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Finished stories set in an alternate universe to that introduced in the show, or which alter events from the show significantly, but which include the Roswell characters. Aliens play a role in these fics. All complete stories on the main AU with Aliens board will eventually be moved here.

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Two Squared Part 11

Post by Bordersinsanity » Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:13 pm

Part 11

The Crashdown was busy, it was a Sunday morning and everyone was in for lunch. Maria was running around taking orders left and right. “Can’t these people go someplace else to eat Sunday lunch? Gosh! I can’t wait until mom hires a new waitress. I really need the help.” The bell above the door chimed again. “UGH!” She looked at the door to see that it was Alex. “Oh thank God. Alex can you help me? Please, Please, Please.”

“Deluca you know you don’t have to beg. I’m there for you girl. What do you want me to do? Fill the drink orders as usual?” Alex had helped Maria out on several occasions. It seemed like it had become his Sunday ritual over the last few years. Maria and him were inseparable. They became good friends in the third grade when the class bully was beating on Alex and ‘Hurricane Deluca’ came to his rescue. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t think what his life would be like if it weren’t for her. The two did everything together, and if he had to work every Sunday for the rest of his life he would do it for the girl. She was a unique person and not very many people got to see the softer side of her. Don’t be misguided, Maria was a little flamboyant and a little obnoxious at times but underneath all the show was a great gal. Hopefully, some guy will make her happy… one day. It wasn't going to be him. His eyes have always been set on one Isabel Evans, the most beautiful girl in Roswell.

It was only 11:00 am and the crowd was already insane. How was she going to take care of this by herself? If only Agnes the waitress that her mom had hired awhile back didn’t get on her nerves. The geriatric smoking old hag was worthless, but at this point in time Maria would take anything she could get. Alex was a big help and Jose in the kitchen was doing as much as he could do. He cleaned up all the dirty tables. “Jose you need to quit doing that! If there aren’t any clean tables then they will go somewhere else.”

“Miss Deluca if your mother hears you tell me that she will tan your hide. This is the only thing that will get you to college and if it is slow that means that Mrs. Deluca stays up worrying too much. So, I will continue to clean off all the dirty tables whenever I can.” He pushed the dirty dish cart back into the kitchen while under his breath he was cursing in Spanish. A few seconds later he rang the bell to signal that another order was ready for pick up.

“Why is it everyone thinks that they have to look after me? Just because my father left us when I was like two years old doesn’t mean that my mother and I are incapable of taking care of ourselves. Do you understand it?” She turned and looked to Alex.

“Well, let’s see. The reason I look after you…” Alex paused and then continued. “Well I know why I am here. You asked me to help so its not like I am looking after you. Besides I am forever in your debt for saving my life in third grade from Tommy Simmons. I will always go out of my way to help you out.” Alex turned and filled a drink order. “Drinks for booth seven is up. Look at this way. You lost a lousy father and gained me! What else could you ask for?” Alex threw her one of his famous smiles that also include the eyebrows moving up and down… Just then Max and Liz walk in. Max leads Liz to his favorite booth when Maria ran by them.

“Besides wait staff… A Boyfriend. You can get me a boyfriend.” Maria took the drinks to booth seven. “Hey Max, I will be right with you… If you want you can tell Alex your drink orders and I will have them right out… Sorry I can’t do more right now. Pretty swamped.” She continued on to booth seven.

“That’s ok Maria, take your time. I’m just showing Liz around…” Looking at Liz “They are pretty busy, I can take you some place else if you want.”

“No, that’s ok… I’m not in any hurry. Let’s go tell Alex our drink orders and then grab a menu and a booth.”

“Hey Max. What can I get for you and your friend?” Alex nodded to Liz and waited for introductions.

“Hey Alex, I would like to introduce you to Liz Parker. Liz this is Alex.” The two shake hands.

“Hi, Alex. It’s nice to meet you. You work here?” Liz had to ask because Alex wasn’t wearing an alien theme uniform like Maria was.

“Not really. Just here helping my best bud Maria… What can I get you?”

“Umm. What’s good?”

“Well that depends on what you are thirsting for. We have regular fountain drinks, alien theme milk shakes and malts or ice water… basically anything. Max usually has a cherry coke, but every once in a while he may go for an alien blast or two.” Liz started chuckling.

“An alien blast. What’s that?”

“It’s just a chocolate shake with a cherry swirl.” Max was a little embarrassed about the whole alien thing. He knew that Alex didn’t know about his origins and he should be comfortable with it by now after living eleven years in Roswell. Relax Evans. No one knows. Just act cool and everything will be ok. God who would have thought that Liz Parker looked this Hot! “I think I will have an alien blast. It’s pretty hot out there. I had to wait on someone on the side of the road and seemed to have become a little parched. Have you decided what you want?”

“Umm, I think I will just have a cherry coke for now. I have to look at the menu and see what really looks good.” Liz answered while studying the menu.

“Ok. One alien blast and one cherry coke coming right up… I will bring them out to you when they are ready.” Alex gave two thumbs up and a nod towards Liz while she was studying the menu. The two thumbs up that he gave him made Max blush a little bit. Max shrugged it off and gave him a shy grin.

“So, Alex when are you and Isabel going to hook up again?” Max was desperately trying to get Alex back for making Max blush. Max just smiled and motioned for Liz to follow him to the booth.

“What’s that all about?” Liz saw the look that Alex had given Max when Isabel was mentioned.

“He’s had a crush on her since we came to Roswell. I finally got him to go out with the two of us on Saturday night to the movies. He likes her a lot and what really is funny is she likes him too. They both just won’t admit it. I’m really surprised that Maria hasn’t hooked them up by now.”

“Why?” Liz was enjoying the conversation. It was amazing how comfortable she was with this total stranger. And what was even more amazing was she had a flash when they first met. What was that all about? Why would I get a flash from Max? I will have to ask Michael if anything like that has ever happened to him.

“Maria and Alex are best friends. You don’t see one without the other. It’s been that way forever.”

“So how long have you guys been friends?”

Max paused pondering how he should answer the question. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. The only time I talk to them is here. I usually have a tendency to be a loner. Been that way since I was a little kid.”

“Really, you look pretty comfortable around the two of them and they seemed to acknowledge you like you were a friend.”

“That’s probably because I’m here almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; either for supper or lunch. Not a whole lot to do.”

“Sounds like Clovis. If I’m not at the library studying I’m at home. I don’t venture out much either. My brother, Michael, tends to try and drag me around with him because he doesn’t want any girls hitting on him, but I try and dodge that if at all possible.”

“Are you two close?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Just wondering. Isabel and I hang out a lot too.”

“Michael is the only one that has been there for me. We had a really rough time in the orphanage until the Parkers came to get us. The kids were really mean.” Liz didn’t want to elaborate any further. She was sure that Max would think that it was weird her being six years old and not being able to speak a lick of English. Liz’s origins where unknown to her and she didn’t want any one getting the idea that she was definitely different than the rest of the population.

“That’s the way it was with Isabel and I. I understand where you are coming from.” Alex brought their drinks to their booth.

“Here you guys go. One alien blast and one cherry coke for the little lady.” Alex smiled at Liz and his glance lasted a little longer than expected.

“Thanks, Alex.” Max didn’t like how long the two were basically staring at each other. He didn’t want Liz to pay any attention to anyone else but him. What is it with you Evans? You act like you have traveled back in time to the caveman era. She is not yours. Not yet anyway. Just stay cool and remember to smile.

Liz looked at Max. He had a goofy grin and was staring off into space. God even when he has a goofy grin on his face that boy is amazingly cute. Come on Parker get a hold of your emotions. You just met this boy a half hour ago. She glanced back up to Alex. “Thanks Alex. It was nice to meet you. Hope to see you sometime soon. Maybe if my brother and I move to Roswell we will see each other at school.”

“Cool. Look me up. Alex C. Whitman at your service.” Alex took a wide sweeping bow and on his way up bumped into Maria who was carrying a tray full of drinks.

“Alex!” The tray wobbled and everyone was expecting it to fall, but to everyone’s surprise the two settled it down and was able to regain control. “What on earth possessed you to imitate a Broadway show? Hmmm.”

“Maria it was an accident, I was just trying to make Liz a little bit more comfortable around here. Just chill.”

“Alright.” Looking at Max and Liz “I will be right with you two. Sorry for all the commotion.”

Alex went back to the counter to do his duty and Maria went to deliver the drinks. “Are those two always like that?” Liz asked Max.

“Yeah, I think anyone that is around Maria is susceptible to her everyday wrath. Don’t get me wrong those two are inseparable, it’s just Maria always seems to like friction. If things are going too well for her she has to make them fall apart for herself. It’s just her way of staying real I guess.”

[[[The food came and went along with a little conversation here and there. It’s about an hour later and the restaurant has finally slowed down some, which is unusual for a Sunday afternoon. Its now a quarter to one.

“Well what else do you want to do?”

“Umm, what else is there to do?”

“We can drive around for a little while. I can take you by the library, the school and while we are driving if there is anything that you want to stop and look at we can.”

“That sounds good, but before we go anywhere do you mind if we go into the UFO Museum? I never been there and would like to see what all the hoopla is about.” Liz knew that the crash in 1947 was real after all if she was there then it was possible for others to have come once before. Maybe there will be answers in there that could point her in the right direction.

“Sure. I happen to have a season pass for two so we don’t even have to pay anything.”

“Why on earth would you have a season pass?”

“I work there. I don’t really have a season pass. I was just joking.”

They were both giggling. “So is any of it true?”


“You know the whole alien thing. Is our government really covering up an alien crash from ’47?”

“If I tell you then I would have to kill you…” God Evans could you be any stupider? “Let’s just go over there and you can see for yourself.” They paid Maria at the register and headed across the street to the infamous UFO Museum.

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Two Squared Part 12

Post by Bordersinsanity » Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:15 pm

Part 12

The Museum was dimly lit to add effect to the exhibits. Max had spent plenty a night rearranging them to help out as much as possible. Every possible chance he got to do any added research he did. He knew there had to be others out there. There just had to be. The place was pretty busy with it being the last few weeks before the new school year started. A lot of families were taking their final vacations. Nothing was compared to the month of July. It was the busiest with the crash festival and all.

“I can’t believe you have never been here before.”

“Well, like I said I don’t get out much. Do you believe in… you know aliens?” It was worth a try. She just had to know what Max thought about the subject of extraterrestrials. The general consensus was that everyone thought it could be possible but they held fast to the fact that none of them had actually encountered one. So therefore it was highly unlikely that the crash in ’47 was a UFO. It was also safer to believe that it was just a weather balloon too.

“I think the universe is huge and for us to be the only species in it is very unlikely and is a waste of… Space. As for me believing in aliens… Yes, but I don’t think they actually look like this.” Pointing at the alien with his huge head and small body and large almond black eyes that was stretched out on an autopsy table. “It’s a possibility that they may look like this but in my opinion I think that if ‘aliens’ really existed here on earth they would look like me or you. No different.”

“Really?” She couldn’t believe her ears. Max was actually talking sensible… How could that be possible? He believed. He believed.

“After working here for a year you see and hear things that just can’t be explained away. There are people out there that know more than the government wants them to know.” They continued to walk through the exhibits. Both of them were quiet for some time. I hope I didn’t scare her away with all that alien talk. I should have kept my big mouth shut. Max was thinking to himself. “If we go out this way it will lead us back to the front of the museum and we can go look at something else, maybe the library and the school. That is if you are ready to go?”

“Sure, I think I have seen enough. It’s hard to believe that if there were actually any aliens that were in the crash that the human population would treat them like this. They have so much to learn about real humanity.”

“Yeah, I know it. Come on let’s get out of here.” They headed up front and outside towards Max’s jeep. They both hopped in and buckled up and headed for the library. The rest of the tour wasn’t anything worth writing home. The two teens were significantly quiet for the rest of the afternoon.


“Where in the hell is she. She isn’t even in town anymore.” Michael hung up the phone after the third attempt to get a hold of Liz on her cell phone. He was tired of hearing the automatic message come on that says that the cell phone customer you are trying to reach is out of area. Please try again later.

The race had been rain delayed and he had felt bad because after last night’s events when he swore to himself that he wouldn’t let Liz go anywhere by herself. He did. What is wrong with you? Michael raced to Liz’s room to look for a note. She was always so responsible to leave a note on her board on where she would be. As soon as he crossed the threshold to her room he saw it. A small note pinned to the corkboard.

Dear Michael,
Don’t be mad at me, but I had to get out of this house for a little while. If I would have stayed and watched the races with you today I would have gone crazy. Don’t be mad. I will be ok. I called Mr. Evans to see if I could go to Roswell and see what the town was all about. He wasn’t home like I told you, however, Max was. Mr. Evans son has agreed to take me around town and show me the sights. It’s ok. I have this feeling about him. It’s really hard to describe. I should be home sometime early evening. Don’t worry. If I run into any problems I will call you.

Love you

“I knew it! She just had to go see what was in Roswell. Just wait until I get my hands on her skinny ass. She is going to start listening if it is the last thing I do.” Michael was mumbling to himself as he went into his room and got dressed to head for Roswell. “What part of stay here for your own protection does she not understand.” Michael grabbed the card that Mr. Evans had scribbled his phone number on. He dialed the number and waited for someone to answer. Hopefully it was that punk ass Max. How dare he lure his sister to a town that is almost two hours away? Lord knows what is happening there.

“Hello” a sweet voice answered.

“Ummm is Max there?” Michael asked.

“No, he’s out showing some girl that Dad knows around town. He said that they were eating at the Crashdown. You could probably find him there.”

“Great. Thanks” Michael hung up the phone before Isabel could ask him if she could take a message. It was noon and all that Michael could think about was getting to Roswell before anything happened to her. He jumped onto his motorcycle and squealed out of the driveway.

He made excellent time to Roswell it only took him an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. It’s amazing how fast you can go when you want to. He found the Crashdown and parked right beside Liz’s truck.

He walked in and scanned the whole diner in search of his sister. “Here’s a menu. You can sit anywhere you want. I will be with you in just a few minutes.” Maria had her hands full as she welcomed the spiky hair stranger into the Crashdown.

Michael took the first available booth and sat facing the large picture window. There was no way that Liz was going to get out of this town with out hearing from him.

“Welcome to the Crashdown. My name is Maria; I will be your waitress today. What can I get you to drink?” God now I’m starting to sound like my mother. Here I am in front of this dark haired stranger; who just happens to be pretty cute, sort of like David Duchovny off of the X-files. It was just her luck. No one famous ever came into town except for that one time during the Crash Festival in ’99 when Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek came in and was honorary spokesman. That was pretty cool. Other than that Maria couldn’t remember ever meeting anyone famous. Nope this guy wouldn’t even be someone famous. Why would he, no one ever came to the alien capital of the world. Nope.

Michael had been trying to get the waitress’ attention for almost a whole minute. She asked for his drink order and then just spaced off. Snapping his fingers….”Oh, I’m sorry… What was it that you wanted to drink?”

“I’ll have a cherry coke.”

“Ok, one cherry coke. I’ll be right back with that cherry coke. Yeah, cherry coke coming right up.” How embarrassing. I can’t believe that I just spaced off like that. Geez, Maria could you act any goofier?

What is up with the blonde? Michael thought to himself. Only in Roswell could you get a freak like that, but did she have to be that cute. Get a grip man… You are here to get your sister and to go back home. You will never see this place again let alone some babbling, blonde waitress that seems to be missing a few marbles. Yeah, Michael liked her. Who wouldn’t; there was something about the way she went about her business. She was clumsy yet graceful and that smile… That smile could melt him in a second. No matter how thick that wall was that Michael tended to show to outsiders, he knew that if he were around this girl for long periods of time she would wear him down. That brick wall of his would come crumbling down hard… Yep, it’s better we live in Clovis than in Roswell… This would be a difficult place to live in with Maria in town. Yep. We are definitely staying in Clovis. No matter what Liz says.

Maria came back with his cherry coke. “Are you ready to order?”

“Yeah, I’ll have a Will Smith and an order of space fries. Can you bring me a bottle of Tabasco sauce too?"

“Sure no problem… One Will Smith with space fries.” She left and hooked the order in Jose’s window. Who was this guy and why did he have this affect on her? Her pulse started rising and she started to get flushed in the face.

“Hey Maria, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” Alex noticed the expression on his friends face. She had met her match. The spiky hair stranger was doing some number on his friend. She was hooked.

“A… yeah Alex. I’m fine. How are you doing?” She started to wave her order pad in front of her face as she sat down on one of the stools in front of the counter where Alex was standing.

“So… who is Spike?”

“Uh… wh..Who?”

“Your last customer over in booth four facing the window. That’s who.” Yep hooked! There is no denying it, but it will be fun watching her squirm a little.

“Oh… I don’t know him… Maybe he is from out of town. He’s just like any other customer that comes in… Ordered a hamburger and fries. However… You will find this interesting. He asked for a bottle of Tabasco just like someone else we know.”

“Really. I don’t know how Max and Isabel can eat that stuff. I tried it once to be macho in front of her and my tongue felt like it swelled up like a huge dill pickle and my eyes watered like there was a river in them. That stuff is definitely an acquired taste… I can’t hang. Anyone that can eat that stuff gets my hat off to them. Have you ever tried it Maria?”

“Nope. The stuff even smells like it is hot. There is no way I will try it. I will just stick to ketchup and mustard. Maybe mayonnaise but nothing else… No way.” The bell rang in the order window and Maria got up off of the stool and picked up the order that was ready. She delivered it and came back and sat back down at the counter and stared at the spiky haired guy sitting in booth four. “What is up with him? He keeps looking out the window like he is looking for someone. I wonder what’s up with that?”

“Why don’t you go ask him? Maybe he is lost or something.”


“Yeah. You never know until you go ask.” As Alex was saying his line Maria got up from the counter and walked over to where the dark spiky haired stranger was sitting.



“Um… What brings you to Roswell?”

“My sister.”

“Really you have a sister?”


“Well who is she. I’ve lived here all my life and practically know everyone. I don’t think I have ever seen you here before, maybe if you tell me who your sister is it will trigger something.”

There is no way this girl knows who my sister is and what is up with all the questions already? “Her name is Liz.”

“Liz… Nope I don’t know a Liz. I know Lisa Williams is that her?


“What’s her last name?”


“Liz Parker… Nope doesn’t really ring any bells. I would have to say I don’t know a Liz Parker. When did she move here?”

“She doesn’t live here.”

“She doesn’t live here? Why did you make me go on like that if she didn’t live here? You knew that I wouldn’t know her and yet you kept on making me make a fool out of myself. You are one piece of work. You know that?”

“Hey. That’s what my sister says.” The waitress got up out of the booth and walked to the order window to retrieve the food that the spiky haired stranger had ordered. “What’s up with all the questions anyway?” He asked when she returned with his food.

“I’m just trying to be nice. Is there anything wrong with being nice?” She was fed up with his crap and walked back over to the bar where Alex was sitting back and smiling from.

“So… What did you find out?” He just had to rub it in. Maria was always getting into other people’s business and the stranger sitting in booth four looked liked someone that would give Maria her run for the money.

“Oh, nothing. Waiting on his sister.”

“He has a sister?”

“That’s what I said.”

“She live here?”

“No. I went on and on about how I knew everyone in this city and he goes and says that she doesn’t live here. Made me feel this big.” Maria held her index finger about an inch away from her thumb to demonstrate how big she really felt.

“So… Did you find out who his sister is?”

“Yeah, some girl name Liz Parker. Never heard of her. How about you?”

“You got to be kidding me. Liz Parker.”

“Yeah, ever heard of her?”

“Well yeah… She was just in with Max this morning. Don’t you remember? It wasn’t more than almost an hour ago they were here.”

“Strange. Max found a new girl and now her brother is sitting in the very same booth… Amazing.”

“What’s so amazing? That Max found a new girl or that the new girl has a brother that looks like that. Wasn’t it just this morning that I asked what else you could ask for?”


“What did you say?”

“Alex what is this leading to?”

“What did you say Maria?”

“I said ‘besides wait staff you could get me a boyfriend.”

“That’s what I thought you said. Let me fill you in on a little something… Liz and her brother are thinking about moving here from Clovis. Max is showing Liz around town to see if she really wants to move here. I don’t know the whole story but let’s just say if they do move here, she will need a job and her brother will probably be available to date. The answers to your prayers rest in your own hands. So I say again be careful for what you wish for it may happen really soon.” Alex was grinning from ear to ear as he was looking at the now pale-faced Maria DeLuca… It had finally registered what he was saying.

“There is no way that I will ever date that… that” She was searching for the right word…”that thing.” She couldn’t do it. There was something about him that intrigued her, something that was calling to her. If ever he moved to Roswell he would be one prickly thorn in her side. She turned around and glanced back at Liz’s brother. She noticed that he was out of cherry coke so she got up one more time and headed towards booth four. “Can I get you another cherry coke?”


Maria left and refilled his glass and when she returned she sat down across from him. “You know, now that I have had time to think about it I do know your sister.” She made a face that said Yeah back at ya. I told you I knew almost everyone in this town. She continued “she was in her with Max Evans earlier today. They ate lunch and then walked over to the UFO Museum.”

“When was that?”

“Oh. I would say about a half hour ago.”

Michael wolfed down the rest of his food and slapped a ten-dollar bill down on the table. He said, “Keep the change” and then he left. Maria was still sitting down in the booth a strange look on her face.

Alex walked over to her and asked, “What was that all about. Did you have to come over here and scare him away? Geez, it is true whenever anything is going right for you; you have to go and screw things up. Leave it to Hurricane DeLuca to reap havoc on her self.” Maria just swatted at Alex and turned around to see Liz Parkers brother crossing the street to go to the museum…

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Two Squared Part 13

Post by Bordersinsanity » Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:15 pm

Part 13

“Liz… I have one other place I would like to show you if you don’t mind?” Max was hesitant for after all it was almost five o’clock. It was getting to be pretty late and she still had a two-hour drive to get home.

“Sure, Max. I don’t mind.”

“Are you sure, because it is getting late and all?”

“I’m sure… I don’t have any parents that can ground me or anything. It’s ok.” Liz got really quiet after that last comment. It has only been two days since their funeral and here she was telling a strange guy that it was ok to be staying out late.

“It’s about a half hour drive. Are you sure you still want to go?”

“Yes. I’m ok… Now let’s go.” She was getting frustrated with him being so cautious.

“I like to come out here when it gets a little bit more darker, but since I don’t want you on the road that late I thought I would take you out here for future reference. I like looking at the stars and you can’t really see them that well when you are in the city. Out here it is so peaceful sometimes I loose track of time and end up sneaking back in through my bedroom window.”

Liz knew what he was talking about; the city lights did have a way of taking the stars brightness away. After countless nights in the backyard lying in the hammock she knew exactly what he meant. “How did you find this place? It’s pretty far away.”

“It’s hard to say. I remember it… Our parents found Isabel and me out here. We were left out here. I come back to see if I can remember anything else.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories for you.”

“You didn’t. It helps to talk about it. Isabel never likes to talk about it. How about you? Do you remember anything about the time before your parents found you?”


“No you don’t remember or no you don’t want to talk about it?”

“No, I don’t’ remember much.” Just then she felt Michael. He was close. Maybe even in town somewhere. “Um Max, I think I have to get going. I know this sounds weird, but my brother is looking for me and he is starting to get a little bit upset.”

“Ok. I had no idea that you two were that close.”

“Yeah, it’s just I think we have developed some sort of six sense about each other. After being the only ones that we can rely on we got dependant about knowing where the other one was at all times. It comes in handy.” Liz was hoping that she wasn’t giving too much information to Max. She didn’t want him to get nervous or suspicious either.

Max turned the jeep around and headed back towards town. The things that Liz had told him were making him think. They were the same age as him and Isabel. There were two of them just like him and Isabel. They were connected just like him and Isabel. Could they be like him and Isabel? Just before he got to the Crashdown Max pulled the jeep over to the side of the road and turned in his seat. “Liz… I don’t know how to say this right now. I’m glad my Dad wasn’t home this morning so I could answer your call. I’m glad that you came. I’m glad that we have finally met. I don’t know how I have managed to live seventeen years without you. My whole life I have been searching for someone and that someone is you. It’s you Liz.”

“Max you don’t know what you are talking about. We hardly know each other. What you are feeling could be something else. You don’t know who I am let a lone who my real parents are. I can’t let you do this.” She couldn’t believe what she was saying. Max was telling her that he wanted to be with her and she shot him down. The look in his eyes was enough to break her heart into a million little pieces.

“Liz, please don’t do this right now. I’m sorry if I have made you uncomfortable. Please. Don’t. Please don’t push me away so quickly. I don’t care that you are adopted. I don’t care that you don’t know who your real parents are. I don’t either. We are the same. We’ve both been lost for a long, long time and now that I have found you I know exactly where I want to be. Please promise me that you won’t push me away just yet. Please.”

She hated to look into his deep amber eyes. They were filled with much passion and truth. He actually believed what he was saying. “Max… I can’t start a relationship right now. There is too much going on in my life that may change and I don’t want to get tied down. I feel the same way you do. I know that I feel very, very comfortable around you. I have never felt like this with anyone before. I will promise you that I won’t push you away, but I can’t promise you that I will always be around. There are some things that Michael and I am still finding out about our origins as well as our past. Our parent’s death is opening up doors that have been closed for a long time. I don’t know how to explain it, but I am hoping that when the time is right that you will be there. That is if you want to be there.” Liz looked on toward Max to see if he was still with her.

He wanted so badly to grab a hold of her and kiss all her doubts away. There just had to be a way to make her see what he saw in her. It would have to wait for now. After all he had waited his whole life to find this girl he could wait a little bit longer. “Liz there is nothing that would make me more happier than for you to want me to be there for you. I understand, really I do. Whenever you need me don’t hesitate to call me. I will do everything in my power to be what ever you want me to be.” Max leaned over and their foreheads met, they gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed to be an eternity before they were rudely interrupted by tires squealing.

Michael hopped out of the truck that had the motorcycle tied up in the bed and started yelling. “I thought I told you to stay put Liz! Do you have any idea how worried I have been not being able to get through to your cell phone? You could have told me that you were coming here, I would have been more than happy to come with you.”

“Don’t even go there; Michael. You know that there was no way that you would have been caught dead in Roswell. The only reason you are here now is because you don’t want me to be. You cannot tell me what I can do and what I can’t do. I make my own decisions Michael and I chose to come here. You don’t even realize that I would have gone stir crazy if I were to stay in that house today. Please, let’s not fight about this. I have seen what I came here to see. I like it here. The people that I have met today have all been really nice.”

“Oh, yeah. Like what people. You have only been with Max all day. What kind of impression could that be?”

“It’s enough Michael. If the only person that I ever meet in this town is Max believe me it is enough.”

Max’s ego got a little bit larger than before. At least now he knew what she felt about him. She actually liked him. He decided to try and help her out. “Michael, why don’t you think about your sister for a little bit? I know you must have been worried about her, but that is no reason to start yelling at her.” Michael approached him with nostrils flaring.

“You have no idea why I would worry about my sister and it is none of your business either. This has nothing to do with you and you can leave now. I will take my sister home and you can forget about ever seeing her again.”

“Oh, don’t you even do that Michael!” Liz had stepped in between the two men and was trying to make sure that neither of them started to throw punches. “I am a big girl Michael and if that is the way you want to be then I am staying. Just get in the truck and go back home. I will get Max to bring me home tomorrow to go to the bank with you and then when it is all said and done I am moving to Roswell. I don’t want this to come between us Michael, but you aren’t being reasonable. Go home! Think about it a little and I will see you tomorrow.”

“I am not leaving with out you.”

“Ok. I guess you are staying in Roswell then because I am not going back to Clovis tonight.”

Michael was caught between a rock and a very hard place. His sister was very determined at this point to get the better of him. He had to think of a better idea. He took one more look at Max. He seemed like a very nice guy. “Where will you stay?” At least he could make sure that she was going to be all right.

“Well, Mr. Evans always said that we could come for the weekend and stay at his house.” She looked at Max for approval in which he gave it to her. He had no idea if his father had said that but if it meant that he would have to sneak her into the house tonight he would. There was no way that she was going home with a brother that was this upset. “I will be staying at the Evans’ house. Max would you mind taking me to Clovis tomorrow?”

Max was all ready to say sure but was interrupted by Michael. “You don’t have to do that. I will unload the bike and give you the truck. I don’t want you to be dependent on anyone to get back home if you want to.”

“Are you sure? It’s getting late and I don’t see that you brought your riding gear. Michael I will be all right. Just take the truck and Max will bring me home tomorrow. Ok? Please. Make your little sister feel better about this and take the truck.” Liz turned on her puppy dog charm, which included the pouty lip and sad doe eyes.

Max wasn’t quite sure how the tables had turned but Liz handled her brother very well. Michael’s anger had subsided and he actually looked a little bit happy with his sister. Michael was a good guy. Anyone that would go as far as he did to protect this wonderful person was a good guy in Max’s book. “It’s not a problem for me to take her to Clovis tomorrow. I don’t have to work so I can be her chauffeur. If she wants to stay in Clovis that’s fine too. I just want her to be happy, no different than you. What could it hurt? I promise nothing will happen to Liz in my presence. She will be safe I can guarantee it.” Michael loosened up a little and offered his hand in acceptance.

“Ok, but I’m only doing this because there is no way that I will win this battle. Sometimes she can be very stubborn and I learned a long time ago never to try and win. But I swear if anything happens to her while she is in your presence I will come and hunt you down, so you better make sure that she is safe.” Michael was staring at Max with an evil eye. He wanted to make sure that this boy understood the consequences of his actions.

“No problem. She’s in good hands.” Max shook Michael’s hand while Liz let out the breath that she had been holding. She didn’t know who was being more territorial, Michael or Max. They both seemed to take ownership of her well being.

Liz crossed the distance and hugged Michael. “Thank you. Now why don’t you come eat with us? I’m sure you are getting hungry and besides it would make your sister very happy to spend an evening here in Roswell with her.”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on Michael. What are you so afraid of? I’m sure there is someplace we can go eat that you will like. How about Chinese? There is a Chinese place here in town to eat at? Right?”

“Yeah there is Senior Chow’s pretty good food.”

“Ok, then it is settled. Max can your sister come? And what about Alex and Maria? I really liked them do you think we can get them to join us?”

“I don’t know. Alex yeah, Maria… She will probably be a little bit more difficult. She is scared to death of my sister.”

The plan was in motion. Max and Liz went back to the Crashdown to see if Alex and Maria were still there and then they would go by and pick up Isabel. Michael went to Senior Chows and got a table for the six of them. Roswell had its possibilities if tonight went over well.

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Two Squared Part 14

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Part 14

Michael was playing a game of pool when Max, Liz and a tall blonde walked in. He was in the middle of a bank shot when he glanced up and saw the trio walk in. He missed of course. There was something about seeing the three of them. A strange feeling coursed through his body as he stood up and gazed at his sister and the two others. Liz had a smile on her face that he hadn’t seen on her in a long time. He wondered if it had anything to do with Max?

“Michael. I would like you to meet Max’s sister, Isabel. Isabel this is my brother Michael.” Liz did the introductions.

“Hi” was all Michael could get out.

Isabel noticed the voice almost immediately. “So you were the one that called early to find out where Max was. I see you found him.”

“Yeah. Sorry for the way I acted on the phone earlier I was sorta panicked because Liz was missing. I’m cool now.” Michael acted like it was no biggy that he was short with this girl. He knew what his sister was up to and there was no way that he was going to get sucked in to the ‘Liz abyss’. He was not moving to Roswell no matter what happened tonight.

“Where’s our table?” Liz asked her brother.

“Over there.” Michael pointed to a round booth that would easily fit at least ten people in there. “I didn’t know how many of us there would be, so I got the biggest table in the place.”

“That’s great.” Max was trying to get Liz’s brother to warm up a little. He knew what he was going through. Max him self didn’t trust too many people and for Michael to be an outsider was really noticeable right now. “Do you mind if I join you?” Anything was worth a shot.

“Nah man, feel free to jump right in.”

“Thanks.” Max went and got a cue stick and by the time he came back Michael had racked up all the balls and was waiting for Max to break.

Max was a little bit nervous he hadn’t played much pool. He knew the gist of the game. Hit the white ball into the colored balls and pray for one of them to sink. Max drew his cue back and aimed and then slammed it into the cue ball. It hit the triangle of balls that were at the end and balls scattered everywhere but to no avail none of them made it into a pocket.

“Nice break.”


Michael eyed the table and lined up his shot. The blue two ball in the corner pocket. He really meant it when he told Max that he had a nice break because there was a ball perfectly aligned in front of every pocket. This was going to be like taking candy from a baby he thought to himself.

Michael had a long streak before the girls decided to come over and watch. Facing the table Liz noticed that Michael didn’t have a good shot but he went for it anyway. He missed. It was now Max’s turn. He glanced up and gave a quick smile to Liz. She smiled back and he drew back for the shot and tapped the cue ball into the nine ball. It was close but not close enough.

“Hey man I take it you don’t play pool that much?”

“Nope.” Max feeling a little bit awkward. Michael cleaned the table in less than three shots all that was left was the black eight ball.

“Eight ball center pocket.” The ball rolled in gracefully. “Do you want to play again?”


“How about we play partners until the others get here?” Liz knew that if Michael played Max again he would kill him. Michael didn’t like loosing and it wasn’t fair to Max for him to play Michael either. Michael spent most of his junior year in High School down at the eatery, which had a pool table. He played every day for the whole year during lunch break.

“Ok, sis. What are the teams?” He knew what they were before he even asked. He knew now that his sister was hoping for him to like Max’s sister Isabel. It would be mixed couples… His sister wasn’t sneaky at all, not at all.

“How about Isabel and you and then Max and me? Isabel you play pool?”

“About as much as Max does.” She gave a small graceful smile and followed Liz to go pick out a cue stick.

“Ok. A little hint. Are you any good at Math?”

“Pretty good.”

“Ok. Just think of the table in terms of geometry. It’s all about angles. Other than that it will come to you as you go.” Liz handed Isabel a stick and took hers and they headed back to the table. Just as Michael was racking up the balls Alex and Maria walked in.

“Hey guys. Thanks for inviting us. Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Maria on the other hand took some time to convince. You know Isabel you really have her shaking in her boots. Will you guys please try and get a long for just this once for me? Pllleeeaaassse.” Alex was in between the two girls and Maria elbowed him right in the back. “What?”

“Hi Isabel.”

“Maria.” There was no way that Isabel was going to try and act nice to the girl that was behind Alex. After thinking about it for a little while she started to think of the reason why she accepted. The two dark eyes to the man that she secretly had a crush on were looking back at her with a little bit of disappointment. She looked back at him with ‘a alright already’ look and smiled back at Maria. “We were just getting ready to play pool. I’m not very good do you want to take my place?”

Maria not knowing what the teams were said “Sure.” She grabbed the stick from Isabel and went over and stood beside Liz. “So what are we?” She asked the girl standing beside her.

“Umm. Max and I are solids and you and Michael are stripes.”

“Oh.” Here she was again in front of the spiky haired guy that was short with her this afternoon.

“You play?” Michael was curious about how this blonde pixie could play.

“I live in Roswell. I come here to eat almost once a week and you want to know if I can play?” Maria leaned over and made an attempt at the stripe that was lined up perfectly to the corner pocket. It was an easy shot. * Please let it go in. * As she drew back her cue and went to hit the ball Michael started in on her.

“Yeah, you claim to know a lot of things and as we found out earlier you don’t know much. You talk the talk but that is about it.”

Just the sound of his voice made her cringe inside. How could someone she just met affect her this much? Maria leaned a little in hopes of persuading the ball to go into the hole, but had no luck. “What kind of partner are you? Don’t you know that you’re supposed to be quiet when your partner is shooting? You’re supposed to distract your opponent. Get with the game, Spike!”

“Whoa, girl. It’s all good… No need to act like that. It was a mistake and it won’t happen again.” Michael held his hands up to ward off any more retorts from the blonde that was slowly easing her way into his world. * What was it about this one? She had a way of getting to him that no one else ever has. *

Liz and Max were sitting on the barstools toward the back of the table with grins on their faces. Liz leaned over “This will be easy. Watch this.” She got up and aimed for her shot. It went in. She dusted the tip of her stick with chalk and lined up the next.

“Ok. Michael now is the time you want to distract.” Maria was really getting in this game. Michael’s sister was pretty good. They probably played quite a bit together.

Alex and Isabel joined the fun as they sat down on the few remaining barstools next to Maria and Max. “Who’s winning?” Alex didn’t have a clue on how to play pool but soon was mesmerized by the finesse that Liz was working the table. “Never mind I think I figured it out. Max you have a way of picking the winner don’t you?”

“Looks that way. I think she wants to win and she knows that if I were given a chance to shoot the ball I would lose.”

“You don’t shoot the ball in pool Max, that’s basketball.” Isabel joined in.

“You can shoot the ball in pool. Can’t ya?” A group of laughter spread through the room at the two siblings that were quarrelling over terminology. “What? Come on you guys.” Max was starting to get red in the face. Liz shot a few more balls into the pockets before she missed. She was distracted by all of the laughter.

Michael was up next and he had a look on his face that said that he wasn’t going to get distracted by this group of people. He made a good run on the table but was quickly brought to a stop when Maria started cackling about a joke that Alex had said. He was lost in the site of the blonde girl that looked so beautiful when she laughed. Her eyes just sparkled. When it was finally noticed that Michael had missed he stated. “Yeah, if my partner would get the hint about being quiet when I’m shooting it would help.”

“Sorry. You should have heard the joke that Alex told. Maybe it would help you lighten up a little. Would it hurt you to have some fun?”

“Yeah, Michael can’t you have a little fun.” Liz just had to rub it in on him.

“You. Be quiet.” He pointed to Liz.

“Ooh. Mister tough guy picking on his little sister. What a big man.” Liz was taunting him and knew that she needed to watch just how far she went with it. “Come on Michael. Loosen up a little. It’s all-good…” Liz couldn’t help but using her brother’s remark that he had told Maria earlier.

Michael looked like he was going to blow a gasket when he surprised everyone and started laughing at everyone else. “I had you guys going there for a second. Didn’t I?”

It was Max’s turn next and Alex was on a roll now. “Ok Max. Concentrate. See the ball go into the hole and make it happen. Visualize. Imagine how it will feel to finally make a shot.” Max looked up at Alex without straightening up. “Sorry. Sorry…. I’ll be quiet now…. Just wanted to make sure you concentrated… Don’t mind me… “

“Alex.” Max pleaded with the other to be quiet. It was no use.

“He lines up the shot wagering how hard Max Evans wants to hit the ball. Ladies and gentlemen this could be one that goes down into the Guinness book of world records if he makes this very, very, difficult shot.” Max’s shot went wide and bumped into the eight ball and he lost the game. “That’s all folks. Nothing left here to see. Everyone back to your table. The games over.” Everyone was laughing at Alex’s comical commentary as they headed for their booth.

“It’s ok Max. I know pool isn’t everyone’s game. Hang in there.” Liz was trying to heal Max’s bruised ego.

“We won?” Maria was excited.

“Yeah, we won.” Michael answered her.

“Weeeeeeee” Maria jumped up and down and then went and hugged Michael because of her excitement.

“Hey, watch the hair.”

“Oh, sorry. I’d hate to mess with perfection. I was just excited because I never played pool before and I actually won.”

“Well, don’t get too excite you only one be Max’s blunder. You only had one turn and shouldn’t really be considered as actually ‘playing’. When you can actually sink a few balls then you can say you ‘played’. Got it?”

“Why do you have to be so rude? Don’t you ever care how a person thinks about you? Doesn’t bother you that I have only known you for a little over a day and I think that you are a big jerk with really messy hair? Or do you have no feelings? God how rude.” Maria left Michael by the pool table and joined the rest at the table. Michael slowly followed behind. Since they were the last ones to the table they had to sit by each other.

The waiter came to the table and took their drink order, four cherry cokes and two orange sodas. The group mulled over the menu while server was away getting the drinks. After a brief moment he returned ready to take the groups order.

“May I take your order?” He asked Liz.

“Umm. I will have the General TSO Chicken with an extra side of hot mustard and red sauce.”

“And you.” Max was next.

“I’ll have the same.”

“Do you want the extra hot mustard and red hot sauce too?”


Next was Isabel. “I think I will have the same too.” She smiled toward the waiter.

Alex and Maria noticed a little trend and gave each other a raised eyebrow in acknowledgement.

“Well, I can’t handle all that spicy stuff. I’ll take the sweet and sour chicken with white rice”

“And for the lady?”

“I will have the beef and broccoli, and can you bring me some sweet and sour sauce on the side?

“And for the gentleman?”

“I’ll have what they are having.” Michael pointed to Liz, Max and Isabel.

“Not too much variety between you guys is there?”

The group just looked at one another.


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Two Squared Part 15

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Part 15

The group ate in silence and after paying the bill they got up to go their separate ways. Max and Liz were off to one side while Michael was in the truck and Isabel was already in the jeep. Alex was standing by the passenger’s side of the jeep and Maria was hanging way back by the side of Senior Chow’s.

“Umm Max. I think I am going to go home tonight. We have a lot to go over tomorrow and I think it would be best if I just go home with Michael. After all he did come to dinner with me; the least I could do is do what he wants me to do.” Liz’s mind was stirring about tonight’s events. The similarities that Max and her have are unbelievable. How can she approach him about what she believes to be true? Is it possible that Isabel and him are like her and Michael? Do they have more information about their home or how they got here? She needed time to see what Michael was thinking. They had to come up with a plan to get things out in the open. Here they were seventeen years old and they finally have proof that there are more of them.

“Liz… Please don’t leave. There is something that I think we need to talk about. Don’t you feel…”

“Max… don’t say anything else. Give me time… We need time to see how to handle this. It’s been so long and we have been searching and to finally find you two is unbelievable. I do feel it. Really I do. I know what you know but I can’t do this right now. Please understand.” Liz placed her hand on the side of his face. Max leaned into her embrace and turned his face to kiss the inside of her palm. “Thank you. I will call you tomorrow. I just have to get some things straight look at it logically. Please understand.”

The look in her eyes was pleading with Max to let her go. To understand. To be patient. “Ok. Go, but please call me. If not I will be there tomorrow to finish what we both know has to be dealt with.”

“I will.” She leaned into him and they embraced. They were both hesitant to relinquish their grasp on the other and Liz was the first to push away. “Good-bye Max.”



“Boy did I feel like the odd man out tonight. So what is the big deal about General TSO and hot sauce?”

“I don’t know. It’s something that Max and I always eat. We had no idea the Michael and Liz liked the same thing. Why didn’t you ask Michael and Liz how they came to like that combination?”

“I didn’t think it was a topic that needed to be brought up. If you guys want to tell us something then you will have to tell us. Neither Maria nor I will ask anything because we both know that there is no use to it. It’s taken me this long to get you to even go out with me. I don’t want to mess it up.”

“Alex you won’t mess it up. There isn’t anything that Max and I want to hide. We are just like you it’s just that we have this really strange eating habit. Just like you like orange soda and vanilla ice cream together, we like sweet and extremely spicy. You should try it sometime.” Isabel was hoping that the explanation she had just given Alex would be enough to curb his appetite for the need to know specifics. It was really strange how Michael and Liz both ordered the exact same thing that her and Max always ordered.

She couldn’t wait to get home and talk to Max about his thoughts on the matter. And then there was Michael, so paranoid. He didn’t say anything the rest of the night and then she noticed that he didn’t use any of his hot mustard or his red hot sauce that he ordered. Maybe, just maybe he knew about them but wasn’t really one of them. Or maybe he didn’t want to be suspected at all. That’s what she should have done. Why didn’t she order something different? It could have been explained that the reason Max and Liz ordered the same thing was that Max had a crush on Liz and he wanted to try and impress her. No, that wouldn’t work. Alex and Maria both know that Max and Isabel like hot stuff. They have both seen the two of them inhale Tabasco sauce at the Crashdown so it was no use hiding that. No. They definitely had a situation and surely Max would come up with some kind of plan. He had to.

Max hopped into the jeep with a grin on his face and looked over at Isabel. “You ready to go?”

“Um yeah. Bye Alex. Maybe I will see you at the Crash tomorrow?”

“Sure. I’m sure I will be there. Maria may have chewed my ear off by then, but don’t worry I can handle her.” Alex winked at Isabel. “Bye Max. Thanks for inviting us to dinner even though we were the odd men out. We had fun.”

“Me too. See ya later.” Max looked at Maria and waved good-bye to her. She didn’t fully wave back; she just gave a little flip of her wrist to say her good-byes. Alex made his way back to the sidewalk where Maria was and waved good-bye to Liz and Michael as they pulled out and headed for home. Liz waved back and then stuck her head out the window.

“It was nice to meet you guys. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can do it again. Thanks for everything.” The two that were left on the sidewalk waved back and then headed for their car.


“Was that strange or what?”

“Yeah. You can say that again.”

“Was that strange or what?”

“Alex. It’s just a figure of speech. I didn’t really mean for you to repeat it. It’s like the time you heard the Pete and Repeat joke… You went on and on. So… Tell me what’s going on in your head right now?”

“I don’t know. Isabel explained it pretty good. It just so happened that the four of them all like sweet and spicy foods. That’s all.”

“Alex. You can’t be serious. There is so much more to this than that. There just has to be. For example, Max and Isabel are adopted. Do you know if Michael and Liz are adopted?”


“Don’t you even find it a little remotely strange?”


“Come on. Alex… this is me you are talking to.” The two hopped into the little red jetta and sat for a few more seconds.

“What? What is it you are replying to? What is it that you want me to tell you that I am thinking? I know you, DeLuca. There is something that you are driving at.”

Maria started the car and started to back out. “Alex. Babe. Think about it. We don’t really know who Max and Isabel’s real parents are. Therefore we don’t really know where Max and Isabel come from.”

“Whoa, stop right there. What are you implying Maria?”

“Alex, think about it. Have you forgotten the rumors that went around grade school when Max and Isabel first started school here?”

“I think they seemed to have slipped my mind at this very moment. Continue.”

“Well, you will have to consider the source.”

“Who is your source Maria?”



“Pam Troy… I know but listen anyway.” Maria put her hands up in self-defense. “She said that Kyle told her that his dad said that the Evans found Max and Isabel in the desert naked. Can you believe it Alex? They were naked.”

“Maria, what is that supposed to prove?”

“Well what if aliens abducted them or something. Maybe they have to eat sweet and spicy stuff after being abducted. The aliens changed their metabolism or something like that.”

“Maria. I see I am going to have to bang some sense into that thick skull of yours. Can I remind you that we live in Roswell the ‘Alien Capital’ of the world? There are all sorts of stories that have gone around like that. In fact there was even one that went around about you too.”



“What? You have to tell me.”

“Ok, after I tell you will you apologize for having your active imagination run wild on you?” Alex waited… “Maria.”

“Oh, alright. Spill it Whitman.”

“Well you have to consider the source.” Alex was teasing her by using her own intro. “Pam Troy once said in first grade that you were an alien because no one knew who your father was and that you had a big head.”

“Oh, she didn’t.”

“Yep. Remember that’s when your mom was in beauty school and she wanted to try a new hair cut on you and she totally messed it up.”

“Ok. I will have to admit that Pam Troy is the worst one to take what she says as being true. But come on Alex. Admit it. It could be possible.”

“No. If you insist on continuing this little tangent you can just let me off here.”


“No, Maria I will not tolerate you putting Isabel down like that. You have no idea what she is really like.”

“Oh, and you do. I forgot she is different in your dreams. Yeah right.” Maria pulled the car over to the curb. “I guess you better get out then since you aren’t going to tolerate my thesis about the fact that aliens abductions could be a possibility.”

“I guess I better. Don’t expect me at the Crash tomorrow. You can find yourself a new best friend.” Alex got out and slammed the door. There was no way that he was going to get pulled into the Maria way of thinking. He would admit that it was really strange that they liked the same combination. Really strange.


“Say something Michael.”

“Like what.”

“I don’t know. Anything.”

“Really…” Michael glanced at his sister. “What the hell did you think you would accomplish by eating dinner with a group like that?”

“How was I supposed to know that something like that could happen? I hardly know them. I just thought it would be something different. You know. Lighten up a little. Don’t be so hard. How is this my fault anyway?”

“Don’t you realize that they are bound to know that something is up? Do you think that Max and Isabel are like us?”

“Yeah… I do. At least Max. I can feel him… It’s really weird. He’s comfortable.”

“Oh. So it’s all about a feeling. Come on Liz. This could be life or death for us. Especially right now so soon after mom and dad died. We still haven’t figured that one out. And oh, here is another one. We haven’t figured a damn thing out about the stranger in your room last night. Do I need to go on?” Liz started to cry. “Oh no! Don’t even go there. I’m not falling for that one.”

“What! Why can’t I cry Michael? Just because you don’t let yourself feel anything doesn’t mean that I have to hide my feelings. I just lost my parents, I find out that there are others like us and my brother is yelling at me for wanting to have a great time like any ordinary teenager.”

“That’s just it Liz. We aren’t like any ordinary teenager. What do you think is going through the minds of the waiter or Alex and Maria or even Max and Isabel if they aren’t like us? Huh. Did you ever think about that? What if Max and Isabel aren’t like us?”

“Well if they aren’t like us then why do they eat stuff that we eat? Explain that one Michael. Oh, here’s another one. If they aren’t like us why did Max basically insist that we talk about this situation that we are in right now?”

“What? What did he say? I want to know exactly what he said.”

“He just said that we needed to get together and talk about something that we both know is going on. That’s all.”

“Hell, Liz that could mean anything. It could mean I really like you and want to jump your bones or it could mean that he had a good time with you today. We can never. Never! Be too careful. It could all be a set up. I just wish I was thinking and I would have ordered something else to get suspicion off of us. Hell, it was bad enough that I had to eat the entire meal without any hot sauce. At least one of us enjoyed the meal. You and Max looked like you were in a whole different universe.”

“We could have been… Believe me… We could have been.” Liz turned her body towards the window and stared at the darkness that had envelope the desert.

“I’m sorry Liz. I wish things could be different but they can’t. We can never have any kind of relationship. We aren’t like the others. I don’t feel it. I think you are just hoping too much for it to be real. I won’t bring it up anymore until we find out what is waiting for us at the bank. K?”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m tired. You going to be ok driving home while I sleep?”

“Yeah. Go ahead.” Michael took one more sideways glance at his sister. He had to admit her and Max did look like they had something special. Please don’t let her be wrong about him. I don’t think I could handle her with a broken heart. Michael flipped through the radio station until he found a song that he liked.

<center> Why does it feel like night today?
Something in here's not right today.
Why am I so uptight today?

Boy does this fit me today or what? I seem to alienate the only person that matters anything to me. I have to make it up to her. The song plays on and Michael thinks of a way to make it up to his sister.

<center>Paranoia's all I got left.
I don't know what stressed me first
Or how the pressure was fed.
But I know just what it feels like
To have a voice in the back of my head.
It's like a face that I hold inside.
A face that awakens when I close my eyes;
A face watches every time I lie;
A face that laughs every time I fall
(And watches everything).
So I know that when it's time to sink or swim
That the face inside is hearing me
Right underneath my skin

What could all this mean? There are others out there. She’s been right all along. But what if it is a trap? What if it has something to do with the intruder we had last night? Can’t be so sure that we can trust Max and Isabel. Should we trust them? Michael quit thinking and just listened to the song.

<center>It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

I know I've got a face in me
Points out all my mistakes to me
You've got a face on the inside too and
Your paranoia's probably worse
I don't know what set me off first but I know what I can't stand
Everybody acts like the fact of the matter is
I can't add up to what you can but
Everybody has a face that they hold inside
A face that awakes when I close my eyes
A face watches every time they lie
A face that laughs every time they fall
(And watches everything)
So you know that when it's time to sink or swim
That the face inside is watching you too
Right inside your skin


“Max? What are you thinking about?”

“They are like us.”

“Maybe. You don’t know that.”

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“How can you tell?”

“Liz. I can feel her like I can you. She is connected to us.”

“Then why such the sad face?”

“Because, what if she is a sister like you are? Then I can’t have a relationship with her.”

“Max, we don’t know anything. It could be something else.”

“I don’t think so Isabel. Do you feel her?”


Max looked at his sister. “You don’t?”

“What do you think that means?”

“I have no idea. I think we really need to go talk to them, but I don’t think they want to. There is something going on in Clovis that they aren’t telling us.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Liz didn’t want to talk to me tonight until they went to the bank and took care of some things that needed to be taken care of. I just know that there is something that they are dealing with that hasn’t made it to Roswell yet and if that’s the case we really need to be careful.”

“We just can’t turn our backs on them, Max. What do you suggest we do?”

“Liz is supposed to call me after their morning appointment. I will call her tonight. Just to make sure that they made it home ok… Get a feel about what is going through their heads and see if we need to make a quick run to Clovis or not. We need to let them know that they can trust us and that what ever happens to them affects us. We need to be together, which means that they need to move to Roswell. Soon. Real soon.” Max looked at Isabel who gave him an understanding smile back to her brother.

The look in Max’s eyes was filled with so many different emotions. What was it like to finally find someone that is like you and you want to have a relationship with, only to find out that they are family. Why couldn’t anything good ever happen to Max? There had to be something more to the situation than they knew. If Max and I can feel each other and Max and Liz can feel each other. I’m sure that Liz and Michael are the same then why can’t I feel Michael or Liz. Something isn’t right. There is definitely more to this than we can possibly know.

The two teens went into the house. Their parent’s were in the living room watching TV. “Hey kids, how did it go tonight?”

“Pretty good dad.” Max wasn’t giving too much information just like usual.

“Yeah, Max lost a game of pool trying to impress the Parker girl.” Isabel elbowed her brother.

“Max, I didn’t know you played pool.”

“He doesn’t. He got to break the rack and then he got to shoot one more time before he knocked the eight ball into the pocket. He totally bombs at pool.”

“Now Isabel be nice to your brother.” Diane gave her son a reassuring smile and changed the subject. “How was your night sweetie?”

“Um… Nothing interesting.”

“Oh, yeah right.” Max interjected. “She spent all night in the booth with Alex Whitman.”


“Alex Whitman? Do I know his father?” Phillip asked the two teens.

“I’m not for sure.” Max looked at Isabel. “ Did they go to the father camping trip last year?”

“Yeah. You remember him dad. Alex’s dad was the one that burnt the hamburgers on the first night. He volunteered the first night to be the cook since none of the other dad’s wanted to. After that night you guys didn’t let him near the fire. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Charles Whitman. He is a CEO of Comtel isn’t he?”

“Got me. We never talk about his dad, but you are probably right. Alex is really big on computers and I think he gets it from his dad.”

“Oh, now I remember Alex. Tall… Skinny… Definitely out of his element on the camping trip.” Phillip looked at his beautiful daughter “and you are dating him?”

“No, daddy. We are just friends. I like Alex. He makes me laugh. Is there anything wrong with that? Why does everyone have to assume that you are dating someone if you enjoy being in their company.” Isabel headed down the hall to her room. “I’m going to my room to check my e-mail. Maybe someone wants to chat for a while.”

“Goodnight hunny.” Diane called after the retreating teen. “So Max, did you persuade Liz Parker to come to live in Roswell?”

“I don’t know. I guess she didn’t tell her brother that she was coming in today and he got a little upset about it. I think they don’t really agree on what will happen, I can’t blame him though, and Clovis is home. Why move to someplace that they don’t know? Anyway, Liz promised to call me tomorrow to let me know what they decided.”

“What do you want them to do?” Phillip saw the look in his son’s eyes, the look of longing.

“I had a good time tonight. If they come to live here then I’m sure we will all eventually hang out. You never know by just one day.”

“It will all work out in the end son. Be patient.”

“Thanks dad.” Max went over to kiss his mother and then headed for his room. He had to call Liz later. Hopefully she would talk to him for a little bit. In the mean time he would just listen to the radio. Max never got to call Liz because he fell asleep.

Liz and Michael made it home all right and they didn’t speak to each other the rest of the night. Liz went to her room and turned on the radio. She debated whether or not to call Max, but decided against it. If he wanted to talk to her he would call. As she laid on her bed to wait for his call she fell asleep.

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Two Squared Part 16

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Part 16


Charisse took the book from the older lady in front of her. “Are you sure you want me to have this?”

“Yes. It is written that you will have it one day and that it will give you and the others great peace.”


“Yes, be patient and you will know when the time is right.”

The older lady faded away into thin air leaving Liz in a very unfamiliar room. Liz got up and walked to the door and went through. To her amazement the grass was purple and the sky was green the land and that all around it was peaceful. She walked over to a small bridge that went over a running creek and leaned over. “Did you drop something?” A deep male voice was so close to her ear that sent shivers down her spine and the little hairs on the back of her neck raised. She didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. It was Max. He must be in her dreams because she was thinking of him before she fell asleep.

“What if I did? Would you dive into the red water below and retrieve it for me?” Liz turned around slowly and was suddenly framed by Max’s arms.

“Don’t you know that I would do anything for you?”

“You are only saying that because this is my dream. You are a figment of my imagination. Right?”

“I thought this was my dream, and that you were the figment of my imagination. Don’t you know that I would do anything for you?” Max reiterated his statement.

“Max you can’t say that.”

“Why not?”

“You just met me today. I mean earlier today. You can’t know that you would do anything for me. How could you?”

“I just do Liz. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s just a feeling of completeness that I get when I am with you. It will kill me if I’m not able to have you close to me. I will do anything to make that happen. You are my everything.

“Max you don’t know anything about me… You won’t say that when you find out who I really am.”

“What makes you so sure that I don’t know anything about you?”

“This is my world Max. This is me. I don’t think I can pull you into something that even I don’t understand. I don’t even know where this is or why I am here. I started getting strange dreams the other night when I found this book.” Liz lifted the book that the lady had given to her. “I remember bits and pieces of it, but still they are unclear of what my purpose here is.” Max embraced Liz and forced her head to his chest.

“Shh. Don’t say anything more. Believe me I understand.” He framed Liz’s face with both of his hands and forced her to look into his eyes. “I feel the same way… Isabel and I have been wondering the same thing ever since we could remember. There has to be answers out there, we just have to work together to try and find them. Don’t shut us out. We are family. Can’t you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“The connection. Don’t you feel connected to us? You said earlier that you knew Michael was looking for you. You are connected to him?”


“Do you feel me?”

Liz tilted her head for a moment and concentrated really hard. The connection that her and Michael shared came easy. He was always around and they had years to tune into each other. “Max…”

“Concentrate Liz.”

“I am… It’s really hard.” Liz paused as if something finally dawned on her. “What am I doing? I have no connection to you. This is a lousy dream and you aren’t real.” Liz pulled away from Max and started for the door that she had come through earlier.

“Liz… Wait… You don’t understand… I know. Isabel can do this too. You have the ability to get into the dream plane. This isn’t your dream… You have entered mine. Please wait.” Max was running after her trying to reach her before she walked through the door. He had to reach her before she left the dream… He had to make sure that she was ok. “Liz! Wait!”

Liz turned around, tears streaking her face. “You know all my life I have hoped that there was someone out there like us… And all my life I have had to live with this huge secret that if it got out it could harm us. Now I’m dreaming that the guy that I met is one of us and that he will understand that I am different. This is just a dream Max. Just a dream.” Liz opened up the door and walked through.


Max shot straight up from his bed, “Liz!” Not a moment after waking up and calling Liz’s name out Isabel was by his side.

“Max, Max… What is it? What’s wrong?”

“She connected to me Iz… She dream walked me.”

“She’s one of us?”

“Yes. She doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t’ believe it.” Max repeated himself as if he couldn’t believe it himself.

“What happened Max? What did she tell you?”

“She’s been having dreams Isabel. Dreams that are associated with some book… I have to call her.” Max reached for his phone that sat beside his bed on the night table and dialed her number. He already had it memorized.


Liz sat up in bed covered in sweat. It was hot in her room so she went out to the hallway and turned the thermostat down a little bit to have the air conditioner turn on. On her way back into her room Michael called to her.

“Liz? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, Michael. I just got a little hot. Go back to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. See you in the morning.”

“Ok. Holler at me if you need anything.”

“I will.” Liz shut her door and went to the side of the bed that she had hidden the book beneath the floorboards. She waved her hand over them and then reached down to grab the book. It seemed to be calling to her. Just as she was getting ready to open up the book the phone rang and scared the living daylights out of her. “Hello”

“Liz? Are you ok?”


“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Yeah, I’m ok. Why are you calling? Is everything ok with you?” This was really strange. What if they were really connected and that was really him in her dream? Shaking her head at the notion she waited for his response.

“You know why I’m calling Liz. I was there.”

“What are you talking about Max? Where were you?”

Max was starting to think that maybe he was wrong about Liz and Michael. “The dream Liz. We connected tonight.”

“No…” She said it almost in a whisper. “It can’t be. Max?”

“It’s ok Liz. I think its time for us to sit down and talk about this. We can’t deny it any longer.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Michael. Is he like you?”

“What are you asking?”

“I know Liz. I know that you are afraid to let your secret out, but let me assure you that it’s ok. It’s ok, Liz. I know. I have been keeping the same secret too. Isabel and I we are like you. Now is Michael like you?”


“We are coming to get you guys. We will be there tomorrow around Ten in the morning.”

“No, Max. Don’t come. It’s not safe, and besides Michael and I have things that we need to take care of with our parents’ will.”

“What do you mean it’s not safe? Liz if it’s not safe then we are definitely coming to Clovis tomorrow.”

“That’s not what I meant Max. Michael. I need to fill him in. Give me some time to break the news to him… I will call you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Liz. Please let us come up there and be there for you guys. You are family. Please don’t push us away right now. We need you as much as you need us. Can’t you feel it? We need to be together.”

“Max. Please. Give me some time. We have been apart for seventeen years; surely one more day isn’t going to make that big of difference. I need time Max. Please.”

“Alright Liz. One more day.”

“Ok, Max one more day. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Liz.”

They each hung up the phone and just sat there in utter disbelief.

“Liz? Who was that on the phone?”


“What did he want?”

“I dream walked him Michael. He knows.”

“What do you mean he knows?”

“It’s ok… I think. They are like us. He said that Isabel could do it too.”

“Are you serious? What else did he say?”

“He wants us to all be together. He doesn’t think that we should be apart. I don’t know Michael… I don’t know how to act. This is what we have wanted forever. Can you believe it?”

“Who does he think he is, telling us where we need to be? I’m telling you Liz, we are staying right here until we get some answers.” Michael finally noticed that Liz was holding a brown leather bound book. “What’s that?”

“Have you ever seen it before?”

“No, where did you get it?”

“I found it on mom’s desk last night. You’ve never seen it before?”

“No! What’s inside of it?”

“Nothing. It’s really weird. Last night I heard a voice telling me to concentrate in order to read the book, but nothing happened. I fell asleep and had a dream. It was weird Michael. It was like another life time… how could that be?”

“Let me see it.” Liz handed Michael the book and waited for him to flip through to see if he got any feelings from it or not.

“Did you hear anything?”


“Let me see it again.” Michael handed the book back to Liz so she could see if she got anything else from it. After a few moments Liz said, “Nothing. I’m not getting anything from it. Maybe we are just too tired. We can try again in the morning.”

“Alright. Come get me if you need anything. Alright.”

“Okay, Michael. You can stop being so overprotective. I’m a big girl and am able to take care of myself. Although I have to admit this side that you have been showing lately could be a big winner with the girls. You better watch that stonewall that you have built it may start to crumble. Goodnight Michael.”

“Goodnight Liz. See ya in the morning.”

Liz was a little bit hesitant to go back to sleep. She didn’t want to walk into anyone else’s dream tonight. She would definitely have to talk to Isabel and see if she could help her with this problem… Was it really a problem? She could definitely get use to seeing Max every night in her dreams. It didn’t take too long before everyone was settled back in their beds and fast asleep. Tomorrow was going to be a new day with a few more surprises than what they had today.

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Two Squared Part 17

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Part 17

“Come on Michael… We are going to be late. Mr. Robinson said that we could have the vault room all to ourselves if we are there first thing in the morning.”

“I’m coming already… You think that there is going to be some earth shattering findings in there or something. It’s just our parent’s possessions that’s all Liz. Cut me some slack here.” Michael was walking down the hall towards the living room. He knew that Liz had been up most of the night because he was up. **Why is it that you fall asleep and get into that really good sleep like five minutes before the alarm is set to go off?** Michael was holding the front door open waiting for Liz to walk through. “You coming?”

“Look who’s talking now?”

“I thought you have been ready for the last two hours who would have thought that I would be the first one out the door.” Liz smacked him on his arm playfully.

“Lets go.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Michael turned around and bolted the dead bolt lock on the door.


“Do you think they knew?”


“Mom and Dad. Do you think that they knew about us? I mean who we really are?”

“Yeah, I do. Mom had the book on her desk, she had to know something.”

“Is that why you are so excited to go to the bank today? Do you think that there might be something else waiting for us?”

“Yeah.” They pulled out of the drive and started for the bank. It was sunny and already almost ninety-five degrees outside. It was going to be another hot day. “Michael.”


“Do you think our parents died because of us?”

“I hope not Liz, but it’s possible. It’s very possible.”

The two teens sat in silence for the remainder of the short trip to the bank. As soon as they walked into the front door of the bank there was a short, plump man that was balding waiting for them. “Liz, Michael. How are you holding up?”

“Alright” Michael said as he shook the man’s hand. “We are doing alright.”

“Have you thought of what you two are going to be doing next?”

“We’re going to Roswell.” Liz said it eagerly at the same time that Michael stated his opinion.

“We will be staying here.” The two looked at each other realizing that they were still arguing about the living arrangements.

“Well maybe what ever your parent’s left you inside will settle that difference.” Mr. Robinson stated.

“Maybe.” Liz didn’t want the stranger getting into their business but she didn’t want to sound rude either.

They followed the portly man into the vault. Michael took out his key and slid it into the keyhole. The man followed suit. Once the deposit box was out of it spot Mr. Robinson led them to a small room. When he opened up the door all that was in there was a small table and two chairs. “Here you go kids. Take as long as you need to… When you are done I will meet you back in the vault. Alright?”

“Thanks Mr. Robinson.” Liz said to the man before she shut the door rather quickly on him. The suspense was killing her she had to know what was inside that darn box… “Ok. Let’s open it up.”

“Are you sure Liz?”

“Michael. Open up the damn box.”

“Geez, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed today? Bit anyone’s head off lately Liz?”

“Sorry. It’s just that I have this feeling. It’s hard to explain… I feel good about this but then there is something nagging at the back of my mind that says this isn’t safe. Just hurry up already.”

Michael lifted up the lid to the deposit box and it was empty. There was nothing in it. When he lifted it up to look way in the back a black shiny rock with a spiral etched into it slid forward. Behind that a note that was rolled up slid forward as well. “What the hell?”

“What is it Michael?”

“I wonder what this is? He held up the black rock and rolled it around in his hands.”

“What’s the note say Michael?”

Michael unrolled the note after setting the rock down and began reading.

My Children,
If you are reading this then I guess something has happened to your father and me. I know that we weren’t your biological parents but that didn’t mean that we didn’t love you like our own. We would have given anything to have you be ours forever, but the two of you are special and can never belong to anyone but to the ones that you give your hearts to. We know that now and I hope you understand why we never told you that we knew. Your father and I were afraid that you would leave us if you knew that we knew the truth about you two.

Michael our hearts will always be with you and I hope that one day you will let them in. Liz I am counting on you to help your brother learn to trust others, help him love himself first and then maybe, just maybe he will love another. Your father and I went back to where we found you. Michael went straight for the orb and tried to hide it. He hid it under his bed and I suppose he just forgot about it so I brought it in here for it to be safe. I am unsure what it is but I’m sure it is from your origins. I also have a book in my desk at the house it also has the same emblem on it. I was unable to read anything because all of the pages are blank. I will assume that once it is in your hands that it will all become perfectly clear.

As always we will be with you and if there ever comes a time that you are in trouble go see Phillip Evans in Roswell. It’s hard to explain why I think you can trust him. Maybe it’s the fact that the Evans also adopted their children. I guess what I am saying is that there are at least four of you. The Evans have the other set. There were many a night that your father and I argued about getting the four of you together. It’s sad to say that we were afraid. I know I was scared to introduce you to them in fear that you would know that they were your real family and that you no longer needed us. Please forgive us and know that everything we did was because we thought it would be safer for the two of you, our two children of the stars.

Be careful and remember we love you.

All our love
Your Parents

“They knew Michael. They knew about Max and Isabel and us. They knew all this time and they kept us apart. How could they say that they loved us if they kept us for eleven years away from our true family.” Liz was bawling and tears were streaming down the sides of her face.

Michael pulled her into him and stroked the back of her head. He was mad at what his parents had done to them, but like the letter said they thought that we would leave them and they didn’t want that to happen. They were right we would have left them and we would have never looked back. “Liz. It’s over now.


“Come on Isabel. I don’t like it that it’s taken us this long to get going. They are going to the bank by ten. I wanted to go with them. I have this strange feeling that something is going to happen. Hurry.”

“Max! If you tell me to hurry up one more time I’m not going. You hear me?”

“Isabel please. Don’t do this now.”

“Ok. Let’s go.” Isabel was in a pair of khaki shorts and a blue top. Her hair was in a ponytail and she put on her black-rimmed sunglasses. She hopped into the passenger side of the jeep and buckled up. Max slid in beside her and started the jeep. They pulled out and were on their way to Clovis. Isabel could feel the emotions rolling off of Max. She tried hard to send him comforting thoughts and feelings back to him. All he did was turn and gave her a brief smile.

They pulled up to the address that their dad had given them. There was a car in the drive. They both hopped out of the jeep and walked up to the front door. Max went to knock on it just as someone came running out of the house. The man bowled over Max and knocked down Isabel. He raced to get into his car and then he pulled out and faded down the street. Max was up in seconds.

“Liz!” He was searching the house. “Michael!” No one was there.

“Max? Where are they?”

“Liz!” He went to the back of the house and noticed that everything had been turned upside down. That man must have been searching for something. **Why was she lying to me about not being in danger?** “They aren’t here.” Relief washed over Max and Isabel could tell that the event that just occurred really freaked him out.

“If they aren’t here where are they?”

“The bank. Come on let’s go.” Max and Isabel left the Parker house and headed for the bank. Having their dad and mom work in Clovis helped a lot for them to know the layout of the town. They pulled into the parking space in front of the bank and noticed that Liz’s pickup truck parked a few spaces down the line. “They are here. There is Liz’s truck. Let’s go inside and see if we can see them.”

The two teens walked into the bank and scanned for the other two that they were looking for. Nothing. They were nowhere to be found. “Do you feel her Max? Are they still here?” Isabel remembered that her brother could feel Liz. She thought it was strange how he could feel her but she couldn’t. If they were family they should be able to feel each other. There was something more to this connection thing. Hopefully they would be able to work on it together.

She liked the Parker kids; even Michael. Once you got through that thick wall of his; Isabel knew he would be someone that she would be able to trust with her life. They were family after all. Everything was falling into place with the exception of the man that ran out of the Parker house just a few minutes earlier. It didn’t matter she knew her brother. He was set in his ways. The Parkers would be returning to Roswell so they all could be together. At last she was starting to feel complete. All was right with the world and it had been a long time coming.

Max started walking around in circles. He was concentrating and then his head turned toward the back of the bank. He started jogging towards a room, relief was coming off of him like a freight train and Isabel had a smile from ear to ear because of it. Max slid down onto the floor. “They are ok. We can wait here until they finish with whatever they are doing.”

“You can feel both of them?”

“No, just Liz. She’s ok. She’s sad but ok.” Max grabbed Isabel’s hand and gave it a brief squeeze.

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Two Squared Part 18

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Part 18

There wasn’t much else in the safe deposit box except some legal documents to the house and to the vehicles. Liz looked at Michael. “Michael”


“Can I ask you a question?”


“Why don’t you like Max?”

“I never said that I don’t like him.”

“I know. You don’t have to. I can see it in the way you act towards them. What is your reason? After all mom said that they are like us. That we are family. So why don’t you want to be with them?”

Michael thought how he should approach Liz about the subject. “Do you remember coming out of the pods?”


“You were the last one. I was the first. I waited for all of you to come out. Max and Isabel didn’t. They didn’t wait on you. So why do you want to be with someone that wasn’t always there for you?”

“Michael.” Liz saw the pain in her brother’s eyes. “I didn’t think about that.”

“You have always been there for me whether you liked it or not. I know it’s not right to blame Max he didn’t really want to leave you in the first place but he had no choice but to go with Isabel. She wanted to go explore the New World that we were sent to. She was always so eager to see new things. They never came back for us Liz. I kept on waiting for them to return and they never did. So now you know.”

“Michael that was so long ago. You can’t hold onto something this long and not have it affect you. Please. For me can you try and get along with them?”

“Why the sudden interest in the Evans?”

“You can’t feel it?”

“Feel what?”

“Them, or at least Max.”

“No. Why?”

“I can feel Max. It’s like the way I can feel you but a little bit different. He’s right outside the door.”

Michael didn’t believe her. “Seriously?”

“Yep.” Liz had a smile on her face that soon vanished when Michael swung the door to the room wide open.

“What the hell are you two doing here?”

“I had a feeling and I wanted to make sure that Liz was ok.” Max stood up to stand face to face with the over-protective brother.

“Well everything is ok.”

“Michael! Calm down. They were concerned about us. That’s all. They are the only family that we have left. There is no one else so I think it is time to start forgiving each other and move on.”

“Besides Max’s feeling was right. When we arrived at your house someone was inside and totally destroyed everything. It’s a good thing you weren’t home.” Isabel didn’t like the way Michael was always putting Max down. She wanted him to see that her brother was a good guy and didn’t deserve all the grief that Michael was always shoving their way.

“What do you mean destroyed everything?”

“It’s not as bad as Isabel makes it out to be. It looks like the guy was just looking for something. Nothing is damaged. At least nothing that we can’t fix.”

Michael hurried up and put the safe deposit box back in the hole in the wall and was on his way out the door when he turned around. “Are you coming?”

“What’s your hurry? Max said there was really no damage to anything.”

Michael gave an evil eye to his sister. “The book Liz.”

That was enough to set Liz in motion pretty quick. The two sets of teens hopped into their respective vehicles and headed for the Parker home. Michael and Liz were the first to arrive. Max was a little bit behind, because he refused to run the red lights that Michael found so easy to blow through. By the time the Evans got there, Michael and Liz were already inside. Michael had his arm around Liz. The two had a look of total disbelief on their faces.

“So did he get the book?”

Max’s question seemed to set Liz in motion. She headed back to her room and a few seconds later she came out with a look of relief on her face and a rather large book in her hands. “It’s ok. He didn’t get the book.”

“What is so important about the book anyway?” Isabel was curious. Liz turned the book around so they could look. “I know that symbol.” Isabel started to move towards Liz and the book. “Where did you get it?”

“My mom was holding it for us.” Liz handed the book over to Isabel so that she could get a closer look at it.

“I don’t understand its empty.”

“I know. I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve been having dreams about it ever since I found it the other night.”

“What kind of dreams?” Max was right beside the two girls when he asked his question.

“It belonged to the royal family. The lady of the house wanted me to have it. She said that it would bring me and the others peace.”

“Peace?” Max looked at Liz. “What else was in your dream?”

“The world was in complete chaos. I was at the king’s funeral along with his wife and daughter.”

“Was that all that attended? How do you know it was the king’s funeral? How do you know that the Queen and her daughter?”

“Back off Max. She will get to it.” Michael was getting a little bit annoyed with how Max was questioning Liz.


“It’s ok. I know it was the king because it wasn’t really a dream it was more like a memory. I remember being there once before.” Liz looked at everyone and knew that she needed to elaborate a little bit more. “I know you guys think this is weird, but do you think that we could have lived another life?”

No one answered.

“I knew things. Like last night remember our dream Max?”

Max’s face turned a shade of red before he answered. “Yes.”

“Well that is what our home planet looks like. I know it sounds really weird but I remember it that way. Doesn’t anyone else remember anything?”

“No.” Max didn’t remember anything.

“I don’t either.” Isabel stated.

“How about when you were born. Do you remember anything?”

The Evans both shook their heads No.

“That’s bull.” Michael spoke up. “You guys left us. Liz wasn’t out of her pod yet and you guys couldn’t wait to get out of there. You left us and never came back.”

“Is that the reason you don’t like us because of something that happened eleven years ago?” Isabel shook her head in disbelief. He was absurd. Holding a grudge for eleven years. “We were kids. We didn’t know any better.”

“Isabel?” Max had a confused look on his face. “You remember coming out of the pods?”


“You remember them?”

“Well I remember Michael.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that there was others? I don’t remember anything.”

“I was scared that I would lose you to them. You didn’t want to go, but I made you come with me. We didn’t get very far before mom and dad picked us up.” Isabel had tears in her eyes. “I didn’t think that we would get separated. I did have plans on coming back but we couldn’t. Max never said anything. He just cried and then after a few weeks he stopped.” Isabel looked at her brother with hurt in her eyes. “I knew you were crying for them. But when you quit crying and never said anything else about it I let it go. As far as you were concerned there was no one else.” She looked at the Parker kids. “I’m sorry for leaving you.” Tears rolled down Isabel’s cheek and before she could say anything else Liz had the tall blonde haired girl wrapped up in a hug.

“It’s ok. We can get pass this. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are together now. Everything has a way of working out in the end.” Liz was stroking her sister’s hair. Michael and Max were sizing each other up.

“If you think I am going to hug you, you got another thing coming. There is no way I am hugging another dude.” Michael held his hand out for Max to shake it. Max took it in his and then pulled him in for a hug anyway.

“Just look at it this way. You aren’t hugging me I’m hugging you.”

“Yeah, whatever man.” Michael pulled away a little bit embarrassed. “Just because we have all made up doesn’t mean Liz and I are moving to Roswell.”

“What! You can’t be serious Michael.” Max was looking at him with a confused look on his face. “Someone knows who you are. You aren’t safe here anymore. We can help each other out.”

“Don’t you get it? They know who we are. If we come to Roswell they will know who you are. I’m not willing to pull the two of you in all of this. No way! That’s the end of this conversation. You hear me?”

“That doesn’t matter we will deal with this together.”

“He’s right.” Liz had a sad look on her face.

“What? No he’s not.” Max couldn’t believe his ears. She thought her brother was right. “I am as much a part of your family as he is.”

“What? The hell you are.” Michael couldn’t believe his ears. Max was claiming Liz as his sister. “We may be the same species but we are not family. Ut uhh. No way.”

“What do you mean no way? I can feel her like I feel Isabel. She is family.”

“Yeah. Well explain why I can’t feel you? Or her.” Michael nodded his head towards Isabel. “I can’t feel either one of you.”

“Enough!” Isabel had enough of them fighting over Liz. “Michael’s right. We can’t afford to be drawn into this mess right now. I’m sure we will figure this all out it’s just going to take some time. That’s all. We just need some time. And besides Michael’s not the only one that doesn’t feel the connection, I don’t either.”

“Three against one. You lose. We stay here and you can go back to your perfect little life.”

“Michael! That’s enough. There is no more them and us it is WE ! Do you hear me? We are in this together. The decision that we make affects us all one way or another. Please. Let’s look at this logically.” Liz started pacing the living room and as she came across something that was misplaced she picked it up and put it back where it belonged. “We don’t know who we are dealing with. Therefore we don’t know what he is looking for.” She held her hand up to silence the comments that she knew Michael would be throwing out. “We can only assume that it is about our origins. It could be something else. Agreed?” She waited for the affirmative nod of everyone’s head and then continued. “We know our parents knew about us. What about your parents do they know?”

“No. I don’t think so.” Max answered. Him and Isabel had argued over this very same subject time and time again. She wanted to tell them. He didn’t. End of story.

“Ok. That will be the first thing that we need to confirm. Mom said that if anything ever happened to look your dad up that he would be able to help. I’m led to believe that they do know. They just haven’t let you two know probably for the same reason ours didn’t let us know that they knew.”

“How are we supposed to find that out? Do we just go up to them and say Mom, Dad do you know that we are aliens from another planet? I don’t think so.” Isabel really wanted her parents to know about their origins but there was no way that she was going to divulge that information willingly. If they accidentally found out that was something completely different.

“Max said that you are able to dream walk. I suggest that you go into one of your dad’s dreams and ask him there. That way if he remembers anything you can always blame it on heartburn and nightmares.”

“I don’t know. The last time I went into my mom’s dream she had insomnia for a week. I think it freaked her out.” Isabel was hesitant to do it but she realized that there was no other way to get the information. “What about you going into my dad’s dream? You can dream walk.”

“Isabel. You are going to do it. We can’t expect Liz to do it.” Max couldn’t believe that his sister was such a chicken.

“How about this? We go in together. You hang in the background and I will ask him a few questions. That way he doesn’t suspect either one of you if he doesn’t know anything.”

“Liz you don’t have to do that. Isabel can do it on her own. Besides how would we explain you being in my dad’s dream and being an alien?”

“I don’t know. It could work.” Michael finally spoke up. Everyone’s head whipped in his direction. “What? All I said is that it could work. He was at the reading of the will on Saturday. Liz could be a figment of his imagination. All I’m saying is that it could be possible and easily written off. Can you guys stay the night tonight? The girls can go in tonight and then we can talk about our options later?”

“What do you say Iz?”

“Sounds good to me. Mom and Dad shouldn’t have a problem with us staying the night if we call them. We don’t have to go to school and we can tell them that we are trying to talk you guys into coming and living in Roswell before school does start. They will fall for that.”

“Liz? What do you think?”

“It’s alright with me.”

“Ok. Call mom and ask her.” Isabel was already heading towards the phone by the time Max told her to call home.

The plan was in motion. The Evans would be staying with the Parkers tonight.

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Part 19


“Hi mom.”

“Isabel. Is something wrong?”

“No, mom. Max and I wanted to know if it would be ok if we stayed the night in Clovis. Michael and Liz have conflicting ideas on what they want to do… Max and I just want to make sure that they have a really good idea of what to expect if they move to Roswell.”

“I don’t know. It would be different if there were some adult supervision, but since the Parkers aren’t there I really don’t think it is a very good idea to have four teens in a house unsupervised. I’m going to have to talk to your father on this one. What is the number and I will call you back.”

“Ok… Hang on let me get it.” Isabel put the phone against her shoulder so that her mom wouldn’t hear her conversation. “Mom doesn’t think it is such a good idea for the four of us teens not to be chaperoned she wants to ask dad. What’s the phone number here?”

“Let me talk to her.” Max made his way to the phone. “Hi mom. You need the number?”

“Max sweetie… I just want to make sure that your dad doesn’t think differently than I do before I give you guys my answer.”

“I understand mom. Isabel and I have never given you any reason to worry about us. We will be ok tonight.” Max was laying it on thick and it wasn’t going unnoticed by his mother either.

“I know. Just give me the number and I will call your dad and let you guys know whether or not you can stay. Just to ease your worrying if it was up to me I would let you two stay. I trust you; I just want to make sure your dad and I are on the same page.”

“Thanks mom. It helps a lot. I just think that Michael and Liz would be better off staying in Roswell where but it is still questionable. You ready?”

“Yeah, sweetheart. Go ahead.”

“505-285-1234. Did you get that?”

“Ok… Let me just call your father and I will call you right back.”

“Thanks mom.”

“You’re welcome. You really should have Michael and Liz come over for supper or something sometime. Maybe this weekend they can come down and stay with us.”

“I’ll ask them. Let me know what dad says…”

“I will. Talk to you later.”

Max hung up the phone and turned to address the group. “She’s going to call dad and then call us back.”

“I could have done that why did you need to talk to her?” Isabel didn’t understand her brother at all sometimes.

“I just wanted to reassure her that nothing was going to happen here without any adult supervision.”

“Your dad’s not going to care either. He is the one that gave us our right to live on our own anyway. He should trust us…” Michael decided to put in his two cents worth.

“I don’t know Michael. Its one thing to give two teenagers their adult freedom but to have his own kids stay the night with those said teenagers is a different story.” Liz stated.

Liz was continuing to pick up the debris that was littered all over the living room floor. Her mother’s Ming vase was shattered. Liz held her hand over the top of all the tiny little pieces and they started to swirl and take the form that they once held. She placed it back onto the bookcase and straightened up the books as well. “Do you want any help?” Max walked over to where Liz was standing.

“I don’t think so Max. Thanks for offering. It’s just that you don’t know where everything goes and I really want to do it. Most of this was my mom’s pride and joy. She spent years collecting all of this stuff. Some of it my dad’s mom gave to her.”

“I understand. No problem. It’s just that I wish there was something I could do.”

“Umm Michael. Why don’t you show them what mom and dad left us at the bank? Maybe they have some idea what it is.”

“I forgot.” Michael pulled out the orb that he had placed in his pocket. “You’ve ever seen one of these before?”

“No, but it seems really familiar. What does it do?” Max and Isabel moved closer so they could get a better look at the oval rock.

“I have no idea. Liz do you have any idea?”

Liz walked over to the group. Michael was holding the orb and Liz reached in to grab it. Once both of them were in contact with the orb the emblem on the surface began to shimmer. An iridescent blue light began to emanate from it. Liz immediately let go and it quit glowing.

“What did you do?” Max couldn’t believe his eyes. The rock was glowing and then it just quit.

“I didn’t do anything. I just touched it.”

“Do it again.” Max wanted to see it glow… This was really weird.

Liz reached over and held the orb with Michael. It began to glow again. But other than glowing nothing else happened. “I don’t suppose you guys have one of these either?” Michael was addressing Max and Isabel who each had an ‘I can’t believe it’ look on their face.

“No. Your parents had this?”

“Yeah. They took us back to where we were found and I went straight for it. Maybe you guys have one too. You just have to go get it.”

“We’ve been out there several times. We haven’t found anything. Nothing at all is left out there.” Isabel was still staring at the orb.

“Why don’t you guys try it? See if it reacts to your touch.” Liz handed the orb to Max and Isabel. They took one look at each other and then touched the orb simultaneously. It glowed too. “Ok… So it works when each set touches it… Why don’t Michael and Isabel touch it at the same time.”

“Always the scientist aren’t you Liz?” Michael was smiling at his sister. Liz wanted to be a molecular biologist.

“I can’t help it… There has to be a reason why it reacts the way it does and there has to be something more to it than just being able to glow.

Michael and Isabel each grabbed the orb and got the same effect… They immediately handed the orb to Max and Liz. Just as they both reached for the orb the phone rang and halted them from going any farther.

“Hello.” Michael wasn’t very nice to who ever it was on the other end of the phone.

“Hi. This is Mrs. Evans. Is either Max or Isabel available?”

“Oh, Yeah. Sure… Hang on… Max it’s your mom.” Michael handed the phone to Max.

“Hi, mom. So what’s the news?”

“Your father says that it is ok. Just as long as they agree to come by sometime this week.”

“Hang on mom let me tell them.” Max held the phone against his belly and looked at the others. “Mom says that it is ok only if you guys agree to come to Roswell sometime this week.” Max waited for their response.

“Ok.” Liz was the first to answer.

“What! I’m not going up there to meet their parents. It’s not like we are dating or anything.”

“Michael. Do you want to figure this stuff out or not? The only way we will be able to get anywhere is if we are together. This is the only way that it can happen. So, we will be going to Roswell some time this week. End of story.”

“They said they would come up mom. It’s not a problem.”

“Oh, Max… Tell Isabel that Alex was looking for her and I told him that you guys were in Clovis today and that you wouldn’t be home until sometime tomorrow. She may want to give him a call.”

“Alright mom I will tell her. Thanks for going to bat with dad today. It means a lot to us.”

“Anytime sweetheart. Have a good time and good luck in persuading the Parker kids in coming to live in Roswell. From what your father was telling me Michael was pretty set in his ways. He thinks you have your work cut out on that one… Be careful and call us if you have any problems.”

“Thanks mom. See ya tomorrow.” Max hung up the phone. “Isabel mom says that Alex called looking for you. You might want to give him a call and tell him that you will be back in town tomorrow.”

“Ok.” Isabel went for the phone and called Alex. There was no answer. By the time she returned Max and Liz were getting ready to handle the orb.

Max looked at Liz. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, as ready as I’ll ever be.”

They both reached for the orb… It glowed but the strength that it glowed at was unbelievable… It glowed at twice the capacity as it did before. Max and Liz just looked at each other. All of the sudden Michael put his hand on the orb and Max and Liz made room for him as well as enough room for Isabel to reach in… It looked like the orb was trying to do something, but it was missing something… The four teens just looked at one another. “What do you think it is doing?” Liz pulled her hand away and the orb dimmed but didn’t go completely out.

“I don’t know.” The rest of them pulled their hands away leaving Max to hold the orb. “I don’t know.” The thing had Max confused. **Why give us something that we have no idea how to operate?**

“Maybe the answer is in the book?” Isabel went to it and began to flip through it. The pages were still blank. “There’s nothing… Why can’t anything just be given to us? Why does it have to be so hard?” Isabel put her face in her hands and began to cry.

Liz went to the girl that was sitting on the couch. “It’ll be ok Isabel. At least we have found each other. Give it time. We will figure something out. We just have to think about it. You never know. Maybe there is another one just like it and we need it for this one to work. We’ll see tonight when we go into your dad’s dream tonight. Hang in there.”

Isabel looked up at Liz. “How can you be so nice after everything that you have learned?”

“That was a long time ago. No one knew what was waiting us out there. We were kids; you had no idea that you would have gotten picked up… It’s not your fault.” Liz noticed that Isabel was looking at Michael. “Don’t worry about him… He may have been holding this in for a long time but family means a lot more to him than years of anger. He will let it go. You’ll see. Give him time and once we all get to know each other it will be ok. You’ll see.” Liz squeezed Isabel’s hand to reaffirm everything that she had just told her sister.

“Do you think that we are related?” Isabel had to ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think that you are my sister? Our sister?” Isabel nodded towards Max that was sitting on the stool in the kitchen talking to Michael.

“It’s hard to say.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well… I feel Michael. He’s my brother and I feel Max, but I don’t feel the connection between you and me. Do you?”

“That’s what Max and I were discussing today while we were waiting for you at the bank. He feels connected to you but I only feel connected to him… I can’t feel you or Michael. It is really weird.”

Liz sat on the couch and started thinking… There had to be an explanation for the feelings that everyone was getting or not getting… “I don’t know… It’s probably like the orb… There has to be something missing… We will just have to wait.” The two girls went over to the boys in the kitchen. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Pizza… You hungry.” Max had a twinkle in his eye that Liz had grown accustom to seeing…

“Starving… I’m going to go finish up the living room and then move into mom and dad’s room and then finish cleaning up my room… You guys make yourself at home. If you are lucky Michael will let you run the remote.” Liz gave her brother a stern look as if saying to him he better be nice.

“Don’t worry Liz… They can run the remote… I can be nice you know…”

“Ok… Holler at me when the pizza comes…” Liz left the room and started working on the last few details to the living room. Not even five minutes later she had moved her way into her parents’ room… The desk was totally wiped out. All of the drawers were pulled out and the contents were thrown all over the place. Liz just looked on in disbelief. **How could anyone do this and why?** She sat down on the bed and just stared off into space.

What seemed like only minutes actually turned out to be forty-five. Michael was in the doorway trying to get his sister’s attention. “Liz… Liz… Pizza’s here. Are you ok?”

“Oh, yeah… Already? That was quick.”

“Are you sure you are ok?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe that someone would do all of this to our house. Who would do something like this and why? It doesn’t make any sense. It just seems like we were finally getting some answers and all we ended up with are more questions. When will it return to normal?”

“What’s so great about normal? Who knows this could be our normal you never know.”

Liz looked up at her brother and leaned in for him to hold her. “Who ever said that you don’t have a soft side?”

“It’s only for you… You know that don’t you?”


“Sure what else are brothers for? Now come on before Max and Isabel eat all of the pizza.” Michael helped his sister up off the bed and they walked into the kitchen with his arm still around her… He could tell that she still wasn’t ok and that having his arm around her was what she really needed right now.

The bar had two pizza boxes and two bottles of Tabasco sauce on it and there were four happy teenagers eating and talking as if everything was normal.


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Part 20

“Alex… Come on answer the door.”

“Go away DeLuca I don’t want to talk to you this morning.”

“I’ve got ice cream… Double chocolate mint… Your favorite.”

“I said go away.”

“Alex Whitman! You get your scrawny ass out here and let me apologize to you for acting the way I did yesterday…”

The front door opened a little bit to expose Alex’s face and messed up hair. “You mean it? You want to apologize?”

“Yeah, I can’t let my imagination ruin the good thing that is between me and you. Besides I went home and thought about it a little bit more… They are too normal to be aliens or to be abducted by aliens. Who am I to judge when there have been times that you have stuck by me during one of my phases?”

“Thank you… I appreciate it.”

“So, what are you doing today?”

“Nothin’. You want to go swimming? It’s supposed to be a real hot one today.”

“Well…” Maria kicked at an imaginary rock that wasn’t on the porch.

“Maria… What do you really want?”

“Well here’s the deal… Mom has this huge order that was supposed to be in Clovis today by noon and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?”

“Is that all?”



“Ok… Well I thought that since we would be in Clovis we could stop by and see Liz and her brother… See if they wanted to hang out. You did say that you got along with her pretty good yesterday. Didn’t you?”

“Oh, I get it now. You like him don’t you?”

“Who? Spike! Ut uhh... NO way!”

“I know you better than you think I do… You like him… Maria has a crush…” Alex had the door wide open now and had started doing a little dance in the foyer.

“Ok… Maybe I do and maybe I don’t. Can we just say that I am a little bit interested?”

“What ever will make you feel better about it? I knew it… What you did last night was just to get me off your track… You liked him last night and you didn’t want me to find out. I knew it!”

“Can I come in now before this ice cream starts to melt?”

“Oh, yeah… Be my guest… This is so good. I can’t believe you told me… I am going to rub this in your face so much. You know that don’t you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me something that I don’t know.” Maria set the ice cream down on the counter and turned around to look Alex in the eye. “You wouldn’t happen to know where in Clovis they live now do you?”

“Um… No.”

“How are we going to go see them if we don’t even know where they live?”

“I could call Isabel and see if she knows where they live after all their father helped with the Parker will and all. He probably has the address.”

“Would you… Oh wait. You better not… I don’t want them to find out that I like him.

“Don’t worry… I will cover for you… But remember you owe me big time… You hear me Maria… Big Time!”

“Yeah, Yeah…”

Alex called the Evans’ household only to find out that the children were already in Clovis… “Um Maria. You will never believe where they are.”



“Well did you get the address?”


“Great. What are we going to do now?” Maria sat down on the kitchen stool and started strumming her fingers up and down on the counter top.

“We can always drive around until we find the Toyota pickup and the old army jeep… That would be a dead give away as to being the Parker residence.”

“Ok… Its not like I have a ton of other stuff to do today. Are you game?” Maria waited for Alex to ponder whether or not he was going to go or not.

“Ok… Let me jump in the shower and I’ll be ready… Clovis here we come.”

“Thanks Alex. Best buddy o’mine. Have I told you that you are my best buddy today…”

“Remind me when we are making a fool out of ourselves in front of the others.”

“Not a problem. You know you can count on me…”

Alex went in to take a shower while Maria watched Mtv while she waited for her ‘best bud’.


Maria and Alex finally arrived in Clovis a mere two hours later… Maria was talking Alex’s ear off the whole time. “We will just drop this off and then start searching the neighborhoods. There can’t be that many different neighborhoods. Can there?”

“I have no idea… Other than coming here for a computer contest last year I don’t think I have been in Clovis before in my life…”

“Well it can’t be that much different than Roswell can it?”

“Maria. I have no idea. Let’s just deliver the package and take a look around.” Just as they round the corner they were nearly hit by a pizza delivery car.

“Learn how to drive. Moron… God I hate people that think they own the road. Like Hello! I’m here too. It’s not your road.”


“Where did they get their licenses from? Cracker Jacks or something.”


“Maybe it was Fruit Loops… Yeah, that would explain how fruity they are… Are you listening to me Alex? Fruit Loops – Fruity… Get it?”

“Um. Maria.”

“What? Already.”

“I think you just passed the Parker residence.”

“Oh, Shit… I did?”

“Yep… Sometimes I wonder where you got your license from…”

Maria slapped Alex on the arm and proceeded to do a u-turn in the middle of the street. Another car turned the corner and almost side swiped them in the process of the illegal u-turn done by yours truly. “Watch it. Can’t you see a girl doing a u-turn here? Gosh, the nerve of some people.”

“Ok. Maria… Calm down… They aren’t going anywhere. We now know where their house is… Do you want me to the cedar oil out for you?”

“Alex Whitman… If you don’t stop harassing me I am so going to embarrass you in front of Issssssssaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeellllllll.”

“Ok… I surrender… I won’t make another comment about your driving. Although I have wondered how I have managed to survive riding with you in the past two years…”

Maria turned to eye Alex to warn him not to say another word. “Ok... Not another word. I promise. Scouts honor. So. DeLuca… What’s the plan?”

“Plan?” Maria’s voice started to squeak. “I don’t have a plan I thought you had the plan.”

“Me? Why would I have the plan this was your idea… I’m just along for the ride… Nothing more, nothing less. Look somewhere else for the plan chica.”

“Alex… You gotta help me here. I’m your best friend that has a serious crush on a major nut case… Did I mention that he needs my serious help with his hair? Boy does that boy need me…”

“Ok… Well how about we go knock on the door and play it out by ear… Feel things out… We will just tell them that we were making a delivery for your mom and we spotted their car… Just wanted to see if we could hang out with them… You know stuff like that… Chill Maria…”

“Ok… I think that might work.” Maria was inhaling large amounts of cedar oil to calm down her nerves. It didn’t faze Alex at all. Maria had been experimenting with aromatherapy for years.

“Ok sweetie. You are going to have to put the cedar oil away if you want them to think that you are anywhere close to being normal… Ok?”

“Yeah. Right… Normal… Me… I’m normal… Yeah… cool… Act cool… I can do that.”

Alex reached up to knock on the door. “Wait! I don’t know if I want to do this now…”

“Maria… We drove for two hours. You rambled on and on for two hours. I am not turning around and driving another two hours just to hear what could have happened if only we would have knocked. So… I am knocking… Don’t try and stop me.” Alex waited. Deep down inside he really did want Maria to stop him. “I mean it… I’m going to knock now.” Maria still didn’t try and stop him. “Damn it. Maria. Can’t you see that I want you to stop me from knocking.”

“Great. So we both are chickens.” Just then the front door flew open.

“Isabel!” Maria and Alex both said in unison.

“Alex? What are you guys doing here?”

“Well… It’s a long story.” Isabel opened the door wider to let the two friends from Roswell through the front door.

“Come in. We were just getting ready to eat a slice of pizza. Do you want any?” They were walking in around the corner towards the kitchen. Max was sitting at the counter. Maria, Alex and Isabel occupied the remaining stools that encircled the freestanding bar.

“Hey guys. What are you doing here?” Max was shocked to see Alex and Maria here. **What was up with that? Alex better not have any intentions towards Liz… **

“Well you see my mom had a delivery in Clovis that needed to be there by noon and well…” Maria looked at Alex for help. “I didn’t want to go by myself and so I asked Alex to come along with me for the ride. You know to keep me company.” Max shook his head like he believed the story. “Well anyway we almost go hit by this pizza dude and I started rambling on and on about where he got his driver’s license when Alex, here, said. Um Maria I think that is the Parker house. And I said really… Well then lets just go say Hi to them. You know. See what they are up to.” Max was beginning to enjoy the show. The more Maria talked the redder she got.

“Maria.” She didn’t her Max. She was concentrating on the story. She needed to make it believable because if they didn’t believe that this was by pure accident then everything would continue to go down hill. “Maria. Its ok… Don’t worry about it. I’m sure Michael and Liz won’t mind if there is two more people here today… We were just hanging out anyway.” Max was trying to calm the blonde down some… He had seen it too many times at the Crashdown how her overactive imagination could get her carried away.


Alex and Isabel weren’t even listening to the conversation between Max and Maria; they were too busy staring at each other. “Yeah… Calm down… Liz and Michael should be back any moment now. Liz was doing some cleaning in the back of the house while we waited for the pizza to show up… Michael just left to go get her.”

Just then Michael and Liz entered the living room… A blank look on their faces showed that they weren’t expecting two more teenagers in the room…

“Hey guys…” Liz brushed off Michael’s arm and headed toward the newcomers.

“Liz! Babe… We were just in town and thought we would drop by and say hi… See if there was anything that you needed. We had no idea that Max and Izzy would be here… I mean Isabel… We had no idea you would have company.” Alex was trying to act all cool and such but was drowning miserably.

“Good… I’m glad you guys dropped by… You are always welcomed to come by… Consider us friends.”

Michael leaned over and grabbed the two boxes of pizza, nearly pushing Maria out of the way. “Move it… Were not all going to fit around the bar. Let’s go eat at the table… There should be enough room there.”

“Well hello to you too…Mister grumpy with messy hair… Or do you prefer the term hair handicapped.”

“Whatever… I’m not going to let you get to me today sweetheart… So you can just keep on handing out the cheap shots. I just hope you can take what you dish out. If not you are in for a rude awakening.” Everyone got up and moved into the dining room to sit at the large oval oak table.

As everyone sat down at the table you could actually feel all of the tension being released as almost everyone let out their breath… It was going to be a long day.