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A/N: Hello everyone, thank you so much for your great feedback. I hope i'm not dragging this out too much, let me know if it feels that way, basically there is some leading up required to some coming parts. Basically there is still a bit to go in this fic!

Thanx again for the great support

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Part 31

“Listen here Space boy” Maria says placing her hand on her hip as she looks at Michael from across the lunch table that the gang had been sitting at for the past month.

Michael frowns at the name “I’m not going to take this crap from you” she tells him “or anyone for that matter”

“What’s the go with the name?” he asks her.

“What?” Maria stops yelling confused.

“Why do you call me Space boy?” he said slowly as though he was talking to a slow person.

“Because you’re strange and you space out” she relied annoyed.

Michael shakes his head and stands up, it was the same thing every time he came into contact with Maria Deluca. He loved firing her up, he secretly thought she was sexy as hell but once that mouth of hers got going there was no shutting her up and that he just couldn’t handle.

“Where are you going?” she demands hopping up to follow him.

“Space boy, I’m talking to you” she calls out as Michael begins moving away from the table.

Isabel, Alex, Max and Liz share a look as Maria takes off after him. “We’ve gotta do something about those too” Alex sighs.

Everyone in their respective groups had managed to become friends. Isabel and Alex were as close as could be, Isabel waiting for Alex to work up the courage to ask her out, Liz constantly assuring her that he was getting there.

Max and Liz were closer than ever after their night together a week earlier.

It was nearing the end of the school year now and the four of them all hoped that they would all spend a lot of time together over the summer but were now re-thinking that given the way Maria and Michael were constantly at each others throat.

“Sexual tension” Liz said.

Everyone’s eyes snapped to her “What?” she said “It’s obvious, Michael does things to fire her up because he thinks she’s hot, and Maria she’s just fighting her attraction to him because she thinks he’s no good for her” she told them.

“How do you know that?” Isabel laughed.

Liz smiled “Iz, we all deal with out feelings in different ways, some of us just go for it” she said winking at Max “and others spend as much time as humanly possible dropping hints to get the person they like to ask them out” she said pointedly causing Isabel to blush which didn’t go unnoticed by Alex or Max.

“Michael and Maria fight” she said. “mark my words I’ll walk downstairs one night on one of their close shifts and they’ll be all over each other”

“yeah right” Max shook his head “Michael can’t stand being around her for five minutes”

“Yeah he just needs to find a good way to shut her up” Alex chimed in.

The bell rang then and Max stood up and helped Liz out of her seat “See you guys later” they said before walking off holding hands.

“They’re so cute together” Isabel sighed in envy, she wanted something like Max and Liz so badly and she thought that she might find that with Alex if she could just get him to ask her out.

Alex stood up and grabbed his bag “Come on Izzy I’ll walk you to class” he smiled.

Isabel’s smile brightened and she accepted his outstretched hand to help her up, when she was standing though Alex didn’t let it go and she had to bite her lip to stop the grin that was forming.

They walked to Isabel’s next class in silence, both grinning like fools and oblivious to the whispering around them.

“Um this is me” Isabel said when they stopped outside her Math class.

Alex nodded “So are you doing anything tonight?” he finally breathed out.

“Um no” Isabel said shyly her eyes dropping to her shoe.

“Did you maybe want to catch a movie?” Alex asked nervously.

“T-Together?” she questions.

Alex nodded.

“Like a date? Or a just a friends thing?” she questioned.

Alex ran a hand through his hair nervously “um well a date but I mean we could just go as friends if you want to” he rambled.

Isabel reached a hand out and placed a finger over his lips “I’d love to go on a date with you Alex” she smiled.


“Yeah” she smiled.

The second bell sounded then and Alex started backing away “I’ll pick you up at seven?” he asked.

“Cant wait” she said.


Jeff and Nancy sat at the table looking over the brochures that they had just received in the mail.

“What do you think?” Jeff asked Nancy, he had called and asked for the brochures to be sent after Liz’s accident.

“I mean it looks like a great opportunity I’m just not sure if it’s right for Liz” she sighed.

“Your right but is Roswell really right for Liz anymore, Nance? I mean I never thought we’d have to worry about our baby girl here and now I’m questioning that too” he replied.

Nancy sighed, Callahan College looked like an excellent opportunity for her daughter in a controlled environment she couldn’t deny that.

“Let’s just see how things go over the next few weeks, we don’t need to make any type of decision right now” she told him.


“Are you sure no one’s home” Liz moaned as Max pushed away the cups of her bra and took her aching nipple into his mouth.

“Uh huh” he replied over her breasts.

He swirled his tongue around the peak before biting down gently on the nipple causing Liz to moan.

This was the first opportunity they had had to be alone since their fist time the week before and they both wanted to make the opportunity worth while so right now they were making out heavily on Max’s bed. Both their shirts were already gone and the buttons of Max’s jeans were already undone.

Max moved to the next breasts then “Oh god Max that feels so good” Liz moaned.

Max’s mouth moved back to her mouth then and he took it passionately thrusting his tongue in her mouth.

“I want you so bad” Liz groaned thrusting her hips up against his hard on.

Max growled at her as he pulled his head back from where it was in the crook of Liz’s neck.

Her small hands words at getting his jeans over his hips while Max worked at removing Liz’s panties and skirt. Pulling a condom from his side draw he rolled the latex down his cock like an expert considering it was only the second time he had done it.

He slid inside Liz slowly and they both moaned at the feel of being joined again “Oh baby” Max moaned as he pulled out and then slid back inside of her again.

“Uh Max” Liz cried, he felt so good.

“You feel so good baby, so wet and tight” he told her.

“Oh god yes, Max you make me feel so fool” she cried.

Max moved in and out of her slowly, they’re mouths coming together and mimicking the act that was taking place with their bodies as well.

“More” Liz pleaded when they broke apart.

Max looked at Liz’s pleasured face “W-Will you…um I mean did you want to change” he whispered nervously.

Liz reached up and caressed Liz’s face “did you want to try something?” she asked.

Max flushed “Did you want to be on top?” he suggested.

Liz nodded shyly, she loved the idea of riding Max’s hard cock. She wasn’t sure if she would be any good but oh did she want to try.

Max pulled out of her and flipped them over so that Liz was now straddling his body. Liz hesitantly raised her hips and sunk down slowly on Max’s stiff cock moaning the entire way.

“Oh god” she cried “you feel so good like this, even fuller” she told him.

Max groaned too as she started to raise her hips gently up and down his long shaft “yes baby like that” he moaned reaching up to cup her breasts in his big hands.

Liz threw her head back and arched her sinking deeper on his cock and began riding him harder “that’s it baby let go and fuck me” he encouraged as far as he was concerned they had all the time in the world, his parents were at a dinner party and Isabel was at a movie with Alex, their first date he heard her tell Liz an he didn’t expect anyone home until late. Liz also didn’t have to be home until her curfew at twelve so he planned on making good use of the hours ahead of them.

“Oh god Max” she cried, she could feel her orgasm approaching and the walls of her pussy began tightening more around him if that was even impossible.

Max moved his hands to her hips and helped her raise up and down him faster bringing her pounding back down on him.

“Yes Liz” he cried out.

“Yes of Yes………….ahh Max” she cried as she came around his cock, her juices sliding down it and onto his thighs turning Max on even more.

Max continued raising her up and down him and seconds later his own orgasm washed over him “Yes, yes…………..fuck LIZ” he cried out.

Liz collapsed against his body panting their bodies both slicked with sweat.

“Hmm that was great” she sighed.

Max chuckled “It certainly was”

They laid together in silence for a few minutes then both enjoying the feel of lying together naked “I love you” Liz whispered placing kisses on Max’s chest.

“I love you too” he replied kissing her forehead, he pulled out of her then and disposed of the condom in the trashcan before snuggling up to Liz again both closing their eyes in complete satisfaction.


Max pushed Liz against the steering wheel as he ravaged her mouth like a starving man, they had made love again that night but both still couldn’t keep their hands off each other as Max drove Liz back to the Crashdown. That was why right now they were parked in the side alley with Liz straddling Max’s lap.

“I want you again” he groaned as she rubbed against his hard on.

“Me too” she groaned.

Nancy Parker opened the alley door and pulled the bag of garbage out towards the skip bin that they used, she was helping out Jose on close since Agnus had called in sick again. She was on her way back in when he noticed that Max’s jeep was parked in the alley but instead of it being empty she saw her daughter making out heavily on her boyfriends lap.

Making a note to speak to her daughter about the seriousness of her relationship with Max she walked back into The Crashdown before she was caught spying on them.

Max groaned when Liz pulled back from their heated kiss “I have to go” she said with regret but started laughing when Max pouted before burying his head in the crook of neck and nibbling on it.

“Baby I really have to go” she groaned as he cupped her breasts.

Hearing the seriousness in her voice he dropped his hands and his head fell back against the seat. “Ok off you get and I’ll walk you to the door” he smiled.

In the end he carried her up the stairs because of her still broken ankle which was really healed now but still had the cast on.


Liz was getting ready to crawl into bed when her mother knocked on her door and opened it.

“Mum” Liz said surprised, she thought her mother would have been long in bed at this hour. “What are you doing up?” she asked, she should have known it would be too good to be true that one of her parents hadn’t waited up for her.

“I had to help Jose close because Agnus called in sick again” she informed her coming further into the room and sitting down on the edge of Liz’s bed.

“So how are things going with Max?” she asked.

“Mum” Liz groaned “you know I hate talking about these things”

“I know I guess I just wanted to see how things were and ask how serious the two of you are?” she fidget nervously.

Liz cursed under her breath, if her mother did close then she most likely placed the garbage out and she would need to go into the alley to do that which meant that she had probably see her and Max making out in his jeep.

Shrugging “we’re exclusive if that’s what you mean” she told her.

Nancy nodded, she her daughter was evading the question and something about the way Liz wouldn’t meet her eyes told Nancy that this conversation was too late, her and Max Evans were already very serious and that scared Nancy to death.


Updating Skirts and Some Girls tonight oo

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A/N: Thanx for the great feedback everyone!

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Part 32

Over the next two weeks Liz noticed her mother watching her like a hawk and it was completely unnerving her.

“What’s up chica?” Maria asked as she bounced into her room. Liz and Alex had ditched their other halves for some best friend time with Maria. Liz was also secretly hoping it would satisfy her mother enough that she would stop being so intrusive into her life and her relationship with Max.

“My mother is really starting to annoy me” she groaned.

Maria smiled sympathetically at her best friend. Liz’s cast had come off a few days ago and Nancy had wasted no time putting Liz back to work in an effort to curve the amount of free time she had. Liz had been stuck working the counter since she had to pretend that her foot still wasn’t strong enough for a lot of walking.

“what brought all this on?” Maria asked curiously as she laid beside Liz whilst they waited for Alex to arrive with the ice cream.

“Well they’ve both be super overprotective since the accident, anyone would think they thought it was my fault” she groaned “but I’m pretty sure that my mum caught me and Max making out in the jeep a couple of weeks ago”

Maria’s faced quirked up at that “what type of making out are we talking about here?” she asked sitting up.

Liz groaned “I didn’t realise there were two types”

“of course there is, there is making out pre sex and then there is making out, foreplay” she explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Liz’s eyes narrowed at her friend “so which one was it?” Maria asked watching Liz carefully. Liz was a terrible liar and Maria knew it.

Liz inwardly sighed, she hadn’t confided in either of her best friends about the growing seriousness of hers and Max’s relationship, mostly because she couldn’t explain to them about the growing connection her and Max had.

“the latter” Liz groaned.

Maria’s eyes widened “What!” she gasped.

Liz closed her eyes and groaned again.

”When did that happen?” she exclaimed.

Liz leaned over and clamped her hand over her mouth “would you be quiet, my mother is probably eaves dropping as it is”

“Well?” Maria said expectantly.

“about three weeks ago” she told her.

“Oh my god” Maria squealed “I cant believe you didn’t tell me”

“I wouldn’t have if I knew this was how you were going to act” Liz chuckled.

“So how was it?” Maria whispered like it was a big conspiracy.

Liz smiled dreamily.

“That good?” Maria asked.

Liz nodded “perfect” was the only word she could use to describe it.

Maria sighed, she wished she had someone like Liz and now it was obvious that Isabel and Alex had crossed the line from friends to dating she felt even more like a sixth wheel.

“I bet he made everything romantic?”

“Yep” she confessed.

“Did it hurt?”

Liz bit her lip “A little but afterwards you forget about that because everything else just feels so good”

Maria sighed again.

“Would you stop that” Liz hit her playfully.

Alex made his grand entrance then “Ladies the two most important elements of your night have arrived” he grinned “me and ice cream”

The girls laughed at him before pulling his goofy self onto the bed where they spent the rest of the night catching up on each others lives.


Across town Isabel, Max and Michael were sharing some similar bonding time except theirs involved a lot less talking and a lot more eating. Pizza.

Isabel looked between Max and Michael and back again contemplating bringing up what she wanted to talk to them about.

Max could see from the corner of her eye that his sister was watching them and it was obvious that she had something to say but he was waiting for her to come to them.

When neither guys said anything Isabel threw down her piece of pizza getting their attention.

“What?” they said.

“I want to talk to you about something” she admitted.

Max smirked “yeah I kind of got that”

Isabel glared at him “your way to happy these days Max well” Michael turned to his best friend “I guess getting laid was good for you” he shrugged causing Max’s face to flush red and Isabel to gasp.


“Michael” Max hissed, his sex life was not up for public discussion.

“What?” Michael said innocently.

“You and Liz?” Isabel asked surprised. It wasn’t though she didn’t approve she just thought that Liz was planning on waiting.

“yeah” Max admitted.

“Wow” Isabel said sitting back.

“Your being careful right?” she asked him then worried.

Max squirmed in his seat before nodding.

“Good” she said causing Michael to snicker but a glare from Isabel shut him up fairly quickly.

“So you wanted to talk to us about something?” Max said wanting to change the focus on the conversation from him back to Isabel.

“Yes” Isabel said taking a deep breath. “I want to tell Alex” she said.

Max’s eyes widened “What?”

“I want to tell Alex about us. It was bad enough lying to him when we were just good friends but now that we’re more I don’t want to have to lie anymore” she said.

“No” Michael shook his head.

“No?” Isabel turns to him raising her eyebrow “Michael I’m not asking your permission here. I will be telling Alex I just wanted to tell you and Max before I did it”

“Isabel are you sure?” Max asked, there was no way he was going to refuse Isabel. The fact was Max believed that they should have brought Alex and Maria into the secret a while ago. They weren’t sticking with the plan and he was afraid it would have dire consequences. Alex made Isabel happy and as far as he was concerned that was enough. He also didn’t want to see what was happening to Michael happen to Isabel. Michael was loosing control of his powers, especially when he was around Maria and sooner or later he wasn’t going to be able to explain his way out of it.

“Yes” she smiled “I’m happy and I want to give this my best go and to do that I need to be honest. We know that we can trust Alex” she told them.

Max looked to Michael then “if we tell Alex we really should tell Maria” he said.

Michael’s eyes widened “No way, she’ll freak, that girl is like a hurricane waiting to be released” he shook his head.

Max laughed “I know she’s a little eccentric but Future Liz said she could be trusted and if Liz is the one to talk to her I’m sure it will be fine. Besides I don’t think Liz will give us a choice, if we bring in Alex we bring in Maria”

Isabel nodded her agreement.

Michael sighed “I guess I’m out numbered then” he said throwing his own piece of pizza down.

“It’s not like that Michael” Isabel denied “Look we know you’re scared but you have to deal with this eventually, it’s obvious that you have feelings for Maria”

Michael glared at Isabel “I do not, don’t push me towards that wacko just to make yourself feel better about moving on so quickly” he shot at her.

Isabel glared angrily at him “you so shouldn’t have gone there, Michael” she warned “Alex is twice the boyfriend you ever were” she spat.

“Ok enough” Max said then wanting to stop the argument before it got out of control and surprisingly enough both listened to him.

“Isabel you can tell Alex, once your done please inform me and Liz and we will speak to Maria” he told her.

Isabel nodded and smiled.

“Whatever” Michael said standing up and storming out.

Max sighed when she heard the front door slam “don’t worry about him he’ll come around” Isabel said.

Max nodded, he knew he would, he also knew Michael better than Isabel thought he did. Michael was scared but it wasn’t of his feelings it was of being forced into something, he wasn’t looking at Isabel as his destiny anymore he now felt as though he was being told his destiny was Maria and he didn’t like it one bit.


“Oh god Liz” Max groaned as Liz’s small hands trailed up and down his chest under his shirt. It was lunch time and they were making good use of the time by making out.

“God I cant get enough of you” she whispered when they pulled apart from their heated kiss.

“I know” he agreed his hands running up the side of her body grazing the sides of her breasts.

“We should stop” she told him then pulling herself out of his grasp and taking a step back.

“Your right” Max panted.

Lately they had gotten so caught up in each other that they had forgotten everything going on around them.

“I should tell you that Isabel is planning on telling Alex about everything after their date on Friday night” he said.

Liz’s eyes widened “Really?” she knew since Saturday that the aliens had finally agreed to let the others in she just hadn’t expected it to come so quickly.

“Yeah she said if she doesn’t bite the bullet and do it soon she’ll loose her courage, plus she doesn’t want to be lying to him for longer than possible” he explained.

“they’ve gotten pretty close haven’t they?” she smiled happy for her friends.

“Yeah” he agreed.

“but that also means that we need to sit down and talk to Maria over the weekend too” he reminded her.

“Yeah I know” Liz sighed, she had no real idea how Maria was going to handle what she was about to be told.


Friday Night

“Isabel, is everything ok?” Alex asked her as they sat quietly watching the stars in the dessert. She had been very quiet all night and he was starting to worry that something was wrong.

Isabel turned to face him then taking a deep breath “Actually I need to talk to you about something” she admitted.

“Ok” he nodded his worry growing.

“Can I start with firstly explaining to you how difficult it is for me to share this with you, I’m the not the type of person who usually opens up to other people but then one day fate stepped in and Liz found out our secret” she started.

Alex looked at her confused but didn’t say anything “at first I was so upset and scared that Liz was now part of our lives but she’s shown me that I don’t need to be scared, that I can open up and trust people, and I’m so glad that I opened up to you. You make me so happy Alex”

When she looked up and realised that Alex was confused she cursed, nothing was coming out the way she had planned she had totally stuffed it up.

“I’m sorry Alex I know I’m not making much sense”

“Um it’s ok, yeah I’m confused but keep going” he encouraged aware that she had something to get off her chest.

“Alex, I’m not like normal girls, or like you” she said.

Alex’s eyes widened “What do you mean?”

“Alex I’m an alien” she blurted out.

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A/N: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your feedback. I know you hate it when i leave parts like that but i've got keep you hooked so you'll come back for the next part :twisted: .

I hop enjoy this next part. Now that a few of my other fics are coming to an end i know some of you are wondering about this story, there is still a few parts of this fic to go, i'm not exactly sure on how many but i would say at least five. :D

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Part 33

“Um what?” Alex said not quite sure if he heard her right

“I’m an alien,” she told him.

“Yeah I kind of heard you the first time I’m wondering why you would say something so ridiculous” he replied. He thought she wanted to talk about something serious but obviously he was wrong.

“Alex” she said reaching out for his hand “I know this might sound far fetched but it’s the truth. Max, Michael and I were in the 47 crash, we were placed in incubation pods until we hatched looking like six year olds. We’ve spent out entire life hiding who we are until a few months ago Liz found out about us. I was so scared at first when I found out that she knew but then I got to know her and for the first time in my life I had a friend that wasn’t my brother or Michael” she told him.

“I don’t want to hide who I am anymore, Alex. I especially don’t want to hide the real me from you. I know that I’m asking you a lot.”

“Y-Your not kidding are you?” Alex said his mouth dropping open.

“No” Isabel said and then waited for his to say something.

Alex hopped up from his seat next to her and walked a little way out into the clearing. He turned his head up to look at sky contemplating what Isabel had just said, was there really other life out there? And did Liz really know all about it like Isabel said?

“How did Liz find out?” he found himself asking.

“Um it’s a very long story but basically in another timeline in the future some horrible things happened so a future version of Liz came back to mail us a letter so that we could change things. She sent both Max and Liz a letter”

Alex turned around and looked at Isabel then “A future version of Liz?”

Isabel laughed bitterly “I know. It sounds even more far fetched than the idea of aliens really existing but it’s the truth. Talk to Liz and we have the letters still” she told him.

“Did I know?” he asked then and when he could see that Isabel was confused he clarified his question “Did I know in the future?”

“Yeah we were married” Isabel whispered.

Alex’s head whipped around at her answer “What?”

“You and I, and Michael and Maria were married. Liz and Max weren’t together but they were having twins together. There is a prophecy that says that the twin children born to a king and his human love will bring peace, so basically Max and Liz’s children will save us all if we ever have a need to be saved” she told him.

“So what happened in the future that was so bad that someone would need to come back and save it?” he moved back to Isabel’s side and took a seat.

“Well a future version of Max had already screwed with the timeline and as a result Liz and Max weren’t together” she started “so Liz tried to fix it but everything was already too badly screwed up. There is a fourth alien and she is evil and betrays us, Future Liz came back stop the events that lead to her finding us and the future that would result from that”

Alex nodded encouraging her to continue.

“On September 18th Liz should have been shot and if that had happened Max would have used his powers to save her. That would have caused the sheriff and the FBI to start investigating us and life as we know it would have been over”

“Wow” Alex said.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, I mean there is so much to tell you,” she explained.

Alex reached for her hand then “It’s ok you don’t have to tell me everything tonight” he assured her.

Isabel looked up at him hopefully then “does that mean your ok with this?”

Alex nodded “your still Isabel” he told her “it doesn’t change how I feel about you” he added.

“And how is that?” she whispered getting lost in his eyes.

“I like you Isabel, I really, really like you,” he whispered before leaning in and gently pressing his lips to hers.


“Hey Blondie orders up” Michael yelled ringing the bell on the service window.

Maria smiled through gritted teeth as she placed a drink down at the table when she heard Michael before turning to pick up her order.

Once she reached the window she leaned in and glared at Michael “do you have to yell at me like a banshee” she hissed.

Michael grinned, ”Well I wouldn’t want the order to get cold,” he said. Him and Maria had countless arguments since he had started working about orders. She would complain when he took too long to give her an order yet when he rushed one up she would take her time delivering it.

“In case you hadn’t noticed we have two customers,” she pointed out.

“Right” she said “and the sooner we serve them the sooner we get out of here” he said his eyes dropping to the plate to make his point.

With a final glare Mara picked up the order and delivered it to her customer.


Max kissed Liz passionately as they slid into the backseat of the jeep. Liz tugged at the hem of his shirt until he pulled back enough so she could rip it up his body. Her small hands trailed up and down his toned stomach causing him to groan.

Once she had finished her exploration of his chest Max reciprocated her action pulling her shirt off before unclasping her bra.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered as he cupped her breasts.

“Max” she moaned as he rolled his thumb over her nipple.

“I need you,” he whispered before he brought her crashing back against his body bringing her into direct contact with the evidence of how much.

“Me too” she whispered they hadn’t been together in two weeks and she missed the feel of his naked body against hers.

They freed each other of their remaining clothes then before Liz climbed onto Max’s lap and straddled him.

Reaching between her legs Max stroked her with one finger a few times before adding another to ensure that she was ready for him. When he was confident she was wet enough he guided his cock to her opening and Liz slowly lowered herself down.

“Yes Max” she moaned as he stretched her to the limit with his hardness.

“Hmm Liz you feel so good” Max groaned as Liz started moving up and down.

For the next twenty minutes the jeep was filled with sounds of their breathy moans as their sweaty bodies rocked against each other and the windows were fogged.

“Oh god Max you feel so good” Liz cried out. She was so close to the edge.

“Yes baby, oh god I love you,” he moaned in reply.

Reaching between them Max rubbed Liz’s clit in circles and she began bucking against him widely.

“MAX” she cries out as she comes around his cock.

Max moves his hands to her hips and helps her move up and down him and with a few more strokes he feels his balls tighten and he comes inside her, and for the first time since they began making love Max realises that he never used anything.

He pulls out of Liz slowly before cursing.

“What’s wrong?” Liz pants.

“We didn’t use anything baby” he says worried.

“Oh” Liz frowns, having also completely forgotten about protection. “I started taking the pill but I’m not sure if it will work yet” she told him.

“You did?” he said surprised.

Liz nodded shyly “after the accident” she informed him.

“We have to be more careful in the future,” he said pushing a piece of hair behind her ear.

“I know,” she agreed. “Do you think we’ll be ok?” she asked worried.

Reaching down Max placed a hand on her abdomen and concentrated. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing but he was visualising his sperm moving through her body and applied some power to kill them.

“What did you do?” Liz asked.

“I stopped the sperm” he shrugged.

“How?” she asked confused.

“I just gave it a boost of power and it stopped them from moving towards your ovary”

“Oh” Liz frowned, she wasn’t sure if she liked him doing that “um is that safe?”

“I don’t see why not? And in future I promise we’ll be more careful so we wont have to worry” he assured her.

Liz smiled then before leaning in and kissing him softly.

On the way back to the Crashdown Liz remembered something she wanted to discuss with Max “Speaking of being careful” she started “my mum has been acting a little weird lately so we need to be careful when we’re around my parents”

Max frowned and took his eyes off the road to look at her briefly “What do you mean weird?”

Liz sighed, “I think she might have saw us making out the other night because she started asking questions about our relationship”

“Oh” he said.

“Yeah and on top of that her and my dad are being very secretive lately and it’s starting to worry me”

“What do you think it’s about?” he asked growing concerned.

“I don’t know but at the moment I wouldn’t put anything past them. Since the accident they’ve been so protective and want to know every part of my life”

Max reached for her hand across the gear stick “It’s ok sweetie, what ever happens we’ll get through it together ok” he assured her.

Liz smiled, how did she get so lucky again?


Michael watched as she moved her hips to the sound of the music playing and he was mesmerised. He was so occupied with watching her body move that he hadn’t noticed her turn around and catch him staring.

“What are you looking at?” she snapped.

Michael raised his eyes to meet hers at the sound of her voice and tried to shrug off his embarrassment off by walking towards the jukebox and changing the song.

“What are you doing?” Maria screeched when Metallica replaced Pink.

Michael started banging his head to enter sandman as it played loudly throughout the Crashdown.

“Oh no you don’t space boy I’m not listening to that shit” Maria said rushing back and hitting the button again.

“Well I’m not listening to that crap” he replied hitting the button again.

Maria tried to reach for the button to change it back again but this time Michael caught her hand and pulled it away.

“Ooh Space boy I’m warning you let go of me this instance and change that music back” she whined.

Michael shook his head she was so infuriating. That mouth of hers never stopped moving and it drove him crazy.

“Would you shut up?” he said pulling her towards him causing their bodies to be pressed together.

Michael watched as her face flushed in embarrassment and she was just about to open her mouth again when he made a final decision and swooped down and took her mouth in a searing kiss to shut her up.


Max pulled the jeep up out the front of the Crashdown and jumped out to help Liz out. Liz looked up surprised that the lights were still on inside the restaurant so instead of entering through the apartment door her and Max headed to the glass doors at the front of the restaurant.


Maria only struggled against Michael’s mouth for a couple of seconds before she melted into the kiss. Michael’s lips were gentle as they caressed hers and before she knew what was happening he was running his tongue along her bottom lip asking for entrance to her mouth. She granted it eagerly.

Michael moaned when he felt her tongue against his and turned so he was pushing her into the jukebox so he could gain deeper access to her mouth. She tasted so good.


Liz and Max stopped abruptly when they saw Michael and Maria making out heavily against the jukebox.

“Oh my god” Liz whispered before she started giggling.

The sounds of the bell ringing as the front doors shut behind them caused Michael and Maria to pull apart quickly and when they turned around they came face to face with a smirking Max and Liz.

“Are we interrupting something?” Liz asked before her and Max burst out laughing.


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A/N: Thank you everyone for the feedback i hope you enjoy this next part.

Behrsgirl1230 - that was the other future
tequathisy - Future Liz didnt deem it necessary. In the letter she told them they should tell Maria and Alex but because it wasnt her secret she left it up to the aliens.
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Part 34

Maria shoved Michael off her at the sound of Liz’s amused voice.

“Get off me you big oath,” she said.

She might have been small but she could push pretty hard and Michael found himself being pushed to the floor.

“What the hell” he protested.

Liz had to turn her head into Max’s chest to stop herself from laughing at Maria and Michael and Max had to bite down on his lip.

“What do you think you were doing?” Maria yelled at Michael who was still sitting on the floor scowling up at her.

“What was I doing?” he asked, he couldn’t believe she was asking him that.


“Well I kissed you to shut you up and you kissed me back,” he said pointing at her. There was no way he was going to sit there and take the wrap for this and look stupid in front of Max and Liz.

“I did not,” she denied like it was the stupidest idea in the world.

“That’s not what it looked like from here” Liz mumbled under her breath but it was loud enough that both Michael and Maria heard her.

Maria gasped.

Michael smirked.

“I can’t believe you think that Liz” she said defiantly.

“Look” Max finally spoke up “I don’t think it matters who kissed whom first or who kissed who back” he told them.

Michael hauled himself off the floor then “says you Maxwell” he grumbled.

Liz looked at her watch then and realised that she was already late home “I have to go upstairs, I’m already late” she informed everyone and looked sorrowfully at Max.

“I’ll walk you” Max said.

“No it’s fine, it would be better if you didn’t that way I can explain that I’m late because I was talking to Maria and Michael down here” she said. Right now she didn’t want to do anything to give her parents more reason to be watching her every move.

“Night” Max whispered leaning in to give her a quick but loving kiss.

“Night” she smiled.

Once Liz was gone Max turned back to Michael and Maria “Can I help with anything?” he offered.

“No thank you Max we are pretty much finished” Maria said filling the last sugar container.

“Yeah we’ve got it Maxwell” Michael said from the kitchen.

Max nodded and walked towards the front doors again “So you two going to play nice?” Max turned and smirked at them both.

Michael shot Max another dirty look and Maria turned and smiled “ha ha Max”

“Night” He said.


The lights were still on in the kitchen when Liz entered the apartment and her mum and dad were sitting at the table sipping on cups of teas.

“Hi” she said surprised to see them.

“Hi honey” her mum smiled.

“Your late Lizzie” her father said.

“No I’m not” Liz said “Max dropped me off before 12 I’ve been down stairs with Maria and Michael” she informed him but when she saw the disbelieving look on her fathers face she wanted to scream “go ask if you don’t believe me” she said angrily before she began to make her way past them.

“Lizzie wait” her father called out.

Liz stopped but she didn’t turn to face them right away.

“Don’t be angry,” he said.

Liz turned then her face showing every emotion that she was feeling. Anger, disappointment but most of all utter confusion. What had she done to deserve this?

“Why not?” she asked “ever since the accident, a accident which I will remind you was in no way my fault I feel like I’m constantly being punished” she cries. “Its not fair. I didn’t do anything wrong except get forced into a car by someone I trusted my entire life. Now you and mum are constantly looking over my shoulder, you wont let me stay at friends places anymore your practically forcing me to be a prisoner”

“That’s ridiculous,” her father argued.

“No its not!” Liz cries. “I mean look at the two of you, your sitting up past midnight on a Friday night waiting for your 17 year old daughter to get home from a date with her sweet reliable boyfriend. I have never done anything for you to doubt me or to not trust me” she yells.

“Haven’t you?” her mother finally speaks up in a whisper.

“Excuse me?” Liz’s turns angrily to her.

“I said haven’t you? Are you going to stand there and tell me that you’re not being intimate with that boy, Liz? I saw you and him the other night in his jeep and it certainly seemed a lot more serious than it should”

Liz’s eyes widen angrily “How dare you” she whispers at her mother “that is absolutely none of your business”

“But your not denying it?” her mother bites back.

“I’m not even going to justify that with an answer” she replies all of a sudden tears coming to her eyes. She turns to move to her room then but changes her mind and makes her way to the front door instead.

“What are you doing?” her father asks standing up.

“Since the two of you insist on treating me like a bad daughter maybe I’ll give you something to be angry about. I’m going out and I won’t be coming home till tomorrow,” she says bitterly.

“Don’t you dare leave this house young Lady” her father warns her standing up.

Liz just laughs at him “why what are you going to do?” she asks.

She watches as her father opens his mouth to say something but her mothers warning stops him “Don’t Jeff”

“Yeah I didn’t think so,” she tells them before shutting the door and walking out.

When Liz gets back down the stairs she find Maria in the break room-getting ready to leave. As soon as Maria saw Liz she knew that something was wrong and Liz came into her arms and cried.

“Chica what’s wrong?” she asks.

“I had a fight with my parents” she tells her.

“Oh chica” Maria says sympathetically.

“Can you take me to Max’s?” she asks.

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Maria says worriedly “Do your parents know?”

“I don’t care” Liz shakes her head “they’re treating me like I did something wrong, I’ve always been a good daughter Maria”

“I know” Maria comforts her.

They walk out to the jetta then and Liz gets into the passenger seat, a couple of minutes later Maria is pulling the jetta out of the alley way towards Murray Lane.


Jeff Parker rushes to the window when he hears a car pulling out and spies Maria’s red jetta.

“Great Maria was still down stairs so she’s probably gone home with her” he tells Nancy.

Nancy sits down with a regretful sigh; she’s very upset with the way that everything had gone down. She never meant to confront Liz about her sex life like that, or around her father for hat matter but Liz’s words had upset her and she had opened her mouth and spoken before she realised. Now she couldn’t take it back.

“Your probably right.” She agrees.

“She’ll be home in the morning she just needs the night to cool off. Then we’ll talk to her about the school in Florida”

Nancy sighs “Are you sure that’s a good idea. She did have a point Jeff we have been treating her like she did something wrong when she was the victim”

“No we haven’t” he denies “we’re just trying to watch out for her like parents are supposed too”

Nancy shakes her head though not agreeing with her husband at all.

“Do you really think she’s sleeping with that boy though?” he grumbles then.

“That boy?” Nancy asks amused. The day before Jeff was singing Max Evans praises and now because there was a possibility his daughter was sleeping with him he was now the boy.


“Jeff don’t be like that, she was also right about that, he is a sweet and good boy”

“Yeah we thought that about Kyle and look what happened,” he grumbled.

“Look I don’t if she’s sleeping with him or not. I never should have accused her like that I know it upset her. But I think tonight was a very good indication of what is going to happen if we push her”

“So what, we should just let her do what she wants?” He asks.

“No of course not but we should settle down on all this waiting up and not letting her stay at Maria’s when she wants too” she sighs.

“And the school in Florida? We both agreed that it’s an excellent opportunity for her Nancy,” he argues.

“Your right but maybe we should just talk to her about it instead of making the decision for her”

“Yeah and we both know what will be the main motivator for her to make the decision. She won’t go because she won’t want to leave Max,” he says.

“Your right. Any she probably wont want to leave Maria or Alex either”

“Nancy I just don’t think she’s mature or responsible enough to make this decision”

Nancy thought about what her husband said she admitted he was right but she didn’t know if her daughter would forgive them if they made it for her.


Liz made her way to Max’s window when Maria dropped her off. She had tried to convince her to come home with her but Liz really needed Max right now.

Looking in the window she could see that he was in bed and she hated to wake him but she needed to so she tapped lightly.

Max didn’t stir the first time but when she tapped again this time a little louder he sat up startled and looked straight at her.

The minute he realised it was her he jumped off the bed and opened the window.

“Liz” he said, “what are you doing here? How did you get here?” he asked worried.

“Max” she cried the tears flowing down her eyes again.

“Oh baby” Max said when he saw her upset; he reached down towards her and picked her up to pull her through the window.

As soon as her feet hit the floor Max pulled her against his chest and allowed her to cry.

When she finally settled down a little he picked her up and carried her to the bed before walking to the door and locking it.

“What happened?” he asked her.

“I had a fight with my parents” she said

“About being late?”

“About everything. The way they’ve been treating me, I feel like they blame me for the accident that they’re punishing me” she explained

“Oh baby” he soothed.

“How did you get here?” he asked then worried that she walked.

“Maria” she explained.

“Do your parents think you’re at her house?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. I just walked out” she informed him “my mum had the hide to accuse me of sleeping with you in front of my dad” she told him then “she made it should like what we were doing was wrong”

Max crushed her back to him again “I didn’t tell her, I told her it’s none of her business”

“Oh sweetie” he soothed again.

“This isn’t good Max” she pulled away and looked at him then “I think they might be considering sending me away”

It had been on her mind a lot lately. She had noticed things sitting around and coming in the post and now it was all making sense.


“We need to be ready Max because I think its coming” she told him and something deep inside told her it wasn’t just a feeling it was a premonition.


I updated Some Girls as well

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the feedback, espeically the new people glad you came our of lukrdome to say hi.

I hope you enjoy this part. Apologises if it seems a bit rough. Next week i plan on chaning the update day of this fic to either Tuesday or Thursday depending on when i get it written.

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Part 35

Max held Liz tightly against him the whole night not wanting to let her go in fear that when he woke up she would be gone. Her words kept playing over and over in his mind.

“This isn’t good Max”

“I think they might be considering sending me away”

“We need to be ready Max because I think its coming”

At first Max had believed she was overreacting slightly, surely her parents wouldn’t send her away where they would have no direct control over what she was doing, wasn’t that what this was all about. They wanted her to be safe.

The other thing on his mind was what would happen if she did go away. Would she be safe away from him, Isabel and Michael unable to protect her if another alien found her? But most of all what would happen to them. He loved her so much and he knew without a doubt that she was his soul mate. All his life the thought of seeing Liz, even only watching her from afar is what motivated him to get out of bed every morning. What would happen if she were no longer there to see, to kiss, and to hold?

“You ok?” her voice startled him he hadn’t realised that she was awake.

Liz had been lying awake listening to Max’s heartbeat near her ear and worried that it could be the last time she heard it for a while. She knew he was awake, his breathing to shallow for someone asleep and when she turned she could see from the look on his face that he was thinking about things as much as she was.

“No” he whispered honestly looking down at her and smiling for her.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if they send you away” he told her pulling her tighter against his body as though she was going to disappear if he didn’t hold on really tight.

“I know,” she agreed.

The silence returned as the two lay together both with their own thoughts plaguing their minds.

“If they try to send me away lets leave” Liz finally broke the silence and voiced.

“What?” Max asked surprised, had he heard her correctly?

Turning around so she was facing him Liz reached up and cupped his strong straw “you and I both know that we belong together” she whispered “I don’t want to be apart from you” she cried.

“Why are you so sure they’re going to send you away?” he asked her.

“I’ve seen some things lying around, private schools that sort of thing,” he admitted.

Max thought about her earlier comment. Could they leave? No he couldn’t take off and leave Isabel and Michael vulnerable. The one thing that Future Liz had been sure of and that was that they needed to stick together.

“We can’t run baby,” he whispered regretfully. He would love to take off into the sunset with her and start their life but it wasn’t feasible.

Liz lowered her eyes dejected. “Not because I don’t want to but because I can’t. I cant leave Isabel and Michael you know that” he explained.

Liz looked up at him, her eyes filled with tears “I know” It was a stupid idea she just didn’t know what they were going to do if her parents sent her away to school.

Cupping her face he caressed it softly “lets not worry about this until we have too” he suggested. There was no point in dwelling on something that hadn’t happened yet.

Liz nodded and allowed him to pull her closer to him. She shut her eyes then and prayed for sleep to claim her.


Jeff and Nancy waited for hours the next morning for Liz to return home but it wasn’t until ten minutes before her shift started at 11 that she finally walked through the apartment door.

Tossing an angry glare at her parents she marched straight past them without a word and towards her bedroom so she could shower quickly and change for her shift.

“Liz” her mother called to her but she ignored her and kept walking. If they thought she was going to make this easy for them than they were dead wrong.

Jeff Parker shook his head as he watched his daughter walk away and ignore them. He had hoped that a night at Maria’s would calm her down but obviously he had been wrong. He knew she was upset and after having a night of no sleep to think some of the things him and Nancy had talked about he was willing to admit he may have been a little harsh in his treatment of her, but even so he wouldn’t allow her to be rude to her mother like that.

Nancy followed Liz into her room “Liz sweetie please”

“Have you come to spy on me in here too? See if there is any physical proof that I’m sleeping with Max” she said harshly.

Nancy didn’t blink an eye “I deserved that so I’ll let it go, this time” she replied her words held an underlying warning though not to push her. “I wanted to apologise for what I said to you last night. I had no right to accuse you like that, especially in front of your father,” he said.

Liz looked at her mother a little surprised she was apologising, her and her mother had never been close, but one thing Liz knew about her mother was that she didn’t like to admit that she was wrong.

“No you didn’t” she agreed “I think I’m old enough that my relationship with Max is my business and not yours or Dads” she whispered. What she shared with Max was very special and she wouldn’t allow her mother or father to make her feel as though it was wrong.

“Your right and I’m am sorry honey,” she told her.

Liz nodded “I should get ready I’m already late for my shift” she said gesturing towards the bathroom.

Nancy nodded “Sure but can we sit down and talk afterwards?”

Liz nodded knowing it was silly to avoid it she was going to have sit down with them eventually and maybe if she did it now she might be able to convince them not to go ahead with this stupid idea to send her to a private school.


Maria was already working downstairs and Michael was in the kitchen being his normal annoying self.

Since their kiss the other night neither of them were able to look at each other. Maria didn’t know why she was being so stupid about it but she was confused as to why he had kissed her in the first place. She admitted to herself that she liked the way he kissed and that she wouldn’t mind kissing him again but she wasn’t sure why, he was infuriating and certainly not the type of guy she was attracted to normally.

Her mind was taken off Michael when she saw her best friend walk through the break room door. “You’re here” she said relieved she had been worried about her all night. Luckily the Parkers hadn’t called her house looking for Liz because she had no idea what she would say if they did.

“Yeah sorry I’m a bit late my mum wanted to pow wow,” she explained.

“Is everything ok?”

Liz shrugged “she apologised for some of the things she said which I accepted and they want to talk to me after my shift” Liz worked till seven that night. She had hoped to be able to see Max afterwards but didn’t know if that would happen now that she had to talk to her parents.

“So” Liz smiled when she spied Michael in the kitchen. “What’s going on with you and Michael?” she asked.

There weren’t too many people in the restaurant yet so Liz used the opportunity to confront her best friend and put her on the spot like she had been done to her on many occasions.

“N-Nothing” Maria stuttered looking at Liz like she had two heads. Why on earth would she think that something was going on?

“Oh come on you can’t tell me that that kiss I saw last night was nothing, it was hot,” she said.

Maria blushed bright red “Oh god Liz he’s an amazing kisser” she admitted.

“Yeah it looked like it, he does the same thing Max does with his hand in your hair” she said dreamily.

“Oh god yes it feels like they’re trying to crawl inside your mouth” she added.

“So you liked it,” Liz said “I mean you must like him if you kissed him back”

Maria shot a look over Liz’s shoulder and sure enough Michael was watching them. He turned when he saw that he had been caught though. “I don’t know though Liz the guy is really weird half the time I have no idea what he’s thinking” she sighed.

“But do you like him?” Liz asked again.

Maria hesitated for a second “yeah I guess I do but he really gets on my nerves sometimes” she explained.

“Ok now all we need to do is get him to admit he likes you too” Liz smiled.

“I don’t know” Maria said.

“Leave it to me ok” Liz said she needed a project to keep her mind off things and since her and Max still had to sit down and tell Maria the truth about the aliens she thought it would be good if her and Michael would finally admit their feelings. Deep down she knew that Michael was just scared and she didn’t blame him, it was also why she had never tried to force them into telling anyone.

“Hi Michael” he greeted walking over to the window.

“Hey” He replied.

“How are things?” she asked smiling.

Michael looked at her his brow furrowed, something wasn’t right with her it wasn’t that she was being too nice because this was Liz Parker and she was always nice it was more the way she was looking at him like she was up to something.

“Ok what do you want?” he sighed.

Liz feigned hurt “Michael I’m wounded that you would think that I would want something?”

Michael laughed at her “right Liz so what’s up?” he said.

“Ok you got me I guess I was just wondering about that kiss between you and Maria last night” she said.

“What about it?” he asked acting as though it was no big deal but Liz wasn’t stupid she could see how awkward he felt that she had brought it up.

“Well I guess I’m just curious if there was more to it than just shutting Maria up?” she treaded gently. The last thing she wanted to do was back Michael into a corner.

“It wouldn’t matter anyway it didn’t mean anything to her” he shrugged.

“What makes you think that?” Liz asked surprised by the vulnerability he saw there.

“You were there Liz” he said “you saw her push me off her like I was some sort of freak”

“No Michael….” She began to tell him but he interrupted her

“And you want to tell her the truth imagine what she’ll think of me then”

“Michael” Liz said.

“Can we not do this now, Liz?” he said his eyes telling her everything she needed to know.

“Yeah ok, sorry” she whispered feeling bad that she had done that to him at work.

“Its ok” he smiled. Somewhere along the way he had grown a genuine affection for her, she almost felt like the sister he never had and he knew what she was trying to do came from the goodness of her heart but he just wasn’t ready to talk to her about this.

“What happened?” Maria whispered the minute Liz walked away from the window.

“Maria do you like Michael?” Liz asked her best friend.

“I” Maria started but then stopped “I think so” she finally said.

Liz nodded “Ok well think it over and if you still feel that way in a couple of days I think you should talk to him”

“What! That’s ridiculous Liz I cant have a conversation with him the guys impossible” Maria ranted.

“Maria be serious here. You like him. Just suck it up and tell him,” she laughed.

“I don’t know Liz what if it doesn’t work out it would be so awkward working with him?” she sighed. Was she really repaired to put herself on the line and tell him how she felt?

Liz laughed at that “than it wouldn’t be any worse than it is now with all the sexual tension”

Maria’s mouth fell open in shock as Liz’s sauntered away pleased that she had managed to shut her best friend up.

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A/N: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for you feedback and welcome to the new readers as well.

Just a quick note to let you know (and because i was specifically asked) I have started work on two new fics. I have three parts written on both of them but i would like to have more of the fic established before i start posting. So yes there will be knew stories in the future.

Here is the next part, I hope you enjoy it :D

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Part 36

Liz took a deep breath as she walked out of her bedroom and into the living room where her parents were waiting for her. She had finished her shift fifteen minutes ago and after a quick shower and phone call to Max she was ready to walk into the lions den.

No one spoke as she walked into the room and took a seat in the couch across from her parents.

“Don’t you have something to say to us?” her father asked her finally breaking the silence.

Liz looked at him confused having no idea what he was talking about. Weren’t they the ones that wanted to talk to her?

“I think you owe your mother and me an apology for some of the things you said and for taking off last night” he informed her.

Before Liz could control herself she snorted at her father “yeah right”

Jeff Parker frowned at his daughter. “Liz”

“I wont apologise for my behaviour as I believe it is a direct result of the way I’m being treated. If you want me to act responsibly and like an adult then start treating me like one again” she told her father.

“Fine” he replied “I’m willing to admit that some of our actions have not been very fair to you but your behaviour last night only reiterated the need for us to set more strict boundaries for you” he told her.

“You’re kidding me right?” Liz asked looking between her parents. Her mothers face was downcast, which told Liz that she was obviously not the driving force behind whatever plan her father was following. “I’m a straight A honour student. I work hard in the restaurant downstairs even though I don’t get access to any of the money I earn accept tips. I never do anything wrong and you think that I deserve to be treated the way I was last night?”

“We’re well aware that you’re a good kid Liz and that isn’t the issue here” her father replied. “And as for your wages for working at the Crashdown you know very well that I’m putting those into a college fund for you”

“Then what is?” Liz cried.

“Your mother and I have been talking” her father started then and looked to Nancy who finally looked up at her daughter and smiled weakly. He pulled a pamphlet out from beside him and handed it to Liz then.

Liz looked at the front cover “Winaman Academy” she read.

“Its an excellent school and would ensure your acceptance to Harvard next year” her father explained. He was trying to make the school sound like every one of Liz’s dreams come true.

Liz closed her eyes to ward of the tears “Do I even get a choice in this?” she whispered her eyes boring into her mothers pleading with her to now send her away.

“We want to talk to you about it” Nancy answered.

“But ultimately the decision will be your mothers and mine” Jeff added.

“Then what’s the point” Liz replied throwing the brochure at her fathers feet “Its obvious that you’ve already made up your mind Dad. I mean you’d rather send me off to some school than to deal with the real issues” she spat

Jeff was about to respond to her comment when Nancy beat him to it “Liz sweetie that’s not true we want to talk to you about it” her mother argued.

“Ok well firstly lets start with the fact that this is my senior year and I want to graduate with my friends. I want to be able to go to my senior prom with my boyfriend and I want to have graduation photos with my best friends” she cried at her mother “what you are doing in unfair I’ve worked so hard to get the good grades I have. I’m at the top of my class and if I continue to work hard I’ll most likely be valedictorian and now you want to take that away from me” she whispered tearily.

“We’re not trying to punish you here Liz I know you think we are but we just want you to be in the best environment so that you can achieve you dreams and we just don’t feel that West Roswell is that place” her father told her.

“My dreams? You have no idea about my dreams dad” she spat “you’ve already decided what you want me to do and you don’t care how I feel about it”

Her father frowned “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“When was the last time you actually asked me what I wanted to do or about my plans for after school Dad?”

Jeff Parker looked at his daughter blankly “Your going to Harvard to study microbiology” he said.

Liz scoffed “see that’s exactly what I mean. You have no idea what my dreams or goals are anymore or you care about is getting me out of Roswell and then bragging to your friends how your smart daughter goes to a private school”

“That’s enough young lady,” her father snapped.

Liz looked at her mother then “I wont do this” she whispered “it’s not I what I want or what is best for me” she told her “do you have any idea what changing school could do to my grades. Even if I can get into the classes I want at another school I would have to get a new lab partner and everything. Do you know how hard that will be?”

Nancy’s heart went out to her daughter because she knew deep down that it didn’t matter how many good arguments she came up with that Jeff was determined that a private school was best for her.

“You’ll adjust and I think your underestimating yourself and the school. If you read the information I gave you you’ll see that they make allowances in class numbers every year for new students” he explained.

Liz shot her father an icy glare “well hows this for you Jeff?” she spat no longer prepared to even be civil to her father “if you send me I will only go because I have no choice but the minute and I mean the very minute I turn 18 I will be on the first flight back to Roswell and to West Roswell high. I will never ever forgive you. You think you can run my life, you think you know what’s best for me well lets see how you like it when you don’t have a daughter” she stood up as she said it her face hard as stone as she stared down at her father.

“Liz” her mother gasped.

Liz looked at her mother her eye softer “you could stop this. I know you don’t want this but like usual you just let him do what he wants. I might not be old enough to do what I want yet but I will be in October” she said “and I promise you that when October comes around you will never interfere in my life again”

Her tone was deadly and it rocked her mother to the core. She could tell by the look in her daughter’s eyes that she was deadly serious and that if they did indeed force her to away to school then they would be loosing their daughter forever.

“You’re being dramatic Elizabeth. You and I both know that once you get that acceptance to Harvard that there is no way you’ll risk giving it up” her father said.

Liz laughed bitterly at her father then “well then there wont be a problem then will there because I’m not going to apply to Harvard” she informed him. It had been on her mind for a while now. She used to dream of going to Harvard but now she wasn’t so fussed on the idea. Since her near death Liz realised that there were a lot of things in her life that she had taken for granted in the past. Like being able to see Alex an Maria whenever she wanted to or seeing Max smile at her over something. It also made things like going to Harvard seems trivial.

“What!” her father gasped.

“You heard me”

“Don’t think that by threatening me you’re going to get your way young lady. I had just about enough of your smart mouth. You’re grounded, accept for work and school you will not see anyone or use the phone,” he told her.

“You know what Dad” she smiled then “I quit”

Nancy’s mouth fell open in shock. What had happened to her good daughter had they really pushed her that far that she had changed completely over night? No Nancy said to herself this was from weeks of molly cottling her and invading her privacy.

“I don’t think so. Working in the Crashdown isn’t a choice Liz,” he reminded her.

“It is for me and I choose not to do it anymore” she shrugged.

Liz started moving away from her parents satisfied at what she had done. If her father was adamant on sending her away then Liz was going to do everything to make his life hell until she left. Gone was the Liz Parker that would do anything to please her father. If he thought he was going to keep her from seeing Max or her friends than he was sadly mistaken.

“Come back here Elizabeth” her father fumed.

“Why? I think this conversation is over. I’ve told you I don’t want to go and why if you’re not willing to accept that then don’t expect me to make it easy for you. I wont work the Crashdown anymore so I suggest you worry about replacing my 30 hours a week you were going to need to do it when you send me away anyway”

Jeff was fuming his face bright red when Liz walked away the minute her door slammed and locked he turned to his wife. “Can you believe that?” he yelled.

Nancy sighed, “I told you but you didn’t want to listen. You’ve pushed her too far Jeff and if you keep pushing we wont have a daughter at all” she said sadly.

“I will not let my daughter threaten me Nancy” he fumed. “If she thinks that by behaving that way she’s doing herself any favours than she’s wrong. Tomorrow I’m ringing Winamin and enrolling her”

“Jeff no” Nancy cried.

“Yes she’s out of control Nancy,” he argued.

“No she’s not Jeff she’s just trying to break free from this strangle hold we have her in!” Nancy yelled back.

In her bedroom Liz was lying on the bed sobbing her eyes out. The talk had gone a lot worse than she anticipated and now she could hear her parents fighting and from what was being said it seemed like she suspected, her fate was already sealed and after the summer she would be forced to leave Roswell.

“I wont support you on this Jeff.” Nancy told her husband then. Liz was right she had allowed him to do what ever he wanted for too long now and it was going to cost her, her only daughter in the end.

“If you send her and I loose her I will never forgive you” she told him and then without another word she walked into their own bedroom and slammed the door in his face just like Liz had done moments before.


Max and Michael are sitting on the couch in Michael apartment watching the hockey game.

“So what happened with Maria last night?” Max eventually asked him. He had wanted to bring it up for the past couple of hours but had decided against it. He figured if Michael wanted to talk about it he would have.

Michael shrugged but didn’t never took his eyes of the television in front of him “you know what she’s like Maxwell, she never shuts up so I found a way to do it”

Max smirked “interesting move” he told his friend.

“I don’t know she’s really weird you know. One minute she’s kissing me back and like moaning my name and all that and then you and Liz walk in and she’s pushing me off her like I’m some sort of freak”

“I’m sure she was just embarrassed because Liz and I caught you” Max tried to assure him.

“Whatever I don’t need that kind of drama” Michael said “there are plenty of other chicks out there who I can make out with and it will be a lot less of a hassle” he said.

“True but you and Maria seem to have chemistry” Max pointed out.

Michael snorted, “Yeah well all the chemistry in the world isn’t going to fix the problem I have with that mouth of hers”

Max laughed, “Oh come on she cant be that bad. I mean if Liz can put up with her” Max pointed out.

“That’s because she doesn’t say things to get on Liz’s nerves she personally attacks me every time I see her and for the record I still think it’s a very bad idea telling her. If she freaked that much over being caught kissing me imagine what its gong to be like when you tell her that she kissed an alien”

Max studied his friend then “your really scared she’s going to freak and not want to have anything to do with you aren’t you?”

Michael shrugged “I don’t care less as long as she keeps her mouth shut.”

“Liz assures me that she’ll be fine and we might need her help sooner rather than later” he said.

“What? Why? I mean how you think she’s going to be able to help us?”

Max sighed he didn’t want to tell Michael about Liz’s parents because he knew he would probably freak and make the situation worse but the truth was he needed to talk to someone about it. He was really scared that she was going to be sent away.

“Liz thinks that her parents are planning on sending her away,” he told them.

Michael’s eyes bugged open “you kidding what the hell for?” he asked.

“Ever since the accident they’ve been keeping a tight leash on her. It’s driving her in sane and the other night her mother confronted her about our sex like. Liz didn’t respond very well and she ended up having a huge fight and walking out on in the middle of the night. She stayed the night with me but of course they don’t know that they think she was with Maria” he explained.

“So she had a fight with her olds who doesn’t?” he asked.

“She’s been getting a vibe off them for a while I think her powers might be kicking in and she just doesn’t realise it yet” he sighed. The last thing they needed was for Liz’s powers to be making an appearance right now especially if she’s sent away because there wouldn’t be anyone there to help her get control of them.

“But her powers didn’t appear for well over a year last time” Michael pointed out.

“Yeah but I healed her from the brink of death this time maybe in the last timeline I didn’t use so much power” he shrugged “I don’t know she just seems so sure about this Michael”

Michael could see that Max was totally bummed about the whole situation, which he didn’t blame him. It would be very hard for everyone if Liz were sent away but especially on Max.

“It’ll be cool I mean at the worst it will only be a year right?” Michael said.

Max nodded “Your right and maybe not even that long. She’s 18 in October” he replied. He didn’t know though if it was Michael or himself that he was trying to convince.

TBC.......Wednesday or before!

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A/N: Hi everyone, thank you so much for reading and leaving feedback :D I hope you enjoy this new part

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Part 37

The morning seemed to be dragging on for Liz as she looked at the clock again. She had got up and got dressed for what she informed her father would be her last shift at the Crashdown. She hated to admit it but she would miss working there with Maria but she was trying to make a point. Liz knew that her father hadn’t believer her when she had told him but she was very serious and she would follow it through.

Max smiled when he entered the Crashdown and found Liz smiling as she served a customer. She looked up when she felt his presence and smiled. He took a seat then in her section and waited for her to have a moment to talk to him. It was after ten and the place was fairly quiet.

“Hi” she greeted him as she sat across from him in the booth.

Max reached across the table and took her hand “Hey, how did it go last night I thought you might have called?”

Liz smiled “I did but you didn’t answer. I didn’t leave a message I didn’t want to worry you,” she explained.

Max’s smile disappeared slowly “I take it that it didn’t go well?”

“That’s an understatement” she sighed. “This is officially my last shift at the Crashdown though so you better order up” she smiled but it never reached her eyes and Max could tell that she was faking it for his benefit.

“What do you mean?” he asked worried.

“I quit,” she told him.

“You quit?” he asked confused.

“Yep. One of the many things that happened last night” she informed him “but I’ll tell you about it later. I finish at twelve do you have plans?” she asked him.

Max shook his head “No”

“Good can we go somewhere?” she asked.

“Of course”

At twelve when Maria showed up to relieve her Liz grabbed some clothes from her locker and changed in the bathroom. The last thing she wanted to do was go upstairs and risk running into her father.

Max drove them out to the pod chamber and they sat down on the rocks in the sun.

“So what’s this about you quitting the Crashdown?” Max asked.

Liz sighed. She hated that she was going to have to tell Max that she was leaving but after the conversation with her parents last night she was now positive that come the next school year she would be attending Winamin in Vermont.

“The talk with my mum and dad didn’t go well. My dad finally admitted that they had been researching private schools and they gave me a brochure of their preferred school, its in Vermont,” she explained.

Max gasped; Vermont was a lifetime away from Roswell.

Liz reached for his hand. “I got upset and asked them were they even going to give me a choice. My mum said that they wanted to talk to me about it but my dad wasn’t even willing to listen to what I had to say. He didn’t even care that by sending me away I would miss graduating with Maria and Alex, I wouldn’t be able to go to the Prom with you or even that any hopes I had of being the valedictorian would now be out the window”

Max listened carefully to everything she was saying his heart breaking for her and the thought that she would be so far away from him soon.

“All he cares about is that a school like Winamin would guarantee my acceptance to Harvard. He doesn’t care that maybe I don’t care about Harvard anymore” she started to cry.

“You don’t?” Max asked her because maybe if getting in to Harvard were what she really wanted then going to a private school would be what was best for her.

“No” she shook her head “Sure I still want to go to college and study Science but it doesn’t matter to me anymore, Max. I just want to be with you,” she sobbed.

Max pulled her to him “Me too baby” he whispered.

After Liz calmed down slightly she continued her story “so we argued and I told my Dad if he wanted to treat my like a child who’s been naughty then that would be exactly what he got. I refused to work for him anymore, and I assured him that if he sends me away that I will be back as soon as I turn 18”

“But you might like the school, Liz” Max pointed out.

“No not likely and besides even if I did I wouldn’t like it enough to give up all the things I want. So by Christmas at the latest I’ll be home” she assured him.

Max looked at her as he tried to find the right away to tell her what he was thinking “only if that’s what you want Liz” he whispered “if its truly what you think is best for you because I wont be going anywhere Liz” he told her. “I love you and that wont change whether you’re in Roswell or Vermont. Sure it will suck and we’ll both be miserable but I can come visit during breaks and so can you,” he told her “we’ll make it work”

Liz smiled and leaned in and kissed him “thank you” she told him. “But this is what I want so if I have to go I will but I’ll be coming home to you as quickly as I can”

“And we’ll talk every night” he assured her “I’ll get a job to pay the bills ok” he said. He had applied already at the UFO Museum and if he got the job he would get Liz a phone so she could call him whenever she needed him.

“We’re going to get through this aren’t we” she smiled at him “together?”

Max crushed her against his body again “Yes we will, together” he promised.


Michael looked out the kitchen window and just like every other time had done that today he found Maria Deluca staring at him. She wasn’t frowning at him like she usually did so he figured that was a good sign but it was starting to unnerve him slightly.

“What?” he finally asked her “Do I have something on my face?” he wondered.

Maria blushed red “God no, I’m sorry for staring” she apologised and Michael’s mouth opened in shock. Was Maria Deluca actually apologising to him?

“Well then why are you staring?” he asked.

Maria scanned the Crashdown to make sure that her customers were all taken care of before she made her way into the kitchen.

“About the other night” she started.

“What about it?” Michael asked.

“I guess I just wanted to apologise for the way I acted” she shrugged.

“Apology accepted” he replied turning back to the burgers on the grill.

“I mean it was nice and I kind of ruined it by acting that way” she said.

“Nice?” he enquired quirking an eyebrow at her.

Maria blushed again “Yeah nice I mean I’ve had better but…”

Michael laughed, “Wow your really shelling out the compliments today aren’t you?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, god I just start sometimes and I can’t stop” she began to rumble.

Michael turned and leaned against the grill then, studying her features. “So you want to go out sometime?” he blurted out.

“What?” Maria asked shocked.

“I said did you maybe want to go out with sometime?” he repeated talking slower and punctuating his words. He was taking some good advice from Max and Liz.

“Um yeah” Maria replied, “sounds good,” she told him.

“Cool” he nodded “what about Saturday night?”

“Um yeah that words for me,” she said.


The next day when Liz walked into the Crashdown her annoyed father immediately confronted her.

“Liz where have you been?” he asked, “you shift started an hour ago,” he reminded her.

“No it didn’t” Liz replied as she moved past him “I don’t work here anymore remember?” she reminded him.

Jeff frowned at his daughter, he hadn’t expected her to follow through on her childish threats “you work here when I say you do” he told her.

“No, you see that’s where you’re wrong Dad. I don’t want to work here so I wont” she shrugged and continued walking towards the backroom.

Jeff followed her in “Liz” he called as she made her way up the stairs. Liz stopped but didn’t turn to face him. “I rang Winamin and signed you up today,” he told her.

Fire blazing in her eyes Liz turned to father “I hope you didn’t pay for the whole year because if you did your going to loose a lot of money” she told him.

“I wont tolerate this behaviour from you Liz” he fumed.

“Too bad because I’m just about done being your good little girl any longer” she snapped back.

She stormed into the house and towards her bedroom but before she could reach it her mothers voice stopped her.

“I’m sorry honey” she whispered, “I did everything I could to stop him but there was no changing his mind”

Liz turned to her mother and smiled sadly, the tears she had been trying to fight off falling down her face “this isn’t fair” she whispered.

“I know honey” her mum cried with her as she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her daughter.

Liz and her mother sat on the lounge and cried and talked for hours until they were both drained.

“Why don’t you go wash up for dinner?” Nancy suggested.

Liz nodded and walked into her room she was about to head for the shower when she saw the phone and before she knew what she was doing she had dialled the familiar number.

He picked up on the second ring and his familiar husky voice made her start crying all over again.

“Hello” he said.

“M-Max” she cried.

“Liz?” he asked panicked. He could tell immediately from the sound of her voice that she was upset.

“Sweetie what happened?” he asked. He was already reaching for his shoes determined that he was going to go over there.

“I have three months” she explained “and then after the summer he’s sending me to Vermont”

And that one sentence sent Max back to the bed because it didn’t matter how many times they had talked about her being sent away Max’s biggest fear had just become a reality.

Liz was leaving


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A/N: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your feedback. I know some of you are wondering what's going on with Jeff Parker but most of you hit the nail on the head. This is a different time line because FL changed everything.

I hope you enjoy this next part

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Part 38

It’s amazing how quickly a week can speed by. Every second seems to tick by faster than it ever did before or could it be that you just notice it when time is running out on you. Even though I have always loved school I have always longed for the weekend. On the weekends I am free to do what I want and I could spend time with Alex and Maria and lately Max. But now I pray for the week to never end.

What a difference a week can make.

It’s been a week since my father told me that I would be going to school in Vermont next school year and now there is one less week that I have to spend with my friends, seven less days I’ll have with Max.

I know he believes that everything is going to be ok, that’s one of the things I love about him but I’m not so sure. Its not that I doubt Max because I don’t not one for second. I’m just scared. I’m so used to being in control of my life and what’s happening and I hate the fact that I will have no control over my relationship with Max as we slip into a long distance relationship. What happens if he finds someone else? How will I fight for the man I love when I’m in Vermont?

I try to remind myself that Max loves me. I know he does and I love him. We can make this work.

I told Maria and Alex on Monday and they were devastated too. We’ve talked forever about our senior year together and how great it would be. Maria and I have dreamed about our Prom and the road trip we want to take after graduation. I tried to assure them I would be back by Christmas but I could see the doubt in their eyes. They think I’ll love my new school that I’ll make new friends and forget all about them. But they should know better than that. We’ve been friends for too long.

I can’t understand why my Dad is doing this to me. I’m angry and upset but the worst part is I know that it isn’t going to do me any good. My mum is also upset. If one good thing has come out of this whole situation it’s my relationship with her. We’re closer than we’ve ever been, brought together by our sadness.

I also know that this whole mess has taken its toll on my parent’s relationship and I can’t help but feel sorry about that. My parents have always been happy but since my father decided to send me away they have been fighting non-stop.

All I know is that time is speeding by and no matter what I do I cant get it to freeze in time and I wonder why Future Liz couldn’t predict this when she changed the future

“Am I interrupting” Max asked as his head popped up over the side of the balcony

“Not at all” Liz answered as she shut her journal and shifted to make room for him.

Max didn’t hesitate and moved forward to join her on the lounge chair, “How are you?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly against his side.


“So are you ready for tomorrow?” he wondered

Tomorrow is the day they are going to sit down and tell Maria the truth. Liz dreaded it and welcomed it at the same time. They had already put it off for too long and they both knew that they couldn’t keep avoiding it forever no matter how much Michael would like them too. Liz had been so caught up in her own problems over the past week that she hadn’t really had the time to deal with telling Maria the truth. She knew that Maria would understand that after she was willing to listen to her.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” she laughed. “God help us when it’s done though”

“Why do you say that?”

“She’s going to freak Max” Liz laughs, “Especially when she remembers that she’s been making out with Michael”

The past week Maria and Michael had been meeting in the Eraser room. They thought they were being discreet but Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex all knew what was going on and they all found it completely amusing.

“I hope she doesn’t” Max said. “Michael will be really upset,” he adds.

Liz nodded she completely agreed with him but she knew that Maria wouldn’t think before she freaked out.

“Maybe its not such a good idea that he’s there” she suggested.

“He wants to be here when we tell her” he explained “and I think if he wasn’t then she would be more upset that we told her and he didn’t”

“Your right”: Liz sighed.

The next day Liz and Max were waiting in a booth in the Crashdown when Maria and Michael entered. Maria had a grin on her face from ear to ear. Liz hated that in less then half an hour it would probably be gone and that it would be her fault. She was after all the person that got them all into this, introduced them to a world that involved the aliens.

Alex and Isabel had also offered to be there but Liz had decided that the more people the worse it could potentially be. Maria was already going to be angry that Liz had kept this secret from her for sot long, it would be made worse if she realised Alex had known for a while as well and also hadn’t told her.

“Hey people” Maria greeted and slid into the booth next to Liz. Michael followed her move and sat next to Max.

“Hi Maria” Liz and Max greeted,

“So we’re here now where are we going?” she asked.

So that Maria wouldn’t find it suspicious Liz had asked her if her and Michael wanted to go on a double date.

“We thought we would go for a picnic,” Liz said and gestured to the cooler full of food that she had.

“Excellent” she agreed “so lets go”

They all hopped into Max’s jeep and he drove out towards the rock formation. He had thought it might be good to be there so they could show her after they told her. Or as Michael had suggested lock her into the pod chamber if she freaked too much.

Liz and Maria set the picnic up and they all sat down and talked, enjoying small conversation.

Michael was on edge he ate slowly trying to put of telling her.

Liz and Max exchanged looks and Liz took a deep breath “Maria I need to tell you something” she started.

Maria looked at Liz a little surprised “ok” she laughed. Liz made it sound so serious.

“Ok well I guess I should just say it so here I go” she said. “Maria Max, Michael and Isabel are aliens”

Maria looked at Liz for a second before she burst out laughing. “Wow Liz I almost fell for that for a minute” she said. She continued to laugh until she realised that no one else was laughing with her so she stopped.

“You’re not serious are you Liz?” she asked.

“Yeah she is Maria” Michael spoke up. “I’m an alien”

Maria shook her head in disbelief “yeah right Space boy” she joked, “prove it” she challenged him then.

Michael looked at Max one last time to make sure he was sure about what they were doing and when Max nodded Michael stood up and looked around for a rock that he could blast. When he found one, which was a safe distance away from them he put his arm out and aimed. The blast hit the rock perfectly and it shattered into a million pieces.

He turned back to Maria then “I’m a warrior and my powers are to protect” he explained

Maria’s breathing immediately became erratic and she began to stand up. Liz saw the panic in her eyes right away.

“Maria” she said gently standing up and taking a step toward her.

“God, oh god, oh god” she said.

“Maria it’s ok” Liz assured her “Just take deep breaths” she encouraged.

“Liz’s he’s an alien” she squealed pointing at Michael.

“Yeah I know. So is Max” Liz told her.

Maria’s eyes grew wide “You’re having sex with an alien?” she shrieked.

Max and Liz blushed a billion shades of red and despite himself Michael chuckled.

“This isn’t funny Space Boy” Maria pointed angrily at him “he could of hurt Liz with his, with his…”

Michael smirked “with his what Maria?”

Flustered Maria turned back to Liz “was it normal?” she asked in a whisper.

Liz blushed again “um well it’s pretty out of this world” she admitted which caused Max to blush too “but yeah it’s normal” she told her.

“Listen Blondie” Michael spoke then and took a step forward but he stopped hurt when Maria took another step back “we’re half human we just have alien DNA which makes us more advanced than humans” he growled.

Liz realised that Maria’s reaction had hurt Michael and she sent him a sympathetic look “He’s right Maria. Why don’t you come sit back down and we’ll tell you the whole story” she encouraged,

Maria looked between Liz and Max and Michael who were both seated on the blanket.

“How long have you known about this?” she asked Liz still unsure.

Liz bit her bottom lip “a few months” she told Maria “and when I was in the accident with Kyle if Max hadn’t found me then I would be dead right now” she confessed.

Maria immediately paled “What?”

“I was dying Maria I had very bad internal bleeding but Max saved me. He has the power to heal and he healed me from the brink of death. He also healed Kyle’s severed spinal cord. If it wasn’t for Max, Maria than Kyle would never be able to walk again”

Tears instantly sprang to Maria’s eyes and she turned to Max who was seated and waiting nervously for her reaction.

What Maria did next though surprised him. She walked up to Max and kneeled in front of him before she wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. When she pulled back she was crying, “Thank you,” she whispered.

“What for?’ Max asked.

“For saving my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without Liz,” she told him.

“You don’t have to thank me Maria because I feel the same way. I love Liz, she’s my life” he replied.

Michael watched with envy at the way Maria accepted Max. He didn’t have the power to heal and save like Max did he was a killer a warrior of course Maria wouldn’t want someone like that.

“Ok this is a really long story Maria so why don’t you get comfortable” Liz suggested as she sat next to Max.

They spent the next hour taking turns at filling Maria in about what they knew and how Liz had found out about their secret and when they were finished Maria’s mouth fell open in amazement.

“Um wow,” she said.

“Yeah” Liz agreed.

“Now you see why it’s important that you don’t tell anyone about this Maria” Max added “our lives depend on this secret and we’re trusting you with it”

“Um sure, but can I ask why?”

“Because you’re Liz and Alex’s best friend and because you’re dating Michael” Max said.

Max’s reminder of Michael forced Maria to look at him and as soon as she did she could see the vulnerability and doubt in his eyes. Liz and Max sensed that they needed a few minutes alone so they got up quietly and took a walk toward the pod chamber.

“So now you know,” Michael said.

“Yeah” Maria whispered.

“And?” he asked. Normally he couldn’t shut Maria up but the day he wanted to hear her talk she wouldn’t.

“And this is big. I think it’s going to take some time to get used too,” she admitted.

Michael nodded “whatever” he grunted before standing up.

“Michael wait” Maria called to him as he began walking away from her. She stood up and chased him.

“Its just a shock that’s all. I mean I’ve been making out with an alien” she blushed.

“I’m still me Maria nothings changed,” he snapped. Maria’s reaction felt like rejection to Michael and the only way he knew to deal with that was to put back up the wall he used to protect himself. “Its better this way anyway. I shouldn’t form attachments in case we ever need to leave” he shrugged.

“Michael” Maria sighed and reached out for him but he avoided her touch.

“Just don’t go shooting your mouth off Blondie,” he told her before he walked off too.


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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you for the feedback I know your all sad about Liz leaving :cry: but its all part of the story!

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Part 39

A month later

Liz looked sympathetically at Maria as she sat staring at Michael longingly from her spot behind the counter. Liz was sitting at the counter talking to her whilst she worked and trying to cheer her up. It had been like this for the last month and Liz was starting to get angry with Michael because he was ruining her summer plans. In her mind they should all be together and the six of them would be able to spend the summer together. It wouldn’t be long till she was gone from Roswell and she wanted her last few months with the group to be fun and peaceful, something that was impossible when Maria and Michael weren’t on speaking terms.

“Still being a stonewall?” she asked.

“Yes” Maria sighed sadly.

So far everyone in the group except for Alex had tried talking to Michael about the situation with Maria. They all understood that Michael was upset with Maria’s first reactions to the alien news and her request for a little time. But he wouldn’t budge.

“Well we’re watching video’s and crashing at the Evans house tonight your still coming right?” she asked an idea forming. If she could get Isabel to help maybe there was a way she could get Michael’s stonewall to drop.

“Yep. How did you get your dad to agree to that by the way?” she asked.

Liz smirked “I didn’t tell him. I’m just going out tonight and at midnight he’ll get a call telling him I’m crashing at your place” she shrugged.

“Do you think he’ll believe that?” she asked her friend.

“Frankly I don’t care Maria” she sighed “what can he do to me now? He’s already sending me away”

“He could ground you for the rest of the summer” she said worried.

“He wouldn’t dare. Besides I think my mum would leave him if he did that” she sighed. Her parents were still barely on speaking terms and she was starting to get worried. Her mum kept telling her not to worry about it but Liz couldn’t help it she wondered if she would have a family to come back to at Christmas time.

“Are they still fighting a lot?” she asked concerned.

Liz nodded.


Liz and Max were lying on his bed that night before everyone arrived enjoying some quiet time together. Phillip and Dianne Evans had gone away for the weekend to visit Diannes sister who lived in Albuquerque so they had the house to themselves.

“So you’re staying tonight right?” Max whispered against her neck.

Liz smiled “Yeah”

“Good I can’t wait to sleep with you in my arms all night” he confessed.

Liz sighed happily “Me either”

Max looked at her then concerned at how quiet she was being “is everything ok?” he asked.

He could tell that she was trying to fight her emotions “I just want these three months to be fun and happy” she told him “and now Maria and Michael are fighting and Maria is miserable” she cried.

“And I hate seeing Michael the way he is. I know he’s trying to pretend that he’s fine and that he’s a stonewall but I can see how much Maria hurt him and I wish there was something I could do but I know he doesn’t want any help”

“Oh baby” Max pulled her to him. “It’s going to be ok, they’ll sort it out eventually” he told her. “Michael will eventually work through his hurt and talk to Maria and hopefully Maria can make it up to him” he said.

“I know but I just thought the six of us would be able to spend the summer together and now Michael wont even be in the same room with Maria unless you coerce him”

Max frowned as Liz buried her head in his chest and cried. He just wanted her to be happy and he knew how hard it was for her thinking about the prospect of leaving, it was hard for him too so he wanted them to have happy memories.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she pulled back “I just needed to get that out”

Max kissed her sweetly “you can talk to me about anything” he assured her.


“Can I speak you?” Max asked Michael when he arrived. Everyone was there except Maria but Max knew she would be here soon and he was determined to talk to Michael before she arrived.

“What’s up?” Michael asked as he followed Max into his bedroom.

Max sighed as he leaned up against the window on the opposite side of the room “I know I told you I wouldn’t bring this up again but I have to. Now before you interrupt I want to explain to you why” he said.

Michael frowned he should have known this was another talk about Maria. Everyone had felt it was there place to tell him for the past month how unreasonable he was being not talking to Maria and how he should feel and he was really sick of it. It was easy for Max and Isabel to dish out advice but they didn’t understand how he felt.. They told Alex and Liz they’re secret and they accepted them right away so they had no idea how much Maria’s rejection had hurt him.

“In two months Liz is gong to leave” Max said his voice almost cracking as he said it “you have no idea what that thought does to me Michael I have no idea how I’m supposed to get through each day without being able to see her and just be close to her but I’m going to be strong for her sake because I know if I’m not she’ll crack too. She’s going to be gone six months at least Michael and all she wants is to have a happy summer”

“What’s this got to do with me?”

“Michael I don’t think you realise how much you’ve come to mean to Liz” he told him “and it hurts her that your so upset and that you wont let her help you but it also hurts her that Maria’s miserable because you wont speak to her”

“Max” Michael started.

“No just hear me out. All she wants Michael is for the six of us to have a fun summer together and because of the way you and Maria are acting that’s impossible. You wont go somewhere unless you knows she’s not”

Michael’s gaze dropped to the ground. He had no idea that Liz felt this way; he also thought a lot of Liz. He had come to think of her as a sister since he started working at the Crashdown and he absolutely hated that fact that soon she would be gone.

“I’ll make an effort,” he whispered.

“Really?” Max said surprised, he thought it would take a lot more convincing then that.

“I care about Liz” Michael whispered, “I really wish she wasn’t leaving,” he added.

“Thank you Michael. I just want her to be happy, and you too” he confessed.

“Yeah I get that Maxwell so next time I see Maria I will try to be more civil” he said.

“Well your chance is going to come sooner that you expected,” he told him sheepishly “because she’s coming tonight”

Michael scowled “You told me she couldn’t make it”

“There was a little confusion on the matter” Max fibbed.

“Yeah right” he grunted.

Maria had just walked in the door when Max and Michael made their way back down the stairs.

“Hi” she said.

“Hey Maria” Max greeted as he walked past her and moved to Liz’s side.

“Hi” Michael nodded causing Maria and the other people in the room to look towards him in shock. That was the most Michael had said to Maria of his own free will in a month.

“H-Hi” she replied as he walked past her and found a comfortable spot on the floor.

The night went off without a hitch after that the group watched a few videos and by the time Max dragged Liz upstairs to bed she was smiling from ear to ear.

As soon as they were behind the closed door Liz pushed Max onto the bed and crawled up his body “time for your reward” she grinned huskily.

“Reward?” Max grinned as he helped her pull her shirt up her body.

“I know you spoke to Michael,” she whispered as she undid each tiny button on his shirt pulling it apart so she could start kissing his toned chest.

“Thank you” she whispered as she made her way up towards his mouth “I love you so much” she told him.

“I love you too,” he moaned just before her mouth finally reached his.

They kissed passionately until Max rolled them over his mouth descending down to Liz’s chest where he unclasped her bra and took a rosy nipple into his mouth. He sucked and caressed her breasts until Liz was writhing underneath him.

Max pulled her skirt and panties off then but before he could settle over her body again Liz flipped them over again so he was now lying on his back. She made quick work of removing his jeans, socks and boxers before settling between his legs and taking his cock into her mouth.

“Oh god Liz” he cried out lifting his hips up off the bed and pushing his massive organ further into Liz’s mouth.

Liz sucked him hard and used her hand to pump the part of him that wouldn’t fit into her mouth with her hand. She had only done this a couple of times and was worried that Max wouldn’t enjoy it but “ahh Liz” he cried he was so close.

Sensing how close he was through their connection Liz released his cock with a pop and crawled up his body until she was straddling his lap and slowly sinking down his length.

“Ah Liz” he moaned when he felt her tight walls enclose around him.

“Oh yes Max” Liz moaned in pleasure as he filled her up.

She began riding him slowly at first but soon it wasn’t enough and soon she was bucking and grinning against him.

“Oh god Liz” Max moaned his hand reaching up and cupping her breasts.

“Yes Max” Liz cried “help me baby” she begged she was so close and she knew he was as well.

Max raised his legs up pushing his cock deeper inside of her and with his hands on her hips he thrust in and out of her body.

Liz threw her head back and rode against his thrusts “yes Max…………ahh MAX” she cried out in bliss oblivious to the four other people in the house still.

“Yes baby…………fuck LIZ” Max cried out in response to his own orgasm.

Liz slumped against Max’s chest sighing in complete satisfaction. “Hmm” she moaned.

“That was awesome baby” Max whispered as he ran a hand through her hair.

“Uh huh” she agreed with a smirk.

The heard some voices downstairs then and Liz looked at Max horrified “you don’t think they heard us do you?”

Max chuckled “with the way you screamed my name baby I’d say it’s a sure thing”

Liz hit him playfully her face flushed with embarrassment as she groaned and slumped back onto his chest “great Maria’s never going to let me hear the end of this” he said.

TBC........Okay so you might have already read this on my Some Girls post but i'm going to tell you all here too. I'm goign skiing on Friday for the weekend so if i get TPIHF written i will post on Sunday night, if not there wont be a post until next week.

Check out my new fics Mixed Up (which will be updated tomorrow night) on the AA board and Game of Love posted last night on the AA board.

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A/N: Hi everyone I'm finally back with a new part. Sorry i didnt get the new part written to update on Sunday and i'll see how i go this week.

Ok this fic is getting ready to end. Now before you all object and start throwing tomatoes at me the reason is because there will be a fourth installment of the Future Series. I will tell you more about it at the end of TPIHF.

Anyway on with the new part :)

dreamer destiny
83 AlienAngel

Part 40

“Max” Liz whined. “Do we really have to do this?” she asked him. “This is my second last night and I just want to spend it with you alone” she told him.

Max felt bad. He wanted that too but he had promised her mother, Maria and Isabel that he would bring her to the Crashdown.

“Let me just get something to eat quickly and then we can go” he promised “I’ve had a craving all day for space fries” he lied.

“Ok but for the record I wish you would have told me that earlier and I would have brought you some,” she told him.

Max chuckled “noted” he said.

They pulled up outside the Crashdown and the place was very busy which wasn’t suspicious since it was a Friday night. Liz was due to leave on Sunday morning for Vermont. It was hard to believe that the summer was over and that school went back on Monday but it was even worse to think that he would be starting his senior year without Liz.

He had hoped that he had given Liz a summer to remember. They had spent nearly all their time together and towards the end of the summer the six of them had taken a camping trip into Frazier Woods. It had been a great bonding session for all of them and even Michael and Maria who still weren’t a couple were now better friends.

They hadn’t talked too much about what would happen between them once Liz was gone but Max had a present for her that hoped would make things easier. He didn’t want to break up and he knew that Liz felt the same but he was also aware how worried she was about them surviving a long distance relationship.

“Max its too busy” she groaned. All she wanted to do was drive out into the dessert and spend some alone time with Max and make love to him over and over again under the stars before she wouldn’t be able to anymore.

“Come on” he said jumping out of the jeep and rushing around to help her out. He hoped that she wasn’t disappointed with how she was going to end up spending her night. He knew that it wasn’t what she had planned but he promised himself that tomorrow night it would just be the two of them.

“Ok” she said unable to deny him.


“Ok they’re coming” Maria called out from her look out point. The Crashdown was full of Liz’s friends wanting to wish her well. It had been Maria and Isabel idea to throw her a party and Nancy Parker had agreed straight away offering to shut the Crashdown for the evening. Jeff had of course not been happy but Nancy hadn’t care she did notice however that he was hovering out the back and wondered if he was finally having second thoughts about what he was doing. Liz still wouldn’t talk to him and when she did it was normally something smart that would roll of her tongue intended to hurt him.

Everyone took their places and when Max walked through the glass door and pulled Liz with him everyone yelled out “SURPRISE”

Liz’s hand rose to cover her mouth in shock when she looked around the transformed diner. “Goodbye and Good luck and we’ll miss you,” signs were everywhere as well as most of Liz friends from school.

“Surprise” Max whispered in her ear.

Liz turned and smiled at him before allowing Isabel and Maria to rush forward and hug her.

“Thank you guys,” she said

“You’re welcome chica” she smiled.

Nancy approached her daughter then “thank you mum” she said tears beginning to well in her eyes.

“Oh baby girl you are more than welcome I just wish there was more that I could do”

Liz nodded she knew her mother meant it and surprising enough she knew she was really going to miss her mother when she left.

The rest of the night was spent talking and thanking all her friends that had stopped by to wish her luck. Even a few teachers had called in much to Liz’s surprise. They were disappointed she wouldn’t be returning to West Roswell but wished her luck.

Before Liz knew it, it was eleven o’clock and it was just her mum and the rest of the gang who had all stayed to help clean up.

Maria walked over to the jukebox then and selected one of her and Liz’s favourite songs then “Remember this one Lizzie”

Liz smiled at her best friend and took her hand as they began to dance and sing to the song in the middle of the Crashdown.

She says it's cold outside and she hands me my raincoat
She's always worried about things like that
She says it's all gonna end and it might as well be my fault
And she only sleeps when it's raining
And she screams and her voice is straining

She says baby
It's 3am I must be lonely
When she says baby
Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it

She's got a little bit of something, God it's better than nothing
And in her colour portrait world she believes that she's got it all
She swears the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to
And she only sleep when it's raining
And she screams and her voice is straining

She says baby
It's 3am I must be lonely
When she says baby
Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it

She believes that life is made up of all that you're used to
And the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days, and days
She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway
But outside it's stopped raining

She says baby
It's 3am I must be lonely
When she says baby
Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it

When the song was finished Maria pulled Liz to her and she began crying against her hair “god I’m going to miss you” she said, “I cant believe you’re going. Our whole lives we’ve done everything together”

Liz pulled back and smiled through her own tears at her best friend “I know” she said.

Alex joined the girls then and pulled both of them into his arms “hey you two” he said trying to rein in his own emotions “I thought we agreed no tears because I cant stand to see you girls cry” he said.

Liz laughed through her tears; even in the most serious of situations Alex knew how to make her laugh.

“Ok enough crying there will be enough tears on Sunday” Liz declared then walking behind the counter and getting a tissue for both her and Maria before she returned to Max’s arms.

They finished helping Nancy clean up then whilst listening and dancing to music on the jukebox. To Liz this was what friendship was all about. It was great that so many of her friends from school over the years showed up to say goodbye but these people in the room with her right now were the important ones. They were the friends that she would miss the most and that she knew without a doubt would still be there when she returned from Vermont.

“Liz honey” her mother interrupted. “I’m heading upstairs now don’t be too late. If you miss your curfew tonight your father will probably make it hard for you tomorrow night” she told her.

Liz nodded “Ok I’ll be up soon” she assured her.

Nancy smiled “night guys”

“Night Mrs Parker” they all said.

Once Nancy was gone they group was free to talk more openly “so what’s the plan for tomorrow?” Alex asked.

“Well there is a fair just outside Roswell so I thought that might be fun to go to” Liz suggested.

“Sounds great” Maria agreed.

“Yeah” Isabel agreed.

“And then tomorrow night I just want to spend some time with Max” she informed them hoping that Maria and Alex would understand.

“Of course” they both said.

Everyone left after that except Max who insisted on walking Liz upstairs.

“I hope you weren’t disappointed about tonight” he said to her on their way up “the girls and your mum were so excited about the party that I didn’t have the heart to tell them you wouldn’t want it” he explained.

Liz smiled “it wasn’t what I had planned but I had a nice time” she told him “besides we still have tomorrow night” she smiled as she leaned in and kissed him softly.

“We sure do and we’ll make the most of it”

Liz nodded.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 downstairs?” he suggested, “We can have brunch together”

“Cant wait” she smiled.

With a final kiss Max backed down the stairs and watched as Liz disappeared inside the apartment.

She walked through the lounge room with a smile her face as she thought about the night she had, she really had amazing friends she thought to herself.

“Did you have a nice time?” her dad’s voice startled her.

“Yes” she replied and kept walking.

“I thought you, me and your mum could go out to dinner tomorrow night so don’t make plans” he said “I booked a table at that little Italian place you love” he smiled.

Liz didn’t smile back “I already have plans with my friends” she told him.

Jeff frowned “well I’m sure you can change them. It’s your last night in Roswell you should spend it with family”

“Your probably right I could change my plans but I don’t want to. Unlike you, mum and I have spent a lot of time together over the past three months including tonight and I know she understands that I want to spend my final night in Roswell with my friends and Max. You had your chance Dad don’t pretend now that you actually care that I’m leaving”

Jeff looked at his daughter in shock, was he really responsible for turning his loving daughter into the angry girl that stood before him. Yes he was.

“Liz I know your angry with me right now but eventually once you’ve settled into your new school you’ll be thankful for this opportunity” he said.

“No that’s where your wrong Dad and it once again just proves that you don’t really know me at all” she told him and began moving towards her bedroom again.

“Dinner is at seven tomorrow night Liz I expect you there” he added.

“Don’t hold your breath,” she told him.

Unlike the other times that Liz had been cold to her father she wasn’t able to remain hard and angry and this time she cried. She sobbed until she didn’t have another tear in her body to cry.

“Shh” her mother whispered as she lay down next to her daughter and tried to calm her down.

“I’ve lived in Roswell my whole life. The longest I’ve ever been away was for the summer I stayed in Florida with Aunty Jane” she cried “do you remember how homesick I was?” she asked her mother.

“Yeah” Nancy said sadly. Liz had called everyday and cried that she wanted to come home. She missed Alex and Maria she would cry so much that it would break Nancy and Jeff’s heart every time she called.

“What if it’s the same when I go to Vermont?”

“I’m sure it will be at first but you can call whenever your sad and I’m sure your friends will call all the time as well,” she whispered.

“Its not the same” she told her.

“I know baby,” she whispered pushing her hair out of her face.

Nancy reached down and picked up the box by her feet then and handed it to Liz “I have something for you” she told her.

Liz wiped her eyes and sat up accepting the box from her mum. “The school said you have to have one so I insisted on getting it for you” she explained as Liz unwrapped the present and her eyes lit up when she saw the notebook computer her mum had gotten her.

“Alex said it’s the best and it has a built in web cam” she informed her then. “He already has one and he plans on hooking Max and Maria up with one too”

Placing the box aside Liz wrapped her arms around her mother “thank you so much” she whispered “you have no idea what this means to me”

Nancy smiled at her daughter through her own tears “Yes I do. I already got one for here too so you better send me emails all the time so I can see your beautiful face” she told her.

“I will” Liz cried.

In the end Nancy Parker lay down and slept with her daughter that night. She hadn’t done it for over 10 years but it felt good to have her in her arms.

Jeff Parker looked on sadly as mother and daughter clung to each other and he wondered if his wife or daughter would ever forgive him.

TBC..............Sunday I hope

Song is 3am by Matchbox 20