictures of me, well you 10 years in the future. Now before you throw this letter away thinking it’s a joke look at my handwriting it’s the same as yours is now if you compare it, and more importantly talk to Max.

Okay firstly, I am Elizabeth Claudia Parker and I’m 28 years old. I write this letter to you from the future in hopes that by telling you the things I’m about to tell you that I can prevent the things happening to you have had happened to me.

Firstly I know right now you are probably very confused so let me start with the most important thing. Max Evans along with his sister Isabel and their best friend Michael Guerin are all aliens. Now before you laugh at this please just keep reading.

In my timeline on September 18th 1999 I was shot by a man in the Crashdown when an argument broke out, I would have died accept that Max and Michael were in the café when it happened and Max came to me and put his hand on my stomach and healed me.

I found out after that they were from the Crash in 47 but had been in incubation pods until they emerged looking like six year olds. They are alien hybrids which are human DNA mixed with alien DNA and the only difference between us and them are some of their cells and that they have advanced brains which allows them to do things that we can’t.

They are still the same people we’ve known all our life, please don’t think any different of them, talk to Max, get him to connect with you and you’ll see the amazing things that I saw in them in the time I got to know them.

Liz sat with her mouth agape as she continued reading the letter, it went on to tell her about how Maria and Alex were brought into the secret and the arrival of a fourth alien called Tess.

I can’t stress to you how important it is Liz that you stay away from her. Her and the protector who in our timeline we called Nascedo were plotting against Max, Isabel and Michael. In one timeline she kills Alex, by continual mind warping in another she kills Max. We don’t anyone will ever have any idea to the true extent of her powers and I hope that you will never have to find out.

Liz felt the tears that began to fall and the fear that settled inside of her after reading about what happened to Alex. Alex her best friend in the world, she couldn’t believe that he was killed all because of some supposed destiny of two people they didn’t even know.

Know that was right, she did know Max.

Wiping her tears away she went back to the letter, it was nearly finished and she had to fight against her emotions to finish it. What she was reading was important, she had come back and given up a happy future to fix the past.

I know your wondering how you got this letter so now I will explain the hard part. The granolith which is located at the pod chamber it very powerful and it has the capabilities for time travel. In my past I had a visit from a Future Max and he turned my world upside down. I don’t wish to do that to you which is why I didn’t make direct contact with anyone in your timeline. I came back though to stop you being shot because unfortunately even though it was the turning point of my life, it brought me Max and brought me in on their secret it was also a turning point in the aliens life as well, and not a good one.

It brought the FBI after Max and it also told Tess and Nascedo their location. Both of those things were destructive in our timeline. I didn’t want you to not know though, Michael and I both agreed when I left that leaving you out of the secret was not an option because Max needs you, they all need you.

I promised myself from the beginning that I wouldn’t use my life to guilt you into your life and I wont. But you should know that in my timeline Maria and Michael, Alex and Isabel were both very happy and at one time so were me and Max. Zander and Claud were born only a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately because of Tess Max never got to see his children born. There will always be things about my life that I regret, Liz as will you but one thing I can assure you I will never regret it knowing and loving Max Evans.

I hope you get the chance to discover that love by yourself.

Max will receive a letter similar to this, I can predict how he will act but Michael was always a loose cannon at 16, and Isabel well you just need to melt that ice surrounding her. Don’t tell Maria and Alex without talking to the others first though.

I wish you a wonderful life, Liz and I hope you live it to the very fullest.


Elizabeth Claudia Parker 2010.

Liz folded the letter carefully and then turned her eyes up to the stars. It was hard to believe that there were people out there but there were and she knew one of them. Her eyes went back to the pictures then and she couldn’t help but smile at the picture of her and Max. They did look happy just like Future Liz had said but Liz wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. Her and Max were different, was it even possible for them to be together?.

Of course there was proof of that was right in front of her in the form of her the beautiful babies in her arms. She had always wanted to have children when she got older and got married and she wondered if her and Max were married in the future timeline too.

Liz sat there contemplating everything and how to approach Max for another hour before she finally pulled her self up and back into her room. She had to worry about her homework for now, alien could wait for tomorrow.


Max was still grinning when he finally made it home late that night. He had gone out for a drive in the dessert to just look at the stars and think about everything. At first he had seconds thought about what he had done but then he remembered the kiss with Liz and all those doubts flew out the window.

He couldn’t believe that Liz Parker liked him. She liked him enough to kiss him back, she liked him enough to be jealous when she thought he was taking someone else to the formal. But most of all she liked him enough to go with him.

That’s because she doesn’t know you’re a different life form, he reminded himself.

He creeped into his room slowly and sighed in relief when he noticed it was empty. He had expected Michael at least to be camped out on his floor but so far no one.

He changed quickly before falling into bed.

“So your home” he had just closed his eyes when the voice asked him.

“Yep” he answered. He finally opened his eyes and looked at his best friend standing in the door way.

“Since when do you use the door?” he asked.

“Well since I’ve been here all night waiting for you to come home and trying to calm Isabel down” he answered.

Max looked at his friend strangely, there was something different about him he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Is she ok?” he asked.

“She is now” he answered. “Look Maxwell I’m not going to say she was right or wrong but you were a little harsh” he told him.

“So was she” he answered.

“Your right but she did have a point” he came into the room and pulled out the sleeping bag Max kept for him under the desk.

“She made it” he frowned.

There was silence for a while before Max finally asked “What’s going on with the two of you?” he asked. They had both been acting funny in the past couple of days, spending time together alone, talking about him behind his back.
“Nothing” Michael said quickly.

Max turned over and looked at his friend, he didn’t believe him.

“Just leave it alone, Maxwell” he said.

Deciding it was best to let it go for the night Max rolled back onto his back.

“so where did you go anyhow?” Michael asked.

“Just around, out to the dessert” Max answered vaguely.

“Right” Michael said, he wasn’t stupid he knew exactly where Max had gone he just wasn’t sure what he was going to do about it.

TBC......I'll be back :)

Also, check out my new part of "Straightening You Out" i know i said it was only going to be a one parter but i got all inspired :!:

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A/N: Thanx for the feedback guys

Jason's Lover

Part 6

Max was nervous as he sat in Biology waiting for Liz to arrive, she was running late again which was a little unusual for her.

Liz rushed into the Biology room, she was running late this morning. She had slept very badly the night before experiencing dreams about the future where the FBI was chasing Max. It had been completely frightening some of the things her brain was thinking and in the end she had overslept.

“Hey” Max smiled when she sat down.

“Hey” she smiled back nervously. She didn’t know how to bring up the subject about the letter she assumed he would do it so she waited. They didn’t work on a lab during the period instead they took notes so they didn’t get the chance to talk.

At the end of class Max waited for her as she packed up her text books, she was completely nervous about talking to him.

“So how are you today?” he asked her as they started walking together out of the classroom.

“Tired” she admitted with a smile “You?”

“I’m good” he smiled and Liz found it contagious it was rare to see such a dazzling smile on Max Evans.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner before the formal on Friday night?” he asked her then, he wasn’t sure if it was a date or not yet and he was too afraid to ask her in case she told him that she didn’t like him that way.

“Yeah that would be nice” she told him, she reminded herself then that she needed to talk to Kyle. She didn’t want him finding out about her going to the formal with Max from someone else and she still needed to officially end it. She didn’t know what would happen with her and Max or if anything could happen but she wasn’t going to string Kyle along.

Surprising enough as Liz walked with Max she wasn’t scared of what she had learnt about him, she guessed that it was her future self’s reassurance that everything was normal and that he was still who he had always been but she was completely confused. She had so many questions and in the end she had began writing a list.

They stopped in front of Liz’s next class then.

“I read the letter last night” she admitted when she realised he wasn’t going to say anything. They couldn’t keep pretending that she didn’t know, eventually they would all have to talk about it, and in fact Liz really needed to talk to someone about it.

“Letter?” Max asked her quizzically.

“Y-You didn’t get a letter?” she asked confused. Her letter had said Max would get one too informing him that she knew all about him.

Max looked at Liz confused “I did get some mail yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to read it” he told her.

“why do you assume I was going to get a letter?” he asked.

“Because my letter said you would” she told him.

“What was your letter about?” he asked.

The late bell sounded then and people were rushing past Max and Liz everywhere.

“You should get to class” she told him “but read your mail this afternoon, Max” she smiled and then turned and walked into her U.S government class leaving a very confused Max in her wake.


Max rushed home that afternoon and straight into his room to find the letter Isabel had given him yesterday. He knew the handwriting was familiar and now he realised why, it was because it was Liz’s handwriting.

He tore open the large envelope and found two more thick envelopes inside. One with his name on it and the other with his, Isabel and Michaels name on it.

He turned his attention to the envelope addressed to him first and opened it with caution, he had no idea what to expect when he opened it so when the photo of much older him and Liz fell out he was shocked.

He studied the photo and he couldn’t deny that the picture was of him and Liz. Liz looked as beautiful as ever but appeared to be pregnant but he was positive it was her because he could see the small scar above her eyebrow.

“What the hell” he muttered. Turning the photo over he saw the writing Max and Liz 2010

He opened the letter then and began to read, he could believe his eyes.

My Dearest Max,

I enclose with this letter a copy of the last photo we had taken together before you were ripped from my life in hopes that it will help convince you that this letter is real. I have so much to cover in this letter so I will tell you the most important things. I am Elizabeth Claudia Parker and I’m 28 years old, I write this letter to you from the future in hopes of changing the terrible things that went wrong.

Firstly I should start by telling you that I know you are an alien. In my timeline on September 18th I was shot in the Crashdown and you saved my life. You risked your life, and Michael and Isabel’s to save me. I still remember what you said when I asked you why.

“it was you”

The events that unfolded because of that day were devastating, you were captured by the FBI and it lead your protector and a fourth alien called Tess to you find you. We were extremely happy and in love until they came to town but Tess’s arrival changed everything, you see you have a destiny. In your previous life you were a King of a planet called Antar, your name was Zan. Michael (Rath) was your second in command, Isabel (Vilondra) was your sister and Tess (Ava) was your bride. You were sent to earth to grow so you could return to save your planet. Ultimately that was an impossible task because everything went wrong when the ship crashed.

You have many enemies of earth but none are worse that Tess and Nascedo who will betray you in every timeline no matter what you do.

You see Max, I gave my happiness for your destiny. A future version of you came to me when I was 17 and told me that I had to make you fall out of love with me. I pretended to sleep with Kyle and you saw it and in the end it was the end of us as we knew it. I ended up leaving town and you hated me. A couple of years later you accepted your destiny and you ended up marrying Tess, you seemed happy.

The problem was that FM got it wrong. Because your destiny was never supposed to be with Tess its with me. There is prophecy that says that twins born to the kings human love with be the saviours and bring peace to both worlds. They are our children, Max and I left them two weeks after they were born to come to Roswell to fix the future. When I go back they wont exist, and neither do you.

I know I’m being vague but I can’t tell you everything. But here is what you do need to know.

The second envelope should be read with Michael and Isabel. It will answer every question I can remember Michael ever asking, he worked on it for me.

It contains a photo of Tess and I beg you to avoid her at all costs, if they come looking never reveal yourself and if you have no choice you should take Tess to the granolith and remove her powers right away. There are instructions in the second letter.

And lastly, I have written your Liz a letter telling her everything. I can assure you that she’ll be ok but I urge you to talk to her. You and I were always the best of friends Max and I know she’ll help you whenever she can. I also urge you to let Maria and Alex into your secret they were good friends you all in the past and in my timeline are married to Michael and Mara.

I apologise for not doing this is person but I don’t think I would have been able to leave if I had seen you again. You were gone in my timeline, killed by Tess and I miss you terribly. Know that I love you to the ends of the world.



The letter dropped from Max’s shocked hands “It’s impossible” he mumbled. He grabbed hold of the photo and stared at is carefully trying to find something that would tell him it was a lie that there was no way that was him and Liz from the future in the photo. He thought someone may have used Photoshop but the date of the photo was printed on to the photo and obviously the camera used to take the shot has the date feature turned on.

He ripped open the letter to the three of them then and pulled out the photos of Tess and quickly scanned the letter. It was at least five full scrap pages long and it told him things that he had never even dreamed of knowing. He had to find out if this was a joke or not so grabbing both the letters and photos he grabbed his keys and raced out of the house and towards the jeep.


Michael watched from Isabel’s bedroom window as Max raced out towards the jeep “What’s he doing?” Isabel asked as she entered the room.

Michael turned and smiled as Isabel approached him, she was beautiful “I’m not sure he just went racing off like a mad man” he told her.

“Well that does leave us the house all to ourselves” she grinned mischievously.

Michael leant in and nipped on her rosy lips before pulling her more forcefully against him “Yeah it does so any ideas on what we could do” he whispered huskily.

“Yeah” Isabel nodded lifting her hand and using her powers to lock her bedroom door before turning around and allowing Michael too kiss her again.


Max drove quickly along the highway until he reached the sigh to Frazier’s Woods where he slowed down so he wouldn’t miss the exit that the map and letter told him about. He saw it clearly and his memory focused when he drove along the dirt road until the rock formation sketched in the letter came into view.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled.

Getting out of the jeep he walked up the incline until he reached the wall where the handprint was supposed to be and he ran his hand up and down it.

“Shit” he cursed again when the handprint appeared just like Liz said it would. He pressed his hand against the print and at first nothing happened so he was surprised when the rumbling started the door began to open. He stepped into the cave hesitantly, it was getting dark but he could see clearly in the chamber.

His eyes rested on the pods against the wall then and he gasped. This was where they were born. He didn’t want to believe what this letter was telling him, he didn’t want to believe any of it but it had to be true if Liz could direct him here.

He looked around the chamber briefly before closing it up and heading back to the jeep. He needed answers and there was only one place he was going to get them.

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Thank you for the feedback, I knew i would get a strong reaction to the M/I thing, sorry to the candies out there but if it helps i havent made a decision about that status of the M/I relationship yet so dont give up i'm just letting this fic play it's course

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out of this world

Part 7

“Liz” Liz was sitting on her balcony writing in the new journal her grandmother had sent her when she heard someone calling her name from the street below. Hopping up she looked over the side and her eyes locked with the exotic Ambers ones that belonged to Max Evans.

“Hi” she smiled.

“Hi” he said “Can I come up?” he asked.

Liz looked in through her window to check for her parents before nodding. Max climbed the fire ladder like an expert “Impressive” she grinned when he reached her.

“I try” he found himself smiling.

Liz took in his appearance then, he was still wearing the same clothes from school that day but his hair was messy and he looked very tired all of a sudden.

“So” she said taking a seat back in her lounge chair.

“So” he said back pacing in font of her “I read the letter” he finally told her.

“Ok” she smiled glad that he finally knew everything that she did. “Are you alright?” she asked him then. She didn’t know exactly what was in his letter but if it was anything like the one she had received then she could understand the way he was feeling right now.

“Not exactly” he answered “I’m completely confused at how you know all this stuff about me that I’ve never told you and that frankly I didn’t know” he told her.

“I didn’t know that stuff, Max” she answered shaking her head. “Future Liz did. She spent 10 years with you and the two of you were obviously close” she confessed.

“No, come on Liz you and I know that time travel is impossible it defies every law of physics” Max argued.

“Your right, but then can you explain the photo because it’s me in that photo, Max I’m sure of it” she told him as she stood up and approached him.

“I know you have the same scar above your eye” he whispered reaching out and touching a hand to the small spot.

Liz smiled “Really?”

Embarrassed Max moved his hand away “Yeah”

“Have you showed the letter to Michael and Isabel?” she asked then, she knew from her letter that they probably wouldn’t be happy that she knew their secret.

“No” Max frowned, he didn’t want to admit to Liz that he wasn’t talking to his sister and he knew her and Michael would both freak if they found out Liz knew that they were aliens. He suspected they wouldn’t believe him anyway, they would believe that he had told Liz as revenge against Isabel and not even the letter would convince them.

“I don’t think I should either, I think we should just pretend that the letters don’t exist” he admitted.

“What?” Liz gasped shocked “You cant do that Max, Liz from the future sacrificed a lot to come back and fix the future you cant just turn your back on it” she objected.

“We wont, but we don’t have to tell the others you know and we can just be careful about staying away from people like this Tess and Nascedo” he said.

“Max think about what your saying, your talking about not sharing this life altering information about your origins with your family” she reasoned.

Max sunk down against the wall “I was king, Liz. I don’t know how to be a king” he admitted.

“A king?” Liz gasped.

“Yes of an entire planet and I have this huge destiny and the fate two planets rests on me filling it”

Liz felt tears fill her eyes “you have a destiny?” she asked.

“Yeah” he whispered finally turning his eyes to hers. “With you” he added.

”What do you mean with me?” she asked confused. She wasn’t an alien she was just a small town girl who in a different time line had fallen in love with him.

Realising that he was scaring her Max quickly changed the subject “What are we going to do, Liz this is big?”

She sat down beside him against the wall “I don’t know but I want you to know that you’re not alone, if you need to talk about anything I’m here” she assured him.

“thanks” he smiled.

“Anytime” they sat in a comfortable silence for a few more minutes until Liz’s mother called her in for dinner.

“I have a lot of questions” she told him.

“I’m sure, so do I” he laughed.

“Can we talk tomorrow?” she suggested.

“Sure” he nodded and smiled, all the confusion and anger he was feeling had disappeared when Liz had smiled down at him from her balcony.

“Go home and tell you sister and Michael, Max” she whispered then.

Liz walked towards her window then and was just about to climb through it when Max called her name.


“Yeah” she answered turning back to look at him.

Max hesitated for only a second before walking towards her and kissing her gently, he didn’t think she would want him kissing her now that she knew he was an alien but he needed to feel her soft lips against his before she told him she never wanted him to touch her again, so he was utterly surprised when she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. He matched her kissing caress for caress and welcomed her tongue into his mouth eagerly.

“Night” she whispered against this lips as she slowly pulled back.

”Night” he whispered back slowly lettering her go but he didn’t take his eyes off her until she climbed through the window and walked out of her bedroom door, disappearing.


Max walked into his house and the first thing he noticed was how quiet it was, he wondered where Isabel was he knew he needed to talk to her and Michael but he also needed to apologise to her for what he had said yesterday.

He walked up the stairs slowly and made his way towards his sisters door when voices stopped him.

“Oh Michael”

“Izzy, god we should stop Max will be home soon”

“Don’t stop Michael” she begged “We’ll hear him pull in”

Max was completely shocked at what he heard but the worst part was he wondered why his sister and best friend had kept this from him. He would have been happy for them if they had shared this with him so why hadn’t they.

He turned and headed to his room quietly knowing that barging in there would be a big mistake at the moment, he sat down and pulled out the letter from Future Liz again and re-read it.

He wondered what had changed in this timeline, in the letter from future Liz it mentioned Michael’s relationship with Maria Deluca and a possible relationship between Isabel and Alex Whitman. Had the future been changed enough in the past couple of days that Michael and Isabel had fallen for each other as a result of it.

He doubted it. Isabel and Michael were practically brother and sister, in fact Isabel had said so herself on a number of occasions. There was something else going on and he needed to find out before things escalated to far.

Hopping off his bed he walked with a purposeful stride to his sisters door and knocked.

“shit” he heard before the sounds of someone jumping up, he decided to just walk in then and confront them but he had to use his powers to get in.

“Max” Isabel gasped when he entered, he looked around but couldn’t find Michael so walked to the window to see if he was outside, it was closed so he realised he hadn’t had a chance to escape, he walked to the bed then with the intention of looking under it.

“Max, what are you doing?” Isabel screamed pulling the sheet up over her naked chest.

“Come out Michael” he demanded.

“Michael? What are you talking about?” Isabel denied.

Max shook his head, his sister wasn’t a blossoming actor.

Max heard the groan from under the bed when he sat down on it, obviously he hit Michael. He hopped off and a couple of seconds later Michel crawled out, shirt in hand.

“Max” Isabel yelled then as she watched her brother and Michael circling each other.

“Would one of you like to explain what’s going on here?” he asked calmly.

“I think that’s obvious, Maxwell not that it’s any of your business” Michael answered.

“Well that’s just off” Max shrugged.

“Excuse me?” Isabel asked angrily.

“He’s like your brother for fuck sakes, Izzy” Max laughed at his sister.

Michael and Isabel exchanged guilty looks “Your not angry?” Isabel asked her brother.

“No, if the two of you want to be together that’s fine but I just don’t buy it” he shrugged.

“What’s not to buy?” Michael snapped.

“How about the fact that the two of you have always considered each other family, that there has been no hint of these feelings for each other before. When did this start anyway?”

“T-the other night” Isabel whispered.

Max nodded, after their fight “but we’ve been having these strange dreams for a while and it just felt right” she admitted.

“Dreams?” he questioned.

“yeah about being with each other” Michael explained.

“why didn’t you say something?” Max asked.

“You’re always too wrapped up mooning over Liz Parker” Isabel snapped.

Max sighed it was obvious Isabel was jealous of his feelings for Liz “I’m never too busy for either of you” he told her lovingly.

“Look, I don’t know what the dreams are about but I do have something that might help us” he told them.

“What do you mean?” Michael demanded.

“Isabel, you remember that letter you gave me yesterday?” he asked her.

She nodded.

“It was the most important letter we’ve ever received” he told them.

“What is it?” Michael demanded.

“It’s answers” he told them and they both gasped.

TBC........ now i'm done with Postponing Forever i will try to update this fic more often

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A/N: I'm back, sorry it's been almost a week i am beginning to finish up some things so hopefully i'll get a lot more of this written and update more. Thank you for your feedback i really appreicate it, i'm not going to buy into the who is better together M/I or M/M thing but fb is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Part 8

“What do you mean its answers? Where is it?” Michael demanded.

“Michael let him talk” Isabel shouted.

Max sighed and smiled his thanks at his sister, she was always so much better at controlling Michael that he was.

“This is a really long story so I think it would be best if I just start at the beginning” he told them.

“so I suggest that you get dressed Isabel and meet us downstairs” he said standing up.

“I’m going to get the letter so why don’t you order a pizza Michael it’s going to be a long night and we’re sure to get hungry”

Michael look liked he wanted to argue but instead he nodded his head and quickly exited the room.


“If I didn’t know any better I’d think you were avoiding me” Maria said to her best friend as she stood at the entrance to her bedroom. Liz had been acting very strange that day at school, coming in late and sitting next to Pam Troy who she completely hated rather than sitting with her in homeroom.

“Hey” Liz smiled up at her best friend, it wasn’t that she was avoiding her it was more she needed some space. She was struggling with all the things she had leant about their world and she knew if Maria had picked up on something being wrong with her then she wouldn’t have stopped until Liz spilled everything.

“I’m sorry I’ve just been a bit blah today” she told her.

“Yeah I got that” Maria replied flopping down on Liz’s bed.

“So what’s got you feeling all blah?” she enquired.

“Max Evans” she sighed dreamily.

“Oh spill” Maria said excitedly.

“He asked me to the formal” she giggled “but I still haven’t broke up with Kyle” she frowned.

“I told you” she squealed

“Yes you did” she laughed. “Now best friend of mine do me a favour?”

“Sure” she smiled she was just happy her best friend appeared to be back to normal.

“Drop me at Kyle’s?” she asked.

Maria smiled sympathetically “You got it” she told her.

Five minutes later Liz and Maria were in the jetta on the way to the Valenti’s.


Kyle was completely surprised when he opened the door and found Liz on the other side.

“Liz, hey” he smiled opening the door to invite her in.

“Hi Kyle” she replied entering the house hesitantly “I was hoping we could talk?”

“Sure lets sit down” he had a good feeling about this visit, if Liz had gone to all the trouble of seeking him out and coming to his house which is something she hadn’t done before then it had to be good. Also, he had caught the gossip about Max Evans and Katie Graham and he still believed that Liz had tried to break up with him for Evans. Now with Max out of the picture he was convinced she was coming back to him.

They sat down and Liz folded her hands in her lap trying to stop herself from fidgeting with them nervously, she’d never broken up with someone before.

“So” Kyle started. “I’m glad you came over because I actually wanted to talk to you about something too”

“Oh ok” Liz nodded frowning slightly at the delay.

“I actually wanted to ask you to go to the formal on Friday night with me?” he smiled.

“Oh” Liz dropped her eyes to her lap “I’m sorry I cant” she said.

“Oh” Kyle said shocked. “Um why?”

“I kind of already agreed to go with someone else” she admitted. “I mean I know we were only on a break but…”

“Um no I guess that’s understandable I wasn’t really sure if I was supposed to ask you” he admitted “under the circumstances” he added. He wanted to ask her who she was going with but she started talking before he got the chance.

“Yeah about those circumstances” Liz said. “I know we agreed to just have a break but I think we should make it more permanent” she blurted.

“So you don’t want to go out with me anymore” Kyle finished for her, he was shocked he thought that once Max Evans was out of the picture that Liz would come back to him. He thought wrong.

“Yeah, I’m sorry Kyle I mean you’re a great guy but I just don’t think that we’re going to work” she told him sadly, she did mean it. Kyle was a great guy and maybe under different circumstances they could be happy. But she was starting to believe that life already had a different plan worked out for her and that plan in two timelines now involved Max Evans.

Kyle shrugged trying to pretend that he wasn’t hurt but he was “I can’t convince you to reconsider can I?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, Kyle” she whispered.

They sat in silence for a few minutes before Liz stood up “I should go, I’ll see you at school tomorrow” she told him.

“Yeah sure, whatever” he shrugged.

“Bye Kyle” she said again but this time when she closed the door it wasn’t just to the house it was to a chapter in her life.


When the pizza arrived Max, Michael and Isabel sat down in the lounge room together with the letter and dug in.

“So show me this letter” Michael said.

“We need to talk first” Max told him.

“What’s there to talk about, you said there was a letter that held the answers” Michael replied.

“Just listen” Max told him “Some of what I’m about to tell you your not going to like”

“What’s going on, Max?” Isabel asked.

“Ok this isn’t the only letter” he sighed.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean that I wasn’t the only one that got a letter” he said.

“We all did? How come I haven’t gotten mine yet?” Michael jumped up “and who is it from”

“Michael if you let him finish he’ll tell you” Isabel snapped.

Michael sat down quickly.

“I got this letter and with it was a letter that was for the three of us, the thing is that someone else got a letter too that didn’t know about us before but they do now”

“Oh god” Isabel gasped.

“Who?” Michael demanded already planning on how he would take care of the situation.

“Liz” Max told them.


“Before you get upset just let me explain” Max said.

“There is nothing to explain you told her didn’t you” Isabel cried.

“No I didn’t” Max denied. “In fact she told me about the letter and that I should read the one I got” he informed them.

“Why would someone want to tell her about us, I mean she’s a scientist who knows what she’s going to do with this information” Isabel cried panicked.

“She’s not going to do anything, she’s dealing with this all perfectly fine, better than we are actually and she was told because it involves her” he explained.

“Please tell me that you didn’t confirm the story, Maxwell” Michael said angrily.

“You did!” Isabel cried when she saw the guilty look on her brothers face “How could you do this to us, Max you chose her over your own family?” she snapped.

“it’s not like that, Isabel” he cried “she isn’t going to tell anyone would the two of you just let me finish the story” he pleaded.

They grumbled for a few minutes before settling down.

“In the letter for all of us it just has a lot of information about our heritage and I’ll get to that in a minute but in the letters to Liz and I there were also photos” Max pulled out the photo then and handed it to his sister.

Isabel look at the photo confused “When did you and Liz get your photo taken?” she asked.

“That’s the thing, we didn’t” Max replied. Michael ripped the photo from Isabel’s hand then and studied it.

“It’s definitely you but you both look different, Liz looks fatter” he commented.

“Your right” Isabel agreed she turned the photo over then and gasped when she saw the date.

“Oh god” she said.

“I know”

“What does this mean?” Michael asked.

“From what Liz and I can gather these letters came from the future and in that future Liz was pregnant” he told them.

“Max, that’s impossible” Isabel laughed choosing to ignore the comment about Liz being pregnant and focusing on the future.

Max shook his head “You don’t understand, in the letter in explains this thing called the granolith and how it was able to be manipulated so she could come back and fix the future” he told them.

Isabel held up a hand to stop her brother “Ok what do you mean her?”

Max took a deep breath before handing his letter the last page of the letter.

“Liz” she breathed.

“What?” Michael asked looking over her shoulder .

“Liz Parker came back from the future to write you a letter?” Michael asked sarcastically.

“No Liz Parker came back with your help Michael to save the future” he told him.

Michael’s mouth opened and closed then as he looked at his friend, Max had handed the rest of the letter over to Isabel and she was reading it with tears in her eyes at the moment.

“this is impossible” she mumbled over and over again.

Michael stood up and began pacing as he waited for his turn to read the letter “I don’t understand why would we have ever told Liz Parker about us?” he said.

“Because I love her” Max whispered but both Michael and Isabel heard him.

“I loved her and she almost died at a shooting in the Crashdown and I saved her” he admitted.

“Everything went wrong after that” Isabel whispered.

“What?” Michael asked stopping his pacing.

“Sit down Michael and I’ll tell you everything” Max said.

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A/N: Hi everyone, thank you so much for being patient with me again and waiting almost a week for an update. Thank you for your feedback, glad you guys are enjoying this and i really appreciate you leaving your feedback.

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Part 9

It was a quiet trio that walked into West Roswell High the next day. They had been up most of the night going over everything Max knew from Liz and reading everything in the letters over and over again. In the end they had decided that regardless of what they wanted to do they needed to talk to Liz and ask her about what was in her letter.

“So you going to talk to Liz, right?” Michael asked Max as they approached his locker.

Max felt guilty then, he hadn’t told them that him and Liz were going to the formal together in a few nights time.

“Yeah of course” he answered “I need to ask her what colour her dress is anyway” he added deciding to just tell now about the date.

“Excuse me?” Isabel stopped dead.

“Liz and I are going to the formal together” he said.

Isabel and Michael shared a look “Max, I don’t think that’s a good idea” Isabel told him.

“Well it’s a good thing I didn’t ask you, Iz” Max smiled.

“Max think about this, sure Liz knows but that doesn’t mean she has to be involved in all this alien stuff” she whispered.

“Yes she does, Isabel. You read the same letter I did, you know about the prophecy” he argued.

“Yeah but why do we need to worry about that if we lay low and know one ever finds us” Michael added.

Max knew he wasn’t going to win against the two of them so just gave up trying to convince them differently, he was however not going to give his chance with Liz up.

“I’ll talk to her and see when she’s free” he told them and quickly turned and headed off towards Liz.


Liz smiled up at him as he entered the Biology lab.

“Hi” he smiled as he slid onto his stool.

“Hi yourself” Liz smiled. She felt better this morning about everything to do with Max. After her talk with Kyle last night she came home and re-read the letter that Future Liz had sent her. She knew that she had left something important out but Liz just couldn’t put her finger on it. She ended up spending a lot of time staring at the photo of her self with the two small babies and she wondered for the first time if her and Max could possibly have a future together.

It also raised the question that she didn’t know whether she wanted to be brought in to deep. If there were people out there who wanted to hurt her for being important to Max wouldn’t it be better if she not put herself or Max in that position.

“Do you have plans this afternoon?” he asked.

“Um well I was kind of going to go shopping for a new dress for Friday night” she blushed.

“Oh” Max said surprised he just assumed she would be like Isabel and have it organised weeks ago.

“I know,” Liz said knowing exactly what he was thinking without him needing to voice it “I just wasn’t expecting to go that’s all” she couldn’t believe she was telling her date for the dance that as of the night before the dance she didn’t have a dress.

“Well I’m glad you are” he whispered reaching over and placing his hand on top of hers on the table. It still felt like a dream that she had said yes to go with him, for so long Liz had just been his dream girl. Someone that he would watch every day of his life but he had never dreamed that she would ever feel something back.

“Me too” she whispered. The pull to be with him was undeniable, she honestly didn’t know if she would be able to stay away from him if he pursued her. The only reason nothing had ever happened between them before was because she didn’t think he was interested and had never really said much to her. Sure Maria had been telling her for years that he stared at her but she never believed her.

“So what colour should I get to go with my tux?” he asked then.

“Oh god I completely forgot about that, I’m so sorry Max” she blushed again and apologised.

“It’s fine, I’ll just get black then it wont matter what colour you go with” he said trying to soothe her. Personally he didn’t care what she wore to the dance he thought she would look good in a paper bag

“Yeah you look great in black” she said before she could think.

It was Max’s turn to blush then “Thanks and for the record I think you look great in red and black” he whispered leaning in so he was so close to her lips that Liz didn’t even need to move very much to touch her lips to his.

Max responded quickly, caressing her mouth back. He was just about to swipe his tongue along her bottom lip when the sound of someone clearing their throat broke through.

“You left your book in my locker, Liz” Alex Whitman stood with a very amused grin on his face and with Liz’s text book in her hand.

“um thanks, Alex” she squeaked.

“Welcome” he grinned smoothly.

“Hi Max” he smiled then turning to Max who’s ears were beet red.

“Hey Alex” Max coughed.

Mr Seligman entered the classroom then so Alex took his seat at the back lab table chuckling inwardly to himself.

At the end of class Max packed up slowly wanting to talk to Liz again and maybe he would get to walk her to her next class too.

“So, I talked to Isabel and Michael last night” he finally said.

“Really?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, you were right I needed to tell them” he said as they began walking together naturally towards their next class. Both had their hands hanging at their sides and they continued to rub against each other as they walked, neither having the courage to grab the others hand

“I’m glad” Liz smiled.

“Yeah so we were kind of hoping we might be able to get together with you to talk about your letter too” he said.

Liz was a little shocked she didn’t expect Michael and Isabel to want anything to with her after Max’s reaction, especially to her knowing their secret “So you told them about my letter too?”

“Yeah. I told them everything” he nodded.

“Um yeah sure I guess, when?” Liz said as she came to a stop outside her class room.

“Well can you make it tonight after you go shopping? My parents are still out of town so we can talk freely at the house”

“Um sure, ok so about 7?” she said.

“Yeah that’s great and could you bring your letter?”

“Ok” she said nervously.

“Thanks” he smiled as he started backing away.

“See you tonight” she smiled.


Liz was on her way to the quad to meet Maria and Alex for lunch when she ran into Kyle.

“Hi” she said quietly. She wasn’t sure how to react after breaking up with him the night before, she knew he was upset with her but she hoped eventually he would realise that things between them would have never worked out and that it would be best for him to just move on.

Kyle shook his head “You know I never took you for a liar, Liz” he said angrily.

“Excuse me?” Liz asked confused, she wasn’t sure what exactly she had lied about.

“I asked you on several occasions was there something going on with you and Evans and you lied” he spat angrily.

“How exactly did I lie?” Liz said.

“Oh so what you just thought I wouldn’t notice when you turned up to the dance with him tomorrow night?”

“No I knew you would, I wasn’t trying to hide it. Max asked me and I accepted, we’re friends” Liz defended.

“Yeah” Kyle scoffed “apparently your friends with Evans just like you used to be friends with me”

“That’s none of your business, Kyle” she said then.

“Yes it is when you dump me for him” he spat. He shook his head then and began backing away “I hope he’s worth it, Liz?” he said then.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked concerned.

“You’ll see” he smiled before turning around and walking away.

“You ok?” a voice asked from behind. Liz was surprised when she turned around and found Isabel Evans.

“Um yeah thanks” she answered.

“Don’t worry about him, I’ll keep an eye on him” Isabel told her.

Liz was completely surprised that Isabel Evans was being nice to her, she had never even spoken to her before unless she needed to for a class.

“Um what do you mean?” Liz asked, she didn’t want something to happen to Kyle and she had no idea what Isabel would do.

Isabel smiled “don’t worry, Liz I’m not going to kill him with my laser eyes” she said.

Liz blushed embarrassed that Isabel could clearly read what she was thinking, “I’m sorry. He’s just angry that I broke up with him” she told her.

“Yeah he’s angry that you broke up with him because of my brother” Isabel clarified raising her eyebrow in challenge. Liz wouldn’t deny it because it was true.

“Yeah” she whispered.

“You should stay away from Max” she told Liz then.

“W-What?” Liz said.

“Nothing good will come of this, Liz. Your already drawing unwanted attention to Max. Do you think Kyle is going to let this go?”


Isabel walked around her then “Just think about whether it’s worth it” she said before following the same path Kyle did out of the school.

TBC.... I dont have the next part finished yet but it's a long weekend so i am hoping to get some writing done for this :D

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A/N: I tried to update last night but the sight was playing up, some of you might have alredy caught this on LOD or Memories but if not here is the next part.

Thank you for the feedback, and if your lurking please stop by and say hi

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Part 10

“What do you think?” Liz asked Maria as she walked out of the change room. She had been so excited about going dress shopping earlier in the day but since her conversation with Isabel she was dreading it. On some level she knew Isabel was right and that scared her. This thing with Max had caused so much trouble in the other timeline so how did Future Liz think it would be any different in this one.

“It’s nice I guess” Maria sighed. She wasn’t sure what was up with Liz but she wasn’t making much of an effort to find a nice dress. Everyone she picked hung off her and made her look as unappealing as possible.

“Try the black one on that I picked out” she told her shoving her back into the dressing room.

Maria gasped when she re-emerged a few minutes later. The strapless black dress fitted her perfectly showing off the small curves of her body.

“So?” Liz asked.

“That’s the one” Maria nodded happily.

“You think?” Liz was sceptical.

“Of course, don’t you?” Maria questioned.

“Yeah I mean it’s nice but are you sure it doesn’t send the wrong message?”

“Well that depends on what message your trying to send?” Maria raised an eyebrow at her best friend. She was acting weird and Maria was starting to wonder if Liz even wanted to go to the dance with Max anymore.

“I don’t know” Liz cried “I’m so confused” she admitted.

“I think that’s the perfect dress then” Maria told her.

“Ok” she nodded going back to the change room and taking the dress off so the sales clerk could ring it up for her.

On the way home the car was silent until Maria spoke up “Want to tell me what happened between lunch and now that has changed you from being excited girl to I’m all confused girl?”

Liz went to shake her head but reconsidered “Kyle” she answered “he found out and he said some harsh things” she told her.

“He’s just jealous Liz” Maria told her.

“I know” she wanted to tell her about Isabel but it was a little hard considering the circumstances. She hated lying to her best friend and she didn’t know how long she would be able to do it if things continued with Max.


Liz still felt nervous and uneasy when she knocked on the Evans door that night. She wanted to ring and get out of it but she knew it was important.

“Hi” Max grinned when he answered the door.

Seeing his smile was all it took for Liz to smile back, something about being with him and seeing him made everything clear. Was it worth it? For her of course it was. Max Evans was the sweetest boy in the world and for some reason he liked her.

“Hey” she said.

“Come here” Max whispered and began pulling her towards him and into his arms. He wasn’t sure where all the confidence came from but every time she was with him something inside of him just told him it was right.

Their mouths came together slowly, their lips caressing gently until Max swiped his tongue along her bottom lip before tugging it into his mouth and sucking on it. Liz moaned against his mouth and Max slid his tongue inside her mouth. He massaged her tongue with his own and any resolve Liz had left crumbled the minute the flashes started.


Liz playing with Maria on the playground as a little girl.

Max, Michael and Isabel walking in the dessert, naked as children.

The first time Liz saw Max.

The first time Max saw Liz.

Liz and Maria giggling over how hot and nice Max was

All the times Max would see Liz and think how beautiful she was.

The day the shooting would have happened

The day Liz found out that Max liked Katie Graham

Max fighting with Isabel and Michael over Liz

Their first Kiss.

Reading the letters

Their second Kiss

The biology room that day.

Liz’s run in with Kyle and Isabel

Max getting his tux for the dance

“Wow” Max whispered pulling away from her mouth and resting his forehead against hers.

“What was that Max?” Liz asked confused.

“I think we just saw each others souls” he whispered back.

“Yeah” Liz sighed.

“Maxwell you going to invite her in or what?” Michael yelled from the lounge room.

Max pulled back and blushed when he realised that they were still standing at the front door where anyone could have seen him attack Liz. They walked inside and shut the door and were just about to enter the lounge room when Max stopped then.

“What?” Liz smiled.

“It’s worth it” he said.

Liz looked at him confused “Your worth it, I don’t care what Kyle does or the attention it brings me, being with you it worth it” he explained.

“Oh” Liz ducked her head but couldn’t help but smile.

Max used his hand on her chin to raise her eyes to his. “don’t listen to her” he said.

“I wont, I already decided I wouldn’t” she told him, she had decided that minute she saw him again that she couldn’t back away.

“Good” he grinned, he would deal with Isabel later.

When they walked into the lounge room Isabel and Michael were sitting together on the lounge and Liz quirked a surprised eyebrow at Max about their closeness and he just shrugged in response.

“You bring the letter?” Michael asked her.

“Hi to you too Michael” she smiled before handing a copy of the letter she had made to Michael, Max and Isabel.

It took about ten minutes for the three aliens to read the letter and once they were done Isabel asked Liz if she could see the photo’s. Liz hesitated for a moment, they had come to mean a lot to her.

“I’ll be careful” Isabel assured her.

Liz fished them out of her purse and handed them to her. “Oh god” Isabel gasped when she saw them, it was definitely Max and Liz in the photo and then the one with Liz and two babies blew her away. If the babies existed like Future Liz said it meant that the prophecy was real but most of all it meant that she herself would be able to have children.

“It’s a lot to take in” Liz commented.

“Yeah” Max replied.

Michael studied the small brunette “How do we know we can trust you?” he finally asked.

“I guess you don’t have a choice, but apparently in the other timeline you did” she shrugged. Personally she didn’t care if Michael never liked her, he wasn’t important.

She turned to Max then “Can I read your letters?” she asked.

Max has already taken the liberty of making her a copies.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Isabel asked.

“It’s only fair” Max said. He was very angry about what his sister had done that day and he would deal with her later. He was sick of fighting with her and Michael.

“Ok so the letter lists people that helped you before, what do you think about that?” Liz asked them.

“Definitely not” Michael said.

“I agree” Isabel said.

“Why? In the other timeline you two married Maria and Alex you considered them trustworthy enough then” Liz argued. She knew that she would eventually have to lie to her best friends if she continued to be part of the alien abyss and she wasn’t prepared to do that.

“Me and Deluca I doubt it” Michael grunted but the truth was undeniable. It was written in black and white in his own handwriting.

“Right because you’re with Isabel?” Liz raised an eyebrow.

“That’s none of your business” Isabel snapped.

“Sure it’s not because it’s easier for the two of you to pretend that nothing has changed. I mean why bother listening to the facts right?” she said.

“We know enough that we can make sure things stay changed we don’t need to bring in all these other people for no reason” Michael argued.

“No reason, do you realise what a potential ally Alex Whitman could be?” she said disbelievingly. “The guy is a computer genius, he can hack pretty much everything including FBI databases, and do you know what those sorts of resources could do?”

“Yeah bring unwanted attention down on our ass just like having you involved with Max is doing” Isabel snapped.

“Oh so you think it’s better that Roswell, New Mexico thinks Max is gay and that Michael is his gay lover? Because that’s the speculation and of course that doesn’t bring unwanted attention in a small town. Me being with Max just scares you too because you know when it all comes down to it that your not meant to be together and you cant stand the fact that you might have to let humans in” Liz argued.

Isabel stood up angrily then her face blazing red. “You have no idea about our lives, you think you know about alien for a few days and that you know everything?. You have no idea what it’s like to be me” she screamed before turning and fleeing the room.

Michael stook up immediately after her and with a final glare in Liz’s direction followed Isabel.

Liz sighed “Sorry” she whispered to Max, she knew she had gone to far but she didn’t like the way Michael and Isabel ganged up about everything.

“It’s ok” Max smiled, he knew what a handful they could be and the fact was they were both looking for a reason to exclude Liz from the group.

“I should go” she said.

Max nodded reluctantly, he didn’t want her too but it was probably for the best.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” he said walking her to the door.

Liz nodded and bit her lip nervously, she wanted to kiss him but she didn’t know if it was too forward but in the end she didn’t have to worry because Max leaned in and pressed his lips against hers.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow night” he breathed.

Liz smiled shyly “me either”

TBC........... I have a few more parts written now so i will update again soon :D