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A/N: Hi everyone, yeah i know your all wonderfing WTF is going on with Kyle but you'll just have to keep reading for the events to unfold :twisted:

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Jason's Lover
STars in my eyes

Part 21

Max cursed as Kyle sped off and wasted no time jumping into the jeep and chasing after him. The look on Liz’s face and the desperation in her voice left him no doubt that she was being taken against her will by Kyle. The jeep was no match to the mustang and Max pushed the limits to try and catch up with him.


“Kyle what are you doing?” Liz yelled as Kyle sped off. She could see Max racing towards the jeep and prayed that he would be able to catch up with them.

“Getting away from him, its fine Liz he won’t catch us” he assured her.

“Kyle stop the car” Liz demanded.

“What! Why?” he asked.

“Because I don’t want to go with you, let me out Kyle, you’re scaring me” she told him.

He was driving way too fast and instead of heading towards the Crashdown he was driving towards Frazier Woods.

“Don’t be silly Liz, I would never hurt you, you have nothing to be scared of” he said.

He took his eyes off the road and Liz shrieked when she saw the car coming towards her “Kyle” she cried.

“Shit” he cursed pulling the mustang back onto the right side of the road.

Leaning over he touched Liz’s leg high on her thigh “it’s fine, we’ll spend some alone time and things will be great” he told her.

“Your delusional Kyle” she spat and pulled his hand off her “I don’t want to spend time with you, I broke up with you, remember” she said.

Kyle growled “your lucky I’m even willing to forgive you, Liz. You’ve been acting like a slut with Evans but now that your back with me I’ll redeem your name” he told her.

“What! So you have been following me. What are you stalking as well as kidnapping now?” she yelled.


Max had lost sight of the mustang five minutes ago and now was just praying that he would come across Kyle soon.

He was so worried about Liz, he had no idea what Kyle would do to her. He obviously wasn’t acting like himself and Max prayed that Liz wouldn’t pay for it.


“Kidnapping?” he scoffed “if you had just got into the car like I asked you than I wouldn’t have had to lock you in” he told her.

“I didn’t get in because I didn’t want to” she shouted.

“I don’t want to spend time with you Kyle” she added. “Pull the car over and let me out” she yelled.

Kyle grinded his teeth as he looked in the rear-view mirror, he could see the jeep in the distance and put his foot down faster on the pedal.

“Kyle are you listening to me?” Liz yelled “PULL OVER AND LET ME OUT” she screamed.

“Be quiet Liz” he told her.


“SHUT UP LIZ” he warned.

He only took his eyes off the road for a second but that’s all it took for the mustang to veer sharply off the road.

Liz’s widened and she screamed when she looked out the windscreen and saw the car heading towards the side of the road which was covered in trees and bushes.

“Fuck” Kyle said when he realised he was off the road, he struggled trying to get the car back on track but the speed the car was travelling at made it impossible.

“Kyle do something” Liz screamed again.

Kyle slammed both feet on the break and pulled on the hand break but car the continued on its path to a head on collision with a group of trees.

“Oh god” Liz cried and the last thing she thought of before her world went black was Max.


Max pushed the jeep to it’s absolute limit trying to keep up with Kyle, but his foot quickly moved to the break when he rounded the corner and saw the smoke bellowing up from what could only be what as left of Kyle’s mustang.

He didn’t even wait for the jeep to pull to a halt before he jumped out of the jeep and went running to the car.

“LIZ” he screamed panicked.

“Oh god” he cried in anguish as he got closer and saw that there was hardly anything left of the vehicle. He ran to the passenger side first and used his powers to rip what was left of the passenger door so he could get to Liz.

Liz was lying limp with blood pouring our of her head “Oh god baby” he cried checking to see if he could get her out of the vehicle. He ripped the seat belt off and pulled her out and carried her to a safer stretch of grass and laid her on the ground.

“Liz baby open your eyes” he cried panicked, he couldn’t try to heal her if she didn’t open her eyes. He checked to make sure she was breathing and he she was but her pulse was faint, he could tell that her leg was broken by it’s mangled state and her face and upper body were in a really bad way.

“Liz please” he cried shaking her.

Liz stirred slightly “That’s it sweetie, Liz please open your eyes, let me in” he begged her.

“M-Max” she barely said.

“yeah I’m here sweetie, please open your eyes, just for a second please” he cried his tears falling down his face and hitting her face, he couldn’t loose her he wouldn’t survive without her.

The feel of the tears hitting her eye lids was enough for Liz to search for her last bit of strength to open her eyes slightly, if she was going to die the last thing she wanted to remember was Max’s beautiful face and eyes. Even though her eyes were only partially open that was all it took for Max to connect with her. Liz gasped when she felt the connection roar to life.

Max searched her body for the most serious of injuries first, he healed the internal bleeding which he knew immediately would have been fatal, her pierced lung from her numerous broken ribs and down her body to her leg which was broken in several places.

He was about to continue when he heard another door slamming. He pulled out of the connection and found Liz out of it again but this time he knew she was okay.

“Mate is she ok?” a guy asked as he rushed towards them. He had been driving by when he saw the mangled wreck.

Max nodded “I think so” the guyslooked at Liz and wasn’t so sure though. Her face was still an absolute mess because Max hadn’t got the chance to heal it, which was probably a good thing considering the severity of the accident.

“Did someone call an ambulance?” he asked pulling out his phone.

Max shook his head he was till in shock. “I should check the driver” he stuttered then but he didn’t want to leave Liz.

“Girlfriend?” he asked.

Max nodded, but she wasn’t just his girlfriend, she was his destiny his life.

The guy rushed around to Kyle’s side of the car and tried to open the door, it wouldn’t budge and he wondered how Max had managed to get the girl out.

“I’m gonna need some help” he yelled after a few more tries when the door still wouldn’t budge..

He called the ambulance then but knew they would be at least ten minutes away and they needed to check the driver now. Reluctantly Max laid Liz down and got up to help the guy, he couldn’t care less if Kyle was ok or not because if Max hadn’t got there when he did or had the power to heal her then he would have killed Liz.

They both tried to pull the door but it wouldn’t budge and Max knew he would have to use his powers slightly like he had on Liz’s door. The next pull he used his powers discreetly and they managed to pull the door free enough to get to Kyle.

The man checked his pulse “He’s still alive” he said relieved.

The sounds of the ambulance could be heard in the distance as Max helped the man pull Kyle from the wreck, he could tell right away that Kyle was in a bad way his whole body was mangled and Max doubted he would ever walk again.

“I’ve got a blanket and water in the car I’ll just run and get it” the guy told Max before taking it off.

Kyle coughed and opened his eyes “Liz?” he asked panicked. Happy that his first concern was for Liz, Max decided to scan him to find out what was wrong why the guy was busy. He stopped when he reached his back, his spinal cord was severed high and his back completely broken but there was nothing fatal.

He would have lived why Liz would have been dead.

Not knowing why Max made a quick decision and healed the severed spinal cord and the worse part of his broken back. He wanted to kill Kyle with his bare hands but that wouldn’t make anything better, Liz was going to be fine and now thanks to him so would Kyle. He knew he had been given the power to heal for a reason and he knew if he hadn’t done something to help Kyle it would have haunted him for the rest of his life.

He was just finishing up when the guy ran back. He was careful to make sure there was enough injuries left in Kyle’s back though to be consistent with the accident and what the guy saw of Kyle’s state earlier though.

The sounds of the ambulance grew closer then and Max left Kyle with the guy and rushed back to Liz’s side, he didn’t hesitate pulling her into his arms and wrapping her in a blanket.

Liz didn’t stir and Max was worried he had missed something he wanted desperately to check her again but he was pretty much tapped out after healing Kyle and before he could even try and connect with her again the ambulance had pulled up and a paramedic was rushing towards them.

“Has she regained consciousness at all?” he asked as he checked her over. He began hooking things up to her right away and Max could do nothing up stand back and watch.

“Um yeah she woke up for a second” Max said. The paramedic looked up at Max and could tell he was in shock, he appeared to be alright though and he could only assume he wasn’t in the accident.

The other paramedic was working on Kyle who continued to slip in and out of consciousness.

Max lifted Liz on to the gurney but refused to let go of her hand as she was led towards the ambulance. The sounds of more sirens approached then and another ambulance and two police vehicles pulled out. Jim Valenti was in one of them.

“Kyle” he yelled when he saw the car “Oh my god where’s my son” he yelled.

He immediately went to Kyle’s side only casting a concerned glance back at the unconscious Liz who was being lifted into the ambulance.

The paramedics put Liz into the ambulance as Deputy Hanson approached Max.

“Were you in the accident?” he asked Max, looking over him concerned, he had Liz’s and Kyle’s blood all over his clothes but appeared to be ok.

“No” Max shook his head. “Only Liz and Kyle” he told him.

He nodded “That’s my jeep I’m going with her” he told him.

“What’s your name son?” he asked.

“Max Evans, 666 456 434, 66 Murray Lane” Max hurriedly told him they were getting ready to leave and he wasn’t letting Liz out of his sight.

“Please call the Parkers and tell them about Liz” he asked.

Hanson nodded “We’re going to need to talk to you about what you saw ok” he told him.

“No problem”

“Are you coming?” the paramedic asked Max, they needed to get her to hospital ASAP.

Max nodded and hopped in the back of the ambulance and sat at Liz’s side where he belonged as the ambulance raced off towards Roswell Memorial.


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A/N: Hi everyone thanks for so much for your great feedback, i really appreciate it :D

Jason's Lover

Part 22

The Parkers along with Maria and Alex rushed into the hospital. Jeff Parker had immediately closed the restaurant as quickly as possible when he had gotten the call from the sheriffs department.

Maria caught sight of Max sitting in a chair against the wall with his head in his hands and immediately called out to him as they all rushed towards him.

Max looked up when he heard his name called. He had been kicked out of the room as soon as they got to the hospital and so far no one had said anything. He had seen the other ambulance arrive with Kyle but so far there was so sign of the sheriff.

“Max is she ok?” Maria asked panicked.

Max looked shattered when he met Maria’s eyes. “Um I’m not sure they aren’t telling me anything” he told her.

“What happened, Max?” Jeff Parker asked him.

“Were you driving?” Nancy added.

Max shook his head “No” he said.

“I-I was coming out of the school, I was going to give Liz a drive home” he told them.

“Who was she with?” they interrupted to ask him.

“Kyle” he told them.

“What was she doing with Kyle?” Alex asked.

Before they could continue they were interrupted by Deputy Hanson and Sheriff Hanson.

“Jeff, Nancy” Jim greeted “How is Liz?” he asked, concern evident in his voice.

“We’re not sure” Jeff said.

“I’m going to see what I can find out” Nancy said then and took off to the nurse’s station.

“Mr Evans could we get a statement from you?” the Sheriff asked.

Max shook his head “Not you” he told him “I want to talk the deputy I want him handle this” he demanded, he didn’t believe that Jim Valenti would punish his son fairly and Max might have felt sorry enough for Kyle to heal him but he certainly wanted him to be put away for what he did to Liz.

“Can I ask why?” Jim asked.

“I’ll give you my statement but I want the deputy or someone else present during it” he told him “and I wont leave Liz”

Deputy Hanson took a seat next to him “We can do it here” he said.

Max nodded and took a deep breath.

“Can you tell me what you saw?” he asked.

“I was supposed to give Liz a lift home today and when I walked out of the school she was waiting at the jeep for me. But then Kyle pulled up in his car and he began pulling Liz towards it, she was struggling against him she didn’t want to go with him” he told her.

“I called out to her and she yelled at me to help her, I started running and yelling for Kyle to stop but he took off out of the car park. I hopped in my jeep and followed them because Liz looked scared of Kyle. Obviously the jeep isn’t any match for the mustang and as I rounded the corner I found the car smashed against the tree, there were no other cars in sight” he said.

“Are you saying Kyle Valenti forced Liz to go with him against her will?” he confirmed.

The looks between Hanson and the Sheriff didn’t go unnoticed by Max.

“Yes that’s exactly what happened, and then he drove like an idiot and almost killed them” he added.

Maria gasped in shock.

“That’s a strong accusation young man” Jim Valenti snapped.

Max looked at the sheriff angrily, he used to be intimidated by the local sheriff but he refused to back down here, the sheriff’s son almost killed his soul mate and he’d be damned if he sat by and let him get off scott free for it.

“It’s the truth and something Liz will confirm for you when she wakes up” he snapped. “Your son almost killed my girlfriend, Sheriff” he added eyes blazing.

“Ok so there was no other car involved you don’t think?” the questioning continued.

“No, no other car passed” he added.

“What happened when you got to the accident sight?” he asked then.

“I pulled Liz’s door off and got her out” he told them “checked that she was ok” he told him. “then another guy pulled up, he had a phone so he called the ambulance and I helped him get Kyle out” he said.

Hanson nodded and continued taking notes. “Ok that’s probably all we’ll need for now but I have your contact details if I need to see you again and we’ll confirm your story with Liz and Kyle when they regain consciousness” he told Max.

Jeff Parker faced his long time friend Jim Valenti then “if what Max is saying is true I want Kyle punished for this, Jim” he said.

Valenti frowned and nodded.

Max nodded and sighed in relief when Hanson and Jim Valenti walked away.

Nancy Parker rushed back then “Liz is in x-ray” she told them.

“Is she ok, what did they say?” Jeff questioned her.

“They said that she’s still unconscious and that’s all they can tell us at the moment” she cried.

“I think she’ll be ok” Max told them trying to offer them comfort. He was positive he had cured all her major injuries and that it was only the blood loss that had caused her to pass back out.

“What was wrong with her?” Alex questioned.

“Her face and upper body were pretty cut up and I think she might have hurt her leg” he stuttered.

“Thank you for being there for her Max” Jeff Parker said “I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t of been there” he said, he didn’t want to think about what might have happened to his daughter. He had never liked Liz travelling in that car with Kyle when they dated and with good reason apparently.

Max nodded and sat again in silence. The Parkers walked a few steps away and talked quietly and Maria and Alex sat huddled together comforting each other.

The doors opened again then and Isabel and Michael came rushing through “Max” Isabel cried when she saw him. She had been so scared when he had called sounding broken and asking her to come down to the hospital.

Max stood up and hugged his sister tight, he was so happy to see her. He thanked Michael with a look over her shoulder.

“How is she?” Isabel asked worried.

“I’m not sure” he said, he gestured for them to walk with him a little aware that Maria and Alex were staring at him.

“What happened?” Michael got straight to the point.

“Kyle pulled her into his car and raced off to get away from me, he would have killed her” he cried breaking down in his sisters arm.

“Did you, you know?” Michael whispered.

Max nodded “she would have died” he told them “her injuries were so bad, I didn’t heal everything but god she would have died” he cried again.

Isabel hugged him tighter and Michael nodded “Did anyone see?” he had to ask, he wouldn’t condemn his friend if they had because Michael knew better than anyone how important Liz was to them and his best friend..

Max shook his head.

“What about Kyle?” he asked then.

Max stiffened “I healed him too” he admitted.

“What!” Michael quietly yelled “why the hell would you do that Maxwell?”

“He would have been paralysed Michael, never would have been able to walk again I have more right than anyone to hate the guy for what he did to Liz but I just couldn’t leave him like that, it would have haunted me for the rest of my life” he admitted.

“God Max what are we going to tell him, do you think he’ll tell his father?” Isabel asked panicked.

Max pulled back and shook his head “No I doubt he’ll even realise, he was totally out of it”

Michael ran his hands through his dishelved hair and sighed “Are you sure?”

Max shook his head “No but we can talk to him when he wakes up” he said.

Max turned and watched as a Doctor approached the Parkers then and he gestured for Isabel and Michael to follow him, he wanted to know how Liz was and if she was going to be alright.

“Mr and Mrs Parker?” the Doctor asked.

“yes” Jeff nodded.

“I’m Doctor Stein” he said offering them his hand.

“How is Liz?” Maria asked.

The Doctor acknowledged them all with a look “I’m Jeff, this is Nancy, Maria and Alex, Liz’s best friends and this is Max her boyfriend” Jeff said, he wasn’t sure who the other two people standing behind Max were so he could introduce them.

The Doctor smiled at Max “So your Max” he said “Liz has been asking for you” he told him.

Max sighed in relief and smiled “So she’s going to be ok?” he asked.

The Doctor nodded “Yes she’s going to be fine, she has a few broken ribs and a fractured ankle, other than that she has experienced a lot of bad bruising from the seat belt as well as a few nasty cuts to her face which we’ve stiched up” he explained

“We’ll place a cast on her leg in a few days when the swelling goes down and manage her pain with drugs. The only thing of major concern is that Liz lost a fair bit of blood which is why she’s slipping in and out of consciousness, we’ve put on her on a drip and we’ll monitor her for the next few hours. If we don’t see an improvement we may need to give her a blood transfusion”

“Oh thank god” Nancy Parker cried in relief.

“I’d say she’s a lucky girl” the Doctor smiled.

“Can we see her?” Jeff asked.

The Doctor nodded “Their just taking her back to her room now” he told them.

Isabel squeezed Max’s hand in support, for his first time using his powers he had done a very good job apparently and the injuries that he left were not severe but were consistent with the kind of accident she was involved in.

“I’ll send the nurse out to let you know when they have her settled in a room” he said then.

The Parkers nodded and thanked the Doctor before he walked away.


It was a half an hour later when the nurse advised them they could see Liz. The Parkers went first and after five minutes allowed Alex and Maria to see her for a few minutes too.

Maria was sobbing in Alex’s arms when she came out “oh god Alex she looks so bad” he said.

“I know but it’s just bruising it will fade in a couple of days” she said.

Max waited and waited wanting to give the Parkes time with their daughter but he desperately wanted to see her.

“Max why don’t you come in?” Nancy suggested.

Nodding Max left his sister and Michael and walked into the room, Jeff and Nancy discreetly left him alone so he took a seat next to her and ran his hand over her bruised cheek, he wanted to badly to heal it but knew that he couldn’t.

The nurse walked in while Max sat staring at her.

“She’s going to be ok” she told him.

“I know” he said.

“It sure must have been a bad accident one of the Doctors said she had silver paint all over her abdomen” the nurse sad.

Max frowned the mustang wasn’t silver. He waited until the nurse had left and made sure he was alone before pulling the covers back and raising the hospital gown covering Liz. He gasped in shock when he saw what the nurse was talking about, because there on Liz’s stomach where he had healed her worst injury was a very faint silver handprint


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A/N: Thank you everyone for the great feedback, and hello to the new readers and lurkers.

Jason's Lover
Sweet Liz
Starts in my eyes
dreamer destiny

Part 23

Max continued to stare at the hand print in shock “what the hell?” he thought.

“M-Max” Liz called as she stirred.

Pulling her gown down and covering her back up Max moved next to her again and took her hand.

“I’m here baby” he replied.

Liz’s eyes opened slowly and when they did the first thing she saw was Max and she smiled “Your still here” she whispered.

“Of course I’m not going anywhere until you’re going with me” He smiled back at her.

“Th-thank you” she said.

Leaning in Max kissed her softly “thank you” he said.

“What for?” she asked.

“Not leaving me” he told her

Her eyes drifted closed again then and Max took a seat next to her again and laid his head down on the bed near her hand. “I’ll just lay my head down for a second” he told himself as his eyes shut.

That was how Nancy and Jeff Parker found him hours later as they came back to check on Liz.

“Should we be worried Jeff?” she asked her husband as watches Max holding on to their daughters hand so tightly.

“Why?” Jeff asked.

“They’re too young to be too serious” she told him.

“I don’t think age has anything to do with it, you cant choose when you find love Nance you should know that better than anybody” he smiled at his wife.


The next day when Max returned home, after being forced to leave Liz’s side by the Parkers he found Isabel and Michael waiting for him.

“How is she?” they both asked.

“Um still asleep but she did wake up for a little while last night” he tried to smile.

He fell into the lounge across from them dreading what he had to tell them.

“And everything else?” Michael asked.

“Maybe not so good” he admitted.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Michael asked.

“The nurse mentioned something about silver pain on Liz from the car, I was confused because Kyle’s car is red” he said.

Isabel and Michael both looked at him confused.

“Apparently a major healing leaves a silver handprint” he said.

“WHAT!” they both shrieked.

“What about Kyle?” they asked.

“I’m not sure I can hardly go in and check out his back” Max sighed.

“So how obvious is it?” Isabel asked panicked.

“Liz’s was very faint but the doctors saw it” he told them, “that’s how I found out about it. Thankfully their not suspicious yet”.

“So right now they think it’s paint?” Michael asked a plan already forming in his mind.

Max nodded.

“Well then we’ll just make sure they find silver paint on the mustang” he said standing up.

Max jumped up too “Michael what are you planning?”

“Relax Maxwell, I’m just going to check out the mustang and leave some silver here and there” he shrugged.

It was a good idea Max thought “Ok but don’t go overboard, it has to be something like a tube or can of paint that might have got busted in the wreck” he said.

Michael grinned “Now your talking Maxwell” he said. He left the house then happy that he had something that he could take care of.

“So how are you?” Isabel asked Max when they were finally alone.

Max looked at his sister “I’ll be fine when I know Liz is” he answered.

“She will be” Isabel told him.

“I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost her, Iz?” he said then and Isabel could see the vulnerability in his eyes “she’s my everything, and its scaring the crap out of me” he admitted.

He had never had to rely on anyone before but now that Liz had come into his life so much of his life had shifted to involve her.

“You don’t regret it do you?” Isabel asked hesitantly. AT first she had hated that Liz knew her secret but since she had found a friend in her she wouldn’t give her back for the world.

“God no” Max quickly said “I just never thought I’d have someone like that, Iz and now I have her and she knows us and she accepts me and I just…….” He broke down then and Isabel moved to take him in her arms. He eventually fell asleep and Isabel covered him with a blanket and left him to get some much needed sleep.

He was still asleep on the lounge when the Evans got home. Dianne Evans heart instantly went out for her son, she had only just found out that he was dating Liz but she could already see the effect that the young girl was having on both her son and her daughter.

“How’s he doing?” they asked as Isabel came in and greeted them.

“He’s ok, exhausted though” she told them.

“Liz?” Dianne asked.

“She’s going to be ok, but it’s going to take a while”

They both nodded, “we’ll have to call over and see if there is anything we can do” Phillip suggested.

“They will probably need a lawyer eventually” Isabel said.

“What, why?” Dianne frowned.

“Well I would be betting Jeff Parker will be out for blood if Kyle doesn’t get severely punished for this” she explained.

“But I thought it was an accident?” Phillip said.

Isabel scoffed “hardly, he kidnapped Liz, she never wanted to go in the car with him in the first place. That’s why Max was following them, Max said he was driving like an idiot” she explained.

“Oh my god” Dianne gasped.

“I’ll talk to Jeff about it” Phillip confirmed because if what his daughter was saying was true he agreed with her. Kyle deserved to be punished.


Hours later Max was still asleep when he felt someone shake him “Max honey” his mother said. Dianne hated to wake him but she knew that if she didn’t he would be angry at her later.

“Hmm” he replied opening his eyes slightly.

Dianne smiled, he looked so young and innocent when he was sleepy “Sweetie that was Nancy Parker on the phone” she told him. Max sat straight up after hearing that

“Is something wrong?” he asked panicked.

Dianne smiled at her son “Liz woke up and is asking for you” she said. She watched the way her sons eye lit up after hearing that.

“I should get over there then” he said searching his pockets for his keys.

“I made some lunch earlier so come and have something to eat first” she told him.

Max was about to object when she interrupted him “Your not leaving here until you have something to eat and a shower” she told him.

Max looked down and realised he was still wearing the shirt covered in Liz’s blood and nodded his head. “Go take a shower and I’ll get your lunch ready” she told him.

When Max emerged from the shower ten minutes later his mother had a sandwich and a can of coke waiting for him. His stomach growled and he realised for the first time how hungry he actually was.

“Thanks mum” he said as he finished his food and stood up to put the dish in the sink..

“Your welcome sweetheart, give Liz our love” she said.

He kissed her good bye and headed out the door then.


Liz still felt so tired but she was trying to keep her eyes open until Max got there, thankfully Maria was talking a mile a minute and distracting her from how long it was taking for Max to arrive.

“So your parents say that you’ll be released in a few days if your blood count rises” Maria told her.

Liz smiled at her friend, Alex walked in then with the flowers he and Maria had bought her in a vase “Thanks Alex” she said.

“So has someone from the sheriff department been yet?” he asked.

Liz shook her head and looked to the door again, she felt a tingling the back of her head kind of an awareness that she hadn’t felt before.

“Why do you keep looking at the door?” Maria asked.

The door opened then and Max burst in his eyes falling instantly on Liz’s. “Max” she smiled.

Max rushed to her side and engulfed her in a careful hug, aware that her ribs were still broken.

“HI baby” he whispered and left a kiss against the top of her head.

Maria and Alex stood back and watched the pair slip into their own world, it was like that for a couple of minutes before Max finally noticed them.

“Sorry, hi Maria, Alex” he said taking a tiny step back to put some space between him and Liz.

“Hi Max” Alex smiled.

Realising that Liz needed some alone time with Max, Alex started to gather his stuff “Well we’ll leave you alone with Max but we’ll be back tomorrow” he said.

Maria frowned and turned to Alex “Come on Maria” he said.

“What, no Alex I want to stay with Liz she might need something” she said.

“Um I’m fine Maria, Max is here” Liz said.

“Maria” Alex said “she wants some time with Max” he whispered.

“Oh” she said disappointed, it felt like she had hardly got to see Liz.

“I’ll come back later, Liz” she said.

When they were alone Liz tugged at Max’s hand until he moved closer again engulfing her in his arms.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I am now. Thank you for coming” she said.

Max smiled “I would have been here sooner if I hadn’t fallen asleep, then my mum insisted I shower and eat before leaving the house” he explained.

Liz laughed a little but it hurt too much so she had to stop. “Well you smell wonderful” she told him.

Max sat next to her on the bed. “Liz sweetie I need to check something, can I?” he asked.

Liz looked at him confused but nodded “Can you lift your gown up” he said.

“Max….” she started

“Please baby, I’ll explain everything I just need to check if its still there” he said.

Nodding Liz slowly raised the gown, Max looked over her stomach but he couldn’t see the hand print any more and he sighed in relief.

“Ok can you tell me what you were looking for” Liz yawned.

“I had to heal you Liz” he told her, his eyes downcast.

Liz nodded “I know” she whispered.

“I’m sorry” he apologised.

“Max, why are you apologising you saved my life” she said.

“I just, it well you’re going to change now” he said.

“I know” she yawned again. “I left a silver handprint on your stomach and a few of the doctors saw it” he told her then.

Her eyes were alarmed when they looked up at him “It’s ok they think it’s paint so Michael is taking care of it” he told her.

Too tired to fight it Liz just nodded “Hold me please” she asked.

Max nodded and lied down next to her and began stroking her hair, a couple of minutes later her breathing evened out and he assumed she was asleep “I love you, Liz” he whispered leaving a kiss on her forehead.


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Jason's Lover
83 AlienAngel

Part 24

The sound of a door opening and someone making their way into the room brought Max out of his sleepy fog. He had no idea when or how he had fallen asleep but he was still lying with Liz in his arms her breathing even as she curled into his chest.

Looking up he watched as Kyle tried to manoeuvre a wheel chair into the room.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked angrily.

Kyle looked up startled, he hadn’t seen him on the bed with Liz and his eyes went wide when he caught the angry look on his face.

“I didn’t realise anyone was in here, visiting hours are over” he replied.

“They make an exception for me” Max said smugly.

Kyle just nodded “What come to see what you did? Or did you come to finish the job?” Max asked sitting up angrily.

Max was so angry seeing Kyle, here he was up and about two days after the accident whilst Liz was still suffering.

Kyle’s eyes dropped in shame “Look, I know I deserve that but I didn’t mean to hurt her” he said. “I would never do that I love her” he told him.

“Love her!” Max roared “if that’s how you treat the people you love than I would hate to see how you treat your enemies” he spat.

“Look Max” Kyle sighed.

“No you look Kyle” Max yelled “You almost killed her, you almost took her away from me and her family and it doesn’t matter what you say or do you cant change that” he said angrily.

“Get out” he said then.

“I just want to see her” Kyle objected.

“If I have to I’ll remove you myself” he said.

He felt her hand on his arm before he heard her small voice calling his name. Her touch forced him to turn to her immediately and he smiled at her when he realised he was awake.

“Max, it’s ok” she told him.

Max frowned “No it’s not he shouldn’t be here” he whispered as he lovingly caressed her cheek.

“It’s fine, help me sit up?” she asked.

Unable to deny her Max hopped off her bed and helped her with gentle hands to sit up as best as she could.

Kyle’s face paled when he caught sight of her bruised and battered face, he had a few themselves but nothing compared to Liz.

“God Liz I’m so sorry” he said.

Liz didn’t smile as she looked Kyle over, frowning when she saw the wheel chair “Are you…..?” she asked.

Kyle shook his head “I have some bones broken in my back so I have a cast on to stop me from moving, I cant walk with it or the bad ankle I have” he told her.

“I guess you’re lucky” she said

“Yeah” Kyle whispered she didn’t know how lucky. The doctor had told him and his father earlier that it was a miracle that the broken vertebrae didn’t hit his spinal cord.

Liz nodded “Ar-are you ok?” he asked.

Liz shrugged “Haven’t been awake long enough to talk to the doctors” she admitted. Max held her hand tightly through the entire conversation.

Kyle nodded in acknowledgement “Has Hanson been by yet?” he asked then. His father had confronted him the day before about Max Evans accusations and at first he had wanted to deny them but he couldn’t.

He remembered Max being at the sight and that he helped him, he got him out of that car he felt as though Max had done something monumental for him but the memories were still to vague.

Liz shook her head again.

“When do you get to go home?” she asked him.

Kyle looked up “a couple of days” he said.

Liz nodded.

Max continued to glare at him so he slowly started to back out of the room “I really am sorry Liz” he told her.

Liz looked up at him “I know you are but sorry doesn’t change it” she admitted “Max is right, Kyle you almost killed us and I still don’t understand why you forced me into your car to begin with” she said.

“I wanted to talk to you , I’d been trying to for the past couple of days and I knew that you were avoiding me and that unless I got you when Evans wasn’t around that you’d continue to avoid me” he said.

Liz frowned “Kyle I wasn’t avoiding you, but your right I didn’t want to talk to you, there was nothing to say”

Nodding sadly “believe me I realise that now” he said.

“Yeah but it’s a little too late now, Kyle” Liz said sadly, she knew that Kyle would probably be sent away over what he did. She hated to see it happen because it could ruin his future but he deserved it. The fact was that if Max Evans did have healing hands then she would be dead right now.

When Kyle finally left the room Liz cuddled into Max’s arms “You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah just wanted to get it out of the road” she told him.

Max nodded “Liz there’s something I should probably tell you” he said.

Liz pulled back slightly and looked at him “I had to heal Kyle” he admitted.

Liz’s eyes widened “What?”

“When I helped get him out of the car I scanned him, he spinal cord was severed Liz but I healed it” he told her.

Without warning Liz reached up and pressed her lips against his “What was that for?” he smiled when they pulled apart.

“You’re a wonderful man, Max. Not too many people would have risked their life or their families to do something like that” she said amazed.

“Believe me I hesitated, he almost killed you” he whispered caressing her cheek.

“But thank to you he didn’t, and you saved his life because if I know one thing from all the months I dated Kyle its that sport is his life”

Max nodded “I had to leave his back injuries though, I’m not sure how they will effect him”

“You can’t heal everything” she whispered “no one suspects do they?”

“Well I wasn’t sure what Kyle remembered or if he had a print like you but based on that conversation I’m assuming he doesn’t, he was pretty in and out”

“That’s good”

“Yeah it is” Max told her.

Three days later the Parkers were able to bring Liz home from the hospital much to hers and the aliens relief. They had no idea how quickly the change would take effect and if it would show in her blood soon.


Isabel knocked on the apartment door nervously and waited for someone to answer.

“Hi” Nancy smiled, she recognised her at the hospital and was now aware that she was Max’s sister.

“Hi Mrs Parker, I’m Isabel Evans” she introduced. “I was hoping to see Liz” she informed her.

Isabel had tried not to bother Liz at the hospital since her family, Max and Maria were spending a lot of time there.

So she had waited until Liz had been home a day before coming over to talk to her, she had missed her friend a lot since her accident.

“Its lovely to meet you Isabel, thank you so much for the beautiful flowers you and your family sent Liz” Nancy said.

Dianne and Phillip had dropped by the night before to see her and Jeff and it was very appreciated.

“You welcome” Isabel smiled.

“Come in” Nancy told her and led her through to Liz’s room.

Nancy knocked before opening the door to show Liz tucked in bed with Maria sitting on her bed.

Maria has practically never left Liz’s side since the day Alex pulled her out of the hospital. It was takings its toll on both Liz and Max who were becoming desperate for some private time but Maria didn’t now how to take a hint and would only leave for a few minutes before returning.

Liz wasn’t sure what was going on but she got a strong impression that her friend didn’t like her relationship with Max.

“Hi” Isabel smiled.

“Hey IZ” Liz smiled brightly, it was nice to see someone different and she had been worried about her.

“Isabel” Maria smiled tightly.

Nancy left the girls and Isabel walked into the room and stood uncomfortable, she knew there was no way she would be able to talk to Liz with Maria around.

“So how are you feeling?” she asked.

“better it’s nice to be home, thanks for the flowers by the way” she said smiling at the bunch of bright gerberas on her desk.

“Your welcome” she smiled.

Liz looked to Maria then who was frowning and flicking through a magazine. “Um Maria you don’t have to stay now, Isabel can keep my company for a while until Alex comes over” she said.

Maria looked up and her frowned deepened “It’s cool I don’t have anywhere else to be” she said.

Liz sighed “Maria you’re here all the time, I mean your even sleeping on the floor I’m sure you could do with a break you know head home and see your mum” she said. She didn’t want to be mean she appreciated her best friends company but she needed some space.

“Do you want me to leave?” Maria asked hurt.

Liz closed her eyes “Of course not” she said.

Nancy who had been walking past and heard the conversation sighed, Maria’s presence had been takings it’s toll on Liz and she couldn’t put up with it any longer. They had given Maria some time off from work to spend with Liz but never expected her to camp at their daughter side.

“Excuse me girls, Maria I need you” she said.

“Um sure what’s up Mrs P?” she asked.

“I need you to work” she told her.

Liz bit her lip, knowing the restaurant was most likely being covered by her father, her mother was helping her.

“Oh you can’t find someone else?” Maria asked.

Nancy frowned “Maria you’ve had close to a week off now” she remaindered her.

“Yeah, yeah I know um I’ll be right down” she said.

When Maria finally left Liz patted her bed and gestured Isabel to sit down.

“It must be hard for you” Isabel said sitting down.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Lying all the time” she said sadly.

Liz nodded “yeah it is” she said “and Maria is starting to catch on, she’s acting very weird, she’s kind of smothering me at the moment”

Isabel giggled “so I’ve heard”

“Max?” she grinned

“yep he’s desperate for more than five minutes alone with you” she told her.

“I feel for him”

Grabbing her hand “So enough with all this fuss over me, how are you?” Liz asked her.

Isabel smiled a genuine smile at Liz “Good, actually great” she told her.

“So it was negative?” Liz asked crossing her fingers.

“It was” Isabel confirmed. “the tests were both negative and I got my period so……”

“Oh Izzy that so great” Liz squealed and leaned in to hug her as best she could.

“I know” she sighed.

“So are you going to tell Michael?” Liz asked.

Isabel shook her head “No I think it would be pointless”

“So the two of you?” Liz asked.

“We’re done, I don’t think we ever really started” she sighed

“Have you talked about it?” Liz asked worried.

“Not really but when everything happened with you and Max was at the hospital it kind of brought us back together. We were so scared someone was going to find out and we came through for each other” she explained “but we were there for each other as family, it wasn’t physical or some kind of love” she said.

“So we’re putting that behind us?” Liz grinned.

“Yeah I think so, I think there is someone else out there for me, just like there is for Michael” she smiled.

“Ooh so tell me does this someone have a name?”

Isabel’s smile turned serious then “lets just say I’m ready to face my destiny”

TBC........Wednesday i hope

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Jason's Lover
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Part 25

Liz sighed when she was finally alone, Isabel had left twenty minutes ago and although Liz was over the moon that things were starting to work out for her friend she was glad for some alone time.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the quietness, a smile on her features.

“You look happy” someone whispered in her ear.

Liz’s eyes opened in surprise and locked with the beautiful amber ones of her boyfriend, her smile automatically brightened.

“Hey” she said.

“Hey yourself, so what were you smiling about?” he asked kissing her cheek.

“The quiet and being alone” she told him.

“Oh am I interrupting?” he asked. He looked around the room when he walked in and noticed that there was no sign of Maria. Both Nancy and Jeff were working the café downstairs and had told him to go ahead and come up.

“No not at all” Liz quietly assured him before tugging on his arm and pulling him towards her on the bed.

“Alone time with you is even better than just alone time” she giggled.

Leaning in Max captured her lips giving her a proper hello kiss, however Liz had different ideas and immediately deepened the kiss and wrapped her arms around Max and pulled him as close to her body as she could given her current state.

“Hmm is it just me or does it feel like forever since we’ve had five minutes alone to do this?” Max moaned when they pulled back.

Since Liz’s accident and being released from the hospital there had been someone by her side constantly, which meant she got no time to herself and her and Max got no time alone.

Liz giggled “Not it’s been forever” she said dramatically.

“Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great you have such a loyal best friend who wants to keep you company and protected but she really doest need to protect you from me” he grinned.

Liz sighed “I know to tell you the truth she’s really getting on my nerves” she said sadly, it wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate that Maria was such a wonderful friend, she did it was just that her best friend didn’t understand that Liz had other people that wanted and needed her attention as well, a perfect example being Max and Isabel.

Unbeknownst to Liz and Max, Maria had decided to race away from her tables at the Crashdown to check on Liz quickly after seeing that Isabel had left some time ago. She stopped in her tracks when she heard her best friend.

“I mean I love her company and I love her for being such a wonderful friend but it feels like she’s crowding me when other people come to visit, the only person she ever leaves me alone with is Alex” she explained.

“Maybe she doesn’t like me?” Max suggested a little worried that there might be some truth the situation.

“It’s not just you, Isabel dropped around earlier and wanted to talk and I had to ask Maria to leave, she got quite upset. Thankfully my mum made her go to work at the Crashdown” she said.

Nancy had been looking for Maria everywhere, deciding that the only place left she could be was upstairs she walked to the top of the stairs and not surprisingly she found her outside her daughters bedroom.

“Maria what are you doing?” she called out.

Liz and Max’s head both shot up when they heard her mum calling for Maria, it was followed by the sounds of someone rushing off “I’m coming” they heard Maria call.

Liz closed her eyes “how much do you think she heard?” she sighed.

“not sure” Max replied caressing her cheek, “hey, she needed to hear it” he said then.

Liz nodded, he was right she would have just preferred to have had a conversation with her best friend about it.

“So when are you coming back to school?” Max asked. He missed seeing her everyday.

“Monday” she smiled, she had been doing all her assignments that the teachers were sending home with Maria but she was sick of being cooped up. She also new from Maria and Alex that the rumour mill was running amuck with different stories about what happed to her.

“So Deputy Hanson came over this morning” she said.

Max raised an eyebrow, the day after Liz woke up he had come to the hospital to get a statement from her on what had happened, Liz had told him about the incident with Kyle at school as well as asking him repeatedly to pull the car over and let her out. The deputy had then gone on to ask her about Kyle’s behaviour and driving in which she had felt she had to choice but to continue to tell him the truth. In summery she had told him that Kyle was acting like a crazy person and his driving was all over the place, he was basically reckless.

She knew that her statement would be damming.

“What did he say?” Max asked.

“They’ve charged Kyle” she sighed, she knew it would be all over Roswell by Monday.

“With what?” Max asked.

“Reckless driving endangering others, and something else about forcing me to go with him against my will” she shrugged. “It wasn’t kidnapping it was something else”

“Oh well that’s good I guess” Max sighed.

“Yeah I guess, I know I shouldn’t but I feel bad” she told him.

“Why? He almost killed you” Max whispered.

“I know but he’s a good guy he just made some bad choices and I cant help but feel I drove him to them by breaking up with him” she admitted.

“Liz baby this is not your fault, he just couldn’t accept that you dumped him for me and nothing you did forced him to take you against your will and drive like a maniac” Max told her.

Liz smiled slightly “I know. My Dad said that he’ll probably have to go away to some sort of detention centre for a few months” she said then.


“Yeah but Dad also said knowing the Sheriff it will probably end up being some type of physical therapy place where he can recover from his back injury and get back in tip top shape”

“That’s hardly punishment” Max frowned.

“Yeah that’s what my Dad said”


When Max left there was still no sign of Maria so Liz used her intercom to ask her mother to send her up. She knew they needed to have a talk and she didn’t want to put it off much longer.

“HI” Maria said as she walked in the room about 10 minutes later.

“Hey” Liz smiled.

“So your mum said you wanted to see me?”

“Yeah” she said and patted the bed, when Maria made no move to sit down Liz frowned.

“I know you heard what I said to Max earlier and I want to say sorry.” She started, she could see that Maria was about to interrupt so she put her hand up to stop her knowing that once she started she wouldn’t get a word in.

“I’m saying sorry for the way you heard it not what I said” she told her. “the truth is Maria you’ve been driving me crazy, I love that your worried about me but Maria I’m fine and I’m safe at home with my parents. I don’t need you to baby sit me” she told her.

Maria sighed and took a seat next to her friend “I just want to be close to you” she told Liz.

Liz smiled and reached for her best friend “and we are, we’re the closest of close but your kind of suffocating me here. I need some alone time with my parents and Max occasionally” she explained.

Maria nodded “It’s just that I cant help but think that this is all Max’s fault” she finally admitted.

Liz frowned surprised “How so?”

“I know I encouraged you to go for it with him but since you and him hooked up you’ve been different. And then there is thing with Kyle, he hated the fact that you were dating Max” she said.

“Maria this is not anyone fault accept Kyle’s” she told her best friend, repeating exactly what Max had said to her earlier.

“I know that, logically but I just feel that since your been seeing Max that things have changed” she told her.

“Ok, but that was always going to happen” Liz explained, it was the cycle of life. People grow up and they find significant others and their lives evolve.

“Why does it have to?” Maria cried “I mean you used to be able to tell and share everything with Alex and I. I feel as though this new relationship with Max is a big secret, I mean now your friends with his friends too”

Liz sighed, obviously they were getting to the root of the problem now and it had had nothing to do with the accident it was that Maria hated being discluded from parts of Liz’s life.

Liz smiled “Maria I love you and Alex you’re my best friends and I don’t want to keep any part of my life secret from you. Sure I’ve become friends with Isabel and kind of with Michael but that doesn’t mean that I’m any less your friend” she said, she knew it sounded completely wrong but she couldn’t get it out any better.

“Ok” she nodded “so while you and Max are together you’ve got to know his sister and his best friend but Alex and I haven’t gotten the chance to get to know Max” Maria said.

Liz nodded that was a fair point, she couldn’t tell her best friend that the only reason that she had anything to do with Isabel and Michael was because they were aliens from the planet Antar.

“Ok so how about when I’m feeling a bit better and my parents let me out of the house that the four of us do something?” she suggested.

Maria nodded “that would be great, maybe even the six of us” she suggested.

“Ok I’ll suggest it to Max” she smiled.

Maria smiled too “Great”

“Thank you Ria, you’re the best friend I could ask for and I cant tell you how much it means to me that you’ve been here for me through this” Liz told her.

“Your welcome” Maria told her.

Maria left after that and returned to the Crashdown to finish cleaning up, she hadn’t noticed that anyone had come through the back door and almost jumped when she heard someone’s voice.


“OH MY GOD” she yelled.

Michael resisted the urge to laugh “settle down Blondie” he chuckled.

“God Michael you scared the crap out of me” she told him. “What are you doing here your not working?” she complained.

Michael scratched his ear and avoided staring at her, she had this way at looking at you with her piercing green eyes and looking right through you. He hated it.

“Yeah sorry about that I was just dropping in to see how Liz was” he explained.

“Oh well she’s upstairs so just go on up” Maria said studying him. She hadn’t really had to work with him that much since he started at the Crashdown but she had heard through the grapevine that he was getting his own place and living on his own. She didn’t know if it was true though.

“Um ok” he said but he continued standing there.

“IS it true that you live by yourself?” she finally blurted out.

Michael looked shocked, how would she know that. The only people that knew were Max and Isabel.

“People talk” she shrugged answering his silent question.

“So is it?” she asked when he didn’t answer.

“That depends on who you’re going to tell” he grumbled.

“No one I was just wondering is all” she told him.

“Yeah, I’m getting emancipated” he shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

Maria smiled “Well that’s great” she told him. She wasn’t really aware of the situation with Hank but she had always known that he had a hard life. She imagined it was somewhat like hers since she was an only child and had a single parent.

Maria smiled one more time at him then “well just head on up Liz will be happy to see you” she told him.

Michael’s brow furrowed as he watched her go she was very very weird he thought “Thanks” he mumbled and headed up the stairs to visit Liz.


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dreamer destiny
Jason's Lover

Part 26

Liz was surprised when she heard a knock on her door and found Michael on the other side.

“Hi” she said.

“Hey” Michael replied.

There was an awkward silence between them then “so how are you feeling?” Michael finally asked.

“Better” Liz smiled “a lot better actually” she admitted.

“That’s good” he said.

“So…….how are you Michael?” she asks.

“I’m ok” he says

Liz nods and smiles.

“So I wanted to thank you for putting in a good word with your dad and getting me the job downstairs” he blurts out then.

“Your welcome besides my dad thinks your great” she tells him. Jeff Parker had been hesitant at first to hire someone with no experience but after Liz had explained his home situation and that he needed the job her father had decided to give him a go. Now her dad couldn’t stop raving about great he was.

Michael nodded and continued to stand awkwardly.

“Michael, not that I don’t appreciate you coming to visit but is there something you wanted to talk about?” Liz finally asked. Michael and her hadn’t really formed much of a relationship, in truth Michael had been very clear on his feelings about Liz knowing their secret and her relationship with Max. So it was understandable that Liz world be confused that he had come to visit her now.

Michael sighed “I just wanted to ask you some questions” he shrugged as though it was no big deal but if Max knew he was there hassling Liz while she was still recovering he knew he would skin him alive.

“Sure go ahead” Liz encouraged.

“Has the handprint gone away?” he asked. Max had told him it disappeared a few days after but he wanted to make sure. He had done a pretty good job planting the paint in the mustang, no one had commented on it and no one had said anything about the hand print either but he wasn’t sure how long that was going to last.

Liz nodded “It was gone the next day” she confirmed.

“Good” Michael said.

“And Kyle, do you think if he had one he would say something?” he needed to know if there was going to be a situation with Kyle and that if there was if it could be contained.

“I’ve only talked to Kyle once and Max was with me, he didn’t mention anything about it” she told him.

Michael nodded “do you think I should talk to him?’

Liz shook her head “No stay away Michael, if you start asking questions it’s just going to peek Kyle’s and the Sheriff’s curiosity”

“Ok” he said. She had a point he didn’t want to draw the sheriff’s suspicion to the handprint.

He looked at her then as though he was studying her trying to see something under the surface.

“What?” Liz asked, slightly unnerved.

“Do you feel different?” he surprised her by asking.

“Um” Liz thought about his question, did she feel different? She had been brought back from the brink of death by an alien king she had to feel different didn’t she. “No not really” she realised “but its hard to tell given the current circumstances”

“Cool” Michael shrugged as though it was no big deal but Liz could tell he was relieved like he expected some sort of change in her straight away that might endanger them.


All eyes were on Liz on Monday as she hopped on her crutches down the halls of West Roswell High.

“I heard her and Kyle were doing drugs together” she heard one person whisper.

“I heard Kyle went schitzo on her and tried to kill them both because she broke up with him” another said.

Liz pretended that she didn’t hear them as she walked beside Maria. Max had wanted to pick her up but Liz had declined knowing that Maria would be upset if she didn’t get her, her usual ride with her.

Max was waiting at the locker for Liz and when he saw her and Maria walking towards him he immediately pushed off the locker and walked towards her. He took her bag from Maria who was clearly struggling carrying bother her own books as well as Liz’s.

“Thanks” Maria smiled.

“Good morning” Max grinned then.

“Morning” Liz smiled, it was hard hearing everyone talk about her as she walked down the hallway but one look at her boyfriends smiling face was worth it. She stopped and arranged herself then so Max could lean in and give her a kiss. Max stepped into her easily and wrapped his arms around her waist and gently leaned in to kiss her waiting lips.

Maris watched amused as her best friend and boyfriend greeted each other and everyone in the hall stopped to watch.

“So Liz your back” a whiny voice said sarcastically from behind interrupting the moment between Max and Liz.

Maria whirled around to face the blonde trollop that had interrupted them.

Liz sighed “Hello Pam” she greeted her nemesis. There weren’t very many people that Liz didn’t line but one of them had always been Pam Troy. She had made it her job to try and make Liz’s life as difficult as possible.

“Hi Max” Pam purred eyeing her boyfriend.

“Pam” Max replied frowning.

“You know I’m very surprised that you would stick with her after what she did to you Max” Pam said then.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Maria asked already ready to fight Pam on her friends behalf.

Pam and her two brain dead friends that stood behind her eyed Maria and then with a flick of their hair dismissed her turning their attentions back to Liz.

“I mean why would you lower yourself to be with someone who would cheat on you with their ex-boyfriend” she said to Max.

Liz gritted her teeth no liking what Pam was implying one little bit.

“You don’t know what your talking about Pam” Max said calmly.

“On Maxie are you in denial?” Pam asked sympathetically “I mean why would you want to date a mousy little cheater like her when you could quite easily be with someone like me” she added.

A loud laugh erupted through the hallway then as the sounds of high heels clicked against the hall “Oh Pam that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week” Isabel laughed “I mean my brother dating a trollop like you” she stopped arching her eye at the blonde “I don’t think so” she finished taking the last few steps to stand beside Liz and Max.

Isabel was the most popular girl in West Roswell High. None of the other girls liked her because all of the guys wanted her but they all pretended to be her best friend because they knew if you pissed the Ice Queen off than she would make your life a living hell.

Pam eyed her competition for the most popular and most wanted girl with disdain.

“Be gone Pam” Isabel said with a flick of her wrist already tired of seeing the ugly fake blondes face.

Pam looked at Isabel and contemplated whether she wanted to start a war with her today. She wasn’t, especially over something like Liz Parker “come on girls” she said before turning on her heel and walking off.

“Oh my god that was unbelievable” Maria said awed “I have never seen her run off with her tail between her legs before”

Isabel smiled, she always got a kick out of pissing Pam Troy off “I know, I cant stand that girl she is always hitting on Max” she sighed.

Liz frowned and turned to Max “you never told me that” she accused.

Max scratched his ear nervously “um I didn’t realise she was just thought she was being nice” he said lamely.

“Yeah right” Liz mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter anyway because I’ve only got eyes for one girl” Max leaned down and whispered in her ear causing Liz to shiver. Even though since her conversation with Maria she had backed of slightly Liz still hadn’t got much opportunity for some time alone with Max because of her injuries and being stuck at home. The most they had been able to do is to steel a few kisses here and there and she was desperate to feel his body against hers again.

The week before she was sure that she wasn’t ready for where her and Max’s relationship as going but the longer they were physically apart the more she questioned that decision.

“Can we go for a drive this afternoon?” she asked him.

Max looked at her surprised “you don’t have to go straight home?” he asked.

“Um I’ll just ring and tell me parents I’m going to your house and I’m sure that would be fine” she told him.

“Well we can if you life, I mean my parents are at work” he told her “we could watch a video or catch up on some of your work that you’ve missed” he added.

Liz smiled, ‘not quite what I had in mind handsome but that’s ok” she thought “great”

Lunch that day couldn’t have come quickly enough for Liz. Sitting in her classes she had been forced to answer a barrage of questions from everyone about her accident and listen to more gossip about what actually happened. She was trying not to let it get to her but the most garbage she heard about herself the more it was taking it’s toll.

“There’s my girl” Alex grinned when he saw Liz hopping out of her class.

“Hey Alex” she tried to smile.

“Hey what’s up I thought you be excited being back in your favourite place of learning” he laughed.

“Yeah me too but when you have to put up with people speculating about what you were doing in the car with Kyle in the first place all day it kind of takes the ex out of excitement” she said.

Alex took her bag from her and wrapped his arm around her in comfort for a minute “Come on I’ll shout you lunch” he told her.

Liz nodded against his arm and started hopping on her crutches beside him.

Maria was waiting for them at Liz’s locker as they made their way towards the quad.

“Hi guys’ she smiled, Liz smiled back but she was a little disappointed not to see Max there too.

“Moon doggie said he would get us a table” Maria smirked at her.

“Oh ok great” Liz smiled sheepishly that she was so obvious.

When they reached the quad sure enough Max had secured them a table near the door and both Isabel and Michel had joined him.

Michael groaned when he saw them all approaching “I thought it was just Liz” he said.

Max sighed at his best friend “There her best friends Michael of course they’re going to want to have lunch with her occasionally”

Isabel studied Alex as he stood beside Liz carrying her bag. He was tall which was a plus considering she herself was 5, 11 and at second glace he wasn’t as lanky as he first appeared to be, it was just a little too bad the guy had no clue how to dress she thought.

“What’s the big deal, Michael?” Isabel finally asked “I mean they’re nice it could be a lot worse” she added to the sursise of Michael and Max who looked at her like she had grown a second head all of a sudden.

“What?” she said as they continued to stare.

“Nothing” Max grinned before getting up and moving towards Liz.

“Max put me down” she squealed as Max picked her up in the middle of the quad causing her to drop her crutches.

“Nope” he shook his head “come on gorgeous you’re taking too long” he said placing her at the table next to him.

Maria and Alex also took a seat and for the first time the six of them oblivious to the surprise of the entire school sat down and ate lunch together.


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A/N: Better late than never right? Thank you so much guys :D

Part 27

“Ok class I’m going to pair you off the for the next assignment so I want you to get together and complete this by Friday” Mrs Jackson told the English class.

Maria sighed and leant over so she could talk to Liz “I hope I get paired with you” she whispered. Coincidentally this was the one class that the six of them shared.

Liz smiled at her best friend but she secretly hoped that she would get paired with Max so that she would another excuse to spend time with him. Even though her parents were very appreciative of Max saving her life they were being very protective now and Liz knew that they would tighten their hold on her after school activities, especially those that involved a car.

“Ok Evans Isabel and Whitman, Troy and Williams, Norris and Delaney, Deluca and Guerin, Evans Max and Parker” she started reading out.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Maria whined the minute she heard that she was being paired with Michael.

Liz ignored her and turned around to look at Max who was grinning back at her. Apparently luck was on their side today she thought to herself.

“That’s so unfair Mrs Jackson” Maria continued to whine next to her “I mean he’s not even here” she mumbled. “how do you expect me to complete an assignment with someone doesn’t even attend class”

Looking around Liz noticed that Maria was right and that Michael had somehow skipped out on the class. Sighing she made a note to talk to him about it because now that he was emancipated he had to make an effort to make and pass classes or he had the chance of being shoved back into the system.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to track him down Ms Deluca” Mrs Jackson responded.

“Yeah right” she mumbled and turned to Liz.

“It’s not like you wont see him today, you both work this afternoon” Liz rose her eyebrows she wasn’t prepared to hear Maria whinge about Michael because as far as Liz was concerned if she didn’t push Michael’s buttons he would act the way he had a tendency to around her.

Alex was grinning from ear to ear that he was going to be paired with Isabel “So Isabel want to get together after school?” he asked when class let out.

“Um sure” Isabel said shyly, she wasn’t used to guys looking at her the way Alex did. She had only noticed since Liz’s accident but it wasn’t like most other guys did. The other guys gawked at her and looked at her like she was a piece of meat but Alex was different and he looked at her face when he spoke to her.

“Why don’t you come to my house, it should be fairly quiet there” she suggested.

“Great, can I give you a lift home then?” he offered, fingers crossed that she might accept.

“That would be nice thank you Alex” she replied “I’ll meet you in the car park” she told him before turning and walking towards her next class not realising that she had made Alex Whitman’s year.


Max was waiting outside Liz’s class for her when the final bell rang that afternoon and as he expected due to her crutches.

“Hey” she smiled happy to see him.

“Hey yourself” he grinned taking her bag from her back and leaning into kiss her softly.

“so did you have anywhere in mind for our drive his afternoon?” Max asked as they walked slowly towards the car park. He wanted so badly to heel her ankle so that she wouldn’t have to use the stupid crutches anymore but it was impossible given how many people has seen and knew about the broken ankle, he begged Liz to at least allow him to heal it under the cast but she told him it was fine and that she was happy for it to heal naturally.

Liz stopped half way to adjust the crutches, they were starting to hurt after being on them all day. Seeing her discomfort Max did hesitate in stopped “hold on to your crutches” he instructed.

“What? Why?” Liz asked confused

Max grinned “Because if you don’t your gonna drop them” he told her as he bent down and swooped her into his arms.

“Max” she squealed.

It didn’t take long for Max to reach the Jeep then and unload Liz and all their stuff into it.

“thank you” she sighed it would have taken a lot out of her to make it.

“welcome beautiful” he smiled.

They drove towards the dessert then and when they reached their special spot near the pod chamber Max got out and after retrieving a blanket and spreading it out he helped Liz out of the car and laid her on the blanket.

When Max joined her on the blanket Liz instantly curled up at his side. “This is nice, just some alone time from everyone and everything else” she sighed.

Kissing her neck softly Max agreed “Yes it is” he told her.

They sat in silence for a little while longer before Liz spoke again “I can feel you now, did you know that?” she told him.

Max stopped his task of running his hands through Liz’s hair “I can feel you not but I wasn’t sure it was the same for you” he admitted. “I just seem to know where you are without too much thought I guess it’s like Future Liz said, it’s because I healed you”

Liz nodded.

“Are you sorry I did?” he asked hesitantly.

Liz turned and adamantly shook her head “No of course not, besides I would be dead if you haven’t”

“I know but I probably could have healed you less or something……” Max started to ramble but Liz soon stopped it with a kiss.

Max was surprised by Liz’s sudden kiss but even more so when she slipped her tongue into his mouth and began exploring it passionately, encouraging his own to play back.

“Max” she moaned when he finally started responding back.

Her small hands pulled at the hem of his shirt till she could get them underneath and she began caressing his toned chest.

“Liz” he whispered huskily as they pulled apart only long enough to breath before their mouths came together again.

All of a sudden Max’s body felt hot, very hot everywhere Liz’s hands touched his naked skin.

Liz opened her eyes and gasped when she felt Max’s hands run under her skirt over her back.


Max, Isabel and Michael emerging from their pods.

Liz and Maria playing dress ups

Max seeing Liz for the first time the day he got off the yellow school bus.

Liz wearing the ugly cup cake dress her mother made for her.


They both pulled back gasping from the intensity of the flashes they received.

“What was that?” Liz asked.

“Um I think we connected” Max told her.

Liz nodded “Did you, I mean what did you see?” she asked.

“Um I saw you when you were little mostly” he told her.

“You?” he asked.

“I saw you, Isabel and Michael the night you were born” she whispered awed.

Max smiled he would never cease to be amazed by the way Liz was so accepting of who he was, he had never dreamed that anyone would accept him for an alien and love him so unconditionally as Liz did.

He shook his head at that thought, Liz had never told him she loved him but he knew she did. It was then he realised he felt what Liz felt about a number of things like today in class he realised that Liz felt annoyed by Maria whining about Michael.

“L-Liz” he said hesitantly scratching his ear.

“Yeah” she smiled.

“Um I think I can feel things from you” he whispered worried about her reaction.

“What do you mean?” she frowned.

“Um well right now I thought to myself how it always amazes me that you l-love me knowing what I am and then I realised, Liz doesn’t love you” he said slowly lifting his eyes to meet hers. Liz eyes were wide with surprise and her mouth was open slightly “It’s stupid it was probably just wishful thinking on my side..” he started to ramble.

“What else?” Liz whispered.

“Um what else do you think you felt?” she asked.

“Um I remember in class today thinking that you were getting annoyed at listening to Maria whine about Michael and being his partner” he said not meeting her eyes.

Liz looked at him shocked before quickly diverting her eyes.

“Liz?” Max asked concerned.

Liz blew out a breath when she turned to look at him “Wow” she said. “you can feel me” she said.

Max was a little taken back at what she said “So, does that mean, I mean could you, I” he started to mumble.

Liz fidgeted nervously knowing what he was asking.

“Liz” Max finally breathed out and said, Liz looked up at him “I love you” he whispered.

Liz’s nervous look slowly shifted and smile began to light up her beautiful features, she shifted back so she was closer to Max then “I love you too” she whispered, she had been so nervous to tell him first not sure if he felt the same way for her. She was pretty sure that he did but had wondered why if that was the way he felt why he wouldn’t have told her yet, and that maybe he wasn’t ready to tell her so there fore he wouldn’t hear it.

Max shook his head “You’re thinking way to hard” he laughed before reaching for her and pulling her into his arms.

“God I love you” he whispered again.

Liz grinned bigger “I love you too” she replied.

They’re mouths came together again, the heat rising between them quickly. They shifted on the blanket until they were laying on their sides. Max lifted Liz’s leg with her bad ankle and placed it over his hip pulling her closer to his body while he ravaged her mouth.

“Oh god Max” she cried as he moved from her mouth and started to trail kisses down her exposed neck.

“I love you” he whispered over and over again.

Liz arched into his kisses her own hands running up and down his chest, pulling it up higher so she could get access.

“Your so gorgeous” she groaned as her hands traced his hard muscles.

Max groaned as her hand brushed against the hard bulge in his jeans and he pulled back slightly. Liz whimpered at the loss and tried to pull him back.

“Baby we have to stop” he told her, he was so close to loosing control and doing something he knew she didn’t want.

“Why?” she asked him looking into his eyes.

“Because your not ready, you said so yourself a few weeks ago” he told her.

“And a lot has happened in three weeks” she whispered leaning and kissing his chest.

“Liz” he groaned.

“No I’m serious, I want to fee close to you, I want to wash away what happened the first time” she admitted “but most of all I want you to make me feel that good again” she whispered.

“L-Liz?” Max questioned not sure if she meant what he thought she did.

“I want you to touch me, Max to to kiss me” she said blushing.

Max was about to ask her if she was sure “I want to feel your tongue inside me, Max” she said.

Max growled then, no longer able to hold himself back. He swooped in and took her mouth all over again.

He laid on top of Liz gently, taking her mouth as his hands hesitantly made their way up her top and cupped her breasts over the lace of her bra.

“Max” Liz moaned in pleasure.

“Oh god baby” Max whispered huskily in her ear.

Liz shifted under him trying to get more comfortable, her ankle and ribs both hurt and the position on the hard sand did help.

“Are you ok?” Max asked sensing her discomfort over the connection.

“Um I can’t get comfortable” she told him.

Max got off her immediately and Liz was instantly sorry because she knew that Max was going to want to leave. He picked he up and walked her to the jeep sitting her in the passenger seat.

“Max no” she protested “I want this so bad” she told him.

Max smirked “So do I baby” he assured her leaning over her and pushing her seat back as far it would go before settling in between her legs.

His hands immediately went to the buttons of her shirt and quickly pulled them open and then like an expert he unclasped her bra opening himself up to suckle her gorgeous breasts “Your so beautiful” he whispered.

He took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it until it was hard before moving on to the next one.

“Oh Max” Liz cried out, Max smiled happy that he was pleasing her as he begun trailing kissed down her stomach.

Liz was wearing a skirt since it was easier with the cast on her leg, he pulled the skirt up her legs until it was around her hips exposing her sexy little white cotton panties to him.

Leaning in Max sniffed her before licking her over the fabric. Liz lurched off the seat “Max!”

“A-Are you sure, Liz?” Max asked her then as he hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties.

“Yeah, Please Max” she begged.

Max pulled her panties down and off one leg and let them pull around her casted leg. He used his finger to trace her lower lips first causing her juices to drip out, Liz moaned.

Hesitantly Max leaned in then and licker her slit, tasting her juices before using his fingers to open her up. He thrust his tongue in and out of her a few times enjoying the way she bucked against him. Her hands were in his hair massaging his scalp and keeping him where she wanted him.

“Oh yes, oh god” she cried.

Max replaced his tongue with a finger then and began sliding it in and out of her whilst applying his mouth to her clit.

“Oh God” Liz cried out her hand tightening in his hard and pulling on it.

“Yes Max………oh god………….ahh yes, MAX” she screamed as her orgasm washed over her and her juices pouring out of her pussy.

Max licked her dry before emerging from between her legs, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before kissing Liz’s neck.

“Oh god that was amazing, thank you” she whispered.

“Thank you” he smiled, he had loved every minute of it.

Liz felt his hardness against her leg then and instantly felt bad “Let me do something for you” she whispered then.

Max looked at the sky then and realised it would start getting dark soon “only if you agree to wait till we get to my place” he said, he really loved that she wanted to please him but they could do that in the privacy of his bedroom.

Liz kissed him soundly before responding “Sounds good” she told him.


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Secondly, sorry that I'm a day late again, i will try to get back on the Wed/Sun schedule from now on.

Thank you so much for the great feedback, i really appreciate you all reading

Part 28

When Max pulled up in the driveway of his house he raced around to help Liz out. Instead of putting her on the ground though he picked her up and Liz eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist bringing her core into contact with his hard cock.

“God Liz” he whispered having to stop to get himself under control.

Max rushed quickly to the front door and used his powers to open it and stumbled through it as his mouth was being ravished by Liz’s. “Hmm Max” she moaned rubbing herself against him.

“God baby if you don’t stop” Max moaned, he was ready to explode and Liz’s rocking against him was bringing him closer to the edge.

He began walking them to his room then and when he reached it he lowered Liz to the bed and crawled on top of her. Their mouths instantly came back together and Liz’s small hand trailed down Max’s body until she had reached the button to his jeans. She opened it hesitantly and then lowered the zipper slowly.

Max stopped breathing as he felt her lower his zip, the anticipation of her small hand stroking him was slowly killing him.

Liz’s small hand pulled his cock free from his boxers then and she started to stroke him gently.

“Oh god” Max moaned his eyes closing, her small hand felt so good.

Liz smiled at the look of pure bliss on Max’s face, she loved that she was making him feel so good and she wondered if that was how she looked when he was pleasuring her.

“Max” she called to him then, Max slowly opened his eyes.

“Make love to me” she whispered, she wasn’t sure where it had come from but she meant it. She wanted to feel him inside of her making her his, pumping his hard body inside of her.

“W-What?” Max asked not sure if he had heard her right, maybe he was just hoping she was saying what she was saying.

“I want you to make love to me” she whispered again shyly.

“Are you sure?” Max asked.

Liz nodded “Positive, I love you and I want to feel you inside of me” she whispered.

Max didn’t answer her instead he just leaned in and took her mouth passionately.

Their clothes slowly came off their bodies then and their hands caressed everywhere “You so beautiful” Max whispered as he laid above her, her hair was all messy from rolling around and her face was red from all the passionate kisses they had shared.

“So are you” she whispered and smiled.

Max reached over and pulled a condom out of his bed side drawer then, his hand shaking as he tried to rip the package open. Liz smiled as she watched Max’s shaking hand and reached out and took the package from him. She wasn’t scared or nervous at all.

“Are you scared?” he whispered as he watched her easily tear open the package.

“I know I should be but I’m just going to leave myself in you capable hands” she grinned.

Her words settled Max’s nerves then too and he rolled the latex on to his cock before settling between Liz’s legs.

“I Love you” he told her as he rubbed the head against her opening.

“I love you too” she smiled.

He was just about to push through her opening when he heard the car pull up out the front.

“The jeep’s here so Max must be home” he heard his sister say to someone.

Max groaned and leaned his head against Liz’s forehead “well I guess that’s that” Liz sighed sadly.

Max looked up and kissed her softly. “I’m sorry” he told her.

“It’s not your fault” she assured him.

They heard the front door open and close then and voices downstairs.

“we should get dressed before someone comes looking for you” Liz suggested then.

Max pulled up and pulled the unused condom of his still hard cock then and threw it in the trash by the bed. He hopped off the bed and recovered their clothes inwardly cursing. He shouldn’t have been getting ready to make love to Liz in his bedroom anyway, it was her first time, they’re first time and he should be making it special.

He handed Liz’s her clothes and helped her dress before throwing on his own jeans and t-shirt and climbing back on the bed.

He pulled Liz on top of him then and fused their mouths together “What are you doing?” she moaned as he kissed her neck.

“We can still make out” he grinned at her.

Liz grinned back and her small hand trailed back down to rub over his hard cock “I believe I said I’d do something about that” she whispered huskily.

“Believe me you were about too until we got company” he replied causing Liz to shiver as she was reminded of how close they had come to making love.

Max stopped her small hand from unzipping him again “Baby I don’t think I could stop again” he told her.

“Ok” she smiled and relented before leaning in to kiss him again, the kiss was short lived though before they heard the sounds of a car pull up quickly before shouting started.

“Oh where do you think your going Spaceboy, I refuse to fail this assignment”

Liz groaned as the tell tale sigh that her best friend was near.

“Michael and Maria?” Max guessed.

“Who else argues like that?” Liz raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“do you think they like each other?” he asked.

“Definitely, you could cut the air with a knife from the sexual tension at work” she giggled.

“Interesting” Max mused.

“Come on we better make an appearance” Liz told him then.

Max carried her down the stairs again and into the living room where they were surprised to find Alex as well as Isabel, Michael and Maria.

“What’s everyone doing here?” Max asked.

Isabel raised an eyebrow at her brother “well Alex and I were doing out assignment” she said pointing to her books on the coffee table in front of them and biting her tongue from asking what he and Liz were doing since it was obvious from the state of their appearance.

Maria frowned at her friend “What are you doing here, Liz?” she asked.

“Well last time I checked it was my boyfriend who lived here what about you Maria?” she asked.

“Um well ah” Maria stuttered.

“yeah Blondie what are you doing here?” Michael asked amused.

Max turned and looked at his best friend “well I’m kind of wondering what brings you by too Michael?” he asked.

“Just calling in to say hi” He answered avoiding Maria’s smirk.

“Well since everyone is here why don’t we get the assignment done” Isabel suggested, she was a little annoyed that her time with Alex was being crashed but there was nothing that could be done about it so she would use the time for the group to bond.

Isabel had given a lot of thought recently to sharing her secret, she had been very nervous at first but was warming to the idea of sharing with Alex. If Future Liz was right then Isabel would find a best friend and mate in Alex and she wanted that so badly.

The group all reluctantly sat down and completed their assignment then.

Liz and Max were cuddled on the couch “So Liz” Max smiled “Have you ever been in love?” he asked in a whisper.

“Actually I have, Max” Liz smirked.

“Yeah?” he smiled “lucky guy”

“I like to think so” she replied.

“And you Max, have you ever been in love?” he asked.

“Hmm once or twice” he replied to which slapped him and he laughed.


Maria looked up and smiled at envy at how happy her best friend was as she goofed around and cuddled with Max. That was what Maria wanted, she turned and looked at Michael then and found him staring back at her, but when she realised he had seen her he quickly averted his gaze.

Maria sighed and returned to the assignment “Have you ever been in love, Spaceboy?” she asked him.

“No” he grunted.


“No” Maria shook her head sadly.

“Why do you call me Spaceboy?” he asked then with a frown.

“Why do you call be Blondie?” she asked.

“Cause your blonde” he pointed out.

“Oh yeah” she replied “I dunno your just kind of spacey and stuff”

“Right” he said


“So Isabel have you ever been in love?” Alex asked, he was a little confused as to what this had to do with English but asked anyway.

“No” Isabel told him. “You?” she asked.

“Nah” Alex shook his head. “I mean yes, maybe” he told her.

Isabel looked up startled.

Alex knew as soon as he saw the look on her face that he had said the wrong thing “What I mean is that I kind of like someone, maybe love them but I don’t think they feel the same” he told her.

“Oh um” Isabel stuttered unable to meet his eyes, it surprised her how much it upset her to find that out, obviously she had waited too long and she had lost her chance with Alex.

“I mean that’s great for you Alex” she tried to smile. “and you really should tell her because I’m sure she likes you too” she said fakely.

Alex smiled sadly “Thanks Isabel but I really doubt it, she’s way out of my league” he said sadly.


Max leaned in and nipped at Liz’s neck “you smell so good” he whispered in her ear.

“I smell like you” she grinned “cause you’ve been all over me” she whispered.

“Not as much as I would of liked to be” he told her.

“I know me either” she told him.

Max watched her then as she went about writing the answers to some more of the questions for their assignment “Can I take you out Friday night?” he asked.

Liz looked up and smiled “Um that sounds good” she told him.

He reached out and fingered a piece of hair “do you think maybe you could tell your parents your staying at Maria’s?” he asked shyly.

“What have you got planned Max?” she asked.

“I just thought that maybe you and I could spend some more time alone” he whispered.

“Well I can try, not sure what they’ll say though” she warned him they weren’t being as easy with letting her out now.

“good” he smiled a plan already forming in his mind.

TBC.............Sunday, fingers crossed

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A/N: Hi everyone, thanks for the great feedback. I'm back on time with this tonight just running behind on Skirts lol.

dreamer destiny

Part 29

Lunch became a regular thing for the group of six after that. Isabel and Alex formed an odd friendship that seemed to gather a lot of attention from the rest of the student body. It wasn’t surprising since Isabel was the most popular girl in school and Alex the resident computer geek but Liz couldn’t help but smile at how happy they both seemed when they were around each other.

Friday came quickly and so far Liz wasn’t having any luck at convincing her parents to allow her to stay at Maria’s for the night. Oddly enough Maria was on close and her parents just didn’t feel comfortable with Liz going to Maria’s after a date with Max so suggested that Maria stay there instead.

“Hey beautiful” Max smiled kissing her cheek as he sat down beside her.

“Hi” she smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked.

“They wont let me stay at Maria’s” she sighed.

“Oh” Max frowned disappointed “that’s ok I’ll just have to have you home in time” he assured her, he could see that she was also very disappointed so he tried to hide his own, not wanting to upset her.

“My curfew is 12 so that’s not too bad” she told him.

“It will be fine” he smiled. He had to find a way to change his plans now and that was when he thought about Michael, he knew his best friend was working close at The Crash that night because he had been complaining all morning about having to work with Maria.

“I’ll be right back” he told Liz when he saw Michael coming.

“Hey I need a favour?” he asked.

Michael stopped and quirked an eyebrow “Can I borrow your apartment while your at work tonight?” he asked.

Michael began to shake his head “Come on Michael I’m desperate, Liz’s parents are being way over protective and wont let her stay at Maria’s for the night which means by earlier plans aren’t going to work”

“What’s the problem it’s not like she was really going to stay at Maria’s anyway right?”

“No exactly” Max said.

Michael groaned “your not planning on having sex in my apartment are you?” he asked.

Max’s face instantly flushed red “Maxwell, I haven’t even christened it yet” he groaned.

“I’ll bring all my own stuff” he compromised “and I promise not to share any of the details”

“I must be an idiot for even considering it” Michael sighed.

“So is that a yes?” Max asked hopefully.

“Yes with conditions. I want to know details because it could be different now that Liz is changed, you clean up so I never know your there and that your gone by like 12” he told him.

“Done” Max smirked.

Michael nodded and followed Max to the table then taking a seat beside him “Hi Liz” he said. His greeting surprised Liz but she looked up and smiled, they had developed a strange friendship since her accident he would even stop by to say hi to her whilst he was working and her dad had invited him to dinner a couple of times.

“Hi Michel” she said. “How are you?”

“I’d be better if your dad would stop rostering me to work with Hurricane Deluca” he groaned.

“What did you just call me?” Maria yelled coming up behind him.

Michael turned “What are you stalking me?” he asked her.

“I” poke “wouldn’t” poke “stalk” poke “you” poke “if you were” poke ”the” poke ”last man on earth”

“Ouch cut it out Blondie” Michael whined.

Liz and Max did their best to hide their snicker.

“This isn’t funny Liz, Max” Maria warned.

“No of course not” Liz giggled.

“Oh unbelievable” Maria huffed sitting next to Liz.

Liz rolled her eyes at her best friend.

“Where’s Alex?” she asked “I thought you had last period with him?”

“I did but after he helped me to my seat and dropped off my bag he had to go meet Isabel” she shrugged.

“They’re spending a lot of time together lately” she commented, Michael looked at Max with a questioning look wondering if it was true and Max shrugged.

“Yeah they are and I think it’s nice” Liz said sending Michael a pointed look to keep his mouth shut.

“wouldn’t be like weird if they became a couple” Maria said then “I mean you’d be dating Max, Alex would be dating Isabel” she commented.

“You could date Michael” Max piped up and suggested.

Michael’s face instantly turned red and the can in his hand exploded spilling its contents all over the table and Maria’s homework.

“What the hell! You ruined my lunch Michael” she stood up and yelled.

Michael stood up embarrassed “It was Max’s fault” he said.

Max and Liz looked at Michael worried and Max discreetly tried to cover the can that Michael had blown up.

“I’ve gotta go” he said before turning and rushing off.

“He’s weird” Maria frowned “it’s official your best friend is crazy, Max” Maria said as she sat down and picked at the part of her lunch that wasn’t covered in soft drink.


Max busted his ass to get everything ready as Michael’s apartment for his date with Liz, in the end he had to get Isabel’s help because Michael’s apartment wasn’t very much, he felt sorry for his friend when he looked at the small amount of possession he had, he hadn’t noticed it on his previous visits.

In the end with a lot of use of their powers they had Michael’s apartment looking very romantic. The walls were painted a deep red and there were candles and rose petals placed everywhere is was beautiful.

Max was nervous as he dressed, he took a shower and put on a pair of black dress pants and a black button up shirt that hugged his body, he had gotten a hair cut as well that afternoon and his hair was unusually short but with a bit of jell he liked it.

He was almost read to go when he remembered he needed something out of his draw, he picked up the packet of three condoms and placed them in his wallet before leaving to pick up Liz.


“So will Maria be staying?” Nancy asked her daughter as she assisted her in getting ready for her date with Max.

“Oh I don’t know, we’ll see after my date and her shift” Liz shrugged.

Nancy smiled at her daughter, she was so grown up now.

The doorbell rand and Liz and Nancy heard Jeff let Max in “Liz” he called out.

Liz stood up and Nancy got her crutches for her but Liz shook her head “No” she said.

“I’ll be sitting down most the night” her arms were hurting badly from using them all the time.

“Are they hurting?” her mum smiled.

Liz nodded.

Nancy assisted her to hop out to greet Max, she was wearing a simple flimsy greed dress but it looked beautiful on her.

Max immediately rushed towards her and took her other arm “where are your crutches?” he asked concerned.

“They’re just hurting a little bit” she told him “I kind of hoped you wouldn’t mind carrying me tonight” he smiled shyly.

“Not at all” he replied kissing her nose.

“So where are you kids going?” Jeff Parker asked then.

Liz sighed “Dad”

“We just want to know where your going, Liz” Her mother told her.

“A picnic in the dessert and they probably a movie, I’ll have her home by 12” Max told them.

Jeff was going to object to the picnic but Nancy beat him to it by telling them to have a nice night.

Max picked Liz up and easily carried her down the stairs.

“I’ll heal that for you later” he told her.

“Thank you” she grinned.

Once they were both settled into the jeep Liz turned “where are really going?” she asked.

Max didn’t answer her though instead he just pulled the car up out the front of Michael’s apartment complex.

“What are we doing here?” she asked.

“You’ll see” he smiled.

He used his powers to let them in the apartment and when he carried Liz through the door way he placed her down in the dark. He snapped his fingers then and lit every candle throughout the apartment and Liz gasped.

“Oh my god” she said completely awed.

Max smiled.

“You did all this for me?” she asked.

Max nodded “yeah I mean I wanted tonight to be special, you deserve it to be special” he told her.

“I love you” she told him tears in her eyes, she knew he thought he was the lucky one to have her but the truth was she was the lucky one. Max Evans was a gift from god and he had given him to her.
“I love you too” he told her walking towards her and kissing her softly and gently but it will full of all the love between them.

When they broke apart Max asked her “are you hungry?”

“Yeah a little bit” she told him.

Max led to the table then and helped Liz into her seat before heading into the kitchen to get their dinner.

He wasn’t much of a cook so he had ordered some pasta from the small Italian but Liz had loved it and they had eaten all of it.

Max cleared away the dishes then refusing to let Liz help him. He used his powers to clean them wanting to get back to Liz as quickly as possible. Liz took the time too look around the apartment, there was an airbed set up in the corner and she could see the red silk sheets covering it and the white rose petals, she couldn’t believe how much trouble Max had gone to, to make this special for her.

“Are you ready for dessert?” Max asked startling her.

Liz smiled “That depends?” she said.

“On?” Max arched an eyebrow.

“Where we’re having it” she whispered shyly.

Max hesitated slight before answering “well we could move over to the b-bed if you want to be more comfortable”

“Sounds good” Liz replied.


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A/N: Thank you everyone for the feedback, i know i was slightly evil leaving you like that :twisted: but i have to use what ever i can to get you guys back lol.

Anyway hopefully you'll all enjoy this part :oops:

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Part 30

Max nervously set up the strawberries and whipped cream before using his powers to melt the chocolate.

“Wow” Liz said when she saw the trouble he had gone too and that he had gotten all her favourites.

Max smiled happy that she liked it. He hopped onto the bed then before holding a hand out to her, Liz smiled and took his hand and allowed him to pull her on top of him before fusing their mouths together. The kiss was soft and gentle at first but then Liz manoeuvred herself until she was straddling Max’s waist and rubbing against his hard cock.

“Liz” he moaned.

“Thank you for dinner, for all of this” she whispered.

“You welcome, and you deserve it. I just want to show you how much I love you” he confessed.

Liz leaned in so her mouth was close enough to his to almost touch “you always make me feel loved” she told him before finally closing the distance and kissing him.

Liz pulled back and smiled before her small hands went to the buttons of Max’s shirt and began undoing them.

Max allowed her to undo the shirt and pull it back so she could explore his hard chest, he was shocked though when Liz leant down and picked up the hot chocolate and poured some of it over his chest.

Her pink tongue peeked out and licked her lips, causing Max to groan before she leaned down and began licking the chocolate off his washboard abdomen.

“Liz” he whispered when she dipped her tongue seductively into his belly button.

When she had licked him clean she pulled back up and smiled widely for him as she licked her lips clean of his taste and chocolate. “Yum” she said seductively.

Like lightning Max flipped them over until Liz was on her back and he was now straddling her waist he pushed his shirt the rest of the way off his shoulders “My turn” he said seductively.

Liz’s eyes went wide then and Max just grinned as he reached for the hem of Liz’s dress and pulled it up her body. He gulped when he finally had it pulled free and she was left in only a matching bra and panty set. It was black and very lacy “I bought it for tonight” she whispered happy that he appeared to like it.

“Your so beautiful, so beautiful and sexy” he whispered as he stared at her rosy nipples that pressed hard against the lacy fabric begging for release before letting his eyes travelling down his body past her trim stomach to her hidden treasure.

Liz blushed but her shyness was soon forgotten as Max reached out and cupped her breasts over the lace of her bra “Max” she whispered. He caressed her for a few minutes before he moved his shaking fingers to the clasp and released it. The cups fell aside then revealing her creamy flesh.

Using a small amount of pressure on her chest Max forced her to lie down flat on her back and then he covered her first breast with whipped cream, laughing when Liz shivered from the cold, before covering her second breasts with the warm hot chocolate.

“Max” Liz laughed at him as he picked up the first strawberry, he rubbed it along her first nipple covering it in cream before raising it to his mouth.

The laugh died in her throat after that when she watched Max take the strawberry into his mouth, suck the cream of it before taking a juicy bite. He then ran it along the chocolate covered nipple and took the rest into his mouth.

“You taste fabulous” he whispered and winked at her.

His tongue went to work then lapping up the whipped cream off her breast paying special attention to her nipple until it hard and sensitive.

“Max” Liz moaned.

He moved to the chocolate then and applied the same attention to that breast until Liz was writhing underneath him, begging and pleading for something from him.

“Max please”

“Please what baby?” he asked her as he began trailing kisses down her stomach and dipping his tongue into her belly button like she had done to him.

“Please touch me” she replied.

“I am touching you” he teased looking up.
Liz pushed at his chest then until he pulled back from her body “Your teasing me” she said pointedly as her hand went to the zipper on his pants.

Max gulped “Yes, Yes I am”

She popped the button easily before she lowered the zipper torturously slow being careful to avoid rubbing against his hard cock.

Her small hand then sneak in and cupped him over the satin of his boxers and rubbed him slowly. Max threw his head back and shut his eyes at the feel of her hand but just as quickly as it came it was gone and when he opened his eyes Liz was staring back at him with a satisfied smirk.

“It’s not fun to be teased is it?”

Max stood up and kicked his pants of before he pounced for Liz on the bed and covered her body with his.

He kissed her mouth hard, slanting it over hers to deepen the angle and thrust his tongue in over and over again. The kiss grew more passionate the longer it last as their hands caressed naked skin all over each other.

Liz slipped her hand down the front of his boxers and stroked him, feeling a confidence that she hadn’t felt before.

“Are you sure about this?” Max asked her in a strangled moan, he loved the feel of her small hand enclosed around his cock but if she continued to touch him like that then he knew he wouldn’t last.

“Yes” Liz told him “I love you and I want to be with you, life is too short not to live it to the fullest” she declared.

“I agree but I don’t want you to do this because you feel pressured or that this is what I want or expect” he wanted to know that this was 100% what Liz wanted, he never believed that he would ever be in this position and this was a dream come true for him so he never wanted Liz to regret it.

“I’m not” she assured him “I’m doing this because this is what I want”

Seeing no hesitation or doubt in her eyes Max smiled at her pulling off her body and grabbing his pants which were on the ground. He pulled out the pack of three condoms that he had in his pocket and placed them on the side of the bed where he could get at them easily.

He then hooked his fingers into the side of her panties and pulled them down her lean legs. Liz was a little embarrassed at first and her legs instinctively closed but her shyness was soon forgotten as Max pulled his boxers down his legs revealing his hard cock to Liz.

She gasped at how gorgeous her boyfriend was and her legs opened as she shivered in anticipation of him sliding inside of her, making her his.

Max settled between her legs and covered her body with his again, their naked chests pressed closed together as he kissed her passionately.

He slid one hand down her body and gently rubbed her opening, she was wet and ready for him and she moaned into his mouth as he slid a finger inside of her.

“Max please” she cried then.

Max reached for one of the condoms and tore the wrapper before pulling back and rolling it on his cock, he was nervous and his hand shook as he did it but Liz placed her hand on his arm and he when he looked up and locked eyes with her and saw the desire and need in her eyes he felt all his nervousness fade away.

He kissed Liz as he pressed the tip of his hard cock against her opening. He slid inside her slowly. He stopped when he reached her barrier until he felts Liz’s hands on his ass encouraging him “Make me yours” she whispered.

He pulled out slightly before surging back inside and breaking through her barrier.

Liz winced in pain and was thankful when Max didn’t move straight away, instead gave her time.

“You ok?” he whispered kissing her forehead lovingly.

Liz nodded with her eyes closed but then opened them when the pain started to go away, Max leaned in and kissed her then and the moment their lips came together they formed a connection. It wasn’t intense as the normal one’s they experienced were this one gentle.

When Max senses Liz was ready he pulls back and thrusts back inside her.

Liz’s moans at the feel and wraps her long legs around his waist causing Max to sink deeper inside of her.

“Max” she moans.

“Oh god Liz” he cries.

Their rhythm is slow until Max can feel his orgasm fast approaching.

“You feel so good” he whispers in her ear “I’m so close”

“You too, oh yes Max” she says.

He feels her begin to tighten around his cock then “Oh god” he groans.

“Oh god Max” Liz gasps “I’m, I’m coming oh god…………ahh MAX

“Oh god baby, yes…………..ahh” Max cries out as he follows her over the edge.

Max collapses onto the bed against her then panting as Liz lies with her eyes closed and a huge grin on her face.

“That was amazing” she whispers when Max raises his hand and caresses her cheek slowly.

“It was” he whispers.

Liz opens her eyes then “I love you, thank you for making tonight so special”

“I love you too” he replied and then leans in to kiss her “and you’re welcome”

They take a shower together then taking the time to lovingly wash each other bodies and bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking and when they were finished they reluctantly dressed and Liz helped Max pack up the apartment and load everything into the jeep.

The drive back to the Crashdown is quiet and Max and Liz hold hands the entire way, neither wanting to be away from the other.

Liz turns to Max when he pulls up out the front, it’s close to her curfew and she knows her father will be waiting up for her.

Max leans in and kisses her softly “do you know you made my dreams come true tonight?” he whispers smiling at her.

Liz’s eyes widen in surprise “really?”

Max nods. “well you made all my dreams come true tonight too, you made everything perfect” she says.

“I love you” he whispers.

“Love you too” she moans as he kisses the side of her mouth.

The porch light out the front of the apartment flicks on then and Liz groans which causes Max to laugh.

“I guess you better go in” he says then and Liz nods.

He hops out of the car then and goes around to the passenger side to help Liz out and then proceeds to walk her to the apartment door.

“Night beautiful” he whispers “I’ll dream of you”

Liz grins and reaches up to kiss him one last time “Good night”

She opens the door then and disappears inside of it leaving a grinning Max on her porch.


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